Chasing the Dragon (2017) Movie Script

Before 1974 in Hong Kong.
Was the darkest time in history.
The colonial administration was corrupted.
My name is Wu Shi Hao.
This is when I arrived to Hongkong.
We ate for the first time in 4 days
But I'm not afraid, My dad always told me.
Life is in the hand of fate.
- Eating - We are short-lived demons
- I have returned - Eat porridge
-Do you want more porridge? - Yes
A Ti, time to eat.
Mother kos ...
- Tonight is the night. - You promise
- Don't you forget - Yes - Do not lie to me
- Rancid boy - Porridge how does it taste?
It's good.
Delicious? You're kidding.
- You're great - Yes great.
A Hua porridge is for you, hot, becareful.
Eat porridge.
The place is not open tonight.
- Again you will fight - Work for two cents
Fighting 30 cents.
9 out of 10 fights were unsuccessful.
Don't be afraid, go, then take the money.
If there's hair, who wants to be bald?
I almost forgot.
For you.
Kak Lou you're late.
Busy - Ouch, you know Yan Tong, is grumpy.
- It's a gift, not angry anymore right? - Whoa
Wow great prize, his mouth will water.
- Come on - Ehm.
Please go upstairs.
- Just a birthday, is this the invitation? - Yes
- Sister-in-law - Sister-in-law
Lou's brother joined Yan's boss's birthday.
- Work must be busy lately? - Not bad
For Yan boss.
Go and enjoy yourself, I must attend other guests.
Indeed I will.
Well, now your's not worth looking at.
Apparently they're all worth more than yours.
Mine seems cheap, right?
-Yes of course - just place it over there
I will put it here.
Fuck Off.
Just want to play with you guys.
- That's for you - Is that mother fucker drunk?
Let's play cards.
He is very funny.
Every time he gets so drunk
- Shit - Yes, play again
- Shut up - pay the money, come on
That's right, don't underestimate us
This is for you, this is for you.
I think he means that, if you want a promotion.
Just go ahead and take the cash.
Who's the boss now?
What the fuck are you doing? you lose but you don't want to pay, huh?
-Luo LAK do not - what are you doing? drink too much?
Take the inspector away and clean him up.
Do you think you did a good job, huh?
Do you want to prove that you're brave?
- No - who told you to be security tongiht?
You want to hit me too, stupid shit?
Boss Yan sorry, brother Lou's drunk
Been mother fucking drunk.
Still waiting for the food?
- We will go - Happy birthday
- You do not get angry, let's go dancing.
I'm okay.
If it weren't for you, I'd pulled a gun, and shot him.
Do not act indiscriminately.
You are in no position to do so.
- I can stand him, nor his bitch wife!!
You want to take out your gun and jam it inside her.
Lust will solve the issue - Brother Lou.
What is wrong? - Tonight Gong Zi Qiang with Ta Hui Xiong.
Rumour has it that - Gong Zi Qiang, from Kwoloon will bring people here?
They will bring hundreds of people.
If he's on your side it will be great, he's honest and kind hearted.
Upset Yan Tong, mean to upset the police as well.
We will lose face. Right?
Here's a news break for you, Hunt.
Some Chinese are making trouble downstairs.
Go have fun with them.
That's music to my ears.
You don't need to ask me twice.
Christmas is coming.
Boss, today is Yan's birthday and we show up with this many people.
Should we be afraid?
When I'm mad no one can stand in my way.
Gong Zi Qiang, Fucker, this is Hong Kong!
Business in Kwoloon is not good enough?!
You come here to take over my business!
- Boss Yan you suck! - Stand up like a man!
You want to control Kwan Tung, and Tsz Wan Shan!
You want to play then I'll play, Fucker!.
My crew are all here to fight for me!
Stop talking a lot of nonsense?
Who's more powerful will play the part.
Kak Hao we are out number?
Listen clear, I will be running the rules now
- Good! - Shit
Take over? You mean your coffin?
Your body will be dog food
Atleast wait till I drink all of it
- Destroy them! - Everyone kill!
Kill them!
Your two friends are fighting.
Why are you here - kak Yan, don't play me.
You obviously know, blood makes me faint.
This is not as exciting as gambling.
- Attack! - Hajar!
Chop him!
Deep, severe
Who is that random fellow?
Siao Wei.
Boss, our brothers are blocked in.
You go first, I'll stay behind and fight
Good friend - Go lah.
Who called the police?
Take them down.
- Don't come near - where are you from?
Where are you from?
I ask you which side are you on?
- I asked you, and you ask me? - Which side?
Say it!
You guys are Ta Hui Xiong.
I am in his crew too, Hua zi sung.
You are pathetic. you almost got us kill.
We came to fight for 30 cents and now we got a bigger problem!
I know they are still fighting!
Tear gas.
Shut up.
Hey ... stop.
Stop them.
Kak Lou, Heng Te is crazy.
Hunter will be the victim, do you want to see?
- Go see - Fine
- Good- Stop - Don't hit again
It's not enough yet?
Stop. Stop!
I told you to stop!
Stop using the baton.
I told you to drop the baton.
Back off, or your ass is mine.
- Do you want to go to the office? - Are you stupid?
Go to their office and you will die
- Shao Kei Wan - your friend? - Of course together
Take him away
Thank you
Hey Cu you zi you see.
Hongkong is a Golden Egg ready to hatch.
Hey is that street kid messed up bad?
If they cannot generate money then we can't as well. Time to make some decisions.
The current rules only feed us just enough.
- We can generate more, right? - Right
This is what I calculated.
One month ten thousands.
- Ten months = hundreds, even - 1 million?
What is 5 million? do not play brother Lou.
Hands give to me.
This one hundred and 5 millions.
6.641 million.
- But how? It's okay - It's okay
- At the dead it's fine too - Nothing
Good one.
Kak Hao, after the fight we didn't get pay.
Go look for Ta Hui Xiong and get pay.
Good - DNA don't tell my sister.
You know she's a child.
- She'll be sad if she knew I was fighting - Yes
Hey Cu zi chun
- Kak Lou is waiting for you - What's up?
You're Nan and I am as well, which makes it easier for us to connect.
Kak Lou you are also Nan Yang people? - but I've adapted.
- I'm afraid he's angry, you help me bring guns to him? - Fine
This is it
Sister, you Nan people who?
Yes, people alone, kak, take a minute.
- You can not speak Kwan Tong? - Can be ....
This is our Inspector kak Lou - Kak Lou.
You with Ta Hui xiong or Gong zi Qiang?
- I ... - We came fighting
He said winning there 30 cents lost could be 20 cents.
Hua Ce rong is Ta hui xiong.
- How long do you come to? - Coming a year and a half
Uhm thanks.
You're great fighting.
No ... not really.
Whose name is you?
I'm A Hao, Wu Shi hao.
- The Penang guy - Penang people?
- We're a village - Then good.
Hey one village.
- The man of Penang - Brother
What is your name?
- I'm Achen - Kak chen.
- He A Hao one village with me - Lou sister.
- Reporters have come, wait for you - well know
- If one village, release them. - Can not
Follow the rules still need 8 hours to go.
Kak Lou, bother well - Kak Chen you basic
- You still do not go? - Wait for you
- Save phone number and address - fine
Everyone alone, a lot of keeping well.
- Anything, please find me - Definitely
And again I told you guys.
The temptation of Hong Kong a lot, you make good things.
- Do not go into the mafia, otherwise ... - Well ... - Hungry no?
- Love you eat - Good - Well wait
- Thank you - Thank you
Speak less.
Police pass 7 days ambush.
Finally catch the criminal
In other districts the same case occurred
Get a lot
- Pak - Road - Open the gate
Kak Hao.
The trouble comes, hear me.
Later you do not talk, let me face
-No nothing - OK - Open the gate.
- That's it - Open the gate
- You remember me? - You remember him? - You remember my face?
- You beat the police? - Sorry - What did he say?
- Speak English - Can not speak English - What did she say?
- Sorry .... - Oh you're sorry
- Sorry - He's sorry
I'm sorry too.
Hit people, stop
- Stop - Help!
/ Shut up ..
The police hit the guy ...
- Police at people - Silence
- It does not stop - Hey sir you're here
- You tell me - Stop taking pictures
- Hey out of here - It's open
Still no go - Nothing to see here.
Go out.
Let the master go, I take care of them
- Lower camera - Open the gate.
I know what you're doing.
And you will not get away with it.
Goodbye sir - Goodbye
- Achen - Yes
- Help me take care of them - Yes
- Is there any or not? - Tell us not to pretend - This is true
Congrats you guys, everybody is in content 200, because today is my birthday.
- Get out - Thanks brother
- Take him to hospital - Fine - Blame you.
If you just got out there will not be anything.
Want to work follow the rules.
A May.
A Hao.
Please ... A hao.
A hao.
- A May - Wu She Hao
Wu Shi Hao.
Is it okay?
- Slow little, your bones hurt - Miss.
Who's taking me to the hospital?
Kak Lou do you know him?
He seems very good to you.
- My friend? - They're in another room
- You guys are all right? - Yes - Kak Zai came to see you
- Kak Zai. - Kak Jing how are you?
How is there a little improvement?
It's okay, no problem.
Kak Lou tells me to bring some money for you guys.
500 yeah
Wah kak Hao
- We're rich this time - Yes
Kak Zai said, kak Lou set us up to work with her.
Well resting already good, there's a lot of money waiting for you guys.
- Lao Sister tell us how to help him - Do not rush
Already know you'll know, oh yes.
I have a business to go well
Kak Zai please yah
- Help us thank kak Lou - well
Watch Out!
- Whoa - Why, this how to open?
- Enya - The woman was in the beat
- What are you doing? - Who are you?
Hey wait a minute, whose name?
- Ta LAN Chai - Kak Chai yah? - Here's the letter
Love I see.
Hajar him
Do not hit ...
- Our boss Ta Hui Xiong, you protect him now, can you protect him forever? - You dare?
You are
He said with Ta Hui Xiong.
I'm afraid.
Debt do not need to pay well? You know no rules?
-What do you owe? - Debt nine thousand seven - nine thousand seven well
Still, kak Lou has.
Love first.
Here seven hundred.
I owe you nine thousand.
- How do I believe you? - You do not believe me
I love you two ways, one trust me, two I beat you.
You understand not? - Good.
- I love you a month, come on
Do not be afraid, it's okay.
Siao Lo you little business in Zhou Jue Shi
- I can not be an inspector rely on you - Rely on me
That's a rancid kid why did he come?
How come, this place you can come?
I'm the one who invited me.
Here who invited you to come?
You know Zhou Jue Shi?
Sir and lady welcome, welcome.
And now I want to introduce my daughter's best friend.
Member of community, well educated.
Young man with a bright future
Say what?
She says her daughter is 24 years old, likes successful people.
- Looks like I said - Do not talk
He introduced his son-in-law.
Who? are you?
Leave Inspector Lei Lou
Next month they're going to fiancee next month.
Accept the invitation, quickly arrive.
Sir, this Lei Lou got the daughter of Zhou Jue Shi
Zhou Jue Shi will not help him
So the inspector's position right? he is not worth it
Decide not to disturb the position of detective chairman today
- I spend a lot of money - Do not worry, you'll be the first choice if nobody shows up
Look, I have something to discuss with you.
Wan can shen is dead
No matter what happens
This rancid kid he ate quite can.
- He wants to be chief inspector dreaming - Someone wants to beat him
You take his place.
Cien sha with wan chai salary almost the same
I live in Kwoloon but for the sake of this rancid kid, I'm willing to move
Thank you sir
I used to be in a position
He replaces you.
- He? Sir - Not that you said yes
Yes, Sir.
Hey, you just passed one exercise
- I - Yes good news - you're right
You live in kwoloon
Go to Hongkong to work every day on board
Are not you afraid of seasickness?
You're basic, you're too young to go - I have a thing
Sorry sir - Hey ball
- We want to start - Okay.
Hey buddy - Kak zhao why? - Sister
This smells
What are you doing
Act well - you why?
Hey do not touch it first
- Kak zhao - Stop, let him in - Do not touch me
Kak Zhao, there is a nice talk
Release the friend I used to be?
I follow them afraid, you now say one word
Surely guessed right yah
I owe you a thousand yah
You're my friend, first stole my stuff
Take my money, play gambling at my casino
If not caught by me
I'm out how to wander.
- I'm sorry for you now - You think so sorry - You think two bats will be great
My sister every day so, would not love them show you a moment.
What did they let go of
- Who are you? - I'm lately wearing people
- What do you want? - I know you're great fighting
But I do not know the truth or fake.
Follow the rules, one on one
Stop ... - Do not
Do not beat him
Kak Zhao
I'm not hot enough? / - You'll go eat with me
I guarantee you women have women, want money there is money
10 thousand
What? - I today take 1 thousand from you
I help you 10 tael
Gosh is very similar to me
I like...
But you remember
You can not teach my brother
If not I break your legs.
Come on
Kak Hu.
You silence
- Siao wei - Kak Hu
Take it.
Let's go
can not play you?
Listen well
He said I was at the hotel
In Korea there is a place
And this is all no relationship
gambling, drugs, prostitution, even selling flowers
Hong Kong law can not take care, even the police do not dare to enter.
He can not get out.
- A Ji - A wei
- Sorry sister Hao - You made a fuck
Want to die?
Remember not first, order stealing money
You still want to hide?
No - You miss grandmother? You said you want to make a house in the village
- Remember - Yes
- Siao Wei? - Work
Hey ... - Never met you why come here?
- Buy it - One dollar
Do not sell to him.
Create your fuck
This fourfold basis.
- You see you want to study so him? - No
- You want to learn to be like him? - No
You eat once, well forever, I say yah.
You do not let me know, you come back, do not let me know outside buy.
If not I break your legs.
- Know - Take the money, go
- Kak Hao why is there money not making money? - We're out of the way
Know, there's a limit
No need so hard
- Who wants to eat moon cake? - I want
I cut it well, be careful, great
- Very smart - Good
- How are you? - Happy moon day - Sit down
Today is the day of the moon
Especially your love
And again good wine.
This stuff I can not accept I'm a public official
Day of the month
- Cake month received - Look
I just received one, the others you brought out, I thank you for your intention
You used to help me, you remember
- Actually you're looking for an opportunity how you reply - Do not hesitate
- It's a child's love - No way
- Come on - I can not take your money
What do you mean I do not want to
- Just - I told you I do not want your money
A hao you're rich well
You told me you were outside
What with Fei cai zhao jua drugs say!
Live GuavaBerry
you do not admit it's okay, my partner has told me.
I told me I was 20 years old so the police never got corrupt.
So your money I do not want.
Bring this present gift away
- Kak Chen - You do not go well, you do not go, I'm the go
This world is a greedy man of money, there are no people.
- Achen people who do not shrink, you release him - I'm greedy money
There is very good money.
Ohya kak Lou you used to let kak zhai
Borrow money on me.
I'm returning to you now.
Here's a lot - add a lot less interest
You take it first, consider the down payment, when I need you to come
You come
Definitely coming
- You said yah - I told you
Thank you kak Lou
I say
Spend this glass - I'm sorry yah kak zhao
Honest friend
There you help me more crowded, like you
Well traveled with you
Come again
- Almost late - Quick little
my mother hungry, we are what will arrive soon?
Will arrive, father wait at the dock
Brother in front there is a water policeman
In front of the ship, we are the Hong Kong police
There is a check, fast, down to the water
Why sir?
What do we do boss?
- Say what - Do not know
Hands overhead
Do not talk.
- Please - Hold little.
/ Shut up ..
- This is my wife - Do not test me
Kak Hao you die for sure, there is
You play me
I brought him home
Why? why is this?
What has happened
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Ta hui xian and gong zai Qiang are more unreasonable
There used to be play, now willing again
- Dead some people hurt 50 people - Then what it means
Good good drug business
Made porridge how to eat it
You want him to start again - I mean so
If you're right
Fei zai zhao good to hear me, love him one
Find people notice ta hui xiong
Zai rong can
- What is wrong? - It's a good friend, ta hui xiong gambling
- You're out keeping brother-in-law - what do you want?
Ta hui xiong is younger in the business.
But Gong zai qiang is very strong
- Maybe it'll be messed up - I'll talk to Ting's boss.
Can not, too dangerous, if they are noisy how?
Find Hao help.
- A hao just died his wife, do not disturb him - Right also
His wife is dead, then stupid.
So a handicapped person, every day bewildered.
This time we can not expect him.
Devil short of age.
You think we just talk about the wind
What did you say this time
Do not want to buy
Tell you not to go in
Your sister see you why useless
The three of them why together
- What about drugs? - Yes
Go there
Again say what
We work quietly.
Just as a bastard comes in alone I kick him
Take it easy
Ting's most trusting boss.
Certainly did not find Lei Lou
OK - What should I use?
- Already - You make it like a war
Ordinary like this, there is no problem will hurt
Quick little movement
- What? - Shot?
I know, is this a gun what?
This is a singnal shot I saw and then entered
You said what yah what
I'm waiting for you here, there's a code I'm in right away.
Gong zai qiang are all ready
there's still kak zhao there, bring the crowd in
I promise the boss ting - Inspector lei
We'll see you again
You love me good tea
Uncle likes every day of love
Please talk up - Good
Sorry, step aside
Inspector Lei please
- Please - Uncle cops how every day looking for tea money
- You have to be careful - You're silent
You're on your knees
We chen chai with the outside, follow directions
No people change this rule, you ta hui xiong
Outside is very messy
Now the inspector lei came in to tell me to teach
You say, I have to how
The boss ye his place in the key of anyone can not enter
Everything chen chai want to replace new people
- I never made it - Nothing
You think I do not know anything, you break the rules, you know this rule
Inspector lei is my responsibility.
Do not run away, stop!
Lei Lou kill the right boss right?
- Yes lei Lou kill the boss ting - Yeah I've seen it myself
Listen carefully anyone can not let go
Accidentally invisible signal
Hurry up
- Here chase - Stop!
Come on?!
Do not care about the love I face, step aside ...
You do not protect him.
If it comes I kill
Backward ...
We come out to talk loyal friend
Lei Lou never help me in front of bule bastard.
Do I have to pay?
Your parents are teaching you not?
Say, you say
Today Lou's love is a way of life
I'm a hao, will pay you
Give me back your head
- One should not leave - Kill him
Play firecrack again, not signal
You also exist today.
This bastard, I trust you.
You dare to be a traitor.
So the hero well?
I'm realizing you.
A hao.
Police shit.
Gong zai qiang.
Kak Lou .... how are you?
I got you to the hospital, let's go.
Know - Call an ambulance.
What do you think you are?
She is out of blood, immediately donate blood
the patient had a broken bone
seems to help him add pen.
Though please her legs her way will be lame
I will not
You take a break, I go
Cu you cai, you look when
I broke his legs - It's inside
- From your car - You play me, I die I will not admit 0 I do not hit you dead
I still want to treat you to milk tea
- Do not joke so, will die - I'm like this
- Hey ... - Tonight you're here through the night.
Noisy stomach ache
Still did not say yeah
- then we go out - I admit
I admit...
I told you.
As long as I exist, there after having you.
1965 kak Lou is right for half the world at me.
He's with the corruption police, the casino, the place of sinners.
Receive money, for money, do not have a fight.
How many years, the black and white world is fine.
We make lots of money, buy lots of houses.
Some people say Kak Lou has 500 million of his wealth
In Li Hao Chen's appeal is still a lot
This world is in black for white, white is my biggest
Your black is big, say more words to you.
What you see Hong Kong is now in the UK
Even me, you can kill, but do not kill the British police
Can hold this world is both of us
Everything, and now the game is open
But the English queen is still here, for the trophy
That won the embers, I had a chance, so it should be
Later the greatest boss
The boss
He's who - Big Sister
Hey boss yan
She's so handsome
No, my friend's horse, today is the race
Come learn
Is that what?
Long horse Tan Lao Su
Log Tan
It's the same horse as you.
What mice can win?
This time, what do you want, my boss is nothing
- Well, thank you - We want to bear - Hurry off
All ready in their respective positions.
Who wins and loses still do not know.
Keep the spirit
Well all hope
Come on GuavaBerry
Immediately rich.
Number two
This is the last name.
Continued endless horse ran.
And again
Disastrous, it can be in control
Come on?!
- Oh, this time it's bad - No.
It amazes us.
Both leave mao teacher and
What have you done?
What have you done?
What happened? - Listen. Something went wrong.
Something went wrong.
You know how much money I make in a month?
It's all there.
What will you do?
Shut up!
Boss Yan.
Your insiders seem inexcusable.
Good thing I close people myself
You're great at damaging my good.
I know you bribe 11 riders
I bought one, well it was your own rider.
Who says you can not win.
[Business man Wu Shi Hao]
Kak Lou.
I believe you said that year show five fingers
Really do not lie me.
Now even sleep can also wake up.
Little selector.
So people should know satisfied.
I have to applaud you.
At A Hao be careful.
In recent years, he has not followed the rules.
Black and white is no different, use the money to buy people's hearts.
In many districts, we even exist.
There was anything she knew.
He made so there must be a way.
Carefully keep the dog biting.
Drug business, there is a risk, we must expansion
Insufficient supply, we must add.
4 suppliers, once we take no risks.
- I do not think it will work - I do not care
Make it work.
Kak Hao.
Lei Lo call Cu You ce pick Bai Zi Zhou out of jail.
So friends have to believe.
Later do not so miss kak Lo.
Congratulations, kak Lo.
Thank you
Kak Lou is safe as Inspector Hua.
Good thing you help
Good Mr. Inspector.
Little gift, thank yah.
- Kak Rong - Kak Hao
Guess what big party
Make me an old makeup.
Every day you groom, do not talk much.
Brother-in-law you go first.
What's wrong?
Do not understand Lou's brother's word?
Send me away!
- Kak Rong Please sit here - Good
Really roses
In Taiwan and Thailand
Help me.
Miss Mei Kui how are you?
Come on, there's something to talk to you.
Today is my big day, love me.
Definitely love.
Today he is, the first day out.
It was first removed in first.
Skip tonight I do not care, okay?
Lou Kak you say yah already.
Yes kak Hao.
So people do not be angry, roomy little chest.
Look at you this.
Really elegant
I think I'm not as fast as you are now.
Speak less.
- People are complete, let's play mahjong - OK.
I think lately the Hong Kong economy is getting better.
It's a gambling place, pavement, bigger.
I think it's time to take a minute.
Seeing on the street there are how many casinos, where drug suction, any prostitution.
Normal, a lot of care.
Say the drug business.
The Englishman said, want for two with Hongkong.
Part kwoloon district
how about for?
In Kwoloon still have you, unchanged.
Hongkong, Tung Lo wan to Chai wan have A Rong
Wai Yi Wai's got Mei Kui no problem?
What is he doing? What is the place for me?
Have A Hao love him.
Xin Jie love him
Kak Hao problem I patiently have been two years.
It must be finished right?
You even the card does not see clearly?
How can we handle many things?
Damn it, you where do I know what I eat?
Know, you know there's nothing to eat.
I ate it all.
I do not play anymore, you play.
Angry so big, not like your style.
Hope this day all can remember.
Kak Lou love who eats, anyone can eat.
Kak Lou does not eat, anyone can not eat.
Sorry, jackpot.
So coincidental.
For the four worlds, the English mean.
A hao.
I hope you understand.
Hong Kong is still an Englishman who says it's just right.
- Still said that, Lou said you said how well - well
- Cheers - Cheers.
Warmest regards
- You crazy - Shit!
- Are you crazy? - My legs this how to count?
Lou's kak he's crazy.
If you have no love for kak Lou, I've killed you tonight.
Damn, damn, shit!
Tomorrow morning I want to go to school, see this child perform.
Sorry, I went first.
Kak Lou please me.
Sit down first.
- I take you go see the doctor - well thank you
Pick up his ear, pick his ear!
- Your sister-in-law make delicious fish porridge no? - Delicious.
Definitely for sister.
Rancid boy.
I have 10 fish
Aping very long did not go down.
She's in the study room.
I call him.
Siao Wei, whom I told you to buy
Hao's brother-in-law told me to buy a gold pen for what
How much time this a ping will birthday.
You're a rancid kid, you're gonna die right
- Why? - You know what he's doing?
He's smoking drugs.
Look, you see what he looks like.
I do not touch myself
Do not let people touch home, he is now using drugs.
What are you dealing with me?
All of Hongkong is selling drugs, the biggest one is you.
You let a lot of people hooked.
You tell me, are you embarrassed not?
What did you say, a rancid kid, say what?
I'm selling drugs, I'm not a business, do not make money, just eat shit you rancid kid
People do not dare, you even dare to me.
You sell me wear, you do not sell I do not wear.
- What did you say? - What?
You're not my brother-in-law.
My sister-in-law is dead.
- A rancid kid! - Brother Hou
What did you say?
- Do not - Aping quickly run off - Do not hold me
Rancid boy.
Quickly lock him over.
Until he stops just let him go.
You say to all
Who dare to sell drugs to my sister.
Disconnect broken arms.
And again, if I know you love drugs on her.
No more friends.
Reda anger ....
Kak Lou Bad news.
Fuss, golden triangle Sung Cai cung just died stroke.
Now in his hand his name is Nai Mi.
Sister Cai - Kak Hao, Lou's sister waited a long time
Now Nai mi throughout southeast asia.
Kak Lou wants to talk to him immediately.
Less than three weeks all over Hong Kong will break the goods.
I'm going to Thailand for a while
May kui will accompany you go.
I have someone can with General Nai Mi talk
You're so confident I'm kak Lou
Do I believe Fei zi Zhao?
The world is in for four, that's English intent.
They're afraid you'll be great alone
Can not control you.
It's been said I'm a big one
You're not scared?
But I'm afraid, a Zhao a Rong
How are you Hao?
How long do not meet.
It's so little trouble you come.
Please, sit.
- See what? - Knows
Thai Lao is nice too.
If not kak Hao, I where there today
Sit down, everything
Kak Hao, from the sung chai general dead, the golden triangle is chaotic.
That general Nai Mi is more difficult to deal with.
Everyone in the run off
I can not now approach him, love me a little.
How many days ago Hau zi Rong came looking for me, told me to die.
I work for ka Hao, do not say this
Not all this, tonight is relaxing for a while.
Know not the most important business?
There can be in believe.
Ha Zi Rong love you how much money?
It's rubbish people.
Do not move!
Come on!
Come on!
Shit, you wake up.
My eldest brother
Shit, come on
Have you thought about how to deal with me?
Find lots of people to greet me.
I'm Wu Shi Hao.
You have a gut shoot.
Chase, kill him, boss!
- Siao Wei - It hurts
It's okay, sister here, it's okay.
It's okay.
It is okay.
It's okay, sister here is nothing.
It is okay.
Kak Hao, take me home.
Take me Home.
You have budha protect nothing.
- Brother - I know
Do not talk to grandma.
Okay, I did not say.
Sister did not speak.
I want to kill you, I want to kill you!
Damn ... give me back my sister.
Whatever has been destined.
This bastard deserves to die
Arriving at the golden triangle, I saw him how he died.
Must thank Lei Lou, know let you, share the Hongkong business
If not, I can not have a chance to marry you.
You're not a brother-in-law?
There you are, I still want him?
I still do not approve of you.
Just as well you serve my sister.
I became the boss even life is also your love is okay.
General, they arrive.
How is the general news of Nai Mi I Wu Shi hao.
Happy today to meet you.
I am today taking medicine for your troops.
And again this is for you.
Come here, sit down.
Please, sit.
Sit down.
Said you were from far away, you need my stuff
You open the price for me.
You're a great general.
Sung chai used to want me 3500, a kilo.
I've now added four hundred to you.
3950 just like that.
Here people come out 6000
Six thousand?
Out 6000 is a fool.
The market can not buy
Hao, you're now saying what's worthless.
People have brought cash advance
Hao Hai Rung you die out 6000
You deserve to die.
You have a lot of money for people?
This day people betray me, tomorrow will betray you.
You do not have to do business with this guy.
I Wu hao can be in trust.
I guarantee the general business with me will be satisfied.
Three thousand nine
You're in the back playing with me?
You think this is in Hong Kong? this is Thailand.
Bargain with me, you fucking.
Father, many brothers take me and mother go buy a wooden horse
When did you come to play?
- Please, love me a little - Move
Look what that kid is for, bring it here.
Your sister is crazy, say love you goods will break up broken hands
How do you love?
I want to die
You're dead well, I'm not dead.
- I beg ... - Move
- Want stuff - Come with me
Thank you
Shake your hips.
Kak zhao he came
What did you say with kak zhao.
I want stuff.
Want to catch a dragon? [use drugs]
well, no problem
You see this, hooked.
Water out of the nose
He looks better than a play
So this is his sister Hao the lame?
Let's play with him.
Come on!
Kak Zhao is most loyal friend.
Want stuff, it's okay, everyone says so do not say the price.
You drink me for you.
Thank you
Help you love ice.
On going very well.
Wow, more.
Well you see this can be a glass.
Well, drink.
Drink this stuff for you.
Very comfortable loh, rose so god.
Drinking urine ...
Right, please.
Drinking urine.
Bring him here.
You're shit.
Take him away.
Kak Hao.
Doctor say what?
The doctor says his brain is frightened.
Maybe it will be disabled.
Although conscious.
Strength will be affected.
I told this rancid kid do not touch this stuff.
Tell him not to touch.
A Hao, ahao, I will take care of Fei Zi Zhao.
Whoa, the devil Heng Te.
He how to me, I can not calculation.
He beat my sister, I want the whole family to die.
You can not kill the police, it's an English cop.
- You are the enemy of the English state, we can not fight them - How can not opponents?
Now all Hong Kong goods are in my hands.
Police all over Hongkong I'm a bribe.
Just as I said one, the police headquarters I can burn too.
- Kak Hao - Quiet, quiet little
You know why not this way?
You know we do not have no opponent.
You know why we make so many evil things, the English do not touch us?
Because we make every thing, there are rules.
- You know it's not our limit, you're over the limit - fine
You want to kill the police, the British government will not let us go.
The hard one is not us both.
Our friend how? All our subordinates how?
You know do not you say what?
Do you know what Lei Luo you say this what it means?
Criminals are right? The English can not be killed?
What when is the adopted daughter of the queen of England?
You're here, that's my sister.
If your child how?
I can not kill the police.
A hao, A Ping vomits blood.
Call the doctor, call the doctor quickly!
- The one you're most worried about finally ... - Stt ... - Close the door first.
Next world in news
Correct the nature of police corruption
How many people joined the KPK
While entering the KPK
There will be no one to choose
Up here special news.
It must be a toothless tiger
Headquarters first, also be a corrupt department.
Finally how?
Well share them.
Dad, I do not think so.
I think they seem to come right.
I can not believe they captured the corrupt Hong Kong police.
Then Hongkong rely on who is the deal?
Love the hamlet head yah?
Of course.
Tomorrow I fly to Spain.
Will they catch me when I get there?
Because we are nine out of ten people who are corrupt.
[Examination of KPK]
Are you Lei Lou's person?
What is this?
You receive each month
Then love each policeman
- Is it true? - Be aware of little
I did not know what you said
Pak yan you in Hong Kong there are 16 accounts.
Inside there is almost a million
In addition to the famous car
Plus roll royce, two hotels
You every month there are three thousand two hundred, how do you explain
I love gambling.
Nice hockey
I'm calling his name a god of gambling
This morning, how many people
Come say KPK people
Invite the father to come for the check.
Dad is very tense
Then relapsed his heart disease.
ICAC is not a toothless tiger
They're great
A Lao
Take the Children Away
Late will not escape
- So late night Lao - Yes
Want to tell you, I resigned
Tomorrow go to Canada.
Go with me.
You're not going for yourself.
Also for the sake of Dogs and two children.
Midnight come you just talk this to me?
I know you're not happy.
- Sit down - no need
These two months I'm working on things, you're not very happy
The car you blew me up, I told the man to stand him.
You attacked at police headquarters, I told people to leave.
You know why?
If there is an English cop dead, me and I have a problem.
You understand not?
I got it, two weeks later
ICAC will touch me.
Yan's boss would sit in as an inspector.
No me
Anyone can not help you.
But you must know.
I'm good for you.
You for my good sake?
I am a handicapped person.
You give it to me
Friends are not so count.
- I've got a lot ... - You do not remember, you sent me to Thailand
Wear my friend Siao wei in the kill
My younger sister is now at the hospital.
So people are Disabled.
I would not have thought of it this way
I'm not a god, I'm not anything I can control.
You said this is true, you are not all in control.
Our lives can not control, we die we can not control.
Dead time I can control
I can choose the path I choose.
- I told you the truth - It says back and forth
You help me, wear you for life?
Now my life is there, shoot me.
You shoot me straight, it's okay.
Come on!
You're good to me.
You're not beside me
May I release the weapon.
You told Lou what your name is?
I'm A Hua
He's called A Hua, I'm a big one.
I took him to Thailand and again practice.
Left by your side, one great person.
You inspector Lei will not not use ya right
Its in the Kwoloon hotel
Daughter who brought father, so Mei Kui Great
But do not think I do not know.
You know what's the name of a blindfold?
Plug the needle beside me.
Do you see me?
You no see me in your eyes?
Mei Kui is not beside you, I'm already in the grave of people.
- You why ... - Ahao
Two kids do not want to sleep, you want to ride with him.
Well, that should be said already told.
Just like that.
You tonight I'm so angry
A hua help kak Lou go.
No need
I want to try to feel no needle on the side
Take a good look at them.
Love me headache medicine.
Hey not met at the airport.
Happen great thing, A hao tonight want to beat Heng Te.
My husband.
I just believe Achen, immediately help me find Achen.
This is evidence of Heng Te corruption.
Let Achen love ICAC
Lou's just this one?
You no command any more?
Good here.
Listen, I break
Of course.
I'll catch you for what's done.
Okay, here it is.
I'm going to number 50
Jeff, be careful driving.
Or I should arrest you.
Yes GuavaBerry
Do not worry.
What the fuck are these cars?
What is it?
What happened?
Turn on the car.
What? - Turn on the car!
I'll kill you, cut your head.
Put me down now!
What do we have?
We are trapped.
Who?! send us down.
This fucking bule, in Hongkong greedy, and looted.
Hongkong have you guys? It is ours.
We have to get out or we're dead!
You think you can run away with it?
Open the door, open the door!
You bastard
Open the door.
Get up.
Get out of here.
Oh, my God.
Pay the debt, Heng Te.
Lao Ji weapon
It's okay right?
Watch Out!
Be dead
Whose name?
I'm Siao Hua.
Right here
Call the police, I want this place in the siege.
Yes, Sir
I live one friend.
I want to go how far far yah how far.
Go away or not?
I told you to go.
Now you do not hear my word?
Believe it, I shoot you
You want to kill me? run away so fast?
Do not run away.
Run away so fast.
Open the door, open the door!
We take orders, want to get into catch Wu She Hao.
We are in charge of anyone who can not enter.
Who said that?
I asked who said?
- Inspector Yen Tong - Tomorrow he's new.
Before 12 o'clock, I'm still Hua's inspector.
Heng Te will not give face.
Follow me.
Death hit.
Kak Lou.
Leave me a place.
In the life to come I want to come with you.
Kak Lou
Where are you from?
Where are you going...
Pei Hao
Fuck you!
Drop your weapons!
A hao I take you out.
A hao.
A hao.
A Hao.
Fuck you!
You can not kill me!
I'm a British police officer!
Kill me, and I'll be her hero!
You fucking fisherman
My country, we built this place.
We educate the inhabitants of your country.
Without us, you are still a fisherman!
A Hao.
Life is dead in fate.
A Hao do not force me.
All around us, our friends for the sake of us die no one left.
You shoot him, nor can they return their help.
Leave the opportunity for yourself.
Leave an opportunity for your child.
Leave the opportunity for A Jing.
You're a good friend.
[In 1974, Wu Se Hao was arrested for drug crimes, under 30 years of law]
[Lei Lou out of the country, lifetime did not step on Hongkong. Ever since the corruption in Hong Kong ended]