Chest (2022) Movie Script

I tell you what man, my
phone goes off all night
she knows I'm working. But..
Married for a long time,
brother. You married?
Going on three years now.
Cool. Cool.
Cool. Kids?
We got a bun in the oven.
Dude that's awesome, man.
Congratulations on that. Thank
Boy? Girl? Uh, we don't know
But I'm just looking
forward to getting home.
I'll tell you that.
Is it always this slow?
- Yeah
I mean you learn to
appreciate the slow times.
You know? I mean...
When it's slow you know
you're gonna go home.
Well, if I'd known it was gonna
be this slow I'd have stayed
I know brother, the night's
young, man.
Central to 409
go ahead central...
Need a unit on
route to 1321 county road 347.
For a 10-39.
10-4 central.
409 en route.
What in the fuck is
Oh, buddy. We got a
live one.
Sir, we're gonna
need you to put the bag down...
Sir, do you need an
Sir, do you need an
ambulance? Alan! Get
Alan! Sir, we
need you to put down the bag.
Get back!
Got a
10-82! 10-82!
Officer down!
Officer down!
Need assistance!
Deep in these mountains lies the
almost forgotten art of
Every civilization has their
Those that shape our future
and those that embellish the
But there are few tales
so curious and fascinating
as the tall tales of the
American south
come with us today as
we explore these legends
and shed some light
on dark appalachia
So, what do you think?
- I mean, I look
good and I sound good...
Are you really sold on
that intro? Well, I... I
- What was with that
- What I think it's
awesome. Are you serious?
- I don't know,
man. I think the whole thing
seems cheesy as fuck if
you want my honest opinion.
- Shit...
You want a beer?
Yeah. And no. I don't have any
- Yeah!
I don't have beer I'm sorry.
- Wait a second...
Hey put that camera down I want
to work on this intro before
Izzie gets here.
Oh, Jesus. Wait. The enigmatic
Isabella is coming over?
- She is.
- Really? Oh, did you
invite the rest of the crew?
No, Steph and yancy are techies
they don't care about this part.
- Of course not.
- They don't care about the
- Holy fucking shit would you
look at this.
What the fuck is he doing in
Hey when you're texting
Izzie can you ask her to bring
over some beer and maybe
a fuck ton of groceries?
How the fuck do you live like
Mark! - What?
Fine, if you won't I will.
Lowks below...
La la la la laaah
I love this fucking camera so
It's great.
Oh, shit.
Come in!
Aww, I fucking love you!
Thanks for your help. - Haha
shit, sorry about that.
Marks on the phone with the
fucking guy.
He's a looney toons, I swear.
Yep, yeah, we were um...
Actually we were planning on
coming out there maybe in the
next couple of months?
Is that something that could
work for you?
I'm not sure, man.
I'm not really sure how much I
can help you.
We're still in the
planning stages, basically.
We would just like to
get you, hear your story
on camera
what do you think?
How about an interview?
Jeff? Hello, are you there?
Look I ain't trying to, uh...
Man listen...
Ya'll come down any time next
And I'll tell you what I know
just give me a heads up
look, I can't promise it's what
you're gonna be looking for.
Shit with my daddy ain't
stuff I like to dredge up.
Why? What happened to your dad?
Look, man. Just come on
down. We'll talk. Give me a
Okay. Yeah, no, that sounds
We will umm... I'll let you know
when we come down there, okay?
Yeah, alright man. Look I gotta
let you go.
Okay -
Get away from there!
Dude, your interview
skills blow!
What the fuck was that all
You don't cold call
someone and start asking
questions about their dead dad!
First of all
that was not the interview, that
was me technically getting the
and, hello, Izzie.
I'm sorry...
I did not want you to get all
that stuff. I told him not to uh
David told me you wanted to
I also said you were
and needed sustenance to live.
Well "celebrate" might be a
little early
I mean, this guy claims that he
is the son of the person who
found the box, but...
He really could be fucking
with me. I have no idea.
I think we should explore it.
And we need as much info as we
can get
because I tried to do some
research on that town and this
family earlier today
and I came up with nothing.
Well, I mean the fact that
there is nothing in this day
and age, kind of probably
means there's something, right?
Well sometimes it is
nothing, Mark.
I direct you back to
"ghost cabin" last summer?
Oh, god, Mark.
Not another ghost cabin!
Goddamit guys, it is
not another ghost cabin!
Moving on from ghost
cabin let's look at our
schedule and budget:
The fun stuff, if you will.
Mark, we don't need to worry
about any of this right now.
Let's call yance and
Stephanie. Tell them the
good news. And let's go out and
I wasn't going to say anything,
but umm...
You look like you haven't
gotten out in a while
alright, fuck it. Let's go.
Let's get out.

So no one opened it?
Why didn't they go back?
I don't know. I guess
that's what we're going to find
Far as I know it's
still back there somewhere.
And you think we can find it?
That's not really the
purpose, but it will be fun to
I mean, I want the episode
to be about: Origin of the story
and if it's complete bullshit
we'll figure out how to make it
Hold on we need
one more round of shots!
Here, take this.
So Mark, what's
going on with you and David?
Are you guys cool?
You good?
We're totally fine, we talked it
Well, you better
be because I'm not about
to go into the woods and
babysit a couple of children.
It's fine! I promise. We have
an understanding now, okay?
I think it sounds cool.
You have, my ears...
Fuck it.
You have my eyes...
You have, my brain...
Oh, and it's a very beautiful
brain, at that, Isabella.
But we're not gonna do
any of that silly mantra shit
we're gonna toast to the start
of this project for real this
David, what is it
you contribute again, the
Very funny.
But I'm the voice and you
better damn well respect it,
So let's toast for real this
time, c'mon.
Hey, hey! Do you
mind taking our picture?
Yeah, sure! Okay.
Hey, assholes
we're gonna take our picture.
Team pic? - Yeah, team
pic, c'mon.
I'm blocking you.
I'll hold you right here. - Be
Okay, one, two, three...
Jesus, what the fuck is taking
her so long?
Dude, chill. She said
she would be right out.
Well, look at this place...
Izzie's boyfriend must be
rolling in bank
What does he do for a living
I don't know, he's a
pharmacist or some shit.
Well I guess you could win her
over with your stunning
personality, or something.
Dude stop it, you know she's not
like that.
I don't know, man
look at this place! It's...
I mean, this giant mcmansion
cabin thing...
I mean if I had a choice
between you, or living in this..
David, stop it!
Stop. Please shut the hell up.
Fuck it... -
Stop it! Stop dude! Look,
she's coming - oh, shit!
It's polite to punctual,
Sorry! God... -
Did you really blow the horn at
me, Mark?
No! No, that was David! I swear.
Yes, Isabella, it was David and
on this team we value
You are on this team, right?
Whatever, I was like five
minutes late.
Just answer the question,
Isabella -
Can we get going?
We need to pick up Steph and
yancy still...
God! Turn around you!
- Stop it
oh, hey!
Jeez, taking your time
Just getting my workout in.
Yeah, yeah. Yeah, yeah.
Hey, Mark? How long until we
I'm ready. I've got
everything packed up here.
As soon as they're ready, let's
Oh, so we're actually waiting
for Stephanie, basically.
Oh. My. God.
Are you shocked?
- No I'm completely not shocked.
But I'm gonna get in the car,
while you guys fart ass around.
Let's go!

alright, kiddos! Interview time!
So we are on our way to certain
at the hands of bloodthirsty
on a quest to uncover hidden
what's your last wish?
To keep my butthole virginity.
Good call...
Okay, and you, lovely lady?
I guess...
Not to get killed in the woods
and to come out of here with a
good story
oh my fuck you're
awful at this. Stephanie,
you've gotta have
something better than that?
Butthole thing.
Jesus, fine okay! Umm...
We're on our way to
find this big fucking chest
uhh... what do you think is
inside it?
Dicks. It's just overflowing
with dicks.
Like, dick da dick dick dick
dick dick
Come on, guys! Seriously!
Okay, so we've got a
four hour drive ahead of us
are you not remotely
curious as to what is inside
the very fucking thing we're
making a documentary about?
Well, if it even exists... which
there is a good chance it does
I'm sure it's just full of
some personal hillbilly shit.
Some guy probably lived out
I mean, how long do we
even know it's been there?
Alright. Hey, Stephanie, if I
can pull you away from your
cinematic masterpiece
what do you think is in the
Okay, well I have to take a
realist point of view on this
And I'm going to think about it
- Uh huh.
So that area had a lot
of miners and loggers
and industry workers and shit,
So, I think it is obvious, David
that the box is full of...
Jesus... okay, fuck, um. Izzie!
You've gotta have a better
answer, right?
I guess, like, if it's locked up
it's something someone
really doesn't want to get
Or what if it's something they
really don't want to get out...
Or what if the chest, is
actually a coffin
and the cave is actually
someone's tomb
and... - Oh, fuck!
You're dark!
Okay, the man with the plan,
What have you envisioned
is on the other side?
Even if it doesn't exist,
or it contains nothing...
I like to think of the story,
and how, and why it
was told in the first place.
Like, even after it was first
it kept on going
and people added their
theories and embellishments
and it turned into more
of a teaching method
or a warning...
Or some kind of fable.
And then, it's like at that
point it doesn't even matter
what's in the box
because it could contain
and depending on who's telling
the story
they'll put whatever they want
inside it.
Like, a realist: Pots and pans
an alarmist: The devil.
It could be complete bullshit,
Our theme remains intact.
Which is: Where, how,
and why legends are created
you know, especially modern
And in that sense, really,
it could contain anything.
Like schrdinger's
Who's cat?
So, schrdinger's cat is
this thought experiment
and I'm really paraphrasing
here, but
there's a cat in a box.
And you can't see it, sense it,
smell it...
And there's some poison in the
and without looking you don't
know if the poison has spilled
and killed the cat
or not...
So the idea is without opening
the box and peeking inside it
you don't know if the cat is
alive or dead
and there's the umm, what is it?
The "many worlds"
version of that same thing
where the person and the dead
and alive cat
you know, once the box is opened
split into two realities
one where they find the alive
and one where they find the dead
Okay... So, there's like
Uh, fucking zombie space-cat
inside it...
So, we've established that...
Don't worry David, no one
expected you to get it.
No, no no no
I actually understand
what you are saying...
I just don't understand
how this relates to our story
well... scoffs
hmm, maybe you need
to think outside the box?
Okay, fine so we end
on a philosophical point...
And that's the end of that
ohhh, wait, wait, wait, wait...
What do you think is in it?
Oh, uh... No it's definitely

What a fucking shit hole.
Eleven hundred? Eleven hundred,
Yeah, it seems right...
What do ya'll want? Ya'll
with the electric company?
Umm, no, my name is Mark Rogers.
We spoke on the phone earlier?
Oh! Yeah, yeah. Umm, listen...
Ya'll go around the side of the
house and
come on around back.
I'll meet you out there.
Oh, my! Weird...
Alright, umm..
I think it's going to be fine.
Let's just go do this,
but... We're rolling right?
have it any other way...
That was a really great
He seemed very open.
Hey, how ya'll doing?
Look, fuckin'
I'm Jeff Granger.
Look at this shit...
How's it going...
Huh, alright.
So what are we doing here?
What's on the "agenda"?
Umm, well. We're just
going to get set up real quick.
Do you have a free
electrical outlet somewhere?
Huhh... Well, here's the
I forgot to pay that
shit and they cut it off.
Yeah, they's supposed to be
coming around
today or tomorrow to
hook it back up, but uh...
Look, is out here okay? I
Inside is wreck and it's fuckin'
hot as shit in there with no
electricity and all.
That's unfortunate,
but no we'll figure it out.
Do we have enough
battery to run the interview?
Okay, Jeff... Basically...
We're just gonna get set
up, and then once we're ready
Isabella here is going
to interview you about
everything we talked
about, over the phone.
Basically we just want to hear
your story
and anything else
you're willing to share...
But, no pressure or anything,
Alright, everybody set?
Just one second...
Sound is speeding...
Okay, I think we are good. Jeff,
you ready?
Dark appalachia. Scene
3-c. Take one.
Well, the way I've been told
Heard it mostly from my family,
my uncles, when I was growing
Heard him and his friend
Bobby, now that's Bob Parker
they was out hunting one
day up in citico and they
come across this cave
they'd never seen before...
Now it was probably due it
usually being behind this
and well they was having a real
bad drought around then and
Anyway, they went back
up in it and they, uh...
They found this old box.
Like a big "chest", or
And it was covered in
all these chains and locks.
Well, they didn't have anything
with 'em but their huntin'
so they decided to come
on back to the house
and go back a little more
You know, with tools and stuff.
But when they got back to
the house, as luck would have it
my momma went into labor with
So they all had to
rush off to the hospital.
So you were actually
born the day the chest was
After all of that did
they ever go back to find out
what was inside it?
Eh, not that I know of. I
Far as I know it's
probably still back there.
I don't think anybody's ever
been back.
My dad died a short time
after of a heart attack and
Ole Bobby...
Bob wound up killing
himself that same year.
Put a fuckin' shotgun in his
So you
don't think your father's
death and Bob's dead
are related in any way?
They're just...
Well I mean, Bob coulda
been depressed about my daddy
dying and that's what set
him off or something, but...
I don't believe in no
having anything to do with it.
I mean, way I heard my
daddy was overdue for
a heart attack anyway,
way he'd been living.
And hell, ole Bob...
Bob was just a sad sack
just a matter of time before he
checked out
oh wait, go back.
What curse are you referring to?
Yeah, well...
People tell tales, you know?
They say that old box had
something to do with their
I think all that stuff is
bullshit though.
Would you say this
story is bit of a... Local
Well, yeah. In the right
That's the thing about
verbal storytelling...
It's malleable.
You never know what
the real story was by the
time you heard it and
hell, most'a the times
you don't want to know because
most'a the time the truth is
often boring as shit.
But sometimes...
You find out those
stories are true.
And that shit can be
What... Stories
are you referring to?
Well, nothing in particular
I'm just saying... They ain't
all tall tales based on pure
So, earlier you
mentioned your uncles...
Are these your
dad or your mom's siblings?
Well they ain't really my
uncles. You know, at least not
by blood.
They're just family friend
types, you know.
They started coming around after
my dad died, and I came back
They just kinda come and go
whenever my granny needs help.
But they don't come around no
So, you live here
with your grandma? Is she home?
Yeah, but she uh... She stepped
out. Went to the store, I think.
Well, what about
your mother? Is she still
Nope. She died. Cancer is what I
was told.
When did she pass
A long time ago. I suggest
we move on if you don't mind.
What about Bob Parker? Does
he have any family still around?
Well, that's the thing about
'ole Bob.
He didn't have an siblings,
and well he didn't have any
His wife died.
And far as I know his mom and
dad died when he was real
little. So...
He's been alone from
the start, all his damn life.
Just a tragedy of a human being,
So let's uh, switch gears a
little bit...
What about the cave's
Do you have any idea where that
Where this chest was discovered?
Well, I've been up in that
area a lot, it's up there in
That's where my dad and Bob
used to go huntin' all the time.
You know, my granny tells
me to stay away from there
so hell, there must be
something to it, right?
Have you ever
wondered, if it was real, what
might be inside it?
Well, yeah...
I mean, I was curious about it
for a while.
You know, one of my uncles
used to joke with us and tell
us it was the devil locked
up inside that old chest.
And he'd drag us down to
hell if we ever opened it up.
That used to scare the shit out
of me.
I guess that was the point
Do a lot of people
around here beleive that story?
A lot of people around
here don't know that story.
You know, come to
think of it I haven't heard
anybody talk about this in quite
a while
how'd ya'll come to find out
about it?
Uh, a friend of my
I actually grew
up not too far from here.
No shit?
Now you didn't tell me
you was from around here...
Come back to chase a ghost
story, huh?
Hah, yeah, something like
Huh. Can't stay away
from home too long, I always
Right. Well, uh,
I think we are done here.
Thank you, Jeff. Mark, are we
Yeah... Yeah I think so.
Stephanie can you get some
shots around the house...
So ya'll are really
thinking about
going out and tryin'a
find that old box, huh?
Well, I don't
know... That's starting to maybe
be the plan.
Now what are you gonna
do when if you find it?
Uhhh... I don't know. We
haven't really thought that far
You might wanna think about
Hell, you might open it
up and let the devil out.
And on that
note I'll get that mic, Jeff.
I'd rather have bugs
than mice.
Oh, no. I'd rather have
But I'd rather have bed bugs
than roaches.
I'd rather have anything than
- Yeah...
I'd rather have crabs than
Hey, Mark! Where's
probably just filming some
b-roll. It's fine.
ugh! Gross...
sighs okay...
Huh! Doug and Bob...
What is this shit?
What'choo you doing in my house?
Oh, shit,
Who are you?!
Uh, I'm sorry! I
didn't know anyone was home!
I'm filming a TV show!
You shouldn't be
He'll take
you... Mark!!
He won't let you go!
What are you talking
about? He won't let you
Who are you talking
You don't
know what you're messing
You're all going to
What do you
mean we're all going to
die? What do
you think you're doing?!!
Who told you to fucking
come in here?!
No! He'll take you!
What the fuck!?
Jeff, what the hell is
going on, man? No! No!
No! No!
What the fuck, Mark?
This is why I didn't
want you to come in here!
Are you keeping that
old woman prisoner in here man,
the fuck is going on?
sighs loudly
I know this looks pretty
messed up, alright?
But that's granny.
And she is not well...
Okay, she's got dementia real
She don't understand what's
going on! Hell, I don't
understand what's going on...
Half the time she don't even
know who I am!
No offense, but this is not an
okay place for her to be living
like this!
What are you not telling us?
Look, first of all, it ain't
none of ya'lls damn business!
Okay, look, I think we're just
going to get out of your hair,
Yeah. I think you should.
Come on, come on.
What's going on?
Did something happen?
Come on, we need
to leave right now. Let's go.
Wait, what's going
Mark, can you explain
to us what the fuck is going on?
Grab all the stuff, we need to
leave. Right. Now. Come on.
Everyone get
in the Jeep, I'll explain.
Jeesus Christ...
Dude, I went inside
and it was
completely bare. It's
like a squatter's nest
and he has this old woman that
he calls his grandma locked up
in the back.
What is she talking about?
Stephanie, you are being
dramatic. Okay? What we just got
is a story.
And it's a damn good one.
Dramatic? She was saying some
seriously fucked up shit, dude!
She said we were all going to
die! How could I not be
You believe that guy?
For all we know we know he's
some murderer and she's a victim
he's holding captive...
Wait... there's actually an
old woman locked up in there?
This all just... No. You
guy's are fucking with me,
Look. Everyone needs to chill.
You are over-reacting.
That dude is not a mass
murderer, and this lady was
absolutely crazy.
Why do you guys automatically
take his side? What gives him
the credibility?
Because you are freaking
out right now, okay?!
Oh, my fuck Mark!
Steph, did you get that
on film?
Of course I got it on film,
Guys... Why don't we
talk about this while we are
Cause I don't want to get
killed by some psycho-mammaw
Where are... No, no! Don't go
back in there, that place is
Hold on, trust me.
No..ugh... I don't!
What the fuck is
Is he really fucking doing this
right now?
What is going on?
There's just something fucking
off about this house and that
dude, man.
What exactly did he say?
So, there's this old woman
he claims is his grandma
locked up in the back and
he says she has dementia
and he has to lock her
up so she doesn't run off
you don't think he could be
telling the truth?
I don't know anymore,
man! I just don't want to be
here anymore...
And there's something just
fucked up about
Um... What was that all
You're all going to hate me
for this, but... Yeah...
There's something going on here.
There's a much bigger story here
and that guy is the key to all
of it, okay?
I-I paid him for the
Jesus Christ...
And I paid him to be our guide
tomorrow oh, god...
Listen, listen. He gave me an
address that we can meet him in
the morning
and he gave me the address of
the bar where his dad used to
hang out
this is worth following up on,
trust me.
Trust you? Trust
What the fuck, Mark?
Were you not just inside?
I don't want anything to
do with any of these people
and now you've invited him to
come into the woods with us?
Are you trying to get
us all fucking killed?
This is finally getting
Okay? What happened in there
was crazy. Absolutely. I totally
But isn't that exactly
why we are doing this?
You want a good story, right?
Well, listen...
This is called "dark appalachia"
not fucking "happy fun-time hill
We're gonna go to the bar, check
it out...
And then we'll meet him in the
We don't ever have to come back
What in the...
Whoa, so this is it?
This is what Jeff told us
This is where his dad supposedly
used to hang out. Jesus
Alright well, here we
It looks like he gave
us directions to a murder
This better not end up a
scene from dusk till dawn, Mark.
Man, those guys
look like they like to party...
We are just going to get some
and get out of here
okay? Hey, Mark?
Come here a minute...
Take a look around...
These guys are creeping me
the fuck out... Where?
Don't look
at them, you dick head!
Dude, chill out, okay?
They're probably not used to
strangers coming around,
especially not with cameras
let's get a drink and
don't worry about that
what can I get ya?
Uh, a round of your cheapest
beer, on me.
Oh, big spender!
Thank you...
And a couple shots of
Only got beer.
What are ya'll celebratin'?
Uh, just coming
back in town after a long time.
Brought my friends with me,
gonna go camping this weekend.
Ya'll making some kind of movie?
Uh, yeah. Well, umm... Sort
of. It's a documentary of sorts.
What like that planet earth
laughs uh, no not
We are more gettin' out here and
trying to explore some old
stories from the area.
Phew, if you're looking for
stories this area has it's fair
I've heard plenty of them
in my time, that's for sure!
Now I can tell you some
I seen a black panther
not two miles from here.
Jumped out of the woods...
Damn near run me off the road!
Thought it was gonna chase me
down in my car!
uncomfortable laughs
biggest damn cat I ever seen!
Yeah, yeah.
We've all heard that story
Still not buying it.
You know,
actually we were wondering
if you knew anything
about the Granger family.
Doug Granger specifically.
Uh, we heard word that
he used to be around here.
scoffs yeah, I
remember them.
Strange bunch..
How so?
Well, you know people
just say a lot of things...
Doug Granger and his
friend Bob, I think it was?
That's a long time ago, I
guess... Twenty years or so ago?
That old boy's momma was
a witch...
Naww! She wasn't no
That's just what local kids used
to say...
She was weird though!
whispers to mark
Uhh, yeah, um. Would you
mind if
maybe we did an interview with
you... on camera... for our
Yeah, I guess I suppose. I
gotta keep serving beer though.
No, that's totally
fine. Thank you! Just want to
ask a few questions about
the grangers, if you don't mind.
I swear, when I moved here back
in '78
the stories I heard made
me wonder if I hadn't made
a huge mistake moving
here laughs
I mean, there's just these
really weird, dark stories
unlike anything I've heard in
other places. Like there's
something in the water.
Ehh, it's the damn devil.
The devil's owned this
town since it was settled.
Indian blood woke up the devil
when they started building on
top of their graves.
It gets in people
makes 'em do... Bad shit.
Like them grangers
scoffs you
think everything is the devil
"the devil did this, the devil
did that"
that or "Indian blood"!
You do know that native
Americans had nothing to do with
the Christian devil?
They don't even believe
in any of that stuff.
What 'choo talkin' about? If
the shit's bad, it's the devil!
And I bet you... That old
Granger woman? Is in cahoots
with the devil.
Hey, Mark.
Let's go ahead and reset.
Are you guys
familiar with a story about a
box that's hidden up in a
cave somewhere around here?
What kind of box?
I don't know,
like a trunk... Or a chest.
It was supposedly wrapped
up in chains and then locked up
and then hidden way back in a
cave behind a waterfall, I
A box wrapped in
Oh, now there was a story about
an old mine up there in the
national park somewhere...
They used to mine slate out of
the mountains during the civil
and supposedly there was this
big 'ole vault down in one of
those mines
that contained a bunch of
money or gold, or something?
Ahhh, they're probably talking
about that box up in ebenezer's
Some hunters supposedly found
that back in the 50s... 60s or
But they never was found
got lost in the cave is what I
Now, if they found it, and
they were never found...
Then how did anybody ever know
about it?
Your story ain't holding
up, Stan!
Well, hell, I don't know!
Same thing that happened
to ebenezer, I guess.
Smart ones stayed behind
to tell the tale, I reckon.
Who is ebenezer?
Oh, that cave he's talking
it's about 20 miles up the road
in an area called "Jeffrey's
now that story goes way back
I don't know, a
hundred..And fifty years or so
there was this guy named
ebenezer Jeffrey
and he went out hunting one
day with his favorite hunting
Well, something got them riled
and they went running off into a
And he was just about
to go after them, when
his friend... I think he
was a cherokee Indian.
Said he better stay back.
Said he had heard legends
that the cave was evil.
That, uh... There was illusions
of a false floor or false wall
that wasn't really there.
Ebenezer looked at his friend
and said "I'd go into hell for
them dogs"
and he must have because nobody
ever heard of Mr. Jefferey, or
his dogs, ever again.
Hence the name, "Jeffrey's hell"
do you know where this cave is
Is it on a map anywhere?
That's highly
unlikely. You'd have to
have some very specific
maps to find that stuff.
All those old logging
roads up there in the park
have grown up over the
last hundred and some years.
And the rest of them
the park's blocked off.
Yeah, ya'll don't wanna go
messing around up there in them
Folks get lost, go missing
up there all the time.
Scoffs he's
exaggerating. That's a national
park. They send tour busses up
in there.
The hell I am.
That park but ain't just a
little portion of that area.
Hell, there's miles and
miles of old roads and
trails up in there they
don't let nobody on no more.
For good reason!
Graves all over them hills.
People died up there.
Yeah like a hundred years ago!
Well... you can die just as easy
today as you could back then.
Well, how about the
Can you guys tell me anything
more about them or Bob Parker?
Yeah, well...
They used to come in here, I
don't know, maybe three or four
times week sometimes?
Now this is back in the 80s so
my memory's not the greatest...
I don't think I ever
talked to either one of
them unless they was
coming in here for a drink.
Never said much.
I've always prided myself on
engaging my customers in polite
but Doug Granger... He
wouldn't even say hello.
Hell, he could barely look me in
the eye when he ordered a beer.
I got bad vibes off of him so
eventually I stopped trying to
make small talk with him.
He always paid his tab, tipped
pretty good.
So I never had any problem with
Yeah, I never did trust that
Always in to... Weird stuff,
secret stuff.
And like I said before,
everybody around here thought
that old woman was a witch.
Just because she was
weird, which is for sure
doesn't mean she was no witch.
And after what happened
to her family I don't think
I'd be surprised at all if
she went a little crazy?
Well, what... What exactly
did happened to her family?
Well, after Doug has his son...
They stopped coming around here
so much.
Understandable. Being a new dad
and all.
I always thought it was pretty
good of him.
And I don't know what set him
but man, he snapped...
Killed that wife of his.
His friend Bob, too.
And the boy got out alive, thank
I think that's just because
the old woman grabbed him up
and got him out of there
before Doug could get to him.
Wait, what?
Yeah, ain't that
what you was talking about?
What... yeah, no. We were
told Doug died of a heart
Are you telling me that's
not what happened?
Shit, no, man. He messed them
people up.
Yeah, I don't know
who told you that, but...
That was a really big deal,
especially for this little town.
Doug Granger completely snapped
and started killing everybody in
the room.
Are you saying all this happened
in the house they live in now?
Which house you talking about?
Umm, 1100 trouble
that's where it happened.
That road sure lived
up to it's name, for sure.
Jesus, Mark are you
telling we spent all day at a
murder house?
Wait, now. Ya'll been over to
that house?
Yeah, we were
just up there earlier today.
We were able to talk to the son,
And we actually had a run-in
with the old lady but it's fine
Now hold on a minute!
Now you telling me...
That ya'll went over to that
talked to that boy
and saw that old woman?
Yeah... Yeah
Ain't nobody lived in that house
for years.
At least they're not supposed
After them murders that old
woman she locked the doors
and boarded up the windows and
that boy out of here as
far away as she could.
I'm not even sure if they still
own it.
Are you sure that's the place
you went to?
People were living
there? I... Yeah, I...
I mean don't get me wrong
it was plenty run-down
but I, they were definitely
there. We were filming there all
I'll be damned.
Guess, I better call Russell.
What'd that old woman look like?
Ahh man, she looked
like an old crazy bag lady. And
Yeah, and she told me I was
going to die.
Yeah, sound about right.
Crazier than a shit house rat,
as always.
Uh, wow.
You guys have given us way more
than we could have ever needed.
Thank you, so much.
Well, hey, hey now!
That panther?
Eight foot long.
Big ole yeller eyes.
Bigger'n shit!
And blacker than a coal miner's
- Now he's out
Ya'll better watch out.
Well that's something, right?
Uh, yeah. The plot
If what they said is true this
story is way more than what we
Well, are we really going
to go out in the woods
and meet this Jeff guy
after what we just learned?
I mean, like I said, this story
just got infinitely more
Yeah, there's nothing
like a good murder/suicide to
"spice things up".
Yeah, look the real question is
are we going to say anything to
I mean, are we going to ask
him about this horrific shit?
And was the whole "waterfall,
hunting story" just total
Good point...
No, I think that we need to just
act like we don't know anything.
And try to get it out of
him organically, right?
Let's see what lies he believes
and what maybe that he's
Honestly, it just sounds
like there's one story but a
bunch of storytellers
putting their spin on it, right?
It's perfect...
Okay, well you
know my stance on the situation.
I don't trust that guy.
And I'm actually starting to
question your sanity, too, Mark!
Come on! You got this! We
got this.
This started as a bullshit
treasure chest hunt
and now look what we got:
Lies, deceit, witches,
mysterious caves... Murder.
Does that mean we're off the
"chest" angle?
I can't wait to find this box of
We can still find it. We
can still find the box of dicks.
I think we need to go to the
cabin, figure some things out.
Strategize about the Jeff
I don't even know if he's
going to show up tomorrow.
Yeah, well if that doesn't work
out we can always go look for
that panther.
I know a guy...
- A
valid option.
Are we there yet?
No... Almost, we're almost
- David!
is he asleep again?
Motherfucker's been
asleep half the way.
almighty. Yancy...
time to wake up sweetheart..
We're almost
there... laughs
what does he do that makes him
so tired?
Look at this. Look at it!
The bear's den!
I mean, it
looks like a... School?
Yancy's a bit of a bear.
awkward laugh
so let's go on a little bit of
and find out what's actually
out here in the wilderness.
Here's a beautiful piece of
fauna! Have a look at this one!
Hey, Mark.
Okay, real talk.
You sure you know what
you are doing? I mean...
You're okay with this Jeff
guy being around all of us?
Yeah. I mean he's weird and all
but if it came down to it I
think we could take him.
Also, don't forget.
I'm packin' heat.
Ohhh, you mean that pea shooter
you've been carrying around
since college?
Yes. It's a gun. It's better
than nothing.
I don't know if that's
actually true or not, Mark.
What are you guys talking about?
Nothing, man.
Did I hear something about a
No. No, no, no, no. Oh,
we were wondering if we want to
use shotgun mics?
I mean, I was just going
to use the hand-held
but if you want me to bring
shotguns, I can do that.
Ahh... No. No,
you're fine. You do your thing.
Okay, cool.
You guys are gonna freak!
makes drumroll
And look at this bad
in monster voice an.
A-bode! Didn't I tell
you it was nice?
Look at this
decoration style!
This place is huge!
Love the choice
of bears everywhere.
It's a "fishmas
laughs A
fishmas tree?
"Fish fry. Fry-night."
Bedrooms are
downstairs and I think there's
a game room as well.
Fry night.
All tha way.
They messed up our
booking from when I tried to get
multiple cabins.
Oh, okay.
So they gave us this bad
Well, at least
we get our own rooms now.
Ohhhhhh, it's a bear!
Okay! You
don't want to embarrass
Is this how I do
it? Is it like this? Yes.
Umm, yeah. I've
seen it done that way.
Can I do it that way?
Just whatever feels
are you seriously
filming us? God, stop it...
Just testing the focus... Keep
If you don't get
this you've got to clean up
the cabin before we leave.
What is this place?
This is creepy as
This is where
he told you to meet him?
This is what he told me
I am not going in
Jesus, what is this
building? It's like an old silo
or something...
Is that him? -
Yeah, dude.
I think that's him over
Dude, I reckon that's
Is he even... I think
he's wasted
Is he even alive?
Hey, Jeff...
What the fuck?
Sorry, man. God, we didn't...
We didn't mean to startle you.
When did you get here?
Phew, what time is it?
It's 7:30.
What? Jeff!
Are you wasted?
Naw, man. I drank
them fuckers last night.
You were out here last
Sometimes I like to come out
here and just, you know, get
piss drunk
ain't nobody coming
out here to fuck with me.
Umm, who's watching
your dementia grandma, dude?
Well, if you must know, dude,
one of my uncles came over last
he's looking after her so I came
out here.
Man, are you going to be
able to hike through the woods?
Yeah, man, it ain't
no thing. I'll be alright.
Jesus, what is this
I mean, you come up here to
hang out? It is creepy as
Ahhh, ain't nothing to be scared
of. Just watch your ass for
snakes and shit.
Phhh. Okay...
Ya'll ready to go?
Yeah, I mean we just need
to UN... is that all you're
Are you just taking a
backpack full of beer?
Yeah... got some whiskey, too.
Do you not have any
I got some beef jerky and
snacks and shit, I'll be
What's up? Need any help?
I always need help, yancy.
Alright, ya'll ready then?
Let's hit it.
Soooo... Jeff.
What do you remember about your
What are we doing another
one of those interviews?
Aw, man, no, I'm sorry.
I was just felt like maybe
we could take a minute to...
Yeah, I get it, man.
Truth is...
I don't remember a lot about
that time.
You know, daddy was always like
this "shadow man" in my
I remember him being
there from time to time, but...
You know I don't remember his
what he wore... What he
smelled like, any of that.
But you have
photographs, right?
Yeah, of course I got photos,
Can't tell anything about a
just by lookin' at them can you?
I mean, we change every second
of every day and a photo is just
one of them seconds.
I'd look at a picture of him and
knew it was supposed to be him
but I guess my brain never put
his face to
what little memory I
had of him to begin with.
You know people would talk
about him all the time round
but to me they might as well
been talking about a ghost.
Do you think that there is more
to the story about what happened
to your parents?
Do you mean do I believe that my
dad died of a heart attack and
my mom of cancer?
Fuck no. I ain't stupid.
Most generic story I've ever
Look, I know ya'll went down to
that bar last night and talked
to them damn drunks.
And I'm sure they filled
your head full of stories...
Tell you the truth this town
ain't never been kind to my
Used to make up rumors
about us all the time...
And as far as I can tell
the only thing my dad, my
mom or my granny ever
did was just try to exist here.
Whatever really happened
back then fucked me
up in ways I'm still
coming to grips with so...
Whatever happened, it
happened. It's best to just let
it go.
Hey, Mark! What do you
Do we need any more footage like
Hey Jeff, can you give us one
those beers?
Here you go, "mate"...
- Uhhh, no, I think we're
You want to see
what we just shot, Mr. Director?
I trust you!
I know! But seriously I
don't think we need to burn
anymore daylight.
Yeah... I
think we'll just go a little bit
And set up camp.
Jeff, do you have any idea how
much further we're going to need
to go down the river?
We damn sure ain't gonna get
there before dark, the way we're
Ohh... alright then.
We'll just go a little bit
further and we'll set up camp.
I would love to not have to
more than one night out here.
So, Mark.
You said you grew up around here
when was that?
Uh, I left in '03.
Guess you didn't come out
here much when you were living
here, huh?
No, my parents were...
I don't know, we camped some.
Went to the national parks and
but it was more rv camping, or
car camping.
Honestly I never really...
Was much for the woods.
Shit, man.
If I didn't have these woods
I don't know where I'd go.
Have you ever left here?
Not even... To go on a vacation?
Yeah, my family ain't that
type of family, trust me.
tsk I heard that, man.
Family can be like a
real double-edged sword.
Like a real drain on you, you
Like my uncle Donnie.
He's just a drain on the family.
Like, it's always like "hey,
somebody take Donnie his social
security check."
"Hey, Donnie's got the gout
is it always "uncles" with you?
Is the same uncle that
makes the home movies that no
one watches and they talk
about gasoline, or whatever?
- Nah, man. He
died and they buried him with
the tapes.
Viking funeral.
coughing laugh
Speaking of weird
What is up with your grandma,
She didn't always used to be
like that.
You know, granny used to be...
You know? She was the...
Rock of the family, so to speak.
Once her mind started
going I didn't know what to do.
You know I'd love to just put
her in a home somewhere and get
out of this town
but I don't what she'd do if I
left her.
Hell, I don't know where
I'd go or what I'd do...
This place has always
been my home, you know?
Something just keeps me grounded
Leaves me sorta stuck...
You know people come here, they
get mesmerized by something
foreign to 'em
and then they end up dying
here. Feeding the fucking
It's like a damn monster, man.
Slowly swallowing up the
earth, one person at a time.
Jeff, I mean that can't be true
of everybody. I got out of here.
You did, huh?
Coulda sworn you was sittin'
here right now, Mark, in the
fuckin' woods.
This place had you from birth,
man. You only thought you got
Hell, it may even have your
friends here, too. I'm not sure
how it works.
I swear to god,
Mark, if I'm stuck in this black
hole of a town
it will result in a murder-
laughs I think
we're going to be okay.
in creepy voice
murder suicide, Mark!
Makes throat slitting sound
deadpan murder
Do you believe in god, Mark?
Uhh, what does that
have to do with anything?
I don't. Never have.
The only thing I believe in is
And power.
You know, one thing you can
learn from any religion is that
the dark and light were created
independent of one another
and they say that the light will
illuminate the dark, but
I don't see it that way.
I think they both exist at the
exact same time, at the exact
same moment
just with that little difference
in power over another.
You ever wonder why the fear
of the dark is so common in us?
Where that fear comes from?
I mean, there are things out
there in that darkness that have
just always been
simple as that, and I think
we know that deep down.
But... when the darkness
has overpowered the light
that's when they make the traps.
And that's what we fear: It's
the unknown.
But if you don't believe in
Where do you think we go when we
Yeah, I don't think we "go"
I just don't think we exist
here anymore, and then we...
We continue to exist in a world
that has an always will run
parallel to this one.
We just hope that the one we go
to next is better than the one
we left.
And I think that's...
That's probably "heaven"
does our actions in this world
effect where we go in the next?
Maybe. Maybe not.
But there are also these dark
Dark places and dark things that
want us to come there, and
possibly forever.
And that's "hell".
There's gotta be a world out
there, where I ain't stuck here.
And if there is, I feel
like I am entitled to it.
I just worry it would follow me
there, too.
What do you
mean "it" would follow you?
Just the burdens that
one carries, that's all...
What the fuck?
Hey, Mark! Is that you?
yawning no... Is that
- No, I'm still in my tent.
Fuck it, I'm going out.
Who the fuck?
Mark, you better get out here!
What... The fuck?
- Hurry!
Hey... Can we
help you with something?
What's happening?
I have no fucking idea,
What the fuck was
that? Who were those people?
Please be quiet!
Hey guys?
What's going on out there?
We just saw a-
Shhhh, don't say
...Nothing. We
just saw a raccoon or
something. It's nothing. Go back
to sleep.
What the fuck is it?
Uh... It's nothing.
It's a false alarm. Go to bed.
David! Get the fuck out here!
oh, Jesus Christ... Fuck.
He's gotta be around
here somewhere. Maybe he's gone
to the bathroom?
Okay, what the fuck is
going on?
Jeff is gone, dude.
And I have a feeling that you
two aren't telling me something
You need to chill out.,
okay? Fuck!
- Thank you.
Mark, do you know where
we are? How to get back?
This weirdo was our guide, okay?
And he just left with all of his
shit left behind!
Hey drank... A lot yesterday,
He probably just stumbled
back to his truck or something.
Okay and it doesn't concern
you that he didn't want to tell
I mean that's just rude! What
the fuck are we supposed to do?
Look, you didn't even want
him to join us on this, okay?
So it's like.. Basically we're
in the exact same boat as if he
had never even come
what's the big deal?
We all agreed that we were
gonna, hike and try to find this
So what's the difference now?
But Mark, I think people are
mostly worried that he's not
here. Like...
He's just gone, with his stuff
still here.
Right? He's strange, man.
Rednecks who are that fucking
smart turn out to be serial
killers, okay?
No, it's not funny!
He's probaly out in the fucking
woods watching us or some shit
or someone or something
got him, and the great!
We're out here with
whatever the fuck that is
also, Mark:
Where is this cave?
How far is it?
What side of the river is it on?
These are details we kind of
need to know in this situation!
You... are freaking. Out, okay?
Eh, listen it's... The
behind a waterfall, right?!
Eh, uh, the river is not very
We'll be able to find a
You two... Are not telling me
What the fuck happened last
You probably just heard a
squirrel or some bunnies or shit
like that...
Mmm hmm.
I know you two are lying to
me... Did you film it?
You film everything...
David, give me that fucking
I knew it.
Those are the same people that
are in that creepy-ass photo at
Jeff's house
That bitch is up to something!
That and her witchy cult or
How are you guys not
freaking out right now??
What are you even talking
Whoever that was, is, if that
was her or whoever that was
they were looking for Jeff...
Because of any emergency.
Mark, are you stupid?
Or are you just playing coy
because you don't want me to
freak out and leave?
Whoever they were... They
are gone now. It's daylight. I
think we will notice if there
are horses stomping around.
We just need to go down to the
Get are far as we can,
check out what we can...
And the hike back before dark.
Were... were not even that
far from where we parked!
But, why would you
Fine. You're right. I'm sorry.
I should have said
something this morning...
I was just very worried, about
the possibility of people over-
Over nothing.
There was just... People, on a
horse ride.
Right, Mark. Because
people just go casually,
nighttime horseback riding
in ceremonial fucking robes!
Look. I'm going to keep
going. Because I want
to get something out of this
fucking trip.
And I'll admit, right now?
Curiosity? A bit peaked!
But I don't want to spend
another goddamn night not
knowing where we are or
where the fuck we're going!
Alright, fine!
Our fearless crew...
Packing up all... Their... Shit
as we head out into the
Our crazy, mad-scientist,
fucking-weirdo... Tour guide
By psycho-horsepeople.
And our new fearless leader,
is about to take the wheel...
You better know what
the fuck you're doing...
What the fuck!?
Was that gunshots?
Yeah, it sounded
pretty close...
Everybody, hold on, hold
on it could be hunters or
Ya'll shouldn't be out here...
What the fuck!
Jesus, man., you trying to give
me a heart attack or something?
Sorry, sir. Very sorry.
Eh, is this your property?
Ain't nobody's
We were told that there's
like a...
Waterfall or cave down this
Do you know anything about that?
Ain't not waterfall,
and they ain't no cave...
Okay, well were were told
it just a little bit... Down
this way.
Wh-where shooting for a
nature documentary -
interrupting who told
you, you could be out here?
Jeff.. Granger?
Uh, he's a local guy...
Ya'll shouldn't be out
here you need to turn around.
I'm sorry do you know Jeff?
Don't know anybody.
Get on out of here.. And
take them girls with you.
Mark? Steph, chill, stop.
I'm gonna be on my way... Gotta
do my work.
And what exactly
is your profession, sir?
You shouldn't be out
here. You're gonna get hurt.
Are you
threatening us, motherfucker?
Steph, just chill out,
Look, I warned you.
Is it I.T.?
That's my safe bet...
You look..You look you're
Ooookay, Mark.
Okay this shit's getting out of
hand, okay?
So what, we've got murder
houses, potential witches...
Jeff? Is gone from last night
and now we've got this crypto,
weirdo, walking around with a
It's fine...
But can't you feel it?
I can feel it. We are so
freaking close to this thing...
All these things happening
that you are talking about...
They just make me feel like we
are more on the right track, you
I mean, this is going to be
great for the story, can't you
feel it?
Yes, I feel it,
okay but we are making
a documentary not a fucking
horror movie
There's just much safer
ways to get this information
We are sticking... To the the
[Stephanie[ Mark! Dude, what
the fuck was that? Not cool.
Nothing. Okay? It's fine.
- Here, can you shut that off?
I want to save the battery.
We're just going to go a little
bit further, okay?
Oh.. Ow. Fucking!
Fuck! Shit!
Okay, what fresh hell is
You okay?
I don't know I
think I just fucking sprained
my ankle or some fucking
shit. What happened?
Oh, my god it hurts
so bad.
Here, give
me that first aid kit?
Here. Here.
groans oh, god...
Get that
camera out of my face, David!
Ahhhh, yeah.
The pulse is
fine so it's not restricted.
Let me wrap it up, okay?
Then we'll put your boot on it.
should reduce the swelling
enough for you to walk.
And then later when you
take your boot off you can ice
Where the
fuck am I going to get ice?
This fucking sucks
you guys, I'm sorry.
You're fine...
You're fine!
It's not your fault,
It's an accident...
Okay, now try walking on it.
Hey, Steph, I was
only messing with you... Smile!
I mean, it sucks,
but I think I can walk on it.
Use this stick as a walking
I'll show you what
I'll use this stick for...
How much longer do we have to
go, duuuuude?
I don't know for sure but
like I said if we don't find
anything soon, we'll stop, okay?
Could any more random
shit happen?
Mark! Is this it?
Well, I don't know. It's a
I don't see any entrance to any
cave, guys.
Well, it's supposed to be behind
the water so it's doing to be
pretty hard to see.
When Doug and Bob came
back here it was a drought
so we might have to
do a little bit of exploring.
It does match all the details
people have been giving us.
Okay, I think we should try this
and if we don't find anything we
call it.
Oh, god, okay..Fine.
We do still have like 8 hours
of daylight though, okay?
So let's just check this out and
then we'll book it back as fast
as we can.
We won't make as many stops.
We'll make it before nightfall.
You wanna take bets on who
drowns first?
I hope you know,
you're going in there too if
they find anything...
What is it? What
Well, there's no cave behind the
but yancy found a freaking
mineshaft entrance up there.
A mineshaft? - Yeah
Wait, so now the
cave has become a mineshaft?
That doesn't make any sense.
Well remember what the bartender
said. It's all here just in
different pieces.
It's pretty steep though, we're
going to need our rappelling
Well is it actually safe
to into an active mineshaft?
As safe as anything
else! It's been there a
hundred years, its not
going to collapse now.
We'll be careful man. If we get
in there and it looks bad we'll
come right back.
What is it?
So, do you want
David to do a little narrating
before we dive in?
Umm, no.
We can worry about that
tomorrow. I think we need to
get down there with a
camera before it gets too dark.
If we want to lay narration
over the top of it later, we
I'm gonna stay up here with
Steph, because... I don't do
claustrophobic shit.
Here's the plan:
We'll get down there, if it gets
too twisty or turny, or it's
collapsed or something
we'll just come back up and
figure it in the morning, okay?
Well, when do
we call the rescue squad?
We should be down there like an
If it's more than three, then
you start worrying about us.
But seriously, we're not going
to be going down there doing
anything crazy.
We're just going to check it out
and see if it's worth exploring
Well, it's
going to be dark, just saying.
I can't believe it guys!
Seriously, this could be
it! Do you understand that?
Like, we could actually go
down there and find something
it's badass! We're gonna do it
what are you trying to say?
He's trying to say
he loves us, you big softy.
Okay... Nevermind.
Just know...
That I think that we
might actually be on to
something really cool,
and I'm excited about it.
Are you two fine up here?
Yeah. Yeah,
we got this. Might even save you
a hot dog.
Actually, hold on one
Just in case...
Use this.
you brought a fucking gun?
Don't get mad. Don't
get mad, it's for protection.
Dude, Mark, I'm not mad
this place is creepy as fuck.
I've been wanting a gun this
entire time.
Laughs alright, good.
Okay, come on.
We better get started.
What the fuck?
Nevermind! Just keep
working on that fire, okay?
I'm fuckin' trying, you
work horse!
Dude! Yancy, I just
saw some creepy as fuck shit.
Are you fucking high?
Dude! Fuck you, it was creepy
as shit. I got it on camera,
let me see it...
Yeah, man. That's
fucking weird. Why does that
symbol look so familiar?
it's the same symbol that's
in that creepy ass photo
that's at Jeff's house.
I knew he was up to something.
He's probably out here
or something, watching us.
Oh, come on, man.
That's fucking panic talk.
Look, I don't know what
the fuck that thing is... but...
All we can do is keep an eye
Well, I'm getting Mark's gun.
You have a gun?!
No, Mark had a gun and
he gave it to me in case any
weird shit happens, like
this creepy motherfucker.
Dude! I have a gun!
I've just been waiting for
somebody else to say something
let's go shoot some shit!
What is with dudes and guns?
And no, I don't want to go
shoot some shit unless I have
You know how to use
that thing, pistol Annie?
I mean, it couldn't be any
than operating a camera, right?
You just...
Find your target, and...
Do not point that gun over here!
Oh my god, chill. It's not even
I don't know about this place,
It just... Creeps me out.
Something's not right.
I mean, how long have they been
gone? They should be back soon,
Like an hour and a
Well what's the plan, dude? How
long do we
wait out here before
we go fucking get help?!
We're just gonna get this fire
Maybe we set up camp...
Eat some beans...
Camp things!
And if they don't come back?
Are you and I going to go
looking for them?
Yeah? I don't see you doing any
spelunking on that broke-ass
foot of yours.
And I ain't going into that cave
by myself.
It's dark!
Great! So we're fucked
until morning... Cool!
Okay, so we've gone
pretty deep into the "cave"...
And uh... Still haven't
found anything so far.
I reckon we should... Get
on up and try again later.
Besides, uh..Mark's smart
watch decided to stop working.
Not very smart...
This bullshit says it's 10:30...
Which doesn't make any sense.
Think we should just come back
when it's daylight,
check out these tunnels?
Oh, yeah. Well we gotta go
this way to get out anyways.
Alright, see ya later!
Oh, god! Chuckles
Here I come...
Hey, umm... It's a dead end.
What do you mean?
I only marked intersections...
I don't know what to
tell you... It's a dead end.
What the hell was that?
Umm... I don't know
but it came from down there...
Guys, come on we need to
get going. But it's a
dead end down there!
I know..I-
Guys, caves make
weird noises. Let's go.
You alright?
No, I'm not alright.
How long have they been
gone, like three hours?
I mean how are you so calm?
Because I think they
probably found something.
You know them, if they found
something they are going to
And I think it's highly
unlikely that all three of them
got injured and none of
them made it down for help.
Okay, but what if
they're actually lost? You
heard what those guys
were saying about the cave.
We don't even know where this
cave is!
And there's nothing we can do
about until the morning anyway.
Look if they're not back
by the morning, we'll
get in the Jeep, go to town and
get help.
This is a nightmare, man!
We're gonna laugh about this
Over yancy's special pancakes!
Phhhhh. I hope so.
Oh! Here's your
No... No...
Must have missed it the last
time around.
No it's another dead-
Yeah... What?
Oh, shit! Shit!
Everybody stay calm! Stay calm!
No I got it, it's cool. Sorry.
Everyone cool?
Oh, shit!
shrieks oh, fuck!
David, you alright? You
Guys, I think we
need to get out of here.
Asap. Yeah, we
need to get out of here.
It's another dead
Where's Mark?
Ohhh, guys!
Come here!
Did you find an exit?
Oh, oh, no, no but look!
Oh, shit this is it!
Yeah, man, um.
Yeah, I'm really fucking
happy for you. But uh...
We've got other things
to worry about right now...
What are you talking about? We
found it!
Unless there is a big
fucking map with a way out...
I don't really give a shit
right now. What?
Come on, help me try to
open it.
No... No! God!
There's just dead-ends in
here... We need to focus on
getting out...
We can worry about this later!
What are you saying? This is
why we came! So?
Aren't you curious? -
Not even the slightest.
Oh... What the fuck?
There's a draft coming off of
What? Mark...
What are you doing?
No, look! Come here, feel
it. There's a draft coming out
of it.
No! Ah,
Jesus, fuck.
Maybe it's on top of a hole or
something. Here, help me try to
move it.
Is this thing made out
of fucking rocks or something?
Alright, you know
what? I'm not dealing with this
I'm looking for a way out of
What the fuck
are we gonna do with this?
Tell me a secret, yancy.
What kind of secret?
A secret!
Something I don't know about
I don't know I'm going crazy
over here.
Well, you tell me. Lead by
sighs 'Kay...
Did I tell you about the time
I spent in the insane asylum?
Well, kinda...
I was there for a sleep
study when I was ten.
I remember having these very
vivid dreams
first it was cool... You know,
the dreams you could control?
But then I suddenly lost
I was still aware I was dreaming
but I had no control anymore.
And it got super-serious because
in the dreams I would catch on
And I could feel it...
Like, I could really feel it,
And I would wake up
and I would still... Feel it.
And it kept happening again
and again, night after night
until my parents took me to the
"nut house" and they did a sleep
study on me.
I was on sleeping pills until I
was 17...
tonight's the first time in a
really long time that I've been
afraid to go to sleep.
It's gonna be alright...
We're gonna find them in the
morning and work all this shit
out, I promise.
I always wondered where it came
The dream?
Yeah, I mean, I was 10
years old. How the hell
did I know what it was like to
burn alive?
I had a really intense
dream like that once.
I had this dream where I, uh...
I broke my leg...
And I'd wake up and still think
it was real
and I would scream
and I would almost have to
reach to make sure it wasn't
and then...
And when I got to high
school I was playing
football and I broke
my leg and it's like...
For some reason...
I was okay with the pain
because I was just prepared.
Well, I hope I never have to
make the comparison... Jesus...
I can't imagine a worse
way to go than burning...
So what do you have to
say for yourself now, Mark?
We've been here a few hours
I don't know, David.
Oh, ho, no... This is what you
Okay, you wanted to make a
documentary. Well, here we are!
This is it... The money shot!
David, stop it. You are not
Remember that guy at the
bar who said something about...
...false bottoms? So, like maybe
this is just an optical
Don't be fucking stupid, okay?
- Something like the... Ugh.
We've scoured every inch of this
room and there is nothing
"false" about solid rock!
Don't be an asshole right
now, David! No! This is
what you wanted!
You wanted to make this thing
and I'm just here documenting
your creative process...
So, what next, "heir director"?
- Why do you always do this?
Why do I always do what?!
Why do you always push my
All you do is bitch, and moan
and complain and provide nothing
of value!
Oh, yeah? - Yeah.
That's what you really think?
Yeah. Yeah! The
"voice"? What a fucking joke!
Guys... Guys
stop it! We just gave
you something to do
because you can't do anything!
Stop it we have
to keep our heads together!
No. Fuck you, Mark!
You wouldn't have gone anywhere
if it
wasn't for me motivating
you the whole time!
When I met you,
you were an introverted little
"Motivating", that's what you
call it!
You're a fucking liability and
you always have been!
Guys, guys stop it.
Listen to be you little shit!
You wouldn't have done anything
or gone anywhere if it wasn't
for me...
And now, we've come to this
fucking cave and we're here to
Bravo, man! Great fucking
job! Hey, fuck you David!
Oh, and have you told her? -
Stop it.
Oh, fuck no. No you haven't. -
You stop it!
You know what, since we're in
whole "caring and sharing" mode.
Maybe I'll just talk for
you, just like I always do.
He's been in love with
you for years, Izzie.
And the reason he invites
you on these projects...
Is the hope that one day he'll
"man up" and actually ask you
out like a real person...
Shut the fuck up, David! - And
He's brought you down
here into a fucking cave
like Romeo and Juliet
to die in a goddamn tomb!
We're gonna die down
And we're all left with
this monolith of failure... our fucking reward!
(David kicking chest,
David? What did you
Nothing, I just fucking kicked
Oh, shit... The chains
fell off.
Oh, you've gotta
be fucking kidding me!
scoffs It
doesn't make any sense...
It doesn't make and
fucking sense!
Who's there!?
Fuck it, let's go.
Wait, wait for me...
What the
fuck? What the fuck is it?
What does it look like?
It's... it's like a rash or
I... I don't know
it's... it's maybe it's
poison... Ivy?
It's...'s going
to be alright though...
It feels like my skin is
Ah... shit...
whispering it sounds like
it was right outside the tent...
What the fuck is that,
huh? crying
Fuck this!
sobbing what the
Don't go out there!
It's just some fucking
redneck or something, okay?
What the fuck do you
There's nothing out here...
Yancy! Yancy! Yancy!
Stephanie! Don't leave
me! Hellllllllp!
exhales deeply
screams and grunts
panting rapidly
wha... Mark! What the fuck?
Why did you... Why did you do
screams aggressively
distorted voice
I gotta do my work...
You... you killed him
Mark, you killed him!
low and quiet
it won't let me go...
voice quivering
Mark... Why Mark?
It won't let me
go... What?
voiceit won't let me go!
crying and pleading

distorted voice he
loves you!
crying and pleading
He loves youuuu!
laughing maniacally
he loves yoooooooou!!!
laughing maniacally
he loves youuuuuuu!
laughing maniacally
choking slowly fades

crying he loves you...
He loves you...
sobbing yancy?
Oh, shit...
Monster growls loudly
Oh my god, yancy!
Oh, oh, oh, fuck!
Crying, sobbing
Ugh! Fuck!
Mark, I'm over here!
Mark, where are you?!
Mark, in here!
What the fuck?
Oh, shit!
- Mark, where are
What the fuck?!
Oh, fuck!
"crazy blues" by mamie
Smith plays on radio
"crazy blues" by mamie
Smith plays on radio
What's going on?
Hey, you okay? What's going on?
Just get in why don't you, shit.
I need to get the fuck out of
I need to go to the police!
- Police?
Who's chasing you? You okay?
No, I'm not okay! My friend
was just killed, my other three
friends are stuck in some
mine shaft near the river...
Mine shaft?
Wait, whu... Wait, who's dead?
What're you... Are you messing
with me?
What's going on?!
I need to get the fuck out of
Well, then alright then. Shit.
Oh, I love this song.
You like this song?
How far away are we from town?
We ain't going to town.
What are you talking about?
Well, I'm sorry, you let it
out. We can't just let you go.
What are you doing?
I have a gun, motherfucker!
And if I even see you reach
for it, I got one of these.
And I'm gonna be jamming
this into you, repeatedly.
So you're just gonna sit there
and you're not gonna do nothing.
Now answer my question...
Do you like this song?
I think it's fucking stupid as
Well, that was the wrong thing
to say.
Sleep... that's it. That's it.
Yeah, I got one of 'em.
yeah, I think they let it out.
ah... I was afraid of that.
Aw, what a waste, man.
Jeff? Nah, I ain't seen him.
I'll keep an eye out...
alright, I'll holler at'cha.
"till we meet again" by
Vernon dalhart plays on radio
"till we meet again" by Vernon
dalhart Oh, fuck!
Now you can go ahead
and scream your little pretty
little head off
but it ain't gonna do you any
Ya'll done messed up and we
gotta fix it.
What the fuck are you talking
You went ahead and let it out.
And now we gotta put it back
You got the markings on you,
don't you?
Let what out, you stupid redneck
Them markings!
I'm talking about them markings!
You've been marked. And
now I don't know what it is...
But we gotta fix this
or we're all in trouble.
Fucking let me go!
Now, this on you...
This is all on you.
You gotta understand that
your actions have consequences.
And you just have to
understand that and accept that.
Trust me. You don't want the
You've already been marked.
He's got you already.
There's only one way to set you
free. And you ain't gonna like
- Help,
Fuck you, you motherfucker!
Now, you just can't run from
it, darlin'. It don't work like
Don't make me chase you...
Now you have to be alive for
this to work.
cries, grunts
I'm trying to help you!!
What are you
doing please? Help me!
Fuck you!
what are you doing?!
Now this is only gonna
hurt for minute, darlin'
but you'll be set free
after that, I promise.
sobbing please...
Honey, this has to happen...
"till we meet again" by Vernon
dalhart continues on radio
"till we meet again" by Vernon
dalhart ends
Any change?
Nope. Still just
sittin' there.
Well, the results are back from
the lab and things just got even
If that's even possible.
You got an abridged version of
Long story short:
That... is one of our missing
And the sack he was carrying?
Contained the other two.
Or what was left of them,
The blood and DNA matched
the other two, as well as...
Several other blood types
that are unaccounted for.
Could be the two we haven't
Maybe. But not according to the
There were no matches in the
It could be two other people
we don't even know are missing
here's where it gets strange:
Our subject here has a long scar
on his abdomen, a surgery scar.
Albeit, a crude, and poorly done
But his appendix has been
removed since he's been missing.
It could have been at his own
Or someone with little medical
Based on the tests of that scar
tissue and of the decomposed
body parts...
I'd say we're looking at a ten
to fifteen year timeline here.
But he's only been
missing for three years...
Lab must've messed it up.
Trust me...
They we're just as confused as I
they ran the tests several
and every time the same result
It... just doesn't make any
Now, on further reading,
they found that he was
surviving on a diet
consisting only of raw meat.
Raw meat?!
I guess we know why
you folks were called in...
Man, this is the craziest shit
I've seen here in forty years.
This one of your..."X-files"?
Just call me Dana Scully...
So, what's your professional
Between you and me? - Mm hmm.
I haven't a clue.
And the only person who can
answer that horrible question...
Is sitting right there.
Well, it's not too late to turn
You sure you're up to this?
It's why I'm here.
Let's go, detective. -
It is currently...
1800 hours, November 17th 2019
special agent Kara mills, along
with detective Harold gardner
of the Monroe county police
To interview one "John Doe"
allegedly known as Mark Aaron
Of loudon county, Tennessee.
This is FBI case eight, dash,
hotel, Alpha, dash, two, one,
nine, seven, six
okay, so...
Can you state for me your full
legal name?
Do you know the name "Mark
Does that sound at all familiar
to you?
Are you aware of where you
are and how you got here?
according to your DNA report,
you are Mark Rogers of loudon
Is that correct?
Mark, I want you... You
look at these photos...
Can you do that for me? And...
Let me know if you recognize
Mark. Mark.
Would you save us all a big
And answer the questions?
Mark, it seems as if you
recognize these people...
Can you tell when me the last
time you saw either of them?
It's not a box, it's a
What do you mean "it's not a
box, it's a doorway"? What box
are you referring to?
Takes them.
It... took me.
It's not a box... It's a
Where did you take them, Mark?
Where did this "doorway" take
How'd you get back?
Where have you been this entire
Jesus, what happened to his
In a dark, dark place.
Terrible place. - Where, Mark?!
Where is this doorway?
Where did it take them?
Terrible, terrible things...
I'll show you everything...
- Alright.
Alright motherfucker, get on the
Can we get some help in
- Security!!
- Security!!
No! No, stay away!
Stay away from me!!