Chase (2019) Movie Script

Hey, Chase,
let me tell you something, man.
When I got out
of the shower tonight,
I used a product
I have never used before
called Gold's Dawn
Medicated Body Rub.
It feels like my entire
ass crack is smoking a Newport!
I think
I hear it cracking right now!
Man, my dick
and nuts are starring,
and it's on your
Peppermint Patty commercial.
- Oh, Jesus Christ!
- Nah, I tell you, kid,
I don't get no respect at all.
My dick's so small,
I can piss on my balls.
Turn the subways, Kevin!
Whoo-ah. Now we're back
to Al Pacino again.
We're back
to Al Pacino, baby.
Of course,
Denzel Washington,
Al Pacino, whatever it is.
Jesus Christ!
Listen, I get in
a three-finger stance,
and blitz a fat bitch
and fuck the hell
outta her, man.
You ever fucked a fat broad?
Jesus Christ!
- It smelled like...
- As fat as you, or?
- Shit, fatter.
- Fatter?
- Fatter!
- Fatter than you?
I love pussy that smell
like day-old deli, nigga.
How did you
get them upstairs?
Easy! I lured them
with chicken nuggets.
Yo, you remember
that time we went to Cabo, man,
for the weekend,
and we got fucking annihilated?
We ended up fucking
that entire village.
Dude, that was fucking awesome.
Yeah, because you guys
were in trouble, that's why.
- Yeah, you know...
- As always, right?
You know
how we roll, man.
Dude, have some more drink,
I'm trying to drink,
but you're like
continuously talking
- about black lives, blue lives,
- Hey, listen...
white lives, Chinese lives...
You supply these
great fucking cigars, man.
I'm on a natural
fucking high, man.
Of all the years
I've been knowing you,
I've always wanted to ask,
you've ever been
with a Black woman?
I plead
the fifth, my friend,
I plead the fifth!
Hey, listen, man,
I can't tell you how many times
I've snuck into your house
and watched you sleep.
Aw, it's so cute
when you wear the pillow
- between your legs.
- What?
How many times
I wanted to spoon you
in the middle of the night.
- Oh, god!
- I think, here,
- this is dawg, and then...
- That's... I think, I think...
You should have some more.
"A state of mutual trust
and support between two people."
According to the dictionary.
You're not listening
to me, brother.
I told you a thousand times.
You gotta take 'em
to a public place.
If she doesn't look good,
you're just gonna walk around
a little bit.
Don't go in anywhere,
'cause you gonna have to end up
spending a lot of money.
I don't know!
Give it 30 or 40 minutes.
Come up with an excuse.
Something like, I don't know,
you have to work in the morning,
your dog is sick
or something like that.
If you're stupid horny,
you start at your place,
bag it and fuck.
I mean,
it's kinda simple, really.
if you think about it.
You're not listening.
I told you
a thousand times, man.
You gotta keep looking
at those pictures
a little longer.
Don't swipe so goddamn fast.
Hey, listen, uh...
Let me call you back
in a bit, okay?
- C?
- Yeah.
I thought you'd be taller.
Is that a problem?
No, I just figured
you'd be a little more...
seasoned, that's all.
Well, I figured
you being something other
than a Payless fucking suit
two sizes too small.
Are we gonna have
this conversation like this,
or you're gonna invite me in?
Oh, no, sorry.
Please. Please come in.
Sparkle, quiet!
Uh, sorry about the, the mess.
Why don't you...
Yeah. Yeah, have a seat.
You're not allergic to dogs,
are you?
I'm fine.
Your dog's name is Sparkle?
She's a real sweetheart.
Shut up, you bitch.
Uh, so, can I get you something?
Coffee, water...
I'm good.
Uh, I'm a little nervous.
Hey, hey, hey, just relax, okay?
Take a deep breath.
Yeah? All right?
Let's get this done
quickly here, okay?
A little tip for the road.
Take out the trash,
clean up the plates,
and get some fucking
air freshener.
'Cause it smells like
four-day-old horseshit in here.
Yeah, I know, I know.
I had to take out
a couple of extra...
I don't care, okay?
Get the money,
show it to me in full,
or I'm walking.
Let's keep this professional,
shall we?
Look, I, I got it.
All of it.
Well, it shouldn't be a problem
showing it to me, then.
I just thought it'd be half
at first.
All right, listen.
You listening?
You listening to me?
- Yeah.
- You're looking at me, right?
Yeah? Okay, good.
I don't fucking care
what you think.
I want you to show me
the money in full
in about 11 seconds.
Or I'm gonna spray a masterpiece
of your fucking brains
on this wall over there.
- You got that?
- Yeah.
- Capisce?
- Yeah, okay, okay.
No problem,
just give me a minute then.
I got it all.
Fucking bullshit.
I, I got it, all of it.
Take it out,
skim through it.
Hey, uh...
Aren't you gonna count it?
It's about right
for the amount.
Put it on the table.
- All right.
- And sit down.
Uh, say, can I ask you
a question
without you getting upset?
Why do you get all of it
right away...
when you haven't even
done it yet?
Because I'm not coming
fucking back here, am I?
I take it, get it done,
and that's that.
How do I know
you're not gonna just,
take it and not do it?
Remind me.
You and Slider
are linked to this, correct?
- Yeah. Slider.
- Yeah.
You know how he got his name?
Oh, yeah.
Oh, yeah.
So why on earth
would I fucking blow you over?
- Good point.
- Yeah, it's a good point.
Told you over the phone,
I have very few rules.
Set my base price.
Double for women,
triple for kids.
But I get it done.
Meet in person one time,
and that's it.
I collect up front,
and you never contact me again.
I don't do repeat customers,
so you choose wisely.
Might do your dog in
for free, though.
Oh, how I do know
when you got it done?
Just watch the fucking news.
You'll see.
Yeah, oh...
It's okay, Sparkle.
You're taught
your whole life to be passionate
about what you love to do.
That if you give it your all,
or believe in it,
you'll be the best.
Well, I say,
stick that up your ass.
What you need to do
is find something
you're naturally good at,
then don't care about it.
I'm talking literally,
not give a fuck.
Think of it this way.
If you're too in your head
while fucking somebody,
you don't perform
as well, right?
Well same thing to your craft.
You worry so much
about performing,
that of course, you fuck it up.
It needs to be effortless.
You can't think about
who they are.
Do they have kids?
Maybe they're a good person.
None of that bullshit.
Get paid...
...get it done, and move on.
There are only
two people I really care about.
I guess you can call that
the chink in my armor.
They're also the two people
that ever made me feel anything.
So I kept them around.
Oh, my god.
Don't scare me like that.
Blair is a lot like me
in all the worst ways.
Oh, oh, I see.
Just a slightly better version.
Micah is nothing like me...
...and I want
to keep it that way.
Where's Mommy?
I told myself
after that,
my only rule
was never to orphan a kid.
I'm open
to anything else, but...
that look Micah gave me
and the first time I saw him,
will always haunt me.
Now, before you think
I'm a total piece of shit,
I actually provide for them
pretty well.
I take the little of what I need
and give them the rest.
I never thought of myself
as a family man,
much less a father, but...
I guess the chips fell
where they did.
They're my only liability.
The only thing I like more
than my work.
I could go
to any meeting
and feel in control.
But there's only one person
that tried to upstage me
every time.
The only other person
you could say
I care anything about...
is Miles.
Shit! Come on C, Come on, C.
I met Miles
in foster care
and he helped me leave
with him at 15.
Unlike me...
Miles always knew
what he wanted to do.
And it was nothing legal.
We were
always competitive
with everything that we did.
We knew each other's strengths,
and how to exploit them.
Miles got pleasure out of
cerebrally mind-fucking anybody.
He reinvented both of us,
and we never looked back.
He was precise about it all.
Even to this day, I...
I don't even know
what his real name is.
He gave me the name Chase
when we were kids.
Then he wanted to be Miles.
Always running, both of us.
Miles was an ace
at everything he did,
except for women.
He's either really bad with them
or just doesn't care.
That's why I try
to give him advice,
and then when I can,
but, with him...
...he tries to give me advice
on everything else.
If you think I didn't give
a shit about anything,
Miles really doesn't give
a fuck.
When I'm not getting referrals
on my own,
Miles finds me work on hits.
We're a well-worked machine.
There's only one thing
that torches his balls about me,
and he brings it up
every time we meet.
Oh, look at this shit.
- 'Sup?
- Brother's on time,
but the white boy late.
Welcome to the party, son.
You know, during
the Obama administration,
tardiness was a big no-no.
This Trump shit
got you fucked up, man.
Hey, look, word to the wise,
in the future,
if you want me to sit
and wait around for you forever,
man, don't pick a spot
in the fucking Valley, man.
Look around.
I'm the only nigga in here.
Jesus, fucking crybaby, man.
Stop sending me
to fucking Chink town, then.
How about that, huh?
Every time I go down
to that fucking shit hole
it's like, they're still
recovering from Nagasaki.
You racist-ass white boy.
Shit, you got paid, though,
didn't you?
What difference does it make
where the place is from?
At the end of the day,
paper is paper, right?
Paper is paper.
Look, have I ever
steered you wrong
with one of my leads, man?
I can think
of a couple of times.
Oh, you gonna bring
that shit up?
Well, you were gonna
bring it up anyway, right?
Thought I beat you to it.
Look, man, the only reason
why it was a problem
is because you made it
your business.
Come on, man,
don't get mad at me
'cause you caught feelings,
Ah. Fuck, man.
Let's not fucking talk
about this shit, okay?
No, no.
We gonna talk about this.
Because up to this point,
you've been ice-cold
about everything but this.
So, what that says to me
is that, obviously,
there's another chink
in your armor.
Besides the fact that you let
two motherfuckers in
that you're not even supposed
to give a fuck about.
Well, they shouldn't
concern you.
- It's never affected my work.
- Well, what if it does?
I don't want you
going soft on me, man.
I don't ever want you
to go soft on me.
I don't give a fuck
if it's from two years ago,
you go soft on me,
I'm gonna make sure, Chase,
and I'd do everything
in my power...
You're gonna doing fucking what?
Are you guys ready to order
or do you need a minute?
Two minutes.
Two minutes.
That's a bad bitch right there.
Look, Chase,
you're my man, 50 grand and all.
Official tissue, baby.
I ain't managed nobody better.
But don't go thinking
for one fucking second,
that nothing is irreplaceable.
You heard me?
What are you trying
to say, Miles?
There it is.
See? There it is.
That coal in your eyes,
that ice in your veins.
Keep that shit.
Don't ever let
that go, man!
What makes you think I am?
Look, just let me finish.
Remember what I told you?
You know how motherfuckers
end up done in this business?
They get emotional.
Whether it was pride, or just,
straight out giving a fuck.
It's what deads 'em.
Do you wanna go to prison? Huh?
You wanna end up
some fuck buddy?
You wanna die, Chase?
Look, I suggest you remove
that fucking conscience.
Whatever else you got going on
in your head,
put it to bed.
And if you do that shit,
well, you know...
zero slippage, man.
One more fucking minute, please!
How about this?
You stop telling me
how to do my fucking job,
and I stop giving you advice
on how to avoid porkers
and chicks with dicks.
How does that sound? Huh?
Aah, motherfucker!
Got me feeling like Denzel
in Training Day.
Hey. Hey, Chase.
Miles always brought up
that vulnerable shit to me.
But I think this time,
something stuck with him.
Through the laughter
and joking,
something had laden me, as well.
I might not
have known it, but...
from that point on,
Miles didn't trust me.
I'll give you the finger!
So, we're just gonna have to,
have you sign a few pages here.
After Blair's dad
passed away
a couple of years back,
she inherited
a good amount of money.
At least enough to get her by.
Now, I know
you're asking yourself,
why the fuck would I keep doing
what I'm doing
if Blair is already set?
The point is,
it's my passion.
You can't quit that shit easily
if you enjoy doing it.
Care or not care,
I'm good at what I do.
And when you're good
at something,
you keep doing it.
For validation, for respect.
Blair's passion was painting.
Anything artistic, she owned it.
When she's not taking care
of Micah,
or me, for that matter,
she's in her studio.
For me,
I couldn't tell a fucking
Van Gogh from a Van Damme.
But she's recently
been teaching Micah
a thing or two about it.
Which I dig.
- Hey, champ.
- Hey.
To be honest,
it's getting harder and harder
to come home for them
after a day's work.
And maybe Miles was right.
He saw something in me changing.
...Blair knows a little
of what I do, but,
not everything.
She's actually cool with it.
'Cause she thinks, first,
everybody I do are bad,
and second, that I'm distancing
myself from Miles.
Let's just say the contempt
between them is pretty mutual.
They only met
a handful of times
since I've been
with Blair, but...
that was enough,
and they both have their reasons
for hating each other.
- Whatcha got there?
- Mmm.
Oh, my god, it's done.
- Oh, my god, I love that.
- What do you think?
- Yeah?
- I mean, you truly captured
my true form here, huh?
The next time
I need an ego boost, I...
I won't look in the mirror,
I'll look straight at this.
I think you're better in person.
You think so?
Yeah. Yeah, you're definitely
the winner.
- Oh.
- Mm-hm.
I'm glad you liked it.
- Where are you going?
- Hey.
Hmm? Ow!
- That's cheating!
- Hey, it works.
Mmm, you make noises like that,
you tempt me into a good time.
Oh, babe,
you can't say that while I'm...
What are you doing?
You know I wanna distract you,
don't you?
Thought you were ice-cold?
See, nothing can phase you.
- Who is that?
- Just let it ring.
Just ignore it.
You know, for someone so clever,
you really don't think
I know who M is?
See, this is why
I don't like you down here
when I'm working out.
What does that have to do
with anything?
Why is that dickbag calling you?
I thought you said
you were cutting ties with him
and doing your own thing?
It's not my fault
he's calling me.
Well, I thought you said
you were meeting up with him
to tell him off?
What happened to that?
Look, it's not easy cutting ties
with somebody you've known
since you were 15, okay?
I know Miles can be tough,
but the guy has looked out
for me since day one.
And never fucked me over,
not once.
Whatever my issues
with him are, I...
You guys were tight
for a long time.
Wait, but you said it yourself.
The past few years,
you have felt chained
to a set of rules
and circumstances.
See, regardless
of even meeting me,
and bringing Micah along,
what's the end goal here?
We don't need him, Chase.
You are too good at what you do
to be pegged in or limited.
I know he sees me as a divider,
but what I'm trying to do,
is release you.
It's not all like that, though.
I mean, his tough set of rules
have kept me alive this long.
I think you're just tricking
yourself into thinking that.
Well, how would you know?
You don't know
the sacrifices he made
to get me through this shit.
Okay, you're right,
I don't know it all.
So why don't you let me in
a little bit?
This whole thing
has been brewing for a while,
and I feel like I'm stuck
in the fucking middle.
You know, if it was just me,
and you drove me to the edge,
I could just leave.
But we got a kid involved,
That's our priority.
Yeah, I'll tell you that much.
I mean,
the last time I met with him...
...something was off.
What do you mean?
I don't know.
I mean, it was nothing obvious.
It's just we talked about
the same shit
we always talk about, but...
I just felt something like...
he looked at me differently.
you know how I always tell you
Miles has the best poker face
I've ever seen?
I think he picked up on me,
either being late,
or bringing you
and Micah up first.
Why would you do that?
I mean,
he always brings you guys up,
one way or another.
I mean, he always usually
jokes about it, but...
it's the seriousness about it.
Like he's trying to...
peel back my eyes
and get into my head,
make sure to leave you guys.
So, why bring it up first?
And why be late?
You're never late?
I know.
That's what's fucking
with me right now.
I guess that's what they mean
by leaving breadcrumbs.
What do you mean?
Well, maybe I want him
to know something.
That things are changing.
You need to let him go.
He's a sociopath,
and a master manipulator.
He can't do what you do,
so he uses you like a pawn.
Like, why do you have it out
for him so much?
Have I ever asked you to stop
with what you're doing?
- Have I?
- No.
Do I ever ask you
any specific questions?
- No.
- Okay, so trust me,
like I trust you.
Miles is no good to you.
He may have helped you
in the past,
but now, he is dragging you.
I know how you feel,
because you bring him home
from work with you every night.
He prefer you stay
the cold machine you were
when I first met you.
Easier for him to control.
You know why he doesn't like me?
Because I've helped thaw you
the fuck out.
Bet if it was up to him,
he'd have me doing kids,
the elderly saints, anybody,
without any remorse.
You get rid of the bad, baby.
And I know a lot of women
would think I'm nuts
for rationalizing it that way,
but I see the good in it.
Hey, you're a cleaner.
Let's talk about this
some other time, okay?
I mean
I'm not deflecting,
I promise we'll talk about it,
but let's just sleep over it.
Let's get you
cleaned up, anyway.
I could use it, huh?
Yeah, I think
it's shower time for both of us.
Well, let's do it.
Oh, I love you, baby.
I love you, too.
I told you, Miles!
Didn't I tell you?
I fucking knew it.
We gotta respond.
You heard them.
I swear to god.
If we had put bugs
in any other room in that house,
we would have found this out
months ago.
They never gave a fuck
about your interest at all,
neither of them.
Just let me do him.
Let me do both of them.
Fuck, I'll even add the kid.
Stop, Miles!
What the fuck is wrong with you?
You know you didn't have
to fucking do that.
Hey, Burke,
Control your bitch, nigga.
Bitch nigga!
I think now that I got
y'all's fucking attention...
Can I have the floor?
You really didn't need
to do that.
Hey, stop, okay?
Man the fuck up!
Oh, fuck.
See, I'm an equal opportunity
See, the same beautiful gesture
I just gave your man Burke here,
I can give to you, Lola.
I don't give a fuck if you are
a part of the pussy species.
Yeah, noted.
I know how bad
both of y'all wanna handle it.
But I'm gonna tell y'all
how I wanna handle it.
Chase is not to be touched.
At all!
But, Miles, why would...
Hey! Hey! Hey!
You look like
you still got one good hand
that's begging
to be fucked with.
What you want is smoke.
Look, I've been knowing Chase
since forever.
Longer than I've known you two.
I know what I heard,
I know what we heard.
But I'm telling you,
that's not Chase.
What do you mean that's not him?
Yeah, we all fucking heard him,
we know what he sounds like.
Lola, check your man
before he checks himself out!
Burke, just shut
the fuck up, all right?
Just shut up.
Look, I've been fucking
with Chase since forever,
I validate the man.
Shit. I've always respected him
and I've never had to stop him.
Yeah, we break
each other's balls sometimes,
but shit, that's par
for the course.
As far as the game go...
...that motherfucker
is a maverick.
Miles, I mean this
with total respect.
I get it, C has been down.
But I'm the only female here,
I have to say it,
the bitch is fucking
with his head.
- You see that, right?
- Yeah, I know.
First time he told me about her,
I knew it.
That bitch put life in his eyes.
She makes him happy.
Fuck that.
Before I can't get treated
or I pass out,
I'd just like to know,
what are we gonna do about it?
Yeah, since we can't touch him,
what's the plan?
Since you have it all
figured out.
Huh, Miles?
I never could sleep
really well.
Blair's advice to falling asleep
wasn't any of that
counting sheep bullshit.
She said to close your eyes,
and imagine Micah
on your shoulders,
and you carrying him.
She said to get a rhythm going.
Imagine Micah putting his hands
over your eyes
and you beginning
to walk backwards,
completely blind,
and trusting Micah
with each step.
A slow pacing of each step,
backwards and focusing on that,
while my son shades me
from the world
was the way it would work.
I always loved the image,
but to this day, it hasn't.
Yo, what's up?
You ready
for the big one, C?
Miles never gave me
a hit like this last minute.
So I already knew
something was up.
What do I care, though?
He'd always pull through for me
and the money was good.
It would be a rush
like none other
every time he would give me
an assignment.
I can't explain it.
But my body goes
into another mode.
Always ready.
Just keep looking, man,
just keep looking.
Uh, you go high,
I'll go low.
Probably not gonna find it
up here.
Let's just get
the fuck out of here.
Dude, get the fuck
outta here, come on.
I need a fucking drink.
When are they gonna be home?
Dude, no one's been
home for a week, let's go.
What, you a fucking troll?
What the fuck?
C'mon babe, pick up! Pick up!
Pick up! Pick up!
Pick up! C'mon!
Babe, listen,
call me back as soon as you
get this message, all right?
I'm on my way back home
right now,
I'll explain everything
when I get there.
Just, call me
as soon as you can, all right?
- Fuck!
- Chase.
Okay, come here, come here.
Sit up slowly, slow, slow, slow.
Take it easy.
Easy, easy, easy. Take it easy.
Let me have a look.
Let me have a look.
Oh, fuck. I gotta get you
to a hospital, baby.
- What happened? What happened?
- They...
- They...
- What? Huh?
They took Micah.
I never did hospitals
too well.
Not that I didn't have
the right ID's and papers
to keep my nose clean.
I just never had a reason
to be here.
I never left anybody injured.
If anything happened
to me personally, I...
this would be
the last place I'd go.
You can come back
and see her now.
I guess Blair was that
one exception for me being here.
The sympathy card
came through for me.
I'd rather be hunting
all of them down right now,
than playing husband.
But in this case,
I needed answers, and fast.
You look worse than I do.
Babe, you know
I'm gonna ask you, right?
And we don't have much time.
And it's only gonna help get me
to Micah faster, all right?
You're gonna have
to tell me everything.
There were two of them.
It all happened so fast.
Did you see
what they looked like?
I was half asleep
when they came in.
I was totally disoriented.
They, they rushed me, and they,
they pointed my head down
and they told me
that they'd kill me
if I looked up at them.
Did you recognize their voices?
I mean, anything?
Did it sound like Miles?
You really think he would do
something like this?
I wouldn't have thought so
before, but...
all options
are on the table now.
Did either of them
sound like him?
No, it was a man
and a woman, I think.
That's what
it sounded like.
The guy pinned me down,
and he pushed my face
to the side
so I couldn't
look straight up at him.
I clocked the fucker
in the face once,
but he only
pinned me down harder.
Gave me a couple
of cracks to knock me out.
All I remember is the other one
just kept laughing
the whole time while he did it.
And then they stormed out
and I heard a door open.
And I heard murmured screams...
from Micah getting dragged out.
I tried my hardest,
I tried to crawl out there,
and I tried to do something,
but I was too weak,
and then you came.
It's okay, it's okay, it's okay.
You don't have to go on, okay?
I got everything I need.
No one's gonna hurt you anymore.
No one, you got that?
I'm gonna take care of this.
I need you to do
two things for me.
First, I need you to find Micah.
And then I need you
to kill them.
All of them.
I'm gonna be back
in a little bit
to check on you, all right?
Just don't tell the cops
anything. Nothing, all right?
Make up something
about the bruises, all right?
- Yeah?
- Okay.
I'm on it.
- I love you.
- I love you, too.
It'll be over
before you know it.
I guess more of me
rubbed off on Blair
than I thought.
She wanted all of them killed.
No long drawn out justice,
just did in.
Now most people would just want
to cut the head off,
'cause that's where
the source is,
and it would end.
But I'm going
for all of the limbs,
every last one.
And I know exactly
where to start.
You ready for this?
- Ready?
- Yeah!
Get the fuck outta here!
Hey, you won!
This is funny...
- Hey! Hey! Hey!
- What?
Don't touch
my fucking chips, man.
You see that guy?
He's a cheap ass
fucking guy.
Hey, man, I need,
I need some chips.
- Que la verga, ey!
- I won, I won anyway.
Fucking two pair.
What's up? What's up, bitches!
Two pair? No, no, no.
- You lose!
- Ah!
Do you see these cards?
- You be cheating, Hector.
- Get outta here.
I got something better, Hector.
Whatcha got?
Whatcha got?
- Where is it?
- Well, watch this.
- Flush, what's up?
- That's not bad.
- That's not bad.
- Whatcha got, Burke?
It's all right.
Hey, you ready for this?
- Are you ready for this?
- What's up, Burke?
Full House, bitches.
You're all fucking cheating.
Hey, Franco,
can you go get some beers?
Hey, hey, hey. Franco, Franco,
before you go, man.
- What's up?
- Be fucking honest with me.
Does Burke
look like a girl to you?
Of course, he does.
Look at him.
Oh, yeah, shopping at Baby Gap.
- Get the fuck outta here!
- Good one, Franco.
Oh! It's party time.
Hey, Burke! Hey, Burke!
Your little sister called,
she wants her shirt.
What's wrong with my shirt?
It looks like my shirt,
you're fucking stealing my shit!
I was about to say that, Jess.
It doesn't fit you,
so it's clearly mine.
Oh, fuck you, guys.
Besides, it doesn't matter.
Because look
at this excessive injury.
Who stabbed you, Burke?
Who stabbed you, man?
You know what, Burke,
use your other hand
and start jerking off
like you always do.
- Yeah!
- Fuck you, guys.
Who needs it anyways?
Lola got me.
- Sure!
- Oh, sure!
- Right!
- Yeah.
You know what,
every time we see you,
you're more fucked up.
- What is this?
- Hey. Hey, hey.
- What is this shit?
- Watch it, watch it,
it's liability, it's the job.
What... why,
when Lola comes around
and she don't look like that,
you do?
- Right.
- She's kicking your ass!
Yeah, you know what, Burke?
your girl got her shit together
more than you.
Hey, you know what?
Fuck all, y'all, like,
these are battle wounds,
- where's yours at?
- Battles?
Ah, we know how to do our job.
- That's right.
- No one else got 'em.
No battle wounds on us,
except this battle wound.
Hey, you know what,
I gotta use the shitter.
We're in the middle of a hand.
What? I gotta take a shit,
man, sorry.
No wonder you smell
like shit, bro.
Que la chingada,
Watch that man, jigsaw.
Don't make
a fucking mess in there.
- Fuck you!
- The only one
with a mess, is you.
Look at this shit.
Oh, fuck!
Damn it!
No, No, No. Burke, Jessie,
fuck the bullshit.
I'm going in, you know what?
'Cause I gotta fucking piss.
And Hector's taking too much
of a long shit.
Brilliant play, you know.
And did you even see
what that guy ate?
- Who? Shithead?
- Yeah.
I feel sorry
for that toilet, though.
- Bruh!
- I'll have you clean it, cabron.
Cabrn. Cabrn.
Fucking white boy.
What's the difference?
Oh, my god.
"What's the difference?"
Yo, Hector, what are you doing
to my shitter, man?
- Well, go help him.
- You go check it out.
what the fuck, man?
What, why me, puto?
'Cause you're the first one
who brought it up.
- Well get up, puto!
- Fuck you, Burke.
That sucks, man.
You better arm your shit.
Get up!
I'm gonna call him.
- Hey, Hector?
- I took your money.
Hector, what's up man?
Don't even
think about it.
C'mon, honey.
I know you won't clip me.
Not after all
we've been through.
Did you, uh...
You ever tell Blair about us?
You know, that...
one little slip you had?
You know...
we could, um...
we could have another.
You can decide.
I wouldn't tell.
Neither will I.
You fucking cocksucker!
Burkey, Burkey, Burkey.
I always knew
you were a dumbass motherfucker,
but really?
Huh? Going after my own?
'Cause Miles put you up to it?
Who says Miles
put me up to anything?
Ah, c'mon, man!
Everyone knows
you're too fucking stupid
to pull anything off
like that yourself.
And how about this, huh?
What's this? A fucking pimple?
Lola during foreplay?
Everyone knows Lola
has bigger balls than you.
Hey, fuck you!
Why don't you just
get it over with, you bitch?
Oh, it's gonna happen.
Don't worry.
I mean, the question is,
if it's gonna be fast
and painless
or slow and agonizing?
It's really all up to you, yeah?
How about we do
a little Q and A session?
How about that, yeah?
If it goes nice and easy...
...I'm fine.
If it doesn't,
we're gonna have
my little version of fun.
I got all the time
in the world.
I wouldn't say that,
with Micah gone and all.
Ah! Fuck!
See, I didn't like that.
Did I, huh? Huh?
Ah, shit!
But let me make something clear.
If I don't like something,
I'm gonna make damn sure
you don't like something either.
And we can go back and forth,
back and forth,
but I promise you,
I'm winning the fucking game.
What do you want to know?
Three things.
Where's Micah, where's Miles...
and where's Lola?
If we have time.
Don't you fucking touch Lola,
you dickweed!
Swing and miss with that one!
- Ah!
- Huh?
I'd be more concerned
about what's gonna happen
to you, bitch.
You wanna try answering
the other two?
You know what?
You can go fuck yourself, Chase!
Yeah, that's right.
I'm sick of being pushed around
- by you, by Miles.
- Oh.
You can go
fuck yourself, asshole!
Do your worst!
I ain't telling you shit!
What are you doing, man?
What the hell
are you doing in there?
Fuck, what the hell
are you doing, man?
Don't make me shit my pants.
That's too much, man.
I won't.
But let me explain how
I'm gonna use this little thing.
See, if you take this,
and you put it
just underneath the fingernail,
just like that,
and you tap it at the end
with a little bit of force,
like a hammer.
You'd be surprised
how easily it slips off.
Almost seamless.
Quite painful for you, though.
I mean, mind you,
it's nothing compared
to the pain index
of the toenails.
It'll have you begging
to all things holy,
and wanting to do
just about anything else,
but that.
Well, let's have a go then,
shall we?
Get the fuck off me!
Get the fuck off me!
Burke held up
better than I thought,
but I got most of the info
I needed from him.
I mean, not all, of course,
'cause Miles
is smarter than that
and wouldn't tell that asshat
just anything.
I mean, the only thing
fucking with me right now,
was that Miles knew me so well.
He would anticipate my moves.
Luckily for me, though,
I knew how he operated, too.
So how did I know you
was gonna go after Burke first?
Why are you doing this?
I should be thanking you, Chase.
You did me a solid.
I don't even like
that motherfucker.
So, who's next? Lola?
Nah, that ain't your style.
You like to work
your way up from the bottom.
Besides it don't make much sense
to eat the dessert
if you ain't tackled
the main meal yet, right?
Why now? Hmm?
After all the shit
we've been through, huh?
Why try to take me down now?
Take you down?
Shit. To the contrary, baby.
Correct you, maybe.
But take you down?
Oh, no, no, no.
See, Chase, you're one
of the best to ever do it.
Besides, if I wanted
to take you down,
I'd have put a hit on your ass
that night after the job.
Well, what the fuck
does that mean?
To show you,
you don't need them.
The girl
and the kid, nigga.
I'll fucking kill you, Miles,
you fucking asshole!
See, man,
that's that emotional bullshit
I'm talking about, man.
C'mon with that whiny shit.
Look, I need you to go back
to being a cold,
careless motherfucker
that I know you to be.
It's not me anymore.
Oh, but you will be.
What the fuck
do you mean by that?
Yeah, Micah is turning
into a real Picasso right now.
I think he gets it
from his mother.
Actually you know what,
scratch that,
the way he plays it safely
in the lines...
I know he gets it
from his daddy.
He's with you right now?
Oh, yeah.
We're actually having a little
bit of a ball right now.
Micah is coloring his ass off.
He's starting to feel like
a fucking son to me.
I'm gonna fucking
kill you, Miles.
I'm telling you that right now.
That's a negative, Chase.
See, the only thing Micah wants
is for his parents
to come home from vacation.
Now, how long
you stay on that vacation,
that's entirely up to you,
What the fuck
do you want from me?
What do I want from you?
What do I want from you?
What do I want from you?
I want you to leave them.
I want you
to leave them both.
Look, Micah and Blair
can reunite
and move wherever the fuck
they wanna move.
But I want my Chase
where I can see him.
I want the real Chase,
no distractions.
What the fuck
is your deal, Miles? Huh?
I mean, what the fuck
is your problem?
I mean, do you have a fucking
hard-on for me or something?
Is that what it is?
It's never affected
my fucking work, not once.
They're fucking separate.
I mean you're the one who turned
this fucking shit upside down.
Look, Chase, I like
to keep my investment in check.
I told you, the people
that make it in this business
are the ones epithetic to know
what's going on around them.
That's the job.
Chase, look, man, you want
to get your dick wet? Hm?
You want to fuck hoes
every other night?
You have at it.
But I know
this catching emotion shit
and trying to keep it moving,
that's what's fucking with you.
When you stop to think about it,
I'm actually doing you a solid.
One day.
Pardon me?
Give me one day,
and I'll think about
all of this.
In the meantime,
you don't fucking touch Micah.
And I mean not at all.
If I fucking sense any
of your fucking dogs hunting him
or Blair or me for that matter,
I'm gonna fucking come to you,
and I'm gonna fucking
fuck you up
like you've never been
fucked up before, you got that?
But know this,
you break off any more branches
on my operation,
I'm gonna make sure Micah
turns into an orphan.
Real fucking quick.
I'm not afraid to die, Chase.
Are you?
I thought you could use
another one.
didn't make it back, did he?
Died en route.
Apparently, Chase, uh,
really did a number on him.
Well, shit, man. You know Chase.
Hell, I wouldn't expect
anything less.
You know, Lola and Burke
actually sent some meth heads
over there
for Chase to take out.
Cheers, Burke.
Stupid motherfucker.
Ah. And cheers to the living.
Do you really think
he's going to give it all up,
and do what you want?
Nah, not at all.
Then, what are we going to do?
This next move right here,
is Chase's move.
I can think of a few things
to help expedite the choices.
Does Lola know?
Hey, Serg, do me a favor.
Next time,
bring me a White Russian.
Speaking of which,
how's this Gomez shit going?
I've been working on him
all day.
He finally talked.
Want me to let him go?
After all them hours?
Man, fuck that.
Bring his ass in here.
Here's what's left of him.
Goddamn, Serg!
Shit. You put the paws
on that nigga.
You told me to tune him up.
What the fuck
you waiting on, then?
Put that
Soviet power to good use.
Make that motherfucker
meet God.
Oh, I bet you they wished
they'd built that wall now.
Where's my boy, Chase?
Our boy is coming home soon.
I'm on it.
I don't like that answer.
Well, what am I supposed to say?
I want you to answer me
honestly, okay?
Were you doing a hit for Miles
the night I was attacked?
You're never gonna change,
are you?
Not for me, not for Micah.
It's never gonna end, is it?
I don't know.
If there's one thing
that's harder
than sleeping in general for me,
it's sleeping
on a flimsy ass couch.
I guess Blair was in her right
to banish me downstairs anyway.
The only reason
why I'm not out there
fucking up Miles'
whole operation right now,
is 'cause I'm trying
to keep my word for a change.
And see if he keeps his.
Maybe he was right after all,
this life isn't for a family.
Maybe in a weird way,
he was trying
to help me all along.
And Blair and Micah
would be better off without me.
Sometimes I have so much
I can't tell whether
I'm actually sleeping or awake.
Ah! Fuck!
You see here,
this is where I knew
I was fucked.
Ah, fuck me!
That was just
to get your attention.
Not a bad throw for doing that
while I hold your bitch, huh?
Miles sent you, huh?
He didn't need to.
All he did was tell me
what you did to Burke,
and I volunteered.
Careful, bitch.
You don't want me to slip.
Come on, Lola, please.
Just let her go.
I'm telling you.
Miles is playing all of us.
And his goal is for all
of us to kill each other
so he can clean house.
You know
he's calculated like that.
You knew these chain of events
would play out like this.
So, what? You kill Burke
and I'm just supposed to eat it?
Look, how about
we swinger this shit? Huh?
You do my man,
I do your woman.
Careful Chase, I'm serious,
don't take another fucking step.
You're smarter than this.
I know Burke
put you up to all of this.
He always just thought
with his little trigger finger.
That's why I went for him
and not you.
Come on, man, Miles has my kid.
That's all I want right now.
I don't want to end
this shit in a firefight.
It's already gone too far.
You see the knife?
There you go, okay?
You let her go,
you walk out of here,
we call it quits.
I go over to Miles,
I square everything up with him.
Nobody else has to die.
How's that feel, big boy?
You're not fucking
with Burke anymore, are you?
But don't worry,
I'll take care of Micah.
I'll take of Micah real good.
Hell of a shot, baby.
- Can you just...
- Yeah.
...prop the leg up?
Ah, man, Fuck.
Watch out, watch out.
- Sorry, sorry, sorry.
- Okay, okay, okay.
- Is that better?
- Okay, yeah. Yeah.
Come on, now.
We need to get you
to the hospital.
- No.
- Okay, trust me.
Trust me, no questions asked.
We need get you some real help.
We don't have time for that.
We gotta get this settled now.
By the time...
I get to the hospital,
Micah will be dead.
And Miles is gonna find out
sooner or later.
- How?
- I don't know!
He's always been ahead of me
my whole life,
but he's gonna find out.
I'm gonna have to end this now.
- Let me go with you.
- No.
There's too much at stake.
Bring our son back in one piece.
That's the only way.
I love you.
I love you, too.
Look, I want you
to keep an eye out for tonight,
do you hear me?
This shit can get real messy.
Real soon.
Will do, boss.
Oh, see I thought
you were supposed to be
in bed, young man.
See, we had a deal.
You told me if I let you
do one more drawing,
it was night-night for you.
Are you a deal breaker? Hm?
- You a deal breaker?
- Aw.
But I wanna draw
another one in this.
Okay. Well, hold on, let me see
what you're working with.
Oh, look at that.
That's beautiful.
- Hey, can I have that?
- No.
It's for Mommy and Daddy.
Well, how about
the ones over there?
No. They're all
for Mommy and Daddy.
Oh, well, I gotta strong feeling
you're gonna see Mommy
and Daddy real soon.
Really? When?
Most likely tonight.
Yeah? Both of them?
Yeah, both of them.
Well, look, I'm gonna need you
to do me a favor,
no matter what happens,
I want you
to remember something.
I don't ever want you
to be like me and your dad.
Don't you ever be like us.
You're a special kid, Micah.
I can see why your dad
loves you so much.
Hell, you deserve
better than this.
This life
ain't for the normal people.
Can I finish this one, still?
Please? Please?
Yeah, but I'm gonna need you
to do me a favor.
You gotta promise me
that you will keep
these headphones on,
and listen to your music.
And no matter what,
don't you come out this room.
Now your mom and dad
will be here shortly,
and they'll see
your beautiful artwork.
But in the meantime,
you just enjoy that music, okay?
I'll come check on you
from time to time, you got me?
- Yep.
- All right.
Are you pumped?
This is not a relaxation party.
Be ready.
He's coming any minute now.
This guy is dangerous!
Are we pumped or what?
Chase won't even make it inside.
They are lit.
I want everybody to leave.
Leave the weapons
and the ammunition.
Have them exit my house.
I don't understand, Miles.
- I thought that you wanted...
- Hey!
Get it done.
Okay, Miles.
All right, guys,
let's pack it up.
Pack it up.
- Davai! Davai!
- Whoa, whoa, whoa.
What's going on?
- What do you mean pack it up?
- Just leave, Caleb.
It's not happening.
I drove a hundred miles, Miles.
Stop it, Caleb.
I drove a hundred
fucking miles, Miles!
All right, that's enough
of this gay shit.
Hey! Jayla, Nathan!
Come break this shit up, man.
Hey! Get the fuck off!
You heard Miles!
Get the fuck up!
All right, that's it.
Party time is over,
ladies and gentlemen.
Sergey, come get
your almost lost ass over here.
Everybody else,
get the fuck outta my house.
Get the fuck out! Move!
You know, that big nigga
almost beat you.
I had him.
Oh, fuck!
What's up, baby?
My man.
Hey, I missed you, boy.
Look, you remember Sergey,
Of course.
How's the knee?
Put a little oil and elbow
grease in it once a week,
and we're in business.
Hey, Chase,
you don't mind if he, uh...
I mean, you know,
it's kind of a precaution.
Knock yourself out.
We're good.
You trained him well, huh?
How's the rolling over
and barking coming along?
Oh, come on, Chase,
that's not fair.
You're hitting below
the belt, baby.
Sergey here,
is what you call a...
- stand-up guy.
- Mmm.
Sergey, do me a favor.
Give me and my man
a couple of beats.
We gotta rap.
Woo! Woo!
Hey, don't mind him.
He's fucking harmless.
I bet you when you walked
your ass through that door,
you thought you had a shitload
of SWAT waiting on you, huh?
Not really.
I kept my end of the bargain,
and stayed put.
Didn't you?
Well, uh, bet you put up
a pretty good fight
better than Burke though, right?
You know, I didn't want it
to end this way.
Ah, come on. Shit.
Sure you did, Chase.
It's your killer instinct.
Well, you can deny it
all you want,
we both know it's in there.
What's so funny?
It wasn't me who did Lola in.
- Blair?
- Mm.
She kinda saved my life.
So, you had the bitch trained
better than I thought, huh?
Oh, more than you know.
Let me ask you
a question, Chase.
Did you give
any serious consideration
of what we talked about
I did.
Come on, man, you got me waiting
with bated breath, nigga!
What's your fucking answer?
I'm taking Micah,
and I'm leaving.
No words, no fights, it's over.
I'm choosing my side,
I really didn't want it
to end this way.
You know,
there was a moment when I...
despite everything,
I was actually gonna choose you.
But Lola
coming over, and...
violating Blair again?
Nah, you just did me wrong.
Enough is enough.
So, are you out then?
Okay. You're out.
You're fucking out.
Just like that, huh?
Just like that.
Well, fuck it.
Guess you're gonna take them
both home then, right?
Bring 'em on out!
Get off me! Chase!
- You motherfucker!
- Man, fuck that!
That's two times, motherfucker!
That's twice
you let your bitch be handled.
You fucking piece of shit!
Nah, nah,
if she was all that to you,
you wouldn't let it happen.
We know the deal, Chase.
Deep down inside,
you're a selfish motherfucker.
Nigga, you're just like me!
You can't see that shit?
Let's fucking drop this, okay?
Drop all of this. Okay?
Nah, this thing ain't be
on me, playboy,
this one's on you.
But I'll tell you what, though,
since I'm a good dude,
I actually like your boy.
I'm gonna let him
and mom deuce bounce.
But you ain't
never gonna see
the motherfuckers again.
Well, what am I supposed
to fucking do?
Well, go get your ass back
on that block,
like one of my hoes,
and get paid
for what you're good at.
Killing people.
Oh, wait a minute.
We know you don't just kill
the bad guys, do you?
Don't you fucking dare.
Yeah, why don't you
let everybody know
who else you've killed.
What the hell
is he talking about?
He doesn't know
what he's fucking talking about!
He's a fucking moron!
Why don't you let Ms. Blair know
what happened to her daddy?
He's a fucking liar,
like you always said!
You know what,
Chase has never been
a particularly good storyteller.
So I think I'll take over.
Hell, I'll even throw in
some of Micah stories.
Now, is this the part
where you tell us
who killed Micah's real parents?
Didn't you have
something to do with that?
Huh, Chase?
Oh, Chase?
I did.
See, doesn't that
feel better?
To get that burden
off your chest?
Yeah, but there's
no going back now, is there?
I mean even if she
was fucking stupid enough
to take you back.
Can you imagine
how that would look?
Her having to look
in the eyes of the man
that killed her daddy.
And Micah's real parents.
Bring it down!
Wait a minute, Blair.
Don't, don't even talk.
I don't even
wanna hear you right now.
Who are you?
Who are you anymore?
Maybe you should just
get it over and done with, huh?
Get Micah, and...
let me bleed out.
It's not gonna change
the past, but...
it's definitely gonna...
stop things from happening
in the future.
Baby, don't look.
Don't look, okay?
Just focus on me,
focus on me, okay?
Look what I got for you
and Daddy.
Yeah, I love these.
They're so great.
Are you ready to go home?
- Yeah.
- Okay, let's go home.
Just don't look, okay?
Okay, just go to the door,
come on.
- Okay, good boy.
- Mm.
Oh, god.
Oh. Daddy got a boo-boo.
Hey, champ.
Daddy is just resting.
Mommy is gonna take you
home now.
- Okay?
- Okay.
Mommy is gonna take Daddy
to the hospital
and make sure he's okay.
Is that okay, Micah?
I want Daddy to get better.
Yeah, he needs to get better.
It's a funny thing,
how memories and dreams
can capture a person
in a better light.
Slight changes.
Micah, looking calm.
Blair, looking a bit better
and at ease.
The intricacies of people.
I love to give me
a better peace of mind.
Even thinking about Miles now.
Of course, I think about
all of his jokes.
His humor, his friendship.
Miles was right
about a lot of things,
as cynical as they were.
Nobody could escape the life.
It was more than an a addiction.
It was an uncontrollable desire
to continue
and put anybody's life at risk,
including your own.
It was never gonna end pretty
for either one of us.
I think I chose my fate
the minute
Miles had me enter
this world at 15.
The moment
I really started living,
was also the moment
I started dying.
I always remembered the quote,
"Death is not
the opposite of life,
but a part of it."
The next level.
In all the years
I've been doing my job,
I had the unique pleasure
of choosing that moment
for so many people.
Like I said,
I never worried
if they were good or bad
or anything about them.
Just that I control the outcome.
But now...
I might not be able
to control my own.
I don't know why...
but when I close my eyes,
all I could picture
is the advice Blair gave me
to fall asleep.
I imagine Micah on my shoulders
and covering my eyes
and, me moving forward.
One step.
One step.
It was getting easier
and easier for me to doze off.
Micah was gonna do just fine.
I can only hope I shielded him
enough from what I did
to keep him
completely unscathed.
I influenced Blair enough
to see a switch in her,
but the core of who you are...
always stays intact.
That's at least
what I hope for Micah.
He deserves
better than this life.
I think I can sleep now.