Charlie And The Chocolate Factory (2005) Movie Script

That is a history...
of a boy as
any other...
call, Charlie Bucket.
He was not faster,
or stronger...
or more intelligent
that other children.
His/her family was not rich...
or powerful, nor he/she had
knowledge in the high society...
they badly had him/it to eat.
Charlie Bucket was the boy
more lucky of the world.
He didn't only know still.
- Good night, Buckets.
- Good night.
Ei, father.
Dinner is almost ready,
It will be that there is nothing
extra to put here?
Well, there is nothing better
that cabbage with cabbage.
Charlie... I found
something that I think it will like.
Charlie's father worked in the
local factory of toothpaste.
His/her schedule of work was immense...
and the terrible payment...
though, sometimes, him
he/she found unexpected surprises.
It is exactly it that
I needed!
What is that, Charlie?
Dad found...
exactly the piece
that I needed.
- Which piece?
- Willie Wonka's head
- That adorable.
- It is very seemed.
- Do you find?
- Do I find?
I know.
I saw Willie Wonka once with
my own eyes.
- Did I work for him, did he/she know?
- Did he/she work?
- He/she worked.
- He worked.
- I adore grapes...
- Logically...
I was a man a lot
newer in that time.
Willie Wonka began
with a single store...
... in the street Cherry.
But the whole world
he/she wanted their candies.
- Mr. Wonka?
- Yes?
needed of more
bars Wonka,
and the chocolate piu-piu
he/she is almost ending
Great, piu-piu... we will see...
will need to do more...
Open the mouth.
That man was a genius...
did you know, what did he invent a new way to do chocolate ice cream?
In the which the ice cream was cold
per hours, same out of the freezer?
could be even in the sun in a
hot day and it would not melt.
- That is impossible!
- But Willy Wonka got.
And not a lot after that...
he decided to build one
factory of truth chocolate.
The largest factory of
chocolate in the history.
fifty times larger
of the one that any other.
Grandpa, look at the disgusting thing.
Tell to him the history of the prince
of India, he will adore to listen her.
You want to say him/it
prince Pondicherry.
Well, the prince Pondicherry wrote a letter for Mr. Wonka...
and he/she asked for him/it to go
until distant India...
... and to build a palace
entirely of chocolate.
He/she will have a hundred rooms. Everything will be made
with chocolate dark or clear.
Faithful to his/her promise...
he made the bricks
of chocolate...
and the cement that the
he/she seated was of chocolate.
And all of the walls and roofs
they were done of chocolate also.
It is also the rugs, the
pictures and the furniture...
- It is perfect, in everything.
- Yes, but it won't last a lot...
... it is better to begin
to eat now.
I won't eat my palace.
I intend to live in him.
But Mr. Wonka was right,
Just after that...
he/she came a very hot day,
with a burning sun
The prince, sent a telegram
urgent requesting a new palace.
But Willy Wonka had the
their own problems.
All the other ones
chocolate manufacturers...
were with envy
of Willy Wonka..
... and they began to send spies
for us to steal the secret incomes.
Receita secretes / i
Fickel Grubel began to do
an ice cream that never melted.
Prodnose appeared with a chewing gum that never
lost the flavor.
Then Slugworth began
to do sweet balloons...
that you/they could be inflated
in incredible proportions.
The robbery arrived the such point...
that one day,
without warning...
Mr. Wonka asked for
all their employees
that you/they went home,
and he/she announced...
that he/she was closing yours
chocolate factory forever.
I am closing mine
chocolate factory...
... forever.
But he didn't close her forever.
She is open, right now.
Sometimes when adults say forever,
they want to say for a long time.
Sometimes I feel that only
I will eat cabbage soup...
- forever.
- It arrives, father!
The factory really closed,
And it seemed that it would be
closed forever.
Then, one day,
we saw smoke leave the chimneys...
- the factory had returned!
- And did it get his/her job of turn?
No, nobody got.
But it should have
somebody working there.
Think about that, Charlie.
Some time already saw somebody
to enter in that factory?
Or to leave of her?
the gates are always closed.
But then,
who is operating the machines?
- Nobody knows, Charlie.
- It is without a doubt a mystery.
And somebody already asked
to Mr. Wonka?
nobody more he/she sees him/it.
He never leaves.
The only thing that leaves
of that place they are the candies.
Already wrapped and addressed.
I would give any thing
only to enter,
once again...
and to see how that is
fantastic factory.
But you won't go,
you are not able to.
nobody can,
it is a mystery...
and it will always be a mystery.
That factory that you did,
it is the closest of her that
any one of us will arrive.
We go there, Charlie...
I think it is in the hour
of all we sleep.
- Good night, grandpa George.
- Good night, Charlie.
Good night, grandpa Joe.
Good night, grandma Georgina.
Nothing is impossible, Charlie.
- Good night!
- Good night, Charlie.
And on that same night,
the impossible already began
to happen.
Dear people of the world...
me, Willy Wonka,
I decided to leave five children
visit mine
factory that year.
And plus, one of those children
he/she will receive a special prize
besides the imagination
of any human.
Five gilded tickets were hidden inside of the
packing of five
chocolates Wonka.
Those chocolates can
to be anywhere...
in a store, in a street,
in a city, in any country...
... of the world.
It would not be incredible,
to open a chocolate bar
and to find a ticket
done gild inside?
I know, but I only can
to have a bar a year...
... and of birthday.
But his/her birthday
it is next week.
You have so much chance
as any one.
who will find the gold ticket
it is who can buy
bars everyday.
only purchase one a year.
He doesn't have chance.
All have chance, Charlie.
Mark my words...
the boy that will find the ticket,
it will be fat, fat, fat!
Augustus Gloop!
I was eating
a bar Wonka,
and I felt the taste of something
that it was not chocolate.
Coconut? Nuts?
peanut butter?
butter, or do I caramel?
Or sprinkle?
Then I looked and... me
I found the gold ticket!
how were you celebrated?
eating sweeter.
We knew that Augustus
he/she would find the gold ticket...
He eats so many bars a day,
that it would be impossible
not to find!
Agora only remain more 4 tickets... / i
- I told you.
- But that repulsive boy.
It is now still 4 tickets remained.
Now that they already found a,
it will be a madness.
- Veruca!
- Can it spell for us?
V - AND-R-U-C-TO, Veruca Salt.
Since Veruca spoke to me that
he/she had to have one of those tickets...
I began to buy all the
bars that I could find.
thousands of bars,
hundreds of thousands...
I am in the business of
nuts and similar,
then, I spoke for
my employees...
Good morning young ladies...
from now on they can
to stop peeling peanuts
and to begin to peel the packings of those chocolates.
Three days passed and
we didn't have luck.
It was terrible,
and Veruca was more
obsessed every day.
Where is my gold ticket?
I want my gold ticket!
I hate to see mine
unhappy daughter like this...
Then I continued the search until
to find what she wanted.
It is finally,
I found the ticket.
I want another pony.
She gets to be worse
of the one that the chubby.
But it is not exactly...
... she didn't find
the alone ticket.
Don't worry, Charlie,
that man spoils his/her daughter...
and nothing of good happens when
you spoil somebody of that way.
mom and I found,
that you maybe want to open
his/her birthday present...
... tonight.
Here it is.
Maybe I owe
to wait until tomorrow.
- I doubt.
- Father.
Together we already added more
of three hundred years,
we didn't wait.
be not disappointed.
Be there what there is,
you will still have the candy.
it is that there.
I will divide.
Oh, no, Charlie,
his/her birthday present no.
It is my chocolate bar,
and I do what wants with her.
thank you.
Very well, we go
to see who found.
third found ticket
by Violet Beauregard.
Those are alone some of the
that my Violet won.
I do like is of chewing...
but when I listened
on those tickets...
I released the gums,
and I changed for the candies.
She is an obstinate girl,
I don't know from where she pulled that.
I am the champion jnior
of chewing gums...
that chewing gum piece?
That I am chewing now...
I am with him 3 months ago
without removing of the mouth.
And that, is a record!
It is logically I have
my trophies also...
mainly in the marks...
Since only a child will win
that special prize...
she will have to be better
of the one that the other ones...
I don't call for
who will be there...
... that " child "?
It will be me!
tell them the reason, Violet.
- Because I am a winner!
- That rude girl!
You don't know about the
that we are speaking.
That has just arrived:
The fourth ticket was found
for a called boy...
Mike Teavee.
You only have that
to locate many jigs...
and to eliminate the nukes
and to be with the rest!
any one can make that!
Most of the time me
I don't know what he is speaking.
With the boys today,
everything involves technology...
Die, die, die!
They ripen very fast.
In the end, I only bought
a chocolate bar.
And the one what of the taste found?
I don't know,
I hate chocolate.
Then it is great that it goes to one
chocolate factory,
his/her ingrate son of the...
And the question is...
who will find
the last bar of...
- Father.
- Yes, Charlie?
When will he/she work?
Well, me...
The factory gave me a rest.
How the summer vacations?
That, something like that.
Actually, he/she didn't have
anything to see with vacations...
The incessant search
for candies...
he/she generated decays in
several children,
what expanded the toothpaste salespersons' businesses.
With the extra money,
the factory decided if it modernizes...
and with that it eliminated him/it
I use of Mr. Bucket.
The walls of the stomach
they are already agglutinated.
You will find another job.
There, I only go...
... turning me.
Don't worry, Mr. Bucket...
our luck will change...
I know about that.
My reservation secretes...
you and me...
will have one more chance,
of finding that ticket.
He/she is sure that wants to spend
his/her money in that, grandpa?
Logical that I have... here.
Run to the store of sweet
and buy the first
bar Wonka that to come.
Return as soon as buys,
and we will open her together.
He/she is such a good boy...
so good...
You first.
Did you buy?
Which side will open first?
We will do fast,
as if it was a band-aid.
Did you see that a boy in Russia found the last ticket?
it was in the newspapers this morning.
Good boy, we go...
A chocolate bar Wonka,
O ticket was false
A ticket is remaining. / i
- The wood face of some people...
- I know...
to falsify a ticket,
have pity...
It is the gold ticket!
You found the last
of the gold tickets!
In my store!
Hear, I buy him/it of you...
I give him/her 50 dollars...
- and a new bicycle...
- Are you crazy?
I will give 500 dollars
to him for the ticket!
- Does he/she want 500 dollars for him?
- It arrives of that, leave him/it alone!
Hear, don't leave anybody
to be with her...
take him/it direct home,
did he/she understand?
thank you!
Father, father! I found!
I found the ticket!
Read aloud,
and say exactly
what is written!
" congratulations to you,
the lucky discoverer of that
gilded ticket
of Mr. Willy Wonka.
I chose him/her among few and him
I invite to my factory to come
and to be my guest
for a whole day. "
Me, Willy Wonka,
I will show him/her personally the factory...
and I will show him/her everything
that there is in her.
And in the end,
in the hour of leaving...
you will receive loaded chocolates
in great trucks...
each one of them,
with more chocolate
of the one that you can eat
in his/her life it completes.
And remember, one of you,
winner children
will receive an extra prize,
a lot besides his/her imagination.
here they are their instructions.
In the first day of February,
you should arrive to the factory
to ten in the morning in point...
I will allow that a member
of his/her family it accompanies him/her.
There, Willy Wonka.
first of February...
it is tomorrow!
It cannot lose one
as at least, Charlie!
Wash his/her face,
comb his/her hair,
clean the hands, brush
the teeth, blow the nose!
And remove that mud of their pants.
We will calm down!
the first thing that we have
of deciding it is the following...
Who will to the factory go with Charlie?
I will go!
I ask them, leave him/it with me!
And you dear,
who thinks should go?
Well, the grandpa Joe,
he/she knows more the factory than us.
That if...
he to feel well enough.
No, I won't go.
A woman offered me
and somebody should exist
that he/she pays more...
and we needed the money
plus than of the chocolate.
man, come here.
A lot of money exists thereabout...
and every more day.
But that ticket...
only 5 of them exist
in the whole world.
It is only those will exist.
And only a foolish one would give that for something
as common as the money.
Are you a fool?
No gentleman.
Then remove that mud of the pants!
He/she has a factory for you to visit!
Dad, I want to enter.
- They are 9:59, wanted.
- Make the time to pass faster!
You think the
Will Mr. Wonka recognize him/her?
It is difficult to say,
they do many years.
Keep an eye out for the prize, Violet,
of eye in the prize...
Please... enter.
Come forward.
Close the gates.
Dear visitors...
it is a pleasure to receive them
in my humble factory.
And who am I?
Willy Wonka, Willy Wonka,
The fabulous chocolate manufacturer.
Willy Wonka, Willy Wonka,
That all sadem!
He is very good and so smart,
that badly can be controlled.
And he has generosity
to give and to sell.
to give and to sell...
Willy Wonka, Willy
Wonka, an unbeatable genius.
A magician and a magician of the chocolate.
The best face than you will know.
Willy Wonka, here is him!
That was not magnificent?
I was concerned that
he/she will give breakdown in the middle...
but that is that it is an end!
He is Willy Wonka!
Good morning sunshine,
the earth says " hi "!
Dear guests,
welcome to the factory.
give them a squeeze
of warm hand.
My name is Willy Wonka.
He/she is sure that you not
should he/she be up there?
Well, I think I would not be able to
to be attending to that there of top,
would be able to girl?
Mr. Wonka, I don't know if
you remember me...
but I work
here in the factory.
You were one of those
despicable spies
that you/they tried to steal him/it
I work of my life
to sell for those parasites, what did cheap impersonators make sweet?
No, gentleman.
Then, that it amazes,
be welcome of turn.
We are going walking, boys.
Doesn't he/she want to know how I won that?
I don't get to imagine
the relevance of that.
Come fast,
there is a lot to be seen.
boys, leave yours
coats anywhere.
Mr. Wonka,
he/she is very hot here.
Yes, I have to maintain the heat
because my workers
they are accustomed with
a very hot climate.
And they don't support the cold.
- And who are the workers?
- Everything at his/her time.
Mr. Wonka,
I am Violet Beauregard.
Well, I don't call.
Well, you should call,
because I am me who will win
the special prize in the end.
You I think confident,
and the trust is the key!
I am Veruca Salt, it is one
pleasure to know him/it, gentleman.
And me that always thought Veruca was a wart type that gave in the sole of the
I am Augustus Gloop,
and I love his/her chocolate.
I can see that,
and me also.
And I would never wait that
we had so much in common.
You are Mike Teavee.
You are the devil
that haqueou the system.
And you?
You only had luck in being here,
it was not?
And his/her rest
they should be...
- Parents.
- Yes...
... moms and dads.
He/she is well then,
we are going walking.
- Do you want chocolate?
- Logical.
Then he/she will buy!
- We will be friends.
- Better friends.
That is the most important room
in the whole chocolate factory!
Then why the door
is it so small?
To maintain the whole flavor
of the chocolate in here.
be careful mine
dear children...
... don't lose the head.
Don't get excited too much.
Be just...
plenty calms.
It is beautiful!
Yes, it is very beautiful.
Each drop of the river,
it is done of the finest chocolate.
The waterfall,
it is of addition importance...
mixture the chocolate if
to turn what is.
To purpose...
any other factory in the world,
mixture the chocolates
with a waterfall...
my dear children.
And that I guarantee them.
those pipes...
... they suck the chocolate,
and they carry him/it for the whole factory.
thousands of gallons per hour...
it is!
Do you like my candies?
try my gram.
Please, they are served.
It is so delicious and beautiful.
can eat the gram?
Logical that you/they can...
everything in this room is eatable,
until me I am eatable!
But that is called cannibalism,
my sweet children...
and it is something badly seen in the
majority of the societies.
have fun!
Filho... please.
Father, he said:
" Have fun "!
Why is with he still? For
what doesn't a new tirinha begin?
Why would not I be there a champion.
I would be a loser, like you.
Father! Look there!
What is that?
He/she is a small person.
There. Close to the waterfall!
- They are two.
- They are more than two.
Where did they come from?
Who are they?
Are they truth people?
Of course is.
They are oompa loompas.
- Oompa Loompas?
- Mattered direct of Loompaland.
- That place doesn't exist.
- The something?
Mr. Wonka, I teach geography
for the school and I am says...
Then you know that it is
a horrible parents.
The whole place is covered
of dense jungles...
infested by the beasts
more savages of the world.
Hornswogglers and snozzwangers and the terrible
and evil whangdoodles.
I was Loompaland in search of
exotic flavors for sweet.
But, instead of that,
I found the oompa loompas.
They lived homes in you hoist...
to escape of the creatures
savages that lived in low.
The oompa loompas only ate green caterpillars, that you/they had a horrible
The oompa loompas lived
behind things...
to squeeze with the caterpillars
so that they were with a better taste,
red beetles, the
peel of the good good tree,
all with a horrible taste,
but you don't worsen than the caterpillars.
But the food that more
they wanted, they were the cocoa grains.
The oompa loompas had a lot of luck...
when they found 3 or
but like them they adored them.
They didn't think in more
anything to not to be cocoa grains.
The cocoa grains...
it is what is used to do those chocolates, then, I told the boss,
They are hard-working wonderful.
But I should inform them, they are
flirtatious, always with graces.
Augustus, it is not
doing what is right!
Ei, boy, my chocolate no
it can be played by human hands.
He will die drowned!
He doesn't know how to swim! Save him/it!
Augustus, come!
There it goes him!
Call the firemen!
Will it be that he fits in the pipe?
He doesn't fit. He is going
more slowly.
He will be arrested.
I think it was already.
He in the pipe.
Look, the oompa loompas!
What are making?
I think will toast us
with a music.
It is an occasion special, clear, them
he/she doesn't have a new audience there are times.
Augustus Gloop.
The fool grando and gluttonous.
Augustus Gloop.
So big and despicable and infantile.
We go, we screamed, the arrived
hour of sending him above pipe.
- But they are not alarmed.
- Augustus Gloop won't be hurt.
Augustus Gloop won't be hurt.
- But, of course has to admit.
- It will hurt pacas.
- Slowly the wheels will rotate,
- and the gears to mill.
That gluttonous brute,
that louse ear.
it will be loved by all everywhere...
because who will hate
or to keep bitterness...
of a bombomzinho?
Bravo! Congratulations! Them not
are they a grace? Charming?
I found that oh very rehearsed.
As if they knew
what will happen.
Oh, silly thing!
That is my son,
where is it going that pipe?
That pipe...
he/she goes direct for the room where I do
the most delicious strawberry chocolate.
Then you will transform him/it
in a strawberry chocolate...
and they will sell him/it to the kilos
all over the world?
No, I would not allow.
The taste would be horrible.
He/she gives to imagine a chocolate
with Augustus Gloop's taste?
nobody would buy.
I want him to take the Mrs.
Gloop for the room of the chocolate.
Ok? Help her/it to find his/her son.
Catch a long stick and begin the
to prod inside of the mixture container.
Mr. Wonka.
Why Augustus' name
was he/she in the song of the oompa loompas?
- The least...
- Improvisation is part of us.
any one can make that.
You, girl, say
something. Any thing.
To chew chewing gum.
To chew chewing gum is a disgusting thing,
I hate that porqueira too much.
- Is he/she seeing? Igualzinho.
- It is not not.
You should stop babbling,
I don't understand anything than he/she speaks.
continue the walk.
The oompa loompas were
playing, it is not, grandpa?
Clear! That boy will be well.
Which is the grace?
I think it is the cocoa that makes that.
You knew...
that the chocolate loosens endorfinas...
that you/they give the sensation of
be we passionate?
Don't say.
All on board!
They are going ahead!
Take, try,
he/she will do well.
It is one delights total.
It is great!
That is because it is
mixed for the waterfall.
The waterfall is very important,
mixture the chocolate,
he/she leaves him/it light and fofinho.
To purpose, none
another factory of the world...
You already said that.
Are you short and thick, it is not?
Clear. We are children.
He/she doesn't have excuse, never
I went as low as you.
It was yes.
I didn't go. Does he/she know why?
I remember very well to have
put a hat in the head.
Look at their arms,
they would never reach the head.
You still remind as
was he/she child to be?
Of course yes!
Will it be?
In fact, Willie Wonka...
- he/she didn't think about his/her childhood there are years. - Sweet or
Sweet or pranks!
Who do have here?
Ruthie, Veronica,
Terence, and who
is he/she below of the sheet?
Small Willy Wonka.
Willy Wonka was son of the
more fearless dentist:
Wilbur Wonka
We will take a look us
damages of that year, is it well?
would be glued in the
would not his/her apparel, say?
What called of
decays in the toothpick.
And oh we have all
those, those... chocolates.
He/she knows, last week, I read in a newspaper of very important medicine...
that some children are
allergic to chocolate,
he/she gives itch in the nose.
Maybe I am not allergic,
- I could try a piece.
- Is it even?
But why to take a risk?
Mr. Wonka?! We are going
in the direction of the tunnel!
Oh, yes, at full speed!
As they get to see
where are they going?
They don't get. He/she doesn't have other
place to go, girl.
Tie the lights!
personal, keep an eye out,
are going by some
broken very important here.
sour iCreme / it Cremates of
coffee / it cremates of hair. / i
So that you use hair cream?
To be silky.
Cream beating.
- Exactly.
- That doesn't make sense.
For his/her information, girl, without beating in the cow, doesn't have cream
Everybody knows about that.
bean iGelia. / i
Stop the boat!
I want to show something to you.
Sala of inventions. / i
That is the more room
important of the whole factory.
They can have fun, but
don't play in anything, right?
- We go!
- We go!
Ei, Mr. Wonka, what is that?
let to show me.
thank you.
These are eternal Gobstoppers.
They are for children that he/she has
a very small allowance.
They can suck the whole year and them
they are not smaller. A cheap one is not?
It is same to chewing gum.
No. Chewing gum is to chew.
If they try to bite a gobstopper, they break all the teeth.
They are one delights.
And those are hair candies.
If it sucks one of them,
in half hour exactly,
a lot of hair goes
to grow in his/her head...
and mustache and beard.
And who wants a beard?
Well, Lula, for instance.
tacky singers and bikers.
You know. The hippies that
they like to be in the wave.
They are going to the refrigerator, he/she knows,
need an urgent beard,
they catch an and there, they say, "AND oh, I pour! "
unhappily the mixture
he/she is not still right...
because Bolimpo
he/she tried a yesterday, well...
How does it go today?
You are great.
observe that.
Is that alone?
Do you know him/it what that is?
chewing gum.
it is a tirinha of the most incredible
and sensational chewing gum...
of the whole universe.
Do they know why?
Why that healthy chewing gum
three complete meals.
Why anybody that will want?
He/she puts an end to all the
kitchens and the cookery.
A magic tirinha of chewing gum Wonka...
and he/she doesn't need nor coffee of the
morning, lunch or dinner.
That chewing gum is of soup of
tomato, roast beef and pie of plowing.
He/she seems great.
He/she seems eccentric.
It seems that it is my chewing gum type.
It is better no. There is still
an or two things for...
I am the holder of the record of chewing chewing gum, I am not afraid of
How is it, done want?
incredible! Tomato soup, I am feeling descends in
my throat.
- It is better to spit out.
- Girl, I find better you...
He/she is changing,
roast beef with cooked potato,
crispy, with butter.
Don't stop chewing, girl.
My girl will be
the first in the world...
to have a chewing gum that
it is a complete meal.
- Yes, I am only concerned with...
- Pie of plowing and ice cream!
- With that part.
- The one what is with his/her nose happening?
Is he/she being blue?!
His/her nose was all purple.
How like this?
Violet, you are being violet!
What is happening he/she?
Well, I said that still
he/she was not right...
because it is strange
when it arrives to the dessert.
It is the pie of plowing
that he/she makes that.
I feel a lot.
What is happening with me?
She is dilating.
As one plowing.
tried in 20 oompa loompas
and all were same the one plowing.
But my daughter cannot be a plowing. How will she compete?
You can put her
in a fair of the county.
You have to hear,
Violet Beauregard.
girls that insist in...
to chew.
All the day.
He/she doesn't stop chewing, it chews any thing. He/she doesn't eat what owes.
- It never stops chewing.
- Equal our Violet.
chewing all the day.
A girl chewed the whole time.
His/her jaw was
more and more strong.
Then one day that she did...
He/she cut his/her own one
language in two pieces.
Therefore we tried so much.
To save Miss Violet Beauregard.
Mr. Wonka!
put Miss Beauregard in the boat
and take her/it right now to the juice room.
- Right.
- The juice room?
What will make with her there?
They will squeeze her,
as a spine. We have to remove
the whole juice of her immediately.
Mom, help me, please!
Let us go.
We will order to see.
We have to walk fast to be
in the programming, there is a lot of thing to see.
- Mr. Wonka.
- Yes.
Why did leave the people they to enter?
So that they see the factory,
it is clear.
But why now?
After so much time?
That special prize.
Who does win he/she?
The best prize is the surprise!
Will Violet always be like this?
No. Maybe. I don't know.
But it is that that wins when it chews chewing gum the whole day. It is a
Is so much chewing gum hated, why does make?
You have to stop babbling
because he/she is already becoming full.
Does he/she remember the first candy that already ate?
Actually, Willy Wonka...
remembered the first
sweet that had eaten.
Muito legal, rich and pleasant also. / i
I feel a lot,
he/she was thinking about the past.
I am seeing.
That turn to the past
does he/she always happen?
More and more, today.
Sala of selection of nuts. / i
Ah, that I should know well.
See, Mr. Wonka, me
same I am in that business.
He/she is using Hailmax
No! You are very eccentric.
Yes, squirrels.
Those squirrels are workout
to remove the nuts of the peel.
Why to use squirrels and
no a machine?
Why squirrels only catch the nut
it almost completes all of the times.
He/she is seeing that they beat in the nut
to guarantee that you/they are not bad?
I think that
it is a bad nut.
Father, I want a squirrel. Buy
one of those for me. I want one.
Veruca, you have many
wonderful animals.
I only have a pony and 2 dogs,
and 4 cats, 6 rabbits,
and two parakeets...
and 2 canaries and a parrot
green and a turtle...
and an old hamster and
stupid. I want a squirrel!
Certain, wanted. The father is going you
to buy a squirrel as soon as can.
But I don't want a squirrel
any. I want a trained!
Everything well.
How much does Mr. Wonka, want for one of those squirrels? Say the price that
They are not for sale.
She cannot have one.
I feel a lot, wanted, the Mr.
Wonka is not being reasonable.
I won't settle me one
squirrel. Me same arrangement!
Veruca, return here right now!
girl! Don't catch the nuts of the
squirrel. He will be crazy!
I go will be mine!
I don't get to find the key.
It is not that.
- Father!
- Veruca!
Here it is.
- It is not that.
- Father, I want them to stop!
What are making?
They are seeing if she is a bad nut.
Ours! She is a bad nut.
Where are they taking her?
For the hole where you/they play
the bad nuts.
And where he/she gives that hole?
He gives in the incinerator.
But he/she doesn't worry. Only
everything burns on Tuesdays.
Today it is Tuesday.
But it can be that decide
not to throw fire today.
Well, she can be splint.
If it is the case, it is alone
to stretch out the arm and to catch her.
Veruca Salt,
the thick girl,
he/she has just entered for the pipe.
She will find when going down,
a group different from friends.
A fish head
that it was cut...
this morning of a halibut
An oyster of
an oyster stew.
An old steak that nobody wanted to eat.
And many other types of bad things.
With a horrible smell.
Those are the new friends of Veruca...
that she will find
the measure that goes down.
Those are the new friends of Veruca.
Who did she destroy so much?
Everything what giving she wanted?
Who transformed her
in a spoiled kid.
Who are the criminals?
Who made that?
The criminals. That sadness.
They are the dear mom
and the dad's queridinho.
I knew. Have just been informed
that the incinerator is broken.
Then they will have three weeks
of garbage to relieve the fall.
- That good news.
- Yes.
Well, we are going ahead.
I don't know why
I didn't think about that before.
The elevator is the half more
efficient of walking for the factory.
He/she cannot have so many walks like this.
And how he/she knows, espertinho.
That is not a normal elevator
that it is only going for top and for low.
He can walk of side, diagonally and
of any way that you want.
It is enough to press any
button and there we go us!
ladies and gentlemen. Well
vindos the mountain of the chocolate!
prefer not to talk about that.
This is the hospital and it
crematory of marionettes.
It is relatively new.
offices of the administration!
Hi, Dris!
Why everything here
it doesn't take the anything.
Candy doesn't need to take
the anything. Therefore it is sweet.
It is stupid!
Candy is a waste of time.
My son goes
to work with chocolate.
Then I will flee...
to Switzerland. Bavria, the
world capitals of the candy.
Go ahead. But not
I will be here when it returns.
I feel a lot, son.
are closing.
Bandeiras of the world. / i
I want to choose a route.
Go ahead.
put that fast and
don't remove of way none.
He/she is light can burn their eyes.
Don't we want that, it is not?
That is my test room for
my last and larger invention.
TV chocolate.
One day I thought:
If TV can desfragmentar one
picture in millions of pieces...
and to send her/it for the air and to set up her
again on the other side,
why cannot make
the same with a chocolate?
Why am not able to...
to order a bar of truth chocolate for TV, ready to eat.
- It seems impossible.
- It is impossible yes!
He/she doesn't understand anything of science.
In first place, he/she has a great difference between waves and particles.
second, he/she knows the necessary energy
to convert waves in particles?
- It would be as 9 atomic bombs.
- Resmungador!
Serious. I don't understand anything
that you speak.
I will order a bar of
chocolate of a tip of the room...
for the other through TV.
They swallow the chocolate!
He/she has to be very big.
Because they know that in TV you throw
a man of normal height...
and he is of this size.
It is the same begin basic.
He/she disappeared!
I said!
That chocolate bar
he/she is flying for the airs...
in millions of pieces.
Come here! Come!
Look at the screen!
There she comes!
It is only a picture in the screen.
You diffuse.
We go, stretch out the arm
and diffuse.
Let us go.
Coma. Let us go. It will be delicious.
It is the same bar, only that it was
smaller in the trip. Only that.
She is great.
It is a miracle.
imagine. You are seating
home attending TV...
and all of a sudden a commercial
he/she appears in the screen and a voice says,
chocolates Wonka...
they are the best of the world.
It is not believed,
Oh, you stretch out the arm
and it diffuses.
What such?
You can order others
things? Type, cereals?
Does he/she have idea of the one what are done cereals?
Those full businesses
of curves and pointed.
But it can order for TV
if he/she wants?
And people?
Why will I want to order
people, they are not pleasant.
He/she doesn't notice him/it that
did he/she invent? It is a teleportador!
It is the largest invention
of the history of the world.
And he only thinks about chocolate!
He/she calms, Mike, I think the Mr.
Wonka knows what is saying.
He doesn't know. Nor he/she makes idea.
He is a genius, but not
he/she passes of an idiot, but I am not.
boy, don't provoke me!
He disappeared!
We will check TV and
to see what captured.
I hope it has not been
any part of him back.
How like this?
Well, the times only the half arrives.
If he/she had to only choose the half
of his/her son, which would choose?
What question type is that?
He/she doesn't need to be thick,
it is only a question.
try all the
channels, I am half anxious.
- There it is him.
- Where?
The most important thing
that we learned.
The most important in
relationship the children.
It is never to leave that you/they arrive
close to TV.
Or better still, nor
install that dirt.
They lose all the senses
of the head.
They put an end to the imagination.
They fill her lie of dirt
that he/she sees a mess.
What turns a stupid child
and it blinds.
Control doesn't exist in TV.
The parents don't know what see.
His/her brain is easily as cheese.
His/her power to think becomes rusty.
He doesn't think, he/she only sees!
The one that small Mike should do...
was it to learn to read everything, is he/she seeing?
As for Mike, we will have
that to wait to see.
If we can make him to be of the normal size. But if we are not able to...
He won what deserved.
somebody, catch him/it.
help me!
Thanks to God he is
completely unhurt.
Unhurt, on the one what is speaking he/she?
send me of turn for the other side!
He/she doesn't have another side. IT IS TV AND
don't Call. It is very different.
And the one what to do intends to I respect?
I don't know.
But youths are a lot
flexible, they stretch out a lot.
We will put him/it
in the caramel handle.
- Caramel handle?!
- Ei, that idea was mine!
Ours, he will be magrela.
Yes. Caramel handle.
I want him to take Mr. TV and yours...
boy for the handle
of caramel. Stretch out him/it.
We will continue the visit.
He/she still has so many things for
to see. How many children did remain?
Mr. Wonka, Charlie is the only
that it remained.
- Do you want to say that the only is?
- Yes.
What did happen to the other ones?
Oh, my dear boy, that
he/she means that you won.
I want to congratulate him/it for the victory.
I am happy. Know that
from the beginning... congratulations.
And we have a lot of things
to do before the end of the day.
But fortunately we have a great elevator to accelerate the things.
To accelerate the things.
Let us go.
For top and for out.
What room is that?
Hold strong.
Pull. We needed to go much more
fast or we won't cross.
will cross the something?
To arrive in a place
that I don't go there are years.
Well, there we go us,
for top and for out!
- You really want to say...
- I want yes.
But maybe us
be done in pieces.
Augustus, please,
don't eat the fingers!
But I am so pleasant.
Look, mother, I am a lot
more flexible now.
Yes, but you are blue.
Father, I want to fly in a glass elevator.
The one that you want is one
beautiful bath, finished the crop.
But I want!
Where do you live?
There, in that cottage.
- When does it think you/they will return?
- Difficult to know, wanted.
I think he/she has somebody to the door.
Hi, mother!
- Mother, father, we returned!
- Charlie!
That is Willy Wonka,
he gave us a ride.
I am seeing.
- You should be the... of the boy.
- Parents?
Yes. That oh.
He said that Charlie won something.
Not just something. The something
plus something that already existed.
I will give my factory
he/she completes for that boy.
Is he/she playing!?
No same! It is true.
Some months ago were having
my semi-annual haircut...
and oh I had the revelation
more it finds strange.
And in that white hair,
I saw the reflex of the work
of all my life.
My factory, mine
dear Oompa Loompas.
Who would take care of them
after I left?
Oh I noticed on that moment that...
"need to find a heir"
And I found, Charlie, you!
Therefore it ordered all
the gold tickets.
What is oompa loompa?
invited 5 children to the factory and what went
less bad it would be the winner.
It is you Charlie!
What does the one say then?
He/she is ready to leave all this
back and to live with me in the factory?
Clear. As long as mine
family also goes.
Oh, my dear boy,
of course they cannot go!
It cannot drive one
factory of chocolates...
with a family on your side
as a dead old goose.
- He/she didn't want to offend.
- It didn't offend, stupid.
The chocolate manufacturer
he/she has to walk free and alone.
He/she has to follow their dreams without
to call for the consequences.
Look at me. I don't have any family and I am a gigantic success.
Then if I go with you
for the factory,
- will I never again see my family?
- Yes! Consider that a bonus.
Then I don't go.
He/she would not abandon my family
for anything.
Nor for the whole chocolate of the world.
I am seeing.
What strange?!
He/she has other sweet also,
besides the chocolate.
I feel a lot, Mr. Wonka,
I will be here.
That is...
unexpected and... eccentric.
suppose that in that case, me...
Good-bye, then.
He/she is sure that not
will he/she change of idea?
I have.
He/she is well. Good-bye.
The things will be
much better.
And at least once,
the grandma Georgina knew
exactly what was speaking.
The following morning, Charlie helped their parents to repair a hole in the
The grandpa Joe the day passed
I complete out of the bed.
He was not feeling
nor a little tired.
Charlie's father arranged a better work in the toothpaste factory...
repairing the machine
that it substituted him/it.
The things could not be
better for the family Bucket.
The same could not be said
in relation to Willy Wonka.
I don't get to understand.
Candy is the only thing that was sure and now don't have more that certainty.
I don't know that flavors to do,
which to try, I am doubting
of me same, that is madness.
I always made the candy that
it felt like doing and...
Is that, it is not?
I made the candies that
he/she felt will,
now I feel horrible and for that
the candies have a horrible flavor.
You are very good.
I heard on that face of the
chocolate: Wendel, Walter...
Willy Wonka.
It is that same one.
As sale perspectives
of Wonka they are bad. / i
He/she says here in the newspaper that their new ones
candies are not selling well.
But I suppose that he won
what deserved, the useless.
- It is.
- Is it even? Did he/she already meet him?
In the beginning, I found him/it great,
but in the end he was not legal.
He had a cut of
very funny hair.
- I don't not have.
- Why is here?
I don't feel so well. What does make to feel him/it her better when it feels
My family.
What does have against my family?
It is not only his/her family
it is the whole idea...
He/she knows, they are always giving orders to you and that doesn't take to a
creative atmosphere.
usually, they are only trying
to protect you because they love you.
He/she doesn't have faith she in me, ask.
to ask to who? My father?
At least no alone.
Does he/she want me to go with you?
Ei, good idea! Yes!
And he/she wants to know I arranged you...
It is better I to take care
where parks that thing.
I think that is the wrong house.
- Does he/she have marked hour?
- No, but it is an emergency.
We will see the damage.
A larger factory of chocolate of the world. /
Wonka opens a store in the city. / i
factory was opened.
Skies, I don't see premolar
as that from...
Hi, father.
All those years and you
he/she didn't use the dental floss.
Nor once.
It was on that day...
that Willy Wonka made his/her offer to Charlie, that accepted with a condition.
excuse the delay,
we were having some brilliant ideas.
He/she doesn't have problem. Go
to be for dinner, Willy?
Yes, please.
I pass the plates.
You have smell of
peanut. I adore peanut.
thank you. You smell the...
velhinha and soap.
I like.
Remove the elbows of the table, Charlie.
That such some raspberry candy.
It is kneaded instead of tirinhas.
boys. We are
serving the soup in the table.
excuse, mother.
I think you got right something, Charlie.
In the end, Charlie Bucket
he/she won a chocolate factory,
but Willy Wonka
he/she got something much better:
a family.
And a thing was right.
The life was never able to
it was sweeter.