Charlie Chan at the Olympics (1937) Movie Script

That's enough, Charlie.
What'd he do
that last mile in, Doc?
You didn't seen any jackrabbits
pass him, did you?
Maybe we should've sent him
to the Olympic Games instead of his son Lee.
- Yeah.
- If son Lee win 100-meter swimming race...
...chest expand two inches more.
Well, as long as it's your chest
and not your waistline, it's all right.
Show him how you can touch
the floor with your fingers, Charlie.
- [Strains]
- [Laughing] That's enough.
Well, you're all right until next year's
physical examination, Charlie.
You won't be retired this year.
Hello. Who's going fishing?
Charlie. I'm lending him my tackle.
Do you know what this is?
Sure. That's a Waikiki spinner.
Say, that's a beauty, eh?
But he'll need a good
heavy line with that.
What do you think he's going fishing for-
whales? He needs a light silk line.
Oh, you're talking
through your hat.
What-What line
do you prefer, Charlie?
Oh, just piece of string with hook
on one end, optimist on other.
A good combination at that.
But honorable chief recommend
latest scientific implement... catch unwary fish.
Well, good luck to you.
But I know you'll get 'em...
...even if you have to bring 'em
in with handcuffs.
Thank you so much,
but this time "fish-hunt," not manhunt.
- [All Laughing]
- Well, good-bye, boys.
Hey, Pop!
Oh, excuse me. I thought my pop was alone.
How do you do, Mr. Scott?
Well, son, what are you
all steamed up about?
Junior son Charlie
most anxious to start on fishing trip.
Yeah, and I bought a book on how
to catch 'em- The Fisherman's Guide.
Good idea.
If don't catch fish... provide excellent fish story.
Ah, we'll catch 'em all right.
Gee, that's swell tackle!
Look at it sparkle.
Good fisherman, like clever merchant,
know lure of bright colors.
But suppose the fish
are color-blind?
Answer that, Charlie.
Well, in that case, perhaps guidebook
give address of good fish market.
But anyone could tell
a store fish...
...because it hasn't got the marks
of a barbed hook in its mouth.
Fear number two son,
like older brother Lee...
...develop symptoms of detective.
Ah, I can beat Lee
at detecting right now.
- [Airplane Droning]
- Gee, look at that big new plane up there!
That's the Hopkins ship. They're making
a test flight for the government...
...demonstrating a new way of handling
a plane by remote radio control.
Oh, I know.
Like they do with battleships... they can send them out
to fight without any men on board.
Would be greatest blessing...
...if all war fought with machinery
instead of human beings.
Hello. Hello.
3,000 altitude.
Shall I switch over to radio control?
No. Wait for instructions.
I believe, Colonel, if we keep the plane
in sight of the field in the preliminary test...'ll be better for observation.
That's a good idea, Mr. Cartwright.
Unfortunately, Masters, my regular
test pilot, injured his shoulder.
We had to substitute Edwards,
and he's not so familiar with the robot.
What is the operating radius
of the device, Mr. Hopkins?
That's undetermined.
In previous inventions...
...transmission of the radio control wave
was affected by static.
But in Mr. Cartwright's device,
we've successfully overcome that.
We can direct a plane over a charted
course as long as the motors function.
Well, it sounds all right.
That's why I'm putting all my resources
back of it, Commander. I believe in it.
I know what a powerful weapon
it would be in the hands of an enemy.
- That's why I want our government to control it.
- Are you ready, Mr. Cartwright?
Ready. Hello? Hello,
Edwards. Switch over.
She's on, sir.
The plane is now under radio
control from the board here.
Have you any special
test in mind, Colonel?
- Take her to 6,000 feet and bank while climbing.
- Yes, sir.
Look at that plane climb!
It's probably under radio control now.
Remarkable achievement of science-
...body perform work
while brain detached.
I'm sure glad you can't
go fishing by radio.
Huh? Gentle hint. Come on.
[Cartwright On Radio]
Hello? Hello, Edwards. How's she riding?
Smooth as silk, Mr. Cartwright.
There's a strong wind drift from
the south, but stabilization is perfect.
Why, Dick, what are you doing here?
I've been watching that plane because
I thought you were up there flying it.
No. I knocked my shoulder out
this morning.
I didn't want to risk anything going
wrong in the test, so I bowed out.
- But everything will go off all right, I guess.
- Well, I hope so.
Hello, Edwards.
Watch yourself. Power dive.
Okay, let her go.
That's good enough for me.
Pull her up.
Cartwright, she's heading out to sea.
Bring her back.
- She's out of my control!
- The plane isn't out of the pilot's control.
- Order Edwards to return!
- Hello, hello, Edwards!
Edwards! Hello!
The phone's dead.
He's deliberately
making off with the plane.
Get out another ship
and take after him.
[Phone Ringing]
Hello. This is Mr. Hughes.
Oh, Pan American Airways.
Yes, I'll use my reservation
on tomorrow's Clipper for San Francisco.
Thank you.
Calling all United States
and commercial craft in Hawaiian waters.
Watch for monoplane,
number NC203R.
Report immediately any information
to Pearl Harbor Naval Base.
News flash! No trace yet of the plane
which vanished mysteriously 48 hours ago.
Were plane and pilot
swallowed by the sea?
Or is their disappearance
a part of a daring spy plot?
Government agencies are making
every effort to solve the riddle...
...and expect to have
an answer at any moment.
- More later.
- Gee, Pop...
...they're having as hard a time finding
that plane as we are catching fish.
Fish in sea like flea on dog-
...always present
but difficult to catch.
Maybe we'll have better luck here.
I'll take a look around.
Hey, Pop, come here quick!
Hurry up!
Hurry up!
Right down there. Look.
Undoubtedly the missing plane.
Run to nearest telephone
and notify authorities.
Okay, Pop.
Get a shot over there.
Stand out of the way.
Hey, kids, get down from there.
Will you come in
a minute, gentlemen?
There's our answer-
deliberate theft.
The ordinary mechanism is intact...
...but the most important part
of the device is missing.
And so is the pilot.
Yes, with an invention any foreign power
would pay millions to get.
Instrument could be duplicated
without aid of original plan?
Easily- By taking it apart
and copying it.
Edwards knew that.
That's why he stole it.
Well, he certainly took a long chance setting
the plane down on the edge of the water.
Oh, no, he didn't. Tell him what you found
in my fisherman's guidebook, Pop.
Fisherman's guidebook show
lowest tide of season...
...was Tuesday at 11:00 a.m.
Halfhour earlier same day,
plane disappear from Honolulu.
With tide out,
hard sand beach...
...make excellent landing field.
But unless there was an accident in landing,
how do you account for the fire?
Evidence that device
was carefully removed...
...prove fire started later.
Pilot Edwards wear flying suit
while testing plane?
No, just flannel shirt and trousers.
Here, Pop!
Tell him about this zipper we found.
Long zipper
of type used on flying suit...
...suggest that plane have other passenger
besides test pilot Edwards.
That's impossible. The plane
was inspected before it left the field.
No one besides Edwards
could've been aboard.
I'm no detective,
but it's apparent to me...
...the pilot stole the device and tried
to burn the plane to cover the theft.
He's right.
The man we want is Edwards.
In nearby lagoon have already
located murdered body...
...of unfortunate pilot Edwards.
Gee, Pop,
you never told me that!
The idea is ridiculous. No one could
possibly have hidden aboard the plane.
I inspected it myself
just before it took off.
There you are, Charlie.
- How soon before, please?
- Not more than five minutes.
- Any workmen in vicinity?
- A few.
Possible, then, for man to hide
in plane after inspection?
Yes, it would be.
But I'll soon find out.
I'll check every man
that was on the field at the time.
- Would you like to question them yourself, Mr. Chan?
- Not necessary.
May examine time cards, please?
I'm at a loss to understand this.
All our mechanics are brought here from the
Mainland. They're old and trusted employees.
Were they all here
on the morning of the test?
[Hopkins] No, only the ground crew.
The installation was complete...
...and I gave the shop force
the day off.
Most strange.
- What is it, Charlie?
- Note.
Stamp of Monday night
on time cards, light ink.
But stamp ofTuesday
morning in heavy ink.
Well, there's nothing
strange about that.
The timekeeper must've
changed the ribbon.
Quite correct. But notice
peculiar circumstance.
Here is card of one man
who finish work on Monday night...
...yet stamped with heavy ink
So it is. That proves this fellow stamped his
card Tuesday, or somebody did it for him.
Also could establish alibi for man
who remain on field Monday night... conceal self in test plane.
- Whose card is that?
- Name: Miller.
Address: Tropic Hotel.
You're sure Miller didn't
sleep here Monday night?
I know he didn't.
But he was here Tuesday...
...and that's the last
I've heard from him.
Disturb nothing, please.
Mr. Miller have lady
visitor Tuesday evening?
I should say not! I don't stand
for carrying-on in my house.
Very commendable precaution.
But observe.
Hairs from white fox fur...
...indicate fashionable
lady visitor sit here...
...while talking
with someone opposite.
Well, no woman came in here
without me knowing it.
Evident bird of fine plumage
escape sharp eye of eagle.
You say you saw Miller
on Tuesday night?
Didn't say I saw him,
but I know he was in.
I put a telephone call through for him
to the Royal Hawaiian Hotel about 8:00.
- Who was call to?
- I don't listen in on my guests' telephone conversations.
Unfortunate not to break
rule on this occasion.
Anyone connected with the aviation
company live at the Royal Hawaiian?
I do, Cartwright does,
and so does Masters.
Masters? Isn't that the pilot
who was supposed to fly the test?
Presence of wine glasses...
...suggest hospitality offered
to lady of white fox fur.
But not used.
And no wine visible.
I don't allow drinking either.
Excellent reason
to conceal forbidden fruit.
Perhaps in closet.
- [Screams]
- Miller!
Unfortunately dead.
And that telephone call
to the Royal Hawaiian...
...involves either Hopkins,
Cartwright or Masters.
What about the gal-
the one with the white fox fur?
One more crack, and very bright
junior son walk home.
Excuse me, Pop.
Well, whoever murdered Miller stole the invention
to peddle to some foreign government.
Quite correct. But Honolulu
make very poor market.
We'll check every ship that's put
out of here since 8:00 Tuesday night.
Perhaps murderer
make more speedy exit-
...use flying ship to reach Mainland.
The Clipper left here
Wednesday at 2:00...
...the day after
the device was stolen.
- Pan American office.
- Okay, Chief.
Here's the passenger list.
Richard Masters!
- Is that the Masters connected with Hopkins Aviation Company?
- Yes, it is.
Recall if Mr. Masters
arrive at dock alone?
No, he came in our car from
the Royal Hawaiian Hotel with a lady.
Notice only one lady
on passenger list-
Miss Yvonne Roland.
- Wear white fox fur?
- Yes, she did.
Police headquarters. It may not be too late
to check on them at the other end.
Hello. Chief Scott speaking.
Contact San Francisco Police...
...and ask for a tracer
on Richard Masters and Yvonne Roland.
Arrived on yesterday's Clipper.
Hey, Pop! White fox fur.
Now positively walk home.
There's nothing suspicious
about Masters leaving on the Clipper.
He's a member of
the American Olympic team.
He had to fly back in time to make
his boat from New York to Germany.
Well, that seems to alibi Masters.
Then the call Miller made to the
Royal Hawaiian at 8:00 Tuesday night...
...must have been to the woman.
- But 8:00 Tuesday night Miller called me.
- What about?
His return ticket to Los Angeles.
Our workmen are leaving tomorrow. I asked
Mr. Hopkins to send the ticket to his hotel.
Quite correct. Found same
in Mr. Miller's mailbox.
Here. Look at this passenger list.
See if you recognize any of these names.
Yes, here's one. Now I know
who's guilty of these crimes.
- Who?
- Arthur Hughes.
He's a notorious filibuster
who's made a fortune selling arms... revolutionists
in every part of the world.
From the time I had Cartwright's invention,
he's been after me to sell it.
If I'd known he'd
followed me to Honolulu...
I'd have suspected him at once.
Charlie, see if you can get any information
on this fellow Hughes.
Have already investigated
all passengers on Clipper.
For past two weeks, Mr. Hughes guest
at Royal Hawaiian Hotel.
That's funny, Mr. Hopkins.
You both have been at the same hotel,
yet you didn't know he was in Honolulu.
- Whether you believe it or not, I didn't.
- Excuse, please.
Truth, like football,
receive many kicks before reaching goal.
Wouldn't it be advisable
to trace Hughes immediately?
That's up to Mr. Scott.
We're leaving on tomorrow's Clipper...
...and I'll put the matter in the hands
of the San Francisco Police.
Coming, Cartwright?
Thank you, gentlemen,
for the help you've given us.
I'm not so sure the guilty man
isn't walking out right now.
His story about Hughes
was altogether too pat.
K.G.P.D. Coming in.
- Hello?
- San Francisco on the air, Chief.
Send it through.
[Man On Speaker]
San Francisco Police...
...reporting tracer on Richard Masters
and Yvonne Roland.
Both left Oakland Airport
9:30 Thursday morning...
...on transcontinental plane
for New York.
Regarding later request
on Arthur Hughes...
...this passenger removed to emergency
hospital under influence of powerful drug.
Recovered sufficiently
to leave hospital in two hours.
Destination as yet unknown.
That is all.
How did that Hughes information
happen to come through?
Took liberty of requesting same.
[Man On Intercom]
Yes, sir?
Contact New York for follow-up on Masters
and the Roland woman. Get a tracer on Hughes.
Mr. Hughes now become
mysterious needle in hay pile.
Honolulu calling
San Francisco Police.
A follow-up
on that Clipper tracer-
Mr. Scott, did you get anything on-
Lady of white fox fur?
That is purpose of visit?
No, sir. I brought you down
a pot of tea and some sandwiches.
for paternal stomach most unusual.
Yeah. You know, I've been thinking
it over, and I've got a theory.
Oh, you have theory?
Suggest you go home,
sleep on same.
Meanwhile advise honorable mother... waiting for important
message from New York.
Okay, Pop.
But I'll bet it's the gal
with the white fox fur.
[Both Laughing]
Yes? Here comes the dope
on that Honolulu tracer.
Get ready to pass it on
to San Francisco.
Yes? They're on
the steamship Manhattan.
Your work must be
intensely interesting.
You know, shortwave radios
always fascinated me.
- Oh, really?
- We get excellent reception in Honolulu.
Oh, I pick up the Islands
on the shortwave sometimes.
Well, I wonder-
But you're so busy.
Oh, no, not at all. In fact-
Well, l-I mean, not right now anyway.
Come on in, and I'll see
if I can get something for you.
- Two minutes of 9:00.
- [Intercom Buzzes]
San Francisco coming in.
San Francisco Police reporting tracer
from New York on Masters and Roland.
Here's something now.
San Francisco Police talking to Honolulu.
[Man] Both sailed on steamship
Manhattan for Berlin.
Boat left New York 11:00 tonight.
Regarding other inquiry-Arthur Hughes had
reservation on same vessel but missed sailing.
Followed in tug to Sandy Hook
and boarded ship there.
That is all.
Oh, that was marvelous. Just as clear
as we get it at home. Thank you.
Oh, that's all right, Miss Roland.
It's a pleasure.
- Ah, you're so nice. Good night.
- Good night.
Come in again.
Hughes, Yvonne Roland
and Masters-
...all on the steamship Manhattan.
Say, that's the boat
your son Lee's on...
...the one that's taking
the American Olympic team to Berlin.
The same. Berlin now attract
many foreign visitors.
Offer excellent opportunity for spies
of all countries to operate without suspicion.
That's the very place the thief
could easily dispose of the robot.
Charlie, Lee is going
to meet his pop in Berlin.
Well, aren't you surprised?
Suspected same.
Have already sent note
in tea basket...
...for honorable wife
to pack traveling bag.
Well, they've got
a big start on you.
Their boat docks in Hamburg
in seven days.
Race not always won
by man who start first.
Will leave tomorrow in company
with Hopkins and Cartwright on Clipper.
18 hours to Mainland.
Then transcontinental plane
from San Francisco.
Thirteen hours
across country to New York.
Take Zeppelin Hindenberg
from Lakehurst, New Jersey...
...across Atlantic Ocean
to Friedrichshafen, 61 hours.
It's fortunate
we haven't been delayed.
We'll be on the dock in Hamburg
when the Manhattan arrives.
I still think we should have radioed
the steamship to have their baggage searched.
Good hunter never warn
tiger of trap.
Oh, observe below-
steamship Manhattan.
- Boy, is that some sausage!
- Say, that thing really travels fast too!
- How many people does it carry?
- How should I know?
Gee, would I like a ride in that!
Why didn't they send us over in it?
There's no second class
on an airship.
- [All Laughing]
- Oh, excuse me, Betty.
- Oh, that's all right, Lee.
- As my pop would say...
"Man who stretch neck looking up
very apt to break neck falling down."
- Have you seen Dick Masters?
- Well, l- Oh, he must be somewhere around.
Now, don't try to cover up. I know.
He's with Miss Roland, isn't he?
Now, Betty, don't you
worry about that.
Oh, I'm not.
Don't think I'm jealous.
Only... I'd like to throw
that slinky brunette overboard.
I wouldn't have said anything
if you hadn't mentioned it, Betty...
...but I've got a theory
about that woman.
She's an adventuress.
- What?
- Shh. Come over here.
You know, I'm a pretty good
detective, and I observe things.
Well, there's another fellow on the boat
watches everything she does...
...especially when she's with Dick.
- What for?
- Well, I have a theory on that too.
As my pop would say, "When a woman
play with fire, man get burned."
Or something like that.
Well, what are you two
conspiring about?
Oh, hello, Dick.
Fancy meeting you here.
- Hadn't you noticed I was on the boat?
- Occasionally.
I suppose I have been
monopolizing Dick's company...
...but I am so interested
in all you athletes.
Radiogram for you, Miss Roland.
Oh, thank you.
Will you excuse me?
Would you mind posing
for a photo, Mr. Masters?
I am so interested
in all you big athletes.
- Aw!
- [Squeals]
- [Groaning]
- Oh, that's swell. Hold it.
- Say, let me carry that for you.
- Go on!
Say, Betty, how's chances
taking our picture?
Come on, gang.
Let's all get in on it.
[Man] Hey, Charlie. Come on, Francis.
You want your picture taken?
[Chattering Continues]
Oh, let me have a picture of all of you.
- Really, I'd rather-
- Oh, please. I'd love to have one. Go on.
Get off of my leg. Come on, guys.
Come on, Betty.
Back a little further, please.
I'll fix it for you. How's that?
[Chattering Continues]
I'll be right back.
So sorry.
[Speaking Chinese]
- Thanks, Betty.
- I'll have the films developed for you this afternoon.
- Oh, never mind. I'll do it.
- But I want some extra prints.
It'll be no trouble, really.
I'll see you later, Dick.
Well, we'd better
clean up for lunch.
Am I having lunch
with you and Miss Roland?
- No, you're lunching with me alone, you pest.
- Oh!
Meet you in five minutes.
Psst. Betty.
I was right.
She is an adventuress.
She has a husband.
Where did you get this?
That fellow Hughes swiped it
out of her book, and I got it from him.
I'll bet he's her husband's private detective
getting evidence for a divorce.
If she gets Dick in trouble,
I'll tear her apart.
- I think I'll do it right now.
- Wait a minute, Betty.
As my pop would say, "Sugar catch
more flies than hamburger steak."
Or something like that.
But you stick with them. Don't leave
Dick alone with her for a second.
That Roland gal is going to think
I'm her Siamese twin.
- And leave everything else to me.
- Right.
Most excellent view of stadium
for Olympic Games.
Very interesting. But I'm more concerned
with the business that brought us here.
Useless to sprinkle salt
on tail of time.
Must wait until
Manhattan dock tomorrow.
[Steam Whistle Blowing]
We received your radio at sea
last night, Inspector Strasser.
No one has yet gone ashore.
The three passengers you mentioned
have been carefully watched.
- Has any baggage been taken ashore?
- Nothing yet, sir.
Mr. Cartwright is standing by in Customs
to identify the device.
Exactly. You see, Mr. Chan,
German methods are very thorough.
Have greatest admiration
for well-known efficiency.
Suggest we interview
Miss Roland immediately.
Yes, sir.
- Miss Roland in her room?
- Yes, sir.
Recommend use of key.
It looks as though the Roland woman
met the same fate as Miller.
It is forbidden to touch anything.
Shut the door.
When was lady last seen?
When she came from the deck to
her stateroom shortly before midnight.
The steward has been
on guard ever since.
- Anyone visit room?
- No, sir.
No one has come in or out
since I've been on duty.
Then someone was waiting
here when she entered.
- Did you hear any unusual noise?
- No, sir.
Then he must have made
very short work of her.
And this is probably
the weapon he used.
The dent was caused
by a heavy blow.
And that clock establishes the time
when the crime was committed- precisely 17 minutes after 12:00.
Excuse me, sir. I was near the door then,
and I didn't hear anything.
You were probably asleep.
That's enough. You can go.
- May examine, please?
- Certainly.
What was the location of the ship
at 17 minutes after 12:00?
About 20 miles
off the mouth of the Elbe River.
We were proceeding slowly
in a heavy fog.
Exactly. Conditions were perfect
for the murderer to dispose of the body.
You see?
The porthole is still open.
He then searched the room,
found the stolen object...
...and escaped without detection.
- A perfect reconstruction, Inspector Strasser.
- [Clicks Heels]
- Exactly.
- [Knocking]
Oh, I beg your pardon.
- I thought this was Miss Roland's cabin.
- Hughes!
Well, this is a surprise.
I never expected
to meet you here, Hopkins.
There's the man we want.
The woman was his accomplice.
When he thought they had the device safely
in Germany, he murdered her as he did Miller.
That's a very neat plot. It suggests
an author's perfect knowledge of events.
When were you
in this stateroom last?
I'm sorry, but I've never enjoyed the privilege
of Miss Roland's intimate company.
Then explain, please, importance
of recovering cigarette lighter from table.
Oh, I did that
rather awkwardly, didn't I?
But I'm sure I can explain it.
I was on deck last night with Miss Roland.
I offered my lighter for her cigarette.
She failed to return it.
- I dropped in to pick it up.
- Well, you must think we're all fools.
I'm not acquainted
with the other gentlemen.
I demand his arrest!
Pardon, please.
No occasion for arrest.
What do you mean?
Sorry to explode theory
of brother officer...
...but no evidence of murder here.
One moment, please.
Dent in water carafe... round knob on post of bed... So.
Note, please,
varnish chipped on same.
Also took liberty to examine
fingerprints on neck of bottle.
Match lady's fingerprint
on glass top of dresser perfectly.
Mr. Chan,
this is extraordinary.
But I have the solution.
The woman arranged
all this herself... she could get ashore with
the stolen device and escape pursuit.
Congratulations, Herr Inspector.
We'll have her in custody
in 24 hours.
Well, since you have
no further need for me, I'll-
No, you don't. I want this fellow's
baggage searched.
You're overplaying your hand,
- But if the police wish it, I shan't object.
- Exactly.
And I'll arrange for the release
of the other passengers and baggage.
Can join you on dock later?
Pop! Gee!
What are you doing here?
Please explain first
most unceremonious entrance.
I was going to make
an investigation here.
I came over the rail
so no one could see me.
- Still playing tricks of detective?
- Yeah, I'm hot on a case.
The woman who has this cabin
is an adventuress, and she's got a husband...
...and he's got a private detective
named Hughes on this boat watching her.
Now she's trying to hook Dick Masters.
And Betty- That's Dick's sweetheart-
is all upset about it.
I said I'd straighten it out.
Suspect recent activities of swimming
caused water on brain.
No, sirree. I tell you,
this is the real thing.
There isn't a murder yet,
but I'm sure glad you're here.
You can help me. Take a look
at this radiogram her husband sent her.
Hey, what's happened here?
Object of hot case
make mysterious disappearance.
Don't worry, Pop.
With you helping me, I'll find her.
Look! Here's a swell clue!
Her white fox fur!
Have heard enough of white fox fur.
Gee, Pop, why didn't you
radio me what was going on?
- I could've had the case closed by the time you got here.
- Modesty most commendable.
Well, you and I could've handled it
better than that foreign cop.
All Strasser is doing is sitting back there and
getting Hopkins's and Cartwright's life story.
- At least we got a clue.
- White fox fur?
No. That radiogram.
Only thing I can't figure out
is where the husband fits in.
Suspect husband,
like toupee on bald head...
...used for cover-up.
Message really
very simple. Observe.
Read every fourth word.
"Your followed.
Boat waiting. Cuxhaven. "
Cuxhaven! That must be
where she went overboard...
...and her pals had a boat
waiting to pick her up.
And she got away
with the invention.
Most improbable lady
would risk injury to delicate device... bath in salt water.
But what could she do with it?
Perhaps accomplice
smuggle same ashore.
Well, it wasn't Dick Masters, because
Strasser searched everything he had.
Lady have contact
with other athletes?
No. Only Betty Adams, and-
Say, I got it!
She borrowed Betty's camera,
and she didn't give it back till last night.
Maybe she hid it in there
and Betty carried it ashore.
- Possible.
- But Betty's on a special train ahead of us.
Say, Pop, we gotta do something.
- If Betty has it, those crooks'll be after her.
- [Knocking]
Come in, please.
Excuse me, Mr. Chan.
I dropped in to thank you...
...for helping me out
of that situation this morning.
Very happy to be of service.
But situation in your favor that time.
That's fair enough.
- Sit down, please.
- Thank you.
I'd like to repay you
by giving you a tip.
You'll be much safer if you spend your time
in Berlin enjoying the Olympic Games.
All play and no work
make Charlie Chan very dull policeman.
I wonder if you've been smart enough
to figure out who killed Miller.
Perhaps you... Have answer.
I think in the final showdown,
you'll ask Mr. Hopkins.
Well, I must be going.
I got him, Pop! Help me!
Please to release
too active number one son.
Well, you must pardon
my rough tactics...
...but I saw a rifle barrel
in the car driving on the road beside us.
Now humble turn of Charlie Chan
to be grateful.
Thank you so much.
When we meet again,
we'll start even?
- [Door Closes]
- Say, that guy's too smart.
He timed the shot almost to a second.
But I'm awfully glad he pushed you
out of the way of that bullet.
Humble parent seem to have
fortunate fate of cat with nine lives.
I just want you to keep
the one you have now.
And I'm sticking with you
to see that nothing happens.
Correction, please. Will personally
deliver you to Uncle Sam at Olympic Village.
- But, Pop- - Also have desire
to interview Miss Betty Adams... learn if she used camera
for picture-taking this morning.
Gee, that's right. If she did,
she discovered the invention in there.
Now reveal intelligent mind
of good detective.
Thanks, Pop. We sure make
a swell team, don't we?
[Crowd Cheering]
[Excited Chattering]
So this is Berlin.
- I've never seen so many bicycles in my life!
- Shucks, what a reception!
Hey, someone swiped my camera!
- How do you say stop in German?
- Hey, "stoppa" the bus!
- Arrestez-vous!
- Halta la machina!
- It's empty.
- I should've known better.
Gosh, I wanted that camera
to get some pictures of the Games.
Gee, this isn't so bad.
I think I'll take
that bed by the window.
Say, I wonder how you ask for a shampoo
and a finger wave in German.
[Laughs] I wonder how you ask
for something to eat.
It would be better if you girls
would see the head matron now... arrange for your seats
in the dining hall.
That's me. I'm starved.
- I could eat a 16-pound shot.
- Well, come on.
- Let's all sit together.
- I wonder where that sauerkraut emporium is.
[Door Opening]
One moment, please.
May examine contents of basket?
It is nothing.
The girl athletes are forbidden candy.
I have taken it
to report to the matron.
Would be most happy
to save you trouble.
Hand it over!
Will identify, please.
- That's it!
- At last!
And it hasn't been tampered with.
It's been a long trail, Mr. Chan.
Last step ease toil
of most difficult journey.
I'll take it.
Recommend immediate delivery
to American Consul.
Life in danger while
device in your possession.
Well, that's a chance
I'll have to take.
My responsibility's greater now
than at home. I'll take charge of it.
- Come away from that window!
- [Maid] Look out! The police are here!
Who was in that car?
Take her away.
We'll find out
who her accomplices are.
I should think that's obvious.
The Roland woman was associated with Masters,
and the device was in his sweetheart's luggage.
[Hopkins] I'll report this to the American
Olympic Committee at once!
- [Strasser] Do you know this Masters?
- Certainly. He worked for me.
Mr. Chan?
Your son Lee told me you were here searching
my luggage for some stolen invention.
Yes, and we found it.
- What?
- Excuse, please.
Miss Roland visit your room
last night on boat to return camera?
Yes, she did. I was packing,
and she insisted on helping me.
I suppose she hid the robot in your baggage
without your knowing anything about it.
If that's where you found it,
she must have.
You needn't look at me like
that. I'm telling the truth.
I think you're trying to protect Masters.
The authorities will settle that.
You won't need the authorities.
Dick'll settle it himself.
Perhaps we've been a little hasty.
Hasty accusation like long shot on horse race.
Odds good, but chances doubtful.
Very obvious now why
Miss Roland borrow camera-
...give her excuse
to visit stateroom...
...and conceal candy box with device
in Miss Betty's luggage.
She certainly knew
what she was doing.
The customs officials hardly looked
at the luggage of the Olympic athletes.
When I get that matron down to headquarters,
she'll tell where the Roland woman is.
Very commendable, but must not
forget immediate danger.
Power behind Miss Roland will lose no time
in attempt to regain most valuable robot.
And while you remain in Berlin, I'll see
to your police protection, Mr. Hopkins.
- Excellent idea, Inspector.
- All right, gentlemen. I'll drive you to your hotel.
Excuse, please.
Prefer to remain at Olympic Village...
...for visit with son Lee.
- May use telephone, please?
- Certainly.
- Thank you so much.
- [Clicks Heels]
[Door Closes]
Sure. Mr. Romeo, lady-killer. Just because
that banjo-eyed brunette looks at you...
- You go for her like you're trying to break a world record.
- Forget it, will ya, Betty?
How did I know what was going on?
I only tried to be nice.
You were. You couldn't have been any sweeter
if you'd given her a hacksaw to get out of jail.
And if Hopkins goes on making cracks,
that's just where we'll be.
Well, I told you
I'd take care of all that.
- Then you'd better hurry up and see the police about it.
- All right. I will.
- But first I'm gonna settle with Hopkins.
- Dick! Dick, come back!
- Oh, ya big mug!
- What's the matter?
Oh, that poor goof. I told him what Hopkins
said, and now he's going to knock his block off.
- That's swell! And he can do it.
- Oh, shut up.
I didn't mean that, Lee.
But don't you see?
If Dick gets into trouble,
they'll suspend him from the team.
Gee, that's right. And as my pop would say,
"Don't rub sore finger with sandpaper."
- Oh, we have to stop him!
- We will, if I have to sock Hopkins myself.
Come on!
Might have been safer to leave
the device in the hotel vault overnight.
I'm not trusting anybody.
If I'd know when I invented
the mechanism...
...that it was gonna turn into a Frankenstein,
I'd have destroyed it.
Well, it's over now. We'll be safely
on our way back to America in 24 hours.
I hope so. Well, I'll go
wash up for dinner.
[Door Closes]
- Don't do it, Hopkins.
- What do you want?
[Engine Stops]
- Is that their room on the second floor?
- Yes. He should be there now.
Keep your eye on that window. Be ready
to make a fast getaway when he comes out.
I'll be in the lobby.
- Mr. Chan, I want your advice.
- Yes?
I heard an argument in Mr. Hopkins's room,
and I was about to go in...
...when Mr. Hopkins himself
let a man out.
- Who, please?
- That's it- I don't know.
Nobody has entered since I've been here, and
I arrived with Mr. Hopkins and Mr. Cartwright.
Most mysterious.
Perhaps wise to investigate.
Assistance, please.
[Batters On Door]
It was Hopkins. He escaped through
the window. He's got my invention!
- Notify Inspector Strasser immediately.
- Yes, sir.
I hadjust left Hopkins alone... when I heard voices
in here, I hurried in.
Hughes was accusing Hopkins of deliberately
double-crossing his stockholders... stealing my invention
to sell it to a foreign government.
One moment.
Will corroborate?
- That's quite true.
- Continue, please.
They quieted down
after I came in, but Hughes...
...threatened to expose Hopkins
ifhe didn't cut him in.
After Hughes left,
I asked Hopkins for an explanation.
He ignored me, went over to the desk
and started to pack the device in a handbag.
I tried to stop him,
and he drew a gun.
I grabbed for it. He tried to shoot me.
In the struggle I was hit on the head.
You can't go in there. It's forbidden!
Forbidden, my eye! I'm workin'
on this case. I'm Chan and Son.
- Hello, Pop. I got some valuable information.
- Go ahead.
As Betty and I drove up, we saw a man
drop out of that window into the garden.
Two guys helped him.
They started for a car. I went after them.
One of the guys slugged me.
They got away.
That settles it. Hopkins
will be apprehended immediately.
In Berlin,
things like this cannot happen.
No. By this time he's probably disposed
of the device and is on his way out of town.
What's your connection
with the Cartwright invention?
I tried to buy it from Hopkins,
but he wouldn't do business.
Then when it was stolen
in Honolulu...
I figured that Yvonne Roland had it,
so I followed her.
But flying into San Francisco,
she outsmarted me.
I caught up with her again on the Manhattan,
but I didn't get anywhere.
She stuck too close
to her friend Masters.
Wait a minute.
Look here, Mr. Chan.
I didn't have anything to do with this.
That's why I came here tonight- make Hopkins take back
what he said about Betty and me.
I suppose the reason you didn't
come up here right away was...
...because you had a date in the lobby
with Yvonne Roland.
- Yvonne Roland? In this hotel?
- Dick, is that true?
- Well, l-
- Oh!
- Hey, Betty.
- Wait! Give explanations to the police.
All right. I did see her,
but I didn't have any date with her.
Just as I came in she was standing
in the lobby. I started after her.
I wanted her to face Hopkins
to help clear me.
Well, she ducked into the florist's shop,
I followed, but she got away.
Then I came up here. And now I'll take care
of you for making that crack in front of Betty.
[Whistle Tweeting]
- Take them out of here.
- [Dick Straining]
Get out. Get- Get out of here.
- Mr. Chan, I apologize. It's impossible.
- [Door Closes]
- Things like this cannot happen in Berlin.
- [Clicks Heels]
[No Audible Dialogue]
- You were successful?
- Yes, Your Excellency.
- I received it directly from his hands.
- Very good.
Examine it, Carlos.
I hope you have the draft for the price
agreed upon, Your Excellency.
You will receive it as soon as the transaction
is completed- Before I leave Germany.
Yvonne! What is this?
He's double-crossed you.
"Compliments of
the Olympic Committee." Very clever.
The book must have been
substituted at the sports forum.
There's only one person clever enough
to have done that: Chan, the detective.
Our game is with the Oriental now.
But when did you get it, Pop?
Took opportunity to acquire same
during excitement in girls' dormitory.
Then no wonder you weren't worried
when Hopkins got away.
Important lesson for good detective:
When all players hold suspicious cards,
good idea to have joker up sleeve.
[Laughs] Well, we got that cleaned up, Pop.
Now all we have to do is land the guy...
...that killed Miller
and round up this gang of spies.
[Knocking Continues]
Letter, Mr. Chan.
- [Coin Clinks]
- Thank you so much.
Thank you.
What it is, Pop?
Envelope, like skin of banana,
must be removed to digest contents.
Ticket to Olympic Games and letter.
Gee! Box 22.
That's where all the big shots will sit.
Letter apparently from big noise also.
"His Excellency,
the Honorable Charles Zaraka...
"requests the pleasure
of Mr. Chan's company... the opening
of the Olympic Games."
You've never met him.
I have never met Santa Claus either,
yet accept gift from same.
[Marching Band.
Fanfare, Up-tempo March]
[Crowd Applauding]
[Applauding Continues]
[March Continues In Distance]
Mr. Chan?
We haven't met, but I'm sure
you've heard of me. Yvonne Roland.
Had looked forward to making
acquaintance before leaving Berlin.
- This is His Excellency, the Honorable Charles Zaraka.
- A very great pleasure, Mr. Chan.
This is most unexpected compliment
to humble policeman.
Are you sure that fellow
knows his stuff?
He's the best in Berlin.
He'll read every move of their lips.
All right. They're in Box 22.
[Applauding Continues]
[No Audible Dialogue]
[March Continues]
A most illuminating spectacle,
Mr. Chan-
...the nations of the world about to struggle
for supremacy on the field of sports.
Yet behind all this there is another
struggle going on constantly...
...for world supremacy
in a more sinister field.
It's not a game
for amateurs, Mr. Chan.
I hope you get my meaning.
Could not be more clear
if magnified by 200-inch telescope.
Then wouldn't it be advisable for you
to turn over the Cartwright invention to us...
...and return to your own little game
in Honolulu?
...but player sometime disregard
even most expert coaching...
...from sidelines.
- You have the afternoon to consider it.
- Thank you so much.
That's all I wanted to know.
Stick around. Enjoy yourself.
She's even got the nerve to sit in a box. Why
don't we go in and make the cops arrest her?
Well, that's a box reserved for the foreign
diplomatic corps. The police can't butt in there.
As long as she's with that big shot,
she's protected by his diplomatic immunity.
Oh, you'd find some reason
to stall out of it.
All right.
Have it your way then.
Aw, Betty,
you shouldn't be like that.
A fella doesn't wanna be put
on the spot by his girl all the time.
[Applauding In Distance]
- He's right over there by that center arch.
- Thanks.
Mr. Lee Chan?
I have a message for your father.
He's on the south side
of the stadium in a box.
- Will you take me to him, please?
- Sure. Now you fix things up with Dick.
I'll see ya later.
Let's go, my man.
Drive us around the south entrance.
- Okay.
- No. Let's walk. It's quicker.
- Dick! Dick!
- [Car Door Slams]
- Get going!
- [Engine Starts]
Mr. Chan, the ceremonies are almost over.
What is your answer?
Only one possible for... Amateur.
Device will be returned
to United States War Department.
- Thank you so much for a very enjoyable afternoon.
- It was a pleasure.
- Here.
- Let me go, you idiot!
Mr. Chan,
Lee has been kidnapped.
You have our deepest
sympathy, Mr. Chan.
If we can be of service,
please call on us.
- [Knocks]
- Come in, please.
There is no news yet.
If the boy is in Berlin,
we'll find him.
A dragnet is closing in
on every known criminal hideout.
Don't give up hope.
Ancient Chinese philosopher say...
"Hope is sunshine
which illuminate darkest path."
[Glass Breaks]
"If you wish news of your son...
"be in your same seat
in the Olympic stadium tomorrow...
...alone and unguarded."
Eleven more hours
of anxious waiting.
Don't fear, Mr. Chan.
Tomorrow they'll walk into a trap.
- The police will be there and make short work of them.
- No. Instructions very explicit.
Must walk path... Alone.
[Announcer] 1,500-meter title
won by Lovelock, New Zealand.
The time. Three minutes,
47 and 8/10 seconds.
- A new Olympic and world's record.
- Oh, the relay's going to start.
This is gonna be a new record sure.
[Pistol Fires]
- Come on, Jesse. Open up that lead!
- Come on. Take 'em!
Pick 'em up, big boy!
Pick 'em up and lay 'em down!
- [Woman] Let's go! Wykoff!
- [Woman #2] Come on, Metcalfe!
- [Man Shouts In Foreign Language]
- [Woman] Come on, Ralph!
- [Man] Look at that boy go!
- [Man #2 Shouts In Foreign Language]
- [Woman] Open up that lead, Franklin!
- [Woman] Come on, Franklin!
[All Cheering, Shouting, Indistinct]
[Man Shouts In Foreign Language]
Come on, Frankie!
[Man] Look at that Wykoff go!
Break that record!
- [Woman] Come on, Wykoff! Come on, Wykoff!
- [Men, Women Continue Cheering]
[Announcer] 100-meter relay title
won by the United States.
Time.39 and 8/10 seconds.
A new Olympic and world's record.
- Are all the men at their posts?
- Yes, Inspector.
- Every exit in this part of the stadium is covered.
- Good.
- There goes Dick. He'll take 'em in the pole vault.
- You've got that all set, huh?
Well, if he doesn't,
I'll break his neck.
[Announcer] Masters of the United States
has just cleared...
- 14 feet and two inches on his second try.
- He did 14 feet and two inches.
Oh, Dick can do better than that.
- [All Chattering]
- Way to go, old fella.
Message for gentleman in Box 22.
[Announcer] The bar for the pole vault has
just been raised to 14 feet, three inches.
[Cartwright] It's rather
an extraordinary request, Mr. Chan.
I don't know how to answer you. I didn't even
know you had the device in your possession.
- Very well, you know it now.
- I don't feel I have anything to say about its disposal.
I signed my rights over to Mr. Hopkins
and retained only a small interest.
Hopkins is a fugitive from justice.
But if I have your authority
to use the device...
...we can deal
with these criminals.
- Are you willing to put it back in their hands, Mr. Chan?
- Cannot answer as officer.
Must speak
as very humble father.
- If there's no other way, of course you have my permission.
- Good.
Please accept gratitude
of most anxious parent.
Besides, Mr. Cartwright,
when the boy is returned safely...
...we will go after
the criminals and get it back.
One more request, please.
This time must insist
on acting alone.
Any effort to help might result
in serious consequence.
You have our word, Mr. Chan.
We will wait for a message from you.
And as a further precaution
for your safety, Mr. Cartwright... will remain with me.
He's here.
How do you do, Mr. Chan?
I'm glad you followed instructions
this time and didn't depend on the police.
Wise philosopher once say...
"Only foolish man
will not acknowledge defeat."
- I'm sure he was Chinese to have been so clever.
- Thank you so much.
Am ready to complete transaction.
- May now see number one son?
- In just a moment.
There's one more, uh, formality.
- Ask Mr. Hopkins to come in.
- Yes, sir.
You may put the device
on the desk, Mr. Chan.
That's it- Chan's signal.
His transmitter's working.
What does your direction finder say?
North by northeast,
two points east.
Calling B.P. 41.
Calling B.P. 41. Calling B.P. 41.
Coming in.
Car 37 picked it up.
- "North by northeast."
- North by northeast.
- "Two points east."
- Two points east.
Contact all cars in Areas "D" and "F"
for check on direction.
Calling all cars, Areas "D" and "F."
Pardon our caution, Mr. Chan...
...but Mr. Hopkins
will have to identify the mechanism...
...just to be sure there hasn't
been another, uh, mistake.
Yes. This is the Cartwright invention.
Thank you, Mr. Hopkins. That's all.
And now my son, please?
- Bring the boy in.
- Yes, sir.
Car 46 reporting second
triangulation point.
- "West by southwest."
- West by southwest.
- "Six points south."
- Six points south.
Car 49 reporting third point.
- "South by southeast."
- South by southeast.
- "One point south."
- One point south.
Notify all cars to converge
on Area "D," Block 21.
That definitely sets your location.
Your plans worked perfectly.
Exactly. Soon we will be there,
and you will have your device back.
- Calling all cars.
- All right, Sergeant. Go ahead.
I'm sorry I got you into this, Pop.
Danger, like red light on end
of moving train, now safely past.
Except for one slight detail.
I must make very certain
that the pursuit ends here.
I'll remember you when my plane
is crossing the border out of Germany.
Good-bye, Mr. Chan.
Just a moment, Zaraka.
Were you planning to leave?
Get their guns.
Line up over there, all of you!
Just a minute.
Give me that bag.
Still playing tricks, eh, Mr. Chan?
- What is it?
- It's a phony.
- It's a transmitter!
- Chan's signal stopped coming through.
- They've discovered the trick.
- Call the other cars. See if they have contact.
Calling all cars.
Calling all cars.
Very clever, Mr. Chan- in touch
with the police ever since you've been here.
Come on.
Where is it? And talk fast.
- All cars have lost contact.
- Then instruct them to proceed in the same direction at full speed.
- We must get to Chan.
- Calling all cars.
For the last time, where is
the Cartwright invention?
Reposing in place of utmost safety.
Get away from that kid.
Back against the wall, you.
Do I get my answer?
[Engines Stopping]
[Brakes Squeaking]
- It's the police.
- Surround the house. Don't let any of them get away.
[Battering On Door]
Search the house!
- They went up there!
- Round them up!
- [Clicks Heels]
- Mr. Chan, you see? We have arrived in time.
- The police of Berlin are very efficient.
- [Gunshot]
Inspector! Inspector Strasser!
Keep him covered.
Most unfortunate occurrence.
He's still alive.
Remove him. Get the doctor.
If Mr. Hopkins regain consciousness,
report immediately.
Okay, Pop.
- What happened in here?
- I was going by the door when I heard a shot.
As I stepped in, Hopkins was lying on the
floor, and Hughes was standing over him.
You can't pin that shooting on me.
I just came in through that door, when l-
One moment, please.
- You did not come into room when shot fired?
- No, I stopped at the door.
[Chan] Ink spilled here
when Mr. Hopkins fall...
...yet stain your shoe
while standing at door.
Conclusive proof you were
close to Mr. Hopkins when he fell.
Now very evident
attempted murder of Hopkins...
...was last act to save self.
You are murderer
of mechanic Miller in Honolulu...
...and thief of own invention.
That's ridiculous.
I've helped you in every way possible.
If I'd wanted to steal the invention,
I could have easily made a copy.
That would have been obvious way
and easy to trace.
But you saw opportunity
to gain large fortune...
...without sharing
with your partner, Mr. Hopkins.
[Chan] So devised clever scheme
to remove suspicion from self... having Miller murder pilot Edwards
and steal robot from test plane.
Then, assisted by Miss Roland,
you murder Miller...
...and turn device over to Miss Roland...
...for delivery to Mr. Zaraka,
head of foreign spy ring.
Second point. When Miss Roland
disappear before boat reach dock...
quite evident someone warned her
of plan for capture.
- Hopkins knew the plan as well as I
did. He could have- - Excuse, please.
Mr. Hopkins entirely innocent.
Here tonight
he perform heroic deed...
...when, at risk of his own life,
he identify imitation as real device... assist Charlie Chan
in rounding up ring of spies.
And now, final evidence.
The time he disappear
from hotel room...
...found something you overlooked:
Unfinished cablegram written
in Mr. Hopkins's own hand...
...addressed to United States
War Department.
"Have recovered
Cartwright invention.
Returning to America
immediately for"-
- That's where it ends.
- Observe, please, what follows.
There's nothing but a blot across the page.
Indicate when writing message,
Mr. Hopkins suddenly interrupted by action...
...which cause pen to slip from fingers.
Pop, Mr. Hopkins is still unconscious,
but he's gonna be all right.
The doctor found a bump on his head that
must have been made a couple of days ago.
Thank you so much for corroboration-
...prove you knock Mr. Hopkins
...then drop him from window into arms
of confederates, as seen by son Lee.
- That is all.
- Take them out.
Well, it looks like
we cleaned this case up, Pop.
But how did you change the robot
into a transmitter?
Constructed same in most efficient
Berlin police laboratory...
...with help of honorable inspector.
You're a fine officer, Mr. Chan.
You went through with your duty
even though it meant risking your son's life.
- Better for Oriental to lose life than to lose face.
- You bet. But, you know...
...for a while I was afraid I wouldn't be there
to win that 100-meter swim tomorrow.
- Perhaps good idea not to accept gold medal until race is won.
- [Chuckles] Don't worry, Pop.
I learned to sprint when you used to chase
me through the water with a paddle.
Come on, Lee, boy!
Oh, yeah!
Come on! Come on!
- Come on!
- He won!
- Attaboy, Lee! -
Thank you. - Good work!
- Thanks.
- [Dick] Congratulations! Congratulations, fella!
Ah, thanks!
- I made it, Pop!
- Very lucky.
- Was prepared for emergency.
- [Laughing]