Chehre (2021) Movie Script

"The pace of life,
...rough times, visible on the faces."
"Bodies will perish,
...but faces will continue to live on."
"Lost in dreams, restrained by kin."
"Some known, some unknown..."
"...expressing love,
...hiding crimes."
"Spanning over several ages..."
" the river waves."
"Engulfed by the flames of wealth..."
"...buried under the ashes of poverty."
"Bodies will perish,
...but faces will continue to live on."
They are innocent.
And the culprits.
The buyers and the one on sale.
Childhood, youth, and old age...
...they're scared of their own image.
They admire themselves in the mirror...
...calling out their old face.
Everyone in this world is a human being.
Everyone in this world is a human being.
Yet everyone has their own identity.
Faces that are embarrassed
of so many identities.
Faces that are embarrassed
of so many identities.
"Bodies will perish,
...but faces will continue to live on."
"Bodies will perish,
...but faces will continue to live on."
...but faces will continue to live on."
I'm on the way.
Can you hear me?
I am in the mountains!
Excuse me.
Does this road go to Delhi?
The road doesn't go anywhere.
Those travelling on this road go to Delhi.
You okay?
Are you hurt?
- I am okay.
- Okay. Okay.
When will this tree move?
This tree won't move on its own.
It'll have to be moved.
And who is going to move it?
Officials, of course.
They will move it when they pass-by.
When will they be here?
That I don't know.
Could a month, a week.
Nothing happens in hours in India.
Is there a hotel or
maybe a guesthouse here?
There are less than
a dozen homes out here.
No sign of a guesthouse.
But how will...
You're a lucky man that you ran into me.
Otherwise, it's hard to find
anything out here in this snow.
My friend's house is nearby.
That's where I am headed.
So if you feel like coming,
most welcome.
You can leave right after
the path's cleared.
Thank you.
You arrived like my guardian angel.
No, I'm not your angel.
I am Paramjeet Singh Bhuller.
Sameer Mehra.
- Nice meeting you.
- Nice to meet you.
Let me grab my bags.
You're a lifesaver.
Let's go.
Where is Zaidi sir?
He hasn't shown up yet.
And no sign of Bhuller sir either.
He'll show up.
I am certain.
The weather's getting worse.
Its what's keeping him.
How do you guys live
in such extreme conditions?
One grows used to it.
It's either snowing or hailstorms.
Suddenly starts to rain.
And the sun comes out.
Dawn to dusk...dusk to dawn...
That's how life goes on.
I think the wait is over.
Thank God.
This should be fun.
Welcome, welcome.
I was beginning to wonder that
Bhuller's forgotten all about us.
No way, sir. In fact,
I've brought a guest for you.
Meet Mr. Sameer Mehra.
A lost soul on White Mountain.
Lost soul.
My name is Jagdish Acharya.
- Call me Sameer.
- Welcome to my little home.
I think my feet are frozen.
Please, get them changed.
- Thank you.
- Certainly.
You have a nice place here.
- I'll go take a leak.
- Yeah.
- Ana.
- Yes.
Come, give him a hand.
The condition outside is drastic.
And a tree fell in front of my car.
I was clueless as what to do.
Thank you.
- Come.
- Thank you.
We'll sit you in front of the fireplace...'ll be more comfortable.
By the way, you're pretty lucky, Sameer...
...that you ran into
Mr. Bhuller on the way
and you made it here.
Actually, a signboard said
that this is a shortcut.
Guess it's made my journey longer.
One should think twice
before taking shortcuts.
Shortcuts in life can
prove to be dangerous.
And that's Hariya Jadhav bhai...
...a senior member of our group.
There's a special place in all our hearts.
Glad to meet you.
Is he Bhuller's friend?
No, Hariya bhai, not a friend.
Poor guy got stuck in the storm...
...and Bhuller sir brought him here.
So he's a stranger.
A stranger.
Pardon me.
I thought you're a friend of Bhuller sir.
Glad to meet you too.
I've been waiting for this day for ages.
- Waiting?
- Yes.
What he means to say is
we get so bored watching
each other's faces...
...that he gets very excited
to see a new face around.
Yes, of course.
We're all retired people...
associated with Law and Order.
He's a judge, I am a lawyer.
And we spent our lives in this profession.
Sorry, I don't have much
knowledge about your profession.
The area I was raised in...
...everyone was afraid of the Law.
This is a very common problem
in our country.
Even when a serious crime is committed...
...people are afraid to report it.
Because they don't want
to get in legal hassles.
Looking at your condition I feel...
...a peg of rum will warm you up good.
Thank you.
Why aren't you guys having one?
Usually, we don't start drinking before...
...all the friends
haven't gathered around.
Since you're our guest,
so this rule isn't for you.
- Are you expecting someone else?
- Yes.
A very dear and wise friend
Mr. Lateef Zaidi.
Will he show up in this storm?
No storm can block his path.
He's like a storm himself.
- Cheers!
- Cheers.'s nice.
In case you want to freshen up... can go upstairs.
Show him to the guest room.
- Go on.
- Thank you.
He's leaving already.
Aren't you going to ask him?
Later Hariya bhai, later.
He's only going upstairs for now.
There's no network on my cellphone.
Can I make a phone call?
Go ahead.
Thank you.
I want to inform my wife about...
...what happened with me here.
So you were on your way to meet your wife.
No, she's staying in a resort uphill.
We're conducting a shoot for
an ad film Butterfly Collections.
I was driving to Delhi for
a business appointment...
Your phone's dead.
There's no dial tone.
This is a valley.
Phones are often dead here.
But you must have cellphones.
Sorry, but we don't keep cellphones.
No cellphones, global connectivity
in this modern age?
It's a small world we have.
And also well connected.
There's never any network here...
...what do you expect us
to do with cellphones?
Excuse me.
Are you alright?
I am fine.
- These paintings...
- I made them.
Are you serious?
Wow...they are fantastic!
What was his name?
Like Andy Warhol.
He made paintings of
the electric chair, didn't he?
I've switched on the geyser and kep
t a soap and towel for you inside.
You know, I can help you exhibit these.
I've connections
with several art galleries.
Anything else?
Can you do me a favour?
My pants are soaking wet.
Can I change into these?
- Yes.
- Thanks.
- Can you iron these for me?
- Yes.
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
Give me your hand.
Don't be afraid.
Give me your hand.
It's a free gift from the company
I was making the ad for,
Like it?
There's more.
You're here at last, Zaidi sir.
We've been waiting for you.
Its friends who keep me going,
Otherwise, solitude would've
killed me long ago.
What a statement.
I apologise for the delay, Acharya sir.
It's the weather that's at fault, not me.
The weather is unable to defend himself.
He's already lost his case.
Finally, you made it here.
That's all we care about.
Isn't it?
Tiger, come here.
Come here, boy.
Come here.
Now go away.
Thank you, dear.
How's your painting coming along?
I'll show you soon.
Alright, thank you.
Zaidi sir, we want to see your
best performance tonight.
Don't worry.
I'll give it my best shot.
On one condition that...
Oh wow!
Hariya's playing on
a different level today.
He seems very happy.
Let's see if you can guess
the reason for his happiness.
By the way,
Acharya sir claims you can't guess.
Is that right?
So where is he?
The stranger who arrived a while ago.
He's either the owner of a big
company or at some high post.
A resident of Delhi and married.
Unbelievable. Zaidi sir.
Do you know magic?
It's not magic, just simple observation.
You just need an eye for it.
There's water still dripping
from that overcoat...
...meaning he arrived a short while ago.
The coat looks expensive...
- What's that thing called?
- Fur.
Right fur... there's fur on the
collar meaning it must be expensive.
Shoes and bag are from LV. Louis Vuitton.
So the owner is either
the owner of some company...
...or on a high post.
Which is why he's travelling
in executive class...
...this can be seen from
the airline tag on the bag.
There's an expensive
BMW car parked outside...
...that has a registration plate of Delhi.
That's it.
The rest is okay, but how did
you find out he's married?
The BMW is registered to his wife.
How do you know?
There's a heavy storm raging outside...
An expensive BMW car is parked outside.
This is our area.
There's no one inside the car.
The keys were lying on the road...
So you went investigating...
Finally, a stranger has come visiting us.
Whether he's any good to us
depends entirely on your opinion.
What is your opinion?
He doesn't like lawyers at all.
He downed an entire
peg in a single breath,
He's coming.
There you are.
How are you feeling now?
Well, Acharya sir, you must forgive me.
My pant was soaking wet.
I noticed a suit hanging in your room...
...and wore the pant
without your permission.
You did the right thing.
By the way,
that suit doesn't belong to me.
We had a guest just like you.
- He left it behind.
- Okay,
Anyway, let me introduce you
to the fourth member of our group.
A very dear and wise friend...
Mr. Lateef Zaidi.
- Nice to met you, sir.
- Hello, how are you?
I am fine.
Your car keys.
You dropped it on the road.
I was so stressed that
I even dropped the key.
And I've also brought your bags here.
Don't leave it unattended.
There's a fear of it getting stolen.
The bag's empty.
There's nothing in the bag.
Looking at the brand of the bag... must be worth a couple
of millions even if it's empty.
Come and sit.
But that's very thoughtful of you.
No wonder everyone has been
praising you so much.
Even I heard a lot of praises about you.
And learned that you don't have
a liking for the lawyer kind.
No, that's not the case.
- Actually, now that you say that...
- Yes.
I often thought of becoming a lawyer,
Because whenever there's a large
sum of money involved...
...there's always a lawyer behind it.
The aspect of Law you're talking about...
...has no connection
to any of us in this room.
Our field is criminal law.
Criminal Law?
As in films.
"Where were you on the night
the murder was committed?"
- Joking.
- Maybe in films,
but in reality it's not
so melodramatic.
The Law has to impart justice.
And its foundation is logic, precedence.
There's no place for melodrama.
I don't agree with this.
The court's filled with real people
made of flesh and bones.
Real people.
Along with their joys,
their sorrows, their pain, and love.
Doesn't matter how hard you try
to separate them.
They don't go away.
I would like to tell you, Bhuller sir...
Guys. Guys.
Calm down.
Just slow down.
What do you guys say?
Let's have a drink.
Before retirement, I was a judge
at the local criminal court.
Zaidi sir was the chief prosecutor.
His name was enough to instil
fear in the worst of criminals.
And Bhuller sir was
our chief defence council.
Criminals who were scared of him...
...would approach Bhuller sir for help.
You know, sir. I like the action,
living life in the fast lane.
Places to go to.
You know,
if I was in any one of your shoes...
...I would've died a long time ago.
No offence meant.
No offence meant.
But I can't imagine life
in this kind of isolation.
You've a beautiful cigarette case.
Thank you.
"With Love from N.O."
Lucky man.
Come, join us.
With no network around here...
...seems like someone's got a heart attack
and slipped into a coma.
Although I believe that
people from your profession...
...must be as fascinating as you.
As far as people are concerned...
Doesn't matter where you go...
...they are all the same.
Oh... you mean to say we all
have a unique emotion in us.
The emotion called humanity.
No sir, you didn't understand.
I was speaking from business and
sales technique's point of view.
Thank you.
Let me explain.
Whenever we try to sell a product...
...whether the customer is rich or poor,
young or old...
...we have to convince
him of three things.
He's buying the product at
a much lower rate than the original.
All the rich and famous
people in the world own it.
And third...
If he doesn't own it, then people
around him will think he's cheap.
And it's a fact.
So to summarise it...
Greed, envy, and fear of embarrassment.
So what you're trying to say is...
...human emotions are based
on these three principles.
This is not my opinion,
it's my experience.
Surely you can't mean that. Mr. Mehra.
I mean humans possess several other
positive and better emotions.
- Can I tell you a secret?
- Yes.
Earlier, the definition of an
honest man was someone...
who never did a dishonest deed.
And the definition of
the innocent was someone...
...who never committed a crime.
But these definitions have changed.
Now an honest man is someone...
...whose dishonest deeds
hasn't been uncovered.
And the innocent is someone
whose crime hasn't been proven.
What did you say in the end?
Can you repeat that?
An honest man is someone...
...whose dishonest deeds
hasn't been uncovered.
And the innocent is someone...
...whose crime hasn't been proven.
Whose crime hasn't been proven.
I'll just get another drink.
Mr. Mehra,
this is such a plain blank philosophy.
You're a fine specimen
of the 21st century.
But your ideology...
Everyone will have to face trial someday.
Life is a book filled with your deeds.
I may be not as good as you...
...but even I would
like to say a few lines.
Yes, of course.
Go ahead. Go ahead.
To grab the attention of the beholder...
To grab the attention of the beholder...
It's a talent to be a vendor.
Listen this as well..Are you listening?
Infamy has forged such a bond with popularity...
...people are willing to
strip just to be on the news.
Guys, we're lucky that Mr. Mehra
has graced us with his presence.
Tonight is going to be a memorable night.
Are you sure, Zaidi sir?
I've never been so sure in my life.
By the way,
don't you guys get bored out here?
We had nothing to do after retirement.
We were jobless, alone, and even
our health began to deteriorate,
- Right.
- So...
We suddenly thought of a game.
And since we started playing this game...
...believe me,
excitement has returned in our lives.
What game?
Chess or cards?
No, mister.
The real game is something else.
It's so much fun and exciting...
...that it gives you goosebumps.
What game is this?
You'll find out.
It's an unusual game.
You might not find it too important.
I mean slightly absurd.
Even I've played such
silly games before,
That's for you.
but please tell me more about your game.
What game do you guys play?
Thank you, dear.
- Zaidi sir, shall I tell him?
- Most certainly you can,
- Shall I proceed?
- Please...
It's a very ordinary game at a glance.
We often gather around in the evening...
...and do what we all used to do.
Meaning court proceedings, cases...
Earlier it was all real.
Now it's a little imaginary.
Mock trial.
As children play cops and robbers.
Don't feel offended.
There's no reason to feel offended.
This game really is pretty childish...
...and yet we enjoy playing it.
And there's something
in it which you'll like too.
But what exactly do you guys do?
I didn't understand.
We choose some famous old case...
...and then we reenact it.
Zaidi sir argues from
the prosecution's side...
...and Mr. Bhuller from the defence
As the judge, I give the verdict...
...and also pronounce
sentence if required.
Sometimes our verdict
is completely different...
...from the verdict announced earlier!
A lot happens in real
court during a case-trials.
Truth, lies, fear of punishment, greed...
Wealth, enmity,
But nothing of that
sort happens in our game.
We only do justice at the end of our game.
We practise Law in its purest form.
So Sameer, how do you like our game?
Sounds like a very
intellectual kind of game.
This might be fun.
You just wait and'll enjoy it.
Let's begin the case,
please take your seat.
Yes, let's begin.
So tonight...
we're going to debate
on Phoolan Devi's case.
You'll love this game, wait and see.
You arrived at the right time.
Call Anna.
- Anna.
- Yes.
Anna, I told you to
study Phoolan Devi's case.
I was reading it last
night but couldn't finish it.
So let's begin the proceedings.
Yes, of course.
Where are you going, Mr. Mehra?
Phoolan Devi.
What's the point of taking a
person to trial whose no more alive?
And even if the verdict's different,
still what's the point.
Sir, choose a case
which Mehra sir will enjoy.
Why ruin your fun for my sake?
You guys carry on.
Why don't you play with us?
Please play with us.
And anyway,
I haven't prepared for the case.
I'll join in.
But I'll just watch as a spectator.
Come on.
Mr. Mehra,
if I've assessed your character right...'re not the kind of
guy who likes to be a spectator.
In fact, you're one of those guys...
...who wants to take part in every game...
...always stay ahead, and win.
Am I right?
You're absolutely right.
It's how I made it this far.
But I am not some lawyer...
...nor do I have any
experience of legal terms.
You should play.
If you don't,
then our evening will get spoiled.
Our excitement and
fun increase many folds...
...when we've a real
person on trial in our court!
If you go to a shooting range,
and fire at those cardboard
targets all you want.
The real challenge is when
someone's shooting back at you.
Wait a minute.
Meaning you've actually
played this game with real people.
Quite often.
How long ago, Mr. Bhuller?
A couple of months ago.
It was a stormy night like this.
And a Minister...
Well, ex-Minister wandered here,
He was found guilty of selling
army secrets to the enemy.
Since it was a matter
of national security...
...we sentenced him to death.
The pant you're wearing belonged to him.
Means you scared him so much
that he fled without his pants.
Okay, fine.
I've understood it's a fascinating game...
...and you want me to be a part of it,
And what will be my role?
The accused.
Believe me.
You'll prove to be a great criminal.
This role's made for you, Mr. Mehra.
Sorry sir, I don't agree with you there.
I am a very responsible citizen,
Never committed any crime, nor murder.
No secret vices.
I might have broken a few signals
but nothing more than that.
My life is like an open book.
We've a keen interest in open
books like you, Mr. Mehra.
So you are taking part in our game.
But there's a condition.
You can't quit this game in the middle.
You'll have to play till the end.
What's the point of a playing a game...
...if the player quits in the middle?
Exactly, Mr. Mehra.
What do you say, Mr. Mehra?
Are you in?
But I better warn all of you...
...that I am a pretty good player.
Come on, let the trial begin.
I am ready.
He's ready.
Now everything will be fine.
Mr. Mehra, you should be
proud that I am defending your case.
And I give you my word...
I'll put in my life
and soul in doing my job...
...victory shall be yours.
Then on this joyous occasion,
I'll make Sangria for everyone.
I'll give you a hand too.
Sameer, before the proceedings...
...the accused has every
right to meet with his council.
And your lawyer is waiting for you.
Oh, that's very professional.
Let's deal with the commercial part first.
Professional charges.
There's no joy without a fee.
What would be your fee?
501 rupees is good enough...
No, no, it's okay.
I was just joking.
Okay then, now tell me about your crimes.
Sorry, my crimes?
Yes, all facts.
So that Zaidi sir can't corner
us with his own interpretation.
If Zaidi sir wins...'ll be pretty sad that you lost.
- And I don't like to lose.
- Me neither.
So tell me,
But I still don't understand
what you want from me.
Mr. Mehra,
when the court proceedings begin...'ll be informed what
crime you're facing trial for.
You'll plead not guilty.
And the prosecution's job
will be to gather evidence...
...and prove you guilty.
That's why it's crucial
we decide a crime right now.
I am sorry to disappoint you, sir...
...but as I informed you earlier
I've never committed any crime.
There's no person in this world
who hasn't committed any crime?
Big or small.
Every person's soul is burdened
with the guilt of some crime.
You guys get pretty involved
in this game, don't you?
- Superb.
- Yes, yes,
Entering the court without deciding
a crime would be stupidity.
And what will be wise?
To decide a crime.
Because if you don't decide your crime...
...then Zaidi sir can accuse
you of any random crime
which cannot be changed.
If the prosecutor is
really very talented...
...then let him find something on me.
He is talented, no doubt.
It's his speciality.
I am not scared.
And that's when the game
will be more fun to play.
Okay, Mr. Mehra.
I'll call my friends.
Do you live here?
My house is nearby.
Are you going to stay
after the game ends?
In fact, much after that.
Sometimes they take very long.
How is your English so good?
I went to a boarding school.
And for graduation?
I am sorry for asking so many questions.
Did you like the butterflies?
Very nice.
You know, you can come to Delhi with me.
I'll show you around.
We can have dinner.
Strictly professional.
We can talk about your paintings.
Don't you get bored in this
house with these old folks?
Don't you want to move ahead?
Ahead where?
Come here.
Come, come.
Come here.
Come here.
Look at this,
You're so beautiful.
You can take part in a beauty pageant.
Join modelling.
See the world.
Aishwarya Rai, Priyanka Chopra,
they all became famous stars.
You can be too.
I am not trying to mislead you.
I really mean it.
I work in advertising.
I've been associated
with thousands of girls.
I really know something
unique when I see it.
Look at this.
Look at this.
Look up.
This...face can launch a thousand brands.
Presenting to masterpiece.
Sameer, this is Joe.
He lives nearby,
Unfortunately, Joe cannot speak.
But he's not deaf.
You can tell him if
you need anything.
Alright, cheers.
- Cheers!
- Cheers!
Bhuller sir, I am keen to find out...
...what crime has the accused
decided to go on trial for.
Your honour, my client is
a fine specimen of legal history.
The accused has never
committed a crime.
the prosecution has full liberty... charge him with any crime.
You're most welcome.
Sameer, you shouldn't take such a
big risk just to impress us.
As I said before,
I've never committed any crime.
I stand by that.
Look Sameer, if you decide on a crime...
...then you'll have
greater chances of winning.
Pardon me, Acharya sir,
but the accused is not a child...
...that he needs to be explained.
And Mr. Mehra can take care of himself.
I can take care of myself.
And I learned this lesson
when I was 16-years-old...
To achieve anything in life...'s done like this.
You matured at a very young age,
Mr. Mehra.
Bless you.
I guess Sangria doesn't suit you.
Joe, make another drink for him,
I am okay.
I am okay.
I am alright.
Don't be so formal.
Have another drink.
In case you catch a cold, Mr. Mehra,
then you'll blame us...
...that we invited you home
but made you ill.
Okay, fine.
I'll take that.
Thank you.
Mr. Prosecutor,
you can start asking your questions.
But what about the witness box,
Holy Gita, and...
What's it called...?
I'll speak only the truth, and nothing...
That's not important, Sameer.
First, we must decide on a crime.
And why is he still here?
Will he take part in the game too?
He's the court-attendant,
the guard, and jailor too.
And he's also got experience of this.
What experience?
Joe spent seven years in jail.
A monster raped his sister.
Joe struck that man with a chopper.
The attack turned out to be fatal.
And I prosecuted him.
And I sentenced him to jail.
Knowing all this how
could you still hire him?
I was delighted to hire him.
We're now good friends.
Not a master and servant.
Isn't that right, Joe?
Well...let the proceedings begin.
You can ask me any question you want.
Take a seat, Mr. Mehra. Joe.
Can you just get this chair for him?
So...Mr. Mehra, Acharya sir told me
that you're married...
...and your wife is staying in
some resort uphill.
How long have you two been married?
- Six years.
- Children?
I have a son, Varun.
He is only 5-years-old
but a complete miscreant.
- Would you like to see his picture?
- Yes, of course.
That's him.
- He's a cute kid.
- Thank you.
You must have left him
under someone's supervision.
Yes. There's an old nanny.
She's very trustworthy.
You left such a cute kid at home.
Do you feel it's right?
The child has school...
...and Mr. Mehra's travel
is work-related... sometimes he has to
leave his son at home.
But he takes his wife along.
There's nothing wrong in that.
And anyway I told Renu to stay at home...
...but she came along.
So if you want to charge
me with child-neglect...
...then I am sorry,
but you'll be disappointed.
Doesn't good or bad weather scare you,
Mr. Mehra?
No wonder you set out on this...
...dangerous journey in this bad weather.
To achieve something in life,
one has to face dangers.
Right, Zaidi sir.
No pain, no gain as they say.
Yes, absolutely right.
But your wife must be worried.
She must have tried to stop you as well.
Yes, she did.
But when she learned I am going
to sign a deal worth millions...
...then all her worries were in the air.
And she immediately waved me off.
What do you do, Mr. Mehra?
I am the chief at an Ad Agency,
The agency is called Paradoy.
- Sorry?
- Paradoy.
- Paradoy.
- Yes.
Never heard this name before.
You will... now.
Now I am handling it.
Meaning there was someone else before.
My boss.
He never listened to anyone.
From our conversation,
I can conclude that... weren't always
as successful as you are now.
Am I right?
Be very careful.
Think twice before
you answer his question.
Zaidi sir is right.
I wasn't born with
a silver spoon in my mouth.
And the least I can say is...
I earn more in a year than my
father did in his entire life.
And my shoes are worth more than...
...what he earned in a year.
Your educational qualifications?
Higher Secondary Education.
And my father passed away.
So I took up a job
with a property dealer... support my family.
And simultaneously,
I did my correspondence course.
And then MBA.
- Property dealer?
- Yes.
It was a large firm. Sunrise.
Several of their deals
was disputed property.
And my boss didn't
want to reveal his name.
So all secret deals
were done under my name...
...for which he used
to pay me a double commission.
At that age he wasn't mature,
he was naive.
So he didn't have the sensibility to...
...differentiate between wrong and right.
I suggest this crime would
be absolutely right for the trial.
- I've no objections.
- But I do, your honour.
Mr. Mehra has lost his
chance to decide his crime.
He was given a chance
which he didn't utilise.
And anyway, you'll have no fun
prosecuting such petty crimes...
...nor you in defending me,
nor me in this game.
This is called true sportsmanship.
I do admire one thing about you,
Mr. Mehra...
...your journey from
an ordinary property agent
to the CEO of a reputed company... an alarmingly fast pace.
You are lucky that everything
was handed to you easily.
What does one get easily in this life?
I had to work my asoff,
I've seen hurdles at every step.
Hurdles? What hurdles?
Several hurdles.
The biggest hurdle was that Oswal.
Oswal? Oswal who?
I haven't told you...
Mr. Oswas was the company's
chairman and CEO before me.
I was working under him.
So you got rid of him now.
Objection, your honour!
Okay, I'll rephrase the question.
So now Mr. Oswal is no longer
a hurdle in your path.
That's obvious.
How else would I be at his position?
Where is he now?
Retired? Gave his resignation?
Transferred? What?
Kind of transferred.
Around a month ago he left
for the heavenly abode.
Look here...
you must consult me first
before answering any question.
Note it.
But why are you so tensed?
What is the problem?
This is just a game.
And I was only telling the truth.
But you're saying it so rudely.
You're talking about his death...
...but with a glimmer on your face,
and so rudely.
This is really insensitive of you,
Mr. Mehra.
You don't know how
insensitive that man was.
How he behaved with people?
He wouldn't let people rest
peacefully, even on holidays.
And he wouldn't come to work either.
No, he used to work a lot.
He was a workaholic.
In his entire career,
he only took a month off.
But he was a tyrant!
Always finding fault in people's work.
He never gave them credit for their work.
He remained glued to
his seat till his last breath.
I got his position only after he died!
I became the company's CEO,
and his wife became the chairman.
Lamps are lit in the jamboree by one...
...but the light is enjoyed by others.
Criminals are never caught...
...but the innocent are always prosecuted.
Your honour.
Fate has smiled on me.
I sought the accused,
asked a few questions...
...dug a few old graves...and voila...
Out came a skeleton.
As the prosecutor,
I accuse Mr. Mehra...of murder.
What rubbish.
The murder of his late boss Mr. Oswal!
- Murder!
- I object!
I mean, it is absurd.
We cannot charge him with such...
...grave allegations for
something so insignificant.
Even for the court,
these charges are a little weird.
Will you be able to justify this?
Of course.
With pleasure.
I've some points, your honour.
Number 1.
A man dies.
Number 2.
The accused had a rock-solid
motive to kill the deceased.
The CEO's post.
Number 3.
This man has no sympathy while
speaking about the deceased.
In fact, he finds a certain kind of joy.
Number 4.
The prosecution believes
this is a crime...
...and I am prepared to put my
legal reputation at stake... prove the charges.
My wise friend is making hollow claims.
But if you fail to
justify these charges...
...then you'll never
practise in this court again.
Your honour, I am ready to take this risk.
Your will has no...
...connection with this case.
I feel there is a connection.
That is why this court gives permission
to prosecute the accused
on the charge of murder.
Prima facie is established.
Come on.
Where are you all going?
Murder trials are never
done so informally, Mr. Mehra.
Joe. Hariya bhai, start the preparations.
And tell Anna to keep dinner ready.
But I didn't murder anyone!
Don't you think you're
stretching this joke too far?
Murder is not a joke, Mr. Mehra.
Don't worry.
Everything will be fine.
Have faith in Bhuller.
We will win.
We will be back soon.
That's a promise.
Do you have a role in this game...
...or just watch as a spectator?
My job begins after
the sentence is announced.
What did you use to do before retirement?
I am the executioner.
The Hangman.
Isn't that your name?
You must have seen this
game several times.
The last guest, a stranger like me.
A Minister of some sort...
These guys are saying that he
played this game as well...
...and he was sentenced to death.
So when the game ended...
When the Minister
left the next day...
...was he in a good mood?
What are you snickering for?
I am asking you a question.
Give me an answer.
When the...
Wait a second.
Did the Minister leave
on the next day?
He did?
You saw him leave?
Are you sure?
Thank God.
Thank God.
What style.
What about your family?
What family?
No one was prepared
to give me their daughter.
As soon as people would find out...
...that I worked as the executioner,
they would run away.
My family insisted I quit this job.
But even I made it clear...
I am fortunate that God chose me
to punish the guilty.
I would rather not get
married than quit this job.
Your honour, Mr. Prosecutor,
honourable court...
I am scared.
I know you're going to punish me.
If I try to run then
Tiger will kill me.
Joe has already committed a murder.
And Hariya, he have kept
his noose ready.
I know what you're
going to do with it.
You'll take this noose,
put it around my neck...
...pull and...
Hang till death.
I've understood your game.
First, you get hold of some outside.
Then you create a hoax
with things like murder,
...hangman, paintings of capital
punishment, silent Joe,
Tiger, Hariya... scare the accused and enjoy.
You have a fascinating style.
But I have understood.
Like in the...
What is it?
The Haunted House.
People yell, scream, look scared...
...even though he knows it's a game.
I am really enjoying this now.
We feel overjoyed when
our guest is enjoying.
Mr. Sameer Mehra, listen to me.
The wise thing to do
is tell me all the facts...
...otherwise, things can
go awfully wrong.
You can get in trouble.
Nothing's going to go wrong.
His case is completely hollow.
And when I said...
Not here.
Come with me.
Get up.
Remember one thing...
Come on.
God bless you, son.
This hot-n-sour soup is
really delicious.
So Mr. Mehra,
how did you murder Mr. Oswal?
I didn't murder him.
You achieved everything
you wanted after his death.
Drink your soup.
So what?
One person always gains something
from another person's death,
Will you call it murder?
Then half the world
should face trial.
Our connection is not with
half the world, Mr. Mehra...
...our connection is with your guilt...
Zaidi sir you're sounding
like he's a real criminal.
Let him eat peacefully.
Be soft on him.
Fine, Bhuller sir,
I'll be soft with him.
So Mr. Mehra, did you
poison Mr. Oswal?
Did you strangle him?
Stab or shoot him?
Did you plan some kind
of an accident...
Why do you keep provoking?
Why would I want to kill him?
Let me tell you one thing...
...I wasn't the only
contender for that post.
There were three others.
I got that post because
of my capability.
- Ohh...
- That's the truth.
So Mr. Mehra, how were your
relations with Mr. Oswal?
Strictly professional.
Did he ever invite you
home for any social gathering
or celebration of some sort?
He never invited anyone
from the office ever,
How was Mr. Oswal's social life?
I don't know.
I only know that the
grouch was a fanatic of golf.
That's how everyone addressed him
in the office behind his back.
It's kind of a joke.
Actually, everyone
was irritated of him.
You too?
Even his own wife used
to call him a grouch.
The court is now in session.
Your honour, I would now like to call
the accused to the stand, please.
The defendant will take the oath.
Your honour, I'll speak the truth
and nothing but the truth.
You may sit.
Mr. Prosecutor,
you may begin your questioning.
Mr. Mehra, a while ago
you told us that...
...even Mrs. Oswal addressed
her husband a grouch.
Did you personally hear her say it?
So must work at the
office along with you.
Then how did you know that
she used the word 'grouch'?
I object, your honour.
This question has
no relation to this case.
- Over-ruled.
- Thank you, your honour.
Mr. Mehra, did you know
Mrs. Oswal personally?
Yes, I did.
If you knew her personally,
then you two might also often meet...
...that's how you heard
her use this word.
That's right.
Didn't you feel bad
hearing her use such an...
...appalling word for her husband?
Why would I?
You've no clue what
a terrible man Oswal was.
Mr. Mehra, did you have an illicit
relationship with Mrs. Oswal?
Objection, your honour!
I am sorry, your honour.
I am sorry.
Mr. Mehra, what was
Mrs. Oswal's name?
Mr. Mehra showed us
this cigarette case...
...and said that a friend
gifted you this.
The engravings said
"With Love From N.O."!
N... O...
- O for Oswal.
- Yes.
Natasha Oswal.
Evidently, if she gave you such
an expensive case...
...your relationship
with her must be pretty good.
How intimate was your
relationship with her?
Your honour, Mr. Mehra's personal life...
...has no connection with this case.
There is, your honour.
There is.
Mr. Mehra accepted that his relations
with Mr. Oswal were not too good.
He didn't like him.
So I believe that Mr.
Mehra intentionally...
...forged a relationship with Mrs. Oswal
so he can demean his boss.
Take his revenge,
and mentally torture him.
Well, the reality is completely opposite.
Mr. Mehra had no clue that
Natasha is Mr. Oswal's wife.
Mr. Mehra, please tell us how,
where and under what circumstances
did you meet Natasha.
Got a light?
Yea, sure,
Excuse me.
Your earring.
Where did you find it?
Where did you find it?
It was lying on the ground
outside the nightclub.
Leave it.
Will you able to drive in this condition?
I think I can manage.
I don't think so.
Can I drive you home?
Where is your home?
What's the point of going home?
There's no one waiting for me there.
You know what, take me to Sultanpur.
My farmhouse.
Thank you for helping me.
But how will you go back?
Do one thing, take my car to the club.
Hand the key to the manager.
I won't leave until you
don't go inside the house.
Where are you going?
I don't feel like going inside.
It's too lonely.
But it has nothing to do with you.
You please carry on.
Listen, it's not wise
to swim in this condition.
What's the worst that can happen?
I'll drown.
What's your name?
May I?
We began to meet frequently.
But she never told me
anything about her husband.
She did say that he's
touring most of the time,
And from our conversation,
I realised that
they didn't share a great relationship.
Anyway, she was very good to me...
...and I loved her company.
"Beloved you entered my life..."
" a God to an infidel."
"I thank you a thousand times..."
"...for you've blessed
me with your grace."
"Guide my boat to the shore..."
"Erase my existence,
or make me a medium of some kind."
"Ocean of love..."
"Ocean of love..."
"The ocean of love in your eyes."
"The ocean of mystic love."
"Ocean of love..."
"Ocean of love..."
"The ocean of love in your eyes."
"The ocean of mystic love."
"I feel surrounded by this love."
"I feel surrounded by this love."
"My heart feels overwhelmed."
"Ocean of love..."
"Ocean of love..."
"The ocean of love in your eyes."
"The ocean of mystic love."
"Among the crowd, you're the one I like."
"Your picture always dwells in my eyes."
"I feel on top of the
world since I found your love."
"Listen to what my dreams have to say."
"May we never part ways."
"Even if God, the world forsakes me."
"Ocean of love..."
"Ocean of love..."
"The ocean of love in your eyes."
"The ocean of mystic love."
"Ocean of love..."
"Ocean of love..."
"The ocean of love in your eyes."
"The ocean of mystic love."
"Ocean of love..."
"Ocean of love..."
Who is this?
My grouch husband. GS Oswal.
When I found out that
my boss is her husband...
...I was scared.
I didn't want to risk her job.
So I stopped meeting her.
Did you meet, Mrs. Oswal?
No, mom, I don't want to eat.
I want to go out and play.
Papa is working.
- Hello.
- Hello, Sameer.
It's me. Natasha.
I want to meet you.
I am a little busy right now.
I know you're busy, and
I understand your fear.
GS is leaving for Europe tonight.
Come over to the farmhouse.
I want to tell you something important.
I'll try, okay.
If you don't come over, Sameer,
then I'll come down to your house.
Where's the key?
He threw the key that way.
In the balcony.
I won't spare him.
What are you doing?
His flight hasn't left yet,
I am going to shoot that
Imagine my plight if you hadn't shown up.
I would've rotted to death in
this house in a couple of days...
...and no one would've found out.
I won't spare him! I am going to kill him!
Have you lost your mind?
You'll be hanged for this.
What's wrong with you?
What do I do, Sameer?
What do I do?
Does he use this to hit you?
Because he enjoys it,
He's a sadist.
Why are you taking this crap?
Divorce him.
I can't.
He'll never let it happen.
He's threatened to deform my face.
Why don't you go to the Police?
It's hopeless.
He has friends in all high places.
Sameer, please don't leave me.
Please stay with me.
Don't leave me alone.
I am not going anywhere.
Not going anywhere.
So Mr. Mehra, when you
heard Mrs. Oswal's sad story...
...didn't it make you angry.
I was so angry that I would've
murdered him if he was there.
Which you did later.
Mr. Mehra, now comes your time.
He's used his king, time to use your ace.
For your kind information, Mr. Zaidi...
...Oswal died of natural causes.
- Natural death?
- Yes.
Natural death.
How did he die?
He died of a heart attack.
Mr. Mehra, you mean to say that...
Mr. Oswal died of a heart attack.
That's right.
Where did it happen?
On the golf course.
Golf course.
Were you present there?
Coincidentally I was.
What were you doing there?
That grouch won't invite me to play golf.
He spoiled my weekend.
The question is what were you doing there?
He wanted to look at some presentation
which he could've done on Monday.
But no.
Okay, what happened after that?
Oswal played his shot...
...and suddenly stooped in front.
What's wrong with you?
Get a chair.
Are you okay?
Sit. Sit.
Please call the doctor.
The caddy and Natasha held him...
...and I ran towards the
outside and got the doctor.
But it was too late.
He couldn't make it to the hospital.
Oh, God!
She is never going to learn.
Always on time.
So what now?
Don't worry.
The judgement will be in our favour.
But unfortunately,
Zaidi sir will never get to
practise in this court again.
- Why?
- Because this case began...
...Zaidi sir put his
legal reputation at stake.
I am not some poet,
yet I'll say a few lines...
Quite an embarrassment it was...
No need to rejoice yet.
The game isn't over yet.
Your pant's dry now.
I've ironed it and kept it upstairs.
Ohh...thank you.
With your permission can I wear my pant?
- Of course.
- Come.
Even I feel I should relieve myself,
Acharya sir.
Good idea.
Power won't be restored anytime soon.
Mind your step.
Your pant.
If you need anything else,
I'll be downstairs.
Keep my card.
If you ever decide to quit this
boring life and do something big... can call me.
You can come along
right now if you want.
Bhuller sir, I am interested to
know how is it going to end.
The game has reached
a thrilling point.
Thrilling maybe for you,
but it's quite predictable for me.
Zaidi sir you've lost.
That remains to be seen.
Let's start the game first.
So Mr. Mehra, where were we?
Oswal died before he
could reach the hospital.
What was the time
and date of his death?
11:30 am...
23rd November.
You recently told us that...
Mr. Oswal was a workaholic
and never took an off...
...except for the
time he took a month off.
Is that a fact?
That's a fact.
Why did he take an off?
I don't know.
Your boss doesn't come
to the office for a month...
...and you never tried to find out why.
It was more important
to me that he doesn't come.
A workaholic man...
...takes a month off
only when he's seriously ill.
Could be... I don't know.
You're lying, Mr. Mehra.
You knew that Mr.
Oswal has a heart condition.
When he took a month off...
...that was the first time
he suffered a heart attack.
First attack.
And I believe your honour,
that Mrs.
Oswal told Mr. Mehra about this...
...when he went to meet her
at her farmhouse that night.
Does he use this to hit you?
I am tired.
What do I do?
I just want him dead.
The grouch didn't even
die of a heart attack.
Wait a second.
When did he have a heart attack?
Last month he took a leave for a month.
This is why he took it.
- Was it mild or...
- Massive.
Doctors advised him
to lessen the workload.
Because the second attack can be fatal.
He'll get another heart attack.
But this time it'll be fatal.
I don't understand.
He's very possessive about you.
What can be more shocking than
telling him about our relationship?
But how?
Are you going to tell him yourself?
That won't be necessary.
We've a more powerful tool.
It's showtime.
Wow. Wow.
Zaidi sir, you should be
the creative head of my company.
What a story you cooked up.
How convincing, sir, we're sold.
Bhuller sir, we lost.
The case is over.
Come on, let's go.
Zaidi sir, think about your reputation.
What is Mr. Mehra going to say
when he returns to Delhi...
...that a lawyer of your stature...
...bored him to death
with his pathetic stories.
Please...let me finish.
Let me finish.
Mr. Mehra,
you said you went to the golf course... show your presentation.
Another lie.
The presentation was just another excuse.
You went there because you
wanted to make sure he's dead.
Hey, Sameer, what brings you here?
I've some important work, sir.
After this shot, Sameer.
After this shot.
What is this?
I had to show you something.
It's worth watching, sir.
What happened?
What's happening?
Get the chair!
Are you okay?
What happened?
Go get the doctor, please.
Are you alright?
Are you feeling alright?
The doctor's on his way,
Relax. Relax.
Sir. Sir, are you okay?
Come doctor, take a look.
See what's wrong with him?
These are the most preposterous,
...and obnoxious assumptions
I've ever heard in my life.
How does Mehra now that
Oswal will be shocked...
...and suffer a heart attack.
While pressing the trigger... criminal is every sure
whether he'll hit the target or not.
So Mr. Mehra had a backup plan.
If Mr. Oswal survived...
...then he would've shown
Mrs. Oswal's video
which he was carrying in his pocket...
...and blackmailed him.
This is your wild imagination
which you will have to prove... the court of law.
I agree with defence counsel.
Mr. Prosecutor,
are these just assumptions...
...or do you have evidence?
I do have evidence, your honour.
I've a shred of important
and unshakeable evidence.
When you two left, and Mr.
Mehra went to get changed...
...I was sitting here quietly.
I picked up his cellphone
which was lying here, and...
Started checking his messages.
And look what I found.
The videotape is stored
in the sent messages.
The romantic videotape
which I mentioned earlier.
The receiver's name
is registered here too.
How dare you?
How dare you check my phone?
You have no right!
I am afraid Mr. Mehra in
the line of law I do have the right.
Dated 23rd November.
And the time is 11:15 am.
And you must have
heard Mr. Mehra say...
...that Mr. Mehra died
around 11:30 am.
So this was how the murder planned,
your honour.
Mr. Mehra got rid of
Mr. Oswal for good.
In exchange, Mrs.
Oswal gave him the CEO post,
...a BMW car which is parked
outside and still registered... Mrs. Natasha Oswal.
And this gold cigarette case.
A symbol of her love.
Love! She was a bloody cheat.
I was in love with her.
But she used me.
And for her sake, I killed a good...
In reality, Oswal loved his wife...
...and this entire
story that you narrated...
...was cooked up by Natasha.
Right from the beginning till the end... was her plan all along.
There is one way to get rid of him.
What if he suffers another heart attack?
Did he have a heart attack before?
He's a heart patient.
Remember he took a month off last year.
This was the reason.
Doctors have said that another
heart attack can prove to be fatal.
Listen, he's very possessive about me.
If he finds out about our relationship...
...then nothing can
be more shocking than that.
Natasha, I cannot do that.
If he survives, then I'll lose my job.
But imagine the benefits if he dies.
You will replace him in every way.
I cannot take such a huge risk.
- Morning.
- Morning.
- Coffee.
- Sit.
I've found a way to kill GS.
I've done the research.
It's present in everyone's body.
But if it's in excess,
it can kill a person.
This is what we'll do.
And we'll execute it publicly.
So there's no room for doubt.
But how are we going to do it?
First, we'll shock his
heart and then give potassium.
What happened?
What's happening?
Are you feeling okay?
Get a chair.
Please sit down.
Just...leave me alone.
What's happening?
Take his shoes off.
Leave me alone I said.
I am fine.
Leave me.
Nothing is wrong with me.
You know what, go call the doctor.
How long has this been
going on between you two?
Tell me.
And you...
How dare you make a
video and send it to me?
Forgive me.
This happened only once.
He's blackmailing me.
Just shut up.
I am sorry.
I don't want to make a scene here.
I've a reputation here.
Listen to me, sir.
Don't get angry.
Just get out.
You'll fall sick.
Just leave for now, okay.
Just a second.
Relax. Relax.
What are you two doing?
What are you doing?
Sir. Sir, are you okay?
Come doctor, take a look.
- Please, hurry.
- See what's wrong with him?
I didn't know she was such a cunning mind.
She stopped seeing me after Oswal's death.
She stopped taking my phone calls.
In fact, she even
disconnected her cellphone.
I went to her house, but it was locked.
No one knew where she had disappeared to.
For 35-days I kept going to her
farmhouse and home like a madman.
Hoping that she will return someday.
I was worried about her.
I really missed her.
But she didn't return.
Four days ago when I was
waiting outside her house...
Here you go.
To us.
To us.
I've some good news.
Finally a confirmation
from the insurance company.
Do tell.
"It is with our deepest condolences
for the loss of Mr. GS Oswal..."
"...that we release to the policy nominee,
his dear wife, Mrs. Natasha Oswal..."
"...a sum of five million dollars."
And let's not forget the bungalow, office,
The companies.
He's left so much wealth
behind in the wake of his death.
Imagine how much he loved me.
No one can ever love you.
What the hell are you doing here?
So this was your game.
It was all a setup.
I just remembered everything.
This guy asked me for a
lighter outside the nightclub...
...and he went inside and signalled you.
And you intentionally dropped
that earring in front of me.
And I...
Five million Dollars!
What will be my share?
You got a promotion, isn't that enough?
No, it's not enough.
And definitely not after
finding out your reality.
So let me get this right.
This man cuffed you
and locked you from outside.
And I was such a fool not to understand.
I took such a big risk.
If he hadn't died,
then I would've been in big trouble.
I would've lost my job, gone to prison.
I would've been ruined.
So I won't spare you now.
Don't even think about it.
I just recorded a video
of you two on this phone.
Its' on send mode.
At the press of a button, it'll
be delivered faster than your bullet.
And you two will become
social media stars.
And how long...
...does it take for the Police and
insurance company to find out?
So let's start by putting that gun down.
Because you might miss, I won't.
Come on. Give me the gun.
Come on.
That's nice.
Don't try anything, man.
I don't hurt anyone.
What do you want?
That's more like it.
Let's talk business.
Let's get to the point.
According to the agency, I charge 15%.
As you know.
But keeping the moments
I spent with you in mind...
...I am ready to waive off 5%
Let's see...I'll settle for 3.5 cr.
As a service charge,
but in cash of course.
Call me as soon as you arrange it.
I'll come and collect it.
And then I'll delete both the videos.
The one you shot with
me and also with him.
And right now I need a fast car,
so I'm taking your BMW...
...because I am shooting
an Ad film in the hills.
So I...
What's this?
With Love from N.O.
That's sweet.
Did she give you this?
I should be keeping this.
Get this scapegoat another one.
No need to see me off.
I know my way out.
I that was your merit.
Your urgency.
Mr. Mehra, you were on your
way to collect your service charge.
You received a text from
Natasha that your money's ready...
...that's why you set out in
this bad weather with an empty bag.
The empty bag which...
The branded empty bag which is kept there.
Text from Mrs. Oswal.
"The money is ready."
And his reply was...
"I knew you would do it. I'm coming."
That is all, your honour.
The prosecution rests
its case, thank you.
You two prepare for
the closing arguments... the meantime,
the court is adjourned.
Meaning this trial...
Sorry, this game is over.
It's been postponed for a short while.
Sorry, would you like to have something?
- Tea? Coffee?
- No, no.
Do you have the keys?
Yes. Why?
We're leaving right now.
But you're facing trial.
You're in court's custody.
To hell with...
I am sorry.
You know what, take me to your place.
But what will Acharya sir say?
He'll say nothing.
I already had a word with him.
He won't say anything.
- Meaning the trial is over.
- Yes.
The verdict's been announced,
and I've been acquitted.
And everyone's gone upstairs to sleep.
So let's go.
But why is uncle Hariya still here?
He fell asleep,
and they didn't want to disturb him.
Even I am very tired.
Very tired.
Good. Good.
Come on.
Give me the keys.
Let me inform the others first.
No... where are you going?
What's the matter?
Why do you look so tense?
What else do you expect me to do?
I don't know what they
are going to do with me.
What are they going to do with you?
They are capable of doing anything.
They are crazy.
They can even sentence someone to death.
Not casually...only when proven guilty.
But why do you look so tense?
Can't you ask your questions later?
No! I know you're lying to me.
But I can't betray these people.
I am indebted to them.
I am alive because of these people.
I spent four years in the mental hospital.
Wait a second?
Mental hospital?
- Why?
- Because brother Joe was in jail.
Brother... Joe?
A man did something very
awful and terrible with me.
And brother Joe killed him.
After that, I completely shut down.
But thanks to Acharya sir
and his friends I am totally cured.
So you're one of them too.
I was afraid that
you'll be found guilty.
Most of the people who come here are.
Thank you for the butterflies.
I'll always keep them with me.
Give me the keys.
Give me the keys.
The court is now in session.
Let the court proceedings begin.
Gentlemen, are you ready
with your closing statements?
- Yes, your honour.
- Yes, your honour.
Defence Counsel you first.
Thank you.
Your honour, you noticed
how honestly my client...
...divulged every aspect
of his life to the court.
Would any dangerous
criminal do such a thing?
And the answer is no.
My client is an innocent
and honest man...
...who blindly trusted a woman.
Why? Because he was
in love with a girl.
And for the sake of her happiness,
and to help her out...
...she did all this.
Your honour, in today's
age where politicians,
businessmen commit big scams... client is an
angel, not a murderer.
He's not a murderer, in
fact, he's the victim...
...who was used as a weapon.
What is life? It's
a battlefield...
...where every day we're
murdering some kin.
...In our imagination, of course.
And on the other hand,
our kin is murdering us.
In his imagination, of course.
Because it's the dawn of competition
and everyone wants to stay ahead.
Wants to be successful,
and what is wrong in it?
Therefore we don't
have any right to give
any kind of punishment
to Sameer Mehra.
Hence I humbly request
the honourable court... pardon my
client Sameer Mehra...
...and acquitted.
That's all, your honour.
Thank you, your honour.
He's right.
I live my life like
the rest of you do.
The rest of the world does.
So what's my fault?
Mr. Mehra, be silent.
Mr. Prosecutor.
Thank you, your honour.
Your honour, my learned friend
Mr. Bhuller said in his argument...
...that Mr. Sameer Mehra
should be acquitted...
...because he's admitted
to committing a murder...
...that's why he is innocent.
And he should be pardoned.
Your honour, I agree
with my wise friend...
...but I have a small condition.
All the criminals in
jail should be set free,
and prisons should be shut down...
...because according to Bhuller sir,
...a person will commit a crime,
...admit doing it and
become innocent.
What logic is this, your honour?
What law is this?
Your honour, I wish to
ask you...what is law?
What is the definition of law.
Is it a means to bring
a criminal to justice...
...or a shield to protect the
society from crimes and criminals?
Even after practicing
law for many years...
...I couldn't find a
definitive meaning of Law.
I've seen the definition of
the law change in every case.
Sometimes the law seems
strong and strict.
And sometimes weak and helpless.
Your honor, the law is
blind and so is our justice.
We think one way and say another.
The law hear one thing and delivers
justice in a completely different way.
It's been ages,
your honor, centuries have passed...
...the cloak of justice
is buried under heaps of dust.
How long will we keep honoring
the injustices of tradition?
How long will we keep believing in
the immoral systems of the society?
The system might create criminals.
But the law has no right to include
crime into the system, your honor.
There can be no system for law.
Crime, your honor,
cannot be included into the system.
It's not my job to protect that law...
...that's up to you and your system.
I am here to bring
the accused to justice...
...and my condition is if
justice is the ideal of life...
...if justice is our
constitutional right.
If justice is a
fundamental human right...
...then don't make it a slave of
the tradition, and system.
An innocent girl is
stripped in a moving car...
...and she's raped,
which is an inhuman act.
And then she's disposed on
the road like a dead body.
She dies.
Commotion is raised worldwide.
People come out on the streets,
there's an outrage...
...rallies are conducted.
Candles parades.
Flowers are offered where
this incident happened.
The government is pressurized.
The effect can be seen.
Laws are made, modified.
And the culprit is caught.
But your honor,
7-8 years have passed...
...and justice hasn't been done yet.
How sad.
The candles that were lit to
show outrage and their sympathies...
...have melted.
The flowers that were
offered have withered.
The scene of the crime has
been scrubbed cleaned with water.
People are continuing
with their life.
Everything has returned to normal.
But the mother's loss, her pain.
For such reasons don't let
her pain heal, your honor.
It's unbearable.
But your honor, I want to tell you...
...that the mother's complaint
is that after a couple of months...
...she is called to testify.
And she has to keep
saying over and over
again that her daughter was raped.
The pain of saying it
over and over again... worse than her death.
A girl who is raped, your honor...
...has to stand in the court every time... and where she was raped.
In every hearing, she
is mentally raped.
Mentally raped.
A boy threw acid on
a 19-year-old girl.
Because she didn't
like the way he teased her.
The girl's face completely
melted and ruined.
She's scared to see her
own face in the mirror.
Life has no meaning
for her, your honor.
The boy was arrested.
He was released on bail
in a couple of months.
But the court proceedings
are still going on.
The boy got married to
someone else, he has children.
And he's living his life normally.
But the girl is still suffering,
your honor.
When she's asked what she wants,
all she says... that she wants justice.
Justice, your honour.
A terrorist sneaks in our
home and kills our soldiers...
...and we punish him on
his own ground for it.
This house is our
court, your honour.
Any criminal that escapes the law...
...we shall punish him here.
We'll punish him in this house.
The Lady of Justice
we've established... our house is not blindfolded...
...because we want
her to see, to listen, contemplate and speak.
Your honor, justice isn't
done on a piece of paper...
...nor in your books.
Nor with the pen used
to announce verdict.
Justice is done a person's soul,
his conscience.
This court's job is to get to
the bottom of those criminals...
...and bring them to justice
without an ounce of hesitation...
...where the law failed.
Your honour, our court has seen... Mr. Oswal died... the hands of the accused.
I've already submitted
evidence to the court.
Even though the accused might not
have hatched this conspiracy...
...but he executed it.
The button that he pressed
on his mobile phone...
...was nothing short of
a trigger of a gun, your honor.
So the accused is as
guilty as Mrs. Oswal.
His biggest motivation behind
murdering him is the accused's ambition.
His desires.
He can use any means
to achieve his goal.
He made a plan to kill Mr. Oswal.
And carefully executed it.
It was a premeditated
murder in cold blood.
You must have heard
the accused say...
...that the accused has
no guilt or remorse.
This murder was a little shortcut
for him to reach his goal.
He has only one explanation
for all his wrong actions.
He's only doing what the
rest of the world is doing.
Maybe the easiest justification
for the modern-day crimes are...
...why don't I do it if the
rest of the world is doing it,
This decadence of
human values and...
your honour, has to stop!
It must stop!
If we stop differentiating
between right and wrong...
...then what will be the difference
between us and beasts, your honour.
What will be the difference,
your honor.
The big scams which my
learned friend mentioned...
...there's only one
solution to it, your honour.
Implying law in life.
With utmost honesty,
dedication and strictness!
I am not asking for justice,
your honor.
What is a right if
one has to ask for it.
A right is not a right
if it has to be pleaded.
Justice cannot be
given or asked for.
Justice can only be done.
And our courts only give
judgement and not justice.
Only judgement not justice.
The severe the crime your honor,
the severe the punishment should be.
Justice should be as
merciless as the accused is.
There is no place for mercy in law,
your honor.
It's the law.
It can be broken or upheld.
But it will be applied
under every condition.
Mr. Mehra says why don't I do it if
the rest of the world is doing it.
Only a person with no
conscience can say such things.
A person like him
has no right to live.
So I would like to request
to the court that...
...the accused should
be sentenced to death.
That is all, your honour.
Thank you.
- You're crazy!
- Order!
Order! Don't interfere.
I will. I will speak now.
I don't want to play this game.
This trial is over.
The trial isn't over yet, Mr. Mehra.
You're still in the
custody of the court.
Then I'll acquit myself.
I'll acquit myself.
I don't want to be in
this courtroom anymore.
Hold on. Your fate
is yet to be decided.
Okay, fine.
Then announce your verdict
and finish this game.
Because I am tired and bored!
Your crime has been proven
in the view of the law.
As a result, this court sentences
the accused Sameer Mehra to death,
To be hanged by
the neck until death.
Zaidi sir, you won again.
As soon as I learned that
his boss' name is Oswal..
...I knew something was wrong.
Because his car was registered
in Natasha Oswal's name.
I thought she is his wife.
My speculations turned to reality
when he mentioned the gold case.
Hariya bhai.
Go on, take Mr. Mehra upstairs.
- Go on.
- Come Mr, Mehra, let's go upstairs.
I won't go upstairs.
I won't go upstairs.
Mr. Mehra, the game's over.
Go upstairs.
Why should I go upstairs?
I haven't done anything
that others don't do.
Every big fish swallows
the little fish.
It's the survival of the fittest.
If you want to live
then someone has to die.
And if I am a murderer then
so are the rest of you.
You've killed several
people and call it justice.
To hell with such justice.
Mr. Mehra, this court still
brings criminals to justice.
Maybe you didn't notice, Mr. Mehra.
This entire house is
under surveillance.
The entire trial has
been recorded back there.
The eye's watching everything.
Tomorrow one copy will be
sent to the High Court...
...and the other to
the Crime Branch.
We will bring you to
Don't come ahead.
Don't let Mehra escape.
Destroying evidence.
Joe, don't let him go.
Don't let him go.
Don't go that way!
There's danger ahead.
Stop! Quickly.
Joe, move the tree.
Hello, control room.
I am speaking from Justice
Acharya's residence.
Sir, there's been an accident here.
A man fell off the mountain.
Thank you, sir.
Bhuller sir, are you looking
to be the next grandmaster?
Here you go.
Is Mr. Acharya at home?
Natasha Oswal.
I am from Paradoy company.
Sameer Mehra's boss.
Mr. Mehra was very persistent.
We kept telling him that
the weather is very bad.
He shouldn't go out,
but he left anyway.
And then this accident happened.
Yeah, it's very unfortunate.
He had my car which
the Police returned to me.
But I think he left his
cellphone here.
Can you check once?
Yeah, actually it's
company property.
So if you could please
just have a look?
Why are you standing outside?
Come in.
- Please.
- Thank you.
Ladies and Gentlemen, Natasha Oswal.
Mrs. Natasha Oswal.
I am in a little hurry
so I must leave.
No, please don't go.
Stay here.
We'll be really grateful.
What he means is that
it will be nightfall soon.
And it can be dangerous
to drive at night here.
So stay here.
There's Anna, we're here.
We've good wine and good food.
And after dinner, we play a game.
You'll like it.
You won't get bored at all.
Don't let her go.
It will be great fun.
Come in.
Thank you.
We're really grateful.
If anyone's committed a crime...
...then be wary while
passing through this route.
This game can be played
with you also!
"The pace of life,
...rough times,
visible on the faces."
"The pace of life,
...rough times,
visible on the faces."
"Bodies will perish,
...but faces will
continue to live on."
"Lost in dreams, restrained by kin."
"Some known, some unknown..."
"...expressing love,
...hiding crimes."
"Spanning over several ages..."
" the river waves."
"Engulfed by the
flames of wealth..."
"...buried under
the ashes of poverty."
"Bodies will perish,
...but faces will
continue to live on."