Chilli Laugh Story (2022) Movie Script

24th August, 2002
When I was 5, Mom and I
visited her hometown, Chiuchow
The elders insisted on having a hotpot party
despite the hot weather
All foodies say Chiuchow hotpot
is all about Shacha sauce
But I saw no Shacha sauce there
All I could find was this chilli sauce
They said as a Chiuchow boy,
I had to try this sauce
So I did and it burnt like hell on its way in...
burnt even more on its way out
Despite my diarrhea episodes...
Granduncle insisted that
I'd get used to that sauce eventually
That's why he always brought us 2 jars
whenever he visited HK
this chilli sauce has always been
an inseparable part of my life
From that moment on...
our fridge has always been
stocked with this chilli sauce
30th June, 2020
Until recently,
I was confident our music festival
could be run in a way
due to the recently tightened rules regulations
on running large scale outdoor events in Hong Kong
Coba, please prepare the cancellation
announcement by today.
As I'm saying...
I was thinking that...
I was thinking that, maybe we could...
call you hear me?
What's going on over there, Man?
Someone's at the door
Can someone get the door?
Answer the freaking door!
why aren't you wearing a mask?
Because I'm at home
Wanna unmask to catch your breath?
You've got a parcel
Your address:
1st floor, 12 Hung Shui Kiu Main Street, correct?
Are you Mr. Alan Cheung?
You've got the name right and the address right
But I haven't bought anything
I don't shop online; how do I get a parcel?
Sign the form first?
What's in it?
Sign and see for yourself
I can't sign before I know what's inside
You'll find out later
I'll sign after I find out
Sign, then find out
If you don't want it...
our company will return the parcel
Wait... get this straight
Get this straight,
I'm not one of those BS clients
I only demanded to know what's inside...
I didn't refuse the parcel
You, however...
are clueless about what you're delivering
That makes you an BS deliveryman
I should file a complaint
I don't shop online;
how do I get a parcel?
are you home bound and lonely?
I have an idea
You can call the office and ask them
You can sign for it now and find out yourself
Come on, it'd only take you one phone call
It'd only take you one signature
I can lend you my phone if you wish
I can lend you my pen
I have to know what it is before signing for it
I know what
What don't you just call your office?
Everyone has a hard time working from home
Who doesn't have an annoying dad
thanks to the pandemic?
I'm not so sure
If anything,
the pandemic has made my dad... better
When I was little, he was truly annoying
Kid, where do you study?
- I study at D--
- DBS! My son got into DBS!
He's a DBS boy!
Congratulations! What an achievement!
it's so hard to get into
this prestigious school
Sun Yat-sen was his fellow alumni
Stop it
Let's give him a big hand
Come on...
Come on...
Way to go, son
My dad is surely annoying
But my mom is actually harder to deal with
Because what she's concerned about...
is way more upsetting than my father's issues
What are you mom's concerns?
She's only had one concern
through the years
I hate this flat, it got us into...
negative equity from day one
besides the high interest
Maybe we aren't meant to own a flat
I must buy another flat
I hate to live under a stranger's roof,
paying off someone else's mortgage
- Daddy
- Yes?
Don't get chatty with that man this time
He did all the talking every time
I was always quiet
Mr. Cheung, Mrs. Cheung!
This area is quiet and peaceful
Very liveable
My clients who moved here usually stay for good
One even got all of his relatives
to relocate to this area
What a big happy family
Say Mr. Cheng, do you drive?
No worries
The minibuses are only a 12-min walk away
They run from 8am to 8pm, so no worries
Mom, you have a moment?
What is it?
What is it?
You don't like it?
You know what I do for living
Live shows don't even get started at 8pm
Honestly, I have no idea
what it is that you do
You don't even go to office now
All the shows got cancelled
If you get sacked, we'll be doomed
You'll have no proof of income...
to get a first-time home buyer loan for us
Why must you buy a flat?
That's not the point, I just...
I don't want to live under a stranger's roof...
paying off someone else's mortgage
How is renting a home
considered living under a stranger's roof?
You pay for it but it's not yours
- Mommy...
- When you can't pay, you have to move
Mommy, when we bought the Whampoa flat...
was the commission rate 1%?
I don't remember
Mr. Lee said it has always been 2% for him
No point in arguing since
I've never bought a village home
But I remember it has always
been 1% for housing sales
I have no idea;
it may be different for village homes
Mr. Lee knows best
Yes and I've been a village home agent
for nearly 20 years
But I can't speak for city properties
Never dealt with any
We bought the Whampao Garden flat in 1997...
for $5.12M, at $7,390 per sq. ft.
I still remember our agent
at the time was named Chan
He also lived in Whampao
He even cut his commission to 50 grand
I remember we sold the flat in 2006
The price was... $4,253 per sq. ft.
Mr. Chan said since we were selling a hurry...
he had to charge us
the commission of 29 grand in full
Nowadays the price is
way above $14,000 per sq. ft.
Yes, I remember it all;
how often do I get to buy a pad?
Then again,
I have no experience in village properties.
Are you done?
I'm done
What's your point?
It just happened that Mr. Lee and I were...
discussing the commission rate
How many times has it been?
Must you tell everything to everyone?
What's wrong with discussing his rate?
I'm trying to help save a buck
so that you can buy a flat
Let's go back to your business
Given the current situation...
why are you so determined to start
a chilli sauce brand?
I aspired to be
an entrepreneur on my last day of school
How you fared?
I'm okay, I guess?
And you?
Let me see
It's nothing special
You did... awesome
And you?
Don't have it
Don't bother, what's there to see
It's just numbers
Look far ahead
No one said Sun Yat-sen
did well in school, right?
He never took the DSE exams---
so you outdid him
Uncle, your observation is surely unique
And very inspiring
Many famous people did poorly in school
But they ended up being worshiped by millions
For example: Newton
Alan Tam
Uncle, what about Yip Kai-foon?
(Hong Kong infamous criminal)
And Cheung Tze-keung?
(Hong Kong infamous criminal)
And Kwai Ping-hung!
(Hong Kong infamous criminal)
The point is,
everyone needs to be good at something
- Agree
- Definitely
A scientific study says...
people who did well in school...
usually became professionals
82% of those...
who did poorly in school
become their bosses
That's me
Fat chance! You, my boss?
I heard it on the radio too
What kind of boss do you want to be?
A successful one
How do you define a successful boss?
Someone with a vision
and conviction...
someone who pursues his passions in his own way
Just you wait...
Just you wait, I will succeed!
The school will close next week
7th July, 2020
Let's book a public football pitch
You do it
I'm a basketballer
Sorry I asked
- I'll do it
- Good
But all bookings...
that you made in the past 2 years...
got cancelled in the end
His specialty is organizing "big concerts
He can't book a mere football pitch
It's "music festivals"
Even so, they got cancelled
Be honest, ever considered getting a real job?
Be a professional like the two of us
Professional my foot, you trust-fund kids
We've known each other for years
Is this how you see us?
You think living off my family and...
not working is fun?
Do you know what heavy price we paid...
to remain trust-fund kids?
As a straight A student in DSE...
I still live under my father's wing!
You think that is an easy path?
You won't understand people like us
The moment you were born...
you were entitled to pursue your dream...
to vow to become a boss one day
The moment we were born
we were already bosses
You think it's easy to live as CEOs?
I can't talk to anyone about this, can 1?
It's okay
Are you done?
Have you no empathy?
Try my dad's eggs
Then try my mom's bread too
Plus her extra-large loaf
What's wrong with your folks?
They're stuck at home
Pandemic chefs, mamakase, never heard of it?
I only have my mom's chilli sauce
Wow, you mom's sauce...
- smells so good!
- Try it
Go for it
On tea-stained eggs?
Have some bread, bon apptit
Your dad's egg is rather...
smooth and fragile
Your mom's bread is double E
Is that so?
A greeting form minced garlic, followed by...
a bombardment of chilli heat on the taste buds
Chilli and garlic maybe the only ingredients...
but their transition over time
is the most spectacular...
suffice to...
provoke an alchemy between
the traditional and the modern...
exploding the taste buds
That pungency...
defies time and distance
for it will always...
linger in the deepest corner of my heart
Don't overkill man!
Let me try
It really tastes good
I usually don't find this sauce this great
Oh, my God, whoa... whoa
My mom's sauce is crazy good!
It's chili! Yummy, yummy chilies
It's garlic! That lovely smell...
OMG, a chilli shower!
They're huge!
What are you filming?
I posted it on Story last night
Got me many enquires
What did you post?
Don't post on the internet, it's dangerous
I'm showing my friends that I have half a jar left
They'll need to split it among themselves
Who treats people to half a jar of sauce?
So petty
Want me to make a few jars for your friends?
9th July, 2020
Are you two helping at all?
- (Are you two helping at all?)
- I'm handling
- (Are you two helping at all?)
- the influx of enquiries about the sauce
- (My family loves it! I want 2 jars, thx!)
- the influx of enquiries about the sauce
- (My family loves it! I want 2 jars, thx!)
- Stop replying
- (What is the price per jar?)
- We aren't making money out of this
(Where do I place the order?)
(My friends are sharing the pics;
how can I buy it?)
(May I order 15 jars?)
(It surely is spicy HOT judging
from the look of it)
(Your mom is a much better cook than mine)
(Lucky you, your mom's sauce is crazy good)
(Awesome! I didn't know your mom
makes chilli sauce)
(Awesome! I didn't know your mom
makes chilli sauce)
(Sell it online!)
(I'm willing to pay $100 per jar)
(Seriously, are you selling it?)
(I've got the dumplings;
am waiting for your sauce)
(I can't tolerate spicy food,
but I'll try your sauce)
- (My family loves it! I want 2 jars, thx!)
- (What is the price per jar?)
(Where do I place the order?)
(My friends are sharing the pics;
how can I buy it?)
What if we sell it?
How much can we make?
So far, each of my chilli sauce stories...
has over 6,000 views--
that's 6 times my usual traffic
I normally get 1,000 views at most
What does that mean?
People are sharing my stories
What are you saying?
- Exactly...
- Come sit down
I'm saying, we've just found a new market niche
Due to the pandemic,
no one gets to dine out anymore
You either order takeout or cook your own dinner
But honestly...
how many home cooks out there are...
master chefs like Mom?
Let's make 100 jars for starters
100 jars?
Forget it, you can't make peanuts
How about 2007
How do you sell them?
Online, of course
It's the simplest way
So whether you're a clerk or a salesperson...
a lifeguard or a librarian...
or a cloud engineer or architect or consultant...
you can buy our sauce online, on the run...
as long as you're not short on funds
Are you done?
Why would a stranger buy your chilli sauce?
It's nothing special...
takes only 2 ingredients to make
And that's easy?
How hard can it be?
It's quite difficult
Listen to her
I wasn't asking a rhetorical question
I repeat: it's quite difficult
But in what way?
It's something you can do during lockdown at home
You may even quit your day job
Don't be naive, you can't quit your job
Who's naive? I'm serious
I'm not taking a cut of the profits
They are all yours
How generous of you!
How much are you selling it for?
What do you care?
Who says you have a part in this?
I never said I want in
You heard him
No need to split the proceeds with him
It's not like you can strike it rich
by fiddling with chillies
If anyone can make good chilli sauce...
everyone will be doing it
What makes you think that
you've got a winner here?
I don't know shit about making chilli sauce
Of course, I'll leave that all up to Mom
Every day she goes to the wet market to...
cherry-pick the best chillies and garlic...
before hand-dicing all ingredients at home
She insists that
hand-diced chillies taste the best
[, on the other hand,
- focus on...
- Excuse me, may I try this?
- Packaging design
- How?
Mom doesn't compromise
when it comes to ingredients
I'll also stand my ground
when it comes to packaging
How many do you have?
I'll take them all
Ladies and gentlemen...
the Chiu Chiu Chiu chilli sauce...
is officially in business
With several quarantine
centres operating in Hong Kong...
24th, July 2020
our source informed us
of the multiple complaints...
against the meal arrangements...
for the persons in quarantine at Chun Yueng Estate
Mom, Dad
Aunt Wendy just texted me
She's at Chun Yeung Estate!
Want me to call her
She's not picking up
(Sis, Connecting...)
Oops, a black lady
Sorry! Wrong Number!
I'm using a face mask
It's Wendy alright...
Sis, you even survived the cruise ship fiasco
How did you end up in Chung Yueng Estate?
It's my fate
I was even in a hot pot party for 1,000 people
No harm came to me until
a friend and I volunteered...
for a beach cleanup and outing at Shek O
It was for environmental cause
- I couldn't turn it down
- Sure...
Then one of the volunteers got infected
You can't fight fate
You can't fight fate but you can try avoiding it
How could 17
I only had four walls at home for company
I'd rather have a staycation here
Aunt Wendy, it's not even close!
What do you and your date do in a hotel?
Binge-watch TV...
take a bubble bath, that's all
I just watched Jane Fonda's Dance Workout
Let me show you some killer moves
Watch out!
My back is so flexible
You're amazing!
- I can do the splits
- Don't...!
Don't strain yourself!
6 more inches... to go...
What's wrong?
I pulled my groin
Take it easy
Got plenty of food choices here
Room service only; no buffet
3 meals a day-- that's 42 meals in 14 days
Help me pick a meal, Alan
From 1 to 42, A to E
36E, of course
Alan, it's your kind of dish--
Fansi (glass noodles)
Alan does not eat fansi
(pun of "fans in Cantonese")
He clarified many times
True, Alan doesn't eat fansi
Since when you don't eat fansi?
I never eat fansi
So sis...
give us a call if you need anything
Oh, on the day I eat fansi...
I'll send you a picture
but you must capture the fansi face
We'll see how yummy the fansi is
Fansi are delicious
Alright, bye
Who do you all look so tired?
Dad, hang up...
You should have received the link
Hold on a minute
Hi Mom
Bon, have you eaten yet?
I've got everything set up here, no need to worry
It's good to know
Mom, I'm working
Tonia and I will call you tonight
Don't call if it's late
I'm super comfy here
You sure you don't want one, babe?
Not interested
You've got to try the "Original HK-Dog!"
Original HK-Dog!
You don't know what you're missing
Double sausages and overflowing sauces!
You don't want it
Just a bite
- How does it taste?
- Okay
HK traditional street food
like this is disappearing
What a long day
The airline is putting me on a flight next week
I'm flying back to the UK
Great, you get to fly!
Do you want me gone?
Of course not
When will you be back?
It depends on how the pandemic plays out
What if you get stuck there?
Oh, no... you're at high risk
You don't know who you'll be serving on board
Many flight attendants got infected already
Then I should stay in Hong Kong
Be a "foot soldier" and deliver food?
You're taking it too far
You too may become a "foot soldier
You company called off all their shows
They'll soon let you go
Whatever will be will be
Then will be a foot soldier
If I were a foot soldier, you'll be a jockey
But I don't know how to ride a horse
Jockey don't not necessarily need to ride horses
No I don't
You really don't?
No I don't
You're so dense
- Oh yeah? Give me a kiss
- Okay
I'm sorry
I'm sorry
That's quick for a dump
What more can I do there?
It's not a banquet?
you don't leave until after you made a toast
You'd complain whether I was quick or slow
I'll manage my time better next time
Where' you going?
To the banquet
The groom has yet to make a toast
Don't act so surprised
We even did it in the kitchen back then
The kitchen?
And who's we?
Who else? The kitchen cabinet?
Wasn't it you?
You are senile
Didn't we
do it in the kitchen before?
Just admit that you're senile
Then who was that?
Molly Yau
(pun of "makes no sense in Cantonese")
Who's Molly Yau?
You said you only did it in the kitchen with me
Molly Yau
Who's Molly Yau?
Answer me, who is Molly Yau?
Go to sleep
Do I know her?
Tell you tomorrow
Where are the gloves that you bought last time?
You said those were no good
and you'd buy another kind
No! You said you would get me the other kind
I'll go
You carry on with dicing chillies
I can't-- these are my last pair
They'll break anytime soon
If the store down the street don't have it...
you have to go to Yuen Long town centre
That takes an hour
Can't dice chillies without wearing gloves
The chillies are destemmed,
they'll rot if left uncooked
You need a hand?
I don't appreciate pandering
This is not pandering
It'd be much quicker for me to drive there...
than the two of you fighting it out
I told you to get a driver license
Now we're humiliated
Leave Dad a lifeline
He'd be totally useless if I also drive
I agree, send me the photo
Watch your step
It's been a long time
Has it?
At least 3 weeks
You remember me?
Of course
You always look smart,
wear sunglasses all the time
Like this?
So cool
You're buying so many of these
For making chilli sauce at home
Your hand is so soft
I'll show you something better
This glove is very nice, super thin and safe
Better still...
it comes in the Pantone Colour
of the Year-- Classic Blue
It surely is thin, won't it break easily?
It won't... Give it a try
Try what?
Squeeze out a dollop... rub it over
Your hand is so smooth...
and so big!
It's true
- I was praised in grade school for my big hands
- Why?
They made caning easy
Look at your long, slender fingers
Germs are everywhere these days,
must rub it all over
It's okay...
The other hand too?
This hand get just like that
Does it feel good?
Yes. Give me all the extra-large ones
You were gone for 1 hour 22 minutes
Why are you wearing gloves?
There were people everywhere at the town centre
They could be spreading germs, for all I know
Naturally, I was being careful
not to bring any germs home
Since I already bought the gloves...
I might as well give myself extra protection...
while trying out the gloves
Once I put them on...
I was shocked by...
how thin gloves can be made these days
...and how durable they are
New techs are truly amazing
I can't bring myself to remove them
How much do I owe you?
It's peanuts, don't bother
(Your PAY MEME Friends)
(RITA CHAN sent YOU $100
re: gloves today)
(COBA C sent RITA CHAN $4,280
re: 35 jars of chilli sauce yesterday)
(COBA C sent RITA CHAN $3,600
re: CHIU CHIU CHIU 3 days ago)
(COBA C sent RITA CHAN $4,900
re: 40 jars of chilli sauce 4 days ago)
Whoa... they're making so much money
This thing sucks
$3,800... $5,000...
There is no end of it
Hey, hey
How's business?
I think we're okay
You want in now?
You guys worked nonstop for a week
Still, a new batch today?
You must be doing well
We have a pre-order backlog of some 200 jars
Honey, need a hand?
Wash them all if you like
Oh, no, we're out of gloves
Why act so surprised? I used them all
I bought you several boxes only a while ago
What did you do to the gloves?
Stop there, I checked already
There were 5 boxes, a totally of 250 gloves
I'm out of gloves all the same
Want me to go get more for you?
Why are you so eager to go?
Because I know where to buy the gloves
If you want to help...
Sit down and dice the chillies
What about getting the gloves?
- If you won't dice...
- I got it...
Well, just like this?
Just like this
Without gloves?
Without gloves
Poor you
Is there a better way to dice?
Why does the juice keep flying to me?
Wear gloves
Want to go buy gloves again?
No! We have gloves
Then get on with it
Your hands are all swollen...
go wash them now
- What was that?
- What's up?
It's red and swollen!
It's obvious
Fix it now, it hurts like hell!
I'm thinking
They say holding sugar in the mouth works!
Okay... right away
What is it?
Here... hold on...
Open up
Me...? You do it
I'm not the one in pain...
you do it
How can I do it?
Hurry, it's warping
Bend down... lower...
Just bend down
I'm bending
Change over...
Forget it! Just bend down!
Push harder... I'm almost there
Keep going
The internet says...
milk will do
Do you hold it in the mouth or drink it?
Or... dip in it?
That's faster
Here, sit down
What's this?
I can't stir-fry sitting down
Try it, I bought this for you
- Why bother...
- The seat height will fit you well
It's perfect, isn't it?
Do you like it?
2 jars
- 2 jars... need one more
- One more
Here, thank you very much
Thank you very much...
What's wrong?
I need to pee
Then go
What happened?
I forgot to take off the gloves
- Again?
- Yes
Do we have milk left?
It was useless
He dipped in it the entire night
Yes, for the entire night
It's for drinking
With your mouth
Should I drink it?
Who else?
I thought you meant her
You were dead wrong
- Let me
- Is my hand big?
It's huge
My grade school teacher said the same
I can't get it in
- Because you're huge
- Yes...
You should get a XL
- It's in...!
- What a relief
- And this hand?
- Sure...
(Are you guys licensed?)
We're screwed!
Are we going to get arrested?
I told you, this is illegal!
Even if this is illegal...
we are legally illegal
What the hell is legally illegal?
This illegality hurts no one
This is an act of righteousness
What are you saying?
It is the law that wrongly makes us illegal
so we are not illegal
So no one needs a food license
Having a license doesn't make your food cleaner
What if a customer gets diarrhea?
C'mon, it's only natural to poop after you eat
If our chilli sauce gives people constipation...
then we're in trouble
It's not that easy to get caught
You can't be timid when running a big business
Sis, you'll understand
It's not like we're making big bucks, that's why...
I want to keep some goods here...
to pretend that the sauce is made in this kitchen
No need to keep a stash here
It's merely chilli, garlic and oil
I had the same thought
As you know, uncle's chilli sauce...
only has those 3 ingredients
If anything...
your diner will always have those 3 things ready
It's okay, we're family!
Which table are these for?
Just find yourself a seat and enjoy
Despite rising hopes...
for a relaxation of the evening dine-in ban
after health specialists...
expressed their strong opposition
against the proposition
the government made the decision...
to extend the current dine-in ban alongside...
the cap of 2 per dining group
and the face mask rules...
for another 7 days until the end of August 25
Now that everyone eats at home...
our chilli sauces will keep
flying off the shelves!
Sorry Coba,
I have to terminate your contract immediately
Today is your last day, Coba
Hong Kong has entered a 4th wave of the pandemic
With another 62 new cases added,
the dancing cluster...
has ballooned to 479 people
The largest in Hong Kong
since the onset of the pandemic
Preventive measures have been tightened
Live performance and dancing
are banned in all indoor...
premises, including conference rooms
and party rooms
Despite the forbidding mountains
and the hollowing strong winds
like clouds, my feelings will find you
Despite the turbulent waters
Here it is: my mind is calm and clear
How can a man like you become a boss?
That's absurd
An entrepreneur, to be exact
Do not fear the tempest swallowing our passion
for no distance can keep our love apart
I've been thinking
Now that my online business is on track
I should try something new
Trying new things when I'm away, huh?
I want to try working with small shops
And my first pick is...
The original HK-dog!
Baby, you're so smart
You're the best
Despite the turbulent waters
and the hollowing strong winds
like clouds, my feelings will find you
Mr. Lee
Are the triplexes that
you showed us still available?
3rd floor plus rooftop? Okay by me
Do not fear the tempest swallowing our passion
You know the song, sing along
Don't be shy
...keep our love apart
Meetings and partings are all decided
No need to blame heaven or destiny
Mountains and seas are my testimony
Bravo! Sis...
you've improved so quickly
You sing better than the Diva herself
Thank you
I learnt a new song recently
It's Oliver Newton John's
"Hopelessly Devoted to You"
I even had someone make my MV
Tell me what you think
Sure, find the MV, I can't wait...
I need to unclog my ear of wax
Let me check the sweet soup first
Then Coba, you get to watch it first
I'd love to hear the opinion of
a music professional
My pleasure, Aunt Wendy
Send it to me
If I could send it...
I wouldn't have travelled all the way here
from Ap Lei Chau
Just ask Bon to help
Your cousin is very busy
I hardly get to see him
It takes longer to ask him than coming here myself
Then come more often to help out
I wouldn't be here
if I could go dancing with my friends
You won't be permitted to dance for some time
Do I need a permit to dance?
Where do I get this permit?
Auntie... you got me
Ain't I good?
Very good
Someone told that joke on a bus
I laughed till my bladder leaked
What I want is to...
reinvent classic street foods,
give them a new image...
and attract new clienteles
Good thinking
Young people should try everything
I often tell my young employees...
You've got to try everything
I wish all bosses are open-minded like you
I've tried many different types of food
My conclusion is that...
your hot dog is the perfect match...
for my chilli sauce
That's why I sincerely
want to collaborate with you...
to launch a new Hot Chilli Dog
We've been in business here for over 30 years...
and only made one kind of hot dog
All my regulars are used to that taste
The new dog can bring in new young customers
The youngsters these days only care for...
street foods from Japan, Korea and even Taiwan
People of your age don't eat HK hot dogs
But if we collaborate...
I can introduce my young customers
to your shop here
Then street food legacies like yours can live on
No, we can't change anything
We'll be in trouble if we do
You never know till you try, boss
I tried many years ago...
I started this shop
You go and try however you want
It's your mom's blood and sweat
Mrs. Cheung,
you've made a down payment of $500,000
Please arrange a mortgage as soon as you can
You' making chilli sauce again?
Big Sister invites you...
to a hot pot dinner at the diner tonight
That's lovely!
Be there at seven on the dot!
Bring a couple jars of chilli sauce
We never got to try it all the while
you were selling it
Let's see if it's good
Don't discuss money with them at the table
Why would I do that?
- C'mon, sis
- Coming...
Your ice milk-tea
Eat up
Wow, abalone!
I bought it
You're the man
I heard that your chilli sauce is a success
We get by
With both of you working together...
I suppose you can sell 100 jars a week?
100 jars...
You don't need two people for that
I alone can churn out 200 easy...
So you're selling 400 jars a week?
This is a lot of hard work
This is a lot of money!
You can't make much money out of it, right?
- A little bit
- Very little
Sis, they're selling it online for $90 a jar
Not cheap at all
Your Beef Chow Fun can earn you
at most $10 per order
Well, we don't know how to sell things online
When you're making 200 grand a month...
you can hire help
We aren't even close to making 200 grand
What about the cost?
We should set the record straight
Chillies alone cost $40 per catty
What about garlic and cooking oil?
Everything costs money
You do the math--
we sell 1,200 jars a month
That gives us some 40 grand each
Nowhere near 200 grand!
40 grand... is way better than
what we're making, Sis
Why aren't we profiting from our family recipe...
but an outsider is?
What outsider?
We're all family here!
Am I included?
They left us out!
I did offer to partner with Big Sister
What about me,
your brother?
Sis, if you don't want in, I want in;
it's easy money!
What makes you think it's easy?
Your sauce is in name made here in our kitchen
You have it easy
I volunteered to lend them
my kitchen's name free of charge
Why put money above our family?
Perhaps I should settle a score with you first?
How much is this and that?
How about a moment of peace?
How often do we get to eat together?
The dine-in cap may return to
2 persons tomorrow...
for all I know!
I'm home
There're letters on your desk
Read them, don't just leave them there
What letters? I've switched to e-statements
What's wrong this time?
I didn't do wrong; I stepped on a land mine
Just let it go
Tell it to the person who planted the mine
He should have kept this mouth shut
I was trying to help
Guess how helpful he was tonight
I told him "not" to discuss money at dinner
The next thing I knew...
he revealed everything in our account books
Now everyone knows how much we're making
She thinks that all I talked about was money
Money makes him happy
Does money make her...
cry instead?
Then let me do all the work and make all the money
Tell him to do just that and be happy!
I quit!
You heard her
He'll be the death of our chilli sauce
Is there such a thing as a living chilli sauce?
Ever seen a walking one?
From this day on, I'll make the chilli sauce
- It's me, sis
- What's up, bro?
I've got a big deal to discuss with you
C'mon out now
Did I miss it again?
It's fine
I can keep up
Do you see that? It's not calling you "Miss"
It's not calling you "Miss"
It says you've "missed
I can't coordinate my hands and legs all at once
Take it easy
I can't
- This is entry level
- No way
Yes way
Let's go for the next level
I can't... breathe
- I can't go on
- Of course, you can
- I can't
- You sure?
Let's play something less demanding over there
I need to get more coins;
hold your bag
What else do you want to play?
Anything will do; you decide
Are you ready?
I'm scared
- Bring it on
- Sure
Come here...
Come here...
Hey, sis
I won this round!
I know
You need a "slap" back to reality!
Go home and apologize to your wife
Go home and make up with Rita
Get her a gift
A ring or a handbag, whatsoever
Make up with her
Not just yet
Before you go
Can I claim the slap that I won?
Disrespectful brat!
How's the pork chop noodles from Yau Sun Street?
Savor your food
I'll go get changed
Why are you covering your face?
I forgot my face mask
Here's the replacement
Let me massage your back
Is it the spot?
Spot on?
Alright... here
Want to finish it for me?
I'm full; you have it
Aunt Wendy
Grapes are expensive, save them for yourself
You keep the rest
That's all you take?
That's enough, it's just me...
Hey... What's up
(Hi, Coba, this is Daisy from Sugar mama)
(Arnold, our CEO is fan of your
Chiu Chiu Chiu chilli sauce)
(He's interested in collaborating with you)
What's up?
Who are you messaging with on 1G?
I'm taking care of business
Yeah, right
It's a chick
You've got it all wrong...
- you silly
- Then what are you doing?
Taking care of business
What business?
This is for your mask
Go ahead, this way
23th May, 2021
Hi, Coba?
I'm Daisy
Sorry, I'm late
No problem
We're all excited about working with you
As soon as Arnold knew that you said yes...
- he got us all into the war room
- I see
In the last few years, Arnold has been scouting...
promising local brands for global roll-outs
Your chilli sauce is...
the first HK brand that he
wants to collaborate with
Under the contract, you're to deliver 10,000...
units in the 1 year
But that's only the beginning of...
our ever growing partnership
Our goal is to get more people to know...
and taste your chilli sauce
This way
Every puzzle has one last piece
Without that last piece,
the puzzle remains incomplete
I've been looking for the last piece...
for the puzzle of my life for quite some time
Hi, Arnold
Thank you so much for inviting us
I know what you are thinking
What does a person like me who has it all...
want to do with working with a person like you?
Well, I'll give you a quick lesson in economics
"Supply and Demand"
You have a product that you believe in, Coba
And the fundamental in accessing...
the astronomical benefits
tied to that potential...
is tethered to marketing and branding...
and increasing the supply...
of a branded product that is in demand
You increase the supply, Coba...
and the demand will follow
Close your eyes, just imagine that-
the astronomical growth...
the beauty of it, Coba
You can do it
Feel the power of marketing
crossing through your veins
It's beautiful
Close your eyes
Come on! Close your eyes
So? Can you see it?
How can I see anything with my eyes closed?
You guys have no vision
He said you have no vision
Because he has all the vision
I don't even have a television or a Playstation
We ain't One Direction
or any Michael Jackson
All I can think of is--
You're the straight-A man
Now that you've struck gold...
what's your plan?
Buy a flat
A flat?
When we met at 12...
you already told people not to buy properties
My mom wants to buy a flat
This is not the first time we hear it
But why now?
She put me my name in the mortgage already
That's outrageous! Sue your mom!
I'll get you a lawyer
How about Junius?
Stop horsing around
We fought over this many times
Still, she's my mom
Now that I can afford it...
I should make it happen
Think again
You'll spend the rest of your life
paying off the mortgage
Is it worth it?
Yes, according to her
We're asking you
Well, as long as she thinks so
She might be right a few years ago
But look at where we are now
What's wrong with now?
You lost your job! How will you get a mortgage?
I just got an order for
10,000 jars of chilli sauce
Deliver 10,000 units...
then I'll get an order for 20,000 units,
followed by 40,000...
followed by 100,000
Then who needs a mortgage?
I'll pay in full in cash!
I'm telling you
I'll hit it big this time
Hit it big
You need 10,000 jars?
Are you going public?
I wish
My son received a big order
That means you'll give me lots of business
Here, take your pick
Which is the one we used?
That's the one; it's imported
The other one is made in China...
has the same capacity, weighs way less
Their biggest difference is price
Yours costs $2 more
This is a no-brainer--
it's a $2 difference!
Place your order quickly
I only have a small surplus;
better make your decision today
But Coba tested many models before
deciding on this one
If you let him run another test...
that will take him days!
Look, I only make 50 cents out of that cheaper jar
How long does the shipping take?
I'm home
Just you?
Who else?
Slow down... I can't keep up
You're on schedule;
will the first batch be ready tonight?
Stop talking and start helping
Yes, ma'am, right away
The jar is different
What is the difference?
The shape is completely different
It should be slanted "here"
but this jar is an outright cube
It also weighs a lot less
What happened?
It looks pretty much the same to me
It's a mile apart!
Oh yes, this jar is $2 cheaper
What is the difference!
That was a question
We're running a business-- this is about branding!
Our brand is only a few months old
but you changed the packaging?
What will the customers think?
What's worse, I signed the contract already
But you changed the jar without
the other party's consent
What should I tell them?
We didn't know better
Would it kill you to ask first?
Can't you consult me
before making big decisions?
What else didn't we consult you?
You tell me what this is
(Your Mortgage Application Has Been Rejected)
Why was it rejected?
Aren't you making 35 grand a month?
How could you mention nothing about...
applying for a mortgage in my name?
I'm asking you,
why was the application rejected?
I was fired
I'm not eligible for it without a salary
This is serious, why didn't you tell us?
We put down 500 grand
What will happen to the flat?
Look at you
Your son just lost his job
What concerns you is not his future...
but your property dream
Ever since I started working
you told me to work hard
so that we could buy a flat
Did I ever say I want to own a flat?
Why can't I buy a flat in my son's name...
when I'm paying off the mortgage myself?
What's wrong with that? What's your problem?
It's not about paying off the loan
Once I sign a mortgage...
my name is on the line for the next 30 years
If you don't have the money, don't buy a flat
Coba, that's enough!
I've had enough! You guys are never satisfied!
Do you know how much your mom
sacrifice to own a flat?
When we bought the Whampao unit in 1997...
she needed the 1st-time home buyer status...
to get the stamp duty exemption
Guess what she did? She asked for a divorce!
I proposed getting divorced on paper,;
we could remarry later
Why are you telling your son that?
You're allowed to talk but I'm not?
You're an autocrate!
Forget the flat, what about the jar?
He's done with that
Let's talk about the jar
You sure?
Why not?
Each of these jars saves us $2
That's 20 grand for 10,000 jars
With that money,
we can make another 1,000 jars of sauce
Then it's no longer a matter of
20 grand but some 90 grand
- With that...
- You two are truly annoying
One is pushing a jar on me
The other is pushing a mortgage on me
Have you ever asked me what I want?
(Son: I'll pick you up at the minibus stop
outside Kowloon Tong Station)
Why do you come pick me up?
Do you need money?
Did you fight with your wife?
Or little Tonia gave you a hard time?
We'll leave for the UK next Monday
to enrol Tonia in school
Isn't it too soon to send her abroad to study?
When you return,
you have to undergo a 14-day quarantine
Is her school that good?
The pandemic will be over soon
Can't she go next year?
This time around...
we won't be coming back
You're leaving next week! You're telling me now?
After I settle down...
I'll bring you over
What do I do there?
This is my home
I can't even get fish ball noodles over there
Do you have to go?
Once you're there...
whatever happens, don't be so hard on yourself
You can always come back , okay?
Damn it!
Hey, Arnold... sorry
Let me tell you
The highlight of my career has been working...
on this chilli sauce
Because we both know
the chilli sauce that you created
and launched online...
you had no idea
how much unprecedented excitement...
you would have created
So I've made the decision...
to recreate and rebrand your product
Let me introduce to you...
the one and only irresistible...
Chilli La
Chilli La?
My chilli sauce is called Chiu Chiu Chiu!
We just thought that was Chiu Chiu Chiu confusing
I'm sorry, I'm getting confused here
Why wasn't I included in the
discussion beforehand?
After all, this is a partnership
Come on Coba
You made the chilli sauce
I sell the chilli sauce
So, we came up with the plan
We decided that for the
next six months, every week
we will give away 400 bottles...
"free" to the market...
"free" to anybody who wants it
That's over 10,000 bottles in six months, Coba
You're giving them all away for free?
Then who will pay real money for my sauce again?
How will Chiu Chiu Chiu survive the next 6 months?
Coba, read the contract
There's no more Chiu Chiu Chiu
Just Chilli La
So you're saying...
you've robbed me of my brand
Have I?
Kind of
10,000 bottles, Coba
Caller: Aunt Wendy
Such is the real world of business
Either you trick the sucker, or you're the sucker
At least you got paid for those 10,000 bottles
Your parents will be fine
All they care about is money
And the money is for whom?
That's what parents do
The reason I started this chilli sauce business...
was to get them off my back...
by keeping them busy
But after a while...
I began to hope that we
could do this together indefinitely
But it's all over now
I failed completely
I can live with that
But they have to bear the consequences with me
Families stick together in bad times
That's what makes them families
I still remember...
the only time...
you dad has ever worn a hot pink polo shirt
It was the day you got admitted to DBS
He said to me: Sis...
This is the proudest moment of my life
Why did your mom move to Whampoa back then?
It was far from her work but
very close to your school
Don't you know...
you're the most loved person in your family?
I also wish to have a family
that I can take the rap for
I'm fine
It is fate...
that brings people together
It is also fate...
that drives them apart
Meetings and partings are all decided
No need to blame heaven or destiny
Mountains and seas are my testimony
Do not fear the tempest swallowing our passion
for no distance can keep our love apart
Meetings and partings are all decided
No need to blame heaven or destiny
Mountains and seas are my testimony
Your aunt texted us just now
To be honest...
we never expected to strike it rich...
in the chilli sauce business
It's okay whether we get to do it or not
What matters is that we stick together
You're all grown up now, it's okay
I'm so sorry
I trusted the wrong people
It's okay
It's good that it happens now
It's better to get duped at age 24 than age 42
Your old man was duped when he was 24 a woman
It went on for twenty some years
You're a clever boy
You can turn over a new leaf
Your old man can't
Who duped you?
Francis Kong
(pun of "no comment" in Cantonese)
Who was Francis Kong?
You don't even know Francis Kong?
You know her too?
How come I don't know her?
Who is Francis Kong?
You don't remember Francis Kong?
Do I know her?
Who is Francis Kong?
Molly Yau (pun of "makes no sense")
Who is Molly Yau?
Who is Francis Kong?
Your reaction reminds me of another name
That's Siu, Nancy
Siu, Nancy (pun of "laugh my head off")
You're going to make me Siu, Nancy
I see...
Francis Kong
Siu, Nancy
Your parents might forgive you
But you signed the contract
You had to deliver those 10,000 units regardless
Naturally, my whole family...
worked our asses off to complete that order
I'm coming back next week
Got anything for me?
First and foremost, a big wet kiss
Mom, Uncle, Aunt and Coba
Happy New Year! Kung Hei Fat Choy!
- 1st, February 2022
- Kung Hei Fat Choy!
- A healthy New Year!
- Be healthy!
May everything go well and
all your dreams come true!
Thanks, mom
Where are you going to have NYE dinner?
We're driving to London for dinner
Where are you having dinner at?
- I'm eating at uncle Alan's home
- Yes
We've made Poon Choi;
it's loaded with "fans!"
Mom, you must stay healthy
We should all stay healthy
Tonia, got anything to say to grandma?
Grandma, I wish you a singing voice
louder than Diva Wong!
Wow, grandma is totally smitten
Tonia, you are so sweet!
Grandma has a big red packet for you
You'll get it by mail
The profit from those
10,000 jars of chilli sauce...
just covered the 500-grand
down payment that Mom lost
I'm afraid we'll have to realize Mom's...
home ownership dream in the future
that's the end of my chilli sauce story
So, what's your plan?
My plan...
It'll come to me
18th, February 2022
Hey, Chilli Boy
You've come all the way here just to buy a hot dog?
I was working nearby
Of course, I have to drop in
Have you made any recently?
Well, I happen to have a bottle with me
You're really...
Don't let your efforts go down the drain
Perseverance will carry you a long way
Tell me about it; you have yet to try
It's yummy
- It's yummy,try it
- Keep it for you self
C'mon, give it a try...
Get off my back...
Boss, have just one bite...
Have just one bite...
Get someone else to try...
get Grandson
Are you looking for me?
It can't be me--
I only make the tea here
It can't be me either--
I only beat the eggs here
It also can't be me
I only watch you make tea...
and watch you beat eggs
My job is to drink iced tea
You're one busy man
Kind of
Watch us closely
Then who's the grandson?
That one
That one!
What's so great about classic HK-dogs?
We've waited a long time
Forget the dogs; it's over
We're leaving
It's over, we're leaving
Let's hang out next time
Good-bye, we're leaving
See you next time
It's over, we're leaving
Let's hang out next time
Good-bye, see you next time
...if there is a next time
Enough... enough
Who the hell are these oddballs?
There's Grandson!
You're the grandson?
I'm Sun, Grant Sun
Not his grandson
Got some chilli sauce with you?
I heard your chilli sauce
made people go gaga
Not just gaga,
but also: WOOHOOOO-- YUM, YUM!
- I don't believe it.
- Try it
Open your mouth
Good stuff
Try some yourself
I eat it often
Let's see what it does to you
How it feels?
- Good stuff!
- Yeah!
- It's a deal!
- What?
I do the dogs; you do the sauce
Who does the weenies?
What you say?
Are you looking down on me?
Looking down on small shops?
Thanks to this small shop,
I've sailed through the pandemic
I wouldn't have survived
So cut to the chase
I do the buns;
you do the sauce
Just chip in what you've got...
be that money or lab our
This sauce is no joke, I can't...
...hold it in
Where's the loo0?
- Over there, let's go together
- Where?
Over there
- I've got paper
- Good stuff
Let's finish it in the loo
I suppose someone there
may be able to do the weenies
Someone needs to do the weenies though...
I can do weenies
Who are you?
I can do anything for you, Tin-tin
Sir, what're you doing?
Only you matter...
Get off me!
I'll do weenies for you
Stop squeezing me...
don't get my bowel... started
I'll make you tons of weenies, Tin-tin
Who's Tin-tin... you're mistaken, sir
My name is Coba
I'm sorry
Wait, sir
Did you say you can make weenies?
Then we should talk
Sorry, not interested
Wait, wait...
If you want to,
call me Tin-tin
I don't mind
My weenies!
9th, March, 202217:55
When the siren sounded...
I thought the Iraqis were here...
or the Russians bombers were
I had 8 staffers and 4 customers in my shop
All of our phones (BLEEP)
I thought it was an air raid siren!
"If you get infected, you'll be helpless
You call that a warning?
I was chauffeuring a customer
My 7 phones suddenly all went off at once
"DOO..." I almost had a heart attack
Holy moly, I thought it was a police
raid to seize our chilli sauce
Thank God it wasn't