Cheeni 2 (2023) Movie Script

There are too many people
in the world.
That's why average people like me
get lost in the crowd.
That's how it has been
since school.
No one really cared about me.
I was invisible to everyone.
The girl in glasses
quietly sitting in the classroom.
That's me, Cheeni.
Nothing changed
when I went to college.
Life at college meant
spending time in the library.
But suddenly...
For the first time in my life...
a not-so-average guy
liked this average girl.
Just imagine!
All the attention
put me on cloud nine.
Thank God!
At least, someone noticed me
amidst the crowd.
But good things
are not meant for everyone.
A few days later...
I found out
he had his eyes on someone else.
What happened next?
Same old story.
Number block.
After my first heartbreak
I cried a river
like a Bollywood heroine.
Was almost dehydrated.
Then I realised
that sadness is a luxury.
If you want to get noticed,
you have to notice yourself first.
It's easy to love others
when you're in love with yourself.
With time I figured out
getting attention is pure science.
And I mastered the art.
I realised I'm the main character
of my life.
Give someone else more footage
and I'll be screwed.
How long will you be staying
this time?
Must've been a big fight this time.
She's got her suitcase.
Extra clothes...
Must be at each other's throats.
Stop it.
You can see she's crying.
Miss Mishti.
Tell me what happened.
So that you can gossip
and tell everyone
what my husband did?
I swear I won't tell anyone.
Even your mom won't know.
Tell me.
Come on.
Subho has been misbehaving
with me.
You've been coming home late.
You want to bicker.
I don't.
You could've told me
you'd be late.
I could've told you.
But I didn't.
I gave you an opportunity.
Because you love to fight.
Nothing like that.
Then what?
I always have time for you.
Why are you quiet?
Bacchu asked me
to have a drink with him...
You were drinking with that jerk
instead of going to office.
What's wrong with you, Mishti?
Bacchu is a history professor.
To hell with him!
He's a jerk!
Divorced his wife
for a younger girl!
That's love.
You won't get it.
You've become
a bickering old hag.
Oh really?
And you're very romantic?
Do you love me?
Do you care about me?
Do you take me on holidays?
I wanted to watch
"Ballabhpurer Roopkotha".
- Did you take me? No!
- Hang on.
It's a horror movie.
I'm scared of ghosts.
Oh really?
I feel like a ghost
in your house.
You and your daughter
don't notice me.
Your son's so busy
that he doesn't call me.
Doesn't even answer my calls.
You never ask me
if I'm okay.
Mishti, are you fine?
Have you eaten?
- Do you ask me how I am?
- Just a second...
Have to ask my wife
if she's fine?
Do I have to ask you
every day?
I'm asking you now.
Are you okay?
Have you lost your mind?
You'll threaten to go away
to your mom's place, right?
Forget it.
Let's cut the cake.
Come on.
- What did you do?
- Serves you right!
- You threw away the cake.
- Damn right I did!
There will be ants.
Mom, please stop.
Calm down.
Dad is a little drunk.
It's his birthday.
As if he's very good
the rest of the year.
Are you going to Granny's again?
Mom, please talk it out--
I've known him for 26 years.
Been married to him
for so long.
Our marriage is beyond repair.
You're just worried
about your food.
You don't like
what I make anyway.
- So order in.
- Mom, I didn't say that.
Enough of your nonsense!
Mom, don't go.
I'm treated like an object
in that house.
Microwave, TV, fridge,
doormat, toothbrush.
I'm only there to be used
and thrown away.
What nonsense!
Are you high on something?
I'm right, Mom.
When things break
we try to fix them.
When relationships break,
we find a new person.
Is your hubby looking
for someone new at this age?
Your husband is no superstar.
No hair. No muscles.
Girls will hit him
if he hits on them at this age.
You don't know him, Bela.
He's evil.
Pure evil.
You always pick a fight.
- Are you on Subho's side?
- Oh God!
Miss Mishti.
You're like Goddess Durga.
You should put up a fight.
Don't be such a crybaby.
What should I do?
Smack him.
Watch your tongue.
She's right.
I should smack him.
There she is.
The local heroine.
- Who's the heroine?
- Our new tenant.
A seasoned player.
A new guy
drops her home every day.
God knows
when she picks them up.
You hate getting back
to your drunk husband.
Jealous of her, right?
She's absolutely right.
Yes, I'm jealous.
You didn't have to be so rude.
Let me check her out.
How was the night?
Oh God!
It's raining so hard.
It was lovely meeting you.
You could've stayed the night.
I'll get going.
When are we meeting next?
Haven't checked the almanac yet.
Are you serious
about our relationship?
We have been on three dates.
What next?
Marriage after five dates?
Not talking about marriage.
Our relationship--
Relationship is not my thing.
I'll buzz off now.
It's not too late.
Find a girl online.
Chat and have fun.
- Good night.
- Cheeni.
What's this rubbish?
You've got
the basic aesthetics wrong.
Is it a saree or a towel?
This is the experimental look.
This is what
I was talking about.
We'll lose clients
because of your experiments.
Do you want me
to experiment with your job?
Will you like it?
Change it.
- Let's go.
- Okay, sir.
No, don't need a credit card.
Didn't like it, right?
If it was that bootlicker, Raya,
he would've said...
"This looks effortlessly elegant,
Let it go.
I get what you're saying.
I can't stand Raya either.
But it's okay.
Try to do as he says.
You're becoming cynical.
Stating facts
doesn't make anyone cynical.
Cut the crap!
Forget it.
Abhi and I are getting engaged.
My family is throwing a party
next week.
And you have to come, ma'am.
I warned you.
But you didn't listen.
You're digging your own grave.
Don't come back crying
to me later.
Cheeni, stop it.
Love is not a game of chess.
It'll be checkmate
when you're a pawn.
You say the same thing
all the time.
Sitting on your laptop all day
is no great feat.
You need to go out.
Step into the world.
Meet new people.
See new sights.
What are you afraid of?
- I'm not afraid.
- Then what?
You know...
Mousumi is your childhood love.
Doesn't mean she'll treat you
like a doormat.
She doesn't treat me like that.
Like a rag?
Remember the friendship bands
we gifted each other as kids?
I've saved all of them.
Yours too.
It's our anniversary...
so I got them for you.
Happy anniversary.
Keep them with you.
- Why? What happened?
- Mosquitoes!
Too many mosquitoes.
Eat fast.
We can go inside.
There's AC--
Can you lend me
5000 bucks?
Five thousand?
Have to buy a new mobile cover.
A 5000-buck mobile cover?
A relationship goes off-balance
without equal love.
I don't want to interfere.
It'll make me look needy.
Why weren't you
answering my calls?
- I was at a party.
- Come here.
- Hey.
- You're drunk.
Should I get you some lime juice?
You're not my babysitter.
- Let me go.
- Hey...
Where are you going?
You can't lose your self-respect
for this girl.
She's not serious about you.
Can't take advice
from a half-naked guy anymore.
Why don't you
have your clothes on?
As a mark of protest.
Had a fight with Mom.
Because I don't do
my household chores.
So from now on
I have to cook my own food.
Have to wash my own clothes.
Do everything myself.
So where are your clothes?
Wear them.
I've put them out to dry.
Will wear them
once they're dry.
Why can't you come?
But we'd planned this date
long back.
Cancel the party.
Can't cancel it.
Because I want to go.
I have a life unlike you.
Do something.
Stop being a crybaby
and order something.
My goodness!
So toxic!
It's such a nice caf.
I'll bring you along next time.
It's so pretty!
What an awesome caf!
- No chance--
- Look at you! You're all grown up!
- Excuse me. Who are you?
- You still have chubby cheeks!
- Who are you?
- Can't recognise me?
I'm your Aunt Pupu.
She was such a cute baby.
I'll add you to our family group
on social media.
Let's connect on the group.
I have a meeting
with that guy.
Give me some time.
I'll be right back.
- Okay. But don't run away.
- Not at all. I'll be back.
- Please have the chicken sandwich.
- Sure.
Don't be late.
I'll be waiting.
Why aren't you
answering my calls?
Excuse me?
- I don't...
- Hush.
I know you don't know me.
But please pretend you do.
See that loud woman there?
Don't look at her.
She's my aunt
but I don't even know her.
Came out of nowhere
and started embarrassing me.
Please let me sit here
for some time.
- I get it but--
- I'll go once she leaves.
Sorry, I have some work.
Sorry, I can't help you.
I won't disturb you.
Please carry on.
Just let me sit here...
I get it--
Are you coming?
Can you transfer 1200 bucks
to me?
- Yeah, on it.
- Please get me a glass of water.
Server is down...
Excuse me.
Who's that?
Yes, ma'am?
No one.
I heard a girl.
My client.
Ran into her at the caf.
Excuse me,
I'm not your client.
Stranger, I'm Suchandrita.
You can call me Cheeni.
I'm here to have some tea.
Suchandrita ma'am.
What a player!
She's just kidding.
Hello, Mousumi?
Sounded like a police inquiry.
No problem.
Their saffron tea is very nice.
Want to try?
I get acidity
when I'm in stress.
I'll need an antacid
if I have tea.
I'll get back to work.
Aunty has left.
Thank you so much
for letting me sit here.
Hi, I'm Cheeni.
Follow me on social media
if your girlfriend allows it.
I'm not on social media.
But thank you.
Neither do you have a social life.
- Excuse me?
- Nothing.
You helped me
to get my aunt off my back.
Can I give you free advice
in return?
"Life is what happens to you
while you're busy making other plans."
Keep it in mind.
Lennon is not in syllabus, right?
- No problem. Give me your phone.
- Hey!
No password?
Give it back.
My phone, please.
I've saved my number
as Cheeni.
If you need free advice,
call me.
I'm switching the TV off.
It's too loud.
I'm your new tenant.
- Cheeni--
- Need sugar?
My name is Cheeni.
Where are your manners?
You can't just barge in.
I didn't have a choice, aunty.
I can't sleep
because your TV is blaring all night.
None of my concern.
My house.
My rules.
Stuff your ears with cotton
and sleep.
You can try this.
What's this?
This is a sleeping pill.
Very useful.
Don't need all this rubbish.
It will help you to sleep tight.
I don't want your advice.
I've always had a habit
of giving out advice.
I've always had a habit
of not heeding it.
It's time to change the habit.
You know why?
Addressing you informally.
The one you're staying up for...
pretending to watch TV...
He's sleeping peacefully.
So stop wallowing in your misery.
Take the pill and sleep tight.
I'm here to help.
Okay, bye.
Go to bed.
- Good night.
- Hang on.
You're too smart
for your own good.
Do I look like an aunty to you?
- Your name?
- Mishti.
Okay, Mishti aunty.
Good night.
What kind of a name
is Mishti?
Stop watching web series
and pay attention to your studies.
People are always kissing...
...or abusing in those shows.
No time to study.
Have to video call my boyfriends.
What the hell are you doing?
Mom, please chill.
I'm the only one without a boyfriend.
Concentrate on your studies.
You won't get through
a good college...
...if your grades are low.
This is why brother left home.
My maths tutor is here.
Can't talk now.
Why have all her sarees turned red,
Because of the water.
- Wash them with your tears.
- Shut up!
Please change the water.
- Ruined all my sarees.
- Slept well, aunty?
Stop calling me aunty.
Don't have to bother
about my sleep.
This is what happens.
Can't sleep
when you fall in love.
Can't sleep
when you fall out of love.
Now you see what I meant?
Bela told me everything
about you.
Don't get me started.
- Need them by Friday.
- Told her about Gobindo?
Who's Gobindo?
- The local--
- It's Govinda.
The Hindi film actor, Govinda.
But you are
a Mithun Chakraborty fan.
- Lies! She's lying.
- No, she's lying.
You live alone on rent
despite having your own house.
You come and go as you wish.
You wear skimpy clothes.
Go around with boys.
They drop you off
at all hours.
Sometimes in their car.
Sometimes on their bike.
- Keep shut!
- Get going.
You may leave, Raghu.
Do you follow me this closely?
Do you gossip about me
all the time?
Your life is in a mess.
So you'll take it out on me?
- What have you done now?
- I'm done for.
Cheeni is right.
You're so quarrelsome.
Don't pay heed to her.
She'll take you for a ride.
If you pay heed to girls like her
at this age
- you'll end up dead.
- Shut up!
- Don't talk to my mom like that.
- Didn't mean it.
Watch your tongue.
They'll never get me.
She's hurt because
she's got her heart broken.
Here's an advice for you.
If the other person is ignoring you
stop paying them attention.
Then the ball will be
in your court.
I have an advice
for you too.
Wear decent clothes.
And return home on time.
Then you'll find
a decent boyfriend too.
- Get lost.
- No one can help her. Move!
Her parents haven't taught her
Uncultured brat!
Why do you--
My mom didn't teach me anything.
How would she?
She used to be up all day.
People stay up during the day.
Used to be up all night too.
Just like you.
The sleeping pills didn't help.
One day she took
a few too many.
And slept forever.
You remind me of her.
That's why I'm trying to help.
And if you sleep on time
I'll sleep on time, wake up on time,
do everything on time.
I'll have a peaceful life.
Get it?
Apply the self-care balm
before it's too late.
Or the heartache will turn septic.
Did her mom die by suicide?
- Don't even think about it.
- Oh no!
- Poor girl!
- She's so sad.
Mom, you're way too nice.
Where are the batteries?
No idea.
Let me check.
Forget it.
I'll ask her.
No need to call her.
I'll get them.
- Do you know where they are?
- I'll look for them.
Where did you keep
the batteries?
Don't you know?
I can't find them.
Beside the TV.
Top shelf of the cupboard.
Anything else?
Why do you always--
I got them, Dad.
No need to bug her.
- Why did you call her?
- It's okay.
Don't call me again.
You and your daughter
can do whatever you want.
Your son doesn't care
if I live or die.
Don't bug me.
You're always overreacting.
I called you for some work.
Not like you.
Always fighting.
Anyway, bye.
If the other person is ignoring you
stop paying them attention.
Then the ball will be
in your court.
Damn it!
Oh no!
Need to talk.
Just a minute.
What's the problem?
Subho called me.
Out of his own volition.
Thought I would act pricey
but he hung up on me.
Of course, he did.
Give him too much attention
and he'll take you for granted.
Getting married doesnt mean
losing your self-respect.
So take my advice.
I don't know all that.
Just tell me what to do.
Want my help?
Ask me directly.
"Please, Cheeni.
I need your help."
I do need help.
- You missed the main word.
- What is it?
- "Please".
- Damn it!
Calm down.
I'll help you.
I'm your guru
and you're my disciple.
Do as I say.
Our primary focus now
is Operation Mishti.
A crash course
on paying attention to yourself.
How to do that?
It's moving so fast.
How to stop this?
- That's fast?
- Yes.
Shut up and keep walking.
You have to lose weight.
Why is everyone
dressed so skimpily?
Guess no one wears a saree.
Your saree has already
embarrassed me enough.
Who wears a saree to the gym?
My goodness!
I can't walk anymore.
- Oh my gosh!
- What the hell!
No more.
I'm feeling dizzy.
I want to see Dr. Bakshi.
Take me to Dr. Bakshi's clinic.
- I'm going to faint.
- It's an excuse.
Get off.
Come on.
Let's go.
- Silly woman!
- I'm going to die.
What's wrong?
- What happened?
- Heart attack.
My goodness!
I would've died today.
Never going back
to the gym.
No one dies
if they work out.
But I would've died.
You want me to die anyway.
You'll be happy if I die.
But I won't give you
the satisfaction.
- Did your dad make the curry?
- Yes.
Taste it.
It's delicious.
- Do you know this joint?
- Yes.
Subho and I used to
come here on dates
when we were in college.
His dad, Shambhu,
used to run the joint then.
- How long have you been married?
- Twenty-six years.
Twenty-six years!
Must be arranged marriage.
Do I look so obedient?
- Sure you do.
- Not at all.
We were in the same college.
He was in engineering
and I was in political science.
We met at the debate club
and fell head over heels.
- Nonsense!
- Believe me.
I was a different girl back then.
I always beat him at debate.
That's why he fell for me.
Yeah, you're such a fighter cock.
Not at all.
I was more fun back then.
He'd say Stalin, I'd say Lenin.
He liked Satyajit Ray's films.
I preferred Mrinal Sen's.
We went to watch "Agantuk".
Started fighting about the film
in the cinema.
Everyone was staring at us.
What are you staring at?
You're not the same Mishti anymore.
Things were different back then.
What do young people do now?
Binge watch web series.
Spend all day on the phone.
We didn't have all this.
Going to the movies
was a big deal for us.
It was fun and exciting.
Those were the days.
Can't believe that woman
wears a saree to the gym now.
I'm a mother of two kids.
You have to forget that, lady.
Enough now.
I'm getting late.
Let's go.
- Go on.
- How much?
Where am I going?
What do you mean?
- You've had enough--
- No, I'm not done yet.
Okay, done.
Let it be.
Stand straight.
I'm not taking you to the gym
to make you a body builder.
- What?
- Not you.
Then why?
To kill me?
People go to the gym
for two reasons.
One, fitness.
Regular exercise keeps you fit.
Two, serotonin.
It gives you positive energy.
And makes you feel happy.
I think you need it.
Start working out,
you'll stop being cranky.
What rubbish!
I'm not cranky at all.
Fighting with your husband
over petty things isn't healthy.
Can't blame your husband.
That Mishti is not there.
You're not the same person
he fell in love with.
Why are you saying all this
in front of her?
Don't worry about her.
You said
you used to bunk classes
to go to the movies.
Where's that Mishti?
I have a house to take care of.
A family and kids.
No time to go to the movies.
You shouldn't lose your identity
after marriage.
Don't have to go
to the movies every day.
Complaining about your maid.
Doing mundane household chores.
Running after the kids.
Do you like doing all this?
You have no life
of your own.
When will you realise that?
So what if you're married?
Times change.
Situations change.
Doesn't mean
you change yourself.
Just look at yourself.
This is what I've thought.
What do you think?
I think...
let Raya take over
the Indian Wear collection.
Don't waste your time
on this.
Please, sir.
We have three more weeks
to go.
Let me try again.
Then you can decide.
But if it doesn't work out
no more discussion.
What's next?
Hello. Loan?
Yes, I need a loan.
Is this your boss?
Very annoying?
I don't suck up to him.
So he won't let me work
on sarees.
Why is that a problem?
The client is launching
a big saree brand.
But my boss won't let me
work on it.
I'm stuck with western wear.
Because you're good at it.
- And I'm bad with sarees?
- Didn't say that.
Sarees are a different ballgame.
Sarees are personal.
Everyone's finicky about it.
Even ordinary women are picky
when it comes to sarees.
And here you are
dealing with such a big brand.
You don't take my advice
but want me to take yours.
Let's go.
Come on.
What's wrong?
My husband...
My husband!
What the hell are you doing?
Who's that girl?
- Hey! Stop pulling me.
- Don't make a scene.
You're overthinking.
Maybe it's for work.
What kind of work needs you
to feel up girls?
It's a hug.
Don't think your husband
has the balls to have an affair.
He has balls or not.
How do you know?
Don't need any consolation.
My goodness!
Do you really think your husband
would fool around with girls?
Why didn't I die
before I witnessed it?
Listen to what Cheeni is saying.
Yes, listen to me.
If you think your husband
is having an affair
show him you can do it too.
I'm here for you.
Your coach, guru and everything.
Just do as I say.
Get dressed.
We'll go out.
I'm not going anywhere.
Let's go.
- Oh gosh!
- Come on!
Don't be so conscious.
That smile was very fake.
Smile nicely.
- Tone it down.
- Cheeni.
- Should aunty join a dating app?
- Stop!
She needs it.
No, I don't need it.
- No.
- Why?
- No.
- What's your problem?
I'm a housewife with two kids.
What would my relatives think
if they find out?
- Oh really?
- Yes.
What'd they think
about your husband's affairs?
He can go to hell.
If I start dating too
I'd be no different from him.
Is this some exam?
Remember Rana uncle?
He came to Mom's birthday
last year.
You're not supposed to remember.
Wait, I remember.
The principal?
Well done.
Let me see.
He's very handsome.
He's very handsome
and he's a divorcee.
How about setting them up?
- Ask him if he's free tomorrow.
- I'll text him.
I won't go.
Why not?
I'm not going.
You'll have to go.
It's a date.
Why won't you go
if he agrees?
- A coffee date is not an affair.
- Shut up.
Rana uncle said yes.
- You have to go.
- Tomorrow evening.
I'll be ruined.
I can't go.
Why not?
I just can't.
It's so easy. Just be yourself.
Be Mishti. Be you.
I can't do it.
- You can't?
- No.
- It's my order.
- Cheeni, your dad's calling.
Be Mishti aunty.
Just be yourself.
Answer the call.
Don't change the topic.
You'll wear a beautiful saree.
I'll dress you up.
- Too hot?
- Too hot?
Are you divorced?
No, I mean...
Tia told me about it.
You must have...
I felt really bad.
You must've been devastated.
No, it's been a long time.
Almost two years.
- Even you--
- Me?
No, I'm not...
you have to really be in love
to get married.
But it takes more hatred
to get a divorce.
My marriage is complicated.
Forget it.
You're a school teacher, right?
Not a professor.
You're a teacher.
I was at a convent school
when I was in Bangalore.
As the vice-principal.
Some schools here have offered me
the position of the principal.
I'm considering the offers.
Are you stern?
- You mean strict?
- Yes.
I have to be.
Guardians shut us in
if anything happens.
I'm not locking you up.
You're free to leave.
What do you mean?
Free to leave...
- I mean...
- What?
Just a minute.
Make some excuse and leave.
That would be rude.
You have to leave.
You're messing up.
- What's wrong?
- Actually...
I've made a mess.
No, I'm in a mess.
- I'm mixing it all up.
- What happened?
I've got an important meeting.
Let me drop you.
No need.
I'll drop myself.
Have your tea.
Sorry, coffee.
I'll see you later.
- Bye.
- Bye.
Bill, please.
What did you do?
How did you get a headache?
She was behaving
like an interviewer.
Why were you
asking questions?
They forced me to meet him.
I didn't even want to go.
We were just getting started.
But she made me leave.
She was talking out of context.
Wasn't making any sense--
My daughter is calling.
Don't talk much.
Tell her you're busy.
Tell me.
Where have you kept my denims?
I told you not to touch my stuff.
- I'm talking to my friends now.
- Hang up.
I'll call you later.
Good job!
She has to understand
you have a life of your own.
Don't give her
so much attention.
She's absolutely right.
You give too much importance
to others.
Learnt it from you, Mom.
Learn from her now.
- Don't listen to this shameless brat.
- Shut up.
I forgot.
You're cheating
on your husband with Gobindo.
You could've given us an idea.
You and the taxi driver?
What a shame!
He's a married man
with kids, Bela.
So what?
- What do you mean?
- No...
She's lying
and you're believing her.
- Ridiculous!
- Not at all.
You'll see them together
every morning.
- They don't wake up that early.
- Is that why?
You know everything
about everyone.
But you never talk about yourself.
Nothing to talk about.
we have important work to do.
What is it?
Guess what?
We have to give Mishti
a makeover.
- I have a great idea.
- You, massage.
What idea?
We're going on a trip.
- Where?
- Where?
A rainbow across the sky
My heart doesn't rest at home
The bird spreads its wings
And flies into the sea
It wants to take us along
On its magical journey
I know you'll be by my side
Even if no one else is there
Hope everyone finds a friend like you
The heart flies over the clouds
Riding on a winged horse
It wants to take us along
On its magical journey
I know you'll be by my side
Even if no one else is there
Hope everyone finds a friend like you
I know you'll be by my side
Even if no one else is there
Hope everyone finds a friend like you
Excuse me, ma'am.
May I help you?
Of course.
KGA earbuds, please.
Sure, ma'am.
This one, right?
Try this, ma'am.
Play something.
- It's amazing.
- Thanks.
I'll take this.
Pack it for me.
- Great choice, ma'am.
- Thank you.
Yeah, I've reached.
I'm downstairs.
Be right there.
- Sorry. How much?
- Six hundred and thirty bucks.
I don't have cash.
I'll make an online transfer.
But I don't take online payments.
Then wait a minute.
I'll get the money.
Hey, ma'am!
- What's wrong?
- What happened?
Where the hell are you going?
Pay up!
Behave yourself.
I will pay you.
Cut the crap and pay up!
I know people like you.
I'm not a thief
that I'd steal your money!
I didn't call you a thief.
Mind your language!
I'll get your money.
Why did you take a taxi?
- You don't take online payments!
- Hang on.
- Why the hell did you get in?
- What's the problem?
Why are you harassing her?
You're harassing her.
I didn't harass her.
Lower your voice.
What's the matter?
She's not paying me my fare.
- He's lying. I just told him to wait.
- Keep it down.
- He doesn't take online payments.
- I know people like you.
- How exactly do you know me?
- Here. Get going.
- Watch your tongue!
- Don't have change.
No problem.
Please go.
- Get going.
- Thank God I got my money!
- Thank you.
- No problem.
I'll withdraw cash
and return your money.
You can return it later.
What if I don't?
What if I steal it?
As you wish.
Trust me so much?
Remember you saved your number
on my phone?
You saved it yourself.
I'll ask for it if I need it.
See you.
You play the guitar?
You have to teach me
how to play.
Not today.
Another time?
I promise.
Don't do the dishes
after the manicure.
I have to do the dishes.
- Can't argue with you.
- Right.
Have a nice date.
I've got sweets for you.
They're in the fridge.
- Roshogolla?
- Baked roshogolla.
I'll be there on time tomorrow.
Don't worry.
Can't you talk nicely
with your dad?
He called because he needs something.
Nothing else.
Hey, listen.
Tell me something.
You have your own house.
Then why do you live on rent?
Had a fight with your dad?
My dad and I used to fight too
before I got married.
It happens.
I don't want to talk about it.
You always lecture others around.
Especially bombarding me
with pearls of wisdom.
But you don't practice
what you preach.
You hang out
with so many boys.
Don't you like any of them?
You'd be happy
if you had a partner.
But you always push people away.
I taught myself something
after Mom died.
Don't be dependent in love
or your heart will break.
Better to push people away
from the start.
But you don't push me away.
Because you're like my mom.
You miss your mom, right?
Not so much now, my dear.
- Let's have dinner.
- Let's go.
Sign on every page.
The pages are marked.
- Soumen.
- Sir?
- Show her the pages.
- Sure.
Will you have something,
Check what's there
in the fridge.
Give her some sweet curd.
I'm allergic to curd.
Since when?
Since I was a kid.
- Give me the cheque book.
- Okay, sir.
Tried calling you many times.
But guess you were busy.
- I was busy too.
- Here, sir.
- Ask the driver to get the car.
- Okay, sir.
Do you have a job
or are you still playing dress-up?
I'm a stylist, Dad.
Diya said you're following her
on social media.
Ever since she's got the scholarship letter
from Chicago State University
I've been going crazy.
Tired of signing
thousands of forms.
What a talented girl!
She's the first in our family
to get an international scholarship.
After you're done with the signatures
show yourself out.
I have to go out now.
I'm on my way.
I'll be there in half an hour.
Why did you marry Mom?
Why did you get married
if you had so many problems, Dad?
Thank God she killed herself.
She was finally free.
You didn't have the guts
to divorce her in those days.
Diya! Diya! Diya!
Diya is everything!
What about me?
I don't need anyone.
No one.
Maybe I'm not successful
in life.
But I earn enough
to provide for myself.
I didn't have to beg you
for anything I needed.
Didn't have to ask you
to pay for my higher studies.
That's my achievement.
Cheeni, look at this.
I can't solve all the sides.
How to do it?
- Why are you crying?
- Nothing. Show me.
- What happened?
- Nothing.
Tell me!
I said nothing!
- What do you want to know?
- What...
No, I mean...
You can tell me what's wrong.
Fine, I'll tell you.
I was four years old.
My mom killed herself.
She had a miscarriage
and went into depression.
And my dad started dating
another woman.
My mom was suffering.
She was popping pills all day.
And my dad was busy
having an affair.
I was too young to help Mom.
She died of an overdose
in front of me.
My dad remarried right away.
Diya was born.
My step sister.
Dad's happy family.
And me?
I was left out.
I don't need anyone.
Whatever happens,
happens for the best.
Please leave.
Sometimes, it's enough
to figure out one thing in life.
Don't have to solve everything.
Come, have your dinner.
Don't want your pity.
Please leave.
It's not pity.
I'm your friend.
You're not my friend.
You're my landlady.
And I'm your tenant.
That's it.
What are you doing?
Can't you see?
- What are you looking for?
- Oil.
Where is it?
Right here.
Can't you see?
Thank you.
Are you trying to cook
by any chance?
Any problem?
Are you serious?
Shut up.
Can I help?
What are you staring at?
How is it?
My mom never got the chance
to cook for me.
Forget about my dad.
I'm going to cook for you
every week.
But on one condition.
You have to get
into a relationship.
Get it?
No more...
What do you call it?
Fooling around.
No more fooling around
with guys.
Not possible you don't like
any of them.
There's one guy.
He often comes to the caf
I hang out in.
His name is Sammy.
You know how guys are.
They never
miss a chance to flirt.
But this guy?
He doesn't care
even if you talk to him.
Then don't break his heart.
He's an innocent guy.
No, not at all.
He already has a girlfriend.
Extremely loyal.
And obsessed with his girlfriend.
Sounds like an ideal love story.
What happened?
is imperfect.
There's no such thing
as ideal love.
Finish your dinner.
We'll go for a movie.
- Night show?
- Yes.
- Are you fine?
- No.
I'm keeping bad company.
Will you watch
"Ballabhpurer Roopkotha"?
I'll book the tickets.
Let's go.
Last bite.
Who's calling me now?
Your husband.
- Let it be.
- Okay.
Have you spoken
to your mom lately?
Not really.
What do you mean?
Hardly, in the last
couple of weeks.
Mom is busy nowadays.
She doesn't answer my calls.
Doesn't even call me back.
What is she busy with?
She has a new BFF.
Some girl called Cheeni,
I believe.
What's BFF?
Best Friends Forever.
Basically, Mom chills with her.
Your mom is too old to chill.
What if the girl is a fraud?
There are fraudsters everywhere.
Are you jealous?
"I'll go to my mom's place."
Your mom always threatens
to go away.
But she always comes back.
I thought she'd come back
this time too in a few days.
But now it seems...
maybe this time she won't...
Try to sort it out.
Maybe you guys
just needed space.
There's been too much space
between us...
We've become too distant.
Now I realise
how important she is to me.
Are you going to the movies
in these shorts?
You won't get it.
- It's torn--
- Taxi... Hey!
- What's wrong?
- It's fashion.
- What?
- Yeah.
- I ripped it with a blade.
- What!
I'd asked Subho to take me
to watch "Ballabhpurer Roopkotha".
But he didn't.
He kept postponing it
because he's scared of horror films.
You should just date me.
So that you can make fun of me?
- Where's the taxi?
- There it is.
My god!
The taxi is here.
You called the taxi
and the taxi is here.
I love driving alone.
I still remember driving
from Normandy to Paris alone.
I still can't forget--
- I'm really very sorry.
- S--t!
- Watch where you're going.
- I didn't see...
I know him.
- He's my friend--
- Spilled my coffee.
- Do you know who I am?
- Don't touch me.
What the hell do you mean?
Please stop.
He's my--
- My new branded t-shirt.
- It was a mistake.
- Know how expensive this is?
- I'll buy you a new t-shirt.
- Watch your tongue!
- Enough! What are you doing?
- He's my friend.
- Friend?
- Yes, I know him.
- I'll clean it up.
- You know him? How do...
- Sammy--
- Your car's waiting!
- Sir, look here.
- Get lost!
- Sammy!
Sammy, wait!
I can buy your boyfriend
a new t-shirt.
- What happened?
- Nothing.
- Why so grumpy?
- It's nothing.
You can tell me what's wrong.
- Calm down.
- I'm fine. What are you doing?
- What's going on?
- You look messed up.
I'm just waiting for my cab.
Share your problem with me
till your cab arrives.
I'm a friend, after all.
Tell me.
She hasn't been replying
to my texts.
Not even answering my calls.
So what?
She must be busy.
- Busy?
- Yes.
- Look at this--
- It's okay.
See how many times
I've called her.
Rang her 15 times today.
She didn't answer.
Hasn't answered my calls
for a week.
- Maybe she's been busy.
- How busy is she? I don't get it.
I've been texting her.
She's been reading them.
I know she's been reading them.
She's active on social media
but ignoring me.
What is she busy with?
I want to be this busy too.
I just don't get it.
I'm the one with the job.
All she does is party.
Week days. Weekends.
All day. Every day.
Why so many parties?
I want to party too!
I want to dance naked!
No, I...
I want to dance naked too.
I can party too.
I have friends as well.
They have birthdays and anniversaries.
She has a lot of friends.
A birthday today.
A wedding the day after.
Where the hell are you?
I told you to take right.
- Cabbies and direction!
- You need this.
- Please have some water.
- Fine.
- Easy there.
- Done.
Do you talk to Mousumi like this?
I mean obviously...
Then you wouldn't have
any problems.
Do you know
how relationships work?
How do you know?
Love is a joke to you.
How do you know
love is a joke to me?
I don't have to be a detective
to know you're lonely.
Is he really such a coward?
Don't even ask.
He has a girlfriend.
He's mad about her.
But she doesn't care about him.
He still wants to get married
to her.
Is it marriage
or a life-insurance policy?
You've fallen in love with him.
Not at all.
Don't lie!
Nothing like that.
This TV is so good.
Yes, KGA TVs are great.
Great picture quality.
Great sound quality.
It's perfect.
I'll buy this TV.
Go for it.
Anyway, don't change the topic.
Seducing men is a science.
But falling in love is an art.
You haven't mastered it.
But I have.
I'm your love guru
and you're my student.
Okay, my love guru.
Please save me from love.
I'm happy with casual flings.
Hold it properly.
She'd ghosted you for a week.
And then suddenly texted you.
And here you are
getting ready to meet her.
Didn't even ask
for an explanation.
She wants to take the next step.
That's why she called.
There's no next step.
It's all false.
You'll only end up hurt.
Please listen to me.
No, buddy.
How do I look?
Good colour on me?
You look fab, cutie.
You're looking good too.
Thank you.
Okay, bye.
She'll keep him hanging.
Let him hang.
I know what you want
to talk about.
I knew you would get it.
I felt you deserve closure.
For what?
This is a new step.
Of course, it is.
What's the reason?
Why am I breaking up
with you?
You must know.
I've been talking to a guy
for a while now.
We're still talking.
We just...
We just...
You get it, right?
It instantly felt like
he's the one.
Honestly speaking, the spark
was missing in our relationship.
Am I right?
Are you listening?
Things happened so fast
I didn't get the time to tell you.
That's why I called you.
What happened?
Are you sad?
- A little.
- So cute!
Just a minute.
Life's like a jigsaw puzzle.
Someday, we will find someone
who will be the right fit.
Once all the pieces fit together
we won't have to look back.
In my search for the missing piece
I will go missing someday.
Maybe they're right in front of us.
But we fail to notice them.
I'm not on social media.
But thank you.
Neither do you have a social life.
Can I give you free advice,
"Life is what happens to you
while you're busy making other plans."
Keep it in mind.
Hi, Cheeni.
I don't think you remember me.
But I'm the guy who was
romancing his laptop in the caf.
Can we meet over saffron tea?
But you get acidity
when you have tea.
Hope our friendship
works as an antacid.
The pleats must fall in place.
Are you sure?
Everything ready?
- Yes, sir.
- Good.
See you tomorrow.
Life insurance?
I don't have a life.
You can go.
Thank you.
Thank you, Mishti aunty.
How did you know
what he wanted?
Your mom wasn't around
while growing up.
If you knew
how to wear a saree...
you would've known too.
You always try to do
something new.
But our society
can't accept change.
Look at your boss.
You've been trying different styles.
But all he wanted
was a simple saree and a blouse.
Can't take--
Is he texting you again?
He wants to meet me.
I'm scared I'll screw it up.
I'll block him.
Why are you behaving
like a coward?
Can't take rejection.
Not my comfort zone.
Jump into the water.
You'll learn to swim.
- Why is she calling me?
- Who?
Tell me.
Why does the principal
want to meet me?
Let me see.
I'll try to...
What have you done now?
I'll call you later.
I haven't done anything.
Hold on.
What do you mean?
Puchu just called.
He's concerned you've left home.
How do I care?
Does he ever call me?
Brother doesn't get time off
his busy schedule.
Shut up.
I don't have time for him either.
Come on.
Puchu moved out.
And you stopped talking
to each other.
You and I stayed
in the same house.
How much did we really talk?
Come on.
- Let's see what Chatterjee has to say.
- He's no longer the principal.
Then who is it?
Do you know him?
Yes, we have--
Met once.
I-I'm Shreya's mom.
And this is Shreya's dad.
Shreya is our daughter.
What did she do?
Shreya's final exams
are coming up.
She had to submit a form
signed by her guardian.
But she didn't...
She won't be allowed
to take the exams.
Your school robs us blind
every month.
You could've informed us.
I did inform.
Gave constant reminders.
Why didn't you tell me
about the form?
Why are you blaming me?
You were not at home.
Who would've signed it?
You're behaving
as if I was abroad.
Where was your dad?
- So it's my fault?
- Of course, it is.
You can get drunk
at Bacchu's party.
You can go around
with women.
But you can't look after
your kids.
- Stop it. Not here.
- I won't stop!
What do you do for our kids?
I've taken care of them all the time.
I've done everything.
What have you done?
As if I've never done anything.
No, you haven't.
And you don't.
You always turn a blind eye.
I don't keep count.
Mom and Dad,
please stop it!
Mr. Chatterjee, please.
Sorry to be blunt.
Your personal issues...
Your marital problems...
It's clearly taking a toll
on Shreya.
Just a minute.
What marital problems?
We don't have any problems.
I thought you're separated.
No, nothing like that.
- We...
- What do you mean?
I'll tell you.
Give me a minute.
We're living separately.
But we're not divorced.
Is this what
you've been up to?
You've discussed family matters
with our daughter's principal.
- It's not what you think--
- Brilliant!
You're getting it wrong.
I know what's right or wrong.
I've understood.
You could've thought
about Shreya.
- As if you care about them.
- Bye.
- Just a minute.
- But the form--
- Give me a minute.
- Okay.
I used to know
a different Mishti.
You used to know
a different Subho.
Times haven't changed.
We have.
I'm so sorry.
I called you by mistake--
Please come fast
or we might never meet again.
Pick up the phone.
Hey! Hey!
- Hey! Hey!
- Let me go.
- Move out of my way!
- No! No!
- I can't live without Mousumi!
- Shut up! Stop it!
- Let go of me!
- Sit down! Sit!
What happened?
Tell me!
Mom used to micromanage me.
She used to interfere
in everything.
That's why...
I let Mousumi bully me.
I let her dominate me.
I thought that's what love is.
But now I know
it's all a bloody illusion!
Do you know?
My parents never cared about me.
My doll was the only family
I had.
My only family.
When the doll broke,
I realised life is an illusion.
Guess what's great
about illusion.
Illusion makes us forget reality.
Why do you always lecture others?
Will your lecture relieve my pain?
You should die for yourself.
Don't give so much importance
to someone else.
Damn it!
You're too much!
Are you crazy?
I forgot I have vertigo.
I feel dizzy
because I'm scared of heights.
Okay, then let's get up.
- Come on.
- Why were you calling me?
Thank God you called.
Ishan wasn't answering my calls.
God knows
what I would've done.
You're lucky I called.
Now get up.
Address me informally.
Please don't be formal.
Okay, I'll address you informally
from now on.
Get up.
Let's go. Come on.
You're so heavy.
You wanted rain
So I broke many a cloud
You're all I ever wanted
You left without saying a word
But you're still all I want
You'll never know
how much I love you
You'll never know
how much I love you
You wanted rain
So I broke many a cloud
You're all I ever wanted
You left without saying a word
But you're still all I want
You'll never know
how much I love you
You'll never know
how much I love you
Your raging silence...
Burst my heart into a million pieces
My nights knew the sun will rise
Desperately holding on to you
Are you happy to let me go?
Or do you want me to stay?
It is your heart that confuses you
How will you ever find love?
In your new home
Build a room full of complaints
for me
And I'll fill it up with blame
You'll never know
how much I love you
You'll never know
how much I love you
You'll never know
how much I love you
You'll never know...
Sorry, didn't mean
to wake you up.
Go back to sleep.
You here?
What's with the formality?
It's just the hangover.
I know
alcohol makes us forget things.
Rest up.
I'll get going.
We need to talk.
What are you doing
day after tomorrow?
What day is it?
What day?
It's the day of love.
Valentine's Day.
Oh! I see.
Want to take me somewhere
on Valentine's Day?
No, I was just thinking...
of trying this new restaurant
on Southern Avenue.
- Do you...
- Want me to come or not?
It's Valentine's Day.
You must have a lot of dates.
No dates on Valentine's Day.
If you don't mind--
So formal!
Damn it!
Sorry, sorry.
I wanted to ask you...
if we can go out for dinner.
But no problem
if you have other plans--
What do you want?
Want me to come or not?
- If you have--
- Yes or no?
Yes or no?
- Yes.
- Cool, I'll be there.
Go back to sleep.
You're welcome.
You here?
What are you doing here?
Hey, what's wrong?
I really trusted him.
But found out
he's been cheating on me.
Apparently, he lives in
with the other girl.
Didn't you suspect anything?
I didn't mean...
Really sorry.
Even fixed the wedding date.
Funny, isn't it?
You're right.
It was serious.
Very sorry.
Why are you pretending?
I know you're happy.
Aren't you?
It's a tragedy.
You loved him so much but--
No one will care about me
like you do.
No one else
will tolerate my tantrums.
I've realised it now.
- That's what friends are for.
- Idiot!
Drop the act.
You shouldn't be so nervous
when you're in love.
- I'm not nervous.
- Let's go out on 14th February.
- When?
- Valentine's Day.
Let's go out for dinner on Friday.
- Friday is on Friday, right?
- Yes.
Friday can't be Wednesday.
- Why don't you sit here?
- What's wrong?
Please sit.
- You just broke up.
- Do you have other plans?
- Have other plans?
- No...
Then why are you doing like this?
Gobindo or Govinda?
Here's your saree.
Get dressed.
What's wrong?
Why are you crying?
- Nothing.
- Tell me what happened.
That's why I don't let people in.
That's why I don't love anyone.
The ones I love
always abandon me.
Has he dumped you already?
Get up!
Two days ago he wanted
to meet me on Valentine's Day.
He asked me out.
I've been calling him.
But he's not been
answering my calls.
I get it.
This was meant to happen.
He texted me
in the heat of the moment.
Asked me out on an impulse.
Then he must've realised
he has no feelings for me.
That's what always
happens to me.
That's why I don't allow anyone
to come close.
It's all your fault.
You kept forcing me
to fall in love.
Stop clinging to your past.
Cheeni, hear me out.
Your parents are at fault
for neglecting you.
It's wrong to neglect a child.
They're to blame.
Not you.
Why are you still stuck
in the past?
This guy loves you.
I'm sure he loves you.
Do you love him?
He loves you too.
Or else he wouldn't have
asked you out on Valentine's Day.
Got it?
Men are immature.
You have to give them
some time.
It's my fault.
That I fell in love.
Cut the drama!
I'll throw you off the bed.
Drama queen!
Get up!
- Do you like this saree?
- No.
Want a different saree?
I'll bring you another one.
Get up.
I have self-respect.
No, you don't.
You're shameless.
Take a shower and get dressed.
Here's your food, ma'am.
A genuine guy like you
is better than an a--hole like Rajib.
I'm not really genuine.
Stop belittling yourself.
Good evening.
Would you like to order now?
What's wrong?
Mousumi, you're too late.
- Are you looking for ma'am?
- Yes. Where is she?
She just left.
- She was in a bad mood--
- Did I ask you?
Listen to me.
There's been a misunderstanding.
Please hear me out!
Mousumi showed up
after you left the other day.
She'd broken up with her boyfriend.
You know
she meant everything to me.
All I ever wanted was her.
That would be it.
But believe me...
You don't have any clue...
I really didn't know
what to tell you.
That's why I was avoiding you.
Mousumi wanted to get back together.
That's when I understood
what you meant.
It's all an illusion.
I've changed a lot
in the last few weeks.
for the first time in my life,
I'm not being selfish.
Without any conditions...
I can bravely look you in the eye
and tell you, Cheeni...
I only love you.
Tell me what it is.
I didn't call to fight.
Something important...
Had to tell you.
But not over the phone.
Want to tell you in person.
Do you have some time?
Then we can meet up.
Around 4:30 p.m.
Can you make it?
Tell me.
we used to come here often?
We used to throw stones.
Did you call me
for all this nostalgic crap?
I got a job in Delhi.
I'm planning to take it.
Are you losing it?
Want to leave everything
and move to Delhi?
I... Leave...
Everyone wants to leave me.
Puchu lives in his own flat.
He has a job...
An independent life...
Shreya's exams will be over soon.
She'll go off to college.
What about us?
Is there anything left of "us"?
When you left home this time
I thought you'd come back
in a couple of days.
it's almost been a month.
You have made new friends.
You have a life of your own.
That's good.
I have nothing
to hold me back anymore.
Do you want a divorce?
Oh, I see.
You're running away to Delhi
with that girl, right?
You've always got me wrong.
You've never tried
to make it right.
Getting it right or wrong...
I thought our marriage
was beyond that.
We're in a competition
to get away from each other.
is our marriage anniversary.
Not that it matters anymore.
But do come if you can.
Puchu is going to be there.
Shreya has arranged for a party.
Come home for them.
Brother, I'm sure
you've got the invite.
I'm planning a surprise party
for Mom and Dad's anniversary.
We have to do something
about Mom and Dad.
Or they'll keep fighting
and it'll just get worse.
I know you're busy.
But just try to come.
You don't have to do anything.
I've arranged for everything.
All you got to do is show up.
- Welcome.
- Mom, come.
- Watch your step.
- It's okay.
Mom and Dad.
Happy anniversary.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Where's your brother?
I called him.
He's on his way.
He'll be here any minute.
Tell them about your decision.
What decision?
Now's not the time.
- I'll tell them later.
- Give him a mic.
Your dad has an announcement
to make.
I'll tell them later.
- Why later?
- Let Puchu come.
- Why wait for Puchu--
- Sorry, Mom.
- I'm late.
- Puchu!
- Why so late?
- Too much traffic.
- Didn't think you'd make it.
- Oh, come on.
- Granny.
- Happy anniversary, Dad.
- Bless you.
- Nice kurta.
Mishti aunty!
Mom, you know Cheeni?
Do you know Sammy?
- Sammy?
- Yes.
Not Sammy.
He's Samrat.
He's my son.
My Puchu.
He's my Sammy.
- Yes--
- Your Sammy?
You didn't tell me you are...
I tell you everything.
Told you about Sammy too.
Why didn't you tell me
you know my mom?
Didn't I tell you aunty told me--
Hang on!
What the hell is going on?
So this is Sammy?
The one you want to marry?
- Yes, we're planning--
- You'll get a tight slap!
You're a hooligan!
- Stop it.
- You're a brat!
- Let me speak.
- Calm down.
- Mom, calm down.
- You don't care about me.
Don't call me.
- I don't mind!
- Mom...
- But not her!
- Please listen--
Absolutely not!
Why are you scolding him?
It's not his fault.
Shut up!
Don't mess with my son
like you do with other boys.
- Stay away from him!
- Mom, please.
No point shouting.
Have to find a solution.
There's no solution.
Stay out of it.
- Shut up!
- But why?
Get this loud and clear.
My son will never get married
to you!
You've completely changed.
You'd given me your blessings.
You're in trouble.
- How would I know you're--
- After your son.
After my son.
- Your son?
- Yes!
Why can't I date him?
- I'm warning you!
- Put your finger down!
- I know you very well.
- Lower your voice!
- Don't talk too much.
- Shut up!
- Mom, please stop!
- Give it a rest.
- But what about you?
- Stop it!
Don't you dare!
What's wrong with you?
- What happened?
- What happened?
I know I sound like a wicked mom.
Don't go after my son.
Or I'll skin you alive.
Mom, please.
Mom, please behave yourself
or shut up.
You're misbehaving with me
because of her.
How long have you known her?
She means everything
to you, right?
I am insignificant.
Who cares if I live or die?
Oh really?
Cheeni knows me better
than you ever did.
Isn't it funny?
Just like I used to discard guys
you discarded me out of your life.
You admit
you used to discard guys?
I don't know you well.
But you're crossing
your limits now.
- Dad, don't--
- Why are you butting in?
Let it be.
You've reduced our friendship
to a transaction.
You've done me a huge favour.
You've taught me to live again.
Thank you for that.
What did I get out of it?
My son, for instance.
Doesn't even care to call me.
My daughter.
I left home.
She's relieved.
Now she doesn't
have to study anymore.
My husband.
Can't wait to move to Delhi.
And you.
You didn't even tell me
you wanted to marry my son.
What's left in my life?
Bloody anniversary!
I'll celebrate the anniversary
of my loneliness next year.
You didn't tell us
you're going to Delhi.
Well, it's not official yet.
Mom, let's go.
You're bound to be rejected
if you fall in love.
You are the one
The bearer of my love
The memories lost in time
Only I hold them close
You are the one
The keeper of my complaints
My shameless heart fathomed
what was left unsaid
We promised to talk to the stars
Shining brightly in the night sky
We promised to be free birds
And fly over the clouds
I still remember those days
I still miss those days
You're looking like the queen
of the world.
What's wrong?
- I won't get married like this.
- What?
The memories lost in time
Only I hold them close
- What are you doing?
- Give me your phone.
She won't come.
Come downstairs.
It's your wedding day.
What do you want?
Come right now.
Or I'll break your leg!
How dare you threaten me?
Why are you screaming?
Don't you have any shame?
Keep quiet!
You're shameless.
How can you treat your friend
like this?
What about you?
You sent my son
instead of coming to me yourself.
Because you refused
to talk to me.
Enough of your tantrums.
I'll show you what I can do.
Don't care if you attend
your son's wedding.
That's on you.
But you have to come
to your friend's wedding.
Friend, huh?
Did you try to win me back?
How could I?
You didn't even call me!
Why would I call you?
Wanted to see
if you could get married
without me.
Mom, it's our wedding day!
I couldn't get married.
That's why I'm here.
Let's go.
I want to get married.
No need to get married.
Let's go.
No, no!
I want to get married.
Come on.
Please let's go.
But the wedding is incomplete
without someone.
We have to invite him.
This is my son and your--
I mean Cheeni.
This is their wedding card.
Come with your family.
You were never there for her.
She grew up on her own.
Please come.
It would make her happy.
Bless her from a distance.
Why are you so quiet?
He's lived his life
on his own terms.
It's your day to speak up.
Who is she?
I don't recognise her.
Dad, Mishti aunty is my...
She's more than a friend to me.
When I was four years old
I lost my mom.
You were busy
with your new family and Diya.
You could never be
a father to me.
That's when...
Mishti aunty came to my life.
She's like my mom, my dad.
My everything.
So you're here to taunt me?
No, Dad.
I never wanted to say
anything to you.
But since Aunty insisted
I opened up.
Or else I wouldn't have.
Although, I should have.
I thought you'd love me
as much as you love Diya...
I have no expectations
from you anymore.
- Aren't you ashamed?
- I am.
That's why I always kept quiet.
But aren't you ashamed?
Did I ask to be born?
Since you're my birth father
you can't just abandon me.
Don't have to come to my wedding
as my dad.
Come as a guest.
Come if you want or don't.
It's up to you.
You don't have
to perform the duties of a father.
I'll be giving her away.
Attend as a guest.
Give her your blessings.
Enjoy the food if you want
or leave.
Let's go.
Take the flowers.
Repeat after me.
- So beautiful!
- She's so beautiful.
Cheeni is looking so pretty.
Answer the phone
or switch it off.
I'll call back later.
Big fat liar!
When did you start lying?
Was it before or after
you lost the job?
When did you lose the job?
One and a half years ago.
I had years of experience.
I thought I would get some job.
I work as an agent
for an MLM company.
Cosmetics, perfume, jewellery.
That's why I have to meet
a lot of women every day.
You might've seen me
with one of them.
I was so proud of my job.
But they kicked me out
during the layoff.
I was too embarrassed
to tell you.
Embarrassed to tell me?
Thought I'd tell you
once I got another job.
But things just got worse.
I had to take loans
to pay off other loans.
I couldn't pay off all the EMIs.
Had no idea
how to go about the job.
Didn't know how to meet targets.
So had to use all our savings
for Puchu's wedding.
Didn't have enough
to pay Shreya's school fees.
I'm sorry, Mishti.
Remember how we used to return home
after college?
We used to walk
along the tramline.
Because we couldn't afford
a tram ride.
I used to think
we can conquer the world with love.
Money doesn't matter.
You begged me to marry you.
I never wanted you
to provide for me.
I always wanted to support you
through thick and thin.
And now...
you're planning to leave me
and move to Delhi.
I thought you don't want to stay
with me anymore.
Mind your dress.
- Be careful.
- Careful.
Pay attention to the vows.
Don't give me stupid logic.
This is not a debate.
Fights are common in couples.
Don't cry.
Everyone's looking.
Stop crying.
Don't cry.
Everything will be fine.
Hey, everyone's looking.
Don't cry.
What are you doing?
Stop crying.
You sound like my old Mishti
after years.
Stop crying.
Say the vows properly.
- Please see to it, sir.
- Sure.
Your mom is not angry anymore.
Tell me if Puchu fights with you.
We'll book our tickets
and disappear.
Things can't go on like this.
We have to set them straight.
We'll go to Maldives.
Anyway, listen.
Should I call you aunty or mother?
- Want a tight slap?
- What?
you're my mother-in-law.
Your generation always talks too much.
And your generation thinks
they know everything.
But you didn't realise
my best friend
is my mother-in-law now.
Just a minute.
- Did you get them?
- Yes.
- Cheers!
- Cheers!
- No one will say anything, right?
- No.
- Cheers!
- Cheers!