Chef (2017) Movie Script

'The aroma of water
sprinkled on a hot pan...'
'Strong scent of chopped onions...'
'the Whiff of hot chilies piercing
the air like gunpowder...'
'And the aroma of food
coming from any direction...'
...and driving you crazy.'
'two of us had this
weakness in Chandni Chowk.'
'A young 10-year-old...'
'...and, an old 10-year-old.'
- How are you Ram Lal uncle?
- I am very well?
- Would you like to cook 'Chole-Bhature'?
- Yes.
- Come in.
- Roshan!
If all you want is to become
a street side cook...
...then why go to an English school...
...making my life hell.
'Those days were different.'
'Half of Chandni Chowk...'
'...Hadn't shifted into
Padpadganj apartments yet.'
'There was no satellite
TV that aired MasterChef.'
Nor was
'Three Idiots' released...
...So that a film star
could advice our parent...
...To let kids follow their dreams.
Dad insisted... '
'...That I become
a doctor or an engineer.'
- 'Don't destroy your life becoming a cook.'
'I could tolerate this till the age of 15.'
'After which, I ran away from home.'
'Result: From then on Father refused
to acknowledge me as his son.'
People normally follow their heart.
But I followed my nose.
And finally... my nose led
me to my destiny.
Pick up!
I believe you have
a problem with my food.
Yeah... It's not just
as good as it used to be.
What do you do, man?
- I'm sorry, what?
- Where do you work?
What does that have
to do with anything?
Well, do I come to your office
and tell you how to do your job?
- Don't tell me how to do my job!
- Hey, I am paying for this, man...
You don't have to have a meltdown.
This is why this place is...
- What are you doing?
- Get out of here, man.
Or else I will beat you!
Call the police honey let's go.
Get lost.
What the hell are you doing?
Roshan Kalra, you've made bail.
- Thanks, man.
- No, it's okay.
Come on.
Thanks, Sunil.
These 16 dollars...
Plus, what I paid him... keep his mouth shut...
You know how much it cost?
Take it from me,
- It's not about the money, Roshan.
You almost broke his nose.
And, what about his insulting
What about that?
This stinks.
This food?
Yeah, what else.
Actually Sunil, you know...
...maybe he had a point.
I have to keep a closer eye
on the Line-cooks.
Time to pay more personal
attention, I think.
...take a break.
- Don't come to work for a few days.
- No-no, I am fine.
No, seriously.
I insist.
Did you go to Biennale?
Nice paintings..
Did you see the painting of Che?
Che was nice huh!
Che is on a t-shirt.
What's your point?
See... capitalism has
sold out our ideas...
That's an amazing iPhone,
when did you buy it?
- Don't say anything about his iPhone.
- Exactly!
Just shut up guys!
- Hello. Yeah, tell me?
- I am sorry......
Do you have any how
long Armaan waited?
He had logged into Skype
all evening waiting for your call.
I was in the lockup.
- Lockup?
- Yeah!
They had taken my phone.
Are you okay?
Yeah... It's all sorted now
Anyway, will you please
talk to Armaan tomorrow?
Of course... Hey...
I am sorry about all this.
Roshan, only you and I are divorced
...don't distant yourself
from Armaan as well.
Talk to you later.
Is this all right?
- Definitely needs more color. Good morning, chef!
- Morning, chef!
- Good morning, chef!
- Morning, chef!
- Morning, chef!
- Morning, chef!
Why didn't you pick up
my call last night?
Someone needs to cook.
Boss, Manori told us that
you're going for a long vacation.
It will be You guys who will be going
on a long vacation...
Alright now everybody, listen up.
Stop what you're doing
each and every one of you.
The food you guys are cooking...
...will get 'me' fired!
If you guys want to go back...
Where you came from,
then this is your chance.
Get the hell out of my kitchen! I'm
not here to save your bloody lives!
You can't cook. Okay, screw that!
At least learn to follow
the instructions you've been given.
- Yes?
- Yes, chef!
You guys can't tell the difference...
...between a chef and a cook,
but you want to be creative.
Don't! That is my job.
If I say jump, you jump
WOW... The boss is on a roll again.
You guys are doing a bad job
and giving me a bad name.
Do you understand?
Roshan, what did
I tell you last night?
- Sunil, please don't disturb us now.
- It's you disturbing everyone.
In fact, you're disturbed yourself.
What do you think, Roshan...
...after punching a customer in the face
you can just saunter back in here.
Oh, I see...
So, it wasn't a holiday're punishing me!
- That idiot's nose...
- You...
...really think you accomplished
something great?
You really think that?
What would you have
done if he had insulted you?
Roshan, I would've wondered why.
When we started 'Galli' Restaurant...
...your ideas were exactly
like you. Fresh!
And now, you and your
ideas have become stale.
And, even now you're
ignoring the real problem.
Look at yourself, not them.
This screaming is
not the solution, Roshan.
Thanks for the advice, Sunil.
If I want it, I'll ask for it.
Anyway, what do you want to do now?
Fire me?
You think you can do that?
You know what...
I can!
Forget about the idea holiday
You're fired!
Vinnie, you take over.
You do realize...
If I leave...
Vinnie won't stay either.
Everyone who I trained goes too.
- Boss...
- No!
"The roads fade away..."
"...slowly... gradually.."
"I looked here... looked there..."
"...but couldn't find a purpose."
"Disappeared without a trace..."
"...leaving not a clue."
"How could I loose myself?"
Bad day?
Nothing a drink can't fix.
Don't worry... that's on me.
Thanks, bro.
"I never imagined...
this day would come."
"When I find
myself in this place."
"I'll be so angry with myself."
Come in.
- Will you eat something?
- Sure.
By the way, I am sorry.
That's okay.
For what happened with you...
Not for what happened with me.
Chef de Cuisine.
Have you heard of the phrase...
"The teapot's hotter than
the tea brewed in air."
I am from Chandni Chowk.
So what exactly did Nazrul do?
Got very... very drunk. Cursed Manori.
Proclaimed undying love for you.
I just dropped him.
- He's a good kid.
- Yeah...
What about you?
The way you've been lately...
...eventually this day had to come.
Is anything missing?
Oh crap!
Crap! Crap! Crap!
- Hi, papa.
- Hi, Ary.
Listen, I got a little
busy yesterday, and...
Oh, that's okay.
So, what's happening?
Papa, there's a school function...
...just before holiday starts.
I'll be performing for the first time...
On stage.
Hey, that's great, man.
Can you attend the function?
I am dancing with Esha.
Look, Ary... I mean...
I can't just suddenly...
I mean I'd like to come, but...
It's okay.
So who is this Esha?
She's my classmate, my best friend.
Best friend? Is she pretty?
I don't know.
She's just my friend.
Yeah, sure. But is she pretty?
Guess so?
Looks like you have a
teeny-tiny crush on her.
Papa, stop it...
So... what else?
Okay, papa...
I am getting late for school.
I'm getting late. Take care, bye.
Was papa teasing you about Esha?
Please, go.
If you don't have a good
relationship with your son...
...then even three Michelin
Stars can't help you.
Come on, man...
- I am not a bad father.
- Really?
According to you,
you were not a bad husband either.
Go back to India, Roshan K.
It'll be good for you.
Who's will find me a new job?
I've got EMIs to pay, SIPs.
And, investments for
Armaan's education, and...
Simply paying for
your son's education...
...doesn't make you a good father.
The fact is Radha is
raising Armaan singlehandedly.
And, have you ever
asked him what he wants.
Tuition fee for some foreign
university 10 years later...
...or a little time
with his father now.
Don't call 'chicken soup' on me, okay.
- Be practical.
- Practical?
You know,
you've setup traps around you.
Dangerous... boring... upper-middle class traps.
And left out cooking.
Go home, it'll be good for you.
Gotta go.
I have a kitchen to run.
My kitchen.
Thanks for coming.
- Hey...
- Hey, buddy.
- God, look you've grown so big.
- I know.
Exactly what have you
been eating these days?
And, have stopped eating completely?
Maybe I've been missing you two a lot.
Maybe you've been lying a lot lately.
- Come on, guys.
- Okay-okay, sorry.
Hey, have you heard
the latest 'Armaan' joke?
- No.
- Great, then listen to this...
Some girl calls up at
an old man's house for his son.
She says...
"Hello uncle, is Armaan (HOPE) there?"
He says...
"No dear, I did when I was young.
Not anymore.
What? It was nice
- Yeah.
- Wasn't it, Armaan?
- Then, what else is happening?
- Here we are.
Oh, my bag.
Ohh... my back!
- He's so funny.
- No, middle-aged.
Thank you.
No no...
I'll take it.
Anilettan, looking fit.
Still, doesn't like me, does he?
So... how's the entire gang?
- Okay, I guess.
- Nazrul.
"Still alive" is his
standard reply these days.
There are towels in the bathroom...
If you want to shower and change.
- Hello.
- Hello, Boudi.
- Nazrul.
- How are you?
- Did boss reach safe and sound?
- Yeah...
- How are you?
- Still alive.
- Are you crying?
- No, just a little upset.
Of course, you'll be upset.
Manori has no sense at all.
He's fired a gem.
But, don't worry...
...boss will figure out something.
And anyway, he was bored of 'Galli'.
Yes, of course.
- Well Nazrul, I am a little busy now.
- Yeah, okay...
- Okay. No problem.
- And, call again.
Tell boss I said hi.
- Okay.
- Bye-bye.
Namaste Amma.
Only you can live happily
in such simplicity.
I can't sleep without a flat screen...
...and a comfortable
bed in the bedroom.
A Comfortable bed cannot
guarantee you sleep.
Isn't that what you used to say?
Hey, dude.
Papa, we're all eating together.
It feels so good.
Just like his father.
In the evening you'll realize...
- ...that he's a little like his mother too.
- Yeah...
Dance competition.
- Papa, she's just my friend.
- Sure.
Hey... thank you.
It's great that you showed
up for his performance.
- He adores you.
- I am adorable.
Just because you're still so hot...
...don't underestimate me,
Radha Menon.
- Hi, Radha.
- Hey, Smita.
- How are you?
- Good-good.
So when is your performance?
- 15th... I'll call you.
- Sure.
- Hi.
- Esha's mom!
Even I think Ary's got a crush on her.
- On Esha's mom?
- Shut up.
- Hey, Radha.
- Hey...
Why didn't you attend
the class mom's lunch?
I... I had a bad migraine.
- You okay now?
- Yeah, much better.
I'll catch up with you.
A bad migraine... still?
And that too during the day?
Shall we sit here?
- Hello...
- Hey, what's happening?
Is Ajju performing?
- Oh, nice.
- Hello.
Somebody's very popular.
Do you still get crowned
as the 'Rose-queen' every year?
You're still stuck in the 90's,
aren't you?
By the way, can't you
spend some more time with Ary?
He needs his dad.
I know, but...
I must go back in a couple of days.
What's the hurry?
Cancel your ticket.
It's not like you
have a kitchen to run.
Did the local news say I got fired?
Your 'I'm Still Alive' told me.
Roshan, can't you stay?
Come on, Ary.
Nice program...
Long program!
Listen, dude... I
don't want to be mean.
- But that step was a bit girlish.
- Huh...
You should've had a little masculine,
manly... Punjabi stance.
- Come let me show you.
- This is not your tofu stuffed 'kulcha'.
- Maybe mom...
- Hey, mom's sycophant in chief.
Start the music first.
Let me show you what Roshan
K can do on a dance floor.
Wait... how am I going
to show you the step?
Should I, Mr. Roshan K?
Of course.
I am not scared of you.
Or, are you scared of me?
Excuse me.
You're scared because
your son's here.
He might find out who
the real dancer is.
Show me what you got let's see...
Come closer.
Learned these steps.
Okay, sorry... sorry....
I got it...
Turn this way.
"In this 50-50 life
just a few things missing."
"Like a spicy fritter...
with the chutni missing."
"You have some... but not all."
"Like you've Rum but
no cola to go with it."
"In this mumbo-jumbo
life only you're missing."
"Heart goes..."
"Ring the bells..."
"Pick a number..."
"Give the signal already."
"My heart goes..."
"Ring the bells..."
"Pick a number..."
"Give the signal already."
"There's a fire raging... in the sea."
"...that's how my ship sank."
"Look at my state...
"was headed somewhere
and I found myself somewhere else."
"It's going to swim...
and float on the waves..."
"High on life...
It won't stop at anything."
"My ship's going to find its shore."
- That was awesome!
- Right...
That was very nice.
Come on, Ary. Let's go.
- Goodnight.
- Goodnight.
Good morning.
You're not ready yet?
I've asked a friend
to arrange a boat.
Ary is waiting.
- Cool...
- And, when you come back...
...I have something important
to discuss with you.
Are you getting married again?
I should take
Some dance lessons too...
Will help me stay in shape.
Papa, do you know
who this boat belongs to?
Some friend of your mom. Why?
Biju uncle's.
He spends a lot of time with us.
Is he any fun?
- This Biju uncle!
- Crazy fun.
He stops the boat in the middle...
...and catches 'Karimeen fish'
with his bare hands.
And, cooks it on the boat.
- You think that's a big deal?
- Isn't it?
I could do it.
You think.
- Where's the 'Karimeen'?
- There... there...
- Can you see it?
- I can see it; it's right next to you.
- Where?
- There... there...
Yeah, right there.
- I can't see it anywhere.
- Look for it, dad.
- This okay?
- Yeah, great.
Hey... does your Biju uncle really
catch fish with his bare hands?
Of course... not!
I've got to be careful
around you, huh?
Did you hit someone, papa?
- Me?
- When?
You were in the lockup.
It was on Twitter.
Are you on Twitter?
All my friends are.
"You don't have to have a meltdown."
"This chef has lost it,
this is why..."
Wow... what a punch!
- "Stop it...
- You asshole"
I did a bad thing, Ary.
I shouldn't have lost my temper.
I mean he didn't like
the food and criticized it.
Big deal.
But no one likes criticism, papa
Those who say they do...
are simply lying.
Biju uncle said so.
But he was right.
Maybe that's why I felt bad.
The food was not great.
And, like they say
back in Chandni Chowk...
...truth is as good
as cussing someone.
You don't use cuss words, do you?
- No-no, of course not. No!
- Yeah... it's a bad thing.
The abuses in our kitchen
are just horrible.
- Sir.
- Thank you.
I just want to sleep now,
I am so tired.
- Hi, brother.
- Hi, Armaan.
Hey, Tarzan.
Hey, Mowgli.
How are you?
I am fine.
You know what...
- ...papa jumped off the boat trying to catch a fish.
- Roshan,
...this is Biju.
Come on,
Biju... you can guess this one.
Roshan, how do you do?
Smart guy.
- You guys carry on, I'll...
- No-no... I was just leaving.
- See you tomorrow.
- Bye.
Bye, Roshan.
Can we chat?
Is it that 'something important'?
...that you wanted to discuss with me?
I've to leave for
a Europe tour tomorrow.
That's it.
Actually, I need a favor.
I cannot take Ary with me...
His Visa hasn't come through yet.
Can you...
But, what if I hadn't shown up?
You must have had a 'plan B'.
You just met 'plan B'.
Ary is really fond of him.
Roshan, finding your passion
in life once is a big deal.
But, only a handful gets a chance... lose it and find it back again.
What is the advice here?
Come on, who here lost
what they so badly wanted?
You did.
This is your chance to get it back.
If I were in your shoes...
...I would've spent
this time with my son.
Not just for him...
...but for myself as well.
Take care...
Be good, right.
- Bye.
- Bye.
Come on, Ary. breakfast.
Papa, did you come
to Kerala to eat an omelet?
Come with me, but don't tell mom.
This is Anilettan and my secret.
- Papa, this is 'Kappa'!
- Tapioca.
- What is this?
- This is called an 'Aada'.
You know it's stuffed
and then steamed.
And, I just love the sweet ones.
I guess you've found your 'Ram Lal'.
Thank you.
These are the best
'idiyappams' in the world.
Do you know... where you get the
best 'Chhole-Bhature' in the world?
What is 'Chhole-Bhature'?
You can't say such things...
...being the only son
of Roshan Kalra from Chandni Chowk.
This seems to be a
'Radha Menon Conspiracy'... dilute the legacy
of the loins of Punjab.
- Dad, are you okay?
- No, I'm not.
You've never had 'Chhole-Bhature'...
How can I be okay?
I must do something about this.
Do you know where we are?
No. But I hope you do.
Good, you're learning.
Even the 'planets' have
changed their position...
...but, not uncle.
You know, I wanted to be... Ram Lal uncle when I grew up.
Maybe I did for a few days.
When it was just about
a cook's passion, skill and pride.
Ram Lal!
- Namaste, uncle.
- Namaste-Namaste.
This is amazing!
You don't address your
elders by their name, son.
That might be okay in England, not here.
Uncle, he lives in Kochi, not England.
- Say Namaste, son.
- Namaste.
But Kochi must be abroad too, right?
Anyway, have you
fed him anything yet?
- No.
- Get it... quickly! Hurry up.
- Wait till you taste this.
- Yeah...
Here you go.
- How's everything, uncle?
- Everything's great by God's grace.
How about you?
- Is everything alright?
- Just fine.
Thank God!
I don't need a DNA test anymore.
You're definitely my son!
You know son, when your
father ran away from home...
...he came straight
to me to learn cooking.
Did you run away from home?
- Ctrl+Alt+Del.
- What?
- Never mind.
- Oh yes...
Ratan must have texted you
about your father's health.
He hasn't been well
for a few days.
Have you met your grandpa?
- Mine?
- Yeah...
Well, my grandpa would've been
110 years old if he was still alive.
Does grandpa live here?
- Maybe no one's at home!
- Let us see.
- I told you no one's at home.
- Wait, dad.
Someone's coming.
You haven't been well for a few days?
The weather hasn't been well...
...I'm fit as a fiddle.
So, what brings my child
to Chandni Chowk?
To eat 'Chhole-Bhature'.
So, history will repeat itself!
You've already burdened him
with a bag of spices?
Given him a ladle
instead of a pencil?
...not in front of Armaan.
Lunch is ready...
...The maid cooked.
Come on.
This maid cooks every day?
You ran away many years ago.
Otherwise I could've paid you
the salary I pay her.
You haven't forgotten anything or...
- ...even changed a bit.
- People don't let me forget.
I tried. And, why should I forget?
I ran away because... wouldn't let me
follow my dreams.
Are you the only
one who had dreams?
I did too.
But my sisters had to be married.
Is a dream bigger than family?
And your dream broke not one,
but two families!
Why am I arguing with you?
Let's go, Armaan!
After running away from home...
...I came here straightaway.
But I thought you went
to Chhole Bhature uncle first.
Well... I told him I
wanted to learn to cook.
But he explained that there
is a lot of time for this later...
...That I should go back home.
So, I understood...
...that it will be impossible
to learn from Ram Lal uncle.
So I pretended to be convinced...
...but instead of going
back home, I ran away.
You know,
I was just 15 or 16-years-old, Ary.
Not much older than you are.
I couldn't go back home...
...but, I wanted to learn
cooking and had no money.
I wandered around
Delhi for a few days.
No one would let
me work in their kitchen.
For the first time,
I realized what hunger is.
I thought I had failed...
And my father had won.
That's when I heard...
...when you don't get food
anywhere else in the world...
...there is one place
you definitely will.
After coming here
I understood the true meaning
...of cooking and feeding someone.
I kept serving and eating there.
But never forgot why
I ran away from home.
I wanted to learn cooking.
Ram Lal uncle always said...
...that he learnt to cook
from a dhaba in Amritsar.
I didn't know the name.
But, I had to find that
one place amongst so many.
So what did you do?
I would stand at various corners...
...and smell the food
that was being cooked.
And then one day...
Did you find this place
by its smell?
Sir, Lassi (BUTTERMILK).
Keep that moustache!
Wear it like a badge of honor!
Kesar Da Dhaba moustache!
The specialty of this place
is 'Dal Fry'!
Hey, where's the tomato chutney?
We don't have it.
- But it's always served with this.
- No.
But you always served it.
Do I look like a tourist to you?
Sir, you definitely sound like one.
I've never even heard of
tomato chutney here.
Is that how you talk to your customer?
Sir, you're losing
your temper for no reason...
Not at all...
How can I get angry
at a fellow worker?
Even I used to be
a waiter, like you.
Brother, when did you work here?
When Uncle Jeeta was still alive.
Roshan Kalra.
Oh yes, I remember now.
Aren't you the guy...
...who returned that foreigner's
camera to dad?
You still remember the tomato chutney?
How can I forget?
- Daljeet used to make it.
- Yeah...
But, after he left...
- stopped serving it.
- Oh man...
I wanted my son to taste that
tomato chutney with the Dal Fry?
Ah, this used to be our specialty!
I started out cleaning tables...
- ...You may not remember.
- I won't forget this!
Thank you so much!
- Serve it to everyone, free!
- Yes, brother!
Have you ever had 'Pinni' from Kanha?
Not today papa.
I'll explode.
Dude... develop some Punjabi
Living on 'Rasam' alone is not living!
Okay, your granny used
to make outstanding 'Rasam'...
I mean, if everyone was
given 'Rasam'...
...instead of influenza vaccine,
no one in India would catch a cold.
- This is so much fun, papa.
- I know, isn't it?
And now, straight to Wagah Border.
Hey, hang on.
CBI calling.
Hello, Radha.
Armaan brushed, bathed,
and did potty too!
Everything is fine.
Good to know.
By the way, he's a natural.
Like he was born in a
kitchen, not a hospital.
- Kitchen?
- Oh... Sorry, I should've told you.
We came to the Golden Temple.
He's having a blast!
I am sure he's having a blast,
but you could've told me.
Yeah... Sorry. I should've told you.
But don't worry at all.
He's absolutely fine.
I'm glad he is.
Anyway, I'm back tomorrow.
I guess I'll see you
guys when you get back.
"And now Ladies and Gentlemen..."
"...please put your hand
together for our next performer..."
Hey, your mom's coming back tomorrow.
It'll be fun to surprise her, right?
So what about Wagah Border?
Honestly, I find that parade
very aggressive.
- I'm more of a peace-loving guy.
- Okay, whatever.
You always find excuses when
you don't want to do something.
- Just like me!
- Like you!
- I'm like you, or you're like me?
- You're like me!
Hi, what a surprise!
I wish I could say the same.
I'm sure this was Ary's papa's plan.
You call him Ary too?
Yes, do you too?
What a coincidence!
Well... Can you come home
for 10 minutes tomorrow?
I want to discuss something important.
- With me?
- Yeah...
- Radha can tell me.
- No no...
I'd rather do this
myself... Just you and me.
- Hi Anilettan! How are you?
- Wonderful, wonderful!
- How was your flight? Bye, Radha.
- Bye.
You know, mom... Papa
returned some foreigner's camera!
- Yeah... In Amritsar.
- How was your flight?
- Time flew chatting. Mom.
- Yeah...
We had a great time!
- Yeah?
- Chat about?
- You know I met grandfather?
- Biju has a great art collection.
- Mom... mom...
- Okay, hold on guys!
- Who am I talking to?
- Me!
Okay tell me!
Great art collection!
- I... I wet my bed. You too?
- No...
But I almost wet my pajamas.
God Ary, you scared me!
He wet his bed.
But your pajamas are dry.
- I changed.
- Really?
Come. Sleep next to mom.
The tree outside my window
makes scary shadows in the breeze...
...You think I could too...
Please tell me this
is not Biju's home!
'I've always felt
Botticelli was underrated.'
'Yeah, me too.'
'But, use it in a white
sauce and it can bring out the...'
'I agree Radha,
the birth of Venus is special.'
'Do you know who painted this, Roshan?'
'Some doctor I guess... The
handwriting's terrible!'
'It's a Gaitonde.'
It's a Gaitonde.
Talking to yourself
isn't a good habit.
That's why man has always
been looking for a partner.
And your search ended in my home.
- Hi.
- Hi.
So happy you could come.
Please, why don't you sit down?
- You have a very... happening place.
- Thank you.
- Coconut water?
- No thanks, I don't drink water.
I mean, I don't drink coconut water.
Could I offer you some fruit then?
We grow it right here in our garden.
- It's organic.
- No thanks, I had a full breakfast.
But Radha was saying
you haven't eaten anything.
- You know wives.
- Even ex-wife?
You know, I really envy you, Roshan.
Not because you followed your dreams.
Or because of your
rags to riches story.
But, because Radha chose you.
What did you want to talk about?
- Well, Radha and I...
- Well, that's your decision.
- What does that have to do with me?
- If you're not comfortable with it...
Comfortable? How?
- Why does it even matter to you guys?
- Of course, it matters.
- Your consent is important.
- My consent?
Are you kidding me?
Your approval is important, Roshan.
Fine, then I am saying no!
Look Biju,
Radha is my ex-wife, not my daughter.
You don't need my comfort
or permission to get married.
Now, will that be all?
Or would you like to feed me...
...Madras cucumber from your kitchen garden?
Of course, you're right.
If this was about getting married...
...I would've called the registrar,
not you.
This is one of Hindustan
Motor's first cars.
Actually, an Aston Martin,
imported from England.
And Hindustan Motors
just put their logo on it...
Under an agreement, of course.
- My grandfather's car.
- I see...
And this... Just acquired.
A lot of work to be done,
but she is going to be a beauty.
1939 Morris Tourer.
And, what can I say about this one?
Everybody knows everything
there is to know about this one.
The Classic 1960 Impala.
What a beautiful car!
Of course.
And now, wait till you see this one.
When was the accident?
I'm sure it looked as good
as the others before that.
Forget about its past,
you can decide its future!
Can you turn this into
a successful mobile restaurant?
Biju, you should've called
a junk-dealer instead.
But Radha and I thought
that you would be excited...
...about starting a new food business.
I am a professional chef, Biju.
I am used to a fat pay packet.
And, I need one too.
Thanks for your hand-out,
but no thanks.
I am amazed.
I am amazed how
drastically people change.
A man who fought circumstance,
poverty, his family... fulfill his dreams...
How and why did he stop fighting?
Why did he give up?
After that, he didn't fight for his dreams,
to save his marriage, nor for his son.
I've never understood...
...why the 25-year-old Roshans are
smarter, intelligent and more daring...
...than their
40-year-old counterparts.
Why are you giving me this advice?
You're a businessman?
What do you gain?
You're right. Why would I
do anything if I don't stand to gain?
So, I do stand to gain something.
But, looks like there's no deal.
And, I don't think
you now have the strength... rediscover yourself
and achieve all this.
You don't know enough to judge me.
You know nothing about me!
I am surprised Radha
even spoke to you about this!
- Use the (A+B)2 formula.
- Oh yeah!
- So, did you have fun with Biju uncle?
- Yeah...
I had forgotten how much
fun it is to be insulted!
Ary, go inside.
Are you two going to fight?
No, we're just going to talk. Go.
Why are you getting so aggressive?
- Your lover pissed me off!
- Sorry!
You've lost the right
to comment on my private life.
Private life?
Was it Biju's idea or yours... dump his pile of scrap on me?
Why insult me like that?
What do you want to prove?
That I am finished? I can't get a job!
Should I put up a cornerside Chinese
fast-food stall?
It was just an offer, an idea.
But these days the only thing
on your mind is self-pity.
- Listen, Radha, if you think...
- You said no!
End of story!
That junk... You call
that an opportunity?
What is wrong with you guys?
You're the pile of junk, Roshan.
That thing can be fixed,
but what about you?
Is your passion cooking,
or some restaurant's ambience?
- You want me to drive a food truck?
- It's a bus.
Double-decker. Roshan,
this is an idea which might.
Let people know that
you can still cook.
- Radha, I am 40.
- 41! And it's Vinny.
- I am sorry, Vinny, I can't.
- Come on, you can.
And, I have work. Bye, take care.
"Every time we... met..."
"...and the little things we shared."
"Time would stand still."
"Never realizing how time would fly."
"You and me"
"You and me"
"When did this chasm open
between you and me?"
"You and me"
"You and me"
"When did this chasm open
between you and me?"
"You and me"
"I always believed..."
"... our world existed within this orbit."
"Never imagined it could change..."
"...shattered into little pieces."
"Our world fell apart ..."
"... couldn't be put back together."
"You and me"
"You and me"
"When did this chasm open
between you and me?"
"You and me"
"You and me"
"When did this chasm open
between you and me?"
"You and me"
"You and me"
"You and me"
A lot of work to be done.
More than I can handle alone
Get it... not my 'bus' alone?
You didn't get the joke?
You got the joke.
- Papa, can I drive?
- Sure.
- No!
- No!
- But, I... Please, papa.
- Ary, no.
Keep coming, papa.
Tell him to keep coming back
Keep coming.
Stop. Stop.
What's the hell is he doing?!
There's a kid on the bus
- Pretty cool, right.
- Yeah.
I know... it's really huge.
I used to bathe
elephants in my hometown.
Yeah, but an elephant will spray
some water on themselves.
This isn't going to...
We'll have to do everything ourselves.
We know.
Yeah right!
Like we don't know what has to be done.
This is a tough one.
No, sir. You take rest. We'll do it.
I've been resting for over a week.
I am not used to it.
Umm, let's see...
- This won't work.
- Of course it does.
I drove it here myself.
You can't make your domestic
servants do this job.
Why not?
I mean my bus, my people...
What's the problem?
What will we eat then?
That's the problem.
Do whatever you
like... as long you pay us.
That's the rule here.
This isn't England, its Kochi.
Union rules...
I am not... sc that.
What union? What rules?
If someone washes his vehicle at home...
...will you simply barge in?
What nonsense is this?
You know the rules
You can't use domestic workers...
You know there is
no such official rule.
And yet, you
come up with any rule...
...for the benefit of your union,
and expect us to follow it?
That's coercion!
You can do what you want.
But, you must pay us!
We won't give you a penny!
Then no work will happen!
We're going to work.
- Go ahead... go on.
- Okay-okay... relax.
The Union rules say that...
...I can't make the domestic
servants do this job, right?
But, I can do it myself, can't I
Settled? Now, get out of my house.
Get out.
We'll see
We're right here. Understood.
We're watching
Won't you help?
- Your bus, your job.
- Papa...
Blood is always thicker than water
Get to work.
Come on, let's start from here.
Turn on the tap
Papa, this is fun right?
Jump more. Jump more, Ary.
You do that top part.
I am going out,
I'll be back by evening.
Now I know why he gave me a bus.
Come on, Ary.
Let's finish cleaning inside now.
- You take the upper deck.
- Yeah.
Papa, there's a dead rat upstairs.
Put it in a polythene bag,
and throw it in the dustbin.
Wash your hands with soap later.
- No, you do it.
- Oh, come on. What is the big deal.
- I am busy doing something.
- I'm not going to do it.
Armaan, did I ask you for help?
When you offer help in parts.
There's no choice in work, son.
Where you can choose
to do the best parts...
...and make someone
else do the dirty parts.
Go throw it away.
- No!
- I said do it.
I won't.
You will... come on.
Where is it?
Come here.
So mean!
Go back! Go!
I made you something.
Fine, you can eat
rice and dal instead.
Because, that's lunch.
I am sorry, Ary...
...I behaved just like my father today.
I yelled at you... Pushed you around...
But, you can't get
a better deal than this.
An apology along with a
'just invented' Roshan K dish.
Don't want it.
Well... I tried.
But if...
Did you say something?
Since you've brought it...
- Sorry?
- I'll eat it.
But that doesn't mean we're friends.
So? What's the verdict?
- Just nice?
- Hmm...
It's awesome, papa.
Look, Armaan...
I am sorry for what I did.
But, I don't apologize
for what I said.
Back in Amritsar,
when I used to sleep in the kitchen...
...rats would scurry over me.
They would be trapped with a snap...
...I would throw them out.
I would wash my hands,
put a piece of bread in the trap...
...and go back to sleep.
Nobody owes us anything, son.
Sorry, papa.
I'm not used to you
telling me what to do.
And suddenly... you started yelling...
I am not used to this.
I am sorry, Ary.
No, papa.
I think I should've thrown it out.
Not for that.
I am sorry for all those days...
...when I wasn't around to yell at you.
I am sorry.
It's okay.
Careful, Ary.
You think we should put tables here?
Yeah. Sure.
And, what about music?
Should we have a couple
of guitars lying around?
In case somebody wants to jam.
Really? Music? What about food?
No, Ary... no! Please.
And whose going to play the guitar? You?
Maybe you don't know,
but I play the guitar really well.
I've never seen you play the guitar.
You never even...
Never mind, soon...
Let's go down.
Watch your step.
Let me see what I'll need
in the kitchen downstairs.
And, what if I tell you?
You? Here?
Came looking for you, boss.
Did you get a visa?
Or, did you illegally cross
the border from Bangladesh?
- Where did the BSF shoot you?
- Boss...
I would've crossed the border
and even taken a bullet for you.
But look, I've got a stamp.
- How are you?
- Still alive.
- Nazrul uncle.
- You recognized me.
- How are you, Mr. Ary.
- Great.
Just a second...
You forgot something back in New York.
Might come in handy.
For you, boss.
The Chef's Knife.
This is the chef's greatest ally.
You know, this is as important as
Sachin Tendulkar selecting his bats.
So, shall we get to business?
Let's make a list of equipment.
It'll be difficult
to find all this in Kochi.
But anyway, I'll talk to Radha.
Your father is pre-historic.
Boss, these days the shop comes to us.
Okay, so I am thinking
a griller, fryer.
Washer, hot plate,
Refrigerator, sinks...
Water tank.
You do have a credit card, don't you?
"We're all in this together."
"If it's the sun today"
" will be the shade tomorrow."
"Like nomads,
we set out without a care."
"Every moment in life is a dance."
"Carefree we set out... and the
wheels will start turning."
"Like nomads, without
a care we dance to our own tune."
"There's a star in
the sky... praying for us."
"Look up once
and it'll break away."
"Hey wanderer..."
"Hey wanderer..."
"Hey wanderer..."
"Keep walking without a care."
"I tripped a couple of times..."
...before I've learnt how to walk."
"When I got tired of walking..."
...I learnt how to fly."
"Sometimes walking...
sometimes flying..."
"That's how wanderers make their way."
"Sometimes on the streets...
"Sometimes with the stars
"That's how wanderers make their way."
"Hey wanderer..."
"Hey wanderer..."
"Hey wanderer..."
"Keep walking without a care."
Armaan saw me punch
that guy on Twitter.
Nothing is personal these days.
Of course there is...
- Tinder.
- Tinder?
- To hook up.
- What nonsense.
Yeah... Make your profile on Tinder.
Whoever likes you,
makes a connection.
And then... much more.
Why wasn't I born 20 years later?
Whether a girl liked you or not...
There was something
about that suspense
The wait, trying to find out...
Later, dropping little hints
And, when you run out of hints... say "Baby, let's take
our relationship to the next level".
Then that would lead to much more.
Those were the good old days
Boss, no one has that
much time these days.
It's either swipe right,
or swipe left... or go to hell.
I bet Akbar felt like
this when he made Taj Mahal.
Ohh... it wasn't Akbar...
...but his workers who made
the Taj Mahal!
- What?
- No!
Because it wasn't Akbar who made
the Taj Mahal, Shahjahan did.
But you're right, his workers did.
The Labor Union here would've
been really happy with Shahjahan.
Papa, I am busy.
Come on, I need to show you something.
- What?
- Come-come-come, don't be boring.
Boss, this is Alex.
Alex Oomen, full name.
Roshan, half the name for now.
Nazrul, what is this?
I mean... he's got a
national permit, ex-army.
He's been driving the state
transport buses for many years.
I see that.
But, this isn't a bus,
it's a restaurant.
Along with national permit,
I even know the national language.
You're talking about a restaurant.
I've even driven a tank.
That's great,
but we're not going to attack anyone.
We need customers... and that too alive.
So please,
be gentle and drive carefully.
Wow... this is so cool.
- There was a dead rat here.
- Where?
Not here, mom. upstairs,
when we were cleaning the bus.
I put it in a polythene
bag and threw it away.
Really? You did that?
Yeah... I told papa that I will help.
So it wouldn't be fair
if I do all the easy jobs...
- And, tell papa to do the rest.
- Proud of you, Ary.
Of course, papa helped out a little.
Let's go up.
Baudi... there's nothing upstairs.
We'll be cooking down here.
- Wow, Roshan. This is amazing.
- Thank you.
Just thank you won't cut it.
I want a ride.
Well, I don't know.
There still work left to do.
And, I don't want to take
it out before them
I hope you will feed us too,
Of course we will.
Ary... careful.
What are you doing?
Driving from my heart.
Look, don't try to be funny.
- Drive slowly...
- So, you should've said that.
I just did...
If we want to make Aviyyal,
we'll use the mixer.
You don't have to
drive like this, okay.
Someone who uses a fork
and spoon is teaching me to drive.
What did you say?
Never mind
Alex. Alex...
- That bloody Mallu...
- Mom, papa's using bad words.
What else should I do with this Alex?
With his national permit he could
also have a gun permit.
Okay, guys, sorry.
- Thank you.
- Thanks, papa.
How is it?
I love my nose.
I don't want to change its
shape by telling the truth.
I am trying to change, and you...
Then, try to change the menu.
First, forget 'Galli'
where you were the star.
NRIs and foreigners ate those
in the name of Indian Street food...
...but, if you try to serve this here,
you'll actually be out on the streets.
You were still polite...
- Delhi people will beat me up.
- Delhi?
It's a big city.
And, at least when
Delhi guys nod their head...
...I know exactly what they want.
I've better chances out there.
And, what if Delhi doesn't work out?
Where to next?
Back to the US.
I asked some friends to look around.
I need a backup. Don't I?
Wow! Since when did Roshan
K need a backup plan?
- Bro...
- Yeah.
If you've calmed down,
can we go.
I want an apology.
Sorry, bro... a hundred times sorry.
Let's go.
Not you... your Englishman.
He'll have to say sorry.
Don't worry I'll even make
the bus say sorry. Let's go, please.
Let me finish this.
You two call yourselves cooks,
don't you?
Not cooks, Chef!
A chef is someone
who can make this.
Wow... amazing.
You like? Is it good?
It's making my mouth water.
Come on...
Everything pure
- Do you... understand organic?
- Yeah, of course.
No malinyum
He's saying no adulteration.
Cooking with verega
Verega, verega
Wood-Wood... not gas.
That's what gives it taste.
He's right.
Do you own this place?
As if...
- This useless guy?
- What?
- He doesn't own this place?
- No.
These kind of people!
Those drunks,
Early in the morning...
Couldn't tell if
they were talking to me or...
Our town is like this only
Boss... Boss, it's better to leave.
- We've got some tough competition here.
- Alex, buddy...
I was really worried.
First apologize.
I am sorry.
Fine, it's okay.
But, I had an idea
when I was having a drink.
Are people coming
here to eat your food...
...or watch my driving?
What's more important,
a running restaurant...
...or a restaurant that runs.
Then why a bus, why not a shed?
If our bus is going
to stay parked in one place...
...then what's the point
in going to a mobile restaurant?
And, that's what sets our bus
apart from the regular food trucks.
I am a chef,
and people will come to eat my food.
They can even go
sight-seeing in a taxi.
People should come for my food,
That should be the only reason.
I, me, myself... chef!
You do the cooking...
...and, leave the business
decisions to me.
Giving them something extra,
along with the food... a great business strategy.
If it's so important to
give them that extra experience...
...then, I can start the
bus and leave it in neutral.
And, also blow the
horn sometimes. Alright?
- You're not very funny you know that.
- It's true.
There's a restaurant in New Zealand...
...that's shaped like
a train compartment.
And, they give you the experience
of a moving train when you dine there.
I remember the train,
not the food.
That's the problem with you
creative-types, content-is-king guys.
No marketing sense at all.
Anyway, if you want to fail again...
...then suit yourself.
But, don't come running back to me...
...saying "I didn't warn you".
I am going to make you eat your words.
Come on, it wasn't that bad.
Bad idea!
Rather than wasting
time giving free food...
...we could've crossed
Bangalore by now.
We would've completed
half the journey by now.
But, this is important
to complete the entire journey.
Even if I believe
in your philosophy...
...then, you should be handing
out free food in Delhi.
Isn't that where you're
going to start your business?
Why this drama here?
If Kerala accepts us,
the world will never reject us.
Winning the love of a
Malayali is not easy, boss.
What are you making, Nazrul?
Hey, you guys seem all set.
- Boudi.
- Hi, mom.
- This is for my little chef.
- Wow, this is so cool.
- Papa, look at this.
- Nazrul, this is for you.
Thank you, boudi
- Hey, here. Try this.
- That's for me?
'Rotiwala Pizza"! I named it.
Well guys, I am off.
And, best of luck once again.
- Bye.
- Bye, mom.
If it's free, must be bad quality.
Hey, Punjabi.
Why are you insulting Malayalis?
- Insult?
- You think we can't afford your food?
This is just the beginning.
No-no, sir. It's our first day.
- This is just for good luck.
- Good luck...
But, if you want to, you
can pay for the food.
Why should I alone pay?
- Everyone's eating for free.
- Exactly.
What do you mean by 'exactly'?
Look, sir.
Now I am getting a headache.
You can eat here if you like,
if you don't...
Since you're insisting,
I'll eat a little.
Although, I am not hungry.
You've fallen on such hard times boss
People throwing tantrums even
When your food is free!
- Go up and help him.
- You think it's funny, don't you?
No, not that one.
It's a little raw.
They won't know, papa.
- Meaning?
- I mean... they are eating for free anyway.
- Hey, Nazrul.
- Yeah.
- Hold the station for me, will you?
- Okay, boss.
- Just come out for a second.
- But...
Just a second. Come on.
Look Ary,
I've made compromises in life.
Even with my cooking.
But, I will never make
those mistakes again.
So, forget "It's okay,
its fine, alright".
Whether it's for free, or money.
Whatever you want to do,
do it for yourself.
Remember Guru's Langar.
Getting the opportunity
to feed someone... a big blessing of God.
I am sorry, papa.
Let's go.
Can I have some?
- Please, papa.
- You want us to get arrested?
- I just want to taste.
- Tastes horrible.
Then, why are you drinking?
Because this makes
you feel like a kid again.
No worries, happy...
Thankfully, you're already a kid.
Boss, I think you should leave tomorrow.
Or else you will spoil the kid.
I hope Delhi treats us this well.
Are we going to Delhi?
Not us.
You've got school.
And, mom's never going to allow you.
But papa, school's days away.
And, why is it mom all the time?
Don't I mean anything to you?
That won't work on me, Ary.
What does work on you papa?
- What?
- Nothing.
What did you say?
- Goodnight. Goodnight, boss.
- Goodnight.
Hey, Ary...
I must leave early tomorrow
to avoid traffic.
I won't get time to say bye.
Papa can't bear to watch you cry.
I just wanted to stay
with you until my holidays end.
Why can't I go with you?
Do you really want to go with papa?
Of course.
- How much?
- A lot.
- Ary, why are you calling?
- To say see you soon.
I am on the road... going
to Delhi with papa.
Give the phone to papa.
Saved... your turn. Best of luck.
- Hey, Radha.
- Roshan, are you crazy?
Is this what you
wanted to teach the kid...
Leave without informing his mother.
I am sorry, Radha.
He started crying.
I never saw him cry.
So, I surrendered.
I told him about our family
tradition of running away from home.
Really? Running away from home.
You could've told me.
What's the worst I would've said?
I just can't understand
your stupid impulses.
If I didn't take stupid
impulsive decisions...
...then, I would've never met you.
And, Armaan would've
definitely not been here.
- Do I have to remind you?
- Don't try that crap on me.
Just keep me in the loop from now on.
- Okay?
- Okay.
- Alex.
- Yeah.
- Is Goa on our way?
- Yeah.
- Boss, we're close to Goa!
- Yeah.
How about it?
I've heard so much about Goa.
What say, Ary?
Papa has some stories about Goa too.
Please don't say that's
where you met mom.
You met mom.
I went to catering college here.
- After Amritsar.
- Really?
Hey, Alex.
Get off the highway and head inside.
But, we decided to go to Delhi.
Yes, but not when.
Are you getting married in Delhi?
Head inside.
Boss, if we're stopping...
...then, let's setup shop.
For sampling.
You know, I know just the place.
Hippie Central.
- You even stole my lungi?
- Whose shirt did you steal?
Wow, thanks Alex.
Hot tea.
Smell that, Ary.
That's my favourite bread.
Do you know what it's called 'Poi'?
- What's quarter in Hindi?
- Quarter?
- Not that. What's quarter in Hindi?
- 'Pav'.
So... similarly, this is 'Poi'.
A quarter loaf of bread.
Isn't that interesting?
So, at least look interested.
Can I help you guys cook today?
No child labor.
Not on this bus.
Just for fun.
I even help mom in the kitchen.
- You really want to help?
- Of course.
- Don't cry later.
- Why will I cry?
Here you go.
Cut it.
Slowly... Slowly..
They are not your enemies.
Like this... gently.
Just watch me, okay.
Yeah... Now, you cut them.
Slowly... easy.
Not above that.
Very good. Very good.
In cooking, what you're cutting matters
as much as how you're cutting it.
Stop torturing him, boss.
He's your son.
Not some new admission
from catering college.
And... Alex.
Thank you.
Careful. Nice and slow, Ary.
- Thanks, buddy.
- Boss...
Hey... are you crying?
The first step of
learning to cook is...
Boiling water.
But, that would've been too easy.
Congratulations, Ary.
You know... I came here 20 years ago.
- Yeah.
- Along with two friends.
And, I met a really
beautiful foreigner.
Don't ask what happened next.
Too embarrassing.
- What happened?
- Robbed!
And left high and dry.
It's the magic of it, okay.
Like this. Hold it, don't be scared.
And flip... like this. You understand...
Do... come on.
Hold your hand flat... Flat...
- Not bad. It's pretty good.
- Excuse me.
- Yeah.
- Is it open now?
Just give me 5 minutes, guys.
Wait, are you Roshan?
Just have a seat over there?
- Alright.
- Thanks.
- How did they know?
- God only knows.
And, I know.
Because I Tweeted.
The free food trial in Kerala...
I uploaded those pictures as well.
- Really.
- And, geo-tagged the bus as well.
- So that people can follow our route.
- Wow...
You know, along with your school fee...
...I should pay your
consultation fee as well.
Thank you.
Try... your first Rottza.
Boss, I'll start taking the orders.
Sorry, guys. We're closing.
How can you close an open bus?
Only dressed decently.
- Rowdies.
- Alex.
Sorry, guys.
Raghu Dixit.
The musician who sings in a 'lungi'.
Roshan Kalra,
the chef who packs a punch.
- Big fan.
- Thank you, damn sweet.
Nazrul, we must have
something lying around.
Cook something up.
- Okay, boss.
- Don't worry,
- I am sure we'll sort something out.
- Thank you.
Truly appreciate it man.
- You want to sit down.
- Sure.
But before that,
can we get a selfie with you?
- Sure.
- Aah, good plan.
- That was quite a punch, sir.
- No-no...
Sir, we don't want a smile...
...give me that crazy
look from the video.
Like when you punched him.
- Go ahead.
- Thank you.
It's not his cooking,
it's his temper that's famous!
Roshan sir,
if you can give us a hand.
Here you go, guys.
- There you are, enjoy.
- Finally...
It's nice guitar.
Pick it up, you can try it out.
- Really?
- Yeah...
You know what,
last year we went to Galli.
Well, this is 10 times better.
- Awesome.
- Thank you.
You know what,
this one's from Raasta.
Wow! Thank you.
Then, I think this
ones from our side, man.
For you.
"Wherever my feet wandered..."
"...I formed my own road."
"As I met more crazy
travellers like me..."
"...that caravan increased."
"If you listen to me, then soon..."
" will find your shore."
"And, even if you don't...
let go of your worries"
"...sing along with me."
"Forget your worries and have fun."
"Get into the groove and have fun."
"Have fun without a care."
"Have fun..."
"Steal the night away and have fun."
"Give it all you got and have fun."
"Have fun without a care."
"Have fun... and sing along."
Wow! The reviews and
comments are fantastic.
- All thanks to you.
- Congratulations, boss.
- So, where to now?
- What do you mean?
The plan was to park in Delhi, right?
We're not like this tree...
...that, we'll have to
stand where our roots are.
The roots of a tree are in the ground...
...and a mans, in his head.
- Can you please tell mom too?
- Oh s
I completely forgot.
Call her.
I can't explain like you.
Don't be silly,
I won't be able explain at all.
- Hello.
- Somebody's having a lot of fun.
- You bet.
- But Ary's school starts next week.
Don't worry, he'll be with you soon.
Fully trained by his dad.
- That's what scares me.
- "Forget your worries and have fun."
"Get into the groove and have fun."
"Have fun without a care."
"Have fun..."
"Steal the night away and have fun."
"Give it all you got and have fun."
"Have fun without a care."
"Have fun... and sing along."
"No need to look all over the world..."
"...the keys are in your pocket,
and will open all the locks."
"If you listen to me, then soon..."
" will find your shore."
"And, even if you don't...
let go of your worries""
"... and sing along with me."
"Forget your worries and have fun."
"Get into the groove and have fun."
"Have fun without a care."
"Have fun..."
"Steal the night away and have fun."
"Give it all you got and have fun."
"Have fun without a care."
"Have fun... and sing along."
- Just like the food at the toddy shop!
- Oh, shut up.
- Congratulations, Roshan returns.
- Thank you.
- All thanks to your advice.
- Who is that?
- Is that Armaan?
- Hang on, say hello.
- Say... Hi.
- Hello.
- Hi.
- Hi.
Papa's friend.
I am very lucky to have friends
like her who give good advice.
She's only giving advice,
but I am working with you here.
- Oh, come on man.
- Vinny. Galli is no good.
Climb out and join us at the Raasta.
No-no, if I come down there...
...even my sense of humour
will become like his.
Like you.
That Manori has you
tied up with dollars.
Break free, this is life.
- Get out.
- Yeah-yeah...
Hang on.
So, Rosh, how is it going?
So far so good.
Next Delhi.
And you know, me and Delhi, so...
Haven't you been checking your mails?
Not recently, why?
Greg sent an offer for you...
They are looking for a
Chef de Cuisine for the Shanzi.
You haven't replied
and they are waiting.
But, I haven't even reached Delhi yet.
I am sure there will
be many more offers, Roshan.
- I'll tell him that you may not...
- No-no!
Let me go through his email first.
God to go. Take care.
"Have fun..."
"Have fun..."
"Have fun..."
"Have fun..."
What? Keema Rottza.
Hurry up, guys. Keema Rottza.
- Paneer Rottza.
- How many Keema Rottza?
- Four.
- Okay.
Move, move...
Shut down this bus.
- What happened, mister?
- Shut it down.
Why? What's the problem?
Do you have any permission for this...
...or, are you treating
this like your own property.
How could I dare to park my bus in your
area without permission, Chaudhary sir?
Are you mimicking me?
I am Delhi boy.
Then someone talks to me like this...
...the accent comes out automatically,
Chaudhary sir.
Here's the permission.
- All India permit, huh?
- Yes...
Fine, move your bus.
- What?
- Move your bus.
Look, this is a residential area.
People keep complaining all the time,
because they get disturbed.
And, if we don't take action...
...they think we've taken bribe.
But, you haven't taken anything.
- Exactly.
- Come to the side.
- Here you go, Chaudhary sir.
- You're a smart man.
Fine, continue doing your business.
I'll see you.
Well... come on, Alex.
- All okay.
- Yeah, its fine. They are like that.
Papa, why did you bribe him?
You were right and he was wrong.
That's not strictly true, Ary.
It's almost impossible
to be 100 percent right.
And, he could've created
problems for us, you know.
But that's wrong.
We'll have to do it again next time.
And, he'll expect the
same from others as well.
- That's the system here.
- Because we let it be.
He's right,
you shouldn't have paid him.
He would've created a scene.
Good words don't feed them,
they eat money.
So just because that's the way it is,
we've to do the same thing?
Okay look, Ary.
If you ask me is bribing right,
then no. I mean, in theory no.
Sometimes things are not
as easy as it looks, you know.
Aren't you supposed
to be my role model?
But there are so many
amazing people around you.
Like your mom.
You can ask her tomorrow.
- Tomorrow?
- Yeah...
She's coming to take you home.
I don't want to go back.
I want to work with you.
I want to stay with you.
This adventure ends here, Ary.
For you and for me.
Your school starts on Monday.
And, as soon as this
food truck business picks up...
...I'll find a buyer
for it and go back to US.
But you said you're having fun.
Of course I am having fun with you.
Hey... I don't want to leave you either.
But Ary, I've been
offered a really nice job.
But I thought finally you
have a good reason to stay with me.
I thought we'll always
have fun like this.
I don't know whether all this
will even work.
Sometimes one has to be practical.
What happened to your...
"I am sorry for all those days
when I wasn't around to yell at you"?
Hey, Ary.
Come on, buddy.
Amazing, boss.
Now this is a 'Kochuri'.
Not Kochuri, bengali... Kachodi.
- Kachodi.
- Kachodi.
- Back in our hometown...
- Shut up, Alex.
My runaway boy, how have you been?
I've been good.
- Hi.
- Boudi, Kochuri?
You look really happy.
Best time of my life.
Mom, whatever the situation... it right to bribe
to avoid a problem?
Not at all.
Says who?
Whatever the situation...
...what's wrong is wrong,
and what's right is right.
Exactly what I told him.
- Really?
- Really.
Are you packed?
Come, I'll help you.
- Nazrul, a cup of tea please.
- Certainly.
It's really cold.
Listen, Radha.
I won't drop you to the airport.
Why? Don't be silly.
I've already seen
you two leave me once.
- That's enough.
- Actually this time you're leaving us, Roshan.
Radha, I need that job.
You know, that's your problem.
You never understand in time.
You don't need that job you want it.
There's a difference.
- Tea... it's hot.
- Thank you.
It's time to go, Ary.
Our car is here.
Hey... don't trouble your mom, okay.
She won't let me.
Are you okay?
Alex, start the bus. Follow Radha.
Really? You get clarity now?
Don't waste time talking...
...and, in a language I don't know.
Boss, this is Delhi.
By the time we dodge traffic... would've already missed
your wife, your life, everything.
Boss... the drunkard's right.
Forget the bus, call her!
This is not something I
can say over the phone, Nazrul.
According to Alex they
must be stuck in traffic.
- Yes.
- Boss, run!
- Hi.
- Yeah, hello.
Where are you?
What's wrong?
Why are you out of breath?
- Are you okay?
- No, I am fine.
Just give me a minute.
- Is that an ambulance?
- Yeah, it's crazy.
It's stuck. We're right behind it.
- Who's that, mom?
- Papa.
Listen, actually I've
nothing to say in my favour.
But Radha, please.
Can you miss that flight and stay?
No Roshan, I can't.
You can't keep doing
this to Armaan all the time.
First you give him hope
and then break his heart.
Its best that Armaan doesn't
have too many expectations from you.
My timing isn't that bad today, Radha.
I am stopping you before you leave.
When I saw Armaan leave, I realised...
...what is most important in my life.
The last few days...
I felt complete.
I don't want to feel empty again.
Loving my work...
Working with love...
Somewhere I missed out on love.
But, now I want to make up for that.
With life...
My son.
Radha, I am not taking that job.
I am not going back to US.
Really, papa? You're not going?
I know I am making
a big mistake by staying.
But, what the heck.
Why can't you guys make up your minds...
...without troubling the
rickshaw and taxi drivers?
- Now, you got me stuck in this.
- Sorry.
Madam, you took a U-turn so easily.
But, I can't take
a U-turn in this traffic.
Why is he so upset?
Does he work for Biju?
- Roshan.
- Uncle... hello.
Radha, uncle.
- Hello.
- Hello, dear.
Radha... Roshan isn't just a chef,
he's a magician.
"As I met more crazy
travellers like me..."
"...that caravan increased."
Uncle, take a seat.
I'll join you.
Don't worry.
Just don't run me out of business.
"If you listen to me, then soon..."
"And, even if you don't...
let go of your worries"
"...sing along with me."
"Forget your worries and have fun."
"Get into the groove and have fun."
"Have fun without a care."
"Have fun..."
"Steal the night away and have fun."
"Give it all you got and have fun."
"Have fun without a care."
"Have fun... and sing along."
whole affair
Is in today's moment
Hello, father.
Who knows where tomorrow
"No need to look all over the world..."
"...the keys are in your pocket,
and will open all the locks."
"If you listen to me, then soon..."
" will find your shore."
Do I put the bill on your tab or,
will you send it later?
It's my son's restaurant.
Your son is a cook?
Chef! He's a big chef.
He's known all over the world.
"Steal the night away and have fun."
"Give it all you got and have fun."
"Have fun without a care."
"Have fun... and sing along."
"Lord, you are great.
You brought everyone together"
"All's well that ends well"
'People proudly say that their life...'
...was filled with little love,
and a little hard work.'
'But, I was in love with my work.'
'People often listen to their heart...'
'...but, I listened to my nose.'
And my nose...
finally led me to my destination.'
"Forget your worries and have fun."
"Get into the groove and have fun."
"Have fun without a care."
"Have fun..."
"Steal the night away and have fun."
"Give it all you got and have fun."
"Have fun without a care."
"Have fun... and sing along."
whole affair
Is in today's moment
Who knows where tomorrow
"No need to look all over the world..."
"...the keys are in your pocket,
and will open all the locks."
"If you listen to me, then soon..."
" will find your shore."
"And, even if you don't...
let go of your worries""
"... and sing along with me."
"Forget your worries and have fun."
"Get into the groove and have fun."
"Have fun without a care."
"Have fun..."
"Steal the night away and have fun."
"Give it all you got and have fun."
"Have fun without a care."
"Have fun... and sing along."