Check Point (2017) Movie Script

James Dean was the man.
Everything he did was cool.
The way he walked was cool.
The way he talked was cool.
The way he smoked
cigarettes was the coolest.
Can you imagine
James Dean smoking
one of these fucking things?
Absolutely no cool factor,
you know what I'm saying?
You must be... Roy Boyle, right?
Well, this is a good day.
I was hoping
I'd get a chance to meet you.
Say you used to be something
back in the day.
I mean, personally...
no offense,
- but Just don't see it man.
- Alright, man.
Let's do this thing.
Yeah, nice to meet you, too.
Bloody Sunday, redefined,
Rips across these
county lines
With my home sweet Caroline
on my mind
Bullets fly as in
run and scream
Darkness like
I have never seen
So I close my eyes
and pray it's all a dream
Ooh, ooh, ooh
So I close my eyes
and pray it's all a dream
So take me back to Caroline
Oh, take me home
to Southern Pride
The only flag that
waves above us
Is the one with
stars and stripes
Oh, take me back
to my own home
For God and country
to my bones
Take me back, sweet Caroline,
I'm coming home
Sleepless night in
the morning song
Hope I stayed way too long
Now it's here,
and we're all Caroline Strong
Ooh, ooh, ooh
Mama told me
When I was young
She sat beside me
"My only son"
"Listen closely
To what I say"
"If you do this,
it'll help you some sunny day"
Oh take your time
Don't leap too fast
Troubles will come
And they will past
God, I wish there was
something I could do.
Oh, I forgot to tell you.
The other night,
a couple nights ago,
I saw a shooting star
and I made a wish
that I could
take all of your pain
and bury it in the sand.
That's what I wish for.
Oh, no.
I said it out loud!
Now it's not gonna come true!
Oh, crap.
Hey, you must be real
proud wearing those dog tags.
They're so shiny.
Hey, guess what today is.
Uh, uh... ls it your birthday?
No, it's not my birthday.
It's Friday,
which means China Doll's
having her famous dumplings.
I swear to God
I can smell them from here.
You... you said you
liked that smell, right?
Yeah. I love it, yeah.
Roy, come on!
If we miss out,
we'll have to wait another week!
And yet,
another American soldier
has crossed the
border to join forces
with the extreme radical
terrorist group
known as the D-Tag.
Making him the 13th
American soldier
to engage with the group.
The soldier's identity
is currently being
kept confidential
for the safety of his family.
the "Death-To-All" group
have claimed responsibility
for the latest beheading video
of photojournalist
Taja Raj of Sweden.
A lot of people
called it prison
When I was growing up
How's it going Eddie,
how the hell are you man?
Cause everybody knows
me and I know them
And I believe that's the way
we were supposed to live
I wouldn't trade
one single day
What the hell's
going on, grease monkey?
Grease monkey?
What's up, white lightning?
Come on man, you been
a lil out of shape because
you lost some money to
me the other night? Come on.
Oh, I keep in that.
Yeah, right.
There's no way, man.
I am the chess master.
You know what you should do?
You should go back
and play checkers, man.
That's more your IQ.
Listen man, I think I'm doing
pretty good against you.
I'd say we're about 50/50.
But you know,
any time you want to switch off
and play a little rummy.
I don't play rummy
when you play rummy,
not that
penny a point Michigan rummy.
That's too much work man
for no pay off, come on.
Hey listen man,
I'm hitting on down the diner,
get something to eat.
You want something?
No, no, no. I got to finish this
for Larry, man.
He had a bingo jackpot
last night
and now he's got some cash.
So, I'm going to get some of it.
If you don't mind,
I get back to work?
Ah, we got some money,
then you can pay me back that
20 bucks he keeps on borrowing.
Not my problem.
I catch you around, man.
I'll be here.
- I'll see you tonight.
- That's a possibility.
Okay, here we are!
Have a very good day.
I love you very much.
I love you too.
If you ain't ever
took a ride around
And cruised right through
the heart of my town
Anything you say
would be a lie
Ms. Scholar, let me help you!
Oh, that would be
awesome Cassandra.
But that don't mean
I wouldn't be proud to show ya
Where I come from
There's an old farm boy
out turning up dirt
Where I come from
There's a preacher man
in a cowboy shirt
Where I come from
When a couple of boys
fight in the parking lot
No, nobody's gonna
call the cops
Where I come from
Let's go, come here.
See that door right
there, man I swear
It ain't ever been locked
And I guarantee
that it never will
That old man right there
in the rocking chair
At the courthouse square
I'll tell you now
He could buy your fancy car
with hundred dollar bills
More coffee, deputy?
Yes please, to-go.
I need another dumpling too.
Oh, you like Suzie's dumplings!
See Kenny? You're a lucky man.
Everybody loves my dumplings.
Of course they like
your damn dumplings,
that's the only thing
you know how to cook.
And don't you got a damn cat
or something to save in a tree'?
Suzie, you're gonna get us
both in trouble now.
Oh, don't worry. Husband no fun.
Hey, how you doing guys?
- Oh, morning Sheriff.
- Morning, Sheriff.
You here for some of
Suzie 's dumplings too?
Everybody loves
Suzie's dumplings.
See, Kenny?
Cherish your wife's dumplings
because we all do.
Go do some damn work,
you tall ass.
Leave my wife's
dumplings out of this.
Hey woman, don't nobody
care about all that.
You just said that last night
when I was giving you Godzilla.
Aiya, Godzilla...
- Hi, LuAnn.
- Oh, hi.
You know
we can all hear you, right?
I don't give a damn, LuAnn.
I can hear everybody.
I got one good damn ear.
I can hear that man belch,
I can hear him fart,
I can hear chewing
every damn thing.
Crazy people I work for.
You're fired,
but I'm gonna let you know when.
I hope there's not
any meat in this thing,
because it's Good Friday,
and you know I can't eat meat.
I mean, I can but...
yeah, don't get me wrong.
I love meat,
just not today.
Excuse me, I'm try...
Never mind.
Sorry, Jesus.
Are you an ex-marine?
Um, well, I am a marine.
You're never a former or an ex.
Once a marine, always a marine.
Lieutenant Roy Boyle,
Special Forces. Very honorable.
Thank you.
Though I got to tell you,
that Vietnam, phew,
that was hard.
Get inside, woman.
LuAnn is having problems with
that damn register again.
And I told you to stop
feeding these damn bums.
I'm not a bum.
Uh, Grant Hodges.
You sure look like a damn bum,
and you got on dog tags
like you were a marine.
You weren't no damn marine.
You were.
Look at you now.
You're a damn disgrace.
Clean up, boy.
Pitiful. Oh, come on now.
That ain't necessary.
We're not doing anything wrong.
Oh, is that right?
Let me ask you a question:
Those signs that you
and every other vagrant carry,
is there some sort of...
homeless union code
or something on how big
the sign should be?
And tell me this:
Where do you all get
those magic markers from
to write on the sign,
and who writes them damn signs?
Stop being a dick, alright?
Just stop being a dick.
You've got some mouthful,
you street rat.
Oh, you said your piece.
He did nothing wrong
to you, okay?
You don't have to rub it in.
If you've got beef, do it
with your wife, alright?
My beef is with your ass.
You get your shit together,
clean up like I said.
Hey Roy, um...
I hope you're not angry with me
that I told Suzie
that I was you.
It's just that, um...
I don't know. This is...
pretty much the only
thing I have in my life
that means something to me.
No, that's fine.
I'm not angry at all, Grant.
In fact,
I'm sure if you're a marine,
you'd make a pretty
amazing soldier.
Really? Wow. Um, thanks, Roy.
Urn, wow. Thank you.
Want these back?
Nah, you keep 'em.
It means more to you
than it does to me, okay?
Sit down.
What the hell
is all this talking
I'm hearing about you knocking
people's American flags
down off their lawn?
You can't go around doing that
just because you're pissed off
with the President.
You're a soldier yourself,
you all know better than that.
I hear you doing
that one more time,
I'm going to lock you up
for a week, you understand?
Yes, sir.
Go on, get the hell out of here
and go get them damn
blueberry pancakes,
or whatever the
hell it is you eat.
You better watch
that cholesterol, boy.
Hello Sunshine, how are you?
What would you like today?
Suzie's dumplings, maybe?
Nobody's gonna give
a damn about that.
I'm gonna get me
some Rosetta Stone
and learn every damn
thing you talking.
Against the dying of the light,
there can be no
mercy for any force
blocking his path from
his righteousness.
Wife is having a bath.
Is that right?
Got everything you
need all packed up
and ready to go
right here, baby.
What's that?
This is the master plan:
Port's city there...
the battleship...
Let's do this.
I'm not judging or anything,
but the first time should
be special, memorable.
It was, Damiano.
15 dollars, 15 minutes.
I remember her name: Melody.
You boppin'
strippers now, Fully?
Ooh, who was that?
Gonna miss these days?
Yeah, I'll miss it bro. Hoorah.
- Hey-
- Hey-
ls there where the party's at?
Yes, ma'am. Come on in.
God damn, woo.
Where's the music at?
Turn that music up, boys.
It's time to party.
I see somebody's been
partying over here
like a sleeping beauty.
Oh, shit! That's my song!
Turn it up, boys!
that's what I'm talking about!
Who's up, who's up?
I need a boy who's awake who
can hammer this, alright?
Yeah, Darn! Woo.
I'm up!
Yeah, girl. Hoorah.
Bend it over for me.
Bend it over for me.
Yeah, you gonna miss
this whore, Dom?
You're gonna miss this, boy.
Let me tell you.
Yeah, girl, woo!
What the fuck is wrong
with you, bitch?
You've got no shit boy, no shit!
The other day, some
group came by and tried
to sell me on an idea:
building a paintball
park on my land
so they could play war games.
I mean, who the hell needs that?
Oh, it doesn't sound that bad.
You have a nice piece of land.
So you told me Lincoln was
on your land one time?
Well, I mean,
that's how all this scuttlebutt
started about these
tunnels, you know?
So, I guess they connected
that with Lincoln.
Oh, that's right,
those famous tunnels
start right here at your house
and end up at the
White House shitter.
Yeah, but I'll tell you
what, man. It's true.
One of these goddamn things
is right here in my basement.
I mean, Larry didn't believe me.
He came by the other day.
I showed it to him.
Guy asks a lot of stupid
ass questions, man.
Like uh,
"You think they
can get a golf cart
in one of those tunnels?"
I mean, how dumb is that?
I don't know.
I think Larry
smokes a little too much
of that wacky tobacco.
They built the tunnels
to help Lincoln escape
during the Civil War.
I don't think they had golf
carts back in those days.
See, that didn't make
any sense at all,
what you're saying right there.
Why would Lincoln escape
from the White House,
come through a tunnel and end
up in the heart of Dixie?
It doesn't make any
goddamn sense.
I mean, if there are
tunnels downstairs,
and say there are,
there would have to be something
a little bit more
diabolical about it,
that's just urban legend.
Yeah, that's a possibility.
But I know what I got, dawg.
Did you just call me dawg?
That's urban.
No look man, I mean,
let me tell you something.
The land may be silent...
but it has a lot to say.
All the memories
of all those wars,
all the blood spilled
on this land? Man.
you're referring to the wars
between the Indian tribes
or the war between the States?
No, no, no.
I'm talking about the big battle
of Fort Fisher, man,
where the Union soldiers
kick the Confederate's ass,
and they had this stupid-ass,
crazy-ass general
named General... um, Bragg.
He tried to burn down the
whole goddamn city, man.
He burned down all
the supply depots.
But after that,
all hell broke loose, man.
There were more wars
than you can think of.
Blood was spilled all
over this goddamn land.
It's said that all the ponds
were running red with blood.
That's true.
I didn't know that.
Alright, buddy. I gotta go.
Come on, man, where you going?
Where you going?
I ain't finished yet.
I got more to tell you.
Of course you're not finished.
You tell me the same
damn story every night.
Yeah, but I'll tell
you what, man,
it's really sad.
Brothers killing brothers,
friends killing friends,
that's what's sad.
You're right.
It is sad,
brothers killing brothers.
But you know what?
You gotta admire them
for sticking to their guns
no matter what the cause.
You're right.
See you around, old buddy.
I'm here, dawg.
Excuse me, Gunny'?
I got something you
need to listen to.
Must be a fluke.
They said something about
everything's in order,
but I don't detect
a threat here.
What exactly did you
intercept, Corporal?
Uh, transmission stated,
battleship is secure,
Operation Magenta is a go.
Tunnels need securing
and checkpoint 72 hours.
Then static, Gunny.
Have you picked up
any other radio chatter
about battleships?
Negative. Just this message.
Port City,
that's a small tourist town.
They have the U.S.S.
North Carolina there.
It's been there since 1962,
that old girl's nothing
more than a museum now.
It sounds like we've
stumbled upon some kids
playing war games on
their walkie-talkies.
Disregard, Corporal.
I give it these are no threat.
- Roger that.
- Carry on.
When does Leo report?
Get rid of him.
I am pregnant.
Really? Really? Oh!
Do you mind?
May I have your
attention, please?
What's up? Knock 'em.
You're hurting me, man.
What are you doing?
Hey, just chill out.
I'm having a little girl.
Way to go there. Okay...
You know, you'd like
to put a helmet on it.
Okay, as you've heard
from the man himself,
we should congratulate
the Boyle family
for your newest
announced addition.
May you be blessed and loved
and... and secure
knowing that she has two older
brothers to protect her,
not to mention two
very capable parents.
Roy's been my best
friend for years.
And tonight, we're celebrating
his going-away party again.
Okay? He's headed out there
to do what he does best,
which is protect this
great land of ours.
As you owe me,
make us proud my friend
because it's seven months,
when you return to Port City,
father, husband,
friend and hero,
we'll be here waiting for you.
I'm tearing up already.
To Roy Boyle, salute!
Hey Roy, you wanted to
take a walk with me?
Um, it might be fun.
Maybe we could hear
more about the, uh,
the troops coming from the
tunnel in the battleship.
No, hey, I'm just
gonna crash, man.
Which troops you talking about?
Well, sometimes, when I'm, uh,
down at the dumpster,
I hear these people talking,
and uh... I don't know.
It's probably someone with
their TV turned up too loud.
What are they saying?
I think it's the show
about the military,
um, uh, it's about
this battleship
that comes up the Potomac
and blows up Washington.
And then they kill
the President,
and uh, take over the country.
Oh, shit.
Underground troops coming
up into the White House.
Oh boy, that sounds
action-packed, huh?
I wonder if it stars
Bruce Willis.
Yeah, it's gotta be TV.
Um, well I'm off.
- Uh, you sure you wanna come'?
- Nah. I'm good, thanks.
Hey, buddy. Come here.
Where's Boyle?
Roy Boyle, the guy you've
been hanging outwith.
Look mister, I don't know.
Okay. I get it. You're
protecting his whereabouts.
I understand that,
but you guys don't need
to be on the street.
Look mister,
I don't want any trouble.
Okay, fair enough.
Tell him to get a hold of TJ.
Farming season is coming up.
I need some extra hands.
I don't pay much.
I could provide you
with three hots,
a cot,
safe bathroom.
it's a safe place to stay.
You guys need to be
off the streets.
Okay, then.
You tell him to talk to TJ.
There's no TV in there.
Hey, you.
Get back here!
On the crowd
I wanna disappear
Don't wanna face
these shadows around
Wondering why I'm here
what are you doing here?
Everything all right?
Yeah, yeah. I was...
gonna ask you the same thing.
You left this behind.
Come on in.
Make yourself at home.
Forgetting your piece?
What's up with that, man?
You getting
Alzheimer's or something?
I guess I got a lot on my mind.
Oh, okay.
I mean, it's not that little
Asian chick at the diner, is it?
Oh, definitely not her.
That was a long time ago, buddy.
Well, you know she's
married to a brother?
I wouldn't piss him off,
if I was you.
You know what I mean?
I don't think he's all there.
Yeah, you're right about that.
What can I say? I'm just
feeling a little bluesy.
You don't want me to
bust out crying, do you?
No, no. Please don't do that.
Want a drink?
No, no. I can't do that, man.
I gotta go to church tomorrow.
Come on. Here you go.
No, no.
We got a little of that
moonshine Corey made.
Come on, brother. No, no, no.
A chill of vanilla?
Here's to our friends who
aren't here anymore.
Yeah, I'll drink to that.
Atta boy.
Boy? I got your boy.
Did I say boy? I meant Roy.
That's different.
Forget your lust
For the rich man's gold
All that you need
Is in your soul
And you can do this,
Oh baby, if you try
All that I want
for you, my son
Is to be satisfied
And be a simple
Kind of man
Oh, be something
You love and understand
Baby be a simple
Kind of man
Oh, won't you do this
For me, son I'
if you can?
Oh yes, I will
That's an awesome thing.
You know, it's an
awesome time for...
for us to share
the true meaning of Easter.
Make sure you bring
her next week.
Very good. My man, Chester.
- Hey, buddy.
- Yeah.
All thanks to you, my head, huh?
You got my message.
Thank you for coming.
Everything alright, Bonnie?
No. I need to talk to you
about something serious.
Come on.
I'm a bit concerned.
This is so unlike her.
Becks is always here.
She never misses my services,
especially Easter.
When's the last
time you saw her?
The middle of last week, she...
she won a jackpot
on bingo night.
Maybe her and Larry
took the loot and went on down
to Myrtle Beach for the night.
I got to run a few errands.
I'll head over there
and I'll check in on 'em.
Thank you.
Don't you worry about a thing,
Reverend Bonnie.
- Thank you very much.
- I'll take care of it.
Are you alone today?
No, no, no. Come, come.
Come with me.
Come. I have something for you.
Come, come. Come.
Eat some of Suzie's dumplings.
Here you go.
Eat, eat.
Where's little
soldier boy today?
Oh! Kenny.
You scare me.
You give me a heart attack,
just like your food.
What did I say to you?
Get inside.
Yeah, whatever.
Kung-fu to you, too.
You're damn shame.
You are an embarrassment.
You and your good off
rat friend keep
digging in my trash can.
I might mistake
you for a raccoon
and shoot your ass.
You know,
raccoon is some good eating.
Pull yourself together.
And that woman
with the cleaning.
Every time I walked in,
the furniture would
be all moved around.
The sofas would be facing
the opposite direction
of the television.
You know,
this beautiful little girl
has told me a lot about you.
She did?
Is it... is it good or bad?
Because I feel like
I'm nerdy and awkward,
and sometimes I can hear people.
Relax. It's all good.
It's everything
to do with the
amount of homework
- you give this little girl.
- Well, okay,
then that'd actually be true.
Well, it's a good thing.
- Oh, hi. Hi.
- How are you?
What can I get you this morning?
This'll shock you,
but two cheeseburgers.
The first one with fries,
strawberry shake,
second one with onion
rings and a Coke please.
Would you like anything to eat?
You know, they have
some wonderful dessert.
They have peach cobbler,
apple pie...
Oh, I'm sorry.
We're all out of peach.
The big deputy, he ate
everything. He ate all of it.
Ugh, dufus.
The chick is certifiably crazy.
Certified, huh?
I'm telling you.
I got the shrink
bills to prove it.
Go ahead, Sheriff.
I'm going to
head on out to Larry
and Beck's place.
Copy that.
I'll meet you out there in 15.
Gotta go to bounce
and Larry coroners.
- You got this?
- I got this.
Alright, cool.
I'll buy the beer.
- Okay.
- Enjoy-
Okay, so what branch of the
service was your husband?
You served? Really?
Come on.
Army, medic. Husband?
You haven't been
listening at all.
What, do I look like
a soldier to you?
She's too beautiful
to be a soldier.
My dad was in Iraq, too.
Easy, Cass. Easy, easy.
Don't talk like that.
Don't drink that too fast
or you'll get one of those...
ice cream headaches.
Well, tell me about it, soldier.
Not a soldier, doll.
I'm a marine.
That's right.
Marines aren't
soldiers are they?
They're marines.
Very proud to be a marine.
Desert Storm,
trained hand-to-hand
combat expert,
part of the team
that launched the first
Patriot missile.
So I mean, there's absolutely
no question I am a
very proud marine.
Don't you worry
You'll find yourself
Follow your heart
And nothing else
And you can do this
Oh baby
If you try
All that I want
for you, my son
Is to be satisfied
And be a simple
Where'd you go, Grant?
Kind of man
Oh, be something
You love and understand
Baby be a simple
There was a struggle in
the other room as well.
It looks like they fought,
he drowns her,
then he comes in here
and swallows his pistol.
No, definitely not a
domestic squabble.
They were both murdered.
What's with the playing cards?
Must be some kind of a message.
get a hold of forensics.
Get them over here.
I want this place gone
over with fine toothcomb.
TVNN has learned of
yet another video
circulating the
Internet by the day.
Even though the
video is censored,
TVNN is warning the
nature of this video
is intended for mature audiences
due to the horrific execution
of 12 American hostages
being tortured and
violently killed.
TVNN apologizes
for the graphic
nature of this video.
Grant, where are you?
These are unidentified soldiers.
If anyone can identify
the soldiers,
please contact the TVNN
help desk immediately.
Roy. ROY!
Something's wrong.
- Over here, buddy.
- Something's wrong.
What's up?
Go to the television, dude.
It's got the executions.
Hold on. Slow it down.
Go to the TVNN site.
I think it's going down here.
You're telling me
that the executions are
happening here in Port City?
- Yes.
- Really?
- Dude, it's happening...
- Have you lost your mind?
Dude, we have something
living here in Port City.
Go to the TVNN site,
check it out! Did you see it!?
I did not see it.
I'm telling you...
I don't know what
you're talking about.
- It's going down here...
- I have no idea.
TJ, it's going down here.
The executions,
I think they're happening here.
- Here!
- You've lost it, man.
- You need to believe me.
- You've lost it, dude.
We have something living
here in Port City.
We have something living
here in Port City.
Please calm down
and come back to reality.
Think about what you're saying.
Think about what
you're saying, man.
This is Port City.
The little Port City.
Honest to God,
we're on American soil.
That does not happen
on American soil.
No, I know what I saw.
I saw what I saw.
I saw it!
I saw it! I saw it! TJ.
I saw it! I saw it!
It's happening here, TJ.
have some of Suzie's dumplings.
Where's little
soldier boy today?
Daddy, look! It's uncle Roy!
I know it was you!
You did this!
It was you!
Ah, crazy!
I know it's you!
You did this!
Let go of me!
You're not listening to me!
It was you!
- You did this!
- What the hell is going on?
Hey, hey, hey, hey!
Stop this shit right now.
- You did it!
- This is why we don't feed...
- the damn burns, baby.
- You did this!
Stop this shit.
I understand why you're hurting.
You miss him.
I get it, bro.
But you got to snap
back to reality.
Look, go check...
go to the TVNN site,
check the video.
Why would I make
something like this up?
Is that all you've
got to say to me?
Is it?
My daughter is worried
to death about you,
and so is everybody else.
You've been living on the
street for 18 months now.
18 months and this is...
They were killed, okay?
Our brothers.
something is not right here
in America's backdoor.
Easy, Roy.
No one here is the enemy.
Go on. Go check it out.
Roy, do you understand
what you're saying?
You're accusing our town
of some kind of
homegrown terrorism?
That's nuts.
People we see every day?
People we love?
That's crazy talk, man,
just crazy talk.
I know what I saw.
I know what I saw.
Grant was onto something.
Grant, the man talks to walls.
Don't judge!
Check it out!
Do some police work
instead of being a
party-fighter for the
sake of our town.
Fine. I'll check it out.
But if nothing else
can calm you down...
And yet another American soldier
has crossed the
border to join forces
with the extreme radical
terrorist group
known as the D-Tag.
Making him the 13th
American soldier
to engage with the group.
The soldier's identity
is currently being
kept confidential
for the safety of his family.
Recently, the Death-To-All group
have claimed responsibility
for the latest beheading video
of photojournalist
Tajah Raj of Sweden.
In other world news,
the World Summit Meeting
will move forward
as originally planned
for early-May.
This is the first time
each head of state
will be meeting together
at the White House.
Expect super gridlock
and high volume of security
during this three-day event.
Your sandwich is
almost ready, Tom.
Thank you, sweetheart.
You alright?
It's been a rough kind of day.
My one friend turned up dead
and I had to put another one
in jail, a lot on the brain.
Oh, hi!
Deputy Parks told me
you would be here.
Baby girl, I'll have the usual.
What you up to, Thomas?
Not what you think.
Yeah, yeah right.
Oh, you got the controls.
What, do you own the place?
Home away from home, dawg.
Chinatown, what can I get you?
Classic martini.
Gin or vodka?
Make it a twist.
You got it.
Ah, Sheriff.
You remembered my drink,
How can I forget?
Yes, ma'am.
Brother is gonna be pissed, man.
You know,
the two of you men together
are like schoolchildren.
It's very sweet.
Oh, we've known each
other 32 years.
32 years?
Man, you never could count.
It's more like 42.
I've known you since
I'm the only black
friend you got, man.
Kenny and I talked and...
we don't want to press charges.
This poor man has
been through so much.
We don't want to
damage him anymore.
Maybe he should see a
doctor or something.
That's very nice to hear.
I got to get going-
you got that sandwich ready?
It's right here, Tom.
Let me get a round of
tequilas for everybody.
You got it.
Here you go.
Thank you.
Alright. Drink up, everybody.
Have a good day.
See you, Thomas.
Have a nice one, dawg.
Oh, hi.
What are you doing here?
Are you okay?
So thoughtful.
What are you doing?
What the hell?
Let me go
and I'll tell you!
I'll tell you!
Let me go!
You tell me first
and I'll let you go.
(Okay, okay)'-
The Sheriff... the Sheriff...
go to Chester's house
is the checkpoint, okay?
See? I tell you.
Now you let me go.
I'm sorry, I can't.
I ain't a part of this.
Someone's right.
The street rat came in
and then the Sheriff popped up
in the alley to talk to her,
and then she
snuck off to the bar.
She fed a lot of people.
She sneaked food out
to the back to women
and then they vanished.
I didn't think nothing
of it at first.
Hell, I didn't even know
that we owned this.
But she didn't know
that I could read lips.
Today, the Sheriff came by
and he told her
to get ready,
and that they'll meet
at the checkpoint.
So, what do we do?
I know someone...
he'll know what to do.
I checked out your story.
- I dug around.
- And?
I got to wait for the Sheriff.
He'll know what to do with this,
who to call.
This is state police,
military maybe.
What'd you find out?
You're right, okay?
I found something.
What? Well, what'd you
find out, Freddy?
You're out of here.
What'd you find out?
I found these behind
the dumpster.
This isn't a coincidence.
What's going on, fellas?
Oh, I'm just talking to Roy.
How's it going, buddy?
Hey, man. I got you...
one of your favorite sandwiches.
Sorry about having to
slip it through the bar.
Roast beef, no Swiss
cheese, pickle,
a little bit of mayo and a
cookie cola to wash it down.
Probably haven't had
one in a long time.
You don't wanna
eat that all, do you?
Take it easy there, big boy.
He eats in his own time.
You know, Roy...
it's a good thing folks
around here still like you.
I just spoke with Suzie and...
her and Kenny aren't
going to press charges.
Now, I gotta tell you something,
you're really around here.
you're just scaring the
hell out of everyone.
All this talk about
townsfolk killing soldiers.
It's like yelling "fire"
in a crowded movie theater.
You just don't do that.
You don't put the people
in a panic frenzy.
I know.
What the hell's going on, son?
Sheriff, I think you...
You just hold on there, Freddy.
I'm trying to talk to Roy.
I wish I could say I
understand you Roy,
but I don't.
But I want to tell you this.
You need to get your
shit together, son,
and be able to stand
back up on your feet.
You're right.
I think I have just been tired.
I was wrong for my actions.
I need to clean up my act.
Roy'? Roy, what are you doing?
What do you mean
about that, Deputy?
You got something on your mind?
Sheriff, Roy was correct.
I checked into what he said.
Well, Roy just told me he was
fabricating a whole story,
now it happened?
Freddy, it's okay.
I just need rest.
Okay? I've been tired.
I'm tired.
He can handle this.
Well, somebody better
start talking plain here.
I found these.
My, my-
Lordy, lordy. I sure wish you
hadn't done that, Freddy.
What just happened?
Hey, put the gun down.
You go downstairs
and lock the door.
What just happened?
What just happened?
What just happened
is a sacrifice
in a cause that is long overdue.
What are you talking about?
This was not my intention,
but it is a necessary evil
in the execution of
our great revolution.
Dude, you're not
making any sense.
Oh, I'm making more sense than
anybody has in a long time.
It's time for America
to rise from the ashes.
Are you out of your mind?
Are you even...
The day has finally come when
justice shall be served,
and the new and greater America
will rise from the ashes.
are you out of your mind!?
No, I've never known
greater clarity.
And you served this country,
and so did I.
I have held good American boys
in my arms and watched them die,
and for what?
To serve the whims and the
financial interest of gutless,
greedy politicians.
Politicians who would
pick the pockets
of all good Americans,
while they fill their
own coffers with gold,
earned by the blood
of better men.
So are you telling me
you just killed Freddy,
and Grant, and the others,
because you're pissed
off at the government?
You are not listening
to me, Roy.
Deputy Parks had to die
because he could never
be a part of this cause.
And before this night is over,
many will perish.
Scores will fall,
friends and family
will be sacrificed for a
greater, noble cause.
So, you just killed
innocent soldiers
to prove a freaking point?
There are no innocents!
Military or civilian,
the day has finally come
for all good Americans
to take up a rifle
and fight for this cause
or die in its wake.
Blood will run
through the streets
and the valleys of this nation
so that this country
can be free again.
Listen to me Roy,
I want you to be a
part of us, Roy.
I want you to sit down
and I want you to
think about what I'm saying
to you, son.
They have done you wrong.
There's a greater goal
and there's a greater reason.
You're out of your mind.
TVNN is warning the
nature of this video
is intended for mature audiences
due to the horrific execution
of 12 American hostages
being tortured and
finally killed.
So tell me again what happened.
I would like you to be part
of our fight, brother.
you were a Special
Forces lieutenant.
You took the oath.
You served this
country with honor
and distinction,
and what did they do for you?
On the day that you were
supposed to be discharged,
they told you what'? You don't
have a home to go back to.
It was all swept
away by a tornado,
and your pregnant wife,
and your children,
and even your parents
who happened to
be there visiting
on the day of the terrible
tragedy were all killed.
That callous and heartless
decision took a piece
of your soul away that
you will never get back.
You come and you be a
member of my family, Roy,
a family that will
take back this nation
from the filthy ideologues
that sit on both
sides of the table
and give it back
to we the people.
So you and Stacks
think you're going to go
up against this country?
Dude, you're insane.
- You're insane.
- We're not alone.
There are thousands
just like us,
trained and eager to
fight upon my word.
You know, it's a
little late to rewrite
the constitution.
Thomas Jefferson said
that when a government can
no longer serve its people,
then it is the duty of its
citizen to rise and revolt,
and that we shall so.
As we speak...
tonight the Great North
Carolina will deploy
and sail right into Washington
and lay siege upon the capital.
This is real.
Dang it.
We need to do something.
Let's go get ROY-
Oh, so you think you
can just, what,
steal an old battleship
and go unnoticed,
just sail up there like that?
You forgot what
country you live in.
Oh, what? Everyone
thinks I'm crazy
because I chose to
live off the grid?
Sir, you are bat shit crazy.
It's a new system,
a new government;
from the people, for the people.
We're going to be
heroes to the people.
No, you ain't no hero, man.
You're a punk.
Goddamn terrorists
breathing free air,
the freedom that our brothers
of arms defend for you.
You're a bunch of
sadistic traitor asses.
Yeah, it's truly what
you should your army.
You know, I would have
more respect for you
if you crossed the
border and joined some
other radical group and
jumped on the hate
everyone bandwagon.
But planning something like this
on your own land
against your own people,
taking innocent lives
because you think worthy?
You're a punk.
You have a lot of heart, Roy.
And I would've loved that
you join us in this fight.
But I suppose it's best that
you die with the others
so that this great
country may be reborn.
They heard the gunshot.
They want to speak to you.
Prepare to meet your maker, son.
Alright, folks, listen up.
Everything is fine.
One of our deputies discharged
his weapon. Nobody's hurt.
But I saw Suzie
get attacked by someone
dressed in black.
And I heard a
gunshot from the diner
and it's been closed since noon.
Look, I don't know what
you saw, what you think you saw,
but everything is
going to be alright.
I want you all to go home
and stay home.
Come morning, everything's
going to be fine,
alright? Now get.
Go on, get.
Go, get in!
Yeah, I got good
memories when I was a kid,
you know, going camping,
playing stickball.
Was great times, man.
Tennis ball or handball?
Handball, man.
We used to bat... baseball bat.
It was sewer play to sewer play.
It was your home run, you know?
And we always
challenged all the kids
from the neighborhood, you know?
It was the Boyle
boys versus all.
I don't get it,
you guys and your
freaking stickball dude.
It seemed like a different
world back then.
Yeah, man.
I got great memories.
Uh, you know, my...
I remember when my brother
came home from leave,
go out there in the living room,
hang out on the carpet
and we'd play with those
little green army men.
It was the coolest time ever.
- I'll never forget it.
- Yeah.
I miss him.
It was really awesome.
I mean, I got some wonderful
memories up here.
I bet you did.
You kept in touch with
the boys, any at all,
since you've been back?
My brothers?
One I think lives near
Portland, Oregon,
and the other one...
somewhere in
New York last I heard.
How about you?
You know that.
Cassandra was three years old,
Amanda left us.
Yeah. I know,
but I mean, what happened?
It's tough. It's tough.
When Cassandra was born,
Amanda was...
she was hooked on drugs, man.
It was really tough.
I mean, when you...
when you find out your
spouse is cheating on you...
everything goes south
really quick, man.
It-it turns everything
completely upside down.
She took a trip
to New York City,
hang outwith a friend of hers,
hooked up with this thug, man.
I mean, to say irresponsible
would be a...
would be a fucking
I mean, she turned her back
on her family.
You know how tough it is
being a single parent?
You know how tough it is
being me
and raising a little girl?
You got a great
little girl, man.
I got a good girl,
that girl over there.
She's my angel.
Here you go, uncle Roy.
I cut off the ends
like you like.
Oh man...
thank you.
Thank you.
Look at you.
She's my angel.
You say you got a plan.
Let's hear it.
I got a plan.
For damn sure I've got a plan.
You know,
my job has got its perks.
I make the rounds.
And through making the rounds,
I can figure out who has
got the same likes as I do
or the same dislikes as I do.
In fact, this Chester,
he must have an
armament over there.
Each month,
he gets a new toy in.
Okay, but what
good does that do,
as if they're meeting
on Chester's land?
We don't even know if Chester's
down with this or not.
Oh, because Chester's a brother,
he must be down with it.
Okay, here's a newsflash.
Sheriff White McWhiteMan
turned out to be the
head devil in charge.
So, maybe the brother is clean.
Chester keeps his guns
in a shop in the back
in this cabinet.
I mean, one time I took
cover from the rain.
I saw it there.
It's easy to get into.
He's got an arsenal, man.
That's an asset.
Okay, but what about
the battleship?
Yeah, what about that?
Okay guys, here's the plan.
Ship's here, okay? We go in.
We take out the power
supply instantly.
It's an old ship.
Everything shuts down.
Okay? Clear the ship
from bottom to top.
- Okay.
- That's the plan.
Right now,
the most important damn thing,
everybody get their ass
in gear, get out of here,
grab everything you need and
be back within two hours.
- Let's do it.
- Let's go.
For the love of country.
Holy shit.
- You know I'll be back.
- I know that, dad.
- I love you.
- I love you more.
Hey baby...
make sure you call uncle Eddie.
Hello? This is Commander Bower.
Hi uncle Eddie.
Cassandra ?
Hold on. TJ's going where?
Okay, okay, okay.
I'm sending a recon team.
Don't worry.
Becca, take the over watch.
Follow the breach, TJ.
Did you bring ball cutters?
Fuck no, didn't bring them.
Fuck. Do your thing, bro.
Go, go, go!
GO, go!
Go go 9999!
James Dean was the man.
Everything he did was cool.
The way he walked was cool.
The way he talked was cool.
The way he smoked too,
it was the coolest.
Can you imagine James Dean
smoking one of these
fucking things?
Absolutely no cool factor,
you know what I'm saying?
You must be... Roy Boyle, right?
Well, this is a good day.
I was hoping I'd get a
chance to meet you.
Say you used to be
something back in the day.
I mean, personally...
no offense,
but I just don't see it, man.
Alright, man.
Let's do this thing.
Yeah, nice to meet you too.
Rebecca and Kenny
cleaned the lower deck.
Upper deck's clear.
Corner deck's clear, man.
Thanks for being here for me.
You good?
I'm good.
You good?
I'm good. I'll be alright.
Alright, I'm gonna have
Kenny and Becca.
Meet us at 0400 hours
at checkpoint.
- 0400 checkpoint, got you.
- You got it?
- Yeah.
- Right there.
Let's finish this
thing, goddamnit.
What's up, man?
Who are all these people?
What are you doing with
all these equipment, man?
What's that about?
I'm sorry for everything.
I'm so sorry.
Alright, secure the perimeter!
I don't want anybody
getting in or out!
I want this completely
locked down!
We have 18 hours to
get to checkpoint B
in Virginia if that map Larry
put together is correct.
What about the North Carolina?
Boat's about 80 miles
an hour and on point.
No, it's not a boat,
it's a battleship,
Who is our contact in Virginia?
James Malloy, 1st Cavalry.
I know Malloy. It's good
to know you're friends.
You better know your enemies.
Let's go!
What in the fuck
have we got into?
I don't know what the
fuck we got into,
but I know how the hell
we're getting out of it.
I got left flank.
Alright, I'll get to them.
Get to them.
Well, let's do this.
Right up, guys. You stay close,
this is going down now.
My ass.
You're both my bitches.
- Oh, you're back now, huh?
- Come on, let's go!
Cover us, girl.
Reckon you're gonna drop that
weapon you little hussy.
You fucking traitor.
Come on. Come on!
Who are you?
Are you one of them?
I'm a soldier.
Alright, you got a lot
of bleeding here.
I'll be back.
This is Bishop-36.
- Be advised.
- Be advised up.
They're behind us!
Friends killing
friends for what?
I forgive you, Thomas.
Go to home, my brother.
Go see your family, brother.
Welcome to your life
There's no turning back
Even while we sleep
We will find you
Acting on your best behavior
Turn your back
on mother nature
Everybody wants
to rule the world
It's my own desire
It's my own remorse
Help me to decide
Help me make the most
Of freedom and of pleasure
Nothing ever lasts forever
Everybody wants
to rule the world
There's a room where the
lights won't find you
Holding hands while the
walls came tumbling down
When they do I'll
be right behind you
So glad we've almost made it
So sad they had to fade it
Everybody wants
to rule the world
I can't stand
this indecision
Married with a
lack of vision
Everybody wants
to rule the world
Say that you'll never
never never never need it
One headline why believe it
Everybody wants
to rule the world