Chavez Cage of Glory (2013) Movie Script

Get up, get up.
- Fucking fight, huh?!
- Damn!
Yeah! Yeah! Come on!
I guess I'll try number three!
Watch it, get him!
Let go! Let go!
Our winner!
- You got that?
- Not of all if it, I...
Okay. I'm going to collect our money.
I'll give you 10% tomorrow.
Don't even worry about that Champ.
You need the money
and you are good for it,
I trust you. Besides, I made
like, an extra 40 on the fight.
I told you to stop betting.
I know, look, just go
get your money, okay?
Yeah, sure. Say hi
to Maria for me, okay?
Shit! She's gonna kill me.
Great fight, Champ! Great fight tonight!
- Thank you, Tony.
- I want to talk.
I gotta few ideas,
- some things coming up...
- You got my money?
Oh, yeah, yeah. Right here.
You know I was thinking that kid, uh,
that Black Scorpion out of Compton.
He's a little vicious bastard
but I think you could take his ass.
Why don't we set that up for next week?
You're short, Tony.
You're short 40 bucks.
Yeah I know. I had some, uh,
some unexpected expenses
this week. But I'll tell you what,
I'm going to make it up to you, alright?
Tony, I was really coming
about money, man. I need those 40.
I'll tell you what, kid.
I'm gonna add an additional 20
onto next week, huh? After the fight.
How's that sound?
- Tony... Yeah, yeah okay.
- Huh? Let's go have a drink.
What are you drinking?
- Ice. Get me ice, a lot of ice.
- Ice?!
- You gonna drink ice?
- Get me a diet coke, whatever.
Why don't you have a real drink?
Thank you, Tony.
Champ Cage the Destroyer Fury
knocked out his opponent in 3 seconds,
which became the new fasted time
in MMA history.
The UXC is running out
of opponents for the Champ
and the president, John Stone,
is looking for challengers.
Cage Fury, man. World MMA Champion.
It's my dream to fight with him.
Dream? Should be more
like your nightmare.
Let's drink to that.
Hey, pretty boy.
- Nice fight tonight.
- Thanks.
My boy here, Little Juan,
says you fight like his abuelita.
You know, he's probably right.
You guys have a great night, ok?
Not now. I like him.
He reminds me of my little pit-bull.
- How are you guys doing?
- We're okay.
How'd you do?
Not too good.
Oh, thank God.
Thank God is right.
Okay, so we can pay the electricity bill
tomorrow and the water next week.
You worry too much.
I got it all taken care of.
He's good, he's strong, Hector.
- Go to bed, I'll met you there.
- Okay.
How are you doing, buddy?
- How was your day, baby?
- It was okay.
Look at your face.
Yeah, I'm getting prettier
by the minute.
How did you win?
I got this guy in a triangle, you know.
When I got him where I need,
I squeezed with all my might.
It was a good fight.
Hector, I know that you love this
and I've never seen you so happy, but...
But I need to get a real job.
Don't worry, I got a few
interviews tomorrow.
- I'll get something.
- I know you're trying, baby.
It's just that...
You know, when I'm fighting...
when I'm in there...
just for a moment, you know...
I feel like I'm a winner.
I feel like I'm somebody, you know.
I can take all my pain
and all my anger out.
And right after they raise my hand,
you and Martin immediately
come to my mind.
And I realize right there
how much I love you both.
Goodnight, I love you too.
Goodnight, baby.
What's happening, baby?
I can't figure out
how to load this thing.
I'm going crazy.
I told you, you have to treat it
like a baby.
Gently and with a lot of love.
That special nurse's touch
only you seem to posses.
Alright, let's see what we got here.
Holy shit!
This is the guy I was telling you about,
he's a superstar in the web
and he's actually a better
than okay fighter.
The Mexican Chavez?
You know, you might be a genius.
He's exactly what we are looking for.
The Latinos represent 50%
of our pay per view sales.
I told you I'd find somebody.
I can see it now; he's Mexico,
he's America, he's today, he's tomorrow.
Not just somebody, but a dream.
We can do the fight on Cinco de Mayo.
I never doubt you, but that's
three weeks away, I mean...
- He might not even be in shape.
- Listen.
The late choice will build
the drama even higher.
Come on guys, I don't have all day.
I didn't come here to see this show.
Look, this is the perfect fight
for your boy.
You get a great commission,
three weeks away,
- Mexican Independence Day.
- Take a look.
Brent, would you put
some salve on my tattoo?
It eases the inflammation.
This guy's an amateur.
That's exactly why
he's the perfect challenger.
He's Hispanic so we make a lot of money,
and your boy cruises
to another easy fight.
- I don't know.
- It's the finest fuel
to feed the flame of the myth
of Cage the Destroyer Fury.
Hey, fighter.
Whoa, what happened to your face?
- Your wife hit me.
- Oh, come on.
How's my little brother doing?
I'm not your little brother anymore.
I'm 42, I have a wife and a kid.
You're still my little brother.
I want to know why
you haven't come to church?
Isn't it enough Jesus has got you.
Can't you just pray for the two of us?
No. It doesn't work that way.
Well, too bad brother.
That's why you asked me to come here?
What do you need?
Why am I here?
I need one of your blessings, ok?
I have a few job interviews
and I need all the help I can get.
- Jobs?
- Yeah.
You know you always have my blessing.
But I want to see you on Sunday.
- I'll try.
- Try.
Well, I'll do my best.
That's good enough.
How's my nephew, Martin?
He's doing good, he's good.
Look, I got to get going.
Okay, okay, okay.
Don't stop because of me.
Hey, hey! What about the blessing?
You're good to go.
I want to see you on Sunday.
Or else I'm going to hurt you!
What's that word there?
- Start?
- Start, that's good.
Keep going.
Hang on, baby.
Yeah, this is she.
Actually we're gonna be making
that payment today,
and thank you for not
disconnecting it sooner.
Yes, that's correct, and when
is our next payment due?
Yeah, but I'm paying you today.
Listen, my husband and I
have been out of work
the last ten months and we've been
going on every interview
that we could get.
If you could please, maybe
push the payment back
by two weeks or so, yeah?
Well, could I talk to your supervisor?
Okay, thanks I will.
Excuse me, Dr. Baker, I am Chavez...
Hi Mr. Chavez.
Well sadly, I don't have
good news for you.
Martin will need another operation.
The surgery we performed
when he was 4 months old
to widen the narrowing
preliminary tracked
to enclose the ventricular
septal defect,
wasn't as successful as we had hoped.
Plainly, his heart is weakening.
He's going to need
another surgery very soon.
Okay. Thank you.
Hey, baby.
I have to go to an interview.
- I'll be right back, ok?
- Okay.
- I love you.
- Miss you already.
Get better.
Hi, I'm Gia Chavez.
Oh, yes, Mr. White is ready
for you right now.
Thank you.
So in the very first round,
he kicked me right here
and cut this muscle off in half.
I was in so much pain.
And I went through it, you know.
In round first, second, third,
but in the fourth round
when I go to the corner,
your Uncle Jose was there.
I was ready to tell him, "Man,
I throw the towel, it's too much pain,
I can't take it, it's not worth it."
And right before I'm going to say it,
he looks at me and says
"You got this man, I love you."
And I felt like the whole world
was behind me.
And the bell ran and I turn around and
I see this guy
running at me like a train.
He keeps on coming and I'm waiting
and he's coming and when I get
right in front of him I punch him!
I'll never forget it,
he's flying in slow motion,
lands in the canvas
and I look around and
your Uncle Jose jumps
and hug me and says
"I told you you can do it."
And what I learned from that
is that you never give up.
And you'll never give up.
Cause I'm a champion
and you're a champion.
So you're going to be fine.
You're going to be fine, baby.
Very impressive, Mrs. Chavez.
You seem to be a little
over qualified for the job,
but I think I can hire you right away.
Thank you, Mr. White.
That's great, thank you.
You seem to really want to get this job.
Yes, my husband and I have
been out of work for months
and we're up to our neck
in bills and my son is...
Hey, come on.
I've been in difficult situations too.
I completely understand.
I'm sorry, I'm so nervous.
This job just means
the world to us, thank you.
You have nothing to be sorry
or nervous about.
I want you to know, if you help me out,
I'll help you out.
I'm willing to do whatever it takes.
Now that's what I want to hear.
How about showing me your gratitude and
giving me some...
special attention, huh?
You son of a bitch!
My husband is a fighter and so am I.
The police has informed us
that Hernandez,
who in the last 6 months lost his job,
cars and homes, took a gun
and shot his two children,
his wife and then himself
around midnight last night.
Moving on the Dwayne "Storm"
Johnson with the weather.
Thank you, Biff.
For most of South California
the Santa Ana winds
have made a mess of things
everywhere last night...
Hey, Buddy.
Yes sir, what can I do for you?
I have a beauty here for you.
- Let me take a look at it.
- Look at that.
Oh, yeah that's nice.
- How much you asking?
- I don't know, maybe 500?
Okay, the best I can do is 200 dollars.
Look, I really need the money.
I have a sick kid right here.
I'm sorry. 200, that's it.
Okay, we'll take it.
Boss, I'm afraid I have some bad news.
Spit it out.
Champs last opponent, Ronald Cash,
was found unconscious in his room
and is now in a coma.
Doctor thinks it might be due
to the beating from Cage.
The doctor thinks that maybe
Cash's injuries were caused
by the Champ's punishment.
Let me tell you something about doctors
they don't know each and every thing.
When my mother was pregnant with me,
they said I was a cyst.
They said they had to open her up
and removed me immediately.
Tell our PR department to wait
a respectable couple of hours
and then to announce
that Ultimate Extreme Combat
is going to have
a massive tribute benefit
to show our respect
in the only way that MMA knows how.
- I don't know...
- Listen,
warriors got to go to war,
the show must go on.
That's gonna cause a media shit storm.
And we're gonna shy
from the controversy?
That's what puts butts in the seats.
Shows got to have that narrative
to twirl the turn styles.
And besides, the Champ's supposed to
never fight again if Cash
doesn't come out of his coma.
Where have you guys been?
We were just in the park
having a great time and missing you.
How was your interview?
Not very good, I don't think
they're gonna ask me back.
That's okay, don't worry.
I sold Dad's gun...
so I was thinking maybe you and I can...
go out for a nice dinner,
what do you say?
- Where were you thinking?
- Well, something very fancy.
Maybe, we get a Big Mac
or something like that.
That sounds tempting, maybe tomorrow.
Okay, tomorrow.
Hey Ian, I haven't seen you in two days,
tomorrow's the fight,
you have to be there, okay?
- Hey, Champ.
- Ian?
I'm not going to be able
to make the fight tomorrow.
Maria's gonna go be there instead,
everything's gonna be great.
- Are you ok?
- Yeah, everything is good.
I wish you the best. See you soon.
Like I was saying, you little fuck,
you have three days to get to 15 grand.
Three fucking days, or you're dead.
That's gonna hurt.
Come on! Come on!
Oh, shit!
Oh, shit, this is fantastic.
Hey, I got to take care
of some business.
You guys wait here for me.
Come on, let's go.
Where's Tony?
We've been here for an hour.
This guy looks like a crook to me.
He's not a crook, he's a good friend.
I don't know, Hector.
I'm telling you, I trust this guy.
I'm sorry I'm late, I had some things
to take care of.
- Great fight though.
- Thanks, Tony.
- Who's the girl?
- She's Ian's girlfriend,
don't worry about it.
Do you have my money?
What's with the attitude?
Come on, take your girl,
we'll go have a drink.
I don't want a drink.
I want my money,
we've been here for an hour.
I don't have your money right now.
You don't have my money?
Are you fucking kidding me?
You're going to have to wait.
You motherfucker listen to me,
you get me the money now,
I need it now.
Who the hell do you think
you are talking to?
You son of a bitch.
Are you fucking playing with me?
- I want my money now!
- Roscoe! Jake!
You son of a bitch.
Get the hell out of here.
Let's go.
I trusted you, motherfucker.
Hey, another great fight pretty boy.
Although my guy Juan says
he could still kick your ass.
So what do you say Champ,
you ready to go?
- Maybe another day, huh?
- What happened? You afraid?
Look, I just had a fight.
Another day for sure, huh?
Hey! I'm going to hold you
accountable, okay?
Are you Hector Chavez?
- Who are you?
- Are you Hector Chavez?
- Yes, who the fuck are you?
- Never mind who I am.
Somebody very important
wants to talk to you.
Mr. Hector Chavez...
Really, very nice to meet you.
I'm a big fan.
- My name is John...
- John Stone.
Why are you in a neighborhood like this?
I'm here to make you an offer
I think you'll find both
stimulating and profitable.
- And what is that?
- How would you like to fight
the champion of the world
in mixed martial arts
in our biggest event ever,
the 100 Mixed Martial Arts Colossus
right here, in beautiful Los Angeles?
- Is this a joke?
- No, of course not.
Look, you're a big star
in fighting on the web.
And that's how young people
connect these days.
So what would make greater sense
than to bring our biggest champion
against you,
the biggest star of the Internet?
- I don't know.
- We'd be willing to offer you
$100,000 to say yes.
Maybe that could help you
to get out of this place.
You fight in three weeks
on Cinco de Mayo.
Can talk this over with my wife?
Of course, the wife is very important
to any deal.
Look, I'll give you my card.
I'll expect your call tomorrow.
I really do hope
you'll join us, Mr. Chavez,
- I'm sure you'll go far.
- Thank you, thank you.
Goodnight, Mr. Chavez.
This is the first exclusive look
at Hector Chavez,
the new contender of the current
world MMA champion,
Cage the Destroyer Fury.
The fight is set to take place
on Cinco de Mayo
in LA, California.
Joining us via satellite
is the Champ, Cage Fury.
- Thanks for joining us today.
- My pleasure.
Alright, well you have had
a truly amazing career,
You're known as one
of the most vicious finishers
in all of the MMA
and you've knocked out a total
of 45 separate opponents.
I mean you truly are the Destroyer.
So I'm really curious,
what are your predictions
for this upcoming fight?
My predictions for this fight are
I'm gonna send the wetback,
back to Mexico in a body bag.
My prediction is war. Death.
- I'm sorry.
- One second, honey.
- Yes?
- I'm Hector Chavez,
my son was rushed here in an emergency.
His name is Martin
and my wife's is Gia Chavez.
Let me check, honey.
I'm sorry, what was your name?
- Hector Chavez.
- Oh!
Aren't you the guy fighting
in all those videos?
That's why you look so familiar.
Your name's been all over the news.
Did you say all over the news?
Yes, now are you really
going to fight this Cage Fury?
He's a beast,
you better be careful, boy.
- Your family is in room 223.
- Thanks.
How's he doing?
He has to be operated on by next week.
It's okay, we're going to be fine.
I got some good news.
That you're going to fight
the Cage Fury?
- How did you know?
- How do I know?
It's been all over the news,
how could you accept it
without consulting me first?
They did offer me the fight,
but I didn't accept yet.
So everybody is lying, then.
I don't know, baby,
maybe they jumped the gun.
They did offer me
the fight but I told them
I have to talk to you first.
Hector, I've been thinking about this,
and this is crazy.
You've fought 8 times
in the last two months
for a lousy 200 dollars a fight.
Look at your face.
He's going to kill you.
I'm not going to sit here
and watch my son die and you die too.
You have to at least et me try.
I won't be part of your death, Hector.
Look baby, it's our only way out.
I have a bad feeling about this fight.
Mr. Chavez, wait!
Do you mind signing an autograph for me?
I'm a big fan of MMA, I love the sport,
I watch every fight.
Of course not.
And that's for Tairrie.
T, A, I, R, R, I, E.
And you can put something like,
"To the Beautiful Nurse."
- Okay.
- Thank you.
- Thank you...
- Thank you.
Now you better be careful
and protect that cute little butt.
I know I haven't been here in a while.
A long while.
But I don't know who to turn to.
I need your help.
I need your help badly.
Please, God, tell me what to do.
Hector? I'm back here.
Man, you scared the heck out of me.
Took you long enough
to show up in church.
What is it, one year? Ha.
Is everything okay? Why are you here?
Well, Martin is in the hospital,
he needs surgery right away.
Listen, they offered me
to fight Cage Fury,
the MMA World Champion,
$100,000 in three weeks.
Of course my wife doesn't want me
to do it, but I have to do it.
It's the only way out for me.
You have to do it.
Gia doesn't want you to?
Well, you have to understand
that she loves you.
She doesn't want to see hurt.
Nobody does Hector.
But you have to do what you have to do.
And she'll be there waiting for you.
She'll back you 100%
and I will too, always.
Thank you.
What else did you come to ask me?
I was wondering if you could
help me train for the fight?
Yeah, I'll train you.
But you have to work really hard.
I don't want you to get hurt.
You have to do everything I say.
- First you gotta pray.
- Yes, sir.
I knew you'd say that.
To you. You know
you're a very attractive woman?
- I'm glad you think so.
- Do you know what this is?
- What?
- That's the Virginia state seal.
More presidents come from Virginia
than any other state.
- I come from Virginia.
- So do I.
That's something we have in common then.
Yeah, Mr. Hector Chavez.
Well, that's a very dynamic decision,
Mr. Hector Chavez.
We'll call you tomorrow
about the signing of the agreement.
Congratulations, Challenger.
Your fight is official,
Champ, here here!
Good. I want your guys to get
as much dirt as they can on him.
I want this to be
the fight of the century.
Consider it done.
I'm gonna take this Mexican
on a ride to hell.
You're so mean, papi.
You're so bad!
Oh, God, I'm going to be late.
Uh, babe, hey listen.
I wanted ask you.
Could you just lend me
a little bit of money,
maybe like 300 bucks?
- What is it for?
- Just some business.
Something came up.
You know I'm good for it.
- I'll pay you back.
- Look,
you already owe me $1,000
you'd give me it back
three poker games ago.
I know. Babe, this time it's different.
I can feel it, I can feel it this time.
I'm going to win!
I've been playing this game
since I was 13 years old,
you gotta trust me,
this is my jackpot, okay?
I promise you I'm going to win.
I don't care about the money.
All I care about is you.
So promise me that this is
going to be the last time.
I promise, Maria. I love you.
Alright, I promise, last time.
- Take it.
- Thank you.
Though I walk through the valley
of the shadow of death,
I shall fear no evil
for Thou art with me always.
Thy rod and Thy staff,
they comfort me.
I believe in God the Father Almighty,
creator of heaven and earth
and in Jesus Christ,
His only son our Lord.
Who was conceived by the Holy Spirit,
born of the virgin Mary...
And life everlasting, amen.
Good time, Champ. Looking good.
That a'boy, Champ. Nice!
Not bad, not bad, compadre.
What do you want?
You finally hit the big times
and you ask me what I want?
- What the hell do you want?
- Shut up, midget!
I'm not talking to you.
When I say "shit" then you talk.
Yeah, homie,
finally got a big break.
Hope you're not going
to forget your old friends.
Now here is the deal,
I want you to wear our gang colors
on your shorts.
you come work for us now.
Look, Mando,
I never gave you or any
of you guys any trouble, okay?
I always earn my living honestly.
So I'm going to ask you respectfully
to leave me alone please.
This isn't respectfully, bullshit.
Now you listen, and you listen good!
- Drop the gun.
- Let him go.
- Drop it!
- Let him go!
Drop the gun, drop it!
What's going on here?
What's going on?
Nothing, Mando just stopped to say hi.
They're leaving now.
Hello, Mando, nice of you
to finally come to church.
- Fuck you, priest!
- Watch your mouth.
You're in the house of the Lord.
Fuck you, Father. And fuck Jesus, too.
I told you to watch your mouth.
What's the matter with you guys?
This isn't over, pretty boy.
Stay away from this priest,
you'll get your ass killed.
- How are you guys doing?
- We're okay. How are you?
Okay. I start training today.
I see.
Mr. and Mrs. Chavez,
I have Martin's latest test results.
I'm afraid he's too weak
to perform the surgery.
We need to build up his immune system,
his red blood cells,
and strengthen his body.
So we want to keep him here
to help him get stronger
and monitor his progress.
Then I think we can perform
the surgery May 5th.
Any problem with that date?
That's the earliest
the surgical team is available.
No, that's ok.
We'll do anything to make sure
the operation is a success.
It's going to cost more money.
You'll have to take it up
with our financial department.
We'll take care of it.
Thank you so much for your time.
Listen, I assure you
we will do everything we can
to get Martin safe and sound.
But you two take care of each other.
- Thank you, Doctor.
- Thank you.
Can we walk out?
If we apply for unemployment
we can get $200 a month.
The hospital's financial aid department
can take care of the rest of the bills.
Why don't you let me figure this out first
before you go fighting this monster.
How many times have I told you?
I don't bother others with my problems.
I want to take care of my family myself.
I know how proud you are
and you've always taken
such good care of Martin and I,
but sometimes life steps all over you
and leaves you no way out.
And you have to accept help
from other people.
There's nothing wrong with that.
We have a way out and it's the fight.
Look, I know you're afraid,
so am I, okay?
- Then don't do it.
- I have to do it.
I have to do it for you.
I have to do it for Martin.
But we're lucky, we have a way out
and it's the fight.
You're gonna have to do this
one on your own.
I'm gonna have to do this alone?
I'm gonna have to do this alone.
I'm never gonna be alone.
You and Martin will always be within me.
Jose is helping me train.
And for the first time in my life,
there's people that love my fighting.
You can die giving people
what they love.
There lies Ronald Cash in a coma
he got from the beating
from the guy you are going to fight.
Hector, is this what
you're asking of us?
Martin an orphan and me
a widow, that's our future?
No, we have to do this.
Maybe this is a way out for us.
People can believe
there's a way out for them.
No Hector, they will wake up everyday
and do that same shit they always do.
Don't do this, please.
Where the hell is this guy?
Turn here.
That's the one who burnt your cousin?
- You got the wrong guy.
- No, you're the right bitch.
I know one when I see one.
Come on, get up.
- Kill that motherfucker!
- Time to die, bitch!
- The cops are coming!
- Vmonos, let's go!
Mr. Stone is ready to see you guys.
Mr. Hector Chavez, how nice to see you.
Nice seeing you, sir.
This is my right hand man, Steve White.
- Good to meet you.
- Nice to meet you.
This is my right hand, Ian Raven.
Pleasure, sir. Sir, good to meet you.
We have your contract ready
if you'll just initial each page
and sign execute the last page,
we'll give you your deposit.
And now we're going to take you
out to our media launch room
for our pre-fight press conference.
- Congratulations, Challenger.
- Thank you.
And your deposit, Mr. Chavez. $30,000.
I have to say I'm a big fan of yours.
Thank you.
There's one caviot, if any pundit
brings up the issue
of your late selection,
we'll just say it was to preserve
the privacy of your family.
- Yes, sir.
- Let's put on a good show.
How's it feel big guy? 30g's.
I'm going to have to run out
just a minute earlier, ok?
- Are you kidding me?
- Champ,
you know I wouldn't ask
unless it was important.
You're going to be fine
and kill this thing. We made it!
Welcome, welcome, welcome.
Ladies and gentlemen, welcome...
to the launch press conference
of the 100th MMA heavy weight
championship of the world event.
This event, we are so excited about it
because we captured
the attention of LA community
and the hearts and minds of people
all over the world.
Right now, today we have
press from Japan,
Saudi Arabia, South Africa,
Russia, Malaysia, India.
Today we are one world
under the banner of ultimate
extreme combat today.
Give me one.
I'm going to start first
with the undisputed reigning,
physicist of pain,
the heavy weight mixed martial
arts champion of the world.
The indestructible force majeure,
Cage the Destroyer Fury!
And his challenger.
A man hailed
by the Latin-American community
as the people's champion.
Seized from the digital age,
up from the urban ethnic trenches.
Ladies and gentleman, I give you
Hector the Mexican Chavez!
I'm out.
All in.
Now, please,
let the press conference begin.
Fire up your questions.
Yes, the lady there.
You've had problems finding
an opponent for the Champ,
do you think Mr. Chavez
will pose any sort
of a challenge whatsoever?
Ma'am, we've studied Mr. Chavez's fights
very, very carefully and
I made my decision based
on what he's already proven,
which is substantial.
- Oh, got you.
- How's it feel?
- Yes, sir.
- Mr. Chavez, all due respect,
do you think you have
a shot against him?
Look, I know I have
only a few MMA fights,
but I've been fighting all my life.
And I'd have never taken this fight,
if I didn't know in my heart,
that I can win it.
What do you have to say to that, Champ?
I don't care who they put
in front of me,
I'm here to prove I'm king of this cage.
I'll fight anybody the organization
puts in front of me
and prove I'm the best
MMA fighter of all time.
Mr. Chavez, do you think
you'll even last one round?
I know I can go toe to toe
with the Champ all five rounds.
And I promise you guys
a fight you'll never forget.
Watch what you say, wetback.
I'm going to wipe that smirk
off your face.
When I leave you for dead.
Like your mom and dad left you
and your brother.
Just like you left your wife
and your sick kid.
Just like you left your family
when they needed you most.
No, no. Guys.
Leave it in the ring, boys.
Ladies and gentlemen, the thrills
and chills start right now.
This is ultimate extreme combat.
Coming up.
That was the incredible scene
at the press conference
with the fight scheduled May 5th,
between Hector the Mexican Chavez
and world heavy weight
champion Cage Fury,
who revealed that Chavez
and his brother
had been abandoned as children
and then alleged that Chavez
had left his own family
a wife and sick child,
when they supposedly
needed him the most.
- Mom?
- Yes, honey?
Did Dad leave us?
No, no baby. That's just lies
from a very bad man.
Your daddy loves us more then ever.
Is Dad going to fight the bad man?
I'm afraid so.
Don't worry Mom, my Dad is a superhero.
- He always wins.
- Yes, he does.
Hey, it's your man, Hector Chavez.
Fuck Hector, man.
That dude left his wife
and his sick kid.
Saw on the news last night.
Man, fuck you, Chavez.
I hope Cage whoops your ass...
Come in.
Is the famous Martin Chavez here?
How are you doing, buddy?
Not much, stronger.
I can see that. Let me see your muscles.
That's pretty good, look at you.
Are you going to fight the bad man?
- I'm afraid so.
- Can you promise me you'll win?
I promise you I can do my best.
Where's my present for not
telling me about this deal?
Your present?
It's right here with me.
It's my heart.
He's a killing machine.
What's the plan?
Prove his speed and power.
He wants to be as explosive
as he can be.
Like an atomic bomb!
- How're you feeling, Champ?
- Spectacular.
I want the Champ to knock out
the Mexican in the first round.
We can't look bad.
After all, we're the professionals.
Don't worry, I got it covered.
More hip, Champ, more hip!
I'll tell you, Hector, it made me sick
listening to him talk all that garbage
about you.
And it's all lies too.
- Somebody should stop him.
- Yes, we should do that.
He probably hold a press conference,
clear the air, let people know
what's really going on.
I don't care about
what people think, okay?
I've got nothing to prove.
I know who I am.
Yeah, but...
Champ, people might start to hate you.
- That's bad for business.
- He's got a point.
You're the one who always
tells me the truth
- always comes out again.
- Yes, I said that.
Okay so, why don't we focus on training?
And we'll do the talking in the cage.
- I like the sound of that.
- Ok, so let's train. Come on.
So that Cage, you gotta remember,
he's all muscle.
He's a wrecking machine.
The only way you can beat him
is with speed,
agility and combinations.
That's what we got to focus on.
So I stay out of his reach.
Come and do the damage, and leave.
Cause if he hits you one time,
game over.
Yeah, he's a monster.
I'm not fighting the monster,
I'm fighting the man.
I'm pretty sure he has a weakness.
We all do.
- Well, find it. Hit it.
- Hold it.
There we go.
Come on, last two rounds.
Nice. That a'boy.
Yeah, last round! Come on!
Come on, give me everything!
- It's for the money.
- Give me everything!
Put all there!
- You got it!
- What a boy!
Looking good.
Alright, good done.
- You're right?
- Yeah.
Alright guys, I've got to go
see the wife and the kid.
You deserve it.
We're going to stay and watch
the video of Cage, alright?
- And study him. Alright?
- Got it.
Give them my love.
You did good today, little brother.
You earned it.
- It's looking good.
- It's looking good.
Yeah, all good.
How long have you guys been
working together, 8 years?
Actually ten.
I was exactly 17
when your brother saved
my ass from a beat down.
Oh, yeah? What was that about?
Well, I bet on this mixed
martial arts fight at a bar...
And I won, so I went
to collect my money.
And the guy didn't want to pay.
So I started pushing him.
And he didn't like that very much.
Next thing I know, I look behind me
and the whole bar's ready
to take me down.
If it wasn't for Hector,
I would have had my ass handed to me.
I mean really.
After that we started talking,
went out and drinking
and teamed up and we've been
running together ever since.
And you stopped betting, right?
Actually, um...
I might have a bit
of a gambling problem.
But hey, you know, that's ten years.
Ten years man, we made it!
- We made it!
- That's more than 10 years.
- It's more like 30.
- 30?
Yes, our father started training us
when we were little boys.
He was a Mexican kickboxing champ.
And he worked with us. Hard.
And then, when we were teenagers
he tried to bring us to the US and...
something went down really bad.
We lost both our parents.
We got sent back,
we worked in the strawberry fields
picking strawberries.
We met an old man, an old priest.
He took us in, took care of us.
Eventually, he passed away and...
out of honor for him,
I decided to become a priest.
Man, that's a tough story, padre.
Yeah, but that's not the worst of it.
It gets worse?
Yeah, it was really rough for us
when we were little.
Our father was a drunk.
And anytime he'd lose,
he'd take it out on us.
He would beat the hell out of all of us.
My mom,
Hector, and me.
For some reason Hector
always took the worst beatings.
He keeps fighting.
A man like that...
deserves success.
Hi, I'm Gia Chavez.
I'm here for the interview
regarding my son's operation.
Just wait a few minutes,
our social worker will be with you soon.
Just fill out these forms please.
Okay, thank you.
Hello? Yes, okay.
I'll send her right in.
Okay baby, I have to go.
- No...
- I've got this horrible patient
- who's driving me crazy.
- What does he have?
He just had an operation but
he's so mean that everyone
in the hospital wants him to die.
Why don't you just unplug him?
All my life I've been trying to save people
and now I'm going to kill them?
- It was just an idea.
- Right.
Oh, shit.
You're very hard to find, my friend.
Look, I just need more time.
Sorry, time is up.
Man look, I can get you your money.
Oh, shit. Man...
look I can get you your money,
I swear, my fighter!
Wait a second.
- Is this your fighter?
- Yeah.
You know Hector Chavez?
Yeah, he's my fighter,
I've been trying to tell you.
He's going to win.
From one Jew to another,
you are one lucky motherfucker.
There's a way to make this work
for the good of all of us.
You sure your guy's gonna win?
You wanna bet?
And, time!
Good work.
Looking good.
I couldn't find anything on this Cage.
I think I got something.
You gotta let me do
a little more research.
Take two minutes, go.
Not too much water.
Okay bro.
There you go, Champ.
Nice sprawl. Nice, nice!
- What's happening, ese?
- I told you to leave us alone.
The only way that's gonna happen
is if you fight my man here,
- Little Juan.
- Look...
- I don't want any trouble, ok?
- It's too late.
You're already in trouble.
- Stay down!
- No way, motherfucker!
Yeah, Champ, yes!
Shoot that midget!
Shoot him!
Shit, you...
Let's go. Juan, vete.
- Hey.
- Hey, hey, what happened?
Mando and the other guys shot Ian.
Is he going to be okay?
We don't know.
They're operating him right now,
we're waiting.
- I have to go to Martin.
- Okay, baby.
You keep me posted, I just wanted
to come and visit Martin.
And see you.
Hector, I think I found a weakness.
I've been watching the videos,
and during one of his amateur fights
he got hit hard on the left side
of the jaw, fractured it,
that's his achilles heel.
- Left side of the jaw?
- Yes.
Got it, got it.
I have to ask you something.
I wanted to ask you this
for a long time.
We were little kids,
every time you got hit you got back up.
I always got up hoping that
the next time instead of hitting me,
he would hug me, you know?
But he never did.
And I never stood up for you.
It wasn't your fault.
In all the commotion of our lives,
I keep forgetting to tell you
how much I admire you.
And I love you and I always will.
And I admire you.
And I love you too, brother.
We will get through this.
We'll get through this.
- Is everything okay?
- Yeah, I'm okay.
- I've got a lot of help.
- I know.
Mrs. Chavez.
We got the results we were looking for,
he's strong and ready for surgery
this Friday, May 5th.
I don't know how to tell you this but,
I don't know how
we are going to pay for it.
It's all taken care of.
Your husband made the $25,000 deposit
and took care of the payments.
Thank you.
You lose. Strip down, homie.
When I was five years old
I was on the streets.
No mother, no father, by myself.
I could have either been
a little street bumbane,
or a king.
I started putting all this together.
I became el rey.
I need a queen.
I want you to be my queen.
I don't know if I can.
Yeah, I know you can.
- You gotta show me.
- I'll show you.
Over and over.
Yeah, and every day.
Get these fucking people
out of here, now!
Everybody, get out of here!
Let's go!
Who is it?
- Who is it?
- It's Jose, the priest.
- It's the fucking priest.
- Let him in.
Are you lost, priest?
Hello, Mando.
I come here in peace.
I just have a special request.
You leave my brother alone.
He's an example in the community
and a good man.
He almost killed my guy.
I'm sure he was protecting himself.
He wouldn't harm anybody for nothing.
Please, consider my request.
I'll consider under one condition.
You really beg.
Okay Mando, I'm begging you.
That's not how you beg, priest. Now beg!
Mando, I came here in peace.
Got any forgiveness in your heart
for this priest?
- Naw.
- Please Mando.
I love you, little brother.
Get this priest off my carpet,
he's bleeding all over it.
I guess May 5th is a big day
for the Chavez's, huh?
I guess so.
Are you okay?
All my life...
I was hoping for a chance
to prove that...
I'm a winner and I'm worthy.
And now that time is here.
- I'm afraid.
- Afraid of what?
Afraid of losing.
Afraid of not being worth it.
Maybe I'm just a regular nobody
and that's that.
Hector, you're already a winner.
You're a great father,
a great husband.
You know, I'll never forget
what you said to me
when we first met, do you remember?
You said, "Everyday
when you wake up and go out there,
do your very best,
so at the end of the day
we'd have no regrets.
So that way when you go to bed
at night you'd have no regrets."
You don't need to win that fight today,
you just need to do your best
and give it all you've got.
Martin and I will be here
waiting for you.
I've known all my life
that you're a winner.
Today, the whole world's going to know.
You're pretty and strong too, huh?
I learned from the best.
- Finally hit the big time, huh?
- About freaking time, baby.
You can text me and let me know
how Martin's doing.
And you should check on Ian, too.
I have to get going.
Thank you for everything. Thank you.
- Are you Mr. Hector Chavez?
- Yes.
Mr. Chavez, I have some bad news.
I'm sorry to say, but your brother
was found dead today.
I came to wish you luck,
Mr. Hector Chavez.
Thank you, sir.
Remember what King Author said,
"Rise up, defend the innocent,
might for right."
You're a symbol to your people, an icon.
Just as I am a river
economically to my people.
So defend your people,
rise up on Cinco de Mayo!
I don't see your coterie of staff...
That's an odd choice
for a support system, Mr. Chavez.
- Onward and upward, sir.
- Yes, sir.
- Where's Ian?
- Maybe he won't make it,
he suffered a cardiac arrest.
He's in intensive care
and his prognosis is very poor.
- I'm sorry.
- I spoke briefly with him,
he was very weak but he asked me
to tend your corner for him.
- It's not a good idea.
- Please!
It's time, let's go, Chavez.
And now for the city of angels
in Los Angeles, California,
this is the moment
we've all been waiting for.
The main event for the evening,
5 rounds scheduled
for the Ultimate Extreme Combat
Heavy Weight Championship of the World!
Introducing the challenger fighting
in the red corner.
Standing 5 feet 11 inches tall,
he weighed in officially
at 223 pounds.
As a professional,
he enters the cage perfect,
18 victories and no defeats
fighting out of Tijuana,
Baja, California, Mexico.
Here is the undefeated Challenger,
Hector the Mexican Chavez!
And next his opponent across the cage
fighting out of the blue corner.
At 6 feet 5 inches tall,
this heavy weight
weighed in at 279 pounds.
From Austin Texas, here is the reigning,
defending UXC Heavy Weight
Champion of the World,
the undefeated Cage the Destroyer Fury!
Referee in charge
of the action, Mike Beltra.
Let's bring it in.
You know the rules already.
Protect yourself at all times,
obey my commands at all times.
Touch gloves now if you want.
Very well, all the way back.
At the sound of the bell,
come on out and handle your business.
You ready to fight? Handle, let's go!
Beautiful, exquisite moves
by the Challenger.
His strategy seems to be
to evade, evacuate, shock,
awe, and keep distance.
Well, I do not blame him for that.
Take him out, Champ!
Ow, we are down to the crunch.
I'm okay.
What the hell are you doing?
You're supposed to take him out
a long time ago.
If he hits you again just stay down.
You may really go wrong
with this maniac.
- I can't.
- Why?!
You already made the money!
I told my kid I'm going to do my best.
Oh, come on, Hector!
- Just stay out.
- Finish him!
He's fighting the Champ.
God, Chavez is still standing!
Oh, my God, oh my God, Hector.
It's just a cut, it's okay.
I'm okay, I'm okay.
You can fix it, come on.
Chavez! Chavez! Chavez!
Oh, my God, the building
seems like its about to lift off!
The Champ seems not to be holding!
You got him, now finish him off!
Get up Chavez, let's finish this!
Thank you, God.
Just stay down.
Just stay down. The fight is over.
Why? You already proved your point,
you already made your money,
just give it up.
I can't.
We were supposed
to be winning this fight.
Our reputation is at stake.
Back off, Stone.
When I get done with you, you won't
be able to manage shoe shine boys.
You can get in here
and blind him with your suit.
I can't see out of my right eye,
the official is coming.
Put your hand on my back
and tell me how many fingers
he holds up.
- What?
- Just do it.
I'm okay, don't stop the fight.
How many fingers am I holding up?
Three, three.
- And how about now?
- One.
- Okay.
- Thank you.
Chavez is really making him
work for this one.
What the hell?!
Doctor, his vitals are weakening.
It's way past bradycardia.
Damn, come on kid, fight for it.
Give him atropine,
full milligram, intravenous.
I love you, daddy.
It's a miracle,
his vitals are coming back.
Thank God.
Left side of his jaw.
Get up, get up!
Stop, he's out.
Get down now! Get on the ground!
Get down! Get down!
- Great fight, Chavez, congratulations.
- Thank you, Champ.
Now you're gonna know
what it's like to have something
everyone's willing to kill you for.
Take care of that belt for me,
I'll be back for it.
Ladies and gentlemen, the end comes
4 minutes 59 seconds,
round number 5,
your winner by KO victory
and new UXC heavy weight
champion of the world,
Hector the Mexican Chavez!
Where is he, where's Chavez?
He is with his family.
He says you can shove
the belt up your ass.
You okay?
- I'm okay.
- You sure?
Thank you.
Thank you for listening to my prayers
about Hector and Martin.
That's why I love you so much.
Because you always give yourself
unconditionally to everybody else.
And because you're too damn pretty.
Look at your face.
It's getting prettier by the minute.
Yes it is.
How is he?
The operation was a success.
He's going to be all better.
I realized my brother has given his life
for our freedom and happiness.
And that to conquer great dreams,
great sacrifices must be made.
Jose will live in our hearts forever.
And I know that my brother...
stood up for me still the end.