Chhichhore (2019) Movie Script

What's with you? Out in the middle of the night, dressed to kill?
To meet you, darling.
To get my fill.
- Dunk fight? - It's been ages, man.
That is exactly what I was wondering...
...there is no way I can spend the whole night mugging up quantum physics.
Who shall be our first target?
Our first target cannot be someone who is submissive or too easy.
Instead, someone who upon getting drenched retaliates with a lot more aggression.
I found our target.
You've challenged a snake by hitting where it hurts the most!
What's going on?
Dunk fight!
Oh damn...!
Get him!
- Feels amazing, doesn't it, bro? - No.
Let's go to H3.
I've heard that when dogs get drenched, they get offended really easily.
Who is it?
Your pregnant girlfriend.
You bloody...!
Would you want to drown alone or do you want the entire room to drown with you?
- Look, Anni... - Shhh...
Hold him tight!
Oh yeah!
- Use your might! - Oh yeah!
- Serve him right! - Oh yeah!
- Now we fight! - Oh yeah!
Bloody Coward.
Bloody losers.
Your dad is a loser!
"The journey of these memories will continue with songs from the 90's.
I'm your friend
You're home late today?
Shall I serve dinner?
- Has Raghav eaten? - He hasn't been eating.
Ever since he's written his entrance exams...
...the fear of the result has been eating him alive.
Where is he?
Set a plate for him.
Are you sleeping?
I would be if you let me.
I wanted to clear a doubt. I promise this will be the last time.
Same old story.
Which one was tougher, this time's entrance exam or last time's?
Who did well in the mathematics, just you or everyone?
Who didn't do well in physics, just you or everyone?
This is what you want to know, right?
Sorry, man. I am just a little worried.
Why suffer alone then?
Let's wake Sooraj up as well.
Yes, Raghav?
Are you sleeping?
Not at all, I just had a bubble bath.
Tell me.
Raghav is worried about his results.
Do something, bro.
I know that we are the friends whom you can call at any time of the day...
But this is you taking undue advantage of our friendship.
Look, the arrow has been shot.
The results will be out in a few days.
Soon we will know who hit the target and who missed.
Please go to sleep. And let us sleep as well.
What's up, master?
Enjoy the good food while you can.
- Sorry, papa. - Don't apologise.
You'll be staying in a hostel in a few days.
Do you have any idea what hostel food tastes like?
The chances of you puking it out are higher than you digesting it properly.
I'll tolerate that as well, papa.
I just want to get selected.
Ofcourse you'll get selected.
You have studied hard.
You have written your papers well.
You are unnecessarily getting worried.
Weren't you worried?
Oh, come on.
Why would you be worried anyway?
You were a genius.
Your All India Rank was 384.
I'll go crazy even if I am anywhere in the top 2000.
Over the last two months, you've lost your mind...
...worrying about all of this.
You should have gotten yourself a girlfriend instead.
Do you know there is a huge shortage of girls in an engineering college?
- Didn't you meet mom there? - Didn't you meet mom there! (mockingly)
But not everyone is as unfortunate as your dad.
Okay? Come on now, start eating.
You are personally dropping me to mom's place today.
Why are you doing such a huge favour?
I was thinking I should spend some more time with you.
You'll be staying in a hostel soon...
...and your mom will take up the whole day.
Don't say that.
I feel like meeting her too.
I know everything. You only go there to hog.
I know your kind quite well.
Two milkshakes were enough to bribe them in the hostel.
Let me know if you have a better plan.
I won't go.
I have some of the best plans under my sleeve...
...and you know that too.
But you should go, poor thing must be waiting for you.
Poor thing! Right!
You may be divorced, but there is still something between you two.
You, of course!
At least come in to say hi.
No thanks, she's all yours.
Listen... if she has made something nice, pack some for me.
Go now.
Please eat well.
Results will be out in a few days.
Yes, so?
What do you think?
Will I clear it?
Honestly, it's not a big deal even if you don't get in.
Dad thinks that I will.
Aniruddh is just too much.
Listen, don't feel pressurised by what he says. Okay?
He isn't pressurising me.
I know him quite well.
Then you also know how much he loves Okra, right?
Yes, I have made extra.
Love you!
Daddy's yes man!
Always on your phone!
- What's up, champion? - All good.
This is for you.
Wow. Anyway, forget this.
Look at what I got for you.
The day you get your results...
...both father and son will celebrate that day.
We'll polish it off.
Papa, you are pressurising me now.
Kid! This doesn't increase, instead it releases all sorts of pressures!
After you go, all I will be left with are your memories.
Everything will be fine.
Come on.
"It seems like just yesterday..."
"It seems like just yesterday..."
"When I first held you in my arms"
"The emotions I was unaware of..."
"Were introduced to me by you"
"Your smiles..."
How is it?
"Were a boon gift-wrapped for me"
"You kept silent, while your eyes spoke volumes"
"You brought joy back into my lonely life"
"When I first held you in my arms"
"It seems like just yesterday..."
It's very good.
"It seems like just yesterday..."
"It seems like just yesterday..."
What happened? Why are you so worried?
You check this one for me.
You're a dude! Chill!
What happened?
But your exams went really well.
I am really tensed, Aniruddh.
I just spoke to Raghav.
He couldn't stop crying.
I really tried to make him understand.
He was just not willing to listen.
I did everything possible.
I gave up everything. I studied for 18 hours a day.
I still didn't get in.
If not this year, he can try next year.
Not everyone clears these exams in the first attempt anyway.
How can you take everything so lightly?
Why do you take everything seriously?
Satish... he used to always lag behind.
Even he managed to get in.
Everyone must be laughing at me.
And how will I face my parents?
I'm going to meet him. By when are you going to come?
I just have one meeting left for the day, right after I finish that.
Keep attending your meetings!
Mom is a ranker, dad too.
And their son, a loser.
Raghav, just chill, bro.
You don't understand.
I'll have to live with this 'Loser tag' for the rest of my life.
Now you're just pressurising yourself too much.
Everything is over.
It's all over!
And then we have to measure it quarterly for sure.
So we have to make sure...
Just a second.
Son, I am in a meeting. I'll call you back.
Uncle... Raghav...
Raghav has fallen.
I've called the ambulance.
How did this happen?
He was quite upset, uncle.
He said everyone would call him a loser now.
I really tried to make him understand.
And even before I could react, he jumped.
I'm sorry uncle.
It's all my fault.
I shouldn't have given Raghav's custody to you.
You think all of this has happened because of me?
He was under so much pressure and you didn't even realise!
He has tried to commit suicide.
How would I know, Maya...
...that he would take such a drastic step?
What do you even know, Anni?
Except for your meetings and your work?
Neither did you try understanding me, nor your son.
Please keep quiet. Everyone is listening.
So let them!
Even they should know what an irresponsible father you are.
- Because of you my son... - Please stop it.
Our son is not dead.
Excuse me?
Please come with me.
I won't give you any false assurances.
Your son has suffered a severe brain injury.
Multiple organs are damaged as well.
For now, we have performed a surgery to stop the internal bleeding.
We have also removed clots from the brain.
But that's not all.
He has contusions in his brain.
If these contusions increase...
...the swelling in the brain will increase too.
For which, we might have to go for another surgery.
We are keeping him under observation in the ICU for the time being.
Till he stabilises.
He is extremely critical.
But he will survive, right?
We are trying our best.
Doctor, can we meet him?
Please sir, just once.
I cannot see him like this.
You go ahead.
This is not fair, man!
I feel like hurling abuses at you.
I've been tolerating your drama for the last two years now.
"Papa, I have a mock test."
"I won't watch the movie."
"Papa, let me get done with my exams and then we'll go on a vacation."
"Papa, I have to go study with my group."
"I don't have time to talk to you."
Oh come on, man!
For the last two years, all your dad has been doing is waiting for you.
Just how much more do I need to wait?
Be strong.
Nurse, what...?
He has sepsis because of the infection.
Therefore, his kidneys aren't functioning right.
That is why we have put him on dialysis.
Excuse me.
I understand your concern, Mr. Pathak.
But there is only so much medicines can do.
The patient also needs to respond.
And Raghav's body isn't responding.
I've seen many cases where even the most critical patients survive.
Because they want to live.
Your son's case is just the opposite.
Looks like...
...he doesn't want to live.
And that's not a very good sign.
'Looks like he doesn't want to live.'
'And that's not a very good sign.'
'He said everyone would call him a loser now.'
'Bloody losers.'
'Your dad is a loser'
You know this is a stupid idea, right?
I don't know, Maya.
But all I know is that...
...he doesn't want to live because he thinks he's a loser.
And no one can understand this better than you and I...
That we wear the loser tag ourselves, and we get rid of it ourselves too.
How will you tell him that?
Can he hear you?
I don't know.
You have gone mad.
Son, you think that you are a loser, right?
Today I'll tell you what big a loser your father was.
And the people he spent the most beautiful moments of his life with...
They were all big losers too.
'National College of Technology, Bombay.'
'India's best engineering college.'
'Everyone said that your life will change if you manage to get in here.'
'I had no idea how much my life was about to change.'
Aniruddh Pathak.
- Anni. - Not Anni, Aniruddh Pathak.
This is hostel life, son.
Deshpande becomes Despo here.
Patwardhan becomes Pattu.
- Chaudhary becomes Cho... - Okay, got it.
- Please... - Anni, Anni, Anni...
Oh no.
What happened? My name is not on the list?
It would be better if it wasn't on this list.
Because you've been allotted Hostel No. 4. H4.
This institute's most useless, jobless and...
- Worthless? - Yes, worthless lot can be found in H4.
They are addressed as "Losers" in this institute.
Take my advice and put in a request for change of hostel at the next counter.
If you are lucky, your hostel will change.
Otherwise, your life will change.
Listen mister, I am more notorious than most notorious of them all.
H4 is no biggie.
Soon you'll get a taste of it.
Have a go at it then.
You'll come running back. It's not like the counter is going anywhere.
'And I wondered what could be so bad in H4.'
Oh Kammo, you are finally here to perform.
How much do you charge per hour?
What's happening, guys?
Sir, Silk Smitha!
'These were the seniors of H4.'
My bathroom back home is bigger than this.
'This was the room of H4'
'This was the food of H4'
Excuse me, are these potatoes or pumpkins?
Find out for yourself!
'And that's it, my decision was made.'
'I was scared about two things.'
- 'One: What will happen if my hostel doesn't change?' - Hey, freshie!
'Two: What will happen until my hostel isn't changed?'
They bash you with a rod.
They make you pee on an electric heater.
The strip you and make you sit on a beer bottle.
Come here.
You are a mermaid.
And you are a heron.
You have fallen in love with the mermaid.
Oh... so you think this is funny?
Come here.
What's your name?
Aniruddh Pathak. Anni.
Okay Anni, my boy, how about a pole dance?
You are his pole.
Get started, Anni.
'And I was wondering when the dancing would stop and the bashing would begin.'
Is this how you dance?
Well, I...
I'll show you how it's done.
'But the horrific ragging that I had imagined never materialised.'
'These seniors weren't so cruel...
...that they'll beat up their juniors just because they are helpless.'
'All they wanted was some harmless fun.'
'He was our Loser No. 1.'
His nickname.
Because one thing always kept his mind occupied.
'He was the most desperate guy of our hostel.'
Which one would you like, Kammo?
Playboy, Debonair, Dafa 302, Mastram or, Rangeen Raatein?
I have regional stuff as well.
'He had a fixed front seat during hostel's porn show nights.'
'And the biggest bidder of hostel's porn auction was...'
One rupee 25 paise!
- 'Sexa.' - Oh!
One rupee 50 paise!
Three rupees.
Going once, going twice, sold for three rupees!
Call the doctor!
- Nurse, What happened? - His BP is fluctuating.
Please wait outside. Doctor will monitor him. Please.
You are harming him, not helping him.
Sir, sir, is...
He is okay.
This happens when the patient tries to gain consciousness.
Thank God.
He has only regained consciousness.
His condition hasn't improved.
By the way, who's Sexa?
He was listening.
- Doctor, can we...? - Yeah, yeah.
Get well soon, man.
Everything will be fine.
Is it true?
What, son?
Of course, it is true.
It is true, right Maya?
It is true.
It's all in here.
He is liking the story but he isn't believing it.
He regained consciousness because of doctor's treatment and not your story.
Okay then let the doctors and the medicines do their job.
And let me do my job.
Treating hours are theirs. And the visiting hours are mine.
It will work out well if Sexa comes here.
Sexa? Here?
Do you even know where he is?
We have gotten so busy with work...
...that we haven't even bothered to stay in touch with our friends.
Anyway, he has to be somewhere.
On Google, Facebook...
But how will I find him?
What was Sexa's full name?
You should know. He was from your hostel.
No but everyone in the hostel would only call him Sexa.
What was Sexa's full name?
Mamta Kulkarni!
Excuse me?
Where can I find Gurmeet Singh Dhillon?
His father.
Gurmeet Singh Dhillon?
Who is that?
Second year, mechanical engineering, fair, chubby and with curly hair.
- Sexa? - Yes.
Uncle, Room No. 152... 152.
Gurmeet Singh Dhillon.
Had I known then, I could have saved him.
So this is what you study here?
No, daddy. They belong to my friends.
Right, your friends.
And why do they call you Sexa?
Because I look very sexy.
So that's the point I'm trying to make, gentlemen.
If you see the global trends, that's where the market is headed.
- That's why you guys need our expert... - Excuse me.
Sir, there is a call for you.
Not now.
He said to tell you he is someone from Hostel 4.
Excuse me.
Am I speaking to Gurmeet Singh?
Sexa, it's me, Anni!
Kammo, you cheapster!
Wretch! Dog shit...
Excuse me, gentlemen.
Sharron, cancel all my meetings for the next week.
Any problem, sir?
I have to go to India.
How are you doing, Kammo?
I never imagined we would have had a reunion in these circumstances.
I am so sorry.
How can such young kids take such a big step?
Let's go.
Look who's here to meet you.
Guess who?
Which one would you like, Kammo?
Playboy, Debonair, Mastram, Dafa 302 or...
Rangeen Raatein?
Sexa uncle?
You're a smart guy, Kammo.
Thank god you got hit here and not here.
Otherwise, that would've been a bummer!
I was a year senior to your father.
I don't know why, but he wanted to change his hostel.
Sir, what's the status of my hostel change request?
Everyone's details have been sent to other hostels.
If you get selected, you can celebrate.
You'll have to try to survive.
What happened, Kammo?
Still stuck in the waiting list?
No sir, I was...
What will you accomplish by changing your hostel?
You will stay in a better room. You will get to eat better food.
But Bunty will still sleep in your pants.
- Bunty? - You didn't get it?
Let me explain.
There are only two important things in engineering life.
Brain and Bunty
There is a lot of greenery available for the brain here
But for Bunty?
It's a drought prone area. A dry spell.
There are hardly any girls in engineering colleges.
The boy girl ratio of this place is 40:1.
For a simple girl, there is cut-throat competition.
For a modern girl, there is bleed-to-death competition.
It is quite tough.
And what about those who look like models?
You have high expectations, huh?
This is an engineering college.
Girls who look like models are like Hailey's comet.
They show up once every 76 years.
"A model, eh!"
No way!
Hailey's comet!
'That was the first time I saw Maya.'
"How am I feeling, won't you ask?"
"How am I doing, won't you ask?"
"How am I surviving without you?"
Don't even think about her, bro.
Look over there.
"Look at my heart..."
"And not my status"
"Each day without you..."
Look over there.
"I don't care about the consequences."
"You are meant to be mine."
- Hello. - Hell no!
"No matter the distance between us."
Go straight then right.
"How am I feeling, won't you ask?"
- Coffee? - Forgive me?
"How am I doing, won't you ask?"
"How am I surviving without you?"
Look over there.
Unbearable, right?
Same here.
Look over there.
Anything else, ma'am?
She's still in demand.
Alright, guys.
Time's up.
Let him rest.
Take rest, Kammo.
See you tomorrow.
How did it all happen?
You tried so hard to woo her... could you let her go so easily?
Had it not been for Mummy and Acid, you would have never even approached her.
Acid and Mummy.
Should we call them here?
You think they will come?
Even their dad will come!
You won't believe what Mummy's father requested Acid and I to do.
You remember?
Excuse me?
- You guys are seniors? - Yes.
He's my son, Sunder.
Uncle, he is your son?
- He has taken after his mother. - Aah!
I have one request to make.
Don't worry uncle, we don't rag anyone.
But I want you to rag him!
- Mummy! - You see that!
He keeps saying mummy, mummy.
He doesn't even wash his own underwear.
He weeps while watching chick flicks.
He has become a docile mamma's boy.
I want you to make a dude of him.
Don't worry, Papa.
Carry on, rest assured.
Thank you.
Please come here.
Introduce yourself.
What's your name?
Are you deaf? Stand straight!
What's your name?
- Mummy? - Mummy?
- Mummy? - Mummy?
'That's our Loser No. 2.'
Hey buddy!
Anni and I were batchmates.
Hmm, he didn't have an accent back then.
Come on, I've been in US for the last 20 years.
- What do you expect? - You just wait.
Acid will be here soon.
He'll help you get rid of the accent.
Oh God!
Acid is bad news.
Do you know any cuss word? On your mother?
Aunt? Uncle? Sister? Anybody?
Do you know any cusses at all?
Use it on him.
You dog?
That's a cuss word?
Why don't you use silly fellow and idiot too then?
- Silly fe... - Shut it!
We get bad stock every year.
'Mummy was naive.'
- Then what do you know? - 'Whereas Acid was an explosive!'
'A topper in school, Acid, wasn't doing so well in engineering'
'The rage in him grew acidic' 'And thus he got the name, Acid'
'Our Loser No. 3.'
How are you, kiddo?
How are you doing, Mummy?
I heard you have an accent these days.
Acid and Sexa were after my life.
You piece of crap, you were a doll...
...we made a bull out of you.
His father had requested us to, remember?
He was such a crybaby when he first came to hostel.
"He was such a chomu (crybaby)"
You're trying to say you haven't done anything but study all your life?
Tell me something.
Do you make yourself happy?
What, sir?
Do you have a one-on-one with your Bunty?
Sir, I don't know have any Bunty.
Do you masturbate?
- No. - Why?
Has your father locked it up for you?
It's a sin, sir.
A sin.
That makes me the biggest sinner.
Bro, you are in a hostel filled with sinners.
Do one thing.
Go to the girl's hostel and get some of the girls' clothes from there.
I should steal them?
Men don't steal, crybaby.
They ask for it.
He is naive, sir.
He won't be able to do it.
Oh, I see.
You are too smart, eh? Come here.
You're a freshie, aren't you?
Now both of you will have to go there.
- No, sir. I don't even know him. - Sorry, sir.
Are you going move it or do I need to...?
You want to sit on a bottle?
Try to get undies as well?
There's no harm in trying, bro.
Can I say something?
When we're asking for their clothes, I think you should do the talking.
This is the problem with you small town boys.
You are scared to talk to girls.
But it is not your fault.
You must have hardly had any interaction with them, right?
Watch and learn.
Be confident, bro. Show confidence.
Like this.
Excuse me.
- Excuse me? - No, no, no.
What are you doing, bro?
Are you okay?
Our seniors have asked us to get womens' clothes.
They'll beat us up if we go empty handed.
Can you bring some girls' clothes for us, please?
That's all? Why is he so nervous?
Is this the first time you are talking to a girl?
He's from a small town. As soon as he sees a girl he shits...
He gets nervous. That's it.
- Right away. - Make sure to get lots of them.
Confidence, eh?
Please don't tell anyone, bro.
I'll lose my reputation in the hostel.
For a month, I'll do all...
For a month?
Stop it.
- It happened by mistake! - On one condition.
Sexa has asked for womens' undies too.
What do we do about that?
Why are you smiling?
This belongs to Maria Pinto.
And this belongs to Madhavi Tripathi.
you are a dark horse.
And sir, this one is specially for you...
...with love, Dulari Pitroda.
I'll be damned.
Dulari wears mens' undergarments?
How would anyone know how she really is?
How does it matter?
I haven't washed it in two days.
Smells amazing, doesn't it? Those are Mummy's briefs.
You rascals!
'Whenever I think about those days I always feel...'
'Those were some of the best days of my life.'
I present my smooth bottoms... my seniors of H4...
We will live for H4.
We will live for H4.
And we will die for the girls at H10.
And we will die for the girls at H10.
Please don't mind, I guess I got a little nervous that day.
A little?
But it was cute.
Thank you.
"In an old album of memories, lie hidden those days"
"Like a penny in a piggy-bank..."
"...those days stay treasured"
"With no destination to worry about..."
"We lived our lives to the fullest"
"Those days were all about treasuring friendship and borrowing from friends"
"Those were some of the best days of my life"
"Those were some of the best days of my life"
The seniors have asked me to have coffee with you.
They'll thrash me otherwise.
- I don't drink coffee. - It's okay.
We can have tea instead. No problem.
Two cups of tea! Special tea.
"We were pranksters"
He is coming! He is coming!
"We were devil's spawn"
"But brother..."
Bloody... Feel it.
Someone has abused you on your face.
How are you going to give it back to him? With emotions
"Our friends were our souls"
Say it!
"It was the day to lock eyes with college girls."
What is it today?
Seniors have asked me to watch a movie with you.
And what if I say I am not in the mood? Then?
Then they'll be in a bad mood.
This is what was so different about Anni.
He never gave up on me.
"Those were some of the best days of my life"
Bro, go like a lover, not a beggar.
Wear this.
Much better.
Are you doing all of this to impress me?
If I knew how to impress you, I would've already impressed you by now.
Raghav's condition isn't improving.
But it's not deteriorating either.
Let's wait and watch.
"We tried everything that was forbidden"
Who is he?
Everyone's unofficial daddy.
"We did everything that wasn't permitted"
Who was that?
I am not wearing anything. Give me my clothes back!
Anni! Listen!
My seniors have sent me here today.
"Those times were driven by crazy antics."
"We crossed limits, living life on the edge."
"Those were some of the best days of my life"
Rascal! Wait, you...!
"Those were times when birds of the same feather flocked together."
I'm alive.
"Those were times when our charged up youth was discovering newer hues."
"We still remember old movie songs"
"of all the evergreen and classic singers"
The world fears the sharp edge of my sword.
"which we played on keyboards and guitar those days"
Sexa, you dropped your Bunty!
"Those were some of the best days of my life"
"Those were some of the best days of my life"
"Those were some of the best days of my life"
Sunder Srivastava, All India Rank 92.
Forget his rank. Does he play any sports?
Aniruddh Pathak, All India
Rank... Did I ask for his rank?
State level basketball player.
He also plays cricket and football.
Which hostel is he from?
Call him.
I'd like to meet him personally.
It's even better from inside.
You must be wondering when the institute is the same...
...why is only H3 so swanky?
It's a world class institute.
Many foreign students come here to study as well.
If they make them stay in H4 then...
What kind of an impression are we setting?
We're the face of this institute.
And institute is bound to keep its face swanky.
Great! Pack your bags and come tomorrow.
You are crazy.
Until yesterday, you were dying to shift to H3.
What changed?
I don't know. I don't feel like leaving H4.
Why are you overthinking it?
You have only spent two months in H4.
I have only spent two months with you as well.
Then why am I discussing my problem with you?
I have formed a bonding with these guys.
You know, whenever Mummy's parents send some sweets...
...they are not only for him...
...they send some for all of us.
And when Acid gets overly frustrated...
...we tolerate his cusses with a smile.
And irrespective of how Sexa behaves...
Even if you call him at 3 in the morning, he will show up at your door.
What will you call this?
And no matter how your family is... don't leave them, right?
People are dying to join H3
...and you are bluntly refusing the offer?
Where did you get that audacity from, bloody freshie!
- Look, I am really sorry but... - Sorry?
You will feel sorry for yourself, every year,
Just like Derek.
He had the same attitude.
He would have lived like a winner in H3.
But he is instead rotting in H4 since 3 years, like a loser.
You will rot too.
Get lost!
Didn't you hear him? Leave!
Who are you staring at?
Move it!
- Excuse me? - Yes, sir?
I'm looking for Aniruddh Pathak.
He's in the mess.
All the losers, under one roof?
Hey Baldie, who are you calling a loser?
Hey fatso, who are you even calling a baldie?
How are you?
Do you drink after dinner?
I can also drink before and while having my dinner.
'That's Derek.'
'The biggest loser of the hostel.'
'And our unofficial daddy.'
60ml vodka.
40ml orange juice.
And 20ml soda.
What's this?
Not everyone is fortunate to get this.
Derek special.
- Cheers. - Cheers.
But why here?
Where else can we find ice at this hour?
That's liquid nitrogen.
Ice is over there.
Sir, this is ice for sure, right?
You're doubting Edison regarding bulbs?
Sir, Raggie said you too were offered to join H3.
Raggie is a dog.
He shifts good athletes from other hostels to H3.
And takes the credit of winning GC.
General Championship.
They have sport events in this institute?
You thought we only study in this institute?
And that we are called losers because...
...our rooms are small and our mess is disgusting?
GC is that important?
If it wasn't important...
...then 10 hostels wouldn't compete in 30 sports for 2 months.
If it wasn't important...
...then everyone's pride and our reputation...
...wouldn't be at stake every year.
Losers! Losers! Losers!
We are that bad?
Swig it.
You're telling me that in the past 15 years we have not won GC even once?
Forget winning...
...we rank last every year.
Now do you get it?
So we won't be called losers if we win GC?
Don't even think about it.
- Why? - I tried for three years.
This is your last year.
How about one last attempt?
Drop it.
There is no way we can do it.
We can't if we don't try.
It hurts you more because you are new here.
Wait for a year or two...'ll stop hurting.
Hey losers!
Do you only plan on staring at the board Or ever aim to feature on it?
Your dad is a loser.
I dare you to come and say it to me on my face.
Whether you agree or not, it still hurts you.
I seriously thought about what Anni said for two days.
'Then I thought, if I don't do anything this year...'
'...then this will pinch me for the rest of my life.'
Many of you wanted to leave H4 but you didn't get an opportunity to.
Now we have two options with us.
We either live with this losers' tag.
Or we try to get rid of it.
If there is anyone here who can live with this losers' tag...
...he can leave.
Trust me.
No one will question you.
I speak from experience here.
In the campus, this losers' tag hurts a lot.
But there's something which hurts even more.
The fact that we don't even try doing anything to get rid of the tag.
Now the question is, do we want to get rid of this 'loser' tag?
Can we get rid of this 'loser' tag?
Can we win this year's GC?
How the hell will we lose this losers' tag if we don't win this year's GC?
Can we win this year's GC?
Whoever says yes will get a milkshake from Derek's account.
So now, can we win this year's GC?
As soon as mid-semesters got over, GC's selection began.
'We were expecting this year's freshies to have at least some talent.'
You told us you played table-tennis?
I do, at home, on the dining table.
With my little sister.
Who used to win, you or your sister?
His style looks promising.
Are you bowling or throwing a bomb?
Kabaddi! Kabaddi! Kabaddi!
Time out.
You! Get out of there.
Sir, I won't give up until my last breath.
You are already on your second last breath.
Leave! Leave!
Who brought this 'huff puff' here?
How is it going?
He's a mermaid, bro.
He's been underwater for 30 seconds now.
Guys, if he dies, we're bound to be jailed.
It would have been better had he died.
'By the time selections got over we had realised...'
'...that our current position in GC wasn't looking any good.'
Oh come on, Derek!
Losers are trying to be choosers?
It is not going as we had expected.
Raghav seems to be responding...
...but according to the scans...
...the swelling in his brain is slowly increasing.
I'm a bit worried.
What do we do now, sir?
We will try our best.
What else can we do?
What do we do now?
We will try our best.
What else can we do?
That's like the Clinton...
Mumbai's so expensive!
I have gone broke.
You went shopping?
I didn't know I'd be staying here for this long.
He's bought undies!
I don't know about you guys, but I change them every day.
That's an improvement, Sexa.
You used to change them every hour back then.
Age has taken toll on Bunty as well.
He needs to rest too.
But why did you need to buy them?
You could have borrowed it from him.
You are used to sniffing his briefs.
Hi, guys.
What's going on?
What did the doctor say?
He said the swelling in Raghav's brain is increasing.
If they aren't able to control it with medications...
...then surgery is the only option.
Don't worry, guys.
Maya and I will manage.
I cannot expect you to just ignore your work and stay here.
You guys carry on.
Work a vicious beast, isn't it?
When work needs us...
...our family adjusts, doesn't it?
Now when our family needs us...
...then work will have to adjust.
I'm staying back, okay?
Me too.
No one's leaving.
Anni, we are all going to stay.
Great, guys.
Dinner is ready if you guys are hungry.
- Thank you, bro. - Please.
You had started the story...
...and we will all end it together.
But you won't be able to end it without me.
Bevda (Boozer), you?
How are you?
Good that you came.
We had almost removed you from the story.
'That's Bevda, our super senior.'
'And our Loser No. 5.'
I don't need to tell you why they call me Bevda.
He would open more alcohol bottles than books in his room.
Today... quantum physics.
Quantum physics.
Here, have it.
'Bevda was the one to train us in drinking.'
That reminds me...
No, not the train story, guys.
You have to hear this story.
Let's get back to GC, guys.
We'll get back to GC...
...but after stop at this station.
So what happened was...
'He was returning after spending the summer vacation at home.'
'It was a long journey.'
'Now you cannot expect him to endure such a long dry spell.'
'So he was enjoying vodka in a bottle of water.'
I want water.
Brother, can we have some water?
We have run out of it. My son's thirsty.
'But how could Bevda offer vodka to that kid?'
But I already drank from it.
It's okay.
I cannot give it.
He's such a wretch.
After that, the couple started giving him an earful.
We are just asking you for water.
That too for a kid. It's not like I'm asking for some for myself.
Don't you have any sense, you dog!
Give it to him, brother.
You will do a good deed by giving him water.
Otherwise, you will rot in hell.
He's a nasty man, drop it.
He's such a douche!
- Why are you staring at me? - He is!
Don't waste your breath on him.
We are only asking for water! Is that water infused with gold?
You deserved to be punished and killed to death.
You dumbhead. You are okay peeing 10 times?
Wait, I will beat you up, once you get down in Mumbai.
If I beat you, then you will die on the spot.
Even Acid doesn't cuss so harshly.
Anyway, if you are done pulling my leg, can we concentrate on GC now?
'And once again, we got fused bulbs for players.'
'There were only a handful who had still kept our hopes alive with their talent.'
'Bevda was the current chess champion of the institute.'
'Anni was good at football, basketball and cricket.'
'And Derek was god when it came to weight lifting, football and athletics.'
Your Queen is trapped.
How do you plan to get her out?
'And the one we thought was a damsel in distress...'
That was a fluke shot. I dare to take you this black coin.
'...was actually a prince of thieves.'
Oh Mummy...
You are going to kill it there!
In spite of all this, GC was still out of our reach.
I wish you all the best, guys!
'GC started.'
'As usual, H3 had started bagging all the points.'
'And we had started giving it to them on a silver platter.'
H4, the losers!
Derek! You have already wasted three years.
Why are you wasting their time now?
You are anyway not going to accomplish anything in GC.
GC isn't over as yet.
Hey, you can talk!
I thought you could only wag your tail and follow Derek.
We'll defeat you so badly this year...
...that you will run with a tail between your legs next year.
You English Dog!
Stay in your limits, okay?
You bloody loser, you will show me my limits, huh?
Acid, relax, man. He's a dog.
Let him bark.
Yes, I bark.
But the day I bite, there will be no respite.
Buzz off. Shoo.
Go lick him.
- It's just sports, man. - No, it is not.
This isn't just sports for us.
Our hostel's reputation is at stake.
We've come here to study.
Why are you getting so serious about sports?
We are here only for four years.
You can say that because you aren't the one with the losers' tag.
And anyway, it's not like you will ever get a losers' tag...
...because you are too scared to even participate.
What have you even gained by participating?
- The losers' tag, right? - I can tolerate it.
It is far better than being called a coward.
That one must not participate because we are going to lose anyway.
- Now you are getting personal. - No.
- You are getting personal, Maya. - Then go.
- Why do you come here to talk to me? - I am going.
It's not like I enjoy sitting here.
I might as well think about GC instead.
I'm just wasting my time here.
Go to hell, Anni.
And yes, we aren't cowards.
"We aren't cowards!"
I spoke to mom.
She said it's all okay.
And she is sending sweets to cheer us up.
How sweet.
- Made out of gram flour? - My favourite.
Such guys will help us win GC?
We are in such a mess and he wants to eat sweets!
- Leave it. - Shut it.
Because you have nothing better to do.
And you, while I am participating in GC once again because of you...
Your focus is more on that girl of yours.
Why are you venting your anger on us?
- Zip it, Acid. - Boys are trying.
- Zip it, Acid. - Listen...
Why are you getting hyper?
It's not like you are holding any victory flags here.
Don't you dare mess with me.
- I've anyway lost it. - You've been lashing out on us...
He's talking nonsense.
Bro! Bro! Sit down.
- He has been lecturing us. - One second.
Blaming each other like this won't help us, guys.
We are losing because we are only feeling bad about losing.
We aren't terrified of losing.
The day we start getting terrified of losing...
...we will start finding the path to victory.
What are you saying, Anni?
Our hostel's reputation is at stake, right?
So then we too should put something at stake.
Something that we're frightened to let go of.
What do you guys say?
Nobody wants to win!
Till we don't win GC...
...I won't talk to my mother.
Till we don't win GC...
No smoking.
What the hell!
No cussing.
No drinking.
No TV.
No playing with Bunty.
No more conversations with Maya.
We had all taken the pledge to win GC.
Then, that pledge started taking toil on us.
I swear.
Practice. You can do it with practice, hmm?
You can do it.
"Getting defeated by the opposition?"
"That's the worst kind of humiliation."
"Don't come back home as losers, that's our family's expectation."
Mamma's... boy.
Mother... board.
Take them or else we will end up breaking our pledge.
"We sir, are incapacitated and in a helpless situation."
"This is a struggle..."
"How will we get salvation?"
Oh, come on! That's enough.
"Wake up your inner strength..."
"Be strong, it's time for a revolution."
"Wake up your inner strength..."
"Be strong, it's time for a revolution."
"From today this will be our one and only goal."
Is this how you defend? You mother...
"We will keep all emotions..."
It's your mother.
"...and feelings at bay..."
"...till we don't have a score we are proud of every day."
"We will awaken our inner saint."
"My friends, we will concentrate and meditate."
"If we don't concentrate, we are going to fail."
"Our honour is precious. To keep it safe is our goal."
You call this a curry, you...
You are neither calling us nor taking our calls.
- Papa... - Enough.
You have over-delivered on your promise.
But still, thank you. Thank you.
How is he playing?
What did we gain by taking the pledge?
You? Were you starving during the match?
- What? - You had four goals.
How, bro?
And he? While we all were watching the game off the field... guy was just watching the match while being on the field.
This idiot!
And you?
There are three toilets if you go through this corridor.
Go and shit there.
Why were you taking dump on the ping-pong table?
Hey, stop lecturing.
You are not even playing.
But I'm still at the receiving end of it, right?
Anni, Derek
My Bunty won't be able to take so much load.
Hold him tight.
What did we gain from the pledge?
It isn't like we're winning any matches either.
We were anyway suffering a defeat in GC...
...we've ended up making our friend suffer as well.
Is it really worth it?
I don't know.
I am sorry, bro.
You had to face so many problems because of us.
Stop this.
You can break the pledge. We won't blame you for it.
I swear.
That day when everyone was taking a pledge...
... I took one too.
I thought I would drink in my room.
No one would know.
But I couldn't do it.
I have tried to quit drinking so many times.
Even you know.
For my mother.
For my father.
For my one-sided girlfriend.
No, I had actually started drinking because of her.
But I couldn't do it.
For the first time, I actually feel like I might be able to do it.
That too for you losers.
Do you know why?
Because you all have taught me, more than...
...being called a loser after losing to someone... is worse to be called a loser after losing to your own self.
This time it's do or die.
Do or die.
Raghav's reports aren't very encouraging, Mr. Pathak.
'Our situation in GC was not quite encouraging.'
'But we weren't those who accepted defeat easily.'
Team meeting, right now.
H3's hen has 2 Golds, 2 Silvers and 1 Bronze...
...scoring 17 points.
And our rooster, as always is laying eggs at zero.
Now the question is, how can our rooster chase their hen...
...because we aren't talented enough.
That means our rooster remains a virgin, just like us.
If we use some tricks our rooster can still go after their hen.
Be clear.
Trick No 1.
Pressure cooker.
Put so much pressure on the opponent's team...
...that they blow their own whistle.
I'll explain.
It won't go in.
Keep playing. Concentrate.
I'm telling you it won't go in. His hands are shivering.
He is scared.
He's under pressure.
Hit it, why are you staring at me? Hit it, stupid.
He's scared.
His hands are shivering. He's nervous.
It won't go in.
And it didn't.
It's that simple.
When one person can put so much pressure...
...then imagine what 25-50 such scoundrels can do.
We cannot even find decent players to participate in GC.
From where will you get so many people to cheer?
Bro, when they will get free milkshake from the Sports Secretary's account...
...forget cheering they will even be willing to murder anyone.
I am telling you.
Come on, come on!
A milkshake free for every match's cheering.
Chocolate, strawberry, butterscotch.
You can take whichever you want.
Our army is getting ready.
Arms and ammunition are ready as well.
Acid, are you done with the slogan?
Go for it.
Other hostels will be petrified when they hear it.
East or west H4 is the best!
- East or west... - H4 is the best!
- North or south... - Go shut your mouth!
There is one more.
It's better than the last one.
One, two, three, four!
H4! H4!
One, two, three...
H4, H4...
I too have one.
Helpless your slogan has made us.
Even God can't save us.
I just made it up. And it's better than yours.
We gave you one whole day and you serve us decorated bullshit?
- You... - Relax. Have a seat.
Bro, we asked for a slogan, not a hymn.
What are you doing, man?
I can't get the right emotions out without cussing.
There is acid running through your veins, man.
We need it. Pour it all out on the paper.
Listen, think about all the professors who criticised you.
Give it a try.
How many times do you plan to fail?
Just get out from here.
You have no future.
I need Professor Ramanathan's face.
Acid, you are a failure.
You will always rank last.
You wanna to mess with me, eh?
Bro, this Acid will create a hole even in titanium.
We need few more like these, please.
Thank you.
- Mummy? - Yes?
Everyone's faces.
Hold him tight!
Oh yeah!
- Use your might! - Oh yeah!
- Serve him right! - Oh yeah!
- Now we fight! - Oh yeah!
Bloody Coward.
I was asking the moon...
Have you ever seen...
Such a goof anywhere?
The moon swears on his mother...
No! No! No!
Johnny! Johnny!
Yes, papa?
- Have you pooped? - No, papa.
Telling lies?
No, papa.
Open your undies!
Ha, ha, ha.
- Hold him tight! - Oh yeah!
- Use your might! - Oh yeah!
I was asking the moon...
Have you ever seen...
Such a goof anywhere?
- Hold him tight! - Oh yeah!
Bloody coward!
No! No! No!
Open your undies!
Ha, ha, ha.
Open your undies!
Ha, ha, ha.
Open your undies!
Ha, ha, ha.
Open your undies!
Ha, ha, ha!
Congrats, boys.
Congrats, Anni.
What went so wrong?
If I wanted, I could have ruined it for Anni.
Don't worry, Maya.
I am here for you.
Then Maya would have been mine, and you too.
Right, sure.
But alas, I have a heart of gold.
After all, I am from Delhi.
And because of this pledge of ours Anni...
...had to put something he loved the most at stake.
You, Maya.
"We need to keep this distance for now."
We don't only benefit from the games we win...
...but also when H3 loses.
That's why Trick No. 2.
Going wild at the enemy's wedding.
Who's the bridegroom?
H3's TT champ. Venkatesh.
And who is going wild?
What are you doing in a library?
I miss you.
Anni's message, for you.
I miss you too.
I know.
That's my message for Anni.
If you are missing him so much then please do him a favour.
Make a phone call at 03:00 am.
But Anni won't talk to me.
Not Anni.
Venkatesh from H3.
Room No. 175.
You see, he has ping-pong match tomorrow.
Poor child.
How will he win gold if he doesn't sleep during golden hour?
You guys are so cruel.
My mom agrees.
What is it?
- Who is it? - Your fan.
You play ping-pong so well.
Oh my! Will you teach me, handsome?
Venky, let's spend the whole night talking.
The whole night.
Now imagine, just you and me...
On the ping-pong table.
All night long.
Look at them.
Come on, Venky! Come on.
What is he doing?
What are you doing, man!
H3 has been ripped apart!
Zig zag! Zig zag!
H3 has been ripped apart!
Zig zag! Zig zag!
Come on, guys.
This isn't a match we should have lost.
Since when did we start losing against H8?
I know you want to say thank you.
It's okay.
How about getting me a pastry instead?
Back then, Anni and I could understand each other...
...even when we couldn't talk to each other.
Now no matter how much we talk.
Neither does she want to understand me...
...nor do I.
Whose fault was it?
Maybe it was mine.
Maybe it was mine.
Whenever I should have apologised...
...I didn't.
Whenever I should have said it's okay and hugged him...
...I didn't.
Raghav was the only common link between us.
And look at that poor boy's condition now.
It's just like our relationship.
There is no condition we cannot revive ourselves from.
We've learnt this from you.
So, my friends...
Trick No. 3.
If you don't have any talent, use tact.
He has the pace...
...but he doesn't have the line.
Just a second.
Throw the ball assuming that the stump is over here.
Over there?
But that will be a wide.
Oh, come on. Throw it over here.
You can do it.
How is he?
Looks somewhere else and throws somewhere else.
Be careful, bro.
Today, you won't be cooking for others.
We'll be fooling others today.
We have a Kabaddi match. Let's go.
Like this.
Like this.
I'll be damned.
They have brought themselves a coach?
What do I need to do, sir?
Teach us how to cook potato curry.
Take four potatoes and two...
With an angry face.
Four potatoes, two onions and one tomato.
Finely chop them. Finely chop them.
They seem to be cooking a deadly strategy.
Guys, make sure you don't end up with broken bones.
'H8 had accepted defeat even before the match began.'
Kabaddi! Kabaddi! Kabaddi!
Smash him! Go for him! Get him!
Anni, go for his leg.
Turn it into mincemeat!
Get him!
'Your Highness, you don't know the power of love.'
We have a football match with H3.
What will we do?
Who will stop their Maradona and Pele?
Don't go, Chandralekha!
This cruel world cannot separate us.
Soldiers, separate them.
Come back, Chandralekha.
You want to stop Maradona and Pele?
- Come back, Chandralekha. - He will stop them.
Don't go, Chandralekha!
He will?
Wait and watch.
Raggie! Over here. Come on! Raggie, pass.
Raggie, over here.
Raggie, come on!
- That's a foul! - Foul!
That's cheating, Ref!
He's just pretending to be hurt.
It's nothing, Ref! He's just pretending to be hurt.
- It's clear, he's just acting hurt. - You are the one who is acting.
- What are you doing over there? - What are you doing, man?
- You are unnecessarily blaming me. - Okay fine, it's okay.
- Cheating! - Foul! Foul!
He's cheating! It's clear he's cheating!
Derek, toast him! Smash him!
Crush him!
Turn him into Mincemeat!
Roast him!
Oh, they are so scared!
Come on ref, it's not a penalty.
It's clear that it's cheating. This bloody loser is cheating.
Come on, ref!
Don't toss me like noodles on a pan.
H3's hen!
H4's rooster!
Slam-bang! Slam-bang!
- Cheers! - Cheers!
Go for it.
We should have brought Pandu along.
We lost our reputation.
Uncle, get our drinks.
Look, someone is here to drown in their defeat.
We aren't used to losing like you.
Didn't the dog say that he would bite?
He's still barking.
Acid, mind your language or I'll give it to you.
You just lost, what do you have left to give?
- Raggie, drop it. Raggie. - Buzz off.
H3 are fatheads!
H3 are fatheads!
They are a sunken boat. There no longer have support.
H3 are fatheads!
H3 are fatheads!
We have burst their bubble.
Now they are in trouble.
H3 are fatheads!
H3 are fatheads!
They are stumped, They're going to get hum...
H3 are fatheads!
H3 are fatheads!
H3 are fatheads!
H3 are fatheads!
Mummy, why are you just standing there? Do something!
How cute, Kammo!
There were six boys from H3 over there...
...and you ended up punching yourself?
How, dude?
Buffoons, you think this is funny?
No, bro.
He has a carrom quarterfinals match in the evening.
How will he play?
Did anyone think about that?
Pain can hurt us only when we let the pain hurt us.
And I won't let pain hurt me in this match.
It will come.
Knock at the door.
And go back.
This is a man's promise.
A man's promise.
I think he has hurt his head as well.
- Mummy! - Mummy!
- Mummy! - Mummy!
'That day Mummy got full points for bravery.'
'But H4 got zero points for carrom.'
Sorry, guys.
We had assumed gold for Mummy.
We need to get a gold anyhow to stay in GC.
Otherwise, we lose GC.
Are you crazy?
There are so many sport events left.
Try to squeeze out an extra gold.
From where do I get it? We have calculated everything to the T!
Javelin? No chance.
Hammer throw? No chance.
That leaves us with 42 kilo weight-lifting.
It's just there as a formality.
No one has participated since 10 years.
From where will we get a boy who weighs 42 kilos?
Why such stinginess, man? Fill it to the brim.
Your body won't be able to digest so much milk.
It's my body. You cannot know it better than me.
- Fill it to the brim. - Danda, how much do you weigh?
Minus the watch.
44 kilos.
I know, it's too less.
No, rather two kilos in excess.
Let's go.
If not for the pledge, I'd lose the two kilos with just a few twists.
Doesn't it feel like he is being dragged by the wind?
Where will he lose those two kilos from?
23, 24, 25...
We are sure to get gold in weightlifting.
But I don't know how to lift weights.
Even if you manage to lift 100 grams, you will win gold.
No one else is going to participate in your category anyway.
Who asked you to stop?
- Go, go, go. - Faster.
42, 43, 44...
He's one kilo overweight, bro.
Try to get up, come on.
- Come on. - I cannot do this anymore.
Danda, bro! Try to understand, man.
You were only 100 grams overweight last night.
Get 150 grams out of the system.
End of story. We cannot take a chance.
How can I get anything out when you guys didn't let anything go inside?
Come on, dude.
I didn't see anything! I didn't see anything!
And in the 42 kilo category we have Abhimanyu Rathore from H4...
...and Dulari Pitroda from H10.
Who threw this googly?
Why cheat us like this?
I didn't know you guys would get a 42 kilo gem.
See, if you can get her to withdraw.
Too late, man.
She says it is too late.
What now, bro?
Danda, you are now at that point in life...
...where you need to think about...
...your reputation and not the hostel's reputation.
Yes, kiddo.
Because if you lose to that girl there then these monsters...
...will make your life a living hell.
I will use batons on you, I am warning you.
You don't want that, do you, kiddo?
Then go and save yourself.
Hail Goddess!
That's it, kiddo. Save your energy.
Hold on tight!
Sexa, not to a girl.
- Sorry. - Come on Pitroda!
Save yourself, bro.
Lift it up, bro.
Go! Come on, Pitroda. Lift it.
Very good! Come on! Lift it!
We have to win!
Come on! Pitroda! Come on!
Well tried. Well tried.
Come on, Danda!
It's easy, Danda.
'Danda's gold brought joy back to the hostel.'
'And the soul of the hostel too came back from the hospital.'
All the hostels started getting nervous as GC progressed.
'Like every year, H3 in the lead.'
'But for the first time...
...H4 wasn't right in the end.'
'H4 was not longer scared of H3.'
'We used our tricks to win many sport events.'
Anni, smooth as butter.
Hello, were you sleeping?
- Hold him tight! - Oh yeah!
- Use your might! - Oh yeah!
'But there were some sports which we won with to sheer talent.'
'What was the most important thing here is that...'
'...for the first time there were chances that we could win GC.'
What do you say?
Do we stand a chance?
We do.
Thanks, man.
- If not for you... - No man, thanks to you.
You had started the story...
And we will all end it together.
'There was just one day left for GC to end.'
Our rooster is getting too close to their hen.
Bevda (Boozer), I hope that's water.
Yes, bro.
Tomorrow, I'll get to hear my mother's voice.
Tomorrow, I'll get to utter a cuss of my choice.
Tomorrow, first it will be Playboy.
Then I play with the boy.
Guys! Guys! Guys! Guys!
One second.
GC is not over yet.
We have last three finals tomorrow.
We are competing with H3 in all three of them.
And H3 is still 5 points ahead of us.
If we win three golds...
...our final score will be...
And H3's score will be...
Do you know what this means?
But if we lose even a single match...
...then we will lose GC.
Bevda will handle Chess.
For relay, we have Derek and Acid.
But this... basketball.
Has anyone thought about this?
Why do we need to worry when you are in the team, darling?
No, its not so easy to defeat H3 in basketball.
Anyway, we must take rest now.
Tomorrow is a very important day for us.
Mr. Pathak, doctor would like to have a word with you.
The swelling in Raghav's brain has increased further.
He is stable for now.
So, we will wait till tomorrow morning.
If there is no improvement, we will have to go ahead with a surgery.
But we have no other option, really.
Please sign this consent form.
Consent form, sir?
If anything happens to the patient during the surgery then...
Yes, I understand.
Son, we will need to leave now.
We will continue tomorrow.
But papa, we are almost at the end now.
No son, doctor has strictly said that you need to rest.
Look kiddo, neither are we going anywhere, nor are you.
Yes. Anyway, we had spent that night in suspense... you spend this night in suspense as well.
Don't worry, guys.
Everything will be fine tomorrow.
I don't know, man.
This situation should've never reached here in the first place...
...and it is all because of me.
Hey, don't be so hard on yourself.
He's right.
You are a very cool dad.
I am cool, right?
You see that bottle?
I had told Raghav that we would drink together the day he gets selected.
But I didn't tell him what we would have done if he doesn't get selected.
We're all doing it wrong.
We have plans ready for what happens after one succeeds.
But if by chance one fails, we're not equipping them to deal with failure...
...and no one wants to talk about that.
Son, score this much and you will get admission in this college.
Son, get admitted in this college and you will get that job.
One million kids apply for the entrance exam.
Only 10,000 kids get selected.
990,000 kids...
...don't even know what to do.
They never prepared themselves for it.
They don't think they've failed in just an exam...
...they think they've failed in life.
If you ask me what I want today...
A seat for Raghav in an engineering college or...
Or my son to come back to me safe and sound...
Obviously, I would want my son back.
I don't want anything else.
I'm sorry.
Excuse me.
Hey, is Vedant there?
I wanna talk to him.
Hey, buddy!
Do you remember my promise?
Yes, that one.
That I would get you a bike if you get A+ in mathematics.
But you know what?
I just wanna tell you that no matter what your grades are...
B+, C-, it doesn't matter.
I shall still get you the bike.
No, daddy is not kidding.
Son, I love you!
I was wrong.
You are a very good father.
I am sorry.
I am also sorry.
Had I tried harder...
...I would have been a good husband too.
I think you should sleep.
You should go and rest too.
Yes, doctor?
Raghav had severe convulsions...
...which has increased the bleeding in his brain.
As an emergency procedure, we have to take him for surgery now.
Sir, how much time do we have before the surgery?
Around 15 minutes, to prepare the operation theatre.
Sir, I know this might sound strange to you.
But can we spend the next 10 minutes with Raghav, sir?
Please, sir.
It is extremely important for him to know the end, sir.
Please, sir.
Mr. Pathak?
Only 10 minutes, sir.
10 minutes, sir. Please.
I don't believe you.
I believe him, sir.
It's important. Please.
...ready for the climax, Kammo?
These losers played quite a long game.
They need three golds, right?
I won't let them win even one.
Won't you invite me in?
You forgot our friendship because of GC, man!
But I didn't.
I have come to say best of luck to you.
You guys are playing really well.
You can have it either to celebrate tomorrow's victory...
...or to drown in your sorrows if you lose.
But don't drink it before the game.
Let's have a fair fight.
Did you check on him in the morning?
I didn't personally check, but I am sure he must be up by now.
Where is your player?
He will be here in five minutes, sir.
Where is he?
I have no clue.
Sir, he is...
Where the hell have you been?
Are you drunk?
Anni, you should leave. You have a game to play.
You don't need to worry, man.
This race is ours.
Maintain the 150 meter sprint at a medium pace.
Oh shit.
Watch it, man!
Watch it, man! Apologise!
Easy, easy, easy, easy.
It was an accident. He apologised.
Can't you guys see?
Hey, are you okay man?
What is the point of winning like this?
Take care, Derek.
H3, H3!
H3, H3!
H3, H3!
H3, H3!
H3, H3!
What did you think? Only H4 knows how to cheer?
Shot. Well played, well played.
- This game is ours. - Come on, boys.
Are you okay?
Will you be able to run?
I will have to.
On your marks.
Come on, Siddhesh!
Come on!
Well played.
This is how you should play.
Come on, Siddhesh!
Come on, H3! Come on, come on!
Siddhesh, pick up some pace!
Run faster, Siddhesh!
- Come on, boys. - Come on.
Run faster! Suraj, take off!
Come on Suraj!
Suraj, pick up pace!
Decrease the gap as much as you can.
Come on, H4!
And there, GC slips away.
Come on, H3!
It's okay.
Come on, man!
Good going, Derek! Very good!
Come on, guys! Come on! This is not how we play.
Come on! Come on!
Come on, Derek!
Come on, come on, defence.
Come on guys, fight!
You made two mistakes.
Very good!
One: You assumed that I am drunk.
Very good, Derek! Yes!
You didn't study Kasparov's games.
Otherwise, I wouldn't have ever sacrificed my queen even if I was drunk.
Bevda, you rascal!
We have only six seconds.
And they are still leading with two points.
You give me the pass. I will try a three-pointer.
Even after trying so hard, you guys lost?
You must have...
...felt like dying, right?
No way.
Not at all.
Because from that day onwards...
...we weren't losers anymore.
H3, H3!
H3, H3!
H3, H3!
H3, H3!
Guys... One sec, guys.
Hey champs...
Well played.
No, really.
Well played.
For H4, boys.
Your result doesn't decide...
...whether you are a loser or not.
What matters is how hard you tried.
And you give it your best shot.
Okay, guys!
Time to take Raghav now.
Listen to me...
Now go...
...but not like a loser...
Go like a fighter.
'In the past few days, I have learnt a very important lesson.
'We are so engrossed in winning, losing, success and failure...'
'...that we have forgotten how to live our lives.'
'The most important thing in life...'
' life itself.'
'I went to college the next year.'
'Don't ask me my department or my All India Rank.'
'I was happy.'
'I was going to college.'
'To make new friends.'
'To live my life.'
Welcome, freshie!
Have you done anything else in life besides studying?
Do you make yourself happy?
Why are you looking over there?
"What will you gain by worrying?"
"You will die before actually dying"
"What will you gain by worrying?"
"You will die before actually dying"
"This song will help you out."
"Eat, drink, and live because life is short."
"Don't worry, silly."
"Don't worry, silly."
"Take life as it comes."
"Don't worry, silly."
"Unnecessarily worrying about your future happiness"
"Why ruin your present by filling it with sadness?"
"Unnecessarily worrying about your future happiness"
"Why ruin your present by filling it with sadness?"
"What sometimes cannot be achieved as a rabbit"
"Can be easily achieved as a tortoise"
"What sometimes cannot be achieved as a rabbit"
"Can be easily achieved as a tortoise"
"This song will help you out."
"Eat, drink, and live because life is short."
"Don't worry, silly."
"Don't worry, silly."
"Take life as it comes."
"Don't worry, silly."