Charlotte's Song (2015) Movie Script

[uplifting orchestral music]
[light choral music]
[Grandmother] Far out in
the ocean, where the water
is as blue as the
prettiest corn flower,
there lived a beautiful mermaid.
She became charmed by the idea
of a life above the waves.
It's only for a day, I know
I know it
Your shining eyes will
open and spirit me away
Oh but if my prayers are
dashed upon the shores
I'll be forever
yours my darling
Just a lap, a little slap
And we'll be miles away
Kissing at the bottom
Of the sea
[loud, banging music]
Just a day I know, I know it
Your shining eyes will
open and spirit me away
But if, but if my prayers
are dashed upon the shore
I'll be forever
yours my darling
Oh darling, just a lap,
a little slap
A million miles away
Kissing at the bottom
of the sea
[tense music]
Be careful.
I said, be careful.
[tense music]
Just a lap, a little slap
And we'll be miles away
Kissing at the bottom
of the sea
[audience applauding]
[tense music]
[bouncy piano music]
Deep into the ocean
It's like a potion
Of love like a little fish,
glub, glub
If you're in the ocean
Then it should fly like
A dove with your water
wings, flub, flub
I, I, I
Like the beach just fine
But, but the waves
are just divine
[slow, tense music]
It's time for bed now.
[lively music]
[tense music underlying
lively music]
I, I, I like the beach
just fine
But, but, but the
waves are just divine
Boy you better
get in the ocean
Hello, Charlotte.
I am your grandmother.
[lively music]
[audience applauding]
[tense, suspenseful music]
They're fairies.
Oh, fairies, eh?
Let me tell you a story
about a mermaid
blinded by her foolish fantasy
of her life on the land.
The mermaid was stolen
from the water forever
by the very man whom she
had saved from death.
Now, unless she is
returned to the sea,
another must be found
to take her place.
For the balance
between the worlds
must be preserved, at all costs.
[slow, tense piano music]
Let's go.
[Charlotte] I'm suppose
to be going to bed now.
[tense, suspenseful music]
Go to your bed, take
this with you, okay.
[tense, suspenseful music]
It's happening George,
we need to do something!
Where is she now?
I locked her in your
office, what else could I do?
She won't stay in there,
she doesn't want to.
She found us here,
she'll find us anywhere.
[slow, solemn music]
Maybe it's time we pay the debt.
No, I will not hand my
daughter over to that creature.
No, you leave me alone.
I just need time to think,
I just...
[deep, suspenseful, scary music]
[dramatic music]
[Charlotte screaming]
[dramatic, suspenseful music]
It's all right.
It's all right.
[dramatic, suspenseful music]
Save her!
[dramatic music]
[haunting piano music]
[haunting orchestral music]
[water bubbling]
[woman gasping]
[upbeat big band music]
Come along, get ready
Wear your brand,
brand new gown
Well there's going
to be a meeting
In this good, good ole town
When you know everybody
and they all know you
This what counts for clean?
I get the dust off,
it sticks right back on.
We need to be ready
for the show.
Ain't no dust under
my dress, I assure you.
Stop, the singin',
it's bothering father.
You wanna shout and sing
Have you a hard time
in old town tonight
My baby
When you hear
Them bells go ding-a-ling
All down around
[music fading to background]
First one to complain,
gets a whoopin'.
[upbeat big band music]
Back to your room now.
[upbeat big band music]
[bell dinging]
Good afternoon there.
Afternoon, you got gas?
You got cash?
Well, I have this old
grandfather clock
came over from Europe,
- it's been in the...
- Do you have cash?
Well if, if I had any
I'd, I'd give it to you,
it's just that this
is all we got.
Sorry friend, no cash, no gas.
Can't we at least give
them a bit?
You wanna end up
like those folks?
[car sputtering]
[slow, twangy music]
Look at you, ain't you all
grown up?
I brought you a postcard.
I remember you like them.
What do you got there?
Some gas for a family
with no money.
Mm, father doesn't know
you're doin' this, does he?
[chuckling] How's his mood?
Figured as much.
Maybe, I'll take this
down the road for you,
and I'll come back in
a couple days.
Can I come?
[chuckling] That's a
surefire way
to stir the hornet's nest.
I'll come back, I promise.
[knocking on door frame]
[Charlotte] Father, I just...
I'm busy.
I just thought you'd
wanna know Tim was here.
[suspenseful, scary music]
This won't even cover
a quarter of a payment!
[bells ringing]
Hello, Charlotte.
There's a power growing
inside of you, Charlotte.
Soon you'll be faced with
a very important decision.
[eerie music]
The mermaid chose to
abandon her fish's tail.
And so the balance between
the worlds was upset
and will never be healed
until the daughter chooses
to return to her people.
On land, she can never be
home, humanity is not her kind.
Their world is hollow, misery
will be her only companion.
Father says I'm too
old for stories.
I better go help him
with the show.
[door creaking]
Oh if I'd only listened
While the pond so
gilly glistened
I'd of saved my lovin' man
A pile of warm
But a gal cannot resist
When little wings
bend down to kiss you
And I taste them when
I dip my little toe, oh
Something in the water
told me so, told me so
And a little mermaid silenced
me not to go, don't you go
Now I will be sad if you
leave before the show
Yes something in the
water told me so, me so
Something in the water
told me so, told me so
And still after I'd
been there, even though
Don't you know
The moment I go in
The trouble would begin
There's something in
the water don't you
Get off me!
[Man In Audience]
You stop that!
[Sister] Get off her!
[Man In Audience] Get off her!
[George] No touchin'.
Ah, come on!
Yeah, god knows this
coffin varnish
ain't worth the
price of admission.
[tense music]
[George] Keep dancin'.
[deep, tense music]
Get out.
And take off my makeup.
There're some men here.
[haunting choral music]
Did we miss the show?
Have a drink though.
Name is Randall.
Don't believe I've
had the pleasure.
Good to meet you.
But you've heard my name.
Most people around these
parts know who you are.
I've been hearing your
name lately as well.
[slow, tense music]
Let's have some of this.
[slow, tense music]
To Canada, and their
good whiskey.
Keep it.
What can I do for you?
Heard you've been
having some troubles
with the local
financial institution.
None of my business to be sure,
however I like the flavor
of your place here.
Thought I might be able to
aid you in your efforts.
An investment.
What for?
A stake.
Take your sister to bed.
[slow, eerie music]
Beautiful daughters you have.
[slow, tense, suspenseful music]
Look George, we're a
community around these parts.
It's in our best interests
to help each other.
Isn't that what folks
do when times get rough?
How exactly is this
arrangement going to work?
Harold here will be
staying behind
to watch over the collateral.
For now, while I'm putting
more money in
than I'm getting out,
I have the say.
Once you've paid
back my investment,
and you're on your feet, I
get a cut and you get the say.
I don't know.
You're not in a
position to be picky.
I don't need no
charity either.
This is strictly business.
I got the hooch connection,
you've got the place to sell it.
What do they call that in
fancy Washington terms?
Supply and demand.
There you go, just the
natural order of things.
Now what do you say?
[tense music]
Sound fair?
[suspenseful, tense music]
Well this booze is gonna
boost profits. [laughing]
You have to utilize all
the assets at your disposal.
[slow, solemn music]
It's just temporary...
I'll tell them.
[slow, solemn music]
You left me wantin'
in the moonlight
Left me right there,
well I was occupied
But when you take my time
Forget about bein' kind
If you do me, do me right
I see your eyes on
other women
You best believe
I'm over him and
Oh yeah-ah
Don't you say be mine
Gonna play my game just fine
If you're gonna do me,
do my right...
Stop, what are you doin'?
What's wrong with
the old show?
Father has a new deal.
A deal that has us
gettin' naked on stage.
We all have a role to
play in this.
Let's do our part for father.
Can I try?
Don't you have
fireflies to catch?
And take off my shoes,
they look ridiculous on you.
But I've been practicing.
Be quiet or leave.
One, two, three, four.
Hey honey babe
Hey honey babe
Don't leave when all
the men want you so bad
Smile if you need
Perhaps it should be
To start something grand
Hey honey babe
Hey honey babe
What is the matter don't
you like me tonight
[muffled by music]
Sure is a start
Let me hold your hand
Let me lie
[muffled by music]
Why [muffled]
[music fading to background]
'Cause you're seen
With me dear
Guys light up for you
Oh honey babe
Hey honey babe
Your rosy cheeks are
[music fading]
[eerie music]
[audience member whistling]
[Man In Audience] Take it off!
[lively vocalizing music]
[crowd cheering]
Do you fellas a,
like what you see?
The entertainment continues if
you open up those
wallets of yours.
Each of those little
ladies there has with them
a one way ticket to
the night of your life.
First come, first served,
[audience applauding]
[lively music]
[deep, eerie music]
[deep, suspenseful tense music]
Heard you were in town.
Meant to stop by.
Been busy.
How you been, George?
Been tough.
Yeah, a lot of that goin'
around, huh?
How'd California work out?
[laughing] too bad.
Yeah, too bad.
What'd you call me out here for,
I thought maybe
you might wanna
stay in one place for awhile,
maybe do some work for me.
Jeez George, I don't...
I got some investment now
and I need some
help runnin' things.
What's that fella outside?
Yes, part of the reason
why I need my own guy.
[Tim] What, he your investor?
No, that's a Joe by the name
of Randall.
You heard of him.
Yeah, yeah, I heard of him.
What's the matter?
You need to get out of this
deal, as soon as you can.
I ain't asking
for your advice.
Trust me.
He's helpin' this family,
that's more than I can ever say
about you.
I worked for Randall
when things first got bad.
I'm stayin' away from
this place for a reason.
Ain't nothin' you ever done
been honorable when
it comes to me.
[Tim] George.
Get outta my house.
I'll be in town for awhile.
Don't think I'll be
needin' your help after all.
Why can't you stay?
I just can't.
[twangy country music]
Yeah, it's been years
since we parted
Years full of...
You know, this ain't bad.
That one young idiot, paid
double for the one with the,
oh, what's her name?
Personally, I don't see
the attraction.
Charlotte, buzz along.
For you are so sweet
If I could just hold...
Say, why ain't you usin'
that one?
She's so young.
She bleeds, don't she?
Better she learns sooner,
than later.
And the young age, just
means you can charge more.
They're all gone, here's the
last of it.
Hey, why don't you go get the
little one
prettied up backstage.
What for?
Girl of my dreams, it's you
[twangy country music]
Don't forget who's
callin' the shots here.
You ain't paid back
your debt yet.
You have no idea who you're
dealin' with, do you?
Please come back again
Go take a powder over it
if you can't stomach it.
There's only one
Girl of my dreams, it's you
[retching and coughing]
I look so pretty.
Maybe I could be in the show
tomorrow too?
[tense, frightening music]
[Charlotte whimpering]
Oh, are you a gimp?
[gurgling and roaring]
[crying out]
[Charlotte screaming]
[Charlotte crying out]
[scary music]
[Grandmother] Fetch more
[Sister] What happened?
[Grandmother] Never mind,
water, now!
[scary music]
[music increasing in intensity]
[gasping and panting]
Patricia, fetch Tim.
Don't say anything, other than
it's regarding Charlotte and
it's urgent.
I want this room
presentable by the evening.
[water splashing softly]
[Charlotte shivering]
[pounding at door]
Why was the door locked?
Never mind that, go to bed.
Thank god you came, I have
no one else to turn to.
What is that for?
[eerie music]
What happened?
Is it always like this?
Not when you love him.
[Charlotte humming]
Ah-ah-ah, Ned.
Darling. [gasping]
[Charlotte] Who's Ned?
For all I know he
could be lyin'
dead in a ditch somewhere.
You gotta take the girls,
you gotta get outta here,
that's all there is to it.
I can't.
Why not?
Hey the only thing that's
keepin' Charlotte safe
right now is our
distance from water.
I'm between a rock
and a hard place.
I gotta clean up this
mess before it spreads.
Thinkin' maybe you
could talk to Randall.
- Tim, please.
- I don't wanna
get mixed back up with that lot!
Do it for the girls,
for Serena.
I need time to
think about this.
Then go, think, just
don't take too long,
Randall's due to check in
any time.
Tim, I knew I could
count on you.
[sighing] Yeah.
[door clicking shut]
Do you know where
Grandmother is?
I wish you'd stop
callin' her that.
She's just some old hag that
helped mother in California.
Clean up your own mess.
It's time for the
child's return.
No, I can't allow it.
It's Charlotte's decision
to make
and sooner or later she
will choose to return.
You'll make sure of it.
I forbid you from seeing her.
So be it.
She'll be thirsty.
[door slamming]
[light, solemn music]
Did y'all come back to see me?
Huh, course.
You know you've always
been the favorite
out of all your sisters.
Gosh, you're startin' to
look just like
your mother did when I
first met her.
Nobody likes to talk
about her anymore.
Yeah, what would you
like to hear?
How'd you meet her?
Well, I knew your dad first.
He was always the ladies man.
And this one day, I
heard him talking about
this amazing woman he'd met.
Which was strange
'cause your father
never used to talk about
the girls he'd go with.
I thought maybe it'd last a
week or so.
Then I saw her for myself.
Your mother was performing
at this little nightclub
right down on Venice Beach.
Goddamn, if she wasn't
the most beautiful woman
I had ever saw, bar none.
Anyway, we met through your dad.
He and I were inseparable
back in those days.
What was California like?
It was beautiful.
The ocean stretches for miles
and miles,
as far as you can see.
Would you ever go back?
Hm, it's a nicer place
than Oklahoma.
Would you take me there too?
No, I don't think your father'd
be very pleased with that.
I don't care.
Well, that's easy for
you to say.
I'm sorry,
I won't tell father.
No, no, it's, it's not that.
You won't have to
pay like the other men.
[slow, mysterious music]
[music building in intensity]
You forgot to mention
that the only reason
Charlotte attacked Harold
is because he paid you
to let him have his
way with her!
Randall made me do it,
they were gonna kill me!
Why do you think I called you?
You have to stop this!
[George] I can't without
your help!
Fine, I'll speak to Randall.
Just tell him I'm
lookin' for Harold.
Tell him I'm doin' my best.
Thank you, Tim.
[slow, gentle piano music]
[door clicking open]
Have you seen
Grandmother anywhere?
I've forbidden her from
seeing you.
You have no right.
That woman wants to take you
away from here, you understand?
It's complicated, she,
your mother didn't
want you to know.
Grandmother talks to me
about it.
She's lyin' to you.
Well at least she
treats me like an adult.
Charlotte, there are
people, things in this world
that wish to do you harm,
I'm tryin' to protect you.
Then why did you let him do
that to me?
And that other man, why did
you let him touch Sophia?
You could've stopped them.
Why didn't you stop them?
Just for a little
while longer, I promise.
You didn't even come
to see if I was okay.
You're not a normal
girl, you're special.
And all this business with
Randall and your sisters
and what they do,
it's all for you.
I don't want any of
this to be happenin'.
You don't have a choice!
[light, eerie music]
[Grandmother] And so the
balance between worlds was upset
and will never be healed
until the daughter chooses
to return to her people.
On land, she can never be home.
Misery will be her
only companion.
[slow, eerie music]
[Charlotte] What happened?
Your father.
[Charlotte] You let him do
this to you?
Oh, I knew you would come.
Do you remember the story
of the stolen mermaid?
That story was about
your mother.
Your father was the merchant
sailor who tricked her
into giving up her tail in
exchange for this existence.
The bargain made was that
the daughter of a true love
would replace the mermaid
when the time was right.
But your mother interrupted
the arrangement.
She killed herself to save me?
Yes, but the
imbalance remained.
You're unique Charlotte,
my dear.
Not fully human, and not
fully of my kind either.
You have a choice.
Emily says you're not
my real grandmother.
I'm more family to you
than she will ever be.
Why didn't you tell me sooner?
Oh, you needed to be ready.
You're a commodity to them.
The only one who loved
you was your mother.
Because you're the same.
I can show you how to control
your powers.
But not here.
So far away from my home,
I'm weak.
It's time to go home, Charlotte.
[eerie music]
What lies have you been
feeding her?
[deep, dramatic music]
Go back to where you came from.
You dare.
[gun firing]
[yelling and screaming]
[poker slicing]
[gasping and panting]
[eerie music]
[sharp banging]
[tense, eerie music]
There you are.
[Charlotte shivering]
Just a lap, a little slap
And we'll be miles away
'Member when you
used to sing that?
Would you sing it again?
Oh but if my prayers are
dashed upon the shores
I'll be forever
yours my darling
For a moment I coulda
swore I saw mother.
I know.
Well you must be
gettin' tired.
[couple giggling]
You have to go.
[laughing] You have to go.
Go on.
I, I know a way you
and Ned can leave here.
Meet me in the showroom at dawn.
[heels clicking]
[George snoring softly]
[George snorting]
[door slamming shut]
[tense music]
We have to leave right now!
We can't leave
without Charlotte.
[gun firing]
[sister screaming]
Oh god no, please!
No, please no.
Please help her.
[tense, dramatic music]
You took her life.
[George] Get outta here.
[dramatic music]
No! [crying]
Get back inside.
[chaotic acoustic
guitar strumming]
She brought this on herself.
You hear me?
[Charlotte crying]
Oh, be thankful. [crying]
Wake up, please. [crying]
[slow, haunting music]
[Sister] Father.
Leave us be, girls.
[tense music]
Come now.
This is a family joint.
No need for any back
room deals, eh George?
[light, slow acoustic
guitar music]
I must apologize, I would've
come sooner
but I wanted to see what you
were going to do about Harold.
Your approach really
was quite innovative.
Not many men are brave
enough to try and ignore
a problem and just
hope it goes away,
especially when it comes to
problems that involve me.
I, I don't know what
you're talkin' about.
Harold ran outta here like a
mad man last time we saw him.
I'll, I'll make it up to you.
Oh, you think Harold's dead,
don't you?
He's quite alive.
Missing half his face and
won't stop raving about
the monsters of course
but alive nonetheless.
It was an accident,
we tried to find him.
I, I didn't even know
where to start.
I understand.
You did your best,
that's all I can ask.
I want to thank you for
trying to find my man.
I ain't gonna bite you.
[George whimpering]
Come on in, boys.
[George whimpering]
What are you gonna do?
Won't take a minute, dear.
No, no. [crying]
Now, now, this is no
way to behave.
Put up a brave face for
your daughters, at least.
I'll do anything.
No, no.
Don't do it,
it wasn't his fault.
Well I guess all the guts
went to the women
in your family.
Take hers.
Take her finger instead.
[laughing] Oh, well I'm not
easily surprised but this,
whatever you say, George.
No, no, no.
[crying and whimpering]
It's only for a day, I know
I know it
Your shining eyes will open
And spirit me away
Oh but if my prayers are
dashed upon the shores
I'll be forever yours,
my darling
Neat trick.
Leave my family alone.
Why should I?
My trick can make you money.
What do I have to give
you in return?
Let us do the old
show the way we used to,
and just the show.
You suppose this will
solve your problems?
Fair enough.
Good luck.
You'll excuse me if I don't
leave a man behind this time.
Just know that I'm watching.
[Sophia] This is how
they do it in California.
[Charlotte] Really?
Well, it's how mother
used to do it.
[Charlotte] It's perfect.
[men talking]
[Man In Audience] Show me
what you got.
[men cheering]
- All right.
- Whoo.
[Man In Audience] Hello
[Man In Audience]
Don't be shy, sweetheart.
[soft choral music]
It's only for a day, I know
I know it
Your shining eyes will open
And spirit me away
Oh but if my prayers are
dashed upon the shores
I'll be forever
yours my darling
Just a lap, a little slap
And we'll be miles away
Kissing at the bottom
Of the sea
[loud, banging music]
Just a day I know, I know it
Your shining eyes will open
And spirit me away
Oh but if my prayers are
dashed upon the shores
I'll be forever yours,
my darling
Oh darling, just a lap,
a little slap
And we'll be miles away
Kissing at the bottom
of the sea
Payment's next week.
No more payments.
What do you mean?
You're out of my debt,
I release you.
Still wanna buy my whiskey?
Yes, of course.
Oh, and one more thing,
have you,
have you seen Tim around,
I need to talk to him.
No, I haven't seen him.
[upbeat big band music]
What's that?
A bonus.
Take it, you've earned it.
I didn't think it was gonna
work but you pulled it off.
Your mother would've been
proud of you.
[lively dance music]
[slow piano music]
Sophia, hi, we've come
to offer
our congratulations
to Charlotte.
Oh, she's just freshening up.
Charlotte, someone's here
to see you.
Oh, hello.
This is Sylvia.
Wonderful show.
Now, be a dear for me
and wait for me in the car.
That a, finally what
it was when your mother
performed it in California.
Goodbye Charlotte,
we're movin' on.
[slow, solemn music]
You got a lot of nerve comin'
in here after what you did.
Excuse me.
Randall nearly cut my
finger off
after your little chat with him.
He said you already
told him about Harold
and everything was square
with you two.
Seems like one of us
is lyin' then.
Besides, I thought the
whole idea
was to stay away from Randall.
Not put Charlotte in the
goddamn show.
Who are you to judge me?
You know this is exactly what
he wants.
This is exactly what I
was tryin' to tell you.
You're blamin' me for this?
You know what, you don't
have to worry about me anymore.
I just came to say
goodbye to the girls.
I'm glad you cleaned up
the place, but I'm leavin'.
What do you mean?
I stuck my neck out for you,
and now I'm right back
to where I started.
Randall barkin' orders at me,
like I'm his right hand man.
So long, George.
[deep acoustic guitar music]
Before you go, can I
show you somethin'?
I should be goin'.
Please, it'll only
take a moment.
Oh, I'll be right back.
Come on.
[slow, solemn piano music]
[Charlotte humming]
[light, haunting music]
[eerie music]
It's a full house,
girls, full.
There's still people
waitin' outside.
You're doin' a more outstandin'
job than even your mother.
I hope you know that.
It's only for a day, I know
I know it
Your shining eyes will open
And spirit me away
[audience applauding]
All of my prayers are
dashed upon the shores
I'll be forever yours,
my darling
[audience applauding]
[audience applauding]
[loud, banging music]
Just a day I know, I know it
They don't spend as
much on a shorter show.
Haven't we paid back
our debt yet?
No, that's not how this works.
Randall, he runs this territory.
We're part of his operation,
we can't stop, not now.
Can't you just take
the girls and go?
We can't walk out
on our obligation.
What happened to the
good of the family?
I'm not givin' up on
what I've built!
[bouncy piano music]
And we'll be miles away
Kissing at the bottom
of the sea
What we built.
Listen, everything's gonna be
all right.
I'll deal with Randall.
After we've made a bit more
cash, we'll go on a trip.
Maybe take the show on the road.
Would you like that?
Yeah, we'll do that,
as a family.
Do you need the bath?
[Charlotte] Do you still think
you could
run the show without me?
Yeah, why?
I'm leavin'.
Does father know?
He's gonna be livid.
Good luck.
Don't tell the others.
Where are you gonna go?
Where are you headed?
[frightening music]
I only want to talk.
You're one of them.
Them, I'm one of us.
[tense, frightening music]
Be careful.
You have to utilize all the
assets at your disposal.
Harold here will be
staying behind
to watch over the calamity.
You know how these deals work.
[Charlotte] My trick can make
you money.
[Randall] You suppose this
will solve your problem?
It was all you, you made me.
I'm your only chance to escape
the sheer boredom of existence.
You know we're different from
the humans.
Higher in every way.
It's not so glorious anymore,
is it?
You thought they were cheering
for you this whole time.
They are cheering for me.
They cheer for what you
can do to them.
They're like dogs
compared to us.
And like dogs, we can train them
to do all kinds of tricks.
So this is what our kind does
for fun?
That's just what I do
for fun, for now at least.
You can choose to do whatever
you want.
I'm going far away
from this place,
and never singing again.
You can try.
[eerie, frightening music]
Your father's paid back
his debt, by the way.
[door clicking shut]
[deep, tense music]
Where is she?
You know damn well who.
[Sister] Father!
Look what I found.
I distinctly remember asking you
if you'd seen Tim,
quite recently.
I, I swear I haven't seen
Tim in ages.
Then he's lying.
So you, you don't mind if
I punish him accordingly?
[gun firing]
[Tim crying out]
[Tim groaning]
Where's the star of your show?
I gave her the night off.
I hope you haven't lost
your gift horse.
I'm right here.
Good, thought you might
have left town on me.
[Tim whimpering]
Pay attention.
I have a bone to pick
with your father.
It has come to my attention
that you have been
providing certain services
without cutting me in.
I don't know what you're
talkin' about.
Booze and women are my game,
I've been payin' you your
cut for all the booze...
But not the women.
He's been running the whore
house right under your nose.
Maybe you were too caught up
in your own celebrity to notice.
You said you would stop.
Why would he?
It's pure profit when you
cut out your investors.
Is this true?
Oh course not, he's lyin'.
It is true.
He didn't make me do it,
'cause he knew I'd tell.
But they have.
Your wife, Gertrude,
you'd think you'd have learned
your lesson
about my kind by now.
Oh, I'm sorry, George,
I thought you knew.
Oh let's get
[loud static buzzing].
That's the other thing, we
have a disgruntled customer.
Seems Harold paid for
service he didn't receive.
Don't, I'll give you the
whole operation if you want.
I'm starting to think
that you would say anything
to get out of trouble.
I like you, I like your family.
But Harold thinks we've
taken the maximum amount
of disrespect from you that
our organization can handle.
Word's getting out that
I've got a soft spot
for the guy with all the girls.
I can't have that.
[light thumping]
Take the girls, kill George.
- It's only for a day
- No!
[Sister] No, no, no!
No, no!
[Sister] No, you stop that!
[gun firing]
[George] No!
No, no!
[girls screaming]
[gun firing]
[tense, frightening music]
[scary, haunting music]
I'm so sorry.
[gun firing]
[slow, sorrowful piano music]
[Tim whimpering]
It's only for a day, I know
I know it
Your shining eyes will
[crying] Oh, please, oh, please.
No, no.
[slow, sorrowful piano music]
[Charlotte crying]
[footsteps clicking]
I've come to gloat.
I hope you got
what you wanted.
Getting what we want
is no fun at all.
It's about the game.
You're more powerful
than you think.
We could have a lot
of fun together.
Very brave of you to
go the exact direction
they've been trying to
lure you all this time.
I'll write you when
I get there.
[twangy blues guitar music]
We've both got all
the time in the world.
[twangy blues guitar music]
All my life been
Doin' wrong
Breakin' hearts
and gettin' gone
There's no savin' me, lord
Throw away the key
[man talking in background]
I go home I
Bring the chill in
All done uptown
Fit to kill
There's no savin' me, lord
Throw away the key
[man talking in background]
I kissed the desk hard
I done my time
The kinda luck turns
On a dime
There's no savin' me, lord
Throw away the key
There's no savin' me, lord
Throw away the key
[slow blues music]