Chestnut (2023) Movie Script

[ Birds chirping in distance ]
[ Phone ringing ]
Hi, sweetie.
It's Dad.
What's up?
Were you sleeping?
I had a late night.
Everything going well?
Just, uh, sorting things out.
Honey, I am so proud of you.
This move is gonna be
so exciting, hon.
I promise you that.
It's all just starting.
You'll see.
Yeah, I guess so.
I know so.
Philly was a great home.
But California is gonna be
with all kinds of new
experiences and new people.
And I got to share my Annie
with the rest of the world.
Yeah. Okay.
Thanks, Dad.
Oh, by the way, hon,
I got some paperwork
from the new job,
so I'll send it over to you
Oh, okay. Yeah.
Thank you.
Well, that's it for the moment.
I miss and love you.
I miss you, too.
Love you, Dad.
All right. Love you, honey.
[ Down-tempo music plays ]
[ Music continues ]
[ Indistinct conversations ]
[ Insects chirping ]
[ Music continues ]
It's really...
It's really weird being here,
you know, after everyone left.
I agree.
It just really hasn't hit me
I feel like we're gonna go back
to class in two months,
see the same people.
When are you leaving again?
Well, uh, I-I actually haven't
bought my flights yet.
But the job starts
the first week of September.
-So...I don't know.
Sometime before that.
Are you really
thinking about staying?
Oh, no.
I mean,
I can't go back to Alabama,
and I really don't know
anywhere else.
Sometimes I feel like...
this is the only place
that has ever felt like home
for me.
I get that.
[ Indistinct conversations,
mid-tempo music playing ]
[ Music continues ]
[ Woman laughs ]
What are you drinking?
Um, just wine.
What kind of wine?
Some kind of red.
I don't know.
Hey, Danny.
See you in a bit.
What's up?
[ Whispering ]
Thought I'd join you.
Sure. Yeah.
I don't like drinking alone.
It's...not for everyone.
Some people handle it better.
[ Music continues ]
Do you want another one?
A red wine, please.
Yeah, it's a small French place
on 17th and Rittenhouse.
It's good.
And, um, how often
do you work there?
Tuesdays and Thursdays
through Sundays.
Danny works Wednesdays
and weekends.
Oh. Uh, so --
so you both work there?
Mm-hmm. Yeah.
I got Danny a job there.
Annie, do you want
another drink?
Um, no.
No, actually.
I'm -- I'm okay.
[ Down-tempo music playing ]
Did you make this differently?
-DANNY: Nope.
-Tastes sweeter.
Well, maybe it's the company.
Come sit down.
You're making me antsy.
DANNY: Annie, do you want
water instead?
Um, no.
I'm -- I'm good.
I, um...
I actually think
I'm gonna head out.
Are you sure?
Yeah. Yeah. It's getting late.
Ty, why don't you, uh,
walk her out?
She's a big girl.
She'll be okay, right?
Yeah. Yeah, I'm -- I'm okay.
Uh, thank you for having me.
Any time.
It was nice to meet you, Annie.
We'll see you soon.
You have my number.
ANNIE: Yeah. Definitely.
I'll text you.
[ Music continues ]
[ Door opens ]
[ Insects chirping,
siren wailing in distance ]
[ Door opens ]
Hey. Just, uh, wanted to
make sure you got out okay.
Oh. Um, yeah.
I'm okay.
Oh. I hope, uh, you didn't feel
like you had to leave.
Oh. Uh, no. No.
I'm just tired.
Um, do you --
do you want me to see if
she wants to go back with you?
I'm okay.
Yeah. My bad.
Have a good night, though.
You too.
You too.
[ Down-tempo music plays ]
[ Music continues ]
[ Music continues ]
[ Shutter clicks ]
[ Phone chimes ]
I hated it.
Oh, I hated my name.
When I was little,
I was teased constantly.
I had really short hair.
My name was Tyler.
I mean, what do you --
what do you do with that?
I don't mind it now.
I don't mind it now.
My parents, actually,
they named me Tyler
because after four girls,
they really wanted a boy.
And then they got me.
I did try to change it.
I was 14,
and I saved all this money,
and I got on the bus, and I
went down to the courthouse.
And then I got to the courthouse
and realized, "No.
You have to be 16
to change your name."
I don't know.
It just never felt like my name.
It never felt like me.
That's funny.
I-I think it really suits you.
[ Down-tempo music playing ]
Well, you don't really know me.
Yeah. Um...
Well, what -- what were you
going to change it to?
No. I'm fucking --
I'm fucking with you.
It was stupid.
Courtney or something.
[ Both laugh ]
Is, um, is that --
is that why you talked to me
the other night?
'Cause you wanted someone
to fuck with?
At the bar?
No. I just -- I don't know.
You were drinking alone.
Yeah, but there were
other people drinking alone.
[ Clears throat ]
You seemed interesting.
[ Music continues ]
I've kissed a couple of girls
Yeah. You go out with friends,
get too drunk.
What about you?
-I don't kiss my friends.
[ Chuckles ]
So, where'd you go to school?
[ Water runs ]
[ Down-tempo music plays ]
[ Chuckles softly ]
[ Music continues ]
[ Music continues ]
[ Phone chimes ]
Um, what is this place?
-Come on.
-[ Down-tempo jazz playing ]
-Thanks, George.
-Hi. You're good.
[ Indistinct conversations ]
Whoa. I...I had no idea
there were bars open this late.
Yeah. We go here after work.
Industry only.
Mostly, you know, bartenders,
servers hooking up.
[ Music continues ]
DANNY: Looks like Tyler dragged
you out to the late shift.
What'd she say
to get you out here?
I-I was nearby, so...
DANNY: Bill, this is Annie.
Annie, Bill.
Bill owns the -- the bar.
Hi. Nice to meet you.
-You too.
-She's, uh, my new friend.
Oh. Well, any friend of Danny's
is always welcome.
She's also a writer, too.
-BILL: Really?
-TYLER: Danny.
-ANNIE: Uh, yeah, I am.
-Excuse me.
What kind of things
do you write?
Um, like, mostly poetry,
I guess.
Well, we have a poetry night
here every month.
Open mic's next week.
You should come.
Uh, yeah.
I'll definitely --
I'll check it out. Yeah.
-Nice to meet you.
-You too.
[ Music continues ]
So, did I wake you?
Oh. No.
I was, uh, I was already up.
With who?
Just, like, a college friend.
You should've brought him.
It's okay.
She was already on her way home.
Can I have an old-fashioned?
[ Music continues ]
You know,
you're a really nice person.
So are you.
No, I'm not.
I think you are.
Why do you think that?
I just do.
You're sweet.
[ Music continues ]
She's chill. She's cool.
She laughs at my jokes.
That's it.
That's all that matters.
That doesn't happen very often.
-That's awesome.
-Hold on. Hold on.
How'd she bring it up?
I don't know.
She was just like, "I'm trans."
And I was like, "Oh, okay."
That was it.
It's not a big deal.
I-I just don't understand
how anyone could care that much
about other people's
personal lives.
That's exactly what I said.
Like, people are always
trying to put everything
into a fucking box,
and some people
just don't belong in a box.
-They don't fit into a box.
-Right. Yeah.
Well, I'm looking forward
to meeting her
-whenever you bring her around.
This isn't different
than your other relationships.
It'll end in a week.
MAN: Fuck you.
You haven't even met her.
And let's see if I do.
Tyler likes to think
that her opinion
is the be-all, end-all.
You think it is.
[ Mid-tempo music playing ]
TYLER: Who -- Who says
if they're right or wrong?
-MAN: I don't know.
Who says I made the choice?
It's not -- No. Stop.
I'm not --
I'm not doing anything.
You've been on your feet
the whole day
and inside your sweaty shoes,
and now you're putting it
near my face.
Stop putting your feet
near my fucking face.
All right, guys.
I'm out.
I got brunch shift
in the morning.
-Good night.
-TYLER: Good night.
Yeah. I, uh,
I should probably head out, too.
-[ Door closes ]
-DANNY: It's not that late.
Connor just leaves when the
conversation's not about him.
She's not used to it yet.
Yeah, it is getting pretty late.
Do you...want to split an Uber?
Um, actually, I think I'm just
gonna hang for a bit.
Oh. Yeah. I mean, I can, like,
hang out until you...
No, no. It's okay.
It's late.
Get some sleep.
We'll see you tomorrow.
Okay. Yeah. Yeah.
Um, good night.
-TYLER: Night.
-DANNY: Get home safe.
[ Door opens, closes ]
WOMAN: How does this one place
keep breaking my heart?
I start to throw away
all the remnants
of the last few weeks here.
So much to unpack.
I can't remember the last time
I felt this much.
There is so much tied up here,
connected to this
lonely little room
that held emotions bigger
than the space.
[ Applause ]
Next up is Annie.
[ Applause ]
I just have, uh, one poem.
I don't ask
because we already know.
Our fumbling morning words
that never really say
what we want them to.
This dance around each other.
Maybe you don't see.
I guess that's the hard part.
Wondering if they feel it, too.
Because if it's just you...
...then it just sits...
...all wrapped up.
Like a gift tucked under the
folds of these nothing words.
But if they feel it, too,
If they feel it too,
then lucky you.
Not long now.
Thank you.
[ Applause ]
Hey, I loved that.
It was very Neruda-esque.
Ah. Yes.
Thank you.
That was, uh, that was great.
So, look.
We're gonna sneak out of here
before the next person goes up.
You want to come?
-Yeah. Yeah. Let's go.
-CONNOR: Yeah. All right.
We're out.
[ Indistinct conversations,
mid-tempo music playing ]
I did like the poem.
[ Chuckles ]
You sound unsure.
No, not -- not unsure.
It's just, uh, it made me...
...feel, um...
I mean, it's hard to put
those feelings into words.
I think I'm trying to give you
a compliment.
-Oh. Yeah?
Oh, that's what that was.
You're welcome.
Thank you for sharing your art.
So, how are things with Tyler?
Yeah. Yeah.
She's really nice.
[ Music continues ]
I just, um...
I've just known her for a while.
I just wouldn't overthink things
with her.
I texted you.
I just didn't check my phone.
This is my friend Alicia.
Uh, hi.
Nice to meet you.
You too.
Heard a lot about you.
Oh. [ Chuckles ]
-Hi, Danny.
-DANNY: Good to see you.
-How are you?
Did you really
have to bring him?
He just -- I found him outside.
You're not excited to see me?
No one is.
Well, right back at you.
So what?
You're not gonna get me a drink?
TYLER: When did you guys
start hanging out?
Um, we -- we actually just ran
into each other at The Double.
It was poetry night.
You never go to that.
Connor invited me, so...
Sorry I didn't text you back.
I would have come with you,
but I haven't seen Alicia
in forever.
Oh. Yeah. No.
No worries.
Did you read something?
I did.
Can I read it?
Sure, uh, if you want to.
It's -- It's the last one.
[ Music continues ]
[ Music playing in distance ]
-You want to join me?
Um, sure.
Yeah. Sure.
Where'd you come from?
What do you mean?
I like you.
I like you, too.
-I'm sorry.
-[ Door opens ]
Yo! They're out here.
Hey. So, I hope it's cool,
but I called your --
I called your ex, too, and he's
gonna come hang out with us.
-Is that cool with you?
-TYLER: Sure.
At least I'm fucking telling you
about it.
We're going to Smith's.
-Do you guys want to come?
-TYLER: Yeah.
-CONNOR: Cool.
-Come on.
CONNOR: No. Fuck off, Tyler.
I thought we were friends, dude.
TYLER: Dude, I'm sorry.
She's my friend.
-CONNOR: Yeah, yeah, yeah. Yeah.
-TYLER: She's my friend.
CONNOR: Once we have some
more drinks, I'll tell you.
-DANNY: This way.
-CONNOR: You're right.
Um, so, Alicia
was the greatest tragedy
but also the greatest pleasure
of my life.
[ Down-tempo music plays ]
[ Music continues ]
Keep it up
Tired eyes
You and your dress
as the evening swells
I can tell
I've known you well
Oh, with your long eyes
And you want love
In your right mind
And you want love
In your right mind
Oh, it's the right time
And I held on
'Cause I feel love
And I held on
'Cause I feel love
It's the nighttime
But are you satisfied?
But are you satisfied?
[ Music slows, ends ]
[ Phone chiming ]
[ Insects chirping,
dog barking in distance ]
Do you...
Do you want to come over here?
Um, I think...
[ Chuckles ]
Come to L.A. with me.
[ Siren wailing in distance ]
-Don't make me say it again.
-You're drunk.
-You're drunk.
[ Laughs ]
Yes, I am.
But this is -- This is...
This is, uh -- No.
This is a --
This is a real thought.
I've been thinking.
I think you s--
I think you should come.
You love L.A.?
-How -- How do you know?
How do you know?
You don't live there.
I...think I would love it
if you were there.
-What's that face?
-I couldn't live there.
-What's that face?
Los Angeles?
Los Angeles.
-I know. It's far away.
No, I couldn't live there.
-No? Never?
-Oh, no.
There's no good art there.
[ Laughs ]
No. I'm sorry.
No. Yeah. There's no...
[ Laughs ]
There's no good art there.
No. You're right.
You're right.
I'm just not done
with it here yet.
-All right.
-One --
-I'll visit you.
I'll visit you.
-Come on.
You ready?
You got this?
What? Yeah.
One, two. There you go.
-Hold on. Hold on tightly.
-No. You keep doing that.
Come on. Here we go.
[ Laughs ]
-What about your job?
-[ Chuckles ]
I mean, I can get a job here.
You know, we could look
together, right?
Where did you meet these people?
[ Chuckles ]
Um, just out one night.
A guy and a girl.
A couple?
I mean, I don't think so.
Are you serious
about wanting to stay?
Uh, I-I don't know.
I don't know.
I just...
Like, I...I really like it here
right now, you know?
Like, it's probably just
moving jitters or something.
[ Mid-tempo music playing ]
-[ Indistinct conversations ]
-But I don't want to be here
Hey, what's up?
So, look,
this place is giving me
kind of the heebie-jeebies
tonight for some reason.
My friend at Smith's
owes me drinks.
-You guys want to shift there?
-Yeah. Yeah.
I'm getting sick of this place
Is that yours?
You want to finish that,
and then we're out?
-Yeah. Yeah.
-Let me just close out.
I do really like that scene
where she's looking out the
window of the car and the cab
and Bill Murray is asleep
next to her.
And, like, that, I --
I do cry, like, every time.
It's a near perfect film, right?
It's a near perfect film.
It's a near perfect film!
You sound like
such a dickhead, man.
That movie is so trite, man.
That movie is trite as fuck.
-DANNY: I sound like a dickhead?
-TYLER: I haven't seen it.
DANNY: I only think
you think it's trite
because you don't understand
the concept
of having a friend that's a girl
and not trying to fuck her.
That's not true.
I'm literally sitting across
from Tyler.
We have never had sex.
One of my best friends.
'Cause you can't -- you can't...
CONNOR: And that's because
I am a gentleman's gentleman.
-[ Down-tempo music playing ]
-TYLER: Oh, I love this song.
-Baby, that's why...
-I wish you never said that.
I don't know how you like
this shit, honestly.
There's just obviously superior
and inferior music,
and this is inferior.
TYLER: Well, I think that music
is subjective.
DANNY: That's true.
Music is subjective.
So I guess what it boils down to
is just bad taste.
-TYLER: Fuck you guys.
-DANNY: Your taste is bad.
-TYLER: Fuck you.
-I actually --
I really like this band.
-DANNY: Jesus. Really?
-CONNOR: No, you don't, Annie.
TYLER: See? Thank you.
You don't like this music.
You might also have bad taste.
DANNY: I'm very -- I'm very
disappointed in you for that.
-Very disappointing.
-TYLER: It's good.
In fact, I think they're playing
a show here in a couple weeks.
DANNY: You're gonna get
so many tickets,
'cause no one's going
to that show.
Just join the crowd,
like fucking sheep.
Annie, your generation
is so clueless.
ANNIE: Sorry that we aren't old
like you guys.
Oh, okay.
Tyler, you're closer to us
in age than you are to Annie.
-Let me see that.
-CONNOR: It's right there.
What do you mean, let me see it?
-Come on.
-DANNY: You're rude.
That is -- That is a waste
of a perfectly okay beer.
-TYLER: Try it.
-I am.
Oh! [ Laughs ]
-That's so gross!
-ANNIE: Wow.
I hate that you do that.
[ Laughing ]
-DANNY: It's great.
-TYLER: I'm sorry.
[ Insects chirping ]
I can't keep going, man.
I'm gonna call it a night.
-TYLER: What?
-CONNOR: You serious?
CONNOR: It's only 2:00.
It's not even 2:00.
I'm tired.
Hey, Ty, do you want to
walk home with me?
I'm think I'm gonna go home
with them.
I'm not going home right now.
-CONNOR: Oh, I'm staying out.
DANNY: I'm going to sleep.
I'm exhausted.
Ty, you are more than welcome
to come and get another drink
with me.
-Yeah. Okay.
-CONNOR: At least someone's fun.
Do you want me to walk you home?
Oh. It's okay.
I mean, I'm this way,
and you're...
-Sure.'re that way, so...
-ANNIE: It's okay.
-DANNY: Cool.
-ANNIE: Thanks.
-DANNY: Sure.
Well, get home safe,
Granny and Grandpa.
We'll see who's Granny and
Grandpa in the morning, bitch.
CONNOR: You can't get a hangover
if you're still drunk, Danny.
You know this more than anybody.
-Night, guys.
-TYLER: Night.
Good night.
[ Down-tempo music plays ]
[ Water running ]
[ Birds chirping,
vehicles passing ]
[ Mid-tempo music playing ]
[ Music continues ]
[ Keys jingling ]
[ Indistinct conversations,
up-tempo music playing ]
-Happy birthday!
-Thank you.
For you.
You know me so well.
I'm gonna miss you.
I know.
Oh! I'll miss you, too.
You have no idea
how much I needed this today.
Are you okay?
I mean, it's a good thing.
Ben and I got back together.
How do we feel about that?
I mean, we're both
so co-dependent.
But I wasn't supposed to tell
anyone about the breakup, so...
No worries.
Anyway, where are your friends?
I thought you were gonna
bring them.
Uh, yeah.
They had to work late.
-So just me.
This is perfect.
I need you to meet
my friend Haley.
She's so nice and really cute.
You're gonna love her.
-Sure. Okay.
-Yeah? Come on.
-Let's get you a drink.
[ Indistinct conversations,
mid-tempo music playing ]
HALEY: But I'm -- I'm more
of a rum-and-Coke person myself.
Oh, my God!
I knew that you guys
were gonna hit it off.
Annie here is, like, the best.
Smartest person in her class.
Guaranteed successful before 25,
summa cum laude.
Wow. Really?
Uh, no. No.
I-I was average.
Come on. You used to spend
hours in the library.
I needed to make you start
smoking weed to chill out.
Yeah, I think you also just
wanted someone
to smoke weed with.
-That too.
-HALEY: Okay.
Well, Annie was just telling me
about her poetry book, so...
Poetry book?
It's just like --
It's like a --
like a side project.
You never told me
that you wrote poetry.
Yeah, like a little.
She's like...
[ Music continues ]
-HALEY: I'm a fan.
-Yeah. I think I'm a fan too.
-Um, I'll -- I'll be right back.
-HALEY: Okay.
Can I close out?
It's under Marsh.
Leaving already?
Um, what are you doing here?
I'm at a friend's birthday.
What are you doing here?
Oh. I am also
at a friend's birthday.
Is it fun?
Yeah. They're trying to
set me up with someone, so...
She's over there
by the sparkly table.
Well, we're gonna move
down the street to a new spot
if you want to come.
Unless you want to keep talking
to her.
[ Chuckles softly ]
Thank you.
I mean...
Yeah, that sounds...
That sounds fun.
[ Indistinct conversations,
up-tempo music playing ]
-You girls want a drink?
-TYLER: Vodka Diet Coke?
I'm good.
I'm good.
Well, we're gonna get a table.
We're just gonna go
to the bathroom really quick.
[ Music continues ]
[ Door closes ]
So, uh, vodka Diet Coke?
I thought you only drank
Different crowd.
H-How do you know these people?
Um, just from around.
Friends of friends.
Uh, do Danny and Connor
know them?
[ Laughter in distance,
music continues ]
[ Sniffs ]
Want some?
You don't have to.
[ Sniffs ]
Come on.
[ Music continues ]
-Hey! Where were you?
-I got your drinks for you.
-Oh, cool.
You're not gonna sit
next to the birthday boy?
Sit across from me!
Thank you.
Happy birthday
Uh, good.
[ Indistinct conversations ]
[ Music continues ]
[ Indistinct conversations ]
Okay. Cool.
[ Music continues ]
What can I get you?
Um, I'll get the Reuben.
I'll, uh,
I'll get the French toast.
Thank you, Cindy.
So you're a...
a real regular here?
You could say that.
Yeah, I guess.
Yeah. Yeah.
Do they usually stay open late
for you?
Only when I'm really hungry.
-They can just sense.
-Right. [ Laughs ]
So, where --
where were you before?
I w-- I was just at
a friend's birthday thing.
I hate birthdays.
Well, like your own or...
other people's?
Uh, you know,
just the general idea of them.
I mean, what are we celebrating?
Just somebody being born,
you know?
And in a weird way, birthdays
have, like, created this culture
that, like, it just makes people
feel self-important
for just being.
Yeah. That --
Uh, that's kind of harsh.
-You think?
But I think that we should
only celebrate people
when they accomplish something.
Yeah. Yeah. Or there could be
celebrations for both.
-And there is.
-You know?
Okay. Yeah.
Well, um...
Yeah. I'll -- I'll be sure
not to wish you happy birthday.
I mean, no.
You could wish me
a happy birthday.
Just don't throw me a party
or anything.
Oh, no. No. That'd be --
That'd be too much effort.
I went to school for finance.
-What? Like --
Yeah, Dan.
Wow. So, when did you, um,
when did you start writing?
Like, about, um, a year ago.
Just a year?
I don't know.
It's -- It's kind of silly.
But, like, I-I had this thing
with someone,
and it didn't work out,
but she was really into poetry.
So, you know, it was kind of...
...cathartic and masochistic
at the same time, but...
Yeah, it never really felt like
it was fully mine.
-ANNIE: You know?
I think whenever...
whenever people are...
vulnerable with one another
and -- and open, it, um... leaves something of them
And, you know, just 'cause
what's there is left behind,
it doesn't make it
any less yours.
So I think poetry is your thing.
Thank you.
Is that why you're going
to L.A.?
To do the whole Bukowski thing?
Well, I mean --
Writing poetry. Yeah.
I don't know.
I don't know.
You scared?
[ Exhales deeply ]
-Kind of.
I mean, I-I always wanted to
leave the East Coast.
But then...when my mom died,
I, um...
...I didn't want to leave
my dad,
so I stayed and studied finance
to get a job closer to him
in New York.
But then, when I was applying
to jobs,
I applied to a few
in California,
and then I got an offer.
Is he happy for you?
I think so.
I-I don't think he'd ever say
that he needs me to stay,
you know?
Like, we're close
but, um, independent.
You know, we...
...we sort of hide how we feel
with each other, I guess.
I get that.
I get that.
My, dad was like that.
He was in -- in the Air Force.
-Oh, wow.
And I enlisted because I thought
it would make him proud.
I didn't know that you were
in the Air Force. What?
Oh, 'cause I dropped out
after two months.
I just -- It was --
It was...
For that same reason.
I don't know.
I just realized that --
that no matter what I did,
he was never gonna get me.
So I, um, you know,
went away after that, moved.
Yeah. He was just, like, a...
cold and controlling man mostly
and, you know, just somebody
that always thought they were,
um -- they knew best.
But I think at the end of
the day, he didn't really care.
[ Whispering ]
He died like a year ago, so...
it doesn't really matter.
-I'm sorry.
-Oh, no.
It's -- No.
It's fine.
I should go.
Um, I'm sorry if I-I...
No. No, no.
It's -- It's -- It's okay.
I just -- I...
-I should go.
-Do you want me to walk you out?
No. It's -- It's --
It's okay.
Really, I'm -- I'm okay.
It's, um...
I'm -- I'm sorry.
[ Down-tempo music plays ]
[ Music continues ]
[ Phone ringing ]
[ Ringing continues ]
Hi, Dad.
How have you been, sweetheart?
Are you sure?
Is everything okay?
Honey, are you still nervous
about the move?
Yeah, I guess so.
Sweetheart, don't worry.
You're gonna be great.
And remember, if you hate it,
you can always come home.
I'm always here.
Um...what about you?
Honey, I'm doing great.
I'm cheering you on
from the sidelines.
You know,
don't worry about me, honey.
Is that why you're upset?
No, it's not that.
You know, hon, Mom used to say,
"Good things are good,
and sometimes even bad things
can be good
because it allows you to make
the changes that you want
and those changes
make you grow."
So it's all gonna be great.
All right, hon?
[ Down-tempo music playing ]
Until I die
[ Door opens ]
Oh, look who it is.
What are you doing here
all alone?
The restaurant let us try out
the new wines,
and she didn't spit.
-I spat.
Yeah. It doesn't count
when you're talking.
TYLER: God. You really don't
have to be such an asshole.
I'm sorry.
I, um, I thought you guys
normally work late tonight.
DANNY: It was a private event,
so they let us go home early.
I'm gonna go to the bathroom.
[ Music continues ]
-[ Clears throat ]
I'm glad you...
are alive and well.
-[ Chuckles ]
I mean, I...
I would have let you know
if I got murdered.
Please. Yeah.
Thank you.
Um, hey.
I...have a question for you.
What are you doing tomorrow
around like...noon?
Um...probably waking up.
Um, how would you feel
about helping me move a couch?
-Your couch?
Someone finally bought it,
and, um,
they want me to bring it
to South Philly.
And it's really heavy,
and I don't think I could do it
by myself.
We could get lunch after.
My treat.
-Okay. Cool.
-[ Door closes ]
-[ Footsteps approaching ]
Let's go dancing.
We just got here.
You don't want to drink here?
-I-I'm -- I'm done.
Ha ha!
Don't give me diamonds
Just hold me close
I'm open-minded
Take me somewhere
I don't know
Vodka Diet Coke.
Upward high or down below
Come dance with me.
DANNY: I'm good.
I'm just gonna stay here.
I can raise
Here it feels like I can lose
I've never been to Nirvana
I think you know what it is
You take me right to Nirvana
I'm at the door
Let me in
Here it feels
like I can sing
Never felt like this
with no one else
I've never been to Nirvana
I think you know what it is
You take me right to Nirvana
I'm at the door
Let me in
[ Music continues ]
Splashing through the garden
of your mind
I dig deep to see
what's there to find
I don't need diamonds
Show me your soul
Be open-minded
You know where I want to go
Upward high or down below
Oh, oh, oh, oh,
Here it feels
like I can raise
Here it feels
like I can lose myself
I've never been to Nirvana
I think you know what it is
You take me right to Nirvana
I'm at the door
Let me in
Here it feels
like I can sing
Never felt like this
with no one else
I've never been to Nirvana
I think you know what it is
You take me right to Nirvana
I'm at the door
Let me in
[ Music continues ]
Danny's gonna take me home.
Are you okay?
Yeah, I'm fine.
I just need to go home.
I-I can take you.
I want Danny to do it.
Why can't you just talk to me?
[ Music continues ]
[ Indistinct conversations ]
[ Music fades ]
[ Music playing in distance ]
But I still want you
More than ever
Know what I believe in
Everything I see in you
Is all I need
Um, do you have just red wine? more than ever
[ Indistinct conversations ]
Know there's a way to
The side that you don't show
What are you drinking?
Um, wine.
I don't know what kind it is.
Waited such a long time
Uh, could I join you,
or are you waiting for someone?
Yeah. It's just me.
I still want you
more than ever
What are you doing here alone? friends ditched me...
Bummer. [ Chuckles ]
Girls can be pretty shitty.
Yeah. And guys. Yeah.
A guy and a girl.
Like a couple?
I don't know.
What about you?
Am I a couple?
[ Chuckles ]
[ Laughs ]
I meant what brought you here
Uh, I just got off work.
Where do you work?
Um, just at a restaurant
down the street.
But I'm, you know,
trying to be a writer.
Oh. Cool.
What kind of stuff
do you like to write?
Um, mostly fiction.
Yeah. I don't really like
the real world, you know?
Don't like to write about it
or just don't like it?
[ Laughs ]
I get that.
[ Music continues ]
[ Insects chirping ]
[ Exhales sharply ]
[ Wood creaking ]
[ Exhales sharply ]
[ Down-tempo music plays ]
[ Music builds, continues ]
[ Indistinct conversations ]
[ Music continues ]
[ Indistinct talking on P.A. ]
[ Music playing,
vehicles passing in distance ]
Did Danny tell you
that we were here?
But, um, I really think
we need to talk.
About what?
I don't -- I don't really know
what we're doing.
I love you.
But I could never marry you.
[ Exhales sharply ]
W-What d-- What does that mean?
You don't think
about that stuff?
Do you?
I just couldn't.
Why is that?
Why -- Why -- Why couldn't you?
I just can't.
Yeah, that's...
Yeah, that's shitty.
I love you like a friend.
You don't treat me
like a friend.
Well...sorry about that.
I mean, you're leaving.
I -- Y--
Okay. Yeah, I'm leaving.
So...So what if I didn't?
Would that really make
a difference to you?
Of course.
Of course!
And then...And then what?
And then what does that do
for you?
You don't --
You don't get it.
No, I guess I don't.
What? What is it?
I'm in love with Danny.
No, you're not.
Like, I don't believe you.
[ Door opens, closes ]
[ Music continues ]
[ Sighs ]
Well, I won't take on
this business again
And I don't see
how it is to pretend
And I don't trust anyone
'Cause everybody says
I'm wrong
Just get in?
Um, yeah. Yeah.
Just got in.
Are you okay?
What's up?
Can I get a shot of whiskey?
Thank you.
Annie, I'm sorry
that I didn't come today.
I tried calling
and letting you know.
The last thing I wanted to do
was stand you up.
Uh, you didn't stand me up,
Look, I said I was gonna
help you move your couch,
and I didn't text you back.
You know that's not me, right?
Tyler and I got into
an argument,
-Ooh. just spilled over
into the morning.
What was it about?
How you guys fuck after I leave?
[ Music continues ]
No. No.
We don't...
We don't do that, Annie.
We don't.
[ Music continues ]
Um, hey.
Um, could I get another one?
Whoa, oh, oh, oh, skin deep
Every night
when you're here with me
I can feel your eyes...
Tomorrow I-I could help you
move the couch,
and we could talk about it
when we're both sober.
I already did it, so...
Well, then we could still talk
about this. I still --
Talk about what?
Talk about what, Danny?
What else is there to say?
You think there's nothing left
to say at all?
TYLER: [ Laughs ]
Hey, we're going to Fred's.
You guys coming or what?
-TYLER: Cool. Let's go.
[ Music continues ]
Whoa, oh, oh, oh, skin deep
Whoa, oh, oh, oh, skin deep
All right. This is it.
This is where it happens.
I am the king of Old City, so...
-You want some wine, sweetie?
-No, no, no. I'm fine.
-You sure?
I'm just gonna --
I'm just gonna sit here.
All right. Yeah.
We'll just let her sleep it off.
Did, uh, someone mention
anything about...
I don't know.
You guys want to do a line?
-MAN: Tyler's in.
-TYLER: [ Chuckles ]
-MAN: Danny?
-Come on. Right?
Thank you.
-You are very welcome, Ty.
-Oh, so kind, sir.
Very generous.
MAN: I take care of my friends.
You know what I mean?
Just a little for moi.
[ Sniffs ]
Oh, that's nice. Uh-huh.
[ Claps hands ]
It's all you, babe.
[ Sniffs, sighs ]
-MAN: Mm-hmm.
-TYLER: Fuck.
Danny, you're up, bro.
[ Sniffs ]
-MAN: Uh-huh.
-TYLER: [ Exhales deeply ]
I see it from the other side.
-DANNY: What's that?
-MAN: I procure specialty items.
And I-I make sure
the restaurants have
the finest produce
to get through the season.
That's what I'm concerned about.
Not longevity,
just day-to-day turnover.
DANNY: Yes, but ultimately,
longevity is the only thing
that keeps restaurants going
as a business.
That's true,
but I can't think about that
every time I'm trying to make
a deal.
I got to think,
"What can I get this chef
so we can get through the week?"
That's what I'm thinking about.
And you know what that's like.
You're a waiter.
Have you ever thought about
working in the business side?
You're not thinking
about next year.
You're thinking about,
"When is the end of my shift
and where am I drinking after?"
-That's what you --
-DANNY: Okay.
DANNY: Sure, but I also want
a job next year.
So I'm also thinking
about longevity.
MAN: I get that.
You're young. You're hungry.
[ Down-tempo music plays ]
[ Voices fading ]
[ Indistinct conversations,
insects chirping ]
How long have you worked there?
-DANNY: Six years.
-MAN: Six years? Six years?
If I were you, I would be
considering your next step.
You're more than welcome...
[ Music continues ]
[ Water running ]
[ Music continues ]
[ Music fades, ends ]
[ Line ringing ]
[ Ringing continues,
siren wailing in distance ]
This is Steven.
Please leave a message,
and I'll return your call
as soon as possible.
[ Beep ]
Hi, Dad.
Um, I'm sorry
I'm calling so late.
I'm okay.
was just calling to say
that I'm...
...thinking about...
[ Sighs ]
...coming home for a few days.
Yeah. I-I just really think
it'd be nice to spend...
...a couple days together.
Just you and me.
I think I'm ready to leave.
Uh, but call me back
in the morning.
Okay. I love you.
Um...bye, Dad.
[ Down-tempo music plays ]
[ Indistinct conversations ]
[ Music continues ]
[ Music continues ]
-[ Mid-tempo music playing ]
-[ Door opens ]
[ Door closes,
footsteps approaching ]
Do you want something to drink?
Um, n-no.
I'm good.
How you been?
Um, just, like,
packing up stuff.
Um -- Uh, did Alicia ever,
like, make it home that night?
Yeah, she did.
-She actually slept there.
He's a friend of her dad's
or something.
I-I thought he was just, like,
a random guy.
I know. So did I.
She's gone home
with weirder guys before, so...
-Oh, yeah.
At least she's never boring.
I don't remember exactly...
...what I said to you
the other night, but...
It's okay.
I really do love you
as a friend.
I remember saying that.
You did.
Yeah, you did.
I don't have a lot of people
that mean something to me.
[ Music continues ]
Why don't you just tell him
how you feel?
I do.
That's the best part.
So that first night...
...why did you come
and talk to me?
Was it...
Was it just to make him jealous?
A little.
But not every time.
[ Music continues ]
How's work?
It sucks.
That's so awesome
they played our favorite.
Yeah. And there were
some new ones in there, too.
I don't know.
This is me.
Oh, wow.
I see that.
When do you leave tomorrow?
Um, like, whenever, really.
Um, my flight's
not until next week,
so I'm just gonna go, like,
spend a couple of days
with my dad in New York, so...
And your mom?
Uh, mom died
when I was in high school.
I'm sorry.
-It's --
-I didn't know.
It's okay.
You should come by
the restaurant tomorrow
and say goodbye.
I'm gonna stay in touch.
I promise.
I don't want to lose you.
Get home safe.
[ Door closes ]
[ Vehicles passing,
horns honking in distance ]
[ Down-tempo music plays ]
[ Music continues ]
[ Turn signal clicking ]
[ Music continues ]
[ Music continues ]
[ Music continues ]
[ Music ends ]
[ Mid-tempo introduction plays ]
Nevermore my temples leave
Never less saw you
that I need
Nevermore my temples leave
Never less saw you
that I need
To the marrow of our bones
Shake me to the core
To the marrow of our bones
I'll be asking you for more
I know
that you'll never leave
If I put both feet
into the sea
I know that
you'll never leave
If I put both feet
into the sea
I'll turn the waves
to concrete
Turn the waves to concrete
Turn the waves to concrete
And I will be forever yours
[ Down-tempo music plays ]