Charlie Mantle (2014) Movie Script

[Charlie Mantle] Nick,
if you get this note,
that means that later on,
when you get older
and you read it,
you're gonna understand
how much grandpa loves you
and misses you.
Remember what I told you:
It's what you do
with what you've got
that counts.
Always go with your instincts.
And never let the next guy
get position on you.
I know, I should have
taken my own advice.
I need you to look after
Mom and Nanny.
Nanny's a little kooky,
but she's Alright.
You're the man of the house now,
and I'm very proud of you.
I love you, Nick.
And I love you all.
Here's your zebbie.
Remember what I told you?
He's always there for you,
just like me.
Bye, Nick. I love you.
[foreboding music]
[panicked breathing]
[sobbing and panting]
[Bloomberg] Please,
don't fucking do this.
Please don't do this.
[Bloomberg] Please
don't fucking do this.
[Bloomberg] Don't fucking
do this. Don't fucking kill me,
[Bloomberg] Please don't do
Pl-please don't fucking do this.
[Bloomberg] Please.
[The Butcher]
If my blade was sharp,
you won't have felt a thing.
Pl-please don't fucking do this.
My axe is really dull.
And you, like him,
want to feel everything.
Please don't fucking do this.
[artificial heartbeat]
[inaudible speech]
[ominous music]
Get rid of the bodies.
[Zeff] You never should have
done it like this.
This is how you put fear
in people's minds.
[Charlie] Goddammit,
I put my money
on a seventh of five shot
when I knew
that seven was the horse.
I just should've went
with my instincts. Every time
I don't go with my instincts,
I frickin' lose.
Then he decides
at the top of the stretch,
that he's gonna let
the seven horse in front of him.
So, he gives him position
to beat him.
I'm gonna tell
you something, Nick.
Two things in life,
most important thing.
First, always go
with your instincts.
Second, never give the next guy
the position to beat you.
[Charlie] You understand?
[Nick] OK.
[Charlie] Maybe you have
better luck. What's your two
favorite colors?
Pink and green.
[Charlie] Alright, pink is the
eight, and green is the five.
We're gonna play an exactor box
with the eight and the five.
We're gonna go back in,
-[Nick] What's an exactor?
-What's an exactor?
I'll tell you
what an exactor is,
but you gotta promise me...
When your mother asks
where we were today,
you tell her that I took you
to the carousel in Central Park
and we went on the horses. OK?
-[Charlie] Can you say carousel,
Central Park?
-[Charlie] Say, "carousel".
-[Charlie] Very good.
-[both laugh]
That your favorite pony?
Here, let me see. Want me
to hold zebbie for you?
OK, maybe you
have better luck. Let's go play
that exactor, OK Nick?
Come on.
[police sirens]
We're stealing five cars a week.
We should be moving at least 15.
[Victor] Relax. Right now, Nick
wants to keep a low profile.
Low profile?
Cutting off two cops' heads
is a low profile?
If the shit storm comes tonight,
I swear to Christ,
I'm taking Nick out.
[Victor] Relax.
[Stevie Bones] You guys!
Two G's. When you see Nik,
tell him I'm his man.
I make things happen.
[Stevie laughs] Two G's.
They're like nothing.
Double it next week and I will.
Double it? I'll triple it.
I see a real future in you, man.
Dude, I'm your man.
I'm telling you bro, it's me.
It's all me. I got the streets.
[Stevie] I got you covered.
You just tell me what to do
and I'm there.
You still here?
Just let Nik know who I am.
I'm the new guy on the streets.
Look for Stevie Bones.
You gonna call
this guy off, man?
Alright, Alright.
I'm just fucking with ya'.
I got things to do anyway, man.
Gotta get that triple.
And by the way,
we're keeping the money.
[Victor] You gotta pick up Nik.
Punctuality is very important.
Oh great, that guy is here.
What a pleasant surprise.
[Sean] Also, I think
it's good for your father.
[Barbara] Yeah, but if
it's so good for him,
why do I feel so bad?
I just feel like I just show up
every time with the kids,
I just dump myself on him.
Well, that's sort of
exactly what you did.
[Sean] Anyhow...
[dog barking]
[Charlie] When your mother
asks where we were today,
you tell her that I took you
to the carousel in Central Park
and we went on the horses. OK?
Wanna go to mommy? Come on.
-[Sean] There's
my grandson.
-Come on. Go to mommy.
[Sean] You should come
by my place. It's about
as big as this kitchen.
You're always complaining.
You got the pension.
[Sean] By the way,
I don't see a penny
of that pension
until you retire or expire.
And it looks as if
you're breathing to me.
Plus I give your mother
a thousand dollars a month.
And she got the savings account.
What you didn't piss away
on the ponies.
You should thank
the ponies. Every time
you go piss aqua duckie,
you make the sign of
the cross.
OK? You're such
a fucking bitch.
Why don't you get a job?
Make my life easier.
-I am such a bitch.
-Why don't you get a job?
I gotta get to work.
I'll be here in the morning.
There you go.
Don't worry. I won't be.
You know where to find me.
Oh sweetie, your dad
did tell you that the house
is in foreclosure.
[Sean] He did do
that, right, yes?
[Charlie] Bullshit!
You're in denial!
[Charlie] By the way, where
did you get that accent from?
-[Charlie] Coney Island?
-Lies, lies, lies.
-[Charlie] You sound
like an idiot.
-Always the same around here.
[funky music]
[phone rings]
This guy can think
The sky is falling
I can even hear
Your mama calling
It's written
All over your face
Your attitude's out of place
Stop complaining
All the time
Take it slow
And taste the wine
Turn the grind
Get off the ground
Change the sound
And rhyme with something good
It's no use to run for cover
-[solo] Run for cover
-[chorus] It's gonna hit the fan
one way or another
Love is the cash
And love is gold
-[solo] Love is gold
-[chorus] I can't believe
You had to be sold
It's no use to run for cover
It's gonna hit the fan
one way or another
[Bennett] I'll see
you guys later.
[muffled speech]
[cop 1] There's always a reason
for being here.
[cop 1] You get caught on tape
and you gotta,
you gotta cut a deal.
[cop 2] And everybody's looking
to make a deal.
-[cop 1] Everybody's looking...
-[cop 2] Right now.
[cop 2] You know,
I hate these--
[Charlie] Hey...
[Charlie] Hey, your son's
doing great in Lacrosse.
[cop 3] Thanks. Thanks.
Appreciate it.
-[Charlie] The gang's here!
-[Detective] How are you,
Alright. What do you got?
-You know why they pulled us in?
-[Detective] I was gonna ask you
the same thing.
So by the way,
Carmine Espacito says hello.
You know Carmine?
[Detective] That hairy fuck
that owns that pizza place
down on 51st?
Ah, yeah, yeah, yeah, Carmine
with the brick oven pizzas.
-Nice guy.
-Oh yeah, he's nice guy,
Had to lock him up
the other day.
He violated
an order of protection
on his wife.
The sick fuck says
he's gonna cut her throat
while she's sleeping.
Good job, because, uh,
he's a man of his word.
You know, he says
the same thing about you.
[Captain Martling] OK.
We got two cops missing.
[Martling] I'm taking you guys
off your regular cases
to focus on this.
[cop 4] You wanna find them,
try happy hour.
[Lieutenant Del Veccio]
At ease, fellas, at ease.
Guys, believe me
when I tell you,
I wish it was that simple.
This is not good.
For those of you who don't know,
this is Inspector David
and Lieutenant Del Veccio
from Internal Affairs.
[Bennett] In fact,
some of you may know
these officers in question.
Patrolman Bloomberg
and Patrolman Daley.
[Detective] I heard this guy's
been seeing your wife.
[Bennett] Some of you might
even know Bloomberg
as Dodds or Gary.
Yeah, he's been screwing her.
Gary's got 30 years in here.
I thought you guys were friends.
I think he gets an answer.
Maybe you can get Carmine
to slash her throat.
[Bennett] If you're wondering
why Internal Affairs
are involved,
if they're dealing
on the street,
they get dealt with.
So, Lieutenant,
if you've been watching them,
that means you've been watching
this precinct.
Oh, you got something to hide?
[Charlie] Well, probably
should have hidden my wife,
but it's a little
too late for that.
Let's everyone stays focused.
These are our boys,
I want 'em found.
Well, Lieutenant,
it seems to me,
if you've been watching them,
you lost 'em.
So, you're worried
about the two cops
or you're worried
about your career?
[suspenseful music]
[slow footsteps]
[Butcher] When they find you,
you're going to look beautiful.
[sirens wailing]
[Zeff] What we did,
is gonna bring us some trouble.
[Nik] The streets
needed to know,
no one steals from us.
This is America. It's
[speaking in Russian]
Evan's crazy.
Do you understand what he did?
Do you understand?
You have no more control
over this family anymore.
-He's crazy.
He's the reason we got into--
My nephew watched his mother
being raped and dismembered
while she was still alive.
I brought him over here
to work with me.
[speaking Russian]
He's a good kid.
[speaking Russian]
[eerie bass music]
[intense rock music]
[Mikey] Good morning. Hello.
I knew why...
Look at this.
This is the real stuff, buddy.
Be careful with it. It's strong.
[snorting drug]
It's good shit, Mikey, huh?
Good shit.
-Feel better?
-Yeah, it's good.
You ready to listen,
or you ready to talk?
Now Charlie, honestly.
I got a horse running tomorrow
that will solve
all your problems.
[Mikey] Serious.
Let's see.
Your return on investment
so far, I think, is negative
seven K, here-to-date.
[Mikey] Charlie, don't live
in the past, Alright.
Today's a new beginning.
-[Mikey] Tomorrow's a new start.
-I'm just saying you got
a bad strike rate, brother.
[Mikey] Well, things'll change
as of tomorrow.
They're giving the horse
a cocktail.
They get a good price
on him, huh?
[Mikey] It's the maiden race.
The horse is over 12.
-[Mikey] It's got a cute name.
-What's the name of the horse?
[Mikey] Teeth of the Dog.
-Teeth of the Dog?
-[Mikey growls]
Teeth of the Dog.
I like that. Teeth of the Dog.
You'll be barking all the way
to the bank. Alright, buddy?
Good source?
-Trust me, Charlie.
I'm not gonna bullshit you.
-[phone rings]
Yeah? I've heard that before.
[Charlie] I gotta get this call.
[Mikey] Fine. Wanna line
before you take the call?
[Charlie] No, I don't want
a line. Let's not think
about it. OK?
[Mikey] That'll be great.
What do you got, bud?
Alright. I'll be right there.
[tires screeching]
[female operator] (inaudible)
I have a female on the line
stating her boyfriend
is feeling homicidal
and suicidal.
[sirens wailing]
[inaudible speech]
[ominous music]
What the hell is this?
[Mac] This was Officer
Steve Daley. He's added a 103.
It gets better.
Open that one up.
[Mac echoing] Charlie,
Charlie. You alright, Charlie?
You alright, Charlie?
[Mac] You alright, Charlie?
You alright, Charlie?
You alright, Charlie?
No, I'm not alright.
We gotta get these scumbags.
We gotta get 'em quick.
Alright? 'Cause we don't know
who could be next.
It could be one of us in there.
I know you're out in the street,
I know you find things out
before anybody else.
As soon as you find
somebody out, you gotta come
to me right away.
[ominous music]
[Mac] You hear me?
We gotta work together on this,
Charlie. We're gonna keep it
close to the list.
It's a lousy way
to get whacked, Charlie.
I hope they died quick.
Come on, let's get out of here.
Come on, let's go.
[train rattling on tracks]
[Mikey] Charlie,
it's unbelievable.
It's all over the streets.
Two cops got whacked.
-They chopped their heads off.
-You fucking serious?
-Decapitated them?
That's fucked up.
Did you hear anything?
No, not a fucking thing
about that.
[message crackling
over police radio]
Mikey, I need a lead.
Hey, I'll put the word out
on the street.
But I don't what's gonna get us.
That's pretty fucked up.
Where you gonna be later?
I'll be in Citi Field
by the front entrance.
I'll meet you there
in a half hour, OK?
[Mikey] Alright,
I'll be there.
[reporter] A 49-year old
unidentified man went berserk
last night, opening fire
with a 12 gauge shotgun
in a crowded
downtown restaurant.
Fourteen people are dead,
including three children,
four others
suffered serious injuries.
Police have
a suspect in custody,
but are not releasing
any information
until they complete
their investigation.
A government builder
cracked down on laboratory--
[gritty music]
[yelling in Chinese]
Relax, relax, I'm a detective.
I'll give you the money
for the Funyuns and grape soda.
[deli owner] He stole $2,000!
[cab driver]
Yo? You need a lift?
-I'm a cop.
-Yeah, no shit. Get in.
[tires screeching]
Give me the money
you stole from the deli.
-Ho-hold the fuck on--
-Don't fuck with me, man.
I got, I got $500.
You can have it.
You stole $2,000.
-Now, come on.
-It's yours. It's yours.
Alright. Nice and slow,
pull it out.
[thug] OK, here, here.
-Thata boy. You're a free man.
-[woman screams]
[dramatic music]
[man] Shut the fuck up.
[woman] Don't do this.
Don't do this.
Get off of me. Get off of me.
[man] Shut the fuck up, bitch.
You let her go, OK?
I swear to God,
I'll fuckin' cut this bitch.
Just be cool
and let her go, OK?
[man] Fuck.
Who the fuck is this guy?
I've done
a lot of fucked up things.
But you don't rape anybody..
Why don't have them
rape each other?
What do you think?
I'm gonna flip a coin.
It is shit. Is he
fucking joking? Are you joking?
[Charlie] I'm serious.
Now, you got two choices.
You go to jail
or you rape each other
and you apologize to the lady
and I'll let you go, OK?
Fuck you, pig.
Fuck that bitch too.
Fuck you.
You see them boasting like that?
OK, let me ask you something?
Are you high?
I'm good.
I'm not asking you
as your friend. I'm asking you
as your union delegate.
You killed those two
fucking guys inside.
We both know. You're gonna get
a piss test on this one.
And I know you're gonna fail it.
It's too late for me, John.
What are you talking
about, "late"?
Just see what you can do.
I gotta get outta here.
Hey, hey, hey.
Don't walk away from me.
I'm not losing my job
on this one.
This is how it's gonna play out.
I'm gonna go back inside
and tell the bosses
that you drove
to the hospital yourself.
I don't care what hospital,
gonna take them all night
to try to figure that out.
All I know is, tomorrow morning,
you'd better be calling me.
And you better make sure
you call me from the pharm.
Now, you be good. Huh?
[suspenseful music]
Charlie. Charlie, you can't--
I gave you $12,000.
It was four months left.
Where's the money?
I took a loan.
What am I? Chase Manhattan Bank?
-I have expenses--
-Sean, listen to me!
I need the fucking money, OK?
Why do I put up
with this bullshit?
[inaudible speech]
Look at that.
Like a fucking hornet's nest.
[dramatic music]
[Bennett] How the hell is it,
that a known gangster
from one country
has turned into
a gangster informer in ours.
It's fucking beyond me.
[sirens wailing]
[Del Veccio] Listen,
we made a lot of collars
because of this guy.
Shut up.
We lost 'em.
They're gonna give
a hell of a shock to us.
That's what we got
because of this guy.
What the fuck?
What do you think?
Do you think the commissioner
gets ahead on us?
What do you think?
Shit, I must have
misplaced my wallet.
You want money?
I just want to go upstairs
with a heavier pocket.
I saw what you took
from those cops
that were killed.
Don't worry about me
ratting on you.
We are the new kings
of this city.
I won't let them hurt
your pretty little face.
Now, hand it over.
Ah, good man. Don't worry,
I won't lose your money.
You trust me, yes?
I will tell you
this is not about me.
I know, we know.
You don't know the sacrifices
I've made for all of us.
Now, we will run
the streets our way.
[speaking Russian]
Hey, what have you got,
a pack?
[Charlie] Alright.
I'll be right there.
[female operator] He's clear
for warrants.
He's got nine pages
in RMS for serious assaults.
[female operator]
Looks like a suicide attempt.
[subtle techno music]
[speaking in Russian]
There is talk on the streets
about what we did.
They are calling us animals.
As long as you did your job,
we are safe.
We delivered the coolers
as ordered.
Then sit back, relax,
play some poker and drink.
Hey Mac, how you holding up?
[Mac] Not so good, Charlie.
I gotta go break the news
to Daley's wife now and, uh,
Bloomberg's parents.
I don't care how many years
we're at this game,
it never gets any easier
knocking at that fucking door,
I know.
First time I had a knock
on a door, I had to tell parents
that their ten-year old boy
got killed trying to run over
the railroad tracks.
[Charlie] I was the one
that picked the kid up
off the tracks.
[Charlie] When the ambulance
got there,
first thing I did
was call my wife and told her
to kiss my kid.
It mindfucked me.
Well, you know, you,
you don't make it
through that shit.
Now I'm numb to this insanity.
But I have to admit,
seeing those heads
really spooked me, man.
These some violent
They're not like mafia.
If they have to,
they'll kill kids.
Why are you still on the job?
Do you still need to do this?
Charlie, like you, I ain't got
a fuckin' pot to piss in, man.
You know, when the sun comes up
and the stuff hits
the newspapers,
the city's gonna go nuts
when they hear that two cops
got whacked
and their heads
fuckin' chopped off.
I'd go for the Mayor's office
now. They're gonna want answers.
You know, you're always
ahead of everyone else.
You know, I don't know
how you do it, but you do it.
You're a goddamn
good detective, Charlie.
So are you.
Listen, anything you hear,
any information you got,
you gotta let me know
right away.
Alright? I don't want you
to go solo on this.
Alright. I'll call you.
Now get some rest, OK?
Don't forget
to call me, Charlie.
-I will.
-Just call me.
I'll call you,
you crazy fuck, you.
Get some fuckin' rest, OK?
[brooding music]
[Charlie] What can you give me
on the hit?
Some crazy fuckin' guys.
That's the word. They're just
a bunch of crazy fuckers.
If I were you, uh, I'd let
somebody else take care of this.
Ah, you're really worried
about me.
Why shouldn't I?
You're one of my best friends.
Uh, you're always there for me.
You helped me put
my kids through college. I mean,
you're special to me, Charles.
They kill cops. I don't care
how dirty a cop is,
you don't kill a cop.
Well, I never told you
this. You know, uhm,
they fuckin', they grabbed me
one night, threw me a beatin'
and they took my territory
and they told me
not to fuckin' tell anybody.
I tried to fight back
and then one guy held me
and the other guy
cut my fuckin' toe off.
-When did this happen?
-Well, first of all,
the kid that cut me,
he was like fuckin' Satan.
He's just a sick fuck.
What? Are you fuckin'
kiddin' me?
It was just to show me
they were serious.
Two of his friends held me down,
he pulled out a knife
and he just cut my toe off.
He laughed
and then he pushed me, he said,
"Go to the hospital, you fuck."
I want you to tell me
where I can find them.
Come on, Mike!
Just fuckin' tell me, man.
They're at the, uhm, the diner
on Emmons Ave.
The Mediterranean diner.
Like clockwork, they're there
every fuckin' night
between 11:30 and one.
They hold court back there
with those fuckin' bimbos and...
Oh, you'll know 'em
the minute you walk in,
'cause they'll look at you,
for sure. That's an automatic.
You'll get their attention.
I'm hungry. You wanna
get something to eat?
-Nah, it's alright. I'll pass.
-You take care, Mike.
-You be safe.
[dramatic music]
[suspenseful music]
[mumbled conversations]
[Charlie] Hey, buddy,
how you doing?
Listen, I'm looking
for two guys.
Think they're in the back.
-Those two guys there?
-That's right.
-Thanks. Hey, nice watch.
-Thank you. Good to see you.
What do you know
about the two cops
that got whacked tonight?
[Yakov] What is your name?
Detective Charlie Mantle.
You motherfuckers
make the mafia look good.
So, tell me something.
You gotta know something, right?
[speaking Russian]
In front of me, talk English.
We don't speak or understand
English very good.
[Charlie] Really?
I'm gonna pull my cock
up your sister's ass.
What did you say?
-[Yury speaking Russian]
-[Charlie laughs]
You see,
you do understand English.
What do you want from us?
We know nothing.
Is it day or night?
-[Yury] Excuse me?
-I said, is it day or night?
I-i-it is night.
[Charlie] See, you do know
You ever see that movie
No Mercy with Richard Gere
and Kim Basinger?
I love that fucking movie.
That's a line from that movie.
Is it day or night?
Ever see that movie?
[Yury speaking Russian]
Me and my friend
are law-abiding citizens.
We mind our own business.
[Yury] We don't know shit.
What do you do for a living?
[Charlie] Hmm?
Import, export.
[Charlie laughs]
What do you import, export?
Detective Mantle,
I am a peace-loving man.
I don't even eat food
if it comes from an animal.
Look, salad.
I am a vegetarian.
Can I, uh...
see your salad?
[dramatic music]
Try the salad dressing.
You'll love it.
[tires screeching]
-You piece of shit.
-Eat that!
[mumbled speaking]
[music stops]
Hey Twinkle toes. Put another
2,000 on Teeth of the Dog.
What do you mean you won't take
the bet? I've got the cash.
Call up Little Richie and book.
He knows I'm good for it.
Just do it.
[female operator]
He's clear for warrants.
He's got nine pages...
So, they bring over the cooler,
they open it up,
Bloomberg's staring right at me.
They eyes are wide open.
[Bobby] That's fucked up.
I was a rookie
with Bloomberg's father.
He was there to help me
pick up the pieces
of that ten-year old boy
from the railroad tracks.
Charlie, listen,
that was 20 years ago.
You can't keep beating yourself
over the head over that one.
You know that?
That wasn't your fault.
Got my vices,
a general gambler,
the women,
the high...
So, what was it? I mean,
what was Bloomberg into?
Bloomberg lived
with his parents.
So, what do you got?
You got anything?
I know they were Russians.
Well, shit, Charlie.
This is the fuckin' Russians.
You gotta put an end to this.
'Cause they'll go after
your fuckin' family,
you know that.
They'll kill everybody.
They're fuckin' crazy.
Listen, Charlie,
I'm ready to get back
in the game. I've got my guns.
I'll kick
their fuckin' asses with you.
I'll see you, Bobby.
[Bobby] Be safe.
[Charlie] Yeah.
Where's my tip?
[ominous music]
[footsteps crunching]
'Cause they'll go after
your fuckin' family...
[Bobby] They'll kill everybody.
[Bennett] Get out of the car.
I said, get out of the car.
Now I got I.A. following me.
Do me a favor
and crawl out of my ass.
You know, you look like shit,
and you smell like it.
Dirty cops investigating
dirty cops. How do you do that?
How do you do that?
I place a few bets.
That's all I do. OK, asshole?
Nah, it's more
than placing a few bets.
You're a fuckin' lowlife.
I never fucked my friends' wife.
I'm not your friend.
I never was.
Jesus Christ!
You think I give a shit?
I'm following you
for over a year now.
Your indictment's coming. I pull
you off the street this morning.
You'll be in prison
by the end of the year.
[Charlie coughing]
Am I imagining this shit?
[Bennett] This is an inspector
and a lieutenant.
We're doing surveillance on you.
You got a smoke?
Were you ever a good cop?
[Bennett] What happened to you?
What are you? My priest?
Look, my head's getting ready
to explode.
Why don't you stop
breaking my balls?
I'm breaking your balls?
Hey, there's civilian complaints
on you, pal, they got you
as a fuckin' deviant.
[Bennett] You know,
for a $20 co-pay, Charlie,
you get help.
You shouldn't have passed
the psychological
to get this fuckin' job.
You know, you're a guy
with nothing to lose here.
We need you tonight.
Can you help us with this?
[Bennett] Can you? Stay a cop.
What do you got to lose?
Well, you have
four more hours, right?
[Bennett] What do you really
know about Bloomberg and Daley?
[Charlie] They started on a job
of Bloomberg's father.
So, you're investigating a cop
who's investigating a cop.
-That's bullshit, man.
What's bullshit, is shaking down
Russian drug dealers,
when the orders
came from the top
to have the cops deal with it.
Now what are you
gonna do about it?
Start at the bottom.
Work my way to the top.
American dream.
And by the way, Lieutenant,
you're the bottom.
You got four hours.
[Del Veccio] Remind me never
to introduce you to my wife.
[train horn blaring]
-Fuckin' Mikey.
-Oh, Jesus, you scared
the shit out of me, Stevie.
You a fuckin' rat, man?
What's the matter with you?
Look at you. What, are you
off your meds?
What are you laughing at?
What the fuck
are you doing? I see you
fuckin' with cops, Mikey.
-I talk to everybody.
-I fuckin' watched you,
-talking to that fuckin' pig.
-I'm Nickey's biggest earner.
How do you think
I got what I got?
[Mikey] Get out of my face,
first of all.
-I'll fuckin' shut--
Get the fuck out of my face.
Stay the fuck away from me.
Alright? You're nothing to me.
You little fuckin' punk.
Stop it. You're being stupid.
Oh, you're gonna shoot me?
You don't have
the authority to shoot me.
You're fuckin' dead, man.
-I'm dead, I'm dead, I'm...
-I don't need
no fuckin' permission.
I'm Nickey's biggest earner.
Get outta of my face.
I will crack you the fuck--
You're fuckin' dead,
I wanna take you out.
You fuckin' understand?
-You understand?
-Take me out, yeah,
take me out!
Put the fuckin' gun away.
It's, it's gonna be
a nightmare for you.
[male operator] Shots fired
in Citi Field. Please respond.
-Shots fired at Citi Field.
[sirens wailing]
[hard rock music]
[Mikey] Alright, Charlie.
Over here.
-[Mikey] Oh God, it hurts.
-Who did this to you?
Oh, some fuck.
Talk to me, Mikey. Who did this?
This fuckin' kid.
This little fuckin' meth head.
Oh, this motherfucker.
He wants my territory.
Fuckin' he didn't even have
the permission from Nik
to do this.
Who's Nick?
Nik's the guy, I never met him,
but he's the guy
that everybody pays up to.
And he's the guy
that have the cops killed.
Why didn't you tell me this?
I didn't wanna get you involved
with these people.
They're too many to go through
t-t-too get in.
[Mikey] Just fuckin' move on.
Go home. It's all over for me.
-Take it easy.
-Oh God, it's cold.
Where can I find him?
[Mikey] Sammy.
Sammy at the Blue Lizard Lounge.
He'll put you
in the right direction.
Just tell him...
Oh God.
Tell him that you're a player
and you wanna get involved
in the business
and he'll set you straight.
He got all the answers.
-[Mikey groans]
-Shh, shh, shh, shh.
-[Mikey] Oh God, this hurts.
-[Charlie] Shh, shh, shh.
-One more thing, Charlie.
Teeth of the Dog.
[sad music]
[hard rock music]
Anyway every day
I'm ready for her
I scream I can dream
Just talking to her
Cherries and cream
Every day I say no
But I pick up the phone
I could dream, her scream
It takes me away
Cherries and cream
I'm not concerned
That I'm all
but a minute to waste
Self-destruct mode
And I'm ready today
I'm abused I'm abused
And I'm thinking of her
And it feels right
How on this earth
Could I ever deceive you
How on this earth...
[hooker] Are you a cop?
No, I'm not a cop.
I'm a buff.
A buff?
-What's a buff?
A buff is a guy who'd like
to be a cop, but he's not.
You want to be a cop?
I did, but I wasn't
very good at it.
[Charlie] Now I'm
just a businessman
trying to get ahead
and into the Sammy club.
Do you wanna make a few bucks?
Would you do it
for a few Benjamins?
Let me see it first.
[Charlie] Here you go.
How's that for diplomacy?
Huh, Moscow?
[bouncer] Something
I can do for you, pal?
-I'm with the band.
-[heavy rock music]
Here I come again
Unholy soldier
Kill and not be killed
Will you rise with me
Above the gallows
Sammy around?
Watch me punch a hole
Right through the sky
As angels cry
I sit here
Locked in these chains
As my life passes before me
I see the rain and the world
Crashing down on me
If you can burn down
These walls
Cause I want nothing
Between us
Only the air and the words
That we breathe
And we will breathe
And we will live
[muffled speaking]
And we will inherit every
God damn thing We give
And we will dance
Cry, laugh again
Under this blood sun
I sit here
Locked in these chains
As my life passes before me
I see the rain
And the world crashing down
[melancholic music]
Focus... Come on...
I think I got them...
[inaudible speech]
Yeah, it's Sammy. When was it?
Huh? I'm sending somebody
over there.
They're expecting you.
[ominous music]
I heard they wanna see me.
Yeah, they wanna see you
What's going on?
Just a card game. Go upstairs.
Good luck.
You're late.
They're waiting, let's go.
Sir, it's finally a pleasure
to meet you.
I guess, uh, I've finally
been invited to your poker game.
I guess that's what
a big earner gets you, huh.
You killed my big earner.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
I-I didn't kill anybody.
[Mikey] What? Don't you know
who I am? I'm Nickey's
biggest fuckin' earner, bro'.
Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah. I
mean, you must be talking
about that rat, Mikey, huh?
Rat Mikey?
Was that his name?
Hey, hey, look. I'm just trying
to be an asset here.
And you are.
Heaven needs his practice.
Did you tell him about
the $2,000 I gave you guys
this morning?
What's he talking about?
He's a junkie.
A junkie.
You know, you're a guy
with nothing to lose here.
We need you tonight.
Can you help us with this?
Can you? Stay a cop.
[Mac] You know, you're always
ahead of everyone else.
You know, I don't know
how you do it, but you do it.
[Mac] You're a goddamn good
detective, Charlie.
Anything you hear,
any information you got,
you gotta let me know
right away.
I gotta see Nik
about that money I owe him.
Don't worry about Nick.
You work for me now.
You owe me the money.
You're running out of time.
What do you mean I'm running
out of time? You gotta give
me some slack here, you know.
You got rid of
my two biggest earners.
You know, I got
a lot of things in the works.
You know, I got something big
going down tomorrow night.
-I'm gonna make a lot of money--
You got problems,
I got problems.
We all got problems.
You owe me money.
Time's running out.
-[Victor] And you have
a beautiful daughter.
-[dramatic music]
[ominous music]
-What can I do for you?
-Sammy sent me over.
[sirens wailing]
Why, thank you.
[inaudible speech]
There is no turning back.
No turning back.
They will suffer
and more blood will spill.
We will cut the hearts
out of their first born
if we have to.
We'll start
with their bastard Mayor.
[dramatic music]
[Charlie] Five K.
It's good.
Aren't you gonna count it?
[Nick] He'll know if it's short.
[ambulance sirens wailing]
-Hey, Mac.
-Hey, what are you doing here?
What am I doing here?
I'm on the job doing my job.
Aren't you in A.A.?
Yeah, I'm on vacation.
-What a fuckin' night, Charlie.
Did you Daley's wife
and Bloomberg's parents yet?
I couldn't do it.
They'll get told today.
Did you know Daley
and Bloomberg?
-I play softball with them
and a couple of guys here
who wanna train,
but that's about it.
Who are you bullshitting?
You're an old guy like me.
You don't play ball,
you play chess.
Are you Catholic, Charlie?
Am I Catholic?
weddings and funerals,
I ain't gonna bullshit myself.
There's a condo in hell
waiting for me.
Is a sin of omission
the same as or as bad
as the sin of commission?
I mean, I know
if you commit a crime,
it's a sin, but is it...
is it a sin
if you don't commit the crime,
but know
who did the crime and...
tell nobody?
I saw you at the White Burger
about a half hour ago.
Everybody knew you.
I did a coke buy.
That would be
really fucked up if we passed
each other as I was walking out.
I know why you wanted me
to tell you everything, Mac.
You were the middleman
for Daley and Bloomberg.
They give you the money,
you bought the coke,
they moved it on the street.
And Daley and Bloomberg,
they got greedy.
They wanna cut out
the middleman and the supplier.
So, they start shaking down
drug dealers.
That's fucked up, Mac.
-It's fucked up.
-I know it's fucked up, Charlie.
I know it's fucked up.
You're a good fuckin' detective,
What am I gonna fuckin' do now?
Huh? What am I gonna do?
You're my friend.
And when my friend's in trouble,
I wanna help.
Tell me the motherfuckers
that killed Daley and Bloomberg
are in that building.
I don't know
who these fuckin' butchers are,
but they're all in there,
If I'm gonna go
vigilante on these scumbags,
I gotta do it
before the sun comes up.
What are you talking about?
We call in SWAT,
they're all
gonna be taken in alive.
That means, Russian,
no Russian, they're gonna
rat each other out.
And it's gonna be over for you.
[Charlie] Twenty-two,
twenty-three. How many years
you've been on the job?
Too long.
And all
you're gonna be known for
is being a dirty cop.
Hey, none of them
deserve to live.
I know.
Now, you listen to me,
and you listen good.
If I don't come
out of that building,
that means I'm dead.
Now, if I do come out,
you gotta identify yourself
and call in a 10-13.
Then you meet me
in front of the building, OK?
[suspenseful music]
Can you do it?
Yeah, I can do it.
You got faith in me?
You're my friend, Charlie.
That's right. I'm your friend.
And tonight, your faith
is gonna be rewarded.
[gritty music]
[police sirens wailing]
Charlie Mantle.
I thought you'd forgot.
Or finally moved on.
I-it's not much,
I wish it was more.
You don't look so good.
Every year we get older.
My baby stays frozen in time.
You don't have to do this
every year.
[dramatic music]
You need to let it go.
[Charlie] I told you to stop.
-[boy] You killed me, Charlie.
-[Charlie] I told you to stop.
You killed me.
-[boy] Why did you do it?
-[Charlie] I told you.
I yelled at you.
-[boy] All I had
was a baseball card and gum.
-[Charlie] I told you to stop.
-[boy] Why did you make me
-[Charlie] I yelled at you
-[boy] run into that train?
-[Charlie] "the train
is coming".
Charlie, stop!
We both know how it ends.
It's not gonna change.
You need to let it go.
It's time to move on.
OK, honey.
I'll see ya.
Let it go, Charlie.
[reflective music]
Father John never fixed
that broken window
at the back of the rectory.
Hey, maybe that's his way
of saying to me
I might still have a chance
of getting into heaven.
Through a broken window.
Who knows,
but that sounds like me.
Forgive me, God,
I'm a little banged up.
I appreciate everything
you've done for me.
I asked you to bring
my family back and you did.
Not the way I would have liked,
but hey, what the fuck.
You know what I'm about to do.
God, I don't wanna die.
But I'm at peace with whatever
you have in store for me.
I left a few bucks
at the candles of St. Anne
for mom and dad.
I guess that's what I'm best at.
Paying down my guilt.
Forgive me, Lord.
Throw me a line.
I promise
I won't hang myself with it.
I know the rules.
[suspenseful music]
[speaking Russian]
Guys, let's do toast, huh?
-Let's do drink
like we do in Russia, OK?
Some vodka. Albanian guys,
join in with us too. Come on.
[Speaking Russian]
...which means
for your health, eh?
They want to see you out front.
You wanted me?
Go check out the perimeter
and report back to me
in ten minutes.
[music stops]
Nick, if you get this note,
that means that later on,
when you get older
and you read it,
you're gonna understand
how much grandpa loves you
and misses you.
Remember what I told you:
It's what you do
with what you've got
that counts.
Always go with your instincts.
And never let the next guy
get position on you.
I know, I should have
taken my own advice.
I need you to look after
Mom and Nanny.
Nanny's a little cooky,
but she's alright.
You're the man of the house now
and I'm very proud of you.
I love you, Nick.
And I love you all.
Here's your zebbie.
Remember what I told you?
He's always there for you,
just like me.
Bye, Nick. I love you.
[dramatic music]
[speaking in Russian]
[man screaming in agony]
Don't die yet.
Even is only doing what was done
to his loved ones.
I support him.
[sharp clang]
[door slamming]
Some psycho motherfucker.
Say hello to Satan for me.
[Zeff] Don't you
fuckin' talk to me that way.
You're the reason we got into
this fuckin' mess.
OK? No. No.
[music stops]
[light jazz music]
You never called in
the 10-13, Mac.
What are you talking about,
Charlie? I called it in.
You asked me
if the sin of omission
is the same
as the sin of commission?
What are you talking about,
You have one more chance.
Charlie, I'm not God.
Be a hero cop.
Get in.
Get in!
[sirens wailing]
Come on!
[helicopter motor buzzing]
[light jazz music]
I'm here in Astoria,
in the 103rd precinct
where a ferocious gun battle
has taken place
between New York City
police detectives
and a notorious,
ruthless Russian mob,
leaving one detective
mortally wounded
and some members
of the Russian mob dead.
Detective Burns, is there
anything you can tell us?
Well, I can confirm
that there was a death of a,
a New York City
police detective.
Uh, I can't release his name yet
until his family's notified.
But I will say
that he did die a hero.
And that his family
will be taken care of
by the New York City
Police Department family.
I gotta go now.
Thank you, detective.
I'm Bonnie Schneider,
reporting live on what
can only be described
as a true tragedy.
[weatherman] For the forecast,
cloudy skies with flurries
We can expect
up to an inch of snow
and a high of only 30.
Overnight flurries will increase
with total accumulations
of three inches.
Tonight's low of 15.
Scattered snow storm activity
tomorrow with a high of 34.
With the wind out of the North
at 19 miles per hour,
it's currently 28 degrees.
[commentator] Here on
the final turn, they're coming
after Lucky Lane.
Here comes Shake Your Bon Bon
and Teeth of the Dog.
On the outside, here comes
Bad Medicine on the fourth
coming into the stretch.
Center of the track
is Joking Eddie.
Teeth of the Dog and Lucky Lane.
Into the final furlong,
it's Teeth of the Dog
and Lucky Lane.
They're one and two,
of course they are.
Teeth of the Dog in front.
Lucky Lane. Teeth of the Dog.
Lucky Lane.
And it's Teeth of the Dog.
Put it down.
Take it easy. Easy.
Give me that fuckin' gun.
You ain't gonna kill me,
I'm gonna be the fuckin'
hero cop. Me. Fuckin' me.
Take this money.
I'm just going into my pocket.
Easy, easy. Here, look.
Look. Look. Look. Here.
Here's a rope.
Don't hang yourself with it.
Teeth of the Dog.
Third race at Belmont tomorrow.
It's a sure thing.
Now, let me walk out of here
and we'll forget everything.
Walk out of here?
I'm sorry, Charlie.
I can't do that.
It's out of my hands.
What about
the act of contrition, hmm?
I'm sorry, Charlie.
Then get it over with.
Get it over, Mac. Come on.
Come on! Have him shoot me!
Come on!
[Charlie echoes] Come on.
Come on. Come on. Come on.
[gunshot fires]
I'm sorry, Charlie.
I'm an atheist.
[church bell chiming]
[birds chirping]
[Bennett] What a dumbbell.
Half his career.
He knew
what was waiting for him here.
[Del Veccio] But the family
would have gotten nothing
if he was convicted.
No insurance company
in the world, hey.
They don't pay you
to kill yourself.
You gotta die on the job. Right?
Then you're the fuckin' hero.
What time you got?
Eleven thirty-five.
-Where the fuck is this guy?
-He's coming.
He's fuckin' late.
He's coming.
No, he's coming.
Look who decided to show up.
There you go.
Now I'm out from under.
Are you gonna count it?
He'll know if you're short.
Listen, don't get tough
with me, kid.
We're fuckin' even now.
What the fuck is this?
I'm putting fear in your mind.
Fear in your mind.
Here's your fuckin' fear.
Yeah, fuck you, fear.