Cheung booi (My Young Auntie AKA Fangs of the Tigress) (1981) Movie Script

Brother, you've seen many doctors...
why are you still sick?
You're getting worse.
I think you should...
Don't worry.
I know how to take care of
my own affairs if I die.
I wasn't referring to that.
I meant your estate.
Someone ought to look after that.
You have long set your eyes
on my estate.
Of the three of us,
elder brother has long gone;
You might follow him soon.
Reckon you should
leave your estate to me,
... so I can help you manage it.
Damn you,
though I have no wife or child...
I'll not leave my estate,
... to a spendthrift like you
- What...
- Hi...
Godpa, he's dying soon.
And once dead, it'll all be yours,
Who else can get?
You're right.
You better rest soon.
Master, don't lose your temper.
Dai Nan, since your father
passed away...
I've treated you as one of my own.
I know.
I now have two favors to ask of you.
Master, please go ahead.
You've been very kind to me,
I'll do what you ask.
After I'm dead...
bring my will and,
titles of my property ownership
out of town
Take it to my brother's fourth child
Yu Jing Chuen.
Yu Jing Chuen
Secondly, I want you to become
my second wife.
Master, l...
Don't worry, I'll be dead soon.
However, officially as my wife...
even with me dead,
my brother won't be able to
snatch my assets.
In any event you'll be his auntie.
Go to Guang zhou
once you have the opportunity.
What should I do when I get there?
Hold on to this piece of ancient jade.
Jing Chuen will recognize you.
You've practiced
the Hung and Cai fist styles,
... as well as the Liu, Monkey,
and even the Sau Fa fighting styles.
I think that's enough.
Not yet.
Master, it's time...
Time for what?
Time to meet the boat.
To welcome auntie.
Are you going like that?
Quickly, hand me some clothes.
Hand me some clothes.
Remember the letter sent by auntie.
I know.
Ancestor's Roll of Honor
Let me remind you,
Your auntie doesn't recognize you,
... and you don't know her.
The letter says
she'll wear on her chest...
the piece of ancient jade
given by your uncle.
Then you'll...
Stop being so long-winded.
Just hand me auntie's letter.
West Village Pier
Brother, how many boats
are coming today?
Only one.
Is it Shun Li's boat?
So that means she hasn't arrived yet.
There it is.
Brother, is it Shun Li's boat?
Careful, watch it there.
I have never been to receive
someone from a boat.
It's also the first time
auntie travels away from home.
No wonder.
Young Master, Young Master is back.
Why are you shouting?
What are you looking at?
You old man, haven't you
seen a woman before?
Sorry, I mistook you for someone else.
Hey, are you looking for anyone?
Mind your own business.
Old man, I'm waiting for someone too.
Looking for your grandpa?
My grandpa is dead.
So it must be your husband.
My husband is dead too.
Losing husband at this young an age;
You must be a bad omen.
Miss, please don't be cross.
I'm just joking.
Who are you waiting for?
My nephew.
Your nephew?
I'm waiting for my auntie.
Your auntie?
My auntie is supposed to
come on this boat.
I wonder why she's not here.
At her age.
she couldn't have gone far.
She said she'll be wearing
a piece of jade.
So troublesome!
Hey, is it this one?
Yes, this is it.
Miss, where did you pick it up?
Pick it up? My late husband
gave it to me.
Your late husband?
Yu Yan Sang.
Then you are...
Then you are my auntie.
No, I've got proof.
I'm Yu Jing Chuen.
Then I'm your auntie Jing Dai Nan.
- Jing Chuen.
- Yes.
Do you know why your uncle...
asked me to come to see you?
Because of the deed
and property ownership.
Auntie, let's go home and talk later.
Tea Place
Let's get a ride.
Brother, we're going to Jing Yuen Lane.
For two?
No, for my auntie only.
No need.
Be careful.
I can see that.
You don't have to take me by the arm.
Auntie, this ride could be
dangerous sometime.
- Are you afraid that I'll fall down?
- Yes
Don't worry.
Auntie, better be careful.
Let me help you.
No need.
Old man, you want to
take advantage of her?
Are you still up to it?
Hey, she is young enough
to be your grand-daughter.
How come they are so rude?
These people are rascals.
Never mind them, let's go.
- Go.
- Alright.
What is it?...
Old man.
Who are you calling rascals?
Don't get me wrong.
She happens to be my...
Your mom?
She's my auntie.
You said this young lady is your auntie.
Do you take us for fools?
What's so funny?
Jing Chuen,
don't meddle with these scums.
Let's go.
Bitch, you dare to quarrel with me?
I say you're a lousy bastard.
Gotta teach them a lesson.
You're good.
You skunk, you want to
take people's advantage.
... you should be beaten up.
Auntie, never mind them.
Don't take them seriously.
Auntie, your kungfu is really good.
Look, they know they are wrong.
Get on the vehicle, let's go.
don't ever try to bully senior folk.
Listen more to the elders.
Now scram.
- Let's go.
- Alright.
This is the study.
Antiques, calligraphy;
everything from our ancestors,
... I have kept them well.
This way please.
This is the altar of our ancestors.
I pay respects to it every day.
Auntie, please go to the living room.
Ah Choi.
Ah Choi is a bit deaf..
You must have
missed your auntie's boat.
I did remind you earlier
that you've practiced past
the time you should go.
- This is auntie.
-Who's this young lady?
- Auntie.
- Oh.
Your auntie.
Auntie, please be seated.
and accept my greetings.
Auntie, have some tea.
Auntie, have a smoke.
Jing Chuen, I've been married to
your Uncle for long;
Yet I haven't had a chance to meet you.
Do you know...
why I've come here from home;
I mean, in such a hurry?
Is it because there's problem
with the inheritance
... uncle left for you?
Your uncle did not
leave his estate to me.
He left it for you.
For me?
Right. It's been stated in his will...
that I've to deliver in person to the
fourth son of his elder brother
Yu Yan Chi.
Uncle really loved me.
It should be for you.
My father and I enjoyed
much kindness from your uncle.
I married your uncle to repay
his kindness
... not for the inheritance.
That should be given to
third uncle instead.
Third uncle will come
and snatch it away anyway.
Your third uncle does evil deeds
... and oppresses the village folks.
Why would your second uncle
bequeath anything to him?
Third uncle is still up to his old ways
... bullying people with his kung fu?
That's why second uncle said;
his assets cannot be
bequeathed to him,
as they would only make him
more degenerate,
Jing Chuen, your second uncle
left his assets for you
as he was confident
you would manage them well.
You are morally upright
... and can take care of me.
Yes, but auntie..
I lead an easy life in the city
and you're so young
I'd rather that
the inheritance be left to you.
No I can't go against
my late husband's will...
You should have the assets.
You should have them.
- You should have them...
- I insist you should.
This is not appropriate
- Jing Chuen.
- Yes.
Who am l?
You're my second auntie.
Now that I've brought all the assets
from the village
... they shouldn't be kept with me.
I don't care whether
you want them or not;
they're safer with you.
All right.
Ah Choi.
Is auntie's room ready?
- Is that the room?
- Yes.
It's been cleaned.
Auntie, there are two rooms here.
You can take mine.
The air is better here.
How about you?
I'll sleep in Ah Tao's room.
Ah Tao?
He is my son.
Oh, my grand nephew!
Why don't I see him?
He is studying English in
Hong Kong and...
is on summer holiday now.
He may arrive these few days.
If he can study Chinese...
why take so much trouble
to study English?
Youngsters these days talk
of being civilized
... they want to be free and trendy.
Therefore they study in Hong Kong.
Auntie, go to your room.
Do rest well, auntie.
I've to take care of some business,
don't disturb her.
I'm going out.
Yes, Master.
Good, good.
Godpa, don't be soft.
we've been fooled by that bitch.
Should we let her go?
She can't go far.
She must have gone to Guang Chau.
Guang Chau?
That's right.
She should be looking up
my Brother's son.
Jing Chuen
What should we do?
Ah Tak
- Take a few men to Guang Chau...
- Get her back
Jing Chuen's kung fu
... will defeat you all.
So what should be done?
I want you to develop a plan...
to steal the will and the deed.
The bitch will have to face me then.
What do you want with her?
My name's not on the will.
I want her signature...
to endorse that the inheritance is mine.
Then your godpa...
can officially claim the inheritance.
Come down
Charlie, your home no good.
Yes, my home is like this.
I have a daddy
and a servant with an ear no good.
We can play as we like...
such as football, basketball.
- See my daddy.
- Okay
- Friend, sit down, please.
- Yeah.
This is my grandfather, ancestors.
My dad offers a joss stick every day,
he's very pious
... treats him like God.
There're two bedrooms inside.
This is my father, this is me.
Come on...
My father doesn't know
I've come back one day earlier.
He's still asleep.
Let me go in and surprise him.
What are you doing here?
This bed belongs to my father.
You want to throw a temper.
Damn kid, scram.
Charlie, what happened?
My father has changed.
Changed to what?
- A girl.
- Oh? You must be joking.
It's true, I'm not fooling you.
You sex maniacs, what do you want?
What are you saying? Be gone.
You don't know me?
I'm the future master of this house.
Future master?
What's your name then?
Oh, My name is Charlie Yu.
What, a stinking carp (same sound)?
No, my surname is Yu, Charlie.
Charlie Yu in English.
Charlie Yu?
What a strange name.
Would that not make you
my grand nephew?
Of course I am not your grand nephew.
I am asking who are you?
She doesn't know English,
I'm asking who are you.
I am the owner of this house.
Yu Jing Chuen's auntie Ching Dai Nan.
Ching Dai Nan, what a weird name.
Hold on, you said you're
the Yu Jing Chuen 2nd Aunt.
Then she would be my grandfather's...
Your Grand Auntie.
Look, too young.
What does it mean?
I said you are too young.
You should be
Your daddy's darling.
My daddy's darling
Sorry, they are wrong.
You should not be
Yu Jing Chuen's lover.
You should be his son's
sweetheart instead.
That's right.
You dare to persist with this?
Don't move.
Stop, we gentlemen...
do not fight with women.
Do you really want to fight?
If so, take a good look at my power first.
See this?
Petty skill.
Very good.
That's nothing.
That's to say if we don't fight
... we won't know who will win.
I said if we don't fight
we wouldn't know who'd win.
- Come and get it.
- Alright
This is boxing, you know.
This is Chinese Kung fu, Northern style.
This is Southern style.
Come on...
Come on.
Give it to me.
What are you doing?
What have you done to my antiques?
Stop it.
- Ah Tao.
- Daddy.
Ah Tao?
I love you.
I've come back one day earlier
and saw that woman
in your bed.
She is...
That's her, I asked her
what she was doing
... and she hit me
just like a tiger woman.
- Tiger what?
- A tigress.
Oh, Ah Tao,
she is your second...
so he is your son Yu Tao.
- Is he?
- Yes, second auntie.
He is your grand nephew.
Say hello to Grand Auntie.
My grandmother.
Come on.
But how come she's so young?
When I was studying in Hong Kong
... did you have a mistress?
- You want to buy clothes?
- A mistress.
You little bastard.
You dare to return from Hong Kong
with some scumbags.
Oh, my ancestor's altar.
My antiques and calligraphy, you...
Is not my fault, it's her.
As a senior of the Yu family...
how would I dare to damage
our family's altar
... and our antique calligraphy?
You're right.
You little bastard, I'll kill you.
2nd aunt, I already taught him
a lesson on your behalf.
No way.
Quickly, plead for mercy.
- Family discipline.
- Family discipline?
To be punished by family discipline.
Daddy, it's time for a meal?
You still want to eat?
You should be beaten up.
Any descendant of the Yu family...
who messes with the ancestor's altar
should be flogged times.
- Wow, is this book correct?
- Also...
Whoever damages
articles from ancestors
... should also be flogged times.
That's a total of thirty lashes.
Not only that,
whoever insults seniors must...
apologize. He's to kneel & bow
in front of the senior.
... and be given lashes.
I shall die, I'll be beaten to death.
Ancestor god,
you'll have no posterity, Amen.
Second auntie,
please reduce the punishment.
Could it be...
Twenty per cent.
- What?
- That is 80% of it...
Reduce twenty per cent.
- Alright.
- Good.
Good yourself.
Considering your 1st offence,
you'll have lashes.
Don't let her know.
What are you saying?
he asked me to use less force.
I will beat you with full force.
That's enough... You'll kill him.
Master, please stop...
34, 35, 36
37, 38, 39, 40.
This one is on the house.
Second Auntie,
he has received floggings.
What else?
Kneel down times and bow times,
isn't it?
1, 2, 3
4, 5, 6
7, 8, 9
You'll respect elders from now on,
do you understand?
Get up, get up
Ah Tao, get up quickly.
Get up quickly.
Ah Tao, why don't you get up?
- He passed out.
- Ah Tao.
Ah Tao.
- Second Auntie, he passed out.
- Never mind.
- Rub him with some medicated oil.
- Alright.
Ah Choi, help Young Master to the room.
Help him up.
Lucky that Jesus has saved me.
That bumpkin went for it.
Ah Choi.
Ah Choi, Ah Choi.
Ah Choi.
Grand Auntie, what's the matter?
Didn't you hear Young Master
shouting in pain?
I asked if you heard Young Master shouting
in pain.
Is that right?
That's bad, beat him up like this.
Ah Choi,
did you rub him with medicated oil?
Yes, but he didn't want it.
No? Why not?
He said he didn't deserve to be
beaten up like this.
Serves him right.
- What did you say?
- I said serves him right.
Ah Tao, what's the matter with you?
This picture should be hung up straight.
Why did you hang it up sideways?
Daddy, you don't know
I'll tell you
Foreign people in Hong Kong
hang these pictures
... and whatever way they like
They're creative and the pictures
look good.
What good see? What thinking?
Looks good and has creativity.
You can look at it this way.
Take it down... Bring it down.
This picture not available now.
Go away...
Hold it, be careful.
Look, this is the way it should be hung.
Take it over here.
How's that? Alright?
- No balance.
- What do you mean?
Hey wait...
Be careful, be careful of my calligraphy.
Okay, alright.
Is that alright?
- What?
- A bit lower, lower
Stop. Good fit.
What good fit?
That is to say alright.
Be careful.
This calligraphy
is your great grandpa's legacy.
Very old, very very old.
Daddy, I'll help you put it up.
Ah Tao, be careful.
Very beautiful.
This picture should be hung up
in the dining room.
Come on
Hang it up here, this way.
Ah Tao
Where do you want to hang it?
Better put it up here, I'll get the ladder.
- Daddy, step back.
- Alright...
I'll help you put it up.
It's the English style of putting it up.
This is American style.
This is Italian style.
This is French style.
If it's like this we can't see anything.
No, when the wind blows
It adds a touch of mystery.
What is mystery?
It means intriguing.
I don't like any of these styles,
I like Chinese style.
- Alright then, you put it up yourself.
- Come down.
Hold it.
Daddy, be careful, don't climb so high.
I know, just watch out for me.
Ah Tao, have I hung it straight?
- Is it straight?
- Higher.
Will this do?
- Is this OK?
- Higher
Still higher?
Is it straight?
Higher, higher still.
higher still.
Ah Tao, is this OK?
Ah Tao.
It's now on the roof.
Daddy, you can see it clearly now.
One'd have to kneel to see it.
Yes, lower.
Down, down.
- Down, further down.
- Good.
- Will this do?
- Lower.
- Lower?
- Lower.
- All right now, Ah Tao?
- Lower.
- Still lower?
- Lower.
I can't go any lower.
- All right?
- Lower.
- Ah Tao?
- This...lower...
What are you doing?
Hong Kong people hanging a picture...
What are you saying?
No, it should rather be
hanging calligraphy
Should look at it this way, that way
... to see clearly.
See what clearly?
- I have not watched you.
- Watched me?
Just now you were...
I was watching daddy
hang up the calligraphy.
We were quite noisy just now;
Did we disturb you?
Jing Chuen
The material you bought me
is too flashy.
As a senior...
how can I wear this?
I'll exchange it for something
a little more dull.
No need, I'll buy some myself.
- Are you going out by yourself?
- Yes.
That could be dangerous
with so many bad people around.
- What's to fear? She can fight.
- Rubbish.
I'll be careful.
Ah Tao, keep her company.
- Keep her company?
- What's wrong with that?
- Yes, I can.
- Right, follow me.
- Daddy, she...
- Ah Tao, take care of grand auntie.
This is the main road of
the western district.
- One can buy many various items here.
- Thank you, please stop.
Ah Tao, what is this?
Motor Car.
Mo De Ke? (pronouncing motor car)
It is a vehicle.
What's a vehicle?
- This uses manual power, right.
- Yes.
- This uses an engine.
- Uses an engine
- Let's get off.
- OK
- Here's the fare.
- Thank you.
Ah Tao, this is really very interesting.
We don't have anything
like this in the village.
Of course not, this car is already
considered old
In Hong Kong there are Rolls Royces.
You mean 'mousy' are better.
You wouldn't understand.
Shops on this street
specialize in selling clothes.
Look, that sign is so brightly red.
Look, it sparkles too.
Oh, color lamp.
Neon lamp
It's so beautiful.
Mrs. Wong.
In Hong Kong...
The quality is best.
Let me prove it to you.
- So beautiful.
- Yes, isn't it?
Let me try too.
Don't fight for it, everyone has a share.
I'll show it to you.
Grand auntie...
You go and do your shopping there.
I'll wait in the car.
All right.
So fragrant.
Boss, how much for this?
5 dollars.
That's expensive.
Not really.
It's beautiful.
What a bumpkin!
What did you say?
I said the way you look...
and the clothes you wear are outdated.
All the ladies in the city...
these days wear fashionable dresses.
Nobody wears that sort of
shabby garments anymore.
That's right.
Her hairstyle is so outdated.
What a lousy dresser!
Standing beside her...
- will degrade ourselves.
- Isn't that so true?
- Look at this pair of beautiful earrings.
- Look, so beautiful.
What's with you?
This is my first time wearing high-heels.
Lady, is this the first time
you wear a long gown?
- First time you wear high heels?
- Yes.
No wonder you can't walk.
One's got to learn to walk in high heels.
What? Learn to walk?
I'll teach you.
Let go, this is indecorous.
Let me teach you.
My apple
- Cloth for sale.
- Crazy, man.
This is a difficult lady.
Yes, and beautiful too.
- Who else dares to come over?
- So what?
Come, come...
Lady, be careful.
You've taken undue advantage.
Ah Tao, you...
Grand auntie?
Yes, it's me.
Very sexy...
She's my grand auntie.
Grand auntie?
- Hey, kid, want to steal our girl?
- Yes.
- See, no fight.
- What?
Not my match.
- The police are here.
- Police?
Stay calm.
- What's the matter?
- They're fighting back there.
- What?
- Fighting.
Who's fighting?
They're involved too.
Those two as well.
Don't run...
Jing Chuen.
Jing Chuen, don't you recognize me?
You are...
I'm your auntie.
Why are you dressed like this?
Why ever did ya buy such clothes?
- Your head...
- I...
- Ah Tao?
- He...
Ah Tao...
I'm here.
Ah Tao, why did you buy such clothes
... for your grand auntie?
Daddy, I didn't buy it.
I lost her along the way;
And when I found her again...
she's already like this.
But this is going too far.
Look, her stockings are torn,
and she has no shoes.
Look at her head.
What in fact happened?
Daddy, you don't know
In these clothes she looked
... very very sexy.
What do you mean?
Sexy. People were harassing her.
Luckily I drove them all away.
Bullshit, you drove them away?
If not me, who else?
- It was me, me.
- It was me.
Stop, you little bastard.
You dare to talk back!
I'll kill you.
Please go and change first.
I'll teach him a lesson.
Go back to your room first.
Oh, Ah Tao
You have to be reasonable sometimes.
Who's unreasonable?
Ah Tao, as a member of the Yu family
.. when you go out with an elder,
you ought to take care & be responsible.
But instead you have let it come to this!
how can you answer to your late uncle?
-Ah Tao
Enough said
If you are disobedient again...
I'll not allow you to study in Hong Kong.
Shut up, stop it.
I told you.
Don't think just because you're an elder,
you can have my daddy serve you.
You should say good morning
... and greet him good night.
In fact we are more or
less the same age.
What should young people do?
Fight for freedom.
You're right.
You'll take up the load.
You bastard.
My daddy used to be very liberal with us
... until she came
Now everything's back
to the feudal system.
I mean, back to family punishment
... and orthodox etiquette.
If you've done wrong,
Daddy would say alright.
But now even though I do the right thing,
... all that Daddy mutters is 'no good'.
What's more,
even threatens to stop my studies.
You bumpkin.
causing so much trouble here,
I'll beat you...
What's up?
Because his grand auntie
has caused him trouble...
so he is using the straw to let off steam.
Charlie, don't be crazy.
Charlie, take it easy.
Charlie you won't solve
problems this way.
James, Robert.
How else otherwise
can I vent my anger?
Where? How?
Charlie I have a good idea.
We've come to see you because
we wanna...
give a party for our classmates studying in
Hong Kong.
Yes, because we're going on
summer holiday
... and going back to Guangchau.
We naturally lose contact,
as we live so far away
Hence we must organize a party
... for all of us together.
- I mean, to keep in touch
- Okay
Charlie, your young grandmother to
come along.
- Grand auntie?
- Right
How would she know how to dance?
Precisely... because she doesn't
now how to dance.
Isn't she always causing you trouble?
Well, yes.
Right, let me take care of it.
There'd be a masquerade ball.
She'll be embarrassed.
Ah Tao.
Hi, grandmother.
Call me Charlie.
Damn you.
You little brats...
what are you doing here?
Wearing such weird clothes!
You don't know grandmother.
This is my band.
What, you are sick?
Rose, rose with such slender stem.
Rose, rose with such prickly stem.
You have been hurt.
Rose, rose I love you.
Heart's promises, new love.
Ah Tao
The holy light lights up the earth.
What are you doing?
Heart's promises, new love.
The holy light lights up the earth.
Ah Tao, what are you doing?
Stop, what are you doing?
This is... Dancing
- Yes.
- What?
What is all this nonsense?
No nonsense, this is dancing.
You call this dancing?
Is this not dancing?
The moon lights up the ground.
- On new year's eve...
- That's what I call dancing.
This is all outdated.
You need rhythm to be 'in'.
Rose, rose you are so harsh.
- Rose, rose your thorns are sharp.
- What are you doing?
Oh, that's ruining intertwined stems
of two flowers!
Rose, rose I love you.
- Would you like to learn?
- Yes...
I won't.
Second way.
Grand auntie.
Charlie, your grand auntie is old.
She can't dance like us youngsters.
She looks like an old woman.
Doesn't look like a young person at all.
Am I older than you are?
Not much, we're almost of the same age.
You said I look like an old lady.
I'm just more senior than you
in terms of relation.
That's why I'm saying...
that while you're as young as us,
Yet you're not as civilized and
... trendy as we are.
Weird dance!
You call this civilized, being trendy?
That's correct.
At least you haven't seen this before.
Can you dance?
Who says I can't?
It's just that I don't want to.
You dare not?
I don't dare to? What am I afraid of?
Right, grand auntie isn't afraid of anything.
Let her try.
She doesn't dare to dance.
You tell her.
It's no use.
Let her try.
She doesn't dare to.
No use.
How will she ever join our party?
- What party?
- A masquerade.
- What masquerade?
- You'll have to put on masks.
- Put on make-up too.
- Right.
Is it something like...
Not like this.
You have to dress like a foreign lady.
Oh, Romeo, I love you.
- What?
- Men will dress like Robin Hood.
Some girls will dress like Carmen.
Don't worry,
the dress you're going to put on
... has been brought from Hong Kong.
- They've got all sizes.
- What?
All sizes.
- Ah Tao, I um...
-You're afraid that Daddy will be angry.
- He won't be angry with me
- Right.
Don't ever say that
grand auntie is an old lady.
She has promised to come to the party.
Ah Tao.
I'd better...
I know you won't come.
I've decided to go tomorrow night.
Ah Tao.
Are you changing your mind?
Don't tell your Daddy.
Young Master.
Yu Tao is dating that girl to the party.
Does his Dad know?
His Dad doesn't know about it.
That is to say they're slipping out.
I've got an idea.
Mister, the vehicle...
come and buy it later.
- Please.
- I can't dance.
I can't.
Hey, you.
Put me down.
Put me down.
I am dizzy.
What are you doing?
Put me down.
We have to return
to the original place.
Let's break up this party.
Wait for the police.
then send his dad
to the police station.
No, I'm passing out.
You... Ah Tao...
Good dancing, you dance well.
Three musketeers.
- What?
- Three musketeers.
..This is musketeer Tong Wong
They are all praising you.
Miss Dalina.
What did you say?
I've given you an English Name.
- English Name?
- Yes, good dancer.
He wants to dance with you.
Is it just dancing?
- Yes.
- I won't dance.
You three?
- We are the new three musketeers.
- I know, new three musketeers.
- Robin Hood
- Robin Hood
How come there are new and old
They came here first,
that's why they are old,
And they've just arrived,
that's why they are new.
- Is that right?
- Yes
Oh, Romeo, where's Juliet?
I'm not Juliet, I am...
I'm looking for you.
I won't dance.
What are you doing?
Why are you holding me so tight?
What are you doing?
Release me...
How come
you've torn your dress?
The three of them...
Romeo, behave yourself.
She's my grand auntie.
I know.
Ah Tao, why is he hitting me?
No, grandmother.
Hey, friends,
I've asked you to amuse her a bit.
... why did you hit her?
Crazy, crazy, all crazy.
Don't be afraid, Charlie.
When we party in Hong Kong...
there's always fighting, you know?
They are going to fight, come on...
- Hey, Charlie, not our friend.
- Yes.
Who are you?
Where the hell are you guys from?
Which school are you from?
University of the society
... majoring in robbing, fighting, killing.
Don't move.
- We have competitors.
- Yeah.
Don't move, back off.
You can't fight him.
Let me take care of this little guy.
One by one.
- Can she do it?
- Yes...
What did you say?
Nothing. Doesn't fighting him unarmed...
- put you at a gross disadvantage?
- Not really.
- No, I use sword too.
- Western sword?
Chinese sword.
Props department, Chinese sword.
Hold it.
Lady power, very fierce.
Come on...go men.
This is called the Lazy Shave.
Want to fight with me?
Beat him up...
Ah Tao, how can you fight others...
with such a short knife?
Hold it.
No, don't ruin my image
Robin Hood used this kind of knife.
What's wrong?
Cover me, shoot the arrow.
I kill him.
Young Master.
Robin Hood, how come
your archery skill is so bad?
Water skin.
How're you doing?
I'm finished.
Grand auntie.
Don't move.
Grand auntie
Grand auntie, it's me, Robin Hood.
- It's you.
- How're you doing? Are you alright?
The police are here.
The police are here, run.
Don't move.
Police, what's wrong?
What's going on?
Don't move
Take all these weird guys
to the living room.
... for questioning.
- Ah Tao, what's wrong?
- Shall we go?
Let's go.
Stand straight.
Sir, please proceed.
I'm the Regional Detective...
He is deputy only.
I'm the Regional Detective.
I've heard that you're...
having a...
You're just using having a party
... as a cover up
for selling opium.
- What did they say?
- No.
No? Still not admitting?
We're good students.
Why'd we take drugs?
They are good people.
All criminals are like this.
You're right. Lock them all up.
We don't have such a big cell.
What're we going to do?
Then just get two as reported.
Yu Tao, Jing Dai Nan,
which one are you?
Which one are you?
Come out quickly.
- I am.
- I am.
There's an informant saying that...
you're disguised as a foreigner and selling
opium here.
- No, impossible.
- Impossible.
She's in it too.
You too.
- I am not.
- Take them away.
Stop shouting...
Take the two away.
You're looking for Master?
(Good Fortune)
Yes, when is he coming back?
What's the matter?
Master's back.
Good timing.
Master, Ah Tao's been arrested
by the police.
- Yes.
- Ah Tao's been arrested by the police?
Was he fighting with others?
You guys are causing
trouble all the time.
Which police station?
Western District.
Ah Choi, give this to Auntie.
She's got caught too.
What, Auntie too...
What's going on?
What's the matter?
Why are you catching the wrong people?
Not my fault, talk to the Detective.
Stop shouting...
Who else are reporting cases?
- Where's Yu Tao, please?
- Inside.
Mr. Policeman...
- Where's my Auntie and my son?
- That way.
Auntie, Yu Tao.
We are innocent.
What have you done?
They aren't.
Isn't that auntie and my son?
What are they guilty of?
What have they done?
- Fighting.
- Fighting.
- They've been fighting.
- That way for fighting.
Uncle, they said Charlie sold opium.
Damn nonsense.
Why did you say he sold opium?
Which two?
My Auntie and my son.
What are their names?
Jing Dai Nan, Yu Tao.
You are related to drug dealers.
Don't talk nonsense.
I am a proper business man.
What's the matter?
What's your name?
My name is Yu Jing Chuen.
So you are the family of a drug dealer.
(Weed out the wicked...)
What did you say?
Family of a drug dealer.
Did he get things right?
Did he get things right?
How come these policemen
are so stupid.
They obviously are two foreigners...
and they still say that they are my family
Would you believe it?
Are you sure you got it right?
We were having a masquerade,
and it was fun.
Everyone disguised himself
as a foreigner.
The two of them disguised themselves like
- Daddy.
- Jing Chuen.
- Oh, Auntie, Ah Tao?
- That's us.
Ah Tao, you bastard
and your friends too
Playing such a joke on her
... getting her into such trouble!
Detective, they are students
from Hong Kong,
... they wouldn't sell opium.
There was an informant.
I ask you where is the witness?
No witness.
No evidence.
Right, detective.
No witness, no evidence
You can't detain people like this.
You can't detain people like this...
Why not?
You can't detain people without
any proof of crime.
Does it mean that they have to
be released?
Release them first.
Alright, as Assistant Detective
pleads for you
... I'll let you go for the time being.
- Alright, that's the deal, I'll be going.
- Bye.
Ah Tao, let's go.
Uncle, you're great.
Let's go home.
You scumbag.
-Ah Choi.
-Don't move.
You're punished to stand on the ladder.
What's that?
This ladder is used for...
punishing naughty kids.
He can come down himself.
No, he can't.
Ah Tao, hold this.
Uncle Choi, good show.
- What are you talking about?
- Not a bad performance.
Let him go.
- The deeds.
- What?
Those deeds.
Master, look.
What's the matter?
Nothing has been taken;
except Uncle's deed is missing!
Never mind.
If nothing else is lost then it's OK.
Ah Tao, do you know
to whom the deeds belong?
To second Uncle.
Yes, they were his when he was alive.
Now they are your dad's.
Daddy, are you second
grand uncle's beneficiary?
Yes, your 2nd grand uncle
didn't want his inheritance
... to be given to your 3rd grand uncle.
Third grand uncle?
Just now when you were having a party
... were people fighting?
Then someone asked me
to go to the police station.
This is a trap.
Jing Chuen, it's them.
We'll report to the police immediately.
It's too late.
They've gone back
to their hometown already.
Then we'll go back immediately
...and get everyone to look for them.
It's no use.
Your grand uncle has got great power
in the hometown.
Moreover the deeds and the will...
have all been stolen by them.
Then we have no evidence?
Then we'll go back and grab it back.
Right, that's the only way.
Jing Chuen, let's start off immediately.
Auntie, third uncle has many men
in the hometown.
I'm afraid that just the three of us...
Don't be afraid, we've got uncle,
second uncle, third uncle
... a total of six people.
I suppose we can win.
That's enough, let's go.
Daddy, I'll look for uncle,
second uncle, third uncle
I've forgotten that among the six of us
... only you and I know kung fu.
Your daddy doesn't know kung fu.
Why not?
My daddy's brother
are very good in kung fu.
You know, when...
I was young
I used to practice kung fu
but now...
I'm too old for it.
That's not a problem,
you've got the foundation.
Practice a bit, and you can be up to it.
Good morning, boss.
See if this works.
Work hard.
- I'm going to have some breakfast.
- Hurry.
Uncle, how are you?
Ah Tao, you're back?
Yes, on holiday.
Uncle, I've brought a lady to see you.
- A lady?
- Yes.
Here she is.
This lady is almost the same
height as you.
Very beautiful.
When are you two going to get married?
Brother, this is the second wife of second
Second Auntie.
Second Auntie.
Second Auntie.
Jing Fook,
I've come all the way to see you...
Are you bullied by someone?
Tell me and I'll teach him a lesson.
Uncle, you...
You think that my kung fu
is no good anymore?
Come, let's try and see.
No, her inheritance has been robbed.
Oh, robbed?
Auntie, who robbed your inheritance?
- Tell me.
- Third uncle..
I should have known.
He's no good
Who else if not him.
Auntie, don't be afraid.
We brothers will go find him
and settle it all.
Greetings, auntie.
Greetings, auntie.
Auntie, this way please.
- Uncle two.
- You little boy.
This is a map from my late husband.
- You've all been there.
- Yes.
We used to ride and steal laichee
there as children.
... and got reprimanded by uncle
many a time.
You were involved too.
You were also...
Stop quarrelling.
Now it's quite different.
From here, you go past a bridge...
through this vegetable garden
to the front gate.
Isn't it just like old times?
Now, it's a little bit different.
A lot of traps all around...
have been set up in the vicinity.
If we attempt getting in...
we will easily be trapped.
So your first lesson
... is to learn how to run.
Among the six of us, two...
will have to be responsible for
sabotaging those traps.
The remaining four,
as in the old days
when you were little...
will stand on others' shoulders
while picking lychees.
When you have climbed over the wall...
you may find that
there are a lot of people inside.
God forbid if you are seen
... there will surely be a big fight.
Never mind, the more
... the merrier.
- What did you say?
-The more people, the quicker we'll fight.
Ah Tao, you and I are young.
Of course we can fight with them;
But they are old, and may be weaker.
So what are we going to do?
2nd step is to build your strength
and perseverance.
During the fight...
third uncle and his godson will surely
come out.
If we fail to negotiate...
a fight will surely ensue.
Let me do it...
You don't have to fight.
Let me and Ah Tao fight with them.
Alright, we'll start our training immediately..
Wait, no hurry.
Let's start tomorrow morning.
Run quicker
A bit faster.
Do it together with me.
Hold your left leg, hold your right leg.
Hold your left leg, hold your right leg.
Jump and lie prone facing down...
once again.
Turn around.
Brother, are you alright?
- Second brother, how about you?
- Of course I'm alright.
- Third brother, how about you?
- Daddy, how about you?
Of course I'm alright.
Keep running.
Grand auntie, can we take a rest?
You can't do that.
Grand auntie, they can't take it.
Why are you so lazy?
We haven't, big uncle is learning
Pile Up the Monks.
Alright, keep doing it.
Ah Tao, watch your mouth.
What's there to be afraid of?
We used to play together as kids.
But you used to be one down.
Can you still do it?
Still do it?
Come let's do Pile up the Monks.
- Jing Fok.
- Yes.
You are strong.
Of course.
They used to call me man of steel.
I had great strength.
Hold it.
Are you all right?
I'm fine.
- Uncle.
- Jing Fok.
- Uncle.
- Brother.
He's fainted.
- Doctor.
- Yes.
- Save him.
- Yes, sir.
Jing Fok.
- Brother.
- Quickly...
Quick, help us.
Brother, is it OK?
Jing Fok.
- Brother.
- How is it?
- There's still pulse.
- Don't worry, use this special oil.
Ah Tao, does it work?
Whenever I fainted in Hong Kong
... people would rub this oil on me.
Rub it on quickly, then.
Quick, on the chest.
Grand auntie.
It's me.
Why are you dressed up as a heroine?
Ah Tao, what costume is that?
Reporting to grand auntie.
This is the gear for field battle.
In Hong Kong whenever people
camp or hike
... they would dress up like this.
- Where are you going now?
- To the Yu mansion.
- To steal the deed?
- Yes.
Grand auntie.
Daddy, they are all old.
I am afraid they might not
be able to endure
... such stringent training.
Besides, I started this whole thing
... so I should go alone and get the deed.
I thought of that too.
You want to infiltrate the Yu mansion?
That's right.
Ah Tao, I know they won't be able to
endure it.
Besides, my late husband's
was stolen before your dad accepted it.
So I decided to go there alone
to steal it back.
You alone?
It's very dangerous.
I've got no other choice.
Among these people,
my kung fu is the best.
If I don't go, would I let you go?
I'll go.
I won't let you go.
Grand auntie, I've always admired
your kung fu,
Allow me to take this opportunity
... to go with you.
It'd give me a chance to learn something.
No, if there is a fight...
I won't be able to take care of you.
Don't worry, I'm well-equipped.
I'll take care of myself.
If it's dangerous, you must leave
Yes, sir.
I know.
Landed safely, no hindrances.
Grand auntie, are you alright?
I'm okay, how about you?
I'm okay too.
I never expected it would be so risky.
I suppose there must be mines here.
Ah Tao, don't be afraid, follow me.
Let's go.
Don't move, there must be some in here.
Ah Tao, where are you?
Ah Tao...
where are you?
I'm here.
It's dangerous,
why don't you follow me closely?
I'm watching out for mines.
Ah Tao, what's the matter?
Are you alright?
I'm okay, I've got this helmet.
Follow me.
Ah Tao, what are you doing?
I forgot to tell you
... there are many mines here.
What mines?
Look, isn't it?
You watch out for weapons from above
and I'll watch out for mines below.
Together we won't miss anything.
- Go.
- You dare to give me orders?
Don't forget who I am.
It's full of danger here.
We should fight hand in hand.
Let's go.
Ah Tao, you're right.
There are so many traps here.
we should take care of each other.
Now let's climb over the wall and get in.
.Once we're in, we meet each other
Yes, sir.
Let's go.
Very quiet.
Let's get in.
There are traps here too.
Be careful.
So dangerous!
Follow me behind.
- Stand aside.
- I...
Very good.
They've spotted us.
There will be a big fight soon.
Stay behind me.
Don't be afraid, stay behind me.
No, there're people from behind.
You don't come when you are invited
... and come when you are not.
You don't come at daytime,
choosing to come at night.
I'll come any time I want to.
Since you know that I'm here...
why don't you give me back the deeds.
Second uncle is dead.
Those deeds
... should belong to my god father
Yu Wing Sang.
My late husband's will clearly
states that...
the inheritance should be given to
Ah Tao's father.
That's right.
Nonsense. Where's the will?
You've stolen it.
I want what belongs to my godfather.
That's not stealing.
Damn it, I kill you.
Ah Tao, stay cool.
Your kung fu is not good enough,
let me fight them.
My kung fu's not good enough? I fight.
See this.
Ah Tao.
See how fast.
You're not as quick as I am.
It's just the same.
- Let me handle him.
- Ah Tao, no.
Hand over the deed immediately.
Grand auntie, learn from me.
What's the big deal.
Don't move.
I am already...
- merciful towards you.
- Yes.
- Otherwise
- with just one strike...
I'll kill you.
You can't kill people with this sword.
I'll give it a try.
Okay, come on.
They follow your third uncle daily.
So they are his dogs.
Shut up.
You ignorant kid.
You dare to come and swagger
around in my place.
You have a big mouth too.
Needless to say...
you must be my elder brother's son
Yu Tao.
What a character.
Is he Third Grand Uncle?
You so-called sister-in-law taking
this junior with you...
why don't you pay your respects?
Ain't even aware of the Yu family etiquette.
You are the one who doesn't know.
3rd uncle, you're supposed to be a Yu
family senior.
Now since you've stolen
the Yu property...
it's a disgrace to our name and integrity.
You are the second wife of
my second brother.
After my brother's death...
you took the will out of Guang Chau;
Isn't that ruining the family name?
Rubbish. My late husband said
before he died...
he wanted to give his inheritance
to Ah Tao's father.
So why can't I take the inheritance
out of Guangzhou?
That's your version of the story;
any evidence?
- I have.
- You've got the will?
Presently it's gone missing, is it?
Let me tell you.
My second brother's inheritance rightfully,
should be kept by me as his brother.
You're wrong.
The eldest son & grandson stand
to inherit all.
Even if there's no descendant...
it's to be given to me -his grand nephew.
- You are a bloody faggot.
- What did you say?
You've no descendants.
Don't be angry, you still have a godson.
Yu Tao, how dare you insult your elder?
Stop quarrelling,
you are not his own child.
Don't even think about the inheritance.
You're right.
you've come at the right time.
Please sign here
to prove that...
my 2nd brother's inheritance
is to be handed to me.
Want me to sign?
When brother passed away...
you should be the one to sign
on his behalf.
That way the elder brother's
descendants can't say...
that I've absconded with second brother's
You're so low!
You've stolen from me...
and want me to sign and transfer the
assets to you.
I know that you won't agree to sign.
Make her sign.
Fool, this is hard Qi Gong.
Come on.
Real strong, can't pierce through.
What's the matter?
- His hard Qi Gong is very strong.
- Don't be afraid, grand auntie is here.
Attack his private parts.
- I said attack his private parts.
- What?
I asked you to attack...
- the private parts, right?
- Shut up.
Sister-in-law, stop beating.
Sign the document.
Sign it.
Grand auntie.
Ah Tao, you go first.
- You want me to go?
- Yes, I'm your elder.
I'll have to teach them a lesson myself.
Grand auntie, how can you...
Grand auntie, take the axe.
Strike him a few times on my behalf.
Ah Tao, go back quickly
and ask your dad and uncles to come.
They're needed to witness the signature
... which endorses the inheritance
as mine.
My daddy will certainly come for
the big occasion.
Grand auntie, you teach them a lesson.
Don't waste too much strength.
Third grand uncle, see you again.
Uncle, second uncle, third uncle,
Daddy, good morning.
Good morning.
Last night l...
You and your grand auntie
went to the house of the Yu family,
- didn't you?
- And on quarreling...
- you started a fight?
You've seen your third grand uncle, haven't
- Yes.
- Where's grand auntie?
Grand auntie accused third uncle
... for stealing daddy's inheritance.
Third grand uncle started being
and said that the inheritance should belong
to him.
Then grand auntie fought with him.
And then?
She lost the fight.
You came back...
- I came back...
- To get help, right!
How come you woke up so early?
We are about to go to Yu's place.
We know all about what happened
last night.
You know all about it?
We knew that you'd lose the fight.
Grand auntie would ask you
to come back alone.
Because she's your elder.
Then we must go to rescue her
Let's go.
Yes, sir.
- Ah Tao, what's the matter?
- Hidden arrows.
Get down.
It's alright now, this bridge has traps.
Once you touch it...
arrows will be shot.
- Then we jump over.
- Alright.
This area has foot-chains hidden in it.
This vegetable garden has sharp bamboo
hidden in it.
These scarecrows have weapons
hidden in them.
How can we get in?
Don't be afraid, follow me.
Yu's younger generation knows
proper manners & conduct.
Get up.
What manners?
We are coming to look for your traps.
The Yu family is open and transparent
in doing things.
We don't need traps.
You scumbag, you're not admitting?
Traps? If you are scared...
you shouldn't have come to see
our Master.
- You...
- Afraid of what?
We are here to see third uncle
... so that he wouldn't give auntie
a hard time.
That woman, she's inside the house.
Scumbag, you thieves,
dishonoring an elder.
We must teach you a lesson.
We are waiting for you.
Too much.
There weren't so many people last night.
Nothing to be afraid of,
just handle them quickly.
-... and slaughter them like chickens.
- Right.
This is third uncle's trick;
He wants to use up our strength.
Fight till we are exhausted
then we'll leave.
First uncle is exhausted, go help him.
Real good.
Uncle, very good.
That's nothing.
Daddy, Uncle is not alright.
- Brother, are you alright?
- No problem.
Brother, let's fight and end it quickly.
Ah Tao, we'll go in first.
Alright, the three of us will stay here.
Ah Tao, go.
Go in.
- Who are these two?
- Third Grand uncle's assistants.
Beat them up.
He's using hard Qi Gong.
He went blinking like this!
Daddy, you're good.
So your Qi Gong doesn't cover your ass.
Use that three-joint steel whip of yours.
Yes, sir.
It's me.
Brother, where's Second Auntie?
Haven't seen her yet.
The two of them are...
Third Uncle's assistants.
This man's swordplay is not bad.
What kind of kung fu is it
Hard Qi Gong.
Hard Qi Gong...
isn't that like eldest brother?
Where is big brother?
Right here, I fought in from behind.
Big brother.
- Big brother, are you alright?
- Fine.
Big brother, are you alright?
I'm alright, where's Ah Tao?
Ah Tao, you are good.
Jing Chuen, you go in
and find Third Uncle.
Ah Tao, go.
Hello, Third Uncle.
My greetings to you.
Are you all here?
We all still have the strength
... to storm the place to see you.
Jing Chuen,
you still have such great strength
... at your age.
Of course, you said my dad is old
... then you must be very young, eh?
Hey, your 3rd Grand Uncle
is having his next childhood.
I see... no wonder he steals things
What did you say?
I'm not telling you.
Bring grand auntie out immediately.
Um, your grand auntie...
is being well taken care of.
Send the elder out.
Grand auntie.
You're all here.
Yes, we're all here.
Grand auntie, are you done
teaching them a lesson?
Got the deeds?
Let's go.
Being tied up?
Being tied up?
It's not a bad idea to tie up
the feet this way.
You sign this in front of them...
and I'll let you go immediately.
Third Uncle, you are a bit too much.
Stay calm.
Rest for a while, let me.
Your kung fu is so good;
You still need two to go against one?
I'm getting old...
it'll be better to have someone
to hold me.
You think your godson is your stick, eh!
Ah Tak, stand aside.
Daddy, stand aside.
Ah Tak, be careful.
Wouldn't want your godson
to be eunuch, do you?
Eunuchs have no descendants.
Jing Chuen,
I never thought you could win me.
But l...
The two of you haven't fought yet?
Correct. If you can beat me, l...
Needless to say...
the inheritance will be returned to
2nd grand auntie.
- Okay... daddy, fight.
- Ah Tao.
Get up!
Watch the show.
Thunder Palm. Godpa, excellent.
My daddy hasn't used
his best technique yet.
Look this is called the Cloud Bridge.
This is called Monkey Stealing
the Peach.
This is called Eagle Garbs Chicken.
Third Grand Uncle, you've lost.
Do you admit to defeat?
This hand hasn't lost yet.
- Godfather, are you alright?
- Go away.
Third Uncle.
Daddy, Daddy, stop fighting.
- Godfather.
- Why are you still struggling?
You've lost, haven't you?
Ah Tak
Release her. C'mon, move
What? You still want to fight?
Actually your kung fu is like my dad's.
But because you have a guilty conscience
... that's why you've lost.
Ah Tao.
Daddy, do you agree?
Second Auntie, are you alright?
Good, we are relieved.
Stop quarrelling.
Third Uncle, you are wrong this time.
You should have obeyed
your second brother's will...
and handed over all inheritance
to Jing Chuen.
That's the way to go...
Alright, I've completed my task.
I won't be your elder anymore.
- Would you remarry then!
- Bastard.
So forceful?
Daddy's slap on my face
... has made me see stars.
Third Grand Uncle
is no match for him.
He punched, then kicked.
Then what?
Wow, a blonde!
You aren't
the second grand auntie?
No, my name is Suzie.
Oh, she speaks English?!