Charlie Zone (2011) Movie Script

(Rock music playing)
(cheering, jeering)
He ain't got nothing on you.
(Crowd cheering, jeering)
Fuck you, man!
Number one!
The fucking champion!
Fuck, yeah!
Fuck you, man.
Number fucking one!
That's right!
Are you ready to fight now?
- Oh-hh!
- Round two.
Stupid fuckin' man!
Halifights winner...
still reigning motherfucking champ,
Avery Paul!
What a fight!
Aw, come on, man!
Fuck you!
Bam, bam, bam.
There you go.
That's all?
Maybe more once I see
how many hits we get.
Ads, you know?
Hey, someone left this
for you.
Said it was important.
You Okay?
- Yeah.
- Okay.
(Distant buoy bell rings)
(keyboard clicking)
(faint voices yelling)
Oh, Grandson...
(yelling stops)
(distant buoy bell rings)
(helicopter blades whirring)
(boat whistles honking)
(seagulls squawking)
I left my card.
I've seen your fights online.
I was hoping we could talk.
What's it about?
A job.
(Distant siren wailing)
(voices talking within)
(paper rustling)
(knocking on door)
- Find someone else.
- We've tried.
Please understand that we've
been searching for years.
- The police.
- Do you think we haven't called them?
They don't care.
Tell the parents to go down there
and get her themselves.
They're scared.
Can you imagine
the torture it is
to have her this close to home
and so far from taking her last step?
I can.
Now fuck off.
I know you need a second chance...
as much as we do.
- Who the hell are you?
- Who are you?
A disgraced athlete
reduced to an Internet joke.
What would your family think?
With $20,000 you could get
yourself reinstated,
get your license back,
hire a trainer.
You're made
for more than this.
So is she.
I can't go any higher.
It's her parents' life savings.
What's your angle?
Jan is my half-sister.
I'll do everything
I can to help.
I'll need three days
to get ready.
And $10,000 up front.
(doorbell jingles)
(men laughing)
They come here most days to eat,
mainly around this time.
She's usually with one
or both of them.
Never alone.
The one with the girl is Tal.
He owns a house nearby...
a shooting gallery.
Donny is the keeper.
These are very
dangerous people.
The girl is Jan.
She ran away from home
when she was 15.
She arrived back East
about three months ago,
from Montreal, we think.
Because of her addiction,
she fell in with him.
She wanted to be a ballerina.
She was so smart.
Not anymore?
We have reason to believe
she's trying to escape this life
to come home.
Please... get her out.
(Dog barking, bird crowing)
Sleep now, baby.
(Seagulls squawking)
(laughter, jeering)
I don't expect
to see you again.
(Bolt clicks)
(Speaking softly)
50 cover.
(Door creaks)
(man coughing, laughing)
(music thumping)
(game chirping)
(laughter continues)
Morphine. 25.
Our works are clean,
house rules
if you bring your own.
Shoot up here
where we can see, eh?
After that,
mi casa es su casa.
(music continues)
- You need help?
- (chuckles)
(needle clatters)
Have a good time there, friend.
(Music continues)
(license plate clatters)
(helicopter blades
(buoy bells ringing)
(lighter snaps)
(faint scraping)
(chatter, laughter)
- You're so beautiful.
- Oh, whoa, dude. No.
You touch my girl...
this is what you'll get,
you fucking lowlife!
I'm fuckin' blind!
(Man screaming)
I'm fuckin' blinded!
Hey, we've never had a killing,
not an O.D.,
no AIDS, no nothing.
And I don't plan
on starting now.
What are you, a fucking social worker?
Relax, Donny.
We're supposed to be exclusive.
If you don't like my way, take
the good money I pay you and go.
Maybe I should.
And work at a convenience store
Wash dishes?
You can pay support
for two women,
three kids on that.
You never talk about my kids,
you understand me?
There is no out.
Come on,
let's get things ready
for my party, okay?
(coins click)
(keys beeping)
(line ringing)
Come on.
Come on, come on, come on,
come on, come on, please.
(Dog barking)
(distant car alarm blaring)
- Donny: What did you want?
- Jan: Look...
I know this is
gonna sound weird, but...
how did you kick?
Donny: My kids.
I did it for them.
Jan: I didn't know
you had kids.
(Motor revving)
Jan: There's some things
that I need to tell you.
- (Rock music playing)
- All right, let's party.
Come on, yeah, yeah.
(Tal laughing)
(music continues)
- Oh, that's too much.
- You shouldn't have.
Happy birthday.
Happy birthday.
Thank you, thank you.
Hey, where's my girl?
Where's Jan?
I don't know.
I didn't see her.
(Keys beeping)
(line ringing)
(muffled scream)
(music continues)
We got a problem!
Hey! What the fuck, man?!
- (Glass smashing)
- What the fuck are you doing?
Come on.
(Engine starts)
- What the fuck?!
- (tires screeching)
- Tal: Fuck!
- (crashes)
(gunshots popping)
Don't shoot!
You'll hit her!
Come on,
we can catch up.
(tires screech)
(phone beeping)
(line ringing)
Okay, I got her.
We're so relieved.
All right,
where's the drop-off?
- Drive north.
- How far?
It's best that the location
is unknown
in case you're being followed.
I better be paid
when I get there.
You will.
And one more thing.
Returning home will be
very emotional for her.
So, what,
don't tell her anything?
The pills in the vial are sedatives.
They should help her stay calm.
Okay, I got one more thing, too.
Which is?
After this, I gotta get scarce
for a long time,
- so I'll take 50.
- 50?
Do you have any idea
what it's like to lose a child?
- You've got one hour.
- How could you...
(window squeaks)
(door slams)
How the fuck did this happen?
Four fucking doormen we pay.
Calm down.
You fucked her,
you useless fuck.
Hey, hey, hey. It was a party.
Your party.
You had a clear shot, homeboy.
Where's your pretty little gun?
I don't have it today. Okay, what,
are you gonna beat me up too?
Put out word. I want to know
where he lives, who he's working with.
(lock rattles)
There's some water in there...
clothes in the bag.
Put them on.
- You.
- Just do it.
Look, I'm not
gonna hurt you.
You call fuckin' kidnapping someone
not hurting them?
If you don't make any noise.
You do what I say.
I'm not doing anything you say,
buddy, okay? Let's get that straight.
We'll see.
And anything you do try,
you're gonna get ten times over
up your ass
when my friends find you.
Just put on the clothes.
Hey, lover boy?
I'm not putting on any
of your fun fetish gear
until I get some fucking answers,
so let me out of here.
Let me out of here,
you pervert.
You make me come in there,
you go back to sleep, you got it?
Now put the fucking clothes on.
Got a thing for grannies?
You got to look respectable.
I'd be a little more worried
about yourself if I were you,
'cause you just bought
yourself a nightmare.
I'm only the beginning.
(Fence clangs)
Police dispatcher: 10-23 Charlie Zone,
report shots fired.
- Report shots fired.
- (police officer speaking on radio)
Dispatcher: 223,
are you 10-8? Brava?
Do you copy?
Word is out.
Everyone we know
is looking for them.
- What else?
- That Ontario plate is bullshit.
All we can do is wait.
He's working for someone local,
only so many places to go...
Sprytown, Dartmouth, Preston.
Boys fixed your tires.
Come on.
Hey, someone sees the car,
they're gonna call us.
So I wait by the phone
like a fucking high school boy?
Come on, lock up.
You're gonna drive blind?
I mean, there's a fucking business...
You tell me about
my fucking business?
This is business too.
Let's hit the fucking road, huh?
Dispatcher: 10-17 in Highveld Park,
report man injured.
Assailant armed with ax...
Got a real eye for fashion.
Better than looking
at your arms.
Never did get your name.
It doesn't matter.
Didn't by chance bring anything
to take the edge off, did you?
"Kicker," man.
- Need a hit.
- Nope.
Fuck, this keeps getting
better and better.
You shouldn't smoke.
I thought all you Indians had a case
of illegal smokes in the trunk.
You know what I've got
in my trunk?
- What?
- Bodies.
Come on, man,
you must have something.
Morph, dillies?
- Don't use.
- I saw you shoot up.
- Oh, you saw me, did you?
- Yeah.
Hey, "Chief Red Bull,"
think about how I'm gonna
use the bathroom?
When you're done with the water...
the bottle will be empty.
That's filthy.
Well, I'm sure you've done
way worse.
So if you're not planning
to rape me,
what are we doing here?
- Can you tell me that?
- Nope.
Why not just let me go?
You can still save yourself.
For that girl you left.
That nice leather coat says you
once had money,
but those boots and that shitty car...
which is likely why you're doing this.
You talk white
and walk like a convict.
She didn't wait, huh?
Save it.
By tonight you'll be
someone else's problem.
Whose problem?
I don't know names.
Look, if you're from Montreal,
I can explain everything, okay?
But they're gonna
take me with them, and...
- I can't leave the city.
- Oh, yeah?
Something I got to do.
Something big.
just... I'm not...
I'm not ready yet.
Almost, but...
You know what I mean?
Donny: Yeah, she s about 58
she's pretty, brunette.
All right, let me know
if you see her.
(Phone beeps)
Any girl,
they could have taken.
Who are my enemies?
Tell me.
You ever wonder
if the enemy is hers?
The word just came back
about a custy in Montreal
who burned a bike gang
for 12 Gs and skipped town.
- So?
- So...
some biker's been seen around,
not local patch.
Fuck Montreal.
Think they can take over
the city, fuck 'em.
- I'm just saying.
- What are you saying?
Look, what I'm saying
is I think we should know
who we're dealing with.
(Police scanner playing)
I know I love her.
Fuckin' kidding me.
I said one hour.
It's been almost three.
We're trying.
Look, we don't even have
enough money for her rehabilitation.
"Red Bull"! Yo!
Listen, I let her go,
you guys are out 10 Gs.
- No more bullshit, okay?
- Jan: Hey!
- Hey, who are you talking to?
- (dial tone hums)
- (phone clicks)
- Hey!
What the fuck
is your problem?
- Do you know what time it is?
- Yeah.
It's time to tape your mouth.
Try it.
But I bite, you know.
There's all those diseases
a girl like me might have...
hep C, AIDS, rabies.
I'll cut you a break
if you do something for me.
- You'll cut me a break?
- Mm-hmm.
By the way the light falls,
it's got to be past 4:00.
- Right?
So at 4:00 they draw the weekly
jackpot for Lotto Fever.
Got to give me the numbers.
How the fuck am I
supposed to do that?
Text 4587 on your cell.
If I do this, you keep
your voice down...
way down, you got it?
Oh, fuck, is that
what I think it is...?
And... you put the clothes on.
Deal. Deal.
(Phone beeping)
- Six, nine...
- Mm-hmm.
- 12...
- Hold on, you're going too fast.
- Six...
- Uh-huh.
Nine, 12, 29.
Yes! Motherfucker,
in your face!
Don't tell me you won.
Yeah! 20 bucks.
- Fuckin' waste of time.
- Not this one.
I win way more than I lose.
Here... give me the chalk.
What for?
Come on, it's chalk.
Very nonlethal.
Might make you money
So, you see, you got a set
of "N" elements,
and then you have your subset
of favorable elements
where small "N" is less than
or equal to big "N," okay?
So probability is equation
between total cases
and favorable cases.
You with me?
Junkie that's good in math.
Your parents must be proud.
I don't have any parents.
I can even pay you
to let me go.
Oh, yeah.
With your lottery winnings?
There's more.
Got bank accounts.
I've been saving for years.
And stealing, right?
(Phone rings)
- Yeah.
- Sister: All right, we're ready.
$50,000. You got it all?
Yes. We're not wealthy people.
We had to negotiate a loan.
- It was not easy.
- Well, get used to it.
She says she doesn't
have any parents.
Jan is adopted. It doesn't mean
she's loved any less.
Where are we gonna do this?
All right.
We have to be very careful.
Drive north to Fall River.
There's a gas station
at the highway ramp.
Call us when you get there,
we'll arrange the rest.
- The sooner the better.
- Jan: Let me talk to them.
All right. Let's go.
- We're leaving.
- (slams)
Back to Montreal, huh?
I open this door...
if you don't fuck around,
I'll give you the stuff, okay?
You don't know what they'll
make me do to pay them off.
You turn around.
Turn around!
Stick out your hands.
You actually trust them?
You better watch yourself,
Red Bull.
You know what?
Shut your fucking mouth.
- I've heard enough of you.
- (plank rattles)
Not a fucking sound
out of you, you got it?
Excuse me, we have
some oil and glass out here.
It has to get cleaned up.
Okay, will do.
Not a fucking sound.
(Keys jingle)
You don't know, but you're
fucking everything up. I had a plan.
Oh, yeah, to do what?
Get clean.
Get out.
I've seen you
on a hundred corners.
Everyone tries,
but almost nobody makes it.
And for somebody who knows the odds,
you can probably guess...
neither will you.
Not everything is simple.
Except for Indians, right?
And stop calling me
"Chief Red Bull. "
You're no one...
just like me.
(engine starts)
(glass crunches)
(doorbell jingles)
- Avery.
- Been a while.
(police scanner plays faintly)
- Still in the life?
- Not for long.
- Outside's harder.
- Business good?
Better lately.
Hey, I'll get there someday, huh?
Open my ouzeri.
This a social thing?
It's a "no questions" thing.
(Faint panting, grunting)
- (doorbell jingles)
- (police scanner continues)
Okay, get up.
No bullshit, okay?
Can I keep my blanket?
I've had it forever.
I have really bad circulation.
Dispatcher on scanner:
422 Alpha Tango Hotel...
(line hums, keypad beeping)
(m utters)
Classy place.
Yeah. Well, it's much better
than where you were.
I'm serious.
A bed without
three fucking people in it,
like, stoned
or puking on the floor.
We won't be here long.
Hey, can I have a shower?
Well, you want me
to look respectable, right?
Three minutes.
You know, for scum,
you're not so bad.
Bet she'll miss you
when you're dead.
(Bolt clicks)
(line hums)
(water splattering)
(line ringing)
- Sister: Where are you?
- Travelers Motel, Unit 2.
So you think you're smart.
- Safe.
- Don't leave for any reason.
Her parents will
pick her up shortly.
- With the money.
- Of course.
Give her the pills
so that this goes smoothly.
All right.
One minute.
- One minute.
- Don't rush me!
(knocking on door)
Don't get too comfortable.
Let me enjoy this a while.
(Motor revving)
You fuckin' kidding me?
The TV doesn't work?
People don't come here
to watch TV.
So what about that hit
you promised me?
I'm dying here.
Something's happening.
Give me your car keys!
How did you get that?
Now, fucker!
You're holding it wrong.
Give them to me.
(Motorcycle revving)
(Biker yelling)
(motor stops)
I'll pay it all back, okay?
- (grunts)
- (biker speaking French)
You picked the wrong fucking hotel,
eh, Indian man. Huh?
- It's ours now.
- (thumps)
Times change, my friend.
I thought he was with you.
You're in debt to Pop.
He don't like being made
a fool of.
I've got the money, okay?
Just let me call my friends.
Biker: Eh-hh, nothing but fucking lies
from this burn bitch.
Think we're fucking stupid, eh?
You take me back, no matter
what you do, I'll just run again.
You'll be lucky if you
fucking walk again, eh?
But for your new life,
you won't need to be standing up much.
(Speaking French)
(speaking French)
Who are you with?
- Hmm?
- (groans)
This is not a part...
Taser, take her to next fucking room
and disconnect the phone too.
Already done.
Good moves.
We would have got her somehow,
you saved us the trouble.
But we don't save you.
(Speaking French)
We're gonna have some fun,
me and you.
You look pretty fucking
scary now, huh?
(Avery screams)
- (hip-hop music plays)
- I'll be home soon.
A couple of days, maybe.
Hey, new patch,
when you want him to sing loud,
- you pour beer.
- (grunts)
Keep it down a fucking sec.
My wife and kid
on the phone, ostie.
(speaking French)
(speaking French)
Usually we don't do the head,
they pass out too fast...
but he's big.
(Buzzing, screaming)
(screaming within)
(screaming continues)
A gold tooth, ostie.
Give me the pliers.
Open wide, Indian man.
I'm the fucking tooth fairy.
Open his mouth.
I'm the tooth fairy, huh?
(Screaming resumes)
(faint screaming)
(banging door)
Can you stop it?
(Screaming continues)
(Swearing in French)
Grab me the fucking nailer.
Fucking tough guy, eh?
Eh? Eh?
- (popping)
- (screaming resumes)
(Biker screams)
You won't fucking
do that again! No, eh?
(Screaming stops)
Jan: Stop it!
Stop doing that.
(Speaking French)
You Okay?
(Speaking French)
You stop it!
Why are you doing that to him?
The new kid,
he needs practice.
- Fuckin' stop it.
- Who cares about him, hmm?
Fucking savage
kicked my balls.
You kiss 'em...
make 'em better.
Pop won't like it
if you touch me.
The boss.
He's kind.
And my reward
for finding you...
is you, chre.
- Hmm?
- It's not true.
I'm glad you brought that up.
I learned a lot
chasing you down.
You burned half
the fucking country.
A lot more
than that too, huh?
So now we play a game...
so you learn not to lie...
To your new man.
(Speaking French)
I said,
fucking stand up, ostie.
Get the fuck up, eh?
(Speaking French)
(music playing)
Watch him.
I need to take a shit.
New patch:
He's not moving.
(Speaking French)
(door closes)
One bullet left.
(Speaking French)
Every fucking lie,
I shoot
We'll start with an easy one.
Maybe not so easy for you.
What's your name?
(cocks gun)
- Huh?
- Carmen.
Non, non, non.
I didn't ask your fucking name
in Calgary
or fucking Toronto,
did I, eh?
Who the fuck are you, eh?
Do you fucking remember even?
You fucking little
fucking burn bitch, eh?
- Who the fuck are you?
- I don't know!
- (speaking French)
- I don't know!
(Speaking French)
' (Clicks)
' (moans)
(Jan moaning)
(biker speaking French)
- Huh?
- (toilet flushing)
(Avery grunting)
The fuck?
I wouldn't get another one wrong
if I was you,
nameless one.
How the hell do you know
Pops Bishop?
(Speaking French)
- Hmm?
- (hammer clicks)
I don't know.
Come on, come on!
- Jan: I don't know.
- (biker speaking French)
(grunting, thumping)
(phone beeping)
- (line ringing)
- Tal: Where are you?
- I'm at the Travelers Motel...
- Hang up the phone.
- They tried to kill me.
- Hang up the phone!
Tal: Who has you?
Who's with you?
Tal's coming.
Yeah, you stole
from him, too.
What happens
when he finds out?
(Tal yelling on phone)
You have something to do.
You want to beat the odds?
This is your chance.
Tal: I'll meet her!
Donny, come on!
Let's go.
Let's go.
Let's go, I want to go.
Come on. Come on.
HOW long?
(Both grunting)
Go! Go!
(engine starts)
- (phone rings)
- Yeah?
What happened? Is she safe?
She's okay. What happened
to the damn transfer?!
Sister: They saw that something
was happening, they got scared.
Why didn't you tell me
other people were after her?
- Sister: We didn't know.
- It's not over. They're behind us.
Tell me where they are,
I'll go to them.
I want this done with,
and fast!
Okay. Just get out of sight
until they're off your trail.
(Phone beeps)
- You saved me in there.
- You're worth money.
So you beat him.
You electrocuted him...
and you nailed his foot
to the floor.
A capable man.
- Where were you?
- I found him in his own puke.
No sign of the owner.
This guy was in here with her.
You heard nothing?
Music was loud.
It covered...
it covered up...
Hey. HEY-
Next I go to Montreal.
I'll fuck your wife...
give your kid
a real dad, eh?
(gun clicks)
- No!
- (gunshot fires)
- (grunting)
- Why are we stopping?
They'll know where I live.
I got to get off the street, though.
- (Grunts)
- You need help.
Look in the bag
and get the ribbon off.
Use the matches.
Don't lose this.
- Like that?
- Uh-huh. Yeah.
Thank you.
What is the name on this?
- You're a pro?
- For a minute.
Rich guys made me a setup card
for their "white hopes. "
Then what?
Went for the money.
Went to prison four years.
Drifted until I was...
Down here, with me.
I get paid from this,
I'm gone.
What if it's too late?
You're taking me home,
aren't you?
We're losing time, eh?
I'll call you back.
Look, we just started a war here,
do you know that?
- Who is this man?
- That's bad news.
gold medal fighter,
Then he does four years at Springhill
on a smuggling rap
and he beats up
the whole prison.
- Scared of him?
- That's not the point.
Look, we have
a business to run, okay?
That girl,
she's not part of it.
Okay? For all we know,
she's scamming us too, man.
- Be careful, Donny.
- Look man, you'll forget her in a week.
- Cut her loose.
- She's everything.
I know it now.
I chose this life, okay?
I did not sign up
for this love shit
that you're on.
Jan is my home.
You want to talk about home?
Do you have any idea
how much money and work
we have sitting at the house right now
just waiting for somebody
to come in and rip us off?
I'm gonna need that hit now.
Hey, at least you can go back.
Not everyone can.
You're not what I expected.
Neither are you.
I guess at some point I knew
you were taking me home,
but I just...
didn't want to believe it.
Real good at that.
It's okay.
The water is beautiful, huh?
You know that humans
are mostly made up of water?
65.6% or something.
Hey, you okay?
Does that mean
that we're mostly good?
Even if we do
really awful things?
Jan: 'Cause I wish that that was true,
but I don't think it is.
I don't understand you.
I can't go back.
I'm not ready.
Let's try to sleep.
Hey! I see you.
(swearing, banging)
(car engine starts)
Fuck you!
(cell phone rings)
(ringing continues)
- Yeah.
- Sister: How is she?
I gave her the pills.
Sister: Good.
Her parents are waiting.
Your phone has been sent
the directions.
- All right.
- Meet them there,
and they'll give you
the rest of your fee.
(engine starts)
- Hey.
- (Jan murmurs)
We're here.
(Car door opens, closes)
I'm Jan's mom.
Come in, please.
I can take her from here.
- Avery: She's breathing funny.
- Don't worry, I'm a nurse.
Do you have any first aid?
Are you her dad?
You got my money?
(gunshot blasts)
- (grunting)
- (gunshot blasts)
Who's paying you?
Who's paying you?
Same one's paying you.
What the fuck is this?
She wants her to disappear
with no trace. You too.
(car door closes,
car engine starting)
Wake up! Wake up!
(car engine roaring)
- Hello.
- You want her dead. Why?
I won't bother to explain a complex
situation that you won't understand.
I still got her, so I better start
understanding fast!
We have many resources.
Think carefully
about your next move.
How's this... I take her
to the nearest fucking cop shop
and we all
take our chances?
Then you might find yourself
an accomplice in this,
- if they listened at all.
- Why am I supposed to disappear?
No one would miss you.
The parents?
A disposal team from out of town,
very specialized.
- I don't fucking get this.
- Girls like her disappear all the time.
Is she really any loss?
But you...
may have value.
Considering the new situation,
for twice the offered amount...
you could dispose
of this yourself.
- (Phone beeps)
- (line hums)
(tires screech)
Get a doctor, we need help!
- Avery?
- Help the girl.
You should have
called the police.
I have to get sutures.
She needs a minute.
You're a bit of a shock.
- How long have I been here?
- About a day.
David told me he found an injured dog
by the side of the road.
Imagine my surprise.
You did it.
You're a vet.
And you're a mess.
There's a scalp wound
I have to close.
- Are you sure you can do this?
- It's not my specialty, but...
Try not to cry like the Jack Russell
I stitched last week.
- Where is Jan?
- Your friend was poisoned.
She was slipping into a coma.
If it had been a little later...
But she's safe?
Along with your concussion,
a tendon is severed in your foot
and just a bullet wound
through your shoulder.
You were lucky
it went clean through.
You have more contusions,
burns and minor cuts
than I can even count.
Looks like you've really
gotten your life together.
I'm surprised you're here.
Because any educated, half-white girl
would have left long ago?
Are you going to see Nathan?
Not like this.
The chief is not a well man.
Some of us can't wait forever.
Sit up.
I have to check
on your friend.
It's been almost 10 years.
What did you expect?
Well, she seems
to be doing...
... well.
Wouldn't call it "well,"
Divorced last year.
They want her to run
for Band Council.
What the hell
happened to you?
I can't stay here.
There's people looking for us.
(Police scanner plays faintly)
No one's seen the car.
She could be
in another country by now.
The bike gang will be calling.
You need to be ready for that.
Maybe you want this back
for protection.
- Where did...
- The motel.
What I've been wondering
all night is...
how it got there.
You said you didn't have it
when I asked you,
but there it is.
- She came to me.
- Did you fuck her, Donny?
- For help.
- For what?
Make a fool of me?
"Cut her loose," you said.
"A thief," you said.
This "love shit"?
Did you set this whole thing up?
There's some things
that I need to tell you.
Jan: These are photos of me
when I was little.
With some important men.
They're kinda like insurance
if something happens to us.
I knew that people
were coming for her,
and I know you,
so I gave her that
for protection.
Do you know
what it's like to lose, Donny...
the best things in life
you never had?
Yeah, I do.
Then why?
Why do this to a friend?
Because we're gone.
we're still young, man,
but we are gone.
Okay, before I die...
likely by violence...
man, there was a chance
to do something.
To try,
to help them get out.
Who's "them"?
what do you know?
Not everything.
Easy, easy.
You know who this is?
From the paper?
- Who...?
- It's too big for us.
Who is he?
Where is he?
You're not going.
It stops now, my friend.
All of it.
Fuck you!
(Tal groaning)
I'm so sorry.
I'm so... I'm sorry.
Here we are.
I got nowhere else to go.
Avery, come with me.
Put this on.
Withdrawal. She's sick.
Been having nightmares.
(Jan sobbing)
I need a hit,
someone give me a hit.
I can't.
First, I get answers.
Who are you?
No one.
Why do these people
want you dead?
If I tell you,
will you get me a hit?
I'll try to find something
around here if you talk.
I was only three...
when my father bought me.
From a children's aid society.
- How... how could...?
- Money.
What did he do?
For a while, nothing.
It fit his image...
a kind diplomat
who adopts a Polish orphan
from overseas.
I had the best of everything.
Private tutors,
dance classes...
everything that I wanted.
But why else do men
buy children?
You ran?
I thought that someday,
you know,
if I could save enough...
steal enough,
win enough...
I could get clean.
And stay clean.
- And buy her back.
- Buy who back?
I left my baby.
It's her weight...
and her birthday.
You have to help me get her back.
I'll pay you... just please
help me get her back.
Please help me
get her back,
I need her back,
I can't get her back.
Please! Don't go!
(clock ticking softly)
Wondered if you'd
ever drop by.
You heard.
After near a decade,
my grandson shows up
with a white girl on one arm,
and a bullet hole in the other.
It's kinda news around here.
- Kelly told me you're...
- Dying.
- You don't look so bad.
- Better than you.
What are you doing with that?
To you,
I'm leaving the land.
To the Band, my stories.
Kids here, they got nothing to do
but dope and rap songs.
Well, you said your goodbye.
I'm in something big.
I don't know what to do.
- She's all alone.
- Tell me about it.
I'm talking
to a fucking iPod
instead of a grandson.
Telling stories...
about how you can
do anything?
How you can conquer the world?
That shit?
The world doesn't want us...
except to disappear.
That's the match
you ran away from.
I disgraced everyone.
How could I come back?
I'll show you disgrace.
- (Clicking)
- (voices yelling)
(speaking native language)
... Jesus.
Just look at that weak lead.
Did I teach you
to drop your guard like that?
Huh? Huh? Come on.
(Faint chuckle)
I'm in a fight I can't win.
It's not even mine.
What she needs is...
A trainer.
Nathan on recording: These stories
are all that will remain of my line.
These are the tales
a black-haired boy loved to hear
so long ago.
For him, great spirits
once played in the world
around the center fire.
The circle doesn't move.
We move away from the circle.
All around it is the dark.
(Tapping on door)
(faint voices yelling)
(faint knocking)
- David, we have to leave.
- Not yet.
I want to show you
Easiest one.
No safety.
Just point and pull,
no recoil.
Might help with the negotiations
if she knows how to use it.
How much?
Good to see you
back in a fight.
(Doorbell jingles)
(gunshot echoes)
Okay, hold it in the web
of your palm...
square it to the target.
Line up your thumb
with the barrel straight down,
pull the hammer back.
(Hammer clicks)
Okay, go.
(Gunshot echoes)
Are you sure
you're ready?
I came back for this.
I was too scared to move.
I know the feeling.
Make it your advantage.
Sometimes when I was
brave enough...
I'd call from the pay phone,
praying she might pick up.
That's how they found you.
She'd be almost seven now.
If it's anything like me,
he hasn't touched her yet.
They like a certain age.
When I got older...
too old...
I'd go on exchanges,
The poor ones trade pictures
and the rich ones
trade live kids.
There's a bishop in Qubec,
a judge in Ontario.
I had photos, but I lost them.
Why didn't you
ever tell anyone?
These people own everything
and everyone.
If you're no one...
no one listens.
(Gunshot echoes)
Are you ready?
I'm just a corner guy
this time.
(Wind whistling)
Sister: I have gone to
extraordinary lengths to fix this.
I've crossed every moral
and ethical and legal line
to clean up
the disgusting mess
that you
and your cronies created.
And now I am as guilty
as any of you.
I want to see her.
Let them come.
This can't exist, Dad.
Or none of the good
that you've done
or I will do
will ever matter.
(Gear clicks, engine stops)
It's quite something
to see you.
Well, she's supposed to be dead,
so I guess it is a surprise.
What's become of you,
Don't call me that.
You're still my little girl.
Then why?
My people have been very zealous
in protecting me
and the others, of course.
It wasn't my idea.
It was never my idea.
I don't understand.
Neither did they.
They tried to tell me
that our love was wrong...
and that someday
you would return to do me harm.
And when I heard you'd come back,
I believed it was true.
But you could never hurt me...
could you, Jannie?
I came here for my daughter.
Where is she?
Safe and happy.
Where is she?
Tell her what she wants.
Here is the balance
of the $50,000.
You can go now.
I'm paid to be here...
by her.
Put the gun down, Jannie...
and come home.
I don't have one.
You do.
Let me show you.
- Hello, sweetheart.
- Hello, Daddy.
- Man: Did you finish piano practice?
- Child: Uh-huh.
Tell these people your name.
Daddy, I'm thirsty.
There you go.
You are thirsty.
what are you going to be
when you grow up?
A ballerina.
(Chuckles, sobs)
You are so perfect.
She's smart, gifted...
like you.
(Jan sobs)
Okay. It's bedtime now.
Time for you to scoot
off to bed, darling.
We grown-ups have
some things to discuss.
Come home, Janeska.
Be her mother.
You are the devil.
You're the devil.
How can that be?
I gave you a name,
a station in life,
and my heart.
What more could
any daughter want?
I will disappear...
just like you want,
I will never come back,
but I am taking her with me.
I'll buy her...
just like you bought me.
I have about $30,000.
not at any price.
- I'm her mother.
- And I'm her father.
If you ever touched her...
Has anyone?
- Has anyone?
- Jannie!
I would give you anything
if you would stay here
with us.
Lily needs you.
I'm sorry, okay?
I didn't know what to do.
I was scared, I ran.
- We forgive you.
- You forgive me?
You forgive me?!
Please, Jan.
Is this truly what you want?
Then let Daddy help you.
I love you.
(Gunshot blasts)
(Jan sobbing)
Go find her.
Go find her.
(Birds chirping)
Come on.
Let's go...
on a big car ride.
Do you like car rides?
I like car rides.
(nervous chuckle)
Step in
and watch your head.
Put your seat belt on.
Do you want your doll in?
No? Okay.
(Buckle clicks)
All right. Good?
Okay, I'll be back
in just a second.
- Not too late, is it?
- No.
- Where will you go?
- Where no one will find us.
I'll send you your money.
- I can't.
- You need it.
Like hitting the lottery, eh?
I have something
I have to do, too.
If you need any help
staying clean or with anything,
call me.
(Car door closes)
(car engine starts)
(speaking native language)
thank you.
(Knocking on door)
Man: Open
the fuckin' door, buddy!
(Knocking continues)
You want some?
Buddy, come on.
Hey, what the fuck, man?
Donny: I've got nothing.
I've gotta go.
Junkie: Donny, come on.
We're buying some shit, man!
Donny, where you going?
# Sad eyes... #
I'm gonna need a gym before
we build your goddamned gym.
# Sad eyes... #
Nathan: Where are you
putting the rings?
- Right where you're sitting.
- (laughs)
Right where you're gonna be laying
when we have our sparring match, eh?
Come on.
(speaking native language)
(speaking native language)
- Come on.
- # I'm going to where the boats go by #
- # Caledonia River flowing so wide... #
- Avery: Come on!
# Still water #
- # Laying over... #
- (Avery, Nathan laughing)
# Still water #
# Laying over #
# Still water #
# Laying over #
# Caledonia River, oh, so wide #
# Wild eyes in the wilderness #
# Where you going
with the devil in hand? #
# Wild eyes in the wilderness #
# Where you going
with the devil in hand? #
# I'm going to build the bridges high #
# For working money... #
# For working money #
# I'm going to climb the bridges high #
# Caledonia, brother, far away #
# Still water #
# I'm laying over #
# Still water #
# Lay my body down over #
# Still water #
# Laying over the... #
# Caledonia River far away #
(music continues)
# Ooh... #
# Ooh... #
# Whoa, whoa... #
# Whoa, whoa... #
# Whoa, whoa... #
# Whoa, whoa... #
# Sad eyes in the weary night #
# Have you seen your brother? #
# Have you seen
your brother? #
# Waiting by the river grand #
# Caledonia River, oh, so wide #
# Going to where the rain falls #
# Look for my brother... #
# Look for my brother #
# Going to where the rain falls #
# Caledonia River far away #
# Still water #
# Laying over #
# Still water #
# Lay my body down #
# Still water #
# Laying over #
# The Caledonia River far away. #
(music ends)