Cherry Blossoms in Spring (1983) Movie Script

I'm on a trip.
May I ride with you?
I'm sorry, but please choose a different car.
Don't you want help if you have trouble?
I'm not in trouble.
I'm going to see the cherry blossoms.
"Hanami" (viewing of cherry blossoms in Spring)
It's sakura tea.
It's the best thing to drink when you're tired.
Are you all right?
I accidentally swallowed the flower petal.
The flower petal?
Maybe a flower will grow in your stomach!
Why did you pretend you couldn't see?
Were you just trying to arouse sympathy?
trying to manipulate me into helping you?
You've suffered some trauma, haven't you?
Then tell me what it was!
This isn't fun for me at all!
You're just a nuisance!
My eyes really were in pain.
The water...
the sun...
the sky...
You're about to walk onto a mountain trail!
If you need to, you can sleep in my truck tonight!
Why not just look in my truck?
If you like it, just sleep in it!
Just promise me one thing.
Don't use a loud voice when you're in the car.
Didn't you want to see the cherry blossoms?
Just look in here.
Let me in.
Your voice is too loud!
The sakura flowers are very delicate.
They fall even when the air changes.
It's nice to watch the flowers from up close.
took this from a garden nearby.
The CEO of a big conglomerate told me to.
is what I wear when I cut down a cherry blossom tree.
This time...
I'll be able to watch them from home.
The size is a bit inconvenient...
it's not too difficult to grow a cherry tree.
So I'm looking for the most suitable place to put it.
Somewhere that it can survive.
Don't stare at them like that!
If you just look at the sakura naturally...
...they'll scatter within you and affect on your life.
Each one of these petals is worth 10,000 yen.
10,000 yen?
The CEO told me their value.
I consulted him before I left.
That's what he told me.
A single petal is 10,000 yen... take these and find someone who will pay their true value.
Right now...
...this tree has 1,218 petals.
...the lifespan of a sakura flower is short.
It usually isn't more than a few days.
So I...
...said a prayer to protect them.
I let them absorb the sun all day...
...and enjoy their value while they last.
You look like you don't believe me.
When the last flower withers...
...I will die with it.
...and if I don't, I'll kill myself.
If I can't sell them while they're alive...'s useless to try to get money for them.
You can sleep in the driver's seat.
I always sleep in here.
I stay in this box so I don't bother the sakura when I talk in my sleep.
It's a good arrangement.
Someone stole my tarp in the night!
Why did you stop?
What is this? A button?
We can't risk shaking the car around.
Isn't that unavoidable?
Don't you care if all of the flowers fall off?
Sakura will not survive like this for very long, anyway.
I came to see sakura in the wilderness, not on a truck.
What are you saying?
And to think I let you hitch a ride with me!
10,000 yen
I want to eat soba!
Take me somewhere, please!
How odd. This one hasn't blossomed.
If you do this, you can hear the voices of the sakura flowers.
We haven't scattered because we've grown accustomed to you.
We won't fade as long as you and the woman stay with us.
What are you saying?
What did you learn?
Nothing in particular...
I don't want an octopus or jellyfish...
Could it be this one? No.
Sakura again?
Must be because I like them so much.
It's your turn.
Incidentally, what do you think of me?
I think you're a good person.
We get along because we both like flowers.
You've got it wrong.
You probably like sakura along with people who like them.
But I have no interest in other people.
I think sakura are better than people in every way.
Japan would be a better place if there were no humans and just sakura.
But you're a human, too.
That's my problem. I want to be something other than human.
Like a spirit?
As long as I'm not human.
Anything that can see sakura.
If you really love sakura... shouldn't be thinking about anything other than those sakura petals.
If anything happens to them, all this was for nothing.
Remember that. It's why you're here with me.
-Who told you that? -The sakura, just now.
Don't screw this up for me.
Don't worry.
I've always wanted to meet a man like you...
...but that doesn't mean I'm interested.
...when I see that...
...begin to feel ill.
Is it sakura sickness?
10,000 yen!
Stop falling!
Don't fall!
It's fine.
The petals didn't fall.
It's the sakura's fault.
You're hiding a secret about sakura.
I'm just an ordinary woman.
Excuse me!
How much is this?
Are you not interested in women?
I am interested.
My mother was a woman.
You are a terrifying person.
You put sleeping pills in my tea.
Where are we going?
I haven't decided yet.
I just started feeling strange around your sakura flowers.
So I got on the train.
Please come back.
The sakura are lonely.
Why aren't you sick from looking at the sakura?
It's just the sakura in your truck that make me sick.
Did you want to partake in hanami even after death?
Is anyone there?
What's wrong?
Hold me!
Hold me!
You don't want to stop being human now, do you?
Let's forget it.
Should we act like nothing has happened between us?
You regret it, don't you?
Let's get going.
Wherever you want to go.
How about this?
Look at these dogs I made.
Which is male and which is female?
Can you tell?
Have a good look.
Is this one female?
Too bad! It's the other way around.
Watch this.
The one that closes its legs is male.
Now look.
The one that opens its legs is female.
You're bad.
So many of them have fallen.
...when we were walking and playing out here...
The sakuras saw everything.
We thought we were looking at the sakura...
...but it was the sakura that were watching us all along.
They got excited watching us...
...but that will only make them fall faster.
You're thinking too much.
All flowers will eventually fall.
It was inevitable that this moment would come.
Look at this!
How can you have that expression when the sakura are dying!
Get out!
As long as you're here, I'll act like a man.
The sakura will watch us.
They'll fall more quickly.
I won't be able to sell them.
These sakura are my life.
What are you saying?
You care more about the sakura than you do about me!
I want you to leave by sunrise!
What are you doing?
What are you doing?
Was it a dream?
Yes, it was. Just a dream.
You dreamt I took apart the sakura, didn't you?
I had the same dream.
How did this happen?
That's your punishment for liking the sakura better than me.
I've resolved to leave...
...but I still have lots of things to say to you.
Just say whatever you want to and leave.
You wanted my body, didn't you? You said I was clean.
But you were mistaken.
I am a dirty woman.
It was the day before I met you.
Before I came to you...
...I met a man I'd never seen before.
He did the same thing that you did.
When I looked up at the sky...
...the sakura were blossoming.
At that time, the beauty of the sakura...
...was all I could think about.
I looked at the beautiful sakura...
...and could forget the dirty thing I'd just done.
That's why I came on this trip.
But... I can't even look at them.
It's because I met you!
I thought I was like you, and find comfort in just looking at the sakura.
But it's painful for a woman to be with you.
I'll continue on my travels.
I'll go somewhere with no sakura.
-You're lying! -How am I lying?
You locked me up in this in the middle of the night.
When you look at my face, you can't leave me.
You know that, don't you?
I won't move from here.
You thought you'd escape my sakura, but now they've trapped you.
Let's stop this.
Come back to me.
It makes no difference to me what happens to you.
It's true that I'm a thief.
The only thing I've ever stolen is sakura.
I'm a sakura thief.
Why a sakura thief?
When I met you...
I told you that each petal was worth 10,000 yen.
I wanted to take them...
...and bring them somewhere to sell...
...that would recognize their value before they die.
Come back, for the sakura.
I'm sorry for how I used them in your truck.
Please stop!
I knew you'd come here.
You'd need to make a sudden visit to some sakura.
They've been scattered in the wind.
Mine have also closed
But they'll open again sooner or later.
You saw some beautiful sakura after all.
Won't you try it?
You should eat something, or you'll get hungry.
I have to protect the cherry blossoms.
Stop thinking about me.
If I take it from you, there won't be any sakura left over.
For cherry blossoms to grow again... is essential to water the soil.
Although there are many types of cherry blossoms...
...all of them share this trait.
They will open suddenly, but also wither suddenly.
A large tree in the center of a street drops sakura flowers everywhere.
Swaying a large branch will cause them to fall.
I've been defeated.
All I had to do was to protect the sakura petals!
They said not to violate a woman.
And I did it two, three times.
Whether it was for love or not.
She is the one who brought me misfortune.
Women always bring misfortune!
Don't destroy my cherry blossoms!
How are you protecting them?
You seem desperate...
...but what have you done to protect them, really?
If a dog opens its legs, it's a female.
You don't know how to protect the cherry blossoms.
You only say you protect them to satisfy yourself.
You think I'm the one cutting them down.
Why haven't you tried to stop me?
I...over there...
It's the best place for me.
If only...
Up and down...
I can live my own life.
Stop that!
I wonder where I could find some beautiful sakura.
Where are there good sakura?
You're just disguised as a human
This is your punishment!
I'm leaving for Totsuzawa now.
It was just the sakura that made us like this.
That's all it was
Producers: Genjiro Arata Shozo Katsuta
Screenwriter: Kiyohide Ohara
Featuring: Jun Kazefu Masato Ibu
Directed by Seijun Suzuki