Chemical Cut (2016) Movie Script

(soft electronic music)
- Hi, how are you?
Hi, how are you?
Welcome, welcome to Dog shop.
Hello, how are you?
- What?
- I still don't understand why ignorance
is being pummeled in the face
by that gnarly little angel.
- You think ignorance is good?
- I think it's a fact.
I think everyone's ignorant.
- This painting's about
triumphing over ignorance,
it's about being better than that.
The angel is just trying to wake her up.
The wake up call.
Unfortunately, it's
probably gonna take like,
a million fucking years but, you know,
some people need that.
- I disagree with you,
I'm gonna stop shitting
on our childhood memory because--
- [Man] No but what do
you think you should do?
- I don't think this is productive,
I don't wanna talk about it.
- [Man] What do you think
ignorance should do?
You think she should stay
crying and miserable?
- Ignorance should just get out
of this painting I guess 'cause--
- Get out of this painting,
yeah that's helpful.
If she got a fucking
trumpet and grew some wings,
she could fucking go up there.
- I'm gonna go look over
the abstract art,
because we never visit
that side of the museum,
I'll meet you in 10 okay?
- You won't feel anything.
(dog barking in the distance)
- Jasmine.
(soft electronic music)
- The store looks like shit.
- I just need a change.
- A makeover's a good place to start,
have you thought about blonde?
- Blonde?
- Virgin?
- My hair?
Yeah, my hair is virgin.
- Okay, I can see it now.
Today you and I are going all the way
it's gonna be very exciting, platinum.
(soft electronic music)
(alarm beeping)
- Oh hey, excuse me
miss, I, are you a model?
Well you should be, because
you have a great look.
- Scouted?
- [Irene] Yeah I was
scouted, by a modeling agent.
- For what?
- [Irene] Modeling.
- That's so ridiculous, I hope
you know what you're doing.
I just don't want you to get exploited.
Especially if you don't look very good.
Well you look like someone
who could be exploited.
Keeping it real.
- [Irene] Why?
- What?
- [Irene] Why do I look like someone
who could get exploited?
- 'cause you went out and
got yourself a silly haircut.
- [Irene] Seriously?
- And you think that just
because someone gives you
their business card, you know,
you're the next Tyra Banks or something.
- At least I'll make more money.
(electronic music)
(soft electronic music)
- New hair?
- Yeah, do you like it?
- I liked it better brown.
Blonde washes you out.
Hot date?
- Wish me luck.
- Good luck.
- Hmm, hi there.
- Hi.
- Hi, I'm Jared.
- I'm Irene.
- You caught me right
in the middle of lunch,
mid danish here, so officially
I'm not even here right now.
But you're here, so we can do this.
How tall are you?
- 5'11.
- Really?
- Yeah.
- Okay, what are your measurements?
- 34, 24, 34.
- Hmm, Eyeballing you, I'd
probably add a few numbers
to every number you just
said to me, but that okay.
Hmm, how old are you?
- I'm 23, I just turned 23.
- Hmm, honey, no, if
we're gonna work together,
we're gonna need to
start from a foundation
of honesty, I'm having
a hard time believing
you're 23 years old.
- I'm really 23 years old.
- Okay, I'm gonna choose to believe you,
may I?
The hair.
Oh, so coarse.
It's like horse hair.
Like a little pony, little philly.
That's a joke you can laugh.
(laughing awkwardly)
Hum, alright why don't
you grab your stuff,
come back to my office,
we'll talk this over.
The New Faces division is
where we prepare all our girls
to become successful models,
and we take 20% for all
print and runway work.
A girl can't test enough,
so I'm gonna expect you
to test regularly.
And you'll be responsible
for covering that,
runs 350 to 550 per test.
- And what I actually get paid,
how does that work?
- You'll be paid within
90 days of working.
- Per job?
- Hey, look, the first year is all about
building a strong portfolio,
if you make money, fantastic,
but don't expect it.
Oh by the way, do you wanna work for us?
That was a joke as well.
It's important to look your age,
all this heavy makeup,
makes you look so old,
we're gonna need to monitor what goes
into your body, alright?
That means lots of water,
seven to eight hours of sleep
every night, limit your sugar
and salt intake, exercise.
- [Irene] I will take care of
all of that.
- Good, aren't you excited?
You look scared!
- I am, excited.
- You know, it's a good thing
we signed you in right there,
another year and we couldn't have,
I mean, you would've aged out.
- Hi mom.
- Hi, oh!
- Oh my god it's the same
color as mine almost.
Makes you look kinda wise.
What the hell are you celebrating?
- I signed with a modeling agency today.
- Really?
- Yeah.
- Well that's exciting.
- So you're not at the shop?
- No, I'm not working at the shop,
well I'm working part time,
I can only work on weekends now,
but I called Rachel
and she's fine with it.
- That's not good
though, that's freelance,
you're not gonna make enough
money to pay
your college loans, pay rent.
- Um, well I have savings.
Dad, I mean modeling is an investment,
it's like opening your own business.
- Don't get down on this, David
and I mean,
it's risky sure, but I
think it's a good idea
you try something new.
Anyway, she's old enough
to make her own decisions.
It's her life.
- But it's our champagne.
And I think she shouldn't
open the bottle
until we have something
really to celebrate.
- Oh, that's true.
When we do it's our anniversary
champagne, put it back.
- Sorry.
- Are you gonna stay for lunch?
- Um no, I don't think so,
I just popped in to
tell you the good news.
- That was your news?
- That was the news, yeah.
- Are you available
tomorrow for a last minute
catalog shoot downtown?
Okay good it'll be a free test,
call time's gonna be 8:30 a.m.
And Angel is gonna want
easy casual poses
think Bloomingdale meets Shopbop,
cataloguish but not too generic,
keep it still, you know,
fresh and flirty, bring
a nude bra with straps,
a straddle snoot bra, new underwear,
basically everything
new, ripped denim shorts,
white shorts, any other color shorts.
And white skinny jeans and
a denim skirt.
Something fresh light easy fun,
you wanna look sexy but
you don't wanna look
like a whore.
You know, just look through your stuff,
see what you got, okay, just
make sure it's laundered
please, 'cause some of these girls,
I get horror stories that
come back from the client
we don't want that.
- Hey your boyfriend is juicing right?
- Yeah he is, but he's doing solids too.
- What kind of juicer is he using?
- It's something like
the omega blaster 3000--
- Ah, yeah.
- Yeah, it's got this
like huge hover thing
and I'm just using it to
make cashew milk.
- Okay, yeah, the Omega is amazing
but I feel so guilty throwing
away all that pulp, you know.
- Listen, I'll tell you
a secret, you can get
a dehydrator , you can
compact all that pulp
and make these lovely
crispy yummy crackers.
- Oh my gosh.
- I'm ready to work, you're ready?
- [Irene] Yeah, I'm
not leaving till we get
a great shot.
- Wonderful, well we are
not reinventing the wheel
here so hopefully we're
all done by three, okay?
Alright let's get started.
Don't move to much, let
me give you the directions
okay a little bit to your
left, your other left,
okay great, hmm, too much,
not that much profile okay,
chin down, in a little
bit gimme your eyes,
very good, there, now we're talking.
Okay, great moving on.
- We're gonna change up the
jacket and we're gonna put
this shirt on.
- Nice okay, do the profiles.
Turn your head a little bit towards me
when you do that, there you go,
night three quarter shot, okay, turn.
- Susan how are you?
- I'm good, I'm doing
well, I'm really busy but,
you know that's great
so yeah, how about you?
- Yeah it's really crazy, I
just came back from Arizona
and I had no idea how it
looks like New York and LA
have sucked up all of
the creative people
out of the country, it's
like all the creatives,
all the artists all the pretty people,
they've all moved from
other parts of the country
to LA and New York,
and nobody else exists.
- That's true like totally.
- [Makeup Artist] Like my
family's back in the Midwest,
and they just think I'm
crazy going out in LA
doing makeup, but I mean, they're all
in the medical industry,
you know, doctors,
scientists, so, yeah it's a
whole other world out here.
Do you do a lot of beauty?
I'd really wanna do a beauty
shoot for my portfolio.
- [Susan] Uh, I could be down with that.
- [Makeup Artist] Okay,
okay yeah, I just,
I really need a model
with a good strong face.
- [Man] Ed Haunts.
- [Susan] Totally.
(waves wooshing)
- I had my first shoot yesterday.
- Really?
How'd it go?
- They didn't really
care about the picture
they talked about themselves, that's it.
- Yeah, big fucking surprise,
they don't care about being creative,
so I don't get why you're
getting involved with them.
- I have reasons.
- Like what?
You're not getting paid,
you're not gonna get
any respect like ever, and
you'll never be young enough,
so you, you're bored.
- No, I like image making.
- You didn't get cool
images, you look like shit.
Why are you modeling, really?
- It's complicated.
- I'm sure it is, yeah.
Oh Arthur, I've been an
ugly duckling my whole life
just let me be a swan this
one time, please, please.
- My next job will be better.
In a year I'll be unsignable
so I'll just do this now.
- Why are you running away?
(waves wooshing)
Yeah, drown for all I care.
You're so annoying.
Oh my God.
I get it, I get it.
You can come out now.
- [Man on P.A.] Doors are closing.
- You know, what do you
wanna say fuck you
when you got nothing left.
Nobody wants to fuck me now.
I'm a Vietnam Vet.
Probably did more than five years
and the rest you
motherfuckers all day long.
Nobody wants to fuck you
when you got nothing left.
Why can't people come together?
Get rid of the grub, get rid of it.
Now I don't wanna tell
you how to live your life,
who am I to tell anybody
how to live their life.
I'm just telling what I know.
My son, said he's been with a boy.
When I ask him why he go ahead, he said
I just wanted to see what
it was like with a boy.
When my wife and I were together,
we made babies all day long.
I just, it cost less to keep her.
Less to keep her.
(man talking over P.A)
My stop.
(Skype notification resonating)
- It's 3 a.m. is something wrong?
- Nothing is wrong Irene,
what I need you to do, okay,
is open your email and
there's a Word doc in there,
so open the Word doc, okay,
you know how to do that, right?
Read what I sent you
and just, there might be
one or two typos okay, that's all,
you know it's like, the
devil's in the details,
please, save me the groundwork,
and send it back to me it'll be perfect.
- Can you,
can you give me a day or two?
- No, open your eyes, open your emails.
- Okay, I'll do it right now.
- Come on, yes, come on please.
- [Arthur] He is stead fast,
resolute, and utterly silent
he feels the cannon stead
fastly, resolutely, silently,
as water he is accustomed
to pounding against
ocean side cliffs making
them crumble to the ground.
All the while he is indifferent.
(phone buzzing)
- I booked you for a free
test today at 10 a.m.
Foundation applied, mascara,
eyelashes if you have 'em,
nude manicure, buffed
pedicure, bikini ready,
nude strapless bra, nude regular bra,
and simple black pumps.
- Why don't you just
start by bending over?
Yeah, yeah, turn around and ben over.
It's not as naughty as I thought,
turn back around?
Okay, okay.
Okay, do something different,
something different.
That's better, that's better.
That's creative, very nice,
very creative, good.
If you're okay I'll just
shoot this just for fun.
Open you mouth really wide,
now shut your eyes.
Shut your fucking eyes.
Now hang your head.
Perfect, you know what I mean,
modeling it's about taking
something in your life,
something from your life.
You understand what I'm
saying when I say life?
Okay, you understand,
and then, you bring it
into your work, do you know
what I mean when I say work?
Yes okay so be in your life,
right now we're just me and you,
we're in our lives,
make me wanna fuck you,
right now, like we're gonna fuck
right here right now, like
you're gonna fuck me right there
make me wanna do it, right now.
This is not a game okay, if you do it,
I'm gonna fuck you, you understand?
That's how real I want it to be.
Okay, good, let's go.
Let's go.
What are you doing?
Alright let's just have
a little chat alright?
Just you and me, alright,
no more photographer model, okay?
Just person to person, alright.
You've fucked before, right?
So you know how to do that,
I know you do, I see it in your eyes,
I know you made a man wanna do that.
Alright okay, that's yes,
now bring that into work,
yeah and I'm gonna take a picture of it
if you can manifest it, I'm
gonna record it on the photo
sensor, bring it in,
bring it into work now,
bring it into work zone,
work, work, work, work,
come on let's manifest
it, ah, you almost had it,
I almost took a picture.
Alright, I didn't wanna do this,
let's just try something a
little more conventional,
just be an innocent but
dirty little girl.
Innocent but dirty.
- They're not using
those, they're too artsy,
it was a nine hour shoot,
three hour roundtrip,
free work no food.
- You can quit.
- I'm not gonna quit, I just started.
- I don't know hun, I don't
know what to tell you,
I don't know what they're looking for,
but if you're getting stressed out,
I think you should exercise more.
You could try yoga that'd
be really good for you.
(soft music)
- Do you have a valentine?
You need to start thinking about someone
other than yourself, do you have love?
Love is the most important thing.
- [Arthur] Irene, this is my
fucking novel, right, yeah
so I didn't ask you to rewrite
the whole fucking thing
okay, you cut everything
that makes it wonderful
the sensuality the light the atmosphere,
they're fucking gone so
please don't give me that kind
of revision again,
alright, I know you want
good things to happen for me, so, just,
don't be retarded, thank you.
- Oh hello, today we're
having a trunk show,
it's for the house of
Damiana, so if you have
any questions let me know.
- I'm supposed to be here
to model the handbags,
do you have any idea what
kind of girl they like?
- Pretty.
- This piece as well
and I think it's gonna
look great together.
- Okay, why not, let's try this one too.
- Yeah, let's try this one yeah.
- And,
yeah, I'm sorry, excuse me.
Okay perfect, so the total is gonna be--
- The manager will tell you how
she wants you to hold the bag,
so listen to her carefully,
follow her directions,
don't ask too many questions,
don't talk too much.
Don't get in the way of the product.
Mean this stunt is pretty
self explanatory Irene,
you're a live model.
People wanna see what's available.
Make people wanna buy things.
Who's your target demographic?
Well the older ladies, let
those old ladies see those bags
hold the bag in such a way
that it's really showcased
it's really featured, don't
slouch, don't be lazy,
don't just throw the
bag over your shoulder.
Twirl, strut, pose.
And I don't care if your feet bleed,
I want you to take laps around that mall
'till you've sold some bags.
You might need to elbow your way
through all those crowds of people,
do what you gotta do, show off the bag.
This line of work can be very lucrative,
if you do well, I can book you
more work like this,
and you can start making,
you know, real money.
You're a pretty girl.
Let that work for you.
Don't talk too much.
What the fuck were you thinking?
You carried the bag on your shoulder?
How many hours did you work?
- Three.
- Did she ask you to stay longer?
- No.
- Did she ask you to
come again next week?
- She did not.
- Were you even friendly and personable?
Did you ask for information
on the merchandise?
No of course you didn't.
Do you need to be spoonfed?
Does baby need her baba?
- I'm paid to follow directions,
well that was the problem,
they wouldn't give me any
and I didn't know what to do.
hmm, I get paid within 90 days.
Yeah, I'm budgeting,
dad, I don't have a car,
I don't have insurance,
I don't spend any money.
I cannot,
Hello, dad?
- So your boyfriend was and actual pimp.
- I told you that, this
one night that I know of.
- Is it like the rap songs
say or is it prettier?
- Excuse me, excuse me, do
you have any clothes here
that aren't a size zero?
Are you even listening to me?
- No, her dog peed.
- What's so fucking funny?
You're gonna clean it.
How's it going over there Irene?
- Fine.
- Smells bad.
- Katy still smells the piss.
- Irene, you will be shooting a video
for an art academy tomorrow morning.
So be clean and have well
groomed hands and nails.
Be on time, fill out a voucher.
You've been a lot of trouble Irene,
so please, don't be a bigger headache
than you've been.
(cat purring)
(alternative electronic music)
- So this is gonna get
really really hot right?
- Yeah, hot dripping wax,
it'll, it'll, it should be fine.
- Omar, can you ask the model
if she's ever been burned before?
- No I think Irene's fine with burns.
- You think she's fine?
- Yeah.
- You think she's fine,
cause you know we have no liability,
we have 40 minutes left
to do this scene.
- No, Irene knew what
she was getting into.
- When the wax starts melting,
I don't want her to move, not at all,
not a muscle, okay?
Will you tell the model that?
And tell Ria that,
or the girl, you know.
- Yeah okay.
Irene so you're not gonna move,
once the wax starts melting okay,
I know it's gonna burn, but just don't.
- Are we ready Trevor?
Tick tock, Omar?
Off the set please.
- Melt please.
Omar, Omar, will you
tell, can you tell her
to bring that thing in closer?
Bring that thing in closer
so it's gonna melt it.
Bring it right up to her skin.
I need to see it melt Omar,
I need to see it melt,
come on melt, melt, melt,
melt, melt, melt,
melt, melt, melt, melt.
Melt, melt, melt, melt,
melt, come on, melt.
(dramatic electronic music)
- Don't you want them?
I got them for you.
Do you like the flowers?
- Put them In a vase.
- They smell really good
you wanna smell them?
That's a really big vase.
So I thought we could
move the arrow tonight
and catch that short film festival,
what do you think.
- Oh, the one that I'm dying to go to?
Yeah, I'll do that.
- I'll pay for everything okay,
I just wanna make up,
I hate it when we don't talk.
- Get the burner!
Do it now!
Stop waiting!
Go do it now!
Oh my god!
- It's off.
- Okay.
Fine, I'm not driving though,
I'm not taking the bus,
I'm not taking the metro.
- So I'll just figure it out I guess.
- Figure it out.
- Oh my god Irene, I love
it when you pay for shit,
I fucking love it.
I love taxis!
- Irene!
What the fuck are you doing?
What the fuck?
- Fuck you fuck you you were so rude.
- Oh my god you're out of
control, you're a fucking maniac,
get your shit together bitch, fuck you.
- Fuck you.
- Fuck you and your
stupid retarded movie.
Ew you are such a cunt.
- That performer in there,
do you remember that performer in there?
- Do I remember her?
- Stop fucking smiling,
you're so rude stop.
- Stop it, get control of yourself bitch
get it together.
- Fuck you, fuck you.
- Oh my god what's wrong with you?
- That performer in there is it okay,
she's real, she's more
real than that screen
than in life,
And you've been hounding me
about why I want to model,
well that's it, okay, I just
want a picture like that
that just defines me and
tells me who I am.
- Stop it stop, just get
control of yourself, okay?
You wanna know who you are?
- You're the one who has no
control you're a fucking toddler
what are you five?
- You wanna know who you are?
You're a fucking nobody.
- No stop stop, just
shut the fuck up, okay,
just shut the fuck up.
- You always will be and it's
time you dealt with that,
it's time you dealt with that, okay?
You're not gonna be anybody.
- You're not gonna be anybody, okay?
That why you keep talking
about your fucking novel
all you do is talk, you're
all talk, you're all talk,
and when you see something real--
- You're jealous of
some tranny in a movie?
- Yes.
- Fuck you.
Get your fucking hands off me you nobody
you fucking loser.
- You're the fucking nobody.
- Get out of my space bitch.
You don't deserve me, get the fuck off
of yourself.
- Imagine you're wearing
a pair of shoes,
kick them off, and we're gonna put on
a brand new pair of shoes, they're heavy
they're dirty, they're dark,
these shoes are called pain,
lace them up.
Every horrible thing
that you've been through,
heartbreak, deceit, cheating, lies,
people that call themselves
your friends.
We all have this,
we all have BS.
Honor it, sink into it.
Without that pain, you're nothing.
- Oh my god killer workout uh?
- Yeah.
- God, Keith always kicks my ass.
- Yeah it's my first time here but--
- Yeah don't you just love
his philosophy about pain?
It just like makes me
wanna like cut myself,
you know, just like the old days.
I'm kidding, I'm kidding.
God, are you a model?
- Yeah.
- Yeah?
- I just got signed.
- I knew I was gonna
meet another model today.
- You did?
- Yeah I had a dream about it.
Isn't that crazy?
What's your name?
- Irene.
- Hi, I'm Spring.
- Nice to meet you.
- It's so nice to meet you.
- Sorry
- Really good job that was today.
- Thank you so much,
oh you dropped your shoes,
those are duck shoes,
quack quack quack quack,
throw 'em some bread.
God I would love some bread right now.
Hmm, what's your number,
we should hangout.
- Hello?
Hey you, you, hey!
Hi, hum hi,
do you have these in an extra small?
'cause this small is
like running way too big.
- Okay, I'd suggest actually
sticking with that size,
it's gonna shrink up in the wash.
- What did you just say to me?
Did you just call me fat?
Can I see a manager please?
Can I see a real person?
- [Irene] I'm a real person.
- I'm not talking to you bitch.
- Hi.
- Hi, I need an extra small.
- Extra small.
- Oh, thank got, thank God,
Jesus, you should really
watch who you have
working here.
- I know, so cute.
- I know right, I love them.
- Absolutely, love them.
- Fix your head bitch.
- Come with me.
- You've been here seven years right?
- Yeah.
- You're never fed up?
- No,
I'm pretty easy going.
- Oh.
- Yeah.
I was out jogging the other day,
and I turned the corner
and there was this guy,
on a lazy chair eating
cat food out of a bowl,
it's fucked up but I felt
like Buddha in the city
seeing reality.
And I just promised
myself that I'd appreciate
what I have.
- Cool.
I guess.
- Yeah, you should try that.
- You're not, the type to be angry?
- No, I'm not the angry type,
I've been smoking pot
since elementary school.
- You got fired?
- Yeah.
- Seriously?
- Why?
- From my day job, not a
modeling gig, just my day job,
and selling clothes.
- It sounds like a terrible job.
- It's really not, it's
not a terrible job.
I, whatever, thank you so
much for picking me up today.
- Thank you, Oh my god
I need more girlfriends
seriously, you know like
girls are just so hard
to be friends with you
just can't trust them,
like one second they're
like your best friend
and the next minute they're
just like a total bitch,
you know, hold on, I gotta text Hartley.
- Oh who's Hartley?
- He's my boyfriend.
- Oh.
- Do you have a boyfriend?
- No I don't.
- Do you want one?
- Not really no.
- Have you never been in love?
- No.
- Really?
- Never, never.
- I think I'm in love with Hartley.
- Oh, you think or you know?
- I know.
- What does he do?
- He's a self taught physical trainer,
and he's an actor, like aspiring,
and he's a poet.
- It's a lot of stuff.
- Yeah, he's sort of
like a renaissance man.
You know.
Hey girl.
- Hey girl hey!
- It's beautiful out here.
- I know.
- I'm coming down.
You should spend the
night, do you want to?
- Yeah.
- Yeah and then we can
get up in the morning
really early and go to the gym.
- I'd love to.
- Yeah, amazing.
Okay, so we'll get up at six, and go.
Oh and you can meet Hartley.
- Okay.
- Perfect.
That'll be perfect.
- Whose place is this?
- Oh it's my dad's,
but he's never here he
has like six places.
He's like a publisher,
something boring like that.
Nice view huh?
- [Irene] Yeah, not bad.
- Thanks dad.
- Wow, this is really stunning.
- Thank you.
- You have perfect eye position,
there's not too much white.
- Yeah, this is one like, my first job.
I was so nervous, my God.
This I was so young here, I had a perm.
- I think you're young now.
- I feel like I'm so old.
But you're sweet for saying.
- I could never get these shots.
- Yeah, you could, with
the right makeup artist,
right stylist, anything can happen,
and you're so beautiful also.
- Thank you.
- Okay, I'm gonna go shower,
make yourself comfortable,
help yourself to the fridge.
- Okay.
- Okay.
You need anything?
- No, I don't think so.
- Okay, sleep tight, don't
let the bed bugs bite.
- Okay.
- Wake up, we're leaving in 10 minutes.
Hello, wake up wake up
wake up, are you up?
Okay get ready.
57, 67, 68.
- Hey baby.
- Hartley hi!
I missed you how are you?
- Good how are you?
- Oh you're all sweaty.
- You look great in pink.
- Thank you, I feel so strong today,
I did 69 weights.
- 69?
- Yeah, I mean reps not 69 pounds.
- Woah.
- But you can do 69 pounds, right?
- Well, I know what I can do.
- Shut up.
- Okay.
- Water's fine.
I just wanna sit down and
have a glass of water.
- What else should we get?
- No, I'm not having a Sigoni,
I'm not having a tartufo, no truffle.
- Do you know that when
the universe reaches
zero degree kelvin,
there's gonna be a cascade.
Do you know what that means?
- No I don't know anything
about interstellar physics.
- The big freeze, everything frozen,
do you know how cold that is,
that's like negative
459.67 degrees Fahrenheit.
That's like cold like
they don't make coats
for that kind of weather,
not even in Russia,
so get ready, we're getting tartufo.
Can we get the
tartufo tasting menu also?
I told you you were hungry.
Please eat the whole thing.
- You're not having any?
- My stomach's acting funny.
- I thought you were gonna live it up,
you know, talking about
black holes and stuff.
- Watching you eat is like living it up.
- Okay.
- Here's some more wine.
- No I'm okay on wine.
Wait no I'm okay, I'm good on wine.
- Cheers.
Oh wow I was thirsty.
Don't waste it, drink up.
I mean there's a whole bottle.
- Yeah, one glass is my limit,
I've already had one.
- Yeah.
We're having fun though
we're celebrating.
- Okay but I don't wanna get plastered.
- Come on Irene,
stop being so drunk,
you're knocking over
all the cupcakes, hmm,
it's so fucking good,
holy shit.
- Wait.
(speaking in a foreign language)
- What?
- I can't eat this.
- I don't know that language.
- I can't eat this.
- Well I found eggs.
- Those are not eggs.
- They're egg whites
they're just the same.
They're better for you.
- That's snot.
- It's not snot.
- Whats so funny.
- That show, remember when you--
- No.
This is not cool.
- Well I don't feel very good.
- Why don't you feel very good?
- 'Cause I ate like nine cupcakes
'cause they were fucking delicious.
- You wanna look like a fucking hippo?
- No I don't wanna look like a hippo.
- Why would you eat nine cupcakes honey,
when you have a salad in front of you
why wouldn't you eat salad?
- Because cupcakes are better.
- Well why would they be better,
this is much better for you.
- Okay, I'm gonna go to the bathroom.
- Enjoy.
- Thanks, don't listen.
(speaking in a foreign language)
I don't know what that language means
I don't know that language,
speak english, I'm sorry for being rude
but please speak english
we're in America.
- I said close the fucking
door so I won't hear you.
Thank you.
(water running)
- Are you okay?
- Yah, I'm great, why?
- I don't know how to say this but,
I heard some really
weird things last night.
- What?
- Well, there was some screaming,
you and Hartley were screaming.
Did he hurt you?
- No, no no no,
that was his audition tape,
he was doing a rape scene
and wanted feedback.
- You don't have to, you know,
stick up for him,
make up excuses for him.
- Why would I stick up for him?
- I dunno just saying you can
talk to me.
- No he's so sweet.
Did I tell you about our first date?
He took me to get red velvet cupcakes,
which are my favorite kind,
and I ate like five of
them, and then he was like
do you want to come back to my place,
there's this poem that
I really wanna read you.
- [Irene] Oh sure, a
poem, you fell for that?
- I didn't fall for anything
he wanted to take me back
to read me a poem and then
he did and it was a really
good like deep inspirational
poem and like I cried,
we both cried.
And then he got really hard, you know,
and then he took his pants off,
and then he pulled his
dick out and he was like
would you please just suck it.
- Oh my God.
- Yeah, but it was like
sweet, it wasn't like creepy
at all 'cause he said
it in such a nice way.
It was like so gentle,
and so I was doing it, and it was dark,
and he was really into it
but I have a really intense
gag reflex so I threw
up all over his dick.
- Oh shit.
- Yeah.
- Really?
- And I was like Oh my god I'm so sorry
I just puked all over
your dick and he was like
it's not even a thing,
and the he just like, we just cuddled,
and he like read me poetry
all night, you know,
and like last night, I swear
to God we had sex three times
and he was just thinking
about his ex the entire time.
- How do you know?
- I could just tell I could
like see it in his eyes,
you know there's like a
psychic thing, you know,
because we're so connected.
I'm sorry I'm just like stressed out,
do you think I should call him?
- No, don't call him, you know.
- Just why hasn't he called me yet?
- Leave it alone okay!
Give ut a week.
- That's the last pair
in this size actually,
I'm surprised you got them
I thought we were sold out.
- It's actually kind of a size too small
but they're so cute.
- Yeah they're gonna
took really good on you.
Is that everything that you wanted?
- Uh, yeah.
- Okay,
(exhaling) my mom and I
believe in retail therapy.
- I guess, are you
getting the whole store?
- Yeah practically,
oh oh my god are these
Oh my god yes can I get a pair of these
in every color size eight and a half.
- These are actually last in the size
in the whole store.
- Yeah.
- Oh perfect, okay I'll take those.
- Wait Spring.
- Oh, were you gonna get those?
- Yeah.
- Oh my god I'm so sorry
is that okay though?
- Yeah, I want these.
- Oh.
Can I get them?
Is that okay, I'm sorry, I'm just like,
this is like kind of my store
and it would, I'll just I'll take them.
- [Cashier] Sure.
- No--
- Thank you for understanding
you're the best.
- You're a great friend.
- Very great friend,
she's my best friend.
- Oh, I could tell.
- I just splurge on shoes, you know,
that's the only thing I splurge on ever.
- Oh so this will be good for you,
it'll be like curbing your habit.
So it's like everything works
out for a reason, you know,
that's what I always say,
everything works out for a reason.
- And, you're sure, nothing for you?
- Yeah, I can't afford these anyway so,
I'm on a budget.
- Yeah, you're so lucky
that you can budget.
- Yeah, it's easy, you
just don't buy anything.
- Isn't this fun?
Let's do our best model faces ready?
Big smiles.
No that's too fierce.
Yeah scary, sad face,
dramatic face, gizmo face.
You guys are born to be celebrities.
(girls giggling)
Can I get some hugs?
Thank you girls so much
you're so beautiful.
- Thank you, you're more beautiful.
- No I'm not, you are.
- Thanks.
- You can't say that,
you're beautifuler.
- You're beautifuler.
- You know that's not a word either.
- It's not a word, I'm
not very good with words.
(girls giggling)
You're so shy.
Fuck, I can't get it all.
Yeah so I'm gonna need the
house to myself tonight,
I have to throw up in private,
I can't get it all out
when there's just like
people around listening,
no offense, I love you but like,
I just--
- I wasn't listening.
That's what you think I did?
I mean I'm sorry you think that.
- I don't know if you were listening
it doesn't matter I just
like for my own health
and well being it's better for my mind
if I can do it in private.
- Hey.
- You should leave your stuff.
You're coming back tomorrow.
- Oh.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
- You're right.
- I'm glad we met.
- Me too.
- You're like the best friend
I never had.
- Me too.
- Really?
- Yeah!
- Really?
- Hmm-Hmm.
- (exhaling) Okay.
- What's going on?
- Sorry, I don't know, I'm
just like weirdly emotional.
Things that are bad are equally good.
Try to look at the
bright side of things.
- Why are you quoting Dr. Seuss?
- I don't know,
it just came into my head.
Sometimes quotes just come into my head.
I love you.
- I love you too, what's--
- I'll just miss you.
- Am I gonna see you soon?
- Yeah totally.
Like tomorrow.
- Okay, alright, call
me if you need anything.
- I will.
(dramatic music)
(music intensifies)
(breathing heavy)
- Sit tight, don't let
the bed bugs bite.
(dramatic music)
Look at this puppy on top of a kitten.
Oh my God.
I like the little ones the best,
the little shitty ones
that are just like.
(pretends to bark)
(phone buzzing)
- What?
- I think you have bed bugs.
- Bed bugs?
I definitely don't have bed bugs,
you must've gotten them
from someone else.
Listen, I'm flying to
New York next week,
I'll FedEx you your stuff.
- You don't have my
mailing address, do you?
I think I lost you,
Spring, hello?
- I don't have bed bugs, ugh, psycho.
(dramatic music)
- Hi.
- Hi Jarred Hi.
Where is the address for the casting?
- Hi!
- Hi.
Hi, I'm so sorry I'm late.
- You should have called.
You bring your heels?
- I didn't.
- You didn't bring your heels?
- They're at the cleaner's.
- Oh, at the dry cleaner's, fascinating,
get in let's go, go.
Straighten up straighten up.
Stop, what is that shit on your face?
- This is what I mean about cleaner's,
I have a bed bug infestation.
But don't worry.
- Don't you worry.
- They're gone.
- Get off.
- They spread in fabric but you're safe
because I take precautions,
I washed my outfit
this morning.
- Get out, quickly.
- Yeah, it didn't.
It didn't go well.
- You can't fucking afford
to do this anymore, okay?
The clients aren't gonna put up with it.
Just fucking show up on time.
Wear the fucking wardrobe
they ask you to wear,
and be the fucking girl
they want you to be.
- I don't, I don't think
I can keep doing this.
I'm sorry.
- Don't be a fucking quitter,
try harder.
Fucking die, ugh, fuck!
- Do you read the bible?
I read the bible.
- I'm an atheist.
- That's okay, you can't not love the
because you don't believe,
then what kind
of person are you?
Last week,
I was feeling suicidal,
but then I went home and I prayed,
I'm praying for you now.
I used to be a cry baby.
I used to cry, cry, cry,
and then someone told
me your soul is home.
I couldn't believe in
what I couldn't see.
I believe in miracles.
You are my miracle.
(cat purring)
- Sugar?
- Yeah, thanks.
Ah that's good.
- Hmm.
Thank you dad.
- Bye.
(soft dramatic music)
- What, you don't like the drawing?
Hey hey hey,
Toni's start at $15 and
I'm gonna haul a 15.
Picture's already posted
on Instagram and Facebook.
Don't wait too long, it's a
limited time offer for a week.
- No thank you.
- Oh, it wasn't the
least bit interesting,
it was idiotic.
- Fair enough.
- I mean you weren't just
one of those dumb models,
if you were we wouldn't be friends but,
those photos were disgusting.
Well not you necessarily, but the photos
were fucking awful they were unbearable.
I can't tell you how glad I am
that you're done with that phase.
It's so ugly.
When you told me you got scouted,
I was so suspicious
that suddenly you wanted
to be famous.
- I just wanted good photos,
I never wanted to be famous.
- I've wanted to be famous.
- Yes you have.
- But no just famous for being famous,
to be recognize for what I do,
but, that doesn't interest me anymore.
God I used to be obsessed
with it but it's petty,
it innate it's for people
that need to get a life.
China has changed everything.
Wake up.
- Stop.
- Wake up Irene.
- Stop!
- Wake up!
- Stop.
- You're not famous.
- I know.
I know that.
Arthur called my modeling
pictures disgusting.
- Don't worry about the pictures,
you tried being who
people wanted you to be
and you learned to say no.
It's good.
It's normal.
Arthur loves criticizing you.
Now he's leaving, and I must say,
I'm really glad about that.
- Thanks for reminding me,
he's the only interesting person I know.
- He belittles you,
and when you're with him you
just lose all your confidence.
Look forget about him,
you're on different parts.
Come on.
(crickets chirping)
There we go.
- I've always wanted to look in here.
- I use to have to like erase everything
over and over again, and
then one day I just said,
you know what, why are you
second guessing yourself
when you have everything
you could fucking need
into yourself.
And once I did that,
once I gave into that,
there was no fucking stopping me,
on the last day of class,
professor professor Wyatt
says there's sentiment in your work.
The unteachable
magic fucking ingredient,
and like I got it.
- Wait, where's the sentiment,
- Oh yeah all the, that one.
Yeah that one, that one.
- I didn't that you even wanted to draw,
this seems like it's
really out of the blue.
- I know I never gave myself a chance.
- I'm sad that you're moving
so far away,
are you gonna miss me?
- I need a cigarette Oh
my god, I'm so excited.
I'm getting out of here wooh!
Hey you should come with me.
- To China?
- Yes.
Yeah you would love it there
you'll fucking love Beijing,
and you can make, you can
teach english there, and--
- But what about the language problem,
I don't speak Chinese.
- I could teach you all that.
- You can, you'll teach me?
- Yes.
- I had no idea you wanted
me to come with you.
- Of course I want you to come with me.
- Well in that case, I'll
study mandarin for a year
and just leave up.
- Are you fucking serious?
- I'm fucking serious.
- Fucking serious?
- I'm fucking serious.
This is crazy.
- It's so crazy but it's so right.
- I feel good.
- You feel good.
- This feels good.
- It feels right, right?
- I feel you.
- You feel me?
- And I feel this.
- You feel this?
- And it feels right.
- That's it, we're gonna live together,
we're gonna make art,
we're gonna be part
of the community.
I really didn't wanna leave you behind.
- Me neither, but we'll
have to convince my parents.
- Well, yeah, I'll take care of that,
I'll call them tonight,
- You will?
- Yes!
- Go call them.
- I'll call them tonight.
I'll make 'em an offer
they can't refuse.
- Oh yeah?
- Yeah I'm giving you the
life they never could.
- So?
- So what darling?
- What do you think about
Arthur, China, everything?
- Do you really need to ask me that?
You know I am not happy.
You're just following your friend
like you've done since
you were 10 years old.
- You don't think I could benefit
from moving to another country,
learning a new language,
immersing myself in a new culture.
- Absolutely, you know
that I'm all for that.
But why not think of going
to London, or Paris, Berlin.
- It's too easy,
everything's been done there.
I want a fresh start.
Arthur will help me
- So it's the same?
Oh, story, will you stop
dragging Arthur Arthur Arthur,
when will you finally
get a mind of your own?
He's feeling scared about
this whole thing
and of course he wants to
take you along.
Have a friend, have a buddy.
Somebody to support him.
I would like to see you
follow what you need to do,
and take the lead.
- Can I come in?
Can I come in?
- Come in yes of course you can come in.
You really don't have to knock.
- Mom and I talked about Arthur today.
She said that you
weren't too excited about
me moving off to China with him.
- And that couldn't have
been surprising to you.
- No, I guess not.
I thought about it, and
I think communication
is going to be a very
difficult all of my life,
wherever I go,
whatever language I speak.
- I mean don't understand
in general, other people.
- But I do wanna make something
that speaks to others.
- And what is that?
- I don't know yet, I
mean I haven't tried,
but I do want them to understand me.
I don't know.
- So you want people to understand you
and so you're moving to China?
Does that make sense?
- No.
- That's like really extreme.
- Yeah, but.
I wanna make something
that's important to me.
- That pleases you?
- Yeah.
- Yeah, that's like the place to start.
You know, I mean that's
what, that's what I do,
I make art because it's the only thing
that makes me happy.
If I'm not painting or
drawing I'm heartbroken,
you know, and you know
I'm sad most of the time
because I don't painy, you know.
- So you don't think I'll
find something like that
in China?
- No.
I don't.
- Okay.
- So my advice to you is to
find another something else.
Forget China.
Did you want my advice?
- I did.
- Is that why you came in?
- Yeah.
- Okay, well there it is,
now go, I have work to do.
(speaking in a foreign language)
Now imagine that everyday.
Are you impressed?
What's wrong with you?
Why are you walking away?
- I don't think I wanna live with you
if I end up moving to China.
- You don't have any other friends.
- Neither do you.
- Why are you being so mean?
Irene don't,
- That's it,
good, now some here.
Very good, just dump the rest there.
- Just dump it?
- Oh careful, hang on.
- Okay.
- Very good, thank you, good job.
- Nothing is happening for me here,
the gallery initiative is pointless,
my supervisor is a young american cunt
whose sole purpose in life
is to yell at me all day,
you get all the pollution,
the lack of basic
human courtesy, I need you here now,
why haven't you left yet?
- I'm not moving to China.
I'm making a movie.
- You're wasting time you're
still in your fucking bubble
your basically ancient.
- I'm writing my script everyday
and saving up with an office job.
- Fine, do whatever you
goddam want Irene, alright?
- Yeah.
- Fuck you anyway.
What am I doing.
I'm painting and writing in the language
of just some fucking delton,
I'm confused, I'm
confused about everything.
- Okay, so you don't wanna get into
mafane in china anymore?
(computer dinging)
(cat meowing)
- [Arthur] Irene I'm on TV here,
watch me.
(speaking in a foreign language)
I don't understand.
- I'm sorry one second.
- Can you throw this out for me?
- Oh sure.
I'm sorry if you wonder
or have any you know,
general inquiries then
you can just email us
Hi Shawn, yeah it's actually Trace's
but I'm gonna throw I away.
- Can I borrow a blue pen?
- A blue pen, I only have a black pen.
- You need to have blue pens
at your front dest, optiflow fine point,
just take this one.
- Hmm, you're welcome.
Glass call productions?
(soft upbeat music)
(audience clapping)
(soft electronic music)