Children of the Corn 666: Isaac's Return (1999) Movie Script

Dear Mom...
I know you've tried
to protect me from who I am...
and you've said my life
before you adopted me doesn't matter...
but it does matter.
It matters because I still have visions
of the place where I was born.
I've heard all the whispers.
I know what happened
in that town where I was born.
And I know you've tried to protect me
from its horror for 19 years.
Well, today I'm going back to that
little abandoned town called Gatlin...
home to the truth.
Love, Hannah.
#[Car Radio: Pop]
[Man] Hey, I need your help.
Please stop.
- Is there anything I can do?
- Thanks for stoppin'.
Just need a ride to Gatlin.
I'd really be much obliged.
- Oh, you're from Gatlin, huh?
- Yeah.
- Um, about how far up the road is it?
- About ten miles.
I guess I could
give you a ride.
- I'm going there anyway.
- Bless you, sister. Just a minute.
My name's
Zechariah Johnson.
- Miss?
- Oh, I'm Hannah, Hannah Martin.
And Hannah said,
"I am a woman of sorrowful spirit.
If thou will give me a son,
I will give him unto the Lord
all the days of his life."
First Book of Samuel.
Surely you're familiar
with the origins of your name.
I must've missed
that day of Sunday school.
Let's just see here.
"Hannah was barren.
She prayed to the Lord for His favor...
and the Lord remembered her.
Hannah bore a son.
She named him Samuel."
That's nice.
"Because he had
the gift of visions...
Samuel became
a great prophet."
If you have a son,
you should name him Samuel.
Oh, I don't see kids
in my future.
that's not for you to decide.
- Uh, fortunately, I have a choice.
- Do you?
- [Yelling]
- [Horn Honking]
- [Gasps]
- [Man Laughing Sinisterly]
- Lookin'for somethin'?
- Oh, I, uh...
Is this how they come
to a complete stop in California?
I, uh... A cat ran out
into the middle of the road.
- A cat? Cheshire?
- Whatever it was,
I didn't want to hit it.
Well, that's the chance you take
straying so far from the interstate.
License, please.
- You know, I think I might
need to see a doctor.
- No doctors around here.
W-What about
Gatlin County Hospital?
Can't you do better
than that?
You're just like
the rest of them.
You want to gawk
at the freak show.
License. Now.
[Male Preacher On Radio, Indistinct]
[Preacher Continues, Indistinct]
The angel of death came down,
and he wiped out the firstborn son...
from Pharaoh's firstborn son
on down to the lowliest prisoner in...
- [Thinking] It's her.
- God, wipe them all out! And finally...
Hey, you're right.
We better have Dr. Michaels
take a look at you.
Someone will pick up
your car later.
[Preacher Continues, Indistinct]
Sorry. Regulations.
It's that way.
Frankly, I don't
see the fascination.
Gatlin is just a ghost town
with an ugly past.
That's what put it
on the Internet.
Did everybody leave?
Some stayed.
I did.
I was born here...
and I guess
I'll die here.
It's a small town.
You probably know everybody, huh?
So, what happened
to all the kids?
Did any of the children
have children?
- Probably started
their own support group?
- [Laughs]
"I survived
the Gatlin massacre."
So, am I gonna live
till my next birthday?
It's tomorrow,
isn't it? Halloween.
Miss Martin...
there's nothing wrong
with your head.
Just a bump.
- No charge.
- Thanks.
How do I get
to the town square?
You know, whatever you're
looking for here, Miss Martin,
you're not gonna find it.
Do yourself a favor
and go back to California.
You're only
gonna be disappointed.
You finished?
I got some trouble out here.
I can't find him.
Well, don't worry about it.
It's not the first time.
Jake? Jake!
Stop him.
Only you can stop him.
- Stop him! Stop him!
- [Yells]
Somebody, help me!
It's your life. Stop him!
Only you can stop Isaac!
- Get off!
- He's the resurrection and the life.
He's the resurrection
and the life.
- Get off! Get away!
- He's the resurrection and the life.
Help, someone!
Help me!
Anyone there?
[Breathing Heavily]
- [Yells]
- He's the resurrection and the life.
He's the resurrection
and the life.
Whoever shall believe in him
shall have eternal life.
He's the resurrection
and the life.
Whoever shall believe in him
shall have eternal life!
He's the resurrection
and the life.
- Help me, somebody!
- He's the resurrection and the life.
- Help!
- He's the resurrection and the life.
Whoever shall believe in him
shall have eternal life!
Only you can stop Isaac.
Only you can stop Isaac.
Only you can stop Isaac.
Only you can stop Isaac.
[Electronic Beeping]
[Beeping Intensifies]
- Hi.
- Hi.
I guess I took a wrong turn.
- [Man] You shouldn't be here.
- So, what's wrong with him?
- Coma.
- But his eyes are open.
Settle down, Jake.
Let's go take a look.
Shit, it's my ass
if Cora finds you here.
How did this get open?
Come on.
Let's go.
Come on, Jake.
Head up.
Mouth closed.
[Beeping Continues]
[Man] Come on. Let's get
the hell outta here.
[Man] What, do you,
like, get off hanging out
in hospitals or somethin'?
[Hannah] I think I'd say
the same thing to you.
- I work here. My name's Gabriel.
- How'd that get here?
[Gabriel] Cora asked me
to pick it up for you.
- What were you doin'out there anyway?
- Drivin' too fast.
I'll see ya around.
Stay out of trouble.
- [Cora] Why'd you let her go?
- She'll be back.
- Why didn't you just tell her?
- The prophecy says she has
to find out for herself.
- Shouldn't you be doing
some tests or something?
- Yeah.
You ought to know better, Doc.
Those things will kill ya.
Why do you think I do it?
[Tires Screeching]
[Horn Honking]
[Horn Honking]
[Honking Continues]
[Jake] The blood of the lamb shall
smite the wicked.
The blood of the lamb shall
smite the wicked.
The blood of the lamb shall
smite the wicked. The blood of
the lamb shall smite the wicked.
The blood of the lamb shall
smite the wicked. The blood of
the lamb shall smite the wicked.
The blood of the lamb shall
smite the wicked. The blood of
the lamb shall smite the wicked.
- [Chanting Continues]
- No, Jake. No!
Jake! No! Jake!
We can't.
It'll make us just like them.
No, I don't understand.
Why do you have to be
a part of this?
I don't have a choice.
She's callin' the shots.
Cora? Tell her how
you feel about this.
- Say something.
- Like what?
- Choose someone else.
You love me anyway.
- [Door Closes]
- Can I help you with something?
- Actually, yeah.
Um, can I use your phone?
I need to call the police.
- You want to talk to Cora?
- There's no other cops?
There's no
other nothing.
And anyway,
the phones are out.
Extra towels are under the sink.
No fancy shampoo bottles,
so I hope you brought
your own, and...
you can
check out whenever.
- Is there another hotel around?
- Hilton, in Omaha.
Anything else?
Matt, you deal with this.
[Slams Door]
I think that means
she wants you to follow her.
Don't you want
the room, Hannah?
Small town.
What'd you need
the sheriff for?
[Door Closes]
Maybe she doesn't want
to be a part of this either.
[Door Closes]
- [Dr. Michaels]
I told you, nothing's changed.
- [Cora] It will.
It has to.
She's here.
I knew she was alive.
[Dr. Michaels] Your hopes
are the rantings of a delusional child.
That's not true.
Cora, you listen to me.
Jake needs you. Don't destroy his life
by starting this again.
Assuming that
it's ever stopped.
[Electronic Beeping]
- [Chattering]
- # [Heavy Metal]
[Boy] I'm gettin'it.
I'm gettin'it.
[Motorcycle Motor Revving]
- [Chattering Continues]
- # [Continues]
[Girl] Look, man. It's her.
[Whispering, Chattering]
How long?
Nineteen years.
Nineteen years?
But you've
come back to us.
I never lost faith.
And the others?
Isaac, you have a son.
He's perfect.
I've prepared him.
He knows?
Isaac has risen.
Isaac has risen.
Isaac has risen.
[Girl Whispering] Destiny.
Promise me.
[Whispering, Indistinct]
[Man] Destiny.
don't move or
the visions will come true.
No! No! Help!
You know, Hannah...
if you're gonna keep
visiting Isaac...
there's probably something
you should know.
It's a small town.
People are gonna talk.
So, if they never arrested him,
then why is he locked up?
Cora did that.
So nobody would see him?
No, so they wouldn't
kill him.
Well, he's not
in his room, you know.
Look, did you come all this way
to talk about Isaac?
I came to find my mother.
Wanna help? You can show me
where they keep the birth certificates.
They told me my mother was dead,
but I'm not so sure.
- Oh, my God.
- In a better world, they'd be labeled.
Yeah, well, in a better world,
a lot of things would be different.
- 1978?
- Mm-hmm.
Where do we start?
Grab anything
from October 31.
So, you find your mother.
Then what?
Jerry Springer show.
"Daughters of
cult members unite."
Don't let it
screw you up.
What would you know
about it?
My parents were cult members...
just like Matt's,
Morgan's, Jesse's.
- Pretty much everyone around here.
- You mean that they're all...
Children of the children.
Well, too bad I can't
go talk to Isaac then.
He probably knows
who my mother is.
And he's done so much
for Gatlin already.
What, like tell kids
to waste their parents?
- At least you've done your research.
- [Screams]
What the hell are you doing?
What the hell are you doing?
What the hell! What... You don't go
sneakin'up on people like that, Jake!
Come on.
Come on.
- Who is he?
- It's Jake. It's Cora's brother.
- [Rambling, Indistinct]
- That guy is dangerous!
No. No.
You're not dangerous, are you?
- [Jake, Indistinct]
- I think I should really get him back.
- You gonna be okay here?
- I've been in worse places.
- Eleanor begatJacob.
Cora. Mary begat Rachel.
- Come on, Jake.
- Come on, Jake. Chin up! Chin up!
- Sarah begat Isaac.
Sarah begat Isaac. [Whispers]
Hannah begat Samuel.
Hannah begat Samuel.
Hannah begat Samuel.
- Come on, Jake. Come on, Jake.
- Hannah begat Samuel.
- Come on. Come on. Come on, Jake.
- Hannah begat Samuel.
[Man] Destiny.
Destiny. Destiny.
Destiny. Destiny.
[Hannah] Rachel Colby.
[Crickets Chirping]
Hannah begat Samuel.
You took her from her mother.
[Breathing Heavily]
So, now I get to chase you.
[Truck Engine Revving]
[Bird Squawking]
[Engine Shuts Off]
[Door Opens]
- Do you have a spare gas can?
- What?
- A spare gas can. My bike's out of gas.
- Uh, no. Sorry.
I should've known better.
Don't ever loan anything
to Matt.
I'll try
to remember that.
Um, are you joining us
for the harvest?
Gabriel will be there. I mean,
he's the one who told us about you.
- I'm Jesse, by the way.
- Hi.
It's fun. You can chip in,
if you want.
- Good way to make friends.
- Thanks. I'll pass.
Hey, Jesse!
Yes, Hannah?
Um, do you know
whose truck that is?
Rachel Colby's.
- Rachel. What are you doing here?
- What do you want?
- None of your business.
- [Indistinct]
- Well, I don't care. I don't care!
- He wants to see you.
I'll go.
- Boo.
- Look at this.
I've waited 19 years
for tonight.
It's over.
Your prophecy died with my child.
- My condolences.
- Bet you didn't count on your kid
rising from the dead.
- She's not my daughter.
- Liar!
If your baby died,
why are you still here?
Someone had to stay
and take care of the children.
What happened, Rachel?
Why did you leave my side?
You took my family,
my husband!
Amos sacrificed himself for
He Who Walks Behind the Rows,
our lord and savior.
- Your words murdered him!
- Amos accepted his fate.
Now it's time for you
to accept yours.
His gift guaranteed purity
for your child.
I rejoiced the day my child
was born dead.
She was spared
a life of hell with you.
Her betrayal was unforeseen...
but it will be punished.
she will watch her daughter
foster a new generation of the chosen.
I can't believe you let him
walk right outta here.
- He's not a prisoner.
- [Sighs] He should be.
Well, if it wasn't for
a little creative paperwork,
you'd be in jail too.
Why did we let it go so far?
If I knew the answer
to that, I...
That's your excuse.
What's mine?
It's just
a harmless prank.
- It's all clean.
- Good.
- [Exhales]
- You know, if that's the way
my mother wants to play it...
- fine.
- Are you sure she's your mother?
Oh, what is this all?
Just a coincidence?
I mean, why the hell is she trying
to run me out of town?
She's had to deal
with a pretty ugly past.
So, what? I'm just supposed
to let her off the hook?
- I don't think so.
- Well, you saw the papers.
Her baby died.
So, she could've faked
my death.
No offense, but Gatlin is
starting to look more and more
like Mayberry on acid.
Just another farm town
falling off the map.
- People'll do anything
to try and save it.
- [Screams] Oh, shit!
God, what is it with
all these dead birds?
[Flies Buzzing]
Did you sleep at all?
Between breaking and entering
and being stalked...
I guess I forgot.
Let me talk to her, all right?
[Exhales, Clears Throat]
You're an outsider.
She'll listen to me.
Don't take this the wrong way,
but what's in it for you?
Maybe I want you to stick around,
at least visit.
And what? Bring cookies
to my insane mother?
but Rachel, Isaac,
this whole cult thing...
- I don't think so.
- Jim Jones, David Koresh...
They all came at the right time.
Why not Isaac?
Hitler thought
he was the messiah.
Oh, God.
Still want to meet
your mama?
Well, whose side
is she on?
Okay. You've got
my attention.
Get some sleep.
Good night.
I've had a long,
hard think, Rachel.
I won't be needing you
to bring me dinner anymore.
Who else is gonna do it?
I'll get along.
It's time you did too.
- After tonight.
- Nothing is going to happen.
Then why is he awake?
Why is she here? Today?
Then make it right.
Go to her.
I never should've
given her up.
[Water Running]
Jake. Jake. Come on, Jake.
Let me help you.
[Isaac] Is that what you said
to Rachel?
Well, if it isn't
the medical miracle.
It was Hannah's touch.
- You leave that girl alone.
- You didn't.
- You took her from her mother.
- I took her from this town.
- I wanted to give her a chance.
- And she's still mine.
You're sick.
Are you ready to pay
for your actions?
I've been paying for it
all my life.
It's your soul that's
gonna burn in hell!
I don't have a soul.
[Jake Crying]
- [Door Closes]
- My son...
don't be afraid.
We've missed so much.
What should have been our life
together was yours alone,
but it was his will.
- Father, I, uh...
- Shh!
I'm so proud of you:
My legacy...
my child,
the firstborn son.
I sacrificed for you...
and I know you'll do
the same for your child.
Tonight, the prophecy
will be fulfilled.
You will father the child
that shall lead us all.
- Brought you some towels.
- Well, you could have knocked.
- Some people do use
the Do Not Disturb sign.
- Is that all?
- Gabriel wants you
to meet somebody.
- Is he here?
Uh, Hemingford.
It's about, um, 20 miles east.
- Well, where?
- A... coffee shop,
as soon as you can get there.
- Well, which one?
- Get a clue.
How many coffee shops
do you think there are?
[Bird Squawking]
[Isaac] You're a child
of the children, my children.
- You question me?
- What you're doing is wrong.
Do you speak for the others
or only for yourself?
I want what's best
for this town.
Do you doubt
what is written?
It's a new generation.
We don't believe anyone.
- I don't need to question.
I have faith.
- I don't.
Why question when the answers
are right in front of you?
Like in that book
you wrote?
He filled me
with the words.
You have faith that the planets
revolve around the sun...
faith that the seeds
become the corn we harvest.
- Only because we planted those seeds.
- Directed by a force...
that moves the universe.
I suppose you're
that force.
The force is unseen.
It moves through the hearts
and minds of people.
Couldn't I be
that force?
You know nothing.
Buddha, Gandhi...
even Jesus Christ,
had visions of a perfect world.
My vision is absolute.
And who ended up
nailed to a cross?
before you corrupt
my innocent children.
- What the hell?
- [Horn Honking]
Shit! [Screaming]
[Horn Honking]
Are you crazy
or just stupid?
God, you're drunk.
You know, you could've
killed us both.
It's the only way out...
for both of us!
[Laughing, Indistinct]
My car.
- And we're still not dead.
- Right. Real funny.
- Don't you get it?
- Yeah, and it's obviously about me.
- Welcome to hell, Hannah.
- I'd rather be in Hemingford.
My lineage goes all the way back
to Isaac. Go find yours.
[Children Singing Tauntingly]
I didn't say anything!
- [Children Laughing]
- I didn't say a word.
Oh, my God!
if you do this now,
there's no turning back.
Open that casket, and the first part
of the prophecy has come true.
Just go.
Then tell me the truth.
The truth is... repulsive.
Your visions are real.
The firstborn daughter
of the children will return...
on the eve of her 19th birthday
to find out who she is...
and He Who Walks
Behind the Rows will awaken.
- I had no choice.
- I belonged with you.
And Isaac?
I couldn't
take that risk.
Go back to your parents.
- So you didn't want me.
- I wanted you!
I wanted you so badly!
- But you're my mother.
- Yes.
Is Isaac my father?
No. Isaac killed him too.
A sacrifice to the cult.
- Why all these lies?
- It's the only way
he would have no power.
To do what?
I mean, why don't you just
tell me and let me decide?
He wants you to be the mother
of a superior race...
and the prophecy says
you decide to do it.
You're insane.
You're all insane.
It was a mistake
for you to come here.
You're a mistake.
now is the accepted time.
Now is the day
of salvation.
Begin with the mark
of the chosen.
To whom much is given...
much is expected.
- Embrace your birthright.
- [All] Embrace your birthright.
Embrace your birthright.
Embrace your birthright.
Embrace your birthright.
Embrace your birthright.
- [Groaning]
- [All Cheering]
- Oh, well.
- [Cheering Continues]
[Children Laughing]
[Boy #1] You should be happy
by yourself now.
[Boy #2]
What's up, beast?
[All Chanting]
Destiny. Destiny.
What are you gonna do now?
- [All Chanting]
Destiny. Destiny. Destiny.
- What?
- [Girl] Hey! Look out!
- What do you guys want?
- Destiny. Destiny. Destiny.
- Would you leave me alone?
- [Chanting Continues]
- What do you want?
- [Girl]
Are you scared now?
- God, you guys are freaks!
What is it with this place?
Get away!
- [Child] It's you.
- Would you leave me alone?
[Chanting, Laughter
Welcome, child.
Blessed is this day,
for your gift is great and wondrous.
I call upon He Who Walks
Behind the Rows...
giver of all life.
Set forth thy law
of force and fire.
Embrace your birthright.
Embrace your birthright.
Oww. Oww.
Sanctify this
union of souls...
as first son and first daughter
beget the children of the chosen.
As the prophecy is written,
so it shall be.
- No. Run! Run!
- [Yelling, Indistinct]
Cora, leave them.
Get her. That way!
I see you!
[All Laughing, Yelling]
- [Boy] Come on! To the left.
- There she is.
- [Motorcycle Engine Revving]
- [Yelling, Indistinct]
[Boy] I got ya now!
Flood her out!
Flood her out!
I hope you can swim, sweet one!
[Laughing Sinisterly]
[Man #2, Whistling]
There you are.
Now do you see for yourselves?
He's a fraud.
It's almost midnight and your
prophecies never come to pass.
Time's up.
Don't underestimate
the power of my vision.
The only power you have
is the power we give you.
- [Man] She's a liar!
- Take her.
- [Panting]
- [Yelling, Laughing]
Where ya goin' Hannah?
- [Muffled Screams]
- Shh.
Come to Daddy.
Where are ya?
You can't hide from us!
- [Screaming]
- [Sinister Laugh]
Ooh! I got you!
- Why are you doing this?
- For Matt.
- For me.
- Hey, lady!
Hi, lady.
Go! Run!
- Which way? Which way now?
- Okay.
Yeah. We'll go this way.
This way.
Get away!
- No! Go... Go away!
- [Yelling, Indistinct]
Get away!
- [Yells, Indistinct]
- Stay back there!
Take them to Isaac!
- Come here!
- Let go!
[Jesse] Come on, we mustn't
keep Isaac waiting.
Come on. Move it, girl.
Where is she?
- I saw her get on one of the bikes.
She should be here.
- Idiot!
It's me.
It's okay.
It's okay. It's me.
It's okay.
It's okay. It's okay.
It's gonna be all right.
Shh. Shh. Shh.
It's gonna be okay.
[Isaac] Heretic.
Kill her.
Better you were never born
than to have disappointed me so.
Not one of you?
In the name of
He Who Walks Behind the Rows...
I will execute
the judgment.
Finish it.
- [Grunts]
- [Man] All right!
[Whimpering, Coughing]
- [Man Gagging, Coughing]
- [Woman Whimpering]
Your strength
shall be rewarded.
I'd give anything
for a shower right now.
Okay, switch.
[Chuckling] Keep your eyes
on the clothes.
[Hannah Laughing]
Oh, yes.
[Tolling Continues]
Here. Here.
Here. Here you go.
[Hannah] Now I know why
she gave me away.
Please. Please help.
- [Screams]
- What the fuck?
Beware of He Who Picks the Corn.
You think you trashed
his sacred prophecy,
but this is all part of it.
I didn't turn
that steering wheel.
What has he done
with my mother?
She was protecting me.
We'll find her.
Aren't they beautiful?
Took years
to collect them.
You only need one.
You'll be with her.
I promise.
Don't let me down.
Is he gonna be okay?
- Just fine.
- [Engine Starts]
#Your ignorance
Your blindness #
#Your greed
Your progress #
#Your conquest
Your mania#
#Your need
Your sorrow #
#Your sickness
Your final parting breath #
#Your hatred
Your bloodshed #
#Your future
Your death
I will have none#
#I will have none
I will have none#
#I will have none #
#I, dreaded lord of shadows
with broken spell #
#Unto this rotting age #
#I bid farewell #
#The faith #
It'll be all right.
- What'd you do to the doc?
- It was quick.
You used to be smart,
loyal. I trusted you.
Hannah was lucky
she didn't have you for a mother.
She won't come.
She'll come.
Her visions are
borne of pain.
You can't escape
the prophecy.
- Feel that one, Hannah?
- [Exhausted Sigh]
[Isaac Laughing Sinisterly]
Beware of false prophets,
sheep's clothing, ravening wolves.
Ravening wolves.
Ravening wolves.
Beware of false prophets,
sheep's clothing, ravening
wolves. Ravening wolves.
Beware of false prophets,
sheep's clothing, ravening
wolves. Ravening wolves.
You are so dead.
Beware of false prophets,
sheep's clothing, ravening wolves.
Beware of false prophets,
sheep's clothing, ravening
wolves. Ravening wolves.
The Lord came to me in a dream.
And what didHe command?
That I shall
take her myself.
Instead of harmony and peace,
he just took our souls.
Don't hurt my child.
What's one soul compared
to the new order she'll be creating?
- You can't escape the prophecy.
- There is no prophecy.
Your mother gave up
her chance.
Don't do the same.
Did you kill my father?
He sacrificed his life
to a power greater than himself.
- He Who Walks Behind the Rows?
- No. Me.
Come, Hannah.
Don't ignore your visions.
I'm your true family.
You belong with me.
This is for Isaac.
- Bang.
- [Gunshot]
Now this is fuckin'-A!
- It's over, old man.
- You defied me!
- You denied my birthright.
- Liar.
Am I, Isaac?
Aren't I the firstborn?
You rejected me so that
your son could take my place.
- Enough.
- How dare you castrate
my words, you fuck!
- I am the giver of his word!
- First son and first daughter
was my prophecy...
and it was fulfilled!
Do it, Hannah.
End the evil.
Go on. Kill 'im.
It can't be you.
Okay. All right.
Okay. All right.
Okay. Just-Just touch 'im.
I'll do the rest.
Don't be scared.
You did everything perfectly.
I couldn't have planned
it better myself.
But, then again...
we were destined.
I wanna see grovel.
- On your knees, bitch.
- [Grunting]
He Who Walks
Behind the Rows.
- Who the fuck is He Who Walks
Behind the Rows?
- Me.
Ladies and gentlemen,
welcome to...
"It's Your Death"!
Prepare to pass judgment.
Isaac, how would you deal
with a liar and a betrayer?
Every man shall die
for his sins.
- What-What was that?
L-I'm sorry, I missed that.
- Damn you.
Did you kiss your mother
with that mouth?
That is not the answer
we're looking for.
Not afraid to die,
are ya, Isaac?
Oh, yeah.
That's right.
You've got faith.
We have to end this.
Thanks for playing. We've got
some lovely parting gifts for you.
[Rachel] Let's go.
Come with me now.
Isn't this what you wanted?
Now you know who you are.
The seed has
already been sown.
Come on. Let's go.
Come with me. Come on.
Hurry up.
Go. Go. Go.
- Leave him.
- No.
No. No. No.
Damn fine performance,
if I do say so myself.
[Gabriel] The seed has
already been sown.
[Hannah Narrating] And Hannah said,
"I am a woman of sorrowful spirit.
If thou wilt give me a son,
I will give him unto the Lord
all the days of his life."
Well, maybe that's true,
but my truth is something else...
something dark, unknowable,
hideous and corrupt.
It lives under
the cracked asphalt...
and the endless
rows of corn...
and now it lives in me.
[Bird Squawking]
[Wings Fluttering]
#There was a gentle angler#
#Who was angling
in the sea#
#With heart as cold
as only heart#
#Untaught of love can be #
#When suddenly
the waters rushed #
#And swelled
and up there sprang#
#Ahumid maid #
#Of beauty's mold #
#And thus to him
she sang#
#Why dost thou strive
so artfully#
#To lure my brood away #
#I leave them
to die beneath #
#The sun's
all scorching ray #
#Couldst thou but tell
how happy are #
#The fish that
swim below #
#Thou wouldst with me #
#Taste ofjoy#
#Which Earth
can never know#
#The water rushed
The water swelled #
#And touched
his naked feet#
#And fancy whispered
to his heart #
#It was
a love pledge sweet#
#She sang another
siren lai #
#More witching
than before #
#Half-pulled, half-plunging
down he sank #
#And ne'er was heard
of more #