Child of Satan (2017) Movie Script

(triumphant music)
(energetic music)
(crowd chattering)
- Excuse me do you
speak any English?
Do you speak English, anyone?
- Se habla ingls.
- You speak English?
- Si, (laughs) yes!
- Yes, yes!
I um, I think I'm lost.
I uh, I-I lost my friends
three, um, three um,
guys that look kinda like
me but not really like me
but they're Americans.
- Ah Americanos.
- Si Americanos.
- YES.
- Oh!
- I've seen plenty
of them, everywhere!
- That's uh, that's uh
just not gonna help.
Uh, oh boy.
Oh, I need to find them.
I need...
- They're around somewhere.
- Yeah, they're
around somewhere.
That's brilliant.
(unsettling tones)
Oh boy.
Oh hi.
(speaks in foreign language)
Li7i ?;V1
(speaks in foreign language)
(speaks in foreign language)
Hey hey hey hey,
where you going?
(speaking foreign language)
Okay, I'll go.
- Hey!
- Hey-
- She a loco girl.
- That's okay.
G: T; g '7 p4
But, if you're looking
for something unusual,
I can do much better than that.
- No no no, I gotta, I
need to find my friends.
- I think you
should come with me.
We'll find your friends.
- Hey do you speak English?
- Vamos!
- You'll help me
find my friends?
- Vamos.
- Okay, vamos.
Another word I don't
know what that means.
(speaks in foreign language)
~. 'i; 'v:~ Wt'
Ah, oh.
(speaks in foreign
language) (chuckles)
I get it.
You're a fortune teller, right?
LL; ;: ? ;: I 'P;
1;: 1+ T: 'we
I need to find my friends.
- Oh don't doubt the
supernatural my friend.
- Nah, I don't really
believe in that stuff, so...
- It's the clay of the dead,
(speaking foreign language).
Time to set aside
the world you know.
It's not necessary to
believe, it just is.
- Uh hm.
- Think of it as
entertainment if you like.
- Okay, let's do this.
- Now, in order for us to
search into the deepest
part of the universe,
we must relax our minds.
So drink!
- Just one drink and then
we go find my friends.
- [Fortune Teller] Drink.
- Oh.
- Ah, yes, yes.
(speaks in foreign language)
(sinister music)
(serene music)
(tense music)
(ominous music)
- Hello, hello,
wake up, wake up!
Oh God!
Wake UP!
(brooding music)
- Allison what are
you doing here?
Your shift was
over two hours ago.
- [Allison] Uh, guess
my watch stopped.
- Sure.
(Allison chuckling)
You know that girl in there
has been asking for you.
- Oh she has?
I'll go and check on her.
- Seems like a great girl.
- [Allison] She is.
- You bought her that
bike that was in there
the other clay, didn't you?
- She's been in
ER for three clays.
Her parent's can't even
afford to admit her,
'i; V. ' 'i; V. y;
, w ,1 I; ,1 I '1. '
- You know she's
not gonna be around
long enough to enjoy it?
- She will, don't say that.
(doorbell rings)
- Oh my God, Stupa!
I thought you went
back to India?
- No my in-laws came
from India, and they
don't want me to travel unless--
- How, you too?
You didn't even
tell me about this!
- Surprised?
- Crazy!
"';\ 1" -\ '-." I\ -. "-. \5\ '-. "I." ~
11 . L + w V- -
- [Stupa] Thank you
- [Host] Thank you.
- [Blonde] Hello.
' ," f f, k' J,'
- [Blonde] How are you?
- I'm good.
I was getting a little worried
you weren't coming
back to the States.
- Oh my God are you crazy?
I wouldn't miss this
' : : V' a d! KV':V 'v
- Get your butt in there.
How was Paris?
- Oh my God Ali, it is amazing.
- Yeah?
- I booked a contract
to design kids clothes.
- That's awesome.
- Thank you.
- So when am I gonna see
you on fashion magazines?
- I don't plan on being
famous anytime soon,
but enough about me.
L; g: 'FII g1, I
That little turkey
is about to pop out.
- Hey, enough with
the turkey stuff.
I'm packing a lady
killer in here.
- No doubt you are.
Ancl soon you're gonna have two.
- Okay, now I'm feeling
a little uncomfortable.
Great seeing ya.
- Okay, you know you're
not public property.
Or I would have to kill you.
- Well fortunately for me you
couldn't kill a cockroach.
- Don't count on it.
(phone rings)
Best behavior you two.
- So how'd you get
wrapped up into this?
- Poker night was canceled.
Why does this scarf
look so familiar?
- Ali has one similar to
it with her initials on it.
We got it whenever we
were visiting New York.
- Very pretty.
You look good.
- You look good.
I like your shirt.
- You do?
You should know.
You're a fashionista,
right? (laughs)
- True. (laughs)
- So children's clothing?
- Children's clothing, yes.
- They're so lucky.
- I love kids.
- So lucky.
- Thanks.
You're lucky too.
- Thanks.
Look at this.
Baby shower.
Amazing, so much fun.
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
- What are we
talking about here?
- Baby showers.
- [Woman] It's in the freezer,
"151 I, 'Ti e C e': n 1?;
I know she has her--
- Okay, hang on.
Alright everybody,
quiet down, quiet down.
Down. (clears throat)
Very good.
Dear friends and family.
It is our privilege to
be part of this wonderful
and exciting baby shower.
Our darling Ali, not only is she
a loving and dedicated
nurse to sick kids,
but she is also a
very nice human being.
(laughs) Ancl I know
she's gonna make
an awesome mother too.
- [Ali] Thank you.
- So we wish her luck,
'cause she'll need it.
I know, I got two
kids of my own.
- [Woman] Right?
- Yay!
- Thank you guys, thank you.
I V g: m j H g1, w i, 'Ti e g: 'we
- Thank you GUYS-
You guys are all awesome.
Thank you.
- Alright, enough mushy stuff.
(ominous tones)
- [Woman] Boy it's dark Al.
- What is it?
Oh wow, it's the eclipse, I
read about it this morning.
- Wow.
I have not seen an eclipse
since I was a child.
- Ali, come and take a look.
We i211; {A i, I
- What is it?
- Doesn't it kinda
put you in the mood?
- No no, not what
I was thinking.
- Wow that really lame you guys.
In the mood, seriously?
Over an eclipse?
Ancl that is definitely
what got you
in this situation.
- [Woman On Left]
What's the matter?
- In my culture we believe
that watching an eclipse
is bad luck for pregnant women.
- [Woman On Left] Why,
what's wrong with it?
- Because it can cause
birth defects or miscarriage
causing (mumbles)
for an unborn child.
I \ f, f
I must leave.
I'm so sorry.
I swear.
(unsettling tones)
Hey, you okay?
You Okay?
- Yeah.
I'm gonna go get the cake.
- Oh my God, oh my God.
' [Kevin] Baby, what happened?
- [Ali] I don't know.
- Baby what happened?
- I told you I don't know.
S h my Gccmcci? K@vin,7 SHQ i5
lccmsmg W@y fc m@1@h bflccsccsdm
We need to get her
to the hospital.
- Tara, go get some
towels, call 911.
V' I
It's gonna be okay.
Hurry UP!
(thunder crashes)
It's gonna be fine.
- Hi, I'm Dr.
- [Both] Jones.
- Don't worry, we'll
take good care of you.
How are you feeling?
- Forget about me.
How's my baby?
- He's alright, but looks like
you've lost a lotta blood.
Ancl the baby's
heart rate is low.
He's in distress.
- Is he gonna be okay?
- We're inducing labor
to save your son's life.
- No, no, no.
He's not ready.
- [Doctor] You have to be calm.
- What if he doesn't make it?
- Hey, hey, hey, what is that?
You're the strongest
person I know.
- [Doctor] Okay, I'm
gonna need you to breathe.
- I love you.
Jrxgk I
H ~ ' J .
Baby's gonna be fine.
Okay, we just have
to deliver this baby
so you can be alright.
(Ali groans)
- [Doctor] I'm gonna need
you to push hard, push.
Need you to take a breath.
- I can't bear it anymore.
- Breathe, breathe deep.
Please, please.
Again, in out, now push.
Push hard.
- Ali, the baby's
heart rate is low.
- You're doing great, yo
u're doing great baby.
- [Doctor] Okay, one more.
He's crowning.
One more breath, one more
breath and push hard.
(ominous music)
- He's come.
God, help us.
(baby cries)
- [Kevin] Doc?
- [Ali] What's he doing?
- [Kevin] Doc?
- [Ali] What's he doing?
- [Nurse] Doctor Jones?
- He's here.
- [Kevin] You did it, did it.
- Here you go.
- Welcome to the world.
Christopher Neron Dunn.
- Neron?
- Hey, made you smile.
He likes it.
- Well I guess if
he doesn't like it
he can change it
when he's older.
- I think he sounds
like a linebacker.
Somebody you don't
wanna mess with.
He's definitely gonna
be a linebacker.
- You're stupid.
Your daddy's stupid.
W? ;:T: T: a
Don't you believe your mommy.
- Strange weather we're having.
H+'?; V: g:
'Ti Am. p: n w
- I've never seen
clouds like that before.
Maybe we're gonna get a tornado.
' Uatlghs) Yeah.
We're gonna get a tornado.
We get those in
California every clay.
K 11?,' ~ 1A
- I think you stole
mommy's brain cells.
Yes you did.
- Nuh uh.
- Congratulations new mom.
How's the new mom feeling?
- Hey, how 'bout the new clad?
- The new clad doesn't
have a vagina,
so I'm sure he's
feeling pretty perky.
' Uatlghs) Yeah.
- Okay, she's a bad
influence on the baby.
- Move.
- I'll take that.
- Oh he is so precious.
Ancl of course is my
luck, my car broke down
so I had to take a cab.
- Oh Tara you didn't
have to do that.
- Yes, I did.
So you finally have
your little prince.
I Um hmmm
Ancl I better make
the most of him.
Doctor says I
can't have another.
- But, no, Allison,
you can adopt one.
- Yeah.
- Listen, I envy you.
You are a strong
woman, a kick ass wife.
Ancl the 2nd most
beautiful woman under me.
(all chuckling)
So no more sob stories.
- You have a beautiful
boy and husband.
So bask in it.
It only comes once.
- [Ali] I love you.
- I know you do, everybody does.
So I can't stay long.
I have to head home here soon.
Well you need Kevin
to give you a ride?
- If you don't mind.
Are you sure you'd be
okay here by yourself?
- Yeah, of course.
Why wouldn't I be?
- So, you think I'm
beautiful huh? (laughs)
- Don't let it get to your head.
I swear if Neron has your
ego, the world is screwed.
- [Kevin] Yeah well.
- So beautiful.
Thanks for the ride beautiful.
- Third time's a charm.
- I swear your son is
gonna be a mess of trouble.
(sighs) My God are you serious?
- [Kevin] What's wrong?
- Dammit.
Oh my God are you serious?
I dropped my keys in the cab.
- Got a bobby pin?
- I don't know.
- That'll work.
- Do you even know
what you're doing?
- I'd like to think so.
(Tara laughs)
I used to break
into Allison's dorm
so she wouldn't get
caught coming in late.
- Well look at you.
- Yep, my ill spent
youth pays off.
- I know this is no dorm,
but I at least owe you
another cup of coffee.
(unsettling tones)
(startling tone)
- So you live here
by yourself, right?
- Uh, yeah, about four years.
Coffee should be ready
in just a minute.
You know Ali is really lucky.
She has a new baby and you.
A complete family.
- I'm sorry.
T " w 5;: 'a n w
, A f. y.' 33 q S\ ' 1k I\ 7- LT a a r'
- Do you get those often?
- No, not really.
- Uh here, let me go
check my medicine cabinet.
(startling tone)
Oh my God.
You scared the
living crap outta me.
Um, what do you
take for headaches?
- I don't know, what do you got?
Ali does this weird
massage thing.
Something she picked up from
one of those doctor shows.
It's strange but
it actually works.
- Um well, Ali isn't
here, so you're just gonna
have to settle for aspirin.
- Ah, that stuff doesn't
settle well with my stomach.
No biggie.
I'll just head back.
Try to sleep it off.
- No.
No, you're not driving
feeling that way.
Come here.
- I'm serious.
I don't do well with aspirin.
- You made that
clear the first time.
(unsettling music)
- You're gonna
get me in trouble.
- Too late.
(Tara snickers)
Are you okay?
I'm gonna go get
a cup of coffee.
- I gotta get going-
Gotta check in on Ali.
(suspenseful music)
" Becky!
- Oh, Doctor Jones?
- What are you doing?
- I'm just heading home.
I'm fine.
- Hop in.
Let me give you a ride.
- No, I'm good.
'EFF? ~ "1 +1 Tie 7P; L
Come on.
- Okay, thanks.
- So how long you been
in this neighborhood?
4 k. ' , ,k 7' KT I,-
- Well and this makes it be
easy for working for me, right?
- Yeah, working for you
is very interesting.
- What?
You want hazard pay?
- That sounds about right, yes.
- I don't think it's too bad.
You do a great job.
- Thank you.
F, Vi, v \ V:
- Oh, here we go.
- Don't wanna break
any laws here.
- Right here.
Pe rfe ct.
- Alright Beck.
N; (;" 'y
,11w ' T.'
- Thank you so much.
- Alright, take
care of yourself.
- You didn't have to.
(ominous music)
(voice distorting)
(engine revs)
(body thuds)
(glass shatters)
(woman speaks in
foreign language)
- Hey-
- I think Neron is hungry.
Do you think I should
give him his milk?
- Yeah, yeah there's a
bottle in the fridge.
: S535:.
MY angel.
' Ma.
Ma'am, may I ask you
a personal question?
- [Ali] Yeah, sure.
- Did you have a natural
delivery when you had him?
- Yeah.
Why, what's wrong?
- Nothing, it's just,
it's just I just
never hear him cry.
- Well, Maria he's fine.
I mean when a child is born
they have to acclimate.
They're going through
a lot of changes,
their bodies, their
behavior patterns,
their sleeping patterns.
He's just adjusting.
- Did he hurt his head or
neck when he was in delivery?
- No.
Why would you say that?
What's wrong with his head?
He's fine.
- Nothing, it's
just that in Mexico,
when a kid is born
before his or her time,
it's not a good thing.
- Maria, we live in America.
Okay, you live in America
and I don't mean
this to sound rude,
but, we don't have those
superstitions in this country.
- I understand.
- Good.
Now Kevin and I are
going out tonight.
Are you okay to watch Neron?
- Yes, Senora.
- [Kevin] Hey babe, I'm home.
- We're in the nursery.
- Hey-
- Hey-
- There's my little linebacker.
- Yeah, there he is, sleeping.
Mommy is gonna go
and check tickets
and you have to be ready.
We're leaving in half an hour.
- Why?
- [Ali] We're going to that
musical show, remember?
- Shit.
Alright, let me
take a quick shower.
Mommy is gonna bore
daddy to death.
Wish me luck buddy.
- He's gonna be alright sir.
- Yeah, watch this.
V 7.'-\ v 7i V: Vi' w k L' V: Y, ~ ~:\
- [Ali] The Legally
Blonde, the Mystery.
(unsettling music)
(speaks in foreign language)
(startling tone)
- Kevin?
The lights again.
Maria, I want to
tell you that the--
(ominous tones)
- Yes?
Are you okay ma'am?
- [Kevin] Hey babes, have
you been shaving your legs
with my razor again?
" Huh?
- Did you hear me babes?
- Yeah.
- Are you okay?
- Yeah.
I uh-
- We need to go.
Doesn't the show
start in half an hour?
- Yeah.
- Let's go.
- Alright, what's wrong?
" Huh?
- You haven't said a
word since we left.
- Did you see Maria's eyes?
- [Kevin] What?
- Did you see her eyes?
- No, what would I
have been looking for
had I seen 'em?
- Just forget it.
- NO, Ali.
Tell me what's wrong.
- Okay well this is
gonna sound weird.
But I know what I saw.
When I went to ask
Maria something,
f. V: Q / , f
- [Kevin] They were what?
- They looked black.
- Baby, they're dark
brown like mine.
- No, like completely black,
like the pupils were
dilated or something.
I don't know.
- Okay, maybe she was
on speed or something.
- Kevin.
- What?
I mean babe, what you're
saying makes no sense.
Black eyes?
- Yes, and I know what I saw.
- Alright, well were you
wearing your glasses?
- What is that supposed to mean?
- [Kevin] Nothing.
It was just a question.
, fir'? L
- [Kevin] Look.
You're tired.
- Yeah.
- You've been kicking ass
at this parenting thing
since clay one.
I haven't exactly been
fair as far as keeping up.
I'm not saying that you sound...
- Crazy?
- YES.
I'm just saying that
you need a break.
This show is a good start.
Come on baby.
(suspenseful music)
(baby laughing in distance)
- [Thomas Toy] Mimi's on
fast, Mimi goes first.
(crowd chatting)
- Oh my God.
Oh my God.
(speaks in foreign language)
- Are you okay?
- Yeah.
I'm, I just have, I'm
gonna go use the restroom.
(speaks in foreign language)
(ominous music)
- Oh my God!
Oh my God, oh my God!
- Everything Okay?
- She didn't answer.
' Who?
- Maria.
- You called her?
- Yes and she didn't answer.
- She's probably tied up
with the baby or something.
I'm sure she's fine.
- No, Maria always answers.
- Babe.
- Look, you can stay,
but I am leaving.
- Dammit.
I was just starting
to enjoy this crap.
- Maria?
Come here baby.
' [Kevin] Yeah?
- Maria's not here.
He was in the room by himself.
I; $56?
- Uh, I'll go check the
backyard to see if she's there.
She's not in the backyard.
Is that yours?
K "
- Um, stay calm.
I will call the police.
Is he okay?
- Yeah, he's fine.
(suspenseful music)
- Like I said, she's been our
nanny since our son was born.
7m 1' i7' -~' : \f\ \
F Hi. ' ' I 5i ~
She would never,
ever leave our baby.
- Okay Mr. and Mrs. Dunn.
Well, I think we have
all the information
that we need tonight.
If anything comes up,
we'll give you a call.
In the meantime, if you
find out anything, call us.
- Thank you.
- Goodnight.
- Goodnight.
- Goodnight.
- I think you should
go to your mom's.
- Why?
- Because you don't need
any more distractions.
You've already
been through a lot
since Neron was born.
- So you think that I should
go and see my mom or a shrink?
- Look, you're the one that said
that you mom was going
through some serious menopause
'cause she hasn't seen Neron.
But seriously, you
should go down there.
' \ k"
" it: 1?; e gm Tr-
I can't keep avoiding taking
Neron to see her forever.
- (laughs) No.
Ancl I know it sucks having
a psychiatrist for a mom.
- Yeah, it sucks.
Will you make me feel better?
Thank you.
- Three people
missing in a week.
Any thoughts?
Good ideas, bad ideas.
Messages from space.
From a Ouija board, anything?
- Couple said they found that
when they came
home from the show.
Suppose we say it
belongs to the nanny.
- No signs of a struggle.
- Hmm, I mean three people
vanish without a trace.
No evidence.
Now what is that?
All we know is the nurse's house
was demolished by
who knows what.
- That was probably a car.
- Probably a car?
I mean if we don't get a grip,
the FBI's gonna
be all over this.
Ancl what's it gonna
make us look like?
- Fucking idiots?
- I don't need a sentence
completion service.
My ex-wife was a sentence
completion service.
All I need is a little
help here folks.
- I think we should start
at the hospital sir.
It's our best connection.
- Alright.
Ancl keep an eye on the couple.
H k '\ V: = 7%
- Oh. (sighs)
- You can't catch worth a shit.
TV??? Twiyl I'?w'w
- Okay I think you need
something to calm you down.
Like sertraline.
- Sertraline?
- '(ED-
It's a neuro pill,
very small closes.
Take one daily
with lots of water.
I'm also going to give you
something to help you sleep.
Be careful with it.
Ancl please, don't drive
when you take them.
- Okay, are there
any side effects?
- Probably drowsiness,
Sometimes blurred
vision, hallucinations.
- Great, now I'm gonna
feel like a druggie.
Okay, thanks Doc.
(unsettling tones)
(suspenseful music)
- Just give me a
minute sweetie, huh?
- Sure.
Excuse me.
I love the color
of the office Mom.
- Now that color's
supposed to be
very soothing for my patients.
- [Ali] Yeah, it's quite
something. (laughs)
- Oh God.
Neron is so precious.
He's this big handsome boy now.
- Yeah.
Can't believe you got
him to sleep so fast.
- Uh huh, grandmothers.
We've got the touch. (laughs)
So, talk to me sweetie.
Kevin tells me you've been
really stressed out lately
and hallucinating.
- What?
Why would he tell you that?
- [Grandmother] 'Cause
he cares about you.
- No, that his wife is crazy?
I can't believe
he would do that.
- You know,
it took me a while to
believe your father was dead.
For so long I was
just mad at him
for taking his own life.
Because I wanted it to
be me instead of him.
There was nothing I thought
your father couldn't do.
Ah, he was the perfect
husband, father, friend.
There was no comparison to
his work as a psychiatrist.
His patients all loved him.
Ancl as he continued
to free them all
from their mental health,
their health slowly became his.
- You can't blame yourself mom.
- It was my responsibility
to give him strength
when he needed it.
If ailed him.
That's why I commend
Kevin for doing for you
what I couldn't do
for your father.
Z M@y@@ IUV @@@m
fc hard rn himm
Maybe I'm, scared,
that Neron is gonna face
the same loss that I did.
- Ancl you just wanna
smother him. (laughs)
Oh honey.
You always will.
You know what I think?
I think you should
go out on the town
and lick your wounds.
No really, don't
worry about Neron.
I will take care of him
and he'll be just fine.
This isn't the
psychiatrist talking.
This is mom.
- Come here.
Thank you.
I love you.
- Oh honey I love you too.
I do.
(quiet chattering)
- Hey you.
I've missed you these
past couple clays.
- (exhales) There's
been a lot going on.
Our nanny's missing and
cops can't find her anywhere.
- What, are you serious?
- [Kevin] Yeah.
- Maybe she just went back
to Mexico or something.
- Maybe.
I hope that's what it is.
- What else would it be?
- (sighs) I don't know.
- You seemed really stressed.
I could take care of you.
- Tara.
When Ali gets back, we,
we can't see each
other like this.
- I don't like to be alone.
I like it better
when you're there.
- Ali's going through
a lot right now.
I can't just pick up and go.
Just give me a couple clays.
- I could just stay
with you at your house
, f, \ y\/,f, 'w '
She'd call you before
she gets home, right?
- Yeah, she has to.
She doesn't wanna come
home to an empty house.
She said she's
definitely gonna call.
Come here.
(ominous music)
(glass breaks)
(thoughtful music)
- [Grandmother] Who are you?
Ancl what are you
doing in my house?
- [Maria] He was on the floor.
Not a good place
for a young baby.
- [Grandmother] I'm
calling the police.
- I have an appointment.
Allison scheduled it for me.
- My daughter doesn't
schedule my appointments.
(crowd chattering)
- Some night on the town Mom.
- Oh yeah.
Oh, let me take him.
I'll be back.
I need to put the baby to bed.
'T '/ ' V: 7/ \ f, I
- I will take one
Gonilla sandwich please.
Thank you.
- That'll be $1.
7F ii L,
- I have to take out.
- It's okay sweetheart.
Shh, shh, shh.
It's okay.
G: mi: L iv ' 1i; I
Have you look in
his eyes lately?
- I don't know what you mean.
P A 7r
Yes, look at this eyes.
- Wait.
Wait right here.
I have to put him to bed.
Wait, I'll be right back.
(unsettling music)
- I need to speak to you Helen.
Do you ever think of me?
Do you know what it's
like to rot in hell here?
(Helen laughs)
Do you know what you did to me?
- [Helen] What?
Do you know what it's
like to feel here,
you rot in hell.
- (gasps) Oh my God, Jim.
- Well now you're
gonna feel like me.
Look at me.
Ancl now you will.
- Shit.
- You will.
Just give him to me.
- Oh no, no.
(Maria hums)
(Maria laughs)
(gun fires)
- We got a call
about a homicide.
- Yes, yes.
- Are you okay?
What happened?
- Someone shot my mom.
Someone shot my mom.
- Did you get a
description of the person?
- No, I just walked
in and found her.
- Where's the body?
- Upstairs in the office room.
- Go check it out.
Do you have any idea
who coulda clone this?
- Ma'am.
- I'm gonna need you
to stay here ma'am.
Step inside please ma'am.
- I'll take the baby ma'am.
Let me have the baby.
- Follow the lieutenant.
- Step inside ma'am.
- She was right here.
She was right here.
She was.
She was dead.
- Listen ma'am.
There is no dead body.
There's not even
evidence of a dead body.
If you're feeling
stressed, go see a shrink.
Or next time we are
going to arrest you
for filing a false
police report.
Are you on medication?
- Yeah but, I'm not crazy.
- We've got a 1282.
- Let's get outta here.
- I'm not crazy.
I'm not crazy!
(suspenseful music)
- Hey babe, is that you?
What's wrong baby,
what happened?
Why are you back home so early?
Oh what's wrong?
- My mom.
My mom, she's dead.
- What are you talking about?
- Kevin, I need
you to believe me.
- Why wouldn't I believe you?
- Okay, I walked
into my mom's office
'(k'\ 'r {";{f
It looked like
somebody had shot her.
Okay, but when I
called the police,
her body was missing.
- [Kevin] Okay, whoa, slow down.
- [Ali] Her body was missing.
- Missing?
- Yes.
- Okay baby, that
doesn't make any sense.
- I know.
- Maybe you were hallucinating.
- No.
No, I wasn't fucking
hallucinating, Kevin.
I saw my mom dead in her office.
I saw it.
Ancl it was real.
- Okay, I'm not saying
you didn't see it.
Okay, maybe someone moved her.
- No.
- Hey, hey.
Everything will be fine.
I promise.
Okay, we'll figure this out.
- Look, you gotta get some rest.
Get some rest.
For me.
(breathing deeply)
Oh God.
(tense tones)
- Hey babe.
I can explain.
- [Ali] In our bedroom Kevin.
- (scoffs) What are
you talking about?
- In our bedroom Kevin?
Did you do it?
- Ali, you've, you've
been so different and...
- Well yeah, yeah.
I'm boring and bitchy.
What, so you go and fuck
my best friend, is that it?
- Hey babe, babe, babe.
- No, no!
Don't, don't, don't
even touch me.
K I.
You're sick.
- Ancl you're a pathetic
unfaithful bastard.
I: k 'a ~v k 'i', \'-\ s.
I don't wanna live
with you anymore.
Get out!
Get out!
- You're fucking
crazy and paranoid.
You know what, I'm
gonna leave now,
but I'm coming back for my son.
This is not a good
environment for him.
- You need help!
- Now!
(unsettling music)
- Father I've, I've come to you
because I don't know
what else to do.
I, I don't know why
he's so restless.
- I know why you're here.
Your problem is not with you.
It's your child.
- Father?
- No harm will come to your son.
The sister will take him
outside and watch over him.
It's okay.
Thank you sister.
You are surrounded
by a terrible evil,
an evil that'll keep
a cloak over you.
It will smother you
if you take no action.
See to your child.
- I don't understand.
- See to your child.
- What do you mean?
- Let's get this show over with.
- [Woman] Just calm down.
W" w? ' Q';
Don't even try.
(continues speaking off mic)
- Hi, I'm Detective Corrigan.
I've believe you've
met my associates,
Detectives Kerr,
Detective Ferry.
- [Ali] Is this about my mom?
You found her.
- (sighs) Ma'am, you mind
if we come inside and talk?
- What, so you found my mom?
- Nothing yet.
But the forensics team
did find evidence
of a blood splatter.
Ancl there's also the
matter of the disappearance
of a doctor and a nurse.
I'm pretty sure you
know who they are.
The ones that tended to
you during your labor.
- Doctor Jones is missing?
- Yeah.
Any idea about
their whereabouts?
- No.
Why would I?
(phone rings)
I'm sorry, I'm sorry officers,
I have to take that.
- Wait.
Wait a minute.
- What the hell was that?
- Hey you.
How are you today buddy?
- What do you guys make of her?
- [Kerr] She definitely knows
more than she's telling us.
(Neron cries)
- I don't know about that.
- [Kerr] What the
hell is that smell?
- You smelled it first.
- No, oh, no.
Chief, it's not my job.
I'm not, I don't
do, I don't do that.
- But could we just
wait 'til she gets back?
- Oh my gosh, you
guys are such babies.
Hi handsome.
Oh you're so adorable.
Do you want me to change
your diaper for you?
Do you want me to do that?
H :5 g '
U My'? (W? 7
I'm sure your mommy
won't mind that dirty job
being take care of, huh buddy.
Okay, I'll be right
back you big babies.
- Didn't you?
- Come back here.
How did you get to be so cute.
Huh, how did that happen?
(suspenseful music)
- [Kerr] Are you okay?
(gun fires)
t V: /'\\ \
(gun fires)
(startling tone)
- How many have died?
Or have gone missing?
- Five, maybe five Father.
- He will be a mortal soon.
(unsettling music)
Once he is a mortal,
his only agenda will be
to rule this Earth
for a dark millennium.
Ancl he will use all the power
of satan to do it, believe me.
- My son?
- You must put that
outta your mind.
He is not your son.
He has come to bring
forth hell on Earth.
Who's his father?
- Why does that matter?
- [Priest] Who is he?
- I can't do this.
It's making me crazy.
- You knew he was different
from the time he was born.
You know what I
say is the truth,
you've seen it in your dreams.
- Who are you?
- I'm like you.
But I've been given
a terrible task.
I dwell in the void
between the terrestrial
and the celestial realms.
I oversee the balance
between good and evil.
But now evil has
twisted the scale.
- Are you an angel?
- Oh no, no.
I am not an angel.
I'm a mortal like you
with a mortal's heart.
You must be willing to
accept the unacceptable.
He is not your son.
What you see is only a vessel
to something dark
and beyond evil.
Now, who's his father?
- Kevin, my husband.
We don't live together anymore.
- [Priest] Where is he?
- He's with another woman.
She was my best friend.
- Listen,
he is a conduit for
supernatural forces.
He is capable of
producing even more evil.
He must be stopped.
It must be stopped.
(eerie music)
(phone vibrates)
- What do you want Kevin?
- [Kevin] Where are you?
I wanna talk to you.
- [Ali] We are talking.
- [Kevin] In person.
- [Ali] No, I don't
wanna see you.
I\\\S\/'\/':'% ( I' ] j f . \
- But I haven't clone anything.
Kevin do you even
realize what's going on,
how many lives are at
stake because of you.
- [Kevin] What are
you talking about?
- [Ali] I've come to know
a lot about you recently.
Too much.
- [Kevin] Where's my son?
- [Ali] He's here.
- [Kevin] Where are you?
I wanna come get him.
- No, you're not taking him.
- Fine, I at least
wanna see him.
Can I come in?
Get over here my
little linebacker.
I missed you.
How you doing?
- [Ali] We need to
talk about our son.
(Kevin sighs)
1r W
Let's work this out.
- No, that's not what
I'm talking about.
When did you go to Mexico?
- (laughs) Sit down.
Hey buddy.
I don't know.
I don't remember.
What difference does it make?
What does that have
to do with this?
- You went to see some
black magic guy in Mexico.
Ancl now so much is happening
you can't even imagine.
- I'm thirsty, I'm
gonna get some water.
- Something happened in Mexico.
Whatever happened is
affecting our son!
- I know, motel
water's disgusting.
You want me to get
you a bottle of water?
- No.
- Ali, do you have any
idea how crazy you sound?
- People are dead Kevin.
- You need help.
You're not well, you
haven't been well.
Ali, hey.
Hey, hey, heY-
Let's go buddy.
It's time to go.
(sinister music)
(glass shatters)
- om
- You've meddled in the
affairs of the future.
Time is tilted, but not
in your favor Priest.
Like a bad clock,
you must be reset.
- We have always existed.
I am their guardian.
- You're the
guardian of nothing.
(explosion booms)
- Yeah, she's staying at a
motel at the end of I-21.
- Yeah, she's alone.
- Thank you.
- Bye.
- Who was that?
- That was Doctor Jones, our
cloctor who delivered Neron.
- What did he want?
- He wanted to know
where Allison was.
He thinks he can help her out.
- How did he know you
knew where she was?
- I don't know.
- [Priest] There's
not much time.
You must end this now.
This dagger is
from the holy land.
It was given to me
by the one before me.
Ancl to him by the
one before him.
So, it is made from the
silver of the holy challis.
It'll protect you from evil.
(knocking at door)
- Who is it?
(Ali whimpers)
- We come for you.
In a moment everything'll
be in its place.
You should be very proud.
Your son will have
dominion over all.
"R1; I fj 2 "1 'Ti w L T? "1 + ~
- Kevin, run!
- Allison.
- What do you see baby boy?
In your dream, nobody's
messing with you.
- Allison, what's going on?
Tara, what are you doing?
Tara no!
(body thuds)
(Ali grunts)
- [Ali] Get off.
- [Ferry] Yes, we have her.
(intense dramatic music)
(gun fires)
(body thuds)
(gun fires)
- Kevin!
- I saw what happened.
Get in.
Tara's dead.
- I took a phone call.
I thought it was you, then
there was nobody there.
Then I looked over; and Tara
was standing at the window.
Craziest eyes I've ever seen.
She was holding onto Neron
and then she just fell out.
- Neron?
- He didn't have
a scratch on him.
Where is he?
- I don't know.
He just disappeared.
He was gone, I couldn't
even find him anywhere.
This is crazy.
- Yeah, it's crazy.
(phone vibrates)
Look, hold on.
Where are you?
- What, what did she say?
- She's alive but she's hurt.
She has Neron and
she's at the house.
- Okay, we're five minutes away.
(eerie music)
- Sir?
I just got a call
from the morgue.
Two bodies were stolen.
- What bodies?
- One was just some
Jane Doe hooker.
But the other was
Detective Ferry.
- Someone stole
Detective Ferry's body?
What the hell's going on?
- It gets stranger than that.
One of our units claimed
they seen Detective Ferry
steal a black a white
from the motor pool.
They tried to follow her
(phone rings)
but they lost her in traffic.
- Yeah?
Detective Ferry?
- 'I; - 7 i.' :\ The CTheCCThe f. S\7\ -
Hfx c. Hli/'f'
Holy shit.
Get the hell outta
here, let's go.
(eerie music)
L' I M.
- Eleanor?
- Neron.
(baby cries)
- What is it?
(startling tone)
- I think I heard Neron.
I heard him crying.
- Crying?
H F? 'x
(tense music)
- [Eleanor] Allison.
You're alive?
- Give me the knife sweetheart.
You don't wanna hurt anybody.
- You'd better do what she said.
Mr. Dunn, thank
you for joining us.
You're the final
piece in the puzzle.
The world will soon
have a new order.
- Mom, what are you doing?
- Don't be sad.
Everything is going to be fine.
- She's not your mom.
- Being that you are the key,
the last piece of the puzzle
and the one that started this,
I was planning something
a bit more theatrical
for you and Neron.
Neron's father
wanted to be here,
but time's being what they are.
(gun fires)
' [AH] No!
- Allison, no.
Stay back.
- [Dr. Jones] Bring
me the dagger.
It's time for the
new millennium.
(blood splashes)
(Doctor Jones screams)
(blood splashes)
(Doctor Jones yells)
(Ali grunts)
(gun fires)
- Fuck you, you
home wrecking cunt.
(gun fires)
- (gasps) Don't do
this sweetheart.
He's your son.
I'm mom.
(Ali whimpers)
- Mom.
- Mom.
- YES.
We'll go to the park.
I'll buy you an ice cream cone.
Don't you remember when
you were a little girl?
I still have one of the
ribbons from your hair.
% fl V, /%
(gun fires)
(Ali yells)
(gun fires)
- Let's grab the baby.
Let's get outta here.
(ominous music)
(intense dramatic music)
Yeah, yeah.
We're gonna be okay.
I'm so sorry. I
love you so much.
I'm so sorry.
(tender music)
Neron's gonna be fine.
Look at me.
Look at me.
Look, I know I haven't
earned your trust, okay?
I know, I know I've clone a
lotta bad things in this,
but trust me when I say this,
the moll told me, look at me,
he told me if we can
clear him from evil,
he will be innocent again.
The moll told me.
He's gonna be fine.
Trust me.
(unsettling music)
(thoughtful music)