Checkin' It Twice (2023) Movie Script

Hey! Yeah, I just landed.
Hey babe.
So, how's it being home?
Uh, so far so good.
You're still flying out tomorrow
morning, right?
I promised everyone
they'd finally get to meet you.
Yes. But there is something
else I have to tell you.
Okay. What?
Do you want the good news
or the bad news first?
Oh... jeez. I... I don't
know, bad.
I didn't land
the Kingstead Building.
What? They... they said they
weren't making any decisions
until the new year.
I know.
Well, what's the good news?
I got it.
Are you kidding me?
No. I closed this morning.
Wait. I'm on a flight
for five hours and you decide
that's an appropriate time
to poach my client?
No. It isn't personal.
It's just that they trust me
a little bit more with this
level of responsibility.
There actually is
one other thing.
I know you really want me
to spend the whole week
out there...
but I sort of promised Laurence
that I would take him to that
really fancy sushi restaurant.
Well, you're supposed
to be my partner.
My teammate.
Not go behind my back
and steal a client I've been
working on for two months.
Ash, come on.
We can get past this.
It isn't personal, Trevor.
It's just become very obvious
that you are not ready for this
level of responsibility.
Yeah, I just landed.
I'm in Idaho Lake, or...
Idaho Creek, or... something
with Idaho and water.
That's great, Scott.
Yeah. So, hey, if I get called
up to this Boise team,
there's a game the 24th
in Tucson.
I was thinking I could drive up
to Phoenix and meet you.
You don't have to do that.
I thought you wanted me
to spend Christmas
with your family.
This... this is our chance.
I wanted you to want to spend
Christmas with us.
But it's become pretty clear
that's just not who you are.
Do you wanna come here?
We could find a nice
Chinese restaurant.
Scott, you're not hearing me.
I admire your ambition,
we just don't have
the same goals in life.
So, you're cutting me.
Hey, look on the bright side.
At least now you can have
a real, fresh start
out there in Idaho...
whatever it's called.
Yeah. Can't wait.
Bye Scott.
See ya.
Oh... um...
Okay. I think they heard you.
Be there in a second.
Sorry. It's just, it's, uh...
it's... it's been a bit of
a morning.
Yeah, tell me about it.
Well, I've just been traded
to what I can only assume
is the fishing capital
of the world.
I just got off the phone...
You didn't mean literally.
No, it's okay.
Look, I know this place can be
a little jarring at first
but, you know, we've got
some of the best hockey fans
in the country. So...
It's that obvious. Huh?
Yeah, well the stick
and the single duffel
kinda gave it away.
Sorry about the wait.
Cash or card?
So, you on business
or something?
No, no.
I'm just here visiting family
for the week.
I grew up here but I've been
in New York the last five years.
You should come to a game.
Not that I'm gonna play
for them for very long.
Oh no?
Nah, it's kind of a formality,
you know.
Once they kinda see me in action
they're probably gonna
fast track me up to Boise.
And after that it's just
one stop to the NHL.
Well, it sounds like
you've got a very bright future
ahead of you.
- There you go.
- Thank you.
Oh, and that's my ride.
Welcome to Idaho Falls.
So, I'll see you
at the game then.
Julie! and Becca! Hi!
You look so... sophisticated.
Is that a compliment?
You always look gorgeous!
Just a little less Idaho Falls.
Grandma knitted you a new scarf.
Oh my, she did.
I love it.
- Hi.
- Hi.
Oh my gosh, you smell so good.
Do I?
Yeah. That must be some
secret shampoo
that they only sell to folks on
Saks Fifth Avenue or something.
You know it's not
a real avenue, right?
Well, doesn't matter.
I'm just so happy to see you.
Me too.
Oh hey, congrats on your
real estate license.
- Oh.
- That's awesome.
Well, I'm no big fancy agent
like you
but it sure beats waiting tables
at the Drunken Puck.
Oh yeah, do not remind me
of that place.
So, how are you?
How's Trevor?
Good. Great!
I'm great. Uh...
everything is really good.
Tell me what's new and exciting
in Idaho Falls.
Um... Oh!
We got a new water
treatment plant.
Wow. That sounds important.
Well, to be honest,
the most exciting thing is
is that you're here.
- We miss you.
- I miss you too.
- Yeah.
- Mm-hmm.
Come on.
I'm so glad you're here.
We're so happy
to have you back.
You look so...
No. That's... that's fair.
I have been holed up in
the office a lot lately.
Well, at least you've got
Trevor in the office with you.
Your father and I have been
running the store together
for 30 years now and
that's turned out pretty well.
Yeah, but it's not like
we actually work together.
I mean, it's the same broker
but it's really just...
it's everyone for themselves.
That's too bad.
He still flying in tomorrow?
Yeah. Yeah, we just have
to figure out his flight.
Well, I'm sure he's worth
the wait.
Well, he'd better be,
'cause any guy that dates
my little sister better treat
her the way that she deserves.
Like my Dave treats me.
Did someone say my name?
Hey! There he is.
Hey. Welcome home, little sis.
Thank you.
Good to see you.
Oh... great fruitcake, Grandma.
Aunt Ashley!
Hey, there's my wild man.
What are you up to today?
Dad and I are going to play
some hockey.
You should come with.
Ah... well, I would but
I promised your grandpa
I'd help him out at the store.
But I hear that you're playing
in the big Christmas game
this year?
You're going to watch?
Uh, yeah.
I mean, someone's gotta keep
the ref on their toes.
Okay Parker, let's roll.
See you later.
Bye! Have fun.
Don't drink too much
hot chocolate
and don't break any bones.
He won't, babe.
I wasn't talking to him.
Hey, Scott!
Assistant Coach Gus.
How you doing?
My ankle still hurts, my
girlfriend broke up with me
and I'm playing hockey
in Idaho Lake.
Um... Idaho Falls.
Idaho Lake's about
20 miles up the road.
Great fishing though.
But, uh, you gotta
use night-crawlers,
them lures ain't gonna
help you at all up there.
Now, what else we got
for you Mr. Briggs?
Hey... you have any relation
to Wayne Briggs?
Yeah. He's my dad.
Well, ain't that something.
Two time NHL defenseman
of the year.
Stanley Cup champion.
Hey, isn't he up for the Hall
of Fame here in a few days?
Ah, somebody said something
about accommodation's
free for the first month.
Oh, got that for you
right here, here you go.
Here's this for you.
Now, there's a main house
on the property,
you got a little cottage
in the back.
And being as how you've got
a game in five hours,
we should get you out there
with the rest of the team.
That's it, that's it.
Good job!
Come on Zetner,
move your feet!
Alright boys, bring it
in! Bring it in!
Now this is Scott Briggs.
He just got traded here from
the East Coast Hockey League.
Hey, I played in the ECHL.
What team were you on?
It'd be a lot easier
to tell you
what teams I didn't play for.
Hey. How old are you, Grandpa?
You looking for a fight, son?
Maybe. You wanna start
something or what?
Ah, ah, ah...
settle down Pierre.
Back it up.
Alright. Let's give Briggs here
a big Fighting Trout welcome.
Let's get back to practice
and, uh, Pierre... how about you
lead us in the drills? Let's go.
Have fun out there.
Dad! Hi.
Hey. There she is.
Oh, it's so good to see you, kiddo.
It's good to see you too.
Mom said that you could use some
help with the Christmas stuff?
Well you know me, I never could
turn down a set of extra hands.
So how's the job going?
You sell the Empire State
Building yet?
Ah, you know I'm still working
on that one.
Well, we all need to stop
and smell the pine cones
every now and then.
Or every day if you work here.
Your mom said the boyfriend
had some kind of a delay?
Uh, yeah.
Something like that.
Well, silver lining, that means
you have tonight wide open.
Dad, I don't know.
Oh, I know it's not a fancy
NHL game...
but tonight's should be
a good one
and the whole family's
gonna be there.
I was just hoping to stay home
and relax a bit.
What's not relaxing about
a hockey game?
Okay, I'll be there.
You know I can't pass up
a night with the family.
Mm-hmm. That's my girl.
Oh, I almost forgot.
Your mom wants a fresh wreath
for the front door.
You mind picking one up from
Chuck's while I close up here?
Of course.
Aren't you a little old
to still be chasing
the dream still, pops?
Hey, you didn't hear?
32 is the new 22.
I'm just coming into my prime.
Now that's what
I'm talking about,
great practice today, boys.
We'll see you all
in a few hours.
Oh, uh... right.
One more thing.
As most of you already know,
tomorrow starts
the long-standing
Fighting Trout tradition.
We'll be hosting a series
of holiday events
for the community, leading up
to the big jamboree.
Gus is handing out
the schedules.
And as always I expect all
of you to be your kindest,
most courteous selves,
and hopefully we'll have a
little fun in the process.
Uh, hey Coach.
Um... no offense, I'm... I'm not
much of a holiday guy.
Any chance I could just get more
rink time while you guys are out
singing carols and handing out
candy canes to the locals?
Those locals come out
and support us all year long.
And they happen to be paying
your salary at the moment.
So, I don't think
it's too much to ask
to show a little gratitude.
I just wanna show gratitude
by playing my tail off
out on the rink.
every player who walks
through my door
has the exact same goal as you,
to get the heck outta here.
But guess what?
Nobody gets to Boise
unless I put 'em on the ice
and I don't put nobody
on the ice
unless they can act like
a part of this team.
I don't care who their dad is.
Now... do you wanna be a part
of this team or not?
Good answer.
Now hit the showers,
you guys stink!
After tax that will be...
Oh, sorry.
I can help pay for that
if you're struggling, dear.
Oh, uh... no.
No, that's okay.
I... I promise I'm very
financially responsible.
Is that why you're using
a card with the name
Scott Briggs on it?
What? Let me see that.
Sorry. Since it's not your card
I have to hold onto this
for now.
Uh... okay. Well look,
I... I'm sorry.
I have no idea
who Scott Briggs is.
Yes, I do.
Yeah. I do.
It's the guy from the airport.
It's the guy from the airport.
The woman switched our cards.
She switched our cards.
Great. That'll be $57.23.
I have $1.50.
Can any of you help out
this poor, young woman?
You know what?
It's fine.
Who's next?
Wow, you guys...
you guys really like to fill up
before a big game, huh?
Thanks for buying, Scott.
Well, you know, I didn't
really make
the best first impression
back there.
So I wanna show you all
that I am in fact a stand-up,
decent guy.
This isn't your debit card.
It says Ashley Derrieux on it.
I don't know an
Ashley Derrieux.
And yet you have
her debit card.
The woman!
Uh, the woman at
the airport must've...
she must've mixed up
the cards.
Can any of you boys pay
for this?
Well, hold on.
I... guys...
Well, maybe I...
guys, don't...
Okay, you know, well I'll get
the next one.
How about that, huh?
I'll... I'll... I'll get
the next one.
It's on me next time.
Could happen to anybody.
It should be a fun game tonight.
Here comes...
he's cutting in.
... oh, struck down by Cairns.
That's going to be a replay
at center ice, a penalty shot.
Cairns get's a penalty
shot with 59 seconds
left in the third period.
This is a big moment for Idaho.
Let's see what happens.
And it's no good.
No goal for the Trouts.
Briggs. Your line's up.
Let's go.
Well... how's it feel
to be back
in the old Trout pond, honey?
You know, it's actually
not bad.
I've been dealing with real
estate sharks for so long
that it's just nice to be around
kind, normal people.
Hey! Come on, ref!
I've got cataracts in both eyes
and I could see that high stick
from here!
Phew. I had to go to three
different concession stands
but here are your
peppermint teas.
Oh, you didn't have to do that.
Well... it's not every night
I get to watch a game
with the whole family.
Um... where's mine?
Honey, I'm pretty sure Dave's
got you covered there.
Oh, thanks Dave.
Oh, did you guys
want something too?
So, Mom says you lost
your debit card at the airport?
No, no, no.
I didn't lose it, it got
switched with a guy
at the gift shop.
Well, did you get his name?
Yes, Briggs. Scott Briggs.
In fact, he said he's playing
for the Trouts.
Wait. Wait, that's him!
Hey! Hey! Hey!
You have my debit card!
Hey, you have my debit card!
Meet me after the game!
Meet me after the game!
I can't hear you!
Ooh. Yup, I think he got
the message.
Obviously it's not
the result we wanted.
Uh... we need to get the pucks
in the net and, you know,
I need to be better on
the breakaways, you know.
It's just, it is what it is.
Oh, hi.
Uh... I'm so sorry that I
distracted you back there.
How's my face?
I've seen better.
I'm Ashley, by the way.
- Scott.
- Hi.
Sorry about the mix up.
So where's my card?
Ah, it's at the Drunken Puck.
Yeah, they kept your card.
- So...
- Okay.
Give me mine.
Are those comfortable shoes?
We have to go
for a little walk.
Okay. One card down,
one to go.
Next stop is Chuck's
Christmas tree lot.
So... what do you think
of your new town?
Uh, my very temporary new town.
Ah, yes.
So sorry, I forgot it's just a
pit stop on your way to Boise.
You got it.
Well, what did you think
of your first game
as a Fighting Trout?
Well, besides the jet lag
and learning that I have
to volunteer for an entire
week of Christmas...
Christmas activities, I'd say
I played pretty well.
You had six shots on nets,
scored zero goals and you had
a plus/minus of negative three.
I mean, call me crazy
but I don't think the boys
up in Boise would call
that playing pretty well.
Why don't you tell me
what you really think?
Oh, I'm sorry.
No, it's fine. I... I
appreciate the honesty.
I just, I'm surprised you cared
that much to pay attention.
Don't flatter yourself
too much.
It's just something I picked up
after years of going to games
with my dad.
The plus/minus?
I mean, nobody tracks that.
Oh, I disagree.
It shows how well the team
does when you're in the game,
whether you make them
better or worse.
And for me, that's the most
important stat there is.
Alright, you know your hockey.
Yeah, I used to have time
to be a fan.
I mean, not so much anymore.
It did look like you were
having fun to me.
I was having fun with my family
but I can assure you,
I was not enjoying a single
second of the game.
Even when I smashed
my face in the ice?
No. Yeah, that was
rather enjoyable.
I promise you, it's his card.
But how do I know it's his card
unless I see some photo ID?
I told you, I left my wallet
in my locker.
I know. It's quite a conundrum.
Oh! Wait a second.
Here. This is his photo ID.
Right here.
That's him. See?
I didn't know you were a Trout.
My apologies, Mr. Briggs.
Welcome to Idaho Falls.
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
What was all that about?
Well, what can I say?
For some crazy reason,
people in this town
actually respect
their hockey players.
What do you do
in New York again?
Uh... it's not
that interesting.
Or you just don't think
I'm gonna think
it's that interesting.
I sell commercial real estate.
Like hotels and office
buildings, things like that?
And for the last two months I've
spent all my time and energy
trying to land this client
with one of the biggest
shopping centers in the city.
Sounds cool.
It would've been very cool.
But at the last minute
they decided to hire
my now ex-boyfriend.
- Ouch.
- Yeah.
I'm sorry if I haven't been
exactly cheery,
it's just that it's been
a stressful couple of days.
It's fine. Yeah.
You know, it's a lot
like my life.
Oh yeah? Try me.
Well, for the last six months
I've been playing hockey
for this team in Michigan.
Trying to get called up
to the Red Wings.
Some of the best hockey
I have played in my life.
Week after week, some kid
with half the talent
gets called up
because he's younger.
So why don't you quit?
I've been playing since
I was four.
My dad was in the NHL but
it's never been an option.
How do you keep yourself going?
Well, you take the hit,
you shake it off and
you get back out there.
If you do that over
and over again,
eventually you're gonna get
where you wanna go.
That was a good pep talk.
It helps when you say it
every morning in the mirror.
Well... it's been a very
interesting evening.
I'm glad you got your card back
and good luck in Idaho Falls.
- Thanks.
- Yeah.
Hey. Um...
You mind if we share the cab?
It's... it's kinda late.
You do kinda owe me one.
I do? How do I owe you?
I humiliated myself in front
of my teammates using your card.
I humiliated myself
trying to use your card
in my home town!
Yeah. Sure.
Yeah. Yeah.
Thank you. Here.
Thank you.
845 Deerfield Court.
Wait. That's where I live.
Are you
following me?
That's my parents' house.
I'm staying in
the guest cottage.
You're paying!
That's right, just take
the hit, shake it off...
get back on the ice.
Take the hit, shake it off,
get back on the ice.
You got this.
You got this, girl.
Donna, this is Ashley Derrieux
over at Atlas Real Estate.
How are you?
I am looking at your property
on East 37th.
Brian! Hi. Listen...
Anyway, just thought I'd call
and see if you had
any irons in the fire.
Call me when you get this,
I'll be around any time.
Well, if anything comes up,
please don't hesitate
to give me a call. Okay?
Happy holidays.
Yeah, happy holidays.
Well, you certainly
got up early.
Yeah, I'm sorry
if I was too loud.
Not at all.
You look very nice.
What's the occasion?
It's my Cider Social dress.
Oh, right.
Getting ready.
Can I help you?
Uh, yeah. I'm... I'm one of
the hockey players.
Briggs, right?
Yeah, that's right.
You're staying at
our guest house.
I'm James Derrieux,
nice to finally meet you.
Nice to meet you too.
No one told me that I had
to dress up for this.
Listen, you don't happen to sell
sports goods here, do you?
Follow me.
This place is basically
my second home.
I'm sure I'll be able to find
something for you.
Ah... let's see.
No, no.
This hasn't fit me for years
but I'm sure it'll work for you.
Thank you.
Hey, you're a part of
the Fighting Trout family.
That makes you a part of
the Derrieux family now too.
Oh. Don't forget your hat.
Merry Christmas.
Okay. What'd I miss?
Oh, well...
they just crowned
little Abigail this year's
Cider Social princess and little
Annie-Sue is not happy about it.
What am I supposed
to do?
Oh! Well, you pick up
the cider...
Like this.
And then you politely
approach the table
and you pour it
into their cups.
Okay. I can do that.
Ah, what... what table?
And always remember to smile.
Good morning, ladies.
Mr. Briggs, looking rather
dapper today.
Thank you, Miss Derrieux.
So, this is the famous
debit card thief.
Pleasure to meet you.
Can I offer anyone here
some cider?
Yes please.
There you are.
Don't forget Mr. Wiggles.
How could I forget Mr. Wiggles?
There we are.
Now, can you do me a favor?
And can you let Mr. Wiggles
know that this cider is hot
and it should sit for a moment
before he drinks it.
Thank you.
Um... are we all good?
Perfect, thank you.
Well... he seems sweet.
He's wearing Dad's jacket.
So? Dave used to borrow Dad's
clothes all the time.
Yeah, and Dave gave you rubber
worms for your anniversary.
Because he knows I don't like
to put the real ones
on the hook.
I think what Ashley is trying
to say is that she has
a perfectly suitable man
in her life
that we will all be meeting
very soon.
Isn't that right?
So, now we can all enjoy
this rare time
that we get to spend together.
Looks like someone's finally
got that warm and fuzzy feeling.
Well, you said
you're not a holiday guy,
but I can see that Christmas
twinkle in your eye.
It's not a twinkle.
It's a tear because
the longer we're here,
the less time
we're at practice.
We can practice any time.
This only comes around
once a year.
My time's running out.
So if I want to get moved up,
it has to happen,
like... yesterday.
I'm behind schedule, okay?
So... if we could just
get these crumpets out,
we could get back to work.
You sure know how to ruin
a cider social.
Well, that was lovely.
I have some last-minute
shopping to do.
Anyone interested in joining me?
I told Becca that I would go
see her new office
but I'll see you guys later.
Oh. Have fun, sweetie.
I will. I love you.
Love you.
- Ready?
- Yeah.
Let's go.
Uh huh. Oh, perfect.
Okay, I'll be there
in 20 minutes.
Hey! Look at you.
Making deals, taking names.
Um... okay.
I am so sorry, I know
this is last minute
but I have to go show
this house real quick.
That's okay, that's fine.
Hey... you wouldn't wanna come
with, would you?
It's... it's just that I get
so nervous at these showings
and I know how experienced
you are.
Christmas manis on me
if you come.
Well, you've clearly got
the negotiating part down.
I'm sold.
You are the best.
- Lead the way.
- Okay.
And, uh, this is
the family room.
This is charming, Becca.
How many bathrooms does it have?
Um... 35.
Wait! No. Uh... three
point five.
There's a period.
You know, it's a good size.
I just wish you could see the
lake as soon as you walked in.
Um... yes.
Uh... that would be great.
You know, there's a really
easy fix for that.
Is that so?
Oh yeah, yeah.
If you take out
this wall here,
it would open everything up
and then you would have
this beautiful view
as soon as you walk in.
I mean...
look at those mountains.
That would be perfect actually.
And, you know, I love
the original hardwood
floors out here.
I just wish it matched
the kitchen.
Um... you know,
my uncle actually has a flooring
business in town.
Uh, he could match any hardwood
you find here
and we could get you
a great price too.
I think this could work
for us, Rex.
I think so too.
Hey, Zetner.
Maybe if you aim for the stands
you'd hit the net.
You want some unsolicited
At this point
I'll take anything.
You're holding the stick
too tight.
Loosen up a bit, yeah.
Now with your wrist I want you
to turn the blade.
Now shoot.
Here goes nothing.
Thanks Scott.
Alright, boys.
We've got two days to turn this
place into a winter wonderland.
Let's get to it.
Hey pops.
Yeah, what do you want, Pierre?
Can I, uh... talk to you
for a second?
I saw what you did with Zetner
and I was, um...
wondering if...
If you could get some help
on your breakaways.
You know?
Yeah, everyone knows.
That's why you haven't been
called up to Boise yet.
It's those one-on-ones.
I always seem to miss high.
That's 'cause you're
full of adrenaline.
You freeze up.
You need to breathe.
I think I know how to breathe.
Well then try it but slowly.
Through your nose.
Okay. Thanks.
I'll give it a try.
Come on, back to work.
I think you might've just
helped me sell my first house.
This is the perfect way
to celebrate.
Teamwork makes
the dream work.
Oh yeah.
No wonder you're doing
so well out there.
Eh... it's really not as
exciting as you think it is.
What? I thought you loved it
out there.
I did. At first.
I really loved the people
and the sounds of the city
and the thrill of being anywhere
but here.
Oh, that makes sense.
Yeah, but lately I don't know.
I keep getting passed
over by clients
who would rather be wined
and dined at a golf course.
What about Trevor?
I broke up with him.
When did this happen?
The day I landed.
I... I thought everything
was going great.
And then as soon as I invited
him home for Christmas
to meet my family he turned into
every other self-centered jerk
I've dated in
the last five years.
What did your parents say?
I haven't told them.
Ashley, you have to tell them.
I know, I will.
I will tell them.
It's just, I always do this.
I... I make a big deal
about a guy,
thinking that he's perfect and
how he could be the one, and...
I just really hate feeling
like I'm letting them down.
Please. Your parents
aren't gonna care.
They're, like, the sweetest
people in Idaho Falls.
They are the sweetest people
and that is what makes it
so hard to give them bad news.
You broke up with your boyfriend
and you lost one client.
You will bounce back.
How do you know?
I just do.
You know, any day now some
new client is gonna call
looking for the amazing
Ashley Derrieux
and you won't even remember
what you were down about.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
Come on. With these sparkly
beauties on your fingers...
I would say you're bouncing
back already.
Do they bring out the sparkle
in my eyes?
They really do,
you're glowing.
Briggs! Hey, Briggs!
I'm locking up here.
Gus! Come on,
30 more minutes.
I'm trying to get to Boise.
And I'm trying to get home
to get my wife's
homemade Christmas fudge
before the grandkids eat it.
Look, there's a public
rink on the edge of town
if you need to get your fix in.
I pick Cameron.
Oh man, you always
pick Cameron.
And we always kick
your butt.
I pick him.
Hey you!
Hey. Do you know how
to play hockey?
According to the head coach
of the Grand Rapid Griffins...
Well, you're on our team.
Come on.
I'm Parker.
I picked you for my team.
If you don't know how to play,
just follow my lead.
Just follow your lead?
Come on!
You're going down again, Parker.
Is that all you got?
Next one wins, which means
you lose again.
- Yeah!
- Woohoo!
I get him tomorrow.
Alright. So what
you're gonna do
is present the puck to the
defender, then drag it around.
- Put it in.
- Can I try?
Yeah. Yeah.
Like this?
Hey, where was that move
in last night's game?
What are you doing here?
I'm picking up my nephew.
Aunt Ashley,
come for a skate.
Alright, fine.
I'm coming out.
But if I break a nail,
you're buying.
- So, Parker's a pretty good kid?
- Yeah.
Great hockey player.
Yeah, he's really sweet.
And Julie and Dave,
they never miss a game.
It's kind of a... a big
to-do in the family.
Lucky kid.
Did your parents not come
to your game?
Well, my mom did.
But she passed when I was 10
so it was just me and my dad.
When you're in the NHL
your career sorta takes
your priority.
So, he never coached
your team or anything?
Those that can't play, coach.
His favorite saying.
Well still, he must've taught
you something.
Yeah. He taught me that to make
it in hockey
you can't be distracted
by anything.
Even your family.
Yeah, I relate to that.
Why, what do you mean?
Yeah. I mean,
I've spent the last five years
trying to build this
perfect life and career in New
York and I have not given myself
a lot of spare time to come
back home and visit.
So then why don't you
just move back?
To Idaho Falls?
I mean, can't you just sell
real estate here?
It might not be as prestigious
as New York
but I'm sure you could make
a living.
I wish it were that simple.
Why isn't it?
I... I don't know.
I mean, my parents sacrificed
a lot
just for me to get out
of this town.
You know, while all of their
friends were busy going
on big cruises and buying
luxury RVs,
they spent their entire savings
on my college fund.
They even paid for
my first apartment
before the commission checks
were coming in.
That's all good and well, but
I mean, if you're not happy...
What about you?
You know, I mean, don't you get
tired of moving around
all the time?
Chasing big dreams but never
having a place to call home?
I'm different.
Because I never had
what you have.
Our family was never together.
No, this... this has always
been my safe space.
I always felt at home
on the ice.
Just breathe.
And Pierre Chaison
will take the penalty
shot for the Trouts.
Can he put
the Trout in the lead?
That's how you do it?
Nice shot, kid.
Thanks pops.
I overheard Coach on the phone.
I think someone in Boise
got hurt.
They're gonna bring
one of us up.
No, we'd have heard
about an injury.
Did somebody in Boise
get hurt?
Yeah, Walker,
about two hours ago.
Separated his shoulder, he'll
be out for a couple of months.
Walker plays right wing.
You play right wing.
I remember.
Briggs. Come see me
in my office.
Ty Walker in Boise separated
his shoulder
against the Bobcats.
Yeah. I... I heard.
They need a new right wing.
Coach, um...
I just wanna say how much
I appreciate this.
I am...
They're calling up Zetner.
Zetner is moving up to Boise.
I had to teach him how
to keep the puck
from killing half
our fan base.
What... why, why Zetner?
Because he's a lot faster
than you.
Look, I know it's disappointing
but the big club isn't looking
for 32-year-old rookies.
But I want you to know
that I see the way
you've been helping out
the younger guys.
Yeah. So I can help
them move up.
There's one more thing.
You're cutting me.
Zetner was supposed to coach
the kids' Christmas hockey
game tomorrow.
I need you to step in.
- Seriously?
- Mmhmm.
Uh... I don't know anything
about coaching a bunch of kids.
You taught Pierre
how to actually score
on the penalty shot.
I'm sure you can handle
a pee-wee hockey game.
Wow. Are these all
for Parker?
No, no. Just some donations
for the jamboree.
Oh. Oh!
Grandma's donating
a family scarf?
Oh, no. She made that
for Trevor.
Did he get his flights
figured out?
We only have a few days
'till Christmas.
Oh honey, what's the matter?
Is the coffee too bland?
No! No, no, no.
No, the coffee's fine.
No, it's Trevor.
He's not coming.
Oh. Well that's alright, sweetie.
I mean, there's always
next year.
No, he probably won't come
next year either.
I'm so sorry, I should've told
you guys sooner.
I just...
I don't know. Julie has Dave,
and you two have each other,
and I just thought that this
would finally be
a perfect Christmas where
I bring someone home and...
and when it all fell apart, I...
I don't know, I just felt
very embarrassed.
Oh, Ashley.
We don't need some hot shot,
who clearly is not good enough
for our daughter, to make it
a perfect Christmas.
Well, to tell you the truth,
I'm a bit relieved.
You are?
I didn't like this Trevor
fellow from the beginning.
Dad, you never even met him.
That's why I didn't like him.
You ask me, you dodged a real
bullet with this one.
Thanks guys.
As always
a big shout out
to our hometown heroes
the Fighting Trout
for sponsoring these
developing young players.
Hey, you made it!
Yeah, I made it.
Where's Dave?
He's not allowed within 50 feet
of the referee anymore.
Forget Dave.
It's the new coach you should
be worried about.
What? Scott's coaching?
More like nervously pacing.
Hey, rookie!
How are you doing?
You look a little pale.
Well, they threw me
into this last minute.
I... I have no idea
what I'm doing.
You remember how you told me
your dad was never around
to coach you?
Bringing up my absentee father
right now, is...
it's not helping.
Just be the coach
you wanted him to be.
You got this.
On my left,
we have the green team,
coached by our Trout's own
sharp shooter Pierre Chaison.
And on my right it's
the red team
coached by our newest recruit
from the east, Scott Briggs.
Yeah! Let's go Coach Briggs!
- Get back on defense!
Come on team!
It's my favorite
time of year
Doorbells ring...
Hey ref, come on.
Fifty feet, Dave.
Sorry Brent.
No problem.
Okay, alright. Okay.
You got it, Parker.
You got it!
You got this, honey!
... Love and laughter up
to the rafters, alright
Heads up! Heads up!
There's no place
that I'd rather be
Than with my friends
and family
'... are so much brighter
Being with the ones you love
by the fire
Nothing is better than all
of us together at Christmas
I don't know what you said
to Scott but it worked.
You know, now that
you're single,
maybe you ought to invite him
to dinner tonight.
You heard about that, huh?
I didn't have to hear anything.
I knew something was wrong
the moment you landed.
I just wish you were comfortable
enough to tell me about it.
I just don't want you to worry.
I'm your big sister,
I'm always gonna worry,
because I know how great you are
and what kinda man you deserve.
Thanks, big sis.
There's no place
that I'd rather be
Than with my friends
and family
Time out, time out.
Thank you.
Oh, that smells delicious.
I knew you'd get back
on your feet, dear.
Oh... no. I was never...
Okay, she doesn't care.
Alright guys, tie game.
This is when we gotta really
reach down deep and bring it.
Arlo, Brad, great job on
defense. Keep it up.
Allie, I want you to get
the puck,
I want you to feed it to Parker.
Parker, I want you to take it
hard to the net.
Remember the move.
Got it, Coach.
Alright. Shut 'em down.
Team on three.
One, two, three...
Whoa, whoa, whoa...
Let's go, let's go.
Heads up, heads up!
Let's go guys, hustle.
Come on!
Come on, defense!
There's no place
than I'd rather be...
Go Parker!
... than with my friends
and family
...even the ones that
you love by the fire
Nothing is better than
all of us together
at Christmas, yeah
Nice shot!
Nothing is better than all
of us together at Christmas
That was a great game, Scott.
Yeah, must have something
to do with the coach.
Pretty easy when you got
a player like Parker.
He's quite the athlete.
Yeah, he gets his natural-born
athletic ability from me.
Okay, we're gonna grab Parker
and head back to the house.
See you there?
So, um...
I know you, you said that you
feel more at home on the ice.
But we're... we're headed back
to our actual home to have
dinner if you'd like to join?
Might be more fun than reading
old copies of Sports Illustrated
in the guest house.
Have you been spying on me?
Well... it was either that
or old Stanley Cup highlights
on YouTube.
So, do you wanna come
to dinner or what?
You do?
I mean, a guy's gotta eat.
Yeah. Yeah.
Okay, so... just a heads up.
After dinner my grandma is going
to offer you eggnog.
Just say no.
Why? I love eggnog.
Oh, I love eggnog too
but this is no eggnog.
No, no, no.
No, this is a witch's brew.
I'm no expert for family dinners
but if somebody
offers me something, I think
it'd be rude to say no.
Trust me. If you drink it,
you will regret it.
I'll be fine.
I used to play a little puck
back in the day.
If they ever need a right winger
to slap 'er like a rocket-ship,
you tell them to give
old Dave a call.
Oh, easy there Gretzky.
Who's ready for some eggnog?
Not me.
I have to clean up.
I'll help.
Uh... sorry Stella,
I'm on a diet.
You have to try
my homemade recipe.
Um... okay.
Uh... yow, yeah.
I'll try it, I mean.
It's not like it's gonna kill me
to have a little taste, right?
You drink up now,
there's plenty more
where that came from.
It's really good.
It's really good.
Finally someone around here
who doesn't get all paranoid
about that salmonella.
Oh God.
I remember when Dave
first came to dinner.
I thought I was gonna
have to take him to the ER.
Same thing happened
with your father.
I gave him fair warning,
it's not my fault he was afraid
to offend Grandma.
Aw, I thought it was sweet.
This always makes Dave
feel better.
It's great. Thank you.
Well... how do I look?
I'm sorry, you don't have to
wear that if you don't want to.
You don't think I can pull off
the whole Derrieux family look?
Oh, is that how we look?
You know, I don't think I have
ever been given anything
that somebody's actually
made before.
It's kinda nice.
Well here, I brought you
some pie.
It'll help wash that really
good eggnog outta your mouth.
I've got the decorations
for your tree out front.
Uh, my back's a little sore.
Since we got him here,
maybe Scott wouldn't mind
lending a hand?
Oh, yeah.
You up for it, Briggs?
Happy, happy... happy to help.
What do I say?
You can always count on
a Fighting Trout.
Mm-hmm, mm-hmm.
I... I know I'm kinda new
to this whole thing
but isn't a Christmas tree,
like, inside the house?
No, I've never heard of that.
So... explain this to me again.
So when I was little,
I loved decorating the Christmas
tree so much
that when we had
to throw it away,
I would have a full-on meltdown.
Just... temper tantrum
for days.
You? No. I don't believe it.
Anyway... one day my dad
comes home
with a little, itty-bitty tree.
And he tells me that
if I help him plant it,
we will have a Christmas tree
all year long.
And that was... gosh,
that was 20 years ago.
And we still decorate it
to this day.
The only thing my dad
ever got me
was a bunch of
used hockey pucks.
I think what you have's
really sweet.
It's, um... it's really special.
I should get, um...
- I should get going.
- Yeah.
I gotta get up early tomorrow
and help decorate for that whole
Christmas jamboree.
Right. Right.
And I promised Becca
that I would wake up early
and help her show
another house.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
You're gonna come...
you and your family are
gonna come tomorrow.
Yeah. Yeah, we'll be there.
Okay. Good.
Well... I'll see you tomorrow.
Hey. What book
are you reading?
Diary of a Christmas Elf.
I thought so.
You know, I loved that book.
She loves all books.
Honestly, we can't keep up
with her reading habit.
Oh yeah? Well, you'll be
able to here.
There's a library
two minutes away.
Is that so?
Oh yeah.
We used to spend hours
in there after school.
She would absolutely love it.
Well, that's what's important.
I really think that we can
be happy here.
Thank you.
Oh, you're welcome.
You are so welcome, sweetie.
See you guys.
- Bye.
- Bye.
Oh my gosh.
That was so sweet.
You know Becca,
you're a natural at this.
You know, I think this is
the first job
I've ever had where
I actually feel...
really good about what
I'm doing.
I love that.
But I have to admit,
it's really nice to see someone
who's actually happy
about what they're buying
for a change.
What? 'Cause your clients
aren't happy?
Oh no, they're happy about
the deal that I get them.
But it's not like
they're starting families
or making memories.
You know...
I was thinking about how you
were looking for new clients.
I just found out that
Wendy Vaughn, who sells, like,
half the houses in this town,
is retiring.
That means a lot more
potential clients.
I see.
I know it's crazy,
I just thought...
maybe, if things weren't
working out in New York,
you and I could start a team.
Well I have to admit,
you're a lot more fun to work
with than my current colleagues.
I don't know. That's just...
that's a really big change.
You know, I'm not...
I'm not sure that I'm quite
ready for that.
No, no, of course.
It's just an idea.
Think of it as a backup plan
in case you decide
you wanna come back
to this crazy little town.
- Thanks.
- Okay.
Nice hustle out there boys,
even you Pierre.
Good work.
Briggs, hang back.
I need to talk to you
for a minute.
Now, I know it's a little early
for Christmas presents but, um...
there's something
I wanna give you.
You got me a...
you got me a book?
A book that smells surprisingly
like our locker room.
It's not just any book, that's
the book that changed my life.
I don't understand.
I know you got your heart
set on making it to the bigs,
but I heard you did
a pretty great job
coaching those kids
the other day.
Oh. That, uh... that was...
that was just for fun.
No, I... I don't wanna
become a coach.
A coach isn't something
you just become.
The way you helped Zetner,
the way you helped Pierre.
It's already who you are.
Listen, I am...
I appreciate this.
I do, but I... I have been
trying so hard to get called up.
I... I can't throw that away.
Okay. But let me
ask you something.
When you put on that jersey
on Friday night,
are you still having any fun
or maybe you're just doing it
to prove something
to somebody else?
Coach, I...
Look, finish out the season.
Hopefully you get picked up by
some team from who knows where.
But if you're
still interested...
we'll have a home for you
right here.
I'll think about it.
Hey Scott.
Come on, Scott.
You gotta keep your head up,
you should know that.
Solid advice.
Well, the team sure did
a bang-up job this year.
Yeah, everything
looks amazing.
You know, you've really
outdone yourselves.
Well, it's worth it to show
a little gratitude
to such great fans
like you guys.
Scott, come be on my team.
Um... I should...
I should probably get you guys
some drinks or something first.
Oh, come on!
You've worked hard enough.
It is time for you to have a
real Idaho Falls experience.
Um... you know, I think this is
where I draw the line.
Alright, well we could have
Dave take you real fishing
with his buddies.
Trust me, this is getting
off easy.
I'll take your word for it.
You're going down, buddy.
Alright folks, welcome
to Merry Fishmas.
Now the rules of the game
are simple.
First team to have every member
pull up a trout
within the 60-second time limit
will be crowned victorious.
Team one, are you ready?
- Yes!
- Yeah!
Team two, are you ready?
Let's get fishing.
You got this, Parker!
Oh, you got this, Parker!
That was almost in.
Oh, oh, oh!
Slow and steady
wins the race.
I almost got it.
Oh man.
Got it!
Yes, Parker.
Coming in quick!
Oh, I got one! I got one!
Oh, my god!
Not much time left.
Come on, it's all up to
you, Dave.
Thank you.
Thank you very much.
- Go, come on!
- I need one more.
Time's ticking down.
Come on, Dave.
You got this.
It's all you, Dave.
Remember what I taught you.
You can do it.
Slow and steady
wins the race.
- Very nice!
- Whoo!
Well, team Briggs comes through
in the clutch
and takes home
the championship.
Admit it, you had fun.
Ah... I wouldn't go that far.
Although it was kinda nice
to take down Dave.
Mm-hmm. I think we make
a pretty decent team.
Hey, can I ask you
a serious question?
You grew up here so you've seen
a bunch of players come and go.
Do you think I have what
it takes to get to Boise?
Are you serious?
Yeah, it's just...
I have pursued this
my whole life
and sometimes I wonder
if I'm being delusional.
You know, like if I should start
considering other options.
What other options?
Coach Jensen said
that there might be...
there might be an assistant
coaching position
for me next year.
You wanna coach the Trouts?
I don't know.
It'd be nice to settle
down somewhere.
Oh... I should really see
who this is.
I'm sorry.
Can... can I just meet you
over by the gingerbread table?
Yeah. Yeah, I'll just be over
at the gingerbread table.
This is Ashley Derrieux.
Hi Ashley.
This is Bonnie Sullivan
from Main Financial.
You left us a message
the other day?
Bonnie, yes.
The West Village Hotel.
That's us.
That property is so beautiful.
Yeah, we think so too.
And going over
your recent sales,
I think you might be the right
agent for the job.
Well, I'd hate to disagree
with you on that.
Listen, there's one catch.
I have these heavy hitters
in from out of the country
and they've been hounding me
to go see the place.
You already have
potential buyers.
When do you need me by?
I know it's a lot to ask, but
can you be here by the 23rd?
So... I'm actually in Idaho
Falls right now.
I... I really don't know
if I can even find a flight.
I'll tell you what, if you can
make this deal happen for me,
I have three more buildings
coming up in the new year.
Okay. Let me look at some
flights, see what I can do,
and I will get back to you
as soon as possible. Okay?
Sounds good.
How's everybody doing?
- Hey Dad.
- Dad.
Have, uh, you seen Parker?
Yeah, he's over there playing
a game with Coach Gus.
Alright. Come on,
come on, come on.
- You got it, you can do it.
- You got it.
Oh, you got it.
There you go.
- That's it.
- Well, he's got it.
There you go.
There she goes,
there she goes.
I swear, sometimes I feel like
I have two children.
I agree.
This is my first gingerbread
house ever,
so... don't judge.
Is everything okay?
Yeah. That was just a very
unexpected phone call.
No, it's this mid-century hotel
in New York
that I've had my eye on
for years
and they called wanting me
to represent it.
So... that doesn't sound
so bad.
Well, they want me there
in two days.
- Oh.
- Yeah.
I mean, it's a great
opportunity. I...
I... just don't know that I
wanna rush back there right now.
Well, do you have to decide
this second?
Because this house is about
to fall over
unless it gets some
serious assistance.
Okay, I think I can handle that.
Please, help me.
Oh brother.
What'd you do?
I don't know.
- It was him!
- It was her!
Oh yeah? Is that how you guys
wanna play it?
Oh boy.
Well, that just means...
you both are going to get it.
Got him!
Get him, Parker!
That's enough fun.
It's time for serious business.
Oh yeah.
Scott, are you gonna help?
Uh... I'd love to
but I've, uh...
I gotta get to practice.
Wait, wait, wait.
Have you ever built
a snowman before?
Okay. Alright.
This is way more important
than hockey.
Hey Parker.
Did you know that you might
be building a snowman
with a future Fighting Trout
assistant coach?
You're gonna be coaching
the Trout?
That would be so cool.
Well, nothing is official yet.
I have a whole other season
playing on the ice.
It's just... something to think
about in the future, that's all.
Well, take it from me...
you could do a lot worse
than making a home here
in Idaho Falls.
It's always done right by us.
And on that note,
Dad... carrot please.
Thank you.
I think you should do
the honors. Right?
Let's see if I can figure
this out.
It can't be that hard.
Uh... what do you think?
Right, uh... right about here?
Maybe on the face?
Like, uh... here?
Hmm, a bit higher.
A bit higher?
Right around here?
A bit...
Right around...
just say when.
- If you say so?
- There you go.
Anyways, welcome.
Who was that?
That is the new right wing.
Wait, you play right wing.
I remember.
The new guy's here.
There's 24 guys
on the roster max.
Someone's getting cut.
Maybe they're moving
one of us up.
Hey Gus.
Anybody in Boise get injured?
Uh... no, no.
Anyone there get moved up
to Seattle?
Hmm... no.
Briggs. My office, 15 minutes.
So sorry.
Yeah, sorry man.
It's... it's fine.
I... you know, I...
I've been cut before, guys.
Best thing to do is just
walk in there
and face the music
like a man.
Listen, um... before you
say anything.
I've been thinking about
the coaching offer.
I know you're gonna cut me.
So if the offer still stands...
Who said anything
about cutting you?
Well, you didn't have
to say anything.
My... my replacement's standing
outside the locker room.
Oh, that's right.
While he's replacing you,
you're replacing Zetner.
Well, Zetner's in Boise.
Was in Boise.
Some guys move up too fast.
They can't handle the pressure.
Zetner wasn't ready.
So he's gonna take some time off
but Boise's gonna hold
his spot when he returns.
Until then...
You... you're saying that...
You're going to Boise.
I'm... I'm... I'm...
I'm going to Boise.
Yes, you are.
I'm... I'm... I'm going
to Boise.
Thank you, uh...
so much, sir!
I'm going to Boise, so...
Alright. Hey, guys! Guys!
I'm going to Boise!
Wow, okay.
So, have you decided
whether you're going back
for that big hotel deal?
No, I have to call her today.
Well, I know it's
a great opportunity.
I just hate the idea of spending
Christmas without you.
Do you ever regret
staying here?
We're different, Ash.
You were always the smart one.
Oh, please!
It's true, even when
we were little kids.
Everyone used to say
you'd go off and do big things.
Well, you were always
a lot braver.
- Ah...
- You were!
I mean, you did whatever
you wanted to do,
and you never cared
what anyone else thought.
Sure, I made my mind up about
how I wanted my life to be.
But that doesn't mean there
aren't days where I wonder
if the grass isn't greener
on the other side.
You do?
Of course.
You have so much freedom.
You get to travel,
you wear fancy dresses,
go out for expensive dinners.
But whenever I talk to you...
I don't know, the stress.
Constantly running
from meeting to meeting,
these boyfriends who don't know
how to treat you right.
I just don't want you
to miss out
on the things you love the most.
Like what?
Like... this.
Sipping hot chocolate
in a cozy home,
surrounded by people
that you know
will always be there for you.
We're home.
Hey, you two.
Everything okay, buddy?
I'm fine.
Where'd he get
that jersey from?
Scott gave it to him.
He did? Why?
I guess you didn't hear
the big news.
He got called up!
You're kidding.
Well, don't act so surprised.
The man's practically turned
the whole team around in a week.
Sure gonna miss him around here,
but if you ask me,
it couldn't happen
to a better guy.
Yeah. So when does he leave?
I'm taking him to the airport
in a couple hours.
So you'd better hop to it if you
wanna say your goodbyes.
Among the 12 potential inductees
into this year's NHL Hall of
Fame class is Wayne Briggs.
The former defenseman
led his team
to two Stanley Cup championships.
And in my opinion, is the most
deserving of the bunch.
- Hi.
- Hi.
Do, uh... do you wanna come in?
Thank you.
Hey. I... I, um...
I heard you got promoted.
Yeah, I did.
I was actually just about
to call you.
Wow. That's amazing.
I'm... I'm so happy for you.
Well, Boise's not too far away.
If you wanna come down
for the first game
I can probably get you tickets.
Well I would, but...
I'm flying back to New York
for that client.
It's everything I've been
working towards, so...
Um... congratulations.
Looks like we're both finally
having our big break.
Well, I got you something.
It's a little early, I know,
but I'm not sure when
I'll see you again.
I know it's sentimental,
I just thought...
It's perfect.
This way you'll always
have a family on Christmas.
It's perfect. Thank you.
You're welcome.
I, uh... I actually
got you something too.
- Oh, you did?
- Yeah.
I was gonna put it
under your tree, but...
seeing as how you're here,
why don't you open it?
Hmm. Okay.
It's a plastic fish?
It's not just a plastic fish,
that's the plastic fish
you helped me catch.
I thought you could hang it
on your tree.
Just something
to remember me by.
I like it.
Hey, I wanna say something
to you before you go.
I know that you wanna make it
in the NHL
and I know that you wanna prove
you're just as good as your dad.
But I want you to know
how special
this week has been for me.
How special you are.
And no matter where you end up,
nothing can take that away.
I, um... I appreciate that.
And... I appreciate
you letting me act
like I was a part of the family.
Even if that eggnog almost
killed me.
Oh... woof.
Seriously though,
I had a great time.
Yeah, me too.
And you know, if I, uh...
if I ever play
Madison Square Garden.
You bet there'll be a front row
seat with your name on it.
Oh, there better be.
Yeah, it's a deal.
Well, I should go.
- I'll see you around.
- Yeah, I'll see you.
Hey Scott.
Parker. Hey.
Scott, guess what?
We played the Grizzlies today
and we won.
I used the grip that you taught
me and I scored two goals.
Wow! That's so great,
buddy. I'm so proud of you.
Listen, is, uh... is your
Aunt Ashley still around?
I think she's outside.
You want me to get her?
No. That's... that's alright.
I, um... I... I want you
to tell everyone
I just called to say
Merry Christmas.
And that you're all welcome
to come up and see a game,
whenever you want.
Cool. Thanks.
Alright. I'll talk
to you later?
Hey kiddo.
Are you all packed up?
Yup, I sure am.
Scott was trying to give you
a call.
Must be quite an adjustment
being up there all by himself.
Oh sweetie.
I know you two had
something special.
Yeah. But it's not just Scott.
I mean, yes he's great, but...
it's all of you guys.
I mean, I wanted this client
so bad,
but now I'm not even gonna be
here on Christmas.
Well, maybe it's okay to take
a step back for a little while.
I'm sure they can find
another agent.
Well, it's not really
that simple.
I mean, if I bail on this deal,
word will get around real fast
and then...
And you guys sacrificed
so much
just for me to get
outta here that...
I mean, it wouldn't be
fair if...
if I threw that all away.
Ashley, we are so proud of you
and what you've accomplished.
You don't have to do
anything for us.
And you wouldn't
be disappointed?
The only thing we'd be
disappointed in...
is if you weren't living the
life that truly makes you happy.
What if I don't know
what that is?
Well, sometimes we don't know
what makes us happy
until it's standing
right in front of us.
But no matter what,
we're always here
to support you.
Thank you.
- I really love you, guys.
- Baby...
Love ya, hon.
We're here
with the newest member
of the NHL Hall of Fame.
Congratulations Wayne Briggs.
Your family must be
proud of you.
Well, you know,
in this business
your teammates
are your family.
So I'd like to give a big
shout out to my family,
especially that great goalie
we had on the Stanley Cup team,
Victor Zalapski.
Not to mention my boys who could
take a hit, shake it off,
and get back out on the ice.
I couldn't have done it
without them.
You're talking
about the team
you helped lead to two
Stanley Cup champion...
You know, I've read
that one too.
It turns out being alone
at Christmas...
isn't something I wanna
survive anymore.
What are you doing here?
I thought you were in Boise.
I was.
You know, I couldn't stand the
thought of spending Christmas
with 23 guys I barely know,
when I already have the perfect
team right here.
Yeah, but that was your dream.
You know, I think my dream was
to prove to myself that I'm...
I'm just as good as my dad.
Because of you,
and your crazy family,
I realized that I don't have
to play hockey to do that.
So what are you going to do?
I took the coaching job.
And I was thinking...
if I stuck around Idaho Falls, maybe...
maybe I could see you again
next Christmas.
You took a...
a coaching job...
just on the off-chance
that you might see me
one week out of the year?
Well... maybe that wasn't
the only reason.
They have pretty great
medical insurance.
Full physio.
A dental plan.
Those are really good benefits.
So... what
happens now?
Okay. First thing in the
morning I am calling Becca.
We have a real estate office
to set up.
Sounds great.
And actually, I have no clue
where I'm gonna stay tonight,
so maybe you could find me
a place.
Well, I may know of
a cute little cottage
that just opened up.
How are the neighbors?
A little goofy.
But their youngest daughter
is delightful.
You should really get
to know her.
I can't wait.
845 Deerfield Court.