Charlie Chan at the Opera (1936) Movie Script

What's the matter,
Joe? Nervous?
Oh, this job
gives me gooseflesh.
You're new here, but in a couple of months,
you'll get as jumpy as me.
- I worked around sanitariums before.
It's not so bad.
I like the cuckoos myself.
They're the same as anyone else...
...only they're smart enough
to admit they're nuts.
Look at him.
- That guy sings every night,
and it's making me screwy.
They oughta keep him out
of that recreation room after hours.
- Who is he?
- Nobody knows, not even the guy himself.
He was picked up on the streets.
Amnesia case.
Then he went daffy,
and he's been here ever since.
Come on.
Let's get a cup of coffee.
How many times have I told you
not to interrupt my singing?
Every night for seven years.
So there is only one answer.
Either you quit singing,
or I'll quit bringing the paper.
I don't know what
you're talking about.
Did you say something?
I remember now.
You don't mean you remember
who you are, do you?
I've got to get
out of here right away!
Sure, sure.
Only just take it easy.
Let me take you to your room.
And I'll get the superintendent.
Los Angeles Police calling car 17. Car 1-7.
Man answering description of escaped
maniac just seen at 16th and Hill.
Step on it, boys.
That is all. Roberts.
Another one of those phony leads.
Our only clue... A torn newspaper
containing plenty of pages of news...
...of which any one item may have caused
that man to become violent.
Well, this is not a sance.
Who has an idea?
Why do you keep harping on that newspaper?
Maybe he tore it up as an emotional outlet.
- Any other clever thoughts?
- How do we know he's even in the city? We have no leads.
We haven't any pictures.
The asylum never takes any.
We've run down every angle,
and most of them are phony.
Every railroad, terminal dock,
bus line and main artery is being watched.
- What else can we do?
- I even checked all the airports personally.
That's fine, Kelly. Now you better cover
the merry-go-rounds and scenic railways next.
Where would this man get money for airplane
rides? He's been a charity case for years.
I want every one of you to get this.
As long as that madman's loose, it means
he may strike at anytime, anyplace.
I want you men to cover every foot
of ground around the asylum.
Check every house, gas station, every road
out of there. Someplace there's a clue.
Find it. Now get to work.
Kelly, you stay here. It might do you
a little good to meet a real detective.
Ask Mr. Chan to come in.
Wait a minute. You haven't called
Chop Suey in on the case, have you, Chief?
No, but it's not a bad idea.
And take your hat off.
You could learn a little politeness
from the Chinese too.
Thank you so much.
Honorable father once say, "Politeness...
golden key that open many door."
Glad to see you, Charlie. I was hoping
you'd drop in before you went away.
Yes. Work finished.
Return to Honolulu by midnight boat.
Can't be separated
from that family of yours.
Become habit, like murderer
always return to scene of crime.
Oh, Sergeant Kelly.
- Salutations.
- So pleased.
- Sit down, Charlie.
- Thank you.
I wanted to congratulate you
on the racetrack case.
That gang of racketeers
nearly ruined American horse racing.
Humble servant very fortunate
in stumbling on solution.
Ah. Lucky, eh?
Confucius say...
"Luck... Happy combination
of foolish accidents."
Tell me, Charlie. How did you ever
happen to hit on the clue?
It was so small, so obscure.
Small things sometime
tell large stories.
For instance,
very obvious here that...
...many men indulge in nervous fit.
Perhaps unfortunate assistant
receive dressing down on carpet?
Say, how did you wise up to that?
When policeman on small pay...
...discard large cigar after two puffs...
...sure sign of distress.
Also note cigarette die in infancy.
Yeah? Well, suppose you tell us what case
we were being bawled out on.
- That ought to be easy for him.
- Not difficult.
Escaped maniac,
case number A-469W.
Morning press already inform me
torn-up paper only clue.
And there's the case number!
- Congratulations.
- Charlie... you think this paper
may have any bearing on the case?
Heel mark on face
of beautiful lady very significant.
Ah, that nut just stepped
on it on his way out.
Note carefully.
Heel on picture before paper torn.
Sure sign man know woman
You're right.
It's deliberate mutilation.
I tell you,
the dame is cold turkey.
I saw her at the opera house yesterday,
and she knows nothin' about him.
Madame Lilli Rochelle to see you.
- Have her come in.
- Yes, sir.
- Inspector Regan?
- Yes.
- I'm Madame Rochelle. This is Monsieur Barelli.
- Enchant.
How do you do? Sergeant Kelly you know.
And Mr. Chan.
Mr. Chan! You here on the mainland?
This is a delightful surprise.
Plum tree blossom many time...
...since I hear silver voice
of Madame Lilli in Honolulu.
Thank you. Mr. Chan,
I'm in frightful trouble.
Someone has threatened my life.
They're going to kill me.
"They"? Who's they?
My dear inspector, Madame Rochelle
expects you to find it out.
Show him the card you have received.
Someone sent me flowers at the theater
today. This was attached to it.
- Won't you sit down, Madame Rochelle?
- Thank you.
Perhaps you're right, Charlie.
Our madman does know Madame Rochelle.
I told this officer that I do not know
your escaped maniac.
Madame meets many people,
but she usually avoids the mad ones.
- Do you suspect anyone?
- No. None in particular.
Naturally, a person in
my position makes many enemies.
They're all people who are jealous of me.
Others even imagine they're in love with me...
...and, of course, resent the fact
that I do not return their regard.
- It's the price of popularity.
- Madame is a great favorite.
But there's no one
you can actually point to?
No. But I am afraid, Mr. Regan.
I demand protection for madame, not only
for herself, but for the sake of her public.
The voice they love
must not be stilled.
- You will give her a guard.
- Just what is your connection with this case, Mr. Barelli?
Enrico is the baritone of my company
and one of my dearest friends.
All right. The opera house
will be searched and men stationed... every entrance and exit during
the entire performance tonight.
Thank you. And of course
Mr. Chan will be there.
Madame's voice like monastery bell...
...when ringing, must attend.
You're so kind.
And now I must hurry.
I have costumes to be fitted.
Come, Enrico.
- See you later, Mr. Chan.
- So happy.
I don't like that guy Barelli.
I think he uses perfume.
Hello? Yes, McGrath?
What? My wife in
Inspector Regan's office?
That's right, Mr. Whitely.
She just left here.
And with Barelli again.
You want me to go to the opera house?
No, it isn't necessary.
I have other ideas.
One dozen American Beauty
Roses to Belvedere Apartments.
Miss Lotus Quong Toy.
That will be three dollars.
Uh, Miss Lotus evidently gilded lily.
Pop, you got here just in time. How
about a little advance on my allowance?
- I'm almost broke.
- Puppy love very expensive pastime.
Ah, gee, Pop,
we're leaving tonight.
And this is just, well, sort of
a farewell present. She's a lovely girl.
Graceful as bamboo shoot,
beautiful as blossom of water lily.
Yeah, that's her!
When did you meet her?
Never. But long time ago use same
description for honorable mother.
Roses and romance like tenor in opera...
...sing most persuasive love song.
You like the opera?
Such beautiful music.
Rigoletto, II Trovatore,
Pagliacci, Cavalleria.!
Pardon, please. Opera season
good for flower business.
Sure. Today stands right there,
Signor Barelli, the great baritone.
He ordered three dozen
of the American Beauties...
...for the signora.
Signora? You mean
Madame Lilli Rochelle?
No, no. He's got wife hisself.
And no one send flowers
for Madame Lilli?
Today, no.
But tomorrow...
...maybe bushels
for her magnificent voice.
When she sings...
Thank you so much.
Please. You send card with flowers?
No. Just cancel
the whole thing. Hey, Pop!
- Ah, gee, Pop. Why can't I go to the opera with you?
- Impossible.
You very busy tonight
finish packing baggage.
I did it all an hour ago.
They're all ready to be locked.
- Must get steamship tickets.
- Here they are.
- Well, must pay hotel bill.
- Here's the receipt.
Now will you let me go?
First return three dollars
for flowers not sent to Miss Quong Toy.
L... I guess I forgot that.
Please. Do not need soup and fish.
Have other plans for you.
Tickets, please. Have your tickets ready,
please. Thank you. Tickets, please.
I'm sorry, boys, but no reporters
allowed in the theater tonight.
- I know, Pop. We're late.
- Traffic jam.
I tell ya, nobody can see
Madame Rochelle tonight!
Officer, this is a private matter
and it's important. Please let us in.
Good evening, Madame Barelli.
Pop, what time did my husband
leave the theater this afternoon?
- Why, right after dress rehearsal.
- With Madame Rochelle?
- No, madame. He was alone.
- What's he paying you to lie?
Why, madame.
Who was that firecracker?
Anita Barelli, second soprano.
The wife of Barelli, our baritone.
- Kinda jealous, huh?
- Did you ever see a baritone you could trust?
What's the idea?
Can't you take "no" for an answer?
But I know she'll see me. I'm her...
- Please get us some water.
- We were right! She saw him too.
- Saw what?
- A strange man hiding in here among the costumes.
I was working on Madame Lilli's dress.
I went over in that corner for some lace.
- There he was standing, staring at me.
- Did you see him?
No. Agnes screamed and I ran to her.
No one else was in sight.
- What'd this guy look like?
- All I could see were his eyes. They were horrible.
- Take a look around, boys, and this time find him!
- Did you see anybody?
- No, I didn't see anybody.
- Maybe shejust imagined it.
No, I didn't. I saw him all right.
Just leave it to us, sister.
We'll take care of everything.
Come on. Get out now, all of you.!
The curtain's going up in a few minutes.
- Don't worry, lady. He won't come in here again.
- Don't leave me alone, Officer!
Shut up! You've got
the whole company upset.
- You cops would make anybody hysterical.
- Say, who are you?
My name's Arnold.
I'm stage manager here.
And this opera is going on tonight
even if Frankenstein walks in.
That's him again.!
- Say, which one of you...
- What's the trouble, Sarge?
- It's one of these guys and I can pick him out! He's a Chinese!
- Yeah? Well, line up here.
Now take off those tin hats.
They're all Chinese!
Boys, boys, put those helmets on!
There's the overture. Come on!
Come on! Get into your places!
Just a minute, you two.!
- I thought I told you to stay out of here.
- You did.
One of those boys that know
all the answers, huh? Come on.
- Take your hands off her.
- She's lucky I haven't got the bracelets on her.
But we haven't done anything.
We only wanted to see Madame Rochelle.
- It means everything to us.
- It means nothing to me. I've got my orders. Come on.
Now, I don't know how you got in,
but this is the way out.
- Why don't you let us explain?
- Please.
Officer, take 'em out of here.
And if I see you again tonight...'ll be doing your
explaining to a judge!
This place is driving me screwy!
Where's Regan and his pal,
um, Egg Foo Yong?
Here, please.
- I'm sure glad to see you, Chief.
- What's the trouble?
- In the first place...
- Have already heard of ghostly visitor from man who tend door.
- Oh.
- Have you searched the entire house?
We've been over this joint
so many times I could tear it down...
...and build it again
without misplacing a brick.
Perhaps maybe called on to do same.
Suppose we start
systematic investigation.
Look here, Whitely.
You can't talk to me that way.!
Barelli, I've warned you before
to keep away from my wife.
- This is the last time.
- But perhaps Lilli...
I'll see you about this later.
Now get out.
I want to talk to you.
- Gravelle!
- Yes.
L... I thought you were dead.
Dead? That's what everybody thinks.
What... What are you doing here?
Why shouldn't I be here?
I've work to do.
Gravelle sings tonight.
Don't move another step.
You want to tell them I'm here, but nothing
can stop Gravelle from singing tonight!
Carnival.! My greatest role.
The voice of Mephisto
coming from the flames.
The flames! That was it.
The flames all around me.
The theater on fire!
And someone locked Gravelle
in his dressing room.
You know. Tell me.
- Anita? Anita?
- If you tell them I've come back, I'll...
No. No, no, I won't.
Come in.
Hello, dear.
This is Mr. Chan, a detective.
- Madame Barelli.
- So pleased.
And sorry to disturb.
What can I do for you, Mr. Chan?
In humble role of investigator... information concerning flowers...
...sent to you this afternoon
by honorable husband.
Flowers? You...
You must have felt very guilty
about something, Enrico.
Don't tell me you have
forgotten our wedding anniversary.
I had. And I didn't
receive the flowers.
Bouquet, like summer tourist
on wrong train...
...evidently suffer
switch in destination.
I can imagine what
their destination was.
You will have to excuse me, Mr. Chan.
I have a very difficult makeup.
Will question you later.
What's all this about?
Most mysterious.
Someone sent your bouquet
to Madame Lilli with threat of death.
With a death threat?
You suspect enemy
who might do same?
No, but whoever it was
must have had good reasons.
Evidently do not waste love
on Madame Rochelle.
Why should I?
She's done everything to humiliate me...
...even to stealing my husband.
The entire company knows it
and laughs at me.
So sorry.
Disloyalty of husband...
...sometime ample provocation
for revenge.
But I didn't send that note,
if that's what you mean.
The flowers were never in my room.
Contradiction, please.
What are you doing?
Cremated ghost of card
from flower shop.
I know nothing about that.
You'll... You'll have
to go now, Mr. Chan.
Thank you so much.
- Do you believe her story?
- Not sure until burnt card prove otherwise.
I'm afraid it's too charred
to tell us much.
Sometime jewel found in ashes.
Here, you let my supers alone.!
Here, you let my supers alone.!
Now listen, Inspector.
I've never been a violent man...
...but if you don't stop this lunkhead cop
of yours from chasing my soldiers around...
I'll... I'll...
I won't be responsible.
All right, line up. Quick.
There's your cue.
Go on. Enter.
- There's the Chinese mug I've been looking for!
- Kelly.
What's that, a laundry ticket?
Much laundry, but all dirty.
- "Dear Pop..."
- "Pop"?
Say, is that your kid?
Chip off ancient block.
"Somebody hiding in opera house.
"Madame Lilli and husband in big fight.
Also, have fingerprints you ask for."
Say, if that's your son,
who are all the other Chinese?
Honorable fraternity
brothers of worthy son...
Hydrochloric acid, please.
And here's the ferricyanide potassium.
Marriage of two acids reproduce
lost writing on burnt card if lucky.
- Have, uh, fingerprints you mention in note?
- Sure.
This is Mr. Whitely's.
I'll bet he's wondering when he lost it.
I almost got caught lifting this
out of Mr. Arnold's vest.
This is Madame Barelli's.
- What's the matter, Pop? Lose something?
- Not yet.
But light fingers on number-one son
most alarming.
Gee, Pop, we've got it.! This proves the flowers
were in Madame Barelli's dressing room.!
Madame Barelli's fingerprint, please.
Fingerprint on card not hers.
You wouldn't dare do such a thing.
Sorry, Lilli. I've given you
your last chance to make a fool of me.
You can't prove anything with your cheap
insinuations and lying detectives!
If you name Enrico in a divorce action,
he'll deny everything and so shall I!
Barelli will deny nothing
when I get through with him tonight.
Tonight? What are you going to do?
Madame Rochelle, two minutes.
- All right. I must go.
- I'll wait.
- Lilli. What's wrong? You should be on the stage.
- I must talk to you.
- Whitely?
- Madame Rochelle.!
For the sake of Puccini,
Verdi, Wagner and me...
...get on that stage!
I'll see you after the first act.
Yes, Barelli.
I've come back
to take your place tonight.
Get out of here.
Get out of here, I say!
If it's the dead you're afraid of,
don't worry!
I'm alive, even though
I was locked in a burning theater!
I didn't do it. I swear I didn't!
It was a mistake. Lilli...
Yes, Lilli!
Two minutes, Mr. Barelli.
Mr. Barelli, your cue!
This is Madame Lilli's great scene
with Mephisto. He joins her in a duet.
She refuses his love, and he stabs her.
Strange. I never heard that quality
in Barelli's voice before.
It's great. Eh, Charlie?
All right, Lilli. Lilli! Lilli!
Mr. Arnold!
Will someone bring me a chair, quick!
- What happened? What's the matter?
- Something's wrong.
- What's happened?
- I don't know.
She must have been unconscious
when I picked her up on stage.
I bet Barelli had something
to do with this.
Hey, you! Come on, boys.
Open up here!
- Open up!
- What's the matter?
It's Barelli, Inspector!
He just ran in and locked the door.
- Break it in.
- Wait a minute.
I got a personal grudge
against that canary.
Stabbed through heart.
But I just saw him come in here.
- Yeah, he must've bumped himself off.
- Contradiction, please.
Observe. Implement of death missing.
Dead hands cannot hide knife.
You're right. Someone must've been
waiting in here to kill him.
Whoever it was certainly worked fast.
He had to commit the murder and escape
while we were breaking in the door.
One moment.
Examine wound, please.
It's beginning to dry.
Coagulated blood denote murder
committed some time ago.
Oh, yeah? Then I suppose
it was his ghost that socked me.
Perhaps substitute devil
sock honorable colleague on chin.
Aw, you're just guessing, brother.
This window hasn't been opened
so long, the bolt's rusty.
And that door was locked
on the inside!
If he didn't sock me and then run in here,
where is the guy who did?
Perhaps murderer knows
other way of departing from room.
Inspector Regan,
there's a trapdoor up here.
I'll handle this.
Go up there with him
and take a look around.
- Get the coroner here. Tell the boys to keep their eyes open.
- Yes, sir.
All right, folks, back up.
Out of the way.
Wait a minute, lady.
You can't go in there.
Let me in to him.
He's my husband!
Oh! Enrico! Oh!
Find anything, Kelly?
Nothing yet, Chief.
There ain't nobody up here.
I'm gonna find out if there is.
No Chinese cop's gonna show me up.
Take a look down that other end.
Come outta there.
Stay where you are.
- Who's he?
- I don't know who he is...
...but I'm gonna find out
what he's doing in here.
Get Regan.
What's wrong?
She's dead.
- What's the trouble?
- Murder. And here's your man.
- That's a lie.
- I came in here...
...and found him standing over the lady
with blood on his hands.
There's a dame with him too.
She must be around someplace.
- Go and get her.
- Keep your eye on him, Dugan.
Stabbed. Just like Barelli.
Yes, but Barelli die first.
Blood here still fresh.
He must've come in here
while I was out phoning for a doctor.
You leave Madame Lilli alone?
Why not? She was supposed to have
police protection, wasn't she?
It's your negligence that is
responsible for my wife's death.
- That's enough, Whitely.
- Please. Mr. Whitely's right.
Humility only defense
against rightful blame.
Here's the knife!
He must've put it there!
I never saw that knife before!
Whoever commit crime
safe for moment.
What do you mean?
By handling knife you have covered
fingerprints of murderer.
Come on, everybody.
Into your second act costumes.
Well, come on! Hurry up!
Hurry up, all of you!
- Are the understudies ready?
- Yes, sir.
We're not going on, Mr. Arnold.
Not with a madman loose.
- Two people have been killed already!
- Any one of us may be next.
Don't you realize this is opening night
and there's a packed house?
You might as well
go on with the show...
...because none of you hams are leaving
the theater until this thing is cleared up.
- This is an outrage!
- Come on. Come on.
I knew Madame Barelli very well.
I was with her this afternoon.
- What time, please?
- Oh, about 4:00 or 5:00.
He's lying. At 4:30, my wife
was in Inspector Regan's office.
Pardon, please.
How you know that?
Why, Lilli told me, of course.
You knew Madame Lilli received
threat of death this afternoon?
- Certainly not.
- What did you think she was doing in my office?
Why, she told me she'd missed a piece
of jewelry from her dressing room.
Be so kind to explain what happened when
you carry Madame Lilli into dressing room.
I laid her down
on the chaise longue.
Then I sent Madame Barelli
to get some smelling salts.
While you remain alone
with Madame Lilli?
Yes. But I immediately
went out to call a doctor.
So sorry to trouble.
That's quite all right, Mr. Chan.
When you return to dressing room,
what happen?
I didn't return.
On my way back, l...
I was told my husband was dead.
No longer necessary to remain.
Thank you so much.
What's the use
of all this questioning?
Here's the man you want.
I demand his arrest.
Voice from back seat...
...sometime very
disconcerting to driver.
Kindly explain blood
on hands once more.
When I came into the room,
Madame Lilli was halfway off the couch.
- I started to lift her up and then realized...
- You expect us to believe that?
One moment.
Explain purpose of visit, please.
I'll explain that.
I'm Lilli Rochelle's daughter.
That's the most ridiculous
yarn I've ever heard.
My wife had no daughter.
She'd never even been married before.
That isn't true! My mother
never acknowledged me openly.
Ever since I can remember, I've been kept
hidden away in boarding schools.
Even when I grew up,
it was always the same.
She was afraid a grown daughter
would hurt her career.
I've tried to be close to her,
but she wouldn't let me.
And now it's too late.
Still have not explained urgency
of visit here tonight, Mr. Childers.
We wanted Madame Lilli's permission
to get married because Kitty is under age.
- You ask consent before?
- Several times, but she always refused...
...because she knew our marriage
would expose her secret.
She even threatened to send Kitty away
where I could never see her again.
- That was cause of quarrel?
- She had no right to spoil Kitty's life.
So tonight we came here
to ask permission for the last time.
- And when she refused, you killed her.
- I did not!
Please, spare feelings
of bereaved young lady.
I'm going to hold you both
for further investigation.
One more question.
Can tell present whereabouts
of male parent?
My father died in a theater fire
when I was about four years old.
He was an opera singer.
Thank you so much.
Excuse, please.
Nothing up here.
Ah, nothing anywhere.
You stand around that stage
like a herd of seals...
...waiting for mackerel.
All right. Now you do it.
Left.! Right.! Go.!
Pop, this proves that whoever took
Barelli's place committed the murder.
Quite possible.
Gee, what about Mr. Whitely
and Madame Barelli?
- They had reason enough to do it.
- Also possible.
- And that fellow Childers...
- Please.
Man who ride on merry-go-round
often enough finally catch brass ring.
What's your idea, Pop?
Have here very interesting
newspaper item...
...relating death of Madame Lilli's
first husband, Gravelle... opera house fire in Chicago.
Gee, Pop, if there was
only a picture of him!
Get Los Angeles Bulletin on phone.
Information, please.
Hello, Hudson?
Smitty, Chicago Sun, speaking.
The Gravelle picture is coming through.
Okay, Smitty. We're standing by.
It'll only be a minute now, Mr. Chan,
while they regulate the speed... that the roller holding the picture
in Chicago is revolving at the same rate... the roller holding
the negative in this cylinder.
Here it comes.
The two machines are now
locked together as one.
A small light is traveling
over the picture in Chicago.
It's an electric eye that tells this
electric eye over the wire what it sees.
Then this electric eye
prints on the negative... this cylinder in black and white...
...what it sees in Chicago.
I'll have it developed
immediately, Mr. Chan.
Many things now clear.
Thank you so much.
- That's him.
- You sure?
I'll never forget
those eyes. Who is he?
For present, Mr. "X."
- The opera's over.
- Must insist... mention of picture to anyone.
- Not me.
- Here, Agnes. Take this stuff.
- I'm so glad to get out of here.
- You and me both.
I never had such a night in my life.
Now must work fast. Have only
30 short minutes to trap murderer.
Why 30 minutes?
Must catch boat for Honolulu.
- Please stop worrying, dear.
- I can't help it, Phil.
I can't help feeling that our coming here
tonight had something to do with it.
- How could it?
- I don't know.
But that detective sensed it too.
That's why he accused you.
I'm not worried, honey.
Everything's gonna be all right.
And, young lady, I'm
taking on a new job today:
Trying to make you happy.
That's better.
You're gonna keep on smiling too.
I'm gonna make you forget
there ever was such a thing as trouble.
Inspector Regan
wants to see you, Childers.
- Phil!
- I won't be long, honey.
What do you want?
I'm not going to hurt you.
You are Kitty Gravelle.
I knew you a long time ago.
Please don't come any closer.
You're afraid of me, aren't you?
Don't be. I want you to know me. I'm...
Sit down. Please.
Now listen.
Don't you remember this?
It means nothing to you?
Wait! Try to remember.
There was a house and a garden...
...and a little girl who'd run to the window
to listen when I played to her.
And when I'd sing, she'd fling her arms around
my neck and put her head on my shoulder!
If you touch her, I'll kill you.
Pardon intrusion, please.
Had no intention of harming
beautiful young lady.
Why did you come here?
Merely wished to make
telephone call.
Excuse, please.
You're lying.
You're one of the police
who are after me tonight.
You wanted to trap me,
but I was too clever for you.
You thought Gravelle was a fool.
That's what Lilli and Barelli thought
when they locked me in a burning theater.
But I got out,
and now they're dead.
You'll never put me
behind those walls again.
Remember presence
of honorable daughter.
She didn't know me.
She's afraid of me.
She thinks I'm mad.
Everybody thinks I'm mad!
A very old Chinese
wise man once say...
"Madness twin brother of genius...
"because each live in world
created by own ego... sometimes mistaken for other."
Your world, music.
Yes! I live in a world of music.
Symphonies, operas, great audiences.
I sing to their applause.
Much applause tonight
after beautiful aria.
Would grant privilege of hearing
magnificent voice again?
You mean tonight? Here?
Yes. Will have stage ready
and orchestra waiting.
Yes, I'll sing.
You don't expect everyone
to stick around here...
...while you turn a nut loose
on that stage, do you?
- What'll we tell all these people?
- Very simple.
Say Mr. Arnold
trying out new baritone.
Charlie, you can't do that. The man is mad.
He's a homicidal maniac.
Therefore must use utmost precaution.
Hope plan will make murderer reveal self.
Reveal self? Who do you think's
been doin' all the killing around here?
And now you want him to sing again.
Old Chinese proverb say...
Old Chinese proverb say...
Oh, yeah? Hmm.
Excuse, please.
Why, yes, I can sing Lilli's role...
...but under the circumstances, l...
So sorry.
But hoped for assistance... apprehend murderer of husband.
I'll do anything you ask, Mr. Chan.
But I won't be able
to wear Lilli's costume.
Own costume sufficient.
Thank you so much.
What's the idea of making us
get into costume again?
Agnes! Agnes! Give me
Madame Barelli's costume right away.
- Are we ever going home?
- Is this gonna keep up all night?
- Here.
- Where's the belt?
If it isn't there, I don't know
where it is. Here. Take this. It'll do.
Oh, hurry up.
Let's get it over with.
This was place you occupy
when Madame Lilli on stage?
- Yes.
- Please to remain here while Madame Barelli sing.
- Very well.
- Thank you.
If that Chinese dick
knows where he is...
...why don't we grab him
and haul him down to headquarters?
Unwise officer who eat apple
not yet ripe get official tummy ache.
The commissioner will certainly make
the fur fly if anything goes wrong.
And bouquets fly
if everything go right.
I'm all ready, Mr. Chan.
Shall we go on?
- Keep the stage lights full on. We're taking no chances.
- Yes, sir.
If he makes one mis-move...
Dim those lights, you fool.
This scene is played in shadows.
Darker. Darker.
I knew he was hiding in the theater.
He came to my dressing room
before the opera.
But I didn't dare warn you,
because he said he'd kill me if I told.
Then when l...
I was singing Lilli's aria...
...and he reached for the knife,
l... I couldn't stand it.
Egg Foo Yong, the guy that
pulls rabbits out of the hat...
Sending a woman out there
to let a nut stick a knife in her.
Well, Chief, that
about closes the case.
Contradiction, please.
Case still wide open like swinging gate.
- What do you mean?
- Gravelle not murderer.
- Not Gravelle?
- Excuse, please.
Will demonstrate hypothesis.
Word of Greek derivation...
"hypo" meaning...
"Hypo." I get it.
He's hitting the pipe again.
Go on, Charlie.
Knife worn by Gravelle.
Observe coating of oil...
...used by property department
to preserve blade from rust still intact.
- So what?
- Prove most elemental fact in deduction.
Could not have been used for murder.
Of course he didn't use his own knife.
He used Barelli's.
Beg to differ. Knife used
to murder Barelli...
...later used to kill Madame Lilli.
If Gravelle guilty...
...must have had both knives
on person while singing aria.
Previous examination of costume...
...disclose no telltale bloodstains.
Also, madman would not use
Barelli's knife...
...having one in his own scabbard.
- He was crazy, wasn't he?
- But method devised by real murderer...
...born in rational mind.
Used presence of maniac in theater... perfect alibi to cover own guilt.
Concealed murder knife
after first crime...
...fearing fingerprints.
Later, frightened by immediate arrival
of police after second crime...
...was forced to hide same
in bouquet of flowers.
Unfortunately, fingerprints
obliterated by Mr. Whitely.
- Do you mean to insinuate...
- Pardon, please.
Have special insinuation
for your honorable attention.
Can explain presence
of your fingerprints...
...on ghost of card from flower shop...
...found in Madame Barelli's
dressing room?
My fingerprints?
That's impossible.
Fact most definitely established... comparison with those found
on your cigarette case.
- What about it, Whitely?
- I can explain that, Inspector.
I knew Barelli had sent flowers
to the theater this afternoon.
I suspected they were for my wife.
I came here to see the card.
Then sent same flowers to wife
with threat of death?
Yes, but I swear I never intended...
I only wanted to frighten
her away from Barelli.
- You know Gravelle?
- I never heard of him.
You state complete truth about position
in wings during entire aria?
Yes, and I can prove it.
Madame Barelli saw me standing there.
- Will corroborate, please?
- Why, l... I don't know.
As I came off the stage,
I was so terrified... the thought of Gravelle
being loose in the theater...
I hurried to my dressing room
and locked myself in.
You must have seen me. You were standing
in the wings only a few feet from me.
Why, yes. I saw you there,
Madame Barelli.
You left just after
Mephisto began his aria.
Thank you so much.
Fact that Madame Barelli
in wings during aria... link in chain of evidence.
- You are murderess.
- Why, how...
You were only one who knew Gravelle
planned to sing Mephisto role tonight.
Later, standing in wings...
...recognize voice
not that of husband.
Instinctive curiosity force you
to husband's dressing room to investigate.
You discover him unconscious... avail self of perfect opportunity... avenge intrigue which
cause you so much humiliation.
Is this some ridiculous attempt
to save your face, Mr. Chan?
Humble countenance
merely facing facts.
That same belt you wore
with costume earlier tonight?
Why, no. The wardrobe department sent me
this because the clasp on the other was broken.
Have original belt here with clasp
in most perfect condition.
- Where did you get that?
- Found hidden in cushion...
...of chaise longue
in your dressing room.
Stain of blood on inside lining...
...prove definitely
you conceal knife on person...
...after murder of husband.
You're right.
And I used it on Lilli when I came back
with the smelling salts and found her alone.
You knew what was going on...
...but you weren't man enough
to do anything about it.
That's all.
I'm ready, Inspector.
- May I see you, Mr. Regan?
- Certainly.
That fellow got
a lucky break, Inspector.
The bullet never touched the brain.
In fact, it may relieve the condition
that's been causing amnesia.
You think Gravelle
have happy chance of recovery?
An even chance...
...if we can keep him quiet
till we get him to the hospital.
He's very restless.
Keeps repeating the name, uh, Kitty.
Excuse, please.
Request most charitable act.
Innocent man unfortunately
wounded by impetuous marksman... for daughter
not seen for many years.
Would please take place
of missing loved one for small moment?
Perhaps save life.
Much better if relationship
not known until recovery certain.
- Well, Charlie...
- Uh...
All I can say is
that you have certainly...
Very lucky in finding solution.
Proving, as said before, luck happy
combination of foolish accidents.
You're all right,
just like chop suey...
...a mystery but a swell dish.
- Thank you so much.
- By the way, Charlie...
I didn't quite catch that
Chinese lingo you sprung on us...
...just before you asked
Madame Barelli to sing.
Ancient proverb meaning when fear attack
brain, tongue wave distress signal.
I get it. You made her sing with Gravelle
just to scare her into talking.
- Yes, you catch quickly.
- Sure.
Hey, Pop!
Pop, I found Madame Barelli's
smelling salts in Madame Lilli's room.
- This proves that she...
- Excellent clue.
But, like last rose
of summer... Bloom too late.
Also fear too late for boat to Honolulu.
Not if we can help it. I'll hold that boat
if I have to lock the captain in his own brig.
I knew we were
on the right track, Pop.
The first time I saw Madame Barelli,
I was sure she was guilty because...
Case now closed?