Charly (2002) Movie Script

I always believed
that love was fairly uncomplicated.
You found the perfect woman,
gorgeous but practical.
You married, settled down
with children, minivan, mortgage...
...and lived quietly, predictably,
happily ever after.
That was my dream
until she came into my life.
Her name is Charlene.
She's an art student.
No way.
She's visiting here from New York.
Her grandmother's setting up
some art exhibit or something...
No way. The last time you set me up...
Did I ask you to take her out? No.
I just asked you to pick her up
from the airport and... her the sights of Salt Lake
on your way to her parent's house.
Then dinner, if she's hungry.
Sounds like a date to me.
She's here on vacation.
She just wants to see the sights.
So send Mom.
Her father seems to think
you two might hit it off.
Her father?
My new regional manager.
The plot thickens.
Look, all I want you to do
is pick her up, show her the sights...
...take her home. Simple. Easy.
Well then I'll take her to Temple Square
and buy her a milk shake.
You can do better than that.
It's only one night.
Please. As a favor to me.
Seventy bucks and the Mustang.
I was on a roll.
One lap around town, a light dinner,
home by 8:30 and I'm 50 bucks richer.
I was smooth, confident, in control.
Well, mostly.
Besides, it was one night. What could
possibly happen in one night.
So, marry me.
How romantic. Too late.
- I want to be married, to you.
- And you know what that means?
Two people with matching rings,
spending time together.
What more could you want?
I'll let you know when I find it.
Come back to New York.
We can do this like you wanted to.
Why the rush now? I'm here, I might as
well see what Salt Lake has to offer.
C'mon Charly, quit with the games.
Who's playing?
You're a little upset.
You play games when you're upset.
Tell your Dad
you're getting back on the plane.
Dad's not coming to get me.
Who is?
I don't know. Dad arranged it. Jealous?
- Of what, some Mormon guy?
- How do you know he's Mormon?
You're in Utah...
...the state that buys more wedding
and birth announcements per capita...
...than any other state
in the civilized world.
Trust me, he's a straight-laced,
buttoned down, bore.
...Charly, are you listening?
Believe me, Mark.
You have nothing to worry about.
That's me.
On the sign.
I'm Utah. Welcome to Sam.
Nice to meet you, Utah.
Sam's a beautiful place.
I take it you're my ride home.
Sorry. Yeah, Sam Roberts.
Can I help you with that?
No thanks, got it.
You work for my father?
- No. Actually I'm a student, like you.
- You're an art major?
- Computer Information Systems.
- Perfect.
Did my father tell you why
he wanted you to pick me up?
Actually, I've never met your...
I'm practically engaged,
but Daddy hates my choice of men... he looks for fine upstanding men,
like yourself, to lure me away.
And you know what? It's working.
Coming, Utah?
You're engaged?
He's asked, but I haven't said yes.
Why, are you interested?
Don't you think you ought to get that?
Sorry, it's to remind me not to be late.
Okay, Utah.
Let's get this over with, shall we?
Look, if you don't want to go out I'm...
And disappoint Daddy?
Not a chance. What's the plan?
You decide. I've got the local historical
sites and points of interest here.
- Amy, Anna, Barbara, Tessa.
- Wrong list.
- Utah, is that your little black book?
- "This is the Place Monument"?
- Not much there.
- Hogel Zoo, then?
I'm allergic.
What do the little
check marks mean?
There's always Trolley Square?
It used to be a trolley station
and now it's a huge shopping mall.
- Yours?
- My father's.
Do you have a rating system
or is it survival of the fittest with you?
There's always Kennecott Copper Mine.
The largest open strip mine in the world.
Hate to pass that up.
A fun filled evening with you
at the local strip mine.
Somehow, Utah,
you don't seem the type.
What'd you put in these things.
- Wait. What are you doing?
- Come on, Utah.
Are you crazy?
Slow down. I want to be able to
borrow this car again.
Life is for fun, Sam,
sounds like you need a life.
- Can't drive like this in Manhattan.
- Not supposed to in Utah, Charlene...
Charly, call me Charly.
I don't think this is such
a good idea, Charly.
Relax, Utah! If you can drive
in New York, you can drive anywhere.
Of course, I can't drive in
New York anymore.
- Does this radio work?
- Don't touch that.
Watch the road!
- Hey, did you see that?
- What?
Look at that, c'mon Sam.
It's beautiful.
- Tickets for the Ferris Wheel, please.
- How many?
We'll take whatever you've got.
Thank you.
Next please.
Welcome aboard.
- What's your name?
- Raferty, ma'am.
Mr. Raferty, please meet my fianc.
He's just proposed
and you're the first to know.
Actually, we've just met.
- Congratulations, kids.
- Why, thank you.
Sam and I would like to ride
your Ferris wheel for a long, long time.
You understand?
I'm not that old.
- Good.
- Hang on.
- Do you do that often?
- What?
Lie to complete strangers.
No. I lie to people I know, too.
Come on, loosen up, Utah.
Aren't you kind of cold in that?
Why are you hot?
Why couldn't we be engaged?
Aren't I good enough for you?
I don't even know you!
Exactly my point.
Who's to say I couldn't qualify?
You voted for him?
Yeah, what's wrong with that?
Nothing if you like a soil grubbing,
global warming corporate puppet.
It's nice to know America is safe
in the hands of voters like you.
- Describe her to me.
- Careful. Who?
The future Mrs. Utah. What's she like?
No, let me guess.
A little on the stout side, but pleasant,
always pleasant.
Perpetually aproned, but never ruffled.
June Cleaver with a dayplanner.
You have no idea
what you're talking about.
Come on, Utah. You can't tell me
sitting there in your starched shirt...
...that you don't dream of marrying
an ultra-organized gorgeous woman...
...who just happens to love to cook
and sew and cater to your every whim.
I don't know what I want yet.
I certainly haven't found her...
...when I do...
...we'll both know it and we won't
run around being practically engaged.
We'll get married
and we'll stay married...
...because you don't toss love around
between the lost and found.
You really mean like,
till death do you part?
No, more like forever.
Why Utah, you're a romantic.
Who would have guessed it?
A man who actually believes in
happily ever after.
I hope you find it.
This one is your fault.
Most everything is.
Whose idea was it
to have him pick her up?
Now Claire...
I could have picked her up.
You could have picked her up.
I don't think she'd have enjoyed that
nearly as much.
You'd prefer she date the same riff raff
she's brought home since junior high?
Captain Non-Commitment.
Well, he'd be a whole lot better
than some hypertensive boy scout.
Oh, I don't know.
I think he's kind of cute.
Why didn't you tell me
he was so handsome, Eddie.
I imagined someone more humble.
You three behave.
Sam, I want you to meet my family.
- This is my father and mother.
- Mr. And Mrs. Riley.
No need to be so formal.
Call them Eddie and Claire.
They love that kind of thing.
And this is my grandmother.
You can call me anything you want.
I had so much fun the other night
Sam's showing me more of the city.
He's lived here his whole life.
Tell them that fascinating thing
you said on our drive from the airport.
Did you know there's a difference in
humidity between here and New York?
- Really?
- Fascinating.
A difference in humidity?
Right. That's why we feel
so uncomfortable now.
I don't feel uncomfortable.
That's because we're inside.
Just wait and you'll feel uncomfortable.
- You mean, when I'm alone with you?
- That's not what I meant.
What exactly do you mean?
We have to go.
He can be so shy sometimes.
Don't wait up.
So, now I can say
I have seen the Mormon Vatican.
Temple Square?
You almost got us kicked out.
There wasn't a sign.
I don't think they anticipated someone
would go wading in the reflection pool.
Can I get you anything else?
I'd like a glass of Merlot please.
I'm sorry, we don't serve alcohol here.
Would you care for something else.
We're fine, thanks.
You people are so much fun.
- Charlene...
- Charly
Charly, why did you ask me out?
Your magnetic personality.
I feel irresistibly drawn to you.
- Can you be serious.
- I'm trying to be.
You are the oddest woman
I have ever met.
You lie all the time, you've no respect
and you're always messing around.
- I have no idea how to take you.
- Take me where?
Truth? You intrigue me.
A grown man
who still believes in fairy-tales.
But I wonder...
...does he really believe it or has he
just never read anything else?
Maybe it's not a fairy-tale.
Sam, you are not like any Prince
I've ever read about...
...and I am no Princess.
Still, you do have a castle
and it is beautiful.
Who knows? Maybe while I'm here
I could learn more about you.
The Mormons, I mean.
I think I can arrange that.
The first principle
is the plan of our Heavenly Father...
Maybe a Missionary discussion wasn't
the best choice for a second date...
...but it went well, I thought
and I was ready for the next step.
I don't believe a word of it.
My grandmother is convinced
I'm in the clutches of a strange man...
...bent on making me the
newest member of your church.
And she thinks it's all very romantic.
My parents vowed never to let anyone
pick me up from the airport again.
What do you do with all this stuff?
We can it.
We put it in glass jars and store it.
Doesn't my Dad pay
your father enough?
You're changing the subject.
What about the Missionaries?
I told you, I don't believe it.
- What are these?
- Green beans. Have one.
Why don't you believe it?
I told you. The whole thing is ridiculous.
The hardest thing to understand is
why you believe it.
- You look like an intelligent person.
- Is that right?
Of course, looks can be deceiving.
You have raspberries.
- Why don't you find out for yourself?
- No, I thought that's what I'd done.
You have to ask.
These would be so good
with ice cream.
I mean you have to pray.
- To what?
- God.
"Hey, God, you up there?"
Something like that.
And He'll just pop right up and answer?
Me and all the other
five, six billion people on the planet?
He'll answer. Really.
Like hearing voices?
No, it's... You feel it
more than anything else and you know.
You're kind of cute
when you're serious.
You've got this furrow thing right there.
Very distinguished.
We could pray right now, right here.
It's secluded.
Why, Sam. You romantic devil you.
Do you want to say the prayer?
C'mon. Kneel down.
If these bushes suddenly burst into
flames and Charlton Heston appears...'re in big trouble!
Do you mind?
We're about to talk to God here.
Okay, close your eyes and I'll say it.
Sam, you're definitely crazy.
So, what do you think?
Technically, fine...
But why the fruit salad?
What's so compelling
about a bunch of fruit?
My style is just different from yours.
It's not a matter of style.
So we see the world differently.
We may be looking for different things.
The point is, until you feel
something here you can't reveal it here.
You're right. It's your exhibit, anyway.
I'm just not ready.
You're a marvelous painter...
...and I would love to have some of
your work included in the exhibit.
This is an exercise.
If you want to be an artist, take a risk.
Find something
you don't own completely...
...something you feel so deeply
you're sure you can't possibly paint it.
Paint that.
He was a cute little boy, wasn't he.
He's kind of cute now.
He'll do.
He's a good guy. I didn't know
if you'd be back after last time.
You saw?
No, Sam told me. You know,
sometimes he can be a little intense.
Yes. He once told me he didn't
think it proper for a woman my age... be singing and dancing
in the kitchen.
He was five.
For all his stubborn persistence,
he has a good heart.
He wouldn't push so hard
if he didn't care.
This is all very important to him, isn't it.
Yes. In a way, it's who he is.
Jo, are you telling tales on our son?
Only the most embarrassing ones.
Good, I'll join in.
We were talking about Sam's manner
the last time Charly was here.
Yes. Praying in the backyard.
Classic Roberts family dating technique.
Smooth. Subtle.
It worked for you.
Behave kids.
We've always been somewhat
of an embarrassment to him.
So what have you been talking about?
- That should do it. Thank you.
- Thank you.
- Hello.
- Hi.
- Who's that?
- You're going to love this.
Turn me on.
Yes, I'd know those legs anywhere.
Alright, Mark, what are you up to?
I just wanted to see
your beautiful face...
...and get your professional opinion.
These are samples from our new line.
I'm leaving next week on a sales trip
to push them. What do you think?
Mark, why do they have
our names on the front?
What a coincidence.
Which do you like better?
Why do you want to get married, Mark?
I move from two drawers into a closet,
I get my name on the mailbox...
...and I get controlling share
of the remote control.
Darling, come on I'm teasing you here.
You know how I feel about you.
How long do you plan
on feeling that way?
Well, according to this one...
...until the stars fall from the sky
and the Earth stops spinning.
No, seriously, Mark.
Do you honestly believe
two people can be so happy together...
...they'd want it to last forever?
Happily ever after?
It's kind of a clichd notion, no?
Yeah, I think so.
What does that mean?
Happily ever after?
After what? After taxes?
After the divorce?
Darling, maybe it means a surprise,
"They are happy after all."
Where is all this coming from?
Is that desert air getting to you?
Don't you ever wonder
if there's something more?
Life is for fun.
Take the chances that it gives you...
...and make the best of it.
What else is there?
That's just it. I don't know.
Sure New York has its museums,
Broadway, two good baseball teams...
...but there was one thing it didn't have
and I wanted Charly to experience it.
Excuse me.
Yes, you.
Is the fishing any better over there?
We are having no luck over here.
Don't tell me it's a fish finder, too.
Time to move.
You know, you might have more luck
if you just snuck up on the little fishes.
You know, catch them by surprise.
It's just a tire.
That is no tire.
I got me a fish.
- What do I do?
- Set the hook!
Set it Where?
Call me Ishmael.
Look out for the rookie.
C'mon little fishy c'mon.
Come to mamma.
It's kind of little.
I suppose you know why
we've asked you all here this morning.
Because some of you have been
putting marshmallows on your hooks...
...the Utah Fish and Game Department
has asked me to speak today.
Clinical research just released
indicate that the fish in this lake...
...have 53 percent more cavities.
Do you know what this means?!
It means the UFGD
must now stand the expense...
...of sending a trout
through dental school!
- Where are we going Sam?
- Away.
I embarrassed you, is that it?
Go ahead. Say it.
You embarrassed me.
No, Sam, this is where you stop rowing
and throw water on me.
It's what we call a water fight.
Can you say that for me, dear?
"Water fight."
It's one of those happy, spontaneous
things people do in this dull world.
You've got no sense of fun.
- Life is for laughing.
- I laugh.
No, you smile faintly.
No good. Too forced.
It's not spontaneous.
I laugh responsibly.
Could you define that for us, Senator?
After the work is done, if there's
time left over, I laugh and have fun.
Try again. Sam, there's never
any time when the work is done.
You have to laugh during the work.
What would happen
if this were suddenly to disappear?
- Come on, Charly.
- Would the world stop spinning?
Would your universe
careen out of space?
Very funny, now come on.
You want it? You'll have to get it.
You wouldn't.
Nice catch.
It's not my fault.
How was I supposed to know
you'd jump in the lake?
I tell you, I'm completely innocent.
You innocent? Look at this.
My whole life was in this thing.
See, that's the thing. Don't you find
that the teeniest bit twisted?
- May I help you, sir?
- Yes. Can this be fixed?
Don't suppose
you have flood insurance?
No, of course not.
Tell you what, let me just...
I'll go talk to my manager and
see if your warranty covers...
- Women.
- Pardon me?
Actually, only one. See if my warranty
covers Charlene Riley.
A woman, sir?
Charlene Riley, R-I-L-E-Y.
Sam. Sammy, this is Mommy,
do you hear me?
There she is now.
Sammy, this is Mommy.
The nice men in the store
let me talk to you on their big radio.
Sir, you're mother did this to you?
No, actually it was my Dad.
It all started with my Dad.
Sammy, if you can hear me,
listen carefully.
Mommy's sorry, Sammy.
I'll buy you a new toy,
just don't be angry anymore.
Remember when Mommy bought you
a big bag of popcorn last week?
Go to the popcorn machine.
Mommy has a bag of popcorn for you.
And Sammy,
Mommy loves you, dear.
Oh, poor little guy.
You have no idea.
Hi, Sammy.
I said I was sorry.
Remember where we are.
Then you admit it wasn't my fault.
- Sir, your Palm.
- Keep it.
Is it always like this?
No. This is just a good day.
It's a very good day.
Hi, Charly and Mark. We're not in now,
but you can leave a message...
...unless it's important in which case
we prefer you keep it to yourself.
Your choice after the beep.
Mark, Charly. We need to talk.
Please call.
It's the third visit this week.
She's stopped drinking coffee
with me in the mornings.
I set up a private lesson
with the tennis pro last Sunday...
...and she found a reason not to go.
Come to find out later
she'd been to church, with him.
Maybe we should call Mark.
She doesn't seem too interested
in Mark at the moment.
- Does he know that?
- We can't let our imaginations run wild.
Soon she'll be back in New York
and forget all this nonsense.
- But Mark could make her forget now.
- Mark is an idiot.
But he's handsome, fun.
We should call him.
It wouldn't hurt to mention
she's asking about him in a casual way.
I am not going to encourage my only
daughter to marry some worthless...
Goodbye, Sister Riley.
See you in church on Sunday.
I'll need his number.
Mark, are you there? This is Edward.
About Charly, something's changed.
What do you think?
You haven't said much about the
Church since I tried to pray with you.
- Which church?
- Come on, you know.
Well I decided to be fair. We
Easterners are noted for our fairness.
I've heard about the Salem witch trials.
Not bad.
Stick with me and I'll make you a wit.
You're halfway there now.
I've read the Book of Mormon.
Nice technique.
You did?
You're not going to make us kneel
and pray in this boat, are you?
Play along, I thought.
Take the lessons, go to Church,
and then leave them laughing.
It's all part of the Utah tour.
I'm from New York.
The Museum of Natural History,
the Hayden Planetarium...
...the Metropolitan Museum of Art...
Do you know what I'm saying?
No, what are you saying?
I'm not like you.
I'm an intellectual.
I believe it. Of all the rotten luck.
- You're kidding me, you do?
- Don't rub it in, Utah.
It's a miracle!
Have you gone
completely insane?
This is terrific!
What's wrong?
Nobody's going to understand this.
My parents will think I'm crazy.
Tell them to pray about it.
Okay, what got us into this whole mess.
I've been hoisted up on my own petard.
Oh, that can be painful.
I got hit in the petard
once playing baseball.
Oh, Sam.
What have we done to each other?
Charly, you're not doing this
because of my...
Personal charm and magnetism?
Something like that.
You are kinda cute...
...but no.
When I read that book...
...I feel something.
Want to know something else?
I'm praying...
...and someone is listening.
You're winning.
I'm cheating. But, don't tell your father.
It's how I subsidize my Social Security.
He's pretty worried about you,
they both are.
When you were a little girl... said, "You wanted to run away
and join the circus," remember?
Your parents did everything.
They told you that midgets
were actually run-away children...
...and that they fed little girls to the lions,
but you didn't listen.
Do you remember what I did?
You took me to the circus.
And after you'd been there a while... decided it wasn't what
you really wanted after all.
That's how I thought this
Mormon business would sort out.
But it hasn't worked out that way,
has it?
I may not agree
with all the Mormon ways...
...heaven knows if God's going to
put us through in this life...
...the least He could do is allow us
a few good stiff drinks along the way.
Just make sure you're doing things
for the right reason.
And if you feel it's right...
...then everyone else
can just go sit on a pin.
You're sure it's what you want?
It just feels right.
I have never felt like this.
I like this clean slate thing.
You believe it, right?
I know it.
You have 24 messages.
Mark, Charly. We need to talk.
Please call.
This is Sandra. Got a question for you.
Call me at my studio.
Hi Mark, honey, this is your mother.
Haven't heard from you lately...
Mark, are you there? This is Edward.
It's about Charly. Something's changed.
Okay, maybe I wasn't completely
honest with you last time...
...but Mark,
Charly's seeing someone new.
Someone, though I never thought
I'd say it, worse than you.
I strongly suggest you get out here.
Mark, call your mother.
No, thanks.
Charly, is that you?
- What are you doing in Utah?
- Business.
But then I heard about your
grandmother's exhibit, I had to come.
What are you doing in Utah?
Well, I came out for a visit...
...but I'm thinking about
making it permanent.
Are you and Mark going to
keep your place in New York...
...or have you convinced him
to move out west?
Mark's in New York.
Felicia, I'd like you to meet Sam.
Sam, this is Felicia,
an old friend from school.
Hello, it's so nice to meet you, Sam.
I knew this lady
before she could color in the lines.
Well, I've got to go. It's been wonderful
to see you again, Charly.
Let's get together before I leave
you know, catch up on old times.
Hi, come on,
I've got something to show you.
You were living with someone?
I told you
I was practically engaged, Sam.
It never occurred to you
that he and I... That we?
Of course not. Why would it?
I'm not living with him now.
Does he know that?
Why, Sam. I think you're jealous.
Mark? What are you doing...
Sam, this is my... Mark Randolph.
Mark, this is Sam Roberts, he's...
We fish together.
She's being modest, Sam.
Not too long ago she had me absolutely
convinced I couldn't live without her.
I almost had her convinced
as well.
There's always time, right?
Guess so.
So, Mark,
what brings you out this way?
You're the last person I thought
I'd see here tonight.
Mark had some pressing business
in town and needed a place to stay.
Naturally, we couldn't let him
stay in a hotel, dear.
And when he heard the exhibit
was opening tonight...
I insisted on coming down.
Frankly, Charly, I'm disappointed.
Usually these things are
so much more lively.
Well, Sam has introduced me
to a totally new way of looking at life.
That's what Ed and Claire
were telling me.
Well, you know Charlene,
always full of surprises.
That's why I love her.
You just never
know what she's gonna do next.
Well, some things never change.
I can see you're busy.
Sam! Wait up. Don't go. Let's talk.
Sam! Wait up. Don't go. Let's talk.
- How could you do this to me?
- To you?
You're not who I thought you were.
Sam. I had a life before I met you, I did.
But it was different then
and I was different then.
Sam, look at me.
You introduced me
to a new way of life...
...but it's not going to mean much to me
unless you're a part of it...
...a permanent part.
Sam, I think I just told you I love you.
Sam, say something.
What do you want?
I don't know, not used merchandise.
Something on your mind, Mom?
Home early, aren't you?
Charly wasn't perfectly honest with me.
Turns out she has a past.
Most of us do.
You know what I mean.
She's not...
A virgin?
I just can't get it out of my head.
I can't stop thinking about her and...
She's just not who I thought I'd...
You'd fall in love with?
Seems like she's done a lot of changing
the past few weeks.
So have you.
- That's not the point.
- No?
No, I thought you'd understand.
Well, maybe she thought
you would, too.
What is this?
What about wait until you're married?
- Now you're saying it doesn't matter...
- It does matter...
...your whole life
we've taught you that...
...intimacy should be connected to
eternal commitment.
And you've waited to find someone
who felt the same way.
That's wonderful, it is, but...
Charly obviously doesn't believe in that.
Maybe she didn't or maybe she
understood it differently, but now...
No. It doesn't matter.
Nothing changes
the fact that she was unfaithful.
To who? To you?
Someone she just met?
To your principles?
Principles she didn't
understand or share until recently?
Does knowing about her past
change the way you feel about her?
Well then, she's better off
without you, isn't she.
I have never felt like this.
I like this clean slate thing.
You believe it, right?
"Earth's crammed with heaven and
every common bush afire with God"
"But only he who sees,
takes off his shoes"
I've been so blind.
Yes. Well, love's like that sometimes.
I've got to find her.
She won't be there.
She left right after you did...
...for New York.
I know, Dad, I know, please.
I'll pay you back every penny,
I promise.
Just please do me this favor.
Thank you.
Can I help you?
I'm here to visit Charlene Riley.
Is she expecting you?
Actually I wanted to surprise her.
Look sir, I'm sorry. You can't enter
unless she authorizes you to come in.
I'd be happy to ring her property
if you like.
Never mind.
I'm serious, Mark, drop it.
Come on. Be reasonable.
Be my guest.
Mark, I told you. I need some time,
now can you please just...
...go away.
What are you doing here?
My question exactly.
I owe you an apology.
- You sure do.
- Do you mind?
No, not at all.
Go home, Sam.
Go home?
I've come 2,000 miles
to see you.
Well, you've seen me.
I was wrong!
That's right. When all else fails, grovel.
You wrong? Impossible.
You were right.
I was jealous...
- Yeah.
Don't let me stop you.
I was wrong, and I'm sorry.
Good. Anything else?
I don't know.
I've come all this way...
Why did you come?
It's a valid question.
To apologize...
You've done that.
A swing and a miss.
- Charly!
- Strike one!
Charly, Charly, please.
I love you, too.
Have a great trip back.
Keep a stiff upper lip, that's my boy.
Is there anything you want to tell me?
This isn't exactly what I had in mind.
Mark, I told you. I need some time.
And apparently
a fair bit of space as well.
If this is about that baptism thing,
it doesn't matter.
It does matter. At least to me.
Well then, we'll work it out.
Come on, Charly.
You can't just kick me out without
giving me an explanation.
You owe me that much.
I'm not kicking you out.
Alright, maybe I am,
but it's not what you think.
Okay, maybe it is.
Please understand. I...
I know I am not being fair about this...
...but I've changed.
I don't want the same things
I wanted before.
You want him?
Is that what this is all about?
It's about shelling peas.
Kisses that mean something.
Lives that do too.
It's about being so sure about
one thing...
...and everything else falls away.
What has fallen away?
I see.
I'm sorry.
I'll send a car to pick up the rest.
Look, Charly, I don't know what
happened to you in Salt Lake.
But I'd like to.
Because my feelings for you
haven't changed.
I'll call later.
Back to school already?
Yep, back to the old grind.
I want you back.
I'm not upset with you anymore.
How nice for you.
We're in the middle of class, Sam.
I probably would have done the
same thing. Not with Mark, but...
Oh, sorry.
She's... she's...
Without clothing? Yes.
You were saying?
The main thing is I forgive you.
You forgive me?
No, of course not. I mean, yes...
No, that's not it at all.
I don't care about that anymore.
What's going on here?
Can we go someplace to talk?
Miss Riley?
- I have class.
- Later then?
- I can't.
- Why?
Miss Riley.
That's really none of your business.
Charly, wait.
I want to be a part of your life.
Maybe not this part, but...
Sam, you couldn't handle just one thing
from my life... my past life.
Life is too short and too hard to
not feel safe with the one you love.
You've given me something
I'll have forever.
I just can't have it with you.
Go home, Sam.
How did you get in?
I told Henry I forgot my key.
You said you wanted to talk.
There'll be plenty of
time to talk... later.
Remember St. Angelos?
Yah, didn't the health department
close that place down?
Horrible miscarriage of justice.
It was one late evening.
I'd come in for a dozen hot wings,
and there she was.
The most extraordinarily
gorgeous woman I'd ever seen...
...sitting in front of an
Angelo's Gargantuan.
Our eyes met. She winked.
I never winked.
Pardon me, Miss, this is my story.
She winked, invitingly.
I sat down beside her.
It was a big pizza.
Then her date arrived.
How inconvenient.
He thought they were getting it to go.
We decided to stay.
Poor fellow.
Cute, but predictable.
Maybe she likes predictable?
Not this girl.
She'd never paint by the numbers.
She might find someone special.
But she'd never settle.
Not for someone like him.
What if she changed?
She wouldn't. Not really.
How do you know?
Because I'm sitting
beside her right now...
...and it's as though she never left.
Hey, you can't be in here.
You'd better go.
I don't have to.
Yes, you do.
But tonight, I got the pizza...
Tonight was all about
how things used to be.
How they could be again.
Not for me.
Get away from her, you,
you New Yorker!
Wow, handsome and witty.
Sam, what are you doing?
You can't marry him.
I know.
You love me. You said so yourself.
Wait, you know?
Get out of here, buddy.
No, I won't leave.
Charly, I love you.
That particular argument doesn't
seem to be working tonight.
Is he supposed to be here?
Hey! Wait!
All my life I've been waiting for
this woman of my dreams...
...and suddenly I find myself
in love with you.
Have you ever had the
wrong dreams?
- What?
- The wrong dreams.
I had the wrong dreams.
- Charly!
- Sorry about that.
Where were we?
I remember.
I am so sorry.
Don't be. We had fun
while it lasted, didn't we?
Luckily, the judge was
sympathetic to my plight.
She promised to forget the whole thing
if I left the city immediately.
Next time she suggested I send
a nice note with a bouquet of roses.
I had what I thought was... Well...
...a far better idea.
I'm so sorry.
You should be.
I know.
I've been discussing
the whole thing with God.
We're very close now, He and I.
Oh, really?
I said, "Father, Sam's being a jerk."
He agreed with me, of course.
Of course.
I told him how you'd broken my heart.
He understood about that.
"But," I said...
..."I still love him."
What did He say?
He said I was probably
a glutton for punishment.
But I suppose I've always known that.
I love you.
You'd better.
Think you can put up with me?
Maybe just...
Mama. Ma ma.
Come on, you can say it.
Ma ma.
Da da.
That's my little man.
Not Da da. Ma ma.
Come on, who feeds you?
Who changes all the really
nasty diapers? Mama.
Da da.
That's it, Sam.
You've corrupted our child.
What's this?
A commission.
It's going to be a painting of Christ,
but I can't get the face right.
You should give him a smile
or something-he looks depressed.
He's supposed to look depressed.
His friend just died.
Mary and Martha's brother, Lazarus.
Before he raised him from the dead,
Christ wept.
It's not my fault.
If I had a studio...
I need my office, Charles.
Yeah, well, I'd be willing to share.
Besides, if I had a proper studio,
I'd have more kitchen space... whip up culinary masterpieces the
likes of which you only glimpsed tonight.
You didn't like it?
It was good.
- Very creative.
- Creative?
What's wrong. You okay?
Sore muscle. Just tired, I guess.
You've been tired a lot lately.
Pardon me, Mr. Roberts,
but have you met your son?
Short little guy, crawls around a lot?
- Oh, is that who that is?
- That's who that is.
I know exactly what you need.
A night out on the town... or... least...
...a night out on the kitchen floor.
We spare no expense.
I've got a thing for the way
You see through me
Your eyes, how they sparkle
Makes the blue sky seem gloomy
I got a thing
A spectacular thing
Yes, I've got a thing for you
You are just trying to
get out of doing the dishes.
Is it working?
Keep dancing and you might get lucky.
Today's lesson is on
home and family relations.
What are things you do with your
husbands to keep you closer together?
Rick and I enjoy gardening together.
What else?
Russ and I like taking walks together.
What a great way to lose
those few extra pounds.
What else?
Well, Sam and I like to make love.
Da da.
Why does he always do that?
Ma ma. Ma ma.
Dada. Dada.
Da da.
You can't leave me. Not now.
O W... Out of my way.
I've had enough of you and
your motorcycle gang.
But Bob, what about the baby?
Probably not even mine.
For all I know, could be Freddy's...
...that goofy-eyed dweeb
on checkstand 7.
I admit at one time I did find
Freddy irresistible...
...but that was just a fling.
In my heart I have always loved you.
Liar, I don't even believe you.
You've broken my heart
for the last time...
We're through.
How can you say such a thing
when I stuck with you through the...
...stock market crash and the
in-grown toenails and that...
...highly contagious
case of swine fever?
You laughed. You laughed.
You laughed first.
- It was a cough.
- You so laughed first.
Nasty stuff, swine fever.
Nice try, Bob. You lose.
Diaper duty for a week.
This is no sore muscle.
Of course it is.
Okay, you might be right.
Just this once.
Just stay still.
Mr. Roberts, your wife has cancer.
Mr. Roberts?
Go on, I'm listening.
The tumor started in the Pancreas.
That's probably why it went
undetected until now.
I'm afraid the cancer has spread.
So are we talking surgery, radiation?
I'm afraid surgery is out of the question.
We can try aggressive chemotherapy,
if you wish, but...
Let's do it. Let's get started.
I need to be perfectly
honest with you.
Chemotherapy is rarely effective
in a case like this.
Even if your wife responds
favorably to the treatment...
...the best we could hope for
is to shrink the tumor...
...slightly prolonging
what little time she has left.
Time she has left?
Mr. Roberts, your wife is dying.
I'm truly sorry.
It's out of our hands.
There's nothing we can do.
How are you?
I hope I look better than you do.
I hate to break this to you,
but I have severe halitosis...
...and a really nasty case of
terminal cancer.
There. I said it.
There are treatments.
- I've talked to the doctors.
- Doctors don't know everything.
People beat this thing all the time.
I will give you a blessing and
God will do the rest. You'll see.
...your Father in Heaven... aware of your struggle.
He wants...
I want to bless you...
I bless you that...
...through your faith and obedience...
...and the faith and obedience
of your family...
...that you will live.
The treatments will work...
...and you won't die.
Heavenly Father loves you.
He loves me and Adam.
I love you.
I bless you, Charly,
I bless you to live.
What are you doing?
Have you noticed he has
a cowlick back here?
No matter what I do,
it always sticks straight up.
I wonder what it will look like
in a year when it grows out.
We'll just have to wait and see.
At one year, survival rates for
my type of cancer are zero, Sam.
So we'll beat the odds.
Pretty stiff odds.
We have Heavenly Father on our side.
You heard the blessing.
And blessings come from God?
What are you saying?
Sometimes when we want
something bad enough...
I did what I felt was right.
What do you want?
You want to give up,
is that what you're saying?
I don't want to give up. I don't want to
give up what time I have left.
I want to be here
with you and with Adam...
...not tethered to some I.V. pole,
dying in a hospital room.
I would never let that happen.
If what the doctors say is true...
It's not.
Everything inside me tells me it is.
The Lord will come through
for us, Charly.
We just have to have faith
and give Him a chance.
Barring some huge miracle...
You honestly believe
the treatments will work.
All right.
He said they'd check my progress
after the first series of treatments.
If it's working, we'll continue.
If not...
They'll work.
I know it.
I hope so, too.
- So do you have any children?
- A little boy.
- How old is he?
- 10 months.
It's nice.
Almost done.
It's gonna be good.
I see your rice pudding and
raise you an orange jello delight.
Read 'em and eat.
You're cheating.
Prove it.
You keep losing like this, the doctors
will have to put you on a diet.
That boy loves you.
I know.
I can't reach him.
It's like I'm already dead.
No, that's what he's trying to prevent,
dear, in the only way he knows how.
Ignore it, and maybe it will go away.
That makes no sense.
It's always worked with your father.
It's not you. Not really.
He's frightened, and he's running.
Can you blame him?
If he stops, all this might catch up
with him, and then what?
Come on. Eat up.
I've got a lot riding on the main course.
What's all this?
It's your studio. I decided
you could use it more than I could.
What do you think? I think we could...
I never told you why I first
fell in love with you, did I?
You have a lifetime to show me.
No, I don't.
Knock it off.
Who's going to use this thing
once you finish it?
The paint's got a longer
guarantee than I do.
You don't know that.
We've lived good lives.
We've been faithful.
God will keep his promises.
God never promised us
he'd cure my cancer.
He promised us we could be
together forever...
...even after death.
Dying is still part of the deal.
I am going to die.
You don't know that.
I knew it the night of the blessing.
So did you.
Why are you giving up? Why?
You can't give up!
He says he's a God of miracles!
Why not now?
I've done my part!
All I want is one lousy little miracle!
Is it too much to ask?
It's not the end. Not really.
You taught me that.
Who needs more time?
We've got eternity.
What if I was wrong?
What if there's nothing more
after this and...
...and it's just a lie...
It doesn't feel like a lie.
Neither did tomorrow, until yesterday.
So ask.
"Hey God, You up there?"
Something like that.
That was it.
In a world full of people
afraid to believe in anything... was your wide-eyed, obstinate,
happily-ever-after faith... life, in God...
...and in me.
It's gotten us this far, don't you
dare back out on me now.
I can't do this.
No, but we can.
With His help, we can.
I'd always taken solace in the idea
that God was in control...
...that he would make things right.
But now...
Mommy. Can you please say it.
Mommy, Adam, Mommy.
Can you say my name, baby?
Adam, I'm your mommy.
Please remember me.
But now... Now things were
so terribly wrong.
Did I know Him well enough to
trust Him now?
To trust Him with her?
You look like you could use a drink.
How's it going?
I've prayed, I've pleaded,
I've promised...
The treatments?
Christ heals the sick left and right...
...raises people from the dead
without breaking a sweat...
...but he runs up against
one tiny little tumor.
11 centimeters.
11 centimeters.
The distance between
life and death and...
How's Charly?
Charly? Charly's given up
just like the rest of you.
I keep thinking maybe it's me.
Maybe if I exercised more faith, or...
...maybe it's a test.
Maybe if I had more time...
Maybe not.
I know God can do this. I know it.
Sam, you've got to face the fact
that your faith may not fix this.
Then what's it good for? What?
Why have faith if it's only good
for bible stories and fairy tales...
...filling sacrament meeting talks.
- Then when it really counts...
- When it really counts... won't abandon you.
The pain may block
everything else for awhile...
...but slowly, slowly the stab
will dull to an ache...
...and if you have faith
in all those answers...'ve been carrying around
for a lifetime...
...then the pain won't
give way to emptiness.
And neither will you.
Neither will you.
What is this?
It's a party. Come on!
Who are all these people?
Just a few friends. Loosen up, Utah.
Charly used the term friend loosely to
describe everyone she'd ever met.
There was her doctor...
...a boy who carried her groceries
out to the car each week...
...the policeman who ticketed her
for speeding...
...a minister from another faith...
...who had stopped by one day
to invite us to her services...
...and our neighbors...
...with the word neighbor defined as
anyone living on the road we lived on.
As I looked at her that night...
...I could almost believe
it would last forever.
I wanted to etch every moment,
every movement into memory.
But it seemed like she just
kept slipping away.
And I couldn't shake the fear that
I might never see her again.
What's wrong?
I want my baby.
- Are you okay?
- I want my baby.
Come on.
Please help me.
Please. I'm so scared.
I'm so sorry.
Call my Mom.
I want to go out.
It can't wait.
Say goodbye to Mama.
Bye, baby.
Say goodbye to Mama.
It's been a marvelous ride, hasn't it?
The best.
I don't want it to end.
It won't.
Glutton for punishment.
I love you.
You'd better.
All this time I had hoped and
prayed for a miracle.
Maybe I'd missed it.
Maybe the real miracle
was all around me.
Perhaps the greatest miracle of all was
that I could let her go...
...and never lose her.
Why? I don't know.
I don't think God explains why.
Not because He isn't listening
or because he doesn't care...
...but perhaps because the
reasons don't make sense...
...not now, anyway.
When Lazarus died, Christ didn't tell
his sisters everything would be alright.
It wasn't.
Lazarus was dead,
and they were in pain.
Christ knew Lazarus would live,
but he did not belittle his friends' grief.
He didn't try to explain it away.
He didn't try to dry their tears.
He wept with them.
He loved them.
It's in that love I trust now.
The ride is not over yet, Utah.
I'll save your place in line.
I love you.
Mr. Raferty, I'd like you to
meet my fianc.
He's just proposed and
you're the first one we've told.
Sam and I want to ride your Ferris wheel
for a long time, understand?
A long, long time.
Eng subs ripped by