Chicken (2015) Movie Script

[soft music playing]
[birds tweeting]
Ah, the poor pig.
Pretty pork.
No! I dropped my bounce.
- Boy!
- My bounce.
[soft music continues playing]
Little hen!
Rich picks, Fiona.
Aw! You look nice.
Have you done anything?
Come here.
Let me see... if you did.
Check the thing.
[alarm ringing]
[alarm stops]
[whispers] Polly.
Polly, there's breakfast
if you want it.
[Polly] Oh, yeah, yeah.
There's nothing to say, then?
- Dunno.
- We're just forgetting, then?
Yeah, I... I suppose.
[Richard] Is that the last?
You been on these?
No, I don't...
I don't go in there, Polly.
[groans] Right.
[Richard] Polly!
Um... What time are
you going to be back?
[soft music playing]
[Richard] All right,
this one's Polly...
because it looks like Polly.
And this one...
this one is me...
because I'm harmless, ain't I?
And that's it.
[horn honking]
All right?
[indistinct chatter]
[man] Don't stop!
[Polly] Is that it?
[man] That's all
I can do this week. Sorry.
Come back next week if you like.
Your choice.
[coins rattle]
Basically, with cooking,
you don't necessarily have to be
like, a proper chef...
because, do you know,
all you really have
to do is just...
just make sure you're clean,
so just never
touch your body ever,
because if you were to touch
your body,
I think that
it might make it dirty,
and then, unless it's like that,
like, real dirt,
I just...
It shouldn't be on clothes,
and it shouldn't be
put onto food
because that just makes it...
Just, it's a bit clumsy, really.
Do you know what I mean?
Once I was
watching this program,
and this lady was making a pizza
and instead of putting meat
on it, she put vegetables.
- [dog barks]
- [Polly groans]
[barman] Oi! Oi! A word!
- [dog barking]
- All right, I'm going!
Fucking dog!
[barking continues]
I know you.
Yeah, I recognize you.
Oh, yeah?
You come in here every night.
[Polly] Have we ever...
[Tara] What?
[Polly chuckles]
[chuckles] Have we...
Have we ever, you know?
[scoffs] Oh, my God.
I think we should.
Oh, yeah?
Yeah, yeah.
It would be nice.
[Tara scoffs]
Fuck you!
It'd be nice, though, eh? Eh?
Fuck off!
Do me a favor, love.
Will you fill this up for me?
I'm skint. Please.
Get lost.
[Polly singing]
Nine German bombers
Nine German bombers
in the sky
Hey, little man.
Hey! Wake up for me!
[Polly groans and coughs]
[Polly groans]
[Polly sings indistinctly]
[alarm ringing]
[alarm stops]
Polly, I've got your breakfast,
if you want to come
and get your breakfast.
- Ah, fuck off!
- Polly!
I'll be back soon.
Yeah, well, that's the thing.
When I talk to Polly,
he's always, always saying no!
And I just don't even
because if I say
I want an animal,
I don't understand
why I can't have an animal,
because I live here too.
I've already got one, and yes,
you're very, very beautiful,
but at the same time,
it would be nice
if I could have more animals.
At the same time, I don't really
have enough time for animals,
and I know that, because
I'm so busy with my own life,
and I've got so much to do
that it drives me crazy.
And I don't think Polly really...
[vehicles approaching]
[TV playing in background]
You see 'em, you know 'em?
Yeah, no. No, I don't know them,
but, um...
[Polly] Ah, fuck this.
- What are you doing?
- Tell them to piss off!
- But... But...
- Seven years,
and now they want
to dig me out!
[Richard] They might not.
[TV shuts off]
Calm down. Don't be angry.
We'll go over there.
We talk to 'em.
We'll go and say
we're no harm and...
They want any excuse
to kick us out!
You keep away! You hear?
Are you hearing me?
Yes, Polly.
- Yes.
- Yes, I am!
Two quid.
[Polly] What, two?
It's plastic.
Oh, come on, man.
Give me a fucking break.
I'll give you three
if you strip the wire.
Ah, fuck it.
Just give me the cash.
[Fiona clucks]
No. I don't think they're
going to kick us out.
No, doesn't look
like a nasty person, does he?
Oh, shit!
You thieving bastard!
You treat people right,
and shit won't happen.
Oi! Oi!
- You all right?
- He's a prick, isn't he?
You what, mate?
I said to him,
"You can stick your fucking job
up your arse, mate!"
You all right?
You want something?
A right old pussy wagon,
this, eh?
You're going the right way about
a broken nose, mate.
Right. [chuckles]
You need someone
to drive this for you?
I can do anything, any job.
Where you heading?
What do you want?
I'm just looking for work, mate.
And why are you waving at her?
They cut my
leccy off this morning.
I just lost my job.
Do a favor.
I'm no harm, honest.
You know the old bake site,
Off Norwich Road.
Nah, nah, nah, nah.
I know. I know. I know. I know.
That's where we'll be.
For two days, at least.
What's your name?
- Bill.
- I'll come find you there, Bill.
All right.
[Fiona clucks]
[Richard] Oh, what's wrong?
She don't like you anymore.
- No, she's just moody.
- Inside.
Sit down. Something's happened.
Sit down.
Bad news, right.
What's happened? What's...
[Polly sniffs]
They're kicking us out.
What d'you... What d'you mean?
They started procedures.
Who has?
The fucking people,
the people down there.
They want us out.
No! No, they
can't do this, Polly. They...
They can't do that, Polly!
They can't do that!
Shut up! Are you gonna cry now?
There's no talking to them.
No, but Polly, where...
where would we go?
- Where would we go?
- Oh, would you shut up?
Your moaning
ain't going to help!
I've seen them!
I've said to them, "We've been
here longer than you, pal,
much longer!"
You're lucky I don't kick
you out and move in there!
That's our rights!
- He swung at me!
- Oh, Polly. He didn't...
He swung at me,
so I broke his fucking nose!
Polly. Right, Polly, listen.
Stop it. Listen. Right.
What is it we're going to do?
We need to think.
What are we going to do?
What are you asking me for?
Why don't you
think of something?
We could go and find Mom
or something, can't we...
Don't you dare mention her,
you little cunt!
Don't you...
I've got to see someone.
[Richard] Wait, I come.
Polly, can I come?
Am I not
good enough family for you?
Polly, I'm sorry.
[soft music playing]
[Annabell] Hello?
Oh, finally!
You're never going
to believe where I am.
[stutters] Do you know what?
Let's not even talk about it.
No. No. This is like
the first time I've had signal.
Oh, God.
And now I'm being eyed-up
by the local gene pool.
Did you hear?
I'm being serious. [laughs]
Yeah. Wait, wait, wait.
Just listen.
I want to tell you something.
I'm coming back.
Yes, yes, yes.
Okay, so I'll call you
when I am on the train.
Okay. I love you, bye.
Oi! Careful.
If I tell my mother
you're climbing the house
to perve on me,
you'll be out on your arse
without a penny. So shut up.
[vehicle approaching]
[Fiona clucks]
Shh! Shh! Shh!
Which... Which one
do you think's... the bad one?
[Fiona clucks]
All right.
We're going
to have to be careful.
[Fiona clucks]
No, he needs some trousers.
No, no, he cannot be
walking around all rude, can he?
It's an hour away!
I'll be back by tea time.
We've been here two minutes,
You could show some support.
It's difficult enough without...
I have shown support.
And now I need to see
my friends!
You'll see your friends,
but not right now!
Well, when then? When?
You said today, and you lied!
Your father and I have made
our decision, Annabell.
Don't give me that father crap!
[Fiona clucks]
[Fiona clucks]
Borrowing isn't stealing, is it?
Yeah, I'm allowed
to borrow, ain't I?
All right. Wait here.
[drawer rattles]
[drawer slams shut]
Can you move, please?
[Annabell] Oi!
Who are you?
What do you want?
[Richard] Found it!
- What is it?
- It bounced.
- What's that?
- No.
It's just a golf ball.
I'm no harm. See?
See it?
[Richard chuckles]
Give that back.
Look, I said I'm sorry.
I'm no harm. I promise.
Give it to me.
[both chuckle]
[Richard chuckles]
[Annabell] Fetch!
[Richard] I've got it. [giggles]
[Annabell] You keep it.
What's your name then?
Bouncy Balls?
It's Richard.
Enchante, Richard.
I'm Annabell.
What are you doing here,
I'm just kind of walking round.
You're on my land.
Do you know that?
I am sorry.
[Annabell sighs]
It's very naughty.
We're gonna to have
to figure out
a way for you
to pay this off.
But for now, with me.
Now, the first thing you need
to know about me, Richard,
is that I do not
want to be here.
All of this is against my will.
So, if I smile, or we have fun,
or I look like
I'm enjoying myself,
then remember I'm not.
The second thing is...
Wait, where are we going?
[Richard stuttering]
Come on, you're a local.
What do you people do for fun?
If it's dirty stuff
with animals or siblings,
then don't tell me.
It's too typical.
I kind of... I like the river.
- The river?
- Yeah.
Do you know
it's actually quite nice?
Hm. Well, then.
Let's to the river.
Now, the second thing
you need to know about me is...
and this is important...
I do not smoke.
My dad said,
if I gave up smoking for lent,
then he'd pay for
the rest of my driving lessons.
So, I haven't smoked now
for 20 days, 21 now.
So, how old are you then?
Uh... Fifteen.
- You sure about that?
- Yeah.
Fifteen's a good age to start.
[Richard chuckles] No.
Go on.
Suit yourself.
God, look at this place:
the air, the fields,
the infinite blue sky.
It's disgusting.
- So, do you live here then?
- Yeah.
In my caravan.
- Oh, it's you?
- Hm.
- You're the gypsy?
- No, that's Polly.
No, I'm a farmer.
- Polly?
- Yeah, but I'm a farmer, though.
What, your sister's a gypsy?
No, my brother is.
Your brother's a Polly?
You do know that's
a girl's name, don't you?
[Richard] Mm.
I don't know.
You'd have to ask him.
Hm. Forever Polly.
Hm. Not quite what
I had in mind, but it'll do.
So, um, do you live
in that piddly caravan then?
What, all of you?
Uh... Me and Polly, yeah.
What about your parents?
- What about them?
- Well, where do they live?
I don't know.
So, you live on your own?
[groans] Yes, with Polly!
Told you.
God, you're so lucky.
I would absolutely
love to live on my own.
This is a prison.
But you are going
to save me, Richard.
I can feel it.
Very brave of you.
I hope you know that.
I said that once.
Yeah. There was, um...
What was it?
Is it like a tiger?
It was a tiger.
It's a tiger, a baby one,
and, um, Fiona was
with this frog by the river...
Actually, the river
we're going to now.
I saved Fiona.
Fiona's my chicken.
[Richard] Come on! Come on.
You've got to walk.
Come around here.
Come on. Frogs ain't going
to wait for you, Annabell.
And there's tigers in here too,
so be very careful.
[Richard] All right.
Well, here we are.
[Annabell] Where?
The river.
[Annabell chuckles]
Richard, this is not a river.
I'm sorry,
but it does have frogs. So...
It will have to do then,
won't it?
Well, invite me to sit,
won't you?
[Richard chuckles]
My goodness.
Would you like to sit?
Hm. Why, thank you, young man.
Yes, I would.
Well, this is a hoot.
Yes, Richard?
How come you is a prisoner?
Well, my dad lost a chemical in
his brain that made him happy.
- Think my mother stole it.
- Oh, did she? On purpose?
So he had to stop working,
which meant my mother
couldn't keep her lifestyle.
So, we came here
so she could have a new one.
Because they own me,
I had to come.
Oh, they own you, do they?
Well, the legal term is
My real parents are dead,
so I'm stuck with spares.
What are you doing?
Put your clothes on.
Annabell, I need to wash.
That's dirty water. Get up.
It's disgusting.
You don't have water
in your caravan?
[Richard] You are hard work!
They're buried in Singapore.
They didn't bring them back.
I mean, I suppose
there wasn't much point.
I had to fly back on my own.
I didn't mind, though.
I was in business class.
Have you ever flown business?
[Richard] No.
But you know what I have done?
Well, I actually own my own
helicopter, because my dad...
[Annabell scoffs]
Don't do that.
My dad's a pilot.
- Okay, if you say so.
- Yeah.
My dad's a pilot, and once...
Once we flew so high...
Listen to this bit.
We flew so high that
I could actually see the moon.
- Yeah.
- [laughing]
No. I know it's big,
but we had to fly that way...
we had to come down again,
because, um...
'cause the petrol.
Expensive, was it?
- You don't understand.
- [Annabell giggles]
Did you see the... Did you see
the moon in business?
Well, no.
I haven't seen the moon.
I've still flown business class,
and it was amazing.
- Hmm...
- So...
Well, I've never
actually been on a plane, so...
Fuck off, you freak!
[Annabell] Ss...
I'm sorry, I...
No. You shouldn't
say that to me.
Are you okay?
You shouldn't say that to me,
should you?
- I didn't mean it like that.
- You shouldn't say that.
[Annabell sighs]
- Let's forget about it, yeah?
- Why'd you say that to me?
I don't know.
- It's just something you say.
- That's not what I am.
- No, I know that.
- I'm not that. That's not me.
Okay, please don't get upset.
Are you okay?
Let's forget about it, please.
Well, I'll let you off,
but you've gotta learn
your lesson, you have.
All right.
Is your dad's nose okay?
It's broken, isn't it? Broken?
Not that I know of. [chuckles]
Doesn't matter.
Are you sure?
I have no idea
what you're saying.
Okay, then.
Oh, my goodness!
- Oh, I got distracted.
- [Fiona clucks]
I met someone.
[Fiona clucks]
You be like that.
You know,
she's actually a lovely person.
Lovely person, and sh...
We talked about loads of things
like... the tigers.
We talked about...
just loads of things.
I took her to our places.
If you're going to walk away
from me when I'm talking to you,
Oh, my goodness!
Get down!
Get down, Fiona!
I've had enough of this.
Had enough of this.
- [Polly] Hey.
- Polly, you're back.
Where you been?
- Has that farmer been down here?
- No, no. Where have you been?
I've been sorting shit out,
ain't I?
Right, okay. So, we leave him.
- Are we going to say...
- Oh, shut up!
- Yeah.
- Shut up!
- Did you get breakfast?
- Shut up!
I think I sorted us something,
all right?
I met this guy
who works in food.
He supplies food for pubs
and all that sort of stuff.
I think I got us a deal, right?
But now I need you
to do something for me.
Go play your golf
by the scrapyard.
- Yeah.
- Yeah?
There's a bike in there.
I need you to grab it for me.
- I need my own wheels.
- Okay. Yeah, I'll sort it.
I'll go and do it
right now. See ya.
- [Polly] Good. Good.
- I'll be back soon.
[cracks can open]
[tires screech]
- [Annabell] Richard!
- Hello, Annabell.
He hasn't let me hit anyone yet.
You were going to be my first.
Oh, can he get in?
Oh, come on. Get in.
Yeah? I'll get in.
[Annabell] Where are you
heading to then, Richard?
[Richard] Um... Scrapyard.
- Did you know, Kevin...
- Hmm?
...that there are, um,
tigers in the woods?
- Baby ones, right, Richard?
- Yeah, yeah. Only baby ones.
There small. Do you know
what I mean? It's small.
[exhales] And, um...
How's Polly?
Yeah, he's fine as well.
We've never
actually settled this.
You know, Polly is...
Richard's brother.
Is Polly hot?
Because I'm going
to need to know, you know,
just so I can make
an informed choice.
Can't go flinging
myself at anyone.
Do you know what I mean?
What does he do?
- Where?
- For work.
Oh, right, yeah.
Um... I don't know.
He just goes scrapyard.
Oh, God.
He must have great hands.
[Richard] See ya.
Just too adorable.
- See you in a bit.
- Bye.
Oh, don't forget to ask
if your brother's hot.
[engine starts]
[thunder rumbles]
[thunder rumbles]
[Richard] Polly!
Polly, I've got the bike!
Come on!
Come on!
Come on! This way!
Polly, come on!
What's that?
A... A bike.
[Polly] What?
[Richard] It's the bike.
What's wrong with you?
What d'you mean?
I said, "a bike."
A fucking motorbike!
You fucking retard!
[sobs] Please, Polly.
I am stuck
with a fucking retard!
Please, Polly, don't.
[Richard sobs]
I'm not going to
let you fuck this up for me,
not this time.
I've done my share!
[Polly] Try and follow me,
and I'll bury you, you hear me?
Please, Polly.
I'd do anything for you. Please.
[Polly] My time's up!
[Polly] It's not your fault!
Fuck! Fuck!
[breathes heavily]
- [music playing in distance]
- [screaming]
[Bill] Cheers. Ketchup
is down there. Yes, mate?
[Polly yelps]
Cut yourself?
There's a plaster in there.
[Bill] Yes, mate.
That's a quid, mate.
[cracks can open]
Want a fag?
[generator whirring]
Cheers, mate.
You did a good job.
You on your own?
Yes. It's just...
[clears throat] It's just me.
Can you start next week?
Should be a good earner.
Proper set down job.
Five days solid.
Yeah. That would be nice.
Up to you.
Oh, yeah, yeah, that... Yeah.
After that, stick with us.
All right.
All right.
- [Richard] Annabell.
- [stone clinks]
[shouts] Annabell!
That's the wrong window,
you tit.
Would you come down?
What are you doing?
It is important.
I just need to see you.
Would you come down, please?
[whispers] Fuck's sake. Wait.
- What the fuck?
- [Richard] No. Hold on. Hold on.
Are you doing a shit in my yard?
- I'm not. I'm just doing a wee.
- [Annabell] Oh, my God.
Get up.
[Richard] Finished.
[Annabell] Richard.
[Richard] It was...
It was just a wee.
It's all it was.
- I was just doing a wee.
- Oh, my God.
[Richard groans]
Who did that to you?
Nothing. I just...
No, I just walked into a door.
You know... It's a usual thing.
Who did that?
Would you stop asking
about that, Annabell?
Otherwise, I'll just...
I'll tell your dad
that you've been smoking.
Please be quiet.
Please be quiet. Okay?
Please be quiet.
You're drunk. Give me that.
Why are you drunk?
Why are you drinking that?
I had a dry mouth.
Please, just sit down
for me, okay,
because you're upset
and let me just clean your face.
- Okay?
- It doesn't need cleaning.
- You've got blood on your face.
- It doesn't need cleaning!
[sobs] There's nothing wrong
with my face!
There's nothing wrong with it!
What's your name then,
You know, someone actually
said that to me last week.
Couldn't believe it.
Do you like working
for your dad then?
He isn't my Dad.
He isn't my that either,
so you can get that thought
out of your head right now.
- [Annabell] Just here, okay?
- Okay.
[Annabell] Yeah? All right?
Just let me...
Just let me help, all right?
Just one second.
Just sit still. That doesn't
hurt you or anything.
- No, it's fine.
- Just wipe.
- Is that okay?
- Yeah.
- I'm not hurting you, am I?
- No.
What happened?
- Come on.
- He's gone.
Polly's gone.
I forgot, I'm sorry.
You forgot what?
I forgot to ask him
if he was hot. [sniffles]
- Richard, where has he gone?
- No.
I want to show
you about something.
I brought this to show you.
There's my dad. That's my dad.
You look at him.
He's a pilot.
Look! Look!
I'm looking. I can see it.
I was... I was happy.
Look at me.
No. Please, stop it.
[indistinct chatter]
- Hold still.
- Fuck!
If he's gone...
If Polly's gone...
If he's gone, will you go
and find him for me, please?
- Please?
- Okay.
Please go find him for me!
I actually think you'd be
really good together,
you and Polly.
And I could come, couldn't I?
Me, I could... Me.
I could come.
It'd be really nice if I came.
I think you should...
I think you should marry him.
I... I... I don't...
I don't know him, okay?
I don't... I was just kidding.
Annabell, come here.
[sobs] No! Please!
Please don't do that!
Come back!
You're a nice guy.
You know that?
[man] Oi! Get your hands off my girl!
Oi. Oi. All right. All right.
[man] Oi!
Polly, please!
Please! Please!
I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
I'm sorry, Fiona.
No, no, Fiona!
Please! Please! Please!
I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
[Annabell] Richard?
[mumbles] All right?
You must be Polly.
I'm Annabell.
I'm Richard's friend.
What are you doing here?
Um... I'm just
looking for Richard.
Do you know where he is?
He told me that you'd left,
and I... was just coming
to see if he was okay.
Could you tell him
I came, please?
Yeah, well, here I am.
I just wanted to see
if he was okay.
Hey, listen.
Let me ask you something.
Do you like him?
Like something attracted
you to him as a friend.
You like him?
It's just life, innit?
I mean, to something bad.
It's noth... It's not that bad.
It's just bad luck...
and I, um...
I need to get moving...
and keep moving...
until it goes quiet.
And now...
now is my chance.
I don't want him messed up
with me, not anymore.
I got to burn
the fucking bridge.
When I go...
I'm asking you...
don't let him follow me.
- Okay.
- Promise me.
- Promise.
- Cross your heart.
- I promise. I have to go now.
- Cross your heart!
Um. Okay. I cross my heart.
Because we were fucking
born wrong, both of us.
you like him.
He's lucky.
He's lucky.
All right, little man.
- [grunting]
- Oi! Oi!
- I hate you!
- Whoa, whoa! Oi, stop it!
Whoa! Hey, whoa!
- [screams]
- [Polly] Stop it!
[Polly] Stop!
Fucking stop it!
- [Annabell] Stop!
- [Polly] Don't!
[Annabell] Stop!
Listen, you go for me again and
I will break your fucking head!
- Stop it!
- [Richard whimpers]
[Richard] Polly, let go.
Please get off. Please get off.
Please, come on.
- [Polly] No.
- Please go!
- [Polly] No!
- You said you're sorry.
[Polly] Okay, listen.
It's not so easy...
- as that. Okay?
- [Richard whimpers]
- [Richard sobs] Let go.
- It's not so easy as that.
- [Richard] Come on.
- [Polly] Okay?
- [Richard screams] It is!
- No, listen. No, it ain't.
- It is easy!
- Listen!
Listen, we got a problem!
We got a problem!
They don't want you!
Yeah? They don't want you!
And who can blame them, right?
- [Richard sobs]
- Shh!
- No.
- Shh.
- Listen.
- No!
- Shh. Shush!
- [Richard] Get off me!
Shush! Listen, listen,
listen, little man.
Little man, I've got something.
I've got something.
And it's time for me to move on.
No, no, no! You said.
- Yeah.
- No!
- No, listen.
- No, you said!
Please stay with me!
Shush a little! Listen!
You'll be okay.
She'll help you!
She will help you!
- Please! No, she won't. Please!
- Yes, she will.
Okay, listen! Listen.
Be a fucking grown-up!
Be a man!
Be a man! Be a man!
Look. Look.
My... No, no,
listen, listen, listen, listen.
My time is up.
- [Richard] It isn't!
- I can't... I cannot...
- I cannot do it anymore.
- [Richard sobs]
My time... My time is up.
I've done my share.
- No, no...
- I have. I'm done! I'm done!
- I've done my share.
- No, please, no, no, no!
- Okay? It's time.
- [Richard] No!
No! Please! You can't leave me!
We're family!
[Polly] Family didn't stop
your dad topping himself.
- Get off me!
- Richard, wait!
- Where you going? Wait, Polly!
- Come on, man!
- You're breaking my heart!
- Please, Polly! Please!
- Richard, stop your shit!
- Please!
- Please, Polly! Don't do this!
- No! I've done my share!
- Where am I going to go, Polly?
- Try your cunt of a mom.
Don't say that, Polly!
Don't say that!
[Polly] You keep struggling,
I'll fucking break you!
- No! Don't hurt him.
- [Polly] Fuck off!
[Richard whimpering]
You listen here, boy. Okay?
You listen.
- Please get off me.
- Your mom was a cunt.
- No, she wasn't.
- You want to know?
You want to know?
Your mom was a fucking monster!
- Stop it! Polly!
- [Polly] She was!
Listen to me for once
in your fucking life!
Just listen to me!
Yeah, every night
she'd drink herself raw
and then she'd fuck
anything that moves.
And one night...
And one night...
And you remember this whenever
you think of your loving mom,
yeah? One night
she come in my room.
She came in my room, Richard,
and she took her knickers down.
And she sat on me.
[Richard] No!
Get off me! Get off me!
- [Polly] She sat on me.
- No, please.
And then nine months later,
there you were.
No, please! Please!
Please! [sobs]
And now it's time
for you to fly the nest.
[Polly snarls] Fuck!
- [Richard] I don't believe you!
- Good luck with that one.
- Polly!
- [Annabell] No!
Get off!
[Annabell] Leave him!
You... Right, you...
You take care of him.
He's still my boy.
[sobs] Polly!
You take care of him!
Please, he's going.
He said he's going.
Please, please,
can you go and get him? Please?
[Richard sobs]
You dropped it before, so...
I didn't look inside.
Do you...
Do you want him to come back?
Don't know.
[Annabell] Do you think he will?
[Richard] Probably not.
[Richard] My mom... My mom never came back this far.
Last night...
Last night I left the cage open,
and um...
Fiona... You know, my chicken,
she died.
And it was my fault.
The fox got her.
I should have looked after her.
I do do things.
I do do things.
Richard, that's not your fault.
It is, 'cause I left it open
and Fiona got eaten.
It's not your fault.
That's just... things
that happen, okay?
[Richard] This morning,
I buried her, and...
when I was burying her...
she had these, um...
It was in her tummy,
she had all these eggs.
No, but they weren't, um...
they weren't like real eggs.
They were just like yolk,
you know, like orange yolk?
I ate them. I ate them. I did.
I was hungry.
I was hungry, I was,
and I ate them.
Okay, come in.
Sit down.
Um... Do you want,
like, a tea or coffee?
Have you got Marmite?
As a drink?
[sobs] No. I just want a tea.
[Annabell sighs]
You know, I was speaking
to my dad before.
He said that we're looking for
someone to help us on the farm,
and then I told him
that you were a farmer.
And so you can, you know,
come stay with us and help us.
You told him I was a farmer?
That's what you are, isn't it?
- Yeah.
- That's right.
Thank you.
Mom, this is Richard.
Richard, this is my mom.
Is Annabell
looking after you okay?
Yes, she's made me...
- [Annabell's mom] Good.
- Made me a tea.
It's nice.
Well, I'm going
to get some rest.
Annabell, there are some sheets
in the box on the landing.
Thank you.
Okay. I'll be back in a second.
[rain pours outside]
[door opens, closes]
- [Annabell sobs]
- [fire roars]
[Richard] Annabell!
- I did it!
- You're fucking crazy!
[Richard] No. I did it.
How cool is that?
Look at the window.
[Richard laughs]
- Oh, my God!
- That's my caravan.
- That's my caravan.
- [laughs]
That's my caravan!
[both laughing]
[Richard] Oh, oh, oh!
Look in the air.
Look! Look at the thing.
Look at the thing.
Oh, my God.
[soft music playing]
[door opens]