Chef de meute (2012) Movie Script

Can you still-
Can you still come over to
help with my shelves later?
Yeah, sure.
If you met a guy, you
wouldn't need me to come over
whenever you have pictures to
hang or IKEA shelves to put up.
Let her be. She's
perfectly happy as she is.
So that she ends up being
an old maid like you?
Very funny.
No, it's fine.
I'm not an old maid.
No. You're independent.
But women my age can't be independent.
In my case, it's old maid.
I could set you up
with a friend from work.
A really nice guy. Just
left his girlfriend.
He doesn't take care of himself.
He just needs a reason.
If he met Clara, I'm sure
he'd clean himself up.
Have some water, Jacqueline.
Someone help me!
Come on,Jacqueline, spit it out!
It's sad.
In this day and age,
it's young to die at 60.
I mean that it's sad
to die alone like that.
How many people were
at the church? 30 maybe?
Who's going to take care
of Aunt Jacqueline's dog?
It's with her neighbor for the day.
That little fur ball is such a pest.
She's going to keep it.
No, we'll bring it to the SPA.
SPCA, Dad.
- Why don't you take it, Clara?
- Good idea!
You should keep the dog.
It would be good for you.
Good for what?
Well, you have time to take care of it.
It'll keep you company
while you're still single.
And if your boyfriend doesn't
like it, bring it to the SPA.
No, sleep.
Since your arrival in her life,
Jackie has challenged
you a number of times
to see if you are the herd leader.
And you've failed to
meet these challenges.
My goal is to teach you...
the appropriate body language.
The first step is to stand
up straight at all times.
Come on.
Then, to reprimand Jacqueline,
I will teach you a word, a magic word,
that will completely
change your relationship
with your loved one.
No? Saying no?
- What?
- Don't be shy.
The "bah" must be
spontaneous and automatic.
I think you should bend
down to show her the treat.
- Otherwise, she won't understand-
- I know how to do my job.
Good doggie.
Jackie licking her lips
is a sign of submission.
Your turn.
Stand up straight. Emphasize the "A".
Did you want to make
love to that big poodle?
Calm down, Jackie.
Do you want me to roll
down the window? Yes!
Hello, my darling.
Is our little patient
coming out of her coma?
How are you feeling?
There was an accident?
Yeah, with your car.
I was so worried.
Don't scare us like that.
Where's Jacqueline?
Jacqueline's been dead
for a few months now.
We'll get the doctor.
It's normal to be confused.
No, my Jacqueline. My Jacqueline.
Thierry, get the doctor, will you?
My dog!
Aunt Jacqueline's dog?
The one in your car?
The paramedics found it.
It got run over. It was
dead by the time I got there.
Come on, Clara, it's no big deal.
That dog was ugly as hell anyways.
Thierry, don't say things like that!
Leave me alone.
What's wrong, sweetie?
I'm getting the doctor.
Want some?
Let's go. We should let
her get her bearings.