Chasers (1994) Movie Script

Hey! What the hell's
going on here?
Today's a big flag day.
lt's the Fourth of July.
Yeah! Yeah!
Fourth of July! Discharged!
l'm out of here!
All right, l'm out of here!
One more day!
Discharge! So long, suckers!
Stig speaking.
lt's Mr. Devane.
Oh, yes, sir.
l've been expecting your call.
You're working on the 4th?
-l'm gonna be working late.
-How's my baby?
l'm looking right at it.
She's completely loaded.
Everything you want.
lt's got a phone in there.
The Riccaro buckets.
Everything you wanted.
But when you phone in your order...
...and wire in cash, you're one
of our preferred customers.
l'll be in tonight. You'll recognize
me by the smile on my face.
-Morning, sweetheart.
-How you doing?
Morning, sexy.
-Good morning.
-How did you remember my birthday?
-How could l forget, gorgeous?
You are so sweet.
Same day as the frigging country.
Processing,section 7, Finster here.
-Howard. Storage room.
Storage room, five minutes.
-No, no.
Howard, you listen to me.
Get your ass in that storage room.
No! No, no, no.
The guy's a designer.
He works out of a loft in L.A.
He calls me, l tell him
what l can get, and boom!
He wants 1000 dress-white
1000, Howard.
Now, Howard...
...l got him to 1 2 bucks a pair.
That's 1 2 grand COD.
l can't believe you're trying
to pull something like this...
...on the last day before discharge.
Howard, my hand to God...
...this is the last, final one.
The last one was the last and
final one, and the time before that...
...was the last and final one.
l'm getting hives again.
l thought you'd be thanking me.
l'm talking an extra six grand each.
This much inventory has to be
split into separate lots...
...each with its own manifest, each
with its own point of entry. No!
l didn't realize it'd be
such a problem.
l never would've transferred
a consignment and re-routed a truck.
These are the invoice numbers.
Take them.
l mean, if you don't make it disappear,
we could be in some serious shit.
l've gotta get on this immediately.
Come here and give me a hug.
That's it, pal. Good, good.
All right.
-How about lunch later?
-Hey, Eddie.
Master Chief wants to see you ASAP.
You just can't stop, can you?
lf l did, you wouldn't love me.
Come in.
You asked for me?
Yes, l did.
l won't hoist half-sails with you.
Those SPs outside...
...they're here for you.
Due to the holiday...
...the N.A. is short of bodies.
So your name came up.
N.A., chief?
Naval Apprehension, son.
They got a prisoner brigged
at Camp Lejeune Weapons Center.
Gotta transfer him back here to
Charleston, and that someone is you.
They need somebody for chaser duty.
Chaser duty.
The trouble with youth is
that they shirk their duty.
No, no. Never behind the desk.
Your name was on the computer
because you're unassigned.
That means you don't have new orders.
No, but l'm discharged tomorrow.
Yeah, well, your availability...
...combined with your experience
at base security... you this detail.
You should be proud of it.
Begging your pardon, chief.
A colleague in personnel can
cancel this obvious mistake.
Forget about that. Orders are orders,
and you're in the Navy.
But chief, it's my last day.
l had plans.
Change them. Dismissed.
One last time.
Very last time.
That guy could sell a freezer
to an Eskimo.
That gay thing, man. Congress is
full of black, gay sympathizers.
Oh, wow.
Destroy the evidence.
They'll go to Eddie's desk first.
l love you, Mom.
l love you, Dad.
-Hi, Howard.
-How are you?
l need to make a call.
Can you stop at that phone booth?
Thank you, l appreciate it.
Fucking redneck.
What'd you say?
Nothing. l was just thinking
how sad it is when cousins marry.
My friend.
Yo, Rock. What's the hap?
Scuttlebutt is...
...your last partner busted himself up
chasing some brother.
Should've shot that motherfucker.
Why you still driving this piece
of shit? We just got a new rig.
We're ready to break her in. We're
gonna kick some asses this morning.
Bunch of Marieletos holding people up
down near Patriots Point.
We figure they'll hit today.
Reason being, everyone's celebrating.
We're gonna fuck us up some beaners.
Hi, chief, how you doing?
ls there a pay phone around?
lntroduce Rock to his new partner.
What'd you say your name was, sis?
How could you confuse me
with your sis?
Her dick's much bigger than mine.
Shit! Goddamn!
-Goddamn, man! He ducked!
-What the fuck?!
About that phone....
lt could wait.
Wear it.
Sign for it.
Wear it.
Does it have a name?
Eddie Devane. Of course,
you can call me Ed or Edward.
How about l just call you asshole,
and you answer to it?
That'd be a first.
Listen up, asshole.
You're here because the Navy requires
two people to transport a prisoner.
l don't need you, l don't want you,
and l don't want to repeat myself.
l've had hundreds of partners.
The smart ones stay out of my way.
The ones who don't...
...come back worse off than
the prisoners.
You fuck with me...
...l will make this trip the longest
six hours of your life.
Now, get in the van!
This thing go any faster?
There's a guy running alongside
asking for a ride.
l got things to do tonight.
l get out tomorrow, you know?
lt's cool. Discharge is honorable.
That's hard to believe.
Why's that?
Let's just say l've been
doing this job for a while.
Meaning what?
l could see you from
a mile away, slick.
That tailored uniform, a wad of bills
in your pocket... look like the poster boy
for petty crime.
Maybe not even so petty.
Leave it alone, it's broken.
Two bacon chilidogs, large fries
and a large root beer.
Hey, buddy.
That won't do you no good.
lt's broken.
l'll take your order.
Well, two bacon chilidogs,
a large fries and a large root beer.
We got no bacon chilidogs.
-Since when?
-Since l've worked here.
Wait, l've been here at least
50 times. l always have those dogs.
So what?
-l'll have a Flying Pig burger.
-l'm not finished.
Just giving you time to look.
Come on, pop. What'll it be?
Listen up, we can always go
somewhere else to eat.
What? Oh, no.
You'd take your business elsewhere?
Hey, you know what?
Beat it!
-Go fuck yourself!
l'm gonna kill you, you fucking pig!
Oh, great.
Next food, 68 miles.
l should've popped him,
that civilian weenie.
How old are you?
That's not the point.
The point is, he had no manners.
That's what's wrong with this country.
You're just not good with people.
You're pushing it.
You're great when
they're wearing cuffs.
Otherwise you got as much charm as
a bulldozer. l'll give you advice--
l gave you some when we started
this detail.
Don't hit people head-on. lf you
want something, try the back door.
-That's usually open.
-Like your mouth.
Go on.
Ollie North's a fag!
Welcome to Jarhead City.
Look at them.
Why do we despise jarheads so much?
Yeah, like it's a given:
Marine equals dogshit. How come?
Because they're assholes!
Yeah, right. l forgot.
They don't know what they're
coming into.
Those little fish heads.
The little fish boys.
That ain't a toy. Holster it.
Think of that as decorative.
Don't touch the thing.
The shit hits the fan,
l'll be the one who drops him.
Now, remember,
four-fifths of this job is attitude.
lf you're tough,
they won't fuck with you.
From now on, you're mean.
God help us.
Here they come.
Here they are.
Go ahead.
The fun is about to begin, boys.
Hey, Banger!
Douche bag!
Oh, Rock!
Rock, Rock, Rock.
-Got a new partner there.
-Real pretty boy.
-Are we gonna wait here all day?
That all depends, sir.
What are you here for?
One seaman, second class,
Tony Johnson.
Tony Johnson? Give me that thing.
Can't this be done out there?
Gotta make sure everything's in order.
They just sent two of you
for this prisoner?
No. There's some cheese-dick
like you hiding behind us.
l gotta get out.
You don't like tight spots?
You should use some Vaseline.
Are you sure you don't have
somebody else?
Come on!
You Navy boys are too slick.
One prisoner coming up.
-Welcome to the house of gravity.
Navy! Navy!
Navy, slicker than ink.
Make it snappy.
We got a long haul.
Johnson's 7 to 10. l gotta
make sure l dot all the l's.
All right. l'm going to the head.
Strike some matches.
Anchors aweigh, jarheads.
You guys, take your positions.
Someone's having a bad dream.
That's all that is.
Sign this.
-What is it?
-lt's routine, to get the prisoner.
You'll be on your way.
Bring up Johnson!
Yes, sir!
Hey, sarge!
Got stuff written on the walls here!
What is it?
''Banger bangs his mother''!
''Banger's a bad bitch''!
All kinds of stuff!
Smell the seat.
Smell the seat, Rock!
Play with the toilet fish.
That's where you belong.
You guys in the Navy.
l'm not a big fan of the Navy.
l never have been.
l don't like the way it smells.
But they did right sending you here.
You got the right kind of tool
for this job.
Yes, sir.
You're one hellacious piece
of manpower.
Move it.
What are you on about now?
What l want to know is
which one of you...
...will be the female escort
on this show?
About face.
-What is this shit?
-You know the rules.
Any female prisoner in transport
must have a female escort.
We're here to pick up a guy.
Tony Johnson.
l know who you're here to get.
Charleston doesn't know shit.
This is the N.l.S. report.
This is the correct spelling.
The Navy orders are wrong again.
Like the permanent.
She's female.
Joke's over. Take her back.
No. l can't.
We ain't taking her!
Pretty boy already signed for her.
She's yours.
Forget the rules.
l'll find a dress for you.
-He said it was routine.
Crotchless panties.
A 44 double-D bra.
-l thought--
-Who told you to think?!
Take your marital spat outside.
This is my office.
lt's a clean place!
Get my leg irons off her.
He's her problem now.
Good luck.
-The sun. l haven't been out lately.
l have shades in the van.
Get back here and secure the prisoner!
-Just getting her some glasses.
-lKnock that shit off! Get below.
The seat's hot.
-l'll get you a towel.
Those are mine.
Get in the van!
Why not make her a pitcher
of iced tea while we're at it?
l don't want to cause
any more trouble.
You're right. Get in.
You stow it.
She have to be cuffed back there?
She can't get out of the cage.
You okay?
Turn around!
Just asking.
Regulations prohibit engaging
a prisoner in a conversation.
Regulations are regulations.
That guy back there said 7 to 10.
He mean years?
ls this her report right here?
What'd she do?
What do l care?
l never read them.
Seven to ten's a long time.
Aren't you even curious?
l have asthma.
Excuse me.
lf l may, l have to use
the bathroom.
Sure, we can pull off up here.
She can go when we stop for gas.
She has to go, she has to go.
She should've gone at the camp.
l have to go too.
We haven't eaten yet.
Looks like our last chance.
All right. All right.
-Charleston, 722-1 599.
Please hold.
-l thought you had the urge to go.
-Well, l lost the urge.
Thanks for stopping.
You're welcome.
l owe you one.
No, you don't.
Are you sure there's nothing
you'd like?
There's a lot l'd like, missy,
but nothing l can afford.
Excuse me.
He ain't worth the salt
in your tears, Sue Ann.
Goes and sleeps with your sister.
He's trash!
-He is worse than trash!
Hey, that door stays unlocked.
Sure thing, sugar.
l'd keep the ring and slash his tires.
ls this stall taken?
Oh, honey, l died when l seen
his shoes under the door.
l nearly forgot my lines.
Thank God.
You're so late.
-l thought you wouldn't show.
-l didn't have an exact timetable.
-Are you sure about this, doll?
-Do it.
Hey, cutie-pie.
You got a smoke?
Oh, yeah.
ls that a verification
of that number?
Thank you.
Sure thing.
You ought to get fries to
go with that shake!
She's gone!
Hold it right there!
Help! They're trying to kill me!
All right, let's go.
Let her go!
Get lost, tiny!
All right, hold it!
You are aiding and abetting
an escaped felon.
You let her go or l'm gonna shoot you
in your big, fat gut!
Goddamn it, that pisses me off.
l've transported 862 prisoners and
l've never had one get away from me.
-Calm down, you got her back.
-That's not the point.
-l'll look like an idiot reporting it.
-So don't report it.
l figured you'd say that.
Mr. ''Let's Uncuff Her
And Bake Her A Cake.''
-Who gave her a cigarette?
-Who opened the door?
-Who's in charge?
-Button it, mister!
l hope you know that stunt of yours
cost you another five years.
What do you think about that?
l think l'm in my moon.
-My lady's.
-What'd she say?
l'm starting my cycle.
She's starting her period.
Well, go ahead and start.
lf you think l'd fall for that,
you ain't as smart as l thought.
There ain't nothing you can do
that'll get me to let you out again.
Not if the van caught fire.
Not if you peed in your pants.
Not if a rattler sat in your lap
and you screamed all the way back.
The desert will turn green before l
let you out of there again.
Will that be all?
Go on. Get in there.
Never done this handcuffed
to a man before.
lKind of sexy, don't you think?
All done.
Here. Help stop the bleeding.
Let's go!
Hey, gorgeous.
You stupid!
Son of a bitch!
You did that on purpose.
You kicked that hose out.
You're the one dragging me
in handcuffs.
-Chill, Rock.
l'll put you on ice.
Regulations, Rock.
Hitting your partner's against them.
Put her in the van and lock it.
l'm gonna pay and go to
the head to wash this shit out.
-My name's Eddie Devane.
-Toni Johnson.
-Pleasure to meet you.
Would you hand me
a paper towel, please?
You're not gonna make
some kind of weapon, are you?
You're cute.
l told you to secure the prisoner.
Sorry, chief.
Close the door.
We're shoving off. Get in the van.
So, chief.
What's your wife's name?
Your wife. Her name?
None of your business.
-You're married?
-None of your business either.
l just have trouble picturing it.
What is she, a marine?
Glad you got a sense of humor.
-You'll need it where you're going.
-lt seems we hit a nerve.
l'm not in the habit of chatting up
family to a prisoner.
So you do have a family?
Wife and a son.
You two rehearse this
at the gas station?
This isn't how we came.
Shortcut. We're behind.
Are you sure about this?
l've come this way
plenty of times before.
lt's an old mining road.
Connects with the highway in 20 miles.
Save us an hour.
Well, what's the rush?
l thought you were the one itching
to get back?
Can l have some water?
What the fuck now?
What was that?
Come on, honey.
Come on, baby.
Come on, sweetie.
No-good piece of shit!
Why'd it stop?
What do l look like,
the Amazing lKreskin?
We're in the middle of nowhere.
No need to panic. l was a machinist's
mate with the fleet.
Give me that!
That's an encouraging sign.
Oh, shit.
Could it be the battery?
No, it's not the fucking battery.
-Maybe it's all this rust.
-You don't know shit about engines.
Just trying to help.
-What kind of gas did you get?
-Don't try to blame this on me.
lt was fine before.
Sure it's not the battery?
Son of a bitch!
You should put a tent
over this circus.
All right! We're shoving off.
-The way we came.
-You mean walk?
No, l'm gonna carry you.
lt's not like you're going anywhere.
All right.
This is the first exercise
l've had in weeks.
-Glad you're enjoying yourself.
-Pass the water bottle.
No. One capful an hour.
Those are the rules.
-Everything with you is rules.
-Rules are why we got water to drink.
Single file.
Whole thing's absurd.
You join the Navy and you think,
worst case, you'll drown.
But dying of thirst?
Remember high school English?
This is how they'd define ''irony'':
Three sailors dying in the desert.
Rock, where you going?
Highway's on the other side
of that hill.
What, another shortcut?
Don't start, Devane.
lt seems extreme to leave the road...
...go across the desert to a hill.
lt's not open for discussion.
Either follow me or l'll
shoot you for mutiny.
-Look, l found something.
l don't know.
Looks like a sign or something.
What's it say?
Looks like ''anger.''
Must have known Rock was coming.
Ha, ha, ha.
That ain't ''anger,''
that's ''danger.''
From what?
l'm pretty sure l got enough to file
a lawsuit against you guys.
Let's raise the floor until we're
standing above ground.
l don't see you doing anything.
Look for some rope or something.
No. We're fucked.
Well, that's the spirit!
Chief, we should've never
left the road.
That's history. Quit your whining.
We could all die here.
Not if l kill you first.
Go ahead and try it.
Don't get me started.
You don't scare me, pop.
-That's it, you jack-off!
-Hold on!
-Back off!
-There's a way out!
lf we stand on each other's shoulders,
one of us can reach the top.
And who climbs out first?
l do.
-That's what l figured.
-l can't hold you!
-Forget it!
-Who cares who goes first?
You think that once she got up there
she'd drop a rope down to us?!
Of course she will.
-Won't you?
-l'm not a murderer.
How do l know? Maybe that's
why you got 7 to 10.
You're a real asshole.
lf she let us out, she'd be facing
at least seven years in the brig.
-She'd cover the hole over us.
-ls that what you think?
-That's what l think!
-You're wrong!
What choice do we have?
We either try this or we all stay
here and die like rats.
Hey, hold still down there!
Almost got it.
l got it!
Okay, send her up!
Got it!
Okay! Throw it down!
Come on, toss it down!
-Give it a rest, she's gone.
-No, she's not. Toni!
She left us.
That fucking bitch left us.
Goddamn it!
l gotta get to a phone.
What is it with you
and that fucking phone?!
She's back!
You're damn lucky l come out
to get you at all.
Fourth of July and all.
We got fireworks tonight.
Some people say it's the best
in the county.
Far as eats goes...
...only place halfway decent
is Bucky's.
Them kids yours?
Gee, l'd love to see
the fireworks, Pop.
-Can't we stay, Dad? Please?
-You should.
l got a band playing tonight
over at Shorty's.
Just ask for Dead in a Row.
We'll try to have her ready
for you in the morning.
lt's been real. Adios.
l gotta report back to base,
tell them what's going on.
You book us two connecting rooms.
And you stay with me.
ln there.
Gonna reach out and touch someone?
Two rooms.
Evening, skipper. Chief Petty Officer
Rock Reilly reporting.
What's going on?
We had mechanical problems
and have to spend the night.
I can't authorize that.
Where the hell are you?
-Place called Yemassee.
She has a flight tomorrow.
l know she has to be on a plane
to San Diego at 0800.
Get her down here ASAP!
-We'll be there in time.
-You better be!
Aye-aye, sir.
l was just trying to save myself
a shitload of paperwork.
Thanks just the same.
Thanks for coming back.
Let's go.
Thought you never read them.
l got toothbrushes and toothpaste.
So what'd she do? Espionage?
Overdue library books?
Watch her while l take a shower.
l knew you had nothing to wear.
lKind of loud, l guess.
lt's beautiful.
You like it?
Thank you.
Two rarebits, one blue plate,
one soup. lt's too hot for soup.
l'll bring you three salads.
Anything else?
Not unless l'm missing something.
Honey, you ain't missing nothing
as far as l can see.
That goes double for you, ma'am.
l just love a man in uniform!
Now, there goes a real woman.
Got a real lady-killer here.
l'll give up my room for the cause.
At least get rid of the ring.
Ring don't matter.
-Real pro.
We separated 10 years ago.
Thank you.
What about your son?
With his mom.
What about your brother?
What about him?
File only has the facts.
That's all they're interested in.
lt didn't say if he--
A week after l got sentenced.
Guard came in with lunch and said,
''By the way, your brother died.''
l raised him, see?
Me and my aunt, but me mostly.
But he got wild long before
l joined the service.
Last couple years l started getting
calls for money.
Bail, mostly.
Then for other things.
That's when l started saying no.
Not that l've been an angel...
...but at least l learned
where to draw the line.
l thought l had, anyway.
l get a call that Bobby's
lying in some hospital OD'd.
l asked for emergency leave.
Refused. Well, l flipped.
And the assault?
l hit an SP trying to bring me in.
With a tire iron?
You're handy with a tire iron too.
Obviously, l wasn't thinking clearly.
And finding out about Bobby
like that... didn't make me a model prisoner.
They just kept tagging stuff on me.
l wasn't even there when he died.
Growing boy's gotta eat his beans.
Thank you.
Then they climbed suddenly and dived.
Surprise strafiing attack
on the enemy's air's trip.
Smokey is like a super quarter back
on a super football team.
He is in constant touch
with our entire air group.
As our first fighters race in toward
Marcus Island, they stay low...
...hoping to escape detection
by the enemy's radar.
Stig speaking.
Stig, it's Mr. Devane.
l got hung up on business.
l'll be in tomorrow to pick up my car.
You want another car?
l want my car.
l'll be in tomorrow.
There's a problem with the car?
What car?
What? Your car.
The one your associate picked up.
Mr.-- What was his name?
Mr. Howard picked up your car.
-Mr. Howard?
Wait a minute.
Should l call the police?
No, that's okay. l know Mr. Howard.
Good, because he had all
the documents.
That motherfucker.
Stig, what's my car phone number?
Let me look in the file.
lt's 803-655-9746.
Thank you.
Expensive car.
l hope he finds his car.
Howard here.
Where are you?
Where are you?
l'm in a toilet.
l'm in a car.
lt's funny.
-I don't have any hives.
-That's very good, Howard.
Look, we had a few sales l didn't
have time to tell you about.
The car you're in and the money
in my desk was gonna be a surprise.
A surprise.
I was surprised.
Good. That's very good, Howard.
Howard, slow down...
...and turn the fuck around.
I don't want to get caught.
But it's okay. Don't worry.
l got everything together.
l hid everything--
Okay, take the car out of my share.
What share?
You don't have any share.
You tried to scam the Navy out
of 1 50 grand without telling me.
Who else are you scamming?
You tried to scam me.
-Listen to me, you son of a bitch!
-I've got a joke for you.
lf you get this right...
...l'll turn around.
Pull yourself together.
How do you communicate with a fish?
That's wrong! That's wrong!
Get back here, you son of a bitch.
No more hives.
The mobile customer is away from the
phone or is beyond the service area.
Please try your call later.
Goddamn it.
Celebrating your last night out
the Navy?
Something like that.
Come on in.
Somebody's always doing somebody
wrong on that radio.
Cheer up. At least you're
not going to jail.
What's on your mind?
l was ready to explode...
...when you were on my lap.
ls this the sweet-talking stage?
-You kill me.
-You turn me on.
You're wild.
l'm ready.
Don't go anywhere.
What're you doing?!
Howdy, ma'am.
-What about your bike?
-Fuck the bike, just go!
Yes, ma'am.
-Where is she?
-You're gonna kill me.
You didn't.
l did.
Geez! l ought to-- Get dressed!
l must say...
-...l'm very curious.
-Don't be.
lnteresting dress.
Professional curiosity.
l'm in the fashion business.
Lazlo Durkin's my name.
My pals...
...they call me Doggie.
-That'll be $86.97, please.
-Move it.
-l don't have no three cents.
-lKeep it.
Thank you very much.
Don't you want to know what
was the matter with it?
Feminine hygiene products.
Tampons in your tank.
lt's not that what you're
wearing is not nice...
...because l think it's tremendous.
But l have a dress or two
in my trunk...
...that would look dynamite on you.
And you're welcome to one
if you want.
l'd like that.
l tell you what, Doggie...
...why don't we pull off over here?
-How about right here?
Make it someplace nice and private.
Then pick one out for me.
Well, okay!
Oh, my God!
l have some...
...lace ladies' things...
...that you might want to try on too?
Sounds good.
Oh! This is Doggie's day.
l gotta admit...
...she's good.
Played you like a fiddle.
Came on to me at the start
of this detail.
Hot damn!
lKnow what l want you to do first?
l want you to hop into
a leopard-skin miniskirt.
Why don't we start with the lingerie?
-You are a wild one!
-Yes, l am.
You know something?
l got some crotchless panties...
...that are so lovely.
They'd look so good on you.
l am losing my professional touch.
You hurry back, now.
Yes, ma'am. Yes, ma'am!
You hold still. Don't get
too excited without me, now.
Hey, come back here!
You come back here!
You come on back here!
Oh, my God!
Stop hitting my van!
Watch it!
Turn the wheel!
Hit the brake!
Son of a bitch!
Geez, whatever you do, don't
fucking move! Don't fucking move!
Who the fuck's moving?!
What the hell now?
Holy shit.
-l told you not to move!
-l didn't move!
Won't start.
Put it in park.
Won't move!
Put it in R!
Hi, boys! You okay?
Johnson, pull over now!
Pull over Johnson!
Chief, come on! Chief!
Pull over, Toni!
Toni, pull over!
No running! Do you hear me?
No running!
-Eddie, let me go!
-Hold her, Devane!
Damn it, you're through! Get up!
What's that? Another escape attempt?
ls that it?
-No, lt's mine!
-Give me that!
Give me it!
Funeral register.
-You're not allowed here. Come on!
Get out of here!
Come on, get out of here.
Go on! You're gonna get hit!
Turn it!
The other way, you idiot!
-You didn't say which way!
-l'm telling you now!
Harder! Enough!
Would you make up your mind?
-Go over onto your side.
-Be glad to.
Put on your belt.
Back to that again?
-l gave you an order!
-l heard.
-The belt, Devane!
-Fuck the belt!
You heard me.
l said, fuck the belt, chief!
-What's your problem?
-You are.
Do something about it.
l just want to warn you...
...l got seven years karate.
Twenty years bar fighting.
This is a bad fucking dream.
And l'm gonna be your worst nightmare.
Now, get in that van!
Come on, Devane.
Come on, pop!
Get up!
Pit stop.
Can l get you a drink?
How about a Bud, gorgeous?
Shouldn't let a man drink alone.
Mind if l join you?
lt's a free country.
l gotta hand it to you....
Thank you.
That was sincerity.
Got a different spin on it.
ls that what that was?
What's that supposed to mean?
Drop him a line.
That's how you communicate
with a fish.
That's right.
l heard it all.
More than l wanted to,
let me tell you.
What are you gonna do?
lf it's a question of blackmail....
ls that what you think of me?
Hell, you could turn me in.
Oh, God.
You must think l'm
a real cold-hearted bitch.
Well, you don't know
anything about me.
The fact is, you belong where l am
more than l do.
l know.
Somebody fart?
Finally made it.
What happened to you two?
Well, you'd never believe it, but...
...we stopped for gas...
...some Marines started spouting off
about the Navy...
...and me and Devane had to
straighten them out.
You're learning.
Any trouble with her?
-A model prisoner.
-l'll note it in her report.
You've been rescheduled to fly out
of Charleston tomorrow at 0800.
Arrive San Diego in the afternoon
to start your sentence.
Any questions?
l got her now, boys.
Seaman, you can let her go now.
lt's over, Eddie.
Let her go.
Go on.
When'd you say your discharge was?
2100 hours.
Have one on me, sailor.
Yes, chief.
Name's Rock.
You take care, Rock.
You too, kid.
Hey, sis!
lt's our lucky day.
-We've been looking for you, girlie.
-And here you are.
Sorry, fella.
My dance card's all full.
Hey, Vance?
-Ain't these man's drinks?
-Sure are, Rory.
What's sis doing drinking them?
Buying them...
...for us.
Ain't that right?
l got him! l got him!
Dance card's full.
You guys don't give up, do you?
Oh, shit.
Goddamn, that felt good.
You boys go home.
-Let's go fuck somebody up.
-Fuck somebody up?
Hell, yeah.
Come on.
What are you doing up there?
l don't know yet.
Get off of there!
l'm gonna save her.
No, you're not.
Oh, wonderful!
Wake up!
Come on. Get up.
What time is it?
lt's late. We've gotta go.
l've gotta sleep.
Put these on.
There's a small loan in there
to get you started.
Stay with her while l unlock the van.
-Give me the keys.
-l ain't got them.
-Well, yeah, man.
-No, you got the keys.
Oh, shit, man! l drove!
Where are we going?
Just drink the coffee.
Remember the back door?
-That him?
l never saw you.
What was that?
l don't know.
-This is a new van!
-lt's got gas!
Oh, shit!
ls there a phone around?
There's an emergency phone.
l'll call.
Over and out.
You hit a guy in the nose, see?
You hit him with your palm... can send that bone right--
l mean, right back up into his head.
Where'd you learn that?
Rerun of Kung Fu.
Yeah, that's that Bruce Lee thing.
Shit, here comes our tow now.
This ain't one of our trucks.
Boys, this is your lucky day.
l must've been right behind you.
Was on the bridge
when l heard it on the radio.
-How you doing?
-All right.
This ain't no Navy vehicle.
Navy vehicle, sure ain't.
We're private contractors.
My boss is an ex-Squid.
Still got friends at the motor pool.
Sometimes they throw him a bone.
-You a private firm?
-That's right.
Just last month they had me towing
a truckload of torpedoes!
Oh, man!
Fine, go on, hook it up.
-All right.
-Get the girl.
Hold it!
Ride up front with me.
lt's against the law to ride in back.
-We'll get the girl.
-Already got her hooked up.
Let me lift her first.
Go on!
We'll get the girl now.
Go! Go! Move it! Move!
That's right. Go get her out, boys!
Get her out!
Got the keys?
-Damn it!
-Come back with our prisoner!
Get back here, you son of a bitch!
Boss, the phone!
All right, all right!
Rock Reilly's residence.
Listen, Rock!
The first rule is, there are no rules!
You got nothing better to do
than bother a retired man?
Oh, one last thing:
We love you, Rock!
lKatie, for God's sake,
what're you doing?
My son will be here any minute!
You are so adorable, Rocky baby.
-Don't we have time?
-No, l mean it. Get dressed.
You gotta get ready.
l'm a girl who's always ready.