Child's Play (1988) Movie Script

I got the strangler!
Wabash and Van Buren!
Oh, shit.
Oh, shit!
Jack, get the van.
Eddie, help me!
Eddie, don't leave me!
God, no!
Give it up, Ray!
It's over!
Oh, God, I'm dying.
You hear this,
you son of a bitch?
I'm gonna get you for it!
I'm gonna get you...
and I'm gonna get Eddie...
no matter what!
I gotta find somebody.
I don't know. I gotta find somebody.
Give me the power,
I beg of you!
I have no friends.
No one will play with me.
Uh-oh. There's a friend in need.
Hey, cheer up.
- Who are you?
- I'm a Good Guy.
I've just come
from the Good Guy clubhouse...
and I'll be your friend
to the end.
You will?
You mean you'll be my friend now?
Sure, I will.
I saw this one.
All right, Good Guys,
that's our ''Good Guy Show'' for today...
but don't go away...
because we've got a very important
Good Guy message...
just for you.
Hi, Good Guys.
Boy, have I got news for you.
Now you can have your very own
Good Guy doll.
That's right.
You can have all the adventures...
we have on TV
in your very own home.
Good Guys say
three different sentences.
We even turn our heads
and blink our eyes when you talk to us.
Right, Oscar?
Hi, I'm Oscar,
and I'm your friend to the end.
Every Good Guy has a name
all his own...
so he can be
your very own best friend.
So remember to tell Mom and Dad
you want a Good Guy.
Perfect for birthdays
or just any old time.
And remember, you can buy...
all our Good Guy accessories too.
- Right, Oscar?
- Right.
Brought to you exclusively
by Play Pals...
makers of Good Guys
and other fine toys.
Found in toy stores
throughout the greater Chicago area.
Mommy, wake up!
- What time is it, Andy?
- Wake up.
It's only 6:30 in the morning.
But it's a beautiful day outside.
It certainly is.
How long you been up, birthday boy?
Since forever.
I made you breakfast in bed.
You did? Oh, God.
Well, thanks.
Well, this looks just excellent.
I'll tell you what.
Why don't I eat this
just a little later, okay?
But first I gotta give you
your super-duper birthday tummy-gummy.
Come here. Come here.
That's one. How many years
old are you today? Two.
Happy birthday, pumpkin.
Thanks. Can we open
my presents now, Mommy?
- Yes, we can.
- Terrific!
Good morning, Chicago.
Leading off at this hour...
Charles Lee Ray,
the notorious Lake Shore Strangler...
was shot and killed shortly before 3:00
a.m. this morning on Wabash Avenue.
Can I open this first, Mommy?
Andy, don't you want to start
with the smaller one first?
Okay, go ahead.
Well, what do you think?
You need these clothes so badly.
I think they're gonna be okay.
We'll just take them up a couple inches.
- What's the matter?
- Nothing.
I know.
You want some toys, don't you?
Not boring old clothes.
Try the other one.
What do you think?
I want a Good Guy to go with it.
I know you do, Andy,
but I didn't know about it...
in time this month
to save up for it.
- Karen.
- Hi.
You know that doll you wanted
for Andy? It cost 100 bucks.
There was a peddler in the alley behind
the store and I think he's got one.
- Why would a peddler have a doll?
- Grab your purse. We can get a deal.
- I can't leave.
- Do you want it or not?
- Of course.
- Then come on.
There he is.
Okay, show her.
Well, is it a Good Guy or not?
It is.
- Well, I told you.
- How much do you want?
- Fifty bucks.
- Ten and not a penny more.
- Thirty.
- That thing is not worth thirty.
Take it or leave it.
Somebody else will buy it.
- Take it.
- It's too much money.
No, it isn't. You have no idea
how much Andy wants this doll.
- But we don't know if it works.
- Here you go, lady.
- May it bring you and your kid joy.
- Thank you.
Hold on, you!
How do we know the damn thing
isn't stolen?
- Steal this!
- Steal this yourself.
- Maggie.
- I think I dated him.
Come on. We gotta get back to work.
Andy's going to love it!
Nice of you to drop by.
Have a nice break?
- Sorry. I was only gone for a minute.
- Have a heart, Criswell.
We were downstairs buying her little boy
a birthday present.
We have specified break times
for activities like that.
Mrs. Howe is sick and we're shorthanded
tonight. You have to fill in.
I can't. I have to pick up my son
at the day care.
- This is an emergency.
- I'll take over for her.
Miss Peterson, you work in shoes,
not in jewelry.
You'll have to do it. You can take off
at 5:00 but be back at 7:00.
It's my son's birthday.
Are you happy with your job?
Yes, I am.
Then I suggest--
Chill out, would you, Walter?
- I'll take care of Andy.
- You can't do it again.
Don't be silly. It'll be
the hottest date I've had in months.
I can't imagine why.
- Where are you going?
- ''Good Guys'' are on TV.
I may have something
better for you.
This isn't groceries.
A Good Guy! I knew it!
I knew you'd get me one!
Show me how he works.
Hi, I'm Andy.
What's your name?
Hi, I'm Chucky,
and I'm your friend to the end.
Wow! He's something, isn't he?
Oh, Mom, thanks.
You're welcome, honey.
- See, that's how you build things.
- WDOL with a late-breaking report.
Eddie Caputo,
accomplice of Charles Lee Ray...
has just escaped
the Michigan Avenue Precinct.
More details to follow
on the news at 9:00 next.
Hey, Chucky,
you're not watching me.
Hey, want to play?
Time for bed, Andy.
Come on, Chucky. We have to
get ready to go to bed.
Aunt Maggie,
Chucky wants to watch...
the 9:00 news.
Sure he does.
Okay, kid, off we go.
Come on. There we go.
- Chucky.
- Oh, yes, Chucky.
You too. Off we go.
Now it's brush your teeth
and under the covers with you.
Okay? Agreed?
You yell when you're ready
for me to tuck you in.
Hey, Chucky,
want to see my room?
Andy, are you
brushing your teeth?
Yes, Aunt Maggie!
And now, Action News at 9:00.
In Washington today,
the mayor replied...
that he would study
the congressional findings carefully...
and have the commission on gang-related
violence issue recommendations to him.
Back to you, Steve.
Thank you, Terry.
Police have now clarified
the information...
regarding the escape
of Eddie Caputo.
Caputo eluded his captors...
while being transferred onto
a prison bus on his way to court.
Okay, mister, what do you
have to say about this?
- About what?
- Come on.
You know, you have to learn
that when I say something, I mean it.
- But what did I do?
- You know what I'm talking about.
Turning the TV on
and putting Chucky in front of it...
when I told you
it was time to go to bed.
- I didn't do that.
- No? What did Chucky do?
Walk into the living room
and turn it on by himself?
Did you do that, Chucky?
Andy, stop it!
Under the covers! Hurry.
- But Aunt--
- Under the covers and not another word.
But I didn't put Chucky
in front of the TV.
Shh. Enough. Okay?
Give me a kiss.
Good night, baby,
and happy birthday.
Good night, Aunt Maggie.
I told you she'd be mad at you
if you watched the news.
Andy, is that you?
How did that happen?
Hi. How's it going?
How's Andy?
- Karen?
- Who else? Is something wrong?
Everything's fine.
You don't sound
like everything's fine.
I just had a bit of
the alone-at-night willies.
Now, would you
stop worrying and...
give Criswell
a kick in the pants for me.
You got it.
Listen. Thank you for everything.
You're a real pal.
Oh, yeah?
Yeah. Give Andy a kiss for me.
See you soon. Bye.
What is wrong with me?
I'm scaring myself
half to death.
Get away from this barricade.
Move it back.
There's nothing to see.
Let's move this police line back.
Go on home, folks, please.
She was on the sixth floor.
Whoa, miss!
What are you doing?
I live here.
Oh, thank God.
Are you all right?
I'm so glad.
I got so scared when--
What's wrong? Where's Maggie?
- She had an accident.
- What kind of an accident?
Mrs. Barclay,
I'm Detective Mike Norris, homicide.
Could I talk to you
out in the hall?
- Why? What's happened to Maggie?
- Please.
I'll be right back.
Look, Mrs. Barclay--
- Miss Peterson's dead, Mrs. Barclay.
- What?
- How?
- She fell from your kitchen window.
- No!
- Whoa.
You all right?
Come on.
Do you got any idea
what these are?
They look like footprints,
don't they? Very small footprints.
- What are you implying?
- I don't know.
What would Andy be doing
up on the counter, right?
I already checked his closet.
None of his shoes matched these prints.
Chucky wanted to know
what was going on.
I want you to go to bed.
We are very busy.
- But Mom--
- Right now, please.
What's on your feet?
Good Guy pj sneakers.
Wow. Come here.
- Can I see the bottoms of them?
- Sure.
Look at this. There's a gun.
Is that a cowboy hat?
Andy, get into bed.
I'll be in to tuck you in.
- But Mom--
- Right now!
Why are you treating Andy
like this?
If he says he doesn't know how those
footprints got there, then he doesn't.
Look, somebody made those footprints.
If not Andy, then who?
I don't know
and I don't care.
I've just lost my best friend
to a horrible accident...
and I would like some time alone with
my son who I'm sure is just as upset.
I'm sorry.
I'll clear everybody out of here
right away.
Hey, guys, you done?
Let's go.
Let's go, everybody.
Out of here!
What do you think
was so important...
about my sneakers, Chucky?
You don't know either, do you?
Let me know if you find anything out
about those footprints.
I know who was
on the kitchen counter.
- Who, Andy?
- Chucky!
Your doll?
That's enough stories for tonight.
Back to bed. I mean it!
Good night, detective.
- What?
- Are you going to call me?
- You don't give up, do you?
- I just-- I hate loose ends.
And I hate people
who don't know when stop.
- Ouch. A spirited lady.
- No kidding.
I want that autopsy report
first thing tomorrow...
and anything you can find out
about the Barclays.
You got it! Anything else?
Yeah. Here.
Get this to the lab.
I found it in the corner
of the kitchen.
- What is this?
- Possible murder weapon.
Come on. You're kidding me.
Hey, you are kidding me,
aren't you?
Who are you talking to?
Chucky, huh?
Yeah, sure, Chucky.
He's sitting right over there.
Chucky's been talking to you too,
hasn't he?
- What's he been saying?
- All kinds of things.
His real name
is Charles Lee Ray...
and he's been sent down
from heaven by Daddy...
to play with me.
He has, has he?
Anything else?
Yes. He said Aunt Maggie
was a real bitch...
and got what she deserved.
Andy, how can you say
something so horrible?
I didn't say it. Chucky did.
Andy, stop it. You know perfectly well
that you're making this up!
But I'm not. Chucky's alive.
Really, he is.
Chucky-- Chucky's a doll.
He's made of plastic
and stuffing.
Look at him.
Does he look like anything else?
Don't, you'll hurt him.
Andy, look!
You don't really think
that Chucky is alive, do you?
But he is.
Andy, stop it! Please!
It's 'cause of Aunt Maggie
you're yelling at me, isn't it?
Yes. Yes, I guess it is.
I'm sorry.
I'll stop making up stories.
Thanks, champ.
Do you want to sleep
in with me tonight?
No, it's all right.
I've got Chucky.
Come on, into bed.
Good night, sweetheart.
I love you.
You're right, Chucky.
She didn't believe me.
Hi. I like to be hugged.
Good. I'd love to hug you too.
You sure you're all right
about last night?
No bad dreams
about Aunt Maggie?
And Chucky's only a doll, right?
Off to school then.
I love you tons.
43rd street.
Next stop, 47th.
Is that Eddie's?
Look, you stay here.
I have to go tinkle.
I'll be right there, Chucky!
- Mrs. Barclay?
- I came as soon as I got your message.
You haven't picked up your son
from school?
- I came directly from work. Why?
- Let's go into my office.
- Is something wrong with Andy?
- Please.
- I don't know how to tell you this.
- Tell me what?
Do you have any idea why your
Aunt Maggie fell out of that window?
- Yes.
- Could you tell me why?
'Cause she saw Chucky and
it scared her so much, she fell out.
She did, huh?
So why did Chucky
go to see Eddie Caputo?
All right, sweetheart.
Come on.
Now listen to me, okay?
Nobody believes you about Chucky.
Unless you start telling the truth
right now...
they're going to
take you away from me.
You hear that, Chucky?
They're taking me away
unless you say something.
Please, say something.
Come on, Chucky!
Say something!
Tell me why you lied to me
about everything.
Come on, Chucky!
Say something!
Tell me!
Hi! I'm Chucky and
I'm your friend to the end. Hidey-ho.
Mommy, he's doing it on purpose!
He told me never to tell about him
or he'd kill me.
Mrs. Barclay, my name is Dr. Ardmore.
I'm from County General.
I've seen more than enough.
Maybe Andy should spend
a couple of days with us.
Well, say something,
you little bastard.
Say something, damn it!
Hi. I like to be hugged.
"He wants you
for a best friend."
Yeah, sure.
Hi. I'm Chucky!
Want to play?
Talk to me.
Come on, talk!
I said talk to me, damn it!
All right!
Then I'm going to make you talk!
Talk to me,
or I'll throw you in the fire!
You stupid bitch!
You filthy slut!
I'll teach you
to fuck with me!
Detective Norris!
- What are you doing back here?
- Andy was telling the truth.
- Chucky is alive and killed Caputo.
- What?
I was about to throw away the box
he came in when the batteries fell out.
Don't you see? He's been moving
and talking without any batteries.
- What are you talking about?
- How I found out the doll is alive.
I threatened
to throw him into the fireplace...
when all of a sudden,
he came alive.
I dropped him, and he ran out
of the apartment.
Good night, Mrs. Barclay.
Wait a minute!
I am telling you the truth!
- He killed Maggie and Caputo.
- Look, I sympathize with you.
I hated what happened in there today,
but lying is--
Lying? Does this look
like I'm lying?
- How did you get those?
- Chucky bit me.
Oh, for God's sake!
All right, don't believe me!
- Where you goin'?
- To find Chucky!
How you gonna do that?
I'll start with the peddler
I bought him from.
That isn't a good part of town!
You hear me?
You don't want to go down there
at this time of night.
Goddamn it!
What's she doin' here?
Hey, excuse me.
I'm not gonna hurt you.
Do you remember me?
I bought a doll from you in back of
Carson's department store yesterday.
- Doll?
- A Good Guy doll.
- You sold it to me. Do you remember?
- What about it?
- Where did you get it?
- What will you give me if I tell you?
I don't have much.
You're welcome to whatever I have.
It's not enough.
What else you got?
- That's all I've got.
- All you got?
- What are you-- Yes.
- That's not all you got.
- Wait a minute.
- No, you got a lot.
- Wait! No!
- Pig!
- He's a cop!
- What about the rest of you?
You wanna party too?
You want to answer the lady now?
Where did you get that doll?
I don't know nothin'
about no doll.
You won't know nothin'
about nothin'! Now talk!
A burned-out toy store on Wabash!
That's where I got it.
Get outta here!
What's wrong?
Wait. Something the peddler said
upset you. What was it?
I just told you-- nothing.
Goddamn it! My son's life
is at stake! What was it?
The place where he said he got the doll,
Charles Lee Ray died there.
The Lake Shore Strangler.
He's partners with Eddie Caputo.
- Where are you going?
- Wabash and Van Buren.
It's an abandoned wreck of a store.
Why don't you believe me?
It was struck by lightning
the night Charles Lee Ray died.
- How do you know that?
- Because I was there! I killed him!
Why didn't you tell me?
It's not exactly the kind of thing
you tell someone.
Let me take you home.
You need some sleep.
- Did he say anything?
- Who?
- Charles Lee Ray.
- He threatened to kill me and Caputo.
Sorry you couldn't find anything
to help Andy.
I really am.
But I did. I found out
that Chucky is Charles Lee Ray.
The only thing I don't know
is how he got inside the doll.
- Good night.
- Where did Charles Lee Ray live?
Look, please, will you
just get out of the car?
Just tell me.
Don't you understand?
Andy's life depends on it.
730 Stoney Island,
the south side.
I've already checked.
There's nothing there. Good night.
Where are you going?
- Home. Get some sleep.
- You can't do that!
Don't you see?
You just said it.
Chucky killed Caputo.
That leaves you.
- That does it.
- Please listen to me.
- Out.
- I am telling you the truth!
- Why won't you believe me?
- Because I'm sane and rational.
All right!
Do you remember what you said
the first night you met me?
- What?
- You didn't like loose ends.
I'm a loose end. You can't let go what I
said tonight without checking it out.
For the last time,
good night.
Good night, asshole.
Oh, God!
Look out!
Won't do ya any good!
You can't hurt me!
What are you doing here?
After I talked to you last night...
I decided to go back to the station
and pull Ray's file.
I learned a couple of things.
His nickname was Chucky.
He spent a lot of time
with this man.
All we have to do is find him
before Chucky does.
Over here!
It's me. Chucky.
What d'ya think?
The grigri work?
You know, when I came here
learning about how to beat death...
I thought maybe you were
pullin' my chain.
But not now.
- Only one problem.
- What?
This. I didn't think
anybody could hurt me.
But last night I got shot.
Know somethin'?
It hurt.
It hurt like a son of a bitch.
It even bled.
Why's that?
- You're turning human?
- What?
The more time you spend
in that body...
the more human you become.
You mean I have to live
the rest of my life in this body?
No fucking way! You got me
into this, you get me out!
- I can't do that.
- Why not?
Because you're an abomination!
An outrage against nature!
You've perverted everything
I've taught you...
and used it for evil!
You have to be stopped!
You know, I thought
something like this might happen.
- That's why I prepared for it.
- What are you talking about?
Your own personal mojo.
- Give me that.
- Sure. How do you want it?
Broken leg?
Shouldn't tell your customers
where you hide things like this.
Gets you in trouble every time.
How do I get out of this body?
- No. I won't tell you.
- Yeah?
Tell me or die.
Your choice.
I'll tell you.
You have to transfer your soul
out of the doll...
into that of the first human being you
revealed your true self to.
You mean the first person I let in on
the fact that I was really alive?
I just don't believe it.
The first person I told my secret
was a six-year-old kid.
I'm gonna be six years old again.
Well, it's been fun,
but I gotta go.
I have a date
with a six-year-old boy.
And you have a date
with death.
So long.
Hold it! Wait!
Oh, my God.
- Too late.
- What?
Must save the boy. Must--
Must get his souI...
into him like he got into doll.
You must stop him
before he can say the chant.
Kill him before he can say it.
But how?
The heart.
His heart is almost human.
It's the only way.
Through the heart.
Help me!
Dr. Ardmore, Chucky's here!
Help me! He's coming to kill me!
He's here! Chucky's here!
I don't see anybody.
But Chucky's here.
And he's going to kill me.
But Chucky is here,
and he's going to kill me!
He's going to kill me.
Please don't leave me. Please.
Stop him!
Check the north corridor!
Easy, Andy, easy.
It's all right.
You're not gonna need this anymore.
But I do! Chucky's in the room,
and he's trying to kill me!
No. It's gonna be all right.
I'm gonna protect you.
Easy, boy, easy.
Nobody's here.
No, please! He'll kill you too.
No. Please listen to me. Please!
This is just gonna sting you
for one second.
Stop! Stop!
What happened?
Miss, could you just excuse us
for a minute?
- What?
- Yeah, yeah.
Fried him to a crisp with the electric
shock machine, and then he escaped.
Escaped? Where?
We don't know,
but I bet she does.
You seen Chucky anywhere?
- Who's Chucky?
- Kid's doll.
The same one that was at the station.
Have you seen him?
What am I gonna know about a doll?
Where are you goin'?
They think Andy did it.
The girl said Chucky was here
looking for Andy.
- Where would Andy go?
- Home.
- I said go there if he was in trouble.
- Does he have a key?
- It's under the mat.
- Come on. We don't have much time.
Look, George.
- Some child left their doll.
- Leave it alone.
Whoever left it there
will come back looking for it.
Ugly doll.
Fuck you.
Batter up!
Give me the power,
I beg of you.
Can you hear me?
Karen, are you all right?
Just take care of Andy.
Take this. Take it.
What's wrong? Gun jammed?
Andy, help me!
The matches!
Please! Now!
Andy, no, please.
We're friends to the end.
This is the end, friend.
Oh, my baby.
You all right?
Go get me the first-aid kit
under the kitchen sink really fast.
- What happened?
- Oh, God. Chucky's dead.
Mommy, Chucky's gone.
Andy, hurry up.
Hello, Andy.
Give me the boy
and I'll let you live!
Do you hear me?
Give me the boy!
Give me the boy!
What the hell's goin' on here?
Oh, Jesus.
I got a cop down--
multiple stab wounds.
Brewster Apartments
on north Grand Street. Make it fast.
They're gonna be here in ten minutes.
What happened?
The kid was right.
The doll's alive.
- He almost got the three of us.
- What?
You don't believe me? Go on.
Check it out in the hall.
He's scattered all over the hall.
But don't touch it. Understand?
- Don't you touch one part of it!
- All right. Take it easy.
Just relax, all right?
I'd like you to take a look, because
there's no way this thing's alive.
- I told you not to touch it.
- Be sensible.
Look. It's as dead as they come.
Choke him! Kill him!
Kill him now! Strangle him!
Don't let go!
Kill them! Kill them all!
The heart!
Shoot him in the heart!
Hi. I'm Chucky.
Wanna play--
- You believe me now?
- Yeah.
But who's gonna believe me?
Come on.
All right. Ready?
Here we go.
Come on. We're gonna
go to the hospital with Mike.
Let's go.