Cheap Thrills (2013) Movie Script

- It was the opportunity.
- We can make it. Good grief.
Who needs options?
- He's surely not a snooze button?
- Yes, behind the left ear.
- Hit him now not kill.
- No, then. Why do they sleep not?
Okay, I can get this.
Give Dad the glasses.
Give me the glasses.
Av. Av. Give Dad the glasses.
Give Dad the glasses.
- Thank you. You look great.
- I nede no ironing.
You can not see.
- You'll get no coffee.
- You've got to tanks.
- Do you have money?
Yes. Do you take him right?
Okay. All right.
- I love you, friend. Hi there.
- Say hejsa for dad.
Wait, you get talked to Doug
on lnforhjelsen today?
Yes, I talk to him today.
I love you. Hi there.
- Hello.
- Tell me how it went.
you, Craig! Doug will talk to you.
- Yes?
- Hello. How are you Andrea?
We'll cut down unfortunately.
Hi, honey. I come a little later
home, I grab a beer with Enrique.
See you tonight. I love you. Hey.
Give me the money, Craigy.
Vince? Good grief.
You scared the shit out of me.
You need to look over your shoulder.
I told you a hundred times.
It's eons ago,
that we've seen each other.
- Whatever you drink, I'll give.
- Thanks, but I'm going home.
What? We have not seen each other
for five years. You're not going anywhere.
- Is it really five years ago?
- Yes. One drink.
- I'll take one more.
- That he drinks and a whiskey.
What the hell are you doing here?
You're looking obviously for trouble.
My God, are you married?
- Come on. Do you have too kids?
- A son at 15 months.
- Want to see a picture?
- Yes, until the baby.
- His name is Keenan.
- Keenan! In similar.
Yes, same hairstyle.
And it's your wife?
She's beautiful. Congratulations.
You've been busy. Do you have a house
in Silver Lake and a few bulldogs?
- And an office. Do you write more?
- Yes.
So... Do you have pictures, too
in your wallet?
No. I have some on my mobile,
but it will probably not see.
- Want to see them?
- No.
- I love her over there.
- She's hot.
What krver it to score her?
A luxury villa and a Mercedes?
- I have no idea.
- No, you're put in lnker.
- One girl for life. Joker you?
- You think not of it.
I do. When I'm with someone
think I'm already on the next one.
You have shown enough to rake in.
- NLH. Yes.
- Do you get paid the bills?
Yes. I'll be fine.
I'm not rich, but...
Can I ask you something?
When you collect money...
- How's it going so to?
- What do you mean?
Will it always violently? Or
are you talking sometimes with them?
"You owe us money.
You have a spillegld. Pay Now."
- Why?
- I was just...
- Is it research for a book?
- No.
What is this?
- I'm in trouble.
- Okay?
We got the last warning this morning.
If I do not pay in a matter of a
few days, we will be on the street.
- I got fired today.
- I'm sorry to hear that.
- I can give you a few hundred.
- I need 4,500.
This is more than I have.
- Did you ask for a job?
- No, I'm just curious.
Craig, I broke a guy's arm
because of $ 80.
While his daughter looked on.
Can you do something?
Lighten up. You have been
so depressed the last five years.
I'm going to slip on the toilet.
I'll be right back.
Course. Craig Daniels.
Craig Daniels. Fucking hell.
You, Craig. They provide the
next round. Sit down.
They just wanted some company.
So to party.
- Great. do you like tequila?
- Yes, certainly.
Three glasses of your finest tequila, thank you!
No, wait. Give me the whole bottle.
And tranebrjuicen.
- What's In? I'm Colin.
This is my wife Violet.
She's birthday,
so we'd give it a little gas.
- Congratulations.
- There she is. Put it there.
- Safe? It costs $ 300.
- Oh, how embarrassing. Yes, I'm sure.
- What's your name? There you go.
- Caryn. Thank you.
And there'll walk glass. Super.
Here's to my incredible wife Violet.
In the past six years
has been absolutely fantastic.
- I love you so fucking much.
- I love you too.
Here's to Violet.
- For the heck. Kanon.
- It's good.
I have a bottle that belonged
Pancho Villa to 10,000 dollars.
Is not it crazy?
What are you working with?
- Construction Work on a vrksted?
- Because of arbejdstjet?
- What do I know. As head of course.
- We're just old friends.
- We grab a beer together.
- Old friends, super.
- We skated and played music.
- I was right companions.
- Everything was easier back then.
- Occasionally.
You are the mysterious type.
"In between."
You should go with shirt and tie.
A man with style.
Violet, let's take some pictures.
Let us prove this.
Okay, I take pictures?
- Say Cheese.
- Orange. It was sharp.
- I want to be with.
- Shall we have another? Okay.
- One, two, three.
- Did you know? How was it?
- This is it.
- What?
We're doing a bet.
Do you see him in the old bar?
If he's staring at her ass, winner
Violet, it's teats, I win.
For fuck's sake.
- $ 100 every time?
- Yes, it's just for fun.
- We amused ourselves just a little.
- Yes. I have an idea.
A person who rooted his glass first,
get $ 50.
- $ 50?
- Wait, what?
- Well, Vince. "Wait, what?"
- You have to go with.
- Pay attention.
- That was fast. Here.
What are you doing? He drank
not even. It's your money.
- Okay, I'm not complaining.
- Follow the rules.
Otherwise, it's not funny. Down with it.
Craig, you are a rabble.
What island are you from?
Go ahead.
Look at him.
Not even close.
An arrow bull's-eye gives $ 50.
Okay, here we go.
- Shut up, it was close on!
- Look at her.
Wow. It looks bad.
Okay, now I hear that.
$ 200 to the person who makes her
so angry that she take him one.
200? Do you take it?
I'll do it if you do not do it.
- Okay.
- She'll punch you.
- Hello.
- Yes? What is it?
- What?
- What do you want, asshole?
Did you at Parkside? Sorry,
I thought you were someone else.
He'll be back.
You know what? Look at the champion.
- How did you do that?
- I gave a drink for a slap.
A little cheating, but that's okay.
- Take that shit away.
- There is enough for everyone.
- No, do it on the toilet.
- I'm fine here.
- The toilet stinks.
- She's coming over.
- You must not do that here.
- Oh, sorry.
Caryn, I'll take care of it. Here.
It's like a curtain.
You see nothing.
You're the best. Thank you, Caryn.
- Unbelievable. Can I?
- Of course.
- What do we do now?
- Do you want to continue?
I know a good strip club.
Is that okay? It is a fine place.
- Is that okay? -You wanna go to the strip?
- No, I'm going home.
- I mean it.
- You need to get drunk...
... with a friend you have not seen
for years. Well, you have to.
If you want to hurt Violet on her big day
? She wants you to stay.
- Okay, I'll stay here a little longer.
- Take a little of this.
No, then I get diarrhea.
This place sucks.
You must not touch them.
You know what?
$ 200 to the person who slaps
stripper over there ass.
Come on.
- $ 200?
- Do not do it.
Damn! We're out of here.
- It was too much.
- Let's have fun in the car.
- Calm down.
- You know what, Vince?
It was good to see you again and
nice to meet you. I'm going home.
- Come on, Craig?
- Hey, assholes!
- Did you hurt one of our girls?
- No, I swear.
- Lgnagtige pigs. You get ass kicked.
- $ 500 if you'll kill him first!
For fuck's sake.
Damn, too.
- Did you just make that up?
- I'll walk her just.
- From the outside?
- You can not hear anything in there.
It is on the other side of the studio.
- He's coming now.
- Sleeping Beauty.
- Where are we?
- You collapsed like a souffl.
We took off before the cops came. We took
you here and washed you.
- I have a lot of painkillers.
- It's crazy. Lots of fine whiskey.
Here. Wait, I have a grip on it.
Damn! Sorry! I forgot.
Go ahead.
I'm proud of you.
You hit him first.
- I would not smoke in fights.
- It was not a fight.
- Drink, I'll give you the better.
- It was too wild.
It was too wild. You will never
forget this evening.
Or me, Vince and Violet.
Although you never see us again,
you will never forget us.
I think that's crazy. I think
on something like that all the time.
Yes! Give him a "Yes!"
I just wanna go home.
I'll get some painkillers.
I have an entire pharmacy here.
My brother is actually pharmacies.
- Give it, Vince.
- He must owe you one.
- Yes.
I can send you pictures.
I'll get something to wash with.
That he is not too crazy about.
- Come on, it'll be fun.
- Okay.
I'll get some novelties.
- You know how to party.
- Yes, is not it?
- It's a whole gear box.
- You can catch fish with this.
- I'm sorry.
- It's okay. Thank you for your help.
I'll be careful.
Have you broken something before?
Only the foot.
I made a silly
skateboard trick.
- How does it feel?
- I can not really remember it.
When I was little,
I looked at it when the big skated.
I was a little in love
in one of the boys.
He was a little wilder
than the others and...
... one day he tried
with a trick.
They had built a jump
and he took off on.
There was a car around the corner.
I did not see it happen,
but I heard it.
Sound when it hit him.
It was weird. It sounded like...
... Branches knkker.
It sounded as if he were made of wood.
The first thing they see, do that...
- Go ahead. So do the trick.
- What is it?
- Something painkillers, I think.
It comes from a pharmacy,
so it'll be fine. It's okay.
Okay, let's go.
I want to show you something. Come on, Craig.
Did she patched up together?
Fed views, right?
I also somewhere in Palas Verdes
- and an apartment in Malibu,
but this is Violets vrk.
I gave her checkhftet and
said: "cabinet, whatever you want" -
- and she has done so.
She has decorated each one millimeter.
What the hell? Fuck you!
Craig, wait! Come here. Wait!
- You too fucking me?
- Take it easy.
- You had too made it to 300
- Okay, do you think that?
I want to rob them. The idiot has a
safes full of cash.
I nails them.
Are you crazy, you fucking monkey?
I just want out of here.
He has $ 150,000 in cash.
It's nothing for him but for us
it is a whole new life. Think about it.
- I do not know.
- Okay, but you do need money.
- Now you have the opportunity.
- The possibility of being arrested.
- He has seen our faces.
- He do not call the cops.
- What a crazy assumption.
- Not if you're thinking after.
If they see his forstrrede pupils
he goes in with us.
He do not call the cops.
I'll do it in any
If you do not want to be with
then slipped on, man.
Wait, wait, wait.
What should I do?
- Take the girl, so I'll handle the rest.
- You're doing it well no?
- Player In the off on each other?
- Why would you look at?
No one is injured.
Take Violet and hold on tight.
- You become good friends again?
- Yes.
Violet has all his music coupled to
anlgget. 12,000 slices on shuffle.
Games maniacal instrumental
number it with the guitars.
Or this one, to better suit
mood. Here's your cocktail.
Are you done on the ladies' room?
I have to pee.
You, Colin. I do not want
do this, but...
- I want my money in the safe.
- This is really stupid.
We wait here, Craig pick them up.
What is the code?
- I do not know.
- Do not fuck with me.
- Safely. We're doing a good party.
- Tell me the code.
I can not.
It's not locked, Vince.
- Should I believe this?
- I can not remember the numbers.
It was her birthday, but
so I switched it out. It is unlocked.
- It's full of cash.
- I rely too much on friends.
Craig, take care of this.
- Sit down.
- What do I do with her?
- Put her there.
- Careful. Sit down.
- Do not do anything stupid.
Why lock the you do not know, idiot?
- Come on!
- Holy shit.
- Why does it take so long?
I come!
Come on, I have them.
- How much is it?
- I counted them. Come on.
- I too use the car keys.
- They're over there on the shelf.
- Relax, damn it!
- This was not my idea.
It was his.
I said it was stupid.
Shut up.
Do we turn the clock back.
Do you like it? Should we pretend
about? Do you find it? Well, Vince.
We can pretend that the last
district has not taken place?
- We tried the to rob you.
- Yes, it was really stupid.
We have not been completely honest,
but let's forget this.
Okay. We did not try to rob you.
I threatened you not just with a knife.
Delete it, I said. It does not exist.
It belong to the past, we live in
moment. It does not exist.
We start over and reset
it all. That's fine with me.
- What about you?
- Okay.
Good. Then we start all over again.
- You do not call the cops?
- No, on resord.
- What the hell is going on?
- The Violets birthday.
What should I give her? She
everything. She can buy exactly what she wants.
You gotta think outside the box.
We got an idea for a wild night.
I find a few losers and give them
money to humiliate himself.
- What a wonderful evening. Congratulations.
- No, you're too fat. We had fun us.
It's been fantastic.
It's more like a reality show.
- What program?
- Like when they'll eat animal dicks.
Stopping head down to hoses
or'll eat bugs. But it's not TV.
And then it say
250,000 tax dollars at stake.
- 2 .. $ 250,000?
- What?
- Are they for us?
- Ned.
- Down, dammit. Stay right there, Vince.
- I lie down. Okay.
It's okay.
I have to win them.
This is for fun.
The money in the closet was to the game.
We would give them to you and you took them.
It is... There is a word for it.
- Irony?
- Thank you. It's super-irony.
- What do we do?
- What we are saying.
So I do not call the cops?
Whether we call the cops?
- And we can go when we want?
- That would be sad.
It would really be sad,
but you can go, when you want.
But I'll give ye not them here.
But no matter how much money is
is, I suck it of him.
None guys to take care of each other
or suck on each other.
I have to do as we say,
but not like that.
Okay. So what do we do?
Okay, here we go again!
Good decision. $ 500
to the person who holds his breath lngst.
Is it just that? Okay, I'm ready.
- Are you ready?
- Yes, I'm ready.
- Should I just hold your breath?
- Yes, any more than he.
- I begin! -Do you take time?
- Yeah, are you ready?
Craig, you would just take a single.
It's 2:00.
Sorry. I forgot the time,
Enrique and I...
I have spoken with Enrique.
- Then you know what happened.
- Honey, I'm not angry. Come home.
Come home, we'll find out.
I'll come home.
Give me 45 minutes.
Trust me.
- Who is it?
- 300 to hang up. 200 now.
Who dumped you?
- For fuck's sake, wait.
Heavens 1.59! Son of a bitch!
Did you get a taste for this?
- Why he got money?
- He threw hang up to 200
- Is it my turn?
- Yeah, are you ready?
- Yes.
- Three, two, one. Pull over!
- It's not fair.
- What? That's for me to decide.
- What was my time?
- 1 minute and 58 seconds.
How you doing, buddy? Good?
It starts to hurt
after one minute.
- He gives appear soon.
- He looks better than you did.
Yes, he takes the view it here.
I saw a documentary where pearl-
divers held their breath for five minutes.
What's up, helping it not?
I dots just a little.
- What's happening?
- Goddamn it, Vince? He takes you!
53 54 ..
- Damn!
- What the hell, Vince?
- Pay.
- Nerve-racking.
- Really? He stiffed the.
- There were no rules.
Do not worry, we enjoy ourselves the just.
- Now what?
- I like that. We go outside.
This way. We go this way.
Look at that. Can you see the shit?
- It's a shit.
- That's what I'm saying.
- What shall we...
- CDE it? No.
No, it is part of a story.
Do you see the house over there?
Their dog shit always over here.
I should talk to the gardener
the other day and fouled up in a shit.
I had brand new shoes on.
They were totally ruined.
- Okay, and?
- I want revenge on the neighbors.
800 to that shit inside
their house. Photo Proof takes.
- This is insane.
- 1200 is my final offer.
Okay, I'm ready.
I like that. Your rabble.
Craig, you will surely
not do this?
No, I do not know
but I'm doing it for my family.
That's intrusion.
It gives at least two years in the shade.
We threatened them with a knife. This
feels a million times safer.
- You trays're not out?
- No, I do not.
Thanks to that you can not
searched Violet-
- the game is my only way to money.
So no, I'm not out trays.
"Keep the girl, so I'll handle the rest."
It was your only instruction.
I have done time before.
I can handle it.
But you? It's just what I say.
Good luck!
Satan too.
The bastard.
It's really good. You must
start writing lyrics.
You have to. Write diary
and make something out of it.
There he is. You got something for me?
No! No, is it true?
After all, did you?
- Want to see?
- It's fine.
Now what is that?
Okay, Craig pooped in the neighbor's house.
And then what?
This bastard continuing this to
fucking on the ground. I can fix it.
NLH? What do I get for it?
- Five, six thousand?
- How about nothing?
- Is it an appropriate belb?
- What?
You get nothing
to kill a dog.
What kind of a sick
birthday present?
Did I do it for no reason?
Oh, dear. You're so sweet.
It was not working. You could
giving me big problems.
- You hit me and peed on me.
- It's not the same.
Yes, it is.
Stop pointing at me.
Calm down. We celebrations of course.
- Now what?
- He will keep the wheels turning.
- Where's my money?
- Damn, too. Sorry.
100, 200, 300
Everyone knows how this ends.
Can we rewind over it?
- As promised.
- Now what?
$ 300 to that First make
a vodka and tonic for me.
Three, two, one. Pull over!
A vodka and tonic is on the way, sir.
Throw just a lime over here, buddy?
Are you okay?
You really tense.
You are quite tough. So many knots.
You would get better,
if you let me fuck you.
- What?
- What did she just say?
I'm waiting for my drink.
Do you want it, Craig?
Do you want to fuck me?
- Do you hear what I hear?
- Yes, I do.
What is it, Craig?
Do not you fuck my wife?
- She's hot. Will not you take her?
- Do you care?
- Why would not I be?
- It's okay.
- We have a bent conditions.
- But my wife and I did not.
I want to fuck you, Violet.
- Sweetie Craig. I really like it.
- Look here...
You are a beautiful young lady.
I'm flattered, but I can not.
- Come on, she fills the year.
- I'm married. It will not go.
Would it be okay if you got
money to fuck her?
- Money?
- What about 2000?
This is sick.
I can not believe I'm saying this,
but what does 4500?
When I put the money in your wallet,
I saw the message from the landlord.
I'm sorry that I read it,
but it was lying there's just.
- My God.
- Come on Craig.
He will definitely not. Leave him alone,
I fuck her free.
Drop it, Vince.
She is married men.
What a nonsense.
- $ 4,500?
- Exactly.
- I love my wife.
- I know. Prove it.
Make sure that the family
may remain.
Pay the rent, Craig.
Damn, she's sexy.
I come!
So am I., taxes.
- Good Lord!
- Damn!
What the hell?
Shit. Fuck, baby.
Fuck. It was a little klbrigt.
I'll go down and change.
We continue the game.
I'll be right back.
You did not deserve that.
Not at all.
- I'm done.
- How "done"?
- I'm going home.
- Good. Great, you're leaving.
See you in five years, buddy.
Do not forget to write.
Okay, chicks. Will I earn
real money? Sound good?
- Craig! Where's Craig?
- He was satisfied.
He got it bad for being unfaithful.
Where is she going?
He is gone.
What is the problem?
I'm here yet.
- We continue well just?
- No.
I'm feeling a little unloved, mate.
No, you're all right.
We just would not break up the gang along.
He has not been a part of
gang since high school.
Let's keep going.
What do I do now?
Come with me.
Hug your little fingers.
Is not that right? Do as you will.
I do not care.
It's little finger.
You do not use it.
- What is the iron to?
- To close the wound with.
- How much is it worth?
- How much?
- Yes.
- He wants to know how much.
Let's think about it.
Shall we say...
... $ 25,000?
$ 25,000?
To cut the little finger of?
- Okay, I'll do it.
- Do you?
Cool. Okay.
Yes, I cut my little finger
of 25,000 dollars.
I'll do it for 23
Damn! What the hell?
Are you kidding me?
Where the hell have you been?
Are you a ninja?
- I cut it off for 23,000.
- What's wrong with you, Craig?
- You understand it simply is not.
- You have to rent, give me a chance.
4,500 rescues us from smoking on the street,
but what about next month?
We are out of work, how to pay
I eat? 23,000 gives elbow room.
If it means I have to cut
little finger of, then I will.
- Yes, you have to think about the future.
- Wait a minute. What about me?
Every time I go to work,
I am so close to get into again.
And I earn almost nothing.
No one asked you to drop out of school.
You would not give to be able to enjoy.
You've got the life you deserve.
Wow. Fuck you.
- I'll do it for 22,000.
- 21,000.
- One more word, and I'll kick your ass.
- 19
- Shut up, I said.
- Okay...
- $ 15,000.
Are you crazy? 15,000 for
little finger? It is a finger!
The disappearance of course not.
Does it cost 6,000 to get it sewn on
again, I am still 9,000 richer.
Okay. To lemlste
yourself for 15,000, go ahead.
Okay. We're getting ready for it.
- We're well on here?
- No, this? I use the other.
Thank you.
- Do you know?
- With pleasure.
- Do not you do that?
- I'm sorry. It's too gross.
Okay. We'll put it there.
I count to three.
- A...
- Wait. Jeez. Wait, I need to...
Okay, are you ready? No, not yet!
- Are you ready?
- Yes, I'm ready. Are you?
- Would you really do that?
- Sorry, friend.
Okay, okay, okay. Do it.
Wait. I need to see
if the iron is hot.
Okay. I do not want blood all over
it all. We're ready.
- Let's do this. Do it, Vince.
- One, two, three!
- You can not pull you out now!
- I want something for the pain.
- He has not done it yet.
- So I do not mrker anything.
- Still the pills you got?
- Yes, somewhere.
I crush them. If you snort
those mrker you nothing.
They're here somewhere.
Like that, it's over.
I hope it hurt.
Holy shit! Are you all right, Craig?
Come on.
Come on, drop arm.
Give me your hand!
Come on, do it! Do it!
- What are you waiting for?
- It sits there yet!
- It all goes by, buddy!
- Are you kidding me?
- Get the knife!
- Forget it!
Fuck! Make
iron, you bastard!
Like that! Yes!
Like that! That's it, damn it!
That's it, damn it!
Fuck, you did it! How does it feel to be
15,000 richer?
Do me a favor.
Let me see them. I want to see them.
It is not a service.
You've earned.
Hell, yes. Holy shit.
5, 10, $ 15,000, motherfucker.
Damn. It was too wild.
Like that.
What is that noise?
There it is again.
- I too hear it.
- Well, I thought I was insane.
- I too hear it.
- It comes from over there.
Where is my finger?
- Oh, no. The dog is dead.
- What the hell?
How did that happen?
- Oh, no. What the hell?
- It was nipped in Craig's finger.
I got this.
Look at him.
I'll be damned.
It's too weird.
It will be hard to
get it chews sewn back on.
You are a giant asshole.
- I did not steal 25,000 from a friend.
- I need the money.
For my family.
You had fired them off on
hookers and dope. I know you.
- I know you too, Craig.
- I'm not like that anymore.
I have a responsibility. I have a life.
The air you're pulling, going to waste.
You're a fucking loser, Vince.
I know.
I know that I'm a loser.
I've always known
but you surprise me, Craig.
Your parents love you
and took care of you.
They sent you to college.
See how it's been you.
You were not a writer and
lost your job on a autovrksted.
You gotta fuck another woman and
lemlste yourself to pay the rent-
- so who is actually
the biggest loser?
- What the heck are you still here?
- Smells otherwise well.
- Yes, is not it? Are you hungry?
- I could eat a little.
Do me company,
So we take a little give birth.
You know what, honey?
The bottle we have saved on.
This dish perfectly fits-
- a 10,000-dollar bottle of tequila,
which has tilhrt Pancho Villa.
What the hell! What?
- No. No.
- Just before I loved the smell.
- Why do you...
- Prepared on? So you can eat it.
Are not dogs people?
I'll kill not helpless animals to death,
but because he had already died.
- I're not vegetarians?
- I just became.
- It tastes like chicken.
- But it's a dog!
Do not be so snversynet. The
eat dog in many places. Travel a little.
- Is it even edible?
- Yes. Well done. 74 degrees inside.
I have a meat thermometer.
So... How's the offer?
$ 50,000 to the
First there eating his portion.
$ 50,000, it is well
more than a rsln for you?
Consider it. A lot of concerns
disappears. The bills can be paid.
I can do just what you want.
This is pure psychology.
It can easily get over.
Okay, dammit. I see.
- Here's your.
- I'm with.
Wait a minute. I do not trust him.
Whoever eats First up, gets 50,000.
What's up, guys?
What are you waiting for?
- I'm done!
- Done!
- Fuck, that was close. Violet?
- No, I won clearly.
- Open the mouth!
- It's open!
Fuck. Listen...
- It was a draw.
- What?
We need a afgrelse.
Good idea.
I think...
... it eats Craig's finger-
- get money.
No! No! No! No!
You bastard!
- It counts well yet?
- Yes, it counts. You won.
I did it.
50,000 fucking dollars!
You're a fucking svkling, Craig.
It has always been.
Join in and get some air.
Fuck! He can fuck off.
You know what?
He used to get ass kicked,
plenty of ass kicked all the time.
Who he complained to? Me.
I stttede him always.
I stttede you always!
And how does he pay back?
He thinks he's better than me.
He thinks he deserves the money.
He does not deserve a damn thing.
Not a fucking penny!
I beat him almost to death.
Would you do it?
Do it. $ 250,000.
I'll take care of the rest.
This is your chance, Vince.
A new start.
You can have whatever you want.
$ 250,000?
Do you want to show us a slideshow?
- She made it to our wedding.
They are too fat.
Craig, do you want a beer
or an ice pack?
- A taxi.
- Yes, it's late. Or early.
I feel like for a brunch.
What do you say?
- Yes.
- I could drink 100 bloody mary.
You, Colin. Will you call me a cab?
Yes, but I pay.
I am a good host.
I got a guy... here.
That's it, yes.
- Reunion picture.
- Colin.
Yeah, okay.
Hello, is it in a taxi?
Yes, I need a car.
Address is 1231 Waverley.
Craig, get your 50,000.
I trust you, TCL them.
I'm talking with a friend. 20 minutes.
Hell, Vince.
It was too funny.
Craig, let's go.
It was freezing.
Absolutely freezing.
Hello. Whoever cleanup,
we talked about...
It is needed now.
It was good to celebrate with you, Craig.
You made the right choice.
I thought my guy
would handle it.
It's okay.