Cheun (2009) Movie Script

OK... we'll start talking
about the nightmare.
The image in my dream
every night... for nearly 20 years.
It's an image of
some sort of suitcase.
A suitcase?
What did it look like?
Could you explain it to me, please?
Well... it
was a suitcase...
red... a big one.
It was big enough
to put a corpse in.
Can't you run faster?
I'm going as fast as I can.
Just keep watching the kite!
Hey, use the stick on that suitcase.
Poke it!
Hello, sir.
Hey Tui, did you find
out what's going on?
We can't identify the
body as it's so bloated.
It'll take forensics
weeks to identify.
We've checked the bag and area nearby.
We didn't find his penis.
We assume it was
sliced off and thrown away.
Fuck, it's stuck up his ass.
Did you have that dream
again last night?
I can't get it out of my head.
It's haunting me day and night.
I'm worried about you.
You don't have to worry about me.
You've got to take care of yourself.
How's the shop?
Well it's a little hard
since you're not there,
but I can handle it.
Is the money I've been sending enough?
Yes, but I don't like you
working for that guy anymore.
When you get out this time,
I don't want you back in here again.
I don't really want to do it either,
but I've got to return
favors to the boss.
You know, if it wasn't for him,
I might have been dead by now.
Hang in there... just a bit more.
I promise you that
everything will get better.
You know what?
The day I get out of this jail,
I'm going to marry Noi.
Looks like you really love her.
Hey, Tai!
Don't get pissed off with me.
I don't think I'll make
it to your wedding.
Hey, my friend Tai!
My friend Tai!
I've got something
good for you today.
Stay there.
When Mi comes, give it to him.
Tell him don't worry today,
he's getting it for free.
What the fuck is going
on with you today?
How come the dope's free today?
Yeah, today it's all free.
You want to know why? I want to quit.
My boss outside blew his cover.
Hey, let's go.
Sung could kill me
whenever he wanted to.
I'm scared of dying. Fuck...
At least my mother would be happy
if I changed my ways, Tai.
It looks like Joi was ordered
to be killed from outside.
There's a mole in here for sure.
I heard you wanted to be a cop?
If you help me out,
then I'll recommend you.
The boss told me to say
that your work is very good.
You've been promoted to
the VIP convict group.
Tell the boss...
that was my last job.
Hi! How are you my little darling?
Yeah, it's really strong stuff!
Yes, Dad.
Everyone says I like perfection,
but nothing is as good as this.
If you want a perfect life like mine,
choose a house in
Perfect Diamond Villa
as your new home.
Perfect Diamond, your new
home in the emerald forest.
Here's the money...
- What's up?
- The usual...
Oh yeah!
We've found something this time.
We suspect this is the
same killer as before.
So why is the case stalled?
Can't you identify the killer?
We're making every effort
possible to solve this case.
Doesn't the killer leave
any clue as to how he
chooses his victims?
What a nutcase!
How come he uses those red bags?
At the moment we only know
that none of the victims
knew each other.
The method of death
changed each time.
Everyone was mutilated and
was put in a suitcase.
Why did he do that?
The method of his crimes
shows me that
he wanted the most
sadistic deaths possible.
Listen doc, can't you make
it easier to understand?
Several months ago,
we did a psychiatric
report on prisoners.
I remember one prisoner.
He said something about some
childhood friend of his.
He behaved just like this murderer.
Are you crazy, Doctor?
That's a kid's story.
How could they be the same person?
I'm telling you this to help you
as you still don't have any clues.
What was that prisoner's name?
Prisoner no: 2525
Name: Mr. Thaitanchamnong
A former hit-man.
- Tai!
- Serving a ten year sentence.
I've got a friend whose name is Nat.
As a kid he was a coward
and got bullied all the time.
Me too.
His father was just a
drunk and didn't work.
His mother was a whore.
A whore
that had to earn money just
so they could eat.
There's one thing I'll never forget.
The day he left the village,
they found someone stabbed
hundreds of times,
and his dick....
Do you really believe him?
I don't know.
You don't know everything yet.
He's just the
same as all prisoners.
They'll do anything to get out.
So what do you think then?
If what he told us is
true then he knew the killer.
So maybe he's the guy
the killer wants to talk to.
You make up good stories.
I told you the truth, boss!
If you can get me out.
I'll find out all about
the red bag killer.
I believe you myself,
but the others think you're a liar.
They think you made the
whole story up to get out.
It's true that I want
to get out of here,
but I'm not making this up.
Boss, you know me.
So why don't you trust me?
Yes, I know you very well,
but this red bag case.
Let me do my job.
You've got your own job in here.
So, work for yourself here.
That's the only way
you'll get out soon.
Believe me...
I know your worried about Noi,
but you'll have to
put up with it some more.
Contact Minister
Chalongchai, now.
Tell him his son's in danger.
Find out where his son Tot is.
Hello, boss.
What the fuck is this?
Shit... what are you waiting for?
Start looking!
Find me the MP's son!
Sir, how will we explain
this to the Minister?
I mean you know we didn't find him,
so maybe Tot's alive.
We're on our way.
What is it now?
They've just found Tot's body.
Hello, Inspector.
A house in the heart
of an emerald forest.
I'm not interested
in how many bodies you found!
That was my only son!
My son! You fuckers!
So, you're the one in charge
of the red bag case.
This is your last chance.
I'll give you 15 days.
After that if you haven't
arrested the red bag guy.
You and the rest of you...
I'll hold responsible.
We'll have a meeting on this
investigation as soon as possible.
Inspector, hang on let's
have a word first.
I want you to know.
It's in your interest
to close this case
or your record won't
be looking too good.
When the case is done, your records
will be thoroughly checked.
Wake up! Get up!
The boss wants to see you.
You're a fucking animal!
It was you! Fucking dog!
You killed Joi.
I'm sorry I ever trusted you.
Toi, go back to sleep!
Lay down!
Welcome to freedom, brother.
Come here, come here!
Come on, give me a hug!
Over there...
Hold it. Isn't this what you're after?
The bullets are in the bag.
Here's 20000 spending money.
There's also 50000,
I've put in Noi's account already.
This phone is only for contacting me.
Don't call anyone else. Understand?
You know we've only got 15 days.
This job is top secret.
If you can finish the job
we'll wipe your record.
You can stay on as a cop or retire.
It's all up to you to decide.
If the killer knew you
had the combination.
Would he try to tell you something?
Your memory is our key to this guy.
You have to know all of his methods.
Think back.
You should go back home and
try to find out anything you can.
Good morning everyone,
please enjoy our show.
Just look at the sunrise
and the cool wind.
Perfect weather for a drive.
I'll revive the good old days
with this cheerful song.
- I want to fly the kite with you.
- Forget it.
A retard like you might rip my kite.
Oh come on... let me play with you.
Hey! I said no way!
OK! Can you help me hold the kite?
Just don't you tell anybody,
or I'll kick your ass.
- So, what's your fucking name?
- My name's Nat.
What are you guys doing?
Let me play with you!
Rang, your bike's real cool!
Let me take it for a ride!
Hey, what the hell are you doing?
- The owner hasn't allowed you yet.
- So, is it yours Tok?
Asshole! Why did you have
to hit my head like that?
Don't you mess with me, Tai!
If you want to ride it,
you'll have to join my gang first.
Hey Rang, do you just play all day?
Go buy me some chili
at Madame Vi's shop.
Madame Vi?
They should call her
Madame Pi (ghost) instead.
Don't talk nonsense like that!
If anyone says this shit again,
I'll kick your ass.
Tai. Let's see how brave you are.
If you can buy it,
I'll let you take the bike home.
Madame Vi?
Madame Vi!
Madame Vi?
Fuck! She grabbed my arm,
please help me!
She's a ghost!
Grandma! Please come here.
I'm so sorry, but I was washing
the dishes at the back.
Please, go back and rest.
I'll do the selling for you.
Please be careful, grandma.
Shit, what's that noise?
Hey, don't be scared.
She's not a ghost...
she's just sick.
So, what do you want?
Chili for 5 baht.
Rang... I've done all you asked,
so you'll have to let me
ride this bike home.
Madame Vi, I'll go home now.
What bargain?
You didn't buy it from that old hag.
You bought it from that
retarded queer friend of yours!
Yeah... that's right!
That's not true!
I'm not his friend!
I can swear to that, Rang.
Then you'll have to prove it!
You sure you can do it?
Enough, enough, that's a good sample.
Back off!
- I'll let you in my gang.
- Let's go!
Wait for me!
Please let me light it for you.
Don't choke!
Your turn!
Shit, Tai!
You're so clumsy!
Hey guys, have a look at this!
How come your pubes are so curly?
Did you use curlers?
Curlers my ass!
It's a special trait of my family.
I've seen my dad's and
it's curled just like this!
What so special about that?
Have a look at this then!
If you want to get it up,
I know just how to do it.
Let's go eat at Cherry's, it's on me.
Where were you?
Aren't you going to answer me!
So you're not going to answer?
I'm sorry.
Where's my booze?
So, where's my booze?
Fucking shitbag.
My only bottle and you broke it.
Only that and you go into shock.
Go on then die! Die!
I've just arrived in my hometown.
Wanna have some fun?
Not yet.
I'm still looking for my old friends.
Don't worry, as soon as I
know anything I'll call.
Yes, boss.
- How's Noi?
- Don't worry.
I'm taking good care of her,
just concentrate on the job.
There isn't much time.
Tai, don't call me again.
From now on I'll call you.
Don't call your wife anymore either.
Sir. Get out and let's go
have a good time. Come on!
Oh! He moved to another
county years ago.
Hey, wanna have some fun sir?
His shop?
The shop's straight
down on the right,
then turn right again
at the red light.
It's the huge shop,
very easy to find.
So, wanna have some fun?
No thanks, sis.
Sir, wanna have some fun?
Cherry, there's a customer.
Get him.
Oh, my darling! How many
are there this time?
Hello, how are you darling?
Let's go for a drink.
Isn't it a bit risky
doing it like this?
Tai just might dump his wife.
That bastard is a pain in the ass.
Men who love their wives
like that don't do such a stupid thing.
Hello sir. Do you need
anything special?
Anyway, I'm sending 2
or 3 bottles of wine.
Yes, yes, bye.
Yes, I've contacted the
land owner already.
I don't want to screw up for
a guy like that. Goodbye.
Man, what a fucking mess!
Hey Tai, sorry.
Since I've been in
the local government,
I've been busy the whole time.
have you seen this?
Now, our area has made
a lot of progress.
Lots of tourists are coming.
Most of the land is sold for resorts.
All sold?
Not yet.
Hey... remember Madame Vi?
That's the only plot I can't buy,
she won't sell.
When is that bitch going to die?
She's fucking tough.
Ever since that retard disappeared,
he never came back.
I thought he went away with you.
No, I moved and stayed with
relatives in Bangkok.
So, then I can't help you here.
I think you'd better go
ask Madame Vi yourself.
That old bitch was the
one closest to him.
Hey Tai, I've got to
ask you something.
Why are you looking
for that little queer anyway?
Sir, do you still consider me a cop?
Shit, I just killed a cop.
If you don't get him and run away
we've got orders
to kill you and put
your wife in jail.
What did you just say?
What's going on with Tai?
What kind of work did you assign him?
Nothing special...
I sent him to do a secret job for me.
What kind of job?
I know,
you've sent him to kill
someone again, right?
It's better you don't know too much.
Don't visit him while he's on the job.
When the job's done, I'll tell you.
Can't you just leave him alone!
He's already been in jail
because he worked for you.
Tai asked me to take care of you.
I think for safety,
you should move to
a place I've arranged for you.
Now, please leave.
I'm closing the shop.
I'm not going anywhere.
I'll stay here until Tai comes back.
Why don't you take
her to the hospital.
Her daughter said she
only wanted to stay here.
It's just like you see.
She won't be able to answer
any of your questions.
Excuse me, nurse. Do you
have a pen and paper?
Thank you.
At the moment, I'm staying here.
If her condition improves,
would you mind getting in touch?
Just leave me a phone
number, that's easier.
I'm sorry, my phone is broken.
That's fine then.
If there's nothing else,
please excuse me.
Thanks a lot.
Do you remember the boy Nat,
who worked for you in the shop?
Do you still have any contact with him?
The cold wind is coming.
Hey, how did you find me?
No matter where you go,
I'll be able to find you.
I've found a good place you
can fly kites. Interested?
This is the shack Grannie
used to store cassava,
but she doesn't use it anymore,
so I'm allowed to play here.
I've stashed all my toys here.
Follow me up here.
Hurry up.
Wow, this place is awesome!
Can you hear some sort of music?
Don't talk crap.
It's for real.
Yeah, you're right.
Hey, yeah! It's got a great beat.
Tai, you won't believe what's
stuck up the MP son's ass.
There were many pieces of toys,
a plastic rocket and boat.
I called just in case
you might think of something.
- Hey Nat, it's sailing!
- The engine finally started!
Push it over there.
- Use the stick.
- I know, stop fooling around.
So this is where you're making out!
Tai, we were wondering
where you went.
Turns out you're making out
with this queer retard.
He wanted to play with me!
I'm telling Rang to kick
you out of our gang.
Because you're a queer.
I'm no queer,
and he's not my friend either!
OK. Prove it.
Strip him and beat
the shit out of him.
Can you do it?
Can you do it?
Strip him!
- You bastards, let me go!
- He's squirming!
Let me show you something.
Hey, that's enough!
That's enough!
Do you remember that psycho Tok?
Tok? Wasn't he the
village chief's son?
He was hanging out with
us when we were kids.
Sometime later,
his father went into politics.
He bought a lot of land
and built a huge resort.
Tok... what's he doing now?
You didn't know?
The bastard's dead.
He got killed and his dick
was cut off. It was in the papers.
Yes, and when his father
eventually became a minister,
Tok started to change his
name to Sir Tot.
I heard Sir Tot became a
famous high society figure.
Boss, I'm sure.
I'm confident we're
on the right track.
The murderer must be Nat for sure.
Sir Tot was my friend Tok who used
to bully Nat when we were children.
Great, now track him down fast,
then you can go back to Noi.
Don't forget, your time's almost up.
I don't want you to be careless.
From now on take good
care of yourself.
Yes, boss.
Well known tutor died,
drenched in alcohol
The mystery stems from adultery.
The body was dried like a mummy.
The autopsy revealed that
the alcohol dehydrated the body.
Pr. Worawut Sripothong
Witnesses saw someone
in a red raincoat.
Professor Worawut... wasn't
he our teacher
in primary school?
Yes, yes.
- Is he still teaching?
- He was fired years ago.
There were rumors that he
got kids to suck him off.
I'm not sure if it's true, though.
Why are you asking?
It's flying higher now!
Higher and higher!
Man, that's awesome!
What the fuck is wrong with you?
Why are you always following me?
can't I be in your gang?
No way. If you were in my gang,
I'd be embarrassed of everybody.
I swear that I'll do
anything you like.
Are you sure?
Put this disinfectant
in his booze.
Can you do that?
Pr. Worawut Sripothong
What are you doing?
I did it by myself.
Go close the windows,
then follow me in here.
Wanna play together?
- Awesome.
- What?
- Can I ask you something?
- What?
You took the blame for me so many times.
Aren't you ever mad at me?
Never mind, I told you already
I wanted to be in your gang.
Thanks a lot.
There's Tai.
Hey look! That little queer is with him!
They're playing husband and wife.
I told you, Rang, you wouldn't believe.
If you want to play with that queer,
you'll have to leave our gang first.
Get the fuck out of here!
Go stay with your queer wife!
Fucking queer! Fucking queer!
Your father's a fucking queer too.
Fucking asshole!
Tok. Stop it!
If you want to do anything to Nat,
you'll have to fight me first.
You too!
Got a big mouth, haven't you?
I'll beat the shit out of you, Tai!
That bastard could really punch.
Hurts like hell.
I think the wind has arrived.
Oh yeah, the cold wind is coming.
My face is all cut up,
let's get out of here.
Nat! Too late. It's here!
I didn't go anywhere, boss.
I know I've only got one day left.
I'll talk to you later.
Don't! Don't!
Hey Tai, you haven't
got much more time.
- You know the combination.
- Dead with their dicks cut off.
Are you sure? If you leave like
this that your dad won't beat you.
If I'm not out buying him booze,
he usually don't know where I am.
Won't your mother complain?
She's not my real mother.
My dad's been dead for years.
Hey, did you bring any booze?
- There you are.
- Fantastic!
Drink up!
If you're a man you've got to drink.
Try it!
Hey Nat!
Nat, you know?
I have a dream too.
One day.
I'll leave this lousy village
and I'll have a good life.
I want to be a cop.
You probably don't believe me, do you?
One day, you'll become one for sure!
How do you know?
You even helped a wimp like me.
Anyone would want your help.
So, what do you dream about?
I want to find my mother in Pattaya.
Tai? Already asleep?
Keep still!
You're too heavy.
Get off!
- Come here.
- Don't do that Dad!
Dad I beg you to stop!
Don't beg me like that.
Shut the fuck up.
No Dad!
Don't move!
No Dad! Dad!
- Stop it Dad!
- Shut up!
Hey you idiot! You've got to
get what your mother got!
No dad!
You rascal!
How'd you get in here?
Fucking little asshole!
Nat! Nat!
Wait here and keep quiet.
I'll get him to go another way.
Fucking bastard!
Where are you? Son of a whore!
I told you to stop!
Little scumbag!
Nat! Nat!
Nat! What did you do? What happened?
Don't you know?
Pull yourself together!
Nat! Nat! What's the matter?
Tai. The time when
I was up there with you,
I felt as if it was our own army base.
You're my only friend.
Promise me that you won't dump me.
Yes, nurse... what's going on?
This morning Madame Vi died.
When she died, she had this in her hand.
Nat Boonla
Hello. Boss?
Can you check this number for me?
That's a Pattaya number.
I'm going there now.
I'll be in touch again soon, boss.
That one?
Let's go.
Hang on.
What's the big hurry?
Why are you sitting where people piss?
Hey, are you a queer?
What about you?
- Don't make any trouble.
- Make trouble?
What fucking trouble?
I know you want to sell
yourself in this area.
If you want to earn around here,
you've got to respect the seniors here.
You look like a tough guy.
You think you're tough or what?
Wow! You surprised me!
You call that a punch?
Here, this is how you're
supposed to punch!
Tai! Surrender!
Don't move!
Not so tough anymore, eh?
I'm not done yet!
Let's go, folks.
See you later!
Tai! Come on, wake up!
You can't run away from me.
What do you want from me?
You know the Queen's hotel?
Right now, there's a
foreigner over there
who likes you two.
If you don't want us to
beat you every day,
you or your friend will have
to go and fuck him.
Fierce, aren't you?
OK, I have a proposal for you.
If you can get your pal to do it,
you'll get 5000 baht.
We'll also stop beating
the crap out of you.
I'm essentially making
you a part of my crew.
Then, you can meet my boss.
Fuck your boss! I'm not interested.
If you wanna fuck,
go and fuck your mother's ass.
Tai, are you OK?
Hey! What the fuck are you doing?
I didn't do anything.
Why the fuck did you cuddle me then?
- Queer!
- How can you say that to me?
How come I can't say that?
That's because you are an abnormal queer!
Your father fucked your ass!
Nat! You motherfucker!
Don't leave me.
To headquarters, right now
the situation is clear, over.
- Tasty?
- Yeah, it sure is.
There's a suspicious red bag here.
To headquarters, we
investigated the scene.
We've found pictures of the Minister
and the owner of the parlor.
Unit 20 is investigating the scene, over.
He wrote a note
threatening to kill Noi,
if you don't stop tracking him down.
So how is she now?
I've got her in a safe place already
at the MP's guest house.
As long as I'm around, no
one can touch your wife.
I want you to stop worrying.
Don't forget the deadline's tomorrow.
I've checked that phone
number you gave me.
It's a ladyboy bar in Pattaya.
If you find out anything
else give me a call.
I hope we'll accomplish everything.
Yes, boss.
Please, take care of Noi.
How's the MP?
He's in the VIP room sir.
He drank a lot of wine.
- What about the girl?
- In the room and still in shock.
- I'll check her now.
- Yes.
I remember that epileptic now.
I remember.
Before his name was Nat,
but I changed it to Net.
Yeah, he worked here but had lots
of problems with customers.
Every time he came back,
his face was bruised.
In the end he couldn't stay here.
He had to go.
Have you got a picture of him?
A picture?
I don't think so.
You'd better go check
at the police station.
He ended up there all the time.
Can't you tell me what's going on?
What kind of work is Tai doing?
How come they've threatened to kill me?
- What can I do for you, sir?
- Excuse me.
Do you know a transsexual named Nat,
who used to fight a lot?
Noi, have you heard
about the red bag killer?
Tai's helping me catch the killer,
because the suspect is his old friend.
The reason why he threatened to kill you,
is because you're his wife.
If he finishes this job,
you'll all be fine.
He can even be a cop again.
If he can't do it, then what?
What if he never comes back?
He's the one who wanted this job.
You're like a hostage.
Nat Boonla
You fucking shits!
What have all of you done?
Hey did you catch the cunt yet?
Not yet, sir.
Where's the fucking cop
in charge of this case?
Why does he want me to stay here?
Boss, we've almost found the killer.
Don't let him out of your sight!
Then, as soon as you find
him, proceed with our plan.
Yes, boss.
What's the matter, Noi?
Are you still in shock?
Go back in now.
Is there anything I can do?
Worried he can't get the job done?
I can't bear it anymore.
I don't want to be in
a state like this anymore
I'm trying to think
if Tai can make
everything better or not,
as nothing's ever improved.
Ever this guy before?
OK, let's see the records.
Don't move.
Boss, what should I do?
What should I do?
What should I do?
you don't need to suffer anymore!
Don't suffer anymore!
Nat Boonla
As soon as he's got the suspect,
you'll never have to see him again.
What do you mean?
I want to fuck you.
- No.
- I want you.
Our lives are hell because of Tai!
I'll never stop
until we get rid of him!
I promise, I'll take
care of you very well.
Let's play.
Can I play with you?
How do you know where I am?
No matter where you are,
I'll be able to find you.
Tai don't leave me.
Don't ever go, Tai.
Sir, he's dead already.
Where's the girl?
It's good that you didn't
do anything here.
Do you know who the killer is?
Tell me!
Don't waste my time.
So the boss sent you to kill me, eh?
Gather the evidence.
I'll get the car downstairs.
I just killed a cop!
You should have died
that day already.
- Did you see anyone?
- I didn't see a thing.
Check carefully!
Stop coughing and tell me now!
Kill the little shit!
So, you think you're tough?
You fucker, Tai!
Now tell me, where's
the MP's safe house?
Incoming call:
Tai, it's me, Nat.
I want to talk.
Are you coming for me?
I'm waiting for you.
Die you fucking psycho!
Can we sit down and talk
like when we were kids?
I'll tell you everything.
Shit! What should I call you?
I've always been Nat, Tai.
I created Noi.
A Noi that's different.
Noi, the woman you've
been searching for.
Not like that retard Nat,
who you once dumped.
Don't you think this area
has changed a lot since we were kids?
Except this exact spot.
This is the place where my reality is.
why did you do it?
Why did you have to go this far?
I don't want to disappear
from this world.
I don't want you to forget me.
You're the only person who
saw me as a human being.
If you forget about us,
I won't have anything left.
You're only thinking of yourself.
Don't you know how selfish you are?
You wrecked my life.
You wrecked my life!
In fact, I helped you.
I did my best to warn you.
You're no different than me.
Looking for acceptance
and self fulfillment.
I don't want you to become
a monster like those people.
It's freaks like us
who'll become their prey.
Tai, this is the place
where the reality is.
The Tai who used to defend
justice was here once,
but not anymore.
Today's the day,
I'll make the old Tai come back once more.
I want you to shoot me.
Not those cops.
Tai, you've got to help me!
You're the only one
who can end all of this.
Please, shoot me Tai.
Let everything end together with me.
Please, Tai.
Please, do it Tai.
Please, shoot me!
Let everything end together with me.
Please, do it Tai!
Please, shoot me!
I can't do it.
I can't do it.
You have to.
Do it.
I can't...
Please, Tai.
I can't...
Tai, you've got to shoot me!