Chasing Grace (2015) Movie Script

- [Voiceover] A prominent
pastor and his wife
suffered a tragic
blow this afternoon.
- [Voiceover] Horrible what
happened to that little girl.
And our thoughts and our
prayers are with the family.
- [Voiceover] This
is a Godly place
that had a very
ungodly thing happen.
- [Voiceover] I think
the community wants
to be there for this
wonderful family.
- [Voiceover] It's
definitely a shock to us all.
- [Voiceover] All of this
just stunning this community.
- [Voiceover] The family
asking for privacy
as they mourn the loss.
- [Voiceover] Some
classmates held flowers.
- [Voiceover] We're
just tryna make sense
out of something
you don't make sense out of.
- [Voiceover] Our sympathy
and love and prayers
go out to the family.
- [Voiceover] What
are you dressed up as?
- A princess.
- [Voiceover] As Pastor
Johnathan likes to say,
only our Heavenly Father knows
the plans he has for us.
They are for good and not evil.
To give us a future and a hope.
In a family with a
long history of boys
it seemed a bit of a miracle
they'd finally have a girl.
What an angel she was.
- Thank you so much
for coming today everyone.
When Gracie came along
she filled our lives
with such hope.
We could scarcely
fathom our love for her.
And today we honor her life
and the short time we
were able to enjoy it.
Heavenly Father,
thank you for friends and family
who are there when we
need them the most.
Help us to love.
Help us to love and forgive
those who have wronged us
even when it seems impossible.
Watch over our family Lord.
take Gracie into
your loving arms.
Keep her close to
your heart, God.
(intense ambient music)
What are you doing here?
- Don't be so hateful.
- Don't be a (pause) drunk.
- That's convenient .
- I've got to get
back to my family.
- Hey.
I'm still part of that family.
- Not anymore.
(intense ambient music)
- [Voiceover] As
a child I recall
reading a story from the bible
about a father and his two sons.
The younger one
asked for his portion
of the family estate as
an early inheritance.
He takes the money and
runs away to a distant land
only to waste his
fortune on wild living.
But when a famine hits
and his money is gone
he finds himself in dire
circumstances and returns home.
He begs to be
employed by his father
who instead welcomes him.
Holding a feast to
celebrate his return.
This angers the other son
who refuses to participate.
Saying that in all the time
he worked for his father
he never received gifts or
celebrated with friends.
The father reminds that son
that everything he
owns is already his
and that they should
celebrate his brothers return.
In this story we're
encouraged to dwell less
on our own past waywardness
and to be more concerned
with the love of family,
celebrating the gift
that is their life.
As the father of three
beautiful children,
I often tell them,
especially my
little angel Gracie,
who by the way
wanted to make sure
I give her a shout
out for her birthday.
Happy birthday sweetie.
Forgiveness is like a hug.
You can't give one
without getting one in return.
I want you to leave today
comforted in this truth:
love those who love you
and forgive those
who have wronged you.
Peace be with you.
- [Audience] And also with you.
- Morning Pastor,
Hey Gracie.
- Missed you in
chuch this morning.
- No rest for the weary.
- What is it this time?
- Same old news.
- Some people never learn.
- Some people need
a second chance.
- And a third and a fourth and.
Sorry ma'am.
- Well, like your
sermon today Pops,
life is short take
time to forgive.
- Thanks for listening, son.
- Like we haven't heard
it a million times.
- Heard that.
- Anyhow,
You need to come get him.
- Alright.
- We'll head back to the house.
Start getting ready for
someone's birthday party.
- Happy birthday to me!
Daddy can I go with you?
Pretty please?
- Come here, sweetie.
- Daddy's got some quick
business with Sheriff Danny.
Why don't you head
home with mommy
and I'll pick up some
ice cream for my--
- Princess for the day.
- David why don't you
go help your mother
and Christopher,
you come with me.
- What?
- Yeah, it'll give us
some guy time. Let's go.
(light ambient music)
- Hey, Carter how's next Sunday?
- Yeah, great.
- Hey, Carter.
Don't forget this.
- What a sight.
- Thanks.
- [Christopher]
Hey Uncle Carter,
why do you drink so much?
- [Johnathan] That's
a good question son.
- [Carter] Let's just say,
everybody needs a hobby.
- Hey dad,
why is Carter so angry?
- Son, he's just not
real good with people.
Look, you go on in
and help your mother
and I'll be in there
in a few minutes, okay?
- Okay.
- What'd you say?
- Yes, sir.
- There you go.
Can you do me a favor?
- [Carter] Yeah.
- Just once try to set a good
example for my kids, will ya?
I know old habits
die hard, buddy.
But their young minds
are impressionable
and they do look up to you.
Used to anyway.
- Uh huh.
- Look, why don't you
go inside and dry off
and later we'll toss some
burgers on the grill.
- Hey bro?
Thanks for picking me up again.
(lighthearted cheerful music)
- [Christopher] Come out,
come out, where ever you are.
I know a birthday girl
who's about to become It.
- [Grace] Hey Chris,
look what I found.
This time you be the Indian
and I'll be the cowboy.
- Grace,
put that down okay?
It could be loaded.
(gun shot fires)
(dark suspenseful music)
(crying woman)
(intense suspenseful music)
- [Johnathan] Grace!
(somber ambient music)
- [Deanna] I remember
the day she was born.
You remember that?
- Yeah.
- She was like a daughter to us.
- She loved both of you so much.
You know that right?
- It's not fair.
- No it isn't.
(truck rumbling)
- You gotta be kidding me.
- [Johnathan] What
are you doing here?
- [Carter] Paying my
respects. What's it look like?
- [Johnathan] I thought
I made it very clear
that you were not
wanted around my family.
- [Carter] Our family
is missing a person.
Now let go of my arm.
- [Johnathan] You are
trying my patients, Carter.
- [Carter] Imagine that.
- [Daphne] Hello, Carter.
Why don't you join
me in the kitchen?
I made some of your
favorite biscuits.
- [Carter] Thank you, Daphne.
- Looks like we have
enough food for an army.
Would you put that in the jello?
- The wiggles make me giggles.
She always used to say that.
- I can't imagine.
Come here.
- [Danny] I loved that
girl like she was my own.
- [Johnathan] She loved
you too, Uncle Danny.
Thanks for being
there for me, man.
For the whole family.
- I wouldn't have
it any other way.
You know, like we
said back in school,
roomies for four,
best friends forever.
You know...
There's other solutions
to your problem.
- Be cool.
- Carter?
- Christopher.
- I wanna say something.
- You might want to
think twice first.
- Oh, I thought about it plenty.
- Hey, he's a broken hammer.
Uses my jail as
a revolving door.
- He's had a rough life.
- He has?
You have.
Angela has.
The boys have.
Because of him
there's no more Grace.
Look, I think we just need to
teach him a lesson.
Something to get his attention.
- If there was anything
that I could do--
- No, there is one thing,
you could save us all a
lot of trouble and just.
- Alright, dude, come on.
Let's go back inside.
(dark ambient music)
- [Christopher] How
does payback feel?
- Not a fan.
- What is going on here?
- [Christopher] I was
just talking to Carter.
- Son, this is no way to behave.
- Whatever.
- Disrespectful drunk.
- [Angela] Heaven's no.
- [Danny] You are certifiable.
- [Daphne] You need
to take a deep breath.
Both of you.
- You just can't leave
well enough alone, can you?
- [Danny] Come on slugger.
Let's dry you out, again.
- [Angela] What was
Carter thinking?
Bringing a gun to my
baby's birthday party.
- He'll get his.
- What do you mean?
- One way or the
other, he'll pay.
- You don't mean that.
- I'm gonna collapse.
I'm gonna go to bed.
- Yeah, honey, I'll be there.
I'm just gonna sit out here
and think about some things.
- As sad as I am,
and I have ever been
in my entire life,
it's our responsibility
to forgive him.
- This is not forgivable.
(somber ambient music)
- Sweetheart, are
you coming to bed?
- [Angela] You know mom,
I feel like we're just now
starting to gain
some equilibrium.
- [Daphne] Well, it takes time.
You know stress can hide
itself in so may ways.
- Actually, I haven't
seen Johnathan this
stress free since,
I don't know.
- [Angela] No more
shenanigans with Carter?
- No, it's been fine.
- [Angela] Well, I know
the good Lord's on duty.
I just want you to know
that I am always here
to help my little girl.
- I know.
Thank you.
(phone rings)
Oh, that might be him.
- I'll finish.
- Hey, and thanks again
for taking the boys.
Are you sure you don't mind?
- Of course not.
It's our pleasure.
You two go out and have fun.
- Thanks.
- [Daphne] She wasn't
doing this right anyway.
(ringing phone)
- Hello?
- [Johnathan] Hey, Angel.
- Hey, ears burning?
- [Johnathan] Should they be?
- I was just telling
Mom how excited I am
about our romantic
evening tonight.
- [Johnathan] So
you still wanna go?
- Well...
- [Johnathan]
Hello? Still there?
- Christopher
should be at school.
- [Johnathan] He is, isn't he?
- No, he's here.
- Science class was canceled
early so I wen't for a run.
I'm gonna grab a quick shower
and I'm heading back out.
- Okay.
I'm back, sorry.
- [Johnathan] So, dinner
with the old ball and chain
sounds better than
left overs, huh?
- Yes, silly.
And actually you'll
be impressed.
I'm getting my hair done.
- [Johnathan] I
can't wait, honey.
Our reservations are for seven.
I'll try to catch a little time
with the boy's first, okay?
- Perfect.
Love you.
- [Johnathan] Love
you, honey. Bye.
(suspenseful music)
- I got a crazy story.
See you in 20.
- [Johnathan] I really
appreciate this guys.
I'll be sure to take
good care of it.
Thought I would surprise
Angela with a little
drive around the
parkway tonight.
A little romantic dinner.
- Well, no, thank you.
We're headed over to
help my brother move
and we can pack a
lot more in your SUV
than we can in this.
- We are not helping
your brother move, baby.
You're dropping
me off at the mall
so I can go shopping, remember?
Because that's my idea
of a romantic evening.
Just make sure you leave enough
room in the car for shoes.
- [Johnathan] What is
it with women and shoes?
- So, what's the big story?
- Please tell me you
did not just air quote.
- Yeah I did.
- Wow!
- Alright, whatever.
- Wow. Okay, alright.
So, I found this
stash in the basement.
- Okay?
- With like a lot
of empty bottles.
- Oh, no! You guys recycle!
- Gosh, okay.
Like dozens of empty bottles.
- So?
- So I guess Dad and Carter
spend more time out
there than I thought.
- Suprise.
- Yeah.
- I guess everyone
needs a hobby.
(phone rings)
- Hello?
- [Voiceover] Mrs. Matheson?
- Yes?
- Officer Reddick from the
Mission Grove Police Department.
Your husband's been
in an accident.
- Is he alright?
- He's more shaken
up than anything
just a bump on his head
from when he slid off the road.
- [David] What's wrong mom?
- [Angela] Your father's
been in an accident.
- I just left the E.R.
You're gonna have
to go pick him up.
- [Angela] Go get
in the car, okay?
Son, son?
- Christopher!
- Your father's
been in an accident.
- [Christopher] Is he alright?
- We're going to the
emergency room to get him.
- I have rehearsals.
- I don't have time to
argue with you right now.
- Then don't.
Serves him right.
- [Voiceover] You know, you're
lucky you busted the fender
and creased your forehead.
It could of easily
gone the other way.
- Hey look,
I kinda need you guys to
keep this quiet, okay?
I mean, I got this under
control, I just slipped.
I mean the car just slipped so,
we're good?
- Johnny, we've been
friends a long time,
so I wanna be honest with you.
I can put a bandage on your
head and send you on your way,
but if you don't get
your head on straight.
- Understood and thank you.
- And hey, about
that other thing--
- Honey, are you alright?
- [Johnathan] I'm fine.
Hey sport!
- [David] Hey, Pops.
- [Doctor] You're
husband's just fine.
However, the fender
on that little car.
- What?
- I'll explain
later, it's nothing.
- [Doctor] Seriously, nothing
more than a couple of aspirin
and some ice won't fix.
- He's a lucky guy.
- [Angela] Well,
it's more than luck.
- [Doctor] Pastor,
you're in good hands.
I'll see you later.
- I'm just glad
that you're safe.
- [Johnathan] Hey, you
could say that again.
- I'm just glad
that you're safe.
- (laughs) Right there.
- Well, I don't know about me,
but you look like you
could get some food.
- [Johnathan] I am hungry.
Let's get out of here.
(suspenseful music)
- [Angela] Is that good?
I think so.
Do you want another piece?
Yes or no?
You want another piece?
- No, I'm good.
- [Angela] Okay.
- [Christopher] Nice hat.
- It's all the rage,
you should try it.
- [David] See, they even
have styles for kids.
- [Christopher] Cute.
- You have to admit
that was pretty funny.
- [Christopher] It's a
regular Matheson comedy hour.
- Not even gonna ask how
your old man is doing?
- Gee, I give.
How is my old man doing?
- Just fine, thanks for asking.
- Good.
- So your father
and I were talking
and we would like
the both of you
to join us for an
outing tomorrow.
- What is it?
- Let's just call it a surprise.
- Good morning my
Matheson family.
Dr. Jefferson Long
and your service.
- Good to see you.
Boys this is Dr. Long
and he helps people
work though rough spots.
- That is right.
I am the rough spot fixer-upper.
You must be Christopher.
- Yes, sir.
- Yes, quite a grip.
Are you a drummer?
- Yes, actually.
- And you must be
The Little Professor.
- The one and only.
- Absolutely.
- [David] Pleased to meet you.
- Yes sir, nice to meet you.
Wonderful kids.
So, why don't we
just have a seat
and let's get to
know one another.
- We were actually
just hoping that
we can just talk with you first.
- Of course.
Well, that's perfectly fine.
Gentlemen, right this way.
Well then.
Where should we begin?
- Something is off between us.
- What do you mean?
I wanted this weekend
to be a surprise.
- Sliding off the road?
I mean that's just not like you.
- Accidents happen.
- 20 years Johnathan.
Through thick and thin.
We have never kept anything
from one another.
- Right.
- Angela, be more
specific with Johnathan.
- Your father was a drunk.
Your brother is a drunk.
And I was just hoping that,
- Ok..
Would you just let me finish?
I was just hoping
that you wouldn't
carry on the legacy.
And Frankly I have
just about had it.
- [Johnathan] Had what?
- Johnathan Randall,
you are keeping
something from me.
And either you come clean
and tell me what is going on--
- Or what?
- Or I'll tell you what.
You will lose your boys.
Look at me.
Just like your father.
And your dignity.
Like your brother.
And you will lose me.
Don't you lie.
Don't you lie to me.
- I'm not lying about nothing.
(light mystical music)
- [Christopher] So that
was our outing, huh?
- What your father and I
were hoping to find was--
- Insight?
- Well, I was thinking closure.
- Good luck with that.
- You boys know how powerful
prayer is, don't you?
- Sounds like a sermon brewing.
- [Johnathan] You know,
sometimes we just need to
kind of, check under the hood.
- [David] Like a
psychological tuneup.
I mean, an emotional checkup.
- God wants to heal
our emotional wounds.
Here's an idea, why
don't we do something
we aint done in forever, guys?
- Like have any fun?
- [David] What, Pops?
- [Johnathan] Let's play
hookie the rest of the day.
(light mellow music)
- [Johnathan] I'll
be right back.
- [Angela] Johnathan?
- [Johnathan] It's
fine. Head on in.
- [David] Mom.
- [Angela] Let's go.
- [Christopher] What's he want?
- Your father's got
it under control.
- That's a first.
- Come on, let's
go in the house.
- [Johnathan] I thought
I told you to stay away.
- [Carter] I did until now.
Hey, it's my family too.
- [Johnathan] Was. Remember?
- [Carter] Is.
- [Johnathan] You
are being a jackass.
- [Carter] Not sounding
very Christian there.
- You know I'm not feeling
very Christian right now.
- [Carter] Isn't it
amazing how an accident
can tear a family apart?
- [Johnathan] Accident?
It's not really an
accident, Carter,
when somebody
blatantly, repeatedly,
disregards the rules.
- [Carter] That's your opinion.
- You know,
we just had a really good time.
I mean probably the
best in a long time.
I don't wanna take two
steps forward and one back.
- Then don't.
- Your being around the
family kind of does that.
- Of all people.
How can you not forgive me?
- Because you do not
respect what is mine.
- All I've ever wanted was
exactly what you've got.
Kids, the perfect
family. All of this.
- Exactly.
And you don't mess
with sacred gifts like family.
- That's rich coming
from you, Pastor.
- [Johnathan] Oh yeah, put it
all back on me, why don't ya?
- [Carter] Hey, hey, hey.
Tell me something.
Just be honest.
How long are you gonna
hold this against me?
- As long as you're alive.
- You're never gonna
let me back in are you?
- Nope. Can't.
How can I ever trust
you when that damn
piece of armor never
leaves your side?
- [Carter] It's for protection.
- From what Carter?
The wars over, man.
Terrorists aren't around here.
From what? The Afghan Rebels?
What are you
thinking dad's gonna
come back and hunt you down?
Is that what this is all about?
- Mom.
- No, don't talk about her.
- You remember that day?
You and I went up to visit them.
It was right before you
and Angela got married.
He was so drunk.
She was getting something
from the trunk of the car.
- And hit her head.
Like I said, an accident.
- His anger knew no limits.
- You don't think I know that?
- All those years I
tried to protect you.
I tried to keep
you from the truth.
- [Johnathan] He didn't.
(dark somber music)
- Do you care to share what
the two of y'all
were talking about?
- [Johnathan] I don't
wanna talk about it.
- He is family.
- [Johnathan] A friggen mess.
And a threat.
And now after all these years,
- What?
- [Johnathan] He says dad's
responsible for mom's death.
- You said it was an accident.
- [Johnathan] It is. It was.
He doesn't know what
he's talking about.
- We need to pray for him.
- [Johnathan] Yeah, you do that.
- It's okay boy.
Just your old man diggin'
around the pain barn.
You'll never let me
back in, will you?
You're never gonna let
me back in, are you?
You're never gonna
let me back in.
(dark somber music)
(loads bullet in gun)
(dark somber music)
- [David] We're gonna
have to tell the school
to cancel the
goldmine field trip.
The gold value's
gone down a lot.
- [Angela] You boy's
want some more bacon?
- I'll take a piece.
- [Angela] Christopher, you
sure you don't want any more?
I really wish you'd have
something else to eat.
What's the latest,
Little Professor?
- Oh the ususal.
Market trends of
overseas trading,
volatility in the growth sector,
and the president says
phooey to more tax breaks.
- Phooey, that sounds official.
- [David] Morning, Pops.
- Morning son. Any stock tips?
- [David] Yeah, Mission
Groves Church stocks
increased by 450% overnight.
- That's nice.
- [David] Dad!
- I head you son.
Okay gentlemen,
start your engines.
David with me.
Christopher you are on your own.
And you my love.
- [David] Oh brother.
- [Angela] I'll take it.
Have a good day at school.
- When do you
think Christopher's
going to stop being so angry?
- I think it's more
hurt than anger.
Short answer, it
just takes time.
- Thought you'd say that.
- You remember when you and I
built the skate
ramp last summer?
I took the nail
out of the board.
- [David] And you
stared at the hole
and I asked what
you were thinking.
- Remember what I said?
- Something about how
sin was like the
hole that was left.
- You can remove the sin
but the scar remains.
Death is like that.
- I sure miss her, Dad.
- Me too, son.
(light somber music)
- [Voiceover] Tell me
something Matheson.
- [Voiceover] Chris stop!
- [Kim] Hi, Mrs.
Matheson. It's Kym.
- Hi.
Is everything okay?
- Um, it's Christopher.
He's in trouble.
- What happened?
- [Kym] Me and Chris were just
minding our own buisness
getting ready for class
when this Peter Vaughn kid
just started mouthing off.
- Okay, wait a minute, what?
What's going on?
- I'm really sorry Mrs.
Matheson I have to go.
I just wanted to let you know
that it wasn't Chris' fault.
- Wait a minute Kym,
did he start a
fight or something?
Just tell me what's going on.
- Peter asked Christopher
what it was like seeing
someones head get blown off.
I'm really sorry Mrs.
Matheson. I really am.
(woman crying)
- [Joshua] Hey Dan.
Looks like you got
some work ahead of you.
- Yeah, but she'll
be as good as new
by the time I'm
finished with her.
- I'm looking forward to that.
- But you know it's gonna be
another couple of days, right?
- Yeah that's fine.
I just need to grab
something from the glove box.
- Got everything you need?
- Sure do. Appreciate it.
- Alright, see you later, boss.
(intense ambient music)
- Hello?
- Whatever happened to that
lesson you were gonna teach him?
- Well I arrested him, again.
And I banned him
from his usual places
just like you suggested.
- And?
- Well, you remember
that enormous
linebacker from college?
Went by the name of Baby Hewey?
- Yes.
- [Danny] Yeah, well
I fixed a few tickets.
I gave him a small
gift to pay a visit.
After a separated shoulder,
a few broken ribs,
shattered nose--
- And?
- Let's just say the old
coot's tougher than I thought.
And Baby Hewey aint gon' be
playing football
for a long time.
- Maybe it's time
to turn up the heat.
- [Danny] How hot?
- Hot.
- I don't care what you
think. You weren't there.
- Son, what I was trying to say,
is that I'm proud of you.
- What?
- If he said to you what
Kym told me that he said--
- Wait, she told you?
- I wish she hadn't.
- She cares about you.
We all care about you.
Your father is not
gonna like the fighting.
- He's the one who's telling
me to stand up for myself.
- And to turn the other cheek.
- Great! A sermon from you too.
- Look, just sit down with
me for a second, okay?
What is this boy's name?
- Peter Vaughn.
- Is he from a good family?
- No.
- Is he from a godly home?
- That would be a no.
- So then is it safe to
assume that he hasn't had
the same opportunities
that you've had?
- Yes ma'am.
- What?
- You should of been a lawyer.
- Why would you say that?
- Because you got this way
of being so goodie-goodie,
but deep down you can
be a real ball-buster.
- I don't know about all that.
- You could of.
- One thing we do know now.
- What?
- Looks like you've mastered
the Matheson right hook.
- That's what I'm talking about.
Just kidding.
- Come here.
(knocking at the door)
- Come in.
- [Joshua] Hey, Johnathan.
- Oh, hey Joshua. What's up?
- Well, I wanted to
ask you a question.
I thought you said
when you were driving
that you slipped on a
patch of loose gravel.
- Exactly and sorry again
that's a powerful car, man.
Kind of got away from me there.
- You wanna tell me what
this is all about then?
- Was that in the car?
- Yeah.
- Oh, Carter.
I shouldn't of picked him up.
- You've been quiet.
What's up?
- Something Dr. Long said.
- Yeah, what's that?
- Well it was mostly crap but
he said something that
I wasn't expecting.
He said, next time I find
myself in a situation like that
just imagine what
Gracie would do.
And all that I can think
about is that she'd
just smile and laugh
like she'd always do.
- It's a good mantra, huh?
- Yeah.
- Granna.
- Hello, grandson.
I hope the other
guy looks worse.
The Professor is in his room.
He got a ride home early.
He's been really quiet.
- Does it ever end?
- Not really.
But I'm here for ya.
- Thanks, Mom.
(knocking at door)
- May I come in?
- Come on in Mom.
- Everything okay?
- [David] I'm fine.
- You sure?
- Do you think
if Christopher hadn't
chased Grace into the house,
she'd still be alive?
Was it my fault?
All I can remember is
we were having so much fun.
And then it was her
turn to be It and,
and I remember he saying,
if you weren't
carrying The Professor,
you would be able to catch me.
And I just keep thinking
that maybe,
just maybe,
if I had held on
that she would still be alive.
- David,
it is no more your fault
than old man Tucker
who lives down the way.
- Old man Tuker's like
95 years old, Mom.
He couldn't even pick
up a gun if he tried.
- That's my point exactly.
Do you believe that
God allows things
to happen exactly
the way he chooses?
- Doesn't make sense but
I guess that's why
they call it faith.
- Then maybe,
God chose that it
was Gracie's time.
And it was his plan
that her mission here
on earth was complete.
Just like my purpose, hey.
My purpose and your
fathers purpose
is to help you grow
to be a teacher
or an inventor or
whatever you imagine.
- And Christopher
could be the next--
- Michael W. Smith?
- I was thinking
more of Pitbull.
- Who?
- Never mind.
(somber ambient music)
- [Joshua] Johnathan
you assured me
you no longer had a
problem with alcohol.
- [Johnathan]
Those were Carters.
I picked him up and
we went for a spin.
- His bottles on
your side of the car?
- He must of tossed them there
when we stopped to get gas.
- Interesting.
- Why?
- The car was filled up
when it gave it to you.
- Okay, we stopped
for smokes for Carter
at the gas station
is what I meant.
- Was that before the accident?
- Yes.
- So, where was Carter when
Officer Mahler showed up?
- Carter walked to the
payphone to try to get help.
- Look, these are from
the insurance company.
The Sheriffs report
says you called it in.
From this number.
Isn't that you cell phone?
- Okay, I forgot, you
guys never forget?
- Surely you can
appreciate how this looks.
- Yes, but I can
explain everything.
- Johnathan I think,
actually we all think,
you've got more of a
problem than you believe.
- We feel like you should
take a leave of absents.
Until you can sort this out.
- [Russel] We also
think it would be smart
if you put the Family
Center plans on hold.
- But this church
is everything to me.
- And we sympathize
with everything
that you've had to go through.
- Stewart, Stewart,
I promise you this
is not what it seems.
- I know that.
It never is.
- So to wrap things up,
I'll take over as active pastor
until we get all
this worked out.
And of course we will
look forward to this
all working out.
(police sirens)
- [Reddick] Carter Matheson?
- Hey guys.
How are ya?
- You're under arrest.
- Really?
- Anything you say can and will
be used against you
in the court of law.
- Oh boy.
You have the right to
speak to an attorney.
- Yeah.
- You've heard
this drill before.
- I have. Thank You.
- [Danny] To the car.
- Missed you guys.
- [Danny] Missed you too.
- Nice cologne.
- Hey is my favorite seat here--
- [Danny] Yeah, it's
warm. It's ready for you.
- [Carter] Oow. Thanks a lot.
- [Angela] What was
your favorite thing
you had for dinner tonight?
- Oh for dinner.
- I like that steak.
- Well try this,
it's a small bite.
- Mmm mmm mmm.
It's good.
- Better than mine?
- No, not even
close but it's good.
- I can't remember the last time
we had a romantic
evening like this.
Especially in a
fancy restaurant.
- Can you give me
a multiple choice?
- Can I get you
all anything else?
- No thank you.
- I think we're good.
- What is that?
- Iced tea it's really good.
- Oh, this.
- That must be for
you it's not for me.
- You remembered.
- Wanna take a look?
Why not?
- Oh my gosh.
- [Johnathan] Happy
anniversary Mrs. Matheson.
Would you still be my
wife always and forever?
- Sweetheart.
- Alright, your arraignment
is set for next week.
- You guys just had to
stir it up, didn't you?
- He decided to press
charges after all.
- [Reddick] Carrying
a concealed weapon
on private property
not once but twice.
- I'm a vet.
- But your brother
specifically asked you
not to bring a gun
on his property.
- Something smells bad.
- It's probably you, Champ.
- Whoa, settle down
ladies, settle down.
- And this couldn't wait.
- No, court needs it and
I'm going fishing this weekend.
Just to show you that
there's no hard feelings
lets go get your car and
head over to the Handle Bar.
I'm buying.
- I'm not thirsty.
- That's a first.
- Or we could just let you
settle in for the night.
- I don't suppose
one would hurt.
- Not at all.
(eerie music)
- Is she gonna be alright?
- Yeah, she's okay.
She just needs to rest.
She's gonna be fine.
Let's go get something to eat.
- [Voiceover] Code
blue. Code blue.
- [Voiceover] You
boys keep it down.
Your mamma's trying to rest.
(heavy breathing)
- [Angela] Honey.
Are you okay?
- He was right.
She died right there.
- That was certainly a
great way to start the day.
- Oh, I should of
stopped at two.
- I should of stopped at three.
- I should not have stopped.
- Be careful going home.
'Cause the cops around
here can be pretty tough.
- No you don't worry about me.
Country air just clears
my head straight up.
Thanks for the guys drinks.
I mean, you know what I mean.
- Go!
- Woo!
What is he some kind of clown?
Two can play this game.
Boy has got a sense of humor.
- License and
registration please.
- You know I was just
saying to myself--
- Do you have any idea
how fast you were going?
- Come on Reddick.
- It's Officer Reddick.
And you were speeding and
have a busted taillight.
License and
registration, please.
- [Carter] What
is that man up to?
- [Reddick] Dispatch
this is Officer Reddick.
Requesting backup for a 1050.
High speed pursuit.
- [Voiceover] Roger,
we need your location.
- [Reddick] Approaching
the cliffs at Lake Pixel.
- [Voiceover] Roger,
backup on the way.
- [Reddick] Possible 1055,
suspect is driving reckless.
Officer request the paramedics.
(bumps into truck)
(bumps truck)
- [Danny] Nice little pickle
you've gotten us into, dipstick.
- What? You said that--
- Hey, hey, settle down, Nancy.
Let me think, let me think.
Who knew that maniac
was gonna run?
- Let's see, we made his life
as miserable as possible.
Plus, he's facing
the long stretch.
- True.
There's no way he'd allow being
locked up like some animal.
- You said there's
no sign of him.
- Nope.
- There's no way he
survived that fall.
- Nope.
- You know, I'd forgotten
it was that high up.
- Well we might have just
gotten lucky after all.
- Hey.
- Hey. Thanks.
- Anything you wanna share?
- Yes and no.
- I understand. I think.
- I'm not sure which clique
works best in this situation.
- What do you mean?
- Things aren't
always as they seem or
it's time for a change.
- How about both?
- I'm the Black Ops master.
- Master wankers more like it.
- Dude, what the
heck? I was winning.
- Whatever.
- What's got you in such a mood?
- My grades suck.
I get in a fight and
I'm nearly suspended.
And then my parents
have me seeing a shrink.
- I guess that would do it.
- I wanna see what
the big deal is.
- The big deal about what?
- Stuff.
- That really narrows it down.
- You ever wonder
why some people
preach one thing
and then do another?
- What do you mean?
- Parents aren't fair.
- Yeah but they make the rules.
- I mean if everyone's
doing it then why not us?
- What are we even
talking about?
- Getting loaded must
be some kind of fun.
Or else they wouldn't
do it so much.
- Yeah my old man
likes to tilt a few.
Personally I don't get it.
Like it's stupid.
- Well if it cured my
nightmares I'd do it.
- Dude I'm sorry
I didn't, I mean--
- No, it's fine.
I'm over it.
Let's try again.
(suspenseful music)
- [Voiceover] Of all people,
how can you not forgive me?
- [Voiceover] Because you
do not respect what is mine.
- [Voiceover] What
was Carter thinking?
(giggling girl)
- [Voiceover] You're never
gonna let me back in, are you?
- [Voiceover] Nope. Can't.
(woman crying)
- [Voiceover] It's our
responsibility to forgive him.
- [Voiceover] How
long are you gonna
hold this against me?
- [Voiceover] As
long as you're alive.
(phone buzzing)
- Hey, Johnny.
- Hey, Danny.
Hey, I'm just heading to lunch.
Wanted to see if you
cared to join me.
- Oh no man, I just
picked mine up.
I'm heading back to the
station. What's going on?
- Just wanted to catch up.
- I'd love to bro but I
got a pile of paperwork.
- Giving up lunch with your
best pal to do paperwork?
- Yeah it's a big
caseload, big caseload.
- Say, whatever happened to--
- [Danny] Hey Johnny?
Hey, sorry man that's
the station. Gotta go.
Hey, I'll catch you later.
- Mom?
- Hi, son.
You smell like a little boy
who's been outdoors playing.
- You always say that.
- Well, you'll always
be my little boy.
- It's been a long time since
you've been in that room.
- What are you
doing home so early?
- [David] We only
had a half day.
- Well the engines gonna
be totally water locked.
- Hey Dan.
- Hey Pastor Johnathan.
- Hey Johnny.
I thought you were
due at the station?
- Yeah, I was gonna head back.
- Gents, I've got a lot to do.
So if you need anything
just give me a holler.
- [Danny] Look I'm just--
- Avoiding me.
- Where's Carter?
- I don't know.
- Just up and left town huh?
- Probably.
- Gone this long
without a trace.
- Coulda.
Hey look I've gotta
get back to the office.
- Hold on a minute.
So when were you gonna tell me?
- About what?
- About pushing
Carter into the lake.
- Like this. Yeah.
- See this crease right here?
- Yeah.
- About the exact size
of your front bumper.
- Nuh uh. No.
- Yeah about the size of
your work truck right there.
- Everything's gonna be fine.
Your mom's a trooper.
- Yeah I know.
- And your father's gonna
help us figure it all out.
He's smart like that.
- Where do you
think I get it from?
(phone rings)
- Hi Daphne, everything okay?
- Um, I'm fine.
Angela is not.
- What's wrong?
- Well she passed out.
She's gonna be fine.
And thankfully David was there
to help when it happened.
- So she's alright?
- Yes, she just wanted
you to be here with her.
- Okay, where you
at? The hospital?
- Oh no, no. Dr. Long's.
We're here now.
Will I see you in a few?
- Okay I'll be right there.
We're not done.
- I've been trying so hard to be
the perfect mother
and perfect wife--
- Baby, you're all those things.
- Depression is a
very tricky thing.
And given Angela's
particular form of MDD,
Major Depressive Disorder,
it's even more so.
He said it's like
depression times ten.
- Imagine burying painful
emotions so deeply
that for lack of a better term,
one looses track of time.
- And it wasn't until
David came home early
that I--
- She woke up.
(ringing phone)
Okay send her in.
- What is it?
- Christopher.
He's in jail.
(dramatic music)
(teen boy vomiting)
- Go ahead.
More of 'em out than in.
- Very funny.
- How you feeling?
- What do you think?
- Be glad nobody was hurt.
Then you'd be up the
creek without a paddle.
Just use your head.
- It was his fault
okay, he started it.
- Sure it was.
- [Danny] Okay
ladies, what we got?
Three counts?
- [Reddick] DUI, Reckless
Endangerment, and Speeding.
Bonafied trifecta.
- Call his parents.
- Already did.
They're on their way.
(teen boy vomiting)
- [Angela] I mean how much
more of this can we take?
- [Johnathan] Not much
more I'll say that.
- [Angela] And what
are we supposed to do?
- [Johnathan] How about
ground him for life?
- He's fine. Just a little
green around the gills.
- [Angela] What?
Reddick was coming
back from Davidson,
saw a swerving truck.
- What's happening
to this family?
What were you thinking?
- [Christopher] I
just wanted to--
- Get a criminal record?
- No.
See what the big deal was.
- Where did you get it?
Please answer me.
- I don't remember.
- So now you wanna add lying
to the list of charges you have?
- We should probably just
discuss this at home.
- No, our son is
sitting in jail okay--
- Okay, okay, folks.
I've got some good news.
I pulled a few strings.
Looks like he can go
but with probation.
- Personally, I think you
should stay here for a few days.
Along with you.
- Um, never mind. Thanks.
- Now I'm only
half the equation.
- Why?
- Shortly after we brought
him in we got a call.
His bail has been posted.
- What?
- Whoever it was
made it disappear.
- Imagine that. Let's go.
Let's go.
We're not done.
(dramatic ambient music)
- I don't see what
the big deal is.
- Where did you
get the booze from?
Answer me!
- They were hidden
under the house.
- What?
- Tell your mother
the whole truth, son.
- I noticed you didn't look
all that surprised tonight.
- Like Dr. Long said,
couples that have been
together as long as we have
know everything.
- When?
- The first time was
Gracie's birthday party.
- It was pretty obvious.
You weren't sleeping.
And then at the hospital.
Your jacket reeked of smoke
so I just assumed
you were at a bar.
And then wrecking Josh's car?
Sweetheart you're an
incredible driver.
- I'm so humiliated.
- How about repentant?
- All this time you cope by
disappearing into
a world of grief.
- And you coped in your own way.
- Honey I'm, I am very sorry.
- And I forgive you.
And I hope the boys will too.
(dramatic ambient music)
- There's one more
thing I've gotta do.
- Carter?
- Johnathan.
- Where have you been?
- In the trees.
Watching you.
- I mean for the
past several weeks.
- MIA.
Like the old days.
- I saw your car
at the junkyard.
- Imagine that.
- So what are your plans?
- Gonna finish my work out,
- Then what?
- Disappear.
But for good this time.
- Why?
- Isn't that what
you always wanted?
Come on. Join your brother
for one last drink.
- I can't.
Hey, it's not that
I don't want to.
It's just that I made a promise.
- Dude, you suck.
- What?
- You can't play worth crap.
- Lucky.
- Whatever.
- It also sucks the
way you've been acting.
- Oh really? Mr. Perfect.
- No, seriously.
This family is on
the edge of ruin
and you're running
around like a primadonna.
- Okay, whoa--
- Hey, I'm not done.
Look, I get that
your grades suck,
and girlfriend's on the fritz,
and dad's always yelling at you.
And I get that but,
as they say,
them's the rules.
- Thanks David.
- It's funny it's,
it's nice to hear my real name.
- You like that better
than Butt-Munch?
- See you take a perfectly
good brother moment
and you know what
just give me the ball.
- Take it.
Are you kidding me?
I'm done. I'm done. Alright.
I'll see you later David.
I mean really?
- All these years
Carter let me believe
Mom died from natural causes.
- And?
- It was my father's fault.
- How's that?
- Lieutenant Kernel's
always taking his
well-known anger out
on others, repeatedly.
- How'd that make you feel?
- I don't know.
- Johnathan?
- Bitter.
Pushed aside.
- And?
- Randal always, he
blamed his father.
And Carter and I,
we blamed...
I think I'm blaming.
- What?
- They all went out
for ice cream so,
we thought we could
sneak a few more.
- Go on.
- I gotta stand up.
(dramatic music)
Couldn't let the kids see us
like that so,
took Carter to the bedroom.
His gun was right there.
I heard 'em,
I heard 'em coming up.
I freaked out.
I buried it.
I buried it.
Just like I do everything.
I buried it.
Meet me out front
in five minutes.
- Johnny, look.
We only meant to scare him.
Not kill him.
- You didn't kill him.
It's Carter we're talking about.
he is about to disappear, again.
- [Danny] Well
that's good right?
- [Johnathan] He's my brother.
- Okay.
- Maybe
we've been trying to teach
that old dog the wrong trick.
- [Carter] So school's
almost over, isn't it?
- [Christopher] Yeah.
School's better.
The year's kind of closing up
so it'll be good to get out.
- [Carter] Oh look who's here.
- [Johnathan] Wasn't
expecting this.
- [Christopher]
How's it going, Pops?
- [Carter] It's root beer.
- [Christopher] Yeah, I
like this a lot better.
- Thought you were gone.
- I had to clear some things up
with my nephew before I left.
- And I figured it was
time to stop being a jerk.
- Let me ask you
something Carter.
- Yeah?
- What would you want more
than anything in the world?
- You know that answer.
- Humor me.
- To be apart of
the family again.
I mean a real part.
Not just on the
outside looking in.
- What if I could
promise you one better?
- Uh huh?
- On three conditions.
- Oh here we go.
- One, you start giving
back to the community
using your God given talents.
- Uh, chopping wood?
- That's funny but
close actually.
I'll explain later.
Number two, stop drinking.
- I can't promise that.
But I'll try.
If you do too.
- Done.
- Here comes number three.
- For all the bitterness
and pain I've caused you,
will you please forgive me?
You're not gonna hit me?
- No, get over here.
(lighthearted music)
- [Christopher]
I'll drink to that.
- [Carter] Cheers.
- Oh, one of these days.
- [Carter] Yeah, see.
See how that works?
(light smooth music)
- [Carter] Hey brother.
- [Johnathan] Oh, hey.
- Whatchya doin?
- Just thinking about Gracie.
My boys.
My brother.
What are you guys doing here?
- Well the board had
a meeting last night.
And with Angela's
prompting we've decided
the church really needs
to get back on track.
- I get it.
- No son, it needs
to get back on track
with you at the helm.
- [Christopher] Isn't it
you and mom that always says
that everyone needs
a second chance?
- [Carter] Could my brother
actually be speechless?
- Never.
- [Christopher] No kidding.
- So Angela says you're
looking at this property, huh?
- Yeah, I just want
to do something
in honor of Gracie's memory.
Thinking about building a
Center right here.
- Nice.
- What do you think son?
- Yeah.
I think she'd like that.
She'd like that a lot.
- So,
give me an idea of
what you're thinking.
- [Johnathan] When
most people read
the story of the prodigal son,
they focus on the prodigal.
But I'll never forget the day
God showed me
the importance of the brother.
A gift we all have
Just let it unfold
Sweet spirit running through
Every one of us
To never doubt faith
Giving us a chance
To be
Transformed into a
Brave new world
This possibility
It truly is
The only
To speak to one another
So open your heart
To never doubt this
To giving us a chance
To giving us a chance
To be
To be
Transformed into a
Brave new world
This possibility
A gift
We all have