Charlie Chan in Egypt (1935) Movie Script

Hold it!
Now, take this. Get this in here.
- Now, watch it.
- Easy now.
That's it.
Hold it. Hold it!
- Easy now.
- Careful.
- That's it.
- All right, take it to the laboratory.
Let me take it a while,
Professor Arnold.
No, stand back.
Stand back.
Come on.
Let's bring it out.
That's it.
Okay, move.
Come on, up. Come on.
Take it away, old boys.
- Ali.!
Ali, what is it?
Stand back, everybody. Stand back.
Edfu Ahmad, a light.
I best dragoman in Luxor.
I have fastest donkey.
Please to remove offspring of Satan
to some distant place.
You no more want donkey?
Hat to shelter unfortunate head
more desirable.
Oh! Hat, hat.
I am first-class service.
Oh, a hat.
Where'd you
Ah! Effendi Snowshoes.
There you is again, mister.
Ain't there no place where you ain't?
Ah! This time, effendi,
I have big news for you.
But first, baksheesh.
Two bits baksheesh. Two bits.
You might as well go on.
I ain't gonna let you be gettin'...
- no more black sheep money out of me.
- But wait!
Today, I have locate the grave
of your sacred ancestor.
Two bits baksheesh.
I don't know now,
but you sure...
you done found the mummy
of my great-great-grandpappy?
- Your great-great-great-great-
- Oh, you stutter too much.
I don't believe I'm gonna let you
talk me out no more money
Nay! I am the best son
of my father.
I supply all things for this noble gentleman.
I am first-rate service.
Contradiction, please.
For past two hours,
have not supplied drink.
Drink? You want a drink?
I'll give you a drink.
- Kind of a strong one, though.
- Pardon, please.
For water
to soothe dry throat.
- Would happily give much baksheesh.
- Ah! Baksheesh! Two.
You mean you'd give two bits
for just some plain water?
Drop of plain water
on thirsty tongue...
more precious
than gold in purse.
Mr. Tom and them got plenty of water
in their tent down yonder.
- Here, I'll go get it for
- Ah! Baksheesh!
- I am first-rate service!
- You a first-rate liar!
You will soon have mummy...
of your great-great-great-great-
You have ancestors
in Egypt?
I don't know. This fortune-teller
down in Mississippi...
says this here country
where all my folks come from.
- Yes?
- And then Mr. Tom...
he done won me
in a crap game.
I come along
to kind of look 'em up.
Reverence of ancestors
most commendable.
Sir, there's Mr. Tom
and them over here.
Mr. Tom, this gentleman,
he wanted to know
So sorry to intrude, but would much
appreciate glass of water.
Oh, of course.
Snowshoes, water.
- Yes.
- This Egyptian sun certainly can get a fellow down.
- Have a seat.
- Thank you so much.
Perhaps you'd like some tea?
Would be most grateful.
You are Miss Arnold?
- Yes.
- And you are Mr. Tom Evans?
How'd you know?
- Oh, Snowshoes. Of course.
- Sir?
No. Have met.
- Where?
- Your pictures in offices...
of French Archaeological Society
in Paris.
Please permit introduction
of humble self. Am Charlie Chan.
- Charlie Chan?
- I thought your face was familiar.
- How are you, Mr. Chan?
- Am here to see your learned father.
But Father
He isn't here.
If you're looking for mysteries,
you've come to the right place, Mr. Chan.
Miss Arnold has one
all ready for you.
Dad went away
over a month ago.
We've heard from him
only once since he left.
I know it must sound foolish, but I have the
strangest feeling something's happened to him.
He hasn't been himself
since he opened Ameti's tomb.
She's just making
a mountain out of a molehill.
Insignificant molehill...
sometime more important
than conspicuous mountain.
Professor Thurston, your uncle,
he is here, perhaps?
No, he's in Luxor.
We'll wait till the sun drops,
then we'll all drive in together.
Thank you so much.
- Right through the garden.
- Thank you so much.
- Stick around, Snowshoes.
- Yes.
My brother Barry.
Beauty of Egyptian night
captured in simple melody.
Those native things
are all right for a while...
but one of these days,
I'm gonna send home for some jazz.
The old maestro stuff.
Good evening, Edfu Ahmad.
Has UncleJohn returned?
He's in the laboratory,
but he heard your arrival in the car...
and will be up in a moment.
- Oh, Edfu?
- Yes, Miss Arnold?
- Will you ask Nayda to bring
some cigarettes from my room?
- Certainly.
- Here, have one of mine.
- No, thanks. I prefer my own.
We'll go into the study,
Mr. Chan.
- Smoke?
- Do not indulge.
Confound it.!
I've lost my glasses again.!
Edfu Ahmad.!
You mustn't mind if UncleJohn
seems a bit angry, Mr. Chan.
He'll be all right
when he gets his glasses.
Ah. I thought I heard that old
rattle-trap of yours drive up, Tom.
It's enough to wake the dead.
When archaeology pays bigger and better
dividends, I'll get a new one.
this is Mr. Chan.
- Professor Thurston.
- How do you do?
- So pleased.
- Mr. Chan wanted to see Dad.
- I've explained he's away.
- Oh, yes.
- Sit down, won't you?
- Thank you.
- Was it on a matter of importance, Mr. Chan?
- Most important.
Business with
French Archaeological Society.
Oh, then perhaps
I can help you.
- I'm in charge during my brother-in-law's absence.
- Oh.
Then will come to point quickly.
Matter concerns
valuable items...
taken from tomb of
high priest Ameti.
In, uh, just what way,
Mr. Chan?
Archaeological Society...
financed Professor Arnold's
with understanding that all objects
taken from tomb...
with exception of those claimed
by Egyptian government...
become property
of Society Museum.
That's quite correct.
Everything taken
from the Ameti tomb...
is now in course of cataloging
in preparation for shipment.
Correction, please.
Valuable items
taken from tomb...
discovered six months ago...
now in possession
of private collectors...
and rival museums
in Europe.
That's impossible.
Pardon, please.
Here are photographs.
This necklace with
identifying seal of Ameti.
This ring of Ameti...
now in Berlin museum.
Then they're imitations.
Why, we have a native craftsman,
Edfu Ahmad...
who can duplicate
things like those so closely...
that even an expert
can't tell the difference.
Pardon, effendi.
Your glasses.
Is that all for tonight?
Yes, you may go.
I'm sure they're imitations, Mr. Chan.
Experts have identified
necklace and ring as genuine.
Do you mean that the Society
is accusing my father?
So sorry,
but Society demands explanation.
On what grounds? They withdrew their
financial support before the tomb was located.
L- l-I question their right
to investigate anything.
Contract very plain.
Items from Ameti tomb
property of French museum.
Must locate Professor Arnold.
Well, I'd be glad
to try again, Mr. Chan.
Our last communication
came from Napata on the Upper Nile...
saying he wished to be undisturbed
in his present work.
- He ignores our letters.
- Which isn't like Daddy at all.
Articles from Ameti tomb
are here?
Yes, in the laboratory.
Would you care to see them?
Much interested.
Carol, perhaps you'd better
go to your room, dear.
- She doesn't like our work, Mr. Chan.
- I hate it!
It's taken my father
away from me.
- Something's happened to him, I know it!
- Please, dear.
Can't you help me find him,
Mr. Chan?
You must. You've got to.
If possible,
will be most happy.
There, there, there, there.
Let Nayda take you
to your room, my dear, hmm?
I'm-I'm sorry.
Good night.
And thank you, Mr. Chan.
She's quite upset, Tom.
- Perhaps you'd better phone for Dr. Racine.
- I think so too.
The laboratory's below,
Mr. Chan.
Thank you so much.
A few of the more important
items are here, Mr. Chan.
The rest
are in the storeroom.
I'd be glad to check them
with you at your convenience.
That would be most helpful.
X- ray machine?
We have the most completely
equipped laboratory in Luxor.
This is a radiograph
of Ameti.
Very interesting.
Hands crossed in final sleep.
Egyptian goddess?
That is Sekhmet,
goddess of vengeance.
The ancients endowed her
with many supernatural powers, Mr. Chan.
Cannot believe, uh,
piece of carved stone contain evil...
unless dropped on foot.
- Strange you should say that.
- May I ask why?
That's how Miss Arnold's brother
nearly met his death 10 years ago.
Oh. Ameti?
This case holds all that remains
of one of the most powerful priests...
of the 21 st Dynasty.
- Case has not been opened?
- No.
You see it
just as we found it.
- Very strange.
- What do you mean?
Varnish on 3,000-year-old
mummy case...
not completely dry.
I don't understand this.
Perhaps case has been opened.
That's hardly possible,
and yet
You're right, Mr. Chan.
It has been tampered with.
Would be most interesting
to see inside.
- You mean open it?
- No, I wouldn't dare, not without
Professor Arnold's permission.
He'd never forgive me.
X- ray machine most useful for seeing
where eye cannot reach.
I'll get Snowshoes
to give us a hand.
See, I could carry you back
to Mississippi with me.
And you don't have to worry
about no jobs there...
'cause I know a lot of white folks
who could keep you workin'.
- Hey, Snowshoes?
- Sir?
- Come on in here. Make it snappy.
- Yes, sir.
You go on now, kitten.
I'll be seein' you maybe tomorrow night.
It's all right with me.
I'll be seeing you anyhow.
Want somethin' outside
with me, Mr. Tom?
- Now, give us a hand here.
- I know, but
- Do as you're told.
- But I don't know much on touchin' dead things.
Now, slide it this way.
Now the feet
toward the fluoroscope.
Good. Now, lift.
Lift. Lift.
Now, lower the feet.
Lower them.
Be careful.
Down. Now, raise it.
Raise it.
Mind the frame.
Turn it.
- All set?
- Wait till I put the lights out.
Can't we see better
with the lights on?
Quiet, and don't touch anything.
No, sir,
I ain't touchin' nothin'.
Here we go, Professor.
That's Ameti, all right.
See? There's the identifying cartouche
suspended around his neck.
Very interesting.
May display ignorance
of Egyptian history by asking question?
Did high priest die
natural death?
The Ameti records indicate...
that he kicked off peacefully
at the ripe old age of 78.
Contradiction, please.
Ameti die very violent death.
How do you figure that?
Modern bullet clearly
revealed near heart.
- Say, that does look like a bullet.
- That settles it!
- What are you gonna do?
- Open this case.
Can I go now?
No. Get busy.
Haul it down.
But I don't feel so good.
All right now. Come here.
Lift the lid off.
- I'm not prepared for nothin' like this.
- Put it over there.
Let's get it on the table.
All right now.
Professor Arnold!
Look here, Professor, you're not gonna say
anything to Carol about this, are you?
Confound it!
The current's off again.
- Hey, Mr. Tom, lookee yonder!
- Look at what?
Miss Sekhmet see us.
That was Carol!
Hey, Mr. Tom,
wait a minute!
- I'm all right now.
- Mistress will take medicine?
No! Take them away!
They don't help me.
They never make me sleep.
Dr. Racine says
they are helping you.
What happened, Carol?
I was writing a letter
to Colonel Bailey at Napata...
asking him if he wouldn't
try again to locate Father.
- Mm-hmm.
- And suddenly, my hands became icy cold.
My cigarette dropped
to the floor.
As I stooped to pick it up,
everything seemed to stand still.
I was frightened.
I tried to cry out, but I couldn't.
It seemed as though
I were drifting into space.
I got to my feet.
I must have...
I got to my feet.
I must have...
for the next thing I knew,
I was standing in the middle of the room.
And then I saw it, its horrible head coming
toward me out of the darkness
the head of Sekhmet.!
But, Carol, dear, it could only have been
your imagination.
Of course, Carol, dear.
It was only
your imagination.
I suppose it was only my imagination when
the wall of Sarkari's tomb gave way...
and crushed me beneath it!
- Be quiet, will you?
- Oh, I beg your pardon.
I'd forgotten. You are the courageous type
who doesn't recognize fear.
- Well, I'm not, and neither is Carol!
- Be silent!
A dozen others have died from opening
the tombs. Why shouldn't we?
Barry, please!
You know what
I'm talking about, don't you?
It's all our father's fault.
He is the one who brought us
into this land of decay and death!
- We hate him for it.
- It isn't true.
Why pretend?
You know you hate him as much as I do.
Barry, come with me.
Why doesn't Father take us away
from this dreadful place?
Try to rest, dear.
A good night's sleep
will do you a lot of good.
Oh, Tom?
Would you mind staying
with Barry for a little while?
- Certainly not.
- Thanks.
Oh, Doctor, come in.
Come in.
- How's Carol?
- She's She's had a terrible shock.
- A repetition of last week's experience.
- I'm sorry.
- Oh, Dr. Racine, this is Mr. Chan.
- How do you do?
- So pleased.
- A most tragic thing happened tonight, Anton.
- We found the
- Excuse, please.
Suggest Miss Arnold
now more important.
You're right, of course.
She's in her room.
Pardon me.
Mr. Chan,
Professor Arnold's death...
throws an entirely different light on
the matter of your business in Luxor.
I did dispose of those items
of the Ameti tomb.
You see, after the Society
withdrew its support...
Professor Arnold needed funds
to carry on the work.
He borrowed heavily
from Dr. Racine...
who, after the tomb
was finally located...
quite naturally felt he was entitled
to a share of the finds.
Arnold was an archaeologist,
not a businessman.
And with the existing complications
of his contract with the Society...
the only solution seemed to be that I
dispose of a few of the less valuable items...
enough to pay part of
his obligation to the doctor.
A decision had to be made,
so I assumed responsibility.
Why did Professor
go away?
He was furious when
I told him what I'd done.
Meanwhile, having found evidence
of a royal burial ground at Napata...
he decided to attempt
locating the tombs...
feeling that if he turned over
their contents to the Society...
they would be amply compensated
for what they'd lost from the Ameti finds.
Most commendable.
I'm frightfully worried
about Barry.
Now, you're not to worry about anything
except getting a little sleep.
That's better.
If Miss Arnold isn't asleep within the hour,
give her another of those powders.
- Yes, effendi.
- Good night, my dear.
Good night.
You say obligation
to Dr. Racine not fully paid?
When Professor Arnold went away,
Dr. Racine kindly consented...
to extend his note
another 90 days.
May I inquire what right this gentleman has
to ask questions...
regarding a purely
personal matter?
Mr. Chan represents the
French Archaeological Society.
And how does that concern me?
Every detail most important
where murder concerned.
- Murder?
- Professor Arnold is dead.
- I don't understand.
- Circumstances very mysterious.
Body found in Ameti mummy case
with bullet near heart.
That bullet was not
the cause of his death, Mr. Chan.
No? Please explain.
There was trouble with the natives a few days
after the Ameti tomb was opened.
Professor Arnold
was wounded.
- And the bullet not removed?
- No.
Why not?
Examination disclosed it was too near
the heart to risk an operation.
- Perhaps I'd better
- Please.
- Must touch nothing until after autopsy.
- Very well.
Why should anyone have committed
such a fantastic crime?
Very strange.
Were it not
for bullet in body...
might almost believe in power
of ancient goddess.
It's my father.
He's dead, isn't he?
- Yes, Barry.
- I knew it.
I've known it ever since
he went away.
He discovered the secret
of Ameti's tomb...
and the dark waters
of the forbidden places...
carried him to his death.
Barry, what nonsense is this?
He ignored the warning,
and it destroyed him...
just as it will
destroy us all!
Here, here.
This won't do.
Pardon. Must go.
But first, may have letter
of Professor Arnold from Napata?
Why, yes.
I have it here.
Thank you so much.
- Good night.
- Good night, Mr. Chan.
- Am so sorry.
- I'll drive you into Luxor.
- Oh, thank you so much, sir.
- See you in the morning, Professor.
Why not put up with me while you're here?
I have plenty of room.
Have, uh, got
extra pajamas?
You bet I have.
Then will be most grateful
for hospitality.
- Well, here we are.
- Thank you so much.
Egyptian night
now most peaceful.
Make yourself at home while I round up
those pajamas for you.
- Size 52, please.
- You'll take what I've got and like 'em.
Thank you so much.
- May make notes on writing machine?
- Sure, help yourself.
You'll find some paper
in that left-hand drawer.
Thank you.
How are these?
Make Charlie Chan look like zebra.
This is your bunk
next to the wall.
With back to wall, can fight off
demon of sleeplessness.
What's the matter?
Can't you read your own writing?
- Something here very strange.
- What?
Professor Arnold go to Napata
four weeks ago?
According to date, this letter written
two weeks ago.
- That's right.
- But Professor dead before letter written.
Still more strange.
Letter written here
on your machine.
Now, wait a minute.
After all
Observe, please,
similarity of type.
Say, they do look the same.
Man who write that letter
kill Professor Arnold.
It looks kind of bad for me,
doesn't it, Mr. Chan?
Reports of Society indicate
you were discharged by Professor Arnold.
Yes, we did have a little argument
about the Ameti hieroglyphics.
But Professor Thurston
took me back again a few days later.
Who, beside you,
use writing machine?
Well, Thurston, Barry,
Edfu Ahmad, even Snowshoes.
- We all do.
- Edfu Ahmad. He is Egyptian?
According to him,
a direct descendant of Ameti.
Young Mr. Arnold
mention secret of Ameti tomb.
- Tomb has secret?
- Not that I know of.
You see, the records indicate
that Ameti was supposed...
to have collected the mummies
and the royal paraphernalia...
of the 20th Dynasty pharaohs
for safekeeping.
Professor Arnold thought that he had discovered
the treasure when he opened the tomb.
But it didn't pan out
that way.
He was still looking for it
at the time he disappeared.
- Would much like to see Ameti tomb.
- Tonight?
- Waiting for tomorrow waste of today.
- Let's go.
As usual, the battery's dead.
Hey, Snowshoes?
- Huh?
- Bring your flashlight. We're going to the tomb.
Now? Tonight?
Yes. Make it snappy.
All them hants.
Why don't you let 'em sleep nights?
Gettin' 'em all stirred up.
No wonder they get so mad
and kills folks.
Somebody looking for you,
you wouldn't be there to calls yourself.
- Come on, Snowshoes.
- Yes'm.
- There your light, Mr. Tom.
- All right, give us some of it down the steps.
What do you want me
- After y'all, gentlemen.
- Go on!
But y'all comin' too,
ain't ya?
- Yes. Go ahead.
- Okay.
Hold that light still
so I can see the lock.
- Yes'm. I'm just so cold-like.
- Yeah, you act like it.
All right. Turn on the power.
Ameti tomb equipped
with modern convenience.
Nothing too good
for old Ameti.
This is the anteroom where we found
a few important pieces.
But it was in there
we made our real discoveries.
The mummy case was in
this stone sarcophagus.
Very interesting.
From here, an image of Sekhmet
kept watchful eye over old Ameti.
All the good it did him.
- Yes. And that?
- Oh, that's the storage room.
In here,
we found Ameti's chariot...
and his bed, and a whole raft
of personal effects.
Even an alabaster jar that still carried
the odor of the perfume it had contained.
Also very interesting.
Uh, another room?
No, that's just
an unfinished passage.
Ameti probably died
before his tomb was completed.
- Now what?
- I wonder!
- Snowshoes, snap on your flashlight!
- Yes'm.
- But something done knocked it out of my hand.
- Well, find it.!
Oh, Lordy, there's something
in here with us. Look.
Oh, she got me.! Oh, she got me.!
She got me.! Oh, Lordy,
I'm here with this ghost.! Oh, Lord
- Excuse me, Mr. Tom.
- Get away with that thing!
- See where it went?
- Came in here.
Well, it's a cinch
it isn't in here now.
Very strange.
Sekhmet disappear
like, uh, Cheshire Cat...
of Alice
in Land of Wonder.
Stumps me.
Looks like somebody's
gunning for us.
As son Lee would say,
you telling me.
The powder is
a harmless sedative, effendi...
prescribed quite regularly
by Dr. Anton Racine.
Dr. Racine perhaps
buy mapouchari here?
No, no. I do not
sell the drug at all.
- No?
- No.
Thank you so much.
Effendi Snowshoes.
Oh, mister, I ain't
feelin' so good this morning, ya hear?
Tonight, we go
to burial ground...
and steal the mummy
of your sacred ancestors.
I don't know. But after last night,
graveyards, hants and me...
gonna be strangers,
total and complete.
I am first-class servant!
I am best dragoman
in Luxor!
- Good evening, effendi.
- Good evening. Professor Thurston in?
He's in the laboratory
with Dr. Racine...
and the other
learned gentleman from Luxor.
The anatomical investigation
to determine the cause...
of Professor Arnold's death
is in progress.
- Other learned gentlemen are police?
- The police, effendi.
Thank you so much.
Oh, pardon.
May ask question, please?
Certainly, effendi.
Ancient Egyptians familiar
with effects of, uh, mapouchari?
The ancients had knowledge
of many things.
Of, uh, mapouchari?
Perhaps so.
I could not say.
Thank you so much.
- Oh, good evening, Mr. Chan.
- Good evening.
- That will be all.
- Your Excellency, may I present Mr. Chan?
His Excellency Fouad Soueida
of the police department in Luxor.
- So pleased.
- Pleasure indeed, Mr. Chan...
but under unfortunate
and most perplexing circumstances.
Cannot read printing
in new book until pages cut.
Oh, yes. Professor Thurston
has explained...
that you have been good enough
to interest yourself in the case.
We will be most grateful
for the benefit of such assistance...
as you may be able
to offer.
Very pleased to cooperate.
Am certain matter now
in most efficient hands.
Oh, thank you.
I believe
that is all for now.
I will make my report
at once.
- Good night, Doctor.
- Good night, sir.
- Good night, Mr. Chan.
- Good night.
Oh, you have list of articles
from Ameti tomb?
Oh, yes. I had Edfu Ahmad
prepare it for you today.
If you'll excuse me.
- You have determined cause of death?
- Yes.
There's evidence that
a heavy blow at the base of the brain...
a cerebral hemorrhage.
- Also find small incision at jugular vein?
- Yes.
Made for purpose of draining blood
to mummify body.
That seems rather
an obvious conclusion.
Conclusion also obvious.
Operation performed
by hands of expert.
A sharp knife in the hands
of any intelligent person...
could accomplish the same thing.
Many intelligent persons
afraid even to touch sharp knife.
Bullet near heart removed?
Of course not. Professor Thurston
explained last night...
that it had nothing to do with Arnold's death.
So sorry.
Memory very bad sometimes.
You have a theory about this,
of course.
Theory like mist on eyeglasses
obscures facts.
Our local authorities have
very clear vision, Mr. Chan.
- You'll find them most helpful.
- Yes.
Thank you so much.
- Tom?
- Yes, dear?
There's no reason
for our staying in Egypt now.
Now, don't you worry.
It's just a matter of a little while
until we can get things settled here...
then we'll all be going home.
- Shall I ask him to stop?
- No, please don't.
It seems to take his thoughts
off all that's happened.
Tom, I'm worried about Barry.
This superstition of the tomb,
it's-it's beginning to affect his mind.
Oh, Carol, I didn't know
that you and Tom had returned.
We only took a short walk.
- You won't mind if I go in now, dear, will you?
- Of course not.
- Good night.
- Good night.
- How's she feeling, Tom?
- She's worried over Barry.
He's letting that foolishness about Sekhmet
scare the life out of him.
With all that's happened,
you can hardly blame the boy.
So sorry to intrude.
Did you find the list of items
correct, Mr. Chan?
- Thank you so much.
- Then if there's nothing else this evening
Uh, please, time now to discuss matter
of great importance.
- Yes?
- May ask question, please?
- Certainly.
- Can explain perhaps, uh...
effects of drug mapouchari?
Well, the effects depend largely
on the individual.
- Yes?
- In general...
the victim loses all sense
of time and reality.
He suffers from false convictions,
If the doses are sufficiently powerful,
death ensues.
That is perhaps explanation.
Explanation of what,
Mr. Chan?
Strange mental condition
of Miss Arnold last night.
You mean she was drugged?
Analysis of cigarettes today
disclose mapouchari.
- What?
- Surprised...
you did not recognize
the symptoms...
which you described
so clearly, Doctor.
This is incredible.
Why should anyone
do such a thing?
Problem still to be solved.
- Perhaps Mr. Barry has answer.
- What do you mean?
Remarks made last night
suggest he know...
where father was searching
for secret treasure.
That knowledge most dangerous.
Important we speak
with Mr. Barry at once.
Very well.
Barry, what is it?
Let's get him to bed, quickly.
- He's dead.
- Dead?
Apparently a violent reaction
of the heart...
which may be occasioned
by sudden shock or terrific fright.
But what could've caused it?
We were all on the patio.
- We saw nothing.
- The gods of Egypt are powerful gods.
Their vengeance has taken
Professor Arnold, and now his son.
What do you know of the death
of Professor Arnold and Barry?
Sekhmet's warning
was not heeded.
Excuse, please.
Avenging goddess not responsible...
for mapouchari in cigarettes.
I know nothing of that.
Well, who supplies
cigarettes for Miss Arnold?
Why, you.
You buy those cigarettes.
Tom, call the police.
Don't move, effendi!
The police cannot help you now.
This household
is marked for death.
Stay where you are, effendis.
You knew there was danger.
Then you must've suspected this madman.
Why didn't you warn us?
Your carelessness
is responsible for that boy's death.
Most regretful.
Impossible to prepare defense
until direction of attack is known.
- Shall I call the police?
- Yes.
One moment, please.
May call police
if you so desire...
but shall continue investigation
in own way.
Extend deepest sympathy.
Good night.
I'll be back later.
- Mr. Chan?
- Yes?
What are you gonna do now?
Have curiosity
to visit tomb...
where goddess Sekhmet
mysteriously disappeared last night.
- Let's go.
- Yes.
Hey, Snowshoes,
come on with that light.
Yes'm, but I was just seein'
if anything was behind us...
'fore it get in there
ahead of us.
Go ahead.
Have made search
for secret way out?
We've checked every inch
of the place a dozen times.
This was the storage room?
Hieroglyphics and symbols
different from other rooms.
- You know meaning?
- That upper border is Ameti's prayer...
to the goddess Sekhmet
for protection.
- And, uh, these?
- Merely ornamentation.
The design alternates
with the symbols expressing life...
and death,
and so on across.
Story of man very short.
Life, death.
Life, death.
Am reminded of ancient sage
Confucius who writes, uh...
"From life to death
is reach of man."
- Observe?
- That's good logic, all right...
but it doesn't
get us anywhere.
Most peculiar.
Ghost of Sekhmet disappear
in room of mystic symbols.
Try both together.
Mr. Tom, you stirrin' up
them hants again.
Is that a grave?
Secret waters which Mr. Barry
mention last night.
- Snowshoes, bring the light.
- Yes'm, but
Say, do you think Barry
really knew about this?
Hasty conclusion easy to make
like hole in water.
I wonder who that was
masquerading as Sekhmet.
Murderer of Professor Arnold
who tried to frighten us from tomb.
Direction of current indicate...
water flow under rock.
If there's a current, that means
this water comes from the Nile.
It's a cinch there's something
on the other side.
Good swimmer could maybe
dive under, find out?
- Nothing like trying.
- But, Mr. Tom...
you oughtn't dive in
them hants' swimmin' hole.
- Quiet, Snowshoes.
- Would recommend extreme caution.
Now, don't worry about me.
- Waterproof.
- Thanks.
And you're gonna have to hold your breath
you don't know how long.
Well, here goes.
Hey, Mr. Tom, you forgot to take off
your wristwatch!
Somethin' must've done happened.
He ain't said nothin' yet.
Professor Arnold.
WhyWhat do you
Look, Mr. Chang.
He must've made it all right.
Mr. Tom, that you?
- Mr. Tom?
- Come, please.
Yes'm, but we oughta wait
before we know where we goin'.
- Look!
- Mr. Tom?
- Is he hurt bad?
- Help, please.
- Must get Mr. Evans to doctor at once.
- Yeah.
Come on, come on.
Oh, excuse, please.
Professor Thurston
gone long?
- He went into Luxor to see the police.
- Oh.
- Mr. Chan?
- Yes?
I hope Effendi Evans
will get well.
Kind thoughts
add favorable weight...
in balance
of life and death.
Professor Thurston
has returned?
No, effendi.
Inform, please,
will be in laboratory.
Is he going to be all right,
He has a very good chance.
I hardly know what
to suggest, Your Excellency.
Would you care to start
your investigation in Barry's room?
All in good time, Professor.
I shall take care of everything.
Pardon, effendi. Mr. Chan
is waiting for you in the laboratory.
- Mr. Chan?
- I thought you told him to go.
Will you please come with us,
Your Excellency?
What are you doing here,
Mr. Chan?
Pardon intrusion
of unwelcome presence...
but have learned something
of great interest.
His Excellency
will be judge of that.
Most happy to have Excellency's
distinguished opinion.
Also of Miss Arnold,
if you would be so kind.
Very well, Mr. Chan.
Your prying into our affairs
has brought us nothing but misfortune.
First it was Barry,
and now it's Tom.
- What's happened to Tom?
- Attempt made on life tonight...
in Ameti tomb.
- Two bullets in chest.
- Where is he?
Oh, wait, please.
He's still unconscious.
Dr. Jaipur is with him now
in the guest room.
You had no right to expose Tom
to such danger.
We looked to you for protection,
which you haven't given us.
- I'll have to ask you to leave, Mr. Chan.
- That is already arranged.
- His Excellency is taking charge.
- Thank you.
Regret humble efforts
have been unsuccessful.
Admitting failure
like drinking bitter tea.
One last request.
Permission, please,
to perform simple demonstration?
Thank you so much.
Sealed tube like this could contain
enough gas to cause death?
That would depend upon
the kind of gas used...
also the amount inhaled
by the victim.
At time of death,
Mr. Barry playing violin.
Observe hole
through which murderer...
insert tube of deadly gas
into sound box.
All very interesting,
Mr. Chan.
But how could your murderer have broken
the tube while Barry was playing?
Murderer very ingenious.
He knew scientific fact...
that very thin glass
vibrate to certain sound.
Will demonstrate.
While playing, Mr. Barry's face
directly over sound vent.
Inhale deadly gas.
Die almost instantly.
You have established motive,
Mr. Chan?
Motive for murders
of professor and son very clear.
Of course.
What is it?
Discover hidden room
in tomb tonight...
also clothing
of Professor Arnold.
- Then he did find the Ameti treasure?
- Yes.
And someone else
having same knowledge...
kill professor
to keep treasure for self.
Then when
murderer believe...
son Barry also know secret,
kill him too.
Edfu Ahmad! That explains
the ravings about the vengeance of Sekhmet.
Head mask of goddess
also found.
Mask used by murderer
to frighten intruders away from tomb.
When device fail,
murderer resort...
to more practical methods
as in case
of Mr. Tom Evans tonight.
Did Mr. Evans see
who fired the shots?
Bullet mark on flashlamp
prove light focused on guilty man.
- Then I must talk to him at once.
- Excuse, please.
Must not disturb
at present.
When conscious,
Mr. Evans will name murderer.
Case now in your hands,
Good-bye, gentlemen.
Thank you so much.
Well, Your Excellency?
It is really
a very simple matter.
All we have to do now
is to capture Edfu Ahmad...
and have, uh, Mr. Evans
identify him.
- Oh, Mr. Chan?
- Yes?
If I've been rude, l
I owe you an apology.
I resented your attitude
of suspicion.
I didn't realize how cleverly
you were handling this matter.
Thank you so much.
You don't seem to realize
you are dealing with a fanatic, a madman.
Edfu Ahmad must be captured
dead or alive!
And send a troop of my men here
to keep watch outside.
Yes, yes. Immediately.
Sorry to keep you waiting, Your Excellency.
These were in my room.
Thank you. Mm-hmm.
- Pardon me.
- Yes, Doctor?
- Is Dr. Racine still here?
- Why, I think you'll find him on the patio.
Then with your permission,
I shall leave the patient in his care.
How soon will I be able
to talk with Mr. Evans, Doctor?
It may be some time before he
recovers consciousness, Your Excellency.
Hmm. Then there's nothing to do
but wait.
- Good evening, Dr. Racine.
- Good evening.
I trust you understand this emergency
required immediate attention...
- and you were not available.
- Certainly.
I'm very glad that Mr. Evans
was in such capable hands.
- Thank you, sir. Good night.
- Good night.
- Oh!
- Oh, I'm sorry I startled you.
One of my lancets is missing,
and I thought perhaps Dr. Jaipur...
might've borrowed it
and left it here.
I'm sure I don't know.
Have you noticed any change?
He seems all right.
Oh, he must get well.
Would you mind opening
the window a little, please?
Has Tom
recovered consciousness?
Not yet.
He has a slight temperature...
but that's to be expected.
Then if there's no immediate
danger, you'd better get some rest, dear.
- But, UncleJohn, l
- Now, Carol, remember, you've been ill.
Come, let me get you
something to make you sleep.
- I'm all right.
- Now, don't worry.
I'll let you know the moment
there's any change.
I'll be back shortly.
One moment, please.
Do not move.
Place knife on table.
- Here are your police, Mr. Chang.
- Thank you so much.
- What has happened, Mr. Chan?
- And where did you find that lancet?
It was missing from my case.
Very clever thought...
to insert lancet
into bullet wound...
to make silent only witness
who could accuse you.
But what about Edfu Ahmad?
Entirely innocent.
Fanatic devotion
to resting place of ancestors...
provide excellent shield
for real murderer.
You kill Professor Arnold
for Ameti treasure.
You drugged
Miss Carol's cigarettes...
to discount anxiety
over disappearance of father.
Later, when Mr. Barry appeared
to have knowledge of treasure...
kill him also
to keep secret.
And tonight, shoot Mr. Evans
when he recognize you in tomb.
Bullet which wound
Professor Arnold six months ago...
and one which wound Mr. Evans
tonight fired from same gun
your gun.
Take him away.
You have been very helpful,
Mr. Chan.
Thank you so much.
Most grateful
for very able assistance.
It was terrible
sitting here waiting...
wondering how your plan
would work out.
Courage greatest devotion
to those we love.
Good-bye, Effendi Snowshoes.
Yes'm, but where
you go from here?
Journey of life
like feather on stream
must continue with current.
Yes. Sir?
I guess you right,
but I'm goin' with you.
- Carol.
- Tom, darling!