Charley Varrick (1973) Movie Script

I'm afraid you're in a red zone.
There's your bank parking.
Oh, I was just letting my husband out.
I just have to cash a cheque, officer.
I appreciate if you let her
sit her for a few minutes..
See, I got this busted ankle.
Listen, why don't you let me park the car,
and then you endorse the cheque
and I'll go in and cash it.
I'll go in and cash my own cheque.
It's my cheque, isn't it?
Now I'm going to endorse it
and cash it myself.
I think he's afraid I'm going
to abscond with the money.
Don't have to be waited on hand or foot
like I was some damn old crock.
Nobody said you're an old crock!
Well, you implied it.
Ok. It's ok. You can park here.
But please make it
as quick as you can.
Much obliged officer.
Marry a hippie and she'll
start endorsing your cheques.
"Colorado, George Adam, 1742".
Plates on that Connie..
What about them?
I don't know.. I'm almost sure I've seen
that number on a hot sheet.
So, run a check on it.
San Miguel 4, requesting a make on
Colorado license:
"George Adam, 1742".
Have a nice day, Rick.
Thank you, Miss Ambar.
- G'morning.
- Good Morning, Sir.
- Could you please endorse this, Sir.
- Oh, sure.
Here, I'll use my own pen. I write
a lil' better with it...
- Here you are.
- Thank you.
Do you have an account here Mr. Pennis?
No but that's a good cheque.
I'm sure it is Mr. Pennis but I'll have
to get an ok from the bank manager.
- Sure.
- Excuse me.
Ms. Vesta.
- What?
- Can we get an ok from Mr. Young on this?
Oh, Yes.
Hello Jessie, San Miguel 4 here.
Have you got anything on
those Colorado plates here?
Not yet. We're still checking.
I'll get right back to you.
- Mr. Pennis?
- Yes, Sir.
I'm sorry Sir, but it's an out-of-state bank.
Oh but that's a bank cashier's cheque, Sir.
What could possibly be wrong with that?
I'm sure it's fine. I'll just have
my secretary check on it. Ms. Vesta.
Yes, Mr. Young.
Would you mind getting on
the phone verifying that...
That's a perfectly good cheque..
Against the wall!
Nobody move!
Keep your hands up!
Ok, open that vault and
nobody'll get hurt..
You wanna die for somebody else's money?
No, but I..
Move it, move it!
San Miguel 4?
This is Pearl. Rudy?
San Miguel 4. Go ahead. Jessie.
Looks like we've got something.
"Colorado, George Adam, 1742"
is a hot plate. It goes with a green Camaro
stolen in Denver on July 7th.
Well, it's on a '72 Continental now.
The Sheriff's on his way.
Is that all?
Where's the money Mister?
That's all.
It's a very small town, Sir.
You're a good dancer?
I don't understand, Sir.
You're dancing sideways!
What are you hiding down there?
Oh, nothing.
Pick it up!
- What's in there?
- Bonds. Non-negotiable bonds.
Better be what you sayin'.
Open it up. Fast!
Yes, Sir.
- G'morning Ma'am.
- G'morning.
May I see your driver's license, please?
Oh, certainly.
Stop the car and put down the hood.
Stop the car.
Look at that Charley! We creamed them!
Hot damn! Creamed pig!
Get this on the emergency band.
There's been a bank robbery
over here in Tres Cruces.
Are you alright Sheriff?
Goddamn shambles!
Two officers down.
We need help. All units
and an ambulance.
- You got that Jessie?
- Yes, Sir.
The suspects were last seen heading south
in a '72 Continental.
Now that's a yellow four door,
with those Colorado plates.
There are 3 occupants.
A woman's driving.
And they're armed and dangerous.
Over and out Jessie.
Are you sure you're alright Sheriff?
- How is he?
- He's alive, anyway.
Stick your neck kid.
Ambulance'll be here in a minute.
I got their license. I got
their license. GA 1472.
No. It's GA 1742.
- Right. GA 1742.
- Thank you.
Sheriff, You have blood on your forehead.
You're not gonna die, are you?
Get along home now son, go on.
Open up there! Sheriff Horton.
How come the gate's locked?
Bust it away!
Keep going honey.
What's the matter Nadine?
Cool it, sweety. It really hurts.
Really hurts!
Easy honey.
Easy. Easy.
Hey, come on Charley.
We just can't sit here all day.
Easy, alright.
We'll get you to a doctor, Nadine.
You know him?
I sure hope not!
Well, I'll identify him soon enough.
As soon as I get a set of prints
and call the FBI.
We're not a Federal Reserve Bank.
They don't have any jurisdiction here.
Oh, better get a hold of the D.A.'s
office then.
- Miss Vesta?!
- Yes?
Call the District Attorney's
office immediately.
Don't let them delay you. Tell them it's
urgent. I'll speak to them at once.
Get me Maynard Boyle in Reno.
I don't care where is or what he's doing.
Get through to him.
Yes, Mister Young!
- Toss it Charley, toss it!
- Careful now, this is black powder.
Don't sweat it. I've blown up a lot of
gooks with this crap and I'm still here.
- Terrific.
- Yeah.
- I'll tell you one thing.
- What's that?
They're pros. No identification at all.
Nothing. Big fat zero.
But we're gonna get 'em
They'll never get out of New Mexico.
Can feel that in my gut.
I'm gonna nail those sons of bitches
to the cross.
She's finished. You know that, don't you?
Listen Charley, You gonna screw around and some
chopper is gonna come and throw a net over us.
- You're right Harman, She's finished.
- Yeah.
All right. Rig the timer. Get the ignitor.
I'll finish with the powder.
No, I'll finish it.
- Just one time. Surprise me and do what I say.
- Yeah, yeah. Sure.
Charley, I can't get a spark.
Let's see that.
- Oh, you got too big a gap here.
- Yeah.
Here you go, bring this cap in.
See it?
- Alright, did you rig the thank?
- Yeah
Alright. That's it. Close the door and
get the truck started.
Nadine was a hell of a driver Charley!
Yeah. She was.
Damn. This tooth of
mine is killing me.
Thought you took care of that last week.
Yeah, well I... I went to
that dentist of yours.
It was pretty good on me and Nadine.
Real fine Charley.
Lots of luck.
You know, Nadine once told me that..
You and her met at an air circus.
Just her and me in an old biplane.
What'd you do?
Well, she did wing walking.
I did a drunk act.
- A drunk act?
- Yeah.
I came out of the stands dressed like
a drunken sailor waiving a whiskey bottle.
Staggered all over the plane.
Everybody be hollering: "Stop him! Stop him!"
I'd hedge-hop around the field a few times.
And do a flip-over
right in front of the grandstand.
- On its back?
- Yeah.
Crazy Charley!
One day I nearly got killed and...
...figured there must be an easier way.
- Crop dusting.
- Crop dusting.
- Yeah.
Chance to fly. Be independent.
And of course we..
...we couldn't compete with the a...
- The big combines.
- Right.
So we got a hold of you and Al Dutcher.
Decided to see what we could
do about some small banks.
- No trouble.
- Yeah. No trouble.
- Look at that.
- What?
Up ahead.
Play the harmonica.
You know I used to make my
living playing this thing?
- Ok. Play it.
- Professionally.
Just relax.
Sons of bitches are coming back this way.
- What's that for?
- What do you think?
Harman we're crop dusters.
Crop dusters don't wave guns.
Put that thing away. Fast.
Right. Ok.
Any second now there's gonna be one hell of
a bang on that hill. What do we do then?
Just play it by ear Harman.
It that how you got to be
such a big winner Charley?
Don't make any stupid moves, you hear?
Alright, well let me tell you.
He starts snooping
around in the back here, I'm
gonna blow his snout off.
Something wrong officer?
- May I see your operator's license, please?
- You bet.
That's me Charley Varrick.
We've been operating out of Reese
since the first of the year.
Thank you very much Mr. Varrick.
Do you mind if I take a look in there?
In there? Sure.
What's in those drums?
In there?
Just uh... Mellifium, Chlordine...
Pesticides, Insecticides, stuff like that...
Have you been on Tres Cruces' road today?
Why? Something happened?
Now we would get a long a lot better if you
let me ask the questions and you answer.
You bet.
Now what I want is some information
on some people in a yellow '72..
Goodbye, Nadine!
Wow. I thought I was gonna have
to wax that bastard, sure.
Your gun Harman.
We're a long way from home free.
Give me the piece.
I think we forgot Al Dutcher's gun.
Let's go.
Nadine, we're home Nadine.
Get that stuff inside.
Didn't see my wife, did you?
No, I didn't see her all day today.
- But I'll keep my eyes peeled.
- Thank you
Very kind of you Mrs. Taft.
Oh, just common courtesy.
You don't suppose she's
run off, do you?
No Ma'am. I don't think so.
Well, you never can tell.
There's macho's all around
this place, you know.
They're after me all the time.
- Yes Ma'am.
- Just don't get any ideas.
- No Ma'am.
The milkman is the worst.
I make him leave his yogurt on the stoop..
...and I don't bring it
in until after he's gone.
That's good thinking.
Excuse me. That's mine.
It's probably an
obscene phone call.
Oh dear.
Listen, you don't have any
whiskey around here, do you?
I'll get you some whiskey in a minute but
I don't want you getting loaded though.
Damn tooth of mine won't quit.
- Still hurts, huh?
- Yeah.
Here, open up that other sack.
Charley, come here!
Come here, Charley!
Charley, come here. Quick!
Charley look at this money, will you?
Just look.
These are $50 bills and
$100 bills, Charley.
We done hit the giant,
big daddy jackpot!
What's the matter. You're not gonna
tell me it's counterfeit, are you?
No it's good.
Oh, money! Money! Money!
Oh Lord, Charley, do you know..
...that these are all $100 bills!
How much money you reckon we got here?
I don't know.
Uh... half a million?
Could be.
What's bothering you?
I don't know. Something smells bad.
You smell bad. Now, don't you run game
out on me or I'll hang you out to dry.
What's that kind of money
doing in a Tres Cruces bank?
Where should it be?
A bank that size, figures to have maybe...
30... $20,000 in it's stock.
Now listen Charley, Just let
me ask you one question.
- The money was there, right?
- Now it's here. Right?
- Yeah.
So what's the big deal?
We interrupt this program
with another late bulletin
about the Tres Cruces bank robbery
in which there are 3 known dead
and one sheriff's deputy still
in critical condition.
Harold Young,
Tres Cruces bank manager,
has estimated that the bandits
escaped with less than $2,000.
Sheriff Horton of San Miguel county
predicts an early arrest.
And now back to your programme.
What the hell was that about?
I don't know.
Who are they kidding? Us?
Don't they think we can count?
Doesn't make any sense, unless..
Unless what?
Unless it's a drop.
What's a drop?
Now you know what dirty money is.
That's the kind of money you can't
declare on your income tax.
Now when certain people get
that kind of money what
they do is sent it out of
the country to invest.
- And when it comes back it's clean.
- So?
So maybe that little bank was a drop,
a collection point.
Maybe all this was on its
way out of the country.
We lucked out!
More like crapped out. It's ten-to-one
this stuff belongs to the Mafia.
This is gambling money, skimmed off
the top, whore money, dope money.
What's the difference?
The difference is that the Mafia kills you.
No trial, no judge.
They'll never stop looking for you.
Not till you're dead.
I'd rather have ten FBI's after me.
Mafia money...
All I wanted was a small take
in and out quick. No big deal.
Well, don't you worry Charley.
'Cause if you don't want your share I'll be
more than happy to take it over for you.
I'm sure you would, Harman!
Well, what do you wanna do?
Give it back?
I've been thinking about it.
Charley Varrick...
Well, I got some news for you Charley.
You haven't got the balls
of a bull canary bird.
And something else...
I ain't giving back
penny number one.
Neither am I!
Then what are we arguing about?
Wouldn't do any good
to give it back.
Nobody takes the Mafia for this kind
of money and lives to tell about it.
They would have to set an example.
They got to find us first.
That's not as hard as it sounds.
Word goes out and every 2-bit hustler
in the world is looking to turn you in.
Yeah, yeah, yeah. La Cosa
Nostra is everywhere.
You better believe it boy.
I believe this.
We're gonna have to keep
pretty quiet for a while.
Is that so?
That's right. Best way to get nailed is
to start tossing that stuff around.
And what's your idea of a while?
3 years. Maybe 4.
Are you telling me...
that I can't spend none of
this money for 3, 4 years?
Right! Right! That's what I'm telling you.
And you'd better lay off that juice too.
That's another way to get nailed.
Me along with you.
- Any more instructions?
- No.
- Nothing more you wanna hang on to me?
- Not right now.
Then I got something I wanna hang on
to you Jimmy Dick.
I've been waiting all my life
to make a score like this.
And now that it's here I
ain't waiting no more.
I mean I'm gonna wail.
And I'm talking about
chicks, cars, clothes.
A box at the races and
beef steak three times a day
and no washed-up, chickenshit son
of a bitch had better try stop me!
Ok kid. You're calling it.
Mrs. Fort
I want a messenger to hand-deliver
an item for me immediately
This morning a Western Fidelity branch Bank
in Tres Cruces, New Mexico
was robbed of roughly 3 quarters
of a million dollars.
The size of the take
plus the urgency of the situation
makes it inevitable that I should call
upon you to become personally involved.
All the arrangements will be
the same as last time.
I hope and fully expect
the same kind of results.
I know you realize the extraordinary
concern here at this end.
So please, expedite. Good luck.
So sorry please. Not open.
I'm here to see Honest John.
Not here please. Try some other time.
I'm Molly.
Mister Molly I'm sorry. Right this way.
Mr. Molly to see you, Sir.
Door's open.
Good to see you, Molly.
Aw.. Lucky shot!
I told you you should have
given me more points.
A pleasure to do business with you Bud.
Thanks, you creep. Next time ten.
Come on in, Molly.
What's the setup?
Our sources haven't had time
to come up with anything yet.
But the word's out.
Something will break.
It always does.
Was that it?
What else can I tell you?
Thanks anyway, Honest John.
What's that for?
Well, you can tell our friend
that I don't work with my head in the bag.
Wait a minute.
I don't get it.
How long was that... roughly 3 quarter of
a million dollars to be in that bank.
A couple of days.
And who knew it was there?
Harold Young, he's the
branch manager out there.
- He knew of course.
- Anyone else?
Undoubtedly Maynard Boyle.
If you should find some sort of leak
inside the organization..
That information would be very valuable.
- Carte Blanche?
- No restrictions, the lid's off.
Very well.
- Do you have any connections in New Mexico?
- No.
You'll be alright here. Deloso
take and deliver messages.
What about transportation?
A maroon Chrysler Imperial.
Clean, all souped up.
240 on a straight
away, guaranteed.
Sounds reasonable.
It's all yours but there's a problem:
It's a repossession.
It's no problem.
Let's go!
There it is.
Hush sonny,
I'm gonna get you a brand new puppy.
Didn't I promise you? Didn't I?
Hey Mister.
I don't want no problem so I'm
asking you in a very nice way
just to keep your hands
off that automobile.
You Randolph Percy?
Looks Mister, you caught me on a bad
day so just stay outta my face!
Well, you owe six months
payment on this car, Sir.
I owe?
I owe, uh?
That Chink son of a bitch
burned me outta $2500
And I told him when I get my
money back he gets his car.
Look, I'm repossessing
the vehicle Mr. Percy.
You pink ass punk, you...
There are very few men that
speak to me in that tone.
A few Caucasians.
but no Negros at all.
Hey, Harman!
10 o'clock news is about to come on.
You said you wanted to see it.
- Damn straight I do!
- Alright. Come on!
It's my favorite program.
Current events and all that.
Current events used to be my
favorite subject in school.
Hey Charlie. I bet you don't know
what the capital of West Virginia is.
- Charleston
- Charleston's, right.
Where is the money?
It's in there.
In the closet.
- Did you count it?
- Yeah.
How much?
$765,118, even.
I thought I'd never live
to see that much money.
Never mind have it, for my own.
- One third.
- Huh?
One-third is yours.
Two-thirds is mine.
Sure, good buddy. Sure.
That's what I meant.
We're missing the news.
...negotiations continue on a 24 hour basis.
Union spokesmen say a final solution
to the disagreements with City officials..
Appears to remain several days away.
At this hour a brush and timber fire
continues to smolder, 6
miles south of Tres Cruces,
in the foothills of the Sangre de Cristo.
About a thousand acres have burnt in the fire
but authorities say it is now under control.
And there appears now to be a definitive link
between the fire..
And this morning's bank robbery
in Tres Cruces.
A car, apparently used by
the bandits and their getaway..
Remained at the scene of the fire.
Inside the car, on the front seat..
Authorities found a body,
believed to be the remains
of a woman who was
driving the getaway car.
Earlier today, our man at
the Tres Cruces bank..
Spoke to sheriff Bill Horton.
Well uh.. this here..
this here uh... body that we found is too
badly burnt for any kind of identification.
Except for the teeth.
So we've circularized every dentist in the
State with a description of the dental work.
And of course we're... we
got every bus station
and uh... railroad depot
and airport covered.
All the roads and
highways are blocked.
These people are not gonna make it
out of New Mexico... Not alive.
That I promise you.
You know, Charley...
You're just plain lucky!
How do you figure?
Because you're valuable.
You know how to fly an airplane.
And we're gonna get into
that airplane of yours and
we're gonna sail right over
them goddamn roadblocks.
What do you think of that?
Where are we gonna land?
They'll have every airport covered.
In Mexico?
Especially in Mexico.
They'll be at every landing field.
We're not gonna land in any landing fields.
You're gonna land us..
In some little old place where they never
even thought of looking for an airplane.
I don't know.
What do you mean you don't know?
Ain't you supposed to be some
kind of hot-dog stunt pilot?
Yeah but it's been a long time since
I've done any fancy flying.
You kinda loose your knack.
Well you better find
it again in a hurry.
'Cause if you can't do that, Jimmy Dick,
what use are you?
Uh... we'll have to rig an
auxiliary gas tank on that.
Give us some cruising range.
Now you're cooking Charley!
First thing I'll have to
do is get the charts.
What charts?
Nadine's dental charts.
The X-rays.
It's the only way they
have identifying her.
I'll have to get over to that
dentist's office and... get 'em.
You got another jug around here?
There's one in the chest
of drawers in the bedroom.
Don't leave the trailer.
"Don't leave the trailer."
"Don't leave the trailer, Harman"
Charley, you worry too much!
No such thing as worrying to much..
Not when you got the fuzz and the
Mafia after you at the same time.
How long you reckon is gonna be
before they stop looking for us?
The fuzz will quit pretty soon.
The others never stop.
Not unless they think you're dead.
"and no washed-up, chickenshit son
of a bitch had better try stop me!"
I painted her, I painted her
Up her belly and down her back
Every crevice and every crack.
I painted her, I painted her
Painted her through and through.
And I painted her...
Old tomato...
red, white and blue.
Come here puppy!
I'm Molly.
I'm Jana.
These are the goodies.
- He says his name is Sally.
- Molly
Sally... Molly
If you got a bell honey,
we'll find a way to ring it.
I didn't travel 600 miles for
the amusement of morons.
Is that clear ladies?
Now, just a darn minute there.
You just keep throwing your feathers
mister, before I put you in a hospital.
Are you the gentleman
we've been expecting?
My name is Molly.
I'm Beverly.
Anything you want, name it.
A good bed.
Right, I've reserved
some bedding for you.
Alright girls,
you can sit down now.
Follow me, please.
This is where my girls relax
when they're not working.
They write letters, watch television
or play cards.
Mr. Conforte,
I'll see you in just a few minutes.
Ok honey. Take good care of this man.
Oh yes, we will.
This way, please.
There's no charge for anything of course.
- No waterbeds?
- Oh, I'm sorry. We have everything else.
When I wake..
I appreciate two three-and-a-half minute eggs
a piece of dry whole wheat toast,
and a pot of hot herb tea.
If there's anything we can
do for your pleasure?
Jana is a nice girl.
I don't sleep with whores.
That's not knowingly.
Well... like they say
"Different strokes for
different folks"
Come on, Jana.
Hey, mama?
Have you seen Charley Varrick?
I've been reading your newspaper about
that awful robbery.
Have you seen Charley Varrick?
Well, he left early, in the truck.
Looking for that wife
of his, if you ask me.
I'm over here in Reese.
Trying to run down a fitting.
Yeah, for the auxiliary gas tank
we talked about it last night.
Don't you remember?
Well anyway, I understand there's a guy over in
Shoemaker's who got one, I'm going over there.
How's your tooth?
The hell with my tooth. Where's the
goddamn money Charley? I can't find it.
Don't worry. It's in a safe place.
I couldn't leave it there with you
cocked out, dead to the world? Could I?
Have you seen the papers?
Yeah, got a copy right here.
This picture of Al bothers me.
It's not that good but somebody
might just pick up on it.
You better stay there,
in case I need you fast.
I can't go very far.
You gonna tell me what
you did with the money?
Not over the phone.
Listen I got a million
things to do.
There's another pint in the cupboard.
Stay put and I'll see you tonight.
You better man!
Hi, are you Tom?
Oh I mentioned to Al Dutcher
that I might need a
special kind of a
favor someday and...
He uh... he said you had connections.
Al Dutcher?
Ahh... small, thin, kinda nice little bird?
No. Tall, husky, ugly looking bird.
What do you want?
I need some paper, quick.
I don't sell paper. I make
my living selling guns.
I need two passports. Al said
if you didn't handle something..
you'd know somebody who did.
Dutcher... Dutcher...
And where am I supposed
to know this guy from?
From Joliet, he was doing a
10 years slide for murder too.
His girlfriend, Armenian girl.
Sit down, make yourself comfortable.
Five bills.
Five bills? Isn't that a little high?
This one's six. Want bargain?
Buy yourself a rug.
Ok, Ok.
- $600
- Right.
Two, three, four, five...
Yeah, even money.
There is the little beauty.
- How you say that... Ara...?
- Arapahoe.
- "Arapahoe Street".
- Yeah.
- About a half mile down, turn to the right.
- Thank you very much.
Oh, uh...
Anything else?
There might be something else.
What if I wanna fence
off some money?
- Hot?
- Burning up.
Consecutive serial numbers?
No, nothing like that but uh...
I wouldn't be surprised if
there was some sort of a record.
How much money are we talking about?
- A lot.
- A whole lot?
A whole lot
Where can I get in touch with you?
I'll be here and there. Maybe I'd better
get in touch with you.
There's a phone call for you!
Are you ready for breakfast?
- I don't know yet. I'll tell you later.
- Ok.
- Shut the door on the way out.
- Right-O
- Yeah?
- Hello Molly? Honest John here.
We've got a lead for you, in Albuquerque.
Tom's Gun shop.
He's expecting you.
Yeah. Tom's Gun shop, right.
Incidentally Maynard Boyle flew over
the New Mexico this morning.
He's staying at the Travel-On-Inn motel.
In Kendrick. Make a note of that.
May I help you, Sir?
My name is Maynard Boyle.
I'm President of Western Fidelity.
This is our bank.
I'm here to see Harold Young.
He's our branch manager.
I'll tell Mr. Garfinkle
you're here Mr. Boyle.
- Excuse me.
- No, just a minute.
It's Young. Harold Young. He's the
one I wanna see. Not Garfinkle.
Sir, the District Attorney's office
in in charge of this investigation.
You'll need Mr. Garfinkle's
permission to see him.
Now, excuse me please.
- Mister, would you please push me?
- Sure.
- What's your name?
- Holly. - Sir?
- What's your kitty's name?
- Sam. - Mr. Boyle.
This is Mr. Garfinkle.
- You got any brothers and sisters?
- Yes.
- How many?
- One brother and one sister.
What's your business inside, Mr. Boyle?
My business is I wanna see Harold Young.
Afraid that's impossible right now.
Why is it impossible? Is he under arrest?
No, he's not under arrest.
In that case I'd like to see him.
I've flown all the way from Reno.
Especially for that purpose.
Mr. Young is making an audit.
I'm sure you'll understand.
Well, I assure you I do not understand.
An why am I being denied
access to my own premises?
Well, it's a matter of priority.
You see, first and foremost this is
a murder investigation.
Well, my business is purely financial.
Oh, you're very lucky so far Mr. Boyle.
All you've found missing is about $1300.
Well, if you're a nice fellow
nice things happen to you.
So I hear.
Now, where can you be reached?
I'm at a motel, in Kendrick.
The Travel-On-Inn.
I'll have Mr. Young get in touch with you
as soon as he's free.
Mr. Finkle?
Is Harold Young under suspicion?
Suspicion of what?
Suspicion of collusion in robbery.
Please don't talk down to me.
Anybody could be under suspicion Mr. Boyle.
You see, we're still at the stage where
questions have been raised.
Now if you'll excuse me.
- Bye Holly.
- Good bye Mister.
- Yeah?
- Hi.
- Hi.
- Are you the photographer?
- Yeah, that's right.
A man in a wheelchair gave me this.
Come in.
Will you just step right in there?
What is it that you wanted?
I need two passports in a hurry.
Yeah everybody is in a hurry.
- Got any pictures?
- No.
No? Ok, over there.
Sit down on that stool if you will.
What it'll cost ya will be 250 a piece.
That's 500 all told.
That's in advance.
No offense but people who needs passports
in a hurry are generally in trouble.
You get shot between now and then,
I get stuck. You understand?
Yeah it's ok. I wouldn't want you
to take a loss.
How soon can we you 'em?
Uh... You say you need two of 'em?
Yes one for me and
one for my friend.
- I can let you have 'em in two days.
- Two days?
It's not a rush order
that'll cost you a lil' extra.
You'll have to do better than that.
What, are you kidding?
You know what's involved?
This is not digging
potatoes, you know?
How soon can your friend be in
to have his picture taken?
He can't, I was hoping maybe
you could use this.
Is that that way you wanna look?
That's his driver's license.
Harman Sullivan, that's
the name you wanna use?
- Yeah, can you use that picture?
- Sure I can do..
But have you any idea what
kind of work is involved?
I'm gonna have to work
day and night. Pose.
- And that's gonna cost you 500 extra.
- $500?
What do you get for a glass of water?
I tell you what, I'll give you the other 500.
But I gotta have both passports
by six o'clock tonight.
Tomorrow. The absolute outside.
Split the difference. Twelve, midnight.
Things I do for a handsome man.
- Well, thanks very much.
- Thank you very much!
Alright, here's the
information you'll need...
for the passports.
You got the names and the..
Hair, eyes, height... that stuff.
Charley Varrick: Reese River mobile homes.
That's my address.
My telephone number is right down here.
Here's my card, in case you loose that.
See you at midnight.
Uh Mr. Varrick. You sure this money is good?
People kill each other
for that kind of money.
- Can I use one of your suckers?
- It'll cost you and extra 500.
Close the outside door on your way out, ok?
You got it.
I got it.
I'm Molly.
Well... what I have for you
is special information.
Cost me a lot of money.
I gotta get something for it.
Well, you're going to earn
a great deal of good will.
I got all the good will I need.
If you wanna know what I know
get some cash on the counter.
Now sit there and start talking.
With good will.
I don't suppose that I could get a bug
in my motel room or your car this fast.
But it never hurts to be careful.
They'd have to get a court order first.
A court order?
To install a listening device.
Oh I'm not talking about
that bright little bagel
snapper from the District
Attorney's office.
- What does he call himself?
- Garfinkle.
He should change his name.
You know something, Harold?
I never thought I 'd be willing
to change places with a cow.
A cow?
Those things out there.
They are cows, aren't they?
I don't understand the
thrust of your comment.
Take a look at them out there.
I mean, they got it knocked.
And what's... what's the worst thing in the
world that could possibly happen to them?
A short circuit in the electric milker.
Compared to what I'm facing..
that's child's play.
Are you talking about the Las Vegas people?
I'm in trouble Harold.
And it's my own damn fault.
They're gonna ask me why did I pick
this particular bank.
And believe me, from where I'm sitting,
it looks damn peculiar.
Surely they don't suspect you.
I'm on the list Harold.
And it's a very short list.
You and I are the only ones who knew
the money was gonna be in the bank.
Then they suspect me too?
Good God man, now you don't think I had
anything to do with it?
Of course not.
I'm not an ambitious man.
I don't need very much.
I've been very happy here in Tres Cruces.
I've become a part of the community.
And people appreciate not just the
day-to-day business of banking but..
The way I've restored the bank.
I've made it a part of the living
historical heritage of the community.
For the first time in my life
I found a place that I love.
Why would I jeopardize that?
I believe you Harold.
I only hope they do
when the time comes.
We might as well face it,
they're gonna ask questions.
For instance we've been keeping various sums
of money at the bank from time to time.
But the one time we're really load up..
Bang!, this little horseshit bank a million miles
from nowhere gets hit by four professionals.
Now they're gonna think that's strange.
It's a coincidence. That's all. Just a
coincidence. They do happen, you know.
But they're gonna think it's odd that
you made no effort to get the police.
That you just trodded right over...
Open the vault.
- There really wasn't anything else I could do.
- Oh no.
You could have fainted!
I had a gun at my head!
Don't you understand?
I understand perfectly.
I am not a physically
courageous man, Maynard.
It's our Mafia friends
that won't understand.
They're gonna... they're
gonna wonder why...
you led them directly to the
vault with the money in it...
Instead of the empty vault on the rear.
And frankly Harold...
Why did you do that?
Do you know what would have happened if I
had taken those people to an empty vault?
Number one: The money
would have been save.
Number two: There'd be no
question of an inside job.
- Inside Job?
- That's the way their diseased minds work.
A bank gets hit? Bang! They
look for a double-cross.
Why couldn't it be just a coincidence?
Because they don't believe in coincidence.
I don't know what to do.
Take a look at the big brown one out there.
Man! What a set of jugs.
You need a rest Harold.
A long trip, to some place quiet.
Another name.
Another country.
I can't start my life over again now.
You don't have much choice, Harold.
They're gonna try to make you
tell where the money is.
You know what kind of people they are.
They will strip you naked and go to work on
you with a pair of pliers and a blowtorch.
If you need money Harold, I can help.
That's what I call a hell of a lock.
I'm Molly.
Yeah, I didn't figure you for
Clint Eastwood.
Which one is this?
Charley Varrick.
That's the other one.
Harman Sullivan.
Don't keep that.
It's the only picture
Varrick gave me of him.
- When will he be coming by to pick these up?
- Midnight.
Oh much obliged.
And by the way...
Did the gentleman say where he might
be reached in case something came up?
Yeah, he gave me that.
"Reese River mobile homes."
"Charley Varrick..
...last of the independents."
I like that. Has a ring of finality.
He's not in there!
Are you looking for his wife?
Uh, no, I'm here on business.
Maybe Mr. Sullivan can help you.
He's in there.
Oh, thank you Ma'am.
What do you want?
I need some crops dusted.
Looking for Charles Varrick.
He ain't here!
Oh Gosh. I won't be able
to come back tomorrow.
I was wondering if I might... leave
my card with you. I'd appreciate it.
I can't seem to be able to find one,
it's so dark out here.
Say, would you mind if I
came inside just a second?
I'll just scribble where he can reach me.
Sure sorry I disturbed you.
I take it you're Mr. Sullivan, huh?
- Mr. Harman Sullivan?
- Yeah, yeah. That's right.
Sooner or later you're gonna
tell me everything you know.
So why not save yourself a great
deal of pain, tell me now.
Where's the money?
Jesus guy, you... busted my ribs.
Let's try this way.
Where's Charles Varrick?
I don't know.
He left you to take the heat?
Is that it?
That's... that's what he did.
Exactly what he did.
Dirty bastard!
There's one thing that puzzles me..
If he's gonna leave you behind,
why have a passport made for you?
Oh you didn't give Varrick
your driver license?
My wallet, is right there in my shirt.
Can I show you?
It's gone!
Surprise, surprise...
Don't insult my intelligence boy!
That could be a grave error.
I swear to God. I don't know
what you're talking about.
I'm asking you nicely.
Where is the money?
Charley's got it.
God, he was so scared because
I wanted to give it back.
- You want to give the money back?
- Yeah. - Why?
Why did you want to give
the money back Harman?
'Cause it's... it's Mafia money. That's why.
How did you know that?
- Charley told me.
- And who told Charley?
Who fingered the job?
Was it Young?
I don't know.
Young doesn't have the balls
for a deal like that.
It was Boyle, wasn't it?
I wish I did know... man.
My patience is wearing thin.
If I don't get some
satisfaction from you soon..
Gonna start hurting you very badly.
- Where is Varrick?
- I don't know.
Where's the money?
Sonny boy, now you and I are
just not communicating.
- Evening Sheriff.
- Evening.
Mr. Garfinkle has been expecting you.
Run a check on these, will you Ned?
You alright?
Oh, first grade Bill, first grade.
Just that I don't like strangers
in my bank when I'm not here.
Would you mind closing the door?
How are things progressing Bill?
Well.. I've been thinking...
- Two of 'em drive up in the Connie, right?
- Right.
But there's two already
inside the bank waiting.
Now how'd they get here?
You think maybe there's an abandoned
vehicle someplace...
Sheriff Horton. They said the car has been
there ever since the morning of the robbery.
- What is it?
- For what it's worth, matches.
"Reese Lanes".
Well, hell. That's it! This
case is breaking wide open.
Get a line on that bastard even if I have to
ring every doorbell in Reese. Come on Dan.
Dan, you and Henderson stay in the car
and let me know if you find anything.
Everybody else, let's move it!
You called it, kid.
Who's there?
Told you I wouldn't be
finished 'til midnight!
So boo-hoo, we'll kill an hour too.
You haven't heard from Mr. Varrick?
No, not yet.
May I use your telephone?
Yeah, make yourself at home.
Say, you wouldn't have a beer for
a thirsty man, would you?
I'll look and see.
Beverly, it's Molly.
I'm in Albuquerque at 242-5325.
I got a warrant for your arrest.
Either you come out or we're coming in.
Alright everybody. Do stand
fast and keep us covered.
And don't anybody get careless.
I could have told you nobody was home.
Will you sign for the dynamite please?
- Sign for the dynamite, right?
- Right.
- Gotta sign for everything these days.
- I guess so.
Dynamite, time delay cap...
Mercury switch and emergency
compartment light.
- One, two, three and four. Anything else?
- That's it.
That's $9 even.
There you go. Out of 10.
Wouldn't happen to have the uh...
Time, eh?
My watch's a little slow.
It's 8:47.
- I'll put that in a bag?
- It's ok, don't need a bag. Thank you.
May I ask what that's for?
Yes, you certainly may.
No, no. I wanna talk to Mr. Boyle.
What is it about please?
This is the main office of
Western Fidelity banks, isn't it?
Yes. Yes it is.
And Mr. Boyle is the president of the chain?
And I'm his executive secretary.
Now, how can I help you, please?
You can't. I have to see or talk
with Mr. Boyle himself.
Mr. Boyle is out of town but
I'm sure if you leave your
name and a number where you
can be reached, he'll..
What is your name, please?
- Miss Fort.
- Fort?
Yes, Sir.
Hey kid!
Hey kid!
Bring all your roses.
All of 'em?
All of 'em!
- Atta boy. 20 Ok?
- Sure.
- Ok, thank you
- Thank you
Oh Miss Fort. Good evening.
A gentleman brought some flowers by for you
earlier. I thought you might like to have them.
Who did?
I really don't know. He didn't leave his
name. I thought probably you would know him.
- Good evening Miss Fort.
- Hi.
- Good evening. How are you tonight, William?
- Fine.
Who is it?
What do you want?
Oh I'm sorry. I didn't mean to scare you.
Which doesn't mean I won't throw you
right out that window if I have to.
I'm not scared.
- What do you want?
- I wanna see Boyle.
Kendrick bar.
Hello. I'd like to speak to Mr.
Maynard Boyle, please.
Is there a Mr. Boyle in the house?
Be right there.
- Hello. Hello?!
- Hello. This is Sybil.
How pleasant to hear your voice Miss Fort.
I assume this call is important.
If you consider three quarters
of a million dollars important.
What about it?
I have a gentleman here who
wants to give it back to you.
Is he alone?
Yes. He's alone.
Put him on.
Thank you.
Hello Boyle.
Who is this?
Charley Varrick.
I got something I wanna get back to you.
How is it packaged?
In two canvas leather bags with
the name stenciled on the front.
So give 'em back. What's the problem?
The problem is the big gorilla in the
maroon car who's trying to kill me.
I'm listening.
All I want is your word that
once these bags are delivered
to your hand, that's the end of it.
No reprisals.
Say you wanna meet with me?
Alone. No hitmen.
Ten miles north of Reese. On state highway number
23. There's a big automobile junkyard there..
And an airstrip that crop-dusters use.
10 miles north of Reese..
On state highway 23..
I'll meet you there tomorrow morning and when I
fly in I wanna see you standing there alone.
What time in the morning?
Just be there early.
About a quarter of a mile down
the strip past the hangar.
And if there's anybody within
500 yards of you, forget it.
Just kiss the money goodbye.
Got it?
I'll see you in the morning.
- Charley Varrick?
- Yeah.
I'm gonna tell you something
I guess I shouldn't.
I wouldn't trust him if I were you.
I like your bed.
You may find this hard to believe
but I've never slept on a round bed.
Is that so?
What's the best way?
North, South, East or West?
That depends on what you had in mind.
What I had in mind was boxing the compass.
You'd better not be there.
Why not?
It there's anyone around... 500 yards..
The deal is gone.
So I'll be 501 yards.
Just don't be there.
That's nice.
My wife's wedding ring.
You're an interesting man Mr. Varrick.
Go to sleep Miss Fort.
The last of the independents!
Go to sleep. You know I have to be up early.
Don't get killed!
I'll try not to. Go to sleep, please.
You still owe me south by south-west.
Then will you go to sleep?
We'll see.
South by south-west.
Think it's this way.
You found it.
We did it!
We pulled it off!
What the hell are you talking about?
We did it!
What are you doing? What is this?
Are you a hard man to reach?
I'll make a deal with you.
You're hardly in any position to make a deal.
Smell that gasoline?
I bet this thing will burn in a hurry.
I know where the money is.
You'll never find it without my help.
Your end is what?
Just help me out of here and let me go.
- Where's the money.
- We got a deal?
Money first.
Get the keys out of my pocket
I can't move my arm.
- Now you see that blue Chevy over there?
The money is in the trunk.
Well, I'll be back.