Chasing Bullitt (2018) Movie Script

Two minutes.
We ready?
Another minute,
Mr. McQueen.
Can you talk a little about
your time in Arizona?
We're rolling?
Sorry, Mr. McQueen.
Oh, come on, guys.
Sorry, we're rolling.
Just talk a little about
choosing Prescott.
Oh, Arizona's great.
Nice people. Real nice.
Genuine, you know?
Very hospitable.
Frontier days is a real gas.
When approaching this story,
it was important that we...
we focus on the realism.
Realism, very important.
Having recently
come off a difficult shoot,
it must be nice
to now be closer to home,
to family.
Yeah, well,
France was a challenge.
We always knew it would be.
I think it's safe to say
that at this point
in your career,
your fans know you have
a true passion for racing,
for what you drive.
Talk a little about
what drives you.
Come again?
What would you say drives you?
Damn, Freddie.
Seeing you out here is like
seeing a fish ride a bicycle.
What are you doing here?
We got real issues, Steve.
How'd you find me?
How is that
even important right now?
Important to me.
Who cares? I'm here,
and we got issues.
Stop leaning.
-On the car.
-You're leaning on the car.
-Oh, Christ, Steve.
Listen to me,
we need to talk about France.
-What about it?
- Word's out.
Talk's all over town,
and it's not good.
Not my problem anymore.
I'm done.
Yeah, maybe when your name
is Joe Schmoe from Buttonwillow,
not when your name
is Steve fucking McQueen.
Cinema Center reps
are not happy, Steve.
So what's the brass tax?
They want you to do press.
Look, the point was to make
a good film. A real film.
People like a story, Steve.
They like characters.
You were shooting
a two-hour documentary
about a car race that
nobody in America cares about!
We'd made them care.
The suits thought different.
I'm done with it.
Fine. I'll go back
to Rosen with that.
But it's not gonna
go down too well.
And it still doesn't change
where we are now.
We have to do
some damage control.
Damage control?
- Bill called me.
-Ah, son of a bitch.
We're your team, Steve,
all right?
If we don't communicate,
this doesn't work.
We're not the enemy.
Just let us do our job.
It's time to go to work.
You need to chose
your next picture carefully.
I'm doing
On Any Sunday with Bruce.
The motorcycle thing?
No, that's a vacation.
You need a paycheck.
I might have some
endorsements lined up.
Strictly overseas.
But our top priority
has to be your next gig.
Something to put you
back on top.
Have you thought about
what I said about First Artists?
Just join the club, huh?
Yeah, it's a good deal.
And Newman, what's he doing?
For First Artists? Pocket money.
Come on.
You're already attached.
You're the pick
of the litter already.
Junior Bonner, The Getaway,
that French prison thing.
Just pick.
Ah, just pick, huh?
Just pick.
Yeah, Steve, pick!
For Christ's...
I came all the way out
to bumblefuck here
to tell you things are bad.
You hemorrhage your money,
and you burn
every goddamn bridge
back in France.
You know what's really
chapping my hide, Freddie?
This car.
Who cares? They come
and go with you, Steve.
Warner Brothers gave it to me.
A gift.
It's a beauty.
Yeah. There's just one problem.
What's the problem, Haig?
It's not the car.
It's not the car.
What car?
The car.
Ah, Christ.
Look, this is a pacifier.
It... An imposter.
The car was 1968 GT 390.
325 horsepower,
427 foot-pounds of torque.
A real power plant.
Had a four-speed
manual transmission too. What...
What else, Haig?
Dark Highland green.
Dark Highland green.
Who cares?
Are you blind?
Listen, this is
a '67 302 Boss prototype.
It's no GT 390.
And it's a fucking automatic.
Find me the car, Freddie.
Look, we don't have time
for this, Steve.
It's all set, Steve.
-Thanks, buddy.
That's it. You find me the car,
I'll pick my next project.
Look, that's gonna
be impossible.
I need it, Freddie.
Blink if it's a yes.
-Good. Sundown oughta do it.
You're a standup guy, Freddie.
I'll call to check in.
"A two-hour documentary
about a car race
that nobody in America
cares about"?
- Their words.
You've seen Katzin's cut?
Most of John's stuff is out.
Too bad.
Be reasonable, Steve.
Freddie, I hired you
to be a barracuda.
Are you a barracuda?
I'm a barracuda.
Right. Find the car.
Hey, wait!
I took a goddamn cab here!
Roll down the windows
Man, hang on tight
Let the smoke
Fill your lungs
And you feel right
The rumble moves your body
And makes you hot
It's pedal to the metal
And give it all we got
No one dares to catch us
We're laughing as they try
Fast as hell is how we live
It might be how we die
Burn it up
Oil and gasoline
Are in my blood
Crank it up
Keep pushing the red line
That's what I love
I only got one promise
That I can keep
Driving fast is what I love
I can barely sleep
If you want to come with me
You know that I'll be good
Hold me close, hold me tight
Let's do this like we should
Burn it up
Oil and gasoline
Is in my blood
Burn it up
Keep pushing the red line
That's what I love
Burn it up
Drop the hammer
I like it hot
Burn it up
What the hell
Is wrong with me?
I just can't stop
How many is that?
See, this is what
I'm talking about.
You think I wanna come home
after ten, twelve hours
and deal with this?
It's a concern.
It's about you thinking you can
do whatever you wanna do.
How's that fair?
How's that fair to me?
You knew who you married.
Oh, I know.
Steve, this place,
it's not good for you,
it's too small.
Just come home.
No, I can't.
I can't, baby.
Not after what happened
in France,
what's been happening.
I gotta get over this.
I wanna come home, believe me.
I gotta... I gotta get my head
We've both done things...
No, you did things.
This is about what you did.
Have the kids noticed?
Chad is fine.
I don't think he sees this
as much different
than you being on location.
She's sharp. She knows
something's up. Old soul.
-Have you seen a cut yet?
Soon maybe?
Sure. Maybe.
Suppose that's up to Bob Rosen.
Well, no matter what they do,
it's still your movie.
I guarantee, whatever they do,
it will not be my movie.
Those jackals got a grip
and started tearing away.
Teeth biting right into it.
Oh, there'll be nothing left
but a carcass.
You know, I think William Morris
is gonna be a good fit for you.
Yeah, Hilly thinks so.
Yeah, well,
Hilly knows his business.
He's always been there for me.
This could be big for me, baby.
So, what is CBS saying
about the spin-off?
Not sure yet.
The producers
really seem to like it.
Well, I have no doubt.
Have you been seeing the doctor?
Is there enough food here?
I could have Ariel pick up
-some essentials.
I eat out.
Just the thought of you
here by yourself.
I'm a grown-ass man.
I know.
You got plans later?
Figure we could go to Chez Jay.
I'm going to have
a quiet night, I think.
Quiet night, huh?
Yes. Gonna head over to Ann's,
drink some wine.
-Girl time.
-Girl time.
What happens again at girl time?
Just girl stuff.
You know, chat, gossip.
No, you said "gossip."
Figure of speech.
Talk about me?
Sometimes. That's what girls do.
No, see, that's what
the doctor's for.
You... you tell
the doctor something,
and he doesn't tell anyone else.
He's a doctor.
It's called confidentiality.
Ann, well.
Ann, she's just a person.
She can flap her gums
all over town.
She wouldn't do that.
Oh, no. Not Ann.
Not dear old Ann.
I wanna know
what you and Ann talk about.
Don't do this.
Let's play a game.
Like a scene study.
I'll... I'll play Ann, okay?
You might have heard of me.
You, you just... yourself.
I don't wanna play.
Oh, but you will.
Tell me about him.
Tell me about you.
Not much to tell.
Certainly a man like you...
A man like me?
A man of your position.
My position.
Your stature.
You're a movie star, Steve.
Surely, it comes
with its own set of burdens.
This process only works
if you talk to me, Steve.
Should I lay on the couch
or something?
If you like.
Nah, I'm good.
All right. Let's start
from the beginning.
Where were you born?
Beech Grove, Indiana.
Raised in Slater, Missouri.
Tell me about your parents.
Who were they?
William and Julian McQueen.
So tell me about them.
Uh, this is ridiculous.
I'm not paying you to sit here
and talk about them.
This is supposed to be
about Neile and me.
That's it.
Are you uncomfortable
talking about your parents?
No, I'm just peachy.
There's no other place
I'd rather be right now.
What would you rather be doing?
Talk to me about your acting.
It can get a little candy-ass.
You must enjoy it, though.
I enjoy the bread.
How does it feel
to be a movie star?
Pressure to succeed? No privacy?
Look, Doc, I agreed to come here
'cause I'm trying
to save my marriage.
My melon, I...
I get it. It's twisted.
It's just these questions.
I don't know, I don't know
what you're getting at.
We're trying to
get to all of it, Steve.
We start at the foundation.
What does my job have
to do with it?
It's not just a job, Steve.
You'd have to agree with that.
It's the fame.
The drugs.
Extramarital encounters.
I mean, wouldn't you agree?
It's not a normal job.
You're right, Doc.
When you're right, you're right.
It's not a normal job.
It's a fucking gas.
Well, I guess
today's my lucky day.
Steve McQueen.
Where you headed?
Steve McQueen.
That's me.
The girls in Weedpatch
would die.
Which, actually,
would be fine by me.
Weedpatch, California.
-Consider it the ass end.
So you coming or going?
Oh, I'm going.
I'm definitely going.
Weedpatch is no place
for a girl like me.
A black girl?
Steve McQueen,
a girl with talent.
So what's your angle?
No angle.
I'm a dancer.
And when I say dancer,
I don't mean
"Sunday, come-to-meetin',
cut up a rug
at a sock hop" dancer.
I'm a real dancer,
Steve McQueen.
I'll break your heart.
So, Steve McQueen,
you coming or going?
It's not important.
Something brought you out
to the middle of nowhere.
You talk a lot.
Now you're starting to sound
like my daddy.
Take your chances
in Los Angeles, huh?
New York City.
- Oh.
- Broadway, baby.
I mean, that's where
the action's at.
I'm afraid
I'm not going that far.
Well, that's understood.
Well, how far are we going?
We'll see how I enjoy the ride.
Then put me on with someone
at Warner Brothers who can.
I need to find
a clear bill of sale
between the studio and whoever
the fuck they sold the car to!
Is it that hard?
You know who
you're talking to, right?
Okay. So, if this doesn't happen
I'm gonna personally
come down there, fire everyone
and have 'em burned
at the fucking stake!
Now this,
this is a nice machine.
You don't see too many of these
in my neck of the woods.
A '67?
You know your cars.
I know a lot of things.
You know, you're...
you're a groovy chick.
You got a cool vibe.
Now, do you talk like that
because you wanna
talk like that?
Or do you talk like that
because you think you have to?
I'm beginning to see why
Weedpatch couldn't hold you.
Uncle took me to catch
a Greyhound in Bakersfield,
broke down in Alameda.
It was either the universe
telling me to walk home,
or it was a challenge.
I decided to say,
"Fuck you" to the universe
and keep walking.
Nothing does the job better
than good fuck you.
You're fucking right.
I bet you were quite
the world shaker
back in the day.
Fucking right.
I like Americans.
I like American women.
I like American money.
I like American cars.
What I don't like...
are arrogant Americans.
I see them every day.
We let them in.
They act like Havana
is a circus, a playground,
prancing around like peacocks.
They think Cuba
is a novelty, a trifle...
to be chewed up, digested,
and shit out.
Are you one of these, Mister...
McQueen. Steve McQueen.
Mr. McQueen, are you one
of these gringos?
So then why do you think
that you can come to my country,
drink my rum,
smoke our dope,
fuck our women,
and then have los cojones
to sell contraband
on my streets!
Lucky Strike.
Light up a Lucky
It's Lucky Strike
Light up a Lucky
It's Lucky time
You know, for this type
of indiscretion,
it's a fine.
A modest fine.
One hundred American dollars.
But maybe today...
Maybe today, I make an example.
How about we pretend
it was yesterday?
Do you know who I am, yes?
Do you know
how many people I have killed?
Thousands, Mr. McQueen.
Have you ever killed anyone?
It's one of the most
satisfying things
a man can do for himself.
You feel so free
taking that from someone.
It's better than cocaine.
Or fucking.
To take someone's life,
well, that's...
That's transcendent.
So tell me, Mr. McQueen,
why should I spare you?
Because I must say,
I'm feeling pretty
transcendent right now.
I'll tell you why.
'Cause you're a smart man,
President Batista.
Been the President
of Cuba twice.
Helped us fight the Krauts
and the Japs in the big one.
Hell, this run you just...
You just took what's yours.
Damn everybody else.
I live in New York.
I read the papers.
Luciano, Lansky.
They know who
the boss man is down here.
That's you.
Fulgencio Batista.
The boss man, right?
offing me? Well...
...that gets out,
that's bad business.
That's a mistake.
And if there's one thing
that you do not do,
it's make mistakes.
Am I right?
So, Winters...
Winters, she's standing
right here, okay.
She... She's not
supposed to move.
Audience is going nuts
at this point
-'cause I'm over here,
-my pants are down.
There's not... You know, I...
My hands are full.
-There's nothing I can, right?
-To your pants being down.
Did you know, um...
I lived in New York?
No. No, I didn't.
After my first presidency.
I loved that city.
The lights, Broadway.
The pizza.
Things are simpler in America.
Then why come back?
You can never underestimate
the ceaseless allure of power.
It's like a capricious mistress.
And when she whispers,
you listen.
I'm afraid our time here
-has come to an end.
-Oh, come on.
Hey, Batista,
we're just getting started.
You do have cojones, Steven.
Why did you do it?
Sell the cigarettes.
Oh, I needed the bread.
I'm broke.
Ingenuity is a gift, my friend.
And you're gonna need it.
Selling contraband on streets
of Havana comes with a fine.
A modest fine.
One hundred American dollars.
And you still owe it.
You still owe it, Mr. McQueen.
One hundred
American dollars, Mr. McQueen.
Really? Then how'd you get out?
Took the ferry back to Key West.
Out of jail, sugar.
How'd you get out of jail?
Sold my helmet.
Your what now?
My motorcycle helmet.
If that don't beat all.
I guess God smiles on you,
Steve McQueen.
-Hang on.
Damn it!
Put that in the glove box.
I surrender.
-It's a loaded gun.
You'll shoot yourself
on the foot,
or worse yet, shoot me.
Then show me
how to use that thing.
I'll show you how to use it.
Oh, feet shoulder-width apart.
That's it.
You see that notch
in the rear site
above the hammer there?
I want you to line that up
the front side
at the end of the barrel.
Okay? That is how you hit
what you're aiming for.
Now listen, you don't...
You don't pull the trigger.
You squeeze.
Oh, my god!
Now that's what
I'm talking about.
How about a strong black woman
with a gun?
Hey, all right. Give it here.
That's a lot of power.
Why do you even need
something like that?
Don't you pay people?
So what happened
on August 8, 1969?
What happened on August 8, 1969?
I survived.
An event like that
would affect anyone.
Like I said,
I'm here, they're not.
That's a rather cold position.
I took precautions
to keep my family safe.
That was the only outcome.
No guilt?
Would you say it intensified
your experience in France?
I had a goal.
Something I'd wanted to do
for a long time.
Something I felt
had not been done correctly.
Anything that did
or did not happen in France
was about that goal.
And how would you characterize
your marriage at the time?
None of your goddamn business,
that's how.
Steve, you said yourself,
these sessions are about you
and Neile.
What is it
with you shrinks, huh?
You think that just because
you read a few books that...
that makes you
some sort of an expert
on how my being works?
I'll tell you what, Doc.
You could spend all damn day
walking around in my noggin',
and you wouldn't know
the first thing
about how it works.
Would you say
you were this aggressive
before the Benedict Canyon
Yeah. Always.
Aggressive about my career,
my women, my cars.
If I want something, I get it.
Goddamn anybody who gets
in my way, you understand?
So your career
is important to you?
Of course.
It's just that
you mentioned it first.
Your career.
Without my career,
there's nothing else.
I don't have any
rosy misconceptions about life.
My folks were poor.
I was poor for too long.
The career is money.
Everything follows the money.
Did you feel this way
when you got married?
But you were poor
when you got married.
Was your wife?
No. What are you getting at?
Just what your priorities were.
You love your wife?
Yes, I did. I do.
You don't need money
for that, Steve.
Did she provide
that security for you?
I knew my wife would
never let me down.
She would always support me.
She would never abandon me.
Tell me about him.
I don't wanna do this right now.
- Do what?
-Be interrogated.
Not by you, you have no right.
I have every damn right.
I'm your husband.
You have no right,
not because you're my husband,
because you're a hypocrite.
Oh, this again?
Parading women around all day.
-What do you want from me?
- All night.
I wanna be... I'm gonna be free.
-Then be free.
-Everybody in this country
is doing whatever the hell
they want. Why not me?
You're supposed
to be my husband.
You swore an oath to me.
And that means something, Steve.
Not having affairs
and then confessing
because you feel bad.
Do you know
how insulting that is?
How embarrassing?
You did the worst thing
you could ever do to a woman.
You diminished me.
You made me feel less than.
And I have to pretend
like everything is fine.
Like the dutiful wife
of Steve fucking McQueen.
This beats Manhattan, huh?
I don't know.
I'm so fond of the city.
I still remember
the first day I saw it.
It sure was a long way
from the Philippines.
Well, everything is a long way
from the Philippines.
Yeah, well,
we'll be back soon anyway.
The Pat Boone Show, remember?
Don't you need a break?
You don't take breaks
if you can help it.
Well, it's just... You're beat.
It's a variety show,
I can handle it.
I'll come with you then.
Honey, I know it's been tough,
the last few months
with our schedules, but, um...
I got something for you.
Hey, well, if you're proposing,
you know, we're already married.
Open it, silly.
It's St. Christopher.
Patron saint of travelers,
and God knows we've traveled.
He'll watch over you
when I can't.
I love it.
You remember that day
on Sixth Avenue?
You told me I was pretty.
You told me I was pretty, too.
I certainly did.
God, it was
like fireworks, baby.
I want that moment again.
That moment is gone.
It's broken.
We're broken.
Why did you have
to do this to me?
Look, I picked you up, I thought
we could have some fun,
you know?
You wanna see me talk,
go to the movies.
To tell you the truth,
your movies
really aren't for me.
Is that so?
Guns, cars. All that macho shit.
Real life is one thing.
Well, I don't get a thrill
from that stuff on the screen.
I mean, you could come across
enough violence and aggression
right outside your front door.
Now the good stuff.
The dream stuff.
That's why I go to the movies,
to feel good.
They're not all like that.
Like what?
My movies. They're not all
like you said, aggressive.
Oh, I know.
Then pick one.
I don't know. So I don't...
So I don't feel
like I'm wasting my life.
Love with the Proper Stranger.
The Thomas Crown Affair.
An escape from the every day.
That's what I like.
Like that's what I wanna give.
So, you get to New York,
then what?
How do you get to Carnegie Hall?
Okay, if it doesn't happen?
Well, was that
ever an option of you?
Well then, there you go.
It's just, you know,
these cities, LA, New York,
they chew up gals like you.
Chew 'em up and spit 'em out.
Let 'em try.
I'm better off
than I was a minute ago.
I'm better off every second
I'm away from Weedpatch.
There's no going back.
Every girl in the big city
is running away
from a place like Weedpatch.
Don't you think I know that,
Steve McQueen?
I know what I'm up against.
My skin color, my... my gender.
But I choose my fate,
not anybody else.
Look, I'm not... You know,
I'm not trying
to make you cross.
It's just,
life ain't like the movies, kid.
Don't I know it?
You know, I trained
with Martha Graham.
You did not train
with Martha Graham.
Sure did.
At the Neighborhood Playhouse.
You could dance?
Not a lick.
Why didn't you stick with it?
I had my reasons.
Well, I bet
you were pretty good.
-We'll never know.
You never wanted
to do a musical?
I miss the grand MGM musicals.
Nobody wants to see me do that.
Jimmy Cagney did musicals.
Believe me, I know. It's just...
I missed that period,
you know, I...
A few years earlier, maybe,
who knows? But...
It didn't hurt, did it?
What's that?
Telling me something.
Well, you're Steve McQueen.
You do whatever you want.
We'll see about that.
Steve McQueen,
song and dance man.
People just want to see you
do one thing now.
They wanna see me
get the bad guy.
They wanna see me,
you know, win.
And there's always some kid
lookin' to knock you off
the top spot.
All it takes is one bad choice.
I'm not gonna let that happen.
Well, it could've been
a hell of a thing.
No, I haven't decided yet.
I get my end first.
That's the deal, remember?
-Get ready to be happy.
Using my considerable charm,
I was able to twist some arms
over at Warner Brothers.
I'm listening.
Turns out Warner Brothers
sold the car
to a guy named Bob Ross.
Worked in
the editing department.
Good stuff. You got an address?
Got it.
Oh, wait, Steve!
I always said
you're a standup guy, Freddie.
You said you'd pick a movie.
When I have the keys
in hand, Freddie.
Keys in hand.
Steve, you son of a bitch.
Just pick...
-Son of a bitch.
Are you sure
you're gonna be okay out here?
The bus'll be along in a spell.
Don't you worry.
Ah, it's too bad
you're not headed to LA.
That city could use
more chicks like you.
I'm afraid this is the end
of the road
for us, Steve McQueen.
You know, you can
just call me Steve.
There's something
about your name that just begs
for it to be said together.
Hey, I know people in New York.
You know, maybe
I can make some calls.
We both know
that's not gonna happen.
safe travels then.
I hope you find
what you're looking for,
You know, you never
told me your name.
Let's play something else.
That's my name.
Steve McQueen.
It's time to go to work.
You need to chose
your next picture carefully.
I didn't think you came here.
Well, since you're here,
you'd indulge me.
I just thought maybe I could get
some of your thoughts on this.
I'm all ears.
I mean, you read
the book, right?
Yeah, my wife gave it to me.
It's just,
you're attached to it, I mean...
You are attached to it, right?
Yeah. Well,
what's your question, Dustin?
Oh, I'm just intrigued. I'm...
circling, you know?
I think there's a great story
to be told here.
I think I'm interested.
In what part? Mine?
No. No.
-Louis Dega, the counterfeiter?
- Mm-hm.
I mean, there's definitely
something there.
I've been reading books
of French penal colonies.
Really fascinating stuff.
Any idea who they wanna direct?
I think it's Schaffner.
Schaffner. Interesting.
Well, I'd love to know
what you think.
-About what?
-About the part.
Your part? It's a...
It's a fine part.
No, your part.
If I do this, it can't just be
another buddy picture.
It needs to go much deeper.
I don't know what I got
next on my plate, kid.
You know, whether it's something
you wanna do,
is for you to decide.
Do it, don't do it.
It doesn't matter to me.
On the first day of shooting,
I may see your face,
I may even be happy.
But right now,
I don't give two shits.
This is an uncomfortable
discourse for you.
It's okay. I get it.
Your uncomfortable
talking about the craft.
I thought we were actors.
Look, we are
two different actors.
Me not talking about it,
doesn't mean I don't want to.
But it may mean I don't wanna
talk about it with you.
Yes. Yes!
That's what I'm talking about.
This right here, I felt it.
Did you feel that? I mean,
we could be that. Right now.
Confined. At wit's end.
Have you spoken with Trumbo?
Well, I phoned him.
Now he seemed very open
to the idea of working with me
on Dega's character.
Molding him.
Really? You phoned Trumbo?
Of course. I got thoughts.
-He's got thoughts.
- Yeah, I got thoughts.
I got ideas.
Right now, Dega's character
is very thin.
And you'd like to work
with the writer
to make him bigger?
Make him more...
fleshed out.
Yeah. Well, in Cherrier's book,
Dega is just a minor character.
So you think
you should be bigger?
Well, I think
he should be more...
-Fleshed out.
-Fleshed out, exactly.
Sounds like you've given this
a lot of thought.
I have.
You haven't signed yet, though.
Why the cold feet?
I'm just weighing my options.
Trying to figure out
what works best for me.
- Of course.
Do you know that
I did an entire film
in Italian?
I did not.
That was a challenge.
And that's
what I'm talking about.
Maybe on this film,
we do the whole thing in French.
Yeah, I don't think
the studio would go for that.
Well, who cares
what the studios think?
I mean, what do the studios
really know anyway?
I mean, the studio
wouldn't know real art,
if it walked right up to 'em,
kicked 'em square in the nuts.
Has Freddie talked to you
about First Artists?
He is my agent.
And are you on board?
Not that it's your business,
but not yet.
Well, it could be my business.
It could be
our business together.
Think about it.
A production company
completely run by the artists.
You know, when something sounds
too good to be true,
it usually is.
Streisand, Poitier...
- Newman.
Why should we be left out
in the cold?
Who said we would be?
There's other ways
to get control.
I got plenty of juice.
That's not what I hear.
Be careful what you hear.
People talk in this town, Steve.
I mean, your racing picture's
in trouble.
And Solar's deal,
it's on the ropes.
What is this?
You don't need my permission,
not to play Dega.
Not to join First Artists.
Are you looking for approval?
'Cause I'm not your daddy.
Or maybe you're just looking
for a little insurance,
is that it?
I'm trying to wrap my head
around the idea
of being a team player.
And if Steve McQueen
can be a team player,
I guess I could, too.
Well, I don't know
what to tell you, kid.
All my decisions come
in due time.
This is good.
It feels right.
I think I wanna play Dega.
I think you're a good actor.
You may even be great,
but make no mistake,
I don't care if it's Trumbo,
Shaffner or anybody else
blowing smoke up your ass.
That set will be mine,
you got that?
A lot of actors I see
worry about losing
the spotlight.
Never been a concern.
Until now.
Tell me about France.
Tell me about Le Mans.
They took the film away from me.
Who did?
The suits...
at Cinema Center.
The producers,
Stulbarg and Bob Rosen.
-No. Not really.
Lost them too, though.
My business partner, Bob,
then it was Stan, my agent.
Where were they
when I needed them, huh?
Nowhere I'll tell you, so...
...cut them loose.
Have you seen it?
I did.
There were problems.
We had a lot of guys, good guys,
looking to crack that story.
We had John, directing,
Sturges. You know him?
I know of him.
Did three pictures with him
and he walked out on me.
Walked out on a movie?
No. On me.
Would you agree that
films are
a collaborative effort?
No. Not on Le Mans.
This was my vision.
I knew what I wanted.
That's not always
easily expressed.
I don't know how clear
I gotta be.
Sounds like
a stressful situation.
And then some, Doc.
So I imagine, the probable
outcome for the film
is not good.
As a man that is judged
by his peers...
based on reviews
and box office receipts,
this must be a bitter pill.
Le Mans
was your passion project.
A convergence
of the two things that
you pretty much
dedicated your life to.
Any accolades or awards
would mean affirmation.
Affirmation of your vision.
I got awards, nominations.
Don't need them.
An Academy Award?
You're a box office champion.
You have a strong drive
to win, Steve.
And both awards and...
box office receipts
constitute the pinnacle
of winning in Hollywood.
You didn't hope
to achieve this with Le Mans?
Look, you want every movie
to be a success.
Even if Le Mans
succeeds at the box office
or at the Academy Awards,
I don't think you're
gonna consider it a success.
No, I won't.
Because it was taken
away from you.
It's not your film.
You sacrificed a lot
for this film.
More than you know.
I want to know.
I want you to tell me,
that's why we're here.
We're here
because Neile asked me to.
It was a long shoot.
An arduous shoot.
drugs fill the down time?
It didn't hurt.
that night.
I don't wanna talk
about that night.
We've come a long way
here today, Steve.
I think we need
to talk about it.
What did you do that night
at the chateau in France?
Steve, what did
you do that night?
I put a gun in my wife's head.
Why did you put a gun
to your wife's head?
Because she told me
she had an affair.
She already knew
of your indiscretions?
Yeah. I always confessed.
But that
only helped you...
with your guilt.
What else did you do?
I hurt her.
I hurt my wife.
I keep hurting her.
Why would you hurt your wife?
I can't stop.
Tell me about him.
I already have.
-Tell me again.
Where did you meet him?
Where did you meet him? Hm?
Stop. Don't do this to yourself.
Where did you meet him?
Steve, stop, please.
- Where did you meet him?
On a plane.
On a plane, I already told you.
Where did you do it?
-Where did you do it?
-I don't remember.
-Steve, stop.
Where did you do it?
I'm so sorry.
I'm sorry, baby.
-I'm so sorry.
At Beverly Hills Hotel.
I can't hear you.
Beverly Hills Hotel.
-What room?
-What room?
- I don't remember
the goddamn room!
- Who started it?
-I don't...
-I don't know.
- Who started it?
Maybe me, maybe him.
I don't remember.
No maybes.
Who started it?
He did. He did. He said hello,
I told him my name.
Oh, he knew who you were, baby.
Make no mistake.
Yes, he knew who I was.
He fucked you because of me.
He fucked me because of you.
Why did you do this, huh?
I'm tired, baby.
Let's please stop.
This is what you get.
Whoring around.
With another fucking actor.
Humiliate me?
I'm tired, baby.
Can we please stop?
Did you enjoy it?
Did you enjoy it?
Was he better than me?
- Did you enjoy it? Huh?
-Stop it. Please.
-Did you enjoy it?
-Stop it!
- Huh?
-Stop. For the last time, yes!
Yes, I did!
I've been thinking about
what's next.
For you?
Yeah. I mean, the Vegas gig
is over,
and, well,
I gotta think about what's next.
Variety shows are fine,
but I don't know.
I'm gonna try something new,
something different.
Well, you know,
things are going really good
for me right now, so...
Well, so...
you know, we had a hard year.
Like you said, being apart.
Well, both of us
working, it's...
It's no way to begin a marriage.
Well, yeah. I know.
What do you have in mind?
Well, we are married,
you know, there's...
no reason why
we shouldn't have a family
like everyone else.
-Family, huh?
How many kids exactly,
Mr. McQueen?
I don't know. Let's see, uh...
five, ten, a hundred?
As many as we can make,
Mrs. McQueen.
Oh, really?
You're gonna see, baby.
I'm going all the way
to the top.
I'm not letting anybody
kick me off.
Not ever.
I'm sorry.
I'm so, so sorry.
This is going to end
one day, baby.
That night in France
and every night in between...
is one step closer
because I'll be dead.
Because you killed me.
Oh, no.
No, no, no.
This is going to end
one day, baby.
You're Steve McQueen.
You hemorrhage your money
and you burn every goddamn
bridge back in France!
You can do whatever you want.
You diminished me.
People just want to see you
do one thing now.
I mean, they wanna see me
get a bad guy.
They wanna see me,
you know, win.
And there's always
some kid
lookin' to knock you off
the top spot.
You're a movie star, Steve.
Surely, that comes
with its own set of...
Just pick.
You swore an oath to me.
You know what's really
chapping my hide, Freddie?
What happened on August 8, 1969?
It's not the car.
Because you killed me.
For the last time, yes!
Hard road to hoe.
What do you know?
I know
what you're thinking.
Always you and the toys.
They just got bigger.
Yeah, well, I ain't hanging on
to this one.
Why not? It's lovely.
It's not right.
I mean, if it ain't right,
you just get rid of it?
We still talking about cars?
William walked out on me too,
I was a baby.
I found him, you know.
Long Beach.
A goddamn stones' throw away.
What did he have to say
for himself?
The son of a bitch
was already dead.
Never even saw his face.
Look in the mirror, sweetheart.
It was always so easy for you.
Oh, you don't say.
You'd just take off,
send me away.
I raised you, boy.
Uncle Claude raised me.
I needed to do right
by me.
What about me?
It wasn't all bad,
there were some good ones.
Yeah, where were you
when he was using me
as his punching bag?
You needed discipline.
You acted up.
I defended myself.
You think it was easy for me?
Oh, I'm sure the booze helped.
A single mother at that time?
I was damaged goods,
and the whole town knew it.
You think
you were such a peach?
Oh, you were wild, boy. Wild.
I wonder why that was.
There were
some good times.
It's a miracle I even survived.
Are you looking for excuses?
Honey, you have the whole world.
The whole world
at your fingertips.
You have everything.
How do you think
I got that, huh?
I built this. Me.
Plain and simple.
Hm. So easy to see the road,
when you're walking on
the people that paved the way.
At least I'm here
for my children.
You're doing
a bang-up job with that.
You need to get straight, son.
Your wife don't deserve
what she's been given.
Oh, forgive me
if my knees
don't quake at your wisdom.
It's not about me.
You're a grown man.
Things are bad, I know.
They could be better.
You never let that
stop you before.
get a little more complicated
when you're me.
And who are you exactly?
I oughta get going.
Now where are you going to, boy?
I got some things to sort out.
The things you got
ain't easily sorted out.
But if anyone can do it,
it's you.
I just want it to rain
Honey, I ain't tough
I just want it to rain
Down on me
'Cause I ain't sad enough
I need to find
My way home
'Cause I wanna see
How it feels
To be not alone
But it's hard
So hard to realize
When the sun gets in my eyes
When the sun gets in my eyes
Hello, engine.
You a mechanic?
I dabble.
You mind not dabbling
on a stranger's car?
Sorry, kid.
Just haven't seen one of these
in a while.
Where you been?
Is that yours?
Sort of.
You been around
a lot of Chargers?
You could say that.
440 Torqueflite.
She's a real power plant.
That's a lot of car
for a kid like you.
You rob banks?
Nah, it's not mine.
Your pa's?
Foster dad's.
He lets me work on it.
He let you drive it?
He gave you that though,
didn't he?
You gotta name, kid?
I'm Steve.
You know, Rodney, it's not
always gonna be like this.
Boys grow into men.
It's the one thing
we got going for us.
You got a plan?
What kind of plan?
You know,
for when you get out of here.
I don't know.
I like cars.
Do what you wanna do
but always...
always have a plan.
Did you have a plan?
Well, not always.
You seem to be okay now.
Well, you'd be surprised.
Hey, Rodney.
You know this guy?
Yeah. Mr. Ross.
Yeah, that's him.
Thanks, kid.
Good meeting you, mister...
Holy shit!
-Steve McQueen?
- All right, Ross.
Where is it?
Uh, I'm afraid, I, I, don't know
what you're talking about,
Mr. McQueen.
You're Ross, Robert Ross, right?
You know what I'm talking about.
The car?
What car?
The car. The Mustang GT 390.
The Mustang, sure. Yeah.
I know Warner Brothers
sold it to you. I want it back.
I'll give you a fair price,
but don't, don't hustle me, Bob.
Hustle you.
I... I sold it.
Uh, I only kept it
about a year,
you know, it was just...
It was just too much car for me.
And with gas prices
going up and all.
For what it's worth,
it was a...
Man, it was
a real honor to drive.
You were Frank Bullitt.
It's my favorite movie.
Can I ask you a question?
Fire away.
You really do
all that driving?
What do you do again, Bob?
Oh, I'm in the pictures, too.
Doing what exactly?
I work
in the editing department.
Anything I've seen?
No, probably none.
You look a little winded,
Mr. McQueen.
Can I get you a drink
or something?
I'll get some cereal, anything.
I'm gonna get going now, Bob.
Wait, wait, uh...
I can get you the information
of the fella I sold it to.
That won't be necessary.
You take care.
Hey, boy.
Hey, boy.
You forgot to put
the tool set away here last--
Whoa, whoa, whoa,
whoa. whoa.
Wait a sec. Wait a sec.
You see that kid there?
Him and me are pals now.
-Say you understand.
-I understand.
If anything happens to him,
I'm coming back for you.
I understand, understand.
You got a name?
Irv. Irving.
Put your hand down, Irv.
I will come back.
Good talk, Irv.
He won't be bothering
you anymore.
You don't need
his damn car either.
Are you serious?
Serious as taxes.
I don't know what to say.
You don't have
to say a thing, kid.
You might want to check
the water pump.
Not a problem.
Hey, who are you?
See yourself
making movies forever?
We don't get forever, do we?
You know, I mean...
I know, and I'll tell you.
Forever would be a long time.
There'll be a day
in the future where...
no one would really care
about the films I make.
There'll be someone new.
Something new.
I think about, sometimes,
that if you were to
plant me in the future,
I don't think anyone
would notice me.
I'd be like a fly
on the wall.
Just me.
That seems hard
to believe.
Now, look,
I know one day I'll be
looking back on the journey.
It'll all be in the past.
Only in my memories.
There'll be mistakes
and triumphs.
That's part of the journey.
It'll be quite the tale.
Then what?
After the movies?
Probably just head to Mexico.
I'm slippin'
I'm alive
What I know is all a lie
All I know
Is I don't want you
Sometimes, I get so quiet
You might not see me so high
Sound of breaking glass
I should have warned you
I might be stopping by
Each morning
The sun tells my story
As it casts a shadow
On my face
Oh, the night before
My cheek to the floor
Flags waving me in
It was just a race
Tearing through
The linens of satin
Like a dog
Pissing on the streets
They walk home
With the trophy
I'm waking up
With a plea
Come a long way from Slater
I haven't seen much
Of the fall
I miss the breeze
Through the windows
The least I got is dirt
Is dirt to keep me warm
Wink and a grin
The whole world's a circus
Wink and a grin
We're going town to town
Wink and a grin, am I the man
In the high-wire act
Wink and a grin
Or am I just a clown?
Wink and a grin
Wink and a grin
Wink and a grin
Wink and a grin
Whoa, wink and a grin
Wink and a grin