Charro! (1969) Movie Script

Buenos dias, charro. What would you like?
Tequila. The makings.
Dos pesos, sir.
My name's Wade. Jess Wade.
Mean anything to you?
No, charro.
Nobody came here today asking for me?
No, charro.
Nobody asked for Jess Wade?
Not a man asked for nobody.
Not a man. A woman.
A beautifuI, no-good woman.
About so high.
Maybe beautifuI to me, not to you.
I got a message.
Taken me a day and a half
to ride in here and meet her.
I apologize, Jess.
If I'd sent a message that I wanted
to see you, you wouldn't have showed up.
So, I sent a message that
Miss Tracey Winters had come down here.
And here you are.
In any case, we're all glad to see you.
Don't move, Jess.
All right.
All of you know what I'm going to do.
What are you gonna do, Jess?
Leave me again?
You all know I'm gonna try for that door.
Anybody makes a move to stop me,
one of you never makes another move.
Understand? Maybe two of you.
Which two? Think it over.
Just remember the first face I see gets it.
Where you going? Mr. "Go Straight" Wade.
Hey, Jess.
Now, you should have never left me, Jess.
We missed you. Couldn't you tell?
I figured.
All right, Billy, see what he's got on him.
I'd say he's got on him boots, pants,
some kind of shirt,
some kind of hat.
That's what I'd say he's got on him, Vince.
Take out his wallet, idiot!
What kind of brother are you?
In front of him!
Now, do what I tell you!
Do your own work, Vince.
Don't send an idiot to do it for you.
Look, you've been around us
long enough to know
that when I badmouth my brother
I don't want to hear an echo.
Now, let him go!
Now, give me your gun belt.
All right, Billy.
- How much?
- Six dollars.
All right, Billy.
Tell the man we're sorry
we messed up his place.
Now get on your horse, Jess.
Get on your horse!
All right, let's move out.
How do you like the view, Jess?
It's a long way down.
But you're not going to drop me.
What makes you think I won't, old friend?
You could have killed me
back in that saloon.
All right, let's keep movin'.
Gabe, it's all right. It's Vince.
Six dollars. Six lousy dollars.
You left me for that skinny little vein.
I told you there was no gold in it.
It was skinny. I told you it was skinny.
You told me.
Nobody leaves me.
If I live to be 100, I'll never get over it.
Somebody left me. You.
You know what, Jess?
All because of Miss Tracey Winters.
My girI, Jess.
You left me because of my girI.
My girI fell for you and you thought
you could turn honest for her.
Well, you and Tracey were crazy, Jess.
Worse than that, you were blind stupid.
You got me here for a reason.
Now, what is it?
You worked that vein for a year
just to find out how skinny it was.
You left me, Jess. You could've had that.
Let him take a look.
Let him see what he missed.
Doesn't look like much, does it?
But you'd have been rich, Jess.
Richer than you ever dreamed of
the rest of your life.
There was never any future
with you, Vince.
The soldiers just might stumble over
the entrance of this ravine.
Now, let's get going.
Don't you try to give my brother orders.
Whoa, Heff.
He's a worrier, Billy Roy.
Good to have a worrier along.
Show him. Show Jess what he missed.
And what we got.
Maybe we ought to
make him guess.
All right, Gunner, Mody,
take the canvas off.
Solid gold over bronze, Jess.
Maybe over $100,000 worth.
More silver than a man's apt
to see in a lifetime.
And you're gonna melt it down.
Melt it down?
Jess, boy, you've been away
from me too long.
You've forgotten I never think short,
always long.
What's long this time?
Well, now, this gun isn't just
worth the gold and silver on it.
It's what they call the Victory Gun, Jess.
It fired the last shot against Maximilian.
AII Mexico was freed.
It's a shrine, Jess.
Highest bidder.
You see what you gave me up for?
Maybe your share of over $100,000.
How far are the Federales behind you?
Not me, Jess. You.
They're after you.
I just wanted to make sure you'd be
in the neighborhood.
Don't you want to know why
they're after you?
You remember Norm, Jess?
He got shot in the neck while
we was gettin' away.
Norm never made it.
We buried him out there somewhere.
I let it get out that that wasn't Norm at all.
Look at this, Jess.
Look at the posters they got out
on both sides of the border.
"Wanted. $10,000 reward. Jess Wade. "
"American. 6'2". Dark hair.
Fair complexion. "
That fits, doesn't it, old friend?
"The Mexican government is prepared
to pay 10,000 American dollars
"for the apprehension of Jess Wade,
"who was the only identifiable member
of the fouI perpetrators
"who stole the Victory Gun
from the Chapultepec Palace,
"July 8, last. "
Now listen to this. This is the best part.
"Wade sustained a neck wound
"as a result of the gunfire
from the guards on duty.
"This man can be identified
by the severe wound on his neck. "
So, that's it.
All right, boys.
A severe wound across his neck.
You see who they're lookin' for, Jess? You.
All right, let him up.
That's one man who's not gonna make
it to his feet, let alone go anywhere.
- All right, bring his saddle.
How do you suppose he did that?
Who says he could keep on
managing that?
One thing, Jess, you haven't lost
any of your sand.
All right, that's enough.
Make him comfortable.
Is that better, Jess?
All right, let's get ready to move out.
- Gabe?
- Yeah.
- Take Jess' horse with you.
- Yes, sir.
Well, now, that's a lot more like it.
You're as good as new, Jess,
except for your neck.
You won't be needin'
my tender care anymore.
You're free to go, Jess.
Anywhere where the Mexican law
or the Mexican Federales can't find you.
Or any place north,
where the American law
or the American cavalry
can't run you down.
You're a famous man, Jess.
Don't ever forget it.
I won't.
Stop! Stop! Stop!
Billy Roy, what the hell
is the matter with you?
I quit! This is as far as I go!
Get going. Keep at it.
No, no, no. We settle here!
No, we'll settle up there!
It's about a mile or so from Rio Seco.
Now you're talkin'!
I get a night on the town.
Keep at it!
Let's get us up there on them rocks!
Lordy, Lordy, can't say
I'm gonna miss that.
All right, let's move out.
Hi, Dan.
Jess, I'm so glad to see you.
- Or am I?
- I hoped you'd be.
Not if what I've read is true.
What've you read, Dan?
- Coffee?
- Is it as bad as ever?
- It's worse.
- Good.
As I remember, one of your punishments,
along with your lectures,
was drinkin' your coffee.
Hey, you're wrong, Dan.
It's not worse, it's only as bad.
So be it. Sit down.
Do you mind loosening
that dust catcher around your neck?
I mind.
- Look, do you want to hear what I've read?
- You don't have to read it, Dan.
You barreled around
when I told you not to.
You rode with Vince Hackett
when I told you not to.
You've done everything I told you not to.
But one thing you never did was lie.
Now, is this true?
- That thing on your neck?
- It was put there.
Vince Hackett. Well, so much for that.
You know, I showed one to her.
I didn't quite believe it myself
and I wanted to see if she believed it.
Did she?
Well, you've run a rough course, Jess.
I think she thinks maybe yes.
Well, the important thing is
you didn't believe it.
No, Jess.
The important thing to you isn't me.
That's the way it goes, Dan.
I'd appreciate it if you didn't
mention I was here. To anybody.
It's been over a year.
I wondered how long it would be before
you'd come back for it.
Where is it?
It's right here in front of you.
It's always been here
right where you left it.
Like me.
After a year, I guess
I almost look new to you.
You're back with Vince Hackett,
aren't you?
- Tell me the truth, Jess.
- It's got to do with Vince.
It's got a lot to do with him.
I thought you were going to try.
I really did.
But, now you're in the worst trouble
you've ever been in.
The poster Dan Ramsey showed you?
And you believe it?
Stealing a Mexican nationaI shrine.
Sounds like your idea.
Vince couldn't think it up.
That Victory Gun should be worth
a fortune to any of those bandits
down there trying to take over
the government.
You don't believe I sweated it out
by myself for a year?
I believe it's Vince again.
It's Vince, but not again.
You're worse than he ever was.
At least he never made himself out to be
anything but a crook and a killer.
Here it is. And here's what goes with it.
The poster said,
"Severe wound across the neck. "
- You need something on that.
- It can wait.
For what?
I figure after three days of fighting
that wagon through the desert
and that storm, Billy Roy'll be ready
to head for the nearest liquor
and the nearest women.
And the nearest of both are here.
My place?
Jess, you loved me once, and I loved you.
Please don't use that to bring harm here.
Just go about your normaI business.
Nothing's gonna happen if you do as I say.
Trust me.
Trust you?
Just go down your usuaI way
from the balcony.
I think you're right
about nothing happening.
Because if anything does happen,
I'll make sure the whole town
sees those wanted posters on you,
and then never mind
your old friend Sheriff Ramsey.
NormaI business. Forget I'm here.
Whoa, girlie.
Just what I've been lookin' for.
Only you're going the wrong way.
You shouldn't be going out.
You should be going in with me.
You go on in. I'll be back in a minute.
Oh, girlie.
My name is Marcie.
Well, you come back.
You be good to me.
You may get your picture on my holster.
Who's that, somebody you shot?
I don't shoot them, Marcie, girlie.
I bring 'em back to life.
I'll be back in a minute.
Don't you go away, now.
You lost your chance at me, Marcie, girlie.
I take what's warm and close.
Scared, Harvey?
Don't be. It's just me.
A whole bottle of your regular stock.
No trouble, Harvey. Just a visit.
Me, myself, alone. Understand?
I forget. I just forget.
I forget every girI I ever saw
when I see you, Miss Tracey.
You also forget none of the Hackett bunch
is allowed in here?
You are without a doubt
the most beautifuI woman
I ever wasn't allowed to look at,
but I mean to make up for that by...
All right, Billy Roy. Out.
All these other girls go for kindling.
You're the best.
You can forget Jess Wade.
He's not up to you.
You can even forget my brother, Vince.
I mean to make you forget both of them.
Billy Roy. Stay put, everybody.
How am I supposed to recognize
her when somebody cut out her face?
Ease out, Billy Roy. No trouble.
Just ease away from the bar,
and you and I go outside.
What you got in mind, Jess?
Have a drink with me
and all these pretty girls.
Well, maybe I got something to say
about who's going out and who's not!
Don't be stupid, Billy Roy.
You and I just go for a walk.
Talk things over.
How come you didn't say "idiot"
instead of "stupid"?
I know why.
My brother's the only man alive
can call me an idiot.
Somebody just came in, didn't they?
Somebody against me?
'Cause I'm a Hackett?
Listen, Jess,
you shouldn't be callin' me out.
You're part of us.
Besides, I know better
than to go against you.
Anybody but my brother Vince
would be crazy to go against you.
He's crazy, isn't he?
All you gotta do is turn around
and walk outside.
I walk out with you. No trouble.
I'm gonna do just what you said.
You said turn around?
Look, I got my hands up.
You said walk out? All right, I'll walk out.
Can't do a thing about it, can you, Jess?
Shooting somebody in the back
just ain't your style.
Start walking, Billy Roy.
Jess, I'll handle this.
All right, Mr. Big Jess Wade.
What do you do now?
You gonna follow Tracey and me
down the street for a nice quiet talk?
Drop that gun, Mr. Hackett.
Now, you let Miss Tracey go
and you come with me.
We're getting out!
Harvey, take him home to his wife.
Get Opie Keetch over there, quick.
You're Jess Wade.
Used to ride with Vince Hackett's bunch.
Don't tell them a thing, Jess.
Let Vince do the answering for you.
Where are you going?
Where you gentlemen should be going.
Now, you listen to me, Dan Ramsey.
There's another one in there
gotta come out,
but I ain't gonna try it,
unless you load up with this whiskey.
Another shock like you just had
is gonna kill you.
Wait a minute, Opie.
You don't drink any better
than you lecture, Dan.
Now, it's my turn to lecture you.
I drink enough of your lousy coffee.
You always told me if I was ever clean,
you'd have a drink of whiskey with me.
Give me that, Opie.
I'm clean, Dan. You know that.
It's time for that drink.
Now, come on.
Were my lectures that bad?
- Worse.
- Well, if you two are through jawing...
Wait, Opie.
I spent 12 years getting
this place safe to live in. You know that.
You got to keep it that way for me,
Jess, till I get back on my feet.
- I'm no lawman, Dan.
- You're gonna be.
I think I know who you're waiting for.
Hold up your right hand.
Hold up your right hand.
I hereby swear you in as my deputy.
A badge, Sara, in the top drawer,
and he'll need a key to the gun rack.
Thanks, Jess. All right, Opie, get digging.
If a woman's eyes are blue,
she'll be sweet and true to you.
But if a woman's eyes are green,
she'll turn hot or cold or mean.
Hey, Mr. Wade.
Did you know Tracey's eyes are brown?
How's Sheriff Ramsey?
No worse off than I'd be if I took
two. 45 slugs in the chest.
If Sheriff Ramsey dies,
we hang him two minutes later.
You hear that, Vince?
They're fixing to hang your little brother!
They don't know what you're gonna do,
do they, Vince?
Mr. Joslyn.
Mr. Carter.
Mr. Selby. Mr. Tilford.
You got a generaI store,
and you got a bank.
You got a hoteI,
and you got a livery stable.
And you got your rifles. Now protect them.
Anything... Anything happens to me,
Vince'll pick you and this town to pieces
like a hawk plucks a chicken!
He'll be a lot quieter after
the swelling goes down.
- The swelling from what?
- That bump on your head.
I got no bump on my head.
You have now.
You gentlemen get some sleep.
I want to see you in this office at sunup.
And bring those rifles.
Now, what gives you
the right to order us around?
You want that cannon
for yourself awfuI bad, don't you?
Well, you'd better watch out.
You can't use me for bait!
Do you go to sleep
or do I put you to sleep?
Mody, get off your butt
and get down here!
All right, which of you
let the coals die out?
You had the last watch.
All right. All right!
Now, I don't mind the coffee going cold.
The thing is this.
Now, why the hell didn't you tell me
my brother didn't come back last night?
I didn't want to wake you.
I kept thinking to the last second
he'd be back.
Gunner, saddle up!
You and I are gonna take a ride.
Vince, maybe the best thing
is to forget him.
We gotta move on.
- Forget Billy Roy?
- He's nothing but trouble, Vince.
He'll get us all caught. Let's move.
I'm sorry, Heff.
Gabe. Billy Roy's my fault.
Mody, one-half hour from now,
I want you to sidle down that hill.
Get just close enough
to throw a scare into somebody.
- Thirty minutes on the dot.
- On the dot!
They don't seem to be breaking their tails.
Not much reason to.
Probably got 20 patrols out like
that, looking inch by inch.
What are you gonna do?
Well, get Billy Roy out
of Miss Tracey's saloon, sober him up,
come back up here,
and watch which way they go.
I tell you, Jess Wade.
Even though you was with them I never
really believed you was with them.
I was with them.
Well, that's gonna heaI all right, but you're
gonna be carrying a pretty fancy scar.
You mind lettin' me know if the man
who shot you is still alive?
Tell me the truth.
What chance has Dan Ramsey got?
Well, you saw him with me
20 minutes ago.
He wasn't breathing too good,
but I got a feeling Dan Ramsey'll be
breathing fine any day now.
- Marcie, take this for me, please.
- All right.
Leaving your prisoner unguarded?
About finished, Opie?
You're making it very easy
for Vince Hackett to come in.
What would you suggest I do?
I'd have men up on the roofs.
It's not a bad idea.
I should have thought of it.
Open up.
It's all adding up, Mr. Jess Wade.
On your feet.
Nice day, Miss Tracey.
Morning, Miss Tracey.
Morning, Mr. Tilford.
Nice day, Miss Tracey.
Yes, indeed, Mr. Selby.
Good to see you again, Tracey.
Wish you could still say that.
What are you doing here, Vince?
I didn't think it was possible for you
to get prettier.
Somehow you managed it.
Billy Roy learned a lot from you.
That's the way he started out last night.
Ended up claiming he could
make me forget Jess Wade and you,
all in one night.
Billy Roy's my fault. I live with it.
I looked around outside. Didn't see
any wanted posters on Jess Wade.
Guess the Sheriff didn't figure there
was any hurry in getting them put up.
I saw one of them.
Was there a hurry?
No. No.
There are other posters, other towns,
below and above the border.
You and Jess have that cannon?
He trying to do you out of it,
or you trying to do him?
When was the last time
you saw Jess Wade?
What difference does that make?
A lot. Always did, always will.
Well, where's Billy Roy?
He sleeping it off up in your room?
He'd never be allowed in my room.
All right. Where?
In jaiI.
What's the reason this time?
He shot Dan Ramsey.
He did?
He may be dying.
Self defense?
And everybody in here last night.
No excuse for it.
No excuse.
No wonder you ended it between us.
Don't blame it on Billy Roy.
Find what you're lookin' for?
Well, well, well.
First time I couldn't open the door
for you, Vince.
I want him loose.
You want?
I'll tell you what you get.
That cannon back in Mexico
where it belongs,
and you in a Mexican court tellin'
how you stole it
and why you did this.
Make him open the door, Vince!
Get these things off me.
You have till sundown
to get Billy Roy free on the street.
I'll come in for him,
and if he isn't walking free
down the street,
I'm gonna turn that cannon loose.
I'll wipe this town off the face of the earth.
You steaI powder and shot, too?
Well, you know me, Jess.
Always thorough.
Well, till sundown.
- Or, if you're smart, before.
- You're not leaving here.
Who stops me? You?
Don't you leave me, Vince. Vince!
Don't you leave your brother!
I'm not gonna leave you.
Jess, you've forgotten how I operate.
You think I'd come into this town
naked as a jaybird?
Let's see.
It's just about time.
All right, I'll take Billy Roy
out the back way right now.
He stays.
And what about them?
That Lieutenant is coming in here to ask
about a man with a new shot mark
on his neck.
If you want to keep Billy Roy alive,
you go outside and make sure
he doesn't ask.
All right, I'll get rid of them, Jess.
After I do, you've got untiI last light
to get Billy Roy free on the street.
All right, out. Move!
Por favor, I'd like to talk to you, por favor.
Afterwards, seor.
First, I must see the law officer.
About a wagon, Lieutenant?
A wagon with a big piece
of canvas over it?
And a man with a bullet burn on his neck?
How do you know about these things?
I move around.
But why do you tell me about the wagon
and this man?
I hear 20,000 American dollars.
$10,000, seor.
Well, I heard wrong. $10,000.
And you can lead us to this wagon
and this man?
For $10,000.
The reward will be paid, seor,
when the wagon and the man
are recovered and sent back to Mexico.
A hundred yards above the river crossing.
- Do tell.
- I'll slow them down.
Come in.
- How is he?
- Better than you think.
I've come to ask a favor, Dan.
Give me permission to let Billy Roy go.
Jess, that's admitting you're guilty
as accused.
If we don't set Billy Roy free,
Vince Hackett will blow
your whole town apart.
He's got that cannon out there.
He says he'll fire it. I believe him.
Don't let Billy Roy loose.
There won't be much left.
You can't give in to him.
You let a handfuI of filth scare us,
you got nothing left.
Hold that prisoner, Jess.
I'll hold him.
I'll be right back.
Do you want to kill Dan?
He can't move or be moved.
If all it takes is to let that animaI
you've got in jaiI go free, let him go.
I'll do like he says, Mrs. Ramsey.
Don't be a damn fooI! Let him go!
My husband made this town safe.
Don't listen to him now.
He's hurt. Out of his head.
I'm sorry.
That's your target over there.
I want that gun trained flat on.
Now, let's see what we got here.
Long sticks.
BeautifuI. BeautifuI.
You know, the woman at the store
that sold me this must have thought
I was prospecting for gold
at the bottom of the earth.
Do you know what an inch left
on a cut off of this can do?
No, what?
It means a difference in yards
where that dynamite hits.
And the time Vince give us.
This is the regular crossing.
Si, seor, it is just that.
We don't cross here.
If the wagon is on the other side,
why do we not cross here?
Lieutenant, if you had stolen something
very big and moved it to the other side,
wouldn't you train your guns
on the only crossing?
Very wise, seor.
Lead on.
I think here, Lieutenant.
Very shallow.
It's good for crossing.
After you, seor.
Lige, elevate two notches.
Lordy, Lordy.
We just may hit them dead on
with the first shot.
I knew you were good, Gunner,
but I didn't know you were that good.
How'd you like that? Pinpoint.
Did you ever see anything like that?
GeneraI Stonewall Jackson
said I was the best.
He said it right in front
of the whole regiment.
We got us a timetable, Gunner.
Well, call it, Vince.
Already have.
Billy Roy let loose by sundown.
All right, get that gun down this hill
till it's a quarter mile from town.
Down that hill? Down there?
That ain't a hill, Vince, that's a cliff.
All right. Let's get started.
It ain't right, Vince. It ain't fair to us.
One man's hanging is more better
than five.
I ain't gonna let you do it.
All right! Never mind him.
Gabe! Heff! HauI them mules in here.
We've got a long way to move this gun,
and we're gonna get it into position
if it takes all day.
All right, move it!
Well, Mr. "Traitor to AII Causes,"
you've been as silent
as a cricket with its throat cut.
You waitin' for those Federales
to come get you?
Or you waiting for Vince to blast you,
or maybe the law to catch up to you
for stealing the cannon?
Your brother'll come in, Billy Roy.
Hey, Deputy Wade.
You know what?
I'm gonna tell you a secret.
I always liked you and admired you.
You never knew that, did you?
You know why I felt that way about you?
You were the only man who ever broke
away from my great God brother
and made it stick!
Only you didn't make it stick, did you?
Here you are back with him again.
He's still calling the shots,
and you're still jumping!
See what I mean?
I mention his name,
and you look out the window!
He could be 5,000 miles away,
and you'd still be looking!
Less than an hour till sundown.
Forty minutes, to be exact.
I thought maybe you could just
let Billy Roy go.
We'd ride out. No trouble.
Get off your horse, Vince.
Walk toward me.
Just make a move, that's all I ask.
Just make a move.
You know me, Jess.
I'm not a man of violence.
I don't approve of violence.
- You know what I'm gonna do?
- What?
I think I'm gonna try
a little longer fuse this time.
Oh, no, my God!
Oh, dear God!
Oh, no. Dan?
Oh, no.
Dan? Danny.
Say something.
Danny, don't leave me.
You killed him.
You killed him just as if you put
that gun to his head.
I told you.
I begged you to let that animaI go.
But, now, to save your own skin,
you killed Dan.
You see it?
This is a wanted poster.
This man is wanted
by the Mexican government.
He stole that gun that's been firing on us,
that killed my husband,
that will kill all of you.
It says he can be identified
by a wound on his neck.
There it is.
He thought nothing of killing my husband.
He'll think nothing of killing
the rest of you.
Make him let that prisoner loose.
Force him!
One way to get that gun to stop shooting.
Let Billy Roy go.
No trouble.
- Let him go, Wade.
- We've had enough of this violence.
Our roots are in this town,
Wade, not yours.
Get rid of Wade.
Hold it, hold it. Quiet.
Quiet down, everybody.
You got a cannon pointing at your heads,
and you're willing
to let a bunch of riffraff make you crawI.
Maybe you can forget
that Dan Ramsey was just killed.
Well, I can't.
But there's one thing
you'd better not forget.
He'll blast you off the face
of the earth no matter what.
Because you know who's got that cannon.
If I don't get up there
and tell them to stop,
that cannon's gonna blow this town apart.
All right, Mr. Hackett.
Take Billy Roy out.
Hold it. First man who wants
to release the prisoner, step up.
Keep at it, Jess.
Well, I'm overdue out of here.
I'm liable to be killed like everybody
else if you don't let Billy Roy go.
Keep your eye on the sun, Jess.
Turn him over to Vince, Mr. Wade.
Thirty minutes, mister,
or we all come to get you,
and we'll turn him loose.
All right, all of you clear the streets.
That cannon will be hitting
a few more times.
You've done all you can do.
Let him go.
I'm keeping him here.
I want to apologize.
For what?
Whatever I thought, I was wrong.
You are what you said you'd be.
Don't count on it.
Get off the street.
"Thirty minutes" come to mean
important words to you, Mr. Wade?
Thirty minutes can get to be as
important as a man's whole life, can't it?
A very sad half hour for you, Mr. Wade.
You locking us both up, Mr. Wade?
So we can be cozy?
Not much time, Mr. Wade.
Won't be long
before your good citizens come for you,
or my brother blows this town
to plowing land, and he comes for you.
Take off that gun belt and come outside.
You finally seen the light, Mr. Wade.
You gonna take these things off me
and let me go back to my brother.
Mr. Carter.
Mr. Jess Wade was one of them.
That animaI's gone.
Now, maybe that cannon'll stop firing.
Send them a reminder, Gunner.
With pleasure.
I guess that makes it pretty plain.
Wade didn't turn Billy Roy
over to his brother.
Or he hasn't had the time.
He's had the time.
He could have walked there in 10 minutes.
Well, somebody's gotta ride up there
and tell Vince Hackett
his brother's no longer in town.
Harvey, you get the buckboard
and you drive me up there.
No, Miss Tracey.
Tracey, if I have to grab you and hold you,
you're not going up there.
There's only one thing to do.
Get off the streets.
Those of you who have cellars,
get down in them.
And take as many of your neighbors
with you as your cellars will hold.
Come on, Miss Tracey.
Yeah, Vince.
Can you aim that cannon at night?
These things don't know whether it's day
or night.
Send them one.
We're about ready to knock that town
off the face of the earth.
- Everything goes, except the jaiI.
- Yeah.
All right, load up.
All right, yell.
Vince. Vince, it's me.
It's Billy Roy.
I'm down here.
Call out again! Where are you, Billy Roy?
Here, Vince! Here!
Watch out for Wade!
He's up in those rocks.
Those rocks to your left!
Mody. Heff.
Gabe, drop it down three notches.
I can see you, Gabe and Gunner.
Where's Heff and Mody?
I don't know where they are, Jess!
If I go, Billy Roy goes.
He's gonna kill me!
All right, Mody, Heff, hold off!
All right, it's a standoff, Jess.
What you got on your mind?
Taking that gun back where it came from.
Moving it into town tonight.
If you want to keep Billy Roy alive.
Now, maybe you got me
where you want me,
and maybe you haven't.
Anything wrong in talking about it?
Now, how come so much money
don't appeaI to you, Jess,
when you don't even have
to raise a hand to get it?
Jump, Billy, get out of the way!
Vince! Vince! Vince! Vince!
Vince! Vince!
Billy Roy?
Good friend Jess Wade!
What do you do now, Vince?
I'll tell you what you do now.
You and the cannon go back
to Mexico with me.
It's not his fault.
It's not his fault.
I know.
Well, it's a hard thing for me to say, but...
He doesn't know how to say thank you.
I know how. Thank you, Mr. Wade.
You're not coming back, are you?
I'll send for you.
You come when I tell you. It won't be long.