Chariot (2013) Movie Script

What the hell are you
doing on a plane, Cole?
What's going on?
I don't know, man.
Did you see me
get on this plane?
Well, h-h-how did you
get on board?
No clue.
Well, how could you not know?
Same way you don't, I guess.
I just woke up.
I don't see any
flight attendants.
- Well, where are they?
- Buddy,
you and me got to get
something straight.
I don't know any more than you.
I'm sorry.
I just...
I was at home watching the game
with my son, next thing I know
I wake up here.
And I was about to have dinner.
I'm sure about that.
So what do we do about them?
We wake them up.
My name is Emily.
I don't know
how I got here either.
I'm Cole.
I know who you are.
Nice to meet you,
Mr. Secretary.
Who are you?
Michael Deck.
Secretary of Transportation.
We should wake everyone,
shouldn't we?
The way people are used to
being woken on a plane.
While I do this,
you guys try to talk
to whomever is flying.
ladies and gentlemen?
Ladies and gentlemen,
please wake up.
Please wake up now.
My name is Emily McConnell,
and I have no idea
how I got on this plane.
If any of you know
what's going on,
I need you to speak up now.
Locked and no one's answering.
I've just been informed
by one of the other passengers
that we have no, uh, contact
with the cockpit.
Where are we?!
Are we in the air?!
This isn't right.
Someone tell me
what the hell's going on?!
- Take it easy, buddy.
- Don't tell me to take it easy!
I didn't ask to be here!
I don't want to be here!
Oh, Christ,
tell the pilot to land!
Tell the pilot
to land on the ground now!
We've already tried
contacting the pilot!
- You didn't try hard enough!
- Hey!
Nice shot.
Thank you.
Tie him with this.
He's only going to do the same
thing when he comes around.
Trust me. I know a thing or
two about flight anxiety.
It seems everyones cell
phone has been taken.
All right.
Are we all here?
We should introduce ourselves.
Can we just to the meet of what...
I'm Cole.
Genevieve Duncan.
I'm Belinda.
- Aden.
- I'm from Houston.
- What about everyone else?
- Me, too.
Durham, North Carolina,
but I was in Houston today.
- What for?
- Visiting my sister.
- Huh.
- What's that mean?
I'm from Beaumont.
So, none of us
knows how we got here.
Did we all have
the same experience?
Which would be...?
That we blacked out
and woke up here.
It's like some kind of dream.
More like a nightmare, but...
I didn't black out.
I was already asleep.
This ain't job related,
I can tell you that.
How do you know?
'Cause I'm a truck driver.
I got no reason
to be on a plane.
- What do you do?
- I.T.
I'm working on
my masters at Duke.
- In what?
- Anthropology.
What about you?
- Government contractor.
- Which means...?
I contract to the government.
What about you?
I'm the Secretary of Transportation
to the same government.
No shit.
I thought you looked familiar.
I'm just a housewife.
So, as a group
we make no sense.
What about nut job, psycho in
the john, what's his deal?
We'll figure out
that one later, I guess.
We need to talk to the pilot.
- If there even is one.
- That's crazy.
What kind of plane
doesn't have a pilot?
Drones, UAV's, the ones we've
been using above the middle east
for the last few years.
This isn't a Drone.
It's a Boeing 727.
They don't even
fly these anymore.
How do you know this?
Because I helped phase them out.
They were gas guzzlers.
You phased them out
to small African countries
so you could fund
- Operation Iraqi Freedom.
- What're you talking about?
You couldn't even do that right.
Didn't one of them get stolen?
That has nothing to
do with anything!
In '03,
an American Airlines 727
was stolen
from an airport in Angola.
Yeah, vanished off
the face of the earth.
No one ever found it.
searched for over a year.
Where's this going?
You're suggesting
that this is that plane?
I'm not suggesting anything.
I'm saying a 727 disappeared,
like, what, nine years ago,
and I woke up on one tonight.
One that doesn't have any
First Class seating, by the way.
- Did you notice?
- Yeah, that is strange.
Okay, this is freaking me out.
Can we just focus on
what we know?
We know shit.
Well, Aden's conspiracy
theories aren't helping.
Hey, I'm just trying to
figure out why we're here
- as much as you!
- Enough, man.
This isn't getting us anywhere.
He's right.
Best thing we can do
is focus on the facts.
- What do we know?
- What do we know?
All I know is my wife
and nine-year-old kid
are wondering
where the hell I am.
- Check it out.
- Is that yours?
No, I found it here
in the seat.
Well, turn it on.
- It's probably locked.
- That won't keep me out.
Does it say whose phone...
What are you doing?
More than any of you.
Ladies and gentlemen,
you are now free to use
your portable
electronic devices.
who makes the first call?
Whomevers phone this is
had the local Houston News
as their home page.
At 10:47 p. m. eastern time,
that's the point
at which all communication
with the north eastern
Unites States was cut off.
We have unconfirmed video
coming in from multiple sources
and as soon as we get
confirmation on that video,
we will show it.
What is this?
The official report is that
this is an attack.
The President will be making
a report shortly
from an undisclosed location.
New York is gone.
Washington DC is gone.
We're still
getting mixed reports from
Boston and Philadelphia.
We can tell you that
all communications are down
and satellite photos are...
are showing...
What the hell?
And now we're getting
word that this isn't
the only attack
our government is aware of.
Okay, this just coming in.
They're reporting
that all major cities
- in the U.S...
- Oh, shit!
Was that live?
Th-that's Houston.
They're bombing Houston.
My wife and kid are down there.
It sure looks like it.
- We don't know that.
- Have you got eyes?
That could be fake
for all we know.
We don't know why we're here
or how we got here.
It's real, dear.
Oh, my God. No.
Oh, my god. No.
What makes you so sure?
Let's just say
in my work for the government,
I was made aware of certain...
What do you mean?
Exactly what sort of work
is it that you do?
Somebody tell me
what's going on down there!
What's happening
with my family?!
We don't know, Michael!
Take it easy!
The hell with that!
The hell with you people!
Hey, Genevieve,
I think if the world
is blowing up under our feet
and we've been kidnapped
and put a plane,
maybe it's time for you
to cut all this secretive crap!
You're a spook, aren't you?
Aren't you, sweetie?!
I work for the DHS.
- Homeland Security?
- Figures.
Like I said, I'm a contractor.
Why don't you
contract us some answers?!
Give me the phone.
- Authorize.
- Condor 6-Alpha-9er.
Levity, Bravo Magnitude.
- Chief Langdon.
- Bruce, it's Genevieve.
- Bruce, it's Genevieve.
- Ginny, is something wrong?
It's late.
Yes, something's wrong.
Turn on the news.
What is it?
I woke up on a plane.
- Did you hear me?
- Shit.
Woke up?
That's the story.
- Is it happening?
- Looks like it.
Did you put
my name on the list?
How could I?
I thought it was a dead project.
Bruce! Bruce!
Condor 6-Alpha-9er.
Levity, Bravo Magnitude!
This is the federal emergency
alert, please be advised...
I don't like this.
What did he say?
What list?
He may have just hit Denver.
I'm gonna need a second.
Even the trained killer
can't keep it together.
We're all gonna die!
Maybe we were put on this plane
so that we wouldn't die.
You the housewife?
That explains the insight.
Hey, man.
You okay?
This isn't real.
Listen, I'm sorry...
I'm telling you.
The whole thing...
It's a ruse.
I don't read the dictionary
all that much maybe...
It's fake.
It's not real.
Didn't you see all
that shit on the phone?
You want me to believe some video
I saw on a four-inch screen
that some guy
found in his seat pocket?
This kind of attack,
it doesn't happen anymore.
The cold war ended.
I'm not buying it.
I don't know, man.
Nobody thought 9/11
could happen either.
Come on, listen to yourself.
Do you have kids?
Well, I know
my son is still alive.
That's something
a parent knows.
He's probably still
sitting where I left him.
You want to know what I think?
I think this is all part of
some big government game.
They kidnap people,
they put them
in a hopeless situation
to see how they'll react.
It's not the first time
it's happened.
You can trust me on this.
But you're this
high-ranking guy.
Why would they put you up here?
Listen, I'm gonna...
I'm gonna go on
back to the group.
You sure you're all right?
Yeah, I'm fine.
Yeah, I'm okay.
Our secret, okay?
He gonna be all right?
I'd ask that
about any of us right now.
Where's Genevieve?
Don't know.
I tried calling
every person I know,
but the phone is jacking up.
See if you have any luck.
I don't have anyone to call.
you wanna try the cockpit door?
Maybe it'll
open up for a woman.
What makes you think
it's not a woman flying?
Well, maybe she likes girls.
You wanna give it a try?
If the pilot was gonna open up
he would've done it by now.
He would've
gone on the intercom.
We should spend our time
working on other things.
Like what?
What are you doing?
Getting a drink.
That's not gonna help
our situation.
It'll help my situation.
Look, you're the tech geek.
Figure out
how to make this phone work.
Let's just let the pilot
take us to wherever he's going.
The plane's
got to land some time.
Yeah, what she said.
And if we land in China?
North Korea?
I'd rather get off before then,
and I'm definitely
not gonna stop trying.
So what do you suggest?
Search the plane,
front to back...
and we need everyone helping.
Hey, we can't have a
drunk up here with us.
You have to help
with a clear head.
Why, so I can be
of sound mind when we crash
or get thrown
into a Chinese prison?
Listen, kid,
I'm not giving you an option.
I'm sorry.
Are we already
out of the jurisdiction
of the land of the free
and the home of the brave?
'Cause, if I'm not mistaken,
I'm an American citizen,
and as that,
I can do as I wish.
So I wish to say,
"Up yours, trucker boy. "
Let me know
if you find any whiskey.
- It's ringing.
- What?
The phone, it's vibrating.
- What?
- It's a video call.
Who is this?
This is Major Collins at NORAD.
Who's this?
You the fella
who put us up here?
Put the commanding officer on.
There's no commanding officer!
- What do you mean?
- I mean,
you got seven people
all freaking out up here.
Nobody telling us nothing!
- There's no one else?
- I'll say it again.
You got seven people
all wanting to know
why we woke up
inside this tin can!
Do you even know
what's happening?
Have you been listening to me?!
Oh, Christ.
You're not exactly filling us
with confidence, pal!
Something's gone wrong.
You were supposed to be full.
Full of what?
Look. You're part of a
classified evacuation plan
for citizens
that were deemed too valuable
to lose in an attack.
Too valuable?
Chief, I'm a truck driver
from Beaumont, Texas.
We got a housewife up here.
How the hell could that be?
'Cause it's a
government-run program.
Who else is with you?
I need names and occupation.
I need to run it
through a database and see
who's supposed to be there
and who's not.
Emily McConnell.
I'm a student at Duke.
Belinda Torres, housewife.
Aden Poe.
I do computers.
Genevieve Duncan.
I contract for the DHS.
Michael Deck.
Secretary of Transportation.
Glad you're on board,
Mr. Secretary.
And I'm your truck driver,
Cole Whethers.
I have six.
You said there were seven.
The other guy
is petrified of flying.
I had to lock him in the john.
Great job with that selection,
by the way.
Well, I need his name.
Okay, hold on, hold on.
Here we go.
Genevieve Duncan, you're on the list.
Aden Poe, you're on it.
Secretary Deck, of course.
Wait a second.
Why is Aden's name on the list?
I don't make
those decisions, sir.
- Emily McConnell?
- Hold on!
Why are
these people on the list?
I think it's important to know.
I interned for the president.
You're a white house intern?
Must've been good.
And what possible reason
could you have for being here?
Ever hear of "Anonymous"?
What's that?
A global hacking organization.
And if he were one of them,
- he wouldn't be telling us.
- "Used to be. " Thank you.
Uncle Sam commuted
a 27-year prison sentence
in exchange
for my credible ass.
Anyone else?
So, what, Belinda and I
are, what, mistakes?
- I don't know.
- Then someone
accidentally drugged us
and put us on the one plane out.
I don't know.
I'm working on it.
Just find us a place to land!
- No, you don't understand.
- Oh, I understand perfectly!
You kidnap us,
hold us hostage...
Would you shut up for a second?
What you don't understand
is you "can't" land!
What do you mean,
we can't land?
Look. We still don't know
who's behind these attacks.
It's beyond anything
we can comprehend.
They got DC,
New York, Houston, Miami...
God only knows
how many places in between.
The whole country's in chaos.
Everyone thinks they're next.
Jesus, God.
Look, you're in a
specially equipped 727
with engines and a pressurization
system capable of flying
over 65,000 feet,
and that's the only way
you've been able to avoid
all the shock waves.
Are we gonna crash?
Your original destination
was Joint Base Andrews,
but when they hit DC,
they got Andrews, too.
I'm afraid your destination
is nothing but a fuel of fire.
Look, I'm gonna
try to reroute you to Bermuda.
It's a unlikely target.
It can handle your aircraft.
It's just I'm gonna
need you to do something.
You find a way to get through
to the flight crew.
They have strict orders
to fly straight to Andrews
and not to deviate from it
under any circumstances.
You think we're dumb
enough to fall for this?
You're just some
face on a phone,
a phone I just happened
to find when all of ours
were so conveniently taken.
That's my phone.
I was supposed to be
on that plane.
I had family in Houston, too.
We all had seats
on that flight.
I put the phone there for them,
and I got called away.
I thought it was another 3-0.
We have 'em all the time here.
And then today happened.
But here I am,
and this
is the situation I'm in.
It's a situation
that you're in,
and if you ever want to touch
down on solid ground again,
you're gonna have to put
all your emotions aside
and figure out
how to do one thing.
Get into the cockpit.
The pilot and co-pilot
are refusing
to answer my hails
as per their orders,
so you're going
to have to figure out some way
to get 'em to talk to me.
The problem is
if you open that cockpit door,
they're going to try kill you.
You guys are on your own.
Side arm.
We'll try.
Look, you get into that
cockpit, I don't know how,
but you get those guys
talking to me.
This is the only chance
you've got.
We're on it.
Is there any way
we can break it down?
With them shooting at us?
Those things
are impenetrable anyway!
W-we need a way
to surprise them.
I... Maybe get at
the hinges or,
- or pop the lock or something.
- Even if that were possible,
we have no tools.
Then we scour the plane.
Come on.
How 'bout some help?
No, I think
our resident housewife is right.
I'm just gonna wait for the
pilot to land this sucker.
You heard what that Major said.
Yeah, I heard him.
I just don't think
throwing myself in front of some
bullets is gonna help us land.
We have to try.
If we're not all working together
as a team we're gonna fall apart.
Drill Team Captain, right?
- Excuse me?
- I can tell.
Ever since high school
it's been a cinch
to spot the girls who would never
consider talking to a guy like me.
You don't even know me.
Look, you're pretty,
but you're not that hot,
and you don't have those thick-ass
thighs the cheerleaders have,
so, um, Drill Team.
How'd you know I was Captain?
No one on this plane has given more
little rally speeches than you.
You really,
really want to be in charge.
So, go back there
and be in charge of them.
Your kind wouldn't bother giving
me the time of day ten years ago,
so don't try
to build bridges now.
For the record,
the reason I never
bothered with guys like you
whenever I was
Drill Team Captain
had nothing to do with the fact
that you fondled your computer
better than you could a girl.
It was because
your self-esteem was so low
that you wouldn't even consider
just being nice
to someone like me.
Have a good flight.
Not unless you think
a coffee pot would help.
Might not open a door,
but it'd sure do me good
right about now.
- Hey!
- I-I'm sorry.
I must've lost my balance.
- I'll make some for you.
- No, it's okay.
Is that blood?
Oh, my God.
There's more.
Holy shit.
Help me get him out of there.
What're you waiting on?
He's your partner, isn't he?
He was.
You slashed
his freakin' throat.
He tried to force me
off this plane.
What's going on, Belinda?
Why are you doing this?
Because you all are about to try
and break into that cockpit,
- and I can't let you.
- Why, Belinda?
I know how
this is supposed to go down.
I know the protocol
and there's no chance in hell
I'm letting any of you
break into that cockpit
and ruin my chances
of surviving this day.
You dumb bitch.
Didn't you hear anything
that guy
on the phone was saying?
Now let me ask you a question.
Do you know him?
Do you trust him...
with your life?
Have you ever seen him
before you were drugged
and put on a plane
souring 60,000 feet in the air
while our country's
blown to shit?!
How do you know...
he's not the enemy?
Now back away!
Clear the isle!
Now this
is what's gonna happen.
We're gonna sit here
and we're gonna
let this pilot land
to where he was
ordered to land...
That's the only way
we're gonna make it through.
- Trust me.
- Trust you?
- Shut up.
- No.
I know what your job is:
You and your partner, you get an
order, you grab your subject,
you get your subject on the
plane and then you leave.
You're not supposed to be here.
She's Black Ops.
Her job is just to put
people on these planes.
I'll shoot...
every one of you if I have to.
Each one of us is grabbed by
a team of two just like
her and her partner there.
I'm still right, aren't I?
And one step closer
to getting shot.
We'll do whatever you say.
But just tell me one thing.
Which one of us did you grab?
You took Michael.
You brought me here?
Took me away from my family?
You left them to die
and then you saved yourself?
- I'm warning you!
- You bitch!
You can't
break into the cockpit!
What do you think? Huh, bitch.
It doesn't feel too good, does it?
You don't want to be a murderer.
Let me go!
Don't touch me!
Get off!
Get off of me!
You're a real piece of work,
Nice job.
What's your name?
Rafika Boozama.
Call me Ra.
You saved our asses, pal.
I'm sorry
for how I acted earlier.
I-I-I didn't mean to...
I-m-I'm just...
I'm not...
I'm not a good flier.
Yeah, we all got our issues.
So we don't know
who's destroying our country?
And we have to break through
that back door?
- Yeah.
- Only when we do
the pilots
will try and kill us.
This whole flying thing
is getting better by the second.
So what's your deal?
What'd you do
to get a seat on this flight?
I suppose it's my profession.
I'm a Linguist.
A Linguist?
You mean like languages?
Arabic, Turkish, Farsi,
Vastu, Masway.
I'm fluent in pretty much
every middle eastern dialect.
And in English, of course.
That'll do it.
What about you?
I'm a mistake.
- Only one it seems.
- Mistake?
You mean, you don't possess
any special skills or talents?
That ain't exactly true.
I'm pretty good at recking a
marriage, I can tell you that.
I know how to make
a business fail.
I'm great at running
when things get tough.
So, yeah,
I guess I got some talents.
I'm sorry.
Yeah, whatcha gonna do?
I'm sorry about that.
At least you're not a coward.
Listen, partner.
We need to figure out a way
to get through that cockpit door
before we all turn to cinders.
Why don't you see if you can make
anymore sense of it than we did
and I'm gonna
go check on the others.
All right.
Now what
are we gonna do with you?
I say we slit
the bitches throat.
I'm for that.
I'm sorry you don't understand.
There's no way you ever could.
You got that right.
You think it's easy
taking an oath to die
for a complete stranger?
Well, it's not.
But when that call came
I did what I was ordered to do.
And then
I saw there were hundreds
of empty seats on this plane
and I thought to myself...
Why should I forfeit my life
for no good reason?
I tried to convince Fisher
of that, but he was only
interested in
following protocol.
Which is what
you're still doing.
Think about it.
The purpose
of Operation Chariot
is to save lives.
I just don't see why it should
only apply to certain lives.
Operation Chariot.
Why is it called that?
I think I know why.
When the ancient Greeks knew of an
imminent attack on one of their cities,
they take
their most valuable citizens,
put them in Chariot's
and send them somewhere safe.
And that worked?
Greece still exists.
- Where'd you get that?
- My pocket.
One of the blessings of not
passing through airport security.
Let's give it a try.
You're making a big mistake!
They're gonna kill all of you!
There's no way in hell
this thing's coming off.
Look, I told you.
You'd have better luck
with the bank vault.
I'm going to try
and ring back the guy at NORAD
just in case
he got through to the pilots.
It's dead.
Wait a second.
Wait a second.
The cameras.
What is it?
After 9/11 all passenger
aircraft had security cameras
over the cockpit crew.
Why would this plane
be any different?
- You mean they can see us?
- This whole time?
Well, hell.
Anybody got a paper and pen?
What're you going to write?
I'm not much of a writer.
Tell them Andrews Air Force
Base has been destroyed.
Didn't that other dude
already try this?
No, he said he tried to hail them.
That's all.
You want to try
flashing your tits?
Obviously they've seen it.
Let's give them a little longer.
Maybe they're discussing it.
In the meantime,
we need another plan.
So I have an idea.
It might be crazy, but...
I can do crazy.
Can you build a bomb?
- What?
- A bomb?
Not a real one.
A fake one.
that looks like a bomb.
I think I get
where you're going with this.
We attach it to that door
in plain view of that lens.
Believe me, if that doesn't
coax them out of the cockpit,
- nothing will.
- I can attach it to the door.
I look like a terrorist. I know.
It's okay.
You can stop pretending.
It's worth a try.
Aden, can you do it?
I-I'm a hacker
not a prop maker.
Can you do it?
I'll give it a shot.
Then let's gather up
all that stuff we found.
Come on.
I'm gonna need
red paint or something.
You carry nail polish
around with you?
I thought
you had me figured out.
- What?
- You can't smoke in here.
Now analyze how stupid
that comment is.
I haven't had a cigarette
in over a year.
It's like playmates are
having a pillow fight
in my mouth.
Thought you and I
might spend some
- quality time together.
- I'm not gonna talk to you.
My son was nine years-old.
You know?
of his soccer team.
I don't need to see that.
I can only imagine
the movie that must be playing
over and over in your head.
But it can't be half as
horrific as the one in mine.
I said, I'm not going
to talk to you!
Then I'll do the talking.
The correct term is
"Terramoto phobia. "
It's not the fear of
flying per se, it's...
It's the, uh,
fear of, uh,
being on an airplane.
You're completely helpless
on an airplane, you know.
And the statistics
about flying,
- that doesn't help?
- Oh, no.
No, if statistics mattered
I'd be...
I'd be more afraid to drive.
I-I get that.
Is, uh...
Is it a dangerous occupation,
- driving a truck?
- Nah.
Mostly just dull.
But every once in a while you
stumble across
a little nightmare.
Such as...?
This one time a few years back
I drove
into a bank of black smoke.
I had to stop it was so thick.
When I got out of my rig,
all I could hear was
people screaming.
It sounded like
it was all around me.
I walked into the
smoke and, uh...
came up on a car cut in half.
Any survivors?
Not that I could see, but...
on the ground...
in front of the wreck were...
It looked like,
I don't know, a, a joke, like,
like something you'd see
at a Halloween store.
Dear God.
But I kept walking.
About twenty yards past
I, uh...
found a mangled wreck
of a mini-van.
I pulled a kid out of it.
So you're a hero then.
At the end of the day,
wife was still pissed
I got home late.
Listen, guys,
if that cockpit door opens,
all hell could break loose.
Someone's got to talk
some sense into those pilots.
What do you propose?
One person "armed"
if everybody else
stays back out of the way.
I'll do it.
Not a chance.
I'm the best shooter
you've got.
Anything goes wrong
I could put them down.
She's right.
She's talking about
shooting the pilots, you know?
I-I-I don't think
we're in a situation
with an abundance of options,
and, forgive me for
saying, but this is...
this is one
that makes me comfortable.
Me. too.
You're a servant...
a servant to the people
of the United States.
- And so are you.
- Yes, I am.
And when I take an oath,
I honor it.
You're a politician.
You may not have
blood on your hands,
but it's all over
your paperwork.
Do you know what I see
when I look at you?
I'm burning to find out.
A woman
who can't stand herself.
You want an apology?
I'm sorry about your family!
But when you go to war,
there's something called
"Collateral Damage. "
It happens.
Close the curtain.
Where'd you get the wires?
Uh, sorry,
but there won't be
any hot meals tonight.
Just hang onto the handle
of this cord here
we're good to go.
We ready?
I want to know
what they were doing.
- Can we just stop this?
- What were they doing
when you left
my wife and son to die?
We knocked them out
with the same drug
that we used on you.
They probably woke up
the same time that you did!
Right before the bomb?
just in time to die.
If had just left me there
I would've died with them...
you took me away
and locked me inside
this stinking...
You deserve this!
I'd take cover if I were you.
Now what?
We wait some more.
It's a good thing for you...
I'm not the monster you are.
Don't let him in the cockpit!
Let go of me!
Look out!
Jesus! Shit!
God dammit!
Would you stop shooting,
Is he all right?
Who-who's hit?
They shot Cole.
- He's alive.
- Oh, thank God.
I think he just grazed me.
Help him up.
I-I think they may have taken
a bit of your ear, too.
What-what happened?
You take it easy, buddy.
You got shot.
Somebody get him some
paper towels and water.
Wait. Wait.
I'm cold.
I'm so cold.
I know what that means?
We're going to take care of you.
You just lie still.
No, I'm fine.
I'm going to see my boy, right?
And Lynn...
Did-did I tell you how,
how we met?
It was on a plane.
Can you believe that?
God, she's...
she was so beautiful.
She was so beautiful.
Nice shooting.
Who are you?!
Captain Kaleb W.
United States Air Force.
You're not authorized
to be in this cockpit.
Save me your
bullshit rules, Captain!
You fired on
innocent civilians!
Who's the dead guy?
First Lieutenant Boyd.
Cole, get his gun.
Pilot has one, too.
Holster, right side.
Why aren't there holes
all over this plane?
It's 40 caliber, low velocity.
They go through bodies
not steel.
You've damaged the Avionics,
Can I get some
first aid in here?!
Hayden, Ra,
let's get him out of there.
Come on.
Come on.
Come on.
Wait a sec.
This thing's on autopilot
or something, right?
You need to get some
pressure on that wound.
We've got some questions for you.
I don't know shit.
Anybody got medical training?
I took CPR.
That's all.
We boring you?
I just need a second.
See what you can do.
The situation is "not"
what I expected.
Things are starting to unravel.
You all right in there?
Who were you talking to?
That question was for you.
You a praying man, Cole?
Are you?
Never had much use for it.
You mean it never worked?
That's another way to put it.
Last time I prayed
I was pregnant.
My husband and I prayed
for a healthy baby boy.
Oh, yeah?
It worked.
Except that a week after
my son was born,
my husband died
in a hunting accident.
And I never reconciled
why I had to give up
one for another.
Why after I prayed and
prayed did my reason
for smiling every day was gone.
So, I joined the Service,
strapped on a sidearm...
since then
I've killed 11 people.
I'm not sure that all
of them deserved it,
but I'm sure that God did.
That's some harsh business,
I was talking to God
for the first time in 20 years.
I don't know
if it was a prayer,
but I am sure
that it was a question.
Is today the day?
So the bomb was a trick?
Bet you people think
you're real clever, don't you?
No, just determined.
How bad are you hurt?
Bad enough.
Then you got nothing to lose
by helping us.
- I've got my orders.
- Screw your orders!
You want to bleed
to death up here?
Listen to me.
It's world war llI down there.
You people,
you're just civilians.
Civilians who were smart enough
to smoke you out of the cockpit.
Please, Captain.
We've got to help each other.
It's the only chance we've got.
It's the only chance
you've got.
What the hell do you want?
We were on the phone
with a Major Collins.
He said he tried to hail you.
I was under instructions
not to...
Not to talk to anyone.
We know.
He said that Andrews
was destroyed...
I believe the phrase was
"Field of Fire. "
And that attempting to
land there would be suicide.
Which is why
he needs to talk to you.
Are you sure about NORAD?
Why wouldn't we be?
'Cause they were
third on the list.
If you're right about Andrews,
the command would've been
transferred to the NSA
at Fort Meade.
If that went down,
then it's onto NORAD.
That means
Baltimore, Washington...
Houston, Denver...
God knows where else.
NORAD command center,
Chariot 2-5 Heavy.
this is Chariot 2-5 Heavy
acknowledging "Hail. "
Come in please?
This is encouraging.
NORAD, acknowledge.
Can anyone copy?
Andrews tower, this is Chariot.
- Andrews?
- Unbelievable.
There's no one left to answer.
I told you,
radio silence is protocol.
I'm thirsty.
I'll get you some water.
So where are you
going to put us down?
I'm not.
We can't just fly around forever.
Look at your fuel gage.
And your hands
are shaking badly.
You let me
worry about the fuel.
And let me explain flying
to all of you.
When you move up here,
you move one move at a time.
So what's our first move?
We take a look.
What do you mean?
I mean, we're flying blind.
It's night.
We're almost in a stratosphere.
In order to see
what's going on down there,
I've got to get
this bird below the clouds.
So what're you waiting for?
Do you understand
there's a reason
we're flying twice as high
as regular jets?
Down there
we're totally vulnerable.
We get it.
What do you need?
More water.
On it.
And a co-pilot.
I need a co-pilot.
I'm seeing spots.
And in case you forgot,
I've got a slug
swimming around in my chest.
Doesn't anyone
have flying experience up here?
No, no one.
I drive a big rig.
I'm afraid that's as
close as you're gonna get.
Take a seat.
We are so screwed.
Belt yourselves in tight.
This could be
one hell of a rough ride.
No one besides Michael
has talked about their family.
Doesn't anyone else
have family?
I have a cat...
had a cat.
I have a son.
Wouldn't have pegged you
for the mother type.
How old?
- You?
- Kids?
No, not... not yet.
You married?
Engaged once,
but I called it off.
He was moving too fast.
He was talking about
two kids before I even knew
who my bridesmaids were.
It all seems
so unimportant now.
Bring the room down emily.
I'm just saying,
I always thought
there would be
more time for things.
It's all about time, isn't it?
You always think
you're going to have more.
What about you, Ra?
All I care about right now
is this piece of shit makes it.
Me, too.
It will.
And what makes you so sure?
Just a feeling.
- Oh, God!
- It's okay.
Moss knows what he's doing.
What do you need me to do here?
Just keep your hands
on that Yoke.
I don't have any strength.
That chop we're feeling
is a cloud cover.
We'll be out of it
in just a minute.
Keep your eyes peeled.
You ever been shot?
You asking 'cause I'm black?
Here we go.
I don't believe it.
I-I don't understand.
Where's the devastation?
Look at all the cars.
Where are the blackouts?
The fires?
Is that a football game
or something?
What the hell is this?
Are you seeing this?
I don't get it.
What the hell is going on?
It's a ruse.
Not that I have ever seen
a country under siege,
but that sure doesn't
look like one to me.
Give me the phone.
It's dead.
What are you doing?
Getting this
goddamn thing working.
We're being played.
- What are you doing?
- Getting some answers.
Why is there no power here?
They disconnected
the navigator station
when they updated the aircraft.
It's obsolete.
Ease up, man.
Who would do this to us?
Who has the ability
to pull this sick trick
over on us?
This is good news.
There's not an attack.
We're going to be okay.
Yeah, it's good
news, but I just,
I can't stop
asking myself a question.
You mean "why?"
Pocket knife.
With the knife out.
What are you doing?
Using the planes power
to charge this battery.
I want to get some real news.
Now we've got Internet.
Just like we thought,
no Armageddon.
I'm wondering
what the hell is this?
- What do you got?
- Breaking news:
US Secretary of Transportation
killed in traffic accident.
- What?
- Local authorities say
44-year-old Michael Deck
was the only fatality
in the one-car crash
which occurred
less than an hour ago
on a stretch of I-45
south of the city.
You've got to be kidding me?
- This can't be happening.
- What is it?
The dead man
they're talking about
is the guy your co-pilot
shot and killed.
How could he have died
in the car crash in Houston
when he's obviously
up here dead with us?
- This make no sense.
- It does
if you're trying to cover up
everything that's going on up here.
We're smack in the middle
of a shit storm.
What the hell is going on
with this opera-tion?
This is no longer
an operation, Captain.
Get this plane on the ground!
I'm, I'm rerouting us
to Martin State Regional.
They've got
a 7,000 foot runway.
Where's Genevieve?
She left a minute ago,
went to the back of the plane.
How's the praying coming along?
You lying bitch.
- I've tried to tell you.
- What? What goddammit?
What have you
tried to tell us?!
- Hey, take it easy!
- You take it easy!
What were you doing
in there, Genevieve?
It's not a gun!
Why would they
want to kill you?
I was talking to my Supervisor.
You have a phone?!
- Who's your Supervisor?
- You all know.
You've talked to him earlier.
It's Collins.
Oh, Christ.
This is a disaster!
I have tried to explain...
People are dead!
- I know that.
- Do you?
Do you even grasp the far reach
of your boss' insanity?
- You don't know why we're here!
- So fill us in.
We're all part
of a dry run
of the Chariot Program.
The hell you say?
It's a dry run...
It's-it's a test
of the operation.
Keep talking.
There's a list of 191 people
who would be on this plane
in a real emergency.
We chose
a handful of them... you...
to try and poke holes
in the Program
to test your resolve,
your ability to work together.
You're telling me
that this was all part of some
sociological experiment?
It-It's about
determining the soundness
of the Program.
There are millions of variables
in an operation like this...
Do you understand?
things that could go wrong.
And we had to consider
every possible scenario.
Like Belinda
killing her partner.
And me freaking out.
And us
getting into the cockpit.
In order to work,
the Program has to be
smarter than all of you.
The dry run was
necessary for funding.
You'll have to understand,
we're talking about
billions of dollars here.
And just when were you
going to tell us all this?
When this plane lands
you'll all be debriefed,
you'll sign
confidentiality agreements,
and you'll be
generously compensated
for the rest of your lives.
What about the dead people?
What about Michael?
I know.
I'm sorry.
Sometimes it's not pretty.
We have
cover stories developed.
Michael should be
hitting the air now.
This is some sick shit.
You know that?
You say that now, but if this
Program were ever needed...
Just tell us
when we're landing!
We'll be cleared for
Andrews any minute now.
We just need to re-establish
communications with Collins.
Give me that phone!
The number
you've reached is not in service.
This is a recording.
We'll try him from the cockpit.
What're you doing?
Calling someone
other than your buddy.
That phone is a dedicated line.
It will only contact Collins.
I wish I was surprised!
Shit, man!
Oh, God.
Give me some room!
So someone do something!
Emily, what about CPR?
CPR's not going to help him.
Oh, God, not the pilot!
Come on.
Come on!
Come on, dammit, breathe!
I can't land this plane.
Why isn't Collins answering us?
- I don't know.
- Yes, you do!
- No, I don't.
- Yes, you do!
You've known everything this whole time!
Why isn't he answering us?!
You think I want us to fly into DC
airspace as an unknown aircraft?
I want to land
as badly as you do!
What do you mean
"unknown aircraft"?
This is a classified program.
Only a handful of people
know about it.
When the military IDs us,
they're going to have
F-15's on our tail
in minutes.
Why would they think
we're hostile?
why would they assume that?
Yes, Angola.
You mean that airplane
you were talking about earlier?
This really is that airplane?
This is that stolen airplane?
Tail number
N-8-4-4 double-A
withdrawn from service
in Angola.
for the Chariot Program.
So it could never be
tracked from inventory.
Everyone thinks it was stolen.
Including Homeland Defense.
Who's going to go apeshit
when it shows up
in the sky over DC.
You think?!
This project really sucks,
you know that?
If we could re-establish
contact with Collins...
- Aden, give me my phone.
- Not a chance.
- What are you doing?
- What I do.
Hack it.
Pulling up Collins' IP address.
- How can you do that?
- Because I'm good.
That's how.
Where is he?
I don't know.
Collins, are you there?
Get the monitor.
- Genevieve?
- Yes, it's me.
Listen to me carefully.
Our co-pilot
and our pilot are dead,
and we need
to talk to the ground.
- How in the hell did you...
- It doesn't matter.
Can you get us
in touch with the tower?
Are you listening to me?!
It's not possible, Ginny.
The albeit com systems
are disabled,
even your pilots
didn't know that.
Radio silence is mandatory.
Well, for Chrissake,
how do we land?
You don't.
what're you talking about?
Ginny, you've been identified
as an inbound threat.
You know what that means.
I'm afraid
I can't help you now.
What do you mean
you can't help us?!
We're going to be
shot out of the sky
if we do not
put this thing down!
I-I know.
It's the only way.
I-I'm sorry you have to
make that sacrifice,
- but...
- Sacrifice?
you little son of a bitch!
Chariot is a failure,
and you know as well as I do
that failure
has to be contained.
It's what this dry run
was all about,
10 people instead of 200,
an acceptable loss.
You know all about
"acceptable loss", Ginny.
You bastard.
You were just trying
to save your own ass.
No, I'm keeping
a "classified" operation
You guaranteed
my safety!
We were supposed to land!
And no one was supposed
to get into the cockpit
or hack
the on-board systems
or bring guns on board.
You guaranteed all of that.
Stop, Collins.
You are not this cold.
It'll be quick, Ginny.
I can promise you that.
The F-15's have already been
scrambled for Mandarins.
Oh, no, Collins, don't do this.
I'm sorry, Genevieve.
He's right.
We'll have F-15's on
our tail in minutes.
Then what?
The protocol
is that the pilot...
- Then what, goddammit?!
- I'm trying to tell you!
The pilot will first try
to make visual contact
with the cockpit
or the passengers!
So we can still communicate?
Just like we did before.
We can write
messages on sick bags
and hold them up
to the cockpit window.
What is it?
You're going
to have to tell me.
Uh, guys, I think whatever
that dude is saying
I think that's our
outbound communications.
He wouldn't do this.
We look like a 9/11 plane.
- Ra, what's he saying?
- Uh, it's Arabic.
It sounds like
typical terrorist bullshit.
Um, "Vengeance shall
reign down from the sky
upon the Infidels
God willing... "
Oh, no.
What else?
They're talking about
hitting the White House.
They're going to shoot us
right out of the sky.
I thought you said
we had time to write a message.
Not with that plane,
from our cockpit.
Collins, you asshole.
You thought of everything.
It sounds like
somebody's calling us.
Andrews hailing
unknown aircraft.
This is Joint Base Andrews
hailing unknown aircraft.
You have flown into security
airspace without authorization.
Say again.
This is Joint Base Andrews
hailing unknown aircraft.
You are ordered to respond.
- Over.
- Forget it.
We can hear him,
but he can't hear us.
Joint Base Andrews
hailing unknown aircraft.
Respond. You have flown
into secured airspace
without authorization.
How long?
Minutes, if that.
They won't want this plane
falling to pieces over DC,
so they're going to engage us
sooner rather than later.
So what do we do?
There's nothing left to do.
As long as we're breathing
there's options!
If you have any ideas,
now's the time.
Moss said he programmed our
heading for some regional airport
with a long runway,
so that's where we're going!
But there's no one
to fly the plane.
Then we land it ourselves
or die trying!
I prefer that
to rockets up my ass!
You're going to land
a passenger jet?
I said, I'm going to try.
Now, take your seats.
We ain't got much time.
Thank you.
Any advice make it quick.
Nose up, gear down.
How hard can it be?
You shouldn't have to do this.
I shouldn't even be
on this plane.
I'm the one mistake, remember?
You're not.
You remember that kid
you pulled from
the burning wreck years ago?
That was my son.
I was ejected
from the wreck on impact.
They didn't find me
for nearly an hour.
You walked into that inferno
without a care for yourself.
Then you walked out
with my boy.
You're here
because you're a hero.
And this is exactly
what I expected you to do.
I screwed up...
just about
everything I ever touched
my entire life.
The one thing I do right...
put me here.
It wasn't
supposed to be like this.
Is today the day?
If anyone can hear this,
this is Chariot 2-5.
Can anyone hear me?
Thought maybe
you could use a hand.
Strap yourself in.
You think that's the runway?
Could be.
Are those the F-15's?
And they ain't escorts.
Anything I can do?
See if you can find the
button for the landing gear.
This lever says
"Gear down. "
Pull it.
You know, I don't know
what we should be
more afraid of...
those fighters closing in or...
the fact
that we're flying on fumes.
Your odds are better in a crash
if you're not loaded
with fuel, right?
I guess so.
You know, I read once
that luck is probability
taken personally.
And that means?
I'm just wondering...
What do you think
the probability
is of us surviving this?
Not good, man.
Well then...
Good luck.
You, too.
You know something.
What's that?
I'm not afraid.