Children of Sin (2022) Movie Script

Friends we're in the middle of a war.
This is a war between
good God-fearing folks
like you and I,
and those on the side of Satan.
You know, just last week,
I was with my children, my young children
out of the moon
trying to have a nice time with my family.
And I look over to the concession line.
You and there are two men holding hands.
Two men, mind you just carrying
on like a normal couple.
Like, there's nothing wrong with it.
Bunch of sickos.
Now I ask you,
should we let these people run
around and do what they want?
Should we let these people get to us
and get to a our children?
Because that's what they'll do.
- They'll stop...
- Jackson.
On nothing to take us down with...
Where's that sister your?
They'll stop nothing
to infect us with their sin.
Folks, it is up to us to make sure that
our children are not practicing sin.
Our very livelihood depends on this.
Is there some reason that she's
not down here with the rest of the family.
Hanging on us, if we
raise a bunch of sinners.
She may not be feeling well.
Defy His rules and commands...
I'll go check on her.
No, do you think we'll
despair the fires of hell?
I say if we wanna taste that
sweet promise of heaven,
we'll have to make a few
sacrifices along the way.
Sweetie, are you okay?
Well, Robbie's about to fire up the grill.
Are you hungry?
I'll be down in a minute.
You didn't
have to gimme these ma?
Well, it's not every day that your son
makes the honor roll.
We are so proud of you.
You not to give me this.
You just got me that
fishing pole last week.
Hey, forget about this Robbie business.
It's gonna be dad by next Sunday.
Might as well start getting used to it.
You too, Emma.
Your brother tells me that you
were out with some colorful
characters last night.
Are you still running around
with that Rachel McKenny?
I hear she's a bit of a
loose girl, big into drugs,
lots of boyfriends and that mother.
So what?
I like her.
I don't know if your mother allows
that kind of talk at their dinner table,
but that's not something that's gonna be
happening in this house.
Do you understand?
She's sorry.
You're sorry, aren't you Emma?
I'm sorry, sir.
You know what this family needs,
is a celebration.
I'm gonna go cut the cake.
So Jackson, maybe you should
start tutoring your sister,
whatever teachers called last week
and her grades are slipping.
You know what, I think I'll go help mom
in the kitchen.
That apartment we were
looking at last year in Madison
is for rent again.
I saw it last night when
I drove by it with Rachel.
I don't think Robbie's
looking to move anytime soon.
No, I'm meant just a place for us to go.
Just you, me and Jackson.
Sweetie, what is it with the two of you?
I thought you liked him.
It's just...
I just think you could do better.
Robby takes care of me, of us.
We don't have to worry about
when we're going to eat
or where we're going to sleep at night.
And I mean, it's not
like there are hundreds
of men wanting to marry a
woman my age with two kids,
you know?
He's just so...
Okay, Emma, I am not going to have
this conversation with you.
We are lucky that Robby
walked into our lives
because without him,
we wouldn't have the church
and with the church,
we will always have a family.
We already had a family, mom.
You know what?
Why don't you finish
slicing and I'll serve.
Hi, sweetie.
Do you have any trash?
No, I'm good.
When were you gonna tell me about this?
I was just trying to figure out a plan.
I'm gonna have to tell Robbie.
No, please don't.
I've been doing some research
on how much abortion costs.
You wanna kill your baby?
Come on mom.
It's not like you didn't
have a couple of your own
back in the day.
Why can't you just be more
like your brother, Emma?
Just drama free.
Give me that cell phone.
You will not be getting this
back for at least a week.
Now, go brush your teeth.
Because besides meals, you
aren't leaving this bedroom.
Or we can lock.
Slot for a daughter.
We've gotta do something about this.
What did you do now?
They always fight after
you've done something.
Why are you giving him such a hard time?
Why do you like him so much?
He comes to my football games.
Buys me new shoes helps
me with my homework.
Yeah, but haven't you noticed
how mom's changed since she met him?
I mean, come on.
She wasn't exactly cooking
us home cooked meals
and going to Bible retreats.
We were lucky to get a
soggy bag of McDonald's
at the end of the day.
Well, before we went
to go live with Grammy
and all this religious stuff.
Is there something wrong
with being religious?
Grammy was, your dad
was, maybe mom was too.
You know, for some reason,
I don't think mom stuck
around long enough to find out
what their favorite Bible verses were.
You don't think it's
cool having a dad around?
Someone who will be there for
our graduations or weddings.
Awful, wedding.
Are you in that cute guy
from the speech and
debate team still talking?
That's gross.
Why, I thought you
two were cute together.
You still talk to him.
Why would I do that?
That's a sin.
Come on.
You know, Jackson,
You used to laugh a lot more
before Robbie was around.
Be nice to hear you laugh again.
Come on, Jackson.
You used to always be on my side.
Why can't you be on my side here?
Because being on your side always seems
to get me into trouble.
That's really big.
They caught this right by that cabin
that we're going to tomorrow.
I'm gonna go show this to Jackson.
And I think he'd get a big kick out of it.
What is that?
It's a.
I thought I was the only one here.
Oh, I was just looking for some Advil.
I'll leave you with alone.
Do you know that? What you did is wrong?
Boys like that God doesn't love them.
What are you doing outta your room?
I was just trying to get some water.
What's going on.
Last night, we...
Robbie found your brother
engaging an adult
conversation with another boy.
So what he likes boys.
What's the big deal.
Come on mom.
I got, that was a given
after he was Cinderella
for Halloween in second grade.
Do you think your brother's
eternal damnation is funny?
Do you think it's
something to laugh about?
Just because you're going to hell.
Doesn't mean you're gonna
take the rest of us with you.
Robbie, stop it.
You didn't discipline these kids enough.
That's what's wrong with me.
So are we eating before fishing
or are we stopping to
get something on the...
Where would we go?
What would I do for a living?
I could try to get my job
back at that olive garden.
Now I don't think I'm allowed
within 500 feet of that place.
You figure out later,
as long as we're a wait from him,
look, we could just get in
the car and drive anywhere.
I don't care if we have to
sleep in the cardboard box.
It means that much to you.
I'm so sorry.
I am so sorry that you kids got
stuck with the big old dope,
like me for your mom.
You'd be so much better off without me.
Mom. Don't say that.
Tammy, are you making lunch?
Yeah, I'll be there in a second.
Hey, listen.
We'll figure it out later, okay?
Let's just go eat.
Remember what I said, little girl?
One word.
Don't want anything to happen.
Do we?
It's, time to wake up, sweetie.
Where are we going?
We've got the whole place to ourselves.
Not that all the boys at
school are wild about you.
Don't you wanna know what to do
when you meet the right boy?
You don't wanna be embarrassed, do you?
I know what boys, like,
I can show you if you like.
Well, you must be Emma.
I'm Mary Esther.
Welcome to Abraham house.
Where's my mom.
I'm right here, sweetie.
I'll leave you three.
Talk this over.
Thank you.
Mom, what is this place?
You guys trust me, right?
And you know that. I love
you both so, so much.
And we can't,
we can't let you go to hell.
Go to hell.
It's okay, baby.
We can fix this.
We can fix this all together, okay?
If you just do what you're supposed to do.
What is it we be doing?
You just have to listen to Mary Esther.
She works for the church and
she knows how things are done.
Did he put you up to this?
I called your school and I
told him that we had a family
emergency and nobody
has to know about this.
It can just be our secret in.
There's nothing wrong with us, mom.
What about you, Jackson?
Do you think that you could be a good boy
and you could mind all of the rules?
Well, if it makes you happy.
Maybe it'll work.
And if Robbie thinks it'll work.
So what about you, Emma?
Do you think you can be good?
I don't wanna be here, mom.
Okay. Well then let's go.
Let's just get in the car
and let's drive around
until we run out of gas
and then we can find a nice overpass
that we can live under.
Would you like that Jackson?
Or you could just stay here for three days
just until Friday.
Just until I can save up enough
that I can get us a place.
You would just be the three of us,
like it used to be, no Robbie.
The choice is yours.
Three days without algebra.
Who could turn that down?
Oh, baby.
I'll Call.
I promise I'll call.
I'll call.
We don't stand for any
profanity in this house.
No taking the Lord's name in bay.
You only get three strikes,
three strikes and no more than that.
What happens after three strikes?
Hi, you must be Emma and Jackson.
My name's Hank.
It's very nice to meet you.
Wow, where have you been?
Oh, Mason, the gardener.
His, car broke down and
I had to jump in my off.
Mm, Emma, why don't you come with me?
I have your uniform down the hall.
Breakfast is at 8:00 AM sharp, every day.
Come bring a gum shine and there's to be
- Still more time.
- no more one person
in the bathroom at any given time.
I'm gonna get you
out of here. I promise.
This is Emma.
She and her brother Jackson
have just joined us.
I trust you'll show her the ropes,
but don't you have breakfast to make?
Been in the system since
she was three years old,
lost a kid, you know, bless her heart.
Let's get you into that uniform.
So you're telling me,
I acted out on my homosexual urges
because I long for a
father figure in my life.
It's a classic story.
So you see,
your mother has been your
only stable parental figure
for most of your life.
But I can change.
Oh, I'd like to think so
if you want it hard enough.
Will Robbie stay if I change?
That I do not know.
But, I like to think he will.
Jackson, I've been where you are.
Okay, trust me.
I believe in you.
Hey, I believe in you too.
Kris Jackson, Jackson, Kris.
Kris, why don't you show Jackson
where to go get breakfast?
Oh, Good stuff.
Good stuff.
Just don't let Mary Esther see this.
You know how she hates it
when you bring this to the
breakfast table.
First time at one of these places.
This is my third.
Nothing ever seems to stick.
I tell my grandma all the time
that she's just wasting the money
they could go to giving
her a comfy retirement.
Here I am again.
One sec.
- Hey Joel.
- Yeah.
- Come meet the new guy.
- Okay.
Hey, good morning.
Nice to meet you.
Good morning. Nice to meet you too.
If you can believe it,
Joel is here voluntarily.
You are gonna love it here.
Hank and Mary Esther, they
are just inspirational.
Anyway, I'll see you at breakfast.
Do you know why you and
your brother are here, Emma?
Honestly, no.
You're here because your parents
still believe there's hope for you.
Okay, Robbie is not my dad.
My dad died a long time ago.
My father died too.
When I was 12.
I sometimes that's why
I went down the road.
I went down.
I'd hate to see you go
down that same road.
The drinking, the drugs, the
fornicating baby killing.
Well, it wasn't until I joined the church,
I realized I was worth saving.
And I had a calling, I
never even knew about.
And I had someone who'd
always be there by my side.
Wouldn't it be nice to know
there was someone there for you,
someone who would always
love you, no matter what.
I'm good, honestly.
Well, I thought I was a
okay, too, until I wasn't.
The church saved me and
it can save you too.
When I think of all the
time I wasted sending
the running away from Christ.
Christ always finds you.
He always knows.
If you sinned.
Keep these buttoned.
Mustn't give the boys any ideas.
Well, it's almost breakfast time.
You better go help Rebecca set the table.
I'll be there in a moment.
When you're cursed with
the homosexual virus,
it weighs down on you like this backpack.
At everything you do,
the way you think, talk
has to be rewired.
I know it sounds difficult,
but I've done it.
And you can too.
And these days I never have a
homosexual thought.
Hey, can I take this off?
Oh yeah. Yeah.
Why don't we try some walking exercises.
please don't burn the biscuits
like you did yesterday.
It may not seem like a big deal now,
but your husband might not be a fan.
Hey, don't take this the wrong way.
But do you want me to help you with that?
No, it's just Mary Esther doesn't like it.
If there's too much good on the potatoes.
I mean, you can't really
mess up butter biscuits.
Just me a couple minutes
and I'm sure I can find a way.
So who were you talking
to by the door earlier?
My sister, Megan or foster sister.
She's been in there for two days now.
Why are you guys here?
Because she kissed a girl and liked it.
I was by four guys on the tennis team
and wasn't even awake to enjoy it.
Got this, well, baby out of it though.
You too, huh?
Welcome to the home of
unwed mothers and perverts.
Wait, but who who's your baby daddy know?
Was it some boyfriend or a rainbow?
Our subject.
I get it.
Well, let me guess, you loved him.
He knocked you up and broke your heart.
Yeah, we'll go with that.
So what did Megan do to get put in there?
She used up ball, her strikes.
Who knows what they make you do in there?
I mean, I'm surprised he haven't
shut this place down yet,
but then again,
I know more than a few cops
who remembers themselves.
Well, at least we're
only here three days.
Yeah. I mean, that's
what they tell everybody,
but it we're on day five.
I've never seen anyone
make it past day seven.
What do you mean?
Do they go home?
I mean, we never see anyone
get picked up though.
They just never show up for
breakfast the next morning.
Big bite.
Are you ready to ask God for forgiveness?
I didn't do anything wrong.
Oh Megan, why do you lie to God?
Now, before I can give you this bite,
I'm going to need you
ask God for forgiveness.
Can you please untie me?
Well, the Lord came to me last night.
He told me to tell you he's
done giving you chances
if you don't ask for forgiveness.
I didn't do anything wrong.
You mean,
you mean to tell me
that if you were to die right now,
you think you'd get into heaven.
Well then let's test that theory.
See anything yet?
Any angels hear any trumpet?
You know what,
this could take a little while.
There's still time to
ask God for forgiveness.
I don't know what you're smiling about.
Especially considering
where you are spending
the rest of eternity.
She wasn't always like this.
Not until she joined the
church and met Robbie.
Same thing happened to my foster dad.
I mean, he thought the church saved him
for month and now he feels
like he owes his life.
And most of us savings to them.
I mean, every month he sends a check
to headquarters in Florida hoping to...
I don't know, buy his way into heaven.
I mean, I'm convinced that why
they want us to have these babies.
So they'll grow up just
to cut them a check to.
How many of these places
do you think are out there?
I probably a dozen at least.
I mean, if not more, I know
the main ones in Florida.
You ever notice all the
crazy happening in Florida?
Do you think Mary Esther
is still downstairs?
I saw a phone in her room.
I wanna go try to call my mom.
Are you crazy?
Why, if she catches you?
So I'll get a strike.
I just have to know if my mom's okay.
No, Wait, are you...
Oh, that line hasn't
worked for a while now.
Keep meaning to fix it,
but there's no point.
I'm afraid, this is
your first strike Emma.
No, I was just trying to...
You were just snooping
where you shouldn't be.
Now, be the good girl I know you are
and go to dinner.
Trust me.
You don't want another strike.
And that's when her dad walked in us.
'Cause she wasn't supposed to come back
until later that night.
But then like, "Oh my God."
And then of course they told my Grammy
and she like freaked out.
So the second I get out of here,
I'm gonna go see her.
She lives in Seattle now,
but it's kind of why I'm here
is cuz I got caught talking
to her online again. So...
Are you even gonna try Kris?
Why should I, when you try
hard enough for the both of us.
Jackson, don't listen to her.
This program works.
I mean look at HanK and
Mary Esther as proof.
Yeah, that's a really
good selling point.
I too hope one day to have a stick
as firmly implanted in my ass.
These are their chicken.
Is what I hope we're having tonight.
Keep laughing.
Not fall the way to hell.
You know, Joel, when you
get over traumatic like that,
your inner queen really shines through.
Where is Hank?
Well, what a wonderful question.
Let me go find him.
I'd hate for his food to get cold.
Don't eat before prayer.
A few of us have learned
that the hard way.
You know, Mattel would
be nice every now and then.
If my aunt saw the
charges, we'd be screwed.
Hank, are you in there?
I'll be on a second.
I've I've got a stomach ache.
Don't take too long.
So I applied for another job last week.
Well yeah, well maybe
you can get the hotel room.
It's in Chicago.
I mean, I just thought you should know
in case I get it know and I probably won't
but if I do,
I'd like you to come with me.
I think you should
leave out the back door.
I don't want my aunt to get suspicious.
I Was a drinker.
I was on drugs and wandering through
the wilderness of sin.
I was a gambler.
I used to be homosexual.
Not anymore.
Not anymore.
Not anymore.
Not anymore.
These are the faces of people,
just like you and me who
are once sinners and resists
and have had their lives turned around
by the guidance of Abraham house.
- Let me see it.
- Hello?
I'm Andrew eight founder
of children of Abraham.
You know, most people don't know.
All you have to do to be
one of God's chosen warriors
is to ask him to save you
and then tell him that you
will save as many souls
as you can from the shackles
of sin until you die.
Because the more souls you save for Jesus,
the greater you'll be in his eyes.
And the greater your
are in the Lord's eyes,
the greater your reward is in heaven.
I'm not gonna sugar coat it, folks,
we have to be willing to
die for what we believe in.
Our very livelihood and
our children's lives,
depend on it.
I've said this before,
and I'll say it again.
Do you think Jesus wants
a bunch of lady-boys,
baby-killers and whores in his kingdom?
Is being one of those
worth losing out on an eternity with him.
If so, I hope you didn't pack
your winter coat with you,
cuz you're going straight to hell.
Where did you go this morning?
I told you Mason, he...
How are we supposed to
save these children's souls?
If one of us is still sinning,
Take out your sin stick and get it hard.
- Your friend, she seems
- what?
I just thought we were
sitting here to get away
from people like that.
People like what?
Come on Emma, she was
making fun of the videos.
Did you see them?
I mean, come on.
Those people are obviously brainwashed.
Or are they just happy?
Oh my God.
You're falling for it, aren't you?
It's just two more days.
It's not that long.
Let's just hope that mom has a plan.
Rebecca said her and
her sister have been here
almost a week.
Maybe they need more help than we do.
Try to get some sleep.
She said they locked her
sister in a room for two days.
How is that supposed to help anyone.
Follow the rules and you
wanna have to find out.
I was just trying to call mom.
Because I'm afraid
that he's gonna hurt her.
Why would he do that?
You're right.
We should just get some sleep.
Follow the rules.
And we'll be fine for me,
for mom.
If she hasn't called by tomorrow,
I'm getting out of here.
One way or another.
Yeah, you won't be tempted
to use that thing for a while.
Hank, we're doing the right thing.
The rewards in God's kingdom out number
any patents of the flesh.
Think how proud God will be of us.
He came to me last night.
Well the girl downstairs,
she didn't wanna be saved.
What was I supposed to do?
Let her corrupt the rest of us?
I'm not going to be responsible for that.
I can't...
Is only the ones who
don't wanna be saved.
No one's gonna to miss them.
Not society, not their parents.
It got a little messy.
Try not to make too much
noise when you clean it up.
Has my mom called yet?
They day is still young,
she might give us a ring later.
Lots of yummy vitamins for
you all, get you all strong.
And I went ahead and laid out the bacon.
Rebecca, please work on your gate.
I could hear you clumping
all the way down the hall.
Like a truck driver.
We can't have that.
Not today.
What's today?
After breakfast,
we're having a makeup tutorial
and then we're having
a sort of Fashion show.
Were you making a plate
for Megan this morning?
I'll do it later.
She should have called know.
She's know he's done
something horrible to her.
Hey you okay.
I just have to find a
way in there to see Megan.
I mean, just to know she's okay.
I think I know where
Mary Esther keeps the keys.
And how are we gonna get those?
I don't know.
Wait until they fall asleep and sneak in.
What if we get caught
and wind up where Megan is?
This is your sixth day.
Don't you wanna at least try.
Hurry up girls.
Keep the boys waiting off.
Much better.
You have five minutes.
You really think this will work.
These are women.
They will put on this earth
to please you to pleasure you
and to bear are and raise your children.
Aren't they pretty?
Well girls.
You're not doing very much
to entice these young men
or you show a little skin.
I don't feel comfortable...
Emma, doing God's work
it's never comfortable.
That were, there'd be more
true believers out there.
Show her how it's done.
Look, you're used to taking
off your clothes for boys.
Aren't you?
And Hank, you choose
who's first up to bat.
Jackson, why don't you come up here?
Take it out.
Didn't you hear me?
Did you hear me?
I said, take it Out.
I can handle this.
Oh, can you I'd like to see,
try to save these souls when
you can't even save your own.
Jackson, do what she tells you.
I don't really think I...
I'd hate to tell your
parents you gotta strike.
Hey, Hey, you don't have, have to do this.
No it's for his own good.
Get back where you were unless
you're going for your second strike.
It's fine.
I want to get better.
Now, Jackson, look at Rebecca.
I want you to look at her.
Look at her and get it hard.
Oh, it shouldn't be too difficult
if you're a real man.
You should be watching this.
You could learn a thing or two.
No, don't look at him look at her.
Oh, I thought you enjoyed
showing off your body.
That's what got you into this
situation in the first place.
Isn't it.
But don't be shy now.
Oh, What's wrong.
Can only get excited if the
whole tennis team watches.
Christina, why don't you
step up to the plate.
Now, entice Jackson.
Do you wanna stop Jackson?
Will a real man stop.
You think your stepfather would stop.
Please, stop.
Oh, Maybe you need a
little more of this wage?
I said stop it.
Why don't you come up here?
No, this class is dismissed.
Go to your rooms for Bible study.
Jackson will resume this tomorrow.
I hope for your sake,
you come better prepared.
Hate to think I was wrong about you.
Why don't you want me
saving these children?
Did it really save you?
Did it save me?
Not knock.
I hope I'm not interrupting
anything, but hey day?
Of Course.
But you won't have to
worry about it next month.
I just got a new job In Chicago.
I'll be leaving in a couple days.
Well, I would say,
what will we do without
your work in the garden?
But the good Lord tells me we'll manage.
How are we gonna get
back to civilization
after we sneak out?
Hitchhike, swim, okay?
Their car keys have got
to be on that set of keys.
Oh great, stay in the car.
That'll look great on my record.
What other choice do we have?
We have got to get out
if you're and go home.
Must be nice.
Having a home to go back to.
Even if I get out of here,
they're still gonna
send me somewhere else.
Somewhere where they're just
taking me in for the extra
check money every month.
Somewhere without Meghan.
You really love Meghan a lot, don't you?
I mean, even though
we don't share blood,
she's always been there for me.
And I like to think I've
always been there for her too.
Then be there for her now
and get her out of there.
And Jackson, is he coming with us?
I don't know.
You can't just leave him here.
I know.
Now, have to persuade him somehow.
Hey, what is that stuff
St. Mary Esther always
puts in the Kool-Aid.
Vitamins and...
I guess. I don't know.
That's what I thought too, but...
But what.
Something about the way she reacted
and I caught her mixing
it in this morning.
What do you think it
is, poison or something?
I don't know.
Although it is kind of weird
ever since we got here,
I've had an easier time sleeping.
I mean, Jackson practically had
to shake me awake this morning.
You know, come to think of it.
I have been sleeping
better since I got here.
And you think it'd be the opposite, right?
I guess there's only a way to find out
if there's something in it.
Should we start without him?
Huh, that would be rude.
Wouldn't it?
What are you doing?
We saw Mary Esther put
something in it this morning.
Emma saw put something in it.
It's probably just vitamins.
What if it's poisoning or something?
Why do you always assume the worst?
First it was Robbie,
mow it's Hank and Mary Esther.
Did you ever think they
might wanna help us?
What they did this afternoon?
What you call that help?
Are you eating?
I'm not hungry.
Well, a fast for Peanuts.
Maybe there's hope for you yet.
Mom has a plan.
Why do you wanna jeopardize that?
Because, I'm afraid if
like he's going to do to her.
What's he gonna do to
her Emma provide for her.
Why would he do that?
He must have an ulterior motive.
Just like her last boyfriend
and the one before that
and all the other ones you've driven off.
Because he told me he'd kill her,
if I said anything.
If he told anyone what.
God, he's the reason I'm here.
I mean always you think do this to me?
Some I met at a party.
No, no he would.
Jackson, listen to me.
I'm not gonna wait around here to see
if he's telling the truth.
If you care about mom at
all, please just trust me here.
You're not supposed to
drink before we say Grace.
I got those things, I'm sorry.
This is your second strike.
Least I made extra
Rebecca, why don't you say grace?
Seems only appropriate,
you should try to get right with God.
Lord, thank you for this day.
And for all the things you've given us.
Thank you for the food
that we're about to eat.
- Amen.
- Amen.
My throat's been so scratchy.
This morning, I'd like to ask you folks
to imagine a world with me
for a moment, if you will.
In this world, you are respected,
in this world you are loved
for exactly who you are.
Surprise folks.
This world's a real place
and it's called heaven.
Now folks, all we have
to do to get to heaven.
- Enjoy...
- Can I go to the bathroom?
God's love.
- Hurry back.
- Make a few sacrifices
along the way on the what'll be when.
What a great day will
when you get to heaven?
God bless you
Blood and bless him
You prepare
Strike three, you are out.
I couldn't let you leave Rebecca.
God didn't love you yet.
The streets of gold
When we all will get to heaven
Hey, you okay?
I don't think what she did was right.
She just wants me to get better.
How's that working out for you?
You're not scared, are you?
You're not scared about going to hell.
Couldn't be any worse
than a summer in the south.
The thing is Jackson,
I don't consider myself a bad person
and you don't seem like you're one either.
But is there something wrong with us?
Maybe there's something wrong with them.
Hey, take a look at this.
Look familiar.
Is that me?
Thought you had a nice face
of you're not offended.
Can I keep this?
You know, two men aren't supposed to be
in the same bedroom at the same time, so-
- Okay, why don't you go brush your teeth?
I heard it's recommended
you do that more than
two times a week.
Jackson don't fall for it.
She has no intention of saving her home.
Maybe God loves her already.
Maybe she doesn't need to change.
She never came back after
she went to the bathroom.
Well she's with her
sister in the basement.
Hoped it wouldn't come
to that, but it did.
Why, what did she do?
Oh, that's not important.
I'm sure I won't have the
same problems with you too.
Then get to sleep.
Shh, don't wake her up.
Are you leaving?
Can I come with you?
Where are you going.
Anywhere but here.
You just don't make any noise.
I should get the others.
Mary Esther's a really light sleeper.
We have to go now.
Can I get my shoes?
I'll be at the car.
Is Hank joining us?
Hm he's off visiting a sick friend.
Don't know when he'll be back.
Where's Kris?
Oh, she's here.
Which is definitely in here.
I can practically taste.
In fact, you all may be able to as well.
Sit down.
I can treat you get up, did I?
That's better.
Now, I'm not gonna have any problems
with you three, am I?
Hold on.
What are you doing?
I'm going to get Rebecca
and Megan out of there.
I know where she keeps her keys.
Let me get the keys, wait a second.
Hey, is Hank here?
You went to see a friend.
And why is his car still here?
Is it?
Oh, that's funny.
Maybe caught a ride with someone.
Some other little friend
of his he's had so many.
I'll tell him you stop by.
No, no.
What did you do with him?
Look, you're not the first little friend
he's taken the liking to,
but you'll definitely be the last.
Best luck in whatever sin
city you're going to just please leave
before I call the police.
I don't think you want
that kind of attention
on this place.
Now tell me where he is.
He's out at the lake.
Oh, my God,
No, no.
Hey, I got the keys.
Come on.
Let's get Rebecca and Megan out of there.
We need something to cut the room.
I'm gonna go get a knife.
Hang on one second, Rebecca.
We're gonna get you out of here.
We have to get out of here.
Please help.
Shut up.
Jesus is coming from me.
Oh my babies.
What happens?
We thought he'd done
something horrible to you.
No baby.
Why would you think that?
Oh God. Oh my God.
Okay, let's get you inside.
I was gonna call tonight.
What happened to the two of you?
They tried to kill us, mom.
You must be hungry.
Let me fix you something to eat.
Did you know what kind
of a place that was?
Please tell me, you didn't know.
Maybe I could call Abraham
house and see if they're-
- They're all dead.
You said you were gonna
call, you never called.
You said you'd call.
You said that you would come back for us.
I was gonna call you.
I was gonna call you tonight.
Bull shit.
Okay, Jackson, can you
please calm your sister down?
We were never supposed
to get out of that place,
Were we?
All you had to do was
just follow the rules, Emma.
I mean, why didn't you
just follow the rules.
You don't hate me.
Do you Jackson?
I was thinking that we could leave tonight
and we could go somewhere special.
Just the three of us.
Would you like that?
It wasn't about saving us.
It was about saving you.
You don't want your mom
to go to hell, do you.
Honey, you wouldn't want that.
Would you?
So where are we going now?
I was thinking Florida.
You forgot guys, all the
weird shit happens in Florida.