Charlie Brown Thanksgiving, A (1973) Movie Script

Charlie Brown. Oh, Charlie Brown.
I can't believe it.
She must think
I'm the most stupid person alive.
Come on, Charlie Brown.
I'll hold the ball and you kick it.
Hold it? Ha!
You'll pull it away
and I'll land flat on my back and kill myself.
But Charlie Brown, it's Thanksgiving.
What's that got to do with anything?
Why, one of the greatest traditions we have
is the Thanksgiving Day football game.
And the biggest, most important tradition
of all is the kicking off of the football.
Is that right?
Absolutely. Come on, Charlie Brown.
It's a big honor for you.
Well, if it's that important, a person
should never turn down a big honor.
Maybe I should do it.
Besides, she wouldn't try to trick me
on a traditional holiday.
This time I'm gonna kick that football
clear to the moon.
Isn't it peculiar, Charlie Brown,
how some traditions just slowly fade away?
What's the matter, big brother?
I was just checking the mail box.
What did you expect? A turkey card?
Holidays always depress me.
I know what you mean.
I went down to buy a turkey tree...
...and all they have
are things for Christmas.
For Christmas? Already?
Anyway, why should I give thanks
on Thanksgiving?
What have I got to be thankful for?
All it does is make more work for us
at school.
Do you know what we have to do now?
We have to write an essay
on Stanley Miles.
You mean Miles Standish.
I can't keep track of all those people.
What's all the commotion?
We've got another holiday
to worry about.
It seems Thanksgiving Day is upon us.
I haven't even finished eating
all my Halloween candy.
Sally, Thanksgiving
is a very important holiday.
Ours was the first country in the world
to make a national holiday to give thanks.
Isn't he the cutest thing?
What are you gonna do on Thanksgiving,
Charlie Brown?
My mother and dad and Sally and I...
...are all going over to my grandmother's
for dinner.
Why don't you come along, Linus?
We could hold hands under the table.
Hi, Chuck. This is Peppermint Patty.
How you been, Chuck?
- Okay, I guess.
- Do you kind of miss me, Chuck?
- Well, I, uh...
- That's okay, Chuck.
I know you probably can't talk
because someone's listening.
We'll keep these intimate things
to ourselves, okay, Chuck?
Well, I, uh...
Listen, I really have a treat for you.
My dad's been called out of town.
He said I can go to your house
and share Thanksgiving with you, Chuck.
Well, I, uh...
I don't mind inviting myself over
because I know you kind of like me, Chuck.
Well, I, uh...
Okay, that's a date.
See you soon, you sly devil.
- Oh, brother.
- Now what?
Peppermint Patty's coming
to Thanksgiving dinner.
We won't even be home.
- Hello?
PATTY: Hi, Chuck.
Listen, I have even greater news.
- Remember that great kid, Marcie?
- Sure.
I just talked to her
and she kind of would like to see you again.
Her folks said it would be okay
if she joined us.
So you can count on two
for dinner, Chuck.
But I just don't know.
This will be okay with your folks,
won't it, Chuck?
Well, the problem is...
Don't worry,
we won't make any problems.
We'll help clean up the dishes
and everything.
Just save me a drumstick and the neck,
okay, Chuck? See you, Chuck.
How do I always get into these things?
Now she's bringing Marcie too.
It's your own fault
because you're so wishy-washy.
Hey, guess who just walked in over here.
It's Franklin.
I told him about the big turkey party
you're having...
...and he's sure
his folks will let him come.
Hey, Chuck, this is gonna be
the biggest bash of the year. See you.
I think I'm losing control
of the whole world.
- Now what's wrong?
- Now she's bringing Franklin too.
Peppermint Patty has invited herself, Marcie
and Franklin over for Thanksgiving dinner...
...and I'm not even going to be home.
I'm going to be at my grandmother's.
Why don't you just call her back
and explain it to her?
You can't explain anything
to Peppermint Patty...
...because you never get to say anything.
I'm doomed.
Three guests for Thanksgiving
and I'm not even going to be home.
Peppermint Patty will hate me
for the rest of my life.
What time are you going over
to your grandmother's, Charlie Brown?
We're supposed to be there by 4:30.
Okay, that makes it easy.
You simply have two dinners.
You cook the first one yourself
for your friends...
...and then you go to your grandmother's
with your family for the second one.
I can't cook a Thanksgiving dinner.
All I can make is cold cereal
and maybe toast.
That's right, I've seen you make toast.
You can't butter it,
but maybe we could help you.
Snoopy, you go out to the garage
and get a table...
...that we can set up in the back yard.
We don't have any time to play, Snoopy.
Please get some chairs around the table.
What are we going to wear
to this big Thanksgiving party, sir?
And what time do we go?
Well, kid, I'm gonna go like this.
Old Chuck is pretty cool about dates.
He always wears that striped shirt of his.
I just talked to Charlie Brown.
He said dinner will be served a little earlier.
Great, we're ready.
Do you think I should wear a tie?
No, you can come as you are, Franklin.
Old Chuck won't mind.
Besides, he didn't say it was formal.
Okay, Snoopy, that's pretty good.
Come on inside.
We need some help with the food.
What? Oh, hi, Snoopy. Come on in.
Snoopy, how can you serve the food
in that ridiculous outfit?
How about your chef's hat?
Come on, Snoopy. We don't have any time
for this playing around.
The guests will be here pretty soon,
so please get ready to help serve them.
- Hi, Chuck.
- Hi, Peppermint Patty.
- Hi, Franklin. Hi, Marcie.
- Hi, Chuck.
Are we going to have a prayer?
It's Thanksgiving, you know.
Before we're served,
shouldn't we say grace?
In the year 1621, the pilgrims held
their first Thanksgiving feast.
They invited
the great Indian chief Massasoit...
...who brought 90 of his brave Indians
and a great abundance of food.
Governor William Bradford
and Captain Miles Standish...
...were honored guests.
Elder William Brewster, who was a minister,
said a prayer that went something like this:
"We thank God for our homes and our food
and our safety in a new land.
We thank God for the opportunity to create
a new world for freedom and justice. "
What's this? A piece of toast?
A pretzel stick? Popcorn?
What blockhead cooked all this?
What kind of a Thanksgiving dinner is this?
Where's the turkey, Chuck?
Don't you know anything
about Thanksgiving dinners?
Where's the mashed potatoes?
Where's the cranberry sauce?
Where's the pumpkin pie?
You were kind of rough on Charlie Brown,
weren't you, sir?
Rough? Look at this.
Is this what you call
a Thanksgiving Day dinner?
Did we come across town for this?
We were supposed to be served
a real Thanksgiving dinner.
Now, wait a minute, sir.
Did he invite you here to dinner
or did you invite yourself and us too?
Gee, I never thought of it like that.
Do you think I hurt old Chuck's feelings?
I bet I hurt his feelings, huh?
Golly, why can't I act right
outside of a baseball game?
Marcie, maybe you can go to old Chuck
and patch things up for me.
Maybe you can tell him how I really feel.
Tell him that I didn't mean it
the way it sounded.
Marcie, you can do it.
Go see him
and tell him I really like him...
...and that the dinner is okay with me.
Well, I don't know, but I'll try.
I think maybe you should go to Chuck
and tell him yourself.
No, Marcie, I'll just ruin everything.
You know I'm too brusque and rough.
- You go and speak for me.
- Well, okay.
This is not unlike
another famous Thanksgiving episode.
Do you remember the story
of John Alden and Priscilla Mullins...
...and Captain Miles Standish?
This isn't like that one at all.
Don't feel bad, Chuck.
Peppermint Patty didn't mean
all those things she said.
Actually, she really likes you.
I don't feel bad for myself.
I just feel bad
because I ruined everyone's Thanksgiving.
But Thanksgiving is more
than eating, Chuck.
You heard what Linus was saying
out there.
Those early pilgrims were thankful
for what had happened to them.
And we should be thankful too.
We should just be thankful
for being together.
I think that's what they mean
by "Thanksgiving," Charlie Brown.
- Psst. Come here.
- See you later, Charles.
He's all yours, Priscilla.
- Apologies accepted, Chuck old boy?
- Sure.
There's enough problems
in the world already, Chuck...
these stupid misunderstandings.
Let's not play lovers' games, Chuck.
I agree.
You're holding my hand, Chuck.
You sly dog.
Good grief, it's 4:00.
We're supposed to be
at Grandmother's house...
...for Thanksgiving by 4:30.
I better talk to her
and explain my dilemma.
Hello? Grandma?
This is Chuck. I mean, Charlie Brown.
We're gonna be a little late.
You see, I invited a few friends over
and they're still here.
Well, it's just Linus
and a girl named Marcie...
...and a girl named Peppermint Patty...
She's a great baseball player.
... and a boy named Franklin.
No, ma'am, they haven't eaten.
As a matter of fact,
they've let me know that... no uncertain terms.
What? You mean it?
Hey, Peppermint Patty, great news.
We're all invited to Charlie Brown's
grandmother's for Thanksgiving dinner.
Isn't there an old song that goes:
"Over the hills and through the woods
to Grandmother's house we go"?
Sure, only this is the way it goes:
Well, there's only one thing
wrong with that.
What's that, Charlie Brown?
My grandmother lives in a condominium.