Chief of Station (2024) Movie Script

I have a degree
in criminal justice,
and a First from Oxford
learning to track and target
a dispersed enemy
in an asymmetrical war.
All this technology,
and we're back
to 1980s cloak and dagger.
If your
country lost a billion dollars
in a cyber-attack,
you'd look to the old ways too.
While you were living
in a shipping container
in a fortified compound,
learning to turn Afghans,
our old adversaries were...
perfecting their craft.
Oh, speaking
of old adversaries,
here's your man, Evgeny.
Followed by Simon
and Garfunkel.
They're here for the handoff.
That means
we don't have much time.
The mole is here,
or very close.
That's a positive ID
on Abel Zacharia,
Turkish Intelligence.
He contacted
the US State Department
about selling information,
and they turned him down.
So he went
to the next highest bidder.
There he is, got him.
Opening up the channel.
Grey trench coat, glasses.
Northwest gate.
That's your cue, Eugene.
National security depends
on us intercepting that intel.
Looking good, sweetheart.
We're in business.
Evgeny's taken the bait.
Stay! Stop!
First contact spotted.
Keep that on Evgeny.
And that ladies and gentlemen,
is how you sabotage
an old-school side-drop.
If you worked for me,
things would be easier.
I'll consider it.
Today, you have
wedding anniversary, yes?
Hacking my phone?
Your wife,
she will be disappointed
if you are late again.
My wife is never disappointed.
My wife,
she had left me
because of work.
Long career,
many regrets,
but if I could change
one thing,
that would be it.
Nazdrovia, Ben.
Hey, Branca?
Enjoy the anniversary dinner, boss.
I'll clean up any loose ends.
Good job.
Oh, a rose, please.
Good evening, Norbi.
Bonsoir, Ben.
- My wife is...
- Just over there.
- Oh, thank you very much.
- You're welcome.
- Sweetheart.
- You're late, darling.
You know how much
this means to me.
You're lucky that I do.
Thank you.
So we don't have time
for drinks anymore,
our table's booked for eight
at The Carlton.
- Well, I'll call a cab then.
- Okay.
Oh, I really want to
say goodbye to Matt,
- is that all right?
- Okay.
Have I told you
how beautiful you look?
You're not so bad yourself.
Mr. Malloy.
- Norbi?
- Yes, Ben?
Will you please call us a taxi?
Of course.
Are you leaving so soon?
Yes, anniversary obligations.
Excuse me?
Hey man. You good?
- Yeah, I'm... I'm good.
- Okay.
Thank you.
Hey, this is Nick,
I'm backpacking through Europe
right now.
Please leave a message.
Don't be jealous.
Hey Nick,
it's, uh, it's your dad.
Just, um...
I'm just calling to say hi.
Your father called.
Does he know his son
has landed
such a fantastic job?
I'm in IT.
My dad wouldn't understand
the appeal.
You are going to have
to speak with him, eventually.
How can I speak with a guy
who doesn't want to talk
about anything?
Well, men are like that.
Even me?
Even you.
Oh, babe.
When'd you find the time?
Every woman has her secrets.
Is that a good thing?
That depends.
Oh, wow.
We're all very sorry
about the circumstances
of your wife's death.
But there are concerns
related to her last assignment
that we need to address.
This is fucking
shooter-arm bullshit.
I've been sitting here
for two hours
the same damn question.
We're simply exploring
the scope of your knowledge
of that operation, Mr. Malloy.
I told you what I know.
Farrah wouldn't have been
a part of any conspiracy.
Do you recognize
that individual?
- No.
- Kharon Taramov.
He's linked to the murder
of several NATO agents.
His trade
is information-gathering.
The old-fashioned way.
Russia has spent
the past several years
using men like that
to slowly rebuild its empire,
quietly undermining
Western democracy.
What does he have to do
with Farrah?
Was your wife his handler?
- Objection.
- Hold on, Ted.
Listen to me
you smug piece of shit,
Farrah believed
what she did for the CIA
was both meaningful and
critical to America's safety.
Beyond that,
we both knew better
than to ask
about each other's work.
Would you be willing
to take a polygraph exam?
Objection. Ben. That's enough!
You're damn right I would.
Ben, we're done!
Go get it.
Farrah wasn't responsible for
handling any Russians, Ted.
- They're fishing.
- They're smearing her!
Ben! Hold up.
How come you're not working
on your handicap?
The Inspector General
keeps interrupting my game.
Ah, IGs are like mushrooms.
Keep 'em in the dark
and feed 'em manure.
I know what's going on
and I've got your back, Ben.
Just telling them everything
I know, sir.
Hm. Oh, I, uh...
I hear your son is starting
in, uh, IT, yeah?
- In the fall? Hm.
- Yes, sir.
Well maybe he'll follow
in his parents' footsteps
one day.
No loose ends, Ben.
You heard Williams.
The Agency's backing me.
Deputy Director Williams
is behind a steering wheel
that isn't connected
to an engine.
What does that mean?
Come on, Ben.
You've been around long enough.
The IG's the one
that determines
whether this gets sent
to the DOJ.
What's to refer?
Farrah wasn't a double-agent.
We've both been doing this
a long time.
Long enough to understand
the human condition
is not absolute.
We're all inscrutable, Ben.
Even Farrah.
No, Farrah was clean
as a whistle.
I lived with her,
I raised my son with her.
I know that.
So should I cancel my trip?
Do I need to stay and fight?
Unless you get
some new evidence,
there's not much we can do.
It's in the wind now.
I don't buy it.
Talk to me, Farrah.
Morning, George.
Good morning, Mr. Malloy.
Working hard to keep us safe?
What... My card doesn't work.
Whoa! Ben Malloy,
good to see you, man.
How you doing man?
You looking good.
Come on, man.
Do I know you?
What? Come on, it's me,
you don't recognize me?
- No.
- Oh, you want VIP access,
but they've put
a security restriction
on your badge.
How do you know that?
Desmond Jackson.
Although anybody who's anyone
calls me Dez.
Come on, man,
you know that.
We got it, George.
We're good, we're good,
we're good. You...
Follow me fast,
if you hesitate,
I will leave you.
So, we are the foremost
information acquisitionists
in the world.
Here, and I think we can help.
But I can only imagine
what you're going through,
Mr. Malloy.
How do you know my name?
And why the personal escort?
You were the Chief of Station
for the Baltics.
I am really sorry about
what happened, by the way.
- Who restricted my access?
- Anytime the IG investigates
they're gonna clip your wings.
I mean, we can sweep
your system for bugs,
it won't do much
but it'd give you an edge.
I'm not under
formal investigation.
Hey, look,
Mr. Malloy, I'm no lawyer
but if the IG decides
to drop a bomb,
you're in the blast radius.
I need help.
Did you know Farrah?
Why do you think
I'm helping you?
She was one
of the very best people
I've ever worked for.
And your son is something else
in the IT field.
- You should be proud.
- I am.
Hey. You don't need to
hold my hand, I can do this.
So you're familiar with
running the latest modular
mission applications
to provide, amongst others,
total CREST access
and SIGINT functionality?
No, please.
I need you to hold my hand.
Okay, so,
I'm running a broad sweep
on any questionables operating
in and around the area
where your wife was killed.
Know what a sociogram is?
Yeah, it's a visual tool
for charting
relationships within groups.
This ain't your first rodeo.
All right, so we have got
rainbow coalition
of white and black hats,
Hungarian TEK,
Polish SKW intel,
a former Chechen Kadyrovite,
hell, we even got ourselves
some former members
of the Estonian KAPO.
There is one other person
who was around
on the day Farrah died.
Kharon Taramov.
Any idea what
he was doing in Hungary?
- No.
- Hm.
You ever considered
the Russians?
I mean, FSB, GRU
ain't a bunch of Boy Scouts.
No, I know the Baltic chief.
Evgeny Kalinakov?
that's not his thing.
Killing people is not
his thing?
I didn't say that.
I'll run a remote
scan from your laptop.
Give me a few days and
we'll see who's been snooping.
Did they force you
to do this?
Tell me you weren't involved.
"Connect the dots..."
- Hey, dad.
- I'd begin to worry about you.
Yeah, reception's been shitty
out here.
Yeah, those French cell-towers
get you every time.
I'm... I'm not in France.
What do you mean
you're not in France?
- Where are you?
- I'm, uh... I'm in Croatia.
What are you doing there?
Yeah, there's this girl.
Yup, there always is.
Her name's Veronique.
She's chill. You'll like her.
Oh, I'm sure I will.
Yeah, look, I'm running
a little late right now.
Do you think we could meet
- Thursday?
- On Thursday?
- I land on Monday.
- I know.
What am I going to do
for four days?
Look, please don't be pissed.
No, I'm not. I mean,
you're a grown man,
you can make
your own decisions.
I just want to see you,
that's all.
We'll still meet up in France, okay?
I can kill a couple...
I said we'll still
meet up in...
I love you, kid.
Don't get her pregnant.
I'm proud of you.
- Mon cheri.
- Yeah.
You're in Croatia?
I'll go to Budapest.
Kill a couple of days.
You shouldn't be out here
without a coat.
I don't need a coat,
when I have you.
Mademoiselle, monsieur.
Come on.
You look great.
Thank you.
What secrets
are darkening your brow?
You know better than
to ask me that.
I'm probably just thinking
about how lucky I am.
Do you ever give that
intuition of yours a rest?
No. Especially around you.
Speaking of, uh, intuition,
what are you hiding?
when we were "discovered"?
Hm, yeah. Like two little kids
caught necking?
They said
it would never work.
A husband and a wife.
You did, didn't you?
- You did it? Well, hello.
- Mm-hm.
Mrs. Chief of Station.
That little Algerian girl
got smart.
With the support
of a wonderful husband...
- Hey.
- ...a loving son and
- a bit of luck maybe?
- Yeah.
Now she deserves to celebrate.
On that note...
My grandfather bought these
as a gift for my grandmother
when they were married.
Open it.
Named after Fatima,
beloved daughter of Muhammad.
They're for protection
and good fortune.
I want you to keep it close
to your heart, Ben.
That way I will always
be there with you.
I'll never take
it off.
Keep it right next
to my heart.
I love you, Ben.
I love you, Farrah.
Did I wake you?
You're the one on DC time.
What would you say if I told
you I was in town?
I would say remember
the restaurant on Gundel?
Great coffee.
Nine a.m.
Look at you.
You went from body armor
to bespoke.
Well, the new Chief
has to look good.
You deserve
every bit of it.
How's Nick? I hear
he's landed a great job.
Seems everybody's heard that.
Oh, wow. Last time I saw him,
he was this high.
Please congratulate him
for me.
I will.
We're meeting in Paris.
That's the layover?
Had a few days and, um,
I wanted to talk to you
about something.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
You were saying?
There've been some, um...
things, that I want
to talk to you about.
We both know that
the IG report is utter shit,
but I can't discuss any...
They're trying
to blame Farrah.
Blame her for the death
of those agents.
That's, uh,
a slap in the face.
What if her death
wasn't an accident?
Do you know something I don't?
It's a feeling, a hunch.
I do hate when you get those.
John, what if everything
we know about Farrah's death,
is wrong?
- Any evidence?
- Not conclusive.
John, I just feel like, um...
I feel like we need to do...
Well, we are not
going to do anything.
You're going to Paris and...
I'll shake a few branches,
see what falls out the tree.
But, uh...
I think it's important
you spend time with your son.
Thanks, John.
Hello, sir,
how can I help you?
I'm just looking, thank you.
I'm afraid we're
by appointment only, sir.
I need to see Hitchens.
There's no one here
with that name.
Tell him Jedburgh is here.
Follow me.
No, I'll get back to you
on that one.
Okay, I gotta go.
I'll call you later.
- Benjamin.
- Hello, Hitch.
- Could have called.
- Would you have answered?
But it would have given me
time to run and hide.
I supplied you
as an operative, but this...
I could lose my job
helping you.
I've got nowhere else to go.
you knew Farrah as well
as anyone.
You never really know anyone
in this trade, Ben.
When Farrah died,
she was wearing
a replacement wedding ring.
Test case item
that never went into issue.
I was looking
after her original.
We believe Evgeny's
tech-team hacked it
and were able
to track Farrah's movements.
So the explosion
that killed Farrah,
they knew she'd be there?
Evgeny was sidelined.
He was officially
suspended from operations.
Though he still holds court
at the El Royale Casino.
You keep it.
When this is over,
I'll be back.
I hope so.
I don't believe Farrah's death
was an accident.
There's a reason why
the clandestine world
is described
as a wilderness of mirrors.
I can do one thing for you.
This is
Farrah's emergency fund.
It's the most useful thing
I can give you.
Parting gift in her memory.
Use it to find Evgeny.
Evgeny's cold.
He wants to stay cold.
If you want his focus,
make a scene.
You remember how to do that.
Don't you, Ben?
- Mr. M.
- How did you get this number?
Scanned your laptop.
And what's the diagnosis?
That thing is more infected
than a botnet at a denial
of service convention.
- It's crazy.
- What does that mean?
So, whoever did this
is sophisticated,
so watch your ass.
I'm gonna trash your laptop.
Do it.
Something in my vein
Take back the words
They say
You would never let go
Hear the words with ease
Maybe it never happened
They said you had retired.
They said the same about you.
No, I am what you call...
slow quitting.
How did you get in?
I gave Vadim
a two million ruble bribe
at the door.
You know, I slipped him a $50.
Oh, so you have cash.
Is there any objection
if I raise minimum stake
to, uh...
$5,000 US Dollars?
Let's make it $10,000.
As I think will be your
Inspector General's report
when it's released.
I have some questions...
about my wife.
always, she is blaming
other people for her problems.
When she should be looking
in mirror.
The world has changed, Ben.
We are enemies once more.
We've never stopped
being enemies.
Means "stomach
is ungrateful wench,
"never remembers past favors,
always wanting more."
You should leave, Ben.
Odds always favor the house.
That was foolish, Evgeny.
Why? Why you do this?
- I want answers.
- And I had winning hand.
What do you know about
Farrah's death?
I'll bring you in from
the cold, Evgeny.
I'll burn you,
and then I'll bury you.
You have let heart...
overrule common sense.
It's very disappointing.
You sure you don't want me
to come?
I'll be about an hour.
Groceries, water, wine.
I enjoy shopping.
You have to work.
I do, I do.
And you do, so we're good.
Thank you for the coffee,
my love.
Bye, Nick.
See you in an hour?
- Love you.
- Love you. I love you.
I knew you'd be back.
Nicholas Malloy?
My name is Jansson.
I need you to come with me.
Yeah, I'm not going anywhere.
My girlfriend just left, she's
gonna be back in a second.
We'll send a secure escort
for her.
We're protecting her from
the same foreign nationals
that's been tracking you.
This has something to do
with my dad, doesn't it?
I'm not at liberty
to discuss the situation.
But we have to go.
What if I refuse?
I wouldn't
suggest that, sir.
- You have ruined my evening.
- Fuck you.
You've ruined my life.
Ben, this is not like you.
I know it was you.
Oh and that is what
you have come here to do, hm?
To avenge Farrah?
Nyet, nyet.
Why... Why...
Why you come here?
You are too experienced
to start conflict
without provocation.
You are not on assignment.
No one would let you
operate like this.
No, no.
You have come to clear
her name, haven't you?
I know it was you Evgeny.
I know about the other assets,
the accidents.
I know you killed them all.
Ben, Ben, Ben...
We have walked the same path
for decades,
we do same operations
for opposite sides of camp.
We are different
but, on this point,
you could not be more wrong.
This... These are who
you're talking about?
Half-dozen active agents
killed in the last few months, yes?
Yeah, with your signature
all over it.
We have footage.
Was damaged.
We clean up a few frames.
Former FSB.
Your guy.
Gonna admit it, Evgeny?
Say it.
I swear on mother's grave.
He does not work for us.
Then who is responsible?
You remember when you were
stationed in Macedonia, yes?
Yes, I'd like to forget.
Well, then you will recall
how Alexander the Great
came to power of throne.
His father, Philip,
was killed,
murdered, double-crossed,
by best friend.
Evgeny, Evgeny!
Go, Ben! Get out!
It's Ben, listen to me.
Triangulate this call
and get here
as soon as you can.
Come on!
That's enough!
How'd you
get here so fast?
You are one lucky sod, Ben.
An FSB kill-team rarely fails.
I know.
How'd you get here
so quickly, John?
We were tracking Evgeny.
Farrah was murdered.
I know it now. We were set up.
- By who?
- I don't know.
Thought it was the Russians,
but I'm not so sure anymore.
Well you know
you can't trust him.
He's old-school.
Just like you, Ben.
I think it's best you lay low.
I'll take you
to a secure location.
Can you tell me
what's going on?
I mean, we've been driving
for the last three hours.
Are you gonna tell me
my father's in the care
and custody of Ground Branch?
Like... Like you guys
always do?
Your father talk much about
his work?
Is it Syrians?
Is it the Serbians?
Am I allowed to know?
Well, seeing
that you're family...
There's a rogue element
to the FSB.
They tried to kill
your father.
Not an easy task.
So what do you want with me?
You're next on the list.
Wait, hold...
If I'm next on the list,
what happens to my girlfriend?
- No, no, no, she...
- We just left her behind.
She's fine.
We have someone watching her.
I need a sat phone
to call Nick.
I've already sent a go team
to retrieve him.
Root access allowed us
to geolocate his phone.
I already briefed
Director Williams.
Welcome aboard, Ben.
It's right here.
What is this?
Trust me.
It's better you're here
with us than out there.
I wanna thank you, John.
I should be the one
thanking you.
Your visit here
outed an operation
we never saw coming.
Apparently the men
who shot Evgeny
were Chechen assassins
with the Wagner Group.
Yeah, but why?
Intel suggests they...
were looking for something.
you might have.
That I might have?
Did Evgeny or the others ever
ask you for anything?
No, nothing.
John, I went to them.
They never asked you
for anything?
No, I was the one doing
the asking.
Did Farrah give you
something before she died?
What the hell
would she give me?
I don't know, Ben.
You tell me.
No, she didn't give me
Look, I need to speak to Nick.
There's a satellite phone
My father's not coming, is he?
You want the truth or a lie?
I don't want
to kill you, Nick,
but I will.
Sit down.
Fuckin' amateurs.
It'll never be enough, John.
Whatever they offer you...
never be enough.
Ben, why weren't
you honest with me
when I asked you
if you knew anything?
You're a fuckin' traitor,
Eight years
we worked together,
and I trusted you.
I had your back.
I'm only going to ask you
one more time.
What did Farrah give you?
She gave me a son.
She gave me a home.
She gave me a life.
Leave us.
You know
my history, John.
You know what I'm capable of.
You should just kill me.
You should watch your back,
I don't really think
that you're in a position
to be making threats.
You know she was, uh...
a honeytrap, right?
She used to fuck the enemy.
That is why Evgeny
felt so sorry for you.
He had empathy.
Am I done?
You always lived
in a dark place, John.
No joy.
No love.
What did Farrah give you?
Hm? What did she give you?
What did Farrah give you?
What did Farrah give you?
John! Fuck you!
What the fuck
did she give you?
They have him
at the safehouse.
Let's see if Nick...
can handle the same pain
as you.
You fuckin' touch him...
I'll kill everything
you love, John.
You were there.
That was you at the cafe,
wasn't it?
- What's your name?
- Why does it matter?
I like to know the name
of the people I'm gonna kill.
Ah, you Americans think
you are so powerful.
Let me tell you
a little story, my friend.
In the 1980s,
the head of the CIA
was captured by Hezbollah.
Tortured to death.
A few weeks later, the head
of the KGB was captured.
The KGB kidnapped a relative
of the leader of Hezbollah.
And kept sending body parts.
A finger,
a thumb.
The head of the KGB
was released unharmed.
You will never beat us.
We're not playing
by the same rule.
You're Krystyna...
How do I know
you're not a black hat?
I don't work with Chechens.
I kill them.
Where's my son?
You're too weak to leave
the way I came.
you're gonna have to focus
on what we do next, all right?
There are shooters up there.
And they're waiting for us.
- Can you move fast?
- Yeah, let's go.
- You sure?
- Yeah, let's go.
Okay. You follow me.
- Come on.
- Yeah, go.
Those men up there
are not CIA.
Stay with me.
Get in the Zodiac!
Nice work.
Took your sweet time.
You had it under control.
We need to go.
You've been following me
since I arrived, haven't you?
You were on the motorcycle.
How do I know I can trust you?
I risked my ass,
and killed
eight Chechen contractors,
I saved your life back there.
Choose your next accusation
Thank you.
It's my pleasure.
- I need to find my son.
- You need to listen.
Your wife gave me
specific instructions.
Do you have the hand
of Fatima?
The hand of Fatima?
Yes, I do.
- This?
- Very good.
You have the key,
and I have the address.
If I wasn't wearing it...
But you are, Ben.
And Farrah told me that.
The men who took your son
are the men
who betrayed Farrah.
You don't have to do this.
You can let me go.
It's complicated, Nick.
I'm just following orders.
How come you haven't
shown yourself until now?
Farrah ran a stable
of deep cover
intelligence assets.
She was about to expose
a complex money laundering
that linked
the Central Bank of Russia
to a whole host
of NATO countries.
She said the expose would be
like the Panama Papers
on steroids.
Why didn't she tell me?
'Cause she discovered
a rogue US operative
was at the center of it all.
One who played all sides
against each other.
So you were
one of her informants?
There were seven people
on her asset list.
I'm the only one still alive.
You chose to break cover,
for me.
I made a promise to your wife.
She was there for me
when I needed her.
With my help,
you can end this,
I promise.
Branca wants
to talk to you, brother.
I'mma wait outside.
You look like her.
You killed her, didn't you?
Her biggest mistake
was that she trusted me.
I'll kill you.
See how easy it is?
We all have it inside of us.
All we need
is the right motivation.
I promise you,
you're not going to get away
with it.
What was it that she left
for you and your father?
I don't know.
I actually believe you.
But it doesn't matter now.
Farrah wanted you
to open this.
Not me.
Occultis aperta.
"Hidden in plain sight."
Farrah's idea
of a joke.
You have the key.
You knew her before.
Before Guantanamo,
the US sent
"high value" detainees
to Poland for interrogation.
Farrah was straight out
of university.
She spoke fluent Arabic,
we were the only women there.
We were friends.
Our careers mirrored
each other, you know.
Farrah's with the CIA,
and mine with GROM.
I always had deep respect
for her.
She never mentioned you.
You never really know a person
in this profession... right?
Your wife
always had wonderful taste.
How long did she know?
Farrah was an excellent judge
of human nature.
I think she would have
Branca was dirty
for some time.
So she was protecting me.
But I couldn't protect her.
Or Nick.
You're doing what needs
to be done right now.
It's all that matters.
Look at this.
That's a list of money
being funneled
- through LLCs, cut-outs...
- Agency fronts?
He appears to be
on the payroll
of at least five other
foreign intelligence agencies,
along with someone else.
Holy shit.
Farrah discovered that the
Deputy Director of the CIA
is a rogue agent.
This is what
they're looking for.
He's running the whole thing.
Branca's just
a glorified foot soldier...
- Hm.
- What's that?
I don't know, looks like some
sort of modified BIGOT List.
that's a mistake, I mean...
she was a handler, after all.
Oh, Farrah, Farrah.
She wanted you to see this.
She was working with them
the whole time.
You don't know that Ben,
I mean did she...
John. It's Ben.
I got what you're looking for.
I'm glad to hear that,
I want to speak to Nick.
I'll text
you a time and location.
I'll reckon
we'll make a trade.
That's an old bauxite factory.
There is a safehouse
the Americans use near there.
You know they'll kill you.
Once they get what they want.
I'm willing
to take that chance.
I'm sensing some anger.
Yeah. I'm a tad pissed off
my wife turned out
to be a double-agent.
Are you mad about that or
because she had self-agency?
Don't gimme that crap.
Your wife did her own thing.
She ran her own ops
and she made the calls
and she never talked
about anything ever.
And look where that got her.
Maybe it's not what
you think it is.
It's exactly
what I think it is.
So what's your plan?
Give 'em what they want
and I get my son.
You do know that
once they make the trade
you're dead, right?
And if you give them
Farrah's laptop,
her death would have been
for nothing.
This isn't your fight.
But if anything goes wrong,
they'll come for me.
Not if we're smart
about this.
I'll drive.
Yo, Mr. ML,
How was Hungary?
It's good, good.
How's Virginia?
I wouldn't know.
I'm in London.
- Embassy's a lot bigger...
- Yeah.
- ...than I thought actually.
- I'm a little busy, listen.
I'm sending you a link.
How pressing is this?
Life or death.
You need to look at it now.
This thing
is rotten to the top.
On it.
Oh, my God.
I'm sorry.
Get in the car, Nick.
It's not so bad.
Working together again.
It's like the good old days.
I get what I want,
and you get what you want.
Everybody's happy.
I leave here today,
you never hear from me again.
I know.
It's empty.
He has the backpack.
If we don't get it,
you don't get paid.
Come on.
Hold on!
Nick, get down!
Uh, Dad, Dad,
what do I do, Dad?
- I drive, you shoot.
- Shoot?
The man in that car
is a trained assassin.
He wants to kill us.
And he will
if we don't kill him first.
Shoot, Nick!
Ah, shit!
- I said shoot, shoot, Nick!
- It's empty!
Below the barrel,
the grenade launcher,
you've got one shot.
They're gaining on us.
I ever teach you
the precision
immobilization technique?
The PIT maneuver?
Watch out!
I regret not killing your son
when I had the chance.
But at least,
I got your wife.
Let's go, Nick.
Good job.
What happened to Branca?
I don't know.
Rats have a habit
of surviving.
Wait. You're going back?
We left someone behind.
You are a stubborn fuck.
Get up, you old fuck.
I said get up!
I told you
about your back, John.
You never were a good student.
It's one of them.
Come on, John, get up.
Put the gun down, son.
Listen to me.
You have the opportunity,
to do the right thing here.
I want you to put the gun
away, give me your keys
and walk away.
- Walk away?
- Walk away.
- I can't do that, sir.
- You can and you will.
There'll be questions.
Just tell the truth.
Do it, son.
Good luck, sir.
Is this our new vehicle?
You know, I never understood
why Farrah loved
being a handler so much.
It's 'cause she got to work
with people like you.
Your wife
was one of the good ones,
Somebody you'd be willing
to lay your life down for.
I'll find my own way
out of here.
When this is all over...
don't be a stranger.
I won't.
Someone needs to keep
an eye on you.
Yo, Mr. M,
you trying to get me fired?
Why, what'd you find?
Hold on.
Listen to me, Farrah died
gathering this intel
so what can you verify?
Yeah, only enough information
to take down
the Deputy Director.
But I figured you knew
that already, right?
What do you really want?
To know if you can hack
this year's spook-a-thon.
DCI round table's in Croatia,
so yeah, it's doable.
All right, thanks, Dez.
I owe ya.
You once asked me
to work for you,
now I'm asking you
to work for me.
One last favor
for old time's sake.
And I told the DCI,
"No ma'am,
the phrase intel failure
"isn't an oxymoron,
"it's a redundancy!"
I wanna close by telling
each and every one of you... much your wisdom
and guidance has meant to me
over the years.
As I've endeavored to
- Oh, my God...
- Oh, my...
This is bullshit.
It's a complete joke.
You can't prove any of it!
For Christ's sake, you'd need
the head of the goddamn FSB
to corroborate what...
It's nice to see so many
old adversaries in same room.
Where nobody is tied to chair.
As most of you know,
I am Evgeny Kalinakov.
I was FSB Chief of Station,
Budapest, last 11 years.
And I can confirm...
that all evidence
you have seen
is true.
To best of my knowledge.
You take the word of some
Russian operative over mine?
Get rid of Malloy.
you are authorized to go hot
and take whatever steps
are necessary to liquidate him
- and his son.
"Clear up all loose ends", no?
Is message...
from Benjamin.
This way.
Get that thing out of my face!
Hey, dad.
- Hey, you two.
- Sorry, we're late.
Hey, 10 minutes late in Paris
is on time.
You are very dapper,
Mr. Malloy.
Thank you, Veronique.
The new French Chief
of Station
- has to look the part.
- Hm.
Mom would be really proud.
Yeah, she would.
"The moral arc of the universe
is long..."
Yes, "but it bends
toward justice."
on the new job, Nick.
I'm very proud of you.