Chempiony: Bystree. Vyshe. Silnee (2016) Movie Script

The film is based on real events
- So? Are we ready?
- Let's start?
Announcing the march-in.
Sveta! Let's go,
it's medal ceremony!
And I'll get the medal too?
How else?
Of course!
Calling over the participants of the
second senior degree competition!
The third place
Ekaterina Lisnevskaya!
Don't worry,
they'll call for you.
- Congratulations!
- Thanks.
The second place...
Elena Volkova!
And the first place -
Anna Zhelezovskayal
And the prize for the youngest participant
goes to Sveta Khorkina!
Take it! And the medal!
- It's chocolate!
- Thank you.
Hold on! - Congratulations, honey!
Thank you.
Hey! Why are you so sad? Ah?
Why are you crying?
What happened?
I'll be the strongest
and I'll be the first! Always!
So be it!
Sveta! It's time!
Beware, do not touch the floor!
Congratulations, honey!
Sveta! Congratulations!
Thank you.
Not bad for lanky girl, eh?
Pretty good! For this contest!
Congratulations! See you!
He is national team official. So?
Pack you bags, we're going to Moscow.
To Moscow?
To the training-center
of the national team.
Is it for a long time?
It's a chance to work
with the national team!
Do not string along!
Vertokhin! Harder!
Legs! Legs!
Come on! Faster, faster!
Finish was too long.
The training is over!
Go to the locker room!
Come on! To the locker room!
And who are you?
Sasha Popov - 1 "A" class.
Where are your parents?
My mother is handing in papers,
and I went to the pool.
That makes sense.
Dress up, we won't swim today.
I can't swim, but I really want to!
You will, don't worry!
And now, go to the locker room!
It's false start!
No wonder!
Everybody's nerves are short!
It's Olympic finals!
The President of the USA came here
to see the triumph of American sportsman!
But the victory of the American is contrary
to the plans of our celebrated swimmer -
three times World champion,
two times Olympic champion Alexander Popov.
Although we have to admit that Gary Hall
is in really good physical shape
and he set the best time
on the preliminaries.
And start!
Swimmers have 50 meters
to show who is the best.
Look! Popov and Hall are ahead!
But we can't tell who is leading!
It feels like Hall is ahead of Popov.
Come on! Come on, Sasha! Harder!
Yes! Sasha Popov came first!
And American swimmer
came in second!
Alexander Popov is four times Olympic
champion! This is victory, my friends!
Dear viewers!
Now you see Aleksandr Karelin -
three times World champion,
the Olympic champion,
the invincible wrestler
from Novosibirsk.
Do it, Sasha!
And Aleksandr Karelin secures the first victory
on his way to his second Olympic gold.
Get legs closer, Sasha!
Of course, Karelin effortlessly throws
the Cuban wrestler!
Come on, come on, come on!
Fall! Ahead-of-time win!
Romanian could not make it past 15 seconds
against our champion!
And we are going to see
the final wrestle
against 20 times champion of Sweden -
Tomas Johansson!
Let him have it! Hands!
Karelin and Johansson
have met more than once!
We may call them perpetual nemesis.
Bodyslam! Come on!
Come on! Come on!
Yes! Come on, Sasha!
Come on, come on!
And Karelin wins! Aleksandr is Olympic
champion! Two times Olympic champion!
Get off! It's my bed now!
I won't go anywhere!
What is it? My God!
By the way, Sveta
is not leaving for good!
Yeah, sure...
We need to pack your things...
Mum, I will come.
I thought you'll leave home
in 7 - 8 years, not now.
Maybe they won't take me
to the national team! I'll return in a week!
What are you thinking about?!
Everything will be fine!
Here! Take this!
What is it?
I sold my coupons.
We discussed this so many times!
I won't need money in the training-center,
and you can buy something for Julia.
It's breakfast time.
I made some cheese pancakes.
And what about washing?
Champions are born here.
You are lucky
they called you up!
Now you have to prove
that they were right!
Hey, newbie!
Come in, don't be shy.
I'm not shy.
Do you like it here?
And do you?
- Do you want to go to the Olympics?
- Yes, and not once!
The best that you can expect -
two Olympics!
If you are lucky! Some of us
won't even go out of here!
- You mean yourself?
- I mean such lanky girls as you!
Is it your girl in there?
Sveta! Come here!
Show us your bar exercises.
Sveta, put on wrist wraps.
She is too strapping
for artistic gymnastics.
Beautiful amplitude!
That's what I keep telling!
Will see...
Correct posture!
Knees! Knees to chest!
Don't stand idly, Khorkina!
Do over!
Drive! Knock!
Will it be so day by day?
Yes, if you want to go to the Olympics.
And what about school?
We learn and train here.
How often we can go home?
We are not eager to go home!
It's not safe to intercept training for a long time.
They'll call up another girl.
I saw your performance in Seoul!
Not bad.
Sweet dreams...
Wake up! It's training time!
Dear guests,
the winner of the Olympic Games,
two-time Olympic champion -
Aleksandr Karelin!
Can you say a few words about your
opponent - Thomas Johansson?
I'm ashamed of myself.
You see, I'm envenoming the life
of this fine man for the last five years!
What did you feel during
your fight at the final?
What is there to tell?
As boxers say,
I hit him,
he hit me,
I hit him and won!
Don't you get tired of winning?
I remember all of my defeats.
My last defeat in '87
on the national championship in particular,
so I can't
get tired of winning!
There is no place to stand here!
Are you alright?
Yes! I wrote it all down! I hit him,
he hit me - it's all here!
Your question?
Well, you've got a question?
Yes, of course!
Wrestling is hard and...
I agree, and what is your question?
Do you get overtired after matches?
It depends.
I see, you are tired already.
To be honest, yes.
So many people.
- Don't you want to go in for sports?
- Thank you, I'll think about it.
Once you said - one should be greedy for
life! What is that supposed to mean?
It's like legal egoism -
you have to excel in everything,
but don't step on other's toes.
Churchill said it's luxury. Yes! But
this luxury gives you inner freedom.
I think we shall conclude
our press conference.
You have read Churchill?
Yes! I highly recommend!
Read at your leisure.
Hello! It's me.
Call Maris.
Oleg took him to an amusement park.
Tell him that I called.
And congratulate him, tell him I'll come
and bring him present in a couple of days.
Tell him I'm sorry I couldn't come.
It's okay. He got used to it.
Great question, colleague!
Hello! It's Janis!
Did you interview this Russian or not?
Not exactly. I went to press conference,
asked a couple of questions...
Janis, we arranged a personal interview!
Why were you late again?
I had some issues!
Is it so important?
Janis! I promised the minister to public
this interview! What do you think?
I don't know!
I think he had flown home already.
You have to fly there
and interview him! Damn it!
To Moscow?
He lives in Novosibirsk,
go there - fly the first flight!
Maybe somebody else can do it?
I'll hire another reporter
instead of you and he
will fly to Novosibirsk!
Do not worry, Janis!
Sasha! Do you know what time is it?
They are waiting for you in Kremlin!
Okay, let's...
he who is out of the pool last, he...
He is first at the finish!
Come on, enough talk!
Good phrase!
Okay, okay, Darya!
And what about your sports diet?
I have not eat anything since
the very morning! I'll drown!
I'll save you!
If I'm near.
Very funny, I appreciate it.
The national team really needs you.
Sash! Hand that plate over, please!
All for you!
Did you hear the news?
Mavrodi is going to be the President?
No! Rise in pitch! Tomorrow is my
- Congratulations!
- Thank you! But it's early!
Tomorrow you will come to Alexander Gardens
and congratulate me properly.
I'm afraid I can't.
There is the riverwalk near!
What if I'll drown?
Yes! Sasha, you have to come!
Katya and I will be happy! Just for awhile!
Well, we'll see.
Hello, Mammy!
Sveta! How are you?
Did you settle in?
It's okay.
A little bit hard,
but it's always so.
Do you want me to visit you?
Really? You and Dad
do not go anywhere at all!
We had no reason!
Okay. Are you alright?
We're fine! Don't you worry, honey,
everything will come out fine!
How do you know? It's different level,
they can kick me out!
If so, they are fools!
And you...
Don't worry!
You'll come back home!
I don't want to come home!
I mean...
I know...
I love you!
And I love you too! Bye!
Some more...
Point toes!
Once again!
Okay, enough for today!
Sveta! We're done!
Boris Vasilevich, there are a lot of
talented gymnasts here...
And you are too strapping
for gymnastics, you see?
But what if we try to turn your
disadvantages into advantages?
If we lay stress
on your favorite elements?
If we fill your performance
with beautiful choreographical elements
and organize it
so that you would relax
before the execution
of the most difficult elements?
Gymnastics of the future, eh?
Excuse me,
I hope I'm not in the wrong place.
I was told
I can find Aleksandr Karelin here.
Yeah, that's right!
I'm Janis, journalist from Latvia.
- Victor Mikhailovich.
- Nice to meet you!
Do you know Karelin?
A little bit. I'm his personal trainer
for the last 10 years or so.
I have to interview him!
Did you make an appointment?
No! But he made a deep impression on me
in Barcelona.
Oh, yes! Turn-over with body hold
and a fall!
That's it!
And so I'm here.
Come along!
It can't hurt to warm-up!
And here is Sasha.
Thank you!
My name is Janis, we talked
at your press conference.
Yeah, I remember you!
You have decided to go in for sports?
I flew here halfway around the world.
Our town is beautiful, you'll like it.
I have to interview you!
Let's talk some other time,
I have to practice!
Sasha, we need a player.
Is it okay, if I come in half an hour?
I'm really pressed for time.
- Who is it?
- Journalist.
Maybe he'll play?
No, he's not good enough.
No offence.
Why? I played at school,
if you need I may lend a hand.
Have you ever played with wrestlers?
No, but I played with basketballers,
I don't think it'll be harder.
Guys! We have a newbie!
Be careful with him!
Have you heard about rules?
It's wrestler's basketball! Let's proceed?
Come on!
I got it!
If you survive, you win!
You are good.
I don't feel anything!
It's good, when you feel,
it starts to hurt.
So the worst is ahead...
You need to interview me?
My editor needs it, he promised
the minister... It's a chain really...
Are you sports journalist?
I don't know much about sports,
to be honest. I'm a writer.
Could I read your books?
There was a vacancy in the magazine and
I agreed - they pay some money...
Have you found a place to settle in?
I came here from the airport,
I haven't looked for a place yet.
Don't worry!
You'll come up with something!
Take you bag. We'll settle you down
at the sports dorm and talk tomorrow.
- Hi there!
- Hi!
Welcome the four times
Olympic champion!
- Hello!
- Hi!
Congratulations! Look, I'm just for
a minute. This is for you.
Katya, take a picture of me and Sasha!
Sash! We have no photo in clothes?
- Really?
- Only in swim briefs.
- What will people think, eh?
- Let's take away the bottle...
Come on! Steady!
- What?
- Can I have a word with you?
Of course...
You are in the national team
and so am I...
You have to understand.
Let's touch on that, please...
I like you very much, but...
but I'm not ready
for meaningful relationship...
Romantic heartbreak, yes?
No, nothing to it...
But my life is sport and...
You know, there is one problem...
What is it?
You are not ready
for meaningful relationship,
and I'm not ready
for casual relationship, you know?
- So I made it all up?
- Yeah...
- Let's start dating in 4 years.
- Hmm...
And at what time?
Right after the Olympic Games in Sydney.
At three o'clock!
Thanks for coming by!
Come on!
We rarely get to walk!
Do you like Dasha?
Well, yeah...
If you like her, marry her!
You know, my life is all sports now.
Family will distract me.
On the contrary!
My family helps me a lot!
On 27th. And you?
Who knows? Maybe soon...
Hi, chicks!
Hop on! Let's have a party!
No, thanks.
Come on! We are cool boys!
Come on, come on, slow down!
Hey, don't put on an act! Come on!
Get your hands off!
Sasha, don't...
Go back!
How are you?
Sasha! You are alive!
Hitch a ride!
- Please, stop!
- What happened?
- Where to?
- To the Skiff!
We'll follow you!
Come on!
Do you hear me? Sasha!
Everything will be fine!
Remember, you told me
we'll be together in 4 years?
You can't deceive me, do you hear?
Sasha! Do you hear me?
Sasha, breathe, please!
- Sasha!
- You can't go there!
Blood pressure 90/60.
- Tampon!
- Here!
One more!
Blood pressure is dropping.
Come on!
I'm swimmer!
I need to go to the Olympics!
- I know!
- Help me.
Can we begin?
Make incision along the muscle!
It's too risky in this case!
Nobody does so!
Let's begin, eh?
Why are you here?
Why can't I visit my dear daughter?
Mammy! I miss you so much!
And I miss you!
Look, I need to go for a training now.
Wait for me in my room, okay?
I came just for one day!
I need to go home in the evening...
I know, mammy! I'll be right back,
I promise! Okay?
- Okay, mum, bye-bye!
- Okay, run!
- Hurry!
- Bye!
Line up!
My name is Leonid Arkaev.
From now on
I'll carry your training!
You can forget
about your former merits!
I have one approach:
only the strongest at the moment
will be called up to the national team!
Trial in a week and then we'll form
the Olympic team!
A lot of work, hardships and nerves
just to go to the Olympics...
And zero tolerance!
Only tough discipline
and hard work!
Go and warm up!
Dear daughter, I couldn't wait further,
I'm sorry. I have to catch the bus.
We're fine. Your Dad wanted to come,
but had to go to work.
Julia works out,
she wants to be like you.
We're missing you so much!
Sveta! Keep the faith! Be strong!
You'll make everything fine!
You are my champion!
I hope, next time we'll have more time.
Hugs and kisses, mother.
Will I swim?
I don't know.
Doctor said the knife penetrated
into your back on 15 cm
and wounded
your lung and kidney.
- Good morning, young people!
- Hello.
- Let's examine your wound, okay?
- Yes.
Hello, Gennady Gennadievich!
Okay, turn over on your side.
Easy. Okay, okay.
Well, how are you feeling?
Can you talk?
When will I swim?
Your muscles were not damaged severely.
I did all I could, so you can swim.
But I'm afraid,
you won't swim professionally.
But you never know.
You better take some rest.
Sasha! Sash, you must hold on! Yes?
I want to stay alone.
Okay, it seems to work...
Define yourself with one phrase?
Wrestler from Novosibirsk.
Who did you want to become
when you were a child?
A truck driver.
A truck driver...
- What are you proud of?
- That I'm Siberian.
What's most important for you?
All in all?
My family,
my country,
graves of my forefathers...
All at once!
What grades did you get at school?
Normal grades.
No, your answers are too short!
Tell me more!
Keep up!
- Where are you going?
- Jogging!
When I got into technical school,
our mentor was shocked
when she saw I could talk.
But wrestling made me read more
and think more.
Wrestling is the art of excellence not only
in technical equipment or physical weight,
but also in thought.
This is the process of overcoming oneself
and the surrounding world.
Do you use weights while jogging?
I'm just curious.
When you get tired, we'll switch!
What books do you read?
Who is your favorite writer?
I like Russian classics - Dostoyevsky,
Kuprin, Bunin. It depends on the mood.
What did you write?
Something horrible, mostly...
Horror stories?
No... It was written awfully...
But don't worry,
the article about you will be good.
All right!
And maybe it won't...
A struggle is the bedrock of life.
A struggle with your rival,
struggle with yourself.
Some people
are struggling with illnesses,
some - with a lack of self-belief,
you know?
You can never give up.
And your family?
Does it interfere with your career?
My family supports me.
It's my reliable base,
it has never been a hindrance to me!
Only great support!
And they know it!
I have a son, Maris, he is 6.
Well, then you understand me.
My wife and I are divorced,
so I rarely see him.
Hop on!
It's my turn, I'll try my best!
Try to keep up!
Where is Khorkina?
Are you ready? You are next.
What's with your back?
It hurts now and then.
Okay, we need time to recover.
Boris Vasilevich!
I'll do it!
Tough nut!
Everything is clear here.
- How are you?
- Hi!
As you can see.
Dasha, please, do not
come here so often.
But I'm not alone today.
What do you mean?
Guys! - They wanted to meet real Olympic
champion and I thought about you...
Hello, guys!
How do you do!
Why are you so shy?
Come on, ask your questions!
Can you show us your Gold medal?
But I... I didn't bring it here, guys...
I brought it!
- Wow!
- Cool!
May I hold it?
- Wow!
- Super cool!
Dasha, I...
I won't...
You will!
Guys! Do you want to hear how
Alexander Popov won this Gold medal?
Good! Hump along!
Don't let him start!
Good! Up! Okay!
Look and learn -
the championship is near at hand
and Karelin can't came out
in your stead!
Come on, come on! Up!
Sasha! What happened?
It' okay! Okay!
The examination showed
that you have rib contusion.
If you increase your work
load, you'll get fractured rib.
The championship is in a month,
is it enough to recover?
Absolutely not!
You need more time!
We'll miss this championship.
You're the main contenders
for the Olympic team.
But two of you will be sent down.
Olympics is a team contest
SO everyone's score counts.
I have my doubts
about the physical condition of Khorkina.
It's a sport.
Everyone has some kind of injury.
She has a back problem
but it's solvable.
The following girls are going to the Olympics -
Galijeva, Dolgopolova, Grosheva,
Kochetkova, Lyapina and Khorkina.
There will be the World championship
after the Olympics.
Work hard and we'll go together.
I failed to make it to my second Olympics.
You're not going to give up, are you?
When was the last time
you went to the movies?
Back in Belgorod.
When did you visit your parents
in Belgorod?
A long time ago.
When was the last time
you got enough sleep?
There's another life, you know.
What are you going to do?
I'll go home
and sleep through the next month.
Then I'll come up with something.
Sport is supposed
to occupy all your thoughts.
That is not the case
with me any longer.
So take care of your back.
I'll be rooting for you.
Nobody's used our gym
for quite a while.
It seems nobody used it at all.
Thank you.
Why aren't you at a workout?
We've got a little break in our training.
Not bad.
A generation of the great wrestlers.
I used to collect newspaper cuttings
about them.
The young always need support.
I'm sorry you won't be able to go
because of your injury.
It happens.
I'm going today.
I promised to take my son
to an amusement park.
You've shown me no moves.
Give me your hand.
What? Right here?
This is the first move wrestlers do.
Every bout begins with
a strong, confident handshake.
Wrestling is a way of life
as well as a sport.
It's been a pleasure meeting you.
Say hello to your son.
Are we going home?
No, to the pool.
Are you sure?
Yes, I'm sure!
It won't be easy.
It's okay.
- Time it, Gennadievich.
- Okay.
Sasha, take it easy for another month.
You have to get your strength back.
It's okay.
I just tested the water.
It's all over again.
We have the first World championship
as the Russian team coming.
It means the world is looking
forward to your mistakes
or even defeat.
But it only makes us stronger, right?
In short, we'll have to go
and win this championship. Is it clear?
What about Karelin?
He has an injury.
He's not going.
Why are you so sad?
- What are you doing here?
- I'm okay now.
Doctors happens to be wrong, too.
The injury wasn't serious.
- We're going to the championship, right?
- Yes!
This is the first championship
for the Russian team.
And you're a symbol
of our invincible country.
If you lose, the whole country
will lose, too.
My country is them,
these guys.
Everyone of them.
They have everything to win.
They just need confidence.
That's our task.
So I'm going with them.
Sasha, it's too risky.
You've never lost.
I'm ready.
I'm going.
- What are you doing here?
I'm at the training camp here.
Just came to see you to the Olympics.
- How are Mum and Dad?
- Nervous. Call them more often.
- Are they okay?
- Yes!
Mum is upset a little that she couldn't talk
to you when she visited you.
She's worried about you.
We have to check in.
- I have to go.
- Okay. Don't sweat it.
- Tell them I'll come after the Olympics.
- Okay.
- Bring more medals.
- Deal.
Dear viewers! Today Atlanta hosts women's
individual all-around finals.
We're supporting our gymnasts.
They begin their performance
at the Olympics with the uneven bars.
The athletes are on the stadium now.
The public is cheering them.
By the way, the american gymnasts
have strong support from local fans here.
It won't be easy for our girls.
But we are sure they are going to win.
And now Svetlana Khorkina
is about to start her event.
Sveta had an old back injury but she has
no health problems now, as far as we know.
Let's wish her good luck.
The leader of the Russian team!
She won a gold medal for our team!
Nobody could compete with her!
We hope it's not your last gold.
And we look forward to seeing you
at the next Olympics in Sydney.
You won't probably see me in Sydney.
I'm thinking about retiring from the sport.
- Why?
- I'm an Olympic champion.
My childhood dream came true.
Now I want to be with my family
and take it easy.
Thank you.
Excuse me.
Did you know Khorkina
was going to retire after the Olympics?
No, I had no idea.
But I think she's not done
with gymnastics yet. Excuse me.
Elbow! Elbow!
Watch the breathing!
Keep the rhythm.
Harder! Stroke!
Keep working.
Come on, Sasha!
Aren't you tired of taking care of me?
Yes, I am.
But you'll lose it without me.
Come on!
Well done!
It won't be long before
you bounce back.
It's a long way off.
Come on! Keep working!
Elbow! Keep working!
I'm sure you'll make it!
You'll be swimming even better than before.
Do you remember our talk that night?
We decided to start dating after the Olympics.
Of course I do You said you were not ready
for a serious relationship.
And you said you weren't ready for a casual one.
The Olympics are a long way off.
Let's not put it off.
But you said it would distract you.
A family will only help!
I think.
So do I.
Will you marry me?
- Good morning.
- Good morning.
Are you awake?
Mind you, I let you sleep
here only because of
your return. It's my place.
I got used to it.
Well, get used to not having it.
Sveta, our town congratulate
you on your victory!
Thank you.
What's changed in you life
after you won the Olympics.
Way of life.
Now I'm a student
at Belgorod University, for one.
- Is it hard to be a student?
- Not so much.
I'm at the faculty of physical education.
I used to be a gymnast so it's not that hard.
It's interesting.
Many former athletes struggle
with adapting to a regular life.
How are you dealing with it?
I know what you mean
but I spend much time with my family
and I'm happy.
Hang on!
Come on!
Well done!
Do you miss the sport?
Yes, I do.
But I've started the new phase of my life.
Sveta, let's go out.
I don't want to.
I'll take your coat then.
The leader of the Russian team!
let's go packing.
We're waiting for our legendary wrestler
Aleksandr Karelin to show up.
This is his first bout at the championship.
But I'm sure Aleksandr is going to win.
So the fight begins.
Let's wish Aleksandr Karelin good luck.
We need a solid victory!
This is the first official
competition where
our team competes under
the flag of Russia.
Sasha! Sasha!
He won! Aleksandr Karelin
secured his first victory at the competition!
A rib!
Tomorrow Karelin
meets his archenemies,
20-time champion of Sweden,
world champion Tomas Johansson.
You have to stop.
Do you feel the taste of bile?
The rib's broken
and it's pushing the liver.
Sasha, you have to quit.
No, it's okay.
do you realise the consequences?
I think I do.
Doctor, don't worry.
Just be around.
Why are you looking at me?
You heard him.
Don't tell anybody.
What is it?
It's my article in a local paper.
Can you read it?
Karelin personifies
the real champion's bravery and spirit.
Inspite of the doctors' warnings
he went to the World Championship
to support his wrestling team competing
under the flag of Russia for the first time.
You cannot but admire
his courageous decision.
Karelin symbolizes
invincible Russian spirit.
What? You didn't like it?
Yes, I do. A little bit pretentious, though.
But all in all, it's great. Thanks a lot.
Maybe Johansson hasnt read it.
Is it your last official competition?
Yes, I'm going to finish
my professional career.
I'm not getting any younger. There's no better
place to do that than at the World championship.
Especially, here, at home.
I promise to end my career with triumph.
Leonid Jakovlievichl
Hello! Hi!
You are back already.
Have you missed us?
We've got plenty
of new young girls here.
Talented, vigorous.
Workout in ten.
Get ready.
- Hi!
- Hi!
What are you doing here?
Haven't you quit?
- The Olympics is near at hand!
- You've been there.
I'm going once again.
We'll see.
Not bad.
The Olympics are a long way off.
You may get out of shape and somebody
may just pick up speed by that time.
You are right.
I might as way stay home,
hang out with friends,
go to the movies, fail to train.
But there's a problem.
I can't live without gymnastics.
- Sveta, can you watch me?
- Okay.
Let's go watch her.
Come on.
What took you so long?
- Are you okay?
- Yes.
Have you brought the passports?
Come on. They will marry us on 8th.
Sasha, hold on. Hello!
We need to talk.
Right now?
Yes, we need to talk right now.
I'm sorry.
What's the matter?
I'm not going to marry you.
I've been thinking...
I've helped you get back into shape.
I've been always around.
- I appreciate it.
- Well, that's the point.
You're a decent man.
Probably that's why you feel guilty.
I don't get it.
You feel guilty that I quit the sport.
But I was my choice.
you owe me nothing.
That's what I wanted to tell you.
Dasha, I'm really grateful
for all that you've done.
Thank you.
But I would never propose
just because you're a good person.
I love you. You see?
Then I'm pregnant.
Now a kiss! Kiss!
Kiss! Kiss!
- Well done!
- Thank you.
Everyone is trying hard to be as good
as you are. What do think of Volkova?
She's good. Timing...
balance... persistence.
She's just like you
when you were young.
What am I now?
Now you've got experience.
You are 20, after all.
Leonid Jakovlievichl
My goal is an Olympic gold.
And I'll do my best to get it.
We have the trials in a month.
Then I'll announce the team's list.
I don't know who's going to be in it.
I won't play favorites.
Vasilieva, heels harder.
Got it?
Mishenko, firm stand.
You know I can jump
with my eyes closed.
Be careful, all the same.
Coming up
an Olympic champion
Svetlana Khorkina.
Two-time Olympic champion
Aleksandr Karelin vs Tomas Johansson.
We got the information
that Aleksandr got a rib injury.
But we don't know
whether it's serious or not.
We wish him good luck.
We are sure that he'll win.
It's a very hard bout for Aleksandr.
It seems the injury is actually serious.
Our wrestler is struggling.
Shall we stop it?
One point to Johanssen.
This is his first point
in his many bouts with Karilin.
Yes! Two points to Karelin.
Our wrestler won't give up!
Yes! It was the famous Karelin Lift.
4 points to Aleksandr.
Score 6 - 1.
This is a victory!
That was the first and
only point Johanssen
managed to gain in all his
bouts against Karelin.
Are you in bed?
No, I'm going home from the gym.
- When is your flight?
- Tomorrow morning.
How far away is Sydney?
Well, it's about 20-hour flight
with a transfer.
Wow, and you'll have
to compete right away?
The opening is in two weeks.
Mum, what's up?
How are you? Are you okay?
I guess.
How's the training 90?
I'm totally prepared.
Don't worry.
Are you going right
- to the Olympic village from the airport?
- Yes.
Mum, what's going on?
I'm worried about you.
You're getting yourself worked up!
- Sleep well!
- Okay.
- I love you, mum.
- Bye.
Dear viewers, remind you
in case you just joined
us that this is The
Olympic Games in Sydney.
Vault, uneven bars,
balance beam and floor.
The best gymnast will be
an all-around champion.
And we all are sure
it will be Svetlana Khorkina.
Julia, it's on.
She qualified with the highest score.
Here comes our celebrated athlete!
Be careful.
It's a disaster. It boggles the mind.
How could it happen?
But the next event is the bars.
And Svetlana is known as the Queen of the Bars.
Hopefully, she'll be able to make up
ground on her rivals.
We will be rooting for our athlete.
It's not over yet.
The vault was set 5 cm too low.
We'll deal with it later.
We have two events to go.
Dear viewer,
it's Sydney again.
Right now Svetlana Khorkina is getting ready
to do her next event - the uneven bars.
Good luck, Sveta!
I'm speechless.
Her falls on the vault and bars ruined
her chances at Olympic gold.
I was shocked!
The athletes and officials
of all the teams have come to us.
Everyone knows
who is the real champion!
The individual events are tomorrow.
We'll train in the morning.
Where is Khorkina?
It's okay.
She's coming.
Do it!
Pretty good.
Are we done?
The last to leave the workout
is the first to the finish.
- Who said that?
- I did.
Come on,
800 meters more.
Have you got another saying?
If nothing hurts
don't take painkillers.
The first one was better.
- Really?
- Yes.
Your call, whatever.
Come on, 800 meters more.
800 meters more.
Dear viewers! We are live
from the European swimming championship.
It's hot in Seville and the swimmers
have already tested the water.
But that's not the point.
Today we're about to
witness the come back of
Aleksandr Popov, four-time
Olympic champion.
We remember about his terrible
wound that could have ruined his career.
As for me, it's not about
his winning or losing today.
His standing on the starting block today
inspires admiration.
A great dive!
Popov is getting a little ahead.
He's working hard.
Hopefully, he'll be able to keep his speed.
Popov seems to be in the lead.
Come on, Sasha!
Yes. It's a victory.
Aleksandr Popov is a European champion.
Sasha's come back!
- Aleksandr, how do you feel?
- Great!
Fantastic performance!
Did your wound bother you?
Sorry. I have to go.
Sasha, wait. Come on.
I'm okay.
Are you alright?
I'm fine.
- Shall I call the doctor?
- No.
You were great.
Next we have a relay.
We'll think of something.
I can do it.
Sasha, it's time.
- Are you still with that paper?
- No.
I quit a long time ago.
I've written a few books.
- Way to go!
- Now I'm finishing a book about you.
I called it "The Wrestler from Novosibirsk".
It's a good title.
Thank you for coming.
I'm not alone, by the way.
That's my family over there.
- Well, good luck.
- Thank you.
What's going on?
They gave a point to Sasha.
I have no idea what's going on now.
Go, go!
It was a judging mistake!
I didn't win. That means I lost.
The reason is irrelevant.
He competed with broken ribs
and severe injuries
and he never complained
or thought about giving up.
The Russian wrestling team
was the best team in Sydney.
It was the victory
of a new generation
that had grown looking
up to Aleksandr Karelin.
It was his victory.
Aleksandr Karelin,
three-time Olympic champion,
was awarded the title
of Hero of the Russian
Federation for his
outstanding achievements
in sport and courage shown
at the Olympic Games in Atlanta.
Karelin was named as the greatest
Greco-Roman wrestler of the 20th century.
He keeps supporting sports in Russia
and in his native city of Novosibirsk.
He never left it because
he's the Wrestler from Novosibirsk.
Karelin didn't win his fourth Olympic gold
but he wasn't defeated.
- Sveta, I'm here.
- Mum, where are you?
I'm here.
They don't let me in.
I'm coming.
- What are you doing here?
- It took me 30 hours to fly here.
You've cut your hair. So short!
I've seen what happened...
Mum, I doesn't matter.
Hang on!
You are the strongest.
You'll make it.
Everything will be okay.
I'm sure.
My baby.
Sveta, it's time.
Help her find a seat, please.
Thank you.
Medals will be awarded
in every events today.
We all remember Khorkina's
fall on the vault
resulting in her fiasco
in the all-around final.
And frankly
I'm worried about her.
Has the leader of our team been
able to recovered, especially emotionally.
Sveta! Sveta!
Yes, Sveta. Brilliant performance
of the Russian team's leader.
Svetlana Khorkina, Olympic champion,
became a two-time Olympic champion!
International Swimming Federation
is proud to present Aleksander Popov
with a special prize and announce him
the best swimmer of the decade.
what's the secret to your success?
That's easy. The last one to leave the workout
is the first to the finish.
What did he say?
Did your coach say this?
No, I did.
And my coach would say
'if nothing hurts don't take painkillers'.
But joking aside, I would like to thank
my coach Gennady Touretski with all my heart.
He's taught me how to swim twice.
but I'm grateful in a way
for what happened to me.
I managed to come back
and reconsider many things in my life.
I have no regrets.
I've gained more than I've lost.