Chhorii (2021) Movie Script

We want to play with your baby girl.
Don't kill my girl.
Don't kill my girl.
Come on.
Catch me.
You can't.
Catch it.
Catch it.
That was close.
Do you want to play?
Then go.
Go on.
I want to play too.
Here. Take it.
Why did you stop?
This is a boys' game.
She can't play with us.
And which rule book says this?
If she gets hurt while playing
she won't stop crying.
Are they right, Muskan?
I won't cry, sister, promise.
Go play.
Hurry up. Come on.
Catch her.
Catch her.
Catch her.
Catch her. Catch her.
-Spicy. Make it spicy.
-Don't shout. I'm Giving.
Hurry up.
Here you go.
Here you go.
Okay, everyone's had enough.
Come on.
Go back inside. Come on.
Did you eat too?
-Bye, sister. Bye, sister.
Bye, sister.
-Another one, ma'am?
-One more, please.
And make it spicy.
What are you doing, Sakshi?
Let's go to a nice restaurant.
Nothing tastes
better than street food.
Who knows what kind
of water he's using.
Whatever. But it tastes amazing.
And we both love it.
Who are they? Do you know them?
No. It's no one.
What happened?
Why didn't you tell
me they are so spicy?
You know I like it spicy.
Take us home.
What is this, Mr. Kajala?
It's a small gift for the child.
There was no need for this.
Keep it for my sake.
Thank you.
-The keys.
-See you tomorrow morning.
-Of course.
Not fair.
Papa had promised
he'll talk to you tonight.
But he's already asleep.
Let's open your gift.
Let's see what Kajala Uncle
got for you.
Papa will wake up.
We'll play tomorrow.
Let's get some shut-eye.
Who are you?
Who are you? Hemant!
Leave her alone!
Why are you beating him?
I heard you.
Now you hear me.
I'm giving you 24-hours.
If you return Chandel's money,
then you
sister-in-law and your junior...
How is it said in English?
"Live happily ever after."
And if you don't return the money.
Then Chandel will
put an end to your story.
Don't beat him.
-Stop. Stop.
Do you want to kill him?
Let's go.
Hemant, are you okay?
Let me see.
I couldn't return the money borrowed
from Chandel for my business.
But didn't you drop
the business plan?
I had to drop it.
Because the guy who was
supposed to supply us the product
disappeared with the money.
Why didn't you tell me?
What was the point in telling you?
And I didn't want to
bother you in this condition.
They came all the
way to our home, Hemant.
And you heard what he said.
We've 24 hours, that's all.
How will we get the money so soon?
I'll talk to Chandel.
If he was in the mood to talk
he wouldn't have sent his goons.
What do we do?
What if we... for a few days...
maybe you're right.
What if we go away for a few days?
Now we can't think only about us.
Let's find a place
where they can't find us.
There's only one such
place I know of, sir.
It's around 300 kilometers
away from here.
My village.
There are only five houses
in the entire village.
And one of them is mine and
the other is my younger brother's.
No one ever comes there.
These people will never find it.
I am not comfortable to take
you to a village in this condition.
Please don't worry about her, sir.
My wife will look after her there.
She will take good care of her.
How much farther, Mr. Kajala?
We'll be there very soon.
The labourers reap the crops.
The contractor takes
it away in his tractor.
Roads are in pretty
bad shape during monsoons.
Sakshi, I had to ask
you an important question.
Think twice before you answer.
Can you...
Can you sleep in any condition?
I mean roads are in a bad shape,
But nothing mattered to you.
You were busy snoring.
I don't snore. You do.
How far is the house from here?
Follow this dirt path
and keep going straight.
And you will reach
the house very soon.
What about you?
I'll hide the car and join you.
There's no network here.
That's a good thing.
No one can find us.
What if we need to get to someone?
But we don't need anyone.
I might need to.
My children, Hemant.
We left without informing them.
They must be worried.
In fact, they must be glad.
To get a breather from you.
Come to my NGO someday
to see how much they love me.
They feel lonely without me.
Who would understand
this better than me!
Are we going the right way?
Can't tell a thing.
We are tired.
Even I am sure
Chandel can never get to us here.
What is that?
Yes, Sakshi.
If you're Hemant
then who are you?
What are you saying, Sakshi?
No, you're not Hemant.
You're someone else.
He's Hemant.
Hemant... meet Hemant.
Kajala said we should
follow the dirt path
and soon we'll see his house.
But there's no sign of
a house anywhere.
There it is!
-Rest for a while.
Sakshi, wait here.
I'll take a look ahead.
I'll come along too.
We don't know if it's
a right path or not.
And anyway, you're not alone.
Your Hemant is here with you.
I will be back soon.
Papa will be back soon.
Sakshi, where are you?
Don't worry, girl. Where were you?
Your husband's been looking
all over for you.
I told you to stay there, Sakshi.
I was so worried for you.
She is Kajala's wife.
Bhanno Devi.
Bhanno Devi.
Come in.
Rajbir's father informed
me about your arrival.
-Where were you?
-I was lost.
Freshen up, and I'll serve dinner.
You must be hungry.
You've had a long journey.
I went looking for you.
But you weren't there.
Come, sir. Sit.
Bring that plate, girl.
That one.
Crops are looking nice.
Yes. It's the grace of God, sir.
Here you go.
These are for us.
Not yet. After the men have eaten.
No, thanks.
Take a puff, sir. Don't think.
This house...
This is our house.
And the door at the back?
Whose room is that?
His younger brother,
Yogeshwar used to live in that room.
After he left even
we left this house.
And locked the place.
We would've never opened
this place if it wasn't for you two.
Where did your brother-in-law go?
He's dead.
You haven't started eating yet.
What are you waiting for?
Take a bite
and tell me how it tastes.
Tastes nice.
Stop smoking the pipe
and have some fresh milk.
You too, girl.
It's too much.
You're my guest now.
I won't tolerate your tantrums.
Gulp it down.
In this condition,
a woman should be around her.
I'll stay with her.
You don't have to worry
when I'm around.
-Thank you, sister.
-No need to thank me.
You helped me out
when I was in trouble.
Now it's my turn.
Enough talk.
Do you want to lay
beds in the patio?
Now go.
See you in the morning, sir.
Nice people.
But orthodox.
Even today the wife eats
after the husband.
They haven't forgotten
their tradition.
That's why they are
living in the past.
Is it wrong to feed
the husband first?
The right way is having
the food together.
This isn't the right way,
Mr. Husband.
It is, Mrs. Wife.
The door's open.
Now listen to your dad's snoring.
How did you like Kajala uncle's home?
It's alright, isn't it?
But no one will come here.
We'll be safe here.
Wounds are deep.
Did you fracture your bones?
No, no.
Is it hurting?
It's a homemade paste.
Apply it twice a day for two days.
It will heal the wounds.
Show me.
Sir, let me show you the fields.
-Let's go, Mr. Kajala.
Come soon.
All of this is our field.
We have to water every part of it.
Your husband hasn't been exiled.
He's only going to the fields.
He'll be back in a while.
This water is for your bath.
Come on.
What's the matter, girl?
Didn't get enough sleep last night?
Maybe because it's a new place.
You'll get used
to the place gradually.
We'll be leaving in a couple of days.
Didn't Hemant tell you?
Why are you...
No, no...
We don't address
our husband by his name.
Go freshen up.
I'll finish some chores
around the house.
Even I wanted to see the fields.
Can we go too?
We will.
Yesterday we came from that way,
didn't we?
Today we will go this way.
Wait just a minute.
Let's go.
What is this?
It was just a prank.
You call this a prank.
Listen, Sakshi.
I was thinking...
-What were you thinking?
I can arrange the money.
But for that, I must go to the city.
There's no network out
here nor can I talk to anyone.
I had a word with Mr. Kajala.
Day after we will leave for city.
Wounds are still fresh
and you want to go back?
I'll be fine.
If you wanted to return
so soon then why come here?
We had come here together
and we will go back together.
I'll go with you too.
If it was only about us,
we wouldn't have come here.
And I am sure that
sister will take
good care of you two.
I'll be back soon.
Look girl, there's no point
in getting upset like this.
It can have a negative effect though.
When the mother's
unhappy so is the child.
When the mother's angry
so is the child.
But when the mother is
happy, the child is also very happy.
Do you want to hear a story, boy?
Listen, he's saying yes.
There was a big tree
in a small village.
A crow used to live happily
with his family on that tree.
Then one day
a poisonous snake
coiled around the tree.
And soon, her poison started
spreading throughout the tree.
Leaves started falling,
and so did all the fruits.
Soon that tree died up
like a widow's fate.
Whenever the crow would lay an egg
the snake would swallow it.
The crow grew worried.
Then one day, a sparrow and
her family came to live on the tree.
The sparrow made
a small nest on the tree
and she laid an egg.
The crow used his smart mind.
He hid his egg
in the sparrow's nest.
and brought the
sparrow's egg to his nest.
Like always the snake
swallowed that egg.
But this time
the crow's egg survived.
A few days later
a small crow was born from the egg.
The crow and his family
lived happily ever after.
Oh, you are crying, girl?
Today, for the first time
I experienced a mother's love.
That's a good thing.
Well, at least this
old hag was of some use.
Now go, spend some
time with your husband.
He's going to the city tomorrow,
isn't he?
Go on.
Move aside, boy.
This isn't your cup of tea.
Amazing, girl.
You blended in pretty well.
Sakshi, even
I don't like going away.
Stop worrying about me.
Earlier I thought I'll be
lonely without you.
But I had a good time with sister.
I knew it.
-That's why--
-Just take care.
For our sake.
I'll take good care of
myself for the sake of my son.
Please stop addressing
our child as a son.
I am sure it is a boy.
Either boy or girl,
the child will be ours.
Do you understand?
Come on.
Get your clothes,
and let's finish packing.
What's the matter?
What are you doing here, girl?
No, I was just...
Are you out of your mind?
Why are you creating
a ruckus over here?
Come, girl. Let's go inside.
There's too much noise here.
That woman's name is Rani.
She is my son Rajbir's wife.
My daughter-in-law.
Only a few years ago
happiness came knocking on my door.
Rani was pregnant.
My son was on cloud nine.
I was busy looking
after Rani day and night.
I still remember...
Rani was eight months pregnant
but she went into the
fields even though I refused.
I went looking for her.
But she was nowhere to be found.
And when I found her
she was lying flat on her belly.
But it was too late.
The child died inside
her womb due to the injury.
We had to cut open her
belly to get the dead child out.
The scar on Rani's belly
keeps reminding me of that incident.
Poor Rani
could never emerge from
the sorrow of losing her child.
Since that day,
she never spoke a word.
What about your son?
His life was ruined.
Completely destroyed.
He couldn't bear
to live here anymore.
He went to the city.
That's where he lives now.
There's nothing left
for him back here.
Nothing at all.
Nothing at all.
Sister, please don't cry.
Hemant and I are
like your family too.
And even our unborn child.
God bless.
God bless you and your son.
Here comes the wretch.
She hasn't completed
a single chore since morning.
I give her a couple of chores
which she can't complete either.
She's like a burden on me now.
Where the hell were you?
What are you staring at?
Keep it down. I said keep it down.
See you.
I'll be back in a while.
Let me finish my chores.
I'll stay with you here tonight.
This woman doesn't
understand straight talk.
You won't die
if you wait for a while.
Won't make a difference
to anyone even if you die.
Come on.
It's my bad luck.
Rani, is that you?
Who are you?
Where did you come from?
Stop this racket!
What's wrong, girl?
Where are you going?
There were children here.
-They went this way.
-Fine, let's go.
-Let's go inside.
-Sister, what's wrong?
-Don't ask questions. Go inside.
-Sister, what's wrong?
-Get inside.
Sister, what's wrong?
Did the children come here?
How many were there ?
Maybe three of them.
Did they come close to you?
No, in fact,
I was trying to get closer to them.
-They ran away from afar.
No need to get any close to them.
The further you stay
from them the better.
Stay away from those kids.
But sister, I love kids.
-I run an NGO in the city--
-Listen to me carefully.
These are not like
kids from the city.
These children are mischievous.
But children are always mischievous.
That doesn't mean we
stop playing with them--
Stop lecturing me, girl.
No one knows
these kids better than me.
Do you know them ?
Are they from this village?
I want to meet them again, sister.
No need to meet them again.
I said stay away means stay away!
I won't stay away from them.
If they come again,
I'll play with them.
They are good kids.
So you'll do as you please.
And won't listen to me.
You've seen Rani's condition
with your own eyes!
She didn't listen to me either.
Did you see her condition?
Sister, haven't you slept yet?
Couldn't sleep.
Why did you get up?
Go back to sleep.
It's quite late.
Catch me.
Everyone hide now?
I am coming to look for you...
Here I come.
Here I come.
One... two... three...
The game of Hide n seek,
let's play a round...
Asks your Godmother,
your sweet Godmother...
The trap of illusions,
of your sweet laughter sound...
Has deceived Godmother,
your innocent Godmother...
Where did you get this?
Those children gave it to me.
Didn't I tell you
to stay away from them?
Don't you get it!
Listen to me, girl.
I am saying this for
the sake of your own good.
For my sake?
I know what's good for me.
You don't have to worry about me.
You're not this person at all.
Your true face is
the way you treat Rani.
Don't pretend to
be so loving and caring.
Are you out of your mind?
What rubbish are you talking about?
And all for that wretch.
One who can't bear a child anymore.
She is a woman
like any other woman, just like me.
Cut this city talk.
If you can't understand
what I trying to say
then you will learn it the hard way.
What do you mean?
Your husband desires a son.
I know that.
But I also know that
it's a girl and not a boy.
I can tell from a
pregnant woman's gait
whether she's carrying
a boy or girl.
And my prediction is never wrong.
When your husband
discovers that it's a girl
he will be devastated.
You don't know Hemant
well enough.
He's not orthodox like you people.
Our world is not
a sham like yours.
Not mine, but your world is a sham.
Look with open eyes
and you'll see the truth.
You're back.
Was the trip successful?
Yes, sister.
I am very happy to see you back.
-Have your wounds healed?
What's wrong? Are you alright?
What happened? Tell me.
It's quite late.
Yes, sister.
God bless. God bless.
-Be careful, sister.
Hemant, don't listen to her.
I am telling you.
She is a weird woman.
Believe me, something is fishy here.
What are you saying, Sakshi?
She's always
keeping an eye on me.
She wants something from me.
-Honestly, Hemant.
I mean... her daughter-in-law
can't get pregnant.
So maybe...
No, I am sure she's after our child.
Sakshi, you are talking
about sister Bhanno.
Yes, Hemant I am talking about her.
Hemant, listen.
Let's leave from here right away.
Sakshi, I am here now.
You don't have to be scared.
You don't get it, Hemant.
I've met her daughter-in-law Rani.
And I've also seen the children.
I am telling you there is
something fishy here.
-Just take me away from here.
-Sakshi, okay.
-No, Hemant.
No, I don't want to
stay here anymore.
-Take me away right now.
-Okay, okay.
-Okay, Sakshi, we'll leave right now.
-I want to leave now.
-We'll leave now.
-I don't want to stay here.
-We'll leave right now.
-I don't want to stay here.
Sakshi, we're leaving okay.
Hemant! Hemant!
You like stories, don't you?
I've another story for you.
Listen carefully.
The story will decide life or death
for you and your child.
Some years back...
My brother-in-law Yogeshwar got
married to a girl named Sunaini.
Sunaini was a witch.
As soon as she entered our home
she ruined our happy family.
I beared not one, but four children.
All Sons!
Three of them were young
and the eldest was Rajbir.
That witch cast a spell
on my little children.
They were under her influence.
She started provoking
my Sons against me.
Soon my children started
alienating me.
They would stay glued
to her day and night.
I tried every way possible
but I couldn't get my
Sons out of her clutches.
But as they say,
when one runs out of options
then God shows you the way.
And that's what happened.
Sunaini got pregnant.
I thought once
she has her own children
she will leave my children alone.
But I was wrong.
That witch didn't let go of my Sons.
When things were beyond control
I exposed Sunaini
in front of Yogeshwar.
He tried to talk her out of it.
But that stupid woman didn't listen.
Husband and wife had
a fierce quarrel.
And do you know what she did?
She killed her husband.
Sunaini killed her own husband.
And later she used that
knife to cut open her belly.
My hands and feet turned cold.
But before we could do something
she jumped in the well.
But she didn't jump alone.
That witch drowned along
with my three Sons.
Sunaini killed my three Sons.
A few years later, my eldest son
Rajbir got married to Rani.
When Rani was eight months pregnant
she had sightings of Sunaini
and my three dead Sons.
That witch cast a spell on her too.
Rani also cut open her belly.
I couldn't see my Rajbir unhappy.
We got him remarried
for the sake of his happiness.
Sunaini couldn't tolerate
our happiness.
When Rajbir's wife got pregnant
she also had sightings of
Sunaini and my sons.
That witch...
devoured the mother and child.
We got Rajbir married for
the third time.
The same thing happened
in the eighth month.
But I didn't give up.
I got Rajbir married again
to a city girl this time.
To get rid of this curse on my family
the witch doctor has said that any
"eight-months pregnant" woman
should survive alone for
three days in this house.
By the grace of God
you both have come here
when you are eight-months pregnant.
And there is one more good news.
Girl, listen carefully...
Rajbir's wife in the
city is pregnant as well.
If you can survive here for three days
and save yourself and
your child from the witch.
Then the curse on this
family will be lifted forever.
My family will finally get an heir.
You're a mother and so am I.
Do you understand me?
I am doing this for
the sake of my son's happiness.
You must stay here for three days.
If you try to run away, then
Rajbir won't spare you.
You must stay here for three days.
Take care of yourself.
And girl... whatever you
see in these three days
will be an illusion.
And never hum the
lullaby that you heard.
Sunaini used to sing
that lullaby for my Sons.
And she still does.
The game of Hide n seek,
let's play a round...
Asks your Godmother,
your sweet Godmother...
The trap of illusions,
of your sweet laughter sound...
Has deceived Godmother,
your innocent Godmother...
There's a baby girl
in there, isn't it?
We've never seen any baby girl.
What do baby girls look like?
Please tell us. Why are you silent?
They will take her away too.
Don't be scared. We're here for you.
Are you all hiding.
I'm coming.
Godmother is here.
Will you play with us?
This is not true.
It's just an illusion.
It's just an illusion.
It's not true. It's not true.
Rajbir she was trying to escape.
I saw her myself.
She cannot go anywhere.
She must be hiding somewhere
around here
Once we find her she cannot escape.
Rajbir, find her. Find her.
Open the door, girl.
Open the door.
If you don't open the
door you'll regret it.
Break it down Rajbir.
-There she is.
-There you are.
Where do you think you were going?
-You really thought you could escape.
-She won't survive today.
-Pour the oil on her.
Douse her properly.
She won't survive today.
-Come on.
Set her ablaze.
All this is not true.
All this is an illusion.
But all of this must mean something.
Godmother is calling you.
Everyone hide now?
I am coming
to look for you...
Here I come.
Here I come.
Here I come.
The game of Hide n seek,
let's play a round...
Asks your Godmother,
your sweet Godmother...
The trap of illusions,
of your sweet laughter sound...
Has deceived Godmother,
your innocent Godmother...
What's the matter?
You're all smiles today.
Keeping secrets from your Godmother?
There's a small girl
in there, isn't it?
What do baby girls look?
Baby girls look very beautiful.
Big round eyes, tiny hands and feet.
And they have a very sweet smile.
Baby girls are very delicate.
But will they take her away too?
I won't let them take
my daughter away.
Don't be scared. We're here for you.
We'll take care of her.
We want to play with your baby girl.
Yes, of course.
We'll all play together, okay.
Stop teaching rubbish
to my innocent children.
-Please don't beat Godmother
Move away boys. What are you doing?
Out of the way.
Where are you going?
I am done trying to
make you understand.
Don't hit Godmother.
Do you want to kill your husband?
Don't harm my daughter.
Let her be with me.
Let me deal with you first.
Don't hit her.
What have you done?
What have you done?
I haven't done anything.
You killed your husband and
claim you haven't done anything.
I didn't kill him.
-You killed him.
-I didn't kill him.
You stabbed him in the heart.
I heard his scream.
Come here, Rajbir's father.
This witch killed her husband.
She murdered your younger brother.
I won't kill my daughter.
I won't kill my daughter.
I won't kill her.
She hasn't done anything.
Don't burn her.
She hasn't done anything.
Don't set her on fire.
She hasn't done anything.
Don't set her on fire.
Don't set her on fire.
We'll take care of her.
We won't let anything happen to her.
My daughter.
My daughter.
-Let her go. Let her go.
-Don't stop your brother.
Let your brother go.
Let him finish the ritual.
-Leave him.
-Move back.
Let him finish the village ritual.
She is my daughter.
She is my daughter.
Leave me.
She is my daughter.
Leave me.
She is my daughter.
Boys carry forward the lineage.
And girls...
Rajbir, keep the tradition alive, son.
No, no, no...
No! No! She is my daughter. No!
No! No! No!
We'll have a great harvest this year.
God bless you.
Come, children. Come on.
The game of Hide n seek,
let's play a round...
Asks your Godmother,
your sweet Godmother...
The trap of illusions,
of your sweet laughter sound...
Has deceived Godmother,
your innocent Godmother...
We want to play with your baby girl.
Are you alright, girl?
You brought back the lost
happiness of my family.
God bless you. May you be happy.
Sakshi. Let's go.
These are dangerous people, Sakshi.
Let's go.
This girl won't leave till...
she exposes all the
characters of this story.
What story?
Sunaini's story.
The story of her last three days.
Sunaini died...
but her story still
echoes in these fields.
Don't do this, Sunaini.
Don't repeat this story, Sunaini.
I have witnessed it all
in these three days.
I've felt your pain, Sunaini.
Please give me a chance
to tell your story
to the outside world.
I will raise my voice for
every mother who has been wronged.
Give me a chance, Sunaini.
It's a promise of
one mother to another.
You are not aware of these people.
Let's go from here.
When she was eight-months pregnant
they burnt her alive with
the help of their son Rajbir.
She killed my brother.
It was an accident and not murder.
And Sunaini tried
to explain it to you.
I didn't kill him.
I saw you stab him in the heart.
You killed her.
You burnt Sunaini alive
and left her in that room.
She gave birth to
a girl in that condition.
She kept screaming
but no one came to her aide.
Except for your children.
We'll take care of her.
We won't let anything happen to her.
You guys killed her child...
in the name of tradition.
She killed my three sons.
Your sons jumped in the well to
save their Godmother and her child.
Listen girl, save this
pathetic story for someone else.
Throwing little girls in
the well for good harvest...
That's pathetic.
Deeming murder as tradition...
That's pathetic.
I think she's been possessed.
That's why she is talking rubbish.
She made sure Rajbir's
wives never got pregnant again.
She killed each and every one.
Sunaini tried
to tell them their story.
She tried to empower them
to stand up against the injustice.
But no one could understand her.
Sunaini didn't kill those women.
She stopped your lineage
from growing.
They cannot bear children anymore.
What good are they for us?
We can't let them speak
to anyone about us.
Finish them.
Rajbir, do it!
Don't kill me.
Don't kill me.
Don't kill me.
You were scared that the women
might expose you to the world.
So you killed them.
Except for Rani.
Because she chose to keep silent.
It's rightly said...
A woman's biggest enemy
is another woman.
I've heard enough of your rubbish.
Don't forget your place.
You're a girl, so behave like one.
You're the one forgetting
your place.
Every female is a mother.
And no one is above a mother.
You've said enough, girl.
You've said enough.
-Now what?
Will you tell your
son Rajbir to kill me?
Right, Rajbir?
Didn't I tell you...
I'll expose every
character of this story.
-I'll show you--
I've had enough.
I'll give birth to this girl.
and keep her far
away from your influence.
What are you doing?
You will kill my son.
Wait. I said leave him.
Move. Leave him.
I will not spare you.
O bird...little bird...
Come play in my backyard.
O bird...little bird...
Come play in my backyard.
Darkness spread everywhere
and drenched in blood.
Bring the ray of light to
my backyard again.
We've tormented you several times.
We've made you suffer.
But never did we imagine
when you fly away
this land will become barren.
Who will make my backyard
look beautiful again.
O bird...little bird...
Come play in my backyard.
I'll decorate your wings
with stars and diamonds.
And weave a colourful veil for you.
Fill your eyes with the
darkness of the night.
And your henna with rays of the sun.
And fill your eyes with new dreams.
O bird...little bird...
Come play in my backyard.
O bird...little bird...
Come play in my backyard.
O bird...