Chhote Sarkar (1996) Movie Script

Hello. - Mr. Amar.
I'm sorry, but I have
some bad news for you.
My Uncle is no more, Mr Khanna!
Uncle.. - Son, I can understand..
..of the Uncle who loved you
more than a father would.
I can very well understand that.
Here's a note for you..
Read it.
Don't begin to think that
I have been murdered.
I have, actually,
committed suicide.
The excruciating pain of the brain-
tumor had made life miserable for me.
I wasn't going to live
for very long anyway.
The doctor had given me
just six months more.
But I didn't have the courage.. put up with the pain
for those six months.
Which is why I have
committed suicide.
No one has anything
to do with my death.
And neither should anyone
be blamed for it.
"Yours, Ramkumar Saxena"
I couldn't save your Uncle, inspite
of being your family physician.
I couldn't ever imagine that your
Uncle would turn out to be so weak.
I agree that he was suffering
from many ailments, but..
..I had told him that he could
recover after an operation.
You may take the body away for
a post-mortem, Inspector.
Haven't you gone
to sleep, aunt?
Having witnessed the horror
of death at this age.. could I find slumber
in my eyes?
Come and have your food, my son.
- I'm not hungry, "Maasi".
Don't you know what
"Mausi" (maternal-aunt) means?
"Mausi" means "Maa-si" (literal
meaning: As one's own mother).
And you don't turn
your mother down.
Besides, what will you gain
by remaining in mourning?
That won't do, my son.
You are the one who will have to
bear the mantle of the..
..huge family business
that you have inherited.
You will bear this
with courage.
Yes, son.
- What is it?!
Can I have these
two little pieces?
Smart alec! They look like
two little pieces, do they?
They're immensely useful!
They cost money.
Cost money?
- That's right.
How much?
- Five Rupees!
Five Rupees for this?!
- That's right.
Your lust for money has
rendered you mentally bankrupt!
My naive little fellow!
What will you do with money?
When has money helped someone
that it will now help you?
The Emperor Akbar was born empty-
handed, and died that way, too.
Alexander came into this world empty-
handed and departed without anything.
The great King Haroon faced
a similar fate!
Which is why someone has
wisely said..
..that the very money you spend
your life toiling for..
..turns your enemy one day.
Money brings with itself a lot
of tensions and worries.
A man loses his hair and
then becomes bald!
He falls prey to the evil vices..
..takes to drinking and
visiting nautch-girls.
The dreaded diseases then get to him
and he dies a miserable death!
And even after he's dead..
..his family fights over the
money he's left behind!
They make murderous assaults on
one another and kill each other!
Do you want your folks to shed
blood after you're no more?
No, Sir! I don't want any
bloodshed in my house!
You must, therefore, do away with
your dreams of money!
And let me have these
two pieces of leather.
My God! Take them away..
I don't want a price for them!
You should have
said that earlier.
I wouldn't have behaved
like a conjurer!
It's good. You've got some
really good leather.
Will that be a good sole
for my shoes?
Your shoes will be strong
and last many years, too.
That is it.
You want a sole fixed, don't you?
But where are your shoes?
I've done half the job.
Now you must do the rest.
Pardon me?
- I mean..
..I've got you the sole. Now
you must produce the rest.
I see! I surely will. But that's
going to cost you money, you know!
Money, did you say?
- That's right.
Will you quietly make my shoes now,
or must I be the conjurer again?
No! please! please don't
pull that act on us again!
I'll explain that to you..
Just let him go! Let him go!
It's good that someone has
at last understood me.
Explain to him and tell him what
being a conjurer entails.
In the meantime, I'll give
my eyes a look-over..
Hey, I will explain it to you.
Good morning, sir.
Has everyone arrived?
- Yes, sir.
Good morning. - Good morning.
Are there rooms for everyone?
- Yes, Sir.
Yes, sir.
Rohit! Listen, son!
Hey! Who are you?
Where do you think you're going?
I must meet that gentleman..
You want to meet the
Young Master, eh?
That's right.
It's very important.
There's a meeting being held inside.
Come back after a couple of hours.
A couple of hours?
- That's right.
Everybody here is aware that
our company, Khaitan India Limited..
..manufactures fans for every need.
What distinguishes our product
is that apart from ensuring..
..high quality,
we even maintain competitive prices.
That's one reason why we
record brisk sales in the country.
The reason behind calling
this meeting is to..
..resolve to maintain
our high quality.. that we can,
not only in India..
..but compete with other companies
in the international market, too.
And thank you very much.
Greetings, Sir. - Greetings.
Rohit! Where have you been, son?
How are you?!
Who's that?
I'm sorry, but my name is Amar.
Who is this gentleman?
- You know that, son..
But why are you speaking like this?
Perhaps you don't want to reveal
your past to these people here.
Very well. Don't tell them anything.
But atleast come with
me and visit Seema for once.
Who's Seema?
- Don't you know Seema?!
The girl who is head
over heels in love with you!
Who lives only to
get one glimpse of you!
The girl who couldn't either live
or die, after hearing of your death..
..don't you know that Seema too?
Every father dreams of seeing
his daughter settle down in life.
But all I want is
to see my daughter live.
Come and meet her just once..
She might yet survive.
She may speak yet again, after
a year and a half of stony silence.
I beg of you.. I beg at your feet!
What are you doing?!
You're really mistaken.
I'm not Rohit, I'm Amar.
I own this company.
Neither do I know you,
nor have I fallen in love with anyone.
Deepak. - Yes, sir.
Let him have some money
for his daughter's treatment.
Come on, friends.
Listen, son..
You were right. I am indeed mistaken.
You can't be Rohit.
And this money bears out that fact.
Had you been Rohit, you wouldn't
have thrust these alms in my hand.
Keep this money, son..
May the Almighty bless you with more.
Actually, the state I'm driven to,
because of my daughter's illness..
..makes people take me for a beggar.
When I saw you, I got the
feeling that Rohit is still alive.
And that my daughter might yet live,
after seeing you alive.
I'm sorry for having wasted your time.
May you grow richer.. May
the Lord bless you with more success!
Excuse me..
Which hospital is your daughter in?
Dear.. atleast speak something
Look who's here to meet you..
It's Rohit, my child!
Hey, Rohit has come, dear.
Rohit is here.
Let her cry to her heart's content.
There can't be a better
cure for the shock she's borne.
What's wrong?! Seema.. my child!
Dear! Doctor.. - Yes.
What happened to her?
- Please don't worry.
She's fainted out of joy.
She'll soon regain her consciousness.
Could you excuse us then..
Oh yes, sure. - please..
Nurse. Come on. - Okay.
I can understand
your predicament, son.
I'm surprised that
you called me Rohit.
Your daughter called me Rohit, too.
What's all this about?
- I'll explain it to you.
Look at this.
How did my picture
land in this locket?
That's not your picture. It's Rohit.
He was a very good boy.
My daughter Seema and Rohit
loved each other very deeply.
But destiny had
something else in store.
My daughter was indeed destined
to don the bridal wear, but..
..she wasn't destined to wed.
Rohit had left to bring
his parents to the wedding.
He did not return..
..but news of his death certainly did.
Sad. Very sad.
Relax. Relax.
Mr. Jagmohan.
Your daughter has regained
consciousness. You may meet her now.
Wait a minute. Let me see.
Why did you leave me and go away?
Do you know of the nasty
rumours people spread?
They said that you were..
But I knew it,
deep down in my heart..
..that you're alive.
And do you know why?
Only because I'm alive, too.
Why did you play such a nasty
joke on me, Rohit? Why did you?!
I am sorry, Seema.
Don't cry.
Actually, I was only
putting you through a test.
I wanted to see whether you
could really live without me..
..and give me up for a nice dream.
But you have passed the
test with flying colours.
I'll never leave you ever again.
And I'll behave with you,
as I always have.
As always? As you have always behaved?
Do you remember the NCC camp
you used to attend near my house..
..and how you always
used to tease me?
"I shall shadow you,
wherever you go"
'Rohit. '
Rohit, my foot!
I don't believe this.
That you have trampled
my name under your foot.. not something I regret, darling.
But I hope you haven't
sprained your ankle.
Now, shameless being!
You're always pestering me! - Yes.
Can you tell me when
this farce will end?
I'll stop coming here from tomorrow!
- Very good.
You wouldn't even
see me from a distance!
Only just give me a kiss.
Shut up.
I only want to borrow it!
Don't you understand "borrowing"?
I'll return your kiss,
should you give me one today!
I hail from a family where
we always return what we borrow!
Do you understand?
- Sure. I understand such things well
But there's a problem.
- What is that?
Actually, I don't believe
in lending things out.
I always believe in
straightforward cash sales.
Selling things for
cash is great indeed!
So where do we begin then?
My lips or my cheeks?
I wouldn't mind either.
- Say it again, darling!
That's right..
This is a fair exchange, I agree.
But itjust won't work.
It looks like you don't
intend to give me a kiss.
Very well then.. I'll help myself.
"Enough of your clash. "
"Don't say no now. "
"Give me whatever I want
with a smile. " "Or else I will die. "
"Hey. Or else I will die. "
"Oh no, what do you want? "
- "Kiss, kiss, kiss, kiss, kiss. "
"Yes, give me a kiss as a loan. "
"Give me a kiss as a loan. "
"Give me a kiss as a loan. "
"And in return.."
"And in return take Up and Bihar. "
"And in return take Up and Bihar. "
"My lover. "
"My lover, give me yes for an answer. "
"My lover, give me yes for an answer. "
"And in return.."
"And in return take Delhi and punjab. "
"And in return take Delhi and punjab. "
"First she struck me with
the lightning of her style. "
"Then she shows me attitude
when I come close. "
"First she struck me with
the lightning of her style. "
"Then she shows me attitude
when I come close. "
"She shows attitude. "
"Give me two or four
pegs of these lips. "
"Give me two or four
pegs of these lips. "
"And in return.."
"And in return take Bengal and Assam. "
"And in return take Bengal and Assam. "
"lf you don't understand
the signs of the heart.. "
".. where will your lover go? "
"lf you don't understand
the signs of the heart.. "
".. where will your lover go? "
"Your lover. "
"Give your hand in mine. "
"Give your hand in mine. "
"And in return.."
"And in return take
Mumbai and Gujarat. "
"And in return take
Mumbai and Gujarat. "
"Hey lover! "
"Hey lover! Give me a kiss. "
"Give me. Hey smile. "
"Hey, hey, hey, hey. "
Here goes the couplet..
- Hear! Hear!
She was the offender
who preyed on me..
Wow. - Wow.
She was the offender
who preyed on me..
..and ravaged my heart!
That's excellent! Wonderful!
She was the offender
who preyed on me..
..and ravaged my heart!
Falling in love with a fair
damsel was the only mistake I made.
We had pledged to
live and die together..
Wow. - Wow.
We had pledged to
live and die together..
No wonder then,
that I had faith in her.
Superb! That's outstanding!
- Thank you!
Thank you. Thank you..
Hey Rohit.
You should be having fun
at this age.. why the tears?
How do I explain this, Anwar?
I've fallen in love, too.
That's great news!
But my love-story can't
move ahead without your help.
I'm told, Anwar, that love-letters
makes a great impression on girls.
Especially when the letter
is drafted in the Urdu language!
I don't understand..
- It's the sweetness of..
..Urdu that wins over
the girls' hearts, Anwar!
Thank you!
You don't realise your worth,
my friend!
The paper you touch
considers itself blessed..
..that you're staining it!
- Oh, thanks!
Every pen that you touch is
proud that it has been in your hands!
Oh, thanks!
The ink that you use in your pen..
..comes from the bottle that
forever craves for your attention!
Oh, thank you, my friend!
Your great ideas!
Your pen! ..pick it up, my friend!
Certainly, I will!
Write it then! - I certainly will!
What are you up to, Dad?
- I'm cleaning the car.
The car's made of tough iron, Dad!
It's not paper or wax..
..that you must use
the feather touch on it!
I know it's made of iron..
Take your hands off!
Won't the paint wear off,
if I use force on it?
And you don't know these
mechanics at the service-stations.
They open up the whole engine
on the pretext of mere paint!
I swear, if there were to
be a competition for miserliness..'d win a gold-medal!
That'll still be a profit!
We won't lose anything, will we?
Go away. - Dad!
Tear at your own hair; not mine!
"By making me sit in the boat,
he goes to sell bottle gourd. "
"By making me sit in the boat,
he goes to sell bottle gourd. "
"My buffalo is very smart.
My lover. " "My buffalo is strong. "
"By riding on my buffalo, brother. "
"Come to the fields
of the bottle gourd. "
"Hey, by making me sit in the boat.."
Where do you think you're going?
- Out of my way!
I don't deal with servants!
- Do I look like a servant to you?
Do you consider yourself
to be the boss then?
The lady's asked for milk
and that's what I'll deliver!
What are you stopping me for?
Want some milk as bribe?
Suppose I let you go inside, will
you let me have some milk as bribe?
That's the dialect of my state!
Which district are you from?!
I'm from Ghausi. - Ghausi, eh?!
You're my neighbour, in that case!
I come from Handia!
- Never mind. We'll do that later.
Tell me something, Mr Gardener..
- Mr Gardener?!
Let's make it plain gardener then..
Is the boss in?
No. He's gone out of a walk.
Is his daughter there?
- She's in the house.
Tell you what.. She's fabulous!
Have you noticed her figure?
You understand the word, don't you?
She's got a great figure!
Whenever I set my eyes on her..
..I have this urge to carry her away
to my village and marry her there!
And I will..
- You're fit to be her father.. can you do anything
of the sort? That's my department!
And what are you making
those crazy gestures for?
A mere milkman with
a tongue that wags so much!
When you've opened up with me,
let me reveal everything to you, too!
No thank you!
- I'm no milkman, my friend.
There you are..
I'm in love with that girl.
I've tried my best to lure her,
but she just doesn't take the bait.
So I thought I'd write
a love-letter to her.
You're from my part of the country.
Just reach this letter to her, okay?
Reach it, eh? Just watch where
I make every other person reach!
Why is she calling you "Daddy"?
Because she's my daughter.
- What was that?! Your daughter?!
You should have told me then!
Why were you fibbing me?
I must know who's the father,
who's the brother and so on..
Who's that gentleman, by the way?
- Who's that?
How dare he get into our house?
And what's this?
This is.. Actually..
I won't spare him now!
- You're simply getting worked up!
Actually, that's the manner in which
I used to write to your mother, too!
What? - That's true.
But I always went empty-handed.
And this chap has brought milk..
Take a look now.. - What's wrong?
I'd always thought that I
was the biggest fraud in the world.
But this chap has outdone me, too!
Hey, sir.
Am I a dog that you make
those noises to draw my attention?!
What are you saying, sir? I actually
came over to give you some good news.
Your days have changed for the better!
What are you talking about?
- It's true, Sir!
Stopping looking at
those girlie-pictures, sir.
The most beautiful girl in the world
is about to enter your life today!
In fact, she'll even give
you something when she comes.
How are you so sure?
- I dreamt of it, sir.
You idiot!
How can dreams ever come true?!
Mine always do, sir..
Ask everybody at the camp!
Whatever I've dreamt
for them has always come true!
But tell me something..
What will the girl give me?
I can't tell you that, sir.
- Now look..
Should you refuse to tell me,
I'll have you rusticated!
You can't do that, sir. - Why not?
Because my dream
is about to come true.
Besides, what about those
dirty pictures you're watching..
Come in.
Good morning, sir.
"The most beautiful girl in the world
is about to enter your life today"
She'll even give you something.
May I come in?
- Certainly do.. do come in!
Come in, come in. - Hello, sir.
I've been watching
you for many days now, sir.
Me? - Yes, sir.
You're such a nice man.. So decent!
You're so disciplined..
I really admire you.
What a contrast there
is between you and the..
It's embarrassing
to explain this, sir..
How can I tell you, sir..
But please read this letter.
"Don't be angry,
when you read this letter, darling"
"It's my heart that I present
to you as words in this letter"
"Believe me, darling.."
"..ever since I've seen you,
my heart has known no peace"
"The glances I throw at you
must even be making you angry.."
"Isn't that true?
But please don't be angry.."
"That's my love for you, darling..
Just my love, and nothing else"
"Consider my love to be a present
from me and accept it, darling"
"Thank you so much..
Thanks a million, darling"
Have you read it, sir?
- Ofcourse, I've read it!
I want a reply for it right now, sir.
Right now, eh? - That's right.
Sure. I'll let you have it.
Why delay a good thing?
Here's the letter you wrote..
And here's my reply!
What an insolent man you are!
I ask you to respond
to a student's misbehaviour..
..and you reply with
a proposal to marry me!
That's right.
- What a cheapster you are!
No, no, I.. - Shut up.
I am going to meet your major.
What's this letter about?
- That which you've read, sir.
Shut up.
Had you been in my shoes,
and had she sought a reply..'d have responded
just as I did in this case.
I only happened to misunderstand
the situation, sir.
Stop "you-ing" him and call
Rohit who wrote the letter to me!
I understand the whole thing now, sir.
The whole episode is
the handiwork of Rohit..
..who, to save his skin,
told me that a girl would visit me..
..and who would give me something!
How was I to know that she'd
give me a letter written by him?!
He is a fraud, sir. Call Rohit, sir.
Sir, did you call me?
Is it true that you went to her place
and delivered this letter to her?
Just a minute, sir..
Quietly give me the kiss, or else..
Shut up!
I don't know this girl, sir!
I haven't written any letter to her!
If you have any doubts about
my character ask Mr Kadak Singh!
He knows me since the
days I moved about in shorts!
But where's the connection
between your shorts and this letter?
You've been making one false
accusation after another against me!
You've been making one false
accusation after another against me!
Read the letter again, sir!
Is that my handwriting?
Could I ever be so poetic!
No; this is Anwar's handwriting!
- Then call Anwar over, sir!
Where are you going?
- I'm waiting for him!
Welcome! Welcome, Anwar!
- Greetings, Sir.
You're a terrific writer, Anwar.
- Thank you, Sir.
You have a great handwriting!
- Thank you, Sir!
You'd better straighten up now..
..and tell us whether you
wrote this letter to this lady here.
I didn't address it to her, Sir.
- Then?
Actually, in appreciation of the
great love this chap has for her..
..and dedicated the letter to him.
If you act smart, I'll tell everyone
what happened to you in the bus!
Don't be scared, Anwar..
Tell him the truth!
Who wrote the letter to her?
I wrote the letter, sir.
- He's lying!
Keep out of this!
Are you trying to scare my friend?
Who took the letter to her place?
- I did!
It wasn't him, sir..
- What he says is true, sir.
You appear to be naive,
but you're a real rascal!
You'll be punished for this!
- Thank you, sir.
Come on, run!
Keep your hands up!
Anwar, my friend! How are you?!
I will never forgive you, Rohit!
If you have any respect for me..
..don't tell anyone
what I had to face in the bus!
How can you say that, Anwar?
Have I told anyone till today.. to what you had
to face in the theatre?
Double-up, Anwar.. Just run along!
And just see how I
avenge your humiliation.
My God! Where have I landed?!
First tell me, who you are.
I'm a woman from the nomadic tribes.
A snake started chasing
me in the forests.
I had to get into your tent,
to save my life.
Very well then.. I must leave now.
Hey, wait..
You can spend the night here.
There are many poisonous snakes
outside. You might even get bitten.
You have a point.
I'm willing to spend the night here,
because you're pressurising me to.
But I have a weakness.
- What is that?
I always dance the traditional garba,
before going to bed..
Will you dance with me?
- Sure! I will!
Let's dance! Come on!
- No more, please!
Not anymore, did you say?
- Not at all!
Help! Help!
Look at what this
scoundrel has done to me!
Help me, someone.. please help me!
What's wrong?
This man has raped me!
- No! She's lying!
Don't look at her!
Look at me and speak up!
What is she saying?
- What nonsense is she talking?!
If what I'm saying is nonsense,
why is he out of breath?
I'd come in here to save
myself from the snakes..
How was I to know that
I'd run into the King Cobra?!
This Cobra with the moustache
has really destroyed me!
I wantjustice, brother..
I wantjustice from you!
Relax, sister.. don't worry.
Justice will certainly be done.
Even if he happens
to be a savage butcher..
..we'll protect you,
as your brothers do!
We will fight forjustice
and call the cops over!
Police? - Yes, police!
Listen to me, Inspector..
I've done nothing!
I'm a decent chap! - Shut up!
Hey, inspector..
He's gone!
And I.. silly of me to
be locked up without doing anything!
I say, nurse.. - What is it?
May I ask you something?
- What is it?
What you have folks
brought me here for?
Quiet! You're not
supposed to talk too much.
Since you've been raped, a medical
check-up will be conducted on you.
Check up!
Can I ask you another question?
You have a strong heart, I hope?
Why did you ask?
- There are chances of a shock!
Speak to Mrs Gaikwad.
She'll be here any moment now.
Why involve the poor
Mrs Gaikwad in this mess?
She's in for a shock, too, isn't she?
These cursed men think
no end of themselves!
They don't even hesitate
before committing a rape!
Take off your clothes now.
- Do you feel any pity for me?
Sure, I do. - I pity you, too.
Why is that?
- Because you're having to.. the check-up on me. - Stop it. will we have the rotten
moustached Kadak Singh punished?
Take off your clothes.. Go on.
- I beg of you with folded hands!
You girls come from decent families!
Don't ruin your lives,
by doing a check-up on me!
I beg of you..
- I understand! She's feeling shy!
Get her by the hands and feet.
Go on!
The doctor held me,
the nurse twisted me..
..and they threw me down!
They threw me down
and checked me out..
Don't worry!
You won't feel any pain..
You've ruined it for yourself..
"And turned the others into corpses. "
"And turned the others into corpses. "
Cheers. - Wow, effeminate guy.
Drink more, Kaalu. Yes.
Let's see you open up!
I'll go and meet her. - Go ahead!
But wait..
take a lucky kiss before you go!
Get going. - Hey run.
Excuse me. - Yes.
My friends are doing a research
of your beautiful figure.
Could you detail your
vital statistics, please?
Want to know? - Yes.
I wasn't enquiring about your hand,
you know!
Get out of my way!
Out of my way, I say!
I said, just get out. - Hey!
Forget about touching the girl..
Let's see you touching this ball,
that belongs to you.
Get aside!
What's that? - It's a bill.
What for? We haven't yet had anything!
It's not a bill for what you've had.
It's for what you're going to get.
Take a look.
A tooth, a knee-bone,
a bone from my spinal-cord..
Go on..
- And one from my rib-cage..
Yes. Go on.
Some brains.. - There's more to it!
An intestine..
Hey, you! pay him the bill!
You touched her, didn't you?
It's you who must pay up.
Give me the ball. Quick!
You're worried about the ball!
How about me?
Let me get the ball first, darling.
I'll save you then..
Save the squabble till you get home.
You want the ball, don't you?
Here you are..
Oh, mother!
You're hitting us with the ball,
aren't you?
But I'll get you with the knife!
Get lost!
Let me go.. let me go! - Should I?
O' Mother!
O' Mother!
O' Mother!
You can't scare me with a
knife you cut vegetables with, okay?
Won't you get lost then? - No..
What are you bleating like a goat for?
Good-Iooking girls have no
right to wear the swimming-costume!
And if you're so fond of swimming,
dig a pit to do it in your house!
And where's the miser? - Who's that?
Your father ofcourse! Tell him that
he'll save money on subscriptions!
It's good that I
came along to tease you.
Or else, God alone knows
what would have happened.
I'm so sorry, Rohit..
I've misunderstood you.
You shouldn't apologise,
standing here, like this!
Why don't you apologise
over a cup of tea?
Come along!
Come on. - Yes.
The best of people make
friends over a cup of tea.
Even when a suitor goes
to see his future bride..
..she coyly comes out
with a tray carrying tea..
..and asks him if he'll have some!
Don't you think this is right? Yes?
I think you are.
Look at them, darling!
Look at him using
his charm on his heroine!
You're right! - Let's go..
..and set him right!
Come on.
Your lips are beautiful..
Shall we have the tea then?
- Well, okay..
Hey, Mister! - Who's that?
You had promised us 2,000
bucks to get bashed up!
And now you're trying to
get rid of us with just 500 Rupees!
We don't even want this money!
What nonsense are you talking?!
I don't even know them, Seema!
Don't get scared, Madam..
I'm down at your feet!
He's a cheat! He promised us 2000
to get bashed up in your presence!
He's trying to shortchange us now!
The bloody miser!
Let's go, darling..
- Did you promise them money?
Now he will know! - Seema.
I didn't expect this from you.
- Seema!
You bloody swine! You scoundrel!
From being a darling.. I've suddenly
become a swine and a scoundrel!
Excuse me..
Could I have that cup of tea, please?
Get lost, you scum!
We didn't even know the guy!
But we fixed him real good!
Say what, darling..
I don't mind losing 500 bucks to him!
But didn't we drive
a wedge between the two?!
"Borrow a kiss from me"
Well, blind-bat!
Can't you see this placard?
Borrow a kiss from me..
- Get lost! Scram!
Strange guy! After the misgivings,
we've even fallen in love.
Why must you run away from me now?
You may think as you.. - My God!
I'm losing my life over this,
and it makes no difference to you!
That's not right, okay?
- Now look! Just get lost!
Do you think I can't follow you?
Okay, go ahead!
Go on! putting up airs!
"By giving me the
ailment of the heart. "
"By moving the wires
of my body and mind. "
"By giving me the
ailment of the heart. "
"By moving the wires
of my body and mind. "
"You took my precious life away. "
"You took my precious life away. "
"By hugging me. "
"By awakening my desires. "
"By hugging me. "
"By awakening my desires. "
"You took my precious life away. "
"You took my precious life away. "
"I am very beautiful. "
"I am very gorgeous. "
"I am a little hot and a little sweet.
And I am very salty. "
"Look, my thin waist is gyrating. "
"My youth is out of this world. "
"By coming into my dreams yesterday. "
"By explaining a lot of things. "
"By coming into my dreams yesterday. "
"By explaining a lot of things. "
"You took my precious life away. "
"You took my precious life away. "
"people die here due
to arrows and swords. "
"But you killed me
with the knife of love. "
"I will try to convince
you for some more time. "
"But if you don't agree even then,
I will hang myself. "
"By expressing love earlier. "
"Now you are making me suffer. "
"By expressing love earlier. "
"Now you are making me suffer. "
"You took my precious life away. "
"You took my precious life away. "
"By giving me the
ailment of the heart. "
"By moving the wires
of my body and mind. "
"By giving me the
ailment of the heart. "
"By moving the wires
of my body and mind. "
"You took my precious life away. "
"You took my precious life away. "
"By hugging me. "
"By awakening my desires. "
"By hugging me. "
"By awakening my desires. "
"You took my precious life away. "
"You took my precious life away. "
"You took my precious life away. "
"You took my precious life away. "
Are you blind?!
Can't you see where you're going?!
Stop shedding those crocodile tears!
Come closer.. - Where?
Come closer.. to me.
Get out of my way.
- Can't I follow you then?!
Okay then.. walk away!
Go on, I say!
Who does he think he is,
for scolding me like that!
"Yes, give me a kiss as a loan. "
"Yes, give me a kiss as a loan. "
"Yes, give me a kiss as a loan. "
"And in return.."
"And in return take Up and Bihar. "
"And in return take Up and Bihar. "
Seema was a little girl
when her mother passed away.
So, I gave her the affection of both,
father and mother..
..and brought her
up most tight-fistedly.
I mean, I've really pampered her.
I've treated every joy of hers,
as my own..
..every penny that she spent,
was a loss to me!
I give my consent to the proposal.
Thank you, Sir!
Thank you so very much!
Eh?! He's the one getting married.
And what are you thanking me for?
Anyway.. now that you are,
have some sweet-meats.
How was it?
- You haven't fed me any!
You must always consider
the intentions of the giver..
..and not keep your
eyes on what he gives!
I had the intention, okay?
Then why do you need the stuff?
Could I offer some sweets
to you in the same manner?
No thank you. I'm diabetic.
I'll go and bring my parents along.
We can get engaged
as soon as they arrive.
Funny chap! Must you spend
on the engagement ceremony, too?
To hell with the engagement!
On the 15th of the next month..
..let's get you both married with
the money meant for the engagement!
Keep this there..
hurry up! It's getting late.
Why aren't you still ready?
It's time for the bridal
procession to arrive!
Hello. - Is that Mr Jagmohan?
- Yes, it is.
I have some bad news for you.
The bus carrying the bridal
party has met with an accident.
Met with an accident?!
Everyone in the bridal
party has been killed.
You mean.. everyone?
Couldn't the doctors save Rohit then?
But, you're alive.
Which means that the news was..
Of course it was not true!
Here I am..
alive and kicking. Right before you.
Here.. this is the hand
that stopped you from slapping me.
These are the eyes that
winked at your arrival..
..and these are the lips that
curled in a whistle to tease you!
Just lie back and relax now..
I'll drop in again to see you.
I'll come again.. I promise.
We used every trick in
the book to cure Seema, Mr Amar.
But what you have accomplished
with just one appearance..
..has put our efforts to shade.
Thank you, doctor.
There's only one way Seema
can now be nursed to good health.
And that is Rohit.
This poor man would
be grateful to you,
..if you took Rohit's
place in Seema's life and..
What's that you're saying?
- Your time is precious, I admit.
But nothing is more
important than a human life.
And what happens when
she discovers the truth?
She could even lose her life! - No!
Before that can happen,
I'll explain to her..
..that whatever you did was
only to give her a new lease of life.
By then, she will even
have got back the strength.. face the truth and life, too.
In fact, I'll even tell
her that Rohit is no more.
No way! I can't bring myself
about to play with someone's emotions.
That's impossible!
Even when I, as a father,
am misleading my own daughter?
That's because I'm helpless..
Absolutely helpless!
I beg of you.. please gift
me my daughter's life! I beg of you..
What are you doing?!
Very well.
Very well.
Why have you stopped the car here?
Don't you remember.. isn't
this the place where we often met?
Oh yes.. I do.
What are you looking for?
I'm looking for the tree
on which we had etched our names.
Now where is it?
I've found it!
There it is!
I love you, Rohit.
Come over, Rohit! Quick!
Mrs. Gaekwad?
How are you? - I'm fine, thank you.
And you are..
- It's Mrs Gaikwad, of course!
Have you forgotten me?
Mrs. Gaekwad.
I was thrilled when I
got to know that you're alive.
But when I was earlier
told that you are no more..
..I couldn't get over it at all.
And you were a real devil!
You really pestered me!
Don't you remember the time
when you came dressed as a woman?
Yes.. that's right..
- At the hospital.. remember?
Congratulations, Seema.
You've found your lover-boy again.
Thank you, Mrs. Gaekwad.
We're having a party tonight..
- I'll be there!
Of course, I'll be there!
Hello, Mrs. Gaikwad. - Hi.
I'm here, am I not? - So nice of you.
Let's turn around for a moment..
Come on. Come on.
Keep the tray there
and go take a walk.
Could you excuse us, please?
This is something personal..
And you..
do you want me to go bankrupt?
Do you want people to bathe
in those large drinks you're making?!
The guests are asking for them, sir..
What can I do?
Will you give away the whole bar,
if they ask for it?!
This is whiskey, my friend.
He who has one too many,
kicks the bucket!
Kicks the bucket? - That's it!
Excessive drinking
can cause a cardiac-arrest.
The kidney, liver and the works..
all flop together.
With so many diseases,
a man could pass out on the streets.
Or he could get violent at
home and get bashed up in the process.
In which case, people will
shun whiskey like the plague!
Do you want whiskey to
earn such a bad reputation?
Please, sir.. I've had enough.
Just tell me what I must do.
Get on with the exercises!
- I mean..
..what do I do,
if someone asks for a drink?
Should someone ask for a large,
give him a small drink.
And what about those
who ask for small drinks?
Drive him away,
with only soda in his glass!
With a dash of water, that is!
Just one second.
I am so happy to see you.
Come. Let me introduce
you to my friends.
This is a wonderful party, sir.
Is that your first drink?
This happens to be my 5th..
..but it seems as if I've just begun!
It's a pleasure to meet you. Yeah.
How are you?!
Excuse me.
So how are you? - Yes.
I've known you since the
days you went around in shorts..
As a kid, you mean?
I wish you'd phrase that properly.
But there's something
I can't understand.
It's about the medical check-up
they conducted on you the other day.
Papa! papa!
- What did they find in it?
Well, nothing really came of it..
Mr Kadak Singh..
- I'm right here, sir..
You've been around for pretty long.
Let's take a walk.
There's no fun out there..
It's better over here.
We'll have fun there..
please come along.
Keep going around like that..
That's it. Very good.
- I was just asking generally.
What had happened during your medical
check-up that day? - Khade Singh!
Yes, sir? Sorry, sir.
Ladies and gentlemen!
On this happy occasion..
I will now present a couplet
in the honour of my friend, Rohit.
May I have your attention..
- Hold on! Just a minute!
I am sorry, sir.
You must excuse me, okay..
Hey, Rohit!
The other day.. Listen to me!
The medical check-up you..
..I had the other day, isn't it?
Tell him about it, Mrs Gaikwad.
- Sure, I will.
Only I can answer
this question for you.
It's like this. The medical
check-up was conducted on Rohit.
But it was I who fainted.
That's funny!
How is his medical check-up..
..connected with your passing-out?
I'll tell you about that later.
Let's go now..
He has a check-up and she
passes out.. isn't that strange?
So, here it is..
"She lives with
her hopes pinned on me"
"She lives with
her hopes pinned on me"
"While I drink,
with her keeping me company"
"This isn't about my pyjama-string,
my friends.."
"It's the story of my torn-shoes!
Thank you. Thank you.
"Think. Think about it. "
"Say. Beloved, say something. "
"lf our glances didn't meet,
how our hearts would have met? "
"lf our hearts didn't meet,
say how we would have met? "
"Think. Think about it. "
"Say. Beloved, say something. "
"lf our glances didn't meet,
how our hearts would have met? "
"lf our hearts didn't meet,
say how we would have met? "
"The season of
conflicts arrive often. "
"But this season of love
has arrived after many days. "
"Both of us were
going saving ourselves. "
"We have become each other's
darling while meeting often. "
"I would have died if you
had rejected my love today. "
"lf you had died, how I would
have expressed my feelings to you? "
"Think. Think about it. "
"Say. Beloved, say something. "
"lf our glances didn't meet,
how our hearts would have met? "
"lf our hearts didn't meet,
say how we would have met? "
"Honestly speaking,
I grieve only this on meeting you. "
"This entire life is
insufficient for your love. "
"How can I explain you
the depth of love in words? "
"I will be with you as your shadow. "
"These arms are calling you. "
"What if this scenery
will cast an evil eye? "
"Think. Think about it. "
"Say. Beloved, say something. "
"lf our glances didn't meet,
how our hearts would have met? "
"lf our hearts didn't meet,
say how we would have met? "
"Think. Think about it. "
"Say. Beloved, say something. "
"lf our glances didn't meet,
how our hearts would have met? "
"lf our hearts didn't meet,
say how we would have met? "
What was that?
Could you repeat that..
Do you want my daughter to..
What you have heard is right.
I really want to marry Seema.
That's Amar..
he wants to marry our daughter.
Our daughter has a proposal
from a very wealthy family!
He's a very nice and decent boy.
He's the one,
who saved our daughter's life.
But, my son.. Have you ever
given a thought to the aspect..
..that if Seema gets to know
that you're not Rohit, but Amar..
You need not worry, Uncle.
I'll tell her the whole truth.
Whether the husband has
a secret or the wife has one..
..when either of divulges
it to the other.. speaks for their greatness.
Concealing the truth
is nothing but betrayal.
That's well said.
May one even lose his life,
but never betray another.
I met your father today,
to discuss our marriage.
Our hearts have met long ago, Rohit.
We have already accepted
each other as man and wife.
I have something serious
to talk to you about, Seema.
What is it, Rohit? Is there a problem?
Suppose I tell you that I'm not Rohit.
What then?
Why are you pulling my leg?
- This is no joke, Seema.
We are about to be
tied in holy wedlock.
So, I think it'd be better to
reveal everything about myself to you.
My name is Amar.. I only
happen to be a look-alike of Rohit.
The trauma of Rohit's death
had made a living corpse out of you.
When your father recently saw me..
..he forced me to impersonate Rohit,
to give you a new lease of life.
And once you walked into my life.. moved was I with your
sincerity and loyalty for your love..
..that I really
fell in love with you.
And today, I even want to marry you.
I know Rohit loved
you very dearly, Seema.
But my love for you is
no less than that of Rohit's.
You're a great man, Amar.
Even after getting to
know everything about Rohit.. have still
fallen in love with me.
We should always lead a
life that is an open book, Seema.
Which is why I will reveal
to you the biggest secret of my life.
In fact, I have carried
the burden of this guilt..
..for very long on my conscience.
That's true, Seema.
It's a burden, no less.
There was news in the media recently
that my Uncle had shot himself dead.
And nobody still knows
that it wasn't really suicide.. was murder.
And, it was I who happened
to commit the murder, Seema.
What?! Did you kill someone?
Such were the circumstances, Seema..
..that even an angel in my
shoes would have done the same thing.
My paternal-Uncle and my maternal-aunt
also lived in the house, as I did.
Although my parents
had died long ago.. aunt never
made me realise my loss.
And one fine evening, when
I returned home from the office..
..I saw for myself that..
No! Let me go..
please leave me alone!
No! please let me go! For God's sake!
'Is anyone here? Help! '
Leave me! Leave me for God's sake. '
Uncle! Let go of my aunt!
I thought you were an angel.. and
what have you turned out to be?!
Get lost!
You dare raise your hand on me!
Have you forgotten that I've brought
you up, since you were an infant?
And now you dare
raise your hand on me?!
Wait there..
I'll fix you right now!
You dare act smart with me..
- Throw the revolver away..
What is this you're doing, Uncle?!
Give that revolver to me, Uncle!
What are you doing?!
Uncle.. Uncle!
- Amar! What have things come to?!
I was only snatching the gun away..
How did it go off?
I haven't killed him
deliberately, aunty..
But what are we to do now?
'Hello, police. police station.. '
Why are you calling the police?!
- Let me call them over!
And let me have that revolver.
I'll tell the police that
your Uncle wanted to rape me..
..and that I killed
him in self-defense.
No, aunty! I've killed him..
Why will you take the blame?
I will not let you face the charges!
If you continue to act stubborn,
listen to what I'll do!
I'll kill myself!
No, aunty! Why must you? Who else
do I have in the world, except you?
I don't know what to do..
whose help to seek!
'Amar. - Yes, aunt? '
You're good at forging
anyone's handwriting, aren't you?
So you can use your Uncle's
handwriting and.. - I get it!
I get it!
Let me have that..
And leave for the office!
They mustn't suspect you!
I'll call the police now..
Go on! Hurry up!
That is how we turned
a murder into a suicide-case.
You're the only person,
apart from me and my aunt..
..who knows the secret.
Tell me now, Seema.. what
would you have done in my situation?
Why are you silent, Seema?
Do you hate me then?
Hello? ACp Chandra Bedi speaking.
This is Inspector Seema here.
Our mission has been successful, sir.
Amar has admitted to his crime.
Why is all this happening to us, son?
Your uncle died at your hands,
to begin with..
And you're now behind these bars..
It's because of my cursed fate
that you're having to see this day..
Not at all, aunt..
Why are you blaming yourself?
All this hasn't happened
because of the crime I've committed.
It's because I spoke the truth.
I'm a simpleton at heart, you know.
So, I'm always manipulated.
It's because of me that you
have chosen to remain silent..
..but I will not be quiet.
I will tell the world
at the top of my voice that..
No, aunt!
Don't.. don't do this to me, please!
I have the courage
to even go to the gallows.
But I just don't have
the courage to listen..
But I just don't have
the courage to listen.. the cheap cross-examination
the lawyers subject you to.
I place you under an oath, Aunty..
You will keep this truth a secret.
What a woman you are!
You have shown your true colours!
How could you betray Amar like this?
What had my son thought of
you and what did you turn out to be!
What are you bowing your head for?
Look at me in the eye and answer me,
you witch!
Are you out of your mind?
No matter how many medals you win,
after having Amar arrested..
..but, I curse you..
..that may the Almighty
never bless you with child!
May you always crave
for an offspring..
Only then will you realise,
how it feels to lose one's child!
Hello. please be seated.
What the press wants to know,
Mr ACp.. how the police suspected..
..that Mr Ram Kumar Saxena
had not committed suicide?
I had met Mr Ramkumar Saxena
two days before he was murdered.
I found him hale and hearty..
It did not, for a moment,
occur to me that this man..
..could end his life,
fed up of illnesses.
He was his usual jovial self;
cracking jokes and having a laugh..
And when we suddenly got to
know that he had committed suicide..
..we suspected something
fishy and investigated his death.
How did you do that?
- We enacted a love-story..
..whose hero was a
character called Rohit..
Who was in love with Seema.
And, upon whose death, Seema
was traumatised and went into a coma.
This role of Seema was played
by my daughter, Inspector Seema.
I played a miserly
and helpless father..
This gentleman here performed
the role of a doctor..
..while this gentleman
played Kadak Singh.
This officer played an army Major..
..while she was Mrs Gaikwad..
..and Anwar played
the late Rohit's friend.
Amar Saxena took
our story to be true..
..and in order to give
Seema a new lease of life..
..agreed to become Rohit.
What about the suicide-note
that Mr Saxena wrote before his death?
It was because of the letter
that we launched an investigation.
And my suspicions proved
right when Seema made Amar..
..forge her signature,
using her own credit-card.
When someone can perfectly forge
a signature without any practice..
..what wouldn't he do, to
get hold of his uncle's large estate?
Although Miss Seema has played
a major role in this case..
..why hasn't she attended
this press conference?
What's wrong, if Amar killed
his uncle under those circumstances?
Let me ask you..
Had you been in Amar's shoes..
..and had my honour been at stake,
what would you have done?
I'd have told the truth to
the police and confessed to my crime!
But Amar has committed
a fraud and a betrayal!
He has forged the
handwriting of a dead-man!
He has tried to project
his murder as a suicide!
He deceived the law and tried to lead
the life of a respectable citizen!
That's a bloody crime.
He is a criminal.
He is a criminal.
And after I've got
him a stringent sentence..'ll shake even his soul!
Okay. I wish you all the best, sir.
There is a way..
..which I can use to
save Amar from being hanged.
What way is that?
- I'll need witnesses and proof.. drive home the point
that Amar is mentally unstable.
That he was not in his senses
when he committed the murder.
In other words, we'll have
to prove that Amar is a lunatic.
This is a ploy of the defense
lawyer to save Amar from the noose!
He is trying to prove to
the Court that Amar is a lunatic.
I seek your permission
to ask Amar some questions.
Permission granted.
So, Amar.. - So, Mr Lawyer..
Could you tell us why
you have killed your uncle?
How can you speak like that?
The relationship between an uncle
and his nephew is like the one..
..between an underwear
and the elastic that holds it.
The relationship between an uncle
and his nephew is like the one..
..between an underwear
and the elastic that holds it.
The underwear is big, as it is uncle..
..the string is small as it is nephew.
No underwear in this world
can live without a string..
..and no string in the world
can live without an underwear.
Because they are inseparable.
They love each other.
They are incomplete
without each other.
That's right, they have to live.
They are sent as one-piece
to the laundry..
..are cleaned as one;
are dirtied again together, too!
An underwear and its elastic should
therefore be considered as one, Sir!
Let me ask the lawyer..
Have you worn an underwear?
What nonsense!
I am asking you,
are you wearing the underwear or not?
Of course, I have. - In that case..
..go home and ask your underwear..
..if it can do without its elastic!
No way! It'd slip without the elastic!
Ask the elastic, too..
Can it live without the underwear?
Of what use is an elastic,
if you don't wear an underwear. Right?
I must remind you, Mr Lawyer.. forget, that you're
an underwear to someone, too!
And you also have an elastic
you are emotionally attached to!
Take a good look at
this poor elastic, sir..
Do you think I would
ever strangle my underwear?
They're accusing me without
rhyme or reason, sir.
I speak the truth, sir..
I can swear upon God..
..I have killed no underwear!
This elastic is innocent, sir..
Absolutely innocent!
I object, Your Honour.
You're undoubtedly
a very cheap underwear!
You can never appreciate
the emotions of the elastic!
I object, Your Honour.
This conversation of underwears
and elastics is an insult to the Law!
This is no insult, My Lord.
It is actually an attempt to save
an innocent life from destruction.
How would the honour or insult of
the law matter to this poor lunatic?
I want to know how such an innocent
boy can be convicted for murder..
Your Honour.
Both of them have gone crazy, Sir.
I think they ought to be made
to wear underwear with elastics..
..and packed off
to the mental hospital!
This court is adjourned
till such time.. Amar's mental
health is restored.
This court also orders that Amar
be admitted to the mental hospital..
..and be accorded
adequate medical treatment.
"lf my friends insist,
I will confess everything. "
"I belong to such a decent family. "
"I will show you the glimpse. "
"I belong to a royal family. "
"He belongs to a royal family. "
"This asylum is lively because of me."
"This asylum is lively
because of him. "
"I belong.. "
"I belong.. "
"I belong to a royal family. "
"He belongs to a royal family. "
"My brother has robbed
total 36 banks. "
"My brother-in-law has broken
so many locks with his left hand. "
"My nephews do smuggling
of brown sugar. "
"My uncle does trafficking of girls. "
"He does trafficking. "
"He does smuggling. "
"My intelligent nephews
make duplicate passports. "
"My servants too steal
the idols from the temple. "
"My other relatives make blue films. "
"All my friends enjoy it too. "
"They completely enjoy it. "
"They completely enjoy it. "
"Sing further, Chote Sarkaar. "
"The people call me
professional killer too. "
"He has come.. "
"He has come.. "
"please come. "
"please come. "
"From where he has come,
it is a royal family. "
The Will?
..that Amar inherits all
the property from Mr Saxena.
Isn't it surprising then
that the Uncle Amar has killed..
..had willed all his property
to Amar, just before he died?
The property is now
in Amar's name, Heera.
And this is why I had allowed
him to live, to see this day.
But it's necessary for him to die now.
A lunatic's life is
not worth living anyway.
They're of no use to anyone.
This nut, especially,
happens to be a burden on the earth.
You'll be rid of the burden.
Let me have the green stuff..
and see what I do.
There's a guy called
Amar whom you must poison.
I can't do that, sir! I'd lose my job!
May the renowned social-worker
and Central Minister..
..Mr Shaitan Singh,
present himself in this court.
Greetings, Minister.
Hello, sir.
Greetings, Mr Shaitan Singh!
Hello, sir.
Sir, hold on a minute.
My first question, Mr Shaitan Singh..
Why do you always carry
this chair with you?
Every problem and battle of life.. because of the "chair",
you see.
How can I give up the chair then?
I don't trust even my wife,
where my chair is concerned!
Out there in the land that I rule,
chairs are more in demand..
..than even beds!
Ask me a proper question..
Don't treat me like a nut!
It is alleged,
Mr Minister, that you are very honest.
What was that? - It is alleged..
..that are you,
unwittingly, a very honest man.
That's no allegation.. it's actually
a conspiracy hatched against me.
It's an attempt to
instigate the masses!
It's nothing but
an attempt to defame me!
The opposition wouldn't
want me to win the elections!
Which is why they're giving
me the label of an honest man.
But let me tell the people
in no uncertain terms..
..that this nation will not have
a minister more corrupt than I am!
Why are you sitting down?!
I hate to see people
of my party sitting down.
Whether I use the spittoon or not,
just continue holding it.
From what we've heard, Mr Minister..
..when you were made the
Minister for Sports and Games.. was noticed that
you did nothing to promote them.
How can you say such a thing?
Take Hockey, for instance.
I set right the irregularities
in the game, didn't I?
Just imagine a group of
22 tall and well-built men..
..chasing a small little ball.
That didn't look good, you know.
It was a pathetic sight.
All that fighting,
because of a little ball!
It was I who had the rules amended.
I had every player given a ball.
He can very well
play with his own ball.
Not only will that promote the game,
but many goals will also be scored!
Or else, they play for hours
and don't score a single goal!
I'll personally give
the Minister some milk today.
Here you are, Sir.
I don't drink the milk every
other stranger brings for me!
Could I speak to you for a moment?
You're under the impression
that I have betrayed you, aren't you?
All I have come to tell you is that..
..I haven't betrayed you;
I was only doing my duty.
And during the course of my duty..
..I have really
fallen in love with you.
There used to be a boy
who loved a girl very much.
When the girl once asked for
the boy's heart, know what he did?
He tore into his chest,
pulled out his heart..
..and placed it on the girl's hand.
And do you know..
how the girl treated the heart?
This is how you have treated my heart,
haven't you?
Speak up! Tell me, I say!
Speak! - I will.. I will, Madam!
There was this man who
asked me to poison Amar.
He even promised me money.
And I, in my lust for money..
..laced Amar's milk with poison.
Who was that man?
- I don't know him, Madam.
I'd met him for the first time.
- How was he to look at?
He was fair-skinned..
and sported a beard. He had gray eyes.
Hey! - Tick-tock!
Tick-tock! Tick-tock!
Wait a minute.
What time is it? - It's 9.30.
9.30? But my watch says it's 9.45..
You're lagging behind by 15 minutes!
Am I lagging behind?
Let me move up then..
Wherever you go.
Your shadow will be with you.
Shut up!
Wherever you are.
Why are you in my courtyard?
A man with a tall wife
has a lot of fame.
Tall, clever. Tall, clever. Hey!
Tall, clever.
Leave us alone..
I've got some questions to ask him.
Thank you! Thank you so very much!
Thanks a lot.
I am grateful that
you came into my life.
We are locked in a room
and the key is missing.
I've come to discuss something
very important with you.
Your life is in danger.
- There's danger ahead..
And danger behind me!
- They're trying to kill you, Amar!
The milk that you
threw away was poisoned!
You're being victimised and
you have no idea of the conspiracy!
Who could these people be?
As your sympathiser, I..
Trust Inspector Seema
to be my sympathiser!
I find sympathisers
at every nook and corner..
..perhaps I'm surrounded
by actors, then.
Whatever you say
is not going to hurt me.
Because you have always
found my loyalties and emotions..
..weighed down by my duty.
The person whom I looked
to for some loyalty..
..was the one who
hurled the stones at me.
That's proof of my love for you.
Chastity, for an unwed girl.. more precious to
her than even her own life.
And I have dedicated
all I have, to you.
To prove to you that I'm not only
a police officer, but a woman, too.
A woman who is madly in love with you.
"A new sky where two
lovers have united."
"A new sky where
two lovers have united."
"Even the breeze is not between us."
"Where has life brought us?"
"Where has life brought us?"
"A new sky where
two lovers have united."
"A new sky where
two lovers have united."
"Even the breeze is not between us."
"Where has life brought us?"
"Where has life brought us?"
"You are the same. I am the same.
Yet everything is new."
"My heart is beating erratically."
"My smoldering breaths
will make my heart melt."
"Don't look at me like that.
I will die."
"We are so close today."
"We are so close today."
"Even the breeze is not between us."
"Where has life brought us?"
"Where has life brought us?"
"I wish that you take
me in your arms."
"Today let me lose my senses."
"My emotions are uncontrollable."
"My eyes are expressing my desires."
"My tender lips are saying."
"My tender lips are saying."
"Even the breeze is not between us."
"Where has life brought us?"
"Where has life brought us?"
"A new sky where two
lovers have united."
"A new sky where
two lovers have united."
"Even the breeze is not between us."
"Where has life brought us?"
"Where has life brought us?"
Thank you very much, Doctor.
- Good-bye, Mr Minister.
Send that patient inside. - Yes, sir.
Hey, Mister..
The doctor wants you inside.
Why have you come here to the clinic?
I've come here, because I'm helpless.
I've got to pay someone one
lakh Rupees in the next 48 hours.
I haven't set up this business
to pay for the fun you have.
I have already paid you
a price for what you did for me.
Don't you come here ever again!
Get out!
Give it another thought, Mr Khanna.
I desperately need the money.
It's only one lakh Rupees.
Are you blackmailing me for money?
- What don't people do for money?
If you open your mouth,
I'd certainly be caught..
..but you also wouldn't escape.
As for the one lakh of
Rupees that you're asking for..
..I'll consider your request, once
I get my hands on Amar's property.
But you can't get a
penny out of my own money.
You've made up your mind, I suppose?
Now look, Lobo..
I'm a doctor by profession.
Apart from the equipment
I use in my operations..
..I have many other
weapons stashed away.
I give people tips on
good-health and long lives.
Let me give you a piece of advise,
for your good-health, too.
Don't you step in
this clinic ever again..
..and don't ever demand
money from me again.
Well, okay.. Mr Khanna.
I had come to you with great hopes.
But it looks like I'll
have to knock on some other door.
So what if you don't pay me..
Somebody else will.
What is the nation coming to?
There are problems all around.
Who are you?
I was only making sure
that you're not really mad.
You're only pretending to be mad.. escape being hanged in
the case of your uncle being murdered.
But you will be shocked to learn..
..that you have not
committed that murder.
It was someone else. - Who is that?
Who has killed my uncle?
Tomorrow at midnight,
after the show gets over..
..I will wait for you at
Bhaidas Hall with all the evidence..
..which can save
you from the gallows.
What kind of evidence is that?
- You will carry nothing but money.
And remember, one lakh rupees.
Wipe your face.
I've studied your case.
And, I feel..
Your operation..
I will do it on Monday.
Okay, sir. As you wish.
What are you doing here, Amar?
- Don't be scared of me, Uncle.
I had to feign insanity,
to save myself from the noose.
I've just escaped
from the mental hospital.
Come along..
let's sit down and discuss this.
We have some good news, Uncle.
- What is that?
I always thought that
I had killed my Uncle.
But I met a man today who knows
the identity of the real killer.
Who is the killer?
- He didn't tell me that.
Because he wants a lakh
of Rupees for the information.
He'll tell me everything,
the moment I give him the money!
Whoever this man is..
He's surely fooling you.
Not at all, Uncle!
From the way he talked..
it seemed as if he knows
a lot about this case.
He'll tell me everything,
when he gets the money.
I even went to my house. But
the place is swarming with policemen.
If there's anyone I consider
my own after my aunt..'s you, Uncle.
If you could give
me the one lakh Rupees..
..I'd be indebted to you all my life!
Uncle, please.
Don't embarrass me like this.
Money isn't more important
than you are, is it?
To prove your innocence,
I'd even blow up all my wealth!
Take it. - Thank you.
But where are you meeting him?
At Bhaidas Hall, after midnight.
You're meeting him at Bhaidas,
after midnight..
..that too,
with so much of money with you?!
I don't like this..
I will accompany you.
But that's the only condition he has!
That I will meet him all alone!
Don't worry about me..
I'll handle this.
Thank you.
Take care of yourself, son. - Yes.
Do take good care, son!
I've got the one lakh
Rupees you had asked for.
Tell me now..
who has killed my Uncle?
I'm in deep trouble..
please speak up.
Search the area over there!
Sir! - Yes?
He's been killed a while ago..
The killer must be around then.
Surround the place from all sides.
Hurry up!
We've been looking
for the killer for an hour.
I don't think he's around.
We'd have found him,
if he were around.
I think he escaped,
even before we could get here.
Don't you think so, too?
Listen. - Sir!
Take the body away for a post Mortem.
What's up, Commissioner? What brings
you personally for the post Mortem?
The call of duty, doctor.
There's a bullet lodged
in the victim's head..
..which can really help
me with the investigations.
That's the reason why
I've come here personally.
I see. Then let's finish the
formality of the paper-work first.
Seema will handle that.
Seema, you go and
do the needful. - Come.
Please come.
While you finish the paper-work,
I'll go and..
A tattoo-mark of a "raakhi"?
Who could Meena be?
Where are you going, Dad?
- I've forgotten my cap in there.
There's the cap.
Something wrong, Dad?
I had covered the corpse's
face before leaving.
How did the cloth slip away?
Dad! - Yes?
It's the fan that could
have blown away the cloth.
You are right. Very intelligent. Come.
Take a look at this, Mister.
Was it you who made this "raakhi"?
No, I know nothing about it.
- Take another look.
Could a friend have made it?
- I can't say.
Lady. - Yes?
Take a look at this, lady.
Could you have made this "raakhi"?
No. It's not me.
- Could you say, who did?
No, I can't. - Very well.
Could you tell me, who could
have drawn the sketch of this..
I want a tattoo-mark, too.
- Just a minute.. okay?
There's a name inscribed in
this "raakhi"..Who could have..
No one, but pandey could
have made this tattoo-mark.
Where can I find pandey then?
- He must be fast asleep.
He's the laziest
person I've ever seen!
Excuse me.
Who's pandey?
Pandey? That's him.. Do you see that?
But why did you ask? You look worried.
Could you look at this raakhi
and tell me if he's made it?
This is the "raakhi" Meena
got pandey to make on Lobo's arm.
Do you know Meena then?
- Very well, at that.
Please tell him, sir..
It's important for me to meet Meena.
What's the use of talking
about Meena to these lazy-bones?
There was a dog that urinated
on him a little while ago.
And he didn't even
stir to chase the dog away.
Why must I take the
trouble of chasing dogs?
Did you hear him?
The chap's getting engaged today.
And he's not willing to budge!
He's getting engaged, is he?
- That's right.
Meena will surely be there then?
- Of course, she will.
Hello, Dr. Khanna here.
This is Lobo's sister, Meena speaking.
Where did a sister for that
tramp of a drug-addict spring from?
Lobo wasn't my flesh and blood.
But he was dearer to
me than even my own brother.
What have you called me for?
- Don't raise your voice!
That wasn't a good thing
you did by killing my brother.
What nonsense are you talking?
What proof do you have?
I even have the proof to throw
light on Saxena's real murderer.
My brother has left some
snaps and a letter in my possession.
They're enough to save
Amar from the gallows.
That's what I called
to tell you, Khanna.
That I'm about to handover
the whole evidence to the police.
So that the innocent Amar is saved.
Now wait, Meena..
I'm not as arrogant as you think I am.
I swear by the holy
bonds of the "raakhi"!
Lobo's sister has to be my sister!
Someone seems to have caused
misunderstandings between us!
Now quickly give me your address;
I want to clear your misgivings.
I want to meet you!
- I hate meeting dogs!
Dog?! - What was that?
Lobo's sister has
called me a dog just now.
And if dogs don't bite,
how can they justify their name?
Do you understand then?
- Of course, I understand.
Let me have the dough..
and watch the fun.
You've brought me here, using
"bhang" as a bait, haven't you?
Hail, the Lord Almighty!
Will you do something for me?
- What is it?
Just take this tumbler
from my hand and set it down.
Why not?
But how about Meena?
- She'll come, when she has to.
And when is that?
- Relax! She'll come..
My son.. my darling son! Come along.
The girl is awaiting you.. take this.
put this ring on her finger.
Why must I take the trouble
of putting the ring on her finger?
Well, mister..
You've become my friend now.
Please do something for me. - Yes.
Put the ring on her finger
and get engaged to her.
That's my bad luck!
For 10 years I've been trying
to drill some sense into him!
He can never find
such a gifted girl again!
Don't lose this opportunity, my son!
Talk to him, please!
- Should I then?
Should I explain to him? - Yes. - Yes.
Where's the dance-troupe
that has arrived?
There it is.
"Love is that sweetmeat from Mathura. "
"He, who doesn't eat it, regrets. "
"And the one who eats it,
brother, then.. "
"Then his life is a success. "
"That is why I say. "
"Convince the girl, son. "
"Convince the girl, son. "
"Otherwise the
opportunity may be lost. "
"Convince the girl, son. "
"Otherwise the
opportunity may be lost. "
"Convince the girl, son. "
"Engage in the affair, son. "
"Yes, engage in the affair, son. "
"Otherwise the season may change. "
"Convince the girl, son. " "Otherwise
the opportunity may be lost. "
"Convince the girl, son. "
Is that Meena?
"You are under the
intoxication of Bhang. "
"You have imbibed liquor.
- Liquor. Oh liquor. Oh liquor. "
"You are under the
intoxication of Bhang. "
"You have imbibed liquor.
"Your wife will now
tie you to the peg of love. "
"Wife? Hey your wife, isn't it? "
"The anklets chime.
The nose pin sways. "
"The village whistles. "
"I place a bet of two paise,
that you will lose your heart. "
"You come here, oh come here. "
"The door of my heart is open,
come here. "
"Don't look like this, son. "
"Yes, don't look like this, son. "
"You may get bad intentions. "
"Don't look like this, son. "
"You may get bad intentions. "
"Convince the girl, son. "
"I bestow my love upon you,
my naive beloved. "
"I bestow my love upon you,
my naive beloved. "
"lf you accept willingly I will
"A bit sour. A bit sweet.
That which is called youth. "
"Come in this we should also
do a bit of whatever we wish. "
"Hey no. Oh no. Don't lose your head. "
"pick up the opportunity, son. "
"Hey son.
pick up the opportunity, son. "
"Otherwise the
opportunity may be lost. "
"Settle your world, son. "
"Otherwise the world may change. "
"Engage your eyes with mine, son. "
"Rectify your mistakes, son."
"Engage in the affair, son. "
"Otherwise the season may change. "
"Convince the girl, son. "
"Otherwise the
opportunity may be lost. "
"Otherwise the
opportunity may be lost. "
"Convince the girl, son. "
"Throw your joker, son. "
"Otherwise your fate may change. "
Let me go! Let me go to Meena,
or there'll be a problem!
Relax! There's no need
for you to get scared!
Actually, something belonging
to Khanna has come in your possession.
Give it to us.
Give to us, I say.
Don't let her escape!
Run, Meena! Escape!
There are ruffians in our locality!
Get them!
Clobber them! Don't let them escape!
Please stop the car!
Uncle Khanna!
Uncle Khanna.
This girl has all the evidence
to prove my innocence, Uncle!
You've brought her
here just in time, Amar.
Nurse. Ward boy.
Take her to the ICU. Quick.
Quickly. Quickly.
Come along, Amar..
Let's have some coffee.
Uncle Khanna, that..
- Relax, Amar. Relax.
Come on.
You're innocent, Amar.
Uncle Khanna, that..
- Relax, Amar. Relax.
We are doing the needful.
Have your coffee.
The girl is dead, doctor.
Meena? Meena!
You can't die like this, Meena!
You're the last hope I
have of proving my innocence!
Meena. Meena. Meena! Meena!
Uncle Khanna.
Meena died with this pen in her hand!
She wanted to write something!
Please do something about it, Uncle!
Sorry Amar.
I can't do anything about it now.
She's dead.
I'll be right there.
When I reached there..
..she had a pen in her hand.
She wanted to scribble something;
perhaps, the killer's name.
But before I could ask her anything..
I've put the letter and the
snaps in the mail-box at Gandhi Chowk.
Who's that? - It's me, aunty
Amar you?! I hope no one
saw you coming here!
No, aunty.. no one did.
Amar! - Aunty.
How have you been, my son?
I can't tell you, aunty.
I'm barely managing..
I've been running away from
the police like a hunted animal.
I'm very tired now..
I.. I badly want to sleep, aunty.
Go to sleep then..
I want to sleep.
Go to sleep.
How did you arrive here?
But you telephoned
me and called me over!
I was going to call you
over after he had died. And how..
What?! Then who was
the one who telephoned me?
I had the call made to you!
That's true.
I asked Inspector Seema to call him.
You're shocked to find me alive,
aren't you?
I had emptied your revolver of
all the bullets the moment I arrived.
And blanks can't really kill someone.
Actually, I couldn't
believe you'd be so mean..
..even after seeing
these photographs.
So, to bring both of you together,
I had to have him telephoned.. that I could see and
hear of your betrayal for myself!
Get side.
But, aunty!
I could never dream
that you'd stoop so much..
..for money and for
your love for Khanna!
But these photographs and letter
that Lobo has written to Meena..
..detail everything that
happened on the night of the murder.
Let me go.. please.
Let me go..
why must you be in such a hurry?
Please.. let go of me.
Let me go!
For God's sake, please let me go!
Is anyone there? Save me.
Come on. Leave me. For God's sake.
This lady and Dr Khanna..
..want to use my photographs
to implicate this boy in a murder..
..and want to swallow
this large estate!
If I happen to own a
part of this vast property..
..there's no harm in it!
But not from my revolver..
It was from your gun, aunty!
You had hired Lobo to take
photographs to implicate me.
But that scoundrel turned
out to be smarter than the two you!
In order to blackmail
the two of you..
..he even clicked a photograph
with you firing a bullet, aunty.
After the murder, when I decided
to hand myself over to the police.. said, "No, my son!
Don't do that!"
"Don't hand yourself
over to the Law!"
"You're good at reproducing
handwriting, aren't you?"
"So, write a suicide-note!"
You emotionally-blackmailed me,
because you didn't want me to die!
Not till the property
was transferred in my name!
Lord Rama! What a colossal drama!
When I divulged the
truth to Inspector Seema..
..and went to prison you
still didn't want me to be hanged!
Only because the property
still hadn't been transferred to me!
So, in order to get
me out of prison..
..the two of you enacted
a new drama with the lawyer!
You had me declared insane!
But the day the property
was transferred in my name..
..this dear uncle of mine tried
to poison me in the mental hospital!
When I escaped from the
asylum to prove my innocence..
..and tried to get
in touch with Lobo.. had Lobo bumped off, too!
You then killed Meena, too.
It was my turn again, after that!
You wanted to inherit this
property after killing me..
..and have fun with Khanna
all your life. But alas!
This letter and photographs
that Lobo has left behind..
..have dashed all your hopes!
The ideal place for your honeymoon
is not this palatial house..
..but the four walls
of the prison-cell!
And that too,
only if you're not hanged!
I must leave now. The ACp
Chandra prakash must be awaiting me.
I've seen my dear
uncle's true colours..
My aunt has been exposed, too.
To conclude, I must say,
there's no one your own in this world!
Stop the scoundrel, Khanna!
He must not be allowed
to reach the police!
I wonder when all
these guys met my aunt!
Get the hell out of here,
or I'll be dead!
Open sesame.
Give me a coconut!
Son Amar.
You'll be worn out,
trying to ride the mobike.
So, here you are..
The keys to my car.
Do give all the
photographs to the ACp..
..and return to take
away your beloved's dead-body.
She was out to help you.
We thought we'd give her a lift.
Don't worry about me, Amar! Go away!
Well, alright.. here I go!
But give me your bangles to wear!
Just because you've helped me once,
you think no end of yourself, eh?
A woman must act like a woman.
And a man must be a man.
Didn't I say this
is not meant for girls?
Hurry up and call the police!
Hey! Aunty!
You've arrived just in time, I say!
You've arrived just in time,
I say! - Wow!
Wow! - No!
Arrest them.
Thank you..
thank you very much! - Catch him.
Greetings. - Come on.
What are you dancing for?
- But what's wrong?
To arrest criminals is
the work of our department.
And that's where your department is.
You can shake a hip there!
Long live
Hi. - Mrs. Gaikwad!
Constable Gaikwad!
What are you up to?!
Can't you see that, you idiot?
That was only a rehearsal.
I'll be the one participating
in the "take".
Borrow a kiss from me, will you?
And take on the headaches
of the world. Okay.. come along!
"Give me a kiss as a loan. "
"Give me a kiss as a loan. "
"Give me a kiss as a loan. "
"And in return.."
"And in return take Up and Bihar. "
"And in return take Up and Bihar. "