Chennai Express (2013) Movie Script

Myself Rahul.
I am 40 years old.
Normally at this agein one's
life there comes a big twist.
I also experienced something big.
I mean, really big.
One that changed my life.
Actually let's star-tat
the very beginning.
Since I was a kid I have been
living in this house with my...
grandmother, motherand father.
My parents passed away
when I was eight years old...
My grandparentstook care of me.
When I was a child it was quite
obvious thatl was rather cute.
People would pull
my cheeks and say...
So Sweet!
And this sweetness was
in my grandfathers' shop.
Y. Y. Mithaiwala (Sweet Seller).
In Mumbai, the outlets of
our shop,surpassed the greenery.
Brother, please pack six samosasand
half a kilo of the fried sweet.
Brother! !
Why? Mithaiwalal!
And my grandfather would
also interferein my love life...
at times he would call...
and at times he himselfwould
show up in person in person.
I never got the chance
to be in a relationship,
..and clearly marriage
was out of the question.
Six, six! !
Rahul, did you see
the way Sachin plays! Wow!!
Though my grandfather was a
die hard fanof Sachin Tendulkar...
he never applied the
word 'die' in his life.
Time passed on but he did not.
All my relatives settled abroad.
And then came 2013.
My grandfathers 100th birthday!
Apart from my grandfather I have
two more tragedies in my life...
my friends Bobby and Salim.
Hi Rahul.
All set for Goa?
Once you reach there
don't be naughty at forty huh!
And both of you,
mind your own business!
Tanu, can you just
help me for a minute here?
What is this new story
you two have been cooking?
Not just the two,
this includes all of us.
Rahul, it's grandpa's birthday
but the gift is for you.
Hot NRI women!
I've already spoken to them.
In Goa we will be with themfor
a 6 days - 7 nights fixed package!
What son of friends are you?
One week!
How will grandpa
let me go for a week?
Just a minute.
He's an idiot!
- But you are also an idiot!- Rahul...
Come here.
Sir, you come with me.
Yes, grandpa.
Yes, you brought
me a gift didn't you?
You haven't yet opened the gifts
given byvimal, Renu and the others.
They are others, not ours'.
lam going to be a 100.
I will say very important things.
They only like me
because we're related.
You love me which
is why we are related!
I wonder what will
happento you once pass on.
Here we go! I've also
begunto talk about leaving...
its hardly my age
to talk of leaving...
Why do we talk about what
is to happen 20 to 25 years later.
Come on, give it to me.
A bat autographed by Sachin!
Come on, hit!
It was Rahu|'s idea to open
a franchiseof your shop in Goa.
Yes go ahead and open it.
Why are you wasting your time here?
Grandpa, we have already seen
an amazing land plot in Panjim.
We are going with Rahul
to finalize the plot.
Oh come on,
Sachin, hit it beyond the boundary!
Six! Sachin is on 99.
Sachin is on 99!!
Sachin is on 99!!
What grandma?
So much excitement for a century.
It's just a game.
He will make it again.
Both grandpa and Sachin
were knocked out at 99!
It was a strange feeling.
But then I read somewhere that...
a person's death is already
predestined before his birth.
I thought to myself
if what has to...
happen has already happenedwhat
difference does it make?
After all grandpa was alive since
the invention of all India radio.. the advent of Twitter.
He lived a good life.
That's it!
At that very moment...
I had made a decision.
Goa is on!
Grandma, I want to
do something more in life.
I want to do something
my hear-t tells me to do.
I cannot handle Y.
Y. Mithaiwala now.
Grandma, even I have some dreams.
Till now I've just let my age catch on.
But now I want to see
the world and learn things.
Grandma, I really want
to live life on my own terms.
Rahul, with the property you've already
begunto live life on your own terms.
Live your life the way you
want to,nobody is stopping you.
But you will have to do me a favor.
Yes tell me, grandma.
It was your grandfather's
last wish. ..
that after he died...
half of his ashes wouldbe
immersed into the Ganga...
and the other half in Rameshwaram.
Yes. I will go along with Anshuand
immerse his ashes into the Ganga...
but you will have
to go to Rameshwaram.. pour out the
other half of his ashes.
Grandma, me?
Yes, you!
This was your grandfather's last
wish, you will have to fulfil it.
This Rameshwaram
is at the end of India!
That too in the exactopposite
direction as Goa!
One minute guys!
Salim, give me that.
The waters of Goa must be
flowing up to Rameshwaram, right?
What do you mean?
What he means is that if we pour out
Grandpa's ashes in the waters of Goa...
It will eventually float
and reach Rameshwaram.
Yes, but Goa and
Rameshwaramare miles away.
Oh, we are going
to makethem coincide.
What does that mean?
Goa is on!
Yes, Rahul.
Bobby, change of plan.
What? You're coming to Goa right?
Of course, I'm coming.
But to fool grandma we have
to begin our journey by train.
Grandma is going
to come to see me off.
So in the next two hours..
...I will buy a ticket
to any train going to South India.
I will get on the train,and I
will get off at the Kalyan station.
You guys wait for me there,
we will travel by road from there.
Which means, Goa is on!
Let's go, grandpa.
Chennai Express?
Yes, Chennai Express.
As much as I know, I don't think
Chennai Express goes to Rameshwaram.
You did not understand.
Didn't I tell you that I want
to spend more time with grandpa?
So I am taking the long
routenot the wrong route.
I will get off at Chennai
and take the road to Rameshwaram.
do you know why I am taking
your grandpa's ashes to the Ganga?
It's because I don't
trust anyone here.
But I have complete faith...
that you will immerse your
grandpa's ashes withutmost.
..sincerity in the
waters of Rameshwaram.
I did not like lying
to grandma one bit.
But by then,
I had already done that.
Rahul, where are you, man?
We have already reached Kalyan.
Yes, I'm already in the trainafter
bidding farewell to Grandma.
I will be reaching shortly.
Rahu|'s arrived.
Rahul, where were you?
I've come, right?
Now it's going to be fun!
What happened now?
The ashes!
Granpa's ash!
No Rahul... No.
Rahul, listen to us!
No, It's okay.
I've done this before.
Actually I've. Sorry I should go.
Meenamma, what did you think?
That you could get away from us?
What you are doing
is totally wrong!
Don't try to preach to us.
Excuse me.
What are you guys fighting about?
People miss catching trains, because of
you people I missed my platform.
It's all right.
That's my seat.
My seat - um.
May I?
Thank you.
Sorry to you, sir.One second...
Take it out... nonsense.
I am sorry.
I am a little fat.
It's mine.
Rahul, where are you?
lam in the train.
In the train?
I didn't have the
chance to get out.
So, this is what
we are going to do...
we will meet at Karjat Station.
And listen...
don't worry about me...
I've got great company.
You found her, huh?
Yes, she is sitting
right in front of me.
What hair!
What amazing eyes!
What lips!
You are naming pans
of her body in front of her,
does she not have her sandals on?
She doesn't understand Hindi.
Hey wait,she's looking at me.
She's probably looking
at me with love.
Make sure you check
she's not blind.
Shut up man.
But its possible thatshe
may get blinded by my love.
Okay listen,
lets meet at Karjat Station na...
till then I Will
keep myself busy here.
I should be able to get her along.
When I saw you I knew my dear...
that love is crazy my dear...
Now where do I go...
What makes you thinkdon't
understand Hindi?
The ones who you helpedare
here to kidnap me.
I'm in big trouble.
So will you help me?
So that they don't
suspect anything...
talk to me through songs.
Grant me forgiveness,
for I have wronged you.
I had no idea you
knew the language.
I will do as you say now.
Since I've made a mistake,
I should pay the penalty.
Don't you worry!
I am here!
You sing.
So you go to... go to the toilet.
So you go to...
you go to the toilet.
but why are you sending
me to the toilet?
What is it that you intend to do,
tell me?
I will use your
phone to make a call.
I will inform my friends.
Toilet toilet... go to the toilet.
Call! Nature's call.
Hello, Nature? I am calling...
How are you?
you must not have
heardthe name before.
Nokia Lumia 920.
Advanced floating lens technology.
Fat boy pillow recharge.
Wireless recharging
docking station.
High quality audio
in retro styling.
Rupees 34,249.
Can I make a call from this?
Of course, you can.
Meenamma, what did you think...
You would call and
we wouldn't notice?
What the heck?
That was my phone.
My friends are waiting for me at the
Karjat Stationhow will I contact them?
35,000 rupee phone!
Okay... 34,249.
I will sue you!
That was my phone, my phone!
Meenamma, what is he saying?
It was his phone.
If I knew that earlier...
I would have thrown
him out with the phone.
What pai pai is he doing?
He's saying had they knownthe
phone belonged to you...
they would throw
you outwith the phone.
Oh really?
ls this your father's kingdom?
Are you trying to scare me?
Are you threatening me?
I will show you!
Enough! This is too much.
You have made me so
angry thatl will sit down.
And if I sit down don't think
I won't be able to stand up again.
And if I stand up don't think...
I cannot sit down again.
And I forgive you
for the mobile too.
I can buy out the entire
mobile company if I want to.
4G, 5G, I have a lot of money.
Poor people.
Brother, Ticket.
What ille? no?
Ticket No.
If you don't have a ticket
then you will have to pay a fine.
I have my ticket.
You call this a ticket.
If you don't have a ticket
then you will have to pay a fine.
From where have
you boarded the train?
Are they with you?
Listen to me very carefully TC...
don't take it easy
on these hooligans.
Something is very, very fishy.
I swear all four of them
are carrying long weapons.
These four friends have abducted this
girl and taking her very far away.
Very carefully.
Come on, get up.
Come, come.
Come on.
Hey... song?
Hey... song...
Now you will be in trouble.
You can go to jail
andplay ping pong!
You think you are King Kong?
What aaa?
Don't underestimate
the power of a common man.
And Meenammayou
are on my watch now.
Now the TC is on our side...
you see how he
straightens them out.
This is too much.
You all have made me so
angry that now I have to sit.
You sing and dance.
We are going by Chennai Express.
You laugh and cry.We
are going by Chennai Express.
Whatever happened with the TC,
you are the sol witness to it.
That is why you will come with usto
Komban village on Chennai Express.
On Chennai Express!
All my hearts wishes were
washed awaywith these ashes.
I had come to Goa to wash away the
ashesbut instead drowned the TC.
My friends tried
to get in touch with me.
But they could not
track me down because...
my 35,000 rupee cell phonewas
lying somewhere on a train track.
Okay 34,249!
I want to sleep.
Okay... you sleep.
check on the next station.
I am hungry.
what is happening?
I cannot understand a thing.
You are scolding your kidnappers?
And they are quietly
listening to you?
I'm confused!
I will clear your confusion.
Thank you.
Let me star-t by introducing myself.
My name is Meena Lochini
Adhaghu Sundaram.
Daughter of Durgeshwara
Adhagh Sundaram.
My father is a highly respected
manin the Komban area.
He is a... you know periyathalai.
Periyathalai... Teacher?
These four are listening
to my pechi because...
Talk... pechi.
So they were listening to me talk
becausetheyTe my father's goons.
Goons... goons?
Yes but don't worry
they are my cousin brother.
Oh! It's like that.
So mean okay!
You can't do that.
My father had asked them to kidnap
me and bring me back to Komban.
Oh God!
That means your father
is the Godfather of the South.
And he wants my
Kalyanam to be done.
You know marriage.
Yes, Marriage.
With Tangaballi.
Tingabilla? What is Tingabilla?
Yes, that is why I ran away!
I didn't understand.
Tangaballi is my
father's friend's son.
If I get married then my father
willown his friend's village too.
Then father will
become double powerful.
That's why my father
wantsto get me married.
I don't even want to get married.
He just doesn't understand!
Now did you understand
the entire situations?
This is your father, your goons,
your marriage; what's my fault?
The problem is also yours,
kidnappingis also yours...
that ppppaammbbb. . . kkambb
villageis also yours..
..and it's my neck on the line?
That means, what is yours is mine?
No, Meenamma.
People fly kites in the air, your goons
throw mobiles and TCs in the air!
I was quietly and
happily going to Goa.
Goa is on! But no!
Take the Chennai Express. Huh?
Now my whole...whole
life is ruined!
I am ruined!
At night I thought of running away!
When I opened my eyes in
the morning...
Will you have an ldli?
Just need to go.
Will you eat?
No, just need to go.
Why is he not eating ldlis?
Inspector sir...
Wake up...
Inspector sir.
I am being kidnapped.
Kidnapped by 4 cousin brothers...
Please come and catch them.
They are criminals.
What officer...
Did you hear thesound
of this chicken?
He said...
Have you ever heard chickens?
Check, if there anything to eat?
that policeman instead
of helping me, he...
my father's reign begins from here.
The policemen are helpless.
What? What do you mean?
It means that no one
can do any1hingto these four.
That means from here
onanything can happen to me?
That means I could
even lose my life here?
All you are saying is - yes!
Do you know you should never tell a
dying person that he's about to die.
At least give me some sort
of false hope that I will be saved.
You can be saved.
Feeling better?
Feeling better!
Now along with Grandpa's ashesmy
ashes will also be washed away.
I don't know whyl gave you my hand?
You gave me your hand?
In a bid to save myself I was running,
why did you help those four?
Had I known that your
brothers were goons...
I would have kicked them
instead of helping them.
Anyway, you are the root
cause of this entire problem.
Ever since you've come
into my life, my life sucks!
- What?- Sucks!
- Same here.- Okay.
Why have you come to me?
You've come to my side.
Forget about sides, Meenamma.
Come to the point.
ls there any way for the two
of us to get out? Tell me, please!
Yes, there is.
What is it? Please tell me...
But you will have to do as I say.
As if everything was
goingmy way till now.
I'll do it,
tell me what has to be done?
Once we reach Komban,
in front of my father...
whenever I look towards you,
you just nod your head.
Nod what?
- Head!- Okay.
Nod my head.
Nod my head.
I will eat idlis, I will eat dosas,
I will nod my head.
I will eat dosas...
I am okay...
Take the Chennai express.
Hey Chinna...
We reached our village... come!
Let's go.
why did he pull the chain?
When we arrive at my
village we pull the chain.
Don't worry, it's very common.
The station begins
from where we stand.
Come on!
Hey... move on!
Who is this?
How many times will
you try to escape!
Why are you doing this? For what?
I don't want to marry Tangaballi...
Meena kept making her
father understand, emotionally.
Her father heard
whatMeena had to say.
I am in love with somebody.
Who is he?
And I was...
And I was as clueless
as you all are.
He loves me too.
Am I right?
The plan was to just nod my head.
That is why...
After such a reaction
one thing was certain.
In the future, I wouldn't
be able to nod my head...
because it would be cut off!
My dear...
ls Tamil your mother tongue?
What is your father
asking meabout my mother?
He's asking youif Tamil
is your mother tongue?
Appa, he settled in the North...
I will teach him
Tamilafter our marriage.
Meena likes this boy...bring him.
Meenamma, I thought they
were going to kill me...
but your fathers goons
lifted me up on their shoulders.
Passing the parcel.
Shoulder to shoulder.
What did you say to them?
I just told them three lies.
You lied?
At least tell me what you said?
My first lie was that we are
very muchin love with each other.
My second lie was that we wanted
to get married to each other.
That's when you nodded your head.
Yes, I nodded. But that...
So all of them have accepted this?
The plan only worked
whenl told them the third lie.
What was that?
That you lived up north
since you were a child
which is why you don't know tamil.
He thought my story was genuine.
So they've gone to the villageto
decide about our future.
Not to decide on the future
but to destroy my future.
I am not going
to be a pan of this.
Hey brother...
Think about it Rahul,
I will get married.
But that is my problem!
Go brother go.
At first there were just
four of them running after you...
now the whole village
will chase you.
I did all this drama
so we could buy some time.
We will run away as soon
as we get an opportunity at night.
Run away...
Don't worry,| have a lot
of experience in running away.
My family.
Meena's small family reminded
meof the population in China.
Meena began telling them
the story of Chennai Express.
As the story progressed everyone
seemed to be more impressed with me.
But I was depressed.
My mind was stressed.
The place where I had arrived
wasa very dangerous one!
Everyone was treating me well.
But a goat is also well
fed before it is sacrificed!
98... 982136... 98213...
I've asked Bobby to geta
fancy number many times...
but no, he'll just be cheap.
All the mobile service providersl
tried to contact were all
to my brain...
This mobile technology definitely connected
uswith our mothers and sisters but...
it had also messedwith our heads.
At first when there
were no mobile phones...
then we would remember
all telephone numbers.
Now that we have a mobile
phonewe don't remember any numbers!
So when do we get out of here?
Meena, don't ignore this please.
This drama has gone on for
too long, it's quite enough now.
- I'm losing patience- Rahul.
Hello sir.
Coffee... I was asking...
Get him a coffee.
- Thank you, sir.- Coffee.
The food is ready, call everybody.
Madhi, come here.
Oh no!
Hey, you are so smart.
What are you jabbering on in Tamil?
Talk in Hindi.
Hey, you are very beautiful.
Wow, you learnt Tamil
in a day?I love you so much.
Hey... I am not this
sort of a guy..Please!
Mack .
They came.
We just followed them.
Let's go.
You naughty...
What's the hurry?
You naughtY!
Meena I want to get out of here,
please do something.
Do?? Naughty! !
Not naughty.
Doin fine?Vanakkam.
Oh man! Joking!
We need to take a decisionin
some of these matters.
A Punjabi? Here?
We need to take a
decisionin some matter.
So we should think
andtake a decision.
You are right...
but tell Meennamma that...
This Punjabi man
is speaking in Tamil.
with the boy she should not...
give me a minute...
This is just great,
you're Rahul right?
Yes, how did you know?
It's the work of policemen,
to identify a corpse.
A corpse? But I am still..
If it's not been done
a|ready,it will be done.
Anyways, myself inspector
Samsher from Punjab.
Okay, Sir.
Which pan?
Which pan?
The whole body my friend.
I'm in charge of this area.
You have a lot of guts.
Fell in love with Meena..
..knowing thatyou'|| be
in the bad books of Tangaballi.
Oh no, not at all.
People here have misunderstood.
Actually these guys
want to frame me.
You will be framed
up on this wall...
and a garland will also
be placedon your photograph.
No sir. This is against the law.
Here you go, you should have thought
about all this before falling in love!
I have heard that this time
somebody has come with Meena.
Yes! What can we do?
What is he saying?
Tangaballi is asking about you.
What is the father saying?
The father is saying
youare the one because...
of who Meena keeps running
away from home time and again.
Oh not me!
My marriage with
Meena was already fixed.
You are right my dear...
Now what is he saying?
The father is saying
his first choice for Meena.. Tangaballi but he is helpless.
What can he do if Meena'sfirst
choice is you!'?
- No, no... No...- Yes!
I am not here to decide
whatis right and wrong...
it's a prestige issue.
Sir, what is he saying now?
The father is saying that. solve this matter nowthey will
all get together and take a decision.
Not him, what is the giant saying?
He's saying...
Now it's not about
right or wrong...
It's a matter of his prestige.
If it's a matter of his prestige...
then why is he tryingto
take away mine?
Sir, don't worry.| can handle this.
Are you the one who
wantsto marry Meena?
At least hear him out...
Who do you think you are?A hero?
Its okay, he is joking with me...
If you are a real man,
fight with me!
Natural! God's giftlLike you...
We fight tonight...
If you win, Meena is yours...
If I win Meena is mine.
What do you say?
Yo Bro.
He is so tall right!
What gibberish was he talking?
I can't hear you - please
speak up.Don't be scared.
He has challenged you.
You and he will
have a fight tonight.
Whoever wins, will get Meena.
My friend you have
justaccepted the challenge! !
But I don't even understand Tamil,
I just nod my head.
You came here alive.
You will not leave here alive.
Never sir.
I will cut you into several
pieces and parcel it.
Tingu sir, that's what I'm saying, peace,
love, affection, friendship, Gandhi.
Why didn't you tell me
what he was saying before?
You were tickling me instead!
Let's see.
We will see.
We will see.
Who is stronger.
Who is stronger?
What do you mean
who is stronger, sir?
I am not at all strong.
Make them understand.
I know there's a little problem.
A little problem?
The fight has been fixed for
tonightwith that TV tower Tingu.
And your father also wants to find out
who amongst the two of us is stronger.
Yes, strong...
Look Meenamma...
if I get angry...
Then what will you do Rahul?
I will commit suicide.
I will consume poison,
tie a noose around my neckand.. run over by
the Chennai Express.
The train is calling me.
Rahul... Rahul!
Don't panic.
- But he's so tall.
I will make a plan
to run away tonight.
He's very hairy and scary.
Till then you remain normal.
No I cannot remain normal.
Normal Rahul
- Normal !- Okay.
I am normal.
You place a time bomb inside
a personand ask them to be normal!
Okay, I am normal.Hi, I am Normal.
You must have heard
that name before.
- Yes.
So many people.
They are preparingfor
your fight with Tangaballi.
I know... but how are we goingto get
away with so many people around?
Don't worry.
My escape plan is ready.
It's ready? What is it?
You just go out and behave normal.
- I am normal.- Normal.
I will come in a
while and signal to you.
Then the two of us will run away.
Till then you don't
make any mistakes.
No mistakes.
I am normal.
No mistakes.
Dude, where are you going?
You are the one for me.
Come and hug me
My body craves for you
Hey I don't know Tamil.
Okay, should I sing in Hindi?
Just a second...
My exotic beauty
I have veiled it
And brought it for
youhidden it from the world
I am stuck between
the deviland the deep sea
Will someone tell me what to do?
I wonder who has cursed me
How have I landed
here - in this situation?
Don't worrybe happy
Come and groove on the beat
1 2 3 4 - get on the dance oor
1 2 3 4 - get on the dance oor
Booty shake, booty shake
Dappan goothu hard
coreLefs dance hard core
Move your shoulders up and down
Move your body all around
Give me... give me... give megive
me... give me... give me spme more
1 2 3 4 - get on the dance oor
Booty shake, booty shake
Dappan goothu hard
coreLefs dance hard core
Move your shoulders up and down
Move your body all around
Give me... give me... give megive
me... give me... give me spme more
I can sense trouble.
There seems to be bad
luck writtenin my future
My walk is the focusof
everyone's attention
Don't hide your racing hear-t
from me, don't act like a saint.
The tinkling of your ear
ringscome as a warning bell to me
1 2 3 4 - get on the dance oor
Booty shake, booty shake
Dappan goothu hard
coreLefs dance hard core
Move your shoulders up and down
Move your body all around
Give me... give me... give megive
me... give me... give me spme more
1 2 3 4 - get on the dance oor
Booty shake, booty shake
Dappan goothu hard
coreLefs dance hard core
Move your shoulders up and down
Move your body all around
Give me... give me... give megive
me... give me... give me spme more
I don't care if your
name is Pushpaor Champakali
I would rather run for my
lifethan stick around with you.
where ever you go,you
will hear the -1, 2, 3, 4
1,2,3,4 listen to it hardcore.
All doors are closed my
friend,talk less, dance more
1 2 3 4 - get on the dance oor
Booty shake, booty shake
Dappan goothu hard
coreLefs dance hard core
Move your shoulders up and down
Move your body all around
Give me... give me... give megive
me... give me... give me spme more
1 2 3 4 - get on the dance oor
Booty shake, booty shake
Dappan goothu hard
coreLefs dance hard core
Move your shoulders up and down
Move your body all around
Give me... give me... give megive
me... give me... give me spme more
Meena Lochini Azzadddddha Sundaram.
Meena Lochini Azzadddddha Sundaram.
Addresses are shorter
than this name!
I had gone on a holiday,and
you took me on a trip!
No, I won't nod my head now.
Hey pot King!
Why are you sitting on
that bike and staring at me?
I had full plans of having fun,
because of your ashes...
I've gotten into so much trouble.
Grandpa, I had full plans to immerse
your ashesin the waters of Goa but...
you changed my entire plan!
Why? Y. Y. Mithaiwala?
Hey brother...
Hold this!
You were scaring me by
showing me your gun, weren't you?
Now I will also showyou
something. Look!
Saw that? Can you do that?
No right?
That's because your three
Michellin tyres come in between
Hey Don!
You threaten me?
Can you do this?
No right? So then?
Mr. Durgeshwara
Azzadddddha Sundaram.
Tamil is not my mother tongue!
Enamma Kanne?
You have become a referee?
You fixed a match
betweenTingu and me.
Where's Tingu, where's...
bring Tingu.
Hey you black cloth
hanging on a hanger!
Will you fight with me? Why?
You are so tall and I'm so small.
Okay you can fight...
but before that show
me if you can do this?
Tingu look... Can you do this?
Catch him.
Tangaballi, can you do this?
- Hey Sir!- Rahul.
What has happened?
You and me will
have some buttermilk!
I will have some
buttermilkpome on get up!
Come on get up!
Okay, sir.
Oh! You are completely drunk.
Hey don't fall again!
Come here sit.
Sit, listen...
The station is
on the opposite side.
Tomorrow morning at 5:30 you
need to leaveby the first train.
And don't tell anyone
that I helped you.
It's a secret.
Yes and let it remain a secret.
Else, the entire village
will cut me into pieces.
The rest, the Almighty will
take care of. Now, go to sleep.
Oh my God! Earthquake!
Life of Pi?
Hey! Look!
How did you come here?
From where have you come?
Where is this boat going?
Sri Lanka.
Sri Lanka! Why?
To get diesel.
Have you gone mad? Why are you
going to Sri Lanka to get diesel?
We're going to Sri
Lanka to smuggle diesel.
Smuggling! But that is illegal.
Everything is fair
when one has to survive.
If the Sri Lanka Marine
police catch us,we will be jailed.
If the Indian Marine police
catch us,we will be jailed here.
If police don't
catch us,all is well.
Oil is We||!!
Help me,I've gotten
on to the wrong boat.
Bring out the gun.Get me the gun.
Why are you taking out a gun?
This is illegal.Don't do that!
Very good, sir, well done, sir.
Catch them and arrest them.
You're the first smuggler who
isso happy about being arrested.
No, sir.
I'm not a smuggler.
Smuggler and me'?I
am not with them, sir.
lam an Indian, sir.
Okay. Then show me your passport!
Passport! Why, sir?
To verify whether you
are an Indian or Sri Lankan.
These are international waters.
International waters!
But sir, I am not with them.
ltalk in Hindi, Sir, Hindi!!
We can also talk in Hindi.
Listen in Hindi!
We all speak in Hindi!
Sir, he's one of our men.
And you are my woman!
Shut up.
What are you looking at?Arrest him.
What does that mean?
They say if you suffix word,
Ji, ( Yes)to any other word...
you gain respect.
Reiu... M.
I did not gain anything!
Here my fate was being written
by my grandpa sitting in heavens...
whereas Meena's fatewas
being written by her father.
He decided to get hermarried
off to Tangaballi.
Meena was neither happy
with it nor was it her choice.
Who would have thought
that the tip of India...
would begin a new chapter
in Meena's and my life.
Brother, what are you
looking at with such fear?
ls this yours?
I'm sure there is RDX in this.
He is... no he was!
I mean it was!
My grandfather is in it...
I mean my grandfather's
ashes are in that.
Allow me to show you.
Don't move.
Okay, Sir...
I have been telling you thatl
am not a smuggler, haven't l?
I'm an Indian.
My name is Rahul
and I'm not a terrorist.
You know, sir I came from Mumbai to
immerse my grandfather's ashes, that's all.
I told the police
everything truthfully.
My history.
The geography of my travel.
And my chemistry with
the people of Komban.
After hearing all this, allthe
Marine police officer said was...
So, the people of
Komban know you, right?
Hello sir!
Hello, dummy.
So nice to see you...
your fellow brothers
are droppingme to Mumbai.
Give me a hug!
You left me right?
Because of some smugglers
I went away to Sri Lanka.
You didn't go away.
You came back...
to Komban.
How can that happen?
Look there...
All the best.
Brother, me too.
Catch him.
What are you doing, man?
Sir, please leave
me for heaven's sake!
Namaste, sir.
Do you know him?
Know him?
We know him.
He is our family member, isn't it?
Yes, he is one of us.
Hey, where had you disappeared?
There's such tension
since you went missing.
Oh family! !
So you are an Indian after all.
I will release you here and leave.
you cannot leave me here and go.
I am Sri lankan.
I am Sri... Devi
Ennama kannu...
No, sir I meant, Periyathale sir...
What... hanger?
I meant strong sir.
Michellin Tyre?
No, sir.
Chewing gum, huh?
Sweet, sir. I mean sweet.
Do not step forward.|
am warning you.
I will cut all bonds of friendship.
Hold this.
Nobody come forward.
If anybody comes forward, I will...
cut myself.
Okay, cut yourself.
Cut yourself.
I will cut Meenamma.
I will cut Meenamma.
Meenamma, open the door.
Don't move any of you!
What do I do?
Sorry, Tingu sir.Sorry.
Catch him.
Come on, get out.
First you get drunk and
run away all by yourself.
Then you get into
troubleand use me to...
get out of it and then
you say get outof the car.
Yes that's what I said.
Get out please.
I won't get out.
This car belongs to my father.
If you don't get out,
I will take you back there.
Then from Miss you will become Mrs.
Before that, from Rahul
you will become Late Rahul.
No! I mean, I don't think
there'sany parking here, lets go.
What happened?
Has the vehicle broken down?
No, who told you that?
What is with the smoke, then?
The car is smoking a cigarette.
And do you know why I came outside?
I thought to myself, that.
...I could wait andrelax
here and Tangaballi would come by.
And, when he does come,
the threeof us can play together.
Can't you see?
Your father's car is
even worse than your Hindi.
You have wrecked the car!
Don't call this a car,it'd
be a sin to call this a car.
This car has saved your life.
It's not a car, it's a wreck!
My father's favorite car!
Catch it, Rahul...
Catch it,
RahuLWhat are you... run.
It's Appa's favorite car,
Oh no!
Here you go...
Here, Meenamma baby.
Your father's favorite car.
Actually the problem wasn't your father's,
neither was it his wrecked car...
the problem is yours.
You see wherever you go, you carry
a free trouble pack along with you.
Bad luck!
Actually you are like a black cat.
Worse than a black cat!
If you cross the path of the black
cat, the black catwill get cursed.
Then why are you with me?
Why am I with you?
Why are you with me?
Please, Meenamma. Stop stalking me.
From now on.l will go my way,
you go your way!
Fine by me.
But by the way. You stole the car
and drove in the wrong direction.
Now we have only one way out.
You will have to cross
Komban again! Komban!
Don't scare me with Komban.
If you are not with me,
I will manage on my own, like this!
There's no word called
impossiblein my dictionary.
Really? From where did
you buy sucha rubbish dictionary?
Don't underestimate
the power of a common man.
Get lost.
I thought I would never
meet Meenamma ever again...
but fate had decreed
something else altogether.
Hello, sir.
I need to find the road.
Where... is... the highway?
Why are you doing that?
I want to see the road.
Where is the highway?
Where is the highway?
My child, quiet.
Don't take so much
trouble.l feel bad, then.
The two of us have
the same problem.
At this age there is
no need for a new language.
Excuse me brother.
Brother, stop.
Brother, hello
What do you want?What
is your work here?
I'm not Angelina Jolie.
I'm a boy, RahuLl need a lift!
Youre from Mumbai right?
How do you know so much about me?
The entire South knows you.
One fair boy has eloped with Durgeshwara
Azagsundarams daughter in a car.
Oh no, what have you done!
Today you are in a car tomorrow you
will bethe headline of a newspaper.
No, listen to me.
You dont know, the village
people are chasing you with sticks!
Once youre caught.
..they will separate your head from
your body and put that as a headline!
Let it be... ls it their kingdom?
The girl you have eloped with,
this is her fathers kingdom!
Brother, please help me.
Go away.
Brother help me.
I am Angelina Jolie!
I became numb after hearing this...
I could see the road ahead...
But there was no way out.
Except one.
What is it?
Youve come back to me after all?
Figured it out, didn't
you?How does it feel to be alone?
Look at your face.
It seems like you are getting a fever
because you are so frightened.
Come on now,I've come to take you.
We will go together. Come! Come!
Again youve taken the wrong route.
This is the safer route,
that side you will find Tangaballi.
Come on!
Listen, I can save you.
Listen dont underestimate
the power of a common man!
Vidamba village.
Come on.
A wedding ceremony
is going on here.
We will roam around
here and speak to people.
We can stay here for a few days...
till then father and Tangaballfs
tension will get a bit diffused..
Then why are you standing
hereand talking Ms. Subtitle.
Go, go ahead and talk to people.
So much style! !
Why dont you go and talk?
I can talk.
This Kunjam kunjam... what?
Apadiya sapadiya p0.
Your grandfather can
go take a hike!(In Marathi)
You speak in Marathi too?
Why? If you can speak in Tamil,
why cant| speak in Marathi?
Oh mother! Meenamma.
For now just go and talk in Tamil.
Ready steady go!
It seemed very pleasantAs
though nothing could go wrong.
Once bitten, twice shy...
that's why this time I did
not nod in agreement to anything!
The second time when
the villagers looked at me...
Now what happened?
Hey hey,
dont come in front of me...
Open the window.
Let the fresh air in.
Here is the towel and some clothes.
Rest well.
In the morning, after your
bath,we will arrange the prayers.
Rest well.
Take care of him. Bye.-Thanks.
You know,
a film should be made on me.
I laugh my way into a mess.
Whenever people are willing to gladly
lift me upon their shoulders.
...I know I am in a trouble.
And you, Meenamma...
what are the lies you
have spun around this time?
I told them we got
married and ran away.
Have you copyrighted this story of
getting married and running away?
Then what did you say?
The second lie that
I told them was that.. are so good that
you will never leave me and go.
You only said that
you wouldn't leave me.
Then I said you got so tired with
the journey that you felt faint.
That's why...
That's why I'm getting
this special treatment.
The special treatment
is becausel told them...
the reason why we eloped is
becausemy father has a huge problem...
with you being poor
and me being rich.
I am very rich.
Of course.
And you are a Sweet Seller.
How did you knowl
was a Sweet Seller?
You are a Sweet Seller?
I am a Sweet Seller.
What is so funny about that?
A Sweet Seller is
better thanbeing a Don.
You understand?
very funny.
That means my third
lieis actually the truth.
very funny.
You are making fun of me now?
your father madea fool out of me.
What a great father
daughter combination.
I wonder how your mother
tolerates the two of you.
Does she ever protest
ordoes she also...
I dont have a mother.
She passed away.
I am sorry.
I had no idea.
I am really very sorry.
I know what it feels
liketo not have a mother.
Your mother?
They died in a car accident.
I was eight years old then.
Since then youve been all alone?
I am sorry.
It's alright!
Actually I never really
missed my parents because...
my grandparents took their
placeEspecially grandpa.
He was always happy
when I was happy.
He couldn't live without me.
Rahul this Rahul that... Rahul...
He was always there for me!
My grandpa.
Still Rahul...
to go through fifty years
of your life without parents...
ifs not an easy thing!
Yes Meenamma, it is hard, but...
Fifty years?
Do I look like I'm fifty years old?
Why? Youre not?
Dont tell me youre
more than that?
I get it.
Pathetic, corny joke.
Bloody single screen humour!
Because you have
no classYou are cheap.
You are cheap!
will you sleep on the oor?
This is not for me, ifs for you.
Why? Wont you be able to control
yourself if I sleep with you on the bed?
Shut up, okayll have a problem.
Yes exactly, you wont
be able to control yourself.
Stop your nonsense.
What does that mean?
It means stop your nonsense.
Oh my naughty!
Aunty! Remember! Do...
I will sleep on the bed
because I am your spouse...
your husband.
Your mate and dont they say thatthere
is no business like show-her business.
Come on MeenammaLet us sleep-amma.
Fine, sleep if you want.
Dont tell me I didnt warn you.
It's quite late at night.l
can give no guarantees.
Rahul, think about yourself
youwill be taken advantage of...
tonight because your
wife has no control.
Shut up.- Baby good night.
Don't let the bed bugs bite.
Tangaballi... dont come closer.
I will kick you.
Tangaballi... dont come closer.
I will kick you.
I will not leave you.
I'm sorry but I don't
know your language.
Do not come closer.
Do not come closer...l
will kick you.
Help me.
Meena has gone
crazyMeena has gone mad.
Meena has gone mad!
Didnt I tell you
not to sleep next to me?
Childhood problem...
I kick in my sleep.
Am I your father's
scooter that you will kick?
Youre not the daughter of a don.
Youre the daughter of a donkey!
Come and sleep now!
I will never sleep with you.
Youre mad!
Get lost.
You get lost.
Are you dressed upfor
your morning jog?
lfs the village
ritual for newlyweds.
The husband carries his wife in his
arms,up the steps to the temple.
They believe it strengthens
the marital bond.
Are you strong?
What is the need to
be strong to watch a ritual?
We dont have to watch,
we have to do it.
We are husband and wife for them.
No, I will not be forced
into doing anything.
No... the situation is like that.
What obligation?
Do you want to stay here or not?
Yes, I want to stay.
Then you will have to carry me.
You wont drop me right?
perhaps you are forgetting.
Dont underestimate
the power of a...
Sweet Seller?
Common man.
Where is the temple?
Where is the temple?
Meenamma, where is the temple?
We will reach the temple
after climbing three hundred steps.
Three hundred!
I will reach heaven
after climbing a hundred.
What happened?
Where has the power
of the common man gone?
Meenamma please!
I know you will
drop me after fifty.
Dont underestimate
the commonof a power man...
I meanthe power of a common man.
Rahul, you carried
your wife to the temple...
Meena, he will take
care of you all your life.
What is he saying?
Hes saying that youve proved you will
look after me for the rest of our lives.
Raaja, may you live
for a hundred years.
you both will live together
for seven generations.
Miss Subtitle. What?
They believe that the couples who
are able to complete this ritual...
God will keep them together
for the next seven lives.
Why havent you put kumkum?
What is he saying?
Without the vermillion
the ritual is not complete.
You shouldve mentioned it earlier.
That means all of
this has gone to waste?
My hands and my hips
are hurting so much!
Put this kumkum my son.
Oh! Shes got it.
Thank you, aunty.
Thank you very much.
No, Rahul.
What happened?
This ritual wont be complete
without the vermillion.
These people will
take us out from here.
Come on and listen.
Hurry UP-
We have to descend 300 steps
andthis time you will help me.
My heart like a butteryhas
taken flight far away
My heart like a butteryhas
taken flight far away
With sweet fragrances
it has gone to stay
I have never felt
this waya ray of light
kisses the darkness away
My heart like a butteryhas taken
flight far away... Far, far away
Should I say it in wordsor
inscribe it on the sky
Praise be to you
My heart like a butteryhas
taken flight far away
With sweet fragrances
it has gone to stay
Your deep brown eyes
Tease me with a glance
Your soothing words can
Also put the birds in a trance
A little incomplete without you,
Now I feel complete
Your simplicity has
swept me off my feet
My heart like a butteryhas taken
flight far away... Far, far away
Should I say it in wordsor
inscribe it on the sky
Praise be to you
What happened Rahul?
What? I am packing.
Do you on living here
in this Vidamba village?
Look Meenamma, this is enough.
We will quietly slip
away without telling anyone.
Otherwise these people will
keep making us do weird rituals.
You also get ready. Let's go
No Rahul.
If we run away from here
then what will the villagers think?
They will think
that weve run away.
It's no big dea|.Come on.
You also get ready.
It's about the villagers
feelings Rahul.
They will feel hum!
What about when they find out
thatwe lied about being married?
Will they help
anyone the next time?
Will these people be
able to trust anyone again?
As it is...
Do you want to
stay here?Is that it?
I've noticed that ever since you've started
playing the role of being my wife...
you have been having a lot of fun.
Look, just because I
put vermillion on your head,
doesn't mean you start
getting serious about it.
That was a stupid ritual.
Only you can think this way!
Have you thought about
howthe villagers would feel?
Forget the village, have you thought
about your grandmother's feelings?
Didnt you say that your grandfather
had replaced your parents.
And what did you do?
You changed the place wherehe
wanted his ashes immersed.
Rameshwaram to Goa!
Yes! I changed the place.
Do you know why?
Because I...
I dont have any feelings.
I am bad...
actually... I am a very bad man!
Only you are very good,
these villagers are very good...
Grandma is. Grandpa is.
And a bad person has no
rightto stay amongst good people.
So I'll just go. You know what,
you keep this with you.
You are good, he was good.
All of you make a company
of good people and live together.
I am not going to live
in this village right.
Spare me please!
Even though I was mad,
I had a sinking feeling...
about leaving Meenamma all alone.
Youve come?
Rahul! This...
This is too much!
One minute, yes. One minute.
I'll come there.
Hi Tangaballi sir.
You and me...
No personal enmity here, sir.
Why take me,
go to Komban village and kill?
No point, sir.
youve got your lady, sir.
Leave me.
I ready steady go, sir!
From my heart sir.
I am speaking from my heart sir.
Forgive me and forget me.
Throw it away, sir.
Do whatever you
wantwith your lady, sir.
Do... do get married.
Do what you want to do, sir.
Just let me go. Thank you.
Sir, shes your girl.
You can sing any song
you want to with her.
Now Meena is all yours, my friend.
Hey you!
You're a number stupid,
parasiteand an opportunist!
You are leaving me and running?
Try and understand.
Understand what?
What that?
That only...
What that only?
I've played such a game...
that I fool the opponent
and the game comes into my hands.
To save you...
I've played a ruse.
So this was your strategy?
Since when did you becomebrave
enough to defend me?
Washing powder, Meena!
No matter how wicked I am,
I am human after all.
I thought to myself
that I must help you Meena.
Now did you understand
what I'm saying...
Pick up the sickle that's...
right in front of
you and beside Tangaballi
Yes! I will take it.
I've understood my lady love.
You two think I dont understand...
and that you can
make a fool out of me.
Tangaballi is singing in Hindi?
Balli Balli I am Tangaballi!
I know your plan...
now youre in trouble.
You will not sing to him anymore.
Now you will bid farewell
to this world, while doing disco!
Okay, that's enough!
Hey Tangu...
Hey Tangu...
Touch and show Anna,
I will cut you.
You do not know...
whom you are fighting with.
We are good for good peopleand
at the same time bad for...
bad people... understand.
We are in South, but we are
in the centerof people's hear-ts.
Whoever ridicules our honor and culture,
we teach them such a lesson that...
they wet their pants.
Meenamma, ready steady go!
nobody can understand women.
At a time like this shes
worried about her things!
no one can understand women.
Come on.
Here you go, your ticket to Mumbai.
And you?
I am going to immerse
Grandpa's ashesin Rameshwaram.
You know Meenamma,
I just realized...
the best way to escape your
problems is to face them.
No matter how wicked I
am,I am human after all, Meena.
You are right about all...
just one thing is wrong.
I will also come
with you to Rameshwaram.
What? Have you gone mad?
This is wrong.
- I'm doing the right thing.- Right, how?
Youve got the chance to
run awaywith such difficulty.
I could have run away when you were
drunkin the village, if I wanted.
I didnt run away
then.So how will l, now?
Its final Rahul,
I will also come with you.
Meenamma, try to understand...
I've taken a decision, let me complete
iton my own accord, please.
And you might be in danger there.
-What if Tangaballi reaches there?- Exactly.
I will save you from Tangaballi.
That's why I should come with you!
Sometimes two roads
travel side by side.
They slowly converge
at the end of the ride.
Sometimes when troubles
become twice their size...
They are halved when
shared with someone nice
Our love story is so strange.
Sometimes we progress,
sometimes we curb.
Though I am the north
pole and you are the south
Yet our love has
brought us together.
Though I am the north
pole and you are the south
We are equal partners
in every situation.
Though we fight
Our partnership is alright
With you everything seems alright.
We are two different
peoplewith different attitudes.
We wander the world in style.
Sometimes we go
apart and come back.
We live our lives in the momentour
moods change like the seasons
Though I am the north
pole and you are the south
The naughty north
has given south a wink.
Though I am the north
pole and you are the south
We will be together,
forget about the whole world.
Sometimes two roads
travel side by side.
They slowly converge
at the end of the ride.
Sometimes when troubles
become twice their size...
They are halved when
shared with someone nice
Our love story is so strange.
Sometimes we progress,
sometimes we curb.
Though I am the north
pole and you are the south
Yet our love has
brought us together.
Though I am the north
pole and you are the south
We are equal partners
in every situation.
Tomorrow morning we can
complete the immersion ritual.
For tonight we will
have to stay in this lodge.
It's like this, Meena...
we are all so busy running
around in this fast paced life.
Our lives are no
less than a marathon...
were all running to
gain something in life.
Then someday we leave
everything and go away.
Just like I will leave
youand go tomorrow.
All your worries
will come to an end.
I'm going away forever, Rahul.
But where will you go?
My childhood friend lives there.
I was wondering Meenamma whether
you will be safe there or not...
I mean what if you father's
goons or your cousins reach there?
Meenamma you come
with me to Mumbai...
My house is there...
grandma is there...
You can stay there peacefully.
Thereafter, you can decide for
yourselas to what you want to do.
You can star-t afresh.
And what if my father's
goonsreach there'?
That's not his kingdom.
That is not Komban village,
ifs Mumbai.
Nobody can do such a thing there.
And if my father asks you,
what I am doing in your house...
what will you say then?
Then I will tell him...
both of us, you know...
You and me.
It's okay, Rahul.
Pune is fine for me.
Anyway I have troubled you a lot.
lfs not your sympathybut
your love that I seek
I ask for your love
as I know you love me too
Because of the fear of the world
I promise I will never
forfeit you, my dear
I will never let you go
I will never let you go
I will never let you go
If this isnt love
Then what is love?
Now that I have won your love
I dont care if I lose the world
I will never let you go
My life has lost its meaning
Since you are not there with me
Love is renowned
Since on this path
I have walked down.
I will not leave it mid way...
From the path of your
love,I will not stray
I will never let you go
I will never let you go
Where have we come,
Rahul...l don't know...
Weve come to the right place,
They will kill you...
- Without thinking twice...- No, Meena.
I have come to a decision
after a lot of consideration.
Rahul, you have gone mad.
We had run away from here.
But for how long will you run?
But for how long will you run?
Don't you have any dreams
or a life of your own?
Hello, sir.
You must be wonderinghow
I am back here by myself?
Dad... he means to say...
No, Meenamma.
Today your father and
me dont needany translation.
Were good.
Because today I will talk
and you will have to listen.
Mr. Durgeshwara Azag...
The most imponand
man of Komban village.
Good, sir...
it's very good
to be important, sir.
But it's more important to be good.
You must be thinking
why I havecome here?
Who is he?
Am I mad?
Or am I drunk?
No sir, not mad.
And no drinks.
Not drunk.
Sober, sir.
I just came to find out why you
are beingso harsh towards Meena.
Dont you love your daughter?
Because in a wedding yougive
your daughters hand in marriage.
But you tried to
sacrifice her life.
Would a father do such a thing?
No father should be like you.
No father will be like you.
I am sorry, sir.
I am a Sweet Se||er.Sweet.
But I will say something bitter.
You can be the father of this village,
the God father of this village...
but you cannot be your
daughtefs fatherNever, sir.
Your pull and power,
full marks for thatvery good, sir.
But in one subject
you have failed, zero...
full zero, sir.
Emotion, sir.
Dont you have any value
foryour daughtefs emotions...
her wish, her happiness? No value?
No importance?
Why sir?
Let me tell you, sir.
We are in the sixty
sixth year of independence.
But just like Meena the others
girls in this village have.. right to celebrate
that independence.
No right!
And you people too...
if you don't care for your daughtefs
emotions,then this entire village...
this unity, Periyathalai!
This power is nothing, sir.
I say it's nothing!
And you Mr. Tangaballi.
Youre so tall, so big!
But with a small heart.
Now what do we do?
Do we fight? Come on...
Come on. Let's fight.
Hit me.
I will not fight back becausel
want to do the right thing.
It is straight and simple.
I am a common man. I get angry.
And dont underestimate
the power of a common man.
What is it that you had said?
You have come here alive. But you
won't leave here alive, wasnt it?
l will cut you into
pieces and parcel it
I will fight now.l
will fight with you.
I will fight with each of your men.
Fight everyone!
Fight the entire village
if I have to. Only for Meena.
Because I love her.
I do.
Father, please!
Come on.
Fight me.
Come on everyone.
No more fights.
My body is no doubt very big
but your courage is even bigger!
very big.
You are like us!
Real man!
You win!
You win!
Go, Meena is yours.
Meena is yours.
Rahul and Meena will get married.
He will take care
of you his entire life.
Will look after me
for the rest of our lives.
you both will live
together for seven lives.
Those who complete the ritual...
are kept together by
Godjor next seven lives.
You love me a lot, dont you?
Then we should have
just elopedfrom Rameshwaram.
Why did you risk coming to Komban?
Meenamma, dont underestimate
the power of a...
Sweet Seller?
Sweet Seller.
Now will you nod your head
for what I am about to ask you?
Do you love me as
much as I love you?
Meena Lochini...
will you marry me?
Will you kick me at night, mistaking
mefor your father's scooter?
Sixteen hundred and thirty five
languages are spoken in our country.
But today I realized, that the
most important language is - love!
Indeed, love has no language...
And I would give
the entire credit for..
"the common man becoming
the hero of Komban village...
to my grandfather
My grandfather!
He gave me a wake up call when...
I was immersing his ashes
in the waters of Rameshwaram.
Well all said and done.
One wrong train. Chennai
Express showed me the right way.
And today this Rahul,
will surely tell Meenamma..
Ahatthose who love,
are the ones who get the girl.