Charlie Chan in London (1934) Movie Script

- That's got you.
- Let's have a look here.
Perhaps you've got me,
perhaps you ain't.
- What's that?
- Don't know, I'm sure.
It's your sister.
The petition,
have you heard yet?
It- It was rejected.
Well, that's that.
Paul. Paul, listen to me.
You can't give up hope.
- I haven't.
- Oh, what's the use?
- Listen. Geoffrey Richmond has arranged-
- What can he do?
He's been our best friend
through all this horrible time.
Now he's arranged for me
to meet the home secretary today.
Don't you see how different it will be
to talk to them personally?
I'll make them see
that they can't-
I'm an ungrateful devil.
I hope she won't
be much longer.
We've got to be at
the home secretary's office by 12:30.
I don't think it'll do
much good, Richmond...
though it was decent of you
to arrange the interview.
- How is he?
- I think he's a little more hopeful now.
- Shouldn't we be starting?
- Yes, we can just do it.
Miss Gray, every particle
of evidence in this case...
has been thoroughly sifted...
finally before the court of appeal.
There is therefore nothing
that can be done to help your brother.
You must understand that in this matter
I am merely the mouthpiece of the state.
But we're supposed
to be civilized.
Surely there must be some way of
stopping the state from committing murder.
State? Murder?
Isn't it murder if the state
kills an innocent man?
Miss Gray, your brother has been
tried and found guilty.
The court of appeal sustained
the original verdict...
and a petition for reprieve
has been rejected.
There is absolutely
nothing to be done.
The law must take
its course.
I- I've every sympathy,
of course, for you.
- Here, Miss Gray, drink this.
- Let me have that.
Thank you.
I'm all right now.
I hope everyone will forgive me
for behaving like this.
Hadn't you better
rest longer, Miss Gray?
No, thank you.
I'm perfectly all right.
- Will you take me home now, Neil?
- You sure you're all right, dear?
Yes. Only ashamed of myself.
May I lend you my car?
No, thank you.
Neil will drive me.
- Thank you again.
- I wish I could do something that would really help.
Oh, you've been wonderful,
Oh, Mr. Kemp, was that Gray's sister
who just went out with those gentlemen?
- Yes. Poor child.
- Fancy such a sweet girl like that...
having such a fiend
for a brother.
That dreadful knife.
They say the head was almost
severed from the body.
That will do,
Miss Judson.
You know, I have the most curious
feeling about the Gray case.
- Really, Mr. Kemp?
- That poor child's faith makes me wonder...
whether, in spite of all the evidence,
there could have been a mistake.
I wish that I had
the power to help her.
Yes, Sir Lionel.
- Close the Barstow files today.
- Yes, sir.
Has Inspector Chan arrived?
No, sir, Mr. Chan is not here yet.
- Excuse, please. Observe humble presence.
- Oh, I beg your pardon.
Sir Lionel,
Mr. Chan has just come in.
- Show him in at once.
- Certainly, Sir Lionel.
I'm sorry. I'm afraid
I didn't hear you come in.
Excuse silent movement.
Habit of profession.
Yes. If you will come with me,
the home secretary will see you immediately.
Thank you so much.
Inspector Chan, Sir Lionel.
Was that the Chinese detective who caught
Barstow in Honolulu and brought him over here?
Yes, a wonderful piece
of detective work.
The British government, Mr. Chan,
is therefore very deeply indebted to you.
Much honored to be
of humble service to British lion.
It's remarkable, Mr. Chan,
how you ever suspected Barstow.
He puts up
an excellent front.
Front seldom tell truth.
To know occupants of house,
always look in backyard.
- Provided there is one.
- Excuse.
Every front has back...
and little things tell big story,
even in this room.
Why, what do you mean?
Today you have had most
distressing interview...
with lady.
Much disturbed lady
who is very anxious.
That's quite true.
How did you arrive at that?
Observe, please.
Tearing hands
suggest torn heart.
You certainly have
sharp eyes, Mr. Chan.
Humble eyes
have much practice.
It just bears out what our chief inspector
of the police told me today.
We were speaking
of the Martin case.
He said no other detective in the world
could have solved it.
Extravagant praise.
But thank you so much.
And now, Mr. Chan,
perhaps you'll tell me...
if there's anything we can do to assist you
in your journey back to Honolulu.
Very grateful, but all passport mysteries
have been solved.
Hello? Knightsbridge 4243?
Miss Gray, please.
This is Sir Lionel Bashford's
private secretary speaking.
Would you ask Miss Gray to
call me immediately she returns?
Thank you. Yes.
- Mr. Chan?
- That is humble name.
I- I'm Pamela Gray.
Uh, a friend sent me to see you.
I must speak to you.
Much regret, but no time.
In one hour catch train
for boat to Honolulu.
Please, I'm desperate.
I implore you
at least to listen to me!
Please to enter.
Mr. Chan, I'm in
the most terrible trouble.
There's no one in London- no one
in the world who can help me except you.
World is large.
Me lowly Chinaman.
Oh, you-you must help me.
You are much troubled.
You rest.
You-You know this trouble?
Yes. My name is Howard.
Neil Howard.
- Miss Gray and I are engaged to be married.
- Oh.
That is good.
If you will honor other room
with your presence.
Now you stay here and rest, dear.
I'll explain everything to him.
Thank you.
Excuse, please,
but I must catch train.
You talk, I listen.
Begin at best place-
You must have read in the papers
about the stable murder case.
Only headlines.
Miss Gray is Paul Gray's sister-
his only relative, in fact.
- That is bad.
- I can give you the facts very briefly.
The murder was committed
three months ago in the stables...
of a Mr. Richmond's
country house in Retfordshire.
Gray was Richmond's
hunt secretary.
Hamilton was the murdered man.
He was a weekend guest.
At the trial the circumstantial evidence
against Gray was overwhelming.
But his sister is utterly convinced
of her brother's innocence...
- and therefore she thinks that-
- One moment, please.
- You are?
- Oh, I should have explained.
Uh, I'm a barrister.
What you would call an attorney.
- I defended Gray at the trial.
- You have appealed case?
Yes, but in England,
there's only one appeal.
Gray's was rejected.
He is to be hanged in three days.
Then only way
to save brother...
- is to prove someone else real murderer.
- Exactly.
And find him before
9:00 on Friday morning.
Now- Now 4:00 Tuesday.
Only 65 small hours.
Lady's faith in powers
of humble self most puzzling.
Detective cannot
work miracle.
Yet a miracle is the only thing
that could save him.
One question, please.
Very important.
You yourself believe
brother innocent?
Well, uh, is that
question necessary?
You believe
brother innocent?
Of course, I-
- You!
- Pamela!
Don't try to excuse yourself!
I never want to see you again!
Pamela, wait!
Well, it's been a great season,
Jardine, don't you think?
- Yes. I'm sorry it's nearly over.
- So am I.
You don't know how swell it is
to be back here again.
You Americans mustn't get too keen on
hunting or there'll be no foxes left for us.
- Or horses either. What?
- I didn't say anything.
- Where is the meet on Thursday?
- Here.
That means a good day.
And just the country that suits Hellcat.
By the way, Mary, I've decided
that you're not to ride that mare again.
She's nappy.
Isn't she, Jardine?
Not a woman's horse.
Reluctantly compelled to agree.
The mare is incorrigibl-
She's mine and the best hunter
in the country.
Who are you to
give me orders anyway?
Your future husband, darling.
Had you forgotten?
Listen. Give you
a word of advice.
Never get married.
Bunny, please be quiet.
See what I mean?
Well, in spite of advice,
I'm still going to marry you.
And in a month
you'll do as I tell you.
You're just a bully.
I'll go and find someone
who really appreciates me.
And I'll help you.
- May I have a word with you, sir?
- What is it, Phillips?
- I agree with Richmond on two counts.
- Mm-hmm.
- One: You're adorable.
- Jerry, please.
Two: You shouldn't ride
that mare. She's crazy.
Another bully.
I can't bear the thought
of your ever being hurt.
- Garton, excuse us a moment, will you?
- Certainly.
- What's the matter, Geoffrey?
- Pamela's here. She wants to see us at once.
I wonder what's happened.
- Pamela!
- Mary.
- What's the matter, Pamela?
- I hope you don't mind my coming here like this.
Oh, my dear child. You couldn't have done
anything better, could she, Mary?
- Why, of course not. - I- I feel as if
the bottom had dropped out of everything.
- What's happened, Pam?
- Neil thinks Paul's guilty.
- What?
- It's impossible. Why, at the trial he-
He's never believed
Paul was innocent.
And today he told someone
who might have helped.
And now I've got
to start all over again.
Oh, my dear.
Geoffrey, what can we do?
My dear, don't worry.
We'll think of something.
I tell you what. You take her upstairs.
Give her the west room.
Then we'll get rid of everyone
who isn't staying as quickly as we can.
And then the three of us will talk
this thing over properly. Come on, dear.
- Oh, Phillips.
- Sir?
- Miss Gray is staying. She will have the west room.
- Yes, sir.
- See to it that she's not disturbed on any account.
- Very well, sir.
Good evening.
Miss Gray is here?
- Miss Pamela Gray?
- Miss Gray has retired.
If you wish to see her,
you must return in the morning.
- Highly important I see her now.
- Miss Gray has retired.
There are strict orders she's not to be
disturbed. Return in the morning.
Thank you so much.
Have a nice cup of tea, miss.
It'll make you feel ever so much better.
- No, I don't want anything.
- Not a nice hot cup of tea, miss?
Oh, do.
Please leave me alone.
Saints alive!
Excuse, please.
- Mr. Chan.
- Don't let him get his hands on you, miss!
Don't be stupid, Perkins.
I know the gentleman. Now go, please.
And don't say anything to anyone.
Thousand apologies.
Unceremonious entry due to
butler's doubts of humble self.
But why are you here?
- I have seen your brother.
- And you believe?
That what you think
may be truth.
Then you are going to help?
Humble endeavors will be
in that direction.
Mr. Phillips! Mr. Phillips!
We'll all be dead in our beds!
- What's the meaning of this conduct?
- What'll we do?
- There's an horrible murdering man climbing all over the house.
- Have you been drinking?
I have not! Didn't I see him with me own
eyes climbing into Miss Gray's window?
- What?
- So help me, it's the truth. And he's hypnotizing her.
I think most of the people
who testified at the trial are here.
There's Mr. Richmond.
Oh, Phillips,
take Mr. Chan into the study.
Very well, madam.
This way, please.
Thank you so much.
- Hey, there!
- Oh, hello.
- I say, what about a little drink?
- No, thanks, Bunny.
- Well, what about committing
a slight spot of "hoppery"?
- Sorry, Bunny, she's dancing with me.
- What, again?
Oh, Bunny,
please be quiet.
Can't we sit this one out?
I want to talk to you.
I thought you wanted
to dance.
I just wanted to be
with you, that's all.
I wish you wouldn't
go on like this, Jerry.
- I can't help myself. You're so-
- Please, Jerry.
- What's the matter, dear?
- I'll explain later.
We've gotta get everyone here who gave
evidence at Gray's trial into the study.
Will you get rid of the rest? Make any excuse
to get rid of them while I collect the others.
Yes, dear.
And now you all know
who Mr. Chan is and why he's here.
And I feel certain that you'll all
give him every possible assistance.
Thank you so much.
If you will
all sit, please.
Now, please, uh-
If Mr. Gray not guilty...
then some other person
is murderer.
Only method
to save Mr. Gray...
is to find
this other quick...
in 57 hours.
Now, please...
tell briefly events
of sad night.
Well, after dinner Gray came
in here and Hamilton followed.
Please excuse.
They both live in this house?
No, Paul Gray was my hunt secretary
and stayed here during the hunting season...
but Captain Hamilton
was just down for the weekend.
Captain Hamilton
was soldier?
No, air force. But he and Gray
had never got on very well together.
- They were always-
- Excuse, please.
Ancient history
not necessary.
I'm sorry. On the night
of the murder...
Hamilton followed Gray
into this room.
There was no one else here,
but they were heard quarreling violently.
- Who heard?
- Mr. Fothergill...
Major Jardine
and Mr. Garton.
That's right. Devil of a row.
Hamilton shouting.
Gray shouting.
Sounded like a politic-
a polit-
a political demonstration.
please sit down!
Thank you so much.
- Other witness, please.
- Yes.
They were quarreling,
all right.
I heard them from the hall.
It was about that chorus girl.
- Excuse, please. Only events.
- Sorry.
And third witness?
Where's Garton?
He wasn't anywhere about.
I sent Phillips to look for him.
Where could he have gone?
Do you want to wait?
No. Time is enemy here.
I think Mr. Jardine...
can tell events
that took place after quarrel.
Well, I, um-
I thought I'd better stop the row
before any of the women heard.
I was just outside the door.
- Fothergill was behind me.
- That's right.
Continue, please.
Through the door
I heard Hamilton say...
"Remember what
I've told you. "
And then Gray shouted something.
And then I heard those windows...
opening and slamming shut.
Opening and slamming shut.
- Yes. You enter?
- No.
Obviously one of them
had left the room and I-
I decided to mind
my own business.
Admirable British quality.
And, uh, next event,
Two hours later Garton and Jardine
went over to the stables...
and found Hamilton's body.
As they were walking over, Garton noticed
Gray coming back towards the house.
I wonder where
the deuce Garton is.
Why were you going to stable
so late at night?
One of Garton's horses
was sick.
We were going to have a last look
at it before going to bed.
I understand.
Then nobody see Hamilton alive
after bang of window?
I haven't been able
to find Mr. Garton, sir...
but I'll continue
to look for him.
Thank you so much.
There is something
which belongs here.
Is it twin of this?
And murderer
use missing knife?
It was lying by the body.
The police have it now.
I see.
There were fingerprints?
No. It was maintained
that Gray wore gloves.
Strange that crime of passion
should be committed with gloved hand.
Yes, but the prosecution held that
this was a premeditated crime...
- and unfortunately a pair of
gloves were found- - Wait, please.
If Mr. Gray not murderer...
must forget all evidence
at trial.
No time to expose lies.
Must expose truth.
Now, please,
would much like...
everybody to go with me
to stables.
Stables? What for?
Crime to be reconstructed.
Method of French police.
Sometime very good.
Garton was over there when he saw Gray
disappear behind that hedge.
And, uh, where was
body found?
In the stables
near the end box.
I see. Please,
in absence of Mr. Garton...
you and Mr. Jardine help
proceed with reconstruction.
Certainly. Jardine.
Let us proceed. Uh-
Humbly suggest you be Hamilton,
you be murderer.
It seems like a lot
of childish nonsense to me.
Look here, Richmond,
do we really have to do this?
Mr. Chan is
in charge, Jardine.
Maybe I not clear.
Crime to be-
- Yes, I understand, I understand.
- Thank you so much.
Here, here!
What's all this?
It's all right, Lake.
You can go back to bed.
Very well, sir.
Beg pardon, sir.
- Who?
- That's Lake, my stud groom.
Regret do not understand
English, only American.
Well, he's my chief groom-
my head lad- boss horseman.
Oh, I catch.
- And now.
- What the deuce!
Only knife from study.
You are murderer.
You are Hamilton.
Kindly go into stable.
Please take.
Look here,
this is outrageous!
Take knife, please.
Now, you go in.
Pretend to strike...
as prosecution say
real Hamilton was struck.
Then leave knife
where you find real knife.
Now, please,
proceed with murder.
Steady, old girl, steady.
- Can't we get out of here and do this somewhere else?
- See what your nonsense has done?
What troubles
noble animal?
Lake! Lake!
Here, steady, old girl. Whoa. Steady. Easy.
- Hurry, Lake!
- Whoa there!
What's all the noise,
you old cow?
That's Lady Mary Bristol's horse.
See what happens with your foolery?
Why, you might have gone-
That'll do, Jardine.
Hellcat will be quiet now that Lake's here.
He can do anything with her.
Control of noble animal
by lowly man.
Most interesting.
That light, it was on when
you find body of Hamilton?
No, Garton switched
it on after.
Then not on now.
If you think I'm going through with
this tomfoolery now-
The least we can do is
to follow instructions.
Oh, all right,
all right.
I wonder if they've forgotten
all about us? I wonder. Hmm?
Come on, Jardine.
Oh, Betty, please be quiet.
Look here, I've had
about enough of this.
Please, now drop knife in place
where you find other knife.
- That is right?
- Yes.
Please rise.
When can I do something?
- What's going on here?
- I'll explain.
It's the "reconstriction" of the "crim. "
No, the re- "reconstruction-striction"
of the "crim-" the crime.
You know. It's French.
Practically infallible.
You know, you act
what's happened...
and then you know
who's done it, see?
- Oh, Bunny, please.
- I won't!
Where have you been,
Just walking.
Then in my room.
Heard an awful racket in the stables.
What horse is cutting up?
Hellcat. She always
gets like that if Lake isn't with her.
Where have you been? We've been
looking all over the place for you.
This is Mr. Garton.
Do you want to speak to him?
- Not now. All this is finished.
- Right. Shall we go back?
Wait, please.
One question.
Mr. Gray was secretary to hunt.
Is there new secretary?
- Yes, Major Jardine.
- Oh.
Please, take ladies
and gentlemen back to house.
- I stay here.
- On to something?
Want to talk
to number one horseboy.
- Right. Can you find your way back?
- Yes, thank you.
All right, everybody,
come along.
Mr. Chan will join us
when he's ready.
- Excuse, please.
- What do you want?
- I am very curious man.
- I ain't got no time to waste answering questions!
I've got my sleep to get,
the same as other people.
It is unasked question
which prevent sleep.
What are you tryin' to do?
We don't like foreigners
messing around here.
Englishman mind own business.
Not always Chinaman.
If you've got anything
to ask me, ask me.
And get it over.
Not as though I'll answer!
Three questions only.
Very simple.
First: You were here upstairs
in your apartment when murder was done?
Apartment. That ain't no
blooming apartment. That's me loose box.
You were in this, uh, box
when murder was done?
No. Why don't you read
the newspapers?
I wasn't here because it was me night off.
I was out, see?
With me girl, see?
I can prove it.
- I did prove it!
- I understand.
You make holiday.
Thank you.
Now, second question.
This noble animal, he was here
in same place on night of murder?
If you mean Hellcat,
she's a mare.
Yes, of course she was here.
She's always here!
- What of it?
- I see. Thank you.
Third question.
You did not then see body
of Hamilton lying there?
I tell you I wasn't here!
I was out!
It was me night off!
Ain't it enough for you?
Yes, enough for present.
Perhaps more later.
Thank you so much.
Mr. Chan.
Tell me, have you found out anything?
- Something I do not understand.
- What is it?
You were in house here...
the night
Hamilton is killed?
Yes, I was here
for the weekend. Why?
Did anyone in house
hear noise...
from noble animal
the night of murder?
Oh, you mean
a horse cutting up?
No, I remember no noise, and I haven't
heard anyone else say there was.
Perhaps it wouldn't
be heard.
Oh, yes, Mr. Garton hear noise
from house just now.
No noise was mentioned
at trial?
- No.
- Very good.
Tell me what all
this means, please.
- Don't you realize there's less
than three days before- - I know.
I will tell you.
Certain noble animal,
Cat of Hell...
always cut up
when strangers near...
unless Lake is present.
But noble animal
make no noise...
when Hamilton killed
outside its apartment.
Oh, I see. Yes.
Yes, and Lake was supposed to be out that
night. Mr. Chan, have you spoken to him?
A little, but enough.
- What'd he say?
- Many words meaning nothing.
- Except that he is afraid.
- You mean you think he is really-
Thoughts are like
noble animal-
unchecked, they run away
causing painful smashup.
But what are you going to do? Aren't you
going to see him now and make him tell?
- Later, after sunrise.
- But why waste time?
Oh, please, don't you see
how little time there is? Why must we wait?
Lake now with himself.
Alone. He thinks.
He is afraid.
He will be more afraid.
More fear, more talk.
More talk,
more chance for us.
What else can you expect but to have your
throat cut when there's murdering men...
climbing all over the house?
Roger said he looked like
a nice, kind gentleman.
Kind? He's a sneaking,
Look at him now, creeping about.
Why did he leave the house at 6:00 and
pretend he wasn't coming back till afternoon?
- Good morning.
- Why, what-what are you doing down here?
What I am asked to do.
You-You mean you're
helping Pam- Miss Gray?
That is humble endeavor.
But may I return question to giver?
What you do here?
Well, I- I wanted to see Pamela,
but I was thrown out.
- Thrown out?
- I mean, she wouldn't see me. She gave orders.
But you're still here.
Yes, I-
Yes, like the fool
that I am, I-
Oh, what's the use of trying to explain?
You wouldn't understand.
No, there are many things
I do not understand.
- What do you want?
- To see, please, Mr. Lake and talk to him.
You can see him,
but you can't talk to him.
How this?
Suicide. And what's it
got to do with you?
There's no need to take
that tone, Thacker.
This is Mr. Chan. He's staying with me.
He's a detective himself.
Chan, this is Detective Sergeant Thacker
of the county police.
- Delighted to meet.
- How are ya?
What on earth induced Lake
to kill himself?
- When you talked to him last night, did he-
- One moment, please.
Yes, it is all there.
Nearly good imitation.
- Imitation? What do you mean?
- Murder.
- Murder?
- Mr. Chang enjoys his joke.
Murder not very good joke.
Quite unfunny.
I don't understand
what your idea is.
No idea. Facts.
Little things tell story.
See? Money talks.
What are you driving at?
Man in lowly station...
does not kill self
when possessing much money.
Aren't you rather jumping
at conclusions?
No. Conclusions jump at me.
Note man's hand.
Observe. Gun held
with finger on trigger.
But death wound
in center of brow.
Only way to make that wound...
use thumb on trigger.
- So.
- By Jove, you're right.
To make that wound with...
finger on trigger,
But who on earth
would want to murder Lake?
Answer to that question
highly desirable.
I see what you're
driving at, Mr. Chang.
You mean it wasn't suicide.
That was humble deduction.
I must make a note of this. That's our method here
- make notes of everything.
Large sum of money.
Wound, center of forehead.
Humbly suggest only authorities
should know this not suicide.
I don't quite understand.
Let murderer feel safe.
That's a good idea.
Dead against
regulations, sir.
I'll have to take this up
with the chief constable.
It's all right. I'll speak to him.
He'll understand.
- Hello, Geoffrey.
- Hello.
They told us in the stables
about poor Lake.
Awful thing.
Anything we can do?
No. Nothing, thanks.
Everything's been done.
I'd have said he was the last fella
in the world to kill himself.
- If you're sure we can't help- - Quite
sure, thanks. Everything's been taken care of.
Thank you.
I noted it all down,
Mr. Chang.
Thank you so much.
Oh. Mr. Phillips.
- What do you want?
- Have they told you about Lake?
I heard that the unfortunate man
had committed suicide.
Suicide or not,
it's death.
Don't forget the words
of Alice Perkins.
There'll be death in this house
until we get rid of that...
creeping, murdering
foreign man.
This is no time for gossip.
Go on about your work.
Who's gossipin'?
- Oh, Phillips.
- Yes, madam.
- Have you seen Mr. Chan?
- No, madam. I have not.
But, uh...
lowly Chinaman here.
Saints alive!
Really, madam.
I had no idea the, uh...
gentleman was here.
Habit of being
sometimes invisible.
Very useful.
Oriental. Not British.
Is there anything further
that you require, madam?
- No, thank you. Nothing.
- Very well, madam.
- Mr. Chan, have you seen Lake?
- Yes.
What did he say?
What did you find out?
Nothing. He is dead.
Someone killed him, trying to make
it seem as if he killed himself.
Lake dead?
Then all that
you hoped for last night-
Oh, I told you
to see him then.
I'm sorry.
I was wrong.
- We must start again.
- Start again?
With less than 48 hours?
Oh, I wish to heaven
I'd never seen you.
You give me hope
and then-
Hope is not gone.
Lake cannot talk,
but death talks.
It tells something
we did not know before.
That real murderer
of Hamilton is here.
- It does.
- For lowly man, Lake had too much money.
Hush money...
given by murderer.
When I frightened Lake,
murderer must kill.
Couldn't we tell them
about Lake's murder?
And make them see that
this proves that Paul is innocent?
Wait, please.
Murder of Lake
proves nothing.
Except to us who believe
your brother innocent.
But what are we going to do?
There's so little time.
I work here.
Your work is to see that brother is told
of hope we have for him.
Yes, you're right.
And thank you.
- Good morning, Phillips.
- Good morning, sir.
Good morning.
Want something?
I'm busy. A lot of
hunt business to attend to.
Yes. I see.
Business of chasing fox.
Very interesting.
Yes. Last meet tomorrow.
Military training useful
for business of chasing fox?
Now, what the deuce do you mean,
"military training"?
You are major.
Therefore soldier.
You are hunt secretary.
Therefore I think perhaps-
Now look here, my good fellow.
In the first place, foxhunting has nothing
whatever to do with the army.
- No?
- Second, I was never a soldier.
Third, would you mind
not interrupting me?
So sorry, but understood
major army title.
If you must know, I was in the air force,
not the army.
Thank you so much.
- Pam!
- Paul, darling.
- What have you come for?
- To tell you that Mr. Chan has-
Has he found out anything?
What's he on to?
- Wait, darling. He has found out something.
- What is it?
- There's been another-
- Speak up, lady.
I'm sorry. Something's happened
down at Geoffrey's.
Something that makes it certain
that the real murderer is still there.
Has he told them at the home office?
If they knew-
His case isn't
strong enough yet, Paul.
They wouldn't realize
any connection with you.
But he knows.
Oh, Paul.
There's no time.
It's all useless.
Oh, but it isn't useless.
There is time.
Two days.
Not quite two days.
Why can't they kill me now?
Why do they make me wait?
Please, darling.
Please take hold of yourself.
Get out! Don't worry about me!
Don't think about me! I'm dead!
I've got a rope around my neck, and in
40 hours, they're gonna pull it tight...
- and my neck's gonna break, and I'll be dead, dead!
- Stop! Stop!
- For heaven's sake, stop!
- You best leave him be, miss.
- Do you really think I should go?
- Yes, miss.
He's much better
when it's quiet-like in here...
with just me and Bostock
to look after him.
All right.
I'll go.
- Is Miss Gray with her brother?
- Yes, sir.
Thank you. I'll wait.
Please, dear.
I've got to talk to you.
Why wouldn't you see me this morning
when I was down at Richmond's?
Please leave me alone.
But you've got to
listen to me.
- You must give me a chance to explain.
- Let me go.
Haven't you done enough? Can't you
understand I never want to see you again?
But how could Lake's death
possibly be connected with the Gray case?
Case like inside of radio-
many connections,
not all related.
Do you mean
you've got something?
But do not know what is.
Frequent state of mind
for detective.
I want to think you're right
about Gray, but sometimes I-
Well, I can't imagine
all that evidence was wrong.
Lot of evidence.
Too much.
You can lend
automobile in morning?
- Why, of course. Where do you want to go?
- To airdrome at Farnwell.
Air force camp?
What on earth for?
Charlie Chan
very curious man.
Want, uh, answer
to many questions.
Yes, but what-
Oh, Geoffrey.
I've been looking for you.
- Good evening.
- Chan and I were just talking about-
Humbly suggest such topics
not interesting at moment.
Excuse, please.
Don't think about it, dear.
But, Geoffrey,
what's happening to us?
All these dreadful things
one after the other.
- You mustn't worry so, Mary.
- But-
Well, I'm frightened. I-
I keep feeling some other
dreadful thing's going to happen.
Oh, darling.
Don't be foolish.
But, Geoffrey,
with poor Pam in the house...
I think it's awful
to be leading our normal useless lives.
Why, we're even going to
hunt tomorrow. It seems-
We're only doing exactly
what Chan wants us to.
- I suppose I'm being really silly.
- No, darling.
You're being what
you can't help being-
a very lovely person.
Now, madame, bed for you.
It's going to be
a hard day tomorrow.
What on earth?
Excuse, please.
When death enters window,
no time for life to go by door.
- What do you mean?
- I will show you.
Intended for my address.
Very curious missile.
From strong air pistol.
Yes, but why should
anyone want to-
Someone is afraid.
What's going on here?
Have been acting
part of bull's-eye.
- I don't follow you, Mr. Chang.
- Somebody's just tried to kill Chan.
- What?
- We must have the grounds searched immediately.
- I'll call my men.
- Wait, please.
Whoever tried to kill
humble self...
has had much time
to hide.
- Good night, Phillips.
- Good night, sir.
Now come on here.
Let's have a look at ya.
As I was coming up from the terrace,
I didn't see anybody...
but I heard this drop.
- What's that?
- I think original home of this.
I must make a note of this,
Mr. Chang.
- Excuse me, sir.
- What is it?
Two of the constables are
asking for Sergeant Thacker.
They've captured a man
lurking in the grounds.
- Tell them to bring him in here.
- Very good, sir.
There you are, Mr. Chang.
My men got him after all.
I don't know these
affectionate gentlemen...
but if they'd let me alone for a moment,
I might take off my hat.
You needn't hold him.
Who are ya?
Explain yourself.
Uh, surname: Howard.
Christian name: Neil.
Profession: Barrister-at-law.
Financial position: Sound.
Health: Good.
Social standing: Somewhat-
Wait a minute. Wait a minute.
I can't write as fast as that.
- Oh, this is ridiculous, Thacker.
- I'm very sorry, sir. I got my duty to do.
This man has got to explain why he's loitering
about in your grounds at this time of night.
- Mr. Richmond's a friend of mine, and I-
- Wait a minute. Wait a minute.
Excuse me, sir, but were you aware of this
gentleman's presence in the, uh, vicinity?
I- I know
Mr. Howard well. He-
What is this? What's half the county
police force doing here anyway?
The police are here
because Lake's dead...
and they are
investigating his death.
And what's more, a murder has
just been attempted in this room.
Immediately afterwards,
you're arrested in the grounds...
having no satisfactory explanation
for your presence.
- I shall have to detain you.
- Excuse, please.
But Mr. Howard
has business here.
Why? What do you know
about it, Mr. Chang?
- He come to see me.
- To see you?
Certainly. I want private talk
with Mr. Howard...
so I telephoned him
this morning.
I see, Mr. Chang.
I see.
But why didn't he come to the house
in the ordinary way?
Answer that.
- Well, I- I, uh-
- It is plain.
Mr. Howard is
man of feeling.
He does not want to
disturb household.
I must say I can't
follow this, Mr. Chang.
- Well, it's perfectly simple, isn't it?
- I'm very sorry, sir.
I know my duty
under regulations.
I shall have to detain
this gentleman.
Before you make arrest...
there is something
you should see.
There is nothing to see.
- Well, what-
- Shh.
Not loud, please.
Want to talk to you
I follow, Mr. Chang.
I follow.
Very smart trick,
Mr. Chang.
If you insist that
marksman was Mr. Howard...
I insist whole affair
one great big joke.
Meaning that you won't give evidence
or make a charge, Mr. Chang?
You are good marksman,
You hit bull's-eye.
Regulations are clear.
I ought to detain him.
If you want wild bird to sing,
do not put him in cage.
Wild bird...
- Good morning.
- Good morning, Colonel. How are you?
Of course it's true.
Richmond just told me so.
Under the circumstances,
do you think we should hunt?
Yes. They particularly want us
to go on as if nothing had happened.
Say, what's all the trouble? You fellows look
as if you're going to a funeral or something.
Someone tried to kill
Chan last night.
- What?
- Yes. Shot at him with some sort of an air gun.
Through the window
of that study.
Have they any idea who did it?
Apparently not.
It was very late and nobody was about.
- Why should they want to kill Chan?
- I haven't the remotest idea.
Thank you.
Oh, Phillips.
Have you seen Mr. Chan?
Not since 7:00,
Your Ladyship.
- He went away in the Rolls-Royce.
- Did he say when he'd be back?
- No, Your Ladyship.
- All right, Phillips. Thank you.
Mary, whatever's the matter?
You look as though
something awful had happened.
Oh, I don't know what to do.
If only Chan had been here.
But what is it? What's happened?
Last night, just before I went to bed...
I happened to look out of my window,
and... I saw someone.
It seemed strange at the time,
but I didn't think anything of it until...
just now
I overheard something.
But what is it?
If I leave a note for Chan, would you promise
to give it to him as soon as he arrives?
Of course I will.
- Morning, master.
- Morning.
Well, Mr. Chan,
what can I do for you?
You were here when there was
unfortunate young officer, Hamilton...
who was murdered?
- Yes, I was.
- He was good officer?
Splendid in the air
and brilliant at theory.
He was quite an inventor too.
Very interesting.
What are things
he invent?
Oh, small improvements.
Gadgets, you know.
Uh, one of them was the adaptation
of the Merton gyroscopic stabilizer.
Do not understand, but,
uh, sound useful.
I should say it was. It was taken up by
the Air Ministry and is now in general use.
I see.
Can you say, please...
when was last invention
made by Hamilton?
Oh, let me see. Oh-
I think about 18 months ago.
No more inventions since?
No. About that time he got
a lot of new outside interests.
Took up foxhunting.
Got tangled up with
that girl and so on.
Been better for the lad
if he had stuck to his work.
He was, uh...
in habit of talking about
invention work?
To you? To anyone?
No. He was a queer chap.
Kept pretty much to himself.
And not very popular
with his brother officers.
- He had no friend?
- One.
Flight Commander King.
Commander King.
He is still here?
- Oh, yes.
- Uh, may I see him, please?
Please think.
There is perhaps man's life
on your answer.
There was one thing.
But I don't know
how far he went with it.
This was big invention, yes?
He had a wild scheme
for silencing warplanes.
Silencing warplanes.
You remember he do
work on this, drew plans?
Not that I know of.
But he'd never show anything to anyone
until he was sure it was right.
Other question, please.
None of this was mentioned
at trial of Mr. Gray?
Why, no. Of course not.
Why should it? That had
nothing to do with anything-
I don't catch your drift,
Mr. Chan.
Drift catch me.
Thank you so much.
But I tell you. Chan has made me
realize that Paul is innocent.
- Oh, it's all so useless.
- But, Pam, dear.
Even if Paul is saved, I can't ever forget
that you told Chan he was guilty.
- Suppose he believed-
- But I did that to help you.
I believed Paul was guilty.
But I didn't want anyone else
to have the chance of making you believe it.
Oh, please understand.
I love you, and I-
I'm trying to help you.
Oh, Neil. My darling.
Then you-you do believe me?
Yes. But...
don't you realize that there's less than a
day and a night before they take Paul and-
Don't lose hope, dear.
I believe Chan's going to save him.
But there's so little time.
Only 22 hours.
Good morning.
I have looked for you.
- Oh, Mr. Chan. What-
- Wait, please.
- No time to lose. You have fast car?
- Yes.
You know this fox chase today,
which way they go?
- I could make a good guess.
- You must guess right.
- You take me now?
- I'll get the car.
- Oh, Mr. Chan, what's happened?
- I return to house just now.
They give me this.
- What does she mean?
- Lady Mary in much danger.
If murderer find she know something,
he will strike.
Remember Lake?
Remember attempt
on humble self?
Must find lady at once.
- This is speedy automobile?
- I've got 120 out of it.
120? How very nice.
There you are.
Told you I'd find them.
And nearly find ancestors.
They must be going off
to draw another cover.
What are you
doing here, Chan?
Where is Lady Mary?
I don't know. I haven't seen her
for the last 15 minutes.
- Say, Garton, where's Mary?
- I can't say.
I haven't seen her since
we passed Old Spinney.
- Have you seen Mary?
- Perhaps she's cast a shoe.
The last I saw of her
she was going strong.
- I say, where's Mary?
- I don't know.
- Hellcat, Mary- the chalk pit! Come on!
- What?
- Look at her. Right here.
- Oh!
There she is.
Look at her. Right here.
Look. We can get down
around over the other side.
Great. Come on.
- Can't you tell me something?
- A serious fracture at the base of the skull.
With care and luck
we may pull her through.
- There is a chance then?
- Oh, a very good one.
- Nurse.
- Yes?
Is there-
How is she?
I think she has
a very good chance.
- Has she come to?
- Oh, no.
She'll be unconscious
for at least 24 hours.
Only few hours
to save Mr. Gray.
Therefore this conference necessary.
This is all nonsense.
You've got no facts.
Why, you're no nearer anything
than you were when you first arrived.
Oh, yes.
I know why real murderer kill Hamilton.
You mean you know definitely
that Gray didn't kill Hamilton?
- Yes.
- But Gray was the only person...
- that had a motive for killing him.
- You are wrong.
There was another
who had big motive.
Today I find...
Hamilton had secret invention
to silence warplanes.
What's all this got to do
with the murder?
Plans of invention stolen
to sell for much big money.
Hamilton find thief,
then thief must kill.
- This is all wild theorizing.
- Let him go on, Jardine.
Remember. He's trying
to save Gray's life.
Everything nice
for murderer until I come.
Then certain people
to be made quiet.
Lake because he knows truth.
Me because I near truth.
But where does this
all lead to?
To this.
Someone here,
in this room...
is murderer.
This is just another
of your asinine tricks.
You pretend to find out all sorts of things,
but really you know nothing.
I know this: I can catch murderer
if I find plans stolen from Hamilton.
But how would finding
the plans prove anything?
On plans will be fingerprints.
And fingerprints will match those
of someone here.
- Is he asleep?
- I don't know. Shut up.
I'm not asleep.
- What's the time?
- Pretty early.
- I said what's the time?
- Quarter to 5:00.
Quarter to 5:00.
5:00 to 6:00. That's one.
6:00 to 7:00. That's two.
7:00 to 9:00.
Four more hours.
Would you like
anything, mate?
A cup of tea?
No, I don't think so.
No. I don't want anything.
What in the deuce
do you want?
No noise, please.
I want your help.
It didn't seem like that to me
when all the others were in here.
You looked at me
as if I might be your man.
Much regret, but necessary
to point suspicion to all.
I don't see what you expected to gain
by telling everyone everything you know.
There is, uh, one thing
I have not told.
Today murderer
tried to kill Lady Mary.
What do you mean?
Mary's accident?
No accident.
Alone with lady,
murderer blinds eyes of noble animal.
- You mean-
- Tonight I examined defunct noble animal.
On face were dry tears.
And something else.
I wipe it off.
Mr. Howard take it
to analyst.
He telephone me
just now report.
It was pepper.
- Pepper?
- Yes.
- Who was it? Tell me!
- I do not know.
- That is why I want your help.
- Yes, but how?
Now murderer much afraid
of fingerprints.
He will try to
destroy plans.
We catch him then.
Do you mean you know
where the plans are?
Somewhere in study.
But that's impossible.
Attempt on my life made there.
Must have been
nearing hiding place.
I see.
All right.
What do you want me to do?
Come with me to study.
We wait for murderer.
- Shh.
- What's the matter?
Someone has been here.
Perhaps we're too late.
I was here in this room
before I go up to fetch you.
That was not opened.
Here. You watch.
Please excuse
blank cartridges in pistol.
Stand back there. Stand back!
The police are in charge.
I find these plans
earlier this evening...
but regret no fingerprints.
Now fingerprints
not necessary.
Thank you so much.
Geoffrey Richmond,
I arrest you on a charge of murder.
Better get him right,
Richmond's an alias.
He's not even an Englishman.
His real name's Paul Frank.
And you?
You have real name?
I'm Captain Seton,
military intelligence.
We've been after Frank
for years.
We nearly caught him
when he worked England before.
But this time he'd put us off
with all this front.
- Very expensive front.
- Yes. He was playing for high stakes.
But he won't play anymore.
All right, Sergeant.
Take him away.
You call the governor of the prison.
I'll get in touch with the home secretary.
Perhaps I return to London,
uh, by and by, and bring family.
Twelve children and one wife.
And I've got another toast.
To the greatest
detective in the world.
Oh, not very good detective.
Just lucky old Chinaman.
Well, I think it was miraculous the way you
built up that chain of evidence in three days.
Chain not complete.
Most important link not yet in place.
Whatever do you mean,
Mr. Chan?
Link you dropped
in my hotel room.
Observe, please.
Case now complete.