Children of Sorrow (2012) Movie Script

You don't have to hold just on me,
you know.
I'm not even in character.
Just catch the atmosphere,
get the feeling.
Feel the place. God, Mary.
Get that tree, that's good.
Yeah, just get the tree.
You got it?
Because we have to film everything.
I need atmosphere, all right?
I gotta get the setting.
It's a desert.
For God's sake.
Feels hot.
Wait until you see it.
You are going to be amazed.
We're gonna have a little party
And we got some
special people comin'
Ready? Behold the gates.
Oh, my God, it's a dump.
What the hell are
you talkin' about?
It's a hell of a lot
better than last time.
Look, it's isolated, we got room
for everybody, it is perfect.
Welcome home.
What did
we do wrong last time?
If you'll recall,
somebody got a little
antsy and lost control.
So this time
let's streamline the plot.
No fuckin' around,
no losing control.
Let's keep it simple.
Nobody gets antsy
and nobody gets away.
Here, one box,
then we'll be ready to start.
Okay, get the camera ready.
All right.
Okay, you ready?
All right, frame me up. Okay.
So, this is our church set.
Crude, but simplistic.
I've always been an admirer
of the Spartan approach.
Clothes make the man.
No seams on the sides,
bigger shoulder line.
Short sleeves make
me look taller, right?
Nice? Beautiful? Yeah.
A few quasi-religious props.
You need a central focus.
Pull their eyes here.
Humans are so easily distracted.
Keep your eye on the birdie,
Didn't see that comin', did you?
You can't just
dress like Superman
and expect to
fuckin' fly, can you, huh?
No, you can't. You must have
movement, dynamic movement.
Spread your arms wide. Kneel.
Eyes straight ahead.
Dynamic finger movement,
always slightly curled. You see?
The voice that I'm using right
now is clearly designed
to make you, against all of
your better judgment like me.
But you drop down the tone,
just ever so slightly.
We face you.
We speak to you with a
slightly halting cadence.
Questioning, searching eyes.
A quietly discomforting, although
caring, effect can be achieved.
Do you see?
Well then we get deep down in
fuck-you-in-the-ass territory.
And that's a place
I like to be, baby.
So here it is.
This is our playroom.
Let's play.
Looks like I'm
heading to Mexico.
I wanna share
something with you.
This is the last thing I got from
my sister before she disappeared.
"Dear El,
"I wish you could
be here with me.
"Every day is
a perfect experience.
"Father Simon has shown me what
a beautiful person I really am.
"I know you won't understand
this, but it's what I needed.
"I feel like I am finally home.
"Love, Janet. "
That is not my sister.
I'm now about 200 Ks
south of the U.S. border.
They said they'd
meet me here at noon.
Are you Ellen?
I'm Mary.
Hop in.
Guys, this is Ellen.
It's hot out there.
Where are you from?
Like fish and chips
and stuff?
I've never left
the state before.
Well, you're a long
way from home now.
Yeah. Long way from home.
Bye, home.
You must be Ellen.
It's good to be here.
Hi, my name is Simon Leach.
I'm 42 years old.
I'm from Alabama.
And I love my new
life in his service.
My life was a mess
when he found me.
I was just another lost soul looking
for meaning in the emptiness.
I drank and I drugged.
Slept with wayward women,
lost myself in all kinds of
sinful distractions.
And then one day,
in a moment of deep personal
darkness, he found me.
I had blood on my hands,
hate in my heart,
but he didn't judge me.
He set my spirit free that day.
I promised him I'd do anything
I could to repay him.
Well, I finally
arrived at the compound.
Looks like this is
gonna be my new room.
Not quite sure
who my roommate is yet though.
Hey, Mary.
Give me a little smile.
That's my sunshine girl.
What's with the camera?
You settling in okay?
Yeah, I'm fine.
Need anything?
No, I'm good.
You have a really pretty face.
You look good on camera.
Hey, we're glad you're here.
They've locked me up in this
room so I have time to reflect.
Hold on.
What is that?
Let me give you a little lesson
in costume design.
Do you mind?
Okay, go. Yeah.
Is it okay? Yeah?
Earth tones, they
calm the brain. Neutrals.
You'll always find priests and religious
figures wearing neutral tones.
Look at altars, you'll
find soft neutral tones.
Bright colors excite the mind
and we don't want that.
So we've got an array of neutral
tones, of sands and whites.
What do you think? Hold on.
What do you think? Wait, this
is kind of a western vibe here.
It's very friendly.
Hi, I'm Father Simon.
I'm glad you're here.
Tell me a little about yourself.
What do you think?
Fine. Okay.
What do you think?
What do you think?
Nice? Yeah?
Hey, welcome. Where are you
from? Tell me about your family.
Who gives a fuck?
No, but seriously,
tell me about yourself.
Yeah. Yeah, what do you think?
Yeah? Button-down?
Try the last one.
I don't like that color.
Damn, woman.
All right, what do you see?
What do you like?
Yeah, I like that one.
I wanna tell you
that I care about you.
Don't tell any of
the other children this, but
you're probably my favorite.
I love you.
I love you.
This is the next in a series
of entrance interviews with Sister Tracy.
Entrance interview
with Brother Alan.
Brother Ben.
Entrance interview,
Brother Brian.
Entrance interview,
Brother Frank.
Entrance interview,
Sister Grace.
Welcome, Sister.
Thank you, Father.
We're glad you're here.
I'm really glad to be here.
The purpose of the interview is
for you to let people
know why you're here,
how you came to be here, and
how you feel about being here.
Let me ask you something.
Are you willing to be completely
and totally honest with me?
About everything?
'Cause like, I didn't have...
Because I didn't have anywhere
else to go, I guess and I...
'Cause everything else
was really bad and I...
Hey, Alan, what...
What was bad?
You say things were bad,
everything was bad.
What was bad?
I don't know.
You'd run away, hadn't you?
You'd run away from home?
I couldn't live there anymore.
Um... More physically...
Did you have sex with him?
I did.
How old were you?
How old was he?
What is a man?
What's a man to you?
A man's strong and he's able to
take care of himself and
he's not
a failure in life and...
You think you're a failure?
But as I got older, the
drinking got worse and
it became drinking and
beating and
fucking and
drinking and
beating and fucking,
and drinking and
beating and fucking,
and drinking and
beating and fucking.
I didn't leave a family.
I left a woman and a man
living for themselves and wanting
me to live for them as well.
You need to be yourself.
You need that.
And I never got that.
And that's what I want.
I lost someone really close
to me a while ago.
I'm sorry.
And I...
I kind of pushed everyone away.
As you can see,
we don't have much.
But I'll tell you what,
we make do.
And here's some of our
children doing their laundry.
Hey, Brother Ben. How are you?
What do you got there?
Got your laundry there?
Looks good, nice and clean.
All right, carry on, Brother.
We have Sister Grace,
Sister Ellen.
Hi, Father Simon.
Better be careful in there,
you might get a tidal wave.
Well, it's...
It's really not what I expected.
But this group of people, I
don't think they'd hurt anyone.
Simon is
definitely a crook, but
I don't think he's murderous.
Mary's creepy, though.
Every time I'm around her,
my skin crawls.
I don't know.
Why are we getting this again?
'Cause we need the happy stuff.
Hey, guys.
Hi, Father Simon.
Father Simon.
So we're gonna
have a camera chat
and we're gonna find out
about what you're doing
and tell everybody what we
do here, Sister Veronica.
With your sweet smile.
And your nice dancing eyes.
Are you Irish?
Yeah, I am.
You look like you got
some Irish in you there.
Why don't you tell the people
what you're doing?
We're sewing our caftans.
To be ready for our transition.
And each of
the children got to choose
their own
pattern for the caftan.
Right? Yeah?
That's right. Yes.
So I'm guessing
yours is stylish?
I don't know what it's gonna turn out like.
It's not that good.
It's gonna be great, yeah.
Thank you, Father Simon.
It's really great being here
because everyone is
really nice to me.
Father Simon is...
Just makes me feel at home
and everyone else makes me feel
like I'm part of a family.
You are at home
and you are part of the family.
Thank you, my dear. So sweet.
Seamstress Robin.
Hard at work.
She probably knows
the size of needles to use.
If I had a sewing
machine for you, I bet you
could just crank out
all kinds of things.
I wish.
This is good, though.
These needles are good for
getting through the fabric.
You probably wouldn't mind
sewing everyone's caftan.
Well, but then they wouldn't
each be different.
They'd all be the same.
And that's just
a little part of the lesson,
preparing your own caftans
because I prepared my own.
We're family and each family
member has a responsibility
and we work together
all for the common good.
I am an idealist at heart
and I'm still idealistic
enough even at this age to
believe that it's possible to
work together for something good.
You guys with me?
Yes, Father Simon!
Blessings on you, Sister.
Go, go, go, go, go!
All right, come on.
All the way home.
All the way home. Nice.
Go, go, go, go, go!
Mary, Mary, Mary.
I don't know what to say.
It's fantastic.
Where the hell did you get this?
I like it, it's good.
It's a bent candle, it's nice.
Universal religious symbolism
mixed with a little pagan shit.
So the parrot turns to the
magician on the raft and he says,
"Okay, I give up.
How'd you do the trick?"
Is there love in this room?
Yes, Father.
Is there happiness in this room?
Yes, Father.
Is there trust in this room?
Yes, Father.
Take a step back.
'Cause sometimes we need to trust
each other with a big thing.
Not just a small thing.
Yes, Father.
And we send trust to you,
Brother Frank.
Hug your brothers and sisters!
Other people...
Other people...
are shadows.
are shadows.
We let the shadows go.
We let the shadows go.
Other people...
Sister Ellen, the more
of those lovely dishes you break
the higher your points.
You ready to try?
Do you know how to do this?
Have you done this before?
I'll bet they don't
have this in London.
In fact, I know they don't.
Here she goes.
Just do it.
We've been
learning about each other.
There's someone here today
who's feeling something
they haven't felt before.
I know it.
I can feel it.
Who is that someone?
Who is that someone?
Sister Ellen.
Don't deny it, Sister.
There's something changing in you.
There's something changing inside you.
Do you see it in her eyes?
Do you see it,
brothers and sisters?
Yes, Father.
Tell us.
Tell us, share. Share.
I don't know what to say.
Don't hold back on us,
dear, please. We've given you everything.
I don't know,
I guess, I don't know, I'm...
I feel...
I guess I feel like I
am starting to
believe in something again.
I don't know.
You look like you
really know what you're doing.
It's nothing.
My dad was a contractor.
He just taught me how to build.
I bet you could fix
just about anything.
I could try.
I don't know if I could fix everything.
I think that maybe later
there's something in my room
that's broken maybe you could fix?
Yeah, yeah.
Of course, Father Simon.
That'd be great. Thanks.
Of course.
No problem.
I can help you with anything.
Thank you. All right.
Amen! Amen!
I like knitting and I made
needles out of these spoons
and I'm making
each of you a scarf.
Sister Ellen,
have you a talent?
Have you a talent, my dear?
Will you share it with us?
Step to the front.
All right.
One more time.
It's fine.
Just go.
How long do I have to do this?
For a while.
But it's so boring.
It makes me look thoughtful.
It's still boring.
Be sure you get this.
This looks good.
Got it.
And zoom out.
Okay, you can go.
Thank you.
You know I did.
You know.
Yes, but they don't.
Father Simon and I
talked a whole lot online
and he told me the best
stories about his life
and how good it
would be if I joined him.
So what'd you do?
I came and found you.
You're happy?
I guess so.
Do you like peaches?
Yeah, me too.
You can do it.
You just gotta scrub harder.
A little bit harder.
And this is our chore wheel.
Who would like to explain
how the chore wheel works?
To show everybody how it works?
what happens chore wheel day?
On chore wheel day,
we just spin the wheel
and whatever it lands on,
that's our chore for the week.
Veronica, guess what?
You get to pick the first
person to spin the wheel.
Who do you pick?
Um... Uh...
I'll pick Ellen.
Pump water.
Brother Alan.
Would you like to spin?
What's your favorite?
I like doing the laundry.
Okay. Here we go.
Who hasn't gone?
Who have I missed?
Who among
the children have I missed?
Get up, Amazing Grace!
All right.
All right, Grace.
It always sticks.
Who loves chore wheel day?
All right, guys, on the
count of three, we're all gonna get up
we're gonna go do our chores and
work hard because we're a family.
Who loves you?
Father Simon.
I love my children.
Do what the chore
wheel told you! Let's go!
Yeah. All right, let's go.
Come on, hustle, hustle.
Tracy, I can catch.
There we go.
It's okay. I got it.
Good job there, T.
Go get it.
Keep going. Keep going. Run.
I just wanna know
your thoughts and impressions.
I guess everyone
seems really nice.
It's peaceful.
It seems like you have a nice
group of people around you.
That's my first impression.
Where's that picture from?
The waterfall.
Have you been out
to the desert before?
Yeah. Pretty out here.
I love what I do.
And I hope maybe in some small
way it can be of some help,
help you find whatever it is
you're searching for.
Anything you'd like to tell
people who might be watching this
about our little
piece of paradise?
Who's gonna be watching it?
I think that's yours.
How's it work?
You turn it on.
Can you zoom?
Yeah, it's zoomed in.
How's the mike on that thing?
It's all right.
I haven't used one before.
Good memory?
Record a lot of stuff?
Not bad.
That's handy. That's good.
I need one.
No, that's yours.
That's a thing that gives
the lie to all the trust
that we've been
trying to build up here.
Have I done anything
to indicate or show you
that I was trying to hurt you?
Have I done anything
to earn the distrust?
I need to know... I need to
know what happened to Janet.
I need to know.
I need to know why she died.
You weren't truthful with me,
but I'll be truthful with you.
She died because of you.
That's not true.
We shared
everything with each other.
Did you? Did you know
she tried to kill herself?
You're lying.
Right after her husband left
and took the kids.
No, she was depressed
and we talked about it.
She stopped drinking
and she went to therapy.
Now that I did know.
That helped for a while.
For a while.
She was so lonely.
Poor Janet.
But that all changed
the day she found our website.
She told me that was the day
she felt she was finally able to
connect with someone, really connect.
She confessed her sins.
The next day she
moved into our church.
Would you like to
know how she died?
What happened?
We were fine.
Everything was fine until stories
began to appear in the...
Stories that were true.
The same thing that always happens
when people come across something
they don't
understand and they need
an easy answer to
explain it away.
And when the lies came,
the police came.
That's what brought
the police to our door.
So why did you shoot at them?
We didn't.
They came in shooting.
We tried to hide in the main room.
They burned us out.
She saved my life.
She was proud of you.
No, she wasn't.
She always talked about you.
Her beautiful sister.
She was so proud of you.
She was happy, Ellen.
She was happy.
Look, I'm sorry I made you
cry, but now you understand
why we tape
everything around here.
Because people don't understand,
because people
get the wrong ideas.
And I'll be damned if I will
let any one of my followers
ever be hurt by anybody.
I want people to know
that we weren't monsters.
I'm sorry I lied to you.
In my hand
I hold a recipe.
It's a recipe for distrust.
It's a recipe for fear.
It's a recipe for hatred.
You know what it is?
What is it?
It's love.
there's no love on the plate.
"There's nothing but pens and papers.
There's no love there. "
There will be.
'Cause we're each gonna
take a slip of this paper
and we're gonna write something
about the person next to us.
All right.
Can everybody write?
'Cause I didn't ask that.
You never know.
Just wanna make sure, right?
Which way do we go?
This way or this way?
I haven't decided that.
Evan, if we will just wait for
instructions, then we will find out
the way things are done
instead of jumping ahead.
That's good, Father Simon.
Here we are.
I know it's good because I said it.
All right. Everybody write
something loving and affirming.
I'm gonna join in, too.
I will write about
Brother Brian.
You will write
about Brother Frank.
Who will write
about Sister Tracy.
Who'll write
about Sister Veronica
who will write
about Brother Ben,
who will write
about Sister Ellen
who will write
about Brother Alan.
Time's almost up.
All right.
Let's begin.
Stand and read
for us, would you?
"Brother Brian sings like a bird.
He also has nice eyes. "
It's true.
Thank you,
Father Simon.
"Brother Frank is the most
amazing kickball player. "
Stand up.
"Sister Tracy has the sweetest smile.
It lights up the whole place. "
How nice!
"You are helpful and handy.
I love your birdhouse. "
It's really pretty.
"Brother Ben, you are so loving
and kind, so considerate.
"I love you. "
I love you, too.
"You are so warm
that when you finally came,
"our family felt complete. "
Thank you.
"Brother Alan has
a beautiful smile. "
And there's a smiley face.
"Brother Evan has nice eyes
and doesn't judge me. "
There it is.
Father Simon.
"Father Simon,
"the most powerful man who
gives us strength and love. "
I wish it were true,
but I'm not powerful at all.
I'm a very weak man.
But with love,
all things are possible.
And with love, we are strong.
And with love, we are family.
You know, when you
came in, you didn't smile much
and now you smile a lot.
I know.
I'm glad to see it.
It's because of you,
Father Simon.
Thank you.
No. Thank you.
Have you ever
thought about what you would say
if you could say something to
those who might be left behind
when you leave the earth?
Have you thought about it?
Yes, Father.
I guess everybody has.
I guess it's just human.
I know I have.
And I think the great
thing about our family
is we have
the opportunity to do it.
Because we're going
to a better place.
It's hard.
Because I've always been taught
to keep my feelings in check.
But I feel free with you.
I've never been more welcomed
into a group of
strangers in my entire life.
I was around people for over
20 years in my hometown that
didn't give a damn
whether I lived or died.
I don't know that I've
done right by this world
and I think I could
do better in the next.
But I wanna please you.
I'm scared, nervous.
It's good,
it's a good scared-nervous.
It's not that hard, you just
gotta have the balls to do it.
I mean,
if you think you're happy
like with, with your family
and like, working your job
and like, going to school,
you're wrong.
You guys, you're all wrong.
And this is the best ever.
This family, this group,
has taken me in and
become my new family.
I guess I don't really
know what I'm looking for,
but I hope I find it here.
I hope so, too.
And when I
see my father
and show him who I've become,
I'm good now.
I don't know what else to say.
It's a surprise for someone.
It's a surprise for someone.
What's going on?
It's a surprise for someone.
What's going on?
What's going on?
Happy birthday!
Each one of these candles
represents someone in
your life who's hurt you,
someone who's let you down,
someone who's been mean to you,
someone outside of the family.
With all of your might
blow their lives away.
All dead!
Not now, Mary.
So what's going on with you?
No, everything's good.
Now, just between you and me and the
camera, is anything bothering you?
You like being here?
Yeah. Yeah, I love it.
It's great.
Yeah, I really...
I really like it.
You making friends?
All the kids?
Friends with Grace and...
And then, I just went for it.
You know, I just...
What do you mean?
What'd you do?
Well, I kissed him.
And then I just
leaned in and kissed him.
Did he kiss you back?
Did he kiss you back?
I'm sorry!
I'm sorry! Sorry! I'm sorry!
Do we have to film this?
Would it make you
more comfortable
if we turned
the camera to the wall?
If you wouldn't mind, Father?
Now wait a minute.
I find this hard to believe.
You never had a boyfriend?
I mean,
I could be your boyfriend.
That'd be creepy.
Because you're my father.
You can't be both.
What if I told you
that I can do anything I want?
Here we have two of
my children in an intimate moment.
What do you see in front of you?
A girl.
What's her name?
What's her purpose?
I don't know.
Her purpose is to serve
you, son, because you're a man.
Do you hear me?
Do you understand?
And at this moment,
you're looking at your
property and your playground.
A thing of beauty and delicacy.
Put your hands on
your property, son.
Do it.
Do it. Do it now.
I don't know how.
Is that the way you handle property?
I don't know.
Touch her.
You know where to go.
Do it. Touch 'em.
Put your hand on the other one.
I'm sorry.
Good. Just feel.
Robin, how does it feel?
Don't lie.
How does it feel?
It doesn't feel like anything.
I'm sorry.
Because Alan doesn't yet know
how to appreciate a woman.
But he will.
Kiss her.
Kiss her, Alan.
The other way, I can't see you.
Kiss her.
You're not kissing your goddamn
grandmother, kiss her.
Something's changed
and everyone's acting scared,
but they won't
tell me what's what.
I don't know,
maybe they don't even know.
Things just...
They feel heavier.
Simon and Mary keep disappearing
for long hours at a time
and when they get back, they run
us through even crazier drills.
It's getting harder to focus.
They're not
letting us sleep anymore.
I wanna talk now.
I'd like to talk about music.
And the power that music
has to change people.
Some people.
The song Amazing Grace,
I've heard a million times.
I heard it growing up in church.
I was a pretty bad kid.
I didn't listen to
that stuff, you know?
Then one day that song came up
and it hit me
square in the face.
I was in County, again,
trying to lower my points,
you know.
Bullshit motherfucking
say-no-to-drugs meetings they had.
Sweet Jesus, it was boring.
You know the routine.
Some fat motherfucker gets up
starts talking about how doing
blow made him suck dick.
Whatever. I don't give a shit.
Then he starts
talkin' about that song.
About how it changed him, you know.
He was blind but now he sees.
You know, blah, blah, blah,
I'm about half-listening.
Then he starts to sing.
Amazing Grace
How sweet the sound
He sung like an angel.
Just like an angel.
So I figured
"if Amazing Grace could make
that fat fuck beautiful,
"maybe it can do something
for the likes of me. "
We were six when we first met.
She was my best friend.
I think we knew even back then
we were gonna get married.
She got pregnant.
We were only 17.
we weren't worried.
We knew we'd make it work.
She died.
What happened?
The baby cut off
her blood supply.
What about the baby?
Why would anyone blame you?
It's my fault she got pregnant.
And were they right?
Was it your fault?
You think it was lust or love?
It was love.
You sure you
know the difference?
Yes, Father.
What are you afraid of? Most?
Most of all?
Don't lie.
That I won't get
to see her again.
Let's talk about Mama.
Mama didn't give
a shit about me.
Or what happened to me.
So I got in trouble real early
and real often, you know.
Petty theft, stole
some cars, shit like that.
And I got caught a lot.
She didn't do shit
to get me outta there.
So I stayed.
And I didn't care.
At least in there
the hot water worked.
You know,
I got something to eat.
you see some things, though.
Back up, baby,
let me show you something.
The first time I saw a man
take another man's life,
he stabbed him in
the eyeball for an orange.
A fuckin' orange.
I mean, fuck!
You don't getnothing for free in life.
There's always somebody who wants
to get fucked or fuck you.
That's the only thing she ever
did say that made any sense.
I wonder what
she'd think of me now.
Fuck you, Mama!
Fuck you!
Turn it off.
Just being in this world?
I'm here to tell you it
doesn't have to be that way.
You can call it what you will,
I call it a transition.
But it's a change,
brothers and sisters.
It's a change.
And it's a hard way
and I can't make you choose it.
And if there's anyone
in this room right now
if there's anyone
under the sound of my voice
who feels that this
way is not for them,
I wish, I beg,
I plead for them to stand up
and walk out that door.
And I swear to you
upon my honor as a man
that you will not be stopped.
I will turn my
back and I will wait.
If you must leave, leave.
Very well.
Who's ready to feel that moment?
I am ready, Father.
I'm ready.
Who's ready to feel that power?
I'm ready, Father.
Brother Evan.
He tells me it is your time.
Oh, my God.
Thank you, Father.
Celebrate with your brother.
I love you! I love you!
Exit interview, Brother Evan.
Hi, Brother.
This is a great
opportunity for you
to tell those who may
watch this in the future
what you're feeling,
what you'd like them to know.
This is it.
This is the only
holy place on earth.
I feel sad for you
because you will never experience
what we are experiencing.
We only live once.
We only have one shot.
And this is it.
Yes, Father.
This is a moment of joy
for all of the family.
We will soon be
reunited in our new home.
Give me the camera.
Now, now.
Absolutely perfect.
Yesterday you saw
Brother Evan transition.
What was that like?
I don't know.
I got to witness
the most beautiful thing I have
ever seen in my entire life.
I was really happy.
I knew that Brother Evan was
in a better place,
a place I wanted to be in.
Who's this guy?
The truck?
You like trucks?
Yeah, I do.
I've always liked trucks.
Yeah. Yeah, they're strong.
Do you want to talk about
Brother Evan's transition?
Why don't you just
tell us what it was like?
I don't know why,
I felt confused.
Confused about what?
I didn't want him to be in pain.
Don't you find
that hard to watch?
If it troubles you,
why didn't you stop it?
I've asked myself that
and I don't know why.
Should I have stopped it?
I don't know what
I'm doing here anymore.
He was right.
She was alone.
And I was too busy all the time.
I didn't listen to her.
Not at all.
She would try and tell me things
and I know it's too
late for her, but...
I decided to
stay and help Leach.
If he made her feel better,
maybe he'll do the same for me.
I'm ready.
You sure?
Yes, Father.
I wanna feel what she felt.
You're unhappy, aren't you?
This is a
special night, my children.
Yes, Father.
Our last member
has expelled the fear in her
heart and she shall join us.
Yes, Father.
Are you ready to join us?
Yes, Father.
Can I share a story with you?
So I'm 18 years old, right?
And I get a girl pregnant.
And it's complicated by the
fact that we're in love.
And her mama didn't like it,
and my mama didn't like it
so we were cast out
on our own, you know.
I took a job at the burger joint,
mowed lawns on the weekends.
A few months go by, she goes into
labor and she loses the baby.
And I lose her.
They had to cut her open
and bled too much.
There was nothing
they could do, you know.
It was over real quick.
So what do you do
when the worst thing,
the worst thing you can possibly
imagine, actually happens?
What do you do?
We're always going through life
and we're just getting by.
And doing what they're told to do,
but you don't have to do that.
You can do what you want
and you can be happy.
Is everyone ready for
our next transition?
Yes, Father.
Brother Frank.
Hi, Father.
Mary, if you would.
Brother Frank...
Yes, Father.
You've done all
that you can so far.
You've purged
the poison from your soul.
He knows that
you're here to serve him.
He doesn't want to lose you
to the other side.
He knows the pain
that you've suffered.
It's time to take the first
step toward forgiveness.
Are you ready
for your moment of revelation?
Yes, Father.
My brother,
go in peace.
I love you, Father.
Mary, the lights.
I love you, my son.
I love you, Father.
set him free.
Our father,
thou art in Heaven.
We will honor and remember
your moment of revelation.
We will honor and remember
your moment of revelation.
We will honor and remember
your moment of revelation.
Now who will be
next to make the transition?
Draw well,
my brothers and sisters.
What an honor it would be.
Brother Ben.
Brother Alan.
Sister Robin.
She's next.
Why are you crying
on your day of joy?
I'm sorry.
I believed in you.
I believed in you
when no one else would.
I'm just scared.
And all that
I've asked in return
is that you have
a little faith in me.
Sister Robin has
pierced my soul.
Is there not one who has faith?
Is there not one
who has faith in me?
Father. I have faith.
Lovest thou me?
Do you love me?
I love you, Father.
Do you love me
more than this one?
Do you love me more than her?
I shall show you faith.
I shall show you
faith and you shall see.
I don't fucking care!
I said, on your knees!
Get down on your fucking knees!
And you fucking stay there!
You understand me?
Do you understand me?
I don't care what
you fucking thought.
Get up! Get up!
Open the fucking gate!
Get the fuck out of here!
Run, bitch!
Stay there!
Robin wasn't
worthy of her moment.
She lost her transition
to the outside world.
When I was a kid,
I found this puppy.
But my timing was off.
See, Mama was bad to drink, she
wasn't studying no puppy that day.
Mama was studying teaching me
how to tie my shoes.
I'd been trying it maybe six
months, but I couldn't get it.
No matter how I tried,
I couldn't get it.
She took Phil and she
hung him outside the window.
She told me I had 30 seconds.
I tried.
God, I tried.
His head cracked
open like an egg.
Whose fault was it?
It was mine.
'Cause I wasn't strong enough
to keep him safe.
Are you fucking kidding me?
You said they were
all under control!
That son of a bitch is gonna go
to the police and you know it.
It's comin'.
I'll get them in the big room.
I'm finally happy
for the first time.
For the first time, I feel like
I'm finally home.
You know what I
wanna be remembered as?
As someone who finally said
what they thought.
Like, I feel...
It's warm and it's...
It's so wonderful.
Do you trust me
more than your blood family?
Yes, Father.
Have you thought
about your own moment?
I just...
I just think
about the better place
and I trust
the transition to you.
I wanna feel that pain.
I want it to happen now.
Dear God,
could you be more perfect?
I know you won't understand.
I know what you'll think.
I want you to know I love you.
I want you to know
it's not your fault.
But you never could have made
me as happy as I am now.
Because of me,
because of who I am.
And I'll always think of you.
I'm nervous,
but in a good way.
Like Christmas.
Are you afraid?
Do you have any last words?
I just wanna thank you
for all you taught me.
Because of you,
I'm now clear and free.
I don't feel alone anymore.
And I don't fear death.
I want everyone that follows me
to know that I
feel your love inside.
I'm joining my new family now.
My new home.
We'll all be waiting for you.
You love me?
Will you always love me?
...are shadows.
...are shadows.
We let the shadows go.
We let the shadows go.
Classic cast.
Perfect number to begin with.
Just like you're sayin', baby,
not too many, not too few.
'Cause they gotta be able to be
close enough to
smell each other's fear
and feel each other come.
I love it when you say that.
We got Frank.
Now, he's a lamb to the slaughter.
Nobody knows what's happenin'.
Audience don't
know what to trust. Bam!
I mean, they're nice enough
but nobody really gives a shit
if they live or die, right?
Then we get to the real meat.
Alan and Evan,
my star-crossed lovers.
We have Grace, my space cadet,
looking for the moon.
Get in here.
Shoot it, shoot it.
Ready? Ready? You ready?
Let's go. Let's go,
huh? I'm gonna go again.
Hold that, hold that, hold that.
We have Robin, my wallflower,
waiting for Prince Charming.
We have Veronica, my redhead.
She's thrown in just
to spice things up.
We have Ellen.
That Ellen may be
the girl of my dreams.
Are you ready to transition?
Yes, Father.
Are you afraid?
No, Father.
Let her have the gun.
Give it to her.
Let her do it herself.
Now do as we said.
Good girl.
Good girl.
What now?
Just like Janet.
I love you, Father.
Look, it's real simple.
Here's the zoom.
In. Zoom out is right there.
Here's your focus. You see?
Just keep it on auto focus.
A lot easier.
Frame me up here.
Don't get my profile, okay?
Just always three-quarters.
Right, don't zoom in unless I tell you to.
No profiles,
you keep that in mind,
we're gonna be fine, all right?
Don't worry, you'll get the hang of it.
You're gonna be fine.
I trust you.