Chatrapathi (2023) Movie Script

Pakistan 1985.
It has been 40 years
since the partition.
between, India and Pakistan and,
Instead of this wound
healing after partition,
it became worse.
And across the border you all will
go to hell, Hate was being spread..
They were talking about the sky
and the land.
This land is sacred!
Only sacred people will live here!
God is great!
God is great!
Wherever, hate is produced there will..
..always be some innocent people who
will get crushed in that incident
and there was a village
like that called ,Mubarak.
where many hindu families
were settled there for ages.
Mother Jija bai
Trained Shivaji to fight the mughals,
When he grew up he fought
them very bravely,
His enemies commander,
Afsal Khan,
Was like a monster.
He called, Shivaji, alone..
For a pact,
But He wanted to
betray Shivaji.
He attacked him
from the back
What happened after that ,Mom
Did Shivaji die.
He was wearing An iron armour, and then
He turned and..
He tore Afsal Khans chest..
With Tigers nails.
After that, All the people
Became devoted to him,
And gave him a new name
Chatrapathi. - Chatrapathi
what does that mean
Everybody lives for their own reason
But someone who lives for others,
he is called as..
What happened after that mom,
Shivaji built a magnificent castle,
For Jija Bai.
And he made her sit on a throne of gold
I will also make a big
house For you mom.
Will you really make a house for me,
By grace of god,
You will become a very Big man.
Go make a house for your mom,
Not mine,
Ashok is this how you
talk to your brother,
Brother! Whose brother
Everybody says,
That his mother died
So father married you,
That means you are my mother.
His mother is already dead.
No son,
dont say it like that.
Even Ram and Laxman,
Did not have the same mother.
They were stepbrothers but,
When the world talks about brothers
They are the ones,
Who come to our minds.
You both have to become,
My ram and Laxman,
If you ever,
fight among yourselves,
Then I will die.
No mom dont say like that,
Today is your birthday right
So I brought you twin mangoes
You remembered that,
You take such good care of me
Where did u get it from.
He Stole it.
From uncle Raghus garden.
Shiva did you steal it?
No mom
you bunked school,
To go to uncle Raghu,
Swear on mothers soul.
Shiva Swear on my soul,
Swear on me,
You stole it didnt you,
Answer me, answer me.
I taught you good lessons, and all
that efforts have gone down the drain
You broke my trust.
I thought you will become a
good man when you grow up.
But you made me a thiefs Mother,
Go away,
Go away from my sights,
Get all the mangoes, tomorrow we
will be going to the market. - Ok.
Oh sister Savitri,
- Please take this uncle,
I'm very ashamed of myself
Shiva stole these mangoes
from your garden,
What are you saying,
He didnt steal them,He earned those
He came in the morning and said today is
my mom birthday and she likes mangoes.
I said then take it
He said No I will earn them
He worked whole day in the garden,
After that,
he has earned those mangoes.
Your son is really promising
What are you doing out here
I have been searching
for you for so long
Dont you want to come home
Why didnt you Say the truth
Mom how did you believe that,
I could have done something like that.
Then why didnt you swear.
A true hearts motive Is greater than
A thousand promises.
You are sounding like an adult,
I didnt realize that..
That you became an adult.
Forgive me ,son.
It was only a matter of time that
Mubarak was happy, after that..
A Tornado of rage arrived there.
Come on get out of here,come on.
Shiva. Shiva where are you going.
Uncle my mom is there, - No
shiva your mom is
not there..she might have gone that
side, over there fire is there.
Come on, son.
- Mom.
She will be back.
- Mom.
lets go fast
She will come back.
Dont cry ,your mom will be back
She will come.
- Mom...
- Shiva..
Brother is inside the house
Shiva.. Somebody save him,
My son.
- People have lost their loved ones.
They have lost someone from
the family. - My son.
Calm down, Savitri.
- Shiva!
Mom, uncle its Mom..
What are you doing, son?
Don't worry, they'll come.
- It's my mom.
Somebody save my child.
- Do you want to die, crazy guy?
Water is too deep.
She will come back.
Mom will come.
Myself sikandar,
my friends call me sikhu.
My name is Shiva.
Eat up.
Solanki Sir,
With these slaves..
I mean refugees
Our population has crossed 5000,
So sir,
If you can bless this poor guy
Thank you,sir.
Long live Solanki Sir.
Listen up,
You shitty people,
You all are illegal immigrants,
You all came here illegally,
Illegal means by breaking the law,
By law you should be sent
where you came from to die,
Bhairoo sir is generous,
His kindness has no limits,
So he..
is keeping,
All of you here for work,
So remember from now onwards,
Your life is not yours anymore,
It belongs to Bhairoo sir,
So just keep quiet,
and sign on this paper,
And get on your job.
Come on,
Come fast,
Sign this,
This is a blank paper,
Why does it matter you,old man.
Come on sign fast.
We wont sign it forcefully
We will not sign on a blank paper.
We are not dumb,
we can work somewhere else too.
If you wont give us work
then somebody else will
Nobody will sign this paper!!
Come on!
My son.
Whoever Goes against me
Will cry tears of blood.
The tears will be
yours and the blood will
be of your loved ones.
Ship or human,
when it is of no use it comes here.
Alang,and against this garbage
our real work takes place,
And that business which
is plated with gold,
Is called Bhairoo Solanki,
The king of Alang.
Your job is to,
Bring my goods,
from the river to my hideout,
Hurry up. Run!
They will attack you,
again and again.
Deal with them.
The boxes are empty,
Where did you hide the goods,
Answer me
If you get scared, they will kill you,
But if you come back empty handed,
Then I will bury you,
You can escape from them,
No one can escape me.
I wont run today.
"It's my right to live."
"It's time for you to die."
Go kill him.
"It's my right to live."
"It's time for you to die."
Hold on Listen to me
Man, you did fabulous.
You taught Pathan and
his gang a good lesson,
Like people say it was
really entertaining.
Hey guys its a bar!
What do you say.
Shut up, And focus on the job.
Job will keep on going,Shiva.
But only sometimes we enjoy ourselves..
Come on turn that way..
Lets go for some time,
Come on turn it,
turn it man.
Very good.
Come on.
Oh,my sandal got broken,
in bareli's market,
Everybody robbed me..
in bareli's market,
Oh,my sandal got broken,
in bareli's market,
Everybody robbed me..
in bareli's market,
Alleys are small and full of people,
and all the lovers are yours..
Why did you go to Bareli's
market if you know that.
Yesterday you said that,
today you will meet me in the evening..
but, before meeting you,
I have so much work.
Kohl,dot on forehead,anklets,earrings..
are all weapons of beauty.
I bought all total 16..
cosmetics for your sake.
Don't make excuses to me..
you have hundreds of admirer's..
from the moment you
went,there has been a fire..
in bareli's market,
I don't need 4 days of love,
nor I want you to stay far..
leave my hand and first
listen to all my demands.
7 oceans and 7 skys..
and 7 rounds of life..
will you cross with me
while holding my hand.
who saw it?
you shall proceed this story.
start over here and end it over here..
in Bareli's market.
Oh,my sandal got broken,
in bareli's market,
Everybody robbed me..
in bareli's market,
"My sandal broke
in the Bareily market."
"Everyone looted me in the
market of Bareily."
They went after after you told them to,
but they wont the next time.
Sister why didnt you go to school,
I was praying so that my brother
come back well and healthy.
First let me remove all your bad
omen, then i will go school.
Yes do it after all your brother,
Does a very dangerous job,
Day and night we risk our lives,
Vikku brother,
Its not vikku, its Sikhu
Ajay say something to your sister,
Is she removing my bad
omen or putting on me,
Sorry Sikhu bhaiya
,dont take it to heart,
But bad omen is to be removed
from someone who save,
others from danger but
doesnt take care of himself.
Putting aside your own brother you
are removing Shivas bad omen.
Its not like that Brother Ajay
You are my own brother so only
You will get a special chance.
Really,what is it.
Going to school tomorrow
morning And pay my school fees
Are you seeing uncles shop
bulb ,its like our life,
It keeps blinking.
He is hopeless I have
repaired it over 50 times.
Uncle tea and snacks
Let him come.
- Okay.
What is this uncle,
again cream roll and biscuit
When are you going to make some sweets,
Its of no use,
didnt you see, Last time I made them.
Basket full of sweets,
but this guy ate them all,
You deducted that amount
from my salary and I didnt,
eat all of them one was left
and you ate that. - Shut up.
Where are you going, Master.
Listen uncle,
All my work is done according to time,
In the morning,
6 to 9 its Kathiyas duty,
9 to 12 is your duty,12
to 3 is my mother's duty
3 to 6 is your duty, then,
6 to 9 is katrajs duty
Are you a boy or a cinema hall,
12 to 3, 3 to 6, 6 to 9,9 to 12
Just think, What will happen if we
started dividing our hours like this,
At least I dont drink tea
for free and waste my time.
Oh man
Dont open your mouth today,
its not going well for you.
Gappu. - Mom
Where are you going,
I was coming to you.
You cant see,
What will happen if you fall down,
How many times have I told you dont
come out of the house without me.
I am infront of the house,
Shout my name and I will come,
I was just walking to the door, Gappu
Mom if you open the door inwards
its house and outwards its street.
If we could find your uncle,
Then You wouldnt have
to work at this age
We will find him,
Right now we got some food, lets eat.
I brought food for you. Eat.
Did you get any information
about your Brother and Mother,
I have been searching a lot but,
I didnt find them.
You will find them.
God wont break your trust.
Brother called from Jamnagar,
He said that we have
talked with high commision
In the next election instead of
kantilal we will get the ticket.
After that all of Gujrat will
be under your reign, Brother
Yes, but the bigger the drama,
more the crowd.
Isnt it good , Brother
Yes, its really good.
And you know what will be much better,
open a shop infront of a secratariat,
People are going to
come here from Delhi,
Governments office will be build here.
And what is all this,
Hey, you pick it up.
Look this is called as an office.
I want all the places like this
Just like in the foreign.
It will be done Brother.
And stop helpers from godi to come here,
And deal with these lowlifes
from here outside only. - Okay.
See you.
Hey worms from Godi,
Why are you still standing,
You got your paycheck, right
Now get lost.
What master,
We have been working for
12 years on same salary,
Since Work has been increased,
increase our salary as well.
You want more money, why?
Master my sisters,
Did your sister grow up?
No master,
Oh, she didnt grow up yet,
When she is fully grown,
Bring her here,
She will earn more than you ever can.
- "It's my right to live."
Fist closed.
Red eyes.
Are you having and epilepsy,
Lower your eye sights.
After killing pathan,
You think you became a hero,
I said lower your eyes. - Master, Master..
Lower your eyes. - Master, one minute
Shiva ,Shiva, Shiva do you wish to die,
what are you doing?
Dont look over there.
Drop this heroic pride
and get out of here,
And which new chapter are you
opening, have you gone mad
Increase the salary, Whatever
he is giving take it and leave,
Why are you still
standing get out of here,
Shiva go with them,
Get out of here.
For the first time I have seen,
Such a smoldering brave man.
Shut up.
Give that fast,
Here hold it,
Dont be such an idiot,
Isnt Laxmi our sister also,
And you,
What were you doing out there,
Trying to pick a fight with Master,
You were closing your
fist in front of him,
Showing him your eyes,
Remember what did bhairoo solanki said,
Did you forget that first
day when we came here,
If you lift your head infront of him,
He will make us shed tears of blood,
Tears will be ours and,
The blood will be of our loved ones,
If you want to live then
this is how we have to live,
By bowing our head down.
Understood that.
Till when, Until we die.
Lets go home.
Come on, You all go
ahead I will come later,
Lets go guys.
What Patel sir,
You didnt do the job and did
not give the payment as well,
I have been calling
you for so many days.
Hmmm, I will.
Hmmm, I will.
Cut the call.
You are so late, I became
hungry while waiting for you,
I became what? - Hungry.
Sit down and whatever you brought
to eat keep it on the table,
Sir did You,
Get any information on
his Mother and Brother,
Searching for 2 people in one
whole district isnt childs play.
We open one file then we
have to make more 4 of them.
So do as I say,
You have to go to the railway station,
Railway station?
Yes, My daughter is coming,Sapna,
you need to pick her up,
We need pick up your daughter
and carry her till here
You duffer not her ,
you need to pick up her luggage.
I see.
And talk to her with manners,
Why? I mean Why?
Because she is my daughter,
And she is in much higher post than me,
I see.
She is collectors P.A.
What is she?
Attention kind passengers,
train coming from,
Delhi has arrived at platform number 2.
The girl which is coming is
collectors P.A. maybe she can do,
what her father was not able to do.
What is it.
Sapna Patel.
Madam. - You guys cant even
hold a board properly
And why are you standing like
a pole, take my luggage out.
We thought that Patel sir
daughter will be you know,
Walking with a fritter in hand.
Stop chattering and call a cab.
Just over here beside
this decorated house.
Ok brother keep all the
luggage inside safely.
Where are you going,
I have to go to Dandiya in the evening,
I need a Dance partner.
Brother, enough of this Patels Drama
He has been avoiding us for
the past 1 year for our job,
Whenever we ask him for money he says,
I will, I willI, will.
We have to use some other method,
I have a solid information,
His daughter has come from delhi,
Kidnap Her
We will do that but,
But What?
You need to keep your mouth close.
Man your outfit is lovely,
Even yours Bro.But look at my.
She looks so beautiful.
Hey brother what is your Problem,
But what has she done to you,
Not her, her dad,
I told him to sell a land,
He took 10 lakhs in advance,
And he didnt,
even pay the amount yet.
Brother, I understand your situation,
But whatever her dad has done,
She is not to be blamed, For that
Right now , she is my
responsibility, please leave her,
Hey, move back.
If you try to act heroic,
We will blow her brains out,
Hey brother,
Stop, How much will you beat us,
You can take the girl and leave,
Please let us go.
Man your voice,
This is my mothers voice.
Lallu lets escape.
Dont cry maam,
nothing will happen to you,
If you werent there today..
Why did you do this,
For mothers sake.
In every 5 years,
All the refugees file is kept here,
You look that side,
I will look this side, ok
If your Mother and Brother
came from Pakistan in 1985
Then their names surely
be here in 1990 files.
Sapna, I found my Mother.
But this is a refugee camps address,
But this camp has been gone long since,
Dont be sad Shiva, we might
not know where your Mother,
might be ,But according
to these files, We can
say that your Mother
arrived India safely.
I'll call some government offices,
And get info on that.
We will definitely find them,
Dont worry.
Can I take this photo with me..
Thank you so much.
Thank you.
My heart's loneliness
is filled with you..
It happened because of you.
The thing which was not supposed
to happened,why did it happen.
It happened, wherever you went.
when I met you, I felt..
my heart was beating without any reason.
Thank you.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
You touched my heart,my heart prayed.
Thank you.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
My heart prayed for
you,Thank you,Thank you.
Today,we just met today..
and today i fell in love with you.
My last breath has your
name written on it,
what is love?
I know just this much..
whoever died in love,
he is the one who lived.
Thank you,thank you from
the botttom of my heart.
You touched my heart,my heart prayed.
Thank you.
Thank you,thank you from
the botttom of my heart.
My heart prayed for
you,Thank you,Thank you.
Front of me,you are in front of me,
In front of me heaven is there.
Hold me,if you hold me..
my hand will have all the grace.
My sky became my secret keeper..
when my lips called your name.
Thank you.
Thank you from the botttom of my heart.
You touched my heart,my
heart prayed. Thank you.
Thank you from the botttom of my heart.
My heart prayed for
you,Thank you,Thank you.
Today from,
Party High command,
Renowned minister, Mr.
Tarkeshwar Tripathi,
Has joined Us,
This is our pleasure,
One minute,One minute,
I dont have any interest
in any position seats,
Everybody knows that,
party said become the mayor,
I provided for that,
Then I served as Legislator,
And now if Mr. Tarkeshwar orders,
Me to stand up for elections,
Then I will stand for elections,
and win the most number of seats,
in Bhavnagar,and give
everything to Mr. Tarkeshwar.
Hail Kantilal Kadakiya.
But if Tripathi sir orders,
That a man like Bhairav Nath,
Young, unexperienced should,
Get the ticket,
Then also I am going
to fully support him,
Everybody knows that,
Long live Kantilal.
What are you talking about Kantilal,
Without you Gujrat will
be in the same situation,
As a fish out of water,
Let it be Jagdish,
No I wont let it be,
Why would you leave your seat for an
unknown and inexperienced guy like him.
We all know what kind of man,
Bhairoo Solanki is.
He isnt even from Bhavnagar,
He is from Jamnagar,
If he were to get the ticket,
Then we would,
Beat ourselves,
with our own shoes.
Hail Lord Krishna.
What is happening,
What is happening here,
Were from Bhavnagar,Bhairav,
We might have said some,
Will you hit me as well.
If by hitting me,
His urge of violence is deteriorating,
Then fine, hit me. Come on hit me,
Hit me.
Enough, Enough of that,
This is a party meeting,
not a fish market.
Bhairoo Solanki, You used
violence against Kantilal,
Shame on you.
Mr. Tripathi please stay quiet.
It's possible that he uses
violence against you as well.
You think he will use
violence against me,
Who does he think he is,
He actually slapped him.
Didnt I say you,
He will hit you.
Why did you hit so hard,
He had some beard so
the damage was less,
Otherwise 2 or 3 teeth
should have fallen off.
He didnt slap me ,
instead he just slapped
his political career,
As soon as I reach Delhi
Your game is over,
You are finished Bhairoo solanki.
Did you get the ticket, Bhairoo.
There is a,
difference between,
Hooliganism and Politics.
Understand that,
Your life will be easier and happy.
Hail Bhawani sir, Hail Bhawani,
Did you get the ticket, - No.
Everything got fumbled up,
That Kadakiya fooled us,
I will deal with him later.
But, if Tarkeshwar,
Were to reach Delhi,
Then guaranteed we wont get the ticket.
Hail Bhawani.
They print ridiculous things in newspaper.
There wasnt any short circuit in train,
My brother,
Bhawani Prasad Solanki killed Tripathi.
Minister you said correct,
There is a,
Difference between,
Politics and Hooliganism.
Understand that,
you will be alive.
Do you know,
what is the secret
behind a mans beauty,
You dont have that.
Stop the bus.
Brother, Brother.
Sister why are you crying.
Somebody on the bus.
Take her home.
Who did it?
Who did that.
Answer me.
Answer me now.
Is there a hero in Bhavnagar.
Get out.
Show me your hands.
Show me yours.
Show me yours as well.
Get out.
Open your fists.
Hit him.
Sorry brother, It was a mistake.
You call this a mistake.
Leave me. Leave.
Shave his head, - make him Bald.
What happened?
I cant find My Mothers Photo.
Mothers Photo.
Lets go.
Did you find it. - No.
Such bad luck I have.
After so many years I found my Mother,
And today I lost Her again.
It was just a photo shiva,
Dont worry, soon you
will find your Mother.
She is not your mom,
She is only my mom.
Only mine.
And after what you,
did today,
You will never get to mom.
Why did you shave your head?
Today is brothers death anniversary,
And big brother is like a father,
So I thought of,
Shaving my head.
Priest gave..
this holy water..
for shiva soul to rest in peace,
Keep it carefully.
Yes, mom.
I will go feed the Brahmins.
Yes Mother.
12 years ago,
I told Mother that you died,
But your ghost still
follows me till today,
No matter how many times I tried,
To remove you from My mothers heart,
Your memories were very
Stubborn that, till
Date it hasnt gone.
You didnt die even after being dead,
And I couldnt,
live even after living.
But now you have to die, Shiva.
And the blind love,
Which she carries for you.
Everything needs to be finished,
Your memories,
Your love,
Hi Shiva, - Hi.
Does anyone with a name called Manju
stays here. - Thats my mothers name.
What happened, what is it.
Dont worry,
its good news.
There was an application from Sunil
Prajapati which came from Dubai,
That his sister, Manju and his
nephew, Gappu is staying here,
And he wants to call them to Dubai.
Sunil uncle is in Dubai.
And if you and your
mother wants to go there,
Then we will do all the preparations,
My brother was lost for ages,
Just like the light of my eyes was gone,
I had given up on ever finding my
brother I even lost the will for that.
You really did a great favour on us,
You will receive many blessings.
No maam it isnt like
that This was my job,
You prepare for leaving we will
take care Of all the documentation.
Gappu take care of your mother.
Ok ,
I will be taking my leave.
Bye Shiva, bye everyone.
Now after going to Dubai,
You will become a master, Master Gappu
- In Dubai Sheikhs are there not masters.
Ok Sheikh Gappu tell us
one thing ,you wont,
forget about us after
going to Dubai,right.
How could I forget,
about people who drank
so much tea for free.
But Kathiya,
Will he let him go.
If we are meant to be slaves,
What can We do about that,
It would have been better,
If god didnt show us false hope.
I will talk to Kathiya.
I will convince him.
Will you talk to him.
But, how ?
Intention of a pure heart,
Is bigger than 100 promises.
I wont leave them.
That kid is my favourite masseur.
He has magic in those little hands.
My body feel so relaxed after that,
And if he goes to Dubai
who will massage me,
Will you do it?
Or will you send your sister.
Will you do it?
You say,
Hey, hero.
Come on.
Come here.
You have such good hands.
Feels like you have
done it for long time.
Who will massage my legs?
If you were a girl,
I would have made you permanent.
And I would get full body massage.
Hey kid, you can go.
Where is brother Shiva,
He went to the market to
get you some new clothes,
For going to uncles house,
Isnt that right.
- Yes.
Aunty, dont hit uncle.
You naughty.
Gappu come here.
What is it?
- Give me your hand.
Will you hit me?
These are sweets,
For your uncle.
Take care.
Little boy.
It's time for my massage.
But, you said that I could go.
I said that time,
Now you cant go.
Master, Please let me go for 2 days,
My mother cant see
I will come back after leaving her,
and then I will massage you whole life.
Shut up.
If you wont come with us now your
whole life will be ended here.
He thinks I am a fool.
You guys,
cant repay Bhairoo solanki
in this life, And leave,
Here there are no relatives of yours,
Only one father is there and that is,
And Kathiya wont let anybody leave.
If you all want to live,
Keep seeing this kid get
killed within this boundary.
Nobody will cross this boundary,
To save him,
This boundary cant be erased.
Where are you,
Isnt our bus arriving soon.
Uncle Raghu,
Where is Gappu.
He warned us that,
if anyone comes inside the boundary
to save Gappu he will also be killed.
Hail Goddess Kali!
Move aside.
Listen to me first,
Back off, Shiva,
To save Gappus life you cant gamble all
villages lives, are you listening to me,
Have you gone deaf, - Enough.
Didnt I ask you before,
till when,
I got my answer.
Take him to hospital.
Don't spare him!
Some good guy must have
kept that utensil there.
Atleast say good things
if your face is not good.
Come on!
We dont want to do
this illegal buisness,
Whatever done is finished,
Sir please tell Bhairoo Solanki,
to not disturb us anymore.
What are you talking about , Shiva.
You have a heart with which
you can earn millions,
And I can earn trillion,
Leave Bhairoo, work for me,
No , sir, We have decided.
We dont want anything with
Bhairoo Solanki or with you.
Lets go.
Hey Shiva.
After killing a hooligan dont
think of yourself as a leader.
We are the leaders.
Over here many people are nurtured,
Even you can be nurtured.
After Kathiya, Bhairoo,
After Bhairoo, Kantilal,
Your boss will be changed,
But your class wont be.
The drama has started,
Ok,good one.
Saru, police should not go.
Its just as I predicted,
Bhairoo and his men are,
Destroying your village.
And I have ordered the police to stop,
Show your leadership.
Just for one kid you killed my man,
From today onwards,
not even a single kid will
stay in this village.
Not even one,
Load them up.
What is happening here?
- Move!
Catch her!
Hey load all of them,
Please leave them sir.
What have the kids done, you can
give us punishment but leave them,
How did you forget what I said,
Tears will be yours and,
The blood will be of yours loved ones.
If anyone dares,
to go against me,
Then his child will be
beheaded In Jamnagar.
No, sir.
- Get off!
Brother Sikhu,
They are kidnapping the children,
do something.
What should I do?
They all deserve this,
I have been telling you all,
for so long that we have to work under,
Bhairoo solanki.
But still, now suffer.
Hey leave him.
Brother Sikhu we are scared,
dont be scared,
everything will be ok.
Just dont make any noise.
I am there.
Hey give him to me,
I will take him to bus,
Go behind and check.
Not even one kid should be left out.
Master, That bus is full.
So I was taking him to another bus.
Forgive me, master.
They are just kids,
what have they done to you.
If you want you can cut me into pieces.
But please let the kids go, Master.
Please let the kids go.
Ok I left them.
Brother Sikhu, - No dont go.
Brother Sikhu.
Sikhu get up.
I tried my best,
I couldnt even save one kid,
Forgive me.
No Sikhu.
Nothing will happen to you.
Dont worry, I am here now.
But I am going.
You used to say correct,
Its better To die Like a lion,
Than to Live like a dog.
Hit me!
Come on, hit me!
Instead of Kathiya, Bhairoo,
Instead of Bhairoo, Kantilal,
didnt you say this,
Now answer will you take Bhairoo place.
No Shiva.
I dont want anything I dont
want to take anybodys place,
I am on your side,
I am behind you.
You just order it,
Want do you want.
One step.
Just one step.
One step is the place where,
my fellow people have worked until,
sweat and blood was sheded
and now that blood,
and sweat has converted into lava.
And if you or your men come
ever try to get in my way,
They will all be turned to ashes.
In my area there will be no
hooliganism, or politics,
If you were to ever forget my words,
and try to use politics.
Then, You and your every
last man will be chopped,
And thrown to ocean until,
the water turns red.
"It's my rights to live."
"It's time for you to die."
"It's my right to live."
From today onwards,
we will live a new life,
Neither we will salute any hooligan,
Nor we will hail any minister,
We wont live our lives
like slaves anymore,
We wont be scared of anyone,
nor we will care about them,
The days where we couldnt lift
our head and cried is over,
We are not homeless,
We are not helpless,
We are not the people
who feed on others food.
We are free.
We all are people of this Earth.
We will work hard to earn food,
and live our life with pride,
Our job wont be illegal,
nor will be our identities,
And If in this fight we
require somebodys sacrifice,
It will be my head,
From today if anybody comes
between your happiness,
He will see the dance of fury of Shiva.
God has sent you,
To awaken our latent wills,
We are blessed to have you,
who lives for the sake of others,
From today you are not Shivaji,
You are Chatrapathi.
'He is called Chatrapathi.'
'May you live long, son.'
He has taken control over
all of Bhairoo's reign.
Not only that, all the villagers are
now refering to him as Chatrapathi,
all the ministers are astonished,
People with whom we
had business are all,
cutting ties with us and
leaving to join him.
Greetings, Chatrapathi.
- Greetings.
Sit down.
Business is affected
while fighting for power,
provide safety to us and our business.
we are ready to pay you double amount,
yes if instead of Bhairav,
Bhawani decides to,
take over, then everything
will be destroyed.
The business that you are
praising, again and again,
that business,that money is the result of
the hard work done by the poor people,
i wont ask you for anything,
you all have filled your houses
and basement by robbing them,
You have to return all of that,
from today your safety
will be my responsibility.
and to work with honesty is yours.
Before spreading Bhairav's ashes,
I want his head.
Kill that hooligan.
Kill him - Yes Dad..
Uncle raghu this is your ration card,
Thank you.
this is the result of
your hard work,Shiva.
We are not refugees anymore, but now
we are officially citizens of India.
our ancestor's land has accepted us,
Be happy, son.
"He is the dashing guy
of our village."
"Welcome to our village."
"He is the dashing guy
of our village."
"Welcome to our village."
It wasn't a shooting star..
the whole sky has fallen..
this was the effect of prayer.
Every year after year..
my condition was bad..
but, today I became carefree,
I like this girl..
like,like,like her.
does she also likes me?
I like this girl..
like,like,like her.
does she also likes me?
"He is the dashing guy
of our village."
"Welcome to our village."
"He is the dashing guy
of our village."
"Welcome to our village."
My eyes..
dream in my eyes..
and lover in my dreams..
and you are there in lover's heart.
I have no clue from where is
this instrument playing..
and there are beats been
playing in my heart.
There is blood flowing in my veins..
and peace in my soul..
I have reached heaven.
I like this boy..
like,like,like him..
does he also likes me?
I like this boy..
like,like,like him..
does he also likes me?
I like this girl..
like,like,like her.
does she also likes me?
I like this girl..
like,like,like her.
does she also likes me?
"I like this boy."
"I like this boy."
Brother, tommorow Chatrapathi is going
to come for the shop's inaugration
Live long, son.
Catch them! Run!
Catch them!
You go this way.
Where is he?
Come on.
You thought of killing
Chatrapathi in his own area,
If I wasn't there you would
have been chopped into pieces,
When to kill , how to kill him and where
to kill him , I will tell you that,
Of course i will kill him,
but before that tell
me one thing, baldy.
What is the relationship
between you and Chatrapathi,
just like,
the relationship between,
a razor blade and hair root.
The next time not only Shiva but
we should also eat, ya why not.
- Brother.
For me too.
- Hey what are you doing?
Sister, please listen to me.
Don't get scared.
Hit him.. Hit Him Hard.
What are you guys doing,
leave him why are you hitting him,
Hit me more,why did you guys stop,
hit me more,hit me more,
how dare you come here,
I didn't have enough
courage but I had to,
come here to wash away
my sins, I just wanted,
to kneel and apologize to her,
I have commited a great sin,
and god took everything away from me,
when you guys shaved my head,
I went home and my mother
asked me what happened,
then she got a heart attack there and,
people shave their heads after
the death of their parents,
and this shaved head of mine
took the life of my mother,
somehow she got me educated,
she dreamed big of me,
and I,
I took her life,
I don't have any right to live,
i would have taken my life,
with my own hands but once,
she forgives me,
then my mothers soul,
will be in peace.
i am really sorry for your mother,
I dont want any Mother's
heart to break because of me.
But now you have changed,
so i believe your mother will also
forgive you and Lakshmi too.
He is educated,
give him some work in our office,
Hello - brother Balram,
Chatrapathi and his lover are going,
to Bhavnagar, there wont
be a better chance.
You are Chatrapathi.
You dont even have a
phone,its such a useful thing,
Didn't I buy it for Ajay for work.
what should i do?
We dont talk to each other.
We talk all day.
Shiva, conversations
during the day and..
nights are different.
Listen if I call during..
the day then i will say 'hello' and..
if I call at night then
I will say 'helloo'.
Did you understand,
now you try it, say something.
Move Ahead.. Move ahead
come on move fast..
Shiva speed up
Takeover from this side
Hey, stop!
- Takeover from this side.
Shiva speed up
Go from this side.
Hey, boys!
You kill Shiva!
I will handle her.
This is your office number.
Brother balram..
do you praise me now..
Did you get the job done..
how did Chatrapathi die, tell me fast.
Shiva, take Sapna to the
How did you get hurt?
- Take her away.
Where is Alok,
- In his office.
Twelve years ago..
across the border..
beside a river..
there was a small village..
There was a mother..
with two sons..
not two..
She had one son..
his own son.
You were lucky, so..
you became Chatrapathi from Shiva.
And Ashok,
he started working under you as Alok.
- Shut up.
Whose Brother..
You are my father's son.
But my Mother is not your Mother.
What are you saying,Ashok.
Your habit of getting offended over
little things is still not gone.
You shaved my head infront of everyone..
I wasn't able to sleep..
because of this humiliation.
little thing.
when we got separated..
I made mom believe..
That you died.
if you want to kill me..
then kill me..
but atleast let me meet Mom once.
after that I will..
do as you say.
I will give you anything you want.
Don't try to act good infront of me.
I don't want anything.
Pull the trigger, do what you want.
I am not a fool.
I know if I shot you right now..
i won't be able escape from here alive.
Hello, Hello Mom.
Yes son,
- Mom.
There is a big problem,Mom..
Mom,I saw Chatrapathi
killing a little girl,
He won't let me live..
No Chatrapathi please don't.. Let me go,
I won't tell anybody.
please let me go,Chatrapathi.
I am not an idiot..
for injuring myself.
According to mom..
you have shot me..
and if she knows that..
that you're Shiva..
then, what will happen, Huh.
scared right,
To see you in fear..
i can take more 100 bullets.
Ashok don't do this.
If you ever try to tell
the the truth to Mother..
then I will..
shoot myself with the gun..
infront of her.
then all her happiness..
will be vanishied.
Then she will never forgive you..
and you won't either.
Will you break her by telling the
truth,or will you stay away from her,
Which one will it be, tell me,
What will you do.
Ashok! Ashok!
Baga start the car.
He is stable ,within few hours
he will be concious again,
Shiva, now he is ok.
But the hospital called,
Mother will be here any minute now.
When Mother comes,
it won't be good for you stay,
We should go to the office.
Go ahead.
Shiva, lets go.
Doctor, my son Ashok got shot.
- Mom.
Maam he is in the ICU.
Ashok, my son
What happend to him?
Ma'am please don't disturb
the patient,come with me.
Son, say something?
come with me outside.
please come with me outside.
The one who brought your,
son to the hospital is,
Aren't you the one..
who everyone praises..
But do you have any
idea of this position,
Chatrapathi is the one..
who lives for others.
Not the one who kills the person
who tries to point at your mistake.
Even you would have a mother,
Go and ask her,
how she feels if her child
gets hurt, Its heart rending.
And you..
You shot my child.
You might be a Big man..
and police will all
be serving under you,
but if a mother gives up..
Gods in heaven are shivered up.
You will cry your whole
life due to the sins.
Remember that.
Careful. Slowly.
What is happening, man?
I dreamed so big for mother,
I wanted to give her all the
happiness in this world..
And she is here in this situation.
Don't worry,
now you are Chatrapathi
you can do anything.
Why dont you help your brother?
No man,
He despises me from the beginning.
He will die.
but, he won't take my help.
What will you do now.
Something needs to be done.
Brother Ashok, We decided that,
in all our business you
will be our partner.
Name will be yours and the money
will be ours, profit will be 50-50.
In few months you will be a millionaire,
what is the reason behind..
making me a millionaire?
Your courage..
Even after taking on
Chatrapathi, you are alive.
We know one thing..
if somebody can stand
against Chatrapathi..
It's you.
Brother Ashok,
And if he comes in our way
He won't come.
wherever i step, he will
back off from there.
Chatrapathi sir..
We did what you told us to do.
If there is anything else tell us.
Tell Ashok to make a sea
facing bungalow for mother,
Why are you doing this for those people
it doesn't matter you.
Ashok wants to kill Chatrapathi,
Chatrapathi takes him for granted,
I don't understand the relation
between them. - I will look into that.
What are you thinking Shiva.
When I was small I used to say,
to my mother that I will
build a castle for her.
And today Ashok is fulfilling my dream.
Over there will be terrace..
where mom will,
look at the sunset.
and when she wants to go out..
she will come out in the porch..
and say driver bring the car.
But isn't it a good news..
why are you getting emotional?
This calls for a celebration..
instead of crying.
Lets party!
Where are you going my love,
Your body's life is here,
you won't find a hearty man like me,
when I see you i am able to breathe.
Come here juliet and hug me,
your romeo is by your window.
Come here juliet and hug me,
your romeo is by your window.
By your window.
Come here I will teach you love..
If you say I will burn
your heart with love.
Come here I will teach you love..
if you say I will burn
your heart with love.
I am your lover, so follow what,
I say because the world is jealous.
Go,go, I am going..
there are hundreds of
romeos under my feet.
Come here juliet and hug me,
your romeo is by your window.
Oh juliet,juliet,juliet..
your romeo is alone..
I swear and say that
you are my first love.
Your lovers are waiting,
come i will love you..
You are my heart ,
and i will accept you..
You are my love, you are
the support of my heart..
I got your love.
Come here juliet and hug me,
your romeo is by your window.
I will kill Chatrapathi,
his brother and his mother,
I want parole as soon as possible.
Sorry sir, but in your case
there is no possibility.
If there is an emergency-
Get the paperwork done,Lawyer.
I will make an emergency.
Its been so many years..
everybody says you will never come out,
you will get lifetime imprisonment.
if your marriage string,
has power then nobody can,
keep me in jail.
What will happen now?
My wife got a heart attack,
and she died.
Ashok, please come. Sit.
I should'nt have stepped
here since I am a big man.
But, I wanted to personally invite you.
So i had to come.
Party invite for my
new bungalow opening.
You know what Shiva,
every rich person has its own class.
You have money but,
you don't have any class.
You will get to know about what is
class after coming to my party,
you all should also come,
you all have never seen
this kind of party.
this party is a distraction..
his real purpose is to humiliate us.
I know that, but you
guys dont have to come.
I will go alone.
Why alone, you have
fed us numerous times,
for once can't we tolerate humiliation.
How is it? It's good
Not inside.
Why are you coming inside,Huh.
Only VIP's are allowed inside.
Villagers and worker's
food are served outside.
What did you think..
I'll call you home,
and we will become equal.
No way.
You know in big houses,
they feed poor people..
they get..
Becoming a hooligan after a
killing someone is very easy,
But, I,
with my own hands ,
I built this empire.
There is a big..
difference between You and me,
And to show you this,
difference i called you here,
Control your tongue.
What nonsense...
Eat your food and get lost.
Hello..Hello.,Take care
This is Shiva,
My older son.
Whatever we have today it's..
all thanks to his good deeds.
They loved each other very much.
Just like Ram and Laxman.
Yes Mom.
Ashok go greet big brother.
I heard a lot about you.
You came here alone.
Bhairav was my brother..
and you killed him,
my blood boiled..
a lot.
Then you killed Kathiya and Balram.
I became a fan of yours.
There is something
special inside of you.
From today onwards I will work with you,
what happened,you dont trust me.
Of course, you can't trust an enemy.
That's why I brought you a gift.
What is his name,
Ashok and his Mother,
are going to be dead today.
They went to the temple,
I planted a bomb there..
Within 30 minutes both of them,
Shiva, phone.
You guys ran so fast i
could'nt tell you properly
bomb will blast in takteshwar temple.
Not in mata temple.
Mata temple,
Takteshwar temple,
there are so many temples I
forgot while I was in jail,
Don't worry I just confirmed it,
they went to jagannath temple.
Tell Chatrapathi,
to go there,Ok.
Because only 7 minutes
are left until explosion.
Mom, this is Bhawani Prasad Solanki.
Greetings, - keep living.
He is a great man,
whatever we are today
is all because of him,
He got me all contracts and
help me built my business.
Just think of him as my Big Brother.
See mom, now infront of you,
there are two of your sons.
And our new company,
Ashok Bhawani constructions,
will make buildings all over Gujrat.
This is such great news,son.
Just like how he helped you,
You should also help others,
Never make someone your enemy.
Enemy with us,
No, mother.
Your blessing is our Shield,
and no one has the power to
destroy Mother's Blessings.
Until you are there no one can stop us.
Lets go,son. You should also come.
What were you doing with him?
- Who? Bhawani Prasad.
He is the tiger of Jamnagar.
And my Partner.
He is nothing.
Listen Ashok,
You don't know Him..
Our rivarly goes way back.
He knows you are my weakness,
because of you,mother's
life can be in danger,
Then let her die!
It's my mother who will die,what
does it have to do with you.
Strange, he got trapped himself.
Catch him. - Ashok!
Ashok stop.
Ashok - Ashok, son what happened.
Mom, mom.
Chatrapathi will kill me, mom. Lets go.
Ashok open the door.
- Mom lets go from here.
Come here,Mother, come sit here.
come on drive fast, get out of here.
Did you see mom,
he still wants to kill me.
Brother, please drive faster.
He will kill my son,
please drive faster.
If something happens to my mother,
Not knife or sword or gun or bomb,
Nowadays the biggest
weapon is this,Phone.
Should i show it.
Yes, Brother should I kill the old woman
No, not now.
If I don't call back within
5 minutes, then kill her.
Now let's talk comfortably.
I request you,
what do you want.
I will tell you.
Not so fast.
Where have you brought us.
This is the right place.Don't
worry come with us.
- Mom lets go.
These can be trusted.
Hey,take her with you.
Come,please come.
Come over. go.
I went to jail for four days
and you forgot me.
You all are refugees who've
come from across the border.
You celebrated holi on
the death of my Brother.
Today Diwali will be celebrated.
Look, Bhairav..
today all of them will
regret your death.
And their lifes as well.
Did you see Shiva,
It's such a good game
in 5 minutes
you are going to be even more poor
even more destroyed and helpless.
Its going to be fun.
I heard that,
you give good massages.
Give me one.
Hey, stop. Brother dont take a massage.
Don't take it at any cost.
Not from his hands.
Do you want to ?
Me? no,no,no.
I don't want it at all. I'm good.
Do you have a problem with massage.
Whoever took a massage from his hands,
has gone up.
It's feeling really good.
In the beginning it's always good.
This is just the starting.
The real drama is yet to come.
Tommorow morning, Chatrapathi's
procession will be out.
Do you know what is procession, parade.
I will tie him to the back
of the car and drag him.
Through every Walang's little alleys,
This procession will reach
the cremation ground.
From today there won't be any
refugee's house over here.
Within 24 hours i want
this area cleared up
Otherwise I will burn everyone
along with this village.
I am leaving you alive today,because
So that you can clear up this village
yourself and hand it over to me.
From today this village,
and your smile,
both are finished.
Death procession,
is going to be out.
It's going to be fun,Brother.
Just fabulous.
And after that,
King of walang,
He is here,
- But how?
He has come here,
But he should'nt leave
alive, go catch him.
Bhawani's luck is bad.
His bad luck is going on.
Whoever becomes your student
,he will get bad luck.
He is killing everyone.
He isn't killing them,he
is hunting them,
Just like the lions do.
Now if we want to hunt the lion then,
Then we have to get some bait.
That means,I'm the bait.
Why? Brother.
Shut up,Idiot.
You are an insult on
the Brother's title.
That Chatrapathi gave you
He brought you up from poverty.
Whatever you are today
it's all because of him.
If you weren't able to accept
him ,how can I accept you.
Lala, hang him up.
Look at him.
He wants to become Chatrapathi.
This guy.
Now call your Brother,
Come infront of my eyes.
Call 'brother,brother'.
He is here,
He will kill my son.
Why are you after my son.
What has he done to you.
Where did you find this.
Answer me.
This was my Shiva's.
Answer me.
You stole it from Shiva, right?
Did you only kill him?
Answer me.
Please for the sake of your Mother.
Tell me
Intention of a pure heart,
is greater than 100 promises,Mom.
Mom,Intention of a pure heart,
is greater than 100 promises.
My son.
What have I done, I killed
you with my own hands.
What have I done?
Don't cry Mom.
You were in front of me and
I didn't recognize you.
I commemorated your death
anniversary while you were alive.
I cursed you.
Curses which come out of
your mouth,it becomes
a blessing to me when it reaches me.
Lets go Shiva.
Come with me.
If something happens to you,
then the word
'Mother' will disappear
from this world,son.
Please lets go.
- No.
I am very tired.
Get up,Shiva.
Your procession is yet to
be conducted. - No,Bhawani.
I found my,
Shiva, after so many years.
Please let him go.
I will take him and leave.
No, please leave him.
- Get up,won't you get up.
Didn't I say,
whoever gets a massage
goes up.
Everybody knows that.
Everyday I think, intentionally
unintentionally how much
have I troubled you both.
I could never become your good son.
I am not worthy of your forgiveness,
But,give me one chance
to become your Son Laxman.
Are you really telling the
truth? Swear on my life.
Intention of a true heart
is more than a 100 promises.
Oh,my sandal got broken,
in bareli's market,
Everybody robbed me..
in Bareli's market.
Oh,my sandal got broken,
in bareli's market,
Everybody robbed me..
in bareli's market,
Alleys are small and full of people,
and all the lovers are yours..
Why did you go to Bareli's
market if you know that.
Yesterday you said that,
today you will meet me in the evening..
but, before meeting you ,
I have so much work.
Kohl,dot on forehead,anklets,earrings..
are all weapons of beauty.
I bought all total 16..
cosmetics for your sake.
Don't make excuses to me..
you have hundreds of admirer's..
from the moment you
went,there has been a fire..
in bareli's market,
"My sandal broke
in the Bareily market."
"Everyone looted me in the
market of Bareily."
"My sandal broke
in the Bareily market."
"Everyone looted me in the
market of Bareily."