Charlie Chan's Secret (1936) Movie Script

I'm afraid you're on
a wild goose chase, Mr. Chan.
Have sometimes caught wild goose.
Well, if you ask me, there's something
fishy about the whole business.
A man walks out on a fortune
seven years ago.
Then all of a sudden,
he appears from nowhere to claim it.
A little tough on the Colby heirs
if he's alive.
- Tough on Allen Colby if dead.
- Yeah.
Ah. They're bringing him up now.
Get back.
Take in on the winch.
All right, swing him aboard.
All right, get him down there.
Body not that of Allen Colby.
- Well, I guess that ends it.
- Not so certain.
Passenger list indicate
30 persons on board.
Twenty-seven rescued by lifeboats.
Two bodies recovered today.
Twenty-seven plus two make 29.
Leave one body missing.
Maybe Allen Colby escape
by clinging to wreckage.
Well, if he did,
the sharks got him by now.
You can't drift around
in these waters for two weeks.
May have been picked up
by boat without radio.
Must not overlook any possibility.
Mr. Chan.
- I found this in one of the bunks.
- Thank you so much.
Initials A.C.
Allen Colby.
As soon as you get Duke aboard,
get under way!
How soon we make port?
Oh, a couple of hours.
May send radiogram, please?
Sure. They can relay it
from the land station.
What do you wanna say?
To Mrs. Henrietta Lowell,
San Francisco.
Fate of Allen Colby still uncertain.
Leaving Honolulu at once
on new clipper airship...
to continue investigation
on mainland.
Sign Charlie Chan, please.
"D." Dead.
There can be no doubt, Baxter.
Allen is dead.
It was a message from his father.
To be perfectly frank, madam...
- This sort of thing makes me quite creepy.
- Oh, nonsense.
A radiogram, Mrs. Lowell.
We haven't finished yet.
Sit down.
Hand me the telephone.
Oh, get off the wire, Alice.
You can talk to Dick some other time.
All right, Mother, in just a second.
Dick, I'll have to go now.
All right.
Now remember, darling...
we've got a date tonight if the chief
doesn't send me out on a story.
Well, I like that. You think more
of your old newspaper than you do me.
Well, Dick, I simply must hang up now.
Mother wants to use the phone.
Of course I do.
- Call Mr. Phelps's office for me.
- Yes, ma'am.
- What is the wire?
- Another radiogram from Charlie Chan.
- He's arriving sometime today.
- The line's busy, ma'am.
Try again. And remind me
to call Professor Bowan.
I want to tell him that we're holding
a sance tonight at 8:30.
If you have nothing else to do,
take some flowers out to Colby House...
and tell Ulrich
to have everything ready.
- All right, Mother.
- Do you want Baxter to help you?
No, thanks. I'll shanghai Dick.
Hello, Mr. Phelps?
Just one moment. Mrs. Lowell.
Hello, Warren.
It's your mother.
Yes, Mrs. Lowell.
He's arriving today?
Yes, everything concerning
the estate is in order.
I've been going over matters with your
son-in-law. He and Mrs. Gage are here now.
Certainly, I'll tell them to be there.
At 8:30.
Yes, I'll come too. Good-bye.
Was she talking about Allen?
No, Charlie Chan.
He's arriving this afternoon.
He must have definite news
about Allen.
Otherwise, he wouldn't be coming
all the way from Honolulu.
I don't see why Mother
had to drag him into this.
Well, you can hardly blame her
for being worried.
If Allen is alive, it places
a great responsibility on her.
But from what you've said, it places
a great responsibility on all of us.
We'll have to turn the estate over to him
and account for every penny we've spent.
Well, after all,
it was his father's money.
But Mother was Uncle Bernard's sister.
Regardless of Allen,
she should be entitled to something.
Unfortunately not,
if Allen is alive.
- Hello, Alice.
- Hmm. Where were you when I called at the office?
Now wait a minute.
I had to go out on a story.
So I phoned your mother,
and she said you were coming here.
- Well, I wanted you to help me with these flowers.
- More spook business tonight?
Oh, please don't kid about it, Dick.
At least not when Mother's around.
I'm always nervous
when I come to this old house.
Oh, don't worry. I won't let the old
bogeyman get you. I want you myself.
Even if Allen came back and claimed
all the money and I was poor?
Say, when I marry,
I don't expect to work for a living.
Aw, go away.
You're just a fortune hunter.
How'd you guess it?
Dick, what's that?
Well, it's not a ghost!
Oh, it's Lucifer.
Something must have frightened him.
There, Alice. You have the solution
to all ghost stories.
Not to all the things
that happen in this house.
You know, I don't see why your mother doesn't
have this old squirrel's cage torn down.
She's too devout a believer
in psychic research.
Why, this place means as much to her
as it did to Uncle Bernard.
Yeah, and he was a little cracked.
Oh, don't say that, Dick.
He believed in it.
That's why he rebuilt this house
with all these funny rooms.
So the poor spirits
could have a home.
Come on. Let's get out of here
and go somewheres a little more cheerful.
Not yet. I have to arrange those flowers
for tonight's sance.
And you're going to help me.
I very rarely visit the old house, sir,
since Mr. Colby died.
It was only because
of your late arrival...
that Mrs. Lowell told me
to bring you here.
- Thank you.
- Oh, it's a pleasure, sir.
I don't mind admitting
to you frankly, sir...
that I don't feel at all myself
in this atmosphere.
- No?
- No, sir.
There's a tinge of the graveyard
which positively awes me.
Yes. Mysterious shadows of night
cling to old house...
like moss on tombstone?
Quite right- Quite right, sir.
That, sir, is the-
is the front door.
The-The back door
is... at the rear.
Most interesting.
Shall we enter by front door?
Yes. Yes.
This way, sir.
The family will be waiting
for you in here, sir.
These are the accounts
you spoke of, Mrs. Lowell.
No, not now.
- Mr. Chan.
- Oh. I'm so glad you arrived, Charlie.
I knew I could depend on you.
You know everyone here.
- Good evening, Mr. Chan.
- Greetings at end of journey...
like refreshing rain
after long drought.
Yes, yes, Mr. Chan,
but let's get to your report.
Yes, Charlie.
What about Allen?
Then it's your belief
that Allen is still alive?
Cannot be certain but, if so,
suspect life may be in danger.
- Now why do you say that?
- Observe.
More than one attempt
made on Allen Colby's life.
Just a scheme to create an impression.
This fellow may be an impostor.
Correction, please.
Passport visaed by French
and British consuls...
indicate he is real Allen Colby.
Then why did he wait all these years
before communicating with his family?
Investigation prove Allen Colby...
enlisted in French Foreign Legion...
was taken prisoner by Riffs.
Escaped only recently.
Could not have communicated sooner.
Unless he was drowned, we can expect him
to appear at any time to claim the estate?
He has a right to the
money, more than we have.
What is it, Ulrich?
Uh, Professor Bowan and Carlotta
are ready to start the sance.
Tell them we'll be there in a moment,
and see that we're not disturbed.
I can't stand that man!
He's forever staring at me.
- Why don't we get rid ofhim?
- We've gone over that before, Janice.
- Shall we go into the other room?
- Perhaps Mr. Chan would rather wait here.
- He may not be interested in a sance.
- I'm sure he will be.
Tonight Professor Bowan has promised us
a message concerning Allen.
- I would like to have you present.
- Would appreciate very much.
- Chinese people interested in all things psychic.
- Yes.
Have they started
the sance yet, Ulrich?
- They're just about to begin, miss.
- Thanks.
You're always causing me grief. If we'd
been late, Mother would have been furious.
- Is everything ready, Baxter?
- Yes, ma'am.
- Sorry I'm late, Mother.
- All my fault, Mrs. Lowell.
Say, you're Mr. Chan, aren't you?
- Humbly acknowledge name.
- Glad to meet you. I've heard a lot about you.
I'm Dick Williams of the Globe.
- Anything I can print on the Colby case?
- There's nothing for publication.
I've asked you repeatedly to consider
our family affairs confidential.
- Yes, but-
- Mr. Gage very wise.
Best place for skeleton
is in family closet.
Thank you.
Nothing to say.
Come, Charlie.
This is Professor Bowan,
our adviser in psychic research.
And this is our medium, Carlotta.
So pleased.
Most fortunate gift
to be able to cross bridge...
to dwelling place of honorable ancestors
before arriving.
Shall we begin?
If you'll take your usual seats,
we will commence.
Take this chair, Charlie.
- Will that be all right, Professor?
- Quite all right.
Tonight I wish to ask
for your special concentration.
We will try to bring word
of Allen Colby from the beyond.
It may be difficult.
We shall ask his father,
Bernard Colby...
who has been our guide before, to assist us.
We will pause a moment
in meditation.
Mr. Gage, will you
turn down the lights?
There is a presence here.
He has a message for Mrs. Lowell.
It is her brother, Bernard.
He says that Allen
is there with him.
He is happy.
He wants to come to you.
- Stop it!
- Lights! Turn on the lights!
Allen Colby... murdered.
Notify police immediately.
Touch nothing...
until police arrive.
- Thanks for your information, Mr. Chan.
- You welcome.
You know, what beats me is how Allen Colby
got ashore without our getting wind of it.
Somebody knew it. That's how he
trapped Colby here and finished him off.
He must have been trapped, all right.
You know, Allen was the type of fellow who
could have defended himself. A knife in the back.
If strength were all,
tiger would not fear scorpion.
- Not a sign of fingerprints.
- Oh, he used gloves or a handkerchief.
This fellow was smart enough for that.
Have observed former resting place
of murder weapon?
I've already checked that.
No fingerprints there either.
- What did you find, Doctor?
- Knife pierced right ventricle of the heart.
- He's been dead about four hours.
- You want an autopsy?
Oh, no, not necessary.
See you in the morning.
- Oh, Harris, got the rest of them in the other room?
- Yes, sir.
Come along, Mr. Chan.
You too, Williams.
I want to talk to everyone
who was present here tonight.
Bowan, you must've been pretty sure Colby
was dead when you started your sance.
That isn't true. We were merely seeking
a message concerning him.
Just before
this terrible thing happened...
I felt a strange
new presence about me.
I knew we were in contact
with Allen Colby's spirit.
And with his body
hidden behind the panel...
it was easy for his spirit
to get here, wasn't it?
Pardon interruption, please.
May ask cause of Allen Colby's
separation from family?
Oh, certainly, Charlie.
There had been a quarrel...
or rather a misunderstanding
between Allen and his father.
You see, Allen didn't share
our belief in psychic things.
Is this digging
into family affairs necessary?
It is when we're looking for facts.
If all I wanted was a motive...
It is when we're looking for facts.
If all I wanted was a motive...
I wouldn't have to go any further
than the Lowell family.
What do you mean by that?
Simple enough, isn't it?
Allen Colby alive meant
the loss of a fortune for all of you.
So sorry again to interrupt. Uh-
Money from Colby estate
used for psychic research?
As executor of the estate, I can answer that.
Only such sums were used
as Mrs. Lowell saw fit to donate.
And that would have ended, too,
if Colby had returned?
Yes, I suppose so.
Were you here earlier today?
Why, yes. I stopped by
Ulrich's cottage about 6:00...
to remind him to have everything
in order for the sance.
You were here at house?
No. I've had a slight cold, and I left
almost immediately to take care of it.
- Is that right?
- As far as I know, it is.
Pardon undue curiosity.
- You were here all day?
- That's what I get paid for.
Strange you did not know
Allen Colby had arrived.
I said once- I didn't.
Who else beside Professor Bowan
visit here today?
Why, I was here.
- You also?
- What for?
He came here to meet me
when I brought the flowers for the sance.
- What time was that?
- Uh, I was here first.
Alice came in at 5:30. I'm sure of the
time because I noticed the clock was fast...
and I was about to reset it.
Ancient clock tell very latest time now.
Someone must have fixed it!
Well, who reset the clock?
You don't think I'm lying, do you?
You arrived at what time, please?
About a quarter past 5:00.
And the murder took place
around 5:00.
I can tell you, Morton,
there was nothing wrong when I was here.
You and Miss Lowell were planning
to get married shortly, weren't you?
Why, yes. What of it?
- Haven't we had enough of this inquisition?
- For tonight, yes.
But until this matter is settled, be on hand
to give the authorities any help they need.
That's all.
Excuse, please.
- Ah, a headache for the police department.
- Yes.
Have you any ideas, Mr. Chan?
Solve mystery, cure headache.
Okay, we'll split a box of aspirin.
Oh, Harris.
See you in the morning?
Thank you.
Will bring aspirin.
- Ambulance here?
- They've just arrived, sir. The men are coming in now.
- Almost finished?
- Yes, last plate.
I guess I'll have to quit. Pretty hard to
catch up with murderers these days, Mr. Chan...
especially when they don't
leave their signatures.
That's what I call fingerprints-
But when they do leave them,
it's just like signing their confession.
Yes, fingerprints very valuable...
if detective can catch
owner of fingers.
That's right.
Found anything interesting?
As son Lee would say- play hunch.
- Charlie!
- Excuse, please.
Oh, there you are.
Come along with us.
We'll put you up at the house.
Thank you so much, but with your
permission, may spend night here?
- Here?
- Yes.
Would like to make
more complete investigation.
Oh, very well. As you wish.
Baxter, prepare one of the bedrooms.
And you had better remain
here with Mr. Chan tonight.
- Oh, all- all night, ma'am?
- Certainly!
I'll send something over for your
breakfast in the morning, Charlie.
But what about your breakfast, ma'am?
Nobody knows how you like your toast but me.
I know how I like my toast.
Good night, Charlie.
Quiet little place, isn't it, sir?
Yes. Very restful.
Oh, yes, sir.
Like, uh, silence in graveyard.
Oh. Y-Yes, sir.
Like a... graveyard.
This way, sir.
Uh, after you, sir.
Thank you so much.
Where'd the- Oh. Hello, sir.
Oh, very interesting, sir.
Very, very interesting.
May I inquire what it is, sir?
Corroboration of deductions.
Then we can leave here at once, sir.
Should I pack your bags?
Thank you so much, but, uh...
must first request able assistance...
in subduing malevolent spirits
in ancient house.
Ye-What do you mean, sir?
We investigate downstairs.
N- Now, sir?
Do you think that could
be spirits, sir?
Very practical spirit
to enter by door. Come.
That's all. And see
that those gates are locked.
Well, here I am.
Why you come back?
You said you were staying here
to investigate.
I want to know what's going on.
Uh, others know you return?
I don't tell them everything I do.
- Think advisable Baxter take you home immediately.
- Hmm!
He's quite right, ma'am.
Now, I think-
You don't think.
You think you think.
I think.
Where should we start?
In here?
Very well.
Perhaps woman's intuition,
like feather on arrow-
may help flight to truth.
That's settled.
- Baxter, the door.
- Oh.
Well, Charlie?
- May ask question, please?
- Anything you want to.
Phenomenon of music
always accompany sance?
Nothing unusual about that.
That was merely a manifestation
from the world beyond.
Electric fixtures repaired recently?
No. They haven't
been touched for years.
- May step on table, please?
- Certainly, Charlie.
Very strange.
Brass tarnished with age...
but screw head very young.
Boy Scout knife
like lady's hairpin-
have many uses.
Radio speaker.
Very simple solution
of music from world beyond.
I can't believe
that Professor Bowan and Carlotta...
would purposely deceive us.
Necessity- mother of invention...
but sometimes
stepmother of deception.
Distinguished professor
stand here tonight.
Switch turn on radio receiving set up there.
If Bowan has done this...
then all of our sances
have been based on trickery.
When pilot unreliable...
ship cannot keep true course.
- Permission, please, to try experiment?
- Certainly.
Turn down lights, please.
But... then we shan't
be able to see, sir.
Do as Mr. Chan says.
- They're off, sir.
- Thank you so much.
Please to turn on dim light,
as in sance.
Appearance of Allen Colby
in secret panel most convenient.
Maybe find clue.
Would be so kind to take position...
occupied by deceased body?
Oh, c-could I be excused,
please, sir?
I- I'm not very good
at that sort of thing.
Role of dead man
require very little acting.
Oh, but really, sir, I-
Go on, Baxter. Go on.
May request, uh...
holding handkerchief before face...
when in position?
Charlie, look!
There, on the handkerchief!
Earlier in evening, use same handkerchief
to wipe face of Allen Colby.
- Oh, now, really, sir, I-
- Be quiet, Baxter!
What about the handkerchief?
Chemical analysis of same...
prove face of murdered man...
treated with solution
of quinine sulfate.
- For what reason?
- Quinine sulfate...
when exposed to rays
of ultraviolet lamp...
produce mysterious light
which accompany apparition.
Well, where could it come from?
Answer well hidden,
but hope to find same.
Please! Do not move handkerchief.
Ultraviolet-ray lamp.
Filter on back of mirror...
allow only invisible
ultraviolet rays to enter room.
- Solves mystery of spirit light.
- It solves more than that.
It proves that Bowan knew
that Allen was dead.
He may even have murdered him.
Finding web of spider does not prove
which spider spin web.
I gave Bowan
all the funds he asked for.
I even made provision for him and Carlotta
after my death.
And they knew that if Allen returned,
they would never receive another penny.
In face of present evidence...
may be wise to change
plans for future.
Huh! I'll see to that.
Mr. Phelps has an accounting
of the estate prepared.
I intend to go over it.
And at the same time,
I'll make a new will.
Most excellent precaution.
- You are all right?
- Except for the punch in the ribs you gave me.
- Why, you knocked me down.
- Most happy.
Punch in ribs more desirable
than shot in back.
There's no argument about that.
Where's Baxter? Baxter.
- Here I am, ma'am.
- Well, you would be.
Well, what do we do next?
Suggest leaving here immediately.
That's a very good idea, sir.
We're-We're locked in, sir.
Locked in? Nonsense.
Can you hear that, sir?
- Oh! Fred, it's you.
- What's happened?
Somebody tried to kill Charlie.
I think you acted very foolishly
in coming here at this hour of the night.
Fear for Mrs. Lowell's safety
reason for visit?
Exactly. Janice and I went to her bedroom
to say good night.
When I found she wasn't there,
I had a hunch she was over here with you.
I saw her car outside and came in.
Thank you.
Suggest you go home now-
Uh, with Baxter.
Have something very important.
Would like your able assistance.
Of course,
if there's anything I can do.
- Now, look here, Charlie. I want to know-
- Tomorrow, please.
- You go home now.
- Oh, very well.
- Come on, Baxter.
- Thank you.
- Observe anyone leaving house when entering grounds?
- Not a soul.
- Ulrich admit you?
- No. The gates were unlocked.
Someone very familiar
with ancient house...
fire gun from there.
I know this place inside and out.
It's a regular honeycomb
of passages...
that start everywhere
and end nowhere.
- You want me to show you?
- No.
Will investigate honeycomb later.
Maybe find bee.
Shall we go?
At present, much concerned
about Mrs. Lowell.
What do you mean?
Not so certain
gunfire directed at humble self.
You think the attempt
was made on her life?
Maybe. Suggest
you go to police at once.
Request guard for Mrs. Lowell
day and night.
I'll go immediately.
Caretaker keep very late hours.
Ulrich's a queer old bird.
Have noticed Ulrich
not friendly to family.
May ask reason why?
Oh, Allen was engaged
to Ulrich's daughter.
After he left home, he broke with her,
and she committed suicide.
Ulrich held Allen responsible.
Strange house have more
than one skeleton in closet.
- Good morning.
- Good day.
May ask question, please?
You were here yesterday
at cottage about 5:00?
Then if Allen Colby ring bell,
would have heard same?
Well, uh, I didn't hear him.
Strange someone
should climb over wall...
without first trying bell.
If someone were sneaking in here
to commit murder...
do you think they'd ring the bell
to let me know about it?
Correction, please.
Murderer would not
climb over wall near gate.
Would look for more secret place.
Thank you so much.
What do you want?
Pardon intrusion, please.
Observe radio aerial on roof.
Perhaps earphones reason
for not hearing bell yesterday...
when Allen Colby arrive.
I tell you I didn't hear the bell.
I don't know where I was
or what I was doing.
Radio transmitter...
used last night to broadcast music
for sance?
You're barking up the wrong tree.
I don't know nothing about radio.
This stuff belongs to my son.
I'm shipping it to him.
You can't catch me on that.
Only thing Charlie Chan catch
is cold in head.
Uh, can spare quinine, please?
I haven't got any.
Perhaps give to Professor Bowan
who suffer from cold...
when visiting here yesterday.
Why don't you go and ask him?
Very good idea.
Thank you so much.
So sorry professor not at home.
Hope to get valuable information
about sance last night.
- Can I help you?
- Thank you.
Small point of information.
When in contact with spirit world...
find ultraviolet light useful?
I don't understand you.
Very peculiar circumstance.
Allen Colby's face treated
with solution of quinine.
When exposed to ultraviolet light...
produce glow not from spirit world.
If what you say is true, Mr. Chan...
it has nothing to do with us.
There has never been any fraud
connected with my work.
The power which was given me
to communicate with the other world...
has never been misused.
Have utmost respect
for true believer in psychic things.
But can explain, please...
source of music
which accompany sance last night?
Yes. I'll show you.
It was sent
from this transmitting set.
We always use music
as a background for our work.
Hmm. Most interesting.
Repeating device...
with control switch at Colby House...
so music can be picked up
at any time?
Shortwave coil.
That ought to keep him quiet long enough
for us to make a getaway.
Then it's true.
You knew about Allen Colby.
There's no time to talk now. If Chan was that
close on us, the police won't be far behind.
- Come on!
- I'm not going. I was no part of it.
But you can't prove that to the police.
- Where's Bowan?
- You'd better go in there at once.
- Charlie.
- What happened?
Get a chair.
Are you all right?
Uh, when firecrackers stop exploding
in head, will be quite all right.
You need the aspirin
this time, Charlie.
Now, where's Bowan?
He left just before you came in.
That's why you sent us in here. You were
covering up for him to make a getaway.
- You're under arrest. Take her out, Harris.
- Let's go, sister.
Get on the phone
and send out a general broadcast.
Yes, sir.
I want to be the first
to congratulate you, Charlie.
You let the murderer of Allen Colby
slip right through your fingers.
So sorry. Like child
who play with matches, get burned.
- Live and learn.
- Yeah, live and learn.
When we pick up Bowan, I'll send
you an invitation to the blow-off.
Thank you so much.
I guess Morton's right. It must have been
Bowan who killed Colby...
and tried to get Mrs. Lowell
last night.
Wheel of fate has many spokes.
Which means you have
something on your mind. What is it?
Mind at present like hangover
after misspent evening.
Must keep important engagement
with Mrs. Lowell.
Hat, please.
"And the sum of $100,000...
"to endow the Colby Foundation
for Psychic Research...
"such foundation to be administered
by Warren T. Phelps...
on behalf of my dearly beloved friends
Alfred and Carlotta Bowan. "
That is the clause you want
to strike from the will?
- It certainly is.
- Then I'll draw up a new document.
I'll have it ready
for your signature tonight.
Have you any idea how much
these people have cost me so far?
I'll have to check over your accounts
to get the exact amount.
We're going over
all the accounts tonight...
when Mr. Phelps brings the new will.
When Mr. Phelps brings the new will.
- Ulrich wants to see you, madam.
- What is it, Ulrich?
- I've come to quit.
- That will be a relief.
And it'll be a relief to me too!
I don't have to stay here
to be spied on by policemen.
I don't know anything
about Allen Colby!
It's his fault that my girl
is in her grave...
and he got what was coming to him.
That's enough!
Wait in the hall,
and I'll pay you off.
In my opinion, it would be better
to watch Ulrich than look for Bowan.
He's hated Allen enough to kill him.
No one being overlooked.
When weaving nets,
all threads counted.
- I'll be back with the new will after dinner.
- Make it 8:30.
I'll have those figures
ready for you by then.
And don't worry. Mr. Morton will have a
police guard here until Bowan is captured.
- Good-bye, Mother.
- Good-bye, dear.
Well, Charlie, what are your plans?
- Uh, what hour is dinner, please?
- 7:30.
And after dinner,
what is usual occupation?
Generally, I spend an hour
here at the Ouija board.
I must repeat, madam, that-
that this sort of thing...
leaves me a- a little creepy.
- 8:25.
- Not much chance of anything happening.
Even one of Bowan's spooks
couldn't get through this police net.
Unknown danger
like summer lightning-
strike where least expected.
I'll have another look around.
Just a minute.
- All right, Myers. Mr. Gage is one of the family.
- Thanks.
- Picked up Bowan yet?
- No, but we'll get him.
He hasn't a chance
of getting out of town.
Excuse me, madam.
- Good evening, sir.
- Has Mr. Phelps arrived yet?
Not yet, sir.
Search the neighborhood.
What's the matter here?
Mrs. Lowell was shot through the head
from outside the house.
- What?
- Must request no one enter except police at present.
- Yes, but you can't stop me.
- Better stay here. You wouldn't like to see it.
- Find anything?
- Not yet. But this gentleman just drove up.
Dick has told me.
It- It seems unbelievable.
Whoever it was outguessed us.
I don't see how it was done
with the place surrounded by police.
Also strange murder should occur...
At exact hour of appointment.
Hello. Morton speaking
from the Lowell house.
Send out the homicide squad
and the coroner.
You'll want to hold the body
till after the inquest of course.
What's happened?
Was it Mother?
- Let me go to her!
- Can do nothing now.
Why did you let it happen?
You knew she was in danger.
It's all your fault!
Alice, please.
Better take the young lady
away from the house for the night.
We'll have a lot to do here.
Come along, Harris.
Mr. Chan, I can't help but feel that
Alice is right in holding you responsible.
You proved that Bowan was guilty
of the murder of Allen Colby.
You knew he made an attempt
on Mrs. Lowell's life last night...
yet you failed to turn him over
to the police.
Most humbly regret
very fatal error...
which cost life of dear old friend.
Mr. Chan.
I'm sorry I lost my head.
I know you did the best you could.
Extend deepest sympathy.
But though loved one
seem to be taken away...
remain always near.
- Mr. Baxter.
- Yes, sir?
So sorry, but need your help.
What do you make of this?
Someone's been smoking, sir.
Oh. The villain must have stood right here
when he fired that fatal shot.
No. Hasty deduction
like ancient egg-
look good from outside.
Shot come from high-powered rifle
fired from distant place.
Really, sir?
May ask, please, to climb tree?
Oh, must I, sir?
Ample proportions
limit athletic ability.
Ye-Yes, sir.
Will you give me a leg up, sir?
When I was young, I-
I used to be quite agile, sir.
Well, there-There's not very much
to be seen from up here, sir.
Observe small branch
near right hand?
Oh. Oh, yes, sir.
Break is clean cut?
Might have been done
with a saw, sir.
Thank you so much.
Please hold finger on branch.
Please remove body
from line of vision.
Well, uh-Well, it- Oh!
Oh, Mr. Chan! Mr. -
Hey! Ohh! Ow!
- Good morning.
- You're on the job early, Mr. Chan. Find anything?
- Hope to establish important fact.
- Let me in on it.
- Must first exact promise of silence.
- I promise.
As son Lee would say,
"Okeydoke. " Let us go.
Well, what led you
to this, Mr. Chan?
At last, find use
for simple geometry.
High-power bullet
take shortest distance...
between three points.
Criminal very clever.
Arrange device so when
electric hammer strike bell...
also operate trigger on rifle.
And after the first shot was fired,
it kept pulling the trigger.
- Yes.
- Be careful. You've reloaded the chamber.
How you know magazine was full?
Well, I- I thought it might be.
- Quite right.
- But that's dangerous.
- When the clock strikes again-
- Do not disturb.
Twenty minutes after 9:00.
Suggest we return to Lowell house
She was sitting right there when
the shot came through the window.
- Pardon interruption, please.
- Oh, come right in.
- Got into any new trouble?
- So sorry to disappoint.
May offer slight demonstration,
Help yourself.
What's it going to be-
interior decorating?
Why don't you try a
couple of sunflowers in it?
Atrocious libel on Chinese art
quite sufficient.
Have only little time to wait.
Please to stand back.
Stand back!
- Are you all right, Baxter?
- I don't know, sir.
You win, Charlie. What's the answer?
If tongue in tower bell could speak,
would have solution.
- What does that mean in English?
- Suggest we take short walk.
Hello? Hello?
Lt-It's your office, sir.
Hello. Morton talking.
Be there right away.
Well, they've caught Bowan.
Instead of your short walk,
how about a short ride to my office?
Voice of professor may tell us more
than tongue of silent bell.
I didn't do it, I tell you. Whoever killed
Allen Colby tried to hang it on me.
And I suppose you didn't
plant that trick light...
and wash Allen Colby's face
with quinine...
so you could pull a phony ghost
at your sance.
- Have you anything to say?
- Leave her alone. She had nothing to do with it.
Well, how about it?
You can save yourself a lot of grief
by turning state's evidence.
I have nothing to confess.
I have always acted in good faith.
That's all for now.
Take 'em out.
Four hours wasted...
but I'll get it out of'em
if it's the last thing I do.
- Have idea.
- Another one?
With proper lever...
baby's fingers can move mountain.
What do you mean?
Believe have plan...
to secure much-desired confession.
I don't see why we should have been
called here for this morbid nonsense.
There's no use complaining about it.
Why, you got no right to bring me into this.
Yes? Well, you're here, brother.
All right, Harris.
Come on inside.
- All set, Charlie.
- Thank you.
Request everyone
take same positions...
as on night of eventful sance.
Oh, Harris. Stand by the door.
Have men in the hall.
- Be sure the outside of the house is covered.
- Yes, sir.
Pardon, please, inconvenience...
of bringing everyone here tonight.
Motive for recent murders...
like tangle of many strings...
ends of which held
by persons in this room.
First string held
by psychic mediums.
Professor Bowan and Carlotta...
had $ 100,000 endowment
to lose by change in will.
Had $ 100,000 endowment
to lose by change in will.
Same change deprive Mr. Phelps,
administrator of estate...
from handling large fortune.
Have ascertained...
he had recently
big losses in stock market.
Caretaker Ulrich
have old-time grudge...
against Allen Colby
for tragedy to daughter.
Other strings held
by Lowell family...
who have everything to lose
if Allen Colby return to claim estate.
Tonight, will try
very sincere experiment...
in effort to untangle motives.
Will call upon spirit world...
for message from great beyond.
Proceed, please.
Mr. Gage,
will you turn down the lights?
We will pause a moment
in meditation.
I feel...
a presence... near.
It is a woman.
She is trying to come to us.
Her image is becoming clearer.
She is trying to speak.
She has a message...
- a message for-
- Mother!
I have come back...
to tell you the truth.
I know now...
the one who fears discovery...
the one who murdered-
- Turn on the lights!
- See that no one leaves this room.
Someone make very foolish mistake.
Throw knife
at spirit reflection in mirror.
May come out now.
- Mrs. Lowell! - Mother!
- Mother, darling!
- Oh, I'm so happy.
- Yes, dear.
You have to die to really find out
how much people miss you.
- But why did you do this?
- I'll let Charlie explain that, dear.
Sincerely hope explanation
will justify cause of anguish.
Person who throw this knife...
also kill Allen Colby
when he return to claim estate...
place body behind secret panel.
Then use ultraviolet-ray device...
to make body appear
as apparition at sance.
Same murderer also try
to kill Mrs. Lowell...
on night of business conference...
but make mistake
of shooting dummy...
which humble self and Mr. Morton
place at study window.
Same murderer now in this room.
Use twin of knife
that kill Allen Colby.
Both knives now missing.
As I stood up right here,
someone passed me in the dark.
I heard someone too.
It was you, Ulrich.
It wasn't!
I- I was over there near Mr. Morton.
- You went for that knife.
- I didn't, I tell you!
- Liar! I saw you! - I
didn't! - Moment, please!
- You are guilty man.
- I? You're crazy.
Contradiction, please.
Took precaution
before sance tonight...
to cover blade of knife
with graphite.
Telltale fingers sign confession.
Stand back! Everybody!
Stay where you are!
You commit murder in attempt...
to cover evidence of forgery
in Lowell accounts.
- Own act tonight convict you.
- All right, Harris.
Come on.
There, there, dear.
I know you had nothing
to do with it.
Very grateful for valuable assistance.
Believe that, tonight,
you practice deception for first time.
I wish I could say
the same for you, Bowan.
After all, I'm the one
who was imposed upon...
and I withdraw
all charges against them.
We'll mark it closed, Mrs. Lowell.
- Thank you.
- There's a train east at 11:45.
- Good-bye.
- Good-bye.
You take now.
Oh, Charlie, I think
you've earned a rest.
Now we can settle down
to a comfortable visit.
So sorry, but, uh...
must return to happy family
in Honolulu.
You've done a great job, Charlie.
Heh. I wish I could make you
a present of the city hall.
If family continue to increase,
may consider generous offer.
Thank you so much.