Chato's Land (1972) Movie Script

Hi, Eli.
Morning, George.
[Both chuckle]
This is a white
man's saloon,
and it sells
white man's liquor,
and Im telling you
to crawl your filth
out of here, breed...
before I kill you.
Ha ha ha ha.
Do you hear,
you red-skinned
A white man's
talking to you.
You need
on, breed.
Back off, lawman.
You hear that, George?
I'm gonna
bleed you, boy.
[Dog barking]
I'll get
Quincey Whitmore.
Some Indian,
I think.
Eli's been
shot dead, Captain.
Some injun.
He's run.
An injun, you say?
Eli's been shot!/l
I'll get
Will Coop.
He wouldn't want
to miss this.
The sheriff's dead.
Gonna get
that injun,
Who is it?
What is it,
What do you want?
Saunders, just
been killed.
It won't stop
the world a-turning.
Now then,
ain't you a picture?
An injun shot him.
Oh, and you got dressed up
for the hanging, huh?
Well, we'll have
to catch him first.
Get your pants.
[Crowd cheering]
Getting night,
All we have
is sand
in the mouth,
and the horses
are tired sore.
How's Harvey's
Uh, threw a shoe
and a hoof's split.
Ain't nothing
for us, Quincey.
We got to
turn back
or bed down
out here.
we could go
to the Hooker
brothers' place.
Only about 10,
12 miles from here.
We can night
Aw, come on,
It ain't gonna
hurt none.
Just give me
a little honey.
All right.
Now, Ill tan
your hide,
do you hear me?
Hey, Jubal,
hey, Jubal,
by all that's holy!
I'll take the skin off you,
you don't bide
what I say.
You're damn crazy!
She's kin.
Come on,
get back to the house.
[Dog barking]
What's with
that fool dog?
Riders coming,
Looks like
Captain Quincey.
You've been up
to something else?
There's nothing
touching me, Jubal.
you're riding late.
Posse, Jubal.
We're hoping to put down
here for the night.
Why, sure.
Why not.
the trouble?
Apache breed shot
Eli Saunders dead.
Jesus hell!
Elias, get some food
on that stove.
Earl, help
with them horses.
You lose him,
Aw, that's
hell's doing.
You figure on
pushing it on
at first light?
Well, he
headed south.
[Coyote howling]
I don't hold out
much hope.
[Horse whinnying]
what is that?
Ha ha ha.
I'd rather
be belly-shot.
You get
the first
swallow down,
the rest
tastes good.
Earl's right,
It takes getting
used to,
like dying.
Ha ha ha.
After your
first cup, Harve,
you're blind
and after
your second,
you're darn glad
you're blind.
[All laughing]
Well, if we
catch this breed,
we won't
have to hang him.
We'll just give him
a jug of this.
Hey, you're
a cruel one, Harve.
Where's Jubal?
He'll be
out back
some traps.
You best take
your spencer,
had some
stock run off
by some Mimbrenos.
You never
[Dog growling]
It's me, Jubal.
I mean to be
no trouble, Jubal.
Your company's
Been thinking
on tomorrow.
Be obliged
to hear.
Circle around
by the Everettes',
them up.
Then go on to
the Malechie place.
He's got
2 mex riders.
Then over to
Ezra Meade's.
He has an old
Tigua Indian
that can track.
We might cut his trail
before he gets too far
over the line.
[Dog barking]
Might be no more than
catching the wind.
We'll get him.
me and
my brothers
will go past
the edge of hell,
but we'll have
that breed
and we'll
burn him!
We'll burn him!
Me and Eli,
we walked
the whole war
That puts a man
close to you.
We'll surely
have that breed
and burn him.
[Men talking]
How long you figure
it'll take, Quincey?
3 or 4 days
at the most.
Me and my boys
are alone here now.
Mimbrenos run off 3
of my best beef last week.
I can't be gone long.
I heard.
I'd understand, Josh,
if you wanted not to join...
no, no, no. I'm gonna
ride with you. Gibbon?
Naw, Ill ride
anyplace to see
a dead injun.
This could be
a good land
the injuns.
in Texas first,
the apaches here...
killing, robbing.
Naw, Im gonna
ride with you,
but I just
can't be
gone long.
you stay close.
You mind your ma.
Hah! Yah!
Good morning,
Mrs. Malechie.
Good morning.
Good morning,
Mr. Everette,
I believe
you know, uh,
and the
Hooker brothers
and, uh,
Nye Buell.
How do?
Martin Hall
and Harvey
Morning, ma'am.
Hell, Ive known him
since he came here.
Morning, Gavin.
George Dunn from
up wolf butte way.
Will Coop.
Set you down,
Come on inside
with you now.
We're not here
to be sociable,
Some breed
killed Eli
huntin' him.
you might like
to ride with us.
Yes, I heard
about it
One of
my vaqueros,
he knew
this half-breed
Pardon Chato.
He bought some horses
off him a year back.
Does the Mexican
know if the breed
has a piece
of ground to run to?
I'll ask.
He's with
my brother-in-law Brady
bringing in
some strays.
I'll send for them.
You be coming with us,
Mr. Malechie?
Soon as I wash up.
Will you have
coffee and biscuits?
That's to my taste.
We'll ride
to Ezra Meade's.
Get him and his Indian
and meet up at the wells.
Aw, Jubal, I
had a hankering
for biscuits
and coffee.
You'll do
as I say.
Just keep
You see that
Brady Logan woman?
That's what I call
a fine-looking woman.
Put it
from your mind.
ain't sinning.
Jubal, don't you
ever get bothered?
I swear,
brother Earl,
one of these days
you're gonna
get caught
halfway up
somebody else's
peach tree,
and you're
gonna be dead.
[Sheep bleating]
Brady Logan
and the Mexican.
I'm taking Raoul.
Do you have
to go, Gavin?
You know
I have to.
I hate it
when you're gone.
You and Moira
won't be alone.
I'm leaving
the Mexicans.
That's not
the same.
And what would
they think of us,
and all?
We're new
here, Edna.
We're carving out
a place here.
We've gotta do
what's expected
of us.
To hunt down
some poor man?
He killed
the sheriff.
And he's Indian.
[Horse whinnying]
Is your pa
around, Jacob?
I'm around.
You're not going to ask
to step down, Jubal?
We haven't
given you
any call to speak
harsh words, Ezra.
Say your piece.
Eli Saunders
was murdered
by a 'pache breed.
The world
won't grieve.
Quincey Whitmore
has got up a posse.
We thought you might want
to ride with us, Ezra,
or leastways, lend us
your injun to track.
I won't ride
with your kind.
As for the injun,
he's his own man.
[Speaking Tigua]
He says the apache's
not his enemy.
Now, ain't
that pretty?
We ain't gonna let
no damn injun...
your mouth.
He was
a white man,
He was a redneck
with a loud mouth
and a gun.
I heard he
got no more
than he
called for.
you wanna
swallow back
them words?
Ride out.
[Cocks rifle]
We're waiting
for an apology, Ezra.
You'll not
get one here.
Don't give me
the pleasure.
[Horse whinnying]
Where's Meade?
He won't
ride with us.
He favors
the breed.
Ezra always was
a mite stand-off.
It'll not
be forgotten.
I always thought
of Meade
as a good
Who's the mex?
He rides
for Malechie.
Looks more than
half apache to me.
He's part Yaqui.
You best keep
a short rope on him.
We'll turn south
from here
and head towards
the high country.
Keep spread out
and hunt for sign.
Anyone see anything,
raise a shout
or shoot twice.
tell your Mexican
to scout ahead
over by
that long ridge.
That's the last place
we caught his trail.
[Speaking Spanish]
lSi, senor./l
Whiskey and
a hot sun don't mix.
Well, neither
does my ass
and this
damn saddle.
I used to
heard it said
you boys that
rode with hood
drank 5 states dry.
Always tell where
hood's Texans have been
by the empty bottles
and the dead Yankees.
And it was
From Cemetery Hill
till old slow trot Thomas
broke us at Nashville,
we had more than
our share of both.
You know,
one thing I never
could fathom, Quincey.
How did
them Yankees win?
They had more...
more men, more guns,
more food, more luck.
You know, when
I look back at it,
I know now that
it was all there
for the seeing,
except we
didn't see it.
Getting licked,
I mean, as Early
as '63.
Hood took us up
little round top
at Gettysburg.
And if we
could have held it,
we could have rolled
back those Yankees
like old carpets.
But there were
too many of them.
They say
from Culps Hill,
you could see
it all clear.
Gray lines comin'
like the sea wash,
yellin' and sort
of breaking up
when they hit the blue
ridge and then...
fallin' back.
Lee cried.
I guess he knew.
it was a good war.
[Shouts in Spanish]
Hyah, hyah. Hey.
You sure?
How long ago? When?
[Speaking Spanish]
An hour, maybe less,
he says.
It don't make sense.
How can you
tell that?
From the droppings.
Sun dries them
pretty damn quick.
Still fresh inside,
means it
ain't been long.
Looks like he stayed
here quite a spell.
Don't make sense,
Should have been
long gone from here,
a running man
and all.
Might be
he figured
we stopped
chasing him.
Circled around
for some reason.
Might be.
If he does, we'll
have us a hangin'
come nightfall.
Still damn hot,
even with those clouds.
Well, maybe it'll
sweat some of the whiskey
out of your hide, Nye.
[Nye laughs]
[Speaking Spanish]
Watch it.
Watch it!
[2nd man]
Who's down?
Watch the horses.
[3rd man]
Will, you okay?
You all right,
He's hurt.
How is it, Will?
Is it broken?
Don't know. How's
it feel, Will?
Sore inside.
I don't
think it's broke,
but he can't ride.
George, can you get him
back to Arillo?
Sure, Captain.
[Josh] we'll make
a travois for him.
[Jubal] there's some brush
down at the bottom there.
My place is closer.
You can get
a wagon there.
We got
our work cut out.
You're the lucky
one, Will.
[Will coughing]
Gonna be
all right, Will?
It's all right, Will.
I got a feeling we're
well out of it anyway.
The Mexican...
pretty good...
pretty good.
[Speaking Spanish]
Damn this light.
Might as well bed down
here for the night,
get a fresh start
in the morning.
and make camp.
Hell, there's
no water here, Quincey.
We're gettin' low
on water.
And the horses
will need some.
Earl's gone huntin'
for water.
You can bet the
honeybee's sugar tit
there ain't no water
to find.
Look around...
sharp rock, dry dirt,
and that's all.
Each man ration
his own water.
Damp down
your neck cloths
or some piece
of something
and wet down
the horses' muzzles.
I've eaten so much
of this damn land today,
I can't even spit.
You'll eat
more of it tomorrow.
We haven't even seen
the shirttail of him yet.
We don't even know
if what we're chasin'
is the breed that done it.
Jubal thought he'd have
a hangin' by night.
The only hangin'
is my ass.
[Horse whinnying]
What is it?
What's going on?
Let me see that.
There's no use
staring at them.
That rotten
You figure it
was the breed?
Who'd you figure
it was?
He could have
cut our throats.
Maybe he isn't
a killing man.
He's half apache,
ain't he?
You mix dog
and wolf,
you wind up with
a killin' animal.
[Buell] he killed Eli.
That's a fact.
He's either a damn fool
or he got some game.
Apache don't leave tracks
unless they got a reason.
I don't like it.
I don't like it
one bit.
You want to hightail
it for home,
Harvey, do you?
I didn't say that.
We're gonna find
that breed...
and we're gonna
hang him.
And nobody's gonna
do different.
Now, hold on now,
There's no cause
for that.
Each man is here
by his own doin'.
If a man wants out,
he can.
I wouldn't ride
with a man
who didn't want
to ride with me.
We're gonna
ride till we get him.
What are you all thorn
and thistle about, Jubal?
Harve didn't say nothin'
about going back.
[Horse whinnying]
Here comes the Mexican.
Where in
hell's he been?
One thing for sure,
that breed
ain't far ahead.
[Speaking Spanish]
Says he found
fresh tracks
heading south
towards the lava hills.
That's, uh... bad
country, Quincey.
This ain't hardly
the Garden of Eden.
Listen, Quincey,
you know,
could be that breed
is leadin'
and we're followin'.
And if it's true,
he could be leadin' us
into bad apache trouble.
Them Mimbrenos that run off
my beef a while back,
they could hiding
up in the hills.
Mind ya, Im just
sayin' maybe.
Well, what
do you think?
Well, I learned one
thing when I was with...
Tom Jeffords
chasing Cochise.
You can never know
what's in
an apache's mind.
Ain't a man like...
like we know a man.
He thinks apache,
and that's a...
a shut book full of...
terrible things.
I got a real dislike
of red beans.
Gonna be
a hot one.
No, maybe snow
by noon, Elias.
Ha ha. And the devil
take a chill, huh?
You sure as hell
all speed.
You Indian dirt.
Now, you keep all
your killin' feelings
for what
we gotta do.
I tell you,
brother Earl,
you got some kind
of sweet disposition,
all sun and
little white flowers.
Pleasant company,
them Hooker boys.
Nothin' movin'.
That don't mean
a damn thing.
Watch that broken
ground over there.
I'm going
to have a look.
Nobody about for
quite a spell, Id say.
lSi, senor./l
Ain't nothin'
Hey, look. They had
themselves a feast.
What is it?
think on dog
like you think on
a good steak, Brady.
He'd rather eat dog
than beef.
If he was hungry,
he'd eat
his own dung.
Well, no more
than any other man,
and less than most.
They aren't men.
They're animals.
Yeah, god knows
what god was thinking
when he made
the apache.
We'll burn
them wickiups
and then we'll ride.
Come on,
let's get this one!
Ha ha ha!
[Horse whinnying]
[Man yelling]
We can't ride
across these flats.
We'll tear the hearts
out of the horses.
right, Jubal.
The breed will
ride across.
If he does, he'll be
on foot before night.
How many miles across
do you figure, Buell?
When we get
this damn Indian,
Im sure gonna make
his dyin' slow.
Put god's word
on that.
Him and
his damn land.
Hey, maybe he's got
a woman out there...
Jeez, Earl,
don't you ever
think about
nothin' else?
Don't let
the horses break.
Whoa. Whoa.
Come here,
you son of a bitch.
Easy, easy.
Whoa, ho, ho, ho.
I don't see
a thing.
You're welcome
to take a closer look.
Martin, you
all in one piece?
Mexican all right?
Yeah, I seen
him move.
There's only
one way, Jubal.
Let's get at it.
Nye, Elias,
Jubal, and me
are going in
after him.
The rest of you,
spread out
and give us cover.
Martin, you stay
with the horses.
We've been
suckered, Quincey.
That's a
god-given fact.
[Speaking Spanish]
He said it's the breed
they call Chato, all right.
He can tell
by the horse he rides.
Well, I didn't think
it was the president
of the united states.
We gotta find
those horses
before night.
Whoa. Whoa.
You fly-tailed
Whoa, red.
[Horse whinnying]
I swear, Im gonna
stretch your hide
and leave the rest
for the crows.
2 more,
hot and ready.
I'll bet that horse
tastes better
than he rode.
[Lansing] Nye,
you got your own
mother in a skillet
she got cold.
[Elias] he never
met the lady.
Where you from,
Before you came out
to the territory.
A place
called Greenock
on the west coast
of Scotland.
I used to work
in Lithgows yards,
You ever
long for it?
Yeah, water and fire
this land
and there.
There, the river,
the sea fog,
gray stone houses
wet in the rain.
We used to stand
behind the town
and look down
over the slate roofs
across the river
to the highlands
on the other side.
I never did get
to look at the sea.
Brother Jubal
did once.
Said it was so big the
mind couldn't hold it.
2 more,
hot and rare!
You from Georgia,
too, Quincey?
[Hall] better drag
them horses off.
They'll call all
the flies in by morning.
[Jubal] Earl?
How are we
with water?
Gettin' short.
And we're
3 horses gone.
you're going on
after him, Quincey?
when the breed
hit us,
he had a mind
to turn us back.
An injun will
chase something
until the chasin'
costs too much
and then
he'll drop it.
That's how
he thinks.
Now, he don't plan
on something
comin' after him
no matter what.
He might just get
careless now.
I'm agreed.
I say no more
than a week for it.
You can't put
a halter on it.
I can for myself.
And what about
the others,
Harve and Josh?
They get their say?
Anybody want
to back down,
they go on foot,
leave their water for
them that stay with it.
Jubal, you got more
generosity than June.
That's a Georgia choice.
I must say, it'll
cut short thinking on.
Ha ha ha.
[Speaking apache]
[Josh] Nye, what in the hell
are we doin' out here?
[Buell] we've got
Indian fever.
Sweats in a man, drives
him blind in the eye
and not quite right
in the head.
We ain't seen scratch
nor hair of that breed
since he
buffaloed us.
I ain't sure
I want to.
I got a bad feelin'
comin' over me, Nye.
I'll bet the mex
got water.
Got water,
You're holdin'
out on us.
I don't trust him.
He got too much
Indian in him.
He ain't tryin'
to find the breed.
He's breed himself.
He's tryin' to lose
us, Im tellin' ya.
You stand by
your man, Malechie?
He's a good man.
is more than
halfway apache.
Yeah, why should
he help us?
You got
Malechie's word.
You got a sickness
on you, Earl.
Can't bide
anything injun.
Do you trust him,
Well, we used
apache scouts
when we went
after Cochise.
They never
broke faith.
Apache don't give
his word easy,
but given, Ive never
known one to break it.
I guess it's same
with the Yaquis.
I'm going to kill
you, mex.
And that's
a promise.
You mean face on...
or when he gives you
his back?
You're gonna put
foot on my patch
once too often,
You don't
frighten me, sonny.
Earl, put
the gun down.
You hear me?
Put it down.
He got his heels
into me, I swear.
Put the gun
away now.
Right now.
All right.
You made your point.
Take it easy.
Hey, you sure
are one hell
of a fighter,
Big party,
went by today
or day before.
Most likely
a raidin' party.
Or a murdering
We left our women,
our places.
They could be
heading that way.
Some of these horses
are shod and unrode.
It means they've...
they've raided and
are on their way home.
Headin' north?
Well, could
be Comanche.
Comanches ain't
this far south.
Kiowa raid
into Mexico.
They've been as far
south as Yucatan.
Could be apaches
just as easy, quince.
An injun don't raid
with so many extra mounts.
They've been and
got what they want.
I agree with Jubal.
Maybe a few Kiowa.
Well, that don't
ease the mind none.
We might
run into them.
That could be
real bad.
If they caught us
in this open ground...
me and
the mex
will scout ahead,
I do
believe you...
you really enjoying
this, Quincey.
the Hookers,
they hate better
than most.
That pushes them.
The others?
Ha ha ha.
They had
small choice.
But you,
with you, it ain't
so easy to read.
You got a...
For a thirsty man
in a dry land,
you got a lot
of talk, Nye.
You know,
some men just
can't let go of time.
them by,
reach out and
grab her shirttails.
Ha ha.
That's you, Quincey.
You can't be just
another face
around a small town.
That's what
you're doing,
all wrapped
in gray,
sitting proud
on that horse,
chasin' one damn
and thinkin' about
that bastard grant
and his Yankees.
[Men yelling]
[Jubal] enjoy it, boys.
It's the end of the water.
[Quincey] we'll find water
in the morning.
Why don't we just
come out with it?
The breed's lost us.
W-w-we ain't seen
none of his sign.
What is it
you're saying, Josh?
I'm saying that we're
chasing a bad guess,
We run out of water.
And we got nothin'
left to eat
except some red beans
and some scrawny
prairie chickens.
And you've got an itch
to get back to where
there's good food
and a fat wife.
I got a spread back there
that needs working.
All we got out here
is a handful of nothin'.
Dirt and dry mouths.
Josh is right.
Like hell he is.
You've got the quittin'
streak, too?
Don't lean too heavy
on me, Jubal.
I don't bend easy.
How do you see it,
As Josh says,
we might be guessing,
but I got a feeling
we're not.
That breed tried
to lead us off
and then lose us.
He didn't head
for Mexico,
and he could've
and made it, easy.
Instead he... he headed
into bad country
and then swung north.
Now, put that
with the fact
that he bought
supplies in town,
and I think that points
to him having someplace
he wants kept safe.
[Coyote howling]
[Speaking apache]
[Coyote howling]
Heh heh.
What's the matter, Josh?
Just a coyote.
Josh sees that
as bad medicine.
Ha ha ha!
You gettin' Indian
on us, Josh?
Heh heh heh.
Come on.
Ease up, Josh.
I'm gonna kill
that dog.
Ha ha ha!
Ha ha!
You wouldn't think
a grown man
would worry
about a dog.
[Distant laughing]
[Cocks rifle]
[Breathing heavily]
What's troubling
you, Josh?
Oh, Quincey,
I don't know.
I don't know.
It's just that things
aren't working out
the way I figured
they would.
Say, don't you ever
have second thoughts?
You know, are you
still as sure about
what we're doin'
as when we started?
I tell you, Quincey,
I ain't a believin' man,
but I got a god-fear.
I think he's gonna
lay his hand on us.
And that's the truth.
[Coyote howling]
Yuhoo! Whoo!
Yip! Yip!
Give me my hat.
Get all the water
out of my hat.
Come on, get it.
Don't fill your
bellies too fast.
Ha! Stop that.
You see any sign?
Well, that raiding party
turned to the northeast
a couple miles back.
Nothing since.
Ha ha ha!
Then they must
be Comanches.
I hope we don't
step on their tails.
Better 10 Comanche
than one 'pache
that's just like saying,
"better pox than the plague."
I seen Comanches
in Texas,
and, boy, I never wanna see
one again, I can tell you.
Well, you don't
see apache.
You don't hear 'em
and you don't see 'em.
It's like
an act of god.
Oh, you are a comfort,
Captain Quincey.
[All laughing]
Cut that out!
[Horse whinnying]
Brother Earl!
Here's candy
for ya. Ha ha!
Oh, yeah.
Hey, look
what I found!
Oh, boy!
Look at that.
Look at that.
Let's see what
you got, squaw.
Whoa, my!
Who's first
to the honey pot?
Of home here.
Ha ha ha!
[Woman screams]
Are you going to
stop that, or am I?
[Men shouting]
Don't get between
a dog and his bone.
You too frightened,
This ain't the army,
These men have no cause
to listen to me.
You stay clear of her.
Take her inside.
Come on.
Get her up.
We got to organize
this thing.
Come on.
Hold it there.
I was first!
Let's go!
What's the matter
with you all?
Can you not see it?
There's no right
in what we're doing.
It's against god.
She's a squaw.
Don't waste any
sweat over it.
Malechie, did you
ever see what injuns do
when they get
a white woman?
Ha ha ha!
[Horse whinnying]
[Speaking apache]
Ha ha ha!
All right!
Tie her down.
Tie her good.
This ain't right,
Ever hunt wolf?
Get the mate,
stake it out.
The other
one always comes.
He'll come
for her.
Ha ha! Ha ha ha!
Well, now, well,
ain't that a courtesy?
Staking out a claim,
Ha ha ha!
Well, it's gonna
be dark soon.
Take up your positions.
Well, come on.
Go ahead!
He'll be here,
sooner or later,
for sure.
Ha ha!
Ha ha ha!
Do you think
he'll come?
I hope not.
I want it done
and be home.
We'll not be
clean of it
even then.
We shouldn't
be here, Gavin.
[Horse whinnying]
Get them horses
out of there!
Everybody, shoot
the scoundrel down!
Look! He's
up on the roof!
Let's get the horses.
Where the hell is he?
Up there!
Up there!
Hyah! Hyah!
Get 'em out!
Hyah! Hyah!
Seen that?
Thought I saw
somethin' move.
I... I... I think I got him.
Hall, check the woman.
Put out those fires!
Woman is cut loose
and gone!
He's got the woman!
Yeah, you like
startin' fires,
don't you,
you old bastard?
bring a rope!
[Speaking Spanish]
What's troubling him?
He says they're
beasts and fools.
The apache
will kill now.
No, no, no.
He'll run...
now that he's
got the woman.
You figure
he'll come back?
He got what
he come for.
Would you
have dared it,
comin' in
to get her?
I would've.
For a squaw?
She was a good
lookin' woman.
Earl, there never
was a woman born
worth dyin' for.
You don't feel
for nothin',
do you, Elias?
Know somethin'?
Come sunup,
Im goin' out
after her.
[Coyote howling]
You got the fever.
I want that woman
for my own.
Well, now, Earl,
brother Jubal might get
a little bit upset,
you marrying a squaw.
Jubal don't own me.
What did I ever
get from him?
Whippin' and hard words.
What are we, Elias?
Hatin' and killin'
and whorin'.
Runnin' scratch cattle.
Ain't got
nothin' soft.
Ain't got nothin'
don't go bitter
in the mouth.
I want somethin'.
Well, Earl, you better
wipe them drippings
from your mind.
You don't see, do you?
Like you got a box
around your head.
#[Chanting softly]
The woman, she'll slow
him down, Quincey.
It's a carving
of a little bear.
Found it inside
with some others.
Means there's a child.
That don't
change anything.
Yeah, it does.
If we catch up to him,
we hang him, but...
the woman
and the child,
if they're with him,
they go unharmed.
I want your word
on that, Jubal,
or you and your brothers
can go it alone.
Well, you're gonna
have a tough time
convincin' Earl
that way.
He wants that woman.
Where is Earl?
He went after her
soon as it got light.
Why didn't you stop him?
Well, he was in no mind
to pay heed.
You didn't even
try, did you?
He's full-growed,
I oughta whup you.
But you won't, Jubal,
'cause you know Id
put a hole in your gut.
Best wait
for breakfast, Jubal.
Grab all you can to eat.
We leave in 5 minutes.
What's the hurry?
Earl went
after the woman.
Jesus hell.
I'm obliged, Quincey.
His horse bolted.
Hyah. Giddyup.
Take your hands
of cain from him.
I... I don't want
to bury him here.
It's an empty place.
Nothin' to remember.
We command into
thy hands of mercy,
most merciful father,
the soul of our brother
We commit his body
to the earth
beseeching thy
infinite goodness
to give us grace to live
in thy fear and love
and to die in thy favor.
No promises now,
May god pity the man
that comes between me
and that...
and that breed.
Even an apache woman's
got to slow down soon.
I doubt
if the woman's
with him now.
Sure leavin'
a good trail.
[Quincey] he
ain't runnin'.
[Hall] well, you
think he'd make
a fight of it?
When he chooses.
[Josh] Quincey, you know,
I think he's doubled
back on himself.
I think he's leadin' us
in a circle.
I noticed.
Well, what's he doin'?
He's pickin'
his ground, Id say.
What's that
supposed to mean?
To you this is
so much bad land,
rock, scrub desert,
and then more rock,
a hard land that the sun has
sucked all the good out of.
You can't farm it,
you can't carve it out
and call it your own,
so you damn it to hell,
and it all looks the same.
That's our way.
To the breed, now,
it's his land.
He don't expect it
to give him much,
and he don't
force it none.
And to him,
it's almost human,
a livin', active thing.
And it'll give him
a good place
to make his fight
against us.
You know, sometimes
you spook me, Quincey.
[Speaking Spanish]
Just one horse
goin' that way.
Maybe he cut
the other one loose.
Maybe, maybe not.
He's cut back
and got behind us.
We'd best backtrack
and see if we can find out
where he turned off.
What if he went
straight on?
We lose a little time.
Better that
than a scalp or two.
You're guessin', Captain.
We're both guessin'.
All right, Quincey,
what do we do?
Spread out and find
where he turned off.
Keep a sharp eye.
The breed ain't gonna
give us much ground
for mistakes.
What's the matter?
Look about you,
Wouldn't you say
that this is...
about as good a place
as you can find
to do your killin'?
If he was up there
in those rocks,
we'd be easy
to cut off.
Well, we'll just have
to climb a bit, that's all.
And climb
right into him?
He can't be
on both sides.
Well, behind us
or in front of us,
once we start
scramblin' up there,
we've lost
our mobility.
We'd be like
lame men.
It's too steep,
and we got horses.
We can't pull our horses
up through there,
not and move fast.
Do you think
he's up there, Quincey?
Well, he might be.
Aw, he's got you so you're
scared to move, Captain.
He's only a lousy Indian.
He's half apache.
We're 10 men!
This morning,
we were 11.
You seem awful sure
he'll make a stand of it.
We raped his woman
and killed his kin.
Do we wait for dark?
That wouldn't
give us much.
We'd have to ride fast
over blind ground.
We pull back.
Try to find a way
around it.
We'd lose
too much time.
You're blind, Jubal.
You can't see
for hate.
Try to go
That might take
5 or 10 miles.
We'd lose what's
left of today
and half
of tomorrow
tryin' to pick up
his trail again.
Why, Id kill
the man
who'd let
that breed get away!
I told you that
this morning,
and I mean it!
Keep low and...
and ride like hell.
[Shouting and whistling]
Hyah! Hyah!
Quincey! Josh!
It's Hall.
Somebody's got to
go back for him.
No. He's probably
dead, Gavin.
How do you know?
Maybe he's
just wounded.
You better hope
he's dead.
This falls on you, Jubal.
You'd do well, Quincey,
to close your mouth.
We know where
the breed is.
We can box him in
on that ridge.
There's 100 ways
out of there.
Logan, Malechie,
stay with the horses.
We'll go in.
Right, matey.
Come on.
Over here!
Sweet mother
of whores.
It's a...
it's a hell of a place
to die in.
There ain't
no good places.
I guess not.
The breed came.
He grabbed my hair,
just stared at me.
I guess Josh was right
about that coyote.
God, I don't
want to die.
Let's get him
out of here!
Come on, Hall.
Easy, Hall.
O lord, we beseech thee,
mercifully hear our prayers
and spare all those who
confess their sins unto thee.
And they whose consciences
by sin are accused
by thine merciful Pardon
may be absolved,
through Christ, our lord.
Have mercy on me,
o god,
according to thy
loving kindness.
According to the multitude
of thy tender mercies,
blot out my
Wash me thoroughly
from my iniquity
and cleanse me
from my sins,
for I acknowledge
my transgressions.
My sin is ever
before me.
Against thee,
thee only have I sinned.
I've done this evil
in thy sight.
Your words are
no use, Scotsman.
Close your book.
My mind's on a...
on a pretty little whore
in Lordsburg.
[Breathing heavily]
lNye, Nye, once I knew
a pretty little girl./l
# once I had
a pretty little girl #
# pretty little whore
in Lordsburg #
# eyes like berries
# and lips
like cherries... #
Come at us!
He's just lettin' you know
he's out there.
Are you just
gonna leave him?
we can't sit
around here all day
waitin' for
him to die.
I've had my fill
of you, Jubal.
Go, then.
And god mark you
for the man
that you are.
[Cocks gun]
Don't drop
that hammer.
He's got us
in the open.
Anybody see where
them shots come from?
From the hills
Get on your horses
and ride out of rifle range.
Quincey, my shoulder,
I think it's broke.
Can you make it
to the horses?
I'll have to.
[Horse whinnying]
Ha! Ha!
Get him
He's up in them
high rocks.
We can circle wide
and get behind him.
Malechie, you stay
with the horses.
[Dog growling]
The breed
got him.
Can't be sure
of that.
Yeah, I think
we can.
It's as if the ground
had opened
devoured him.
You can't fight
what you can't see.
He'll hunt us down...
one after one...
till we're
all gone.
It looks bad.
Josh needs
Harve's right.
He won't make it
without help.
We're goin' back
Nobody is runnin'
from this.
Stay if you
want, Jubal.
The rest of us are...
goin' back
in the morning.
You saw Earl.
You all saw
what was done.
If I don't get
to a doctor, Ill die.
Looks that way.
You want
blood for blood,
don't you,
We came here
to hang
a murderin' breed,
and hang him
we will.
What's the matter
with you?
He's got
us beat.
Can't you see that?
looks like Harvey's
lost his taste for justice.
You came to hunt a man
because he was half apache.
You raped and killed
to feed your hunger.
In the name of god,
don't call it justice.
Ha ha! Listen
to our bible tongue.
What sets
you apart?
You rode
with us.
You got the same dirt
we got.
We got 3...
maybe 4 dead
and one bad wounded.
We're goin' home
in the morning.
Damn you to hell,
Quincey Whitmore.
I've taken enough
of your words.
Now I don't want
to kill you, Quincey,
but by god's
own eyes, I will,
right here and now,
where you stand
if you call me to it.
We stay.
Now I want to
hear you say it
clear and straight out,
"we stay till that
apache breed is hung."
You think you
can hold us
with your gun?
Yes, I do.
Say it, Quincey.
Well, speak, man.
Do what he wants now,
and he'll have us savages
like himself.
[Coyote howling]
We stay...
till the apache breed
is hung.
Josh and me
are leaving, Jubal.
Well, I never
judged you
to have bone enough,
Well, that breed's
got us beat,
and Josh gotta
have a doctor.
if you move
from that blanket,
you'll put the death
on your brother.
You ready,
Jubal, I gotta
get to a doctor.
I wouldn't run out
on you otherwise.
Oh, I know that,
Every man's got
an end to his rope.
I'll bear no hurt
against you.
If a man feels he must
pull a gun on another
that he's ate with
and rode with,
well, then it's best
that they part.
I'm sorry.
We looked to you.
But last night
you left us no choice
but this way.
Hyah! Hyah!
I can't stomach a man
who runs out on his friends.
Drop them.
Leave it.
God, Quincey.
Do I go after him,
You do.
Don't kill him
unless you have to.
Now, you two,
stack them guns
right there.
Come on.
You got nothing
to gain by trouble
save a lonely dyin'.
Just remember that.
If the apache comes,
you grab
for them guns.
If not, don't you get
within 6 feet of them.
Now, look
to Quincey.
Take care, hear?
Don't fuss me.
Quincey, I...
Earl was
the youngest.
He was just 16
when the war started.
Well, there was nothin'
before the war...
nothin' after.
You understand me,
I need to see
that breed dead.
I can't step past that.
You knew.
I told ya.
I got no...
hate against you,
10 years ago,
Id have...
Id have
killed you
for what
you did last night.
ohh, god.
you should've seen us
at Chickamauga.
Damn that
George Thomas.
Damn him for...
for all the men he put
in the ground that day.
Hooker took
the ridge.
And you could hear...
the screamin' men...
It's like...
it's like a flower
that grows in the night.
You know...
I always wanted a...
ha ha.
When I...
I was a boy.
But I...
How long's it been now?
More than 4 hours.
Nearer 5.
What's holdin' you,
He'll not
come now.
I'm thin on patience,
so bite hard
and shut tight.
You know it's true.
You'll never
see him again.
He's lying out there
like Josh...
maybe not so lucky.
He'll come.
Aah! Aah!
All right,
cover him with rocks
to keep them birds off.
[Horse whinnying]
hurry with the fire,
We shouldn't
take the risk.
[Horse whinnying]
[Heavy breathing]