Charlie Chan's Murder Cruise (1940) Movie Script

- It must be here.
- Take my advice and don't fool around.
- Let him have it.
- No. That's too dangerous.
Do you think that teacher
would really mail Pop a copy?
She's mean enough to do anything.
I had her once.
- Say, Willie, you'd better
tell Pop before he finds out.
- No.
Hello, Pop. What do you know?
Most happy to see sons
number two and seven.
Is nocturnal visit
business or pleasure?
Well Oh, sure,
we've been to a movie.
And we just dropped by
to take you home.
Like cotton wool,
filial devotion...
softens weight
of parental crown.
Will enjoy escort after
brief glance at mail.
Say, Pop, you should've seen this movie.
It was a mystery.
A swell one. Of course, a great detective
like you could solve it in no time.
But it sure had us guessing.
[Jimmy] Yeah, and all through
the picture, Willie was saying...
"Pop would be too smart
to fall for that gag."
Thank you so much. Pop also
too smart to fall for present gag.
For 15 years...
careful assistant
has placed mail here.
Why do you look at parents' letters?
Did-Did you say "letters"?
There is one you fear...
perhaps from school...
containing unsatisfactory report card?
Aw, gee, you win. What chance has
a fellow got when his father's a detective?
Gee, Pop.
How did you know?
Have already received same
by earlier mail.
In Honolulu schools...
"E" not symbol for "excellence."
Can forgive bad report card...
but not attempted flattery
or tampering with United States mails.
Please assume proper position
across parent's knee.
Enter, please.
- I say, what's this?
- Inspector Duff.
How are you, Charlie?
Did I interrupt an old-fashioned spanking?
Sometimes quickest way to brain of
young sprout is by impression on other end.
- [Chuckles]
- Permit humble introduction
of sons number two and seven.
- Hello, lads. Hello.
- How do you do?
This gentleman Inspector Duff
of Scotland Yard.
- Scotland Yard?
- Gee!
I say, Charlie, they're
they're a fine pair.
Mighty fine.
Carbon copies of my own two back home.
- Have you got Chinese sons?
- What?
- No. I meant
- Are you working on a case, Inspector?
- In Honolulu?
- Here, here, not so fast.
Gee, you are. And I bet
you want Pop to work with you too.
- Is there anything I can do to help?
- Yes.
Can put backward student to bed
and do same to self.
- Aw, gee, Pop.
- Come on, Willie.
- Good-bye, Mr. Duff.
- Good night, lad.
And let's keep this little meeting
to ourselves, what?
- You bet.
- You can trust us.
Boy, oh, boy!
Did Scotland Yard arrive in time.
Just arrive Honolulu?
No. Got in yesterday
on the Southland.
- And did not visit old friend?
- I didn't dare.
I'm traveling incognito.
Just plain John Duff, British manufacturer.
I had to avoid
all connection with the police.
Now I need your help.
Most happy to lend
humble assistance.
- What is nature of case, please?
- Murder.
A strangler.
- Strangler.
- Yes. One so clever...
that I've traveled all over the world
with him, or her...
and learned practically nothing.
Explain, please, ability to stay with hunt
without glimpse of fox.
The fox is running with
the hounds this time, Charlie.
But if I'm right, he's one of these
10 members of the round-the-world cruise...
personally conducted
by a Dr. Suderman.
You notice I include him
among the suspects.
Tour start from London?
No, from New York about
four months ago aboard a British liner.
The first night out, a New York judge
was murdered in his stateroom.
- Judge was member of cruise?
- No, he wasn't.
But shortly before his death,
he telephoned the purser...
and requested a list
of Dr. Suderman's party.
When the steward entered
the stateroom, he found his body.
He had been strangled.
- Request for passenger list was only clue?
- The only one.
By the time the boat reached London, there was
so little to go on we couldn't detain anyone.
So I joined the party as it left Liverpool
on a small passenger freighter...
- the Southland.
- Have obtained further information on voyage?
Nothing definite,
and that's what worries me.
The cruise ends
in San Francisco next week.
How can humble servant
be of assistance?
Well, Charlie,
I've worked out a little plan...
that may drive our man
into the open.
Nature of plan, please?
The whole party's at
the Luani Hotel.
What do you say we trot over there?
I'll tell you on the way.
Most happy.
Will inform chief and leave immediately.
- Excuse, please.
- Certainly.
Yes, Charlie, I see no reason why
we shouldn't give the Yard a hand.
- [Rings]
- Excuse me.
Yes? What?
At the Luani Hotel, huh?
I see.
- We'll be right over.
- Please.
- Victim was strangled?
- Yeah. How did you know?
- Inspector Duff now trailing strangler.
- Well, let's talk to him.
- Jim! Harry!
- Strangled.
Get the pulmotor squad, quick!
Cover the street and the alley...
and send a stop order
to the docks.
Please. Humbly request
you assign me to case alone.
- Alone?
- Inspector very old and honored friend.
Vicious attack in my office
bitter challenge to friendship.
Challenge will not go unanswered.
[Car Door Closes]
Say, Pop, I'll drive Willie home
and come right back.
Will drive Willie home.
Good night.
Something for a cup of coffee.
Here, get along with you. I've just
given you enough for 10 cups of coffee.
Mind your business.
I've got a right to live.
Yes, but not to cheat.
Charity's one thing,
but I hate to see a person victimized.
Better 10 times a victim
than let one man go hungry.
- Thank you.
- Well, perhaps you're right, Mr. Chan.
You know my name.
We have met?
No, but you were pointed out
to me this afternoon...
as one of the celebrities
of Honolulu.
My name's Gordon.
Professor Gordon. Archaeology.
You are here to pursue
studies of ancient dead?
No, I'm just winding up
a world cruise with Dr. Suderman.
I can't say that I'm sorry.
Have found world uninteresting?
Oh, not exactly. It's just that
I'm worn out looking at the same faces.
But this publicity will ruin me.
Can't you see this is my first cruise?
You've got to keep it
out of the papers.
But, Dr. Suderman, a murder cannot be hidden,
even as a convenience to your business.
Oh, Lieutenant Chan.
So they put you on the case.
Doctor, this is the man
to hear your troubles.
- Dr. Suderman conducts the tour.
- You won't detain my party, will you, Mr. Chan?
I'm sure you'll find that this crime
is the work of a sneak thief.
If we don't sail tomorrow,
it will upset all my arrangements.
Will do utmost to prevent murder
from causing annoyance.
- What's that? Murder?
- Mr. Kenyon has been killed.
Good heavens! Why, we had
cocktails together before dinner.
He and his nephew
are on the cruise.
- First time you hear sad news?
- Yes.
Please, then, how you know
it was uncle, not nephew?
WhyWell, I'm sure I don't know why
I jumped to that conclusion.
Surely, Mr. Chan, you don't think
Merely interested
in slip of tongue.
Please, what number
Mr. Kenyon's room?
- 342. I'll have one of the bellboys take you up.
- Not necessary.
Perhaps Dr. Suderman
would be good enough.
I'll be glad to, of course.
And if you want me,
I shall be in the bar.
Thank you so much.
Right this way, Mr. Chan.
I'm Wilkie, the house detective.
Got everything lined up for you.
Hey, Joe, come here.
This is the man that found the Kenyon body.
He's the night watchman in this wing.
- There was cry for help?
- Oh, no, sir.
It was like this. On my 11:00 rounds,
I found this hall pitch-dark.
Someone had pulled the switch.
Go on, Joe.
Yes, sir. I was headed for the switch
when I bumped into a man.
"Who are you?"I ask.
But he don't answer.
I made a grab for him as
he tried to get away from me.
But before he did, I tore his coat pocket.
I heard it rip.
Well, when I got my flashlight out...
I see Mr. Kenyon's door open
and no light inside.
So he went in for a look
and he found the body.
Honorable colleague
has located owner of torn coat?
- No, not-not yet, no. But I'm working on it.
- Ah.
Uh, Kenyon's room's right this way.
This is Richard Kenyon, the nephew.
Hello, Charlie.
He's been dead about two hours.
- Body not moved?
- Only to take this from around his neck.
What the strangler used.
Ordinary strap from suitcase.
Possibly one of twins.
- Have found brother?
- Not on the Kenyon luggage.
It must have come from outside.
The death scene
has upset worthy doctor?
What? Oh, yes, yes.
If you'll excuse me, I-I think I'll go.
Well, Charlie, if you don't need me anymore,
I'll be on my way.
- Thank you. Good night.
- Good night.
Regret necessity
for asking questions, but
That's all right.
Anything I can do to help.
Were associated
with uncle in business?
No, I'm a lawyer.
My uncle was a retired manufacturer.
I simply took care
of his legal affairs.
Were in own room
at time of crime?
No, I was out with a young lady.
- Young lady also member of party?
- Yes.
What's her name?
We'll have to check all alibis.
- Alibi?
- Uh, word wrong, but procedure correct.
Her name is Paula Drake.
You'll find her in her room down the hall.
- Number 340.
- Thank you.
Uh, what time you last see
uncle alive?
Here in bed before I left.
It was around 8:30.
He was reading.
Say, I didn't see that before.
Ten, 20, 26
- Thirty.
- A bag with 30 dimes.
Thirty pieces of silver.
Hey, that sounds familiar.
Symbol of ancient betrayal.
- That's it. The old Bible story ofJudas.
- That's fantastic.
My uncle never hurt anybody in his life.
He didn't have an enemy in the world.
[Wilkie] It certainly wasn't a friend
who came here and killed him.
Contradiction, please.
Murder not take place in this room.
Now, hold on, Mr. Chan.
Is he dead in that bed, or isn't he?
Undoubtedly dead.
But please...
note most interesting
lines on carpet...
possibly made by heels of victim
when dragged from next room.
You mean the murderer brought him
in here and tucked him in bed?
- Who occupies next room, please?
- Fellow named Pendleton.
He's in the cruise party too.
Mr. Pendleton?
- [Knocking]
- Mr. Pendleton!
Nobody here.
Same telltale tracks on carpet
which lead to bed.
But what would my uncle
be doing in here?
And if he was in that bed,
why ain't it mussed up?
It's just the way
the chambermaid left it.
Correction. Bed made up recently,
but not by chambermaid.
- Huh?
- Observe, please.
Bottom fold tucked in last.
Chambermaid always tuck
side fold in last...
to prevent sudden protrusion
of feet into cold air.
Yeah, that's right.
Now I know why my feet get cold
when the wife's away.
[Latch Unlocking]
Good evening.
What's the meaning of this?
What are you doing in my room?
Police investigation.
Why, what's wrong?
- Your name is Pendleton?
- Yes.
They know me here.
I'm a member of Dr. Suderman's party.
But had planned to
desert party tonight.
I'm moving to the Imperial Hawaiian.
They haven't a quiet room here.
I'm a sick man.
That dance music drives me crazy.
I've got to have sleep.
I'm not well.
- What time you leave room?
- Hours ago. Around 8:00.
What's happened?
What's the idea of all this questioning?
A man's been murdered in your bed.
In my bed?
It was my uncle, Mr. Pendleton.
He was strangled.
Then that settles it.
- I won't stay here another minute.
- Oh, no, you don't.
- You're staying here till
- You can't keep me here. I know the law.
- I'm a sick man under a doctor's care.
- Now, listen
Please. May go, Mr. Pendleton,
until tomorrow.
- Quick. Have gentleman followed.
- Right.
- May ask favor, please?
- Why, certainly.
Professor Gordon at present in bar.
Would like to see him here.
- I'll get him right away.
- Thank you.
Wish something, Dr. Suderman?
Why, yes. I expected to find you in the
other room and I didn't want to disturb you.
- Have brought twin of murder strap?
- Yes.
I thought the other one looked familiar,
so I went to my room
And found only
one strap on suitcase?
That's right. Someone's trying to
incriminate me. Why was my strap used?
Truth, like oil,
will in time rise to surface.
- It's all set, Mr.
- [Woman Screaming]
[Screaming Continues]
- It came from in here.
- Are you sure?
- [Screaming Continues]
- That's Miss Watson's room.
- [Gunshot]
- Break in the door!
- Wait! I've got a passkey.
- What's happened? Who fired that shot?
Susie! Susie! Susie!
- Paula, what's wrong?
- What's happened to her?
I don't know. I was in the bath,
and by the time I could get here
- You are relative?
- No, no, I'm Miss Watson's secretary.
Oh! Oh.
That face!
- [Screaming, Sobbing]
- [Voices Overlapping]
Here, let me handle this!
There's only one way to
stop a dame with hysterics.
- [Gasps]
- You see? That's all she needed.
Who do you think you are
slapping me around!
I was only doing
what it says in the book.
Well, what page was this on?
- Now, you big bully, telling me that I
- Susie! Susie!
Well, if he had any sense,
he'd be out on that balcony...
looking for that face
instead of knocking me around.
Yeah. That's a good idea.
Comb the ground.
Search every suspicious character
for a gun. Hurry.
Please, could lady give description
of Peeping Thomas?
Well, he looked like
His eyes, they
And he had on a
Well, he sort of
No, I couldn't swear to it.
Are you sure it wasn't
the chop suey we had for dinner?
Since when does
chop suey shoot bullets?
Well, haven't you any idea
what he looked like, Susie?
Was he tall or short?
Black or white? Thin or fat?
Mr. Ross, don't you think
you can leave the questioning to Mr. Chan?
Chan? Did he say Mr. Chan?
The famous detective?
Oh, well, this really is a thrill.
Wait till I tell them back home about this.
Oh! And what an ad for Honolulu.
"Scream once, and Charlie Chan's
right on the job."
You know, if I'd known that
you were in this hotel...
I'd have walked right up to
that guy with the face, and
I got him!
[Susie Screaming]
Look out! He's a killer!
- Is this the fellow, Susie?
- Not if he's using his own face.
- All right, what were you doing out there?
- Please, please.
Release culprit and accept apologies
for false alarm.
- Name: Jimmy Chan.
- Gee, Pop.
I was only bringing you
the gun I found.
Found gun at home in bed?
No, under that balcony. I came back
just in case you needed any help.
And when I found the gun and heard
the voices, I climbed up to see what was
- Where is weapon now?
- Gee, I-I guess I dropped it.
Here it is.
Ugly weapon.
- You had gun in handkerchief?
- Sure.
- They made me drop it.
- Please.
Your handling of gun has smudged
all possible fingerprints...
which might point to last user.
Oh, I'm-I'm sorry, Mr. Chan.
I guess that puts me in the doghouse
right next to your son.
You are also member of cruise?
That's right.
Name: Frederick Ross.
Weight: 168 pounds.
Height: 5'10". And admit to 35.
No particular interest in life,
except Miss Watson.
Attracted first by her money,
and now by her wit and charm.
Freddie's only clowning, Mr. Chan.
He's got so much money,
he doesn't know what to do with it.
Paula, what's happened?
You did not find Professor Gordon?
- No, he wasn't in the bar, and I
- [Phone Ringing]
Hello. Mr. Chan?
Yes, he's here.
- Yes.
- This is Wilson, detailed to follow Pendleton.
I'm sorry, Lieutenant Chan, but he gave me
the slip just after he left the hotel.
When I couldn't pick up the trail,
I came over to the Imperial Hawaiian.
- But he hasn't shown up here yet.
- Thank you so much.
- But he hasn't shown up here yet.
- Thank you so much.
Oh, hello.
Come on in.
- You might as well. Everybody else is here.
- Thank you.
We wouldn't intrude, but we were told
we would find a Mr. Chan here.
This is Mr. Chan.
Mr. And Mrs. Walters
are members of my cruise.
Duty brings us here, Mr. Chan.
We have information concerning
the murder of Mr. Kenyon.
- [Ross] Kenyon murdered?
- Oh, Dick, your uncle!
Murder? In this hotel?
You withheld death news
from rest of party?
I, uh I thought it best.
You know how
people are about death...
and I try to protect my clients
from all unpleasantness.
- Who brought sad news, please?
- Those beyond.
They know. They told me death
would come among us.
And the elevator boy said Mr. Kenyon
had been murdered in his sleep.
Paula, we're packing up
and getting out of here.
- First, a peeper. Now, a murderer.
- Susie, relax.
Miss Watson, don't be alarmed.
Don't you see
you're upsetting everybody?
What do you want to see
Mr. Chan about anyway?
To give him our evidence no matter
who is hurt. Tell him about it, Sarah.
I am sorry to do this,
but my friends in the beyond insist
Interruption, please.
Would prefer confining evidence
to present world.
Very well. Then I'll tell you
what I heard with my own ears.
- Last night, Dick Kenyon had
a violent quarrel with his uncle.
- Why, that's ridiculous!
- Please.
- It was over you, Miss Drake
over Dick wanting to marry you.
Mr. Kenyon said she was just after
the money Dick will inherit someday.
- Dick threatened his uncle for saying that.
- Mr. Chan, the woman's mad.
- You were present?
- Why, no.
But-But the whole thing's fantastic.
Of course it is.
My uncle was reading a mystery story.
It reminded him of Paula, and he
kiddingly referred to her as an adventuress.
Surely you must have realized
we were joking.
We did not. You are going to inherit
your uncle's money, aren't you?
Say, are you trying to make everybody
believe that Dick killed his uncle?
We are only doing
a most unpleasant duty.
I suppose there have to be people
like you in this world, Mrs. Walters.
- Why?
- Listen, Mrs. Walters.
You better throw that
crystal ball of yours away...
before somebody hits you with it!
Ladies and gentlemen, please.
I-I beg of you.
I hate to disappoint you,
Mrs. Walters...
but everything I've said
can be corroborated by Mr. Duff.
He was in the room all the time.
Gee, Pop, we forgot
all about Inspector Duff.
- Inspector Duff?
- From Scotland Yard?
Gosh, I didn't mean to.
To speak without thinking
is to shoot without aiming.
- Police headquarters, please.
- Mr. Chan, as head of this cruise...
I insist upon knowing why Mr. Duff
joined my party incognito.
Inspector Duff on trail
of ruthless murderer.
- In our party?
- Oh, we should never have taken this trip.
Well, you certainly picked
a good man for an alibi, Dick.
Lieutenant Chan speaking.
Would like report on Inspector Duff, please.
Thank you so much.
Why, Pop, what's the matter?
Old friend has joined
honorable ancestors.
You mean Mr. Duff is dead?
You see? I was right.
Death is still among us.
Was it an accident?
Inspector Duff meet death
at hands of strangler.
Doctor, would advise your party
pack up at once...
and go aboard cruise ship.
That suits me just dandy.
Come on, Paula.
[Ship Horn Blowing]
[Bell Clanging]
Paula, I know there's
something on your mind.
You haven't said five words
in the last half hour.
- What is it?
- Oh, nothing.
- I've just been thinking.
- About us?
Mostly about you and your uncle.
[Horn Blowing]
Dick, he wasn't joking when he
called me an adventuress, was he?
Are you still thinking about that?
Of course he was.
Then why didn't the Walters
hear you laughing?
Because the Walters hear
only what they want to hear.
- You know that.
- But this time I think
they were telling the truth.
I think you owe me the truth, Dick.
You quarreled with him
that night over us.
- We didn't quarrel, Paula.
- But he objected to our marriage.
- He only asked me to wait.
- Is that all?
- [Horn Blowing]
- Well, he said he didn't know
anything about you.
That you were going to inherit a fortune,
and he expected great things from you.
Then if that's what he said,
why didn't you tell that to Mr. Chan?
Why make up that story
about a book he was reading?
I don't know, except that
the Walters had put it so brutally
I was afraid it might hurt you if I confirmed
their story in front of everyone.
Then how did you expect Mr. Duff
to confirm your story?
I didn't really.
I thought I'd get Mr. Chan
alone later and explain.
- And did you?
- What good would it do now?
He didn't question the story,
and Mr. Duff is dead.
So why stir up a mess of trouble
for ourselves?
Let's forget it, Paula.
It's better that way.
All right, Dick.
I'm going below.
Good night.
[Horn Blowing]
- Oh, hello, Doctor.
- Oh, hello.
- Have you got a light?
- Yes.
[Horn Blowing]
This fog is beginning
to get on my nerves.
Yes, it does give you
a feeling of being shut off...
- from the rest of the world.
- That's what I mean.
- I suppose it's man's inherent fear of the dark.
- Yes, I guess so.
But have you ever felt that someone,
a pair of eyes, was watching you?
Oh, many a time.
And in the loneliest places.
Did I ever tell you of the time
I opened the tomb of
No, I mean since we left Honolulu.
- No.
- [Horn Blowing]
- That's odd.
- What?
A moment ago,
I saw someone sitting in that chair.
He's not there now.
Maybe that's the fellow. All he had to do
was to move from the chair to the rail.
Excuse me, sir.
Were you just sitting
- Mr. Chan.
- Good evening.
- Were you just sitting in that deck chair?
- No.
You must have been seeing things, Doctor.
But I tell you,
there was someone in that chair.
And I'm not so sure it wasn't you.
You've been watching me
ever since we came aboard.
Correction, please.
Am watching everyone.
[Suderman] Then I wish
you'd be a little more subtle about it.
You've already made
a nervous wreck of Mr. Pendleton.
He won't see anyone, not even me,
due to your blundering methods.
Perhaps Mr. Pendleton's nervousness
due to blundering murderer.
Blunder is hardly the word
for a man who so successfully...
shall we say, eliminated
your friend Inspector Duff.
And if the gentleman is aboard, Mr. Chan,
then you're risking your life too.
Life has been risked for jewels
far less valuable than friendship.
[Horn Blowing]
- Whoo! Sure rough out tonight.
- I'm sorry, Miss Watson.
Were you listening at that door
before you came out?
- Me? Well, what for?
- If lady did not listen...
perhaps saw
someone else doing same?
Let me see. Yes!
- Yes, there was someone.
I think it was a man. No!
- Yes?
No, it could have been a woman. No,
I'm sure it was a man, because he had on
Oh, well, all I know is that when I looked
the ship lurched, and there I was.
I mean, there you were.
I'm chilly.
How about a nightcap, Doctor?
- Good idea.
- [Horn Blowing]
Don't you leave me, Mr. Chan...
not with everything so spooky.
I've had the creeps ever since I saw that face
peering at me through the window.
I can't eat, Mr. Chan.
I can't sleep. It's awful.
I thought I heard something.
Echo of imagination, perhaps.
- No, Mr. Chan.
- [Gasping]
There is something...
something that whispers and watches...
out there in the fog.
[Horn Blowing]
She's certainly a big help.
Now I will see things.
All night, Mr. Chan...
I was dreaming about
hands reaching at me.
Have you ever been bothered
by clutching hands, Mr. Chan?
Only by family at home.
That's a good one.
[Horn Blowing]
I sure got it bad tonight.
Right now, I think I see a hand.
Of course, I know that
it's my imagination.
It's alive! It's alive!
- Who screamed?
- What's going on here?
Here, break it up! Break it up!
Come on! Break it up!
- Hey, tell 'em to lay off.
- What's the idea of jumping Mr. Chan?
I didn't jump him.
I was just trying to attract his attention.
He's my pop.
He can explain everything.
- Oh, well, in that case, Mr. Chan
- Correction, please.
- Unfortunate young man suffer from illusions.
- Then he isn't
- Trying to pull a fast one, huh?
- Please, please, treat gently.
May have grieving mother at home.
We'll treat him gently, all right.
We know how to handle stowaways.
- Come on!
- Come on, you little snooper!
Pop! Pop!
Hey, where have you been?
I've been looking all over for you.
- Shh!
- Huh?
- [Whispering]
Are you any good at moving furniture?
- Why?
Susie's seen a ghost
and wants to barricade herself in.
You'd better hurry up
before she starts digging trenches.
- Thanks for the tip. Good night.
- Good night.
- [Knocking]
- Who is it?
Steward, sir.
I have a radiogram for you.
Put it under the door.
Steward? Steward?
Give me the wireless room.
This is Gerald Pendleton. Have you
received a radiogram for me tonight?
Nothing tonight, Mr. Pendleton.
- [Knocking]
- It's the strangler! Don't let him in!
- Pile the furniture against the door!
- Quiet, Susie. We did last night.
- See?
- [Susie] Huh? Yeah.
So we did.
Then tell him we don't want any.
- [Knocking Continues]
- Who is it?
The landlord.
I've come for the rent.
Come on. Get up, girls. The sun's in the
heavens, the decks are cleared for action...
and all's right with the world.
- Must you bang on doors at the crack of dawn?
- The crack of dawn?
It broke wide open hours ago. Have a look.
Stretch your legs. You'll feel better.
I don't want a look.
And my legs are quite long enough.
Will you stop making
that infernal racket?
The trouble with you, my friend,
is that you've played with mummies so long...
you can't enjoy
anything that's alive.
- Now, take Susie.
- I don't want Susie...
and I don't want you
and your early morning antics.
I'm sick to death of the lot of you. I wish
I were back in the tomb of the pharaohs.
- So do I.
- What's going on out here?
I think our mummy man would
like us better if we were embalmed.
Good morning.
Hours are happiest
when hands are busiest.
Then I ought to be
as happy as a lark.
I've been shining shoes
since 5:00 a.m.
Oh, why did you do it, Pop? And just
when I was on the trail of the strangler.
Man can more safely
search for gold...
if world thinks he dig ditch.
You mean by working on the boat,
I can help you better?
- You catch.
- What do you want me to do?
Could search closets of passengers
for coat with torn pocket.
- Why? Is he the murderer?
- Please. Questions and answers come later.
- But, Pop
- [Phone Ringing]
Steward's assistant speaking.
Oh, I'm sorry, Mr. Pendleton.
I see, Mr. Pendleton.
It's Mr. Pendleton.
I'll bring your shoes right away.
Yes, sir.
I brought him the wrong pair.
- These are his. I remember now.
- Please, please.
- Suggest you bring three pair shoes.
- Three pair? But these
Have strong desire to talk with
nervous gentleman who refuses to open door.
I got you, Pop.
- Who's there?
- Steward's assistant, Mr. Pendleton.
I brought you three pairs of shoes.
One of them must be yours.
- Leave them outside the door.
- I can't do that, sir.
I have to deliver the other two pair
to somebody else.
Wait a moment.
Please excuse manner of intrusion.
Violent, but most necessary.
What right have you
forcing your way in here?
- I'm not a criminal.
- Then please lower criminal weapon.
It's not criminal to carry a gun after a man's
been murdered in the very next room.
Correction, please.
Mr. Kenyon murdered in your room.
- That's not true!
- Evidence of truth conclusive.
You use Dr. Suderman's strap
to strangle victim.
I didn't.
I swear I didn't.
I found him like that.
Thank you so much.
But I can explain, Mr. Chan.
I'm under a doctor's care.
My nerves I can't stand noise.
Mr. Kenyon was hard of hearing.
His room was quiet.
I asked him to change with me.
Later on, I found
I'd forgotten something.
I returned to my own room,
and and I found him dead.
You then carried body to other room
and placed it in bed.
Mr. Kenyon meet death in your room.
Would then appear murderer
strangle wrong victim.
Why should anyone want to kill me?
Perhaps you can give answer.
There is no one.
No one, I tell you.
Most happy to find man
without enemies.
[Object Clatters]
- Have seen before?
- Yes.
There was a bag like that in Kenyon's hand
when Iwhen I found him.
Know meaning of symbol?
It's a warning
a warning of death.
My death.
Man without enemies get warning of death?
Explain, please.
All I know is that five years ago...
my wife received a bag of coins
like that one.
She was terrified,
but could give me no explanation.
The very next day,
someone tried to kill her.
Identity of assailant known?
Neither she nor I could think of
a living soul who would wish to harm us.
Yet after five years,
revenge still sought.
Most unusual.
It's madness.
Only a maniac would
repeat the attempts.
Mr. Chan, you've got to protect me!
It means my life!
Will do humble best.
Think life most necessary
to capture of strangler.
Thank you so much.
[Door Opens, Closes]
- [Laughs]
- Looks like you're down again, Dr. Suderman.
- [Laughs]
- Looks like you're down again, Dr. Suderman.
Eh, I'm afraid Mr. Ross will say
I played this very badly.
- Where did he go?
- To get his own deck.
He said you'd be certain
of making one bid...
- with marked cards.
- [Suderman Chuckles]
Four bam.
There you are an 816 hand.
It was too easy.
I'm afraid you young moderns haven't
the concentration for the older games.
I guess you're right.
Mah-jongg with two players?
Most unusual.
Yes, an American innovation.
Your beautiful game has suffered many changes
since its introduction in the Han Dynasty.
Always thought ancient pastime
born earlier.
Oh, perhaps you are right.
My only knowledge of mah-jongg is
the result of my interest in the Han Dynasty.
- Are you familiar with
Chinese archaeology, Mr. Chan?
- So sorry.
Oh, too bad. That dynasty
was the golden era in Southern China.
I've made quite a study of it.
- Would you like to play
some mah-jongg, Mr. Chan?
- Please keep seat.
In China mah-jongg very simple.
In America very complex,
like modern life.
Yes, I quite understand that
a man in your profession...
would prefer the simpler form
of all games...
though I'm afraid
our legal friend here wouldn't.
No, I've always felt that Chinese law
was a bit too simple and direct.
Quite true.
When Chinese emperor have
eight suspects of murder...
he solve problem very quickly.
- Really? How?
- Chop off eight heads.
Always sure getting one criminal.
[Gordon Chuckles]
That would simplify your problem
considerably, wouldn't it, Mr. Chan?
Indeed, yes. Not always easy
to reduce many suspects to one.
No, and there's not much time
left for that, is there?
Why not, please?
Well, if I know my law...
unless you have some evidence
by the time we reach San Francisco...
there's nothing to prevent us from
scattering to the four corners of the earth.
Young man's knowledge of law
quite accurate.
Would be most useful
to number one suspect.
Please excuse.
This is neither the time
nor the place, Jeremiah.
- My mind is made up.
- Please wait.
A force from within
tells me what is best.
- You seen that Chinese boy?
- Nope.
Darn kid.
Never around when you want him.
- How's Mr. Pendleton doing?
- Okay, I guess.
He ain't set foot outside of his room
in the past four days.
The only time I've seen him
is when you bring his meals.
- Crazy coot.
- Yeah.
- He sure must be scared of something.
- [Clattering]
- Hey, what are you
- Shh!
- Buttons says this isn't it.
- Isn't what?
- Where'd you get that?
- The Chinese boy gave it to me
and said you said this isn't it.
- Isn't what?
- He said that you would
- Say, how do I know?
- Well, I don't know either.
I'm going after that kid.
- Say, isn't that my coat?
- Well, I don't know. Is it?
Yes, it is.
Where'd you get it?
- Well, the Chinese boy gave it to me, and he
- Oh.
What are you doing?
I I brought your shoes back, sir.
I put them in
Wait a moment.
Haven't I seen you before?
Lots of people have.
Oh, yes. I remember.
You're Mr. Chan's son.
- What are you hiding?
- Nothing. Just my shoe rag, sir.
Let me see that.
Let me see it!
Lose something, please?
Where is your son?
Elusive offspring, like privacy,
sometimes hard to find.
Will you be so kind as to tell me
why your son was rifling my cabin?
Perhaps eager twig
only bending to duty.
Duty, fiddlesticks.
I caught the little beggar red-handed.
- Where is caught beggar?
- Here I am, Pop.
- Give me that!
- And here's the coat with the torn pocket.
Would explain unfortunate tear?
WellWell, as you know,
passengers on a long cruise...
are likely to grow lax
in their moral conduct.
Not with you around.
And... on the night Mr. Kenyon was murdered,
I was about to enter my hotel room...
when I saw a man come down
the unlit hall and enter a lady's room.
- And he calls me a snooper.
- Quiet. Continue please.
I turned quickly
to follow him, and...
when I did my pocket got
caught on the doorknob.
- And then?
- When I turned around, he was gone.
Into whose room, please?
I'd rather not answer that.
A woman's reputation is involved.
Chivalry quite understandable.
Thank you so much.
[Door Closes]
Say, if he knew about that torn pocket,
why didn't he tell you before?
- Suppose you furnish answer.
- Well, it's obvious.
The man whose pocket was torn
murdered Mr. Kenyon.
Thread of evidence weaker
than thread of pocket.
But, Pop, two guys couldn't have
torn their pockets the same night.
- Is possible.
- But darned improbable.
I'm going to keep my eye
on that old bluenose.
- Oh, good morning, Mr. Chan.
- Good morning.
Uh Must we still have a guard
at Mr. Pendleton's door?
- Guard inconvenience you?
- [Chuckles] Well, yes.
Since this is their last night aboard,
I'm giving a little party.
I should like the passengers to remember
this trip as a pleasure cruise, Mr. Chan.
But with guards
in front of their doors
Mr. Pendleton still very nervous man.
Oh, well, in that case I suppose
he won't want to join the party.
- But you'll come, won't you?
- Most happy to celebrate, even without reason.
Splendid, splendid.
I wonder if you'd judge
the hobbyhorse races.
Ah, so sorry, but only knowledge
of horse race is empty pocketbook.
Well, that's all you need know
for these horses. [Chuckles]
In any case it will give us
a chance to forget our troubles...
especially with you as the judge.
Well, see you later.
Miniature Sherlock
now suspect worthy doctor?
I don't know who to suspect.
But I don't like this judge business.
Judge always honorable position.
But you notice Suderman was awfully anxious
to get the guard off Pendleton's door.
Guard will remain.
- But I tell you, Pop
- Correction, please.
Pop tell you.
Offspring return to footwork.
Parent take care of headwork.
[Chattering, Shouting]
[Chattering, Shouting]
Look at Malicious.
Look at Malicious!
Come on, Curling Iron!
[Chuckles] That's a hot one.
Winner of the first race, Slippery Sam.
Jockey, Mr. Frederick Ross.
Owner, Miss Susie Watson.
Time, one minute and 10 seconds.
- [Applause]
- Shh. Quiet, please.
- Quiet. Quiet.
- Congratulations to intrepid horseman.
And symbol of supremacy...
to charming owner of noble steed.
Thanks. I think I'll get some oats for
the noble steed and some rye for myself.
Ladies and gentlemen
Ladies and gentlemen, please.
There will be races every 15 minutes
on the quarter hour dancing in between.
The next race will be at 8:15 exactly.
On with the music.
- Would you like to dance, Susie?
- Who, me? What's the matter?
Paula break her leg?
- Oh, she's not interested in dancing
with me. How about you?
- Ooh, I'd love it.
- Mr. Chan, you'd better take
shelter before I start swinging.
- She's a swell dancer.
##[Ballroom Jazz]
End of voyage bring sadness?
No, I'll be glad when
tomorrow comes and we've landed.
Young man not so glad perhaps.
He should be relieved.
It hasn't been a very happy voyage for him.
Death of uncle most unfortunate...
yet leave nephew very rich man.
That could never make up for
For quarrel with uncle before death?
They didn't quarrel.
Yet lady with spirit friends hear same.
But Dick explained that.
Mrs. Walters misunderstood.
Young man's explanation
like skin of sensitive woman.
Very thin.
They did quarrel.
He told me so himself.
- Mr. Chan, you don't think that
- Please.
One cloud does not make storm
nor one falsehood criminal.
Still trust young man?
Oh, I I want to very much.
Then do.
But trust must be shared.
Let young man know
what is in your heart.
Then you believe he's innocent?
Unfortunate profession
make detective suspect...
innocent with guilty.
Not so with lovers.
Thank you, Mr. Chan.
[Door Closes]
##[Continues In Distance]
[Doorknob Turns]
Mr. Chan,
we've come to ask a favor of you.
- More races to be judged?
- Well, we hope so.
But the Walters are throwing
a damper on the party.
- Come quick! Mr. Pendleton's dead!
- Dead?
- Dead?
- Yeah. Strangled with a leather shoelace.
I was just going
by the door when I
- You keep the others here while Mr. Chan and I
- Please. Prefer to go alone.
Mr. Chan, I'm responsible
for these people.
- Since you've failed to protect
Mr. Pendleton, I must insist
- Humbly admit failure.
But suggest your presence
more useful to remainder of party.
Dead men need no protection.
Come, please.
I knew something was wrong when
I saw the guard wasn't on the door.
- Who deliver food?
- Buttons. Shall I get him for you?
Oh, Buttons?
Oh, Buttons?
- Hey, where have you been?
- Say, somebody socked me. I heard a noise
- Come on. Pop wants to see you.
- Yeah.
[Doorknob Turns]
Here's the guard, Pop.
I found him in a cabin down the hall.
- He was out cold.
- I'm sorry, Mr. Chan.
I heard a noise down the corridor.
I stepped in the cabin,
and I guess, well, somebody crowned me.
- Gee Gee, is he dead?
- Quite dead.
- When you last see him alive?
- When Buttons brought his dinner.
Usual time, around 8:30.
- And how long ago you were attacked?
- Gosh, I don't know.
- Head need attention?
- No, sir. I-I'm all right. I'm just a little groggy.
- You want me back on the door, sir?
- If feeling fit.
Would prefer working
without interruption.
- Perhaps later can give more information.
- Yes, sir.
Radio Room, please.
Gee, Pop, did he send a radiogram
before he was murdered?
Would appear so.
Lieutenant Chan speaking.
Please inform if Mr. Pendleton
send radiogram within hour.
He telephone message?
Please repeat contents.
Sorry, Mr. Chan.
I can't give out any information...
concerning personal messages
without the captain's permission.
Please obtain permission and send message
to Mr. Pendleton's stateroom soon as possible.
Thank you.
Gee, Pop, how did you know
he sent the message?
"Linda Pendleton, Broadmoor Apartments,
Salt Lake City, Utah.
"We are in danger.
Do not come to San Francisco.
Love, Gerald."
Boy, "danger" was right.
- Say, Pop.
- Say what?
If he telephoned the message, where's
the original? This is only the impression.
Message not in logical place.
Perhaps in hands of strangler.
But what would he want with it, especially
if Pendleton had already sent the message?
If answer known,
criminal's motive clear.
Can recall shoes tied
with leather laces?
- Yeah! There was a pair of
shoes with leather laces.
- Owner, please?
- Why, it was, uh it was, uh
- Yes? Yes?
Gee, Pop, I I can't remember.
Better a father lose his son
than a detective his memory.
Oh, who had leather laces?
- Leather laces, leather laces.
- [Knocking]
- From the radio operator, Mr. Chan.
- Thank you.
Radiogram telephoned to operator
four minutes after 9:00.
- And it's now 9:30.
- Listen.
"Linda Pendleton, Broadmoor Apartments,
Salt Lake City, Utah. All is well."
- "All is well"? But
- "Meet me Adelphi Hotel,
San Francisco. Love, Gerald."
But the message on the pad says:
Danger. Don't come to San Francisco.
That message never sent.
Second wire evidently sent
by murderer...
after Mr. Pendleton dead.
Then he must be out
to get Mrs. Pendleton too...
and that's why he sent this wire
for her to come to San Francisco.
Is possible.
Murderer send wire
four minutes after 9:00.
Undoubtedly kill victim shortly before.
Would not risk absence
from party too long.
That's right, Pop.
- Please get pictures, fifth race.
- Pictures? But why, Pop?
Buttons take pictures of all races.
First race 8:00.
Then every 15 minutes.
Therefore, fifth race 9:00.
- Is true?
- Yeah!
And the pictures'll tell us who wasn't at
the party at 9:00, and that's our man!
Please bring film and steward's
developing material...
to lowly father's stateroom at once.
You said it, Pop. With Buttons's pictures and my
missing laces, your case is as good as solved.
[Phone Rings]
Lieutenant Chan speaking.
I tried to see you, Mr. Chan,
but the guard wouldn't let me in.
It's most important.
Uh Uh, about
the leather shoelace.
Uh, thanks. I will.
In your cabin?
Right away.
So when I heard the boy say that Mr. Pendleton
had been strangled with a leather lace...
I remembered that mine were
missing from my shoes when the
boy returned them this morning.
- Think boy removed laces?
- Well, I don't know.
But I do know that I didn't
strangle Mr. Pendleton...
though it's evident someone's anxious
to have you think I did.
- Appreciate honest explanation.
- Not at all.
- Thank you so much.
- I'm glad to help.
- Now I remember.
- Remember?
- The guy with the missing shoelaces.
- Was Mr. Gordon.
How did you find out?
- Simple deduction.
- Yeah?
He told me so.
Oh, he did, huh?
Well, you know why?
Because he knew darn well that I'd tell you.
Covering up, that's what he's doing.
- You know, Pop, I think that
- Please.
Suggest you rest overworked brain...
and exercise watchful eye...
while parent develops
interesting negatives.
[Phone Rings]
- Hello.
- [Man] Is Mr. Chan there?
Yes, but he's busy right now.
Can I take the message? I'm his son.
Tell him that if he's interested
in finding the missing shoelace...
he might look in the top drawer
of the dresser in cabin 26.
- Who is this?
- [Line Clicks]
Hello? Hello?
- [Thud]
- [Groans]
Hey! Stop!
Pop! Pop! Help!
Stop! Stop him!
- What's goin' on here?
- See if Mr. Chan is all right. Help!
Stop him! Help!
Murderer! Stop him!
- The murderer! Come on!
- [Chattering]
[Mrs. Walters]
Oh, my husband!
- Mr. Chan, are you all right?
- Yes, quite.
- Have seen Chinese boy?
- Yes, he was chasing someone down the hall.
Please, come quick.
- [Jimmy] Stop him!
- Stop!
- Did you see him?
- Yes. He went that
- We've gotta get him. That guy's a killer!
- Killer?
Look out!
- There they are!
- Has anyone a gun?
- Come on.
Be careful.
Go around the boxes this way.
You go that way.
They're down there, Mr. Chan.
- Take passengers back to lounge quickly.
- Yes, sir.
I I got him!
Please hold.
I'm coming.
Nice work, Mr. Chan.
- Correction, please. Did not fire gun.
- No?
- No.
- Then it must have been me.
But I never got closer
to him than 30 feet.
Gee, you came close enough
to save the rest of us.
- Why, that's the beggar we saw
in Honolulu, Mr. Chan.
- Beggar?
- [Dick] But how did he get on the boat?
- Did not come aboard as beggar.
- Ross!
- Gee, I never figured it was him.
- But why should he pretend to be a beggar?
- And why did he kill my uncle?
Fear mask covers
more than countenance.
Here are the negatives, Pop.
- Ruined by light.
- Mr. Chan, don't you think it would be better...
if we were to return to the lounge
and quiet the other passengers?
- Uh, yes, thank you.
- Yes. Come, gentlemen, please.
- You will inform Captain, please?
- Yes, sir.
Boy! Imagine old Hawkeye
hitting him from 30 paces.
In darkness sometimes difficult
to distinguish hawk from vulture.
I don't follow you, Pop.
Bullet shot from 30 feet
does not leave powder burns.
Powder burns?
Say, then Ross must've shot himself.
Quite sure dead man fire at officer?
I'll say I am.
If I hadn't yelled, he would have got him.
Yet only one bullet fire from gun.
One bullet? Then someone
must've got in close enough to
But that doesn't make sense.
We were all after him, and whoever
killed him would've bragged about it.
All but one...
who wish to remain anonymous.
Well, here we are, Pop,
without a clue.
I couldn't find the other shoelace,
and you let him get the negative.
Guess we can't solve 'em all.
Memory of number two son
still elusive like soap in bathtub.
Memory? Elusive?
You mean, Mrs. Pendleton?
Gee, Pop, that's right.
If she recognizes anybody
in the party, why
I've talked with the others, Mr. Chan.
They've all agreed
to attend the inquest.
I explained it was merely
a matter of routine.
Have arranged to hold same
Well, looks as though we're in.
I'm, uh, sorry the trip wasn't
more successful for both of us, Mr. Chan.
Thank you.
Regret is mutual.
Hello, Lieutenant Chan.
We got your cable and the inquest is all set.
Are those the two?
Mr. Pendleton? Mr. Gerald Pendleton?
- Mr. Pendleton?
- Listen.
It's like a cry
from the world beyond.
Great heavens,
I wish they'd get this over with!
- You could hang your hat on my goose pimples.
- Mr. Gerald Pendleton!
- Telegram for Mr. Pendleton!
- Here, boy. I'll take that.
- Are you Gerald Pendleton?
- There's Mr. Pendleton.
[Car Door Closes, Engine Starts]
Excuse, please.
- What is it, Pop?
- Message from Oakland Airport.
"Mrs. Pendleton, flying to rejoin husband...
has met with serious airplane accident."
- [Susie] Oh, how awful.
- Gosh!
Please escort others to inquest.
Where you going, Pop?
Can I go?
Think presence
more valuable with party.
All right, is this all of'em?
- Hey.
- That's all of'em, Captain.
Come on, folks.
We're off to the morgue.
Since the testimony of these witnesses
is in complete agreement, Lieutenant Wilson...
my findings for the coroner's jury
will be murder and justifiable homicide.
I see no reason to hold these people
any longer tonight. That's all.
- [Gordon] Well, that's that.
- [Suderman] Glad that's over.
- Hello, Tom. I'll have that coffee now.
- Wait a minute, folks.
- Mr. Coroner, aren't you
even gonna wait for Pop?
- Hmm? Who's Pop?
- His father is Charlie Chan, sir.
- Oh, I see.
Well, if your father has important information,
where is he, young man? Where is he?
Well, I don't know, but
Present, please.
Forgive unavoidable delay...
but with kind permission
of most worthy Coroner...
would like to present
additional information.
Very well,
but the case is obvious enough.
I'm satisfied that Ross murdered Pendleton
and was shot attempting to escape.
You don't want us to wait, do you, Mr. Chan?
We're all anxious to get home.
I don't think we should leave
until we hear what Mr. Chan has to say.
Why don't you move in?
You'd love it here.
Understand urgent desire
to return to loved ones...
but will detain only momentarily.
It's all right with me as long as
I can catch the midnight plane.
Thank you so much.
- Would like to present new witness.
- Just a minute.
Tom, hold that coffee.
- All right. Go ahead.
- Thank you so much.
Now, Doctor, please.
Widow of unfortunate member
of cruise, Mrs. Pendleton...
who, despite painful accident...
is most anxious to testify.
All right, Mrs. Pendleton.
You may proceed.
I'm an actress by profession.
I was first married in New York to a man
whom I believed to be a jeweler.
Later, I was shocked to discover
that he was really aa thief.
When he tried to make me use
my profession as an actress...
to help him smugglejewelry,
I went to the police.
He was sent to prison.
- He swore he'd make me suffer for that.
- Who was this man?
His name is Eberhard.
Jim Eberhard.
I divorced him
and resumed my maiden name...
but I lived in terror
of the day he would be let out.
He was the sort of man who would
never stop until he had revenge.
Then I met Mr. Pendleton.
Shortly after our marriage,
Jim escaped from prison.
That very day I received
a small bag of coins...
containing 30 dimes.
I knew what that meant.
The next night when I was alone he broke
into my apartment and tried to kill me.
Go on, please.
Shortly after, he was recaptured.
Last May he was released.
Last May? Well, that's when
we started on our cruise!
Then Eberhard must
have been on the boat!
Not likely. Pendleton certainly
would have recognized him.
No, no. Mr. Pendleton
had never seen Eberhard.
I hadn't even told him aboutJim.
Then there's only one answer.
Eberhard must have
used the name of Ross.
We'll settle that in a moment.
If you'll wheel Mrs. Pendleton over to
the viewing window, she can identify him.
Identification unnecessary.
Ross not Eberhard.
- Not Eberhard?
- New York police report Ross
as wholesale jeweler...
suspected of being fence
for stolen gems...
but never arrested.
Well, if that's the case,
why did he kill Pendleton?
Correction, please.
Pendleton killed by Eberhard.
- Then why was Ross wearing that disguise?
- [Chan] Forced to do so.
Eberhardjewel smuggler.
Had sufficient evidence
to convict Ross as fence...
and thus compelled him
to join ingenious murder plan.
When Ross trapped in hold...
Eberhard, fearing exposure...
eliminated only other person
with knowledge of mad scheme.
It's a strange case you've built up.
But how are you going to prove it?
You haven't got Eberhard.
Contradiction, please.
Jim Eberhard, maniac killer...
now in this room.
- Oh!
- What? In this room?
Well, if he's here,
we'll soon find out.
Mrs. Pendleton, would you please
remove your bandage for a moment...
and identify this, uh
this, uh, Jim Eberhard?
I'm afraid that will be impossible.
Mrs. Pendleton has been
temporarily blinded.
Perhaps lady can identify
first husband by his voice.
I'm sure I can.
That's useless.
It wouldn't stand in a court of law.
Quiet, please.
Will you end this as soon as possible?
- My patient is very weak.
- So sorry.
You will each step forward
and repeat words: "I am Jim Eberhard."
- This is ridiculous. I'm notJim Eberhard.
- Jim!
I tell you I'm notJim Eberhard!
Do you hear me? I'm not!
Can stop talking now,
Dr. Suderman.
Arrest gentleman
who protest too much.
Oh! Oh, stop him!
[Screams, Shouts]
- [Man] Who turned off the light?
- [Susie Screaming]
He's gone!
This isn't a morgue. It's a madhouse!
Clear out, everybody!
- Please, stay here.
- But, Pop, I
- Mr. Chan, will you wait and help
me make sense out of my notes?
- Most happy.
I always knew deep within me
that he was the one.
- Anyway, congratulations.
- Thank you.
- Well, good night.
- Good night, sir.
- Good-bye, Mr. Chan.
- Trust unhappy ending to cruise...
has not discouraged young people
from greater voyage.
Oh, not at all.
We're being married tonight.
- Congratulations.
- Thanks.
- You can reach us at the Adelphi,
but don't call unless
- Understand.
After wedding bells,
prefer no phone bells.
- [Laughs]
- Right. Come along, Susie.
We'll need you as a witness.
You can always find me,
Mr. Chan, at the Y.W.C. A...
day or night.
Do we have to wait here, Pop? Couldn't we
go to a hotel until the cops pick up Suderman?
- I'm hungry.
- Me too.
I always have a snack
after a hard day.
Come on.
Help yourself, son.
- What, here? With all those
- Why not?
This is the quietest place
in town usually.
Oh, get those exhibits off the table
in the viewing room, will you, son?
Yes, sir.
Say, Doc, you didn't see Ross's mask
and hat, did you? They're not here.
That's strange.
They were on the table at the inquest.
They're not here now.
Gosh! Pop! They're gone!
The mask and the hat.
Gone? This is the darnedest case
I've ever been on!
Mask and hat on table
before light extinguished.
- Did you see anybody pick up
that mask in there, Doctor?
- In the darkness? How?
Well, I know none of the stiffs
in there took it.
- It's locked!
- Break it in quickly.
[Mrs. Pendleton Screaming]
- Blind, crippled
- [Pounding Door]
You double-crosser.
I've waited five years for this.
I swore I'd get you and Pendleton.
Well, I got him,
and if it's the last thing I do, I'll
- [Grunts]
- [Gagging]
- Say, what's going on here?
- Merely capture of murderer.
It was Mr. Chan's idea,
and he called the turn.
We even heard him say
he'd killed Pendleton.
May remove mask now, Mr. Eberhard.
You were extremely clever using disguise
as beggar to dispose of victims...
then forcing Ross
to wear same disguise...
and be seen with you
in front of Honolulu hotel.
Last night, fearing exposure
by development of pictures...
you compelled Ross
to steal negatives...
after drawing my son away
by telephone call.
And when Ross, wearing disguise,
was trapped in hold of ship...
you saw opportunity
to establish perfect alibi...
by killing him.
But powder mark on mask...
was fatal blow to ingenious plan.
I underestimated you, Mr. Chan.
You said on the boat that the murderer
was a blundering fool. You were right.
I should have eliminated you
as I did your friend, Inspector Duff.
Am most happy for truth
of ancient saying:
Opportunity will never knock again.
Take him away.
- You are all right?
- Why, yes, I
Don't move or I'll shoot.
- But I've told you.
I'm not Eberhard, you young fool.
- Quiet! Keep your hands up.
- Mr. Chan, will you please
tell this crazy son of yours that I
- Please, release good doctor.
Huh? But I found him
hiding in the closet.
- He's Eberhard.
- Correction, please.
Dr. Suderman only follow careful
instructions to mislead real criminal.
Real criminal? Who?
Mr. Gordon, supposed archaeologist.
Supposed archaeologist?
When did you find out he wasn't?
On boat at mah-jongg table...
when he refer to Han Dynasty
as golden era of South China.
Well, sure.
Wasn't it?
When will number two son
ever learn history of ancient ancestors?
Golden era, Shang Dynasty,
North China.
And look at her.
She's not blind.
Mrs. Pendleton
extremely brave woman.
Play most dangerous role
to help apprehend murderer.
Regret unpleasant experience,
but can now live in peace.
- Thank you so much.
- Thank you, Mr. Chan.
- Good-bye, Mr. Chan.
- Good-bye.
- Mr. Chan, I'm happy to have been of assistance.
- Thank you, Doctor.
But, Pop, if you suspected Gordon
and Mrs. Pendleton knew him...
why didn't you just have her identify him
as Eberhard instead of using a trick?
And turning my morgue
into a roughhouse?
Mere identification of suspect
no proof of crime.
Singleness of purpose and cleverness
with which murder is committed...
indicate that desire for revenge
drove Eberhard insane.
prepared trap to anticipate...
inevitable attempt upon former wife.
Thus, Eberhard convict self.
Gee, Pop, you sure
figured that one out.
- And now, how about a nice quiet cup of coffee?
- Thank you so much.
For once, agree with number two son.
Much prefer noise of restaurant.
- [Chuckles]
- You said it, Pop.