Cheongchun-manhwa (2006) Movie Script

In 1895...
Lumiere Bros.
Invented the motion picture.
- About 60 years later.
- It hurts!
Do your best!
1945, Hong Kong
- most important incident in film history.
- Not yet?
Now what?
- Takes place in.
- Water!
- A small island of China.
- Got it!
It's born to god of action movie.
Jackie Chan.
According to legend,
Jackie has shoulder-length hair
and he's good at kicking.
KWON Sang-woo.
KWON Sang-woo
I'm writing a screenplay now.
It's like a floor plan
to make a movie.
Lucky ones are made
into glamorous films
but most end up
as worthless trash.
KIM Ha-neul.
Okay, fantastic!
Written & Directed by LEE Han
My name is LEE Ji-hwan.
Written & Directed by LEE Han
I only have one dream.
Written & Directed by LEE Han
I only have one dream.
To be an action actor
surpassing Jackie Chan
and make movies
'til I get old and die.
You wanna die?!
Sleep well?
My name is JIN Dal-rae.
Take care of your skin, you!
Wrinkles on your face already!
My dream is to be
a heart-bearing actress.
Guess you don't know, that
sincere actors tell the life story
through these wrinkles.
Kyung-hee wonders the street
she was abandoned 13 years ago.
An empty corner
of the street, where
she sees an alley cat,
abandoned just like her.
Perhaps... I may not be a human being.
I may be a cat instead.
A cat disguised as a human.
What? You're a human
disguised as a cat?
JIN Dal-rae, you fool!
Shouldn't be crying now.
You can't even speak
lines in public
yet overacting when alone!
But there's
one problem.
I get so nervous speaking
in front of people.
They tell me to drop my dreams.
However! I have a magical spell
granting all my wishes.
What is it?
It's... a secret.
Good morning mom!
What gets you up so early?
Is something burning?
Oh my, what am I thinking?
Dad, must be dementia.
I'm worried, aren't you?
She's not even 50 yet!
Yesterday... all of sudden...
she asks, 'What's your name? '
A mother forgets her
own daughter's name!
Such a unique name too.
JIN Dal-rae, from Youngbyun, Yaksan!
Dad, you named me,
so don't forget it.
Dad, you're losing weight.
Good morning!
That's Ji-hwan,
a friend from neighborhood.
I was out exercising,
brought these for you.
Stopped his mental
age around ten.
How pitiful, so I play with him.
He's Young-hoon, my boyfriend.
Good looking, huh?
Master of Taekwondo as well.
Always finishing in 1st place.
Took some time,
but finally found myself the one.
Hi! Keep practicing.
I missed you.
Changed your hair.
It's pretty.
Let me walk you
to the lecture hall.
That's okay.
Took three months
just to grab your hand.
Feels good!
Looking for Ji-hwan?
Yes. I don't see him anywhere.
Hasn't come to practice.
Doesn't answer the phone either.
Hmm... Do it for love
of movies.
Hi, how are you?
Good, how are you?
Excuse me, but...
Can you hand me the tissues?
I'll kill you!
Come on!
Are you Ok?
Is everything alright?
Except for blood on my chest.
Yeah, right.
It's the winter.
Once the ice stabs the bones
he realizes that he's alive.
Nice! What a line!
Dad, you're a novelist now?
A novelist,
that's really off the wall.
Can't recall
the things you've done.
Uh, a truck driver...
a cabaret singer...
You and your samba...
a dance instructor...
a month at acting school
to become an actor... Remember that?
Hey, stick to
what's going on now.
Dwelling on the past...
not a manly thing to do.
Sir, I came for visit.
Hi Dal-rae, welcome!
Hey, what's up?
This is Ji-hwan's dad.
I'm MOON Young-hoon,
Ji-hwan's classmate.
Ah, so you're Young-hoon...
bought some soju
and squid for you.
How many?
The fridge is broken
so put them in cold water.
Do you drink?
No sir, not really.
You're cringing. Sit over here.
Stop playing around, dad.
Wait a sec Young-hoon.
Will be with you shortly.
Thought you were hurt,
look well to me.
My sincere apology
for being well.
Are these even washed?
Should've never come here!
Well, Ji-hwan says
you will wash them again,
for sure and told me to
soak them and hang.
And those...
socks need to be sewed.
I'll let you pass
just for today.
Are these rags or socks?
I guess you're a writer.
Yeah. A novel.
Oh, I see.
Why do you look at me like that?
Do I look that handsome to you?
Yes, you're handsome.
Kissing my ass?
So young yet corrupted
already! Um...
Did you want to
tell me something?
Have a seat.
I consider Dal-rae
like a daughter.
How long have you been
a couple?
It's been about three months.
You two can't be serious then.
Are you close to Ji-hwan?
Yes, I believe we are.
Close friends... It's hot!
Then can I ask you a favor
as a father of your friend?
Yes, of course.
Got 30,000 won with you?
Just 30,000 won.
Pardon me?
I saw a pair of sneakers
perfect for Ji-hwan.
I'm short 30,000 won.
I'll pay you back right away.
Can you lend me that money?
Thanks a lot!
I ask you as a father
of your friend...
keep this a secret, okay?
Yes, a secret!
I worry about you
and your life.
Not everyone can
become Jackie Chan.
Heard from somewhere that
he fell unconscious five times
and has metal parts
all over his body.
My goal is to fall unconscious
six times and be a Robocop!
Ouch! That really hurts!
A Robocop! You're Robocop!
Dad, Dal-rae's
killing your son!
Dal-rae? He deserved it, right?
Of course.
Take her away Young-hoon!
Don't come back here again!
How can he be so filthy!
Yes sir?
When did you meet Ji-hwan?
Um... It was during 2nd grade...
over ten years already!
Dal-rae, Can I ask you a favor?
Yes, of course.
Actually... I thought of a
novel seeing you and Ji-hwan.
Stories of you
two may be helpful.
They're not that interesting.
So why don't start?
When he was young Ji-hwan
was often ignored.
He's now a rascal but then
a quiet kid who'd fight a lot
so other kids
avoided him a lot.
As your teacher, I want to know
more about my loving students.
Come up here, one at a time
and tell everyone about your
future aspiration as an adult.
LEE Ji-hwan & JIN Dal-rae.
Hey! LEE Ji-hwan!
Did you see them?
The drawings all over.
You have runny nose.
Here, wipe it off.
Keep it, or throw it away.
Got something for you too.
It's not coming out...
Oh god. Smells awful.
Uninteresting, right?
This is a great topic.
Became friends while
removing scribbles.
But... who could that been?
Scribbling high up like that...
Such a smarty!
Is that important?
This story should be...
a mystery with a fabulous ending.
Popular these days, you know.
For example... In reality,
the one scribbling was an alien.
No wait... better make it
an angel. Huh?
The angel, helps an ignored
kid to find his friend
by scribbling
all over the street.
Add the foreshadowing by showing
a glimpse of a feather.
And at the end, Voila!
The angel appears, angel!
Oh my... Stop pretending
to be nice.
How, can you smile like
that in front of me!
Stop there!
who can tell us
what the problem is here?
Come on, she's shaking.
Maybe she's got her phone
on vibration mode.
So awkward,
even for the audiences.
Who are you?
Never seen you before.
Yes! A third-year Taekwondo major,
my name is LEE Ji-hwan!
Heard that, as an acting teacher
you are the best in the country.
So I dared to sneak
into your class!
Such a dignity for
someone sneaking in!
Sure. But don't talk too much.
Yes, thank you very much.
Yo, LEE Ji-hwan! Concentrate!
Jackie Chan or Taekwondo.
I can do both well!
Fine. Ten more laps then.
Said you gotta do both.
A National is only two weeks away
and you're 3 kg over.
Pick up the speed!
Another weight loss?
Don't get me started.
Go get me some water.
Ji-hwan... You're losing weight to
avoid facing Young-hoon, right?
Think what you like.
As I told you before,
my goal is not winning
a Gold but to graduate.
How long are you
gonna avoid him?
Gonna get harder
to lose weight.
Well, the result
will be obvious.
Speak for yourself,
Miss No Talent.
Don't go around
auditioning like that.
Miss coward.
You'll overdose on sedatives
acting like that.
Fine. You're trying
to hurt me for sure.
How unfortunate though, I feel
energized whenever you do that!
By the way you wanted
some water, right?
When did you shave?
Shave what?
Should've done it thoroughly.
Saw your armpit.
Looks like mars beard.
Say, a week since last shaving?
Hey! Cut it out!
Such thick hair
over there... wow.
I told you to cut it out!
So many of 'em. Little more
and it's a bush over there!
You! Now I know why
people commit murder.
One more word from you and...
To be honest,
that armpit of yours...
Roasted chicken and a beer...
That's all I'm wishing now.
Exactly what I was thinking!
Roasted chicken...
with honey mustard... Yum!
Can't believe you
were just fighting.
That wasn't a fight,
more like a beating I took.
You, stop being
foolish from now on.
Hey, LEE Ji-hwan,
How about a race for a beer?
You're putting me in agony.
Shouldn't have mentioned it.
Not sure about Taekwondo
but you won't win on this.
Today will be different.
You know I can't
standing losing.
Why is it like this, always?
Two, three...
Sorry, it's out of order.
Hurry up!
Enjoy that win? A monster!
No. I'm more confused.
Hey, Promised you
to find you a girl.
All talk and no...
Tonight, for sure!
Son of a...!
Oh wait! Out of order... what!
JIN Dal-rae.
What's it like seeing
the real thing?
Stop it.
I know you liked it.
Cut it out.
Her face's turning red. Look.
Can't get it our of your mind,
right? Happy?
Yes, you shrimp!
Hey, that's because
of cold shower.
I'm actually bigger than that.
Tell her Young-hoon.
You've seen it. Tell her.
Hmm... in truth, not that big.
That's big enough.
Who cares.
Wow. What a knockout!
Here, Ji-min!
Hi, Young-hoon.
How shall I introduce?
Ji-hwan, Dal-rae kinda
like you guys.
We're friends since childhood.
Church friends.
Up close... you're even cuter.
Honestly speaking... actually,
this isn't the first time I've seen you.
Went to cheer Young-hoon and
saw you there. I don't know,
but I feel strangely
attracted to you.
So I begged Young-hoon to
introduce you to me first.
How about you? Do you like me?
Yes. A lot.
I'm happy to meet you.
Brother Jackie's
films are fantasies.
Most beautiful fantasies
created with mars body.
In a word, an art.
I'm crazy about
Jackie Chan too.
Police Story, Project A,
Rumble In The Bronx.
Wheels On Meals, Medallion...
A kindred mind!
A completely like-minded!
We are a perfect fit!
Why did you drink so much?
Guess you'll take the burden.
I could've won today
even without your charity.
So you noticed.
Then you'd have drag
until you've won.
That's how I practice everyday.
No way that you could've won.
Ji-hwan, I want to
compete fair and square.
Hope you'd be the same way.
You're a friend I like.
Take care of Ji-min.
See you next time.
I'll call you.
What a cool dude!
I wanna get close to you.
Can I sit next to you?
Oh, sure.
Umm... you're not...
a sex extortionist, are you?
Are you rich?
Never mind.
Hey, hey! LEE Ji-hwan!
Slow down a little!
I'm Young-hoon.
Oh. I'm sorry. I wanna get off.
Come on, I'm so embarrassed.
By the way,
that girl I mean Ji-min.
She's alright, you know.
At first, no dignity
at all confessing like that.
What sort of girl
would do that!
But that looked
so natural for her.
I hope they hit it off.
While I met you
I felt bad for Ji-hwan.
For what?
You know, just because
wait, I really wanna get off.
Dal-rae. Are we...
really dating?
What do you mean?
You seem more
comfortable with Ji-hwan.
That's because...
he's a friend.
Sorry. Just expressing
my jealousy.
I'll do my best to make you
feel more comfortable.
I will do my best as well.
Sorry. I reek of alcohol.
Dal-rae, I got a favor to ask.
What is it?
Wash my socks too,
like Ji-hwan's.
Boy, am I embarrassed.
I'm going.
If you want to me to...
I will stop seeing Ji-hwan.
Do you want me to?
Neither do I.
See ya!
LEE Ji-hwan...
Just hang up, now.
That stings! Ouch.
We are here!
Adieu, pupee... goodbye.
Sleep well.
You can cry out loud here.
This place... only I know where it is.
No. Now you and I know.
Two of us.
You see that hole
between the trees?
Look into that hole at sunrise
and wish something,
it will come true.
Of course. It's coming!
I'll do it first.
Let me be an adult soon.
Let me be like Jackie Chan.
Let my pupee be happy.
Let it find friends too.
No pains, day after day.
See! I told you so!
Pupee won't be bored.
My treasure chest.
Oh wow! Very interesting!
A place like that
right behind our place?
Where is it?
I've got nothing to lose, so why
don't I wish for something? Right?
Can't go there now.
Why not? Why can't I?
Forgot where it was.
Spent days looking for it,
with Dal-rae. Couldn't find it.
Long time no see.
Have you lost weight?
Such hairy legs too.
I see you haven't changed.
Did you lose the phone?
No answers.
Why bother answering your
grumbles and nonsense.
Be nice to Ji-min
if you got free time.
How is it going with you two?
Yes. Incredibly. Wanna see?
My god... So hideous!
Never thought Ji-min would be
like that. What a tramp!
You guys just met!
Stop acting naive. I'm going.
Hey! What do you mean,
stop acting naive?
You were always like that.
Always acting nice and all.
When did I?
Haven't got a time now. See ya.
What are you insinuating?
Tell me everything or else...
Fine! Last Children's Day.
At the bookstore.
You ripped out Brad Pitt photo!
Kissing all over that.
And you?
When I was hospitalized for
flu you cupped me! Say it!
Tell me.
Did you touch it or not?
Oh I see.
So you weren't sleeping then.
See what I'm saying?
An accident while covering
you with blanket!
Do I look like a pervert to you,
feeling up the sick ones?
Tell the truth, there's nothing there.
Stop being so dramatic.
I pretended to sleep,
thought you were embarrassed!
You stroked my cheeks too!
How creepy of you!
I was wiping off your slavering!
Sticky, gooey... disgusting!
I mean, really. Never call me again.
Don't act like you know me.
I'm sorry, Dal-rae.
It's all my fault.
I didn't mean to say it like...
as if I was gonna say that!
Fine by me!
Hey! Get rid of my number, now!
Fine! Get rid of mine too!
Gladly, pal.
Shit. Erase it now!
Here. 011-9781-0844, deleted!
9781-0844, gone for good! Nice.
Got something to tell you.
What is it?
Master, even as a stand-in,
acting a girl is just too much!
How embarrassing!
Should I let
Sang-bum do it then?
Imagine him in a drag...
In that case how
about young-joon?
I'll do my best.
As I walk out of the hospital
it was dark already.
The alley was stench...
No. 205 CHOI Hyun-kyung.
Come in.
How can
I live without you!
What brings you to earth
from Andromeda?
Any prepared lines of your own?
I'm no.28, JIN Dal-rae.
Look at us.
Can't see your eyes like that.
First time auditioning?
Been to, like, 30.
And you're shaking like that?
Do that on screen,
and audiences will just leave.
Never mind. Next!
I came across this
screenplay by chance.
I laughed and cried,
it was so interesting.
I didn't want to audition for this.
I hate to admit it
but I know I'm not ready
as an actress just yet.
We hire the ones who are ready.
This isn't an acting school.
But... when I got here,
I couldn't just leave.
Mister director...
give me a chance to be yelled at.
Where's assistant director?
I'll try the role of
a sanitarium patient.
Are we gonna wrap up today?
I'm sorry
but you have to leave.
Master, you must be tired.
Told you, the answer is no.
Trying to do all by yourself!
Think of your pupils too.
You're not ready yet.
Think of your family, master.
At your age now,
what if you get hurt?
Lastly, check the tire pressure.
Didn't wanna sink so low... but
I'm completely out of rice...
Okay, I got you.
I'll lend you some money.
Come on, master!
I really wanna do this,
I'm gonna die if I don't!
Master, please!
Let him do it, master.
Ji-hwan's been practicing really hard.
Let him try.
LEE Ji-hwan, are you ready?
Yes I'm ready!
Cut! Okay!
Hold on!
Are you alright?
Ji-hwan, are you alright?
So awesome!
Um... Attention, please.
Can you hear me out?
I am... a student
trying to be an actress.
My entire life...
I never thought of anything else.
When I stand in public I get
so nervous and I can't concentrate.
It won't be fixed so easy.
Still, I want to change
even a bit.
That's why I am here
speaking to you.
Sorry to disturb you,
but I'd appreciate your understanding.
What if I don't?
How can you smile
with your face
beaten like that?
With tired shoulders of yours?
How can you smile like that?
Come on, really...!
You bastard Keep quiet,
will you?
Shut up or I'll kill you.
What the hell...?
Say a word and I will crush
your balls.
I just wanna...
find out who he is, and why he
keeps showing up in my dreams.
Sorry for troubling you.
As expected...
I've got a long way to go.
But this really helped me out.
Have a safe ride.
Thank you very much.
- Ouch!
- So long.
But wait...!
Hi Young-hoon.
Did you have dinner?
Nothing happened. I just...
have been feeling great today.
When did you say
your match was?
Let's see...
Give the scale a try.
Spit it out!
You did it!
Well done.
Should've prepared in advance.
Master... for the next match,
I'm going up a weight.
You wanna go against Young-hoon?
Guess you don't care for the Gold.
Something's not right.
This isn't real me.
Changed myself
to fit into a weight.
Winning isn't everything,
you know.
LEE Ji-hwan!
Came to cheer for you!
Go get 'em!
Nice effort.
See you next time.
Yeah, sure.
This place's awesome!
Why karaoke, all of sudden?
This place's awesome!
You're here.
Sit next to Dal-rae, Ji-hwan.
Sit. Hurry up and sit.
Now kiss and make up.
We're more uncomfortable
with you guys acting like that!
Ji-hwan, happy birthday.
What's the big deal?
Here. Your present.
A new pair of sneakers.
A gift from Dal-rae,
told me to give it to you.
Just for the special occasions
am I gonna wear this pair.
Come on. Trash the ones
you have on!
Don't you remember?
You bought me this one too.
That's what I am saying.
They are hideous to look at.
Settle down. To celebrate you two
making up why don't you sing together?
Sing a song? Forget it.
Let's have some fun for once!
Here! Forget that.
Wanna sing that one?
Number 8539?
Yeah right. 8549, 8549.
Saw you from far away.
When you were young you used to
always stroll around making bird calls.
I can't do it.
You can go now.
Thanks for taking me home.
Remember this?
Wanna try to find it
one more time?
Squirrel's grave...
Pupee's grave?
Umm... Go through that
trouble again? Not me.
Umm... I've been thinking,
and the memory should just remain
as a memory. That would be best.
See ya.
Memory! A noun for something
being remembered.
The past thing.
So to make memory a present
progressive tense.
What the hell...?
I'm in memory...
of memories...?
Since when were you
so out of it?
Since you were born.
When your mom went to heaven,
that's when it went overdrive.
Should've just
gotten rid of me.
Can't do that.
You're my reason for living.
Always fancy with your words.
When you were young you must've had
something you really wanna do.
Never told me anything
about it Truthfully, dad.
A wind...
A man wondering like a wind.
The car, the house,
no need for all those.
Shiny suits and shoes,
they're nothing but drags.
I am a trash, indeed.
A middle-aged fella who never
held a proper job, ever.
But you... I thank you
for growing up well...
I agree. I grew up quite well.
Taking foods from you mouth.
Growing up this tall all for myself.
Thank dad.
For not running away from me.
Feel like getting drunk
with you tonight.
Hey, we are out of booze!
Tonight, it's on me.
I'm pulling down
some dough these days!
Come on.
Wait wait. Then we should
invite Dal-rae over.
Sounds good!
Mom, what made you
to marry dad?
He's kind.
Way too kind.
Without me around he'd be
grief-stricken so often, so I thought.
Felt pity so agreed
to see him a few
that turned into love somehow
I reached the age for marriage also.
Wanna hear something
Must've been a year since
our first date
and he couldn't further
our relationship
couldn't even hold hands.
So one day, I just drank an entire
bottle of liquor and kissed him first!
Wow... you, mom?
Can you guess
what happened next?
What happened?
He fainted. Out cold.
Are you serious?
I should give him a hard time...
Come out and play, Dal-rae!
My, oh my...
I came down here too!
You put the make-up on.
Wait. Don't come any closer,
I may have eye infection.
You look pretty today.
Let's go!
Hey, How come
we are holding hands?
A present? All of sudden?
I always get things from you.
Just wanted to get you something.
Just? LEE Ji-hwan
the miser spending money?
I have good feelings about this.
For my sake,
I wish I were an earring.
Why an earring?
I don't wear earring that much.
For a long time,
I thought it'd be nice to have
a pair of earring looking good on you.
Since when?
I guess It's better than a ring.
It'd be kinda awkward.
Don't give me a hard
time not wearing them.
I'll choose the
most expensive one.
Oh! Beautiful!
So expensive!
I will take this pair.
Love gives birth to observation.
Observation displays altered
image of an object
by LEE Seong-bok.
The world looks different to
someone who's in love.
Something like that, right?
You used to love
this poet, remember?
Sent a fan mail to him but never
got a reply so I began disliking him.
I once had a similar thought.
Although I tried, words just
couldn't describe my thoughts.
But this guy says it,
just like that.
Poets are really something else.
Last winter, I asked you
why you only read the books
on this corner.
Remember what you told me?
I like the books with
faded white pages.
Above all, I like the small characters
found in these old books.
Make me to concentrate,
you know.
Inside... something's hidden,
it's like a treasure hunt.
Actually, doesn't it make
me look special?
Makes me look like
book enthusiast!
Thanks a lot.
For what?
I began to enjoy reading
since then.
Hi Gwang-tae!
Hey, what's up?
Do your marriage proposal
just like this!
To me, a guaranteed
100% success!
Okay, fine.
It's kinda cold.
Nice and warm.
Can I borrow your shoulder?
So comfortable.
For some reason...
I can't do this with Young-hoon.
We... should be friends forever.
Even when we get old let's
go see a movie sometime
and take care of one another
and fight each other too.
Of course! Won't be
interesting without that.
How about a race?
Sounds good!
Who are you cheering for?
Between Young-hoon and Ji-hwan.
Is that important?
Okay. Pay attention.
- No.1, LEE Ji-hwan on a bike.
- Yes.
- No.2, PARK Sang-bum on motorcycle.
- Yes.
- No.3, KIM Young-joon on motorcycle.
- Yes.
Ji-hwan's bike rides down
the stairs at full speed
2 and 3 on motorcycle come into the
frame from each side and go after the bike.
You can't go in now.
Mister director...
I... can't sleep at all
I feel like dying.
I don't like you.
I don't like your
warm-hearted smile.
Maybe forever,
you will stay around by my side
and that face of yours really scares me.
You can do it. Right?
Dal-rae, You can do it.
Not at all. Looks like fun.
I'm so psyched!
Let's just do as we practiced.
Yes sir!
- How are you?
- Fine, how are you?
- How are you?
- How are you?
How are you?
Ten minutes to shoot, people!
Okay, ready.
Listen, Dal-rae.
Don't be so intimidated.
Think of the happiest
memory of your life.
As if you're being interviewed.
Got it?
Got it.
- Okay. Let's do it.
- Okay.
Quiet on the set!
- Roll Camera!
- Camera Rolling.
Scene 35, cut 3, take one.
- Cookies and ice creams...
- Cut! Again!
I'm sorry. I'm so sorry.
Cut 3, take six.
Until I was 9 year-old
my parents ran a small shop.
So other kids were
very envious of me.
That I could eat so many
ice cream as I wanted.
But... that wasn't the case.
Only time I could have my
ice cream was one day
of the week the day when movie
of the week was on TV.
Cut! Okay!
I still remember
its intro music.
Come to think of it, what I liked
the most more than ice cream or movie
was probably the warmth
of my parents' gentle hands as they
would caress my hair throughout the film.
Cut! Okay!
It's an okay.
Get ready for scene 38.
Dal-rae, your scene is an okay.
Okay, okay.
JIN Dal-rae, how about answering
your phone!
Stop pretending to be busy!
Dad? Yeah, it's your son.
I finally did it today!
I was so awesome today.
Don't go anywhere,
steak's on me!
- Thank you for your trouble.
- You too. Have a good one.
Where's the emergency room?
Emergency room!
Dal-rae, you came.
Mister... Ji-hwan...
Is he alright?
He will be fine.
Just look at his face.
He's smiling.
He must've felt great.
Found it!
Remember me?
Long ago, I came with Ji-hwan
to wish for something.
You know Ji-hwan, right?
I want to apologize to Ji-hwan.
My pride is so strong so
I can't tell him directly.
So... think of it
as a passing remark
and deliver it to him.
Ji-hwan, I'm so sorry.
Sorry for not being a true friend.
Promised to be good to you.
Sorry that I ended up ill-treating you.
With excuses of seeing my boyfriend
Sorry that I avoided you.
Thank you. For being a friend
to mean-spirited one like me.
Thank you for entertaining
me every day.
Ji-hwan, thank you for being
my real friend.
You know, frankly,
I don't believe in superstition.
Not true. I believe it.
I really believe it.
Please... let Ji-hwan
get up soon.
I kindly ask of you.
Ji-hwan! Ji-hwan! Ji-hwan!
My leg... Where is it?
Did you eat it?
Yes. I'm so sorry.
I... was so hungry.
I really don't like you
coming around here.
Okay. I'll leave.
I wanna be alone.
What's my mobile number?
Call me anytime.
We're leaving.
Ji-hwan. Cheer up.
We'll come again.
Daddy, you know,
I... frankly... thought...
what if you die and
no longer exist.
But, you know... thinking you may be
there for me just to think that
makes me wish to stop living.
Love is a wonderful thing.
Isn't it?
This... I just had to tell you.
I am really sorry about this.
I hope you could just hit me.
But this hurt much
more than that.
So won't you just forgive me?
Daddy, You know Ji-hwan, right?
The rascal.
Ji-hwan is suffering
so much now.
What can I do for him?
Whenever I felt blue,
Ji-hwan came to my rescue.
I wanna do something for him.
It seems there's nothing
I can do for him.
I really hate that.
Daddy, What can I do for him?
Keep smiling?
Right, that's it.
If I'm miserable too, it'll be even
harder for Ji-hwan. Isn't that right?
Don't look at me.
Are you drunk?
Fuck, told you to
stop looking at me!
Young man, go sleep at home.
You'll freeze to death. Okay?
Young man,
Oh, you're awake.
It's freezing.
I can whistle now!
Hi Ji-hwan. How are you?
You're not smiling.
I know it's not funny but smile, considering
all the troubles I've gone through.
Okay then... Transform!
Frankly, I know the way I'm behaving
now may make you feel even worse.
But you know someone said,
that true heart... can move even the earth.
This one, is for a friend that
I like the most, that's you, Ji-hwan.
I made this hoping you'd
regain your strength.
Even if it's not interesting,
I hope you watch it to the end.
Do you see it?
I'm missing
a leg like you, Ji-hwan.
If you ignore others' glances
as you can see, you can even
play soccer, you can run, too.
I believe you can lead rather
more interesting life than before.
I'm missing a hand.
But I love sports so much
so I compete.
Ji-hwan, you can too.
Just because you're disabled,
that's no reason to get discouraged.
Do your best and your dream
will come true.
Ji-hwan, come on, we are studs.
Let's lead the life to the fullest!
Cheer up, Ji-hwan!
High spirits, Ji-hwan!
LEE Ji-hwan, let's do it!
My friend, JIN Dal-rae...
Ji-hwan, the reason I called you
was not to praise your screenplay.
Key points are kinda vague.
Dialogues are kinda bad too.
Well you're still young
I understand you're just starting out.
Let us take this screenplay.
I will let the scenarist
fix up some things.
Mr. KIM. Bring me
the contract we prepared.
I can't sign the contract.
This screenplay...
cannot be fixed.
This story is...
a story of more than just myself.
Isn't she pretty?
My friend, JIN Dal-rae.
She's not shaking anymore!
It's been awhile since
I saw you smiling.
Your mind is always off
to somewhere.
You always say, sorry.
I understand.
A hundred times and more.
Dal-rae... happy birthday.
Stopped keeping in touch
over a year, that's bad.
Too many sights to see in Korea,
I realized.
Seems you've settled down a bit.
Isn't that right?
Just little more soul
searching to do.
Keep in touch, though.
I'll try.
Gotta go to the washroom.
May take a while with this.
No worries.
Your birthday present.
Thank you.
And... sorry about tonight.
This... is probably the longest
love letter I ever read.
I'll see you.
Written by LEE Ji-hwan.
I dedicate this screenplay
to my friend Dal-rae.
First Meet.
When I was ten, I was a loner,
only good at fighting.
For the kids,
having no friend feels like
being on a group date and
be the only one without a date
coming back to an empty home
and drinking the night away.
one kid talked to me.
That was my friend,
JIN Dal-rae.
Wanna play with me?
I wasn't too pleased.
She had such a beautiful
and bright smile.
I wasn't pleased with that.
- So, I did...
- Peek-a-BOO!
Hey stupid. You should've said,
That's how we say it
in our neighborhood.
Where do you live?
Over there.
I live there too,
and we say 'PEEK-a-Boo'!
I still don't know why.
I said it like that.
Except, I know the day
I met that girl
was August 23, 1991,
a bright sunny day
with my heart
beating like crazy
worrying if a frog was
inside me or something.
I have this in my memory.
Here's someone scribbling
something on the wall once again.
That's my dad.
I don't have to say anything,
he just knows.
Thanks to my dad,
no need to reveal
my heart directly to her.
Without him, we couldn't
have been friends this long.
Some people have said,
talking about love,
is that all?
In reality, liking somebody is
the least productive
thing in the world.
It doesn't feed you,
nor does it bring
any money to you.
Sleeplessness causes
loss of productivity,
acting silly all day
and all night
mistaken for being
a mental patient
go through painful jealous
and broken heart
and have 'do you still believe in love? '
Such a stinging words thrown at you.
Yet I... realize when
I love somebody.
I know millions of reasons
for doing it.
First, You realize giving brings
more happiness than receiving.
Second, Instead of bad things,
you get to see good things first.
Third, You can be a child
without a time machine.
Forth, I was often asked
'Do you have something good? '.
Fifth, You would know
how beautiful sky,
star, flowers and trees' are.
You fool! Such a boring story...
who's gonna go see this!
Stupid Ji-hwan, Princess Dal-rae.
Popped again!
Kinda disgusting, yes?
This also has some
good things as well.
No need to serve in military...
No worries about athlete's foot.
And all the attention I get, just like now.
Bus is leaving now.
Smile and good things will happen,
not the other way around.
I miss her.
I'm so missing her.
Mister, stop the bus!
Stop. Don't come any closer.
Told you not to come any closer!
Just stand there.
From now on,
I will go to you.
I almost died from boredom!
Me too.
I'm cold. Hold me close.
It's stupid.
- Ji-hwan!
- Yes sir!
Job well done, Dal-rae.
Thank you.
Not believing without seeing is
really a stupid thing to do.
My dream. Is to become a
'heart-telling' actress.
But I'm so nervous
I may pass out.
I admit, I don't have it in me.
However... I have magical
spell granting all my wishes.
That spell is...
- Fighting!
- JIN Dal-rae, fighting!
My dream is to become
action actor like Jackie Chan.
I know. I can't be an
action actor with my leg like that.
I lost a leg.
However... Thanks to it, I was
able to realize something I didn't know.
Ready to shoot!
That, in this world...
aside from Jackie Chan movies...
plenty of other outstanding
movies exist tool.
Scene 37, Cut 2, Take 1.
Not believing without seeing is
really a stupid thing to do.
Indeed, I've realized it recently
too, so I can't really blame anyone.
Come on, try to remember!
It's strange.
It's gotta be around here.
Should've marked the place.
Wasting all these hours, searching!
Fine. Just go.
Are you upset?
Forget it.
I'm sorry.
Here, I'll give you
a piggyback ride.
It's okay.
You're in worse shape than I am.
My leg is a Robocop leg.
Didn't you know?
Okay then. Just to get over there,
let me know if it's too much.
It's nice!
- Hey! Watch where you're touching!
- Sorry, did it unconsciously.
Stop it!